Party Montigo: Chapter 15, Where the hell you been?

Note: I did some skipping around since I had to create a new file from scratch. The original file was never backed up before my laptop was stolen. Fiona, Fajita and Taco had aged to teens. Glitter Bug gave birth to a boy named Dazzle. Zirobi, the second born child of Texas and Genesis is now living with them.  Zinnia and Rosette are returning from their time in Quest For Immorality  in Chapter 18-20.  Texas and Zion will appear different because they were lost and I had to recreate them. This story is now behind Borage’s timeline but will sync soon.




“With my superior intelligence, I would be able to create my dream woman in my new lab. It’s good to be back home but not good not to be woman-less virgin!”





“Okay which one of those morons tried to use this to look up porn? I regret coming back. Maybe I should of stayed on Lunar Lakes. Then again I would miss the aliens since they love to come here more.”





“You think you’re hot stuff but you ain’t. I’m going to create army of evil fairy children to destroy you.”

“You shouldn’t be allowed to breed but the only guy you could get to touch you is your pervert Uncle!”

“Max isn’t blood related! I can get other men to fuck me to make evil babies.”

“With roofies? You’re too trashy to get them when sober.”





“Whatevs. At least I fucked a human unlike you and that blow up doll.”

“I don’t have a blow up doll!”

“So a blow up doll magically appeared in your closet?”

“Why were you in my closet?!”

“That’s none of your business, Mr. Doll-Fucker.”






“Eww! Why do we have these gross chickens here now? I thought we couldn’t have pets unless this is our future dinner.”






“GB, Grandmama said if I made good grades then I could get chickens to raise. My chickens are not your future dinner! Eating meat is wrong and evil! Animals and plants are my friends.”






“Look here you featherly mother fucker, I don’t care what my hippy sister say but you’re dinner!”

“Oh dare you threaten me for I am OCG, the original chicken gangster. Bow before me hussy!”

“I don’t think so future dinner! I’m gonna rip off your feathers, season you up, then fry your bitch ass and it will be glorious!”




“Not if I destroy you first!”

“Oh bring it on, feather bitch ass!”





“I’m gonna rip off your head, chew it up and fry it in a frying pan with your young!”

“You cannot defeat the great OCG!”

“Watch me, future dinner!”





“How was that possible?”

“I told you, you cannot defeat the great OCG.”

“You used the cheats.”

“I did no such thing.”




“GB, stop fighting with my chickens. You’re being rude. Besides, OCG is a black belt.”





“This war ain’t over future dinner! I will train and come back to kick your feather ass and then you will be dinner for me and my army of evil fairy warrior children!”

“I shall wait. But until then,  have fun with aliens.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You shall see.”

“And you shall see my deep fryer!”




‘Fajita, what did you get on question 15?”

“Figure it out, I’m not going to tell you the answer.”

“C’mon! I thought if I did homework with you then you’ll give me all of the answers.”

“I will do no such thing, Fiona! You have to do your own homework.”

“Homework is lame. I wanna live if my bro Borage, his kids don’t have to do homework.”

“Yeah and they are all idiots too. We are smarter than them, you can figure out question 15.”





I’ll know what I’ll do. I’ll use my genie magic and get the answers.”

“You can’t do that! That is cheating! If Grandmama finds out then you won’t get that DJ booth that you want.”

“I can too, I can just ask my brothers. They’ll get me anyways since I’m the baby.”

“I will tell Grandmama on you.”

“You’re such a tattle tell! No wonder no ones likes you.”

“That’s not true and that’s not nice to say.”

“Just putting that out there.”





“I would doing my school work by my friends but plants can’t help me on this problem nor talk. Maybe I should get some human friends.”





“Whatcha doing, sis?”

“School work, I’m having trouble with this problem.”

“I can help.”





“Okay it say, Judy has 55 pies but Johnny took away 12 pies then Heidi gave Judy 34 more pies but Zach ate 5 and Judy baked 11 more. How many pies does Judy have now?”

“Who cares! The real problem is that this Judy girl has a weight problem. She’s gonna get the diabeetus.”

“I guess eating having a lot of pies like that would be a issue.”

“Yeah we gotta find this Judy girl and tell her to stop eating so many damn pies.”





“How on earth are we going to find her?”

“Google! Google can find anything. I found the best clinic by using google.”

“Why did you need a clinic? Are you pregnant?”






“Should we write her a letter?”


“What should we say?”

“Uhhh…. Dear Judy, You fat. Stop eating some many damn pies before you get the diabeetus. We are concern.”

“That’s sounds good. We need to help Judy. Maybe I can send her a basket of my vegetables.”

“Vegetables are lame. Let’s go eat a whole cake!”





“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah, I’m a witch.”

“I know you’re a bitch but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Why are you being rude to me?”

“Not rude, honest. It’s rude to lie.”

“Still rude.”





“Do you want to hear your fortune?”


“Aliens are coming your way.”

“The aliens pretty much live here. That’s a given.”

“Also you will fail school if you don’t do you homework.”

“You suck at this.”

“I also see pimples.”

“O.M. G.! That is terrible!”




“It’s your bed time sweet Dazzle. If your idiot mother would stop yelling at that chicken, she could do this herself. I do wonder where on earth your grandmother is. I must admit it’s been very peaceful since she hasn’t been here.”




“Darling, are you concern that we haven’t seen our daughters in about a year?”

“Well yes, Gen. Zin and Rose are adults now, they can leave as they please.”

“But for a whole year without saying where they were going? They missed their daughters’ birthdays. They just cannot waltz off when they both have responsibilities here.”

“Gen, we gotta admit that we haven’t let them be a mother to their youngest children. I guess they figure there was no reason to come back sooner.”

“You saw how their older children turned out, especially Zinnia’s baby making son. Greta informed me there’s 7 children there now.”

“7 kids isn’t so bad, Gen. At least it isn’t 100 kids like what Martini’s father is trying to do.”

“That’s the issue, our oldest grandson is trying to be like his father. Sleeping with any females he see and having a baby that he can’t properly care for. I have a feeling our daughters took to see that man again. Why else would the leave without telling?”

“They said something about finishing a deal.”

“Yes, to have more children by him. They don’t need anymore kids with that awful man.”





“Shit, Zin… They are waiting for us. what do we do?”

“Chill, I got this.”

“I wanna be back in Liam’s arms.”

“Yeah and with that crazy nanny who almost shot you?”

“Bitch went to jail. If I had my steel, I would of gotten her.”

“Yeah right! You got beat up by a old hag.”

“She tripped me! That was a cheap shot.”

“Whatevs, you ain’t street.”

“Am too!”




“Zinnia Michelle! Where in hell have you been?! Do you realize you both have been gone for a year! You missed your daughters’ birthdays!”

“Sorry mama, we didn’t mean to stay gone this long.”

“Where have you been? Answer me!”

“Liam’s, we made a promise and honored it.”

“You had more kids with that disgusting man?!”

“Yes mama.”




 “I told you both that you were not allowed to have more kids with that man! What he’s doing is terrible!”

“But mama, we made him a promise after I had Borage and Celsia.”

“I don’t care about your promise! You both are married women! You just can’t go and birth more kids because of a lame promise! The kids you both had with that awful man turned out terrible! Did you know your son now have 7 kids by different women?”

“I saw pics, my 7 grandbabies are beautiful like their daddy.”




“That doesn’t matter! You’re terrible at child raising. I am doing my best to insure Fiona doesn’t grow up like her older siblings. Borage with all his baby making and he doesn’t care nor like them, Celsia with her.. I’m not sure what she’s doing but I know it’s something terrible, Dodder with his stealing and being a womanizer, and Erica…she’s just nuts. The only child of yours that came out decent is Acacia.”





“The last time I checked mama, I’m a grown ass woman. If I want to have more kids then it’s my right. None of my kids are dead or anything. I did the best I could. My kids are happy in their lives and that’s all that matters.”




“Don’y you talk to me in that tone! I am still your mother! You kids may be happy with there lives but my concern are about the great-grandchildren they will be bring into the world! I cannot have another generation of idiot Navoxes! It’s a embarrassment  for my tribe!”




“Does this mean you don’t love my kids? I know they have their issues but I still love them. My kids don’t embarrass me.”




“Of course I love my grandchildren. I just wish you did better with them. I was hoping you could show me with Fiona since she was suppose to be your last chance but since you had more… Zinnia, you use to be so smart until you created her.. Maybe I should of given you a sister. Then maybe you would of never created Rosette and you would still be your genius self like your brothers.”




“You regret me mama? You wish I was never created? I’m hurt. If you don’t love me then send me back to Liam’s where I can be loved forever!”




“I try to love you as you were my own child I gave birth to but sometimes… you make it difficult! What’s with your obsession with this man? You have a husband who loves you and you chase a man who doesn’t!  Liam will never love you! You have Finn, so deal with him!”




“But Liam does love me.. He just doesn’t know it yet. But I will marry him one day, mama. You just wait!”




“Mother! You have finally returned. Oh how I missed you so much. I want to embrace with you a loving hug, dear mother.”

“Eww no! I don’t want your homo cooties on me, GL!”

“But mother, I’m merely trying to show you love and kindness. I have missed your presence around our beloved home.”

“I leave for a year and you get more gay!”





“Dear mother, I do not understand. I am your only son and you reject me as I am nothing. Mother, I was the reason why you been gone for a year? Have I done something to upset you? I am trying to be the best son for you but my act of kindness and love is usually rejected by you.”





“You ain’t my only son no more. You got a little brother with giant ears. But I don’t like you.. In fact I don’t like any of you mistakes! I should of had abortions but Zin said I couldn’t abort Liam’s and your daddy hid the car keys so I couldn’t abort you and your sisters whenever I got pregnant. I just don’t like you jerks so stop with that gay shit and get a boyfriend!”





“Those are some pretty lights. I wonder where they come from? I should tell my nerdy uncle Zirobi about this but he’s busy making a science woman in his lab. What a nerd!”
















“Serves that bitch right..”





“You wrong Montigo. We come back for right one.”

“You gonna send me the video of me getting freaky with you green bastards?”

“No. Will destroy it.”

“Then why even record it? I did all that kinky shit for nothing? I was gonna post it on Redtube and be famous.”

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 1, Open House

Note: Celsia’s story may be slightly more racier than Borage’s story. Exposed genitals may randomly appear in chapters. One appears in this chapter. Hide your husbands, hide your kids.



 photo Screenshot-1725_zps9a3fae6b.jpg

After settling in my new house I decided that I wanted to invite my mama to come see my new house. I had no idea that she was in Starlight Shores which is a 30 minute drive from me. She was visiting dumb ass and his kids cause one woke out of her coma. She told me that she’ll come in the morning since she’s already this close to me.



 photo Screenshot-1731_zpsbe16e339.jpg

“Hey mama!”

“Hey Cece what’s up?”

“Not much mama. Grandpa just bought me a house in Hidden Springs. I was wondering if you would see my new house.”

“We can do that Cece. I’m in Starlight Shores right now, that’s like 30 minutes from there right?”

“Uh yeah but who is “we”?”

“I’m here with Rosette and your dad. We can come in the morning and just book another flight home.”

“Asshole is there? I don’t want him here.”

“Cece, he’s your dad. You haven’t seen him in years. I know he wants to see you. Borage can drive us up there in the morning.”

“You’re bringing dumb ass too? Fine whatever mama. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Chill out heffa, it will be fun. Talk to you later, Celsia.”

“Okay, bye mama.”



 photo Screenshot-1732_zpsf44fa4e1.jpg

I wasn’t too thrill about mama bringing asshole along, I didn’t mind dumb ass or my idiot aunt but I didn’t really want to see asshole again but she said that I need to see him. I guess she’s right.



 photo Screenshot-2483_zpscd4bb336.jpg

In the morning I could hear my family pulling up. I hurry and ran downstairs as my butler invites them all in. I was excited to see mama again. It’s been years since I last seen her. I did a lot of traveling and partying over the years but I’m ready to settle in one town and rule it!



 photo Screenshot-2485_zpsbaab5ffe.jpg

“Liam my love! We sat in the back of the car for 30 minutes and you wouldn’t let me give you some road head! That was the most boringest ride ever! When are you going to finally put out like you always do. I don’t like waiting.”



 photo Screenshot-2486_zpsda57d214.jpg

“I wasn’t going to let you do that in front of Borage and Zinnia.”

“They were in the front, they couldn’t even see us! I’m tired of your excuses!”



 photo Screenshot-2489_zpsd23a1922.jpg

“Mama, I’m surprised you all made it here in one piece since dumb ass was driving.”

“Borage drives better than me. I always hit the back of the random ice cream truck. However Borage did hit a raccoon.”

“Meh.. it probably had it coming. Wanna see the house now?”



 photo Screenshot-2490_zps80282544.jpg

“Yeah I would like to see the house but you said your grandpa bought this for you?”

“Yeah I told him that I wanted a house here. And I wanted the biggest house too. I like how it sits by the lake.”

“Okay but what happen to your trust fund?”



 photo Screenshot-2493_zpsbf542bbf.jpg

“I spent it on traveling and partying.”

“You spent it all on that?”

“Yeah.. I got expensive taste mama.”

“You were suppose to buy your own house.”

“Well I didn’t wanna live in a house yet. I wanted to party.”

“Your grandmama is gonna yell at you.”

“I ain’t afraid of her.”

“You should, Cece.”



 photo Screenshot-2494_zps6d800d47.jpg

“Hey dumb ass, did your woman finally get any common sense and left you yet?”

“Shut the fuck up, bitchzilla.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t fucked up yet.”

“What do you mean?”



 photo Screenshot-2497_zpsa65a67e1.jpg

“You know you it’s not in your blood to stay faithful to one woman. Besides you’re off to a bad start anyway, one you’re married AND cheating on her.”

“I didn’t want to be married to Fayon. She tricked me.”

“Really? You’re so dumb!”



 photo Screenshot-2499_zpsfce9c426.jpg

“Look here Cellulite, I can be faithful with Lois. You’re just jealous cause no man would ever love you and your diseased vag.”

“Do you even know what real love is? And I’m not taking about cake!”

“I know what real love is, I’m in it now. I love Lois more than I love cake. I rather be at home with her than here with you. You should be happy for me but you wanna be a bitch.”

“Chill out Borage, you know I’m just messin’ You know how we do. When did you get so pussy whipped?”



 photo Screenshot-2502_zps6c46a7bb.jpg

I greeted my twin brother with a hug and asked about his million of kids. Since we now live so close to each other then maybe we should keep in contact and see each other more. I hate kids but I’ll still try and visit my nephews and nieces.

“When can I meet this woman?”

“Soon enough, you’ll like her.”

“We’ll see.”



 photo Screenshot-2504_zps246d1dd3.jpg

I saw my asshole of a dad standing near the stairs looking around and admiring on have nice my house looked. He joked about moving in. I guess I could be a good daughter and greet my daddy. But that’s not in my blood! I greeted to only way I know.



 photo Screenshot-2505_zps6cda08d7.jpg

“If you’re looking for any new baby mamas here, there is none. Try keeping your dick in your pants for once. I don’t have time for any brats you created wanting to hang out at my nice house.”



 photo Screenshot-2508_zps5a90989c.jpg

“Cece, I’m not here looking for baby mamas.”

“Then why are you here then?”

“To see you, I haven’t seen you since you were a little girl. I’m trying to make up for lost time.”

“That’s your fault, dad! You’re a little too late. I really don’t need you in my life. I’m doing fine without you.”

“Celsia, let’s not be like this. I really want to work on our relationship.”

“What relationship? There was never one! Your other kids were more important than me and Borage. You liked them more.”

“That’s not true, Celsia.”

“Whatever asshole! I ain’t tryin’ to hear it!”



 photo Screenshot-2510_zps4b0e315e.jpg


I chilled outside with my mama outside, relaxing under the sun and watching the lake. This place is so pretty. I’m wonder why she didn’t just move us here instead of Riverview. Hidden Springs was closer the Starlight Shores. Riverview was kinda lame and I wished that we stayed in Starlight Shores. I thought about moving there but Borage got the nicest house there. I didn’t want his old one but I kinda wanna rule this place with my golden vag. I guess Borage could have Starlight Shores but he isn’t doing much since he found love. While I relaxed with my mama she asked about what I was gonna do while living here.



 photo Screenshot-2512_zps4388b006.jpg


“This place lacks any kind of night life so I’m create it, mama.”

“Are you going to open a club or a bar.”

“Something like that. I’m gonna have my very own strip in my house.”

“In your house? Why? Are you gonna have room?”

“I’ll have room cause I need just one stage since I’m gonna be the only stripper. I bet I can make big money by being the only stripper in town. And I want it at my house so in case I see a guy who I wanna fuck and add to my score, I can just take him to my room.”

“Score? Are you trying to do what Borage was doing?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck 1000 men and rule this town! I bet I can reach 1000 before Borage since he’s in love.”

“You know you’re gonna end up with a bunch of kids.”

“I got that covered mama. I got protection.”



 photo Screenshot-2514_zps2ebb46ec.jpg


After telling mama about my plans I wanted to tell dumb ass too. I also wanted to give him a idea of something he could do back his home. We are Montigos after all and our side of the family haven’t own any of our own businesses and I think it’s about time that we do.

“I plan on opening my own strip club in my house. Maybe you could open up your own club too? I know you like DJing and I know you still like looking at other females. Maybe you should open your own strip club in Starlight Shores. The one there is going under, you should take it over and give it your own flair.”



 photo Screenshot-2515_zpsa83609c6.jpg


“Open my own strip club? Well I did think about it but I don’t think Lois would approve of that. I mean she mention how she thinks I might go back to my old ways and having a strip club wouldn’t help. I like your idea but I dunno.”



 photo Screenshot-2517_zps9242f81d.jpg


“C’mon bro, don’t be such a pussy whipped bitch! Were twins, we gotta do the same thing.”

“Do the same thing? We want me to wear a g-string and shake my ass for a couple of dollars?”

“No dumb ass! You know what I mean!”



 photo Screenshot-2519_zpsb79be220.jpg


” I can’t open a strip club. My lady wouldn’t like it.”

“Which lady?”

“Lois who else, idiot.”

“What about your wife?”

“Who cares what she thinks.”

“Then you shouldn’t care about what Lois say either. Be man! Pull your dick out and say “Lois, I am a man! I’m opening my own strip club!”



 photo Screenshot-2520_zps161387e6.jpg


“What? That is so stupid. I’m not doing that.”

“Stop being a bitch! You know you want to. I’ll help ya, I can send you some strippers.”

“I would love to but I don’t think I should.”

“Lois took more than your heart. She took your balls too.”

“I still have those!”

“Then prove it dumb ass!”



 photo Screenshot-2524_zps9cc5a362.jpg



“Paper, rock, scissors. If I win then you have to grow your balls, man up and open a strip club.”

“You stuck at this game.”

“We’ll see.”

“Bring it bitchzilla.”

“HA! Paper beats rock! I win.”

“Ugh.. fine. You win, I’ll telling Lois this was YOUR idea.”



 photo Screenshot-2552_zps59649100.jpg


“Think I’ll give Lois a call. Oh wait.. I got a email.”


“Dear Borage,

I think I been drinking things are a lil fuzzy but I know fullmoon’s out and I love fullmoon!  Serpgotabductd like you only not like you causa you hasa alien wifey and hubby and kids and I seenyourpictureon net and I think you’re totally hot.  youre my bro and youre hot as coals burning nexttoavampireona sunny day.  I thinkSerps preggo wiffa bb but i dunno till bb starts showin g.  imma go hook up wiffaghostnow.  ireally want ghost babie!  If youweredeadandnotmybro I’d totes hava babi wiff you and live wiffa you like all your hots girls.  LovesandpeicesCarrie”

“What the fuck? Carrie?  How the fuck did she get my email address? DAD!”

“Dear Carrie,

The fuck?! You’re not gonna come to my house and act all crazy will you? If so I have a bucket of pig’s blood waiting for you. I know I’m hot and you can’t get this genie dick even if we weren’t siblings, cause you be cray cray like my wife. Stop emailing me when you’re drunk. It’s bad enough I get drunk texts from Tequila. – BMG”

“Oh look I got a text message. I hope it’s from Lois even if I’m about to call her.”

hey bro cuzzo! i got a cucumber stuck in mah vag!!! lol :-p @ teh ER now. tell mah mama! – Tequila

“I’m changing my number and email address….”



 photo Screenshot-2557_zps90a10e1b.jpg


“Hello, I’m Danica. I live across the street. Are you the new neighbors?”

“No, my twin sister just got this house. I’m just visiting.”

“I hope you plan on visiting more often.”




 photo Screenshot-2562_zps3b961d59.jpg


“Wait.. I know who you are. You’re DJ BMG from Starlight Shores! My friends and I would come to The Edge often but we haven’t seen you in a while. Would you like to hang out with me and my friends? I’m having a BBQ at my house. It would be fun. We would love to have you come over and hang with us. We are fans ya know.”



 photo Screenshot-2563_zps70227bdc.jpg


“Is that so? I would like to hang with you and your friends for a bit. My twin is lame and I really didn’t want to come out here. I drove my parents here so they could see her.”




 photo Screenshot-2567_zps95c4582a.jpg


“Awesome! I can’t believe I’m gonna have you hanging out with us. Lani and Dove are gonna be so happy!”




 photo Screenshot-2677_zps9aa724c9.jpg


I had lunch with mama and we chatted more but she kept telling me how I needed to get along with my dad. I see why she had him come along cause she wants us to make up. She pushes the issue but I rather not speak to him. I think things are fine the way they are now.




 photo Screenshot-2678_zps0194cd28.jpg


“I know you don’t like him Cece but he’s still your dad. He wants to be in your life now, give him a chance.”

“Why now? I really don’t need him in my life.”

“There’s gonna be a time when you’re gonna need him. Make things right while you have the chance.’

“Yeah right like that would ever happen. If I need a daddy, I’ll just call Max.”

“Honestly Max could care less about you now since you’re grown. You’re not one of his and he only tolerated you, Borage, Dodder and Erica.”




 photo Screenshot-2685_zpsc45d2280.jpg


I saw my dad and thought I should try hanging out with him. But I ended up getting randomly mad at him.




 photo Screenshot-2686_zpsa661159b.jpg






 photo Screenshot-2687_zps951015b4.jpg


“Celsia! Are you sneaking up from behind me like that!”

“Just cause.”

“Stop that.”



 photo Screenshot-2693_zpsf08c399e.jpg


“Mama said I should try giving you a chance but I still think you’re a asshole and I don’t like you.”

“I’m sorry that you feel that way but I’m trying-“



 photo Screenshot-2694_zps33f04c3d.jpg


“Why now? Why not when I was a kid?”

“I wanted to be around more but you guys lived far away and things were getting complicated.”

“Well if you weren’t making so many damn babies…”




 photo Screenshot-2696_zpscec6ddf5.jpg


“I have my reasons..”

“To be a ho daddy?”

“No… I told you why.”

“So you wanna live forever like me blah blah. What’s the purpose of being immortal when you’ll out live most of your kids or friends? What if those girls who promised this don’t hold up their end of the bargain? Then what? You would of made all dem babies for nothing.”

“There’s some benefits to this journey.. It wouldn’t be for nothing.”

“Eww! Just shut up. Don’t talk to me..”



 photo Screenshot-2698_zpscc5e262a.jpg


“Mama I tried. I don’t like him.”

“That’s cause you were sober.”

“Right! Hand me a drink, maybe I’ll try again.”



 photo Screenshot-2700_zps6a2d8da0.jpg


“What the hell am I drinking?”

“Vodka and grape soda, Rose.”

“Vodka and grape soda? That’s strange, Cece. How you come up with this?”

“Mama, I wanted to make good drinks like Borage but I gave up after making this. It was too awesome.”

“I like this.”

“You like anything, Rose.”

“I like yo momma!”

“We have the same mom, dumb bitch..”



 photo Screenshot-2712_zpsb48f4c61.jpg


After a few drinks we started to dance and have some fun as the sun started to set. It’s almost night time so we need to get this party started! But then I notice something…..




“So now what do we do now, Danica?”

“BMG’s twin sister is the one who moved across. Maybe we could befriend her then we would see him again, Lani.”

“Really? This will work out perfectly then. We should invite her over and then we can get even closer to BMG, Danica.”

“Yeah Lani, I guess that would be the plan for now. I was trying to meet her anyway to be a real friend but knowing that BMG is her twin. This works out perfectly, Lani.”

“I hope she’s friendly cause I really wanna see him again.  His genie dick is amazing, Danica”

“Trust me Lani, BMG will be seeing us again.”

“I just totally farted! Ha ha ha!”

“Gross Dove! Stop doing that shit! You’ll scare off our BMG for sure!”

“What can I say? I love farting!”




 photo Screenshot-2647_zpsa8edd2c7.jpg


I notice I haven’t seen dumb ass since I won in paper, rock, scissors. He came in around midnight with a goofy smile on his face. I was curious about where have he been and why is he smiling so much. He did something.. or someone.. I just know it! I’m gonna be nosy and see what’s up.





 photo Screenshot-2648_zps17bb4f38.jpg


“Where in the hell have you been?”

“So are you like my mom now.”

“No! You been gone for hours and he come in late smiling.”

“Why do you care? I was with your neighbors. They invited me over for a cookout plus they were kinda hot. You were being a lame host so I bounced.”



 photo Screenshot-2652_zps379bb0aa.jpg


“I see… I hope you didn’t do anything that you would regret while you were over there.. What were doing there. Did you fucked them?”




 photo Screenshot-2653_zpsdf3006e4.jpg


“It’s none of your business if I fucked your hot neighbors or not. Trust me.. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt my lady. It doesn’t matter how hot they were or how sexy their bodies looked naked.. err.. or whatever. Don’t worry about what I do.”




 photo Screenshot-2659_zpsbca554d1.jpg


“You did something! You came in smiling all stupid like! Naked bodies? How do you know what their naked bodies look like if you didn’t fuck them! You’re a asshole!”

“Maybe your neighbors are nudist! And why are you yelling me?! When did you became my wife?!”

“Because I like to yell! We fight all the time, I’m pretty much your sister-wife! I’m gonna yell at you when you cheat!”

“But I didn’t cheat! You shouldn’t even care if I did!”

“I don’t believe you! You smell like rotten vaginas!”

“What? I smell like rotten vaginas? That’s just you! Close your legs!”

“I’m gonna punch you!”

“Do it!”

“I will!”




 photo Screenshot-2663_zps5f2e1e62.jpg


“If you have babies with those sluts they are gonna like this!”

“When babies fall out your toxic vag, they gonna look like this!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“I missed you dumb ass. Let’s have a pillow.”

“Okay but I’m just gonna win.”




 photo Screenshot-2665_zps77f98da0.jpg


We had a little pillow fight in my room, having fun but of course he had to start acting like a baby and cry like a bitch ass.




 photo Screenshot-2673_zpsdfb277c6.jpg


“Did you put rocks in your fuckin’ pillow?!”

“No! But I should!”

“That shit hurt!”

“You gonna cry and tell mama on me?!”

“Maybe I should tell mom on you!”

“Then go tell on me you big baby!”

“I’m gonna!”

“Do it!”




 photo Screenshot-2675_zps09402558.jpg


“C’mere big baby! Lemme rock you to sleep and titty fed you! Ha ha ha ha!”

“Get off me!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Someone is fussy! Do you have gas?”

“Ha ha ha ha! Shut up Cece.”


“Ha ha ha! No! Go away.”


“You’re crazy..”



 photo Screenshot-2730_zpsbb3c6d59.jpg


“Boo lova, come join me in the hot tub. It would be fun.”

“I guess I could chill in the hot tub for a bit.”

“If you gonna then you have to be naked so I can see that sexy body.”



 photo Screenshot-2732_zps46461f29.jpg


“Why are you way over there in Africa? Come sit next to me boo love.”


“Hurry! I can’t live another second without your love.”



 photo Screenshot-2737_zps5fb7bca1.jpg


“How is this?”

“Perfect now fuck me.”


“No excuses! Cece doesn’t have any kids so you can’t use any grandbrats for a excuse.”




 photo Screenshot-2738_zpse9d6b5fe.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2744_zps41f75633.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2751_zps85b1ef03.jpg


“Nice.. but be careful with those fangs…”




 photo Screenshot-2752_zps8f5443c4.jpg


“I done this like a billion times boo. I know what I’m doing! I am a professional!”




 photo Screenshot-2753_zps4241d6d0.jpg


“Told ya dumb ass. You own me 5 dollars. Pay up.”

“When is dad gonna learn to not fuck that psycho.”

“Wanna place another bet if Rosette gets pregnant again?”

“Nah, grandmama is probably gonna make her abort it.”

“There’s a abortion clinic now?”

“Yeah it’s called NRaas.”




 photo Screenshot-2756_zps1bbff030.jpg


“What’s going on kids?”

“Just the normal thing as always.. Watching my asshole dad fuck my aunt in my back yard.”

“I told her we weren’t fucking him this time. She better not come home pregnant. Mama and Finn will be pissed.”

“Mom you know Rose isn’t gonna listen… I just wish dad had sense to finally quit it.”

“Rose got some skills.. I gotta learn that move.”

“Kids… stop watching your dad fuck your aunt.”

“Were not watching, mama. Were learning.”

“Learn to be a slut? I think you do a pretty good job at that without lessons.”

“Shut up dumb ass!”



 photo Screenshot-2758_zps4b4ab79c.jpg


“Hey Zin… Have Max been treating you right at home? I was thinking of taking a shower. Care to join me?”




 photo Screenshot-2760_zps3fbc5eb8.jpg



“I’m sorry Zinnia..”

“You’ve done enough this week! I’m not gonna be your next fuck!”

“I’ve done enough this week? What’s going with you?”


“Okay.. okay. Sorry.”



 photo Screenshot-2766_zps7c206b20.jpg


I don’t know what asshole did to set my mama off but I’ve seen heard her yell like that. In fact I’ve never seen or heard mama yell at anymore or ever been mad. Mama was always happy, dancing around in her underwear. But I am curious of why my mom is not feeling “dad” anymore. Maybe she finally saw that he’s a loser and she had a mistake.



 photo Screenshot-2767_zps20869d7f.jpg


“Mom this isn’t like you. What’s going on with you?”

“I can’t tell you Bubba.. I just.. Err-“




 photo Screenshot-2769_zpsba425d0a.jpg


“Whatever it is mom, you can tell me. Are you so mad at dad? Did he hurt you? I’ll punch him in the face if hurt you. Please mom, please tell me. Did dad hurt you?”




 photo Screenshot-2772_zps4326717d.jpg


“Bubba.. you’re sweet. I hate that you look just like him. He didn’t hurt me.. But… Sorry Bubba.. I can’t.. I just can’t.. You’re so happy.. I can’t- I’m sorry Bubba.”



 photo Screenshot-2775_zps8b6ee591.jpg


“Mom.. you’re not making any sense. How drunk are you?”

“A little tipsy.. I’m sorry Bubba.”




 photo Screenshot-2776_zps8d2fc587.jpg


“Whatever is going on with you.. I know things will get better, mom.”

“I know Bubba.. I know..”




It was the next morning and it was time for my family to leave and head home. It was fun spending a day with them. I wish they could of stayed longer but they all had kids that they needed to return to. I’m glad that I don’t have any. I know I’ll be lonely once they leave but I’ll be okay. I still have my butler after all.




 photo Screenshot-2780_zpsb3ded97f.jpg


I hugged my mom goodbye. She told me party hard, wished me luck with my strip club and told me to start building a nursery. I don’t need a nursery. I don’t need one cause I’m not gonna make mistakes like dumb ass. I got tons of rum that’s gonna kill my eggs. So no babies for me!



 photo Screenshot-2784_zps4e1ebc9f.jpg


I had my own special way of telling dumb ass bye.




 photo Screenshot-2829_zps86e39d1c.jpg


But I also needed to tell asshole bye. I walked over to tell him bye but I couldn’t help but yell at him again.




 photo Screenshot-2831_zpsec835c16.jpg


I should be nicer towards but it’s hard to. I’ve tried.. kinda but I just don’t like him. Let’s face it, asshole and I will always have a fucked up relationship.



 photo Screenshot-2832_zpsac464ae2.jpg


He told me that he will miss me and promised to keep in contact with me. I guess. I decided I would hug him instead of slapping him. That’s what I really wanted to do.




 photo Screenshot-2834_zps5f6aa8bb.jpg


“What are you doing?”

“Nothing.. mind your business.”




 photo Screenshot-2835_zps0d6be69f.jpg






 photo Screenshot-2837_zps3f43e16f.jpg


“Don’t do that shit to me! You’re a asshole! I hate you!”




 photo Screenshot-2839_zpse228d3b0.jpg


“Oh so it’s okay for you to run up behind me and scare me?”

“Yeah! I like making you scream like a bitch!”




 photo Screenshot-2840_zps9c3135eb.jpg


“I’m gonna miss you dumb ass..”

“I’m gonna miss you too bitchzilla.”




 photo Screenshot-2843_zps28521870.jpg


“Look at me! My name is Borage and I’m a totally a idiot and I have a small dick. Wanna see my small genie dick?”

“My name is Celsia and I’m on a mission to spread my nasty toxic coochie around and make every guy’s dick fall off.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”




 photo Screenshot-2844_zps9c5a6557.jpg


“Were the kids always like this, Zin?”

“Yep, they have a special relationship that can never be broken. That’s something you’ll never have, Liam since you fucked shit up.”

“What are you talking about?”




 photo Screenshot-2848_zps86344732.jpg


I plan on seeing my brother more often. I will miss his dumb ass though but I’m curious about him and my neighbors. I think I’ll go over there and grill them for information. I gotta know what went on last night. Did my brother stay faithful?




 photo Screenshot-2849_zps06deeaf7.jpg


I wouldn’t say I’ll miss this asshole but I will miss yelling at him. It was kinda fun.




 photo Screenshot-2850_zpsf610e6df.jpg


I will miss mama the most. I hate that she lives so far away in Sunlit Tides now. I think I should make a trip there soon. I love that places. It’s so pretty and sunny there. Plus they have some sexy ass men there. I’ll be there soon to see you, mama and all the sexy men.




 photo Screenshot-2853_zps7bff72de.jpg


I watched my loaded up in a ugly car as the head to the airport. I think I saw Borage go over to my neighbor’s house but I’m not sure. I really need to go over there and see who these people are.




 photo Screenshot-2855_zps825b1e2b.jpg


Rosette did wanted to stay but mama said she couldn’t cause her twins missed her. Rosette didn’t take leaving well.

“No! I don’t wanna see those brats! There’s a hot guy across the street! If I get him to love me then Liam will get jealous and finally marry me!”

“Get in the car, Rose!”


“Liam is coming home with us.”

“Really?! Liam my love! I’m coming!”



 photo Screenshot-2857_zpsdcc68cc4.jpg


Well I’m alone now but that’s okay. I’m ready to build my strip club and start my mission to fuck 1000 men! I’m gonna rule this town with my glorious vag!



Note: What happen with Borage and the girls next door? You will find out in the next chapter in his story!

The email that Borage got was from his half sister Carrie Queen from her story Queens of Crime: Chapter 4 Denial by MewmewMentor

Liam Gelman has returned to be torture in his story Quest For Immortality by jbfairybird

Zinnia & Rosette have returned back to Party Montigo I will update again as some point. Making a new file is gonna suck.

They will all back again later on 😀

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 32, I’m Surrounded By Idiots

 photo Screenshot-2224_zps99930792.jpg

I told my dad that he should some time with his namesake. Of course he wanted to do my nerd shit with my dad. I just don’t get that boy. He was blessed for my good looks and he wastes it by doing nerdy shit. I’m hoping that him talking with my dad will wipe away that nerd shit. How is he going to be a ladies man and pick up where I left off if he’s a nerd?




 photo Screenshot-2226_zps04efba54.jpg

“So L2 how are you with the girls at school?”

“Are you going to try and push me into being a ladies man too like my dad?”

“Well no, just making conversation. I know how teenage boys can be.”

“I don’t really talk to girls at school. There are some who find me cute but they don’t say much to me.”

“Why so?”




 photo Screenshot-2227_zps49a00205.jpg

“Maybe cause I’m not like other boys at school. I’m not trying to be hip or anything. I only focus on my studies in hopes of attending a good college after I finish high school. I want to be a video game developer. I’ve creating a game of me own.”

“That’s pretty cool. I guess creating a game would take away some time from the lady.”

“Well grandfather, there is this one girl that I do spend time with.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah but she’s more of study buddy. Her name is Ashley Wood. She’s very pretty. We been friends since we were kids. But I don’t think she would like me. Plus I’m too shy to tell her that I like her.”




 photo Screenshot-2229_zps6beeb2f2.jpg

“Have you try writing a note?”

“I did and asked Bora Bora to give it to her. She said gave it to her but I don’t she did. I think she may of slip the note in the wrong locker.”

“Maybe you should give her the note your self.”

“I don’t know about that grandfather. What if she reads it in front of me?”




 photo Screenshot-2231_zpse7ebce76.jpg

“Just hand her the note and run away like a bitch.”

“Bora Bora!”

“What Papa? I’m just putting in my 2 cents. You two are lame.”




 photo Screenshot-2234_zps13f36456.jpg

“Zin, this whole time we been here we really didn’t do anything fun. We you spent enough time with your grandbrats? Let’s go do something crazy. Were leaving tomorrow.”




 photo Screenshot-2235_zpsbce830f4.jpg

“What do you wanna do then, Rose?”

“Let’s go skinny dipping in the ocean.”

“That sound like fun! Can I join?”

“You really want to, PC?”


“I think I like this grandbrat of yours Zin.”




 photo Screenshot-2237_zps35dcef71.jpg

“Heck yeah! This is fun, grandmama!”

“My Liam boo should of be dipping with me. If he saw my hot body then he’ll be all over me right now!”

“Shut up Rose! Liam doesn’t want you!”




 photo Screenshot-2248_zps0f7b6fa6.jpg

Tonight was the night that my parents and aunt were leaving. It’s been a fun week with them and all but I’ll be glad to spend more time with my lady before I return back to my job at the club. I was about to say my goodbyes but my mom needed to answer her phone. She said it was Celsia calling her.




 photo Screenshot-2252_zps14566496.jpg

“Hey Cece what’s up?”

“Not much mama. Grandpa just bought me a house in Hidden Springs. I was wondering if you would see my new house.”

“We can do that Cece. I’m in Starlight Shores right now, that’s like 30 minutes from there right?”

“Uh yeah but who is “we”?”

“I’m here with Rosette and your dad. We can come in the morning and just book another flight home.”

“Asshole is there? I don’t want him here.”

“Cece, he’s your dad. You haven’t seen him in years. I know he wants to see you. Borage can drive us up there in the morning.”

“You’re bringing dumb ass too? Fine whatever mama. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Chill out heffa, it will be fun. Talk to you later, Celsia.”

“Okay, bye mama.”




 photo Screenshot-2255_zps633bda82.jpg

Celsia just moved to Hidden Springs and wants us to visit well mainly wanted mom to come but I have to drive them so whatever. I told Lois that I’ll be leaving just for a day, she said would stay and care for the kids. I’m not really all that thrill about seeing Celsia again but it’s been a while since we last seen each other. I kinda miss trolling the hell out of her. She’s so stupid. My dad really wanted to get back home to his other kids but mom bitch at him telling that he needs to see Celsia even if she does hate him. He didn’t want to go anywhere that he’s not welcomed but my mom kept pushing the issue that he still need to come and try to make mends. I wonder what’s up with my mom lately. She has been kinda nasty towards him. With the parents staying for another night, this gave my kids more chance to troll my dad.




 photo Screenshot-2260_zps15ea1b95.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2269_zps147ad267.jpg

“Ha ha ha ha ha!  Dad you’re such a pussy!”

“Man up, boo love!”




 photo Screenshot-2264_zps16240113.jpg

“That was awesome.”




 photo Screenshot-2272_zpse660d9df.jpg

“I can totally see you creeping Bora Bora.”

“Hush daddy!”




 photo Screenshot-2274_zpsee11dae2.jpg


“That’s not true!”




 photo Screenshot-2277_zps8846e305.jpg

“Yes let the evil flow!”

“What are you talking about, idiot?”




 photo Screenshot-2278_zpse2287b2f.jpg

“Um hey I thought our grandparents were leaving tonight.”





 photo Screenshot-2281_zpscb2c4cde.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2283_zpsfe564d37.jpg

“Lilah! Why did you scare me like that?”




 photo Screenshot-2286_zps4ee2a742.jpg


“Stop laughing at me guys…It’s very childish.”




 photo Screenshot-2288_zpsabb81621.jpg

“Mom what are you doing?”





 photo Screenshot-2289_zpsa0245fd1.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2292_zpsfb423d6a.jpg


“Shut up assholes!”




 photo Screenshot-2293_zps70d7ff6b.jpg

“I’m gonna get her good.”




 photo Screenshot-2295_zps24fba70b.jpg

“No Brain Llama! I’m not going to do that. That’s crazy. Huh? Um no! Of course I still like you. Why would you think that?”

“Borage, your kid is a fuckin’ weirdo.”

“I dunno who she is. She’s one of mine?”

“Dad, that’s my twin and your daughter.”

“What’s wrong with her?”




 photo Screenshot-2296_zps35ea738d.jpg






 photo Screenshot-2299_zps8f701cef.jpg






 photo Screenshot-2300_zpsdbd4171a.jpg


“Kaia! You little jerk!”

“He he he he he I got you good Bora Bora!”




 photo Screenshot-2301_zpsb2d536a1.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2302_zps8c7b8c47.jpg

“Luna! That wasn’t funny!”

“Karma’s a bitch huh?”




 photo Screenshot-2303_zps98d43b18.jpg


“Stop laughing at me you jerks!”




 photo Screenshot-2304_zps43f36a04.jpg

“C’mon nerd. Is that all you got?”

“No dad! I bet I can beat you at pillow.”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see what you got, geek.”




 photo Screenshot-2307_zps22ed693a.jpg

“You bitch! Why did you hit me?!”

“We were having a pillow fight.”

“That’s a pillow case with oranges!”

“But the Brain Llama said oranges would be more exciting than a pillow.”

“Where’s this Brain Llama so I can choke him!”

“Please don’t hurt my friend!”





 photo Screenshot-2311_zps13405f54.jpg

“Seriously… where did these pillows come from.”

“Magic, grandmama?”

“I guess. Magic is awesome!”




 photo Screenshot-2313_zps6b235b2b.jpg

“I should slap you! Why did you do that for?”

“Hey don’t start a pillow fight if you can’t hang.”




 photo Screenshot-2309_zps124815c0.jpg

“I have to deal with this one more night? I’m surrounded by idiots….”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 31, Mojito Surprise

 photo Screenshot-1441_zpsd0f8bb00.jpg

You know what’s great about Starlight Shores? The night life. Since my parents had been here I haven’t shown them the night life just yet. They have been wrapped around the kids most of the time. Rosette whined about wanting to go party since she’s not interested in my kids. No one told her to come anyway. There’s no reason for her to even be here in the first place. 



 photo Screenshot-1450-Copy_zps7b7b6f35.jpg

I was getting a bit stir crazy and felt it was time to have a night out on the town. I know my mom wants to visit a few old friends of hers and my dad haven’t seen much of this city. I told everyone to get ready for a night out. Lois said she would stay behind with the kids so I could spend time with my parents. I told her the kids would be fine and I wanted her to join us. I want my parents to get to know my wife-to-be, I know they’ll love her as much I do. But Lois mention that she thinks my mom hates her. That’s not possible. I’m sure my mom would warm up to her if she get to know her some more.




 photo Screenshot-1976-Copy_zpsc5f199a4.jpg

Our first stop was at a art gallery. I’ve been wanting to bring Lois here since she likes art a lot. The family didn’t seem to mind it.

“Can you do your stupid genie stuff somewhere else? You’re in the way! I wanna go look at some boring art shit.”

“You’re just jealous cause you’re a boring norm and don’t have genie sexiness.”

“Zin said she’s gonna make me into a genie soon.”

“That’s not possible, idiot.”

“Yeah huh! You just wait! I gonna use my genie powers to destroy you!”

“Rose? Are you threatening my baby?”

“Uh.. no Zin!”




 photo Screenshot-1978-Copy_zpsb4b53656.jpg

“I have no idea of what I’m looking at..”





 photo Screenshot-1980-Copy_zps732e0920.jpg

“It looks like a vag. I bet it’s a vag.”

“Borage, that’s silly. It’s a pretty purple flower.”

“Hmm I dunno Lois. I say it’s a vag.”




 photo Screenshot-1981-Copy_zps74ae7c62.jpg

“Look closely, Borage. You can see the petals. It’s a flower.”

“Nah.. It looks like a loose vag. It’s probably Rosette’s diseased vag.”

“You’re funny. But trust me it’s not what you think.”

“If you say so. All these paintings look like a vag. Maybe if I paint a picture of a vag then I’ll be a famous artist.”





 photo Screenshot-1983-Copy_zps1856ca48.jpg

“Speaking about art, PC has been telling me how she’s interested in art. Maybe we should think about sending PC to a art school after she graduate from high school. There’s a few schools that I’ve been thinking of.”

“I didn’t know she liked art. I guess she gets it from you.”

“PC thinks you wouldn’t had care about her passion. You only play video games with her. Your other daughter Luna likes art too. Maybe we can send them to the same school.”

“I was thinking of sending off Luna to the moon.”


“What? She’s alien, that’s where she belongs.”




 photo Screenshot-1986_zps9f9ea5c0.jpg

“Borage, seriously we need to start thinking about schools for PC and your other kids. Bruce-Lee is a junior and he’ll be the first to leave. We need to think about the kids’ future.”

“You really care about my other kids?”

“Of course I do. They are like my kids too. Once were married, they’ll be my step children.”

“They are going to love you as a mom. You are right, we need to start thinking about their futures. I’ll talk to my cousin Lei. She’s attending a art school in Twinbrook.”




 photo Screenshot-1987_zps4a9a86aa.jpg

“That’s great. That was one of the schools I was thinking about.”

“That’s cool. If Baby cake decides she wants to go to school in Twinbrook she could stay with Lei or my dad.”

“I think your dad’s house would be full if he still plan on having 100 kids.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”




 photo Screenshot-1985_zps124ba825.jpg

I’m glad to have this lady in my life. She cares about my other kids as much as she cares about PC. I’m hoping that I already put a baby in her. Can’t wait to have another baby with her.




 photo Screenshot-1992_zps1fbd96ce.jpg

After visiting the art gallery we headed over to The Edge where I DJ at. It’s been a hot second since I’ve been here. My baby leave is almost over so I’ll be back. It will feel great getting behind the booth and spinning some sexy tracks for the ladies again. It might be different this time since I would have a certain lady on my mind. But I’ll still have just as much fun spinning like old times. It wasn’t long before my dad tried to get his mack on. He’s insane for attempting it while Rosette is with us.




“Mmm.. I kinda like what I see from behind.”




 photo Screenshot-1999_zpsbe8cbead.jpg

“Excuse me miss, mind if I can buy you a drink?”





 photo Screenshot-2001-Copy_zps1bf12b5d.jpg

“Buy me a drink? I would love that.  Wait a minute….”





 photo Screenshot-2002_zpsa16521a4.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2003-Copy_zpsbb58ebbe.jpg


“Daddy? Is this some kind of joke?”




 photo Screenshot-2008_zpsf2327d9e.jpg

“Of course not daddy! I am your son. My name is Mojito Montigo. You are Liam Gelman right? You look like from the photos that I’ve seen. Please tell me that you’re my daddy!”




“Well yes, I am him. Is this another prank? Did my grandchildren put you up to this? How could  have another grown Montigo child? I only had 2 with Zinnia who are  grown now and 3 with Rosette who are all also grown.”




“It’s not a prank. I believe Rosette is my mommy. The woman who took care of me said I am a Montigo. A really long time I was born at the bar with 3 sisters. Well mommy forgot about me and left me at the bar with the bartender after getting drunk. She raised me since mommy had left town after I was born. Mommy named me Mojito and the bartender let me keep my name. She told me who my parents were but I couldn’t find any of you. But finally! You came for me daddy!”




“Wait what? Rosette left you at the bar? How does she not realize that she just gave birth to 4 babies? This is almost impossible to believe. Are you really my daughter.. err.. son? Does Rosette know about you?”




“Yes am I your son. I look just like you daddy. Mommy doesn’t know about or even remember having me. Mommy has issues with numbers. She can’t count. The bartender tried to tell mommy that she’s forgetting a baby but she ignored her and left. I’ve been searching for you both for years. Where is mommy? I want to meet her.”




I missed my booth and decided that I was going to play since my replacement sucks. I couldn’t help but notice my dad trying to get his mack on to some tranny. I decided that I’ll play them a special song.




 photo Screenshot-2013_zps36c13a98.jpg

“This next track: Dude, she’s a man, goes out to my dad and his new special lady.”




 photo Screenshot-1996_zps1ae56702.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2016_zpsac5b8015.jpg

“Rosette, care to explain this?”

“Explain what, boo? That you have the hots for a tranny?”

“Is that mommy?”

“That’s her…”




 photo Screenshot-2017_zps4e6cb902.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2018_zps1b6de382.jpg

“Umm.. boo thang? Why is your tranny hugging me and calling me mommy? Is this some kind of freaky fetish of yours, cause I don’t like it!”




 photo Screenshot-2020_zpsf4c398b5.jpg

“This is our son that you left at the bar!”

“I thought Amaretto was a girl. What are you talking about?”

“You had quads, Rose and you left our son but took the girls home.”

“Isn’t quads 3 brats?”

“No Rosette! Quads is 4! How could you forget that you gave birth to 4 babies?!”

“Geeze boo love.. You know I can’t count.”




 photo Screenshot-2022_zpsbf1ca0a2.jpg

“That’s not good enough excuse! Mojito said the bartender tried to tell you were about to leave a baby!”

“I was drunk! You shouldn’t had left me at the bar anyway! But NOOO! You had to leave with Zin!”

“It’s cause she was in labor!”

“So! She could of push out those idiots without you! You’re MY lover! You were suppose to be with ME!”





 photo Screenshot-2025_zps3a1d1e0f.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2028_zpse71fe3e1.jpg

“I can’t believe you yelled at me, love. You’re not being very sexy right now.”

“I’m sorry for yelling but I’m angry at the fact that you left one of our kids at the bar.”

“Well you shouldn’t have gotten me pregnant then..”

“I didn’t know that I even slept with you…”




 photo Screenshot-2030_zps6e9676ae.jpg

“You don’t remember making love to me?! How dare you!”

“Rose, remember how you dressed up like Zinnia and pretended to be her?”

“I don’t remember doing that! Why would I do that!”

“I dunno but you did do that.”

“Are we all good now, mommy and daddy?”




 photo Screenshot-2032_zps7a73c78d.jpg

“No! Your daddy is being a asshole now! He yelled at me! I am hurt. I don’t love him right now.”


“Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever talk to me ever again until you stop being a asshole and return to being my sexy Liam who loves me!”

“Rose… you’re being dramatic..”

“I have a dramatic trait, boo love! What do you expect!”




 photo Screenshot-2184_zpse3a9ca60.jpg

The next day my dad invited over my new brother-cousin that we all didn’t know about. Learning that Rosette left him at the bar doesn’t surprise us at all. Most of last night my dad and Rosette argue about it. Maybe he should stop having kids with her.




 photo Screenshot-2185_zpsd0e843d4.jpg

“Okay Mojito.. So you don’t always dress up like a girl. But are you gay?”




 photo Screenshot-2190_zps08d15767.jpg

“If I were gay would you love me less, mommy?”




 photo Screenshot-2192_zps675ff2d8.jpg

“I don’t care what you are. I don’t love any of my kids. You bastards ruined my vagina!”




 photo Screenshot-2194_zps544ee3d0.jpg

“If you must know my sexual preference I am Bi. I love both men and woman. As much as I love a juicy cock in my mouth, I still crave to suckle on a woman’s large seductive breasts. Judge me if you must. But this is who I am now. Maybe cause I didn’t have a mommy and daddy to love me.”




 photo Screenshot-2196_zps781efb42.jpg

“I wouldn’t judge you about that… But we don’t need details.”




 photo Screenshot-2197_zpsb3b7434c.jpg

“Fabulous! I knew you wouldn’t judge me about what I like. I am so happy to finally have real parents in my life. So you how you two been married? Did mommy look pretty in her wedding dress?”




 photo Screenshot-2198_zpsea53295f.jpg

“Married? I’m not married to your mother.”




 photo Screenshot-2200_zps694aa2d7.jpg

“Liam my love refuses to marry me! I had his stupid kids for him and he still won’t marry me!”




 photo Screenshot-2201_zps2efc9084.jpg

“I gave him all my love! I just give give give give and give. And all he does is take take take and take! I don’t understand why you are being this way. Making 100 babies is stupid. You need to be with me forever ever and ever and ever and ever and everest! We are destine to be together! Why can’t you see that boo love? What else do you want from me?”




 photo Screenshot-2202_zps8f558fb7.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2204_zpsfafb310d.jpg

“It’s okay mommy. It’s okay to live in sin. We are all sinners! Daddy you should marry mommy. She’s so pretty! I see why you made me!”




 photo Screenshot-2205_zps5a451efa.jpg

“Yeah that’s not going to happen. But anyway, what happen to the person who took you in?”

“She died when I was 3. She choked on a dildo. It’s funny when you think about it. She wanted to give her new boo the best blow job ever. She started to practice on her dildo and shit went wrong.”

“Who took you in after she died?”

“A band of drag queens!”




 photo Screenshot-2206_zpsc761c2b3.jpg

“Um okay. So tell me some things about you. What do you do for a living? Since you also like females, do I have any grandchildren?”

“Well daddy, I always wanted to be a magician but I suck at magic. The only trick I know is making my cock disappear inside of a guy’s tight ass. So I just do gay porn. As far as kids, I would of had one but my pregnant wife died.”

“That’s awful, what happen to your wife?”

“She thought it was a good idea to hang the sex swing over the balcony in our mansion. My wife was a daredevil and a freak, she would find crazy things to do to spice up our sex life so I wouldn’t leave her for the pool boy even though he was kinda hot. I just wanted to grab his juicy little ass! One night when she got into the sex swing and it fell. It was 50 feet above the ground. May her kinky soul rest in peace. I miss that freaky bitch and her delicious titties!”

“That’s terrible…”

“Oh not as terrible as my husband’s death! He died from auto erotic asphyxiation.

“How many times you been married?”

“3 times daddy! 2 husbands and 1 wife. I fall in love easily! But all my lovers had died hilariously. “




 photo Screenshot-2208_zps2b1f10c8.jpg

I was curious about my new brother-cousin and join in. I swear we could of been twins but of course I’m more sexier.




 photo Screenshot-2211_zps7b41e0e2.jpg

“Hi Borage! You’re my brother-cousin right?”


“That is fabulous! You know we could of been twins if I had mommy’s hair. It’s almost like looking into a mirror. You’re so pretty brother-cousin!”

“Um.. thanks.. So what’s with the tranny thing? Do you go into tranny mode at night or something?”

“Oh no-“



 photo Screenshot-2219_zps8e7af1da.jpg

“Ugh can I watch TV in peace? Who is this guy?

“I’m your Uncle-cousin.”

“That’s strange.”




 photo Screenshot-2220_zps0a2fb89e.jpg

“Well I only dress like a lady cause I never had love from a mother. Plus is helps me pick up ladies.”

“That works?!”

“Yes daddy. The ladies seem to like whenever I dress like a lady too. They would show me their sweet, sweet breasts.”

“Hmm.. that’s almost hard to believe.”

“It’s true, Borage. You should try it some time. I think you would pretty dressed as a lady. You can borrow one of my dresses.”

“I think I’ll pass.”




 photo Screenshot-2222_zpsc62d3efe.jpg

“I’m almost scared to ask more about you, son.”

“Well daddy, I’m now a witch.”


“Witches aren’t as awesome as us genies. But how are you a witch?”

“I was given witch powers by my last husband before died slipping on the anal beads and landing into out lit fireplace.”

“So all your spouses deaths were sex related?”

“Why yes daddy. I didn’t notice that.”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 30, Prank War



I had spent most of the day with my parents, going out to eat and sight seeing with them. I felt bad for neglecting my lady for most of the day but she said she understood and hanged out with the kids while I was with my parents. I told her how I was going to make it up to her in the hot tub. I remember hearing about the hot tub is a good place to make a baby in. I guess Lois and I should give this a try or a few tries. I don’t mind doing this more than once. I just hoped that Fayon took out her alien water first. I don’t want our baby coming out all fucked up.






“We can start that baby making right now if you want.”

“Here? Right now?”

“Why not? I heard the hot tub is the perfect place to make a baby.”

“I heard that’s true but what about the kids? They could see us.”

“Naw.. they are busy plotting evil. They’re not thinking about us. Let’s get back to baby making.”

“Okay if you want to.”






“Hey guys, we should have a prank war. What do you guys think?”






“Yeah we should totally do that! Let’s all just prank Papa for scoring since he’s lame.”






“Prank grandfather? Why do such a childish thing? What has grandfather ever done to us?”






“He did nothing but be a lame grandparent who isn’t a pimp daddy like you losers had hoped.  Don’t be such a lame ass too, L2.”






“I think a prank war on granddad would be fun. The Brain Llama agrees with me on this. Were in. You should join in L2, the Brain Llama will be pleased.”






“I guess I’ll join too. Pranking granddaddy is gonna be too fun. I have all kinds of ideas. But what happens to the one who pranks granddaddy the most?”






“Can we join too? I’m only 12 but I’ll be a teen next year! I wanna prank grandpa too. He’s so lame and not pimpin’. You guys gotta let us join in too.”






“If Morde can join then I’m joining too. I wanna prank Papa too. And I’m gonna win. You’re all losers!”






“This sucks for me. I’m stuck in the wheelchair. I can’t do much pranking in this. I guess I could keep score then.”






“You guys are in, sorry Mimi maybe you can send him a dirty email? Whoever pranks grandpa the most is the ultimate  supreme ruler of the house and doesn’t have to do chores for a year.”






“One, none of us ever do chores as most of you have genie powers anyway. And two, it isn’t fair to prank grandfather for no reason. This whole is unfair and very childish.”






“L2, it would be fun. You need to join in. The Brain Llama will attack your dreams if you don’t.”

“Lilah is right about only one, you need to join in. It will be fun L2. It’s not childish. Were only teens.”






“Yeah L2, don’t be a lame ass or we’ll start pranking you.”






“I’m not joining in but if you need my help with anything, I’ll help you but this doesn’t means I’m a part of your foolish games.”






“I know Liam will be washing the dishes soon. I say he needs to be cleaned up too since he’s such a dirty baby making whore.”






“I’ll give this dishes a quick wash-“






“Borage! I think your sink is broken!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“What on earth is so funny Luna?”






“Yes Brain Llama! I agree! Granddad would look lovely with cyan hair.”







“My hair! What is going on? Someone must be playing a trick on me… I hope this washes out!”







“Why is my dad in the bathroom yelling?”






“Everyone is pranking him daddy. Oops.. I wasn’t suppose to tell. Is everyone gonna get in trouble, daddy?”






“No.. I don’t care. I think it’s funny. Keep on pranking my dad but you little jerks better not pull that same shit on me or else.”






“Or else what, daddy?”






“I’ll make you all go live with your lame grandpa.”

“Daddy! That’s terrible!”






“Mimi sent grandpa the nasty email now I just need to set up a little scary screen for him.”






“Now to check my email and-“














“Okay… who sent me this email of the nanny laying naked on the bed saying she wants my baby?”






“MiKaia! Dinner is ready! Come in and wash up!”






“No! Your cooking is lame like you, Papa! But you can wash up!”








“You get down here right now, young lady!”






“Don’t even say anything, L2. This chair is for grandpa.”






“Mordecai, you know that is a wrong thing to do to grandfather.”

“No it’s not. It’s not like it’s going to hurt him.”

“True but it’s still not right. Grandpa has been nothing but nice to us and this is how we treat him?”

“Dad should of named you Lame.2. You talk too much.”






“Mind if I join you boys?”

*fart noise*

Mordecai and Liam.2 snickers.






“You two wouldn’t have anything to do with this whoopie cushion?”






“Sorry grandfather, it wasn’t one of us. It must of been one of the others.”

“Yeah grandpa, it was one of the others. Not us, were the good grandkids. We got black hair like you. Were the favorites right?”






“Morde, like I told your sister I don’t play favorites like your dad does. I love you equally.”

“Gosh you’re so lame, grandpa.”

“I don’t think you’re lame, grandfather. I think you’re cool.”

“Thanks, L2. I think you’re the first to say that.”

“So is L2 your fave now? It’s cause he has your lame name. L2 is such a kiss ass.”






“Hey L2, remember you said you’ll help if we needed anything?”


“Use your super nerd powers and create something that will make Papa pee once he drinks it.”






“That’s pretty evil, sis but a promise is a promise. I can at least try but I can’t promise if I’ll have the potion ready before grandfather heads home.”

“Well, then try and try hard.”

“I will, I’ll see what I can do.”






“I don’t think why I even agree to this… I guess I just wanted to fit in with the others.”






“Luna, it is time. Time for you transform.”

“Will it hurt, Suziu?”

“It will not. Transform is painless.”

“I miss you, Suziu. When will you be back?”

“I come back in 6 year. I miss you and Bora Bora. I will back in 2 weeks for visit.”






“Why Suziu?”

“To bring you here on Ziharia.”

“Just me? What about Bora Bora?”

“Transform is complete. I have to go. Tell Bora Bora hi for me.”

“But Suziu…”






“Who in the hell is that freak alien kid talking to?”






I don’t get why Luna never goes to bed but Bora Bora does. I just wish she did so I could do my nightly naked swim but she stayed outside doing her weird alien shit. I didn’t feel like waiting on her to go away so I took my night time naked swim anyway. She didn’t seem to notice cause she was still doing her alien shit. 






It felt so nice being all free and feeling the cool night breeze on my sexy body. Then Luna took notice.

“Really dumb ass? No one wants to see that.”

“Don’t like, then rip your eyes out, bitch.”

“I wish I could after seeing your gross body, dumb ass.”

“And I wish you could go one day without being a bitch.”  

            “The day I won’t be such a bitch is the day when you’re actually smart.”






“Um… Daddy. Why are you naked? I can see your …everything.”






“Sorry about that baby cake.. I didn’t know you were out here. I’m not a shame of my nakedness. You all should be proud of your nice body if you have one like me. But you better not be showing any of these boys anything of yours baby cake or I’m going to hurt someone. But I don’t care what you do Luna. You’re probably just gonna be some alien bitch whore.”






“Good morning, Luna. You’re looking a little different. Is this a normal thing?”












“Luna, are you okay?”







“Of course I am fine, stupid human. Let’s play doctor! I need to heal you from your nasty whore disease of being a  baby making whore! My buzz saws can fix this problem of yours, Liam!”
























“Chill out, Liam! You should see the look on your face. Priceless! You are so much fun to troll. Muhahahaha!”







“Seriously.. What’s gotten you into you kids?”









I guess I’m a little a shame of being naked around baby cake. I had no idea she was even outside. So I decided to try on my new swim shorts. They are a little tight but I kinda like how they feel around my balls. But if I get a hard on, my dick would probably be in my ass.






But since my kids went off to school now… Naked time.






“Hey, you two wouldn’t mind if I hang out with ya. We haven’t gotten to know each much. It’s been almost a week since you ladies been here and we haven’t had any chit chat yet. I should get to know my soon to be mother-in-law.”






“I know enough about you to know that you’re no good for my son. That’s all you need to know, Hois.






“Damn Zin, what crawled up your cooch and died? You been mean to my lova boo and now her?”

“Well Rose.. I know I might not be perfect but at least I’m upfront with Max when I want to be a slut. I’ll be like, “Hey Max, I just cheated on you again.” And he’ll be like. “Okay Zin, it’s cool but it better not be with Liam again.” We have a understanding.”

“I don’t even have to tell Finn, he already know and deals with it. If he wanna stay rich then he better keep wearing that Liam mask.”






“I don’t know what you mean by that but I’m sorry if I did anything to offend you, Zinnia.”

Could she possibly know about Liam and I? But how? I wonder if she saw us? I wonder if she told Borage if she did see me and Liam together that one night. Oh no… I hope that isn’t true.. This could ruin everything. Maybe Pedro is right. Maybe I should be honest with Borage. But would he ever forgive me?






“Granddaddy can do two things at once. Pee and shower. Hehehehe! This is going to be so funny!”







“Why isn’t this flushing?!”













“Papa! I can’t find my glasses! Can you help me?”






“Sure, I can help you find your glasses. It’s a dark out, do you have a flashlight?”






“Silly Papa! Aliens don’t wear glasses but we toss balloons full of piss!”

“Ugh…. I should of know better.”






“Borage before we try baby making again.. There’s something I need to tell you.”

“That you can’t wait to get this genie dick back in ya?”

“Yes but no silly.. It’s more important. There’s something I need to get off my chest.”

“What’s more important than you telling me how much you love me, how you care about me,  how you’re never do anything to hurt me and how you can’t wait to taste this genie dick?”


“C’mere girl.. Lemme put some magic in ya with this genie dick.”




I’m not sure why Lois was stalling, it’s almost like she changing her mind about having another baby. We made love so many times already, it could already be too late if she decided to change her mind about it. I tasted her lips and she tasted mine. I told her I love her and she told me that she loves me back. I guess maybe she’s not changing her mind.




Something about tonight’s love making was different. Different in a good way. It was more intense, more passionate. If we didn’t make a baby in the nights before, then I think this was the night we did for sure. 






After making love, it felt good knowing Lois is where she belongs. Sleeping next to me like she should be. We didn’t need to worry about Fayon walking and finding her. This is how it’s suppose to be. 






“Grandpa wouldn’t mind cyan hair again, would he?”






“Again with this!”







“You jerks, you can’t set your traps here.”




“There’s no set rules of where we can set our traps, Bora Bora. The Brain Llama said this spot is perfect.”







“Yeah we’ll just tell everyone not to sit in the living room for a while.”









30 minutes later…





One hour later…



“Seriously? 3 whoopie cushions in here?!”







“This is going to be the best prank ever! I got the toilet. MiKaia, you do the sink and PC you get the shower. This is so awesome! Good thing that idiot Borage doesn’t give a fuck.”







“I like your thinking Luna. Papa isn’t gonna know what hit him after this triple threat.”







“I think after this, granddaddy might not wanna visit us again. Oh well! It was fun while it lasted!”









“I’ve had it with these kids! Borage needs to take control of them!”







My dad wanted to talk to me about something. I could see that he was pissed off about something. I know my kids were pranking him hardcore for the past couple of days but I thought it was pretty funny. I guess my dad was being a spoiled sport about it. That’s no fun.






“You need to get control of your kids! The first few pranks were okay but now it’s getting ridiculous!”

“Chill dad, it’s just a few pranks. The kids are just having some fun it’s not you’re getting hurt by it.”







“Hurt? Your daughter Luna chased me with a real buzz saw TWICE! I’ve could of gotten hurt! She could of gotten hurt! How can you allow your children to run around with dangerous tools like that? How can you just sit back and let these kids do whatever they please? These kids a very disrespectful,  foul mouthed, and don’t care about anyone’s feelings but their own! I can’t even use the bathroom without being sprayed by the sink or toilet. And every time I shower my hair is a different color of the rainbow! And I had balloons filled with pee thrown at me plus my email being hacked! I’ve had it with your kids! You have terrible parenting skills and may be the most terrible father that I’ve ever seen!” 






“You think I’m a terrible father? Maybe if I had a father who was actually around more then maybe I would know how to be a “good” father like you. But I didn’t so I do the best that I can do. But I can tell you this, at least my kids are still alive and well. I’ve never had child services threaten to take my kids away nor had a mental nanny who tried to shoot my aunt and possibly my mom. And if your crazy nanny would of hurt my mom then we wouldn’t be speaking. But with that said, I say I’m doing a pretty good job so far in raising my kids. I’m not running around putting babies in any female who comes my way for a selfish reasons and not caring what would be the out come of the child with me not being a part or his or her life. Yeah I made a bunch of kids cause I wasn’t careful but who taking care of them? Their crazy mothers? No! I am! I care about all my kids’ feelings and I spent time with all of them. Even the ones I find annoying. It might seem like Luna and I don’t like each other but that’s our special way of bonding.  Before you call someone a “terrible father” take a good look at yourself first!”






“Son, I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.. I’m just so annoyed right now..”

“Talk to the hand cause the face don’t understand!”


“Me no speak no English.”







My dad told me that he was sorry for things he said to me about being a terrible father. I told him I would talk to the kids but they aren’t gonna listen to me. I never really laid the law down with them before. Usually Greta or Fayon would but neither of them were here. They would listen to Lois since she’s the closest they’ll have for a mom and baby cake for def listen since that is her mom. Lois had a chat with the kids and told them to call off their prank war they had going.






“So are you just as lame as Papa? He’s a fake pimp. Daddy said he was a pimp but he said he’s not. So what are you?”

“I’m not lame like Liam. I’m a Montigo, we don’t know what lame is.”

“Then what makes you special then?”

“When I use to lives here, I was the top star stripper in this city.”







“Yep see, this is me right here. No one could ever pull off this move on the pole.”

“That’s really cool, grandmama! That is really you! You’re a stripper!”

“Yep, your great aunt Rosette was one too. We were both the top dollar, super star strippers! Those days were wonderful until I had your aunt Acacia and married Max. I had to stop. I can return but I like getting drunk a lot and sleep with men who aren’t my husband.”







“That’s awesome. I want to be a stripper and  cheat on my husband when I grow up!”

“I think you’ll make a great stripper one day, Mimi. Your aunt Cece is one and so is Amaretto Sour. I can show you so moves when you’re ready.”

“Won’t you be all old by then?”

“Sweetie, I’m a genie.. I’m immortal. I don’t age.”

“Cool! I can’t wait!”







“So granddad, heard that you didn’t like our prank war. That’s lame. We were having so much fun setting traps and hearing you yell. It was so funny.”







“I don’t think you kids’ little pranks were all the funny. Try being pranked all the time and see how you like it.”







“Actually granddad, I enjoy being pranked. I think it’s funny. I like the cyan hair dye. It looks good on me. Besides the Brain Llama and I are very amused by all the pranks that were played on us. You should stop being so lame.”







“Can we do something normal like watch some TV. I would love to at least enjoy my time here.”







“One day I’m going to marry a alien and have many alien babies as possible. It shall please the Brain Llama.”











I got a email from Fayon of her sending a pic our twins. She asked why Nova kept calling her “psycho” and why Apollo kept calling her “cray cray”. I’m happy to know my kids remember the correct name for Fayon. I miss them. I miss them more after seeing this pic of them. She mention about the septuplets were doing fine. Meh.. I guess that’s nice but my only interest were the twins. She goes about how she misses me and how she loves me and blah blah. I don’t care, I just want my twins back here. She mention how they confirm that Aries is a true alien-genie. I actually think that’s pretty cool. If he has my genie powers then I guess that’s okay by me. She can return Aries along with Apollo and Nova and stay up there with the others for all I care.


Love For The Fellas: It’s my turn! – Celsia’s intro


Hey hey hey! It’s me Celsia Montigo. I know a bunch of y’all been reading Borage’s story but I’ll tell ya this. MY story is much better than his! I keep it real and I’m not a dumb ass like stupid over there!





So my dumb ass twin thinks he can be the only playa in this family? I think not! I’m about to show this fool how you do it. He thinks he can bang 1000 ladies cause he wanna be some big playa like dad. Negro please! I think I can get to my goal before he does. But it looks like he got some issues going on right. I’m so gonna win this!





This be my house! Nice ain’t it? Being a Montigo is fabulous. Were so big money! My grandpa got me this house when I told him that I wanted to live in Hidden Springs. I think I might be his favorite cause this house is hella nice for real! You gotta see this shit but I’ll show ya later. Borage had to buy his own house but I didn’t Na na na boo boo! You suck!





Like my twin. I’m a genie too! Who needs a maid or butler when you got genie powers? I still want one. It’s gonna be lonely living in this big house by myself.





My days are pretty simple. I start out each day with a glass of vodka and grape soda.





This town seems a bit bland but I have big plans for this bougie town. I’m a Montigo and I’m gonna show this town how to live like a Montigo. I don’t want them getting jealous of my Montigo fabulousness. I guess I should tell you a little bit about my past before I got here. You all know about Borage so much. You got to know me too and see I’m better.




This is me being held by asshole aka dad.




My mama carried Borage. Lame! She should of carried me. I’m the better twin but I think mama favorite him more.




Here’s me and dumb ass Borage. How cute, we were wearing matching sailor suits. Why couldn’t mama drown Borage in the ocean instead.




Mama always spent more time with Borage when she was sober than me! What makes him so special? Oh it’s cause he looked like our asshole dad more. I guess but she should of still paid me more attention too.




“Cece is dumb dumb.”





“Borage gay.”





Borage and I had 3 sister-cousins cause dad is a nasty ho daddy. He fucked my aunt Rosette too. He is so gross. He be gettin’ in the fam cause he nasty like that.





Speaking of asshole, I don’t think he ever been to any of m birthdays? What a asshole!




The only dad I did know was my step dad Max.  He was always around, playing with us and teaching us to make really strong drinks where you don’t even need roofies.




We might of not been his kids but he treated us like we were his. Even if he’s stupid dumb ass most of the time. He’s more of a dad to me than asshole.




My mom told me not to give him such a hard time. He tried to be around more. She said he was the one who taught me how to walk. I still don’t care really.





I came from a party house and all we did was party. This is totally a normal thing. I’m gonna have so many underwear parties in my new house. I can’t wait!





My childhood was okay I guess. I had lots of toys to play with and stuff. Most of the time I was sampling Max’s new drinks that he makes. I learned to love vodka and grape soda when I was  8 years old.





My sister-cousins got to see dad more than Borage and I. I guess he liked them better.





I never understood this wall. It was called the party wall. I guess it was a Montigo thing to party by a wall.




The teen years were fun. We got to cause so much chaos in the streets but my family didn’t care. They were always drunk and passed out somewhere.




All we ever ate was cake cause everyone was too lazy to cook real food. We did keep in shape by running from the police.




We made it to our adult years without dying! That’s a big deal where I come from.





And here’s my family. My parents and my twin. My parents did have another set of twins but I never met them. We look like a happy and loving family right?







Yeah right! This is the reality of my family.




“Ugh I just wanna punch you in the face.”

“You live by a lake now, right? Find your way to it and drown.”





Some of you all know the famous ho daddy Liam Gelman from Twinbrook. I wanna punch him in his goofy face. I say he’s a ho daddy cause he keep makin’ dem babies all over the world without care of how we gonna be like. He made some many damn babies. I can’t keep count of them.  He fucks anything that has 2 legs and tits. I hope he gets probed by aliens for being a ho daddy. Quit makin’ dem bay bays!





I don’t even call him dad cause he’s not much of a dad to me. I call him asshole. It suits him well. I was born Celsia Nicole Montigo-Gelman but I dropped the Gelman from my name. Why should I carry his name when he was never around? Borage is so proud, he kept his dumb ass name. Max didn’t want any kids mama had that wasn’t his to carry his name. Mama wanted us to know that we were a part of “dad”. I want no part of him.





He wants to make it up to me for not being around so much. But it’s a little too late. I don’t need you in my life.





I love my mama even if she favors Borage. I have hope she’ll favor me too one day. I want to be like mama. I got her beauty and all. I want to make mama proud of me.




Mama and my aunt were the top strippers in Starlight Shores before they quit and moved to Riverview to raise us. I’m gonna mama proud by carrying her stripper legacy. I’m gonna be a world famous stripper! My name is be known! Since I’m a genie and I be sparkling  and shit. My stage name will be, Glitter Juice. That’s hot!





Do I really have to say something about dumb ass other than he’s a dumb ass? Yes he’s my twin. You know by now.





I might not like him, I may hate him a little but he’s still my twin buddy. I do care about him even he’s a dumb ass. I’m kinda disappointed that he’s talking about dropping his playa status to marry some girl when his dumb ass is already married to a cray cray alien lady. How am I’m gonna compete with him if he quits? I hope this girl is worth it. I wish him and her the best. But I’m upset that he’s trynna quit. We Montigos! We don’t quit! But he found love. I guess it’s a good reason. I hope it last, dummy. 





I have a handful of siblings on my mama’s side. She don’t have so much as asshole does. She ain’t trynna be a ho mama like asshole. The sister that I’m closest is to Erica. She’s a genie like me. Erica keeps it hood and that’s what I love about her. She might have a thousand different personalities but she’s still my ride or die bitch! She mention how she thought my dad was hot. I wanted to slap her for that comment. She dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I wonder what’s she up to. She better not trynna be another baby mama of my ho of dad. I don’t need any nephew-brothers or niece-sisters. It’s bad enough that I have sister-brother-cousins.





This is my youngest sister Fiona. I don’t know why she thinks Borage is so cool. She wants to be a DJ like him. I guess but she should join me and carrying our mama’s stripper legacy. I’ll support whatever Fifi wants to do. She’s a good kid.





She does carrying on the legacy of trolling Uncle Finn.




If  I’m going to be a famous stripper then I need to find a club but Hidden Springs is so bougie and doesn’t have one. I guess I’ll be building my own strip club. I think I’ll build on in my house. I like this room. It’s pink. It’s perfect. I’ll name my club Pink Pussy! This is gonna make the men come! Getting my goal of 1000 men is gonna be easy like my ho daddy.




My aunt liked my idea and wanted to stay for a while. I guess having her around for a little bit would be cool. Maybe she can give me some tips.




“Cece, how often does your daddy come visit you? I wanna see my boo lova as much as possible.”






I know how Borage got 18 kids so far in his journey but I’m not gonna be stupid like him. I hate kids. They are so annoying! I’m gonna protect my eggs from turning into babies.






I think drinking a lot of rum and coke will kill my eggs. That’s how I’m going to protect myself from babies. All that sperm is gonna be so sad when they see I ain’t got no eggs! Borage said rum kills eggs, and my cousin Regret said the same thing. That’s why she won’t drink rum cause she wants her eggs but she said aliens are trying to steal them. She’s stupid!






I can’t wait til I start my journeys It’s gonna be so fun. I’m not gonna end up having rapist aliens in my house like dumb ass and falling in love. I’m gonna stick to my goals, whatever it takes. I’m gonna hit that stupid fish with this rock. Stupid fish swimming all up in my lake. You didn’t pay for this shit, you scaly bastards! 





I’m glad that I picked this place to live. It’s so pretty here. I should greet my neighbors and let them know about me.





“Hi new neighbors! I’m Celsia Montigo! Oh don’t act like you never seen a naked woman before!





“I can get use to this. HEY! I see you checking out my nice body. I know you want a piece of this hot coochie! Wait come back!”





“Oh shit I gotta pee like right now. I guess I can do it right here. No one would know. But this is about to be my lake anyway. I’m marking it! Fall back bitches!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 29, The Unknown



I had a strange dream last where my dad walked into room with a sad look on his while wearing his outdated pimp clothes. I’ve never seen my dad like this before and was curious of why he was so sad. I could see the hurt in his eyes. At first I thought maybe my crazy aunt Rosette moved next door to him. That would be anyone’s night mare. But he stood there for a while staring at me and not saying a word. I started to get a eerie feeling and the cold started to get cold suddenly. My dad stood there quiet still but he finally said something to me.






“Forgive her, son. It wasn’t her fault. I shouldn’t have pressure her. You have to forgive her. I don’t blame you if you never spoke to me again. Forgive her.” 

Is what my dad said to me. I didn’t know what to think of it. It was so random. Who could he talking about? Lois? Why? Why would I need to forgive her. Why wouldn’t I speak to him again? This dream wasn’t making any sense. I asked him what was he talking about but he said nothing and faded away. I woke up feeling a bit warm and was sweating. My head started to ache. I didn’t know what to think of this dream. Then I thought. It’s just a dream, it means nothing.






Lois was still not acting like herself. It was near the end of the day and I saw Lois down by the beach, staring into the water. I watched how the wind tossed her braids around and she would toss them back. I notice how nice her ass look from my angle. I wonder what she’s thinking about. I’ve never seen her like this.





I walked down to the beach. I felt maybe Lois would use some company. We usually watch the sunset together. I thought watching it on the beach together would be beautiful.






But I could see something is up. Lois drops in her into her hands as she were crying. But why? Why would Lois be crying?






I wonder if it’s something I had done. Maybe I’ve been too much for her or maybe I wasn’t showing her enough love. I can’t understand what’s making her upset. Maybe it’s cause of the 7 hell spawns I shot out of my ass. She said she was okay. I wonder what I do. I wonder how I was going to make it up to her, whatever I had done.






I should go comfort her. I can’t seeing Lois be so upset that she in tears. Whatever I had done to her, I’m sure I could possibly make it up. I want to see that smiling face of hers again.






“Lois what’s wrong? Are you upset about something? I’m sorry if I’m the problem.”

“Oh Borage! You haven’t done anything. I’m just…feeling a little off. I’m not sure what it is. You haven’t anything to me. You can’t put on yourself if I’m upset or anything.”

“Everyone else I’m the fault of their issues all the time. I guess maybe I am.”

“Those people are jerk, Borage. You can’t be the blame of every misfortune in their lives. It takes two to tango.”






“I thought I wasn’t showing you enough love. I’m sorry I’ve been a lot of time with Apollo and Nova. That psycho is about to take them away from me for 6 years. I want them to remember me and remember Fayon is the crazy one.”






“Borage, I think it’s great that you’re spending time with them before they go. I know you love me a lot. I’m not worried about that. I just have a lot on my mind and needed some time to think. Now PC is asking for a little brother or sister from me. She has plenty of little sibling plus the septulets now. I thought about having a baby. But I don’t know. How would Fayon react? I know she’s leaving but she’ll be back in a few years. I want a child with you but I want it done the right way.” 







I knew what she meant when she said the right way. Marriage. I thought about a lot about in the past days. I grabbed her and held her close. I gazed into her sparkling eyes. She started to blush as I tried to kiss her on her cheek.  I was ready to ask her.






Marry me, Lois. Be my wife.







“What? Are you serious? You’re asking me to be your wife?”

I caught Lois by surprise. I lifted her up in the air and sprung her around.

“Say you’ll be my wife, Lois.”






“Yes. I’ll be your wife. But Borage, how? You’re still married to Fayon.”

“I know but I thought of something. Fayon is a alien. I’m sure there’s a loophole that my marriage to a alien isn’t legal.”

“I never thought about that. It could be true. Fayon isn’t a registered citizen, maybe the marriage in invalid.”

“That’s what my mom thinks. I’ll look into it so we can finally be official and have another baby.”

“What if she tries to blow you up?”

“I’m not worried about that. If I die, at least I knew what love feels like and knowing you’re the one I gave my heart to. I’m sure Pedro could help us. He’s on our side. He doesn’t want her married to me. Even if Pedro keeps putting unwanted babies in me, he’s still my best friend. He will help us.”







I may of not have a ring for her but we are officially engaged even if I’m already technically married to Fayon. But can you even count it when the person is from out of space? I embraced Lois with a tender kiss as we sat in the warm sand. We watched the sun set finally. I can’t believe she’s going to be my real wife one day soon. But the baby talk has got me thinking.






“Why wait any longer, Lois? Let’s try and have a baby now. I’m ready.”







“Hey Lois, how are you?”

“Oh hey Liam. You kinda scared me. Please tell me that you didn’t see us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing Liam. Let’s just say I will be your daughter-in-law soon when Borage and I find out if his marriage to Fayon is valid. He asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

“Well I guess congrats are in order.”






“But Liam… I just don’t deserve him! Borage is a wonderful man  and I can’t.. I just can’t..”


“After we had done that one night.. If he knew. He would be hurt. I feel awful! Why? Why did we do what we did?!”

” Maybe it wasn’t a good idea but what’s done is done.”

“Don’t you even feel a little bad? I feel awful!”

“Yeah it wasn’t good idea. But what my son doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Just pretend that it didn’t happen.”






“So we should act like nothing had happen? If only it was that easy. I have so much guilt in my soul. I can’t pretend like nothing went on between us.”

“You had a moment of weakness and wasn’t sure about things. It’s okay, you’re only humans. People make mistakes. Try and pretend nothing happen that night.”

“You seem like you don’t care about this whole thing. Don’t you care about your son’s feelings?”

“I do care about Borage’s feelings but pretending this never happen will protect him.”

“I guess you’re about that.”






I notice my dad was talking to Lois. I wonder what they were talking about. Lois seemed to be a little bothered by my dad. Please don’t tell me that he’s trying to hit on her. I will punch him in the face if he tries anything with her.

“What’s up guys? Am I missing something?”

“No, Lois and I were just chatting about casual stuff.”

“Yeah that’s what were talking about.”

Lois seemed a little nervous about something. Maybe my dad gives her a odd vibe. I know my dad can be creepy sometimes. I don’t blame her.

“He isn’t trying to ask you to be another baby mama of his. I’ll punch you in the throat, old boner if you’ll try. Lois is mine, she isn’t going to be another baby mama of yours.”

“I know that, Borage. I’m just talking with her and getting to know her. Congrats on the engagement. Let me know the date of the wedding. I will attend.”

“Thanks old boner. Maybe you can walk her down the aisle. Lois’ dad passed away a long time.”

“Sure, I could do that.”






Tonight was a good night to hang out at the fire pit. I asked Lois if she wanted to join me and my dad but she said she couldn’t and she wasn’t feeling good. I told her I would cuddle with her in bed after giving her some soup so she would feel better. She told me she’ll be fine and to hang with me dad. Then she left so quickly. It was strange but women do act strange all the time. Or maybe my dad is just smelly and she don’t wanna be around him.






I lit up my fire pit and sat down with my dad. He roasted some marshmallows while I roasted a watermelon. I think this would be cool to do. Roast a watermelon. I bet it’s gonna be as tasty as Lois’ lips. She tastes like a watermelon sometimes. I think it’s the whole being black thing. She’s black and loves eating watermelon like my grandmama. She’s black too and I’m a quarter black so this is natural for me.





“This is pretty nice. Do I wanna ask about the watermelon.”

“I’m getting in touch with my black roots, old boner.”

“Um, okay. I knew I shouldn’t had said anything.”






Then my dad burned his dumb marshmallows. That was hella funny. You should of seen his face when his marshmallows lit up like a candle stick.





But then my dad must of jinx me cause my melon caught on fire. What asshole! I bet it was gonna be tasty. Now I’ll never now. His whiteness ruined my melon. I disliked him for 5 minutes.





“This taste like shit.”

“It wasn’t a good idea to even roast a watermelon.”

“Shut up old boner! Eat your burnt marshmallows!”






Since I seen my dad talking with Lois I was curious about what he thinks about her since she’s going to be his daughter-in-law one day.

“So whatcha think about her?”

“She seems nice and she’s pretty. Looks like you got lucky there.”

“Yeah, I just wonder how did I get so lucky.”

“I guess you’ll be divorcing the alien soon.”

“I don’t think our marriage is even valid. She’s a damn alien. Those don’t count, do they?”

“I can’t say for sure.”





“Well that fuckin’ alien tricked me into marrying her and threatens to blow me  and not in the good way either.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“It’s not funny, old boner. She’s a nut case. Maybe worse than Rosette.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure out something soon. I got a feeling the alien won’t like it.”

“I don’t care what Fayon thinks. I just want her gone for good.”






“Mind if I join in.”

“Did you have to bring one of those demon hell spawns with you, mama?”

“I like my new grandbaby, Bubba.”

“I like staying away from those abominations. I’ll be happy once those 7 monsters are out of my house.”






“Bubba, why are you so mean to these little precious babies? You gave birth to them. Little Fred reminds me of you when you were a little baby, Bubba.”

“How can a freak space baby remind you of me?”

“He cries a lot like when I dropped you on your head when you were a baby. I’m getting better at holding babies. I kinda miss having a little baby around.”

“You dropped me on my head, mama?”

“Yep and you turned out well still!”






“So that explains everything, Zin. You dropped Borage as a baby? Did you dropped Celsia on her head too? I wouldn’t put it pass Rosette for dropping the triplets too.”

“Mama is right, old boner! I did turn out well. But Celsia is just a stupid bitch by nature. And Rosette said she feed the cocktail bitches after which ever drink they were named after of.”

“Tell me you’re not serious?”






“Liam, the kids came out find under Rose and me care. Borage is as sexy as you Liam. But I hate you now.”

“See old boner, I came out good.”

“Zin? Wait you hate me? Why?”

“Fuck off, Liam.”






I’m not sure why my mom was suddenly mean to my dad. I’ve never seen her act like this before but I didn’t care really. My dad was stunned and was curious about what’s my mom’s deal but she kept telling him to go to hell. Dad gave up on asking and soon we all heard Rosette’s loud. I knew it wasn’t long before she shown up.






The rest of the night was good as I had a bonfire with my parents and stupid aunt. I mention how fun this was and hope to do this again with my parents. Mama smiled at me and said she’ll play nice with dad as long as it makes me happy. This night would be perfect if my love was down here spending time with her future in-laws. I wonder if she’s feeling better. I think I’ll call it a night and check on my Lois flower.






“When you gonna cut the crap and get freak nasty with me, boo love?! I’m only here for you Liam! Ditch these losers and let’s make sweet love. You can’t leave until we fuck! We always make love when we see each other. Put out or get out!”

“Oh Rose..”

“I want Borage’s stupid neighbors to know our names. They won’t until we start fucking!”






Tonight was the night Pedro and Fayon planned to leave for 6 years. I didn’t want them to take Apollo and Nova but Fayon didn’t want to leave them here. I hugged Nova as tight as I could. I held her in my arms, not wanting to let her go. I told her to not forget about me.

“Remember kid, Mama is psycho and I’m big daddy pimpin’. Daddy good, mama bad.”

“Dada pimpin’! Mama psycho!”

“Yes, that’s right! Remember me, Nova. Daddy is going to miss you.”

“No leave dada!”

“I’m sorry..Nova. I wish you could stay.”






I held Apollo just as tight and told him the same thing I told his twin. I really did like these alien kids even if I hated their mother. It’s not their fault that they have Fayon for a mom but I didn’t trust her with them. They might come back crazy like her and I won’t like them anymore. It was painful listening to twins cry for me as Pedro and Fayon loaded them in a space pod. I wanted to rid it open and take my kids out. I didn’t care much for the 7 demons. I’m glad they are gone but I’ll miss my twins dearly.






“Remember me. Daddy will miss you, Apollo.”







“I guess you guys are leaving. I’m going to miss you Pedro and hope you have a safe trip. But before you go, can you make it where Borage and I can finally get married. I’m certain his marriage with Fayon isn’t valid on Earth.”






“I would help. I no like marriage of sister and Borage. But cannot help as you not honest with Borage. Child is not of Borage. Please make right with Borage first before child.”





“Child not of Borage? Huh what does that mean? I’m not honest with Borage? What are you talking about, Pedro? Please, we need your help now.”






“You will know of child. Time. You know you not be honest with Borage. Make right with Borage and I will help. If you do not now, Borage won’t forgive. Good luck Lois. I see you in 6 years. It is of boy, Lois. You see.”





“Pedro is strange alien guy. I have no idea what he’s talking about. None of it makes sense. Pedro isn’t on our side, I guess. I wonder how he knew about Liam and I. He’s right, I am not honest with Borage but if he knew.. he won’t forgive me and it wouldn’t matter how soon I told him. He’ll hate Liam. I don’t want to ruin their father and son relationship let alone yours. I’ll take Liam’s advice and act like nothing happen. Borage must never know.”