Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.5, Face Off

I just love how wonderful Janiya can be. She’s willing to help out a stranger cause of the goodness in her heart. When I first told my dad that her and I were a item, he wasn’t thrill about it cause she’s a witch. That whole thing with Jade, turned him away from witches. Not all witches are like Jade, she was one of the bad ones. Besides my dad knows how kind Janiya can be. Then he told me, if she’s so great then why won’t I marry her. *sigh* I have my reasons but it’s nothing to do with her…

“Rio told me you needed some help with a memory elixir? You may use my table if you need it. Which elixir are you needing help with?”




“A memory elixir, one that only restore memory from a certain time. I never heard anything about it but Borage doesn’t want all of his lost memories restored. Is there such a thing as that? Rio said something about it being a witch elixir.”





“The Memoura elixir. It’s a witch specialty. I have the recipe for it in my book.”

“Great, that’s wonderful to hear. Will I need to go collect some items?”

“No, I keep my cabinets fully stocked, you’ll have everything you’ll need for the Memoura elixir. It’s on page 478.”

“Thank you Janiya, this means a lot. Really. But how do I restore from a certain time?”

“Give it your energy. Think of the time you want to restore and the elixir will receive it. Since you’re a fae, some of your fae dust will do the trick. Just think of the time you want to restore to.”

“And it will work?”

“Yes, it’s witch magic. Trust me it will work.”




Janiya let Diamond to her own devices. Diamond had all that she needed since my girl showed her the ropes. No one had no idea of what was about to happen next. This family always have something strange going on. To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised that this even happen. I mean my uncle shot and killed himself then came back as a vampire cause he was born one but turned human. Then Jade placing spells on my parents just so she can trick my dad into falling in love with her. Shit is crazy. I just hope we won’t have anymore surprises like this anymore.





“He is mine. Leave.”






“Hello? Who said that? Hello? …Hmm. That was odd. I think I might be losing it or something. I swear I heard someone talking. I’m almost done with the elixir. The sooner the better. He’ll remember me.”








“I think this is it. This is the one. I just hope it works. I did everything Janiya told me.. I hope he remembers our first night together.”




“Leave. You can never have his heart.”

“Who…wh-who are you?”

“His heart belongs to me. You’re just another female. A past mistake. You’ll never have his heart.”

“You must be Lois.”

“I am, you’ll never have his heart. I’m the one that he loves. He’ll never love you. He doesn’t even remember you.”

“But he will. I created a Memoura. He’ll remember me, he’ll remember our night. It was special. Something that you never had with him.”




“You’re foolish to believe if you had anything special with him!”

“Put me down!”

“Not until you understand one thing. You are nothing to him. You are just a forgetful one night stand! A slut spreading your legs around just for the sake to have babies! You don’t have anything special with him! I had him for years, and you had him for one lousy night!”

“From what little he told me about you… You’re nothing to him!”





“I’m not going to listen to your lies!”


“If you think you seen the last of me, you’re wrong!”





She fell onto the ground as Lois fades away. Burying her face into her warm palms, quietly crying to herself while in shock of the events that just occurred. Who knew the ghost of Lois would followed Borage miles away from Starlight Shores to Lucky Palms. From what I know, Lois was never a violent person. I figure you change a little after death or was she always like this but wasn’t threaten until now. It amazes how a ghost would still hold on to someone even though they are dead and gone. Why couldn’t she let go of my cousin after death? It’s not they could really be together. I heard some ghost could come back and live among the living however there are some who can not. My cousin mention only seeing the ghost of his former lover once, shortly after her death. But why now? This made Janiya do some searching since she has a thing about ghost. Why does Lois’ ghost only come out certain times. How come now? Soon this wouldn’t matter but Janiya still wants answers as the others don’t care. I soon got to see the magic of a genie. There’s more to them other than making babies, summoning food and instantly clean the house.





“Diamond? What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“Bor..Borage… Bor-“

“What happen?”

“I…I.. I was attacked..”




“Attacked? By who? When?”

“Her… It happen so fast. I didn’t see her coming.. She choked me then hit me…”

“Her? Who is her?”


“Lois? Lois is dead. How was that possible?”

“She came back as a ghost and attacked me. She said your heart belongs to her.”

“She had my heart once. Had.. I have no heart to give to anyone at the moment… I’m sorry she hurt you.. This is my fault. Maybe if I never brought you here.”

“It’s okay Borage, you’re here now.”




“I’m here now.. I should of been near you.”

“It’s okay.”

“No! It’s not okay. It’s not okay for my dead bitch ex to attack you. I’m here, I’m staying.. I will protect you.”

“Thank you..”

“I think you need some of my magic to heal you.”

“You have healing powers?”

“Yeah Di, that room is available. I can heal ya in there.”








“And who are they?”

“I think the pink hair guy is our cousin from Starlight Shores. He’s some DJ and a genie.”

“Okay.. You those 2 are doing the nasty in the room you stay in right?”

“OMG! That’s gross! I’ll never sleep in that room again!”

“I guess we’ll be going home then?”

“What do you think Maddie? No way I’m sleeping there tonight!”

“So we just wanna stand here and watch this?”

“I guess we can learn a few pointers when we are old enough for it.”

“Like now?”

“Right! I wanna be on Teen Mom… It’s my life goal.”

“At least you’ll be famous.”

“Yeah known as a easy girl who doesn’t know how to be responsible.”





“Feeling better?”





“Maybe.. Ever tried it in a fairy house?”





“So how does this work? You shrink me down or something? Does everything get shrunk? I mean… I don’t want my dick to get shrunk. How else would you feel the magic?”





“You are too silly. What matters won’t get shrunk, you’ll be fine.”

“Just wondering cause I need to keep my genie dick the way it is unless you wanna make it bigger than what it already is.”

“I like it the way it is, trust me.”

“So then you gonna put your mouth on it then?”


“Please? I bet your mouth is amazing.”

“Such a charmer are ya?”

“Ladies love this genie dick. Magically delicious, so you should ya know… try it in your mouth.”




I find myself curious about fairy houses too. Too bad Janiya is a witch though. I think getting freaky in a fairy house would be fun and kinky. Maybe she can use her witch magic to shrink us and we could one day. Borage went on about how awesome it was. Now I’m curious.





“I did finish the memory elixir before I was attacked. Are you ready to give it a ago?”





“If our first night was amazing like it was in the fairy house, then yeah. Let’s do this. I wanna remember you.”





“Will it hurt?”

“No, not at all. Just hold still.”

“Are you going to throw that at me.”

“Yes but it won’t hurt.”

“I don’t feel any different.”

“Just wait a second.”




“Do you remember me now?”










“How could I forget those nice tits. Anyway… did my lips answer your question?”





I gotta give my cousin some props, he left her speechless.





“I just want to hold you, Di.”

“You remember our first night?”

“Yes. But now.. I just want to hold you.”





They had no idea of who was behind them. Watching, lurking, stalking, waiting….





A woman who just can’t let go…

Past versus Future…. Let the games begin…




“Did you see something?”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“Maybe it’s nothing… Hopefully it’s not her again..”

“I’m here, she won’t hurt you. I won’t let her. I got you and I will always protect you.”

“You’re just too sweet to me..”

“Maybe cause you’re my favorite lady.”

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.4, Remember Me – Part 2

We last left off where my beloved cousin Borage was encountered by a female fae which he has no memory of meeting her. Of course he has his idea of memory refreshment that requires a bed. And what do you know? It actually worked for him, she agreed to go to bed with him. Diamond must really like him or something cause that line would never work on my girl Janiya. She would of gone upside my head, and it doesn’t matter if we been together like..forever. Anyway, Borage approached me with a smug look on his face. I knew what he wanted and I handed over my house key without saying a word. I knew he wanted some private time with her back at the house. Me being the good younger cousin, I decided to give him his time with after all of the shit he’s been through. This means that me and others need to find something to do for  the next hours. I know Borage and Diamond have a lot of catching up to do.




“I’m only in town for a short time. I’m just visiting some of my kids. So I’m ready whenever you’re ready. It’s been a while since I last seen you.”




“Damn girl. I guess you really want some of this magic. I’ll see if Rio will let me have his house key and we can borrow his place for a while.”





“I don’t understand why you don’t remember me but I’m just glad to see once again. I didn’t think I would ever..again. But here you are, of all the places.”

“It’s weird though. I remember all the ladies I’ve been with but you. It doesn’t ring a bell but I think I seen you in a dream. How do I know you’re not some crazy lady.”

“Here, I have a photo of our twins. See. They look just like you.”

“Hmm. They do look like me. I don’t get it…”

“They are both genies like you. Maybe we’ll figure something out.”

“Yeah… lemme get that house key.”



After handing over my key and hoping that he doesn’t lose it on his way back to my house, his fairy embraces him once more. Janiya thought it was sweet as she watches on. She figure Diamond was his girlfriend and he’s finally moved on. I told Janiya I highly doubt she’s a girlfriend but I don’t think she’s a random hook up. I think she may known him. I later learned that was true. I am curious of how many women my cousin has been with that he has no memory of.  I believe things can get a little awkward when you’re getting tons of emails or texts from ladies you don’t remember.

I only been with one other woman other than Janiya. We did break up for a short time and I met a girl named Daniela Dias. Beautiful Colombian lady with dark hair and eyes. However I wish I didn’t remember her either. Things get awkward when I come across her whenever I’m out with Janiya. They usually exchange hateful glares and Daniela usually makes a backhanded compliment to Janiya that escalates into a cat fight. It gets embarrassing at times and I just wish Daniela would just move on. I made a promise if anything ever happen between Janiya and I again, I will never go back to Daniela since she loves to cause chaos in my life when she’s around.




“Rio doesn’t have any extra double beds that I know of. I hope the twin size bed or the floor would be okay?”

“I’m sure we can manage.”

“Are you flexible?”

“You’ll find out if I am or not.”








“Borage.. I’m not sure if I should say this..”

“That I’m the best genie dick you ever had?”

“Yes but that’s not what I wanted to say.”


“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”





“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”

“Did I just call you her name?”

“Yes.. I guess another female is on your mind…”





“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”

“I’m sure we will figure out the reason.”

“I’m sorry that I called you-  Her name. It’s just- It was a natural reflex. I swear I’m not thinking about her.”

“I guess I could understand. Wanna come back into bed with me?”

“I feel like a asshole.”

“It’s okay.. Really. It’s okay.”




“It’s not okay, Di. I shouldn’t be calling you my dead ex’s name. I don’t want you to think I’ll be thinking about her when I’m with you. Trust me, I’m over that dead bitch.”

“You speak ill of her. Mind if I ask why?”

“I’ll tell you this.. She broke my heart.”

“Maybe I can heal it.”

“Possibly but let me make it up to you for calling you the wrong name.”












We were growing restless and figure Borage had enough time with Diamond so we headed back to the house. Niro raced into sauna room like there was a fire in it. Janiya followed him to see what was the rush to be in the sauna room for. Niro’s craziness was revving up again. I wonder will he have a hard time dealing college when we go. I hope he grows out of his odd behaviors before we leave.


“Okay Patches, here’s the deal. I will be leaving for school soon so I need you to stay here so people won’t think I’m crazy.”

“But Patches wants to go.”

“I am sorry but I need you to stay here. How am I gonna get laid if you’re hanging around me.”

“Patches will stay in the background. Patches doesn’t want to be alone.”

“I’m sorry Patch but others will think I’m crazy cause they can’t see you. I’m not crazy though. “

“Patches knows Niro is not crazy. Niro is Patches’ friend.”




“But you can’t go damn it.”

“Are you talking to your invisible friend again?”

“Patches is real! You just can’t see em.”

“You don’t need to come to college with us. You need to go to the nut house.”




Borage and Diamond were finished by the time we returned. They were raiding my frig as we entered. I guess they were wanting to refuel for later on. My guess is Diamond is staying the night over, which I don’t mind at all. I have plenty of space just in case. We chatted for a bit. It’s when I learned about Borage’s memory issue.


“So who’s your friend?”

“Diamond Flare. I guess she’s one of my baby mamas but I don’t remember her.”

“You don’t remember her?”


“That’s pretty shitty of you.”

“I know.”

“It’s okay, guys. I think there’s a reason behind this.”

“That my cuz is just a asshole?”





“Do you think it’s possible that his memory was erased?”

“That is possible, Diamond.”

“I think it was cause look at her Rio, how could I not remember that?”

“You have a point there. What’s the last thing you remember?”




“I was passed out in front of my house. My head was pounding and according to Fayon, I was gone for 2 weeks. I didn’t know where I was for that long. It happen again a few years ago. After my house fire. I was gone for 2 months but I don’t remember where I was for that long. I remember each time where I found myself lost and confused, one of my alien kids were near by. I got a text from a girl named Cindra saying she had a great time with me. I don’t know who she is.”




“You said there’s always a alien kid around when you’re confused?”


“I think that’s it. It’s your alien kids taking your memory away. I heard about this from a friend. Sometimes aliens can wipe away a memory.”

“I knew those bastards were evil.”



“I didn’t think aliens could erase memories. I had 2 alien children before and I don’t believe they ever taken any of my memories. I wonder if I could just restore his memory with my alchemy.”




“I think it depends on the breed of the alien. It’s more of Ziharian thing. My friend has been studying aliens since he married one before leaving town. I’m not sure which breed he married but I know for sure memory wipes is something that Ziharians do.”




“Those bastards are Ziharians..”





“Now that we figure out the issue. I can work on a elixir  to restore his memory. Do you have a alchemy table around by any chance?”





“Wait.. before anyone goes off to restore my memory, what if there were some bad things that were erased? Like how I got pregnant twice. I’m pretty sure Pedro used alien magic but let’s say he didn’t. I rather not know how I got pregnant. I know you now, Di. Can that be enough? I can get to know you.”





“I guess you have a point there. But I got you covered. Janiya is a witch and I know there’s a special witch elixir that can only restore memory that happen at a certain time. Diamond, you can talk to Janiya about it. I’m pretty sure she could help you with memory restoration. She also have a alchemy table so there’s no need for you to go to the shop. Maybe it’s best if you let Diamond just restore the time when she was with you, Borage. Maybe there’s something special about that night that you need to remember.” 

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.3, Remember Me – Part 1

I never notice the strangeness of my beloved city that I was born and raised in. It wasn’t until my cousins had stopped by that I notice how strange the people in my city can be. Maybe because of all of the drama that I was surrounding in while growing up is why I never notice it. Sometimes I would think about relocating to a different city but I had this awesome house built. It would be such a shame just to pack up and go. I haven’t began enjoy living in this house. Anyway, back to what I was saying. The strangeness of Lucky Palms.





For instance, Tequila would randomly make out with a strange man only after knowing him for 2 seconds and they are romantically involved with each other now.  Tequila stakes the park out, looking for new victims to make out with so the new guy would end up rage in jealously over a woman he just met. Then again, Tequila is just a troll and enjoys doing inappropriate things like this. If this guy had any sense at all, he would run like hell away from her. But of course he’s a mindless idiot who has the hots for my insane cousin only cause she planted her diseased lips on him one time.





Then some random lady decided to throw water balloons at Martini for the sake of being in this story as she made several attempts to make herself noticeable. Although I find it funny that anyone is willing to toss water balloons at Martini for no reason at all. Watching Tini shriek from the coldness of the water is quite hilarious. As I do not know who this lady is but find her quite attractive, I didn’t mind when Borage randomly invited her over but ignored her while she hung out. She did enjoy her time over however, after flirting with my father who stood creepy like near my front gate as he didn’t know who lived here. I am curious if this lady is open for threesomes? Not sure if Janiya is willing but Tequila’s drink could open the idea of it.




And let’s not forget about the premade townie who would stand on the sidewalk choking herself for no reason at all. I wasn’t aware that this city had anyone that was into erotic asphyxiation. I didn’t think anyone was capable of having any kinky fetishes but I do feel you should do your kinky play in the privacy of your house and not randomly on a public sidewalk. Perhaps if she were to have a makeover, I would consider inviting this lady over for some adult action with Janiya. I really need Tequila to make some of her special drinks if anything exiting were to happen with Janiya and I. 




But the strangeness just get more interesting as this nice looking fairy makes her way over to the wishing well. Tossing a coin in hopes over reuniting with a man whom she only spend time with once and he had forgotten of who she is. She once stayed in this town some time ago. Diamond Flare is her name. Rumors about her banging  different men in order to reach her insane goal of 100 children. I cannot understand why one person is willing have that many children all together. I am curious about her reason. Why? I’m pretty sure this attractive Fae lady could have any guy that she wanted. The short time I got to spoke with her, I could tell she’s a sweet, caring and down to earth type of person. I don’t believe she’s not lovable. I didn’t feel it was right of me to boldly ask about her personal business. I only have my thoughts to wonder on. Maybe she has a giving birth fetish that fires up her clitrous, giving her a intense orgasm? That would be so hot and gross at the same time. Baby juice isn’t attractive.

Diamond’s fondness of my cousin Borage is strange in my opinion. He has no memory of ever meeting her but she finds him desirable. Of all the men she could possibly have, her eyes are on Borage?  He can’t even tell his right from his left. But I do notice a slight change in Borage whenever he’s around her. A change for the good I must add. He seems more sincere and caring with her, randomly. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but she’s good for him. That I can say about this. 

She wishes on a coin that worth 2 cents just to see the guy whom she adores just one more time. What were the odds that he would magically appear? Destiny. I would of believe it’s destiny if I was a believer in true love that results in a long meaningful marriage between two soul mates. I do love Janiya. I do care about her. But marriage is another thing for me. I fear it. You spend tons of money on a fancy wedding just for it the end sooner than your reception party. I don’t believe you have to be married just to prove that you love this person. I enjoy my relationship with Janiya the way it is. I don’t feel that we need to “tie the knot” to prove anything. I love her and she loves me. That should be enough, right? 

I had said my piece as it is my story after all. However a certain person transfer the focus on my cousin Borage since there is a strong desire of having him appear in every Montigo story this week. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be in my own story for the next few chapters. It’s still my story even if my glory hog cousin is getting slightly more attention in this than he should.



“This is silly. Why would I believe a silly wish on a mere coin would ever come true? If only I were to see him once again. I would of loved if he could of met our daughters. I’m  being silly. What are the odds of me running into him here? Lucky Palms is so far from Starlight Shores.”







“Borage? This that really you? Am I seeing this?”






“I missed you..”






“Um… who are you? You’re crushing my magic junk, strange lady.”

“It’s me, silly!”

“You’re not Cindra by any chance?”





“No.. I’m Diamond, Diamond Flare. You don’t remember me? We once met in Sunset City some time ago. I sent you emails about our twin daughters but you acted like you didn’t know me. I guess I am pretty forgetful.. I’ve wanting to see you again, Borage.”





“Sunset City? I never been there. We met and you had babies by me? How? I mean.. I would remember a pretty face like yours. Are you sure I’m the right Borage?”





“Wait.. you’re not some hooker looking for back pay? Cause I don’t pay for play. Ladies should be paying me for this magic of mine.”





“No, Borage. I am not a hooker or anything like that. You are the right Borage who I met. A genie DJ from Starlight Shores? Borage Montigo-Gelman is your name, no?”





“Well yeah, I did DJ at a club while I lived in Starlight Shores but my name is simply Borage L. Montigo now. I’m not sure why I don’t remember ever meeting you along fucking you as well. I mean.. I would know if I’ve been with a hot fairy or not. In my memory, I never been with a fairy.”





“I’m quite confused.. How can you have no memory of me? The night we shared was special. We had amazing chemistry and you promise to call but you never did. I thought maybe we had something but I guess I was wrong..”




“I am sorry Diamond. I just been having a rough time these past years. My lady was killed the night before our wedding, my namesake child turned out to be my brother and my daughter almost died in a house fire. I lost everything I had and starting over in Brooklyn Heights. I just got a lot going in my life, maybe that’s why I don’t remember you right now.”





“You had forgotten about me shortly after our daughters, Opal and Topaz were born. I am sorry to hear about the drama that happen in your life. If I could make it better I would. I care about you, Borage.”





“Maybe you try to refresh my memory back at my cousin Rio’s place? That would make me feel better. I’m sure you could find a way to get me to remember something about you.”




“Perhaps that’s a good idea. I’m pretty sure I can find a way to refresh your memory of me.”




Diamond Flare from Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge will appear in a few more chapters of this story. The next few chapters will connect back to the 42th chapter of Love For The Ladies.

The “random” lady with the water balloons is Vinna Rocha from Vinna Rocha – 10 Men, 100 Babies. She tried her hardest to appear in this story and I allowed lol. Vinna didn’t want to be a background sim haha

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.2, Tagging Along

I greeted my cousins but was curious of why they were here. It’s been some years since I last seen them at one of our family reunion. I wonder how long have they been in town since I know neither of them lived here. We don’t have any other Montigos living here besides us and my dad. My cousin Nina moved to Bridgeport and is DJing at vampire night clubs, my uncle Malix moved there as well. My aunt Lei is living in Twinbrook, I’m not sure what she’s been up too. I know she went there to attend a art school but that the last thing I know about her. And my cousin Nyx, I have no idea what’s she’s been up to. I have no idea where’s she’s located since she travels a lot. We lost touch after she was sent away, I hope all is well with her. She had a lot of issues when we were teens.




“Hey guys long time, no see. What bring you guys around these neck of the woods?”

“Borage burned my house down. I need a place to stay.”

“Huh? So you all came all the way here?”

“I live here now, I invited Borage and Martini to check out my new place since I moved across town , then dummy over here burned my house down!”

“Hey, I was testing my magic. It’s a genie thing.”

“Go try your stupid genie magic at your own house and burn it down!”

“I notice how your ink job is bad, Tequila.”

“Shut up! Yours looks stupid!”




“Anyway Rio, my favoritest cousin of all, can I please stay here? Your house is so big, you wouldn’t know I was here.”

“He’ll know you were here when he watched 12 men leave your room, hozilla.”

“Shut up your cocksucker! Pretty please Rio?”

“I guess you could stay here until you find a new place to stay.”

“Don’t do it man, she’ll leave her herpes all over the place.”

“Shut it asshole! You can’t talk Mr. I-wanna-fuck-1000-ladies, you probably got tons of nasty cooties!”

“I’m clean, something you’re not.”

“I had it with you! Go get a hair cut, you look stupid!”

“I was gonna but Martini got the wrong tickets, I had no time!”





“I see you two are such loving siblings…cousins.. Whatever you guys are. Tequila, you are more than welcome to stay here if you like. I’m sure Niro and Janiya won’t mind. We have plenty of space for you to stay. I guess Borage and Martini would a place to stay until they leave, we have room for them too.”

“You are awesome, Rio. Were gonna have so much fun.”

“I think it would be cool to reconnect with you, Borage and Martini for the time being.”

“I’ll be in town for a few weeks, I needed to get away from some shit back home. So Rio, how are things at Montigo Palms? Especially, how fine are the ladies there?”

“Damn it Borage, can you ever keep your dick in your pants? You won’t learn!”

“Shut up hag, I’m on a mission to…. forget. I do what I want.”

“Just don’t make another baby while you’re here.”





“Borage, the club is doing fine. We all can go there tonight if you all want to?”

“You know we do, just warn the girls about Borage’s cooties.”

“I do not have cooties, hag face! I will warn the guys about your many diseases.”

“That’s it!”

“Guys, let’s calm down. I can’t have you both fighting.”

“That’s what we do, Rio. It’s no harm really. I’ve always been this way with my idiot sisters.”

“Who you calling a idiot?! You look like a homeless bum on crack!”

“Guys, really..”

“It’s fine Rio, we just play like this all the time.”





“Anyway Rio, are there a lot of hot guys at the club? I haven’t been there even tho I’ve been living here for 2 years.”

“Two years? How come you never made contact with us then?”

“Busy plus for the first year, I was traveling a lot. My sisters got this reality show now and I wanted to be in it for a little bit. It was fun until I learned what my 2 of sister did so I left.”

“What did they do?”

“They fucked my dad.”


“And Borage wants to kill him for that and other reasons.”

“I could careless what he did with your sisters, what he did with my sister and- I came here to forget…”

“I guess you both now have daddy issues now?”

“Not as bad as Cece. She really hates him now!”

“You all have interesting lives…”





After drying off from swimming and getting changed, I asked Tequila and Borage to join me in family room. I figure we had a lot of catching up to do. I would asked Martini to join us but she seem more interested in staring out in space. I wonder if she’s okay but Tequila said she always does that and it probably cause  their mom use to mix rum with their formula when they were babies. I swear Rosette don’t need to have anymore kids.

“Whatcha been up to all this time, Rio?”

“Just living basically but I plan to do something with my life. How about you, Tequila.”

“Drinking, dancing, partying, what else?”

“Aren’t you ready to settle down? Aren’t you in your forties now?”

“And? I don’t need to act my age when I don’t look like it. I love to party!”

“I kinda wonder about your side of the family, none of you age.”

“Maybe cause my mom is a clone from a immortal genie?”





“Hmm that’s pretty interesting. Ya know Niro is a genie too is he immortal too?”

“No, but he’ll age slow and live long like Rosette and her kids. But he’ll live long than them. He and I aren’t the same type of genie.”

“There’s different types of genies?”

“Yep, I’m a Navox genie and he’s a Angnav genie. Navox mean “lover” and Angnav means “healer” in some old genie language.  Navox genies were most desired since they were excellent lovers. They were granted immortality while Angnav weren’t, they just live really long.”

“How do you know about all this genie shit suddenly, dummy.”

“Grandmama talks to me.. Well ever since I had Aries, he’s a special rare type of genie. Grandmama schooled me after he came home plus my granddaughter is a special type too. We talk cause I’m the favorite too.”

“Whatever asshole! Why do my mom and my siblings all age slow if were not genies like you?”






“Can you be a little less vague, idiot?”

“If you must know hozilla, grandmama froze your mama’s age for some years so her life would be extended. My mama wasn’t good at cloning and Rose was aging too fast. Grandmama froze her age, she’s actually 6 years older than my mama. Grandmama did some genie magic after unfreezing her age and extended her age since my mama and her were so close like twins.”

“Wait, you genies can extend someone’s life? Could Niro do it since he’s a different type?”

“We can, my grandpa’s life was extended. Niro can extend but my kind can give a longer setting than him.”

“That explains why he’s still alive, he always looked younger than my grandpa when he was older than yours. This is some interesting stuff.”





“So Rio I notice that Asian looking side of the house. What’s up with that?”

“It’s going to be my restaurant one day. After I go to school majoring in Business. Niro is going with me too since he wants to be my partner in it.”

“I wanna be apart of it too! I love to cook since I’m not a genie who can magically food appear.”

“If you’re serious about it, you’ll need to go to school with us.”

“Me? Go to school? Sounds boring.”

“Well if you want to be a partner too, you have to.”




“Me, a college student. I guess. I’ll be the first of mama’s kids to be in college. Oh wait… no. I forgot about Fajita.. She went to school. That bitch nerd! I wanted to be the first! You asshole better not tell the hot guys there my real age!”




“We can get you enrolled in the morning, Tequila. How about you, Borage? Ever thought about going to school?”

“Like I could.. I got kids. Lots of them.. I would like to go to meet all the sexy college ladies.”

“What’s you with you genies? Niro said the same thing. I thought he was some healer genie.”

“Doesn’t matter what type we are, all genies love hot, freaky sex. We’re like sex gods or something. Especially us Navoxes.”

“I wonder if my dad was secretly a genie. He was sex addict and got help for it.”

“Wanting put your magic in lots of ladies isn’t a “problem”. That what makes us different from you humans, sex is a wonderful thing.”

“True. So is self love.”

“Oh.. Why bother with that when you got a sexy lady who could touch you? If I had her in my house, it’s orgasms all night long.”

“Don’t even think about my girl that. I just love rubbing one off… often.”

“Okay, super mast bator. You have a problem.”

“There’s nothing wrong of what I do! It’s natural!”

“What’s natural is actually fucking your lady, not giving your self handies every 5 seconds.”

“We have sex, she’s not starved.”

“When? In those 3 seconds you’re not touching yourself?”

“Shut up! Don’t judge me! She gets enough. I’m done with this topic.”




I took my cousins and lady to Montigo Palms for a night out of fun. it was nice getting out and seeing this place again. It’s been a while since I last came here. My dad doesn’t bartender here as much since he travels a lot between here and St. Claire. I have a feeling that we’ll have a great night here.




“I knew I should of gotten a hair cut and shaved my face before I came here. No lady is gonna want me if I’m not cleaned up. I really let myself go..”

“They wouldn’t want you anyway. You’re butt ugly!”

“Shut up hagzilla! No one asked you. I think I could still get ladies looking this way. I’ll show you, Tini.”





We hit the dance floor and danced the night away. Janiya was actually dancing for once. I could never get her onto the dance floor but that’s when I learned that Tequila been doing shots with her. Janiya tried to keep up with her but Tequila is quite a drinker and can handle a lot without issue. I guess having Tequila around would be fun since she loosen Janiya up a bit.




“Since were going to school and shit, we should throw a big party here!”

“It’s hard believe that you’ll be in school. You’re destined to fail.”

“Shut up dummy! You’re just a hater! Stop making dem bay bays like daddy then you could go too!”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

“What’s this I’m hearing about a party?”

“We should throw one, Rio!”




“If you do have a party then you need a sexy and awesome DJ, me.”




“We would need a DJ, Borage. I really don’t wanna pay to bring one in, plus I think Nina is on tour. I think you’re be perfect, Borage.”

“Party? What are you guys talking about?’

“Tequila suggest we should throw a party here before heading to school, Janiya.”

“I guess that could be fun.”

“I love parties! Don’t drink anything Tequila gives you though!”

“Why, Tini? She and I did shots.”

“She puts roofies in the drinks.”


“I dunno, she roofied herself too.”




“What’s this I’m hearing about a party? Will there be sexy ladies there?”





“Hell yeah, Niro! Only the hottest bitches will be at this party of ours. No butt ugly hags allowed!”

“I kinda like your cousins, Rio.”

“Janiya, you’re drunk. You’ll hate em when you sober up.”

“I totally roofied her drink! You’ll get lucky tonight, cuzzo!”

“You did what to my drink?”

“I don’t need roofies to have sex with my lady..”

“Then maybe I should of roofied yours instead then she’ll get lucky since you love to over beat your meat!”

“There’s nothing wrong with self loving!”

“Your cousin is funny.”




“If you have fairies in this town, invite them. I would love to put my magic stick in their magic box. I never fucked one before besides.. I need to forget and fulfill my fairy fantasy….”





“What’s with you and damn fairies? They ain’t that great. GB and GL are fairies and they suck! Someone remember to put a damn fairy on the list for the fairy lova over there. Fairies ain’t nothing but trouble. Who am I kidding? You love trouble!”




We decided on having a party before we headed off to school. I like this idea but not the fact that Tequila drugged my girlfriend for some random reason. I’m gonna have to watch her. I guess I should watch for fairies for Borage. The only fairy I know of is my little sister Azalea but she’s way too young for him. I guess I will talk to about dad about having a part here in a few weeks.





“Rio boo, I don’t feel good.”

“It’s cause Tequila drugged your drink.”


“She’s a idiot. She drugged her own too.”

“She’s dumb.”

“I know but she can’t help it.”




“What you guys doing? Blowing bubbles? That should be easy. I’m great at blowing!”

“Uh.. yeah Tini.. I’m sure you are.”

“Look Rio, bubbles! Bubbles are funny.”

“What’s wrong with your girl?”

“Your sister drugged her.”

“Ha ha ha! Never trust her with a drink.”

“Now you tell us.”




“I forget! That’s cool that you’re all going to school. I wish I could go but my mama said that’s for smart people. I’m not smart and I rather drink and party. Learning is hard, we didn’t finish high school.  They kicked us out. Tequila did get a GED. I would get one but studying is hard. Drinking is easy so I stick to what I know! If I did go, just think about all the hot dick I would be getting.”





“It amazes of how any of you made it this far in life..”





“I think I’m turning into a kangaroo.”





“Look at all this money that I’m winning! I’m gonna stock up on condoms for the college guys!”

“I need to stock up too. My machine must be broken cause I’m not winning.”

“It’s cause you suck!”

“And you swallow.”

“Guys love a girl who swallows.”

“True dat.”




“Okay magic well, I need your help. I need a sexy fairy in my life. I can’t grant myself a wish so you need to do it. What’s the point of being a genie if I can’t grant my own wishes.”




“Please give me my wish magic well. The fairy gotta be sexy, and a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.”





“What’s this shit? Am I getting more sexy for fairies?”





After dancing and playing with bubbles, we decided to play some pool. I was shock of how well Borage plays pool. I guess working in a nightclub pays off when it comes to pool. So far it’s been a good night. Janiya is still able to walk and keep up. Maybe Tequila didn’t drug her but honestly I don’t know. Janiya is acting different than usually but I kinda like this side of her.




“Here’s the deal Rio, if I win then I get a night with your girl since you’re very content with your hands.”





“Here’s the deal Borage, if you touch her then I will cuts your nuts off.”





“I’m just messing with you cuz. You know I wouldn’t do something like that. I may kinda look like my dad but I’m nothing like the bastard.”

I wonder about my cousins. They speak very ill about their father, I know he wasn’t in there lives when they were kids. I always thought my dad wasn’t the best dad because he was always so wrapped in drama and not paying much attention to me. He was in some love triangle with my mom and Jade. The only one who cared me was my aunt Lei before she moved away then I just had Janiya. My dad did get better over time. After his 3 marriage failed under 6 months, he focus on me more. When I compare my dad against theirs, my dad was a great dad. He wouldn’t do most of the shit theirs did. No one why my cousins are so screwed up.





“I think my stick is bigger than yours.”

“No it’s not. It’s the same size.”

“Nope, my is bigger.. It’s cause your-“

“Don’t you dare say it..”

“You’re Asian.”

“I will stick this up yours if you don’t shut up.”

“Oh someone is kinky. Too bad only your hand only see that kinky action.” 

“It’s a natural thing!”




After getting home from the club, Janiya started to head for bed but my cousins showed no signs of settling down for the night. They happen to get a keg and started to do keg stands. I don’t think I can keep up with these guys.





“You stupid ho!”

“My bad. You’re kinda fat.”

“I ain’t fat! You fat!”

“I’m not fat! You’re fat!”

“Am not!”

“Am too!”

“Your mom is fat!”

“We got the same mom!”

“Your dad is fat!”

“Daddy is kinda fat. Wait.. we got the same daddy too!”




It was long before before one of my idiot started a fire in my kitchen. I wonder if it was Borage since he burned down Tequila’s house. I know that most genies are pyromaniacs. Thank goodness Janiya was there to put out the fire with her witch magic. The idiots just stood there and screamed at the fire like screaming would put it out. It may of not been him since I had him passed out naked in the hot tub.





“Drinking is fun! Anyone wanna do another keg stand?”

“I see flying monkeys. Let’s go fry some cheese sticks. I be hungry.”

“Which one of you sluts smoked all of my pot?”

“Tini did.”

“I love pot and french fires.”

“I’m gonna kill you, Tini. I needed you!”

“I need you in my arms bro cuz.”

“Tini, you dumb! Let’s go fry some food. I be hungry too!”

“I hate you hags.”




It was near sunrise and my cousins were still up partying after Janiya put the fire out. I didn’t want to show my cousins that I’ve gotten soft and gave the keg a try. I tried to do a keg stand with Borage but I was still sleepy and dropped him.




“You okay, cuz?”

“Yeah asshole but your face won’t be.”