State of Tigo *4/8/14*

As I was getting scenes for a new chapter for Tango Inferno I had run into some major issues. I was barely half way of getting scenes for part one until the save wanted to be an asshole. Ever other save resulted in a Error 12. Mainly if I went into CAS more than once then it wanna Error 12 >_<

Then I notice how the swimming pool bar that came from IP doesn’t seem to work correctly in Montigo Palms. I wasn’t sure if it was a routing issue cause the bartender just stood there like a idiot. I’m not sure if the patch broke it or it was another sign that the save is fucked. I tried setting up a new bar area for the pool area an of course…Error 12. It was taking so much time just to do this little cause I had to keep starting over -_-

So I decided to reset the town and annihilated some useless LP townies in hopes it would act right. It did for some time before it decided to randomly crash. It mainly tend to crash whenever I tried to get Rio and hi ex set up. Then finding another issue, my pose player add on didn’t seem to be working. And I need for that to work in order to pose sims with ease. I couldn’t stand the old school way of scrolling over to find the pose player marker. So I’m wondering, did it suddenly break?

I reverted back to a back up and only placed the sims whom I updated. Once again, it crashes when trying to set up Rio and his ex. Pose player add on still doesn’t work. I gave it one more go and some odd shit happen, such as him going randomly bald. I scroll over to find his ex, crash! >_<

Fed up, loaded up the base save I made and moved in all my townies again. Same issues still. WTF?! Trying to load up the file, it hangs for 40+ mins each time I attempt to load it. I tried uploading a back up, it hangs for 40+ mins. Needless to say, none of the back ups would load.

So now what? I didn’t feel like creating a new save for the 5th time and I am furious at Lucky Palms for this shit. I wasn’t sure what would be the next move. I don’t have enough scenes for a full chapter. I could of instead write up a summary and start Gen 3 in a new town. My only issue was “why/how” they would suddenly be in a new town. I rather it stay in LP but I thought about downloading a world that is like LP but there’s not that many CC desert like worlds. I really wanted to show the send off party cause it would be fun plus some of the events there has affect in Love For The Ladies.

Last night I loaded up my game pretty late and wasn’t sure which file to load. I decided to give LP a final go, the makeover would be fairly quick since binning most of my lots for that world. A save was made and finished but I didn’t move in my townies just yet. I got a feeling, one of them is causing these odd issues. The pose player add on is not broken, I was able to use it for the 2 new chapters this week. So one of those sims is fucking things up. It has to be a sim attached to the active household. I added extra sims to Rio’s house in order to control them with ease as I set things up. I think its either Rio or his ex Daniela who are my problem sims. The game tend to crash whenever I attempted to set them up. So I plan to open a new save and set them in and see what happens. I’m more likely have to generate a new copy of both just to be on the safe side.

I’m not sure when I will return to working on Tango Inferno but I had moved on to Love For Ladies. I plan to push out 2-4 more chapters before moving on to Ciderwood.

My blog is getting close to a milestone of 50,000 views! I do have some gifts lined up ūüėÄ

That’s it for now, I’ll leave you with this photo shoot I did for fun ūüėÄ


Tango Inferno: 2.10 – Pre Party

Dinner went surprisingly well given my visiting cousins are bit screwy. I guess when they are hungry they have a little more sense. They spent more time eating than talking. I enjoy listening to Kensi playing on the piano but tried not to watch to too hard fearing Janiya might get jealous. However Janiya didn’t seem to notice at all and kept her eyes on Borage as he ate. Now I was starting to get jealous.

She smiled an him and I wasn’t sure if she was trying to flirt with him quietly but he didn’t take notice. He’s like Niro, genies love food and can’t be bothered no matter how pretty you be. You can’t pull a hungry genie away from their plate. I get that he’s irresistible and all but c’mon, Janiya, that’s my cousin.



There was a another surprise at the lounge, Tequila and Martini’s brother Ghetto Life was there. Who knew he was there. It’s crazy how some of our family is dropping in here tonight. Turns out that GL moved into town not too long ago just as my aunt Lei did. It’s wonderful hearing that some of the Montigos are returning to LP. Tequila wanted to catch with her younger brother which I thought it was nice. I guess their side of the family is close after all.



“What am I looking at?”

“Just wait for it.”

“What am I waiting for? Every time you say that, it’s always something disgusting and very unladylike.”



“Just trust on me this bro.”

“See, when you say I know I cannot trust you.”

“I think I know what that is.”

“Shh, random chick! Stay out of this!”

“I don’t wish to watch anymore of this dear sister.”

“Don’t be a pussy, just keep watching.”



“What on heavens was that! That was disgusted! I knew I cannot trust you! You are very unladylike!”



“It’s just afterbirth bro, it’s a natural thing. Amaretto had another baby. It’s girl named Chardonnay.”¬†



“Chardonnay like the wine?”


“It’s a classy wine, but not a proper name for a child. It’s bad enough she named the first one Champagne. Why can’t no one is this family give their children proper names? Aunt Zinnia named hers well why must we continue on our mother’s terrible child naming?”

“If you hate your name so much why don’t you change it?”

“Because that would be rude to change the name that mother and my father have given me.”

“Then stop bitching.”



“Here’s a picture of a white woman with flowers.”

“Okay, I guess that is nice.”

“Would you bone her?”

“Well no.”

“You’re gay.”

“That doesn’t make me a homosexual because I do not wish to have sexual relations with a lady base on a photo.”

“I would bone her if I had a dick.”

“That is shameful.”



“Anyway homo, here’s a pic of the new baby.”

“Oh she is adorable. She’s a doll. I can’t wait until I have one of my own.”

“Two men can’t make babies.”

“Shut up Tequila. I have a girlfriend.”

“With a dick?”

“She is a female.”



“Right, post opt or pre opt? You don’t have to deny that your undying love for a long haired muscular male named Johnny! Is he sexy? How big is dick? Are you a top or a bottom? I bet you’re a power bottom. You look like you like taking it in the ass by Johnny and his huge cock.”



“For that last time dear sister, my girlfriend is a female and her name is Emmy! I am not a homosexual and never was! Just because I am the way I am does not mean I am a homosexual! If you stop acting like a cunt for 5 seconds maybe I’ll invite you over so you could meet her!”



“You called me a cunt! You must love me! I thought you hated me this whole time!”

“What? I never hated you dear sister. You mad me so mad tonight, you made me call you a cunt.”

“I liked it, you call me that more often.. I hated being called “dear sister.”

“This family has some issues.”



“Hey GL, what are you doing here?”

“I heard this was a family owned club so I thought I would give this place a visit.”

“No that’s not what I mean.”¬†

“Oh. I live here now. I moved here to be with my girlfriend Emmy.”

“Your girlfriend? I didn’t know you had one here.”

“We were dating for about 8 months.”



“8 months?! When were going to tell you that you had a girlfriend! I tell you everything! You’re suppose to tell me everything too!”

“To be honest dear sister, I wasn’t so sure about Emmy at first. She just found out she was pregnant when we first spoke but the father of her unborn child didn’t want to have anything to do with her. I fell in love with Emmy and she convince me to come stay with her and her newborn daughter Crystal. It’s been quite lovely. I love it here.”

“So you’re with a girl who has a baby?”

“Well yes. Emmy has her faults but she’s a wonderful lady and I love her and her daughter.”



“I kinda like it here too. I’m not sure if I wanna go back to Sunlit Tides.”

“You’re thinking of moving as well?”

“Yeah. I wanna live here. LP looks fun besides, Amaretto got 2 babies and man now so she doesn’t have time for me and Tequila is here.”

“I see what’s going on here.”


“You are lonely. You can’t bare the thought of being apart from one of your triplet sisters. It’s really unhealthy.”

“I can live without them!”

“Doubt it!”



“But really GL. I wanna come live here. The truth is.. my boyfriend Jackson Jackson dumped me before I came here and I can’t go back. I was wondering if I can stay with you and Emmy until I can find a boyfriend with a nice house.”




“I don’t know about that sister. I can help you find a nice house instead. I’m not sure if we have enough room for you until you find such of thing which I think is terrible. You should find true love instead.”



“Don’t you have a fairy house?”


“I can stay in there for the most part. I have a lot of true lovers. Cause there’s been a lot of men who say who love men when they are on top of me.”

“Those men are users and did not love you. They only love your lady bits because it was¬†too user friendly. One day you will find the right guy who actually loves you.”



“Thanks for letting me stay with you.”

“No problem dear sister. Apparently I need to help protect you from chlamydia.”

“Huh? Chlamydia? Borage’s daughter is harmless. I met her once.”

“What is with this family and baby names?!”



As the sun had set it was time to move out little party on the roof. We had a guest joined us, Abrianna¬†King. Her family is well known in town. Her attention was on Borage but that wasn’t too surprising, really. It did seem like Niro was trying to grab her attention with his dancing. I never seen him dance so hard in his life. It was kind of amusing and pathetic.



I was Tequila trying to order a drink from Elesa. I just have to remember to never accept a drink from Tequila and let all the bartenders know to never let Tequila moonlight for a second. Not sure if she thought about it but I’ll make sure that never happens.



“Got anything extra special for a drink?”

“Like a cherry?”

“That’s lame. Ya know. Something special. Something that can create some memories or take them away.”

“Um we don’t do that here.”

“Well aren’t ya a little buzz kill. I should moonlight, then this party would be jumping.”

“Something tells me I shouldn’t let you near this area. I’m watching you, missy.”

I’m watching missy! Bleh! Whatever! You’re just a kid!”



“Hey Rio, wanna dance with the rest?”

“Why were you eye humping Borage at dinner?”

“Rio.. Really? Wanna dance?”

“Janiya… Were you?”

“Hah! Don’t be silly. I wasn’t eye humping Borage at dinner. Let’s dance.”

“You were smiling and batting your eyes…”

“Where is this coming from?!”

“I dunno.. I just- I’m sorry..”

“Look, your cousin is pretty with pretty hair. I like his hair. Is that bad?”




I felt pretty silly starting a fight with Janiya about her eyeing Borage at dinner cause she liked his hair. I don’t know why I was feeling insecure suddenly. I guess I feared she would be more interest in his love genie nature since they are supposed to be better lovers in bed and I’m just a boring human. She cupped my face with her warm palms and slowly leaned in to kiss me gently on my lips. It assure that she was still attracted to me and we start to dance around a little.




We laugh, we dance, we drank the night away. Not worrying about a single thing that night. It was time we had a great night out, being young and carefree like we should time to time but not too much. Sometimes it’s good to let loose. I saw a side of Janiya that I never seen before that wasn’t influence by Tequila’s roofies. She was having fun and seem like she was enjoying herself. Not saying that she never have fun but she always a reserve person who didn’t seem much of a partier. However tonight, she was loving it and I was loving his side of her.



I hope the big send off party will be as great as this little party was. With that said, it got me thinking about school now. Do I really want to go for a business major when fine arts is more appealing? I’m still torn between both majors and it’s possible if I do both but I’ll be in school forever. But I don’t know. I do want my restaurant but I do love music. I’m suppose to be enjoying myself right now. Not worrying about school and my future..¬†

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.9, Better Days

I told everyone about the new changes that was gone to Montigo Palms and how it was pretty amazing. When Janiya left the room, I mention how pretty the female employees were to the guys. Of course Niro and Borage suggested that we all check out the place tomorrow night. Any mention of a pretty girl and these 2 would be on it.

The next night we all made our way to the palms for a nice night out. Janiya was hoping for a cozy night in front of the TV with me but my cousins are still in town and it would be nice to show them around town as much as possible. Janiya gave me a half smile as I told her that we all plan to check out the club. After we were all dressed, we visited the club. Janiya’s frown turned into a smile as she sat down at the blackjack table with my cousin. Janiya is pretty good at playing blackjack and probably felt like she could beat them. I hope she’s seeing that this was a better ideal than sitting at home. This gives Janiya a chance to bond with them.




“So have any of you played before?”

“I do on my computer when my kids are gone.”

“I have no ideal what I’m doing. I just do whatever Tequila does.”

“I see you’re lost without sidekick, Amaretto.”

“She got a boyfriend and lives with him now.”

“Poor you. I’m not gonna be your new sidekick.”

“I wasn’t asking you, dummy! Anyway how do I play?”

“Wow guys.. This is gonna be easy.”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, Janiya. I’m pretty good at this.”

“We’ll just see about this Borage.”

“Oh please, B! You can’t even read. So how you gonna play?”

“You can’t read either, Tequila.”

“Oh yeah.. True.”




“I can not believe this! How did you- You must have cheated, Borage!”

“I told ya that I was pretty good, Janiya. Let’s make this more fun. When I win the next round, you can give me a friendly kiss on the cheek.”

“You cheated.. I just know it! I never lose. You counted the cards!”

“So I didn’t win?”

“No, our brother-cousin did you idiot. Those wings made you more dumb. When did you turn into a fairy?”

“Twallan? I wanted to win. So if I count the cards I can win?”

“That’s cheating! Don’t you dare cheat like your brother, cousin or whatever he is to you.”





“Looks like I won again. Looks like you own me a friendly kiss.”

“That’s cause you cheated again!”

“Don’t be a sore loser, sexy lady. I tell you what, I’ll let you win the next round and I’ll kiss you on the cheek.”

“I don’t need you to let me win cause I can and will beat you!”

“You know you’re kinda sexy when you’re pissed off.”

“Shut up!”




“I wanted to win. I’m gonna go broke.”

“Why play when you don’t even know how to? If you think grandmama is gonna send you more money then you’re dead wrong.”

“We can’t get anymore from grandmama.”

“She said we were old enough to handle money now and should have figure out how to make more of it by now.”

“How are you gonna pay for your school?”

“Grandmama said she’ll pay if I prove to her that I enrolled. She sent me a nice check.”

“You’re spending that check here, aren’t ya?”





Niro and I tried our luck in blackjack on another table. Let’s just say that my skills are a bit rusty. Janiya taught me how to play. We use to come up here a lot when we turned 18.




Clearly Niro was a better player…

“I hate this game.”

“That’s cause you suck at it. I am the master of this.”

“Yeah.. you’re still a virgin.”

“That was cold and unrelated to this.”




“Oh no! That was most of my college fund!”

“Muhahahaha! Stupid!”

“Hey, don’t laugh at my misfortune B.”

“Why would you spend your college money here? You know you suck at gambling.”

“Maybe we can rob a bank?”

“Go do what you’re both good at.”

“Like what?”

“Fucking strangers, but ask for money this time.”





“How did you know about that? I swear I only done it for a month.”

“Huh? You were hookin’?”

“Maybe.. Your face is stupid!”

“My face is not! Let’s just call daddy and ask for money?”

“Daddy is busying hoing his dick around, he ain’t got no money.”

“So they don’t pay you for having 100 babies?”

“You’re idiot! No they don’t pay you to be a ho unless you’re a hooker!”




We were starting to get a little hungry and I made my way to the piano lounge while the others finish up their game. I saw a face whom I haven’t seen in years. It was my aunt Lei. She moved away soon after her 18th birthday and haven’t made much contact with us since then. I figure she was having a better life in Twinbrook and that was probably why we didn’t hear much from her. However that was far from the truth which I later found out.




“I didn’t know you were in town. Dad haven’t said anything to me. When did you get here? How long are you staying? We got so much to catch up now since we haven’t heard much from you. How is life treating you? Are you still in TB?”




“Oh wow.. so many questions. I guess I can’t blame you since I wasn’t good about keeping contact with everyone but I’m having better days now. I was in a dark time in my life but things are better. I just moved back into town with my husband Eddie. I guess you can call me Mrs. Montigo-Starr now. I’m here to stay now. I dunno why I left. Twinbrook was a terrible place but I’m glad to be back with my husband. LP is my home.”




“Wow.. You’re married? Congrats.. When did this happen? I had no ideal that you got married and all. It’s good to see you again. I’m sorry that TB didn’t work out for you. So had any kids yet or did we all miss out on that too?”




“We got married about 3 years ago. Sadly no kids yet. Eddie and I are trying to have a baby despite what the doctors say. Hopefully I can get a second option from a doctor here. Eddie and I just bought a house and we just moved in 3 days ago. I been meaning to call everyone but I figure I would surprise everyone. So here I am. Matius did a great job with the palms.”

“Yeah my dad did a pretty awesome job here. So where did you meet your husband? What were the doctors saying?”

“I first saw Eddie when I took a trip to Sunlit Tides but I was too shy to say anything to him. I later saw him again when I helped my friend Monique move to Sunset Valley. I was a total clutz and tripped in front of him. There was no way I could say anything to him. So one night.. he found me in a club where I worked at in TB. He was visiting a friend. Let’s say that night he changed my life forever. In fact he rescue me that night.”

“Rescue you from what?”

“From the life that I was living. I was in a dark place. I had a miscarriage and the dad wasn’t as supportive as I thought he should be. I lost my scholarship at the art school that I was tending. I wanted to pay for school with money that I earned and not with money that was handed to me. I wanted to be a humble person. Amaretto suggest that I should work at the strip club with her. I refused. Then one night, my art teacher made an offer. He would pay from my schooling if I sleep with him 3 times a week. I refused his offer… He raped me more than once.. I dropped out of school. I drank a lot. I tried a few party drugs. I became so depressed that I took Amaretto’s offer to dance at the strip club. I didn’t about anything anymore. Then Eddie found me.. We fell in love and now I’m here. Having better days.. Better days compare than the time in TB.”

“I dunno what to say to that. Just wow. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. Did you ever press changes against your art teacher.”

“There wasn’t enough evidence to convict him with. I was shunned at school. No one believed me. They felt that I set it up. He raped me 2 other times but it didn’t matter if I went to the police. They wouldn’t believe me. So I dropped out.”

“That’s fucked up.”




“I try not to think about the past. Eddie and I will start a new life together here in LP. I miss the sunny skies and warm climate. Hopefully with the move, Eddie can put a baby in me. We thought about other methods if I can’t get pregnant on my own.”


“That’s one of them but I want to have a biological child at least. IVFs and possible a surrogate mother.”

“Well I wish you nothing but the best. you remember Janiya?”


“We are still together and living in a house that I had built that’s not too far from here.”

“I had a feeling that house I passed was a Montigo home. It’s nice. Maybe I’ll come and visit you soon.”

“We are about to have dinner in a bit. You should join us. Tequila just moved here and Borage and Martini are visiting.”

“I had dinner with Eddie before he head off to his new job. But thanks.”




It was nice to see and catch up with my aunt Lei but I had no ideal she was having a hard time. Hopefully with her return here, she’ll have a better life. The others were done with their game and we all sat down to order. Kensi was on the piano. I had no idea that she could sing as well. It was nice to hear some nice jazzy music to go along with our dinner.




“You need with the menu. It lacks pictures you know.”

“Shut up, Rio.. I can read somewhat.. I can read at a third grade level.. I’m gonna learn soon.”

“Borage, how are you getting life without knowing how to read?”

“Easy.. Avoiding books or anything with words.”

“Sometimes I wanted to email you but I don’t. I figure you wouldn’t be able to read it.”

“I’m not that dumb, guys. I can read a little bit. I just can’t read those big words.”

“You need glasses?”

“Don’t be a smartass, Rio.”

“Just joking with you, cuz. You got kids, maybe it’s time you learn so when your kids need help with school-“

“My kids are grown..”

“Well when you have more-“

“I’m not having anymore..”

“Yeah you say that every time a female gives birth.”

“Shut up..”




“Tini, turn your head.”


“Someone wants to take our picture.”


“The person who watches us. Listen to Niro and do it.”

“We are being watched?!”

“Duh, don’t you think it’s odd how you suddenly became a fairy? Now turn and smile.”

“I thought I was just special. Besides Niro, you’re cray cray. No one is watching us.”

“I thought Niro was crazy but this time he’s right. Someone is watching us.”

“You guys are scaring me!”

Tango Inferno: 2.8, Meet & Greet

A couple of weeks had went by and Martini is suddenly a fairy. She said she always been one, her wings were invisible until now. Um sure, whatever. I notice how Martini tend to venture out a lot on her own. Putting on her glittery tube top, tight mini skirt and boots, she takes off and be gone for hours at a time. I’m not sure what she’s up to. I figure maybe she was checking out Montigo Palms but it’s closed until the upgrade was finished. Who know what’s she’s up to. In a way I’m glad she leaves the house for a while. There’s some peace since Tequila doesn’t have anyone to argue with.




“He told me to meet him by the tree. Which tree? Cause there’s a lot of trees here. I wonder how do trees grow here? This place is dryer than Tequila’s vag.”




I got a text from my dad telling me to come out and check out the club. The upgrade was finished and he hired a new staff. I didn’t bother in dressing up as I was excited to see what was done to the place. I like what my dad had done to the place and pretty sure he’ll get a lot of business going. While I was there, I figure I would speak to him about the details for the big party.




“The club looks great and all. It needed some new life in here. Maybe this place will be popping again like when grandpa was running it.”




“I’m glad you like it son. Someday you’ll be running this place like you’re grandpa and I once did. I’m looking to retired in a few years. Your old man can’t stand young forever.”




“Me? You’re gonna hand this off to me? That’s cool and all but I wanted my own thing you. I figure you were going to pass the club to Miles or maybe one of my sisters.”





“I’ll probably ancient and senile before Miles is old enough. As for your sisters, I got a feeling they’ll run this into the ground. Maddie is the one I’m most concern of. I feel that your sisters are better off running the ice cream shop when I reopen it. ¬†Besides Rio, I feel you would treat this place well. Naturally I am supposed to pass this on to the first born and you are a fit to run this place. I guess you can say it’s family tradition. I figure you would like to know¬†¬†you’ll¬†own this one day. I remember when you were a boy, you begged me to bring you with me on some nights. You loved this place.”




“I know but I just didn’t want a lot to look after. I remember how stressful things were for you and uncle Malix. Would I have to manage the club along with the other business you have running? Grandpa passed on a handful of things to you. Not sure how can you stay sane and care for Miles.”




“Not sure either but things are easier in some way.”

“How, dad?”

“Internet. I closed down your great grandfather’s stores and started them up online. Business is booming. I moved the other business your grandpa had going online. I plan to pass them on to Miles. I think he came manage them well. He loves computers after all. I couldn’t move the club and ice cream shop online ya know. That’s why I want you to run while your sisters deal with the shop. They’ll had writing down ideals they want for the shop. Originally the shop were to go to Nina or Nyx since your grandma passed it on to Cira. Nyx is banned and Nina has no interested.”

“There’s Niro…”

“Seriously, Rio.”

“What? I think it would be great for him..”

“Until “Patches” go away, I’m not comfortable handing it over. Plus your sisters have their hearts on it. Niro never shown any interest and it okay with it.”

“I guess.”

“I need to go do some things. Maybe you can meet my new staff.”




I wanted to talk to my dad about the party but I didn’t get a chance. I’m not sure how I feel about owning Montigo Palms when my dad retires. Some would be excited but I saw what it did to my dad. His lack of business management could be to blame. I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of my own business. I did try to meet most of dad’s new staff. It’s great to see new faces and not the same ol’ pudding face.

I chatted with one of the club side bartenders. Her name is Jemma Watley. She said she’s from Starlight Shores. She’s new town and happen to land this job after 3 days of living here.




“What brings you here to this dry, hot land?”

“I needed a change of scenery. It’s different from what I’m use to it. I like it.”

“I guess LP is alright. My cousin is from Starlight Shores, maybe you known.”

“Possibly, I once did sing-o-grams when I lived there.”

“How was that?”

“It was fun I guess. I passed out a lot though. But this job pays more. Besides, I think I fit better here.”

“I heard Starlight have the best bartenders. Wanna prove that to me?”

“Sure, what you like to have?”

“Surprise me.”




Not sure what’s with the showing off but I guess it’s always nice to have a little show from a pretty lady when you’re waiting on your drink. I can see why Jemma gotten the job, she’s sweet and friendly. I did notice how she seemed a bit down whenever she spoke about her life in Starlight Shores. ¬†I notice Borage is the same way. Starlight Shores was always known as the city of glam and fame but lately, I seeing some gloominess coming out of the city.




“What’s this drink called?”

“Surprise Me.”

“I didn’t know there was such a drink.”

“There is now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just created it.”




I wasn’t sure about a drink that she just created without tasting it. I took a sip and my taste buds were in heaven.

“This taste fantastic. I see why you hired her, dad.”

“Having a bartender who can just wing it like that is a plus. No one I was going to let some other club have a bartender with such talent as hers.”

“Good pick, dad.”




My dad added a new roof top portion of the club. With it being warm all year long, lack of rain and no snow the roof top lounge was a great ideal and the bartender there was very easy on the eyes. I see my dad has a thing for hiring pretty lady bartenders. My dad is single so I guess it’s okay.




“Hello, I’m Rio Montigo. I’m Matius’ son. It’s nice to meet you…”

“Elesa Li”

“Elesa, that’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks. What can I do for you?”

“You don’t mind having a little chat. It’s early, not much of a crowd would be here.”




“Sure, I wouldn’t mind some friendly chatter.”

“Are you from around here?”

“No, I moved around a lot. I come from a military family. “Settled” was an unknown¬†word to my family. Now that I’m 19, I decided to move here. LP seems like my speed.”

“I think you’ll like it here. I guess you and the girl, Jemma got something in common. If you want a tour around town, I can show you around.”

“Thanks for the offer but coming from military family I learned how to navigate in unfamiliar places.”

“I thought I would offer. Maybe Jemma won’t mind. So 19, kinda young to serve drinks. Does my dad know?”




“Well yeah. I applied for the¬†waitress job in the piano lounge originally but that spot was filled. Your dad didn’t want to leave me empty handed and asked what other skills I have. I mention about being in bartender school and he asked me to fix a few drinks for him. He liked my drinks and asked who I like to tend in the roof top lounge. I told him my age and he said it’s fine. We can serve drinks at 19 in LP. I just have to promise not to take any shots or help myself to any drinks. I’ll try my best. I do like my job here.”




“I’m glad you’re apart of the Palms staff. You seem sweet and honest. I promise I won’t tell if I caught you taking a shot. Besides, you’re too pretty to fired, my dad would probably let you slip. It was nice meeting you Elesa.”




I went into the piano lounge to see the new pianist. Of course, another attractive female employee whom my dad hired. So far I’ve only seen one male bartender and the rest of females. I can understand my dad hiring Jemma but curious of why he allowed a 19 year old work the bar on the roof. I think she was hired base on her looks. Although the pianist did played well.




She really puts her heart and soul into it as she plays. My dad said her name is Kensi Walker, a recently divorced of 3 adult children although she looks ever young. My dad said he found her by the wishing well, she made a wish for beauty. I guess that thing actually works cause she doesn’t look a day over 21. Kensi stopped for her 15 minute break. I decided I would chat with her a bit.




“Hello, I’m Rio Montigo. You must be Kensi.”

“Yes I am. You must be Matius’ boy. You look a like him.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. You play well, I admire it.”

“Thanks, I think I’m okay.”




“Okay? I think you’re great. Much better than the pianist we had before.”

“I guess I don’t give myself much credit. I just got out of a marriage and one of my daughters has been such a headache. I’m just glad that she relocated. If need answer for the increase of divorces in LP, she’s the reason.”

“Sounds like you got a lot going on.”

“I didn’t mean to dump my drama on you. I hope this job eases some of this stress. It’s a relaxing environment in here.”

“Yeah, I like the new piano lounge, it matches your lovely dress.”




“Thanks, I didn’t notice that. Matius say that you play too?”

“Yes, I do some playing myself. Not as good as you.”

“Don’t be silly, he shown me a video of you playing. You sounded great.”

“Thanks. I guess I don’t give myself much credit either.”

“I feel my phone going off. It’s probably my thirsty daughter again. It was nice meeting you, Rio. I hope to see you around more.”

“You too, Kensi.”




As Kensi left to take a call, I played a little. It’s been a minute since I last played. It felt good to feel the cool keys against my fingertips as I fiddled around. I once though about being a composer and give piano lessons to kids. I know some money would come into it, parents are always dragging their kids to do things that they don’t wanna do. I’m glad that my parents never forced him on the piano, it came to me. I would rather major in Fine Arts than Business.. But I also feel like I’m a great cook and feel like I could manage a restaurant business. ¬†But can I be both? A Composer and Restaurant owner? I’m torn between both. I love to compose music as much as I love to cook. I wonder if I could manage to do both.



Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.7, Just a pinch of autonomously, please

Hell, it has no fury like a scorn genie. Perhaps I should be slightly nicer to Niro knowing genies have the ability to banish others into other realms, such as hell. Borage explained some more about it and I’m quite intrigue by it all. I never taken that much interest in genies nor I have for witches. Perhaps I should take some time in reading up on some supernaturals. Being raised with a genie cousin and a vampire cousin, and now having a witch girlfriend, you would think I should have some interest. I’ve been catch up in my own boring human nature and treated my super companions as normal humans as myself.




Maybe I’m just too distracted by Niro and his “invisible” friend who he named “Patches”. He still claims that he’s a real person whom he can only see cause they are special friends and he has special vision. Niro, you’re special alright.




“The hell dude? Who you talkin’ to?!”

“Patches, he wants to play paper, rocks, scissors. You can’t see him cause I got special genie vision.”

“What? What kind of shit is that? They say I’m cray, no you cray!”

“I’m not crazy! You just don’t understand! You gotta be a genie.”

“Yo B! You see that invisible man?”¬†




“Run, Patches, run! Go hide right now!”

“Don’t tell him to run. I wanna know if B can still him since he be a genie and all.”

Borage didn’t see Patches with his special genie powers. He mentions genies don’t have any special vision or any sort. Niro rebuffs Borage’s claim saying only a genie of his kind has this power. Borage scoffs indicating Niro is speaking bullshit. ¬†I felt like Niro is really starting to lose it a bit.




“Janiya?! What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to cast the crazy out of you.”

“But I’m not crazy! You’re crazy! Stop.”

“You’re not going to school with us talking that madness. I cast the crazy out! Crazy be gone!”





“So do you feel any different? Like not crazy or anything?”





“Actually, I feel quite fabulous like I’ll soon look slightly different with new hair and skin. In fact we all will get new hair and skin and look more sexy. Can you feel it? The sexiness is coming when we enter a portal called CAS.”




“Well shit, I think I just made you even crazier than before.”




Afterwards Niro’s weirdness, I figure it was time to turn in for the night and leave the others to their own devices. Janiya soon joined me in our room.

“You sure about taking Niro along with Tequila with us? They oblivious have some issues that needs to be addressed. I’m really concern about Niro, that invisible friend of his is making him even stranger. Would he manage to study and focus on his grades? As for Tequila, I think she’ll be wasting her time. Does she even know what a book is?”

“I think Niro will do just fine. Maybe if he meets a sweet college girl, we’ll hear no more of this Patches guy. Not sure about Tequila but out of all of Rosette’s kids, she’s the only one interest in college. I hope she’ll do okay.”

“Let’s say they did well and manage to get their degrees, you really want them as your business partners? What if you wanted to branch out and pursuit other business opportunities, you know they wanna tag along.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ll want to do their own thing after sometime. Niro talks about toy making often. He has some neat ideal for new toys for kids. As Tequila, her side of the family love to party more, I can see her wanting her own night club like Borage.”

“Yeah, I think the strip club is more of her thing. I didn’t know Niro was interest in toy builder. Never saw him as the inventor type.”

“You gotta talk to him sometime. Niro is a little different but he has dreams and goals like me.”





I hope my mentioning of Niro’s interests will make Janiya be less harsh towards him. She felt a little bad to think he’ll be a burden on us but I assure that he’ll be fine. We gave each other a goodnight kiss and intended to go the sleep but I had other things on my mind.




“Yo B, you gonna do her?”

“Yeah, when you 2 get out.”

“Ah c’mon, B! Tini and I wanna see you. You think you better than dad?”

“Get out!”

“C’mon T, I really don’t wanna see this. It’s weird.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Tini?”

“It’s out there, let’s go and grab it.”

“Yes, please. Get out, I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Moment of lameness. Let’s go, Tini.”




When morning came about, Borage and Diamond said their goodbyes. To insure no forgetfulness, Diamond convinced Borage to take a photo with her in hopes he’ll remember her.




However she might want to work on her photo taking skills.




Surely Borage is more skilled with mobile photo taking. Probably cause of all the photos he takes of his genitals for send to various women. They make look sweet in the moment, but not earlier.





“Oh yeah! I told ya I was pretty good at this.”





“Big deal, I let you win. You’re a girl and all. I figure I’ll let you win.”





“You’ll promise to keep in contact with me?”

“Yeah, I got your number and email. I promise to hit you up everyday.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”




“Dat ass.”

“Seriously dude?”

“What? I’m just saying. I can still why you’ll hit that but how could you forget her? If I had her, I would never forget her. ¬†I would never let her go. Why do douche bags like you get all the ladies?”

“Who you calling a douche? I’m not some weirdo with a invisible friend named Patches.”

“Ugh, only I can see him cause I got magic eyes.”

“Whatever dude, you’ll never her a lady like Diamond or a lady at all.”

“I’ll get a lady. I’ll show you. I’ll show you all. I can get ladies like any other genie.”

“Wanna put some money on it?”

“Hell yeah!”

” I bet 5 Gs you can’t get a lady to fuck at the party.”

“I bet 5 Gs I can.”

“Okay cuz, bring it.”

“I hope you got your ATM card. You gonna make a withdraw soon.”