Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 8

I need more magic!





The alien touched me here.




This brat stinks.



Dusty: I got a new joke to tell you. What did the five fingers say to the face?

Quincy: What?








Quincy: That wasn’t a funny joke. That was just plain rude.

Dusty: I’m cold blooded.



Borage: Why are we doing this?

Lucille: I dunno.. Pan over.




Selene: I’m in labor!

Borage: Oh so that’s why.





Dragan: Is everyone freaking out about my bad breath?

Selene: No idiot. I’m in labor.

Malix: You are?




Dragan: yes another baby!

Malix: Woohoo! I hope this one is mine!

Borage: I’m bored.

Lucille: Yay for babies!


Isela: You’re all dumb.



I hear a party going on.




Lucille: Now I’m in labor.

Selene: You bitch! Stop stealing my thunder! I’m still in labor!

Isela: OMG! You too!

Dragan: I think it’s mine again.

Borage: WHAT?!

Malix: Who’s the daddy?




Borage: Eww stay away from me! I don’t want baby juice on my shoes!

Malix: Dat ass!

Isela: Did Lucille get the magic?!!!!


Dragan: This is funny.

Carrie: What’s going on?



Rosette: I’m in labor too!

Selene: BITCH!

Carrie: Is this the going in labor party?




Isela: YOU TOO!





Lucille: It must be in the water.



Carrie: I’m in labor now.

Selene: I hate you.

Malix: Why was this one allowed to have another one?

Seth: Shut up fools.

Borage: I can’t take this anymore.

Isela: I want a baby now!

Lucille: Labor hurts!

Rosette: I forgot that I’m in labor….




Borage: I’m done reacting.

Selene: I hate everyone in this room.




My legs feel funny.









Seth: DON’T have anymore kids!

Lucille: Same to you!




Why is Isaiah floating?






Selene & Malix had a vampire son, Mikhai.





Lucille & Borage had genie twin daughters, This is Linnea.





And this is Bryony.






Rosette & Quincy had twin daughters, this is Thing 1 she’s a vampire.





And Thing 2, she’s a witch.





Carrie & Seth had a witch son named Shawn.





Borage got abducted but I missed it.








All 10 Camp Tigo 2 bay bays… NO MORE BABIES, GUYS!




Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 7

Borage: I’m not a dart board!

Anson: My bad.




Who could this be?




Lucille: You worn me out.

Dragan: I’m just getting started.





Lucille goes into labor. Others cared.





Take a break!





Borage: I can’t control my hand. It wants to choke you, brat.




Borage: Just kidding.





Borage: Don’t put his mom is my story cause I don’t wanna bring this one home. I have enough ya know.

Don’t tempt me.




Carrie: We didn’t do anything.

Seth: Just taking some photos.




Malix: Don’t ever cheat on me like that harlot did with my cousin. In fact stay away from my cousin.

Selene: I’ll try.




Rosette: Gimme some loving or die.

Quincy: You have it but don’t threaten me!




Anson teaches Orion how to walk. He finally rolled that wish.




Borage: Love that chicken from Popeye’s!

Seth: Then order some and move out the way. I need to refuel for more fucking.




Lucille and Dragan’s daughter, Makayla.




Isaiah being cute.




Orion learned to walk.




Malix: I wanna put a baby in you.

Selene: Okay.




Borage: I wanna put some magic in you.

Lucille: I’ve been waiting for the magic.




Makayla likes her bubble bath.




Borage: Girl when I get done with you, you gonna be walking funny for a week.

Lucille: All talk, no magic.

Borage: It’s coming.




Borage: SHAZAAM!




Does this thing work? Gimme food!




This is some garlic.





This is my knife.





And a little drop of this and we got……..









Borage: Will you go sleep in the sleeping bags. I need to rock with my brat.




I’m gonna teach you how to pimp walk like your daddy.




Why aren’t you walking?




Malix: Will you 2 move. I need to pee or I’ll just pee on you both.




I need more magic!





Borage: That chair is mocking me!

Selene: I hate being pregnant.

Isela: …….




Borage: I’ll bitch slap you back to Bangkok if you keep mocking me, chair.

Selene: I hate this couch.





Borage: I’m watching you.

Selene: I hate being pregnant on this couch.

Isela: I’m a statue.








Rosette: Which one of you nasty fuckers peed on the floor?

Carrie: It wasn’t me.




Get out. I need to pee.




Anyone watching?




Ahhhhhh. This feels good.




Ugh.. I feel sleepy.




You idiot!




OMG! Borage are you okay?!




No, Lucille. I think I landed in a pile of herpes.




I need food!




Someone put a demon seed baby in me.





I’m stuck.




Come watch the sunset with me, sexy lady who is reading this. I’ll give you some magic afterwards





I can’t get this to work.

You’re a idiot. A sexy idiot.





Okay stinky kid, don’t pee on me or I will go upside your pretty little head. Understand?





What did I just tell you?!




Arna got 2 others to join him. I’m gonna slap you Arna if you don’t do something else other than watch TV!




Selene: I wanna have 100 babies with you!

Malix: Help! Take me away from her! She’s talking crazy now!




This isn’t what I had in mind!!!





I am king.




They didn’t even use lube…




I swear if you don’t use the sleeping bag!

Camp Tigo 2: Day 6

Lust is still in the air.





Malix: What are you 2 doing?

Borage: Depends, are you gonna get all crazy again?

Malix: Maybe.





Quincy: Where did you go? I wanted to kiss.

Layla: I got lost.




Quincy: I saw you kissing Lucille, you cheater!

Dusty: I saw you kissing Layla so were even, right?

Quincy: NO!

Lucille: You 2 are lovers?




Malix: Did you fuck my cousin again, harlot?!

Isela: Why do you care if I did or not!





Borage: Wanna see something magical?

Selene: Sure, what is it?

Borage: My genie dick.

Selene: Charming.




Lucille: I think I ruined someone love thing so let’s be lovers.

Dragan: That’s fine with me.





Kiki: You’re so boring! All you do is watch TV. You too good to hang with me?

Arna: Maybe it’s cause you’re crazy.




Arna: I wanna get freaky with you, crazy fairy.





Dusty: I saw you with Dragan. You’re a slut.

Lucille: I thought you and Quincy were lovers. I have my own lover now.

Dusty: You’re still a slut.

Lucille: And you’re a dick!





If you and Carrie don’t stop…..





Dusty: Slut.

Lucille: Shut up.

Seth: I can’t let anyone see this.

Carrie: See what?

Dragan: You 2 move! Lucille and I need the booth now.






Malix: Talk to the hand! I’m done with you!

Isela: Your cousin is getting on my last nerve.

Borage: LOL





Kiki: I think the booth is free.

Arna: Let’s go before someone gets in.

Malix: Don’t talk to me harlot!

Isela: Then go away!





Quincy: You gonna get laid?

Arna: Yep.

Quincy: Finally.




Isela: We want that chair.

Lucille: There’s another one over there.

Carrie: So, we want that one!




Borage: Ready for another refill on magic?

Isela: Hell yeah.

Layla: I’m telling Malix.




Orion being cute and learning how to walk.




I need a break.. I gotta recharge my sexiness.




Malix: You have a lover?

Lucille: Yes.

Malix: Why am I wasting my time on this.




I’ve been recharged, more magic coming your way, sexy lady.





Yay chicken!




Borage: Bout time.

Isela: I’m pregnant.

Borage: That’s no excuse.





I think I’ll have to watch you 2 as well.





I hate being pale.










I hate this tan!





Rosette: When we gonna hook up?

Quincy: Never.





You will love me!!!





Layla: You jerk! I thought you liked me!

Quincy: I do. Can I have both?

Layla: No!





I’m in labor everyone! Now freak out!






Only Arna freaks out.










Carrie & Seth had a daughter named Cali










This could be anyone.





Borage: I think you need some magic.

Lucille: Maybe I do.





Dusty: You slut! I thought your lover was Dragan. This punk doesn’t look like Dragan.

Borage: All the ladies want this genie dick, fairy hick.

Lucille: I think he’s hot.





They were right about the snowcones!





Malix: Silly face!

Selene: He he he!





I guess Malix is done with Isela this time.





Isela: The baby is coming!

Borage: Who the daddy?

Isela: I dunno!




No idea who’s in there.





Malix & Selene





Isela & Borage had a genie son named Isaiah.





Lucille is pregnant. The daddy could be anyone LOL





Cali doesn’t like Bonehilda, the only one who takes care of her.

Camp Tigo 2: Day 4

Anson: Comfortable?

Isela: Yep.

Anson: Watch out for triggers.

Isela: Racist..

Anson: I said TRIGGERS.




I love cake.





Kiki: You assholes, go somewhere else to go eat your snowcones.

Dragan: The snowcones makes us cold so we eat them in the sauna.

Dusty: Yeah, I don’t wanna freeze my sparklenuts off.

Kiki: I’m gonna kick you in your sparklenuts if you don’t move.





I rather be smoking so pot instead of this shit…





I think you’re done eating to meat off of you, stupid!




I think it would be hot it I use honey as lube. Good idea, I know Mary. Shut up Sid, this is a great idea, Mary said so. Whatcha think, Snuffles? Snuffles? I think Snuffles is ignoring me now.




Arna: We can be vampire buddies.

Malix: I’m already Quincy’s vampire buddy.

Arna: You can have more than one.

Seth: Gay vampires…




I’m touching her hand.. I bet I can get her to touch my genie dick.





Wanna see and touch my amazing genie dick?





Lucille: Yes.

Borage: And they say my pick up lines wouldn’t work.





Kiki: Bitch I know you ain’t talkin’ to my genie!

Lucille: Your genie? You don’t even like him yet.

Kiki: So! He’s still mine! He gonna be my baby daddy back in the Montigo universe so fuck off!

Lucille: Whatevs.. I do what I want.

Borage: This is hot.




Lucille: Eat a balloon!

Kiki: Bitch if you get my hair wet, I will straight cut you! This is a fresh relaxer in my hair!




Quincy: Anyone wanna play with me?

Malix: Were busy watching the naked red girl.

Quincy: Oh.




Isela: Why are you way over there? Come closer.

Borage: You’re fertile, that’s why.

Isela: So are you.

Borage: Yeah that’s right.




Borage: Is this better?

Isela: Much better.

Borage: Wanna feel the magic?

Isela: Yeah.

Borage: Just put your on hand on it.

Isela: I am already.




I hope I’m getting my sexy Borage’s attention! We got different moms so it’s cool.




Tonight’s special! My magic stick!




Isela: Quincy, look!

Quincy: I’m busy.

Isela: Doing what?

Quincy: Jerking off.








Seth: Don’t look.

Quincy: My Quincy cream is floating around in the water.

Seth: Your what?!




Rosette: I got witch powers! I get to fuck shit up.

Carrie: Crap! Who allowed this??!!!




Kiki: I love all of the fat on your body.

Anson: You need a tic tac.




Dusty: I think you’re hot. Let’s be lovers.

Quincy: Okay.




Kiki: Kiss me Rose. Maybe Anson will want me.

Rosette: Whatevs..

Anson: That’s hot.




Anson: Seeing you with another girl makes me want you.

Kiki: It worked, I don’t need you anymore Rose.

Rosette: Bitch.. I was enjoying it.




That’s hot.




Carrie: I want you.

Seth: Why me? Why do I get the crazy chick?




Anson & Kiki




Kiki: Bitch if I catch you talking to my genie one more time!

Lucille: What is your deal?!

Borage: This is so hot.

Malix: This chicks must be dead brain if they have any interest in you, cuz.




Lucille: You’re cute when you’re mad. Let’s be lesbo lovers.

Kiki: Just stay away from my genie.




Anson: I saw you with Lucille. I’m even more turned on.

Rosette: Why am I not getting any lovings?




Carrie: C’mon Seth, let’s get freaky in the photo booth.

Seth: I am busy.

Carrie: Doing what? You need to be doing me.

Seth: I see something.



You didn’t see shit.





Malix: I like those disco panties on you.

Isela: I like everything on you.




What’s happening to me???





Orion, first Camp Tigo 2 baby





What a cute baby. The dance floor isn’t a safe place for a baby.




Really? You put me in baby jail? I hate you.

Camp Tigo 2: Day 3

 photo Screenshot-510_zps746d5a46.jpg


Lucille: I’m gonna be the best golfer ever. Better than Tiger Woods!



 photo Screenshot-512_zps1d754730.jpg


Lucille: Maybe not…




 photo Screenshot-513_zpsedce89ba.jpg



Anson: And how is that a bad thing?




 photo Screenshot-516_zpsbecc41d8.jpg


Dusty: If you wanted to see me naked, just ask. Don’t go stealing my clothes.




 photo Screenshot-517_zps009ab74b.jpg


Anson: Whoa! Floating jellybeans.




 photo Screenshot-518_zps4a56f6cc.jpg






 photo Screenshot-519_zpsd0844efb.jpg


Bonehilda: Y’all ready for some funky beats?

Seth: Shut that mess up.

Kiki: Bitch we trynna sleep here.

Carrie: Has anyone seen Anson?




 photo Screenshot-521_zps1cc82da6.jpg


Anson: I gotta facebook this.

“I just got abducted by aliens LOL”





 photo Screenshot-525_zps0b52f5f3.jpg


Borage: Where’s your snow cone at?

Dragan: This is the snow cone couch. You can only sit here if you have a snow cone.

Dusty: I finished mines.

Borage: Then you gotta go.

Dusty: I hate you both.

Dragan: I like rainbows. They are pretty like flowers.




 photo Screenshot-529_zps69018650.jpg


Borage: What the fuck happen to you?

Dragan: Please help…




 photo Screenshot-532_zps121e3b7c.jpg


Arna: I shine like a disco ball. Haters are gonna hate.




 photo Screenshot-534_zpse90951de.jpg


Carrie: I saw a video once of a girl shooting ping pong balls out her vag. That was cool. I think I should give it a try. Wanna watch.

Borage: Be real still so I can hit you.




 photo Screenshot-536_zps11ce29ac.jpg


Dragan: Is this thing working? Testing, testing 1 2 3.

Isela: What are you gonna rant about now?




 photo Screenshot-538_zps52a802ce.jpg


Dragan: Isela, my love for you burns like a thousand suns. When you’re away, I miss you like the desert misses the rain.

Isela: Who gave him the megaphone?

Quincy: Hey I want one of those too.




 photo Screenshot-547_zps06e22be6.jpg


Kiki: I’ll be taking this. I need it.




 photo Screenshot-549_zpsd6ce11a0.jpg


Quincy: I would say something but then I would be a racist…




 photo Screenshot-551_zps1e0f6458.jpg


Kiki: Check out this bear I just stole.

Lucille: Hi bear, aren’t you cute.




 photo Screenshot-553_zps3aae104a.jpg


Lucille: Yes I’ll marry you, vampire bear. I’ll love you for ever and ever.

Kiki: Bitch, did you forget to  take your meds this morning?




 photo Screenshot-555_zps63081fdf.jpg


Lucille: I gotta get ready for my wedding. Eh.. I look good enough. BLLEEEEEEH!




 photo Screenshot-563_zps9bedd4e9.jpg


Bonehilda: Ironically I died in car crash after getting wasted at the club. I don’t learn, ever.




 photo Screenshot-566_zps8d7095e1.jpg


Dragan: If we stick together then we won’t fall.

Isela: I’m half rendered!

Rosette: My skates are invisible. Awesome!




 photo Screenshot-570_zpsb10ad20d.jpg


Isela: I’m falling! Catch me Rose!

Rosette: I’m not breaking a nail! Catch yourself!




 photo Screenshot-572_zps4b662661.jpg


Borage: Ready to get beat?

Malix: If you win that means you must of sucked a lot of dick.

Arna: I’m just happy these are free.



 photo Screenshot-576_zps1af5fd8a.jpg


Borage: Victory is mine! I won.

Malix: Yeah cause you’re great cocksucker.

Borage: Hate on hater.

Arna: Guys.. choking here.




 photo Screenshot-578_zps96b0b227.jpg


Arna: I just beat you Malix.

Malix: You both are gay.

Borage: I’m bored now, hurry up cuz.




 photo Screenshot-581_zpsa4a5dba2.jpg


Lucille: Let’s spin, it will be fun.

Rosette: If I fall, I’m gonna cut you in your sleep.




 photo Screenshot-583_zps40640f39.jpg


Lucille: Ouch, that hurts.

Rosette: I’m broken! Liam won’t love me now!

Lucille: Who’s that?




 photo Screenshot-584_zps9fa24d67.jpg


Seth: I hope no one is watching. What is that awful smell?




 photo Screenshot-587_zps01f76bfd.jpg


Borage: watch me some something so awesome.




 photo Screenshot-591_zpsd611462c.jpg



Borage: Well you’re just a hater!




 photo Screenshot-594_zps8a9796d7.jpg


Borage: C’mon cuz, let’s skate together.

Malix: I don’t wanna.




 photo Screenshot-595_zpsc5ff0e9b.jpg


Malix: My ass! My beautiful sexy ass! Ouch!

Borage: You have no right to cry like a bitch! Try passing 7 babies out your ass then complain, asshole!

Malix: You had butt babies ha ha ha!

Borage: Shut up! Your wife is dead.

Malix: Low blow, cuz…




 photo Screenshot-598_zps26a0763b.jpg


Borage: Let’s try again.

Malix: I better not fall again.

Borage: Don’t worry, I got you.




 photo Screenshot-599_zps853812a3.jpg


Malix: I hate you.

Borage: Your sissy girly hair was in the way. Isn’t it time for a hair cut?




 photo Screenshot-602_zpsae46a873.jpg


Seth: Those idiot humans were right. These are quite good.




 photo Screenshot-603_zps3d3debca.jpg


Quincy: I wonder if this will turn my pee into rainbow colors.




 photo Screenshot-604_zps7ff275a4.jpg


Carrie: I’m lonely kitty plant. Where is everyone?




 photo Screenshot-606_zps46422d02.jpg


Anson: I’m gonna make the sky all pretty. Maybe this will get Kiki’s attention.




 photo Screenshot-608_zpsf6bc9028.jpg

 photo Screenshot-611_zps0fb649f3.jpg


Lucille: Skate with me Seth.

Seth: I don’t want to skate with you. You disgust me.

Rosette: I wanted to skate with him! I remember he said he would make me live forever if I marry my Liam boo.





 photo Screenshot-612_zps98db0edc.jpg


Seth: Curse you vile woman!

Lucille: My bad! We still cool?




 photo Screenshot-615_zps64bf57db.jpg


Kiki: It’s my turn to skate with you.

Malix: I really don’t want to. I don’t wanna bust my ass again.




 photo Screenshot-616_zps42538d8f.jpg


Malix: MY ASS!

Kiki: Can I massage it?

Malix: No, you can kiss it.




 photo Screenshot-618_zpsa861f5ac.jpg


Isela: I really shouldn’t skate with you. I heard you’re bad luck.

Lucille: No I’m not.




 photo Screenshot-619_zpsfb3c2b91.jpg


Lucille: Hey you’re not wearing any panties.

Isela: Easy access, ya know.





 photo Screenshot-620_zpsa9e2a94e.jpg


Rosette: I wished that I never skated you with.

Seth: Won’t you hussies let me be!



 photo Screenshot-622_zps6054f0ae.jpg


Quincy: Since we are vampire buddies, we should skate.

Malix: I don’t want to. I keep falling on my precious ass.




 photo Screenshot-624_zpsbcb78fda.jpg


Dusty: I hate this..

Dragan: I blame Lucille, she cursed this rink.




 photo Screenshot-626_zps9ca7289e.jpg


Malix: My ass hurts so bad. I will never convince another female to do anal ever again. This is painful.

Quincy: Use extra lube, bro.