State Of Tigo *12/24/15*

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week. I felt it was time to announce a few things. As some of you know I have a 100 baby challenge going on just for fun and I have been reblogging it from my other blog. As of now, I will no longer will be reblogging it on this blog. So if you still want to follow it, please start following my other blog, Montigo Extra. I created that blog specially for my game plays that I do for fun. I felt like my game plays posts were cluttering my legacy blog.

Also I want to mention that I am accepting daddy donors for my BC. CC is fine as long as it is just skin, hair or makeup. Sliders are fine too. Just no berries, aliens or mermaids. Other occults are fine.

I don’t think I ever mention that I have my story, Show Yourself split up in seasons. I did this so I could write up summaries for new readers who come in late in the game. They won’t be so overwhelm with trying to catch up. Also I’m doing this cause there will be some extended breaks between each time, gives me time to set up new saves and taking a break from writing would be nice too haha. Close to the beginning of starting the next season, the summary would gloss over the previous and can be used as a refresher as I also mention, there will be extended breaks. I’ve been working on Season’s 2 save for almost a month, it takes time.

So when will Season 2 start? Honestly I’m not sure. I just finished on making over the community lots and currently working on the house. Here’s a peek of the house.

You can also see the lots that I makeover and built on my facebook page.


I hope that everyone is having a fabulous holiday or whatever you’re into!


State Of Tigo *9/9/15*

All downloads are publicly available. It seems as most people are able to behave and not try to steal anyone’s content and making profit behind it. But if my TOU is violated once again then I’m removing everything forever. So please act right, don’t ruin it for everyone!

I’m about 98% done of setting up things for Gen 3’s story. I hopefully I can start on it next week. I plan to publicly publish the start of Gen 3 next month! Looks like things are back on track. *crosses fingers* I am behind that what I originally planned but hey….things happen -_-


I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the 100k views gift, which is suppose to be a night club. Honestly I don’t know when I will build that. I’ve been so busy building up things for Gen 3’s story and such. I just reached 300 followers on tumblr and this would had been the right time to have it available. But other things come first. Plus I don’t make much of a big deal of follower count on tumblr anyway. People do all the time and I’m just meh…whatever.. IDGAF. I would be content with just 5 followers hahaha. But one of these days, I will have Part 2 available. I have some ideas of how the night club should be. If you have any ideas, or a name for it, please drop a comment. Don’t be shy :p After all, the build is meant for you all! You should have some input and such.

I also have some new mods and objects coming out pretty soon so be on the look at out for that.

That is all for now, have a great week!


State Of Tigo *9/1/15*

Happy September! I figure I should post my blog status and tell you all what’s up.

As you know there hasn’t been anymore updates of Make or Break for 2 weeks. Well that story will not be continuing for a few number of reasons. Ally’s story was a short, it only meant to be 10 chapters long but I pulled the plug early.

#1, My heart wasn’t into it. I never felt it was my best work.

#2, Alyssa is boring to write about. As a teen she was interesting but as an adult she seemed a bit dry. I struggle to develop her character. Alyssa works better as a background character.

#3, I am out of time. What do I mean by that? I need to get the ball rolling for the official story for Gen 3 with Raiden Montigo. As I mention I planned to start the story in October and I’m cutting it close. There’s still a ton to do before I can start but I am about 80% ready as of now.


So speaking of Gen 3, I am excited to start that story. I have so many ideals in my head that I want to put out there. Although I won’t be finishing Ally’s tale, I won’t leaving you all hanging cause I know there are some readers who enjoyed it. I do plan to write up a flash summary of how the rest of the story would had went leading up to the start of Gen 3’s story. Be on a look out for that. I dunno when I’ll write it but it will be soon.

For now my blog will just have updates of my game play 100 baby challenge. I hope that will be enough until next month.

Happy 3 Years!

My blog turns 3 today! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when I started this blog. But it’s been an amazing 3 year ride! I’m just a few hits away from hitting 100k views too. With any luck maybe I’ll hit that mark today? :p That would cool though!

I had a poll up of what should be the 100k views gift and option #3 won (Mods & a build). So now the question is which build would you all like? As  for mods, it’s gonna be a surprise :p I set up another poll on what kind of build it should be. I will have it up for a week. Please vote and thanks for hanging around for all this time. You guys are fabulous 😉


State Of Tigo ~6-17-15~

As you notice this blog has been active with my game play BC just for fun. I’m hoping it’s keeping your readers entertained while I’m working on stories in the background. I think it was time to mention of what I have been up to lately.


I’m currently working on a mini story with Alyssa of Gen 4. I was hoping to be done with it and released this month but I was caught up with other things. So hopefully it will be done and ready next month.

The story is titled, Make Or Break which follows Alyssa around as she attempts to earn a degree in Computer Science while raising her young child, Amora at Newbrey University. Although Alyssa’s parents both offered to keep Amora while she goes to a 4 year school, Alyssa believes she can handle school and her daughter. However it may be more than Alyssa expected, which leaves her with the question, will she make it or break?


For a while I’ve been doing life updates of Gen 3 in Montigo Extensions, however that has come to an end. I have came up with a better plan. I didn’t want to juggle around too many stories and felt that I should things minimal to keep my sanity. I unfortunately decided to canned Ciderwood but don’t fret, like I mentioned I have a plan 🙂 I have so many spares in the legacy, so many things going on in the background. I don’t wanna up and leave them nor do I wanna have 1000 running stories. I want to downsize to 3 stories, Keeper Of The Lamp (Story of Raiden of Gen 3), An unnamed story in Arcadia with Luna, Lilah, Dia and Toshi, and All Around Us (which I called the mega story). All Around Us will be similar of how Montigo Extensions was done but it won’t be strictly Gen 3. Gens 1 & up, which includes the founders which I called Gen 0. I’m also merging Ciderwood into it as well however that story line shifts. AAU will bounce around from household to household all during the same time line as the official Montigo Legacy story, Keeper Of The Lamp. When KOTL jumps, AAU will jump too.

AAU will start 7 years after LFTL but I won’t leave you all hanging on the last ME updates of Bruce-Lee, Bora Bora, Phoenix, MiKaia and Miyoko. I plan to write a flash summary from where I left off until 7 years when AAU starts. This includes Ciderwood as well. As be on the look out for those summaries 🙂

I have a lot of work to do, I don’t know when AAU will start. I have loads of saves to build up, lives to plan. What have everyone has been up to in the last 7 years. But in due time, I will have something!