Love For The Ladies: Chapter 39, Average Days

I needed a break from all the madness going on in the house.  My hot tub is my sanctuary. The bubbles on my balls kinda feel nice on my balls.. maybe too nice. Lois has been busy with kids so much that my magic stick hasn’t been getting any attention. This hot tub feels nice and no one is around. Maybe I’ll give it some attention since I’m alone in my hot tub. I haven’t done something like this in here but there’s always a first time for anything.





After my hot tub jerk, I took a moment to enjoy the view of the ocean. It’s pretty nice having a crib over the cliff by the ocean. I just wish I could spend more time with Lois by it. I miss our time when we watched the sun faded into the ocean during the evenings. But it’s all about the kids now. We can still working on our issues but she seems to forget about me cheating on. After putting the kids to bed, all I get is a kiss on a cheek and she heads to bed. I never get to spend any time with her. I thought about sending Lani a text since I haven’t heard from her but maybe that’s not a good idea at the moment.

Things were fine when it was just Junior. With 3, 2 year olds who are barely a year apart in age, it’s hard to get any alone time. It gets so lonely now. I’m starting to miss my old life now. I got to hit on ladies every night at the club and if i was lucky, I got to take one home. I thought having a lady at home would be awesome. Not so much when you got a bunch of brats. I don’t get to see her much…



“Morde, I think we should hang out in the hot tub. I think it would be fun.”

“Nah L2.. We shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not? I think it was be a lot of fun. I haven’t been in it since it’s been here. Dad is always in it.”

“That’s the reason.”

“Dad? Huh?”

“Do you know what dad does in there?”


“Yeah, after rubbing one off.”


“Yeah… that’s why the hot tub is extra foamy. Rest in peace possible little brothers and sisters.”




“I will not rest until my precious gift is given to a Ziharian! I demand to be abducted right now! I feel that I am woman enough to handle  it!  So bring your sexy green asses down here and abduct me!”




“L2, what the hell is your twin ranting about this time? Did dad dropped her on head when she was a baby or she’s got some crazy from your mom? Maybe she found dad’s pot. I hope she did cause I wanna take a hit.”





“Lilah is just Lilah. She’s always been that way. As for my mom, I don’t know much of her. I have vague memory about my mom. I wonder what ever happen to her. “




“The Brain llama promise me a Ziharian male and I want one now! Do you hear me?! COME GET ME! MY BODY IS READY!”





“Daddy, I’m trying out for track at school and I was wondering if you could train me. I notice how you work out a lot.”

“Yeah, trying to pop this bubble. Nothing seems to work but I can help you train, Baby cake.”

“Really? Cool, I’ll go change.”





“If you wanna run like a African then you need to speed this thing up!”

“Daddy! I’m just a beginner! I gotta pace myself, right?”

“Who has time for that? You gotta run like a African!”




“I know you can do it! Run with mighty African speed!”

“I’m trying daddy! You’re kinda pushing me too hard!”

“Nonsense! I’m trying to make you the best you can be!”

“Daddy I think I’m gonna trip!”




“Stop your trippin’ and get up!”

“Daddy! You’re starting to scare me! I think I’m gonna quit for now.”

“Africans never quit! Run PC! Run like the police is chasing you!”

“Why would the police be chasing me?!”

“They don’t like black people!”

“Aren’t I still multiracial like you?”

“The police don’t care if you have 1 drop a of white in you! Run Babycake! Run!”




“Lotus, whatcha think about having alien nieces and nephews one day. I wanna have a bunch of alien babies.”


“It would be pretty cool you know. Green skin with pink like our brothers and sister who went away for a while. Maybe one will be a genie-alien like our brother Aries.”

“I be alien!”

“No silly! You’re just a genie like me. I think being a alien would be cool.”

“I’mma alien!”

“If you’re a alien, then I’m a alien too.”

“We aliens!”

“Yep, I agree with you there. Were aliens! Now I hope our people will come and abduct us.”




“You losers ready to get your asses handed to you?”

“Whatevs, BL. You know you suck at this game, let alone any game.”

“Whatever nerd. You’re only good cause all you do is play video games.”

“Here comes the Morde-train, gonna beat you ladies at this.”

“What the hell is with this Morde-train crap?”

“Ladies like it.”




“What ladies?”

“Your mom. Your mom loves the Morde-train.”

“Oh you got jokes about my mom now? Take this!”

“BL, you hit my guy. That’s not fair.”

“Ha ha ha, you aim sucks, BL.”

“You just wait until I find you again, Morde.”




“Gotcha! Taken that virgin!”

“You’re using cheats, Morde! And who you calling a virgin? You’re one too!”

“Um.. no I’m not.”

“Since were on the subject, I’m not one either.”

“Huh? What do you mean you’re not a virgin, L2?”

“Yeah, you’re a nerd. How did you get laid?”

“I have a girlfriend unlike you losers.”




“And you too Morde? I’m the oldest and I haven’t been with anyone yet..”

“That’s cause you suck, BL.”

“I do not.. I’m gonna lose mine soon!”

“Yeah right! You just mad cause we both beat you. Can’t believe the nerd became a man.”

“Don’t rush it, BL. You should give it to a girl who is special to you. I did and it was wonderful.”

“So gay, L2. I got freaky with a older lady. Why you stop playing?”

“I’m gonna check on Ash.”

“You’re so pussywhipped.”

“Maybe but at least I’m not a virgin like you.”

“Ohhhh BURN!”

“I hate you both…”




If I wasn’t going to get attention from my lady, I knew one little lady who would daddy some attention. Not sure what’s going on with her hair this morning. Lois has been really busy and left my cupcake nappy headed. It’s just me and her now. My daughters are always on their dumb smartphone texting whoever. My sons are having a pissing contest about losing their virginity  I am disappointed on how my oldest haven’t got laid but his younger brothers had.




“You need some TCB. Why your mama do you like this?”


“Yeah, you’re nappy. If I knew how to braid hair, I would have you fixed up.”

“I braid your hair, daddy!”

“No cupcake, you’re not touching daddy’s hair.”

“Pwease daddy!”

“No cupcake, I love you but I love my sexy hair more.”

“Bubble butt!”

“How now… no need to get rude.”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 38, V Card

Note: I do not condone the actions that you’re about to read but this mess happens in life.

Deal with it :p




L2 wanted to talk to me about something. I hope this was the talk that he wanted advice on how to fuck a girl with awesomeness. If he wants to make me proud then he better be ready to spread some magic around even it’s he’s not a genie. He still has my good looks that he’s wasting on that hag who has been staying here for the past couple of months.

He seemed a bit nervous as we sat down to talk about whatever he wanted to talk about. This boy needs to man up before he tries to get with any ladies. Ladies need a strong sexy man, not no shy, wimpy boy. I’ve been waiting on the day I can share my manly advice about spreading the magic with the ladies. L2 is probably is going to disappoint me but there’s still hope, right?





“Dad, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Finally. I knew you would make me proud some day.”

“Oh? So you know?”

“You need my sexy advice on how to please ladies, right? Start by putting it in her mouth. That’s always a good starter but think about dead puppies mid way through. You don’t wanna fill her mouth with your man cream too quick. Ladies do not like first comers.”


“What? I’m giving you advice, you need to be taking notes on this. This is a very important thing in your life. You need to know how to fuck correctly or you’re doomed for life.”

“How is that more important than college?”

“It’s hella important when you’re in college. There will be so much fine ass at college. If you suck in bed then college is a waste of time.”

“Sex wouldn’t be my reason to attend college.”

“Then why go?”

“To get a degree.”

“That sounds boring. You disappoint me.”




“Dad.. I do want to talk about college at some point but there’s something that I need you to know. It’s about Ashley.”

“Oh.. You can start by drinking a lot of Brandy and turning off the lights when you’re ready to fuck her. I guess it’s okay if a hag is your first. You need a starter hag before getting with the sexy ones.”

“Dad! Ash is not a hag! Why do you keep saying that about her? Anyway I wanted to tell you that her and I are dating now.”

“You could do better, trust me.”

“Ash is perfect for me. Why can’t you see that?”

“She’s a hag. If you’re gonna date a girl, she gotta be a 7 at least.”




“But dad I think Ash is beautiful. I don’t care about numbers like you do.”

“Well your mom was a 5 like Ash but I only fucked her cause I was drunk off my ass. If I was sober, you wouldn’t be here to disappoint me.”

“I’m a disappointment?”

“Pretty much, you’re dating a hag. Are you at least hitting that?”

“Umm no.. Were both virgins.”

“Why do you keep disappointing me?”

“But I’m not.. I’m not trying to..”




“If you want to make me proud, then swipe your V card with her.”


“That’s the only way, kid. I was hoping you would be a ladies man until you found the right lady.”

“You want me to be like you, but you’re not being such of a ladies man. You’re in love with Lois. That’s one lady.”

“Yeah but I sample around before I got a lady. Lois is my first girlfriend. I didn’t date around, I was busy with gaining skills for bartending and DJing.”




“But dad, you were a virgin until you were 21. Why should I give up mines now when I’m only 15?”

“I only stayed that way long cause Riverview had nothing but ugly hags. I was saving my magic for the sexy ladies in Starlight Shores. In the meanwhile, I went to school for bartending and was learning how to DJ until I got here. I didn’t move here until I was 21.”

“So if I give up my virginity, you’ll be proud of me?”


“But why?”

” I don’t want you to make the mistakes I did but holding out until I was 21. I could of been a more skilled lover but I think I do pretty well at it now.”

“I think holding out that long was a right choice but maybe you should of married the lady you gave it up to.”

“BL’s mom? Nah.. she was already married and annoying.”

“You slept with a married woman?!”

“Yeah? She wanted this genie dick and I gave it to her.”





Mordecai is a interesting kid of mine. One night the police dropped him off after finding them trying to peek through the window of the strippers’ dressing room. So far he seems to be the only son who’s interesting in sampling different ladies like me. That’s cool and all but my focus is on L2. I know in my heart he would be a great ladies man like me. Mordecai maybe, but it’s in L2’s blood and he knows it. If I could slap some sense into him, he’ll drop that hag in a heartbeat.




Meanwhile 100 miles away from Starlight Shores….

“The place looks great, Landy. I’m glad to be on this side of the country once again. Moonlight Falls was a very interesting place but it was time for me to go. I wish you would of stayed in Starlight Shores.”

“I’m glad you like my new place, Lindy. I missed you. I wonder where you been this whole time. The last I knew, you had twins with some pink hair DJ and was planning a wedding. What happen?”

“I was taken by aliens, but they left me on Lunar Lakes. A alien who lived with Borage found me but left me in Moonlight Falls. I worked so many odd jobs until I was able to get a ticket for home but I was told you moved to Sunset City. I came here instead.”

“Why here? Your twins are still living with their dad back in Starlight Shores.”




“Me? Go back to there looking like this? Borage wouldn’t want to marry me. I may of lost some weight but I don’t feel like I’m beautiful enough for him. I’m old now. Borage wouldn’t love me at this age. I miss my kids but they probably won’t remember me…”





“Lindy, that’s crazy. You look stunning and youthful. You haven’t aged at all and here I am looking old with crows feet. I’m curious about why you haven’t age, when you’re the older sister. What happen in Moonlight Falls?”





“Nothing really. I think it had to do something with the aliens. They did some strange shit with me. Maybe they stopped my aging.”

“I say they did a little more than stopping your aging. You do look different in appearance.”

“I do? Then I can’t return to Borage. I’m probably ugly for him.. Maybe if I lose more weight.”

“Lindy, I didn’t mean that in a bad way. You’re beautiful, Lindy. Borage would probably would kill to have a moment with you.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. You should try to go see him and your kids soon.”

“I will.. Soon.”



Back in Starlight Shores..

Bruce Lee and his mom hanging a lot  now. She tries to keep her distance from me and at this point it’s a good thing. Lois still doesn’t want her at the house but couldn’t say much since she’s BL’s mom. For the most part, she’s here for him and not me. I’m slowly gaining Lois’ trust again but I still can’t help but think about that night with BL’s mom whenever I see her.  I don’t know why I keep thinking about it but I wish it would just stop.





“I think it’s good you’re around more now, mom but why now?”

“I missed you. I feel bad for missing most of your young life. I was a fool to walk out on you.”

“But why?”

“I was in love with your dad after moving in. Mitch kicked me out once I told him you weren’t his.  I knew Borage was the father cause of the timing. Mitch would barely touch me. He was more concern about making money than wanting a baby. I made a drunken mistake on the night I met your dad. But I wanted a baby so badly. I didn’t like how your dad spoke to me but I wanted a baby. After a few drinks, your dad lack of charm didn’t bother me. Your dad wasn’t interest in being with me and hooked up with my best friend Lindy. I was angry and left. I wanted to come back for you but Mitch said if I wanted this marriage to work out… I couldn’t bring you home.”

“So this Mitch guy was more important than me?”

“I fought for you, BL. But I was a idiot on taking sides with Mitch. He left me anyway. He couldn’t get over when I had you.”





“This whole time I thought that you didn’t want me. Dad never had a answer of why you left so that’s what I thought.”

“That’s not true. I love you, you’re my only child.”

“Okay but are you really back here to make up for lost time or just to hook up with my dad.”

“I will admit that I still have feelings for your dad. Your dad was a wonderful love and that body of his-“

“Mom.. gross. I don’t wanna know-“

“I’m sorry BL. I’m only here for you. Your dad and I agree they we shouldn’t be around each other. I’m dumbfound about him settling down with one female. I also wanted to talk to your dad about something but it’s gonna be hard to do that now.”

“Like what?”

“Am I aging slow cause I had a genie baby?”

“I dunno about that. Aren’t you like 70?”

“Lady will never their true age.”

“I know that Mitch guy is old wrinkly man… So-“

“Were not talking about mommy’s age right now BL.”




“Ash, I wanted to talk you about something.”

“Like what?”


“Oh… well you know I’m a virgin..”

“Yeah me too.. But have you been curious about it?”

“A little bit.. How about you?”

“Me too a little.”




“I know all the kids at school are doing it.”

“Yeah.. I wonder if what they say it’s true. I know my dad likes to all the time. Look how many brothers and sisters I have.”

“If your dad worn protection more then he wouldn’t have so many.”

“True.. Bu Ash.. have you ever thought about having sex with me?”

“Kinda.. What about you?”




“Yeah.. not until recently..”

“So what are you trying to say? What’s on your mind?”

“I was wondering if you were ready?”

“Maybe.. But I kinda wanted to wait.”


“You sound disappointed.”

“No.. not really.”

“We can do it if you really want to.”

“No Ash, I don’t want to pressure you.”

“I’m ready if you’re ready.”





“Let’s just cuddle, Ash. Maybe we can talk about this some other time.”

“We could.. But since we are on the topic. I think I’m ready. I would like for you to be my first.”




“Are you sure about this Ash?”

“I’m positive on this. There’s no one else I rather share my first with.”





“I feel the same way too. I’ll only do this if you are truly ready for this cause there’s no going back.”

“I am sure about this L2. I’ve waiting for you to bring this topic up. I’m kinda shy.”




“I will try to be as gentle as I can be. Just let me know if I’m hurting you or anything. I will stop. Just let me know.”

“I will.. I’m just glad that I’m doing this with you.”

“I feel the same way too, Ash. I love you.”

“I love you too, L2.”





“I heard you made my dad into a man so I was wondering if you’ll do that same for me.”

“You gotta be kidding.”

“No.. I think you should be my first. You’re sexy lady.. My dad has good taste. Plus I think your boobies are nice.”

“You do know I’ve slept with your dad and BL is your brother.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all. So what do you say?”




“I’m thinking.. NO! You’re just a kid!”

“But you can change that and turn me into a man and ride the Morde-train.”

“I’m not turning you into a man nor want to ride the “Morde-train”.”




“Ahhh why you gotta be that way, lady. You want you the be the first to try out the Morde-train. Let the Morde-train take a trip to your G-spot.”

“Ugh! Get away from me kid! I’m not doing anything with you!”

“Why not? Am I not sexy enough for ya?  You got a lovely caboose for the train.”

“I can’t tell who was worst, you or your dad!”




“I just wanted to motorboat those tatas of yours. Morde gets no love?”

“No, Morde doesn’t get any love from me. Try someone your own age.”

“I want a woman, not a girl. I can be man enough for you my lovely lotus flower.”

“That line ain’t gonna work, kid.”

“I wish my aunt-cousin Tequila was here. She has roofies.”






“Did you know Morde is hitting on your mom?”

“Yeah but he’s a idiot if he thinks she would go from him.”

“I dunno but I’m kicking your butt!”

“No fair! You’re using cheats! Dad was right! You cheat.”

“Nope! You both just suck at this game!”




“Say, Bora.. You’re alien.. Can you use your jedi mind trick on BL’s mom? She’s fine and I want her to ride the Morde-train.”

“I guess I could.. Luna is better at that than me. But I guess it would be fun to test out my powers for once.”

“Awesome, I knew I could count on you, sis.”

“It’s cause you’re my favorite, Morde.”




“Not if this is going to work but doesn’t hurt to try…”





“I wonder if Bora’s trick worked. Sonoko seems to be following me.”

“Hey Morde..”

“Hey Sono-“




“I was a fool to deny you my Morde love. I must have you in me! Give me your body!”





“Really? You’ll be the first passenger on the Morde-train?”





“Oh shut up and kiss me my love!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”





“That was awesome.. Thanks for turning me into a man.”

“I will do anything for you my sweet love but we must keep our love a secret.”

“Yeah.. I guess.”





I notice since I gave birth to those 7 green demons, my ass was starting to look bubblelicious. That’s okay on a lady but not okay on a man.  I started a daily routine on getting my ass in the right shape. I can’t be walking around here with bubble butt. Not sure if Lois was into it but I needed to work on this hot body of mine.




“I…got….to…get..rid….of…this…bubble…butt… Gotta…stay….sexy!”





“Dada got bubble butt.”

“I know that Junior! But daddy is gonna pop this bubble.”

“Bubble butt!”

“Don’t remind daddy of his bubble butt, Junior!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 37, Should I wonder?

Things had been slightly strange lately. I’m not sure what’s going all but I’m starting to get a little concern. I have been having some wild dreams like me being in a house with 8 hot fairies who fought for my magic stick. It was kinda hot, it’s kinda my fantasy. 8 sexy fairies fighting for my loving and attention, it pretty hot. I knew this had to be a dream cause I seriously doubt some day 8 fairies would appear at my house wanting to all fuck me.

A man can dream ya know. I never been with a fairy and having 8 at once would be great but I know it would never be. Plus I still have my Lois. I do feel kinda guilty when I do have these dreams. It’s cause I really do enjoy them. But not all of my dreams were sexy dreams.





One dream was that I went to college with my uncle Zion. That dream was pretty lame with the whole going to school part. It only got interesting when I got to hook up with some hot college ladies. Maybe I would of gone to college if I didn’t have kids or a wonderful woman at home.





Then I had this one dream where I was at camp and the ladies kept going into labor. My aunt Rosette was one of them. That was a nightmare, her having more kids that she don’t need. There were some fine ladies there. The dream got worst when 3 of the babies were mine.





In another dream, I had this hot girlfriend but she couldn’t cook for shit. She didn’t mind if I hooked up with her sexy roommates. I knew it was a dream for sure. But that dream turned sour after I gotten all 4 ladies pregnant.





The dreams just keep getting stranger and stranger when I’m doing karaoke with a sun burnt vampire. Maybe I shouldn’t smoke pot before bed?





I did do some awesome DJing while naked. That was pretty fun in my dream. I have some good dreams and then some bad dreams.




My dreams are cut short sometimes, especially after club nights. The sounds of my crying brats waiting for breakfast, my teens fighting over the bathroom and Lois yelling at me to get up to help with sending the brats off to school. Sometimes reality sucks. Sometimes I wish I could stay in my dream lives. Everyday is the same thing here, wake up, feed the kids, send them to school, attend to the little ones with lunch, play time and afternoon naps, then help with homework with the older kids when they get home. It’s getting tiresome now days, I miss my old life and how things were. It was usually Greta who attended to my kids for the most part as I worked at the club.

I don’t see the club that much and they are thinking about getting another DJ. I can’t let that happen, DJing is something that I have passion for. I just can’t let it go. The Edge isn’t content of me just playing on the weekends, they want a full time DJ but I’m not available like I use to.





This just makes me want to stay in my dream worlds. I don’t have to worry about the stress of my life, mainly screaming kids. There is a certain fairy that was in my dream that stays in my mind sometimes. I don’t know her name but she seems familiar  It’s almost like I’ve been with her before. In my dream she tries to gain my attention the most. I seem to be drawn to her but I don’t know why. When I see her face, I wonder who she is, and why does she want my attention the most. But I’m soon awaken by the cries of my kids. She fades away. I can’t but wonder about her. Sometimes with her on my mind, I forget about Lois. What’s going on with me?



When things during the day settle down, I enjoy watching the little brats play. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I wanted these 3 kids and they were planned. I just struggle with giving up my old life. It feels like I’m losing a part of myself if I do. They won’t be little forever. I guess my DJ goal will be on hold until this happens.





One thing that getting annoying is Lois’ obsessive nagging about my diet. I shouldn’t be eating all of these greasy foods and blah blah blah. I’m immortal. These foods aren’t going to kill me. I tried to explain this to Lois but she’s not trying to hear it. Things about Lois is changing, I think it’s with age  or something. She was 18 when I first met her and now she’s 32, she isn’t as laid back like she use to. It’s now nag city with this lady. I still love her but I’m turned off by this new side of her.



“Damn woman, I do what I want! This sexy body will never get fat unless it’s one of Pedro’s damn alien brats!”





Bruce Lee’s has  been here for a days and she can’t seem to keep her hands off of me. Can you blame her? She knows about Lois but it doesn’t seem to registered in her mind. She grabs a hold of me and pull me into a kiss but I stop her each time. She talks about how she misses me and want my magic inside of her again. With that kind of talk and how Lois been acting lately.. I kinda wanna do something with her again. It’s been years but I know I need to get away from her. Maybe having her wasn’t a good idea.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Just the one time, Borage. I promise.”

“I want to but I can’t. I gotta stay true to my lady.”

“I guess you’ll never know how flexible I am now. I guess you’ll never know the new trick I can do with my tongue.” 




I’ll be lying if I said I’m not interested in knowing about her new trick.





I could show her a few new tricks I learned over the years with my tongue.





But of course… I gotta stay true to my lady. I guess I’ll never know about Tamagotchi’s new tricks.





Lois didn’t like the fact of Bruce Lee’s mom staying here. She didn’t trust her and didn’t trust me around her. She said she knows what she’s really up to and wants her gone. She would have to stay somewhere else and just visit Bruce Lee when he comes home after school. I tried to explained that things would be fine and how this is my house and I decide who can stay or not, she got mad. We argue for most of the day about it.





Lois went to the store and I headed to our bedroom to take a nap but I found Asia laying on my bed as she been waiting for me. She talked about how she’s waiting for me to come in as she watched Lois left for the store. I wanted to tell her to get dressed and leave my room but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.





I’m not sure what came over me but I found myself crawling in bed next to her. She rubbed my chest up and down before slowly moving her hands down to my crotch. She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, I couldn’t my bring myself to push her hand away or tell her to stop. She reached inside and grabbed my hard dick. “Feels like you’re ready.” She whispered into my ear. I didn’t say a word, I couldn’t say a word, I felt frozen. She undresses me and then I undressed her. I felt like a robot, taking her lead. My mind was blank, all I knew, all I wanted… was to be inside of her to give her the magic.





Before I knew, Lois came into the room asking if I seen her wallet. By then Yoko and I were getting dressed. Lois’ eyes widen as she saw us. There was no point denying that anything had happen between us.

“What’s going on in here?”

“I fucked her. I don’t why I did it but I did it. “

“You had sex with her?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry Lois.. Just things-“

“Just stop! I can’t believe you! I told you that I didn’t trust her or you around her! I can’t you believe you, Borage.”

“Lois.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t say another word!”





“Just hear me out Lois-“

“There’s nothing for you to say! I’m leaving! You can have your whore!”


“Don’t talk to me, Borage! I don’t wanna hear anything else you have to say! This is what I was afraid of!”





Lois pulled out her phone and texted someone before she left. She didn’t take the kids with her cause she said once she gets a place she would be back for them. It was hard trying to explain things to Baby cake about what happen between her mom and I. I know she isn’t willing to leave this house with Lois but she has no choice at this point. 

I fucked up badly. I couldn’t believe I let things get this far with BL’s mom. For the most part, she kept her distance although Lois had left the house. I’m regret everything at this point. I hate myself for breaking Lois’ heart. I did the one thing that I promise I wouldn’t do. I guess I can never change. I don’t know what to do at this point. I just wished that I didn’t fuck shit up. I’m terrible man for breaking this lady’s heart. She would of never done something like this is me. She would never cheated on me like I just did to her. I feel like the worst person on earth for doing this to her.





Only after 2 days, I woke up to find Lois in my room. I approached her only to be greeted by a kiss. I was confused about what was going on here. She pulls away and told me that she forgives me and how we can work this out. I’m still confused about how she forgiven me so soon. After she spoke to me, she acted as nothing had happen 2 days ago. I screwed up once and she forgives me just like that. Maybe we can work on things and patch it up. But something about this bothers me a little. She did forgive me about the thing with the hot tub girls but with BL’s mom, I actually fucked her and I was forgiven sooner than with the hot tub girls.




I talked to my brother Dodder about this. It still puzzles me since this was something major. Lois has pretending as she never left and nothing happen. BL’s mom is still at the house but only comes in to shower and sleep now. Lois seems to be find with that. One thing Dodder told me that bother me was, if Lois forgave me twice about being involved with another female so quickly and act as it never happen. It’s because she’s feeling guilty of something she had done and doesn’t hold nothing against me cause of it.





This brings me back to Junior. When I look at him, I see more of my dad than I do of me. I remember how Lois would act strange around my dad whenever he came around. This can’t be possible…





Is Junior really my brother? The thought of that being true, hurts. Did Lois hook up with my dad and haven’t told me? This can’t be true. These are some crazy thoughts. I just can’t believe that it could be possible true. My son really being my brother…





Should I wonder? The more I think about things, the more they start to make sense. Or maybe I’m just smoking too much pot. Should I wonder more about the possibilities of Junior not being my son and rather my brother. I find myself taking a dip into the ocean more often to collect my thoughts about this. The thought of just tears me apart. It’s been a while since I question myself about Junior  It’s only cause of what Dodder said.



But then I also question myself. Can I be a one lady man? After my recent actions and dreams about the unknown fairy, I’m starting to believe that I am not. As much as I love Lois, I think I’ll just keep hurting her. I can’t seem to control myself much longer if a lady were to throw herself on me. I think about my old life a lot. I miss my old life. How much more will Lois forgive me for my actions? I can’t bare to hurt her anymore.

I love this woman so much, I can’t keep hurting her like this. There’s one thing I could do, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Let her go. Maybe I’m not the right man for her. She deserves someone who will love her and won’t hurt her. I don’t feel like I’m that guy. Maybe I should set her free. Or maybe I should try harder to change.

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 36, First Kiss

Having this extra kid around started to made L2 come home sooner. I wonder where does he go after school. I would love to believe he’s out getting with ladies but I know that’s not true. I bet he was out doing his nerd shit like he always do. I want to go upside his head sometimes. He’s disappointing me bad.

“Ash, would you like to play a game of chess with me?”

“Sure L2.”

See there he go, doing nerd shit. What guy asks a female to play some nerd game? Only a nerd. I’m disappointed in him.




“I’m glad that you invited me to play chess with you. I kinda like staying here with you family but I don’t think your dad likes me very well.”





“My dad is a idiot, you just have to ignore anything he say most of the time. I’m sure he doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just a idiot. I think it’s kinda cool that you’re staying here. We get to hang out more.”





“Here is a lot better than my home. So you wanted to hang out with me?”

“Sure, we use to hang out a lot when we were kids. What happen?”


“Ha ha ha, I guess that’s true.”

“This is fun and all-“

“You wanna do something else?”

“Like what?”

“Watch the stars?”





“This is kinda nice. I can’t say I ever took the time to watch the stars. It’s something I was always curious about.”


“Yeah.. The night sky looks so beautiful. I’ve never noticed.”

“I notice something beautiful…”

“Like what, Ash?”










“Your hand.. It’s-“

“You want me to move it?”

“Um.. no.. I kinda like it.”

“If you’re not comfortable-“

“It’s fine Ash, really.”




“Check that out.”

“It tickle and zoomed away fast. Could it be a UFO?”

“Maybe. I think it’s my step mom Fayon, probably stalking my dad.”

“I thought your dad was married to Lois?”

“They are engaged.”

“But you said you have a step mom, so is your dad married already?”

“Yeah, it’s complicated.”




“I think we should get ready for bed now.”

“It’s a hour away.”

“I know but I like to get prepare.”

“Prepare before bed? What do you need to do first?”

“I umm.. I- uhhh..”




“Well what is it? You can tell me, L2. More homework?”





“No.. I just think we should go inside and get ready. I don’t wish to upset Lois. Plus I sometimes help with the little ones with their bedtime.”





“Ashley… You kissed me..”

“You didn’t like it?”









“Hey kid, let me see your candy.”





“Nope! It’s mine now, you little brat! You don’t need this anyway.”





“My yum yum! Give back!”





“I’m sorry Junior. You can have your candy back.”

“My yum yum, Bora.”





“You’re a cute little uncle. Daddy named you wrong. Silly daddy, this is your brother.”


“No daddy is your big brother. Your mama is a cheating whore.”

“Cheating whore?”

“Yep, that’s right little uncle. Your mama fucked my Papa and is pinning you on daddy. We can’t tell my daddy the truth yet. It’s a secret.”


“Yeah that’s when you kept your trap close or I’ll ease your memory. But you’re just a baby. You won’t remember this.”

“I’m the baby.”






I went to go check out the club that was about to go under. I liked the place so far. I think I just may open a strip club or something. I love my lady but I still like looking at other naked females. There’s no harm in just looking, right?





I met up with the current owner and we discussed about some things. I told him that I was interest in buying this club and possibly turning it into a strip club or something. He liked my idea and hopes that I’m serious about buying the place. He’s a new father to twins and wants to relocate his family to Sunset Valley.





“I think I can do something good here. Nice size and all.”

“I hope you are wanting to buy it. Business wasn’t doing so well. I bet you could bring new life to this place.”

“I might be able to. I wouldn’t make this into a private club. Maybe that’s your issue.”

“I felt this way would keep out the trouble makers. Maybe it was too private..”





“Are you ready to make a offer on this place now?”

“I want to but I should talk to my lady first.”

“She isn’t gonna let you. Trust me, I’m married. Ha ha ha.”

“Well it’s my money, if I wanna buy it then I’m gonna.”

“Sure, then you’re sleeping on the couch, son.”

“I’m gonna run the idea by her then I’ll get back with you.”

“Okay, I hope she’s more willing than my wife.”




After visiting the other club that could be mine someday, I headed to work. I did my usual, ordering a bunch of drinking before hand. I like to be pretty wasted before playing. I believe I mix better when I’m drunk.

“Hey Tyrone, let me get a gin and tonic. Make it a double. I can’t be sober when I work.”

“For the last time, my name is Brian not Tyrone.”

“Whatever Tyrone, just get me  my drink.”

“How many fuckin’ times I gotta tell you that my name isn’t Tyrone!”

“Well I think Brian is a stupid name, Tyrone.”




“I said make it a double, Tyrone. My drink is weak like your real name.”

“It’s a double, Borage!”

“No, this shit won’t get me where I wanna go.”


“No, to your mama’s bedroom.”

“What did you say about my mama?”

“She makes better drinks than you.”

“Go do your job asshole.”

“Do yours better.”




It was music time and I got behind my booth, mixing sweet music for the fine ladies mostly. It felt good being behind my booth once again. I miss DJing every night but it’s been cut down to just the weekends because of the kids. Once they get older, I can return to every night. Yeah it’s less time with my lady but more time doing something that I love and miss. My journey to super starness is on a slow start but I hope one day I can get back on this.




The crowd was feeling the beats I was playing that night. I notice a eyes from some lovely ladies were on me. I was feeling good knowing they were checking me out and all. Hey they can’t help themselves when I’m in the room. I got that magic that all the ladies want.




There was one certain lady there with stunning green eyes. I never seen eyes like that. She didn’t smile much but she couldn’t keep her eyes off me. I would pretend that I wasn’t looking at her and I would see her slowly crack a smile but when she notice that I’m looking at her, she stops. I wonder what’s going on in your her. I kinda wanna chat with her for a little bit.





I was about to switch to auto DJ so I could take a little break and hopefully chat with that green eyed lady but I saw her take off before I left my booth. Damn. Where she go? I hope I’ll see her again. I like a little mystery.





I happen to see a face that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was Bruce-Lee’s mama, China doll or whatever her name was. I wonder what’s she doing here, eyeing me down like I’m a eggroll.




“Hey Borage, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. How you been doing lately?”





“Pretty good. Remember that baby I put in you about 16  going on 17 years ago and you ran out on? When am I going to get some child support from it? You own me big time, Hentai.”





“You still don’t know my name.. It’s Sonoko for the last time. I know I shouldn’t had ran off on my son. I regret it everyday, but you made me so mad back then. How is our son doing? Does he ask about me?”





“Fine I guess. He haven’t asked about since he was 10. You knew what the deal was a long time ago. I wasn’t ready to be with anyone. I know you couldn’t help yourself and craved this delicious genie dick but you couldn’t have me all to yourself. Anyway, what brings you around now?”




“I’m divorced now, and I lost my house in a fire. I wonder if it’s possible if I could stay with you. By time, I can reconnect with our son. I miss him so much. Please Borage… May I stay with you for a week at least. I won’t stay long.”




“Since you’re BL’s mom, I guess. Not sure if Lois would like it but hey.. you’re my kid’s mom so it should be okay.”

“Thanks Borage. This means a lot to me. Wanna do some shots?”

“I see why not. I never turn down shots.”




After we did some shots and had a few drinks, we started to dance. I was enjoying myself for the first time in while. I don’t remember that last time I got to dance like it’s no tomorrow. I had fun doing this with Lani. It felt good doing this again. I just Lois was willing to do more with me.





But then this happen….





I was stunned for a moment. She kissed me. It felt nice. I mean real nice. I forgot how amazing BL’s mom kisses were. I wasn’t sure what to do in the moment. I wouldn’t mind if Anime wrapped her lips around my magic stick but I gotta remember. I’m with Lois now.

“Hey… I’m with my lady now.. You can’t be kissing on me like this. I know you want the magic but the magic is for my lady now.”




“Borage, what she don’t know won’t hurt her. I see you’re remembering how I was. I am your first. Your first kiss, your first fuck, I taught you everything you know, I made you into the type of love you are today. They way I see it, you own me. Remember all things I did with my mouth on your genie stick. Remember? I miss your magic, maybe I can refresh your memory.”





“Yeah and I also remember how you hated me and stop doing those freaky things with me.”





“I’m sorry Borage. I don’t hate you now. Let me make it up to you.”

“I’m not fucking you. You’re cut off from the magic.”

“Borage, do you really mean that?”


“So no blow job?”

“Well.. Maybe just this once.”





I kissed her. I don’t know why, but I kissed her. I couldn’t control myself when I was around her. I thought I had better control on my hormones but I didn’t tonight. I had Tamagotchi followed me into the mensroom so  and gave her a mouth full of my genie awesomeness. It felt good exploding my genie cream over all Mulan’s face.  She smiled with delight and licked my cream off of her lips. That kinda turned me on and she had another taste of me. When it was all over, we headed home. She wanted to follow me to my bed but I told her about Lois.

I showed her the room she could stay in for a week. As I was about to leave she grabs my arm then pushes me on the bed to give my magic stick another tongue massage with a happy ending. It was almost dawn and I knew I needed to head to bed soon. I cleaned myself up and got into bed with Lois. 3 blow jobs in one night. Wow. It’s not cheating if it’s just head, right? Lois might not forgive me this time, especially since I let her finish me off 3 times. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Am I turning back?





“Yes Borage, return to yourself. Having you all lovey dovey is annoying. You’re better off without that slut Lois. If we can’t tell you the truth about Junior then maybe returning you to your true self will break you and the whore up. I’ll do anything at this point to rid Lois from this house. Even if I’m helping with your stupid mission. I just might let you remember your night with Diamond Flare. She had your twins and was fond over you. I don’t see why, you’re a douche.”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 35, Life goes on

Greta finally shown up after being M.I.A. for some time. I was curious of where have she been this whole time. She told me how she was enjoying herself for once with traveling and such. She likes caring for kids but wanted some time for herself. I guess a month would be fine but almost 2 years? I got new babies now and they need a need a nanny. Then she said she was just dropping by to check on their before going on another cruise with a friend of hers. I’m like, you kinda have a job here ya know? You’re only dropping by to check in on things? What the fuck am I paying you for then? She told me that it looks like I have everything under control and how I didn’t need her services anymore. She figure since with Lois staying here and most of my kids are teens, I would be fine.




“I have 3 little ones now. Isn’t that enough to make you stay?”

“You’re doing fine Borage. You don’t need me that much now. Your little ones have their mother here. My services aren’t needed.”

“Lois is wanting to go back to working at the hospital but with the small ones…”

“Lois will find a way. Most parents without  nannies do. But I do have a favor to ask of you.”


“Would you take in my friend’s granddaughter? There’s trouble at home and my friend doesn’t feel her granddaughter should stay. We are going on a cruise for a year and her granddaughter shouldn’t be left home alone for that long.”

“I dunno.”

“After all I have done for you..”

“Fine Greta..”




The girl’s name is Ashley Woods, she’s already friends with some of my kids. I remember her hanging out with L2 a lot they there kids. He liked her and I told him she’s hag, he needed to crush on a prettier girl. I guess Ashley is okay now but still, L2 need to get with hotter chicks than her. He has my good looks so it’s not like he can’t find a hot lady. He’s still wasting those good looks I gave him on those damn books he keeps reading. I was unsure about letting this girl stay but Greta has done so much for me.

“I promise I won’t be a burden on you, Mr. Montigo-Gelman.”

“Just call me Borage.”


“I’m glad you agreed to this, Borage. Ashley is a wonder child.”




“So there’s no way you’ll come back?”

“Well there’s a way, Borage. If you agree to be the father of my child.. Pedro visited me and extended my time to have a baby.”

“Greta, you know I won’t do that.”

“Okay, if for whatever reason you ended up with a bunch of babies again and all alone. I will come back. You don’t need me now. Besides, it’s good for you to care for your own kids.”


“I see one of your babies need you.”

“That’s Lotus Rae.”




I went to attend to Lotus as Greta settles Ashley in and say her good byes to the kids. I wish she would stay so Lois could return to work. I guess maybe Greta should have her own life. Can’t believe that she still wants my baby. Maybe having her go is a good thing then. It’s no way in hell, I’m hooking up with a old lady. Gross. If she was 60 years younger, then maybe.




“So you’re staying with us for a year?”

“Yep, issues at home. My grandma said I would be better off anywhere than at home.”

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not suppose to say. And I rather not say.”

“Oh okay. It’s cool.”




“So where is L2 at?”

“Probably studying at the library. Daddy hates seeing him be smart.”

“Don’t all parents want to see their kids smart?”

“Not daddy. He wants L2 to study a female’s body instead of books.”

“That’s strange.”

“Not with daddy. The boys all gotta be ladies men like him. Or like he was.. Why ask about L2?”


“Yeah right, you like him or something?”





“Maybe you should like another boy. My son would be settling with you.”

“Settling? What on earth do you mean?”

“My son has my good looks, he’ll just be wasting it if he doesn’t get with hotter girls.”

“You’re saying I’m ugly?”

“No, you’re average. My son can get with much hotter girls. He may lack my genie magic but he still got my looks.”

“That’s kinda harsh, Borage..”

“It’s the truth. You’re better off with another boy than L2.”

“Daddy you’re being mean!”

“No baby cake, I’m just honest.”

“Maybe he’s right, PC. L2 doesn’t see me more than a friend.”





“Dad has been mixing drinks since he was 7. Maybe I should start on it on. I think bar tend in my own club and give all the ladies with nice boobs free drinks. Then they’ll be so drunk and show them too me. I’ll be in boob heaven. That’s what I’ll do! I hope I can mix drinks as good as dad. I wonder would my mom think? Ahh who cares, she walked out of life without saying bye.”





“I gotta a lot work to do. This drink is terrible.”





“What the fuck are you eating? This pizza is good.”

“Burnt mac n’ cheese.”


“Cause I didn’t want to hurt Lois’ feelings.”

“Who cares about terrible cooking. She’s so lame like her lame daughter.”

“Why do you hate PC so much?”





“Maybe cause she’s a stuck up bitch.”

“You’re just mad cause daddy don’t like you.”

“Shut up brat! At least I wasn’t abandoned  by my other parent. Your mom couldn’t stand your hag face, Mimi.”

“Hey! That’s not true!”

“Yeah huh!”




“That’s cool that you’re staying with us. So you single?”

“Yeah why ask?”

“Just wondering.”

“I do like someone in this house.”

“Does his name start with a M and ends a I?”


“That’s too bad for you.”




“Ash has nice boobs. I wonder if I can get a little touch.”





“Mordecai! What are you trying to do?!”

“Uh nothing..”





“Were trying to touch my breast?!”

“No..maybe.. Do you want me to?”





“No! I do not want you to touch my breast.”

“Not even a little squeeze? Those are nice, Ash.”

“Thanks but NO Mordecai! What’s wrong with you.”

“Nothing. What’s wrong with you? Can a guy get a little feel?”

“Get out of my face…”





“Dad, I don’t understand. I did what you said and she still won’t let me touch her boobs!”





“Yum yums.”






“BORAGE! Did you feed Junior cake for dinner?!”


“He cannot have cake for dinner!”

“Why not? He likes it.”




“Junior, you’ll be starting preschool soon so I gotta teach you how to speak to ladies correctly. I know you’re not a genie but you can still say, “Wanna see some magic? It’s in my pants.””






“Look kid, don’t disappoint your daddy! Try again.”






“See magic in pants!”





“That’s my boy! Daddy is proud.”

“Magic pants.”

“Yep, you have magic in your pants, for the ladies.”





“Now you when you see your mama, you say, “Pretty mama.””
















“I should slap you for that. Don’t call your mama a slut. She’s a perfect lady, not a slut. Who taught you that?”


“Then I’m gonna slap her…”





“Boragio, can you say mama?”


“No Boragio, don’t ever say that again. Say mama.”

“Tits, mama.”

“Boragio no! Let’s try something else. Say nose. It’s what you have.”





“Genie dick.”





“I am going to kill Borage and Mordecai.”





I got yelled at for telling Boragio about his genie dick. But hey, he gotta know what he has ya know. Lotus so far haven’t said vulgar yet. She’s a girl and I’m easier on her. I’m teaching my little cupcake to be a lady while my boys will be future ladies men like I was once was. I gotta admit that I do miss my old life in some ways. That doesn’t mean I don’t like my life now. It’s perfect.





“How is my little girl? Did you miss your mommy?”





“Shut up. Whore.”


Never mind, I guess Lotus is as vulgar as her brothers. Lois was angry after what Lotus said and instantly blamed me for it. I didn’t teach Lotus no such thing. Lois and I fought about the issue and thinks everything vulgar thing my kids say is my fault. It might be half true but she forgets about my teenage kids. I notice Luna had taken a lot of interest in Lotus lately. I have a strong feeling she could of been the one who taught Lotus that plus she taught Junior to call Lois a slut instead of mama. I grounded Luna for that. After school Luna takes Lotus into her room since I grounded her.

I made Luna return Lotus back into her playroom. I don’t want Luna teaching her anymore stuff. But Lotus cries and follows Luna. I can’t stand hearing my cupcake cry like that. She seems attached to Luna. So I let Luna take her with her. Then I notice Lotus is starting to have a dislike towards her mom. Whenever she’s upset, Lois tries to comfort her but Lotus isn’t having it. Luna seems to be the only one who can comfort her.  Why isn’t my cupcake not bonding with her own mom but with her sister instead?  Lois questions it but I just left it alone. If Luna is what make cupcake happy then let it be. I do whatever to keep her happy. Of course Lois isn’t happy about it and wants me to get to the bottom of it. She wonders if Luna is brainwashing  with her alien magic. PC is usually in the room and she say nothing weird goes on. Luna just plays with cupcake and let her finger paint. I see nothing wrong with it but Lois wants it to stop. I un grounded Luna and she takes her outside to play. Lois was angry at me for letting Luna off the hook. We fought again, but Luna is my kid and if I decide she’s off the hook then what I say go. Luna isn’t hurting her. She just likes the kid. I don’t believe Luna is using alien magic to turn cupcake against like Lois does. My cupcake could never hate her own mom, cupcake just has favorites like her daddy. Nothing evil is going on. Lois isn’t convinced but I think she’s overreacting.

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 34, Junior

 photo Screenshot-2360_zps3de1bc15.jpg


Lois’ pregnancy with our baby is going okay. PC wasn’t thrill about the baby at first but over time she liked the idea of having a full little sibling around. I figure she may get jealous but I told baby cake that she’ll always be my princess. I’ll never forget about my baby girl. Baby cake talked about how she does miss having a baby in the house. Baby cake and Lilah were very fond of little Apollo, whom bitch Fayon took away. Fayon has made contact with me a few times, but I told her unless she plan on returning my twins, then I have no interest in speaking with her. She wants me to tell her that I love her but that’s not gonna happen. Why you wanna hear a lie?




 photo Screenshot-2430_zps82edd8ac.jpg


My Angel baby, Mimi is walking around after being in a wheelchair for months. She does more running than walking suddenly. She didn’t start walking until we got a Bonehilda to help around the house. Greta still hasn’t returned from her trip. It’s been months and I haven’t heard from her. I am getting a little worried about Greta. I wonder what happen to her and why haven’t she came back?





 photo Screenshot-2372_zpsd2a712f9.jpg


Mordecai turned 13 on this day. That’s great.. Another moody teenager in the house. Watching these brats grow reminds me that I am getting older. I was 21 when Bruce-Lee was born, now he’s 16 and a half. But I remember how my genie powers keeps me looking so sexy. I shouldn’t worry about aging since I’m pretty much immortal and age slow.





 photo Screenshot-2381_zpsdf710d16.jpg


Mordecai aged nicely, handsome like me of course but I’m still not convinced that he’s mine. Look at him. He favors my dad more, and doesn’t have my genie genes. Is Mordecai really mine? I guess since he wants to be like me. Smart choice kid but the real ladies man is gonna be L2 as soon as he stops that nerd shit. I’m gonna go upside L2’s head if he don’t stop that shit for real. He needs to check out ladies instead of checking out books. I guess I could share my wisdom about the ladies with Mordecai since he seems more interest in girls than book. I’m still gonna push L2.




 photo Screenshot-2388_zpsaebe3612.jpg


“Lois, how long are you going to let dumb ass believe the baby is his?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t play dumb, Lois. I know that baby isn’t going to be my brother. That baby is my uncle.”

“We don’t know what the gender is yet. Plus you can’t tell if this baby isn’t Borage’s. This baby is his. There’s no chance of this baby not belonging to him.”

“Cut the shit, Lois. You know there’s a chance that the baby isn’t Borage’s. I can tell you already, the baby isn’t my brother.”




 photo Screenshot-2390_zps3d6f792a.jpg


“Luna, I don’t know what you’re talking about but there’s no chance of this baby not belonging to your dad. This baby is your sibling rather you like it or not.”

“He’s not my brother! The baby is my uncle! I can sense it! You fucked my grandpa and won’t admit it.”

“I did no such thing..”

“Then how can this baby be my uncle then?  I may not like dumb ass that much, but stop lying to him.”

“Luna, I’m not liking your tude right now but you need to quit or you’re ground.”

“You can’t tell me what to do. You’re not my mom! I know the baby isn’t Borage’s and I want you to stop lying to him.”

“I think you should go to your room NOW!”

“I think you should tell my dad the truth..”

“So now he’s your dad?”

“Only when I care about his feelings. Unlike you.. You don’t give a shit about him. You’re just another drunk slut..”





 photo Screenshot-2392_zps2d791722.jpg


“Suziu, it’s been months since I last talked to you. You said you were coming back in 2 weeks after you left with the babies.”

“I am sorry, Luna. Things tied up. I will come soon. How school is? Good grades?”

“Yes Suziu. School is fine but I want to talk about Lois with you. She’s pregnant and I know the baby isn’t Borage’s. Won’t tell him the truth. Should I?”

“No Luna. It not your place to tell. Borage will find out on own. You cannot tell.”

“Why not? I can’t stand her and I hate she’s lying to Borage about this. I can’t pretend the baby is my sibling.”

“Lois must tell Borage. It not your place, Luna. Lois will tell if she want help.”

“No she won’t, Suziu. She’s not gonna tell him. I should. Why would she need help from you?”

“Luna no. Lois will tell if she want marriage to end of Borage and Fayon.”

“Borage shouldn’t marry her. I can’t allow this.”

“Luna stay out. Truth will come. Wait.”

“Do you really want Borage to marry Lois?”

“No. Wives be in the way of research. I wish to end marriage of Borage and Fayon soon. I must carry on research. I must go.”

“Bye Suziu. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”




 photo Screenshot-2395_zpsee7c6711.jpg


“Hi Suziu!”

“Bora Bora, you used powers. I am proud.”

“Yeah I decided to use them for once. I miss you. When are you coming back?”

“Soon. I come for another baby soon.”

“You’re getting daddy preggo again?”

“Yes, no. Borage carries one baby. I carry other. New experiment I try.”

“Oh wow okay. Have fun with that. I wanna see the babies.”

“Will send pic. I must go now.”




 photo Screenshot-2399_zpsf3e072b6.jpg


Lois talked about how Luna has been rude to her a lot and thinks I need to start acting like a parent to her. I think things between Luna and I are fine. But if she’s being rude to my lady, then maybe I should lay the law down on green bitchzilla. Then Lois said I need to stop calling her that and call her by her name. That’s gonna be hard to do but I will try for my lady if it makes her happy.




 photo Screenshot-2402_zpsaa3cb1ff.jpg


The Lois told me some awesome news about our baby.

“Lois, I went to the doctor today. It looks like the baby is going to be a boy. We should think of names now.”

“A boy? That’s awesome. I know what we could name him.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“We should name him after his dad.”

“Name him after his dad? …. I guess so.. Um.. Did Luna say something to you?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You don’t think my name is right for our baby?”

“Oh right.. Yeah, we can do that. Name him after his dad.. You.”

“Of course I’m his name. Who else would it be? My dad? That would be fucked up, I’ll be pissed. I know you wouldn’t do anything with my dad and I know how he’s looking for baby mamas.”

“It’s been a crazy day for me, of course the baby is yours. Your dad looks nice but not as sexy as you. I wouldn’t touch him if he wanted me to.”

“I know that’s right. I can’t wait to meet Borage Jr. He’s gonna be as sexy like his daddy.”

“You’re silly.”




 photo Screenshot-2407_zps3fd6c186.jpg


It was getting close for Junior to being born. I couldn’t wait to meet my namesake and teach him my pimp ways until he meets the right lady like I did. We got the room set up and now we just wait for Junior to be born.




 photo Screenshot-2410_zps8dc5d3d5.jpg


It wasn’t long until Junior made his entrance into this world.




 photo Screenshot-2411_zps1be4149f.jpg


I just hope Lois’ baby juice doesn’t ruin my nice carpet. It’s coming out of the kid’s trust fund if it does.




 photo Screenshot-2432_zps0d1c9025.jpg


I was happy when we took home our new baby Borage LaMar Montigo-Gelman Jr. He was perfect like his mama and sister. Everyone was happy to see the new baby but Luna wouldn’t come near him. Not sure what her deal was but I don’t care.





 photo Screenshot-2434_zpsd04fe0a9.jpg


For the first time ever, I actually help take care of this baby with feedings and diaper changing. It’s gross but my lady needed her rest. I took off some time for the club to look after Junior. I’m so glad that we have him.




 photo Screenshot-2443_zps554551f6.jpg


As the months passed, Junior got bigger but I notice something about him. He didn’t have my genie powers or hair. He looked a lot like my dad but had Lois’ purple eyes. I didn’t think much of it cause L2 and Mordecai didn’t get my genie powers and look like my dad. I had DNA tests done on those two, they are mines so there’s no point testing to see if Junior is mine.




 photo Screenshot-2465_zps4b271d61.jpg


I know this baby is mine but I still find myself questioning it. I don’t know why I am. Look at him. He’s perfect. He’s my son.




 photo Screenshot-2444_zps640cf0e7.jpg


The kids help out a lot with Junior which gave Lois and I more time together….




 photo Screenshot-2450_zpsa6fe31d0.jpg


Maybe too much time cause now were having another baby 6 months after Junior was born. The doctor told us it’s twins this time.




 photo Screenshot-2452_zps83f46f20.jpg


We had a little girl named Lotus Rae. She reminds me of Baby cake when she was a baby. LR is my little cupcake, she’s perfect.




 photo Screenshot-11_zps10d0ab36.jpg


The other baby was a boy who I named Boragio. I now have 4 perfect kids with my lady. I’m the happiest guy on Earth.




 photo Screenshot-15_zpsdcb49c41.jpg


The twins look a lot like me I notice as they got older. They both have my genie gene unlike Junior. I wonder why it skipped my namesake? 




 photo Screenshot-20_zps5a3ef7dc.jpg


When I looked into Boragio’s eyes, I see me. I don’t see me when I look into Junior’s eyes. I see my dad. It’s strange, maybe there’s just some weird genetics going on or something. Sometimes I wonder if Boragio should of been my namesake since he’s a genie. It makes since if he was. It’s too late for that anyway.




 photo Screenshot-2478_zps47f2159f.jpg


When I looked into Lotus’ eyes, I see myself as well. She has my eyes, hair and my genie powers. Lotus and Boragio both feel more like my kids than Junior. I gotta shake off these weird feelings. I know in my heart that all 3 kids are mine. It’s not possible that Junior is my…brother. Lois couldn’t.. She just couldn’t.. I can’t even bare the thought of her being involved with my dad… It’s not possible.




 photo Screenshot-45_zps83b84c14.jpg


I was sent a photo of the alien kids after they went through their transformations  That’s nice and all but when is Fayon going to send back my twins Apollo and Nova? That’s my only concern right now.

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 33, Temptation

 photo Screenshot-2335_zps10609635.jpg

I returned home from visiting Celsia’s house in Hidden Springs. I’ll tell ya that my visit there was very interesting. I think I may pay Celsia a few visits here and there even if I think she’s a hag. I think it’s funny how she wants to fuck 1000 men. I thought she had already. I think Hidden Springs  won’t be fond with their new town’s slut. Before dropping off my mom and aunt to the airport, my dad got a call from one of his other kids asking him to visit them cause one of my brothers had a alien baby too. I guess my bro will feel my pain about giving birth to green spawns of hell. He better be glad he only gave birth and not 9 of them like I did. My ass hasn’t been the same since birthing those 7 demons. I think my ass and hips got bigger.

I was happy to finally be home once again. I miss my lady and I know how much she misses me even if I was gone for only a day. It’s good to be home but I can’t stop thinking about what happen in Hidden Springs last night. I’ll admit.. I do have some guilt.




 photo Screenshot-2338_zps9f3619c0.jpg

Lois was still asleep when I came home. I decided to slip into bed and hold her. She’ll be surprised to see me. I guess you’re wondering my side of the story during my trip in Hidden Springs. Well it was a night to remember is what I can say..




 photo Screenshot-2552_zpse24cd344.jpg

It all started when I went outside to make a call to Lois but got a strange and drunken email from my sister Carrie who just moved to Lucky Palms. She talked about how she likes full moons, and wants a ghost baby. Then she said she thinks I’m hot and if we weren’t related she would have my baby. Why do I have a feeling that she wouldn’t care if we have the same dad and still wants my baby? It’s not the first time I was hit on by someone who was related. I lost count of how many times Rosette came into my room drunk when I was a teen and tried to touch me. She wanted me to pretend that I was my dad since I looked like him. Rosette is fucked up. Finn installed a lock on my door to keep her out. But anyway I also got a text from Tequila telling me how she got a cucumber stuck in her vag. I’m getting tried of her. I guess I won’t be making a visit to Lucky Palms now that I have 2 crazy sisters living there. I did finally give Lois a call but I notice someone had walked past me.




 photo Screenshot-2555_zpsa9b42ee3.jpg

Her name is Danica. She lives across the street from my sister. I’ll be lying if I said she wasn’t hot. I was surprised to know that Celsia had friends but she was just there to greet whoever lived there.



 photo Screenshot-2557_zpsbee3fbca.jpg

Danica knew who I was right away. She had seen me DJ at The Edge in Starlight Shores. She and her friends would travel here just to go clubbing and see me in action. I’m quite flattered to have some fans now. It’s good that my name is getting around now. She pointed out how I was around often but it’s cause of those damn alien babies I had. I wouldn’t tell her about that but I’m ready to get back into action and get more hot fans like her.




 photo Screenshot-2562_zps5ba1ae8b.jpg

She invited me over to hang out with her and her friends, they were having a cook out. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea about hanging out at a house with possible hot ladies but they demanded to see BMG and who am I to deny them of my sexiness? I guess if nothing happens then it should be okay with Lois.




 photo Screenshot-2571_zpsf9d31550.jpg

She has a nice place. I think this would be a okay town to raise my kids with Lois with but Starlight Shores is my home. How can I work on being a super star DJ here when it lacks a night light. I may not be aiming to bang 1000 ladies but I still have my goal to be a super star DJ.




 photo Screenshot-2572_zpsf8946cc6.jpg

“Wanna meet my friends? I know they can’t wait to meet you. They are not gonna believe that I found you and you wanna hang with us.”

“Yeah, I’m ready to meet them. That much of a fan huh?”

“Yep! We love the music that you play. Have you made any music yourself?”

“I want to but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. When I get the time, I’ll whip up some of my own tracks.”

“I can’t wait! Maybe you can named a track after me?”


“Cool, Lani is making drinks. Maybe you should go chat with her.”




 photo Screenshot-2576_zpsd9729003.jpg

I went over and had a drink with Lani. She’s pretty sexy herself. I couldn’t help but notice her big ass titties. If I could slide my genie dick between those I would be in heaven. I gotta get those thoughts out my head. I should only be thinking about Lois but DAYUM! Dem titties! I can’t stop looking.




 photo Screenshot-2578_zps6c7095bb.jpg


“BMG, do you mind me calling you that?”

“You could call me big daddy if you want to, sweet lady.”

“You’re funny. So when are you going to play at The Edge again?”

“My work leave is almost over. I think that I might open up my club.”

“Really? If you do then maybe I’ll move to Starlight Shores. I do miss the beach. I’m from Sunlit Tides.”

“That’s a nice place. I heard that place is full of sexy ladies and I see that’s true. I bet they don’t have as nice titties like yours though.”




 photo Screenshot-2580_zpsaf332d1a.jpg


“Ha ha ha! You’re silly. I plan on taking a trip there soon to see family soon.”

“I have family there too. I haven’t been there yet but I will soon.”

“Maybe we’ll run into each there…”

“Maybe.. It would be a sweet surprise to see you and dem titties there.”




 photo Screenshot-2582_zps0f233420.jpg


“I didn’t know that you were this funny. Wanna dance? I love dancing.”




 photo Screenshot-2581_zps69b3a563.jpg


“Yeah I see no harm in dancing with a sexy lady like you. I kinda wanna see dem titties bounce.”




 photo Screenshot-2584_zpsc80d215f.jpg


Lani got some moves on her. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her nice ass jiggling like jello. I like dancing with Lani. I can see that she’s a lot of fun so far. I didn’t mind that she grind on me a few times. It felt nice but I need to take some control. I’m trying to keep Lois on my mind but it’s hard watching Lani dance around with her nice assets shaking and jiggling around. I was having fun with Lani, I will admit that. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a lady.

I love dancing and Lois isn’t much of a dancer. Since she’s trying to stay sober, she doesn’t like going to the club. I love to dance, I love feeling the beat of music. Lois idea of fun and doing a puzzle together or fishing down by the ocean. It’s fun but I wanna do my thing for once. I’m a Montigo, we love to party. It’s in my blood. Dancing with Lani made me feel alive. It’s a feeling that I haven’t had in a while. I love Lois but I need to still be myself too. I hope I won’t have too much fun with Lani. I’m starting to get a little stiff if you know what I mean.




 photo Screenshot-2588_zps0488b0d4.jpg


“You got some nice moves, BMG.”

“I can say the same about you, sexy. Mmm.. Dat ass, girl.”

“You’re silly. You like what you see huh?”

“Hell yeah I do but Lani.. I got a lady back at home.”

“Oh I see.. Married?”

“I do have a wife and I have a fiancée too.”

“Huh? How is that possible?”

“My bitch alien wife tricked me into marrying her but I’m in love with someone else.”

“Does your wife know about your fiancée?”

“Yeah but she doesn’t know they we are engaged.”

“Sounds pretty twisted..”




 photo Screenshot-2590_zpsda1e5299.jpg


“I see you’re having fun with Lani. Here’s my other friend Dove. So feel like taking a dip in the hot tub?”




 photo Screenshot-2592_zpsa9bdb66b.jpg


“I would like too but I didn’t pack anything to get wet in.”




 photo Screenshot-2593_zps28685ae9.jpg


“That’s okay BMG. I was thinking we all should skinny dip if that’s okay with you?”

“He’s a guy, Danica. Men don’t care. Take your clothes off, BMG! Let’s see that body.

“Calm down a little, Dove.”




 photo Screenshot-2595_zps58f2d8f8.jpg


“Well.. I dunno.. I want to but not sure if Lois would like me being naked around other naked women. My genie dick is amazing, you might get excited when you see it.”




 photo Screenshot-2598_zps5169b362.jpg


“Lois isn’t here is she? What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides.. we’ll behave if you do. It’s all a little fun. Were all adults here.”




 photo Screenshot-2596_zpsc1117b38.jpg


“I see your point. It’s harmless if nothing happens. So when do I get to see dem titties?”




 photo Screenshot-2600_zps0ea06566.jpg


I never thought I would be skinny dipping with 3 sexy ladies. This was a goal that I was aiming for before Lois but now that it’s happening, I’m not sure what to do now. I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of fucking all 3 in this hot tub right now. I never had a 4 way and wouldn’t mind having one but I’m committed to Lois. I gotta stay strong but I think I can. This what Lois was worried about but I promise her that I wouldn’t cheat on her. I think I’m being tested on my faithfulness but I didn’t think it was going to be this hard. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Lani and would rather be sitting next to her. I think the girl next to me keeps farting. I guess Danica notice how I was focus on Lani and asked to trade spots.




 photo Screenshot-2604_zps29d19d30.jpg


“BMG, don’t you wanna see closer to me? I promise I won’t bite unless you want me too.”




 photo Screenshot-2610_zpsc48845c6.jpg


“I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be doing this.. But why not. Girl, you is fine.”

“You’re easy on the eyes too. You’re a breath of fresh air ya know. The men here don’t look as good as you BMG.”

“I got those Montigo-Gelman genes, it’s dynamite. I can’t help but be double sexy. So can I see them?”

“See what?”

“Your juice balloons. Your braids are in the way. A little peek is harmless right?”

“You are too funny, BMG.”




 photo Screenshot-2612_zps08483c6b.jpg


“BMG.. I wanna cut to the chase. We invited you over in hopes of having a 4 way with you.”




 photo Screenshot-2615_zps079260cf.jpg


“Seriously? Well.. I.. um.. I kinda would like that but.. Lois.. I can’t betray her.”

“BMG, you told me about your wife and fiancée thing. Honestly you’re not being faithful to either one of them.”

“I wanna divorce my wife but she ran off to her home planet.”




“How about just oral? That’s not really cheating. It’s not like real sex.”

“I like that idea, Dove. Besides BMG, Lani is right ya know. You’re cheating on the wife when you’re with your fiancée. Then you’re cheating on your fiancée when you’re with your wife. Until you divorce one and marry the other, you’re unfaithful regardless.”




 photo Screenshot-2619_zps6bec6549.jpg


“Oral would sound nice. I wouldn’t mind tasting you if that’s all I can get from you BMG.”

“I guess maybe you ladies have a point but I’m not sure about this. I still think it might not be a good idea but I’m curious about it.”

“Are you okay with us giving you oral? I bet it will be amazing.”

“I never had 3 ladies wanting to do oral on me at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance like this again.”

“It’s just oral, not real sex so it will be okay.”

“Hmm… I guess this once won’t hurt.”




I probably shouldn’t be doing this with these ladies but I will never have a chance like this again. They say oral is not real sex so it should be okay right? This is every man’s dream right. 3 hot ladies licking my genie dick like a lollipop. This felt so good.




I had a lot of thoughts racing in my race. Mainly a voice telling me that this isn’t right and it’s still cheating. I should stop.. But it feels good.. I can’t pull myself away from them.




 photo Screenshot-2629_zps2f6c9670.jpg


I felt like I was about to explode my genie cream all over their faces at any moment but I knew I had to stop before things go too far. I pulled away from the ladies. They were confused and thought I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it though. I loved it. I think I loved it too much. I shouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t fair to Lois. This is what she was afraid of. I got dressed and decided maybe I should head back to my sister’s house. Their mouths were amazing but I shouldn’t even allowed this. It’s hard to fight off this temptation.




 photo Screenshot-2630_zps1972b086.jpg


“I’m sorry ladies.. but I can’t. I gotta stay true to my lady.”

“It’s okay BMG. We understand.”

“Were sorry if we pressured you in anyway.”

“Don’t worry ladies.. I just got a little too curious.”

“It’s not like you came. You’re still in the good, BMG.”

“Yeah but I was very close to, Dove.”




 photo Screenshot-2635_zps166317ba.jpg


“I think I should head back to my twin’s house.”

“That’s fine, BMG. It was nice meeting and hanging out with you.”

“Me too, Danica. I may stop in town later on.”

“Feel free to drop by over here. We promise we’ll behave next time.”

“I just may, Lani.”



 photo Screenshot-2636_zps1f8e3e00.jpg


As I was about to leave, Lani gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. “Call me, we can be just friends.” I winked at her, I guess that would be okay if we were just friends. She slipped me her number on a business card into my pocket. I told them all bye and I’ll see them later.




 photo Screenshot-2639_zps41067442.jpg


You might be think I’m crazy for walking away from 3 sexy ladies who are wanting my loving. I’m just crazy in love.




 photo Screenshot-2642_zpsdf95bc0d.jpg


“So now what do we do now, Danica?”

“BMG’s twin sister is the one who moved across. Maybe we could befriend her then we would see him again, Lani.”

“Really? This will work out perfectly then. We should invite her over and then we can get even closer to BMG, Danica.”

“Yeah Lani, I guess that would be the plan for now. I was trying to meet her anyway to be a real friend but knowing that BMG is her twin. This works out perfectly, Lani.”

“I hope she’s friendly cause I really wanna see him again.  His genie dick is amazing, Danica”

“Trust me Lani, BMG will be seeing us again.”

“I just totally farted! Ha ha ha!”

“Gross Dove! Stop doing that shit! You’ll scare off our BMG for sure!”

“What can I say? I love farting!”




 photo Screenshot-2645_zps41041e4d.jpg


“Danica, even if we see BMG again.. Would it be a waste of time again? What if he chickens out again? Maybe we should leave him be. He seems nice. I would like to be his friend as well.”

“Lani, BMG can crack. He won’t always stay faithful if he’s surrounded by temptation every where he goes.”

“What do you by that, Danica?”

“Let’s give our friends back in Starlight Shores a call. Have them throw themselves at him. He’ll crack then.”

“That could work but he’s a bit vulgar. They wouldn’t get pass that.”

“Yeah you’re right, he has no real charm. But he’s just so sexy. I think they can get pass it. But hey.. I know someone who has been with him before. She wouldn’t mind hooking up with him again.”


“My old friend Sonoko Lee. She did have a baby by him and Mitch left her. If she can break his relationship like he did hers then we can have him.”

“Honestly that’s kinda terrible thing to do. I think we should leave him be and just be friends. Maybe BMG has some single brothers.”

“Lani, please. I thought you wanted him.”

“..Not like this.”

“Lani, it’s gonna be fine. Sonoko would be all for this. It’s kinda like pay back. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces. Don’t chicken out on us now.”




 photo Screenshot-2648_zps4e7a307c.jpg


I returned back just to be bitched at by my twin. Not sure why she’s acting like my wife now. Cece is a odd one. She thinks that I fucked those ladies, I didn’t but I almost.




 photo Screenshot-2362_zpsa21fc010.jpg


Even if I didn’t have sex with them, I still felt guilty and told Lois about it. At first she yelled at me and wouldn’t speak to me for a few hours.




 photo Screenshot-2365_zps9b879922.jpg


But later she came around and told me that she forgives me since it was just a little oral. I told her that I wouldn’t do anything like that again. She made me promise that I would stay away from them. However she never said I couldn’t speak them to. I still had Lani’s number. I told Lois about Lani giving me her number how she felt bad and only want to be friends. Lois said it was fine as long as I don’t hang out with her. I told her that she lives in Hidden Springs so she wouldn’t have to worry about that. Honestly.. I would like to hang out with her. Lani seems fun in a way. Maybe she and Lois can be friends. They are both black and wear weave, that’s something in common, right?




 photo Screenshot-2348_zps1ad5b48c.jpg


One night I wanted to have a pillow fight with Lois. I wanted some fun but she wasn’t having it. She kept telling me to stop. I don’t get it. I wanna do some fun things with her but it’s hard since she never wanna do anything I wanna do. I’m sure Lani would of had fun doing something like this.




 photo Screenshot-2347_zps896a789c.jpg


“Borage, stop!”

“C’mon, baby. I wanna have some fun. I won’t hurt you.”

“Borage! I can’t do this… Just stop please.”

“Why? Am I hurting you?”




 photo Screenshot-2350_zps054255e7.jpg


“I’m sorry Borage but you can’t hit a pregnant woman with pillows. Were having a baby!”




 photo Screenshot-2352_zpsa4683268.jpg


“That explains why the trash bin isn’t filled with your vag blood stoppers this month. Were finally gonna have a baby!”




 photo Screenshot-2356_zps7aa25795.jpg


I was happy when I found out that were gonna have a baby again. Baby making was fun but this doesn’t mean that we should stop having a little bedroom fun. We need to do as much as we can before the baby gets here ya know. I rubbed her belly and thinking about my baby growing inside of her. I was never thrilled by any female being pregnant but this time around, I wanted this baby.




 photo Screenshot-2359_zps6868d9f5.jpg


“Hey little baby, it’s me your daddy. Can’t wait til I meet you and teach you how to be a sexy ladies man until you find the right one like I did. That’s if you’re a boy. If you’re a girl then I’m gonna teach you to stay away from men like me.”