Better Bathroom Tweaks


Originally I just wanted to tune the all-in-one bathroom from IP. It was annoying how often it broke but it costs the most! I was real annoyed when sims block it after exiting and preventing others from use it. But I felt there was more to do with other bathroom items so I gave it go.

What this tuning mod will do:

  • When exiting, sims will move 4 slots away from the all-in-one.
  • All sims will wash their nasty hands after using the toilet/urinal. 
  • All sims will flush when done.
  • Hand washing is quicker.
  • Brushing teeth is quicker.
  • Submarine Adventures in the tub are quicker.
  • Less puddles.
  • All toilets (including the Uber Toilet from the store), sinks, showers & tubs are less breaky. Items can go 14 days without breaking.
  • All toilet & sinks, showers & tubs repairs time was shorten to 10 minutes.
  • All toilets & sinks, showers & tubs upgrade time was shorten to 20 mins.

This mod was built with 1.63

This mod altered the all of the AllInOne, Toilet, Urinal, Bathtub, Shower, Sink XMLs

TOU Applies