Party Night Tweaks

Don’t you just hate it when you send your sims to the club and all of them are just standing there looking like idiots? “Uhhhhhh what do we do?” Yeah…no more of that nonsense. I bring to you the Party Night Tweaks which is a tune mod that I am excited about ūüôā

  • There will be more dancing at all clubs!
  • More drinking!
  • More random dancing on corners!
  • And….AUTONOMOUS DJing!!!!




Sims will¬†almost instantly start dancing once hitting up the clubs and bars. So no more standing around looking lost or obsessively updating their twitters, facebooks, talking about how much fun they are having… like some of my friends in real life -_- I did tune the stereo in this, however on home lots or any other lots (hang outs, parks ect) I kept it lower than in the clubs and bars. They’ll save all the dancing for clubs…unless your sim is a Party Animal or a fairy.

Hungry sims will have enough sense to feed themselves at the bar, instead of whining about being hungry for an hour. Sims will order drinks more and won’t try to converse with the bartender. He/she will be too busy trying to serve for other sims (autonomous conversations with bartender is off). With all the drinking going on, I do recommend ani_’s drunk mod which can be found here, it works along with my tune mod. Sims can actually get drunk with her mod. I did turn off autonomous make drinks with the juice bar, it annoyed me how my hungry sims kept making drinks instead of getting actual food. I did make a second flavor in case you don’t mind autonomous drink making.



Ahh yes… the DJ booth. I was excited about this when I first got Showtime but like the karaoke machine, I was disappointed. I found that sims won’t touch it and when you do make a sim DJ…sims all gather to watch and put their 2 cents in -_- “Hey DJ! Lemme tell you how to do your job. Play some terrible music that I hear on the radio all the time!!”

As a DJ in real life, this makes me furious. When a sim is DJing, sims should be DANCING and not WATCHING let alone REQUEST music. That’s a big no-no, guys! Never request music at the club. We HATE that. I can’t stress that enough. As far as I’ve done with the DJ booth…

  • Autonomous DJing (Sims with the following traits will DJ more: Party Animal, Natural Born Performer, Virtuoso)¬†
  • Sims will always dance when a sim DJs
  • No autonomous watch DJ
  • No autonomous request music
  • Bladder & Energy increases for longer DJ play

 **New 6/3/15***

  • Autonomous Buying rounds of drinks
  • Drinking fills thirst for Vampires

*New 7/29/15**

  • All Drinks are available at all club types
  • More food ¬†options with better quality
  • Extended club hours ¬†(11am – 6am)
  • More attentive Bartenders


After a drink or 2, sims are more likely to dance on corners and tables. Originally party animals would do this all the time but now other sims will do it just as much. However I think I made party animals, inappropriate and insane sims do it just a tad more. It makes more sense though.


I did put together a video of some sims in action with this tune just for fun. All autonomous actions, I just sat back and watch them finally have a fun out partying.

Edit: I want to point out that this mod will NOT bring more sims to clubs. I’ve became¬†aware that some got that impression. Ways to bring more sims to clubs is by using Master Control. Select MC on your sim, select Basic then Invite Over. It’s best to then select Free in 2 hours and Residents. Now choose whatever sims you want to come to the lot. This mod will bring them inside to have fun instead of just standing around like mindless idiots.¬†



This mod was built on 1.63, may still work on patches above

This mod will conflict with any mods that alter the ITUNs:




Altered XMLs:




RecipeMasterList  Р(Flavor 2)


TOU applies:  Do not reupload my mods on paysites or any other site. Link my mods back to my site.

Delete the Scriptcache when installing a new mod


There is 2 flavors of this mod. Flavor one require¬†my Glorious Food Tweaks mod because ¬†anytime meals is enabled. Flavor Two doesn’t require my food mod since the proper XML to allow anytime¬†meals is¬†combined. Flavor 2 will conflict with my Food mod.¬†

You can only use ONE flavor.


Flavor 1 + Requires Food Tweaks 

Flavor 2 + Does Not Requires Food Tweaks


Toddler Fun Tweaks + Boast About Grandchildren Age Unlock

Hello again, I bring you another new tune for this week. There were several things that retuned for the better. I like toddlers in my game and sometimes my toddler don’t aged up until a full year in real life time haha. I was excited about the playpen that come with Aurora Skies…but of course it turn out to be very annoying. My sims were obsessed about always placing tots in only to take them out 2 seconds later then turn around and place them back then take them back out. It was a going going cycle until I deleted the thing! I really wanted to use that object and now I made it usable. I also tweak a few other toddler related items.


 Less Annoying Playpen Use

  • ¬†Sims will not autonomously place toddlers in nor will take them out UNLESS they have a reason to such as play with them, snuggle them or whatever.
  • When 2 toddlers are places in the pen, they will almost always play together, building a friendship quickly.
  • Strangers when on community lots will not bother your sim’s child when they are placed in the pen.



 MORE Toddler rides

  • ¬†Sims will let toddlers ride the spring rider more often than default settings.
  • Sims with Family Oriented, Nurturing, and Childish traits will let toddlers ride more
  • Sims with the Dislike Children trait will avoid letting a toddler ride. It seems only natural.




 Less Rock With Me, More Play With Me

  • ¬†Toddlers will use the “rock with me” interaction less.
  • Toddlers that use “play with me” interaction will always be answered by another toddler if one is around of course.



 Fun With Teddy

  • ¬†Toddlers and children with teddy bears will play with them autonomous. Originally they wouldn’t unless directed to do so.



Better Swinging

  • Babies and toddlers will not feel queasy while swinging.
  • The swing is less spammy.
  • Sims will not autonomously change the speed.
  • Sims will not take the child out the swing without a reason.



Boast About Grandchildren available for Young Adults & Adults

In my legacy stories, genies, fairies and vampires do not age. It would be nice for my immortals to boast about their grandchildren to others although they still look 21. Now they can and I decided to share this mod as well.


These mods are patched at 1.63, they may still work with above patches.

Toddler tweaks will conflict with mods that edit: 

  • BabyMonitor_ XML
  • BabyMonitor ITUNs
  • BabySwing_ XML
  • Baby Swing ITUNs
  • LetSimRide_PlaygroundRide ITUNs
  • Playpen_ ITUNs
  • PlayWith_StuffedAnimal ITUN


Boast About Grandchildren Unlock will conflict with mods that edit:

  • BoastAboutGrandchildren_ ITUN
  • SocialData EP 4

Remember to delete the ScriptCache when installing a new mod.

TOU: Do not reupload!



Better Bathroom Tweaks


Originally I just wanted to tune the all-in-one bathroom from IP. It was annoying how often it broke but it costs the most! I was real annoyed when sims block it after exiting and preventing others from use it. But I felt there was more to do with other bathroom items so I gave it go.

What this tuning mod will do:

  • When exiting, sims will move 4 slots away from the all-in-one.
  • All sims will wash their nasty hands after using the toilet/urinal.¬†
  • All sims will flush when done.
  • Hand washing is quicker.
  • Brushing teeth is quicker.
  • Submarine Adventures in the tub are quicker.
  • Less puddles.
  • All toilets (including the Uber Toilet from the store), sinks, showers & tubs are less breaky. Items¬†can go 14 days without breaking.
  • All toilet & sinks, showers & tubs¬†repairs time was¬†shorten to 10 minutes.
  • All toilets & sinks, showers & tubs¬†upgrade time was shorten to 20 mins.

This mod was built with 1.63

This mod altered the all of the AllInOne, Toilet, Urinal, Bathtub, Shower, Sink XMLs

TOU Applies