Arcade Tweaks

I uploaded a new arcade lot, I figure I should create a tune to go along with it. I retuned a few arcade items to make my new arcade look more lively. I notice some items tuning was ridiculously low such as the skeeball game. Also I was never thrilled with the price of the games either. I retuned the arcade games to be higher on arcade lots than on other lots. Some had some slight changes for other but I really don’t remember which ones did.



  • More autonomous Skeeball
  • More autonomous Whack a Gnome
  • More autonomous Claw game
  • More autonomous dominos
  • More autonomous Ping pong
  • No autonomous watching 


  •  Cheaper games: $2
  • Less breaky gumball machine
  • 400 gumballs, Default is 20
  • Cheaper gumball refill ($60), Default is $100
  • More autonomous gumball eating 


  •  More autonomous jumping on trampoline in arcades

  • More autonomous spinning
  • Unlocked for pregnant sims

I didn’t retune the basketball arcade or the pinball machine cause my mod wouldn’t take for some reason. Maybe cause I have them as package files however  2 of my pinball machines from Roaring Heights & Decades SP are still in sims3pack format (legit copies). I dunno what’s up with that but oh well. Sims seem to play the basketball a lot anyway.

This tune works with 1.63 & up

Will conflict with other mods that alters the following:

  • PlaySkeeBall_SkeeBall
  • SkeeBall_
  • WatchSkeeBall_SkeeBall
  • ArcadeClawMachineAndWhacAGnome
  • PlayGame_ArcadeMachineBase
  • PlayGameWith_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • WatchArcadeMachine_ArcadeMachineBase
  • GrabAPrize_ArcadeClawMachine
  • ArcadeClawMachine_0x188a4af7da51e6c6
  • PlayDominoes_DominoTable
  • PlayDominoesWith_DominoTable
  • PlayGame_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • ElectroDanceSphere_GameObject
  • Spin_ElectroDanceSphere
  • Watch_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • CocktailTableArcadeMachine_0x5a19cac949c89887
  • ArcadeMachineBase_0xef441727267c16a2
  • Play_WhackASupernatural
  • Watch_WhackASupernatural
  • WhacaChoice_WhackASupernatural
  • PlayPingPong_PingPongTable
  • Play_Trampoline
  • GetGumball_GumballMachine
  • GumballMachine_0x6a27cd3337d8b03e
  • Watch_ElectroDanceSphere

TOU applies: Do not reupload, Link back.

Remember to delete the scriptCache when installing a new mod.