No More Annoying Effects! + Hidden Skill Meter Override

I always got tired of having to type in the headlines effects before working on a story. I wish there was a way to do nothing once loading. Even when turning on the headlines cheat, there are still some things I found annoying that the cheat can’t hide. Well I found a way to remove most of the annoying effects that I found useless. I call these story telling mods cause removing some effects brings some realism into the game. I love the blow kiss interaction, would like to have a screen with that interaction, however the random heart and blow dust is ridiculous when it comes to writing. Then when writing Borage being in a coma, I disliked the Zzz’s as he slept and didn’t want to spend time editing them out.

I wasn’t able to hide the plumbob or skill meter. The headlines cheat will still need to be used for that. There is a transparent plumbob, the plumbob appears invisible. It can be found here. However I found nothing about hiding the skill meter.  I eventually figured how to make the skill meter invisible.


This mod overwrites the _SWB resource (TGI: 0xEA5118B0-0x0051185B-0xAE1859FADE0A9056) from DeltaBuild0.package It will conflict with other mods that does the same thing.

This mod was made with 1.63 


*UPDATED 04/30/15*

Effects removed: Chat & Thought bubbles, Motive alerts, Social gains & loss. Social Group Influences gain. Group outing plumbob & On a date hearts.  Attraction hearts. Love letter hearts. Blow kiss heart. Engagement ring glare. Wedding arch hearts. Vapor trail on kicky bags, soccer ball & ping pongs. Phone ringing/Text alerts (send & receive) . Blur on speakers. Music notes from instruments, xylophones, stereos, fairy house, karaoke machine. Woohoo petals at all location (minus premium store content). Stink clouds. Fight cloud & stars from slapping. Jet pack (made for the invisible jet pack that can be found here *great for faries*). Sleep (Humans, Vampires, Gnomes, Fairy house, Bots, LecturesNote: Babies sleeping in baby swings will still have floating Zzz’s. Flower trail on plantsims. Coffee breath. Blur after drinking coffee from the coffee bar. Sparkles from blizzard snow cone. Trait compatible/incompatible. Glowy potions (Supernatural). Megaphone rants/love proclaim hearts. : Prank target indicator (surprise!), Piano notes, Bull riding swirls, Sleeping Zzz during lecture, Sleeping Zzzs while standing up, Ghost story images.


Hidden Skill Meter Override

I finally figure out how to make the skill meter invisible however I haven’t figure to make the progress meter invisible too. I found nothing for it in s3oc. I just to move the progress meter into another room whenever I’m doing a scene. My no effect mod is still needed for this override, the mod removes the glow from the skill meter. Place the Hidden Skill Meter Override in your Overrides folder, the no effect mod goes in with your other mods.


No Effect Mod

Hidden Skill Meter Override