Better Dishwasher Tweaks

If you play like me with large households, dishes can be a pain. Especially after a big party and you’ll left with a dining room littered with dirty plates. But then you notice how your sim is only able to grab a few dishes and may have to make a second or third trip. Well no more of that. By default, sims are only able to grab 5 dishes at a time, which is lame if you only have 1 sim washing dishes. With this mod, the limit was set to 20. In the pic, you’ll see Nahe is holding 8 plates.

This mod was requested by one of my good friends and the timing was perfect cause there’s more that I wanted to do with the dishwasher. While playing my 100 BC, I am annoyed how sims would just stand in front of the dishwasher after placing dishes inside. This prevents other sims who are also trying to wash dishes from using it. EA had the bright idea to set the washing time to 20 minutes. So that explains why your idiot sim stands in front of dishwasher forever. I set the washing time to 2 minutes, sims will place into the dishwasher and walk away immediately. I also shorten repair & upgrade time to 5 minutes and made the dishwasher less breakable. New dishwashers can last 3 weeks before deciding to break. I swear that thing breaks all the time -_-

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the following:

  • DishwasherExpensive XML
  • DishwasherCheap XML
  • Dishwasher XML
  • WashDishes XML

Made with Patch 1.63 (may still work with higher patches)

Remember to always delete the scriptCache when installing a new mod

Do not Reupload anywhere!


Glorious Food Tweaks


Oh glorious, glorious sim food! Since having everything that EA had to offer, my sims have endless food options however some of these things needed to be adjusted a bit.

For starters I increased the number of groups servings from 10 to 20 since I play with large sim families. Cooking time is a lot faster. It takes 10 sim minutes to prepare a group meal. Sim will have the option of having any type of meal at any time of the day. Waffles for dinner? Sure! Cechive for breakfast? Go for it!

Snack foods are less filling so your sims can snack away without ruining their appetites for some home cooked lasagna later on. This includes some of the food from the store items such as ice cream and the chocolate fountain. Snowcones are also less filling and less autonomous. The ice cream maker and the deep fryer are less autonomous. When making ice creams, sims will only shout for ice cream for sims who are actually hungry. However time to time a couple of greedy sims will have a 3rd helping.

Sims won’t eat from their inventories or drink honey autonomously. I hate it when I had a sim collect certain ingredients to make an elixir only for them to turn around and eat it -_- I especially couldn’t keep honey around. Now they will stop that nonsense.

Sims are more likely to eat at the table together and will actually eat their leftovers….however not all the time but most of the time. Sims will eat what they cooked instead of just admiring it from across the room.

I did make 2 flavors of this mod. One flavor enabled Vampires to enjoy normal food and not starve to death. Which that was something that happen often in my game cause vampires are too dumb to drink their vamp juice. The second flavor doesn’t enabled vampire to eat normal food. You can only use one flavor at a time.

This mod will conflict with all of the food mods from the Naughty Sims Asylum. If you want to use my food tweaks mod and have any of the food related mod from there, you will have to remove theirs. This mod does not conflict with my Food Truck Tweaks.

This mod alters the following ITUNs/XMLs:



































Made with Patch 1.63, Will possibly work for higher patches

Remember to always delete your scriptcache

And remember to use ONE flavor at a time.


Food Tweaks – Vampire Friendly

Food Tweaks – Non Vampire Friendly


Various Mods Dump – 100K Views Gift – Part 1

On July 5th 2015, my blog reached 100k views on its 3rd year anniversary. How juicy was that :p As promised, I planned to be a gift together for all you lovely peoples. According to the polls, mods and a build won. Right now I just have the mods done and have yet to start on the build, which the Night Club had won.

In this post is various mini tweaks that I made for personal use but will share with you all. I do have 2 other mods to add to the gift however I felt those 2 mods need their own separate posts since they do more than one thing. Those will be posted shortly after this one.

All mods were made with patch 1.63 and may work with higher patches.

Remember to delete the scriptcache when installing new mods.

Better Spa

I originally planned to upload this with a build but decided not to. Possibly later but I dunno. What this mod does is make the spa items that came with Sunlit Tides more useful ONLY if they are placed on a lot that is set as a Gym or a Pool. Sims will give and get massages more autonomously, they will use the sauna more autonomously. They will also use the hot tub more autonomously as well. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the mod to take with the foot massage chair. Sims’ energy and aliens’ brain power will also be increased when getting a massage, using the sauna and relaxing in the hot tub along with their hygiene. Just slightly and slowly.  Sims will use the spray tan booth more autonomously. Sims weight won’t change when using the sauna. I also cut the bathing time in half cause I felt it was too long. Sims get inpatient when wanting to use it :p  Mermaids and Plant sims can gain re-hydration in the hot tub and the sauna bath tub. The spa items are less autonomous on home lots or any other lot type. They tend to obsess over the spa items at home and reasons why I lowered. But this mod was intended to be used when you wanted a playable spa for fun or storytelling.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters ITUNs and XMLs of the Massage Table, Sauna, Spray tan booth and Hot Tub




Bonfire Party Fun

I wasn’t sure what to call this tuning but I adjusted a lot of items from Seasons and University Life. This mod makes bonfires last a lot longer. Sims will use the fire pit slightly more autonomously. Raking leaves is 10 times faster. Sims can play in leaf piles on com lots. I think it was dumb that they couldn’t -_- The keg has more servings so it won’t tap out quickly. Upgrading the keg doesn’t take a century to do so. Teens and pregnant sims can use the keg. (I don’t condone that but its the sims so whatever :p )

This mod will conflict any other mod that alters ITUNs and XMLs of the Keg, Fire pit, Bonfire pit and Leaf raking





Better Gardening

I often made huge auto gardens for stories but trying to maintain was a bit difficult. I felt tending to the garden took too long and I wish they were tend to their garden on their own. With this mod watering, weeding and harvesting is 10 times faster. Sims will autonomously attend to their garden, however Green Thumb sims and fairies will attend to gardens more. Fairies will have a 100% success bloom. Green Thumb sims will chat with plants autonomously like some weirdo.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the ITUNs and XMLs of:






More Autonomous Roller Coaster Riding

It was cool when EA released the boardwalk set but pretty lame when sims didn’t actually use the roller coaster unless you forced them. I did see that the tunings were high if placed on a festival lot. Well I rarely make those type of lots. I increased the tunings on any type of lot and sims will make use of this thing. Also I set ride with autonomous so sims won’t ride alone cause that’s no fun. Ride with is slightly higher.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the ITUNs of the Roller coaster.



More Archery

This is a simple tuning where sims will use the archery station more autonomously.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the ITUNs of the Archery station




Faster Painting and Drafting

This mod makes painting on the easel and drafting a lot faster. Sims will  have a better chance of painting a masterpiece.

This mod with conflict with any mod that alters the ITUNs and XMLs of the Easel, Painting Skill and Drafting table


Faster Nectar Making

While playing in France I came to realize that making nectar took a century. So I made nectar making 10 times faster. This mod does work with Buzzler’s  Nectar Combinatorics mod. But it will conflict with any mod that alters the Nectar making XML.




No Autonomous Working Out

This mod disables autonomous working out with the stereo and TV. I found it annoying how I’ll be setting up a scene at a club or a wedding and some random sim decides its time to work out -_- However sims can still work out autonomously with the gym equipment. I also disabled kids from working out, they will not have that option. I just thought it was kinda silly of seeing kids do squats :/ Go outside and play to get your exercise little sillies!

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the ITUNs of work out to TV and stereo





Less Service Sims 

This mod decreases the number of service sims the Maid, Mailman, Butler, Policemen, Firemen, Resort worker, Pets, Bartender service, Burglar, Repoman, Repairman, Pizza Delivery, and Newspaper Delivery pools. There’s no need to have 100+ service sims in town.

This mod will conflict with any mod that does the same. 


Thug Life

Hahahaha…. I wasn’t sure what to call this but this is a simple tune where Kleptomaniac Sims can steal at any given time.

This mod will conflict with any mod that does the same.




Autonomous Booty Calls

Ha! Sims can now autonomously send woohooty texts to their lovers for some late night sugar 😉

This mod will conflict with any mod that does the same.


Shift-able TVs

Mod Monday is back for another week. This week I’m sharing a shift-able TV override. Now you can adjust the height of the TV on the wall. Up high, down low, cover the wall with multiple TVs for whatever reason. You can do whatever :p


This override only applies to TVs from Expansion packs, not to any of the store ones or CC TVs.


Base game, Late Night, Generations and the one TV that came with the High End Loft Stuff pack. You must own the mention EPs and SP, this an override, not a freebie.

Each TV is named so chose whatever. Place the TV overrides in your OVERRIDES folder in your Mods Folder in order for this to work.

TOU: Please do not reupload up anywhere!!


Faster Elevator + MOAR Cake Tweaks

It’s Mod Monday! So today I decided to share a couple of tweaks. Nothing major but it makes things slightly easier in this game.


Elevators tend to be an annoyance in the game. I often have to reset or of just simply teleport my sim to whatever floor I want them on. The wait time is way too long and sims often get stuck inside of them. I drastically shorten the wait time from 25 minutes to a minute. By default the maximum of sims waiting in line is 12 but I shorten to 4. I can simply say this tweak will turn sims into jerks and will not hold the elevator anyone when getting on the elevator lol.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters:

  • ElevatorDoors XML
  • ElevatorInterior XML






There’s never enough cake for my sims. I tend to play large families and invite a lot of sims over, plus there’s the random chance of sims bringing strays or strays inviting themselves. By default the birthday cake has 8 slices while the wedding cake has 12 slices. I increased the birthday cake and wedding cake to both have 24 slices. The spoil time was increased to 336 hours (14 days). In my game the cake is usually eaten by day 3. The wait time for the cakes was shortened from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. I use Twallan’s Relativity and that 15 minute wait is too long. There’s also no random cake fires. I had too many sims die from those.

I did make a second flavor if 24 slices was too much. Flavor 2 has 12 birthday cake slices, 20 wedding cake slices and spoil time is 168 hours (7 days) for the birthday cake, the wedding cake is still 14 days.

You can only use ONE flavor at a time.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters:

  • Cake XML
  • WeddingCake XML


Flavor One – 24 Slices


Flavor Two – 12 Slices // 20 Slices


Remember to delete your Scriptcache when installing a new mod.

Do not reupload my mods!