Shift-able TVs

Mod Monday is back for another week. This week I’m sharing a shift-able TV override. Now you can adjust the height of the TV on the wall. Up high, down low, cover the wall with multiple TVs for whatever reason. You can do whatever :p


This override only applies to TVs from Expansion packs, not to any of the store ones or CC TVs.


Base game, Late Night, Generations and the one TV that came with the High End Loft Stuff pack. You must own the mention EPs and SP, this an override, not a freebie.

Each TV is named so chose whatever. Place the TV overrides in your OVERRIDES folder in your Mods Folder in order for this to work.

TOU: Please do not reupload up anywhere!!


Food Truck Tweaks

I really haven’t messed with the food truck that came with Late Night. I plan to build a carnival one day and figure the food trucks would be a nice touch BUT the truck only has 6 boring options: Burrito, Taco, Hot dog, Hamburger, Plasma Chowder and Clam Chowder. Since having every EP I thought it would be nice to add some extra carnival friendly foods.

  • Onion Rings
  • Cheese Steak Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Chili Cheese Fries
  • French Fries
  • Garlic Fries
  • Sweet Fries
  • Fried Plantains
  • Fish And Chips
  • Cuban Sandwich
  • Funnel Cake
  • Ceviche
  • Nachos
  • Hot Wings
  • Eggrolls
  • Grilled Cheese
  • French Toast
  • Fried Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich
  • Cinnamon Donut
  • Empanada

I also enabled children to order from the food truck too. Since there’s no animation, the child will stretch out for a bit before returning back to normal.

This mod requires: Late Night, World Adventures, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise.

This mod alters:

  • FoodTruck XML
  • OrderFood_FoodTruck ITUN


TOU: Do not reupload!





Paw Pals – Part One: Puppy Love


By request I made these photo sets of dogs. Since I was impressed on how well this turned out, I decided that there will be a part 2 with cats for all the cat lovers like myself. I did 5 different styles, 3 of the 5 have a set of 4 prints. The other 2 just have one.



A preview pic with the names on each file is included in the zip, that way you can pick which ones you like better. I’m not sure when I’ll do one with cats since I’m kinda busy with other projects. I might do a set of horses, birds and fish too…someday. Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy them!

TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other sites. You may include them with lots but please link me back for credit.


Medical Posters – Fetal Development

I have been building a hospital for the past year. While looking for medical things to place in it, I notice the lack of medical posters for pregnancy. In ways I pretty much only building this hospital for birth scenes, so I kinda need something like that to hang up in some of the rooms. Seeing how there was NONE, I guess I will make some myself. Originally I didn’t have plans to share these cause I figure no one would want them but after showing what I did on my facebook, I got a few comments hinting that they want these. So I guess I will share them after all.



I made 6 different charts plus a bonus pic of some naked pregnant lady.

I figure 6 would be enough. I didn’t want to over do it.



The price is set pretty cheap and can be found in the wall decor category of course. These are in package format only. I don’t deal with sims3pack.

I may do more medical posters if I feel that I need something. I am kinda taking requests. So if you have an idea for something, don’t hesitate to let me know 😉


TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other site. You can include it with your build but please link back for credit.



Domino Palace – Arcade & Pizza Buffet

One day while chatting with friends I had an idea to create a lot like Chuck E Cheese while reminiscing about that one time I went as a kid. My gameplay and storytelling is family orientated and I wanted a new and fun place for my sims to take their kids at for a weekend afternoon outing. Since the lot looks like a domino, that how I came up with the name :p




Some store items and third party CC was used. A few of my store items were converted into package files and are included. But if you have the sims3pack version, you will have to set them down yourself. The game will see the item as something different and will replace it cause its in a different format. I used the Moveobjects on cheat when building this lot. Some third party CC were originally in sims3pack format but I converted them into package files and included them. If you rather have them as a sims3pack, I will provide the link below. They were only included due to file conversion. Also I created 2 CC items myself which are included.


Lot Size: 30×20

Required Mod: This lot has a pizza buffet and it requires the Choose Your Resort Buffet Foods mod by icarus_allsorts. The mod also requires that you have Island Paradise installed.

Recommended Mods: My Arcade Tweaks and More Karaoke! 

EPs used:

  • Showtime
  • Late Night
  • Seasons
  • Into The Future
  • University Life
  • Supernatural
  • Island Paradise
  • Generations
  • Ambitions
  • Pets

SPs used:

  • Town Life
  • Decades

Store Items:

  • Wood Fire Oven or Monte Vista (to have pizza)
  • Gumball Machine
  • Ice cream Maker
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Buzzer FreeThrow Machine (included package file)
  • Galactic Simball Machine (included package file)
  • Rock Climbing Wall (included package file)
  • Hak 2 Skool Arcade (included package file)


Third Party CC:


How to install:

Place the Lot’s package file into your Library Folder. Place the CC items  into your Mods Folder.

TOU: Altering the lot for your taste is cool. Reuploading it, is not.




Arcade Tweaks

I uploaded a new arcade lot, I figure I should create a tune to go along with it. I retuned a few arcade items to make my new arcade look more lively. I notice some items tuning was ridiculously low such as the skeeball game. Also I was never thrilled with the price of the games either. I retuned the arcade games to be higher on arcade lots than on other lots. Some had some slight changes for other but I really don’t remember which ones did.



  • More autonomous Skeeball
  • More autonomous Whack a Gnome
  • More autonomous Claw game
  • More autonomous dominos
  • More autonomous Ping pong
  • No autonomous watching 


  •  Cheaper games: $2
  • Less breaky gumball machine
  • 400 gumballs, Default is 20
  • Cheaper gumball refill ($60), Default is $100
  • More autonomous gumball eating 


  •  More autonomous jumping on trampoline in arcades

  • More autonomous spinning
  • Unlocked for pregnant sims

I didn’t retune the basketball arcade or the pinball machine cause my mod wouldn’t take for some reason. Maybe cause I have them as package files however  2 of my pinball machines from Roaring Heights & Decades SP are still in sims3pack format (legit copies). I dunno what’s up with that but oh well. Sims seem to play the basketball a lot anyway.

This tune works with 1.63 & up

Will conflict with other mods that alters the following:

  • PlaySkeeBall_SkeeBall
  • SkeeBall_
  • WatchSkeeBall_SkeeBall
  • ArcadeClawMachineAndWhacAGnome
  • PlayGame_ArcadeMachineBase
  • PlayGameWith_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • WatchArcadeMachine_ArcadeMachineBase
  • GrabAPrize_ArcadeClawMachine
  • ArcadeClawMachine_0x188a4af7da51e6c6
  • PlayDominoes_DominoTable
  • PlayDominoesWith_DominoTable
  • PlayGame_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • ElectroDanceSphere_GameObject
  • Spin_ElectroDanceSphere
  • Watch_CocktailTableArcadeMachine
  • CocktailTableArcadeMachine_0x5a19cac949c89887
  • ArcadeMachineBase_0xef441727267c16a2
  • Play_WhackASupernatural
  • Watch_WhackASupernatural
  • WhacaChoice_WhackASupernatural
  • PlayPingPong_PingPongTable
  • Play_Trampoline
  • GetGumball_GumballMachine
  • GumballMachine_0x6a27cd3337d8b03e
  • Watch_ElectroDanceSphere

TOU applies: Do not reupload, Link back.

Remember to delete the scriptCache when installing a new mod.



Party Night Tweaks

Don’t you just hate it when you send your sims to the club and all of them are just standing there looking like idiots? “Uhhhhhh what do we do?” Yeah…no more of that nonsense. I bring to you the Party Night Tweaks which is a tune mod that I am excited about 🙂

  • There will be more dancing at all clubs!
  • More drinking!
  • More random dancing on corners!
  • And….AUTONOMOUS DJing!!!!




Sims will almost instantly start dancing once hitting up the clubs and bars. So no more standing around looking lost or obsessively updating their twitters, facebooks, talking about how much fun they are having… like some of my friends in real life -_- I did tune the stereo in this, however on home lots or any other lots (hang outs, parks ect) I kept it lower than in the clubs and bars. They’ll save all the dancing for clubs…unless your sim is a Party Animal or a fairy.

Hungry sims will have enough sense to feed themselves at the bar, instead of whining about being hungry for an hour. Sims will order drinks more and won’t try to converse with the bartender. He/she will be too busy trying to serve for other sims (autonomous conversations with bartender is off). With all the drinking going on, I do recommend ani_’s drunk mod which can be found here, it works along with my tune mod. Sims can actually get drunk with her mod. I did turn off autonomous make drinks with the juice bar, it annoyed me how my hungry sims kept making drinks instead of getting actual food. I did make a second flavor in case you don’t mind autonomous drink making.



Ahh yes… the DJ booth. I was excited about this when I first got Showtime but like the karaoke machine, I was disappointed. I found that sims won’t touch it and when you do make a sim DJ…sims all gather to watch and put their 2 cents in -_- “Hey DJ! Lemme tell you how to do your job. Play some terrible music that I hear on the radio all the time!!”

As a DJ in real life, this makes me furious. When a sim is DJing, sims should be DANCING and not WATCHING let alone REQUEST music. That’s a big no-no, guys! Never request music at the club. We HATE that. I can’t stress that enough. As far as I’ve done with the DJ booth…

  • Autonomous DJing (Sims with the following traits will DJ more: Party Animal, Natural Born Performer, Virtuoso) 
  • Sims will always dance when a sim DJs
  • No autonomous watch DJ
  • No autonomous request music
  • Bladder & Energy increases for longer DJ play

 **New 6/3/15***

  • Autonomous Buying rounds of drinks
  • Drinking fills thirst for Vampires

*New 7/29/15**

  • All Drinks are available at all club types
  • More food  options with better quality
  • Extended club hours  (11am – 6am)
  • More attentive Bartenders


After a drink or 2, sims are more likely to dance on corners and tables. Originally party animals would do this all the time but now other sims will do it just as much. However I think I made party animals, inappropriate and insane sims do it just a tad more. It makes more sense though.


I did put together a video of some sims in action with this tune just for fun. All autonomous actions, I just sat back and watch them finally have a fun out partying.

Edit: I want to point out that this mod will NOT bring more sims to clubs. I’ve became aware that some got that impression. Ways to bring more sims to clubs is by using Master Control. Select MC on your sim, select Basic then Invite Over. It’s best to then select Free in 2 hours and Residents. Now choose whatever sims you want to come to the lot. This mod will bring them inside to have fun instead of just standing around like mindless idiots. 



This mod was built on 1.63, may still work on patches above

This mod will conflict with any mods that alter the ITUNs:




Altered XMLs:




RecipeMasterList  – (Flavor 2)


TOU applies:  Do not reupload my mods on paysites or any other site. Link my mods back to my site.

Delete the Scriptcache when installing a new mod


There is 2 flavors of this mod. Flavor one require my Glorious Food Tweaks mod because  anytime meals is enabled. Flavor Two doesn’t require my food mod since the proper XML to allow anytime meals is combined. Flavor 2 will conflict with my Food mod. 

You can only use ONE flavor.


Flavor 1 + Requires Food Tweaks 

Flavor 2 + Does Not Requires Food Tweaks