Drama Cream – Ice Cream Shop (Remastered)

Drama Cream is back….again! DC has gone through many changes over the past couple of years. I’ve lost count how many times DC has been remastered but I do adore this version most of all. With the help of a mod by Arsil, it’s functions as a legit ice cream shop at last.


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Like in the previous versions, I did make use of the Katy Perry sweet treats crap but it’s not require to have. I did take the time to make some of the KPST Crap base game compatible. However I made the ice cream arcade for Late Night. There’s a few items from that SP that is usable and didn’t think it would right without them. Drama Cream was route tested and played for quite some time. It was often featured in my 100 baby challenge and nearly destroyed by Cergio a few times lol


Lot Size: 20×30

Lot Type: Arcade

Used EPs: Showtime, Supernatural, Late Night, Generations, Ambitions, Seasons, World Adventures, Pets, University Life

Used Sps: KPST, Outdoor Living

Store Items: Deep Fryer, Gumball MachineNectar Barstool & Wong Way Table  from Lucky Palms (Gold), Straight Laced Window from Roaring Heights, Napkin Holder & Door from the Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner Starter kit

Required Mod: Ice Cream Stand by Arsil (You must have this mod for the shop to function. Although I am using a different ice stand, the mod is still required.)

CC Used: Ice Cream Stand by Sandy (included as package file), Ice Cream Shop items by Mensure (her site is gone, items are included) Drama Cream Decor by me (included)

TOU: No reuploading and claiming as yours

The lot is a package file, place in your library folder.

If from Tumblr, I would love to see DC in your game. Feel free to tag me in your post. You can also use the tag ‘Drama Cream’ or ‘thenay83’


Drama Cream With KPST

Drama Cream With Base Game Compatible KPST

Amber Stone Townhouse

At last I decided to share the townhouse that I especially made for the world Brightpoint Island by iamsimming. I set up 3 playable units in my game. You can find the photos here, however with this version is empty. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures still remain in tact in all 3 units. I decided to emptied it out so you could pick which unit you want your sims to live in, decorate with your own style and hide the unused units with hidden room markers.

I did a little more with this copy unlike the one I have in game. I also made 2 other variations of this townhouse!




Each unit has 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 rooms upstairs and a small room in the garage. It can be a third bedroom or whatever. Each unit also has 2 and half bathrooms and a balcony. The half bath is big enough to double as a laundry room. There’s 2 parking spaces in each unit’s garage.



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Version 2 is like the first one but only 2 units with a little playground for the kids.


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Version 3 is like the 2 above but has a playground in the middle along with a small picnic area.


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I also did no CC versions of Amber Stone for the non CC players as well. I didn’t use much CC in the others, as I was trying to give the townhouse some realism. However not everyone likes CC in their games.



Choose which ever version you like, or use them all.  With them all together does make a pretty nice neighborhood. The townhouse is set as a regular house but if you have Late Night, I guess you can set it as an Apartment. The apartment mailbox is already in place on the left side of the townhouse.

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Lot Size: 30×20

Price: I don’t pay attention. Probably a lot.

Used EPs: University Life, Late Night, Showtime, Pets, Ambitions, Into The Future, Generations, Seasons (I’m pretty much guessing cause I didn’t keep track. I own all EPs.)

Used SPs: Town Life or Outdoor Living (I get those confused)

CC Used: Side Stairs by Mutske, Half Walls by Morphead , Slate & Sheets Roofs by QBuilderz , Functional Light Switches by One Billion Pixels (Not included in download), House Lights by Marcussims91 (Not included in download)

TOU: Feel free to modified but no reuploading and claiming as yours.

House is in package form, place in Library folder. 

If from Tumblr, I would like to see how you use it, feel free to tag me ‘thenay83’


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

All 3

CC Free Download

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

All 3

House For Sale: Ebony


I’m not much of a house builder until I see a house that I like and want to attempt building a replica. I recently came across a house that I like and thus Ebony was build. This modern style house was inspired by this house:


Roofs are difficult to set so Ebony just has a likeness but I think it came out pretty nice. This house is empty but has a furbished kitchen & bathroom. It’s perfect for players who enjoy decorating houses with their own style. It’s also perfect for story telling when looking for a new house. This house has 2 or 3 bedrooms, one room could be made into an office. It has 1 bathroom with a stand alone shower and bathtub. A backyard patio or greenhouse, it can be whatever you want. This house has a car garage and a nice size pool with fancy waterfalls, a diving board and a hot tub. The walls and flooring are neutral colored, feel free to change the colors if you like.


House Tour (Outside)

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CC is used in this house but don’t worry, I did have a CC-Free copy of the. This is what that version looks like.



Lot Size: 30×30

EPs: Late Night, IP, Pets, UL, ITF, Showtime, WA, AM

SPs: None I think.

Price: A pretty penny

CC used but not included in the download: Smaller Garage Door / Functional Light Switch / Modern Line Windows / Backless Shower / House For Sale Sign / House Numbers

TOU: Feel free to set up the house to your own desire but do not reupload!

It is a Library file, place it in your Library Folder!


Ebony – CC Version 

Ebony – CC Free Version 

Better Dishwasher Tweaks

If you play like me with large households, dishes can be a pain. Especially after a big party and you’ll left with a dining room littered with dirty plates. But then you notice how your sim is only able to grab a few dishes and may have to make a second or third trip. Well no more of that. By default, sims are only able to grab 5 dishes at a time, which is lame if you only have 1 sim washing dishes. With this mod, the limit was set to 20. In the pic, you’ll see Nahe is holding 8 plates.

This mod was requested by one of my good friends and the timing was perfect cause there’s more that I wanted to do with the dishwasher. While playing my 100 BC, I am annoyed how sims would just stand in front of the dishwasher after placing dishes inside. This prevents other sims who are also trying to wash dishes from using it. EA had the bright idea to set the washing time to 20 minutes. So that explains why your idiot sim stands in front of dishwasher forever. I set the washing time to 2 minutes, sims will place into the dishwasher and walk away immediately. I also shorten repair & upgrade time to 5 minutes and made the dishwasher less breakable. New dishwashers can last 3 weeks before deciding to break. I swear that thing breaks all the time -_-

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the following:

  • DishwasherExpensive XML
  • DishwasherCheap XML
  • Dishwasher XML
  • WashDishes XML

Made with Patch 1.63 (may still work with higher patches)

Remember to always delete the scriptCache when installing a new mod

Do not Reupload anywhere!


Club Aquarius – 100k Views Gift (Part 2)


As promised, I have part 2 of the 100k views gift. I present to you all, Club Aquarius!

This vivid colored night club set as a Fusion Lounge may be the hottest night scene in your sims’ town. Not too big, not too small, Club Aquarius should be an easy fit in most world maps. Bubble bars, karaoke, casino slots, pool table, and a dance floor equip with a DJ is what Club Aquarius has to offer for a fun night out with friends!


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Lot Size: 30×20

EPs used: Late Night, Showtime, Into The Future, Island Paradise, Seasons, World Adventures, Generations

SPs used: None that I’m aware of.

Store Items: Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

CC used (not included): Modern Line Windows Set , Transparent Dance Floor 

Note: I set colors on the bubble tubes and some of the lights however there’s a chance the colors may reset. If so the colors I used was: Cyan, Purple & Magenta. Please remember to place the file in your library folder.