Show Yourself: Chapter 8 – Boyfriend

This day was mostly a great day. The day was July 10th, the day of my 7th birthday. My parents planned to throw my litter mates and I a birthday party at the bowling ally in Richdale. Naturally I invited Noelle to my birthday party. She was pretty excited about it, she hasn’t been to Richdale yet but I told how fun the city can be. Noelle’s parents became good friends with my parents. Noelle’s mother, Jolene offered to help plan the party; she enjoy party planning and hosted many parties and charity events back in Bridgeport. On the day of the party, Jolene and her husband Louis decided to go into the city early.

They wanted to let Noelle and one of her older brothers Malcolm explore the city. The Sheridans offered to take me along cause Noelle asked, Jolene felt it would be a little easier since we had a huge household. My parents were okay with it but Chanel asked if she could come along too. When we left EC last week, dad took Chanel, Tiana and Briana to come stay with us for a couple of weeks. Chanel has been friendly with Malcolm since staying with us. I think she had a crush on him cause she asked to stay for the rest of the summer. My dad quickly figured why the sudden change of mind, originally Chanel didn’t wanna come. Dad told her she could stay for 2 extra weeks. She was happy with just that.




Noelle’s parents took us to the park first, the party didn’t start until 4 and we got into town around 12. Jolene felt since it was a nice day out, we could spend the day here until the party starts. Noelle and I headed towards the see-saws, it’s one of our favorite things to do.




“Hey Sunshine, I was thinking of something cool. I think you should be my boyfriend now. I really like you and I know you really like me but if you don’t wanna be my boyfriend then maybe Montell can. I think he likes me too and I think he’s cute and nice. So you gonna be my boyfriend now?”




“I dunno. I don’t know if I’m ready to be anyone’s boyfriend. I just turned 7 but I don’t want my brother to be your boyfriend. I guess I can be your boyfriend if you really want me to? How am I suppose to boyfriend anyway?”




“I don’t know. Umm.. bring me flowers and candy? That’s what my brother Jamal did for his girlfriend in BP.”

“My parents don’t give me candy. How am I’m suppose to give you candy?”

“Don’t you get an allowance for doing chores?”

“No. My mom said to not expect things for doing things that need to be done.”

“Oh. How do you get money?”

“Grandparents and I got a lot of those.”

“Cool! Just use that money to buy me candy!”

“Okay! Are you gonna get me candy too since you’re my girlfriend?”

“No. You’re a boy. You’re suppose to give me candy cause I’m the girl.”

“So I get nothing?”

“You do. Kisses!”




“Come here, I wanna show you something!”

I grabbed Noelle’s hands and lead her towards the far end of the park.

“We can’t go too far from my parents.”

Noelle always listen to her parents, they told us to stay where they could see us but I felt we wouldn’t be too far. There was something cool that I wanted to show Noelle. Since it was her first time here, I didn’t want to ruined the surprise.

“We’ll be okay. This is really cool.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.”




I was happy to see it was still there, Clarice and I found this the last time we were here. I was hoping they would still be here when I showed Noelle and it was.

“O.M.G! Sunshine! What are those? So pretty! And butterflies too? I love butterflies!”

“I knew you would like this.”

“Are those tiny fairies?”

“I dunno. I haven’t asked anyone yet. Clarice and I found these like a month ago.”




“Whatever they are, they are so beautiful! Thank you for showing me, Sunshine.”

“You’re welcome I guess. I didn’t think they would still be here. I guess they live here.”

“I wonder can I play with them.”

“Yeah, they like playing.”

“So cool! Let’s do it, Sunshine!”




Noelle danced around with the mysterious glowy pink things. A blue butterfly handed in the palms of her hands. She was excited when that happen. “Look, Sunshine! This butterfly wants to be my friend!” Noelle shouted excitedly. I told her that was cool and attempted to catch a butterfly but failed numerous times. 






“One of the glowy things landed on my hand. This feels so cool.”

“Don’t do anything to scare it off.”

“I won’t  but I think it trying to talk to me.”

“Huh? Those things can’t talk.”




I was happy that a butterfly finally landed in my hands. I happily shown off to Noelle that one finally liked me.

“I got one too! Butterflies never landed in my hands before. I thought maybe they didn’t like me cause they know about my monster thing.”




After a while, Noelle sat down in the grass and asked me to sit next to her. I did but she told me to sit closer to her since I was her boyfriend after all. I felt a little weird and wasn’t sure what else am I suppose to do with Noelle since I was her boyfriend.

“Like this?”

“Yeah, you gotta sit really close to me.”

“Okay. Do you feel weird with me sitting this close?”

“No. I like it. Don’t you?”

“Yeah I like it.”




“Sunshine, can you promise me something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Will you promise to be my boyfriend forever and ever?”

“Umm.. yeah? I promise. But if I’m your boyfriend forever and ever, then we can’t get married.”

“Oh yeah! Promise to be my boyfriend until we are big enough to get married and have babies.”

“Okay but I don’t wanna have babies. It can just be us. So do I kiss you now?”




“Wait, no!”

I leaned into Noelle to kiss her only to be rejected with her holding my face away from hers. I was confused cause I thought boyfriends and girlfriends were suppose to kiss.


“We gotta have babies, Raiden! And our first kiss gotta be romantic. I saw you eat sand, yucky!”

“But we might have monster freak babies like me and your brother dared me to eat sand!”

“So I would still love our monster freak babies. But really, Raiden; our first kiss gotta be romantic like in the movies.”

“I don’t know how to be romantic.”

“Well we can’t kiss yet. Promise me we will have babies. I heard my daddy tell my mom that making babies is fun. Don’t you wanna have fun?”

“Yeah but.”

“Promise me.”

“Okay. We will have babies.”

“I want lots of babies!”

“Like my dad has?”

“Not that many!”




Noelle heard her mom calling and she quickly ran towards her. I didn’t follow Noelle, I was sad that I made her a promise that I knew that I didn’t want to keep. I only promised her that I would have kids with her so she would kiss me.




“I think you both would make cute babies together. Even if they are monster freaks.”

I felt a cool shiver go up my shine along a small hand going through my hair. I haven’t seen Jada since last weekend in EC. I wasn’t sure if she would follow me here but she said she’ll always be around when I need her. I certainly didn’t feel like I needed her now.




“Hey! I don’t like it when you sneak up on me like that!”

“How else am I suppose to? This way is fun and I enjoy it. You try being dead, not fun at all.”

“Well stop it!”

“I would promise you but I would be lying, just as you are to Noelle. Never make promises that you don’t plan to keep, Raiden.”

“I just wanted a kiss. Besides; it’s gonna be lots of years before we are big enough to get married!”

“Some areas in India have people getting married at the age of 7. You’re old enough.”

“This isn’t India!”





“Why are you here anyway?”

“Don’t you see it is a wonderful day out? And it would be my 7th birthday if I were still alive.”

“Oh. Well my parents are throwing us a party at the bowling alley. You can come.”

“Oh sure. I would love to eat cake, I heard it is a wonderful thing. I also heard bowling could be quite fun. However brother, there’s one problem.”


“I am dead.”



“Just trying to be nice.”

“Yeah but you gotta remember the whole me being dead part.”

“Sorry! But you didn’t tell me why you came out.”

“I told ya. Don’t make promises that you don’t intent on keeping. Let’s say you both stay together until adulthood and she learns that you lied about the whole child having thing, it will break her. But I really don’t see that happening. What are the odds of that even happening.”




“It can happen! Noelle and I be together until we are adults. She likes me and I like her. So it can happen.”

“I know you’re just a kid but that’s unlikely to happen. I mean you’re not exactly a ray of sunshine and I find your pet name of hers to be ironic. Who knows how long she’ll be willing stick around. I see a little chance of her and Montell, sweet boy.”

“Hey! She’s my girlfriend! Monty likes somebody else! You are supposed to be helping me anyway!”

“Clam down. I am just saying. Yes, I am going to help you but I am also telling you the reality of things. I will tell you one thing. Being possessive isn’t attractive and I got a feeling you may ended being that way.”

“What’s possessive?”

“Well not wanting to let your girlfriend or boyfriend to spend time with others, be friends with others or wanting all of their attention. It’s like when you get a whole bag of candy and not wanting to share with your siblings. You’ll get a cavity faster that way.”

“I’m not gonna be like that.”

“Let’s hope not.” 




I heard Jolene and Noelle calling for me. Jada said I should go. I listened and headed towards the front of the park. Noelle was by the swings and asked me to push her. I agreed and pushed Noelle in the swings.




The party was starting, we headed to the bowling alley just a bit before the party started. Noelle’s parents helped my parents set the party up. We had cake, cupcakes and pie since we couldn’t agree which do we rather have. I wanted batman cupcakes, Montell and Antonio wanted banana cream pie while Giana and Clarice wanted cake. Later Montell also wanted cupcakes and Giana and Clarice couldn’t agree on flavors of cake. My parents agreed to get everything given how well meeting our birth mother went.

Everyone won for once in our lives.



Noelle wanted cake, so naturally I got cake. Of course my mom thought I wanted cupcakes and questioned me. I told her I did but since Noelle is now my girlfriend, I should probably get cake too. Mom smiled and laughed, telling me that I didn’t have to eat the same as her. I can still pick whatever I wanted. I thought I would be clever and ask if I could have both. Mom laughed and said she will save me some cupcakes for later cause I didn’t need all of that sugar.




After the birthday singing and having the sweets, we all went to go have fun. Noelle wanted to play skeeball but I wanted to play the space blaster game. I remembered that mom said I could pick whatever I wanted still but agreed to play skeeball with Noelle first. I like playing it and I didn’t want to make Noelle mad.

“We didn’t have to play this first. It’s your birthday.”

“I know but I know how you really, really wanted to play this.”

“You can pick the next game, Sunshine.”





Noelle played a few more other games and I notice that I was low on token. I split some of mine with Noelle cause I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I saw my parents outside, Noelle and I went outside to ask for more tokens. We were unaware of an unwelcome visitor coming our way.




As I was about to ask my mom for tokens, we were all taken from surprise by Clarissa. She came storming to my parents demanding that she come get what’s hers.

“I found a loophole in your arrangement! The adoption is void if I were to wake up! I will be taking my kids away from your whore!”

“What are you talking about? There’s no loophole! We checked with our lawyer!”

“Your whore was really just a legal guardian but not their parent!”

“Maybe you should check again! The adoption was done in Riverview, not in EC. Their law is different. Nakia is their legal parent! Your mother legally signed your rights away after the doctors pronounce you medically dead! You were at the point of no return. Your mother felt it was best for the kids!”



“I don’t care! The lawyer in EC said it’s void! And I can take them if I wanted! Your whore has no right to my children! I will fight you in court! I will make sure she and you will never see them again!”

“Seriously?! You want to take us to court when we have full custody?! You were in a 7 year coma, you refuse to be helped and you attacked 2 of the kids! No judge will allow you near our kids! Our lawyer told us that you have no legal stand with our kids. My wife and I can decide rather you can have anything to do with them or not!”

“You attempted to abduct Giana and cause harm towards Raiden and Giana too. You rejected Raiden, berated him and now you gonna come up to their birthday party and take them? You’re in no right state of mind and I understand that! Please listen to Borage when he said get some help! He said that you agreed with him in going back to Italy!”

“Shut up whore! I don’t need help! I just need my kids! Get out of my way!”

“There’s no way in hell that we are letting you near our kids! We talked about this, Clarissa! You promised me!”




“You said I could see them! I want to see them!”

“I did but only after you get the help you need! You’re still hurt, Clarissa. The kids shouldn’t see you like this!”

“Borage is right, you still need to heal.”

“I am fine! Get the fuck out of my way! I am taking my kids now! I gave them life on this day! I have my right!”

“Clarissa, please listen when I said you don’t You have no legal right! Please don’t have me call the police.”

“Call them so I can tell them how your whore is treating them badly!”



“Raiden, go take Noelle inside.”

“But mom.”

“Don’t you call that whore mom. I am your mom!”

“You said you wasn’t.”

“Raiden, go!”

I grabbed Noelle’s hand and noticed the fear in her eyes. I needed to protected her and decided to listen to my parents when they told me to go inside. As we ran back inside, I could hear Noelle crying.

“That lady; she’s scary. Is she your real mom?”

“No. That lady isn’t my mom. She’s the real freak monster.”



“I just want to be in their lives! They are my kids!”

“We will work with you with that, Clarissa. But you gotta work with us too.”

“You can start by not calling my wife a whore; especially in front of the kids.”

“They can’t call her mom. I’m their mom.”

“We are both their mothers, Clarissa. Our lawyer thinks it’s best you stay away but Borage and I think it’s best if you are apart of their lives. We want you to be apart of us but you need to get help. You’re hurt, you still need to heal, psychically and mentality.”

” Yeah, we will also help you. I know your mother is worried that you didn’t come in. But you need to be seen. And afterwards, we can work something out.”

“How can I be with them if I’m in Italy. We’ll bring them to you, I know the summers are nice there. The kids could spend the summer there. And maybe when they are older, they can go there for school for a semester. There are programs here where they send kids to attend school overseas. The kids are smart and might wanna do something like that.”

“So you’ll let them come see me?”

“Of course, Clar but you gotta get help first.”




Once inside, Noelle calmed down a bit. My parents weren’t yelling anymore and it seems like they had everything under control.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

“What makes me so?”

“You saved me! So brave getting me away from the scary lady.”

“I guess. I didn’t want her to hurt you. She hit me and threw Giana.”


“My dad said she’s sick but I think she’s just a monster. I hate her.”

“She kinda looks like you. She said your mom adopted you. That is your real mom.”

“Yeah but the mom I knew from when I was a baby is my true mom and I love her.”

“I think I love you, Sunshine; my hero.”




“So do I kiss you now. I saved you. Isn’t that romantic enough?”

“I guess it was and it’s also night time.”

“I don’t know how to kiss. Do you?”

“Umm. No. I never kissed before.”

“Oh. Well I guess I can do it like my dad with my mom.”


“I guess we close our eyes.”

“Then how can you see? You might kiss my nose.”

“Okay, we both keep our eyes opened.”




I leaned closer to Noelle as she leaned closer to me. I didn’t feel nervous but I could tell she was. I assure her that it was gonna be fine. We both decided to close our eyes and the magic happen.

“Whoa! That was magical. You are a real genie!”