Show Yourself: Chapter 18 – One For The Team, Part 2

I burnt dinner and it really my fault. I told the guys that I had idea what I was doing but they told to try anyway. We headed to Mamma Rosa’s Pizzeria in Toscana. My family and I go here time to time and sometimes I come here for lunch since it’s next to my school. It’s pretty great to eat at a place with real Italian food. There was some good places back in the states but nothing like from the country itself.

“So who’s paying?”

“Funny you should ask, Rai. You.”

“Me? Why I gotta pay?”

“Maybe cause you’re the one who burnt the hot dogs.”

“Hey! That wasn’t my fault. I told you guys that I didn’t know how to grill. I paid the last time we went out.”

“Well I don’t have much cash to spend. I gotta save with little I have for my trip back home. Besides one of you gotta pay for mines. It’s like my going away dinner.”

“You’re coming back in September, Claudio. It’s not like you’re going home for good.”




“I have a solution, guys.”

“Yeah, Rai?”

“Bastian is paying. You never pay. It’s always Clad and me. You gotta pay for once, Sebastian.”

“One, don’t ever call me that and two, I’m always kinda broke.”

“We know Landon gave you some cash. We both saw him.”

“You saw nothing.”

“I know what I saw, Bash.”

“Okay, fine. I guess I can pay.”

“Finally. It’s a Christmas miracle. Bastian pays.”

“Ha ha ha! Right.”





“So Clad, are you excited to return home for the summer?”

“Yeah, I miss my parents and my brother and sister. My mom said a lot has changed since the last time I was there for Christmas. And my parents are thinking about returning to Italy so they can be closer to me. I think it would be cool. It would be nice to see them more often. My dad asked if I wanted to take a year off, I wanted to but then I met Rosaria.”

“So she’s your only reason to stay? Hmm.”

“Course I wouldn’t want to leave you guys either! But sometimes it’s hard being away from home. Don’t you guys miss living in America?”

“Kinda. I miss not having to wonder if this person knows English or not. My first year sucked cause every chick I tried to get with spoke Italian. And if I wanted to get to know them, I better learn the language. I suck at speaking Italian. I got lucky when I met Vexille, a fellow American.”

“To be honest, not really. I really didn’t have any friends. I had better luck here than I did back in the states. Yeah the first year was a little hard but I have you guys now.”

“I miss living in Italy and it’s nice to come here for school. I don’t have much memory about America. We left when I was only 3. We always lived in Italy until I was 12. Switzerland is pretty nice.”




After dinner, we headed back to Bastian to spend a few hours playing some video games. I was finally having fun and doing what we were suppose to be doing. It was our last week to hang with Claudio before he returns home for the summer. We needed to hang out as much as possible cause this could be our last time together. There’s always the chance of Claudio changing his mind during the summer and doesn’t return for the following school year. You never know what’s going to happen in the next day. 

Three hours had passed by and the doorbell rang. Bastian drops his controller and smiles. “Tonight is the night.” Bastian said with a smug look on his face. I wanted to punch him, knowing that I will have to deal with Tara. Bastian answered the door while Claudio continued to play. I only heard the voices of Vexille and Rosaria. For a moment I thought it was just them and Tara didn’t come along. Maybe she got the hint that her and I won’t happen. 




“Hi Raiden.”

I felt the hair on my neck stood up as I heard Tara’s voice. “Shit.” I thought to myself, I was hoping she wouldn’t come but I should had known she would. I tried to ignored her as I continued to play the game.

“I brought some vodka. Maybe we can have some real fun.”

I continued to ignored her until Bastian mumbles under his breath.

“Dude. Get it together.”

I sighed before telling Tara hello.




“This game looks fun. Can I play?”

“Do you even know how to hold a controller?”

“Of course I can! I also know how to press buttons.”

“That I can believe.”

“Raiden. Man. C’mon.”

“Would you like to join, Tara?”




“Nah. I can watch you play. Some which one is you?”

“The one in red.”

“Ooh I like red. It’s my favorite color. What’s yours?”


“Oh nice! We have something in common.”

“Yeah? That doesn’t mean that I’m going to date you.”

“Hey guys, the drinks are done. Raiden, you could probably use a drink or two.”

“Yeah, Raiden. We gotta get you to loosen up.”

“I’m pretty sure, you’re very lose.”






I wasn’t much of drinker mainly because my parents didn’t let us drink. I was only 14 anyway. Everyone else grabbed a drink and I was reluctant. The last thing that I needed to do was get drunk around a girl who is trying way too hard to get into my pants.

“I got you a drink. I brought the good stuff ya know. My step mom probably won’t know it’s missing.”

“I really don’t drink.”

“That’s okay. You’ll like it.”

“I don’t want it though. But thanks.”

Bastian bumps into me as he headed to the kitchen.

“Just take the drink.”

I sighed and extended my hand for the drink of soda and vodka. I knew this was going to be a bad idea.




“So is it true that your family owns the winery in Toscana?”


“That is so cool! So did your parents try out the wine? My step mom loves wine from there. She got a couple of cases for her next dinner party. You’re welcome to come. It’s next weekend. You can be my date.”

“My dad lets me time to time. But no, I can’t come.”

“And why not? My step mom throws the best dinner parties. You gotta come out. You don’t wanna leave me dateless.”

“I’m pretty sure you won’t have trouble finding a date. I’m leaving for a trip on that weekend.”

“Oh? Where to?”

“Back to the states.”

“Oh cool. I gonna miss you!”


“Of course I would!”




I was feeling annoyed and wanted to tell Bastian that I couldn’t deal with Tara anymore. I’m all for helping to get laid but not if I have to suffer with the company of a dick thirsty girl. I walked into Bastian’s room only to find him finally sealing the deal with Vexille.

It was  pretty awkward being greeted with Bastian’s bare white ass in mid air. I caught him in mid stroke and he quickly turned around with his face all red. I wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or that just his sex face. He growls at me to get out and he didn’t have to tell me that twice. Now when we think about it, that was hilarious.





I needed a drink or more to get rid of the image of Bastian pumping away on Vexille. However I did get a nice view of Vexille’s breast and hers are lovely. I’m sure Vexille would be kind awkward afterwards but then again, I don’t think she minded that I seen her naked.





I was starting to feel a little tipsy and sat down on the couch. I counted to 3 before Tara made her way over and sat down next to me.

“We are all alone, Raiden. Rosaria and Claudio are getting freaky in the pool. And you know what Vexille and Bastian are doing. What should we do?”

“We can maybe watch some TV.”

“Just watch some TV?”

“Yeah, why not?”




“We could be doing something more fun than watch TV.”

“I’m pretty content in watching some TV.”

“We could make out a little.”

“Nah. I had some spaghetti with tons of garlic for dinner.”

“I love spaghetti and garlic. I wouldn’t mind it.”

“Uh huh.”




“Oh man, I’m starting to feel a little tired.”

I can’t believe she tried the oldest trick in the book.




“If you’re tired then maybe you should go home!”

“What is with you?! You must be gay.”

“Trust me, I’m not and who cares if I was. I’m just not into you at all!”

“You won’t say that until you are inside of me.”

“I never want to be inside of you.”

“Well I’m not having a good time. My friends are getting some and I’m not. Maybe I should tell them that I’m ready to go home.”

“Okay, okay. You don’t have to do that. What do you want to do?”




“So you’ll do anything with me?”

“I guess.”

“You guess?”


“Okay. Well I’m going to go into that room and slip out of this dress. I want you to follow me but count to 50 before you do.”


“Just do it. Okay? You can do that?”

“Yeah. I can do that.”

“Grazie amore mio.”




I knew I was going to regret this. This would also be one of the worst nights of my life. I did what Tara asked and counted to 50 before following her into Bastian’s mom and step dad’s room. She had slipped out of her dress and stood near the bed waiting for me.

“Do you like? I’m wearing your favorite color.”

“I can see that.”



“Do you like what you see?”

“Yeah I guess.”




“I think it would be a little more fair if you take your clothes off too.”

“I kinda don’t want to.”

“You said anything.”

“I know but this isn’t right.”

“It will be right when you take something off.”

“Okay but I’m not taking my pants off.”

“Fair enough.”




I removed just my shirt and shoes. She smiled as she watched me undressed. I felt so uncomfortable and sick to my stomach. I don’t know what she expects from me. If she thinks she’s going to get sex out of me, she’s sadly mistaken and I already told her about genie’s delayed puberty. My body isn’t ready for that.

“That’s much better. I want to kiss those lips so bad.”

“I know.”

“Do you want to kiss me?”

“You want the lie or the truth?”

“Kiss me, silly boy.”




Tara kissed me and all over my neck. She told me to lay on the floor and I did with much hesitation. She quickly pounced on my chest, caressing me and tracing her finger around my nipples. I didn’t react to her touches but only sighed quietly.

“You could touch me if you want. I won’t bite.”

“I got a feeling, you would.”

“Only if you want me to, silly boy.”

“Well I don’t.”

“Do you like it when I play with your nipples?”

“Meh. It doesn’t do anything for me.”

“How about when I lick them?”

“Anything you do to me will be pointless.” 




She continues to ignores the fact that nothing will aroused me and starting kissing me all over while fondling me. She shouldn’t be surprised when my genitals refuse to respond to her touching.

“Seriously? After all of that, you’re still soft?!”

“I told you this already! My body isn’t sexually matured yet! My junk ain’t gonna work! All of your efforts are pointless! I kept telling you that but you won’t listen!”

“What the fuck am I suppose to do with you?”

“I dunno!”




“Well if your dick isn’t going to work now then maybe your fingers would be enough.”

“My fingers? What about my fingers?”

“You know.”

“I don’t know. I’m a virgin and don’t know much about sex.”

“You can use your fingers to finger fuck me.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“You just play with my clit until I cum.”

“I don’t know anything about girl parts!”

“Well you’re going to learn tonight.”





She laid on her back and requested me to remove her panties. I never seen a female’s genitals before and was sure what to think about it. Tara’s looked like a face of an angry old man and I was kinda scared to touch it. She guided and told me what to do.

She soon started to moan and I took it as a sign that I was doing well. Her moans grew louder and get became wetter as I fingered. My fingers slipped out a few times and then she told me to add more fingers. I started with 2 but now using 4. Her moans got more intense and she began to call my name, which it made me uncomfortable. I could feel my hand starting to cramp up and wished she could be finished already. She finally announced that she was cumming and I felt a sigh of relief.

“You were amazing with those magical fingers of yours. That was probably the best orgasm that I ever had. I can’t wait until you turn 15.”




I said nothing to Tara and quickly stood up to head into the bathroom. I washed my hands vigorously trying to get the smell of Tara off of them. I scrubbed and scrubbed but still felt so dirty and ashamed.





I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I could barely look at myself. I couldn’t believe that I did that with her although I still have a girlfriend in a way. If Annaliese wants to break up, I don’t blame her. I feel so guilty and ashamed that let peer pressure get to me. I didn’t want to ruin Bastian’s time with Vexille but at what cost? My dignity and now I have a hand that still smells like a 3 day old fish that was left in the sun. 





I stripped down and stepped into the shower. Maybe with a shower, I could feel clean. I was too distracted and didn’t lock the door. My night of horror was far from being done. As I showered, Tara entered the bathroom naked. She slid the shower door open and stepped inside. She told that I looked amazing naked and very impressed with the size of my flaccid dick. If it appears large when soft then she had to know how big it will be when erect.

She started to fondle me although she knows by now it was pointless. It was more for her than it was for me. She knelt down and attempted to perform oral sex on my still flaccid dick. It was awkward to feel her mouth on my genitals. She then started to lick on my sack and I tilt my head upwards,  holding back tears, waiting for this torture to stop.  The water turn cold and this prompted Tara to finally stop. I took some time before exiting the bathroom. I felt even more guilty now.

The girls soon left. I said nothing about what happen between Tara and I until breakfast time the following day. I told Bastian and Claudio that I never want to ever see Tara again. I also told them that would be the last time I would ever entertain any of their girlfriends’ friends. Bastian felt bad and apologize. Vexille happened to be there and she was upset with Bastian. She knew Tara would be a bit much for me but thought everything was okay cause I didn’t complain. She didn’t know that Bastian wanted me to suck up it so he could get laid.

Vexille headed back to the states in a sour state. Bastian doesn’t know if Vexille will return as his girlfriend in September.  With Vexille going on a one month cruise with her dad, he won’t hear from her for most of the summer. I could had kept quiet about it but I fear I may have to entertain Tara again. Bastian wasn’t mad at me, he was mad at himself instead. He guilty that I had to do that with Tara and I wasn’t comfortable with. He believes that he may had ruined sex for me, but I told him to not worry about that. When it comes time, my body is most likely to forget about that night. 

Show Yourself: Chapter 17 – One For The Team, Part 1

Finally the day of most teenagers had come, first day of summer break. It was also perfect timing with Bastian’s mom and step dad going out of town for a few days. This gave Bastian the opportunity to have a sleepover with Claudio and I. His mom knew he was gonna invite some people over and gave the okay as long as it would be just us. Unfortunately for Bastian, he happens to live next door to on my of teachers, Edgar London. Mr. London is a cranky little troll and would probably report any sound Bastian makes. I’m convinced he hates teenagers and could never understand why he chose to teach at a high school.

We started the day at the courtyard at Bastian’s school to play some basketball. I wasn’t really interesting in playing since I never got to play as a kid with my dad and brothers. I can do a lot more now than when I was a child but since the surgery, I still have to ease into physical activities. While Bastian and Claudio played, I chatted with Noelle on my iPad. I will be visiting her in a week and I’m excited to see her. I haven’t seen Noelle since we moved to Italy when I was 10. My dad meets with his publisher in Bridgeport about turning his personal journal into a book. Noelle and her family moved back to the Bridgeport area when her dad’s department relocated to Brightpoint Island permanently. My dad is letting Eli and I tag along on his trip since Eli’s grandmother May is now living there. We also have some older siblings living there as well. It will be great to see my older brothers again. I haven’t seen them since I was a little kid.




I finally put away my iPad, Bastian’s younger brother Lance took notice and asked me to join him. Lance was playing hopscotch, a game that I haven’t played in ages. I only ever played with Noelle and sometimes I had fun but other times I got pissy if I messed up. Noelle had always cheered me on anyway. Man, do I miss her. Lately I’ve been thinking about her. It’s not like I can talk to my own girlfriend, Annaliese.

“Join me, Rai!”

“You really want me to?”

“Yeah! It will be fun!”

“Well I am kinda a pro at this. I might kick your butt.”

“Oh really?”


“Okay, man! Bring it on!”

“Alright, you was warned.”




I had a little fun with Lance, he has 2 slides of himself. He can be friendly and silly but he also can be a little snot, it really depends on how his mood. His mother usually puts him in a bad mood and today he had fussed at him. His parents were running a tad late to the airplane and all Lance wanted was a good-bye hug.

Petra couldn’t be bothered and rushed her husband, Landon out the door to their waiting cab. Lance didn’t get a chance to tell either parent bye. So we figured Lance would be a snotty brat today. Lance’s mood was eventually brightened up after watching Bastian trip and fall face first on the pavement. He’s fine though.

“Ha ha ha! Look! Bastian fell! Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha!”

“Stop laughing! It’s not funny.”

“Sorry bro, but it’s kinda funny. You okay?”

“Yeah, but you 2 are still assholes.”




Bastian looked at his phone and called me over. I wasn’t sure what else he had planned for today but I was sure it would be good. So I thought.

“Look Rai, we are about to head to Venice Point in  little bit.”

“Isn’t that the make out spot? Why are we going there?”

“Girls. Why else? Hopefully it will be just us. Vexille and Rosaria are gonna meet us.”

“So it’s gonna me, you, Claudio with both of your girlfriends? Geeze, can I not be the odd man out for once?”

“Ah man don’t worry, we gotcha covered. Rosaria is bringing her best friend, Tara. She’s half black and Italian, so she’ll be your type.”




“Thanks for looking out for me but I have a girlfriend. Well kinda.”

“And that’s why you need a girl to chill with. Maybe you’ll like her better than Anna.”

“I dunno. I won’t feel right trying to get with another girl.”

“You don’t have to date her, man. Just keep her company. Her boyfriend dumped her a few weeks, she’s probably not ready to date anyone now. Just hang out with her and everything will be okay.”

“Alright, I guess I can do that.”




“C’mon squirt. We gotta go.”


“Venice Point.”

“Eww gross! That’s where you go to kiss girls! I don’t wanna go there! It’s so boring!”

“Too bad, squirt. You’re going.”

“You can’t make me!”

“Oh cute. You gave me the bird. Wait until I tell mom.”

“She’s not gonna care!”

“Okay then I’ll tell your dad!”

“Fine! I’ll go but I’m not gonna have fun!”

“Chill out, besides Vexille is gonna be there and you like her.”

“Yeah cause’s not boring like your other 8 girlfriends!”




After Claudio changed into his street clothes, we headed towards Venice Point along with Lance. He will have to tag along until his friend comes home. Bastian convinced Lance to ask his friend to have a sleepover so we can have the house to ourselves.

Having Lance with us is common, Petra usually makes Bastian take Lance if Landon isn’t around. I’m really glad that I don’t a smaller sibling that I have to bring along. My parents are done having kids, I do have Isabella but I also have many other siblings she could be pawned off to. Having a huge family does have its advantages.




“So this girl, Tara. She isn’t butt ugly or anything?”

“Why do you ask, Rai?”

“I wanna know what I’m dealing with. Is she like the ugly friend they gotta bring along? Cause Clarice has one of those type of friends.”

“She got a nice body, don’t she Claud?”

“Yeah. She has other great qualities about her, Rai.”

“So she’s ugly? Great.”

“Let’s just say she has a unique look to her. Not the standard beauty. She can be cute but tends to make her face look weird.”

“You both are assholes.”

“Ha ha ha ha!”




We got the Venice Point, the usual teenage hang out spot for secret parties and making out. I only been here once with one of my early girlfriends. My parents are aware of this place and really don’t want us hanging out here. I didn’t see what was the big deal, my litter mates and I can’t have sex just yet.  I guess they didn’t want us to get use to being here.

“Where are they?”

“Vex said they’ll be here in soon.”

“I’m bored! I don’t wanna be here!”

“I didn’t want you here either, Lance. But I had no choice. I can’t leave you at home.”

“Why not? I’m almost 8, I don’t need a babysitter!”

“I really hope this girl isn’t too ugly, Bast. But if she is then nothing is gonna happen. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

“Hey, Vex said they are here. Tara is parking the car.”

“Wait? She has a car?”

“Yep. Tara is a rich girl by the way, Rai.”




I was introduced to Tara. She was okay looking and has a nice body like Bastian mention. She would probably be better looking it if wasn’t for the potato nose. She seemed nice and said hi to me. I did kinda stare Vexille a bit, she really looked nice in shorts. Vexille took notice and shyly smiled back as she winked . I wish I could slap myself for looking at her cause it’s not right. But Vexille is probably the only white girl whom I found attractive. I really hoped Bastian didn’t notice.




I was quick to dismiss Tara and headed towards the fire pit. She gave me an uneasy feeling by the way she looked at me. I know that I’m suppose to keep her company but I find myself really not wanting to do that.

“So Raiden, that’s kinda a cool name.”

“Thanks. Yours too.”

“Uh huh. What school do you go to?”

“Trinity Parks, same as Vexille.”

“Oh cool. The art school. I wanted to go to that but I couldn’t get in.”

“Why not?”

“Probably cause I can barely draw a stick figure. Ha ha ha!”

“You kinda need some kind of talent to get in.”

“Yeah, my step mom hoped if she tossed some money, I could get in. Money didn’t matter but it’s okay. The school I go to is pretty okay.”






“Yeah but we don’t have any cute art boys like you there.”

“I heard you had a boyfriend. What happen with that?”

“Oh there was just some dumb misunderstanding. But it’s whatever.”

“Like what?”

“Do we really have to talk about that?”

“Not if it’s a touchy subject.”

“What about you? You have a girlfriend?”

“Kinda. She said we kinda rushed things and we needed to take a break but we aren’t broken up.”




“Please! We need a break is girl code for, I want to break up but not until I find another boyfriend first. Sometimes I have a back up boyfriend before I break up with the current. It sucks to be single.”

“I don’t think she’s gonna break up with me when she find another. I think she just needed a break to think about things.”

“It’s bullshit, Raiden. And guys fall for it. We just don’t want you guys looking for another girl. We keep you on standby until a better one comes along and we cut you lose.”

“That’s kinda mean. Why do girls do that?”

“Not all girls do but most. So you’re pretty much fair game and I like what I see.”

“You do?”

“Rosaria didn’t tell me how sexy you are. She said you’re a genie and I also think that’s hot. I never met a genie before but I heard they are sexy as fuck. I see that’s true. I almost didn’t come out but I’m glad that I did. I’ll be a fool to pass up on you.”

“Uh, thanks.”




I felt a little uncomfortable when she started to kinda rub up against me. I excused myself and laid on the ground thinking about what she said about this girl code. I get the vibe that Tara has had a lot of boyfriends and she may be a bit aggressive. It’s other reasons why I felt a bit uneasy, I don’t want her to think that I’m going to be her next victim.

But what if this girl code is true? It’s not the first time I was told that she’s just gonna break up with me once she has a new boyfriend. I really couldn’t see Annaliese being that type of person or maybe I could be wrong. I didn’t spend a lot of time to really get to know her.




As I started to get lost in my thoughts, Tara had made her way towards me and sat down. I sighed as I barely had a moment to myself since meeting her.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

“Of what you said about the girl code.”


“Is that shit legit?”

“Yeah, you guys have your guy code too. Not much better than ours. But it’s okay, you’re a hot guy. You won’t be single long.”

“What makes you so sure? You don’t even know me.”

“A hot guy like you will always have girls after you. I don’t mind having to fight off a few.”




“I’m not looking to get into anything. I just hope things between Anna and I will get better cause I miss her.”

“What if it doesn’t?”

“It will.”

“But if it doesn’t? There’s always me.”

“You don’t know me.”

“But I wanna get to know you. Don’t you want to get to know me?”

“I guess.”

“That’ what I want to hear.”

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to give you a little kiss on your forehead. You look so sad. Don’t be sad.”

“Uh. Please don’t do that.”





I wondered off to the picnic table only to be followed by Tara. She wasn’t getting the hint that I really wasn’t interest in her. However I still have to keep her company. I sighed and figure I should try to do so.

“So Raiden, what are your hobbies?”

“I like to draw and paint. I’m working on my own comic book. I also like to play video games a lot too.”

“That’s cool. I would like to see your art. I think it’s cool you got a comic book. I wish I could draw.”

“Thanks. What about you?”

“I like to go shopping.”

“Is that it? Just go shopping?”




“Well I also like to make out with cute guys. I’m a very good kisser. Are you a good kisser?”

“I guess so. I haven’t had any complaints.”

“I bet so. You have really nice kissable lips. I bet I could just kiss you all night long. I wouldn’t need to have sex. Kissing those lips would be enough.”

“Uhh. Okay.”

“I bet you had a lot of girlfriends too.”

“I guess so.”

“Maybe I can be one of them.”




“Well I don’t know about that.”

“You don’t think I’m pretty?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then what? Do you think I’m pretty.”

“I guess so.”

“You guess?”

“Well no.”

“I’m not?”

“No that’s not what I mean. I think you’re pretty. But I’m kinda with Anna.”

“You’ll be wasting your time. I would never want to take a break from you. A guy as hot as you, I would never want to be away from you.”

“You’ll rethink that once you get to know me.”




I removed myself from Tara and made me way towards Bastian. He could tell that I was annoyed and shook his head at me. I sighed as I plopped down on the chair near the mini fire pit.

“Is it that bad?”

“A paper bag has more personality than her. Her hobbies are to go shopping and make out with cute guys.”

“C’mon bro. You gotta talk to her and play nice. Please brother. I need you to do this.”

“Why? How is this some kind of favor? It’s not like you’ll hanging out with Vexille for the first time.”

“Cause I’m kinda in the doghouse. You know Vexille leaves for home in 2 days. I need to spend as much with her as possible.”

“What did you do this time?”

“I sent Giana a shirtless pic of me. I didn’t know Vex was with her. I said it was a joke but she’s not seeing it that way. I need to show her that I’m still gonna be here for her when she returns for school. I think she’s gonna let me take it.”

“Take what?”

“Her virginity.”

“You guys haven’t?” 



“No. I hoping we will have some crazy sex before she goes home. I really like Vex and she has been my longest relationship.”

“Then maybe you should stop texting my sister. And what does have anything with me having to be nice to Tara?”

“If Tara feels uncomfortable then the girls won’t want to hang out with us later on. So I need to spend time with Vexille. They’ll not gonna leave Tara hanging. Plus Claudio is gonna be returning home this weekend and he needs to spend time with Rosaria too.”

“Tara is a bit too aggressive for my taste. I told her about Anna and she doesn’t seem to care.”

“I know she can be. She made me let her give me a blow job during my first year. I did like it bet don’t tell Vex about that. Please just hang with her and take one for the team. Make her feel wanted and do whatever she wants. I really need this. This is my last shot to show Vexille that I’m real about her.”

“If you’re serious about Vex, I guess I can but you owe me big time.”

“Thanks bro!”




Bastian wandered off to Vexille’s direction which left me alone. I stood up from the chair and stared off into the ocean. I didn’t hear Tara coming up from behind me, usually I can hear from quite a distance but since the surgery, things had been a little off. From my surprise, I suddenly felt my ass being grope from a pair of unfamiliar hands. 

“Nice and tight as I thought it was be.”




I wasn’t a fan of being groped by a female whom I’m not attracted to. Although I just promised Bastian I would play nice with Tara, she took it a step too far. I didn’t think before lashing out at her. My temperament is one reason why Annaliese isn’t here. Just maybe my temper would also scare Tara. At this point, I didn’t care about keeping my promise to Bastian.

“What the fuck! I would really appreciate if you don’t grab my ass!”

“Oh lighten up! It’s not big deal! You’re a guy!”

“That doesn’t matter! Not all guys like to be groped by some random girl!”

“I’m not some random girl! I was just seeing if you’re not gay or anything! You haven’t once tried to hit on me!”

“I told you that I have a fuckin’ girlfriend!” 




“Yeah you say that but I really don’t care! Besides you are really cute when you’re mad.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“No the question is, what the fuck is wrong with you? Here you got some hot girl trying to get with you and you get all icy.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that you’re not my type?”



“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m every guy’s type. You just don’t know it yet.”

“I know my type and you’re definitely not it.”

“Oh you’re so funny too.”

“I’m not joking.”

“Yes you are. I’m every guy’s dream. I’m amazing in bed and if you’re good then you’ll find out.”

“I likes girls with a personality and talented. The only talent you have is laying on your back. I’m a genie which also means that we go through puberty much differently. We’re not sexually mature until the age of 15 and guess what? I’m 14! Telling me that you’re a great lay doesn’t interested me!”




“Oh c’mon! Tell me that when you look at me, something does go on in your pants! Every guys thinks I’m hot and lucky to be with me. Do you know who I am? I’m the step daughter of Lia Rasi! No guy ever tells me no!”

“I don’t care who the fuck you are! And I’m the first guy is going to tell you no! Even if I didn’t have a girlfriend, I still wouldn’t give you the time or day!” 

“You’re just saying that cause you’re scared if your girlfriend finds out. Trust me, she won’t!”

“You are fuckin’ nuts!”




“Well if that’s how you’re going to be then maybe I’ll tell Rosaria that I’m not having a great time and we should go. I’m pretty sure your boys wouldn’t be too happy about that.”


“Yeah. So what’s it gonna be? You gonna try to get with me or me and the girls go else where. Rosaria is my girl and if I’m not having a good time, then we are gonna go do something else. She promised me this would be fun.”

“Fine Tara, you win. For now.”

“See Raiden, I told you that I’m your type.”



We went swimming for a bit until the girls had to go see a movie. Since Tara was now having a great time, the girls promised they’ll return. Bastian thanked me for putting up with Tara but has no idea how big he owes me.

“That girl is fuckin’ nuts. But a promise is a promise.”

“I think tonight is gonna be the night, man. Please just keep making Tara happy.”

“You owe me and you have no idea how much.”

“Ha ha ha! You’ll live bro.”




We were getting hungry and I was left in charge with the grilling. I don’t know why they thought this was a great idea. I really had no idea what I was doing. My dad tried to show me how to but I was too busy texting on my phone. I probably should had stopped but I was 13 at the time and just wanted to be on my phone all the time. I thought by now I would be able to conjure food but it’s a skill that I have yet to have.




“Damn it all the hell! This is bullshit!”

Looks like we are gonna eat out.

Show Yourself: Chapter 16 – Salty

It’s been a couple of weekends since my surgery. The transfusion was successful and my body was able to self-heal. Today was my first day back at school and mom made my favorite breakfast of mushroom and spinach omelets with turkey bacon and french toast sticks. She wanted me to have a nice breakfast before sending me off to school. We just have a few weeks of school left. I’m a bit behind in my work but mom is gonna make sure I catch up eventually.




I saw Annaliese standing on the balcony at our school. We really haven’t talked since the evening that I completely lost it on her. She did still stop by to check on me at the hospital afterwards but has been a little standoffish. This made me a bit nervous. I thought we was over this but apparently not. She told me that we still needed to talk about that night. 





“Hey, Rai. How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay for the most part. How about you? I missed you.”

“I’ve been good. Ready for your first day back? I gotta warn you that Mr. London is more cranky than his usual. It’s the end of the school year and everyone is restless.”

“I guess so. So how about a little welcome back kiss?”

“We need to talk.”




“Talk about what?”

“You know. That one night at the hospital.”

“Oh. I thought that was in the past. We’re good, right? I said I was sorry.”

“I know but it made me think about things.”

“What things? It was just one fight. Don’t we kiss and make up now?”

“You act like it was no big deal!”

“Well it really wasn’t. I mean all couples fight here and there but they get pass it.”




“You’re a very angry guy and that scares me! When you yelled at me, I was so afraid of you! I never been yelled at like that before! I had an aunt who had a husband who yelled at her like that and he use to beat her! I think we rushed into this relationship and we should had gotten to known each other better. I dunno if I can handle your temper. It scares me and I think we should just take a little break from each other.”




“What? I didn’t mean to yell at you the way that I did. I really didn’t mean to but all you had to do is go and let me be. I just needed some rest. I was very tired and you kept pestering me. And I’m nothing like your aunt’s husband! I would never hit you or hurt you in any way. My mom would beat my ass if I ever hit a female! I take a lot of shit from my sisters!” 




“You didn’t want to tell me why you wanted me to leave. And if you can’t tell me what’s bothering you is gonna be problem. When you’re in a relationship, you gotta tell your girlfriend everything! You shouldn’t keep any secrets.”

“But I was just tired. I told you that!”

“I don’t believe you. I think it was something else. Your reaction about a full moon got me thinking there’s something deeper going on. I just wanted to help.”

“I can’t tell you about that.”


“Cause I just can’t!”

“See, this isn’t gonna work.”

“Annaliese, please. I just can’t right now. But when I’m ready. I’ll tell you.”

“I wish you could share everything with me.”

“There’s somethings I can’t for the moment. I don’t wanna scare you off. I was gonna tell you when I felt you could handle it. So I guess we’re broken up now?”

“No. We just need a break.”

“For how long?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well can I get a good-bye kiss?”

“It’s best if we don’t.”





I was confused of what just happen. We need to take a break? We only been dating for about a month and we need to take a break? Who on earth just presses pause in the relationship? I never got that and now I’m in one of those relationships. We aren’t broken up but we can’t talk or see each other. Does this mean that I can’t see other people or could I? Maybe I should had asked or maybe it’s good that I didn’t. So much for a warm welcome back, I never felt so hurt in my life so far.




“All the flavors in the world but yet you always choose to be salty.”

“Shut up, Jada! Not now, fuck!”

“You’ll catch more flies with honey.”

“Don’t you mean, shit?”

“Touche, brother. Touche.”




“I wouldn’t say that I didn’t see this coming but I did.”

“Uh huh. Here to mock me? I am in no mood for your shit, Jada.”

“I know that, Salty pants. I’m just saying-“

“I know what you are just saying!”

“You gonna let me finish?”




“How am I gonna fix this? Can this be fixed? I told her that I was sorry and we would get over it.”

“Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough. And can you blame her? You berated the poor girl and she was looking after you. You get scary mad when you’re flying off the handle. I told you about your temper. You need to chill and be a little less salty.”

“But can I fix this?”

“Maybe. Tell her the truth. Tell her about the full moon and who you really are.”

“I can’t.”

“Well I guess you’ll have to wait around and hope she’ll forget, which she won’t. She’s a woman. We forget nothing.”

“But if I tell her then we’ll be broken up for sure.”




“That’s a risk that you gotta take. But she is right about one thing.”


“You both just kinda rush into this. You both barely know each other. So maybe a break would do you both some good. Or not. To be honest, you guys are probably gonna break up.”


“Facts, brother. But it’s okay.”






“You’ll find another girl who you can be all gross with. “Hi I’m Raiden. I’m kinda weird but I wanna kiss you all over and say things that will offend you. But it’s okay cause I’m a love genie and you won’t care anyway.” “Oh yes you have a cute face but you’re weird. Let’s kiss and be gross.” “I like your boobies!”.”




“You’re not funny!”





I wished Annaliese would have waited to tell me all of this after school. She lays out all of this shit right before class, knowing our first class is together. To add salt to injury, the teacher assigned Annaliese to the keyboard next to me. It was cool before our “break” but it sucks now. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her and hoping she would notice me. She would but she just look away quickly. It made me feel like shit. 




Ms. Jaio didn’t care if it was my first day back at school. I still had to give my oral presentation of the inventor of the cellos. I don’t even know how to play a cello and don’t care much for it. We had to draw subjects from a hat and of course I picked the cello. I was never good on public speaking and giving oral presentations is a nightmare. It definitely doesn’t help with Annaliese and my ex Alessandra both being in my class.




“Andrea Amati was the inventor of the cello. He  was born in Cre-crea-moan-na uhh; Cremona, Italy a really long time ago. I mean in 1505. That was like in the 16th century? Yeah the 16th century.”

The microphone screeched with feedback and it was bad enough that I was stumbling with my words. I struggle to remember what I wrote about as I had forgotten half of my paper. 

“Fuckin’ shit!”

“Raiden Montigo! One more outburst like that and you will be sitting in detention!”

“Sorry, Ms. Jaio.”

The class laughed but was also threatened with detention if they continue to laugh at me. This day just suck more and more for me.




I was happy that I had study hall after lunch. I needed some peace and quiet. It was also nice to finally be away from Annaliese cause it’s hard to be around her when I can’t talk to her. I took this time to read up about lycanthropy and how this came to be. I do remember Eli saying he heard lycanthropy was a curse that came from a witch.  

I  always wonder if lycanthropy is a witch’s curse. If that is true, a curse would be broken. I decided that I would do some digging to find out if this is possible. If this is really a curse then I have it broken. I can finally be a full genie and not turn into a freakish monster during a full moon. And just maybe Annaliese and I would actually be together.




I thought I would hide out in study hall alone but my uncle Angelo eventually found me. I did honestly did try to avoid him because he would remind me that I need to join him after school. Today would be my first day of training and I’m really in no mood for that. Honestly, I don’t want to do it all but I told my grandpa Muraco that I would.

“I hope you didn’t forget. My dad wants us to meet him at Fiore Nascosto park after school.”

“Yeah I know. Why there? That’s kinda out there.”

“Cause no one ever goes there. That’s where we always do our training there. It’s pretty there.”

“I only been there once. I guess I could see why you guys go there.”

“It’s quiet and peaceful.”


“Hey what’s that? Is that a book on lycanthropy?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I didn’t know we had books like that here. You trying to get in touch with your lycan roots, nephew?”





“No! I’m trying to see if I can get rid of it.”

“That’s not possible, nephew. Once you’re born a lycan, you stay a lycan.”

“Isn’t it a curse? Curse can be broken.”

“A curse? Ha! Man, maybe you should read up.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying, there’s no way you can get rid of that part of you. You really hate being a lycan, huh?”

“Hate doesn’t begin to express my feeling about it!”

“A salty wolf doesn’t go far in life.”

“Shut up.”




Angelo and I made our way to Fiore Nascosto park and my grandpa Muraco was already there waiting for us. He was happy to see that I did come with Angelo. It wasn’t like Angelo gave me much of a choice. He made sure that I was going to show up no matter what.




“Okay boys, pair up. Being a lycan can be a stressful as we have more testosterone than any other being. With that said we can be a bit more aggressive. Sometimes we need to do some friendly sparing. Since this is your first time, Raiden I asked Angelo to go a little easy on you.”

“Give me all you, Angelo! No holding back.”

“You’re not ready.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Raiden. You need to ease into this. This is gonna help you with your anger cause you are a fiery one.”




I could tell Angelo was holding back on me. I know I can be a bit hot-headed but I ready to take him on. They knew that I wasn’t ready even when I felt I was. I always felt that I always have something to prove. Every since I was a child and I was even bold enough to take on Tyrese when I was only 8 years old. If I was going to get the fight that I wanted, I needed to egg on Angelo a bit.

“This is you holding back? I’m barely breaking a sweat!”

“I know what you’re trying to do! It’s not gonna work!”

“Oh yeah? I know a few 7 year olds who would give more a challenge than this! C’mon, uncle! I’m getting bored with this!”

“You want a challenge?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“You got it then!”




I really wished that I would learn to keep my mouth shut. Angelo delivered swifter and quicker blows which I had a difficult time avoiding. Of course my temper flared up and I wasn’t too happy about getting my ass handed to me.




“What the fuck!”

“What?! You said you wanted a challenge and I gave you one!”

“Bullshit! You’re not even giving me enough time to react!”

“Look you told me to step it up and I did! You can’t get mad cause this is what you asked for!”

“I don’t give a fuck! That was some bullshit that you just did!”

“Man, don’t be such a sore loser!”

“Screw you, prick!”




My grandpa Muraco stepped in and thought we needed a break for while. It was the right call cause I was ready to bury my fist into Angelo’s face.





“You can’t let your temper get the best of you during your training. You’ll lose focus and energy quicker this way. And your temper will cause other to push away from you.”

“I know that I gotta work on my temper but I get so fired up and angry!”

“It’s cause you don’t know how to properly channel your anger into something else.”

“How can I?”

“I’m going to teach you.”




I continued my training with my grandpa while Angelo took a break. For once I tried to listen to my grandpa’s instructions but I was really to do much more than this. At least I thought I was. I can be a bit impatient at times. 

“Pace yourself, Raiden. You’re gonna burn through your energy much quicker.”

“I’m trying, granddad!”

“I don’t think you are, son.”

“I’m trying! I’m really am I swear!”

“I know you can do better than this.”




I paced myself at a steady speed. I could feel my stamina increasing as I kept a rhythm. My grandpa was right and I tried not to feel so big-headed now that I’m getting the hang of things.

“There ya go. I knew you could do it, son.”


“Yep. Keep going, don’t stop.”





“I’m actually impressed, Raiden. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about you given how reluctant you have been.”

“So I did good?”

“Sì. Maybe we can now work on trying to transform into a full wolf.”

“You think I’m ready for that?”

“Let’s see.”





“You need complete focus and try to not push yourself too hard. Let your body guide you.”


“Don’t strain yourself!”




My body wasn’t doing anything and I certainly didn’t feel anything different happening to me. I thought I could feel my essence converting into blood. I felt hot but nothing was happening at all. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to turn into wolf. I had no idea of what I was doing. The only thing I did feel was confusion.




“Nothing is happening! I did what you said.”

“I know but I needed to show you that you don’t need to get ahead of yourself. It’s going to take time and effort and I know you’re not 100% commitment to this. Your mind, body and sprint need to all connect with each other. I told you that I’m not willing to train you until you are ready. You’re not.”

“I want to train. I wanna try.”

“I need your 100%. You won’t get far. I could tell just now that you didn’t want to turn into a wolf.”

“You could?”

“Son, I can see straight through you.”

“I had a bad day at school. My head is kinda cloudy.”




“You can only train with a clear mind. You gotta learn to leave the drama behind for your training sessions. But I also need for you to accept your lycan bloodline. You can’t bullshit me, I’ll know if you truly accept it”

“But you said I was doing good earlier.”

“You were, getting out some of that aggression but there’s more to it than releasing aggression after having a bad day at school. You got some potential, I can tell you that.”

“So can I still train with you?”

“We can work on the aggression because you seriously need help with that. You’re not going to keep a pretty girl like Anna around long. But as for turning, that’s up to you.”




I thought about what my grandpa Muraco had told me. He was right, I wasn’t 100% and didn’t want to turn. I do want to keep training and work on my anger. I can’t lose Annaliese and I need to get better. I came home and headed to the backyard to train on my own.

My dad got this wooden dummy for his training. He didn’t mind me using it. I got about 20 minutes in before my mom made me stop. She felt I had enough physical activity for the day. I know she’s right, I still need to take things easy. 

Show Yourself: Chapter 15 – 20 Minutes

I was waking in a daze of confusion. My ears twitched to the very familiar sound of machines and monitors. “Oh no.” I thought to myself, I know where I was before I focused my eyes. My vision continues to become clearer as I noticed the familiar white hospital window blinds. I let out a low growl as I knew I was at my least favorite place, the hospital. But then I heard a familiar voice although it was a bit shaky.





I felt exhausted and attempted to respond but fail. My eyes grew heavy as cement blocks,  quickly shutting close, I drifted back into a deep slumber. It felt like hours, days and months had passed as I laid frozen on my hospital. I could hear the voice of mother speaking to me. I wanted to opened my eyes and speak to her but my body refused to do so. It was struggle trying to fully awake myself but being slam dunked in a comatose like sleep.




“Rai-sweetie, it’s mom. Can you hear me?”

I could hear her but my body refused to respond. She gently picks up my hand and caresses it before holding my hand against her soft skin.

“I know you’re trying to wake up. Just keep on trying, baby.”

I let out another moan and growl as I again attempted to open my heavy eyelids.


“Hey baby.”

“Wha-what happen?”

“You had surgery two days ago. Your heart was in pretty bad shape. We almost lost you, baby.”

“Lost me? I’ve been out for two days?”

“You been in and out of conscious, you probably don’t remember much. And yes baby, we almost lost you during your surgery. Your heart stopped for 20 minutes.”

“I died?”

“Yes, technically but you were able to bring yourself back. This wasn’t the first time.”

“I’ve died before?”

“Your heart stopped a few times when you were a baby. 20 minutes each time.”

“So is my heart worse than what is before? Am I gonna be restricted from doing everything like when I was a kid? I can’t go back to that life. Where is Tyrese, I swear I will kill him!”





“You don’t have to worry about him anymore. Your father said he’s been handled. You’ll need to rest for a while before you can get back to your normal. As long as you rest as long as the doctor said, your heart will repair.”

“Handled? How?”

“Don’t worry about that. You need focus on getting better so you can come home.”

“So I’m gonna get better?”

“Yes. You also had a special procedure done. It’s something new but it is believe its going to make you stronger. As you know your body doesn’t produce enough genie essence and your levels are severely low for your age. They were able to do an essence to essence transfusion. It’s something like a blood transfusion with humans. They extracted some essence from your father and gave it to you. Now your levels are normal for your age and your body will be able to self-heal. You notice you’re not hooked up? They doctors are allowing nature take it’s course but they still need to monitor you for a couple more days.”

“So will I start having all of my abilities now?”

“Possibly but not for sure. You will need to have this procedure done every 60 days if everything goes well. They’ll need to start watching your levels. It can’t get too low like it was before. But I need to go speak with your doctor. I won’t be leaving you alone. You have another visitor.”




My mom kissed my forehead before letting Bastian in. He looked like shit as he haven’t slept in two days. I could see the sorrow in his eyes as he gazed at me. He was unusually quiet and always been a bit chatty but he was in a lost of words.

“Hey man. What’s up?”

I tried to break the awkward silence in the room. It almost seem like Bastian was about cry. I’ve never seen him cry or anything like that before today. He’s usually a happy go-lucky type of guy even when the world often hands him a pile of shit. Bastian was usually the one guy who could make me laugh. 




“Are you okay? You need anything?”

“I need you to stop being weird. I had heart surgery and you look worse than me. Ha ha ha.”

“I’m being serious, Rai. If you need anything, I’m your man. Whatever you need, just tell me and I’ll get it for you.”

“I’m fine, really. Well I hurt a bit but I had some genie thing done so I’ll be okay in a few days.”




“You sure?”

“Yeah. So what’s been up?”

“Just been waking for you to wake up. I was afraid you were gonna be in a coma again. Your mom said you was in one when you were 8 for like a week or so?”

“Yeah. That fuckin’ asshole, Tyrese. He’s such a fuckin’ coward! When I get out of here, I’m going to kill him!”

“Your pops said he’s been handled.”

“What does that even mean? My mom wouldn’t tell me!”

“I dunno and I probably don’t wanna know.”

“Well I wanna know! This is the second time he put me in the hospital! I hate this place!”

“Raiden! Calm down, man!”

“Fuck that! I wanna kick his ass!”




Bastian quickly throws his arm around my neck, pulling me closer to him. I tried to pull him away from me until I could hear his voice cracking.

“Twenty minutes, Raiden! Twenty fuckin’ minutes. you were dead! I lost you for 2o minutes! The doctors gave up on you after 10 minutes and 10 more minutes your heart started to beat again! They gave up! I could had lost you if you weren’t a fuckin’ genie! Twenty fuckin’ minutes, Raiden! Twenty minutes! Who cares about Tyrese! We almost lost you! I almost lost you! I don’t know what would I do if I ever lost you! Without you, I would have no one! I thought I would never have a family again after my mom took me away from my dad. Then I met you and now I have a family. I can’t lose you again! Not even if it’s for 20 minutes!”

“Hey; I’m here now. I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m just pissed off how that asshole can get away with the shit that he does.”

“I know but we don’t have to worry about him anymore! For the last 2 days I haven’t slept or ate. I didn’t want to leave the hospital but my mom tried to force me to leave. Your mom let me come over but I wanted to stay. I didn’t want to leave until you finally woke up! I’m so happy that you’re awake and you’re worried about that asshole. I’m so fuckin’ happy that you’re alive!”

“I’m sorry; I’m so sorry. I guess I didn’t realize you were in as much pain as I am. You don’t have to worry about me, brother. I’ll never leave you.”




“You better not or I will kick your ass!”

“Yeah I know but you won’t do. You love me too much.”

“Damn right, I love you, brother.”

“I love you too but I hope you’re not trying to make out with me. Cause I do have a girlfriend ya know.”

“If I was gay, I would make out with you so hard. You have pretty man-lips. Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha! We can never get drunk together.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Whatever man!”

“But seriously, I’m kinda feeling tired. I should probably rest for a bit.”

“Alright. I guess I could go bug my mom for a while. I’m going nowhere, man. Whatever need, I gotcha.”

“Yeah. I know but I need rest.”




I’m not sure how long I slept before I could hear someone entering my room. I figure it was probably my mom or Bastian but they said nothing. Maybe it was one of the nurses checking up on me but I hear them make any other movement in the room.


I opened my eyes to see Annaliese staring down at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“I heard you were awake, kinda. I tried to get here as fast as I could but my scooter was out of gas.”

“I’m glad to see that sexy face of yours.”




I attempted to lift myself but feeling a sharp pain run across my chest. I growled in pain which gave Annaliese a mild panic attack.

“Ow! Shit!”

“Oh no! Raiden, are you okay?!”

“This shit hurts. So much for self-healing.”





“Maybe you should lied down. Do I need to get a nurse for you?”

“Nah. I’m good.”

“You don’t look like it! Lemme you some help, Raiden.”

“No, no. All I need now is your body against mine.”


“I died for 20 minutes and all I wanna do is hold you.”




A tear rolled down her cheek, I wiped the single tear telling her she wasn’t allowed to cry. I’m here now and I’m going anywhere, there was no need for any tears. I held her against me, we didn’t speak, we just gazed into each other eyes. I pressed my head against her chest, listening to her heartbeat. It began to race a bit as I caressed her lower back.

“I love the sound of you being alive.”

“I would love to hear your sound.”

“I would let ya but it kinda hurts in that area.”

“Maybe a little kiss will make it feel better?”

“I dunno. My nurse tried but I’m still feeling a little pain.”

“That’s cause your nurse doesn’t know what’s she doing.”




I pulled her into an embrace. Her kiss was gentle and soft, she didn’t want to hurt me but her kiss doesn’t allow me to feel any pain. I held her closer and kissed her passionately, probably more than I usual have. I believe coming back from the dead did make me a better lover cause this was the best kiss she ever received. 





“Are you feeling better?”

“Wanna be my nurse? I can fire the other one. You got better healing medicine.”

“Ha ha ha! Sure and I guess you want me to wear one of those sexy nurse outfits.”

“It wouldn’t hurt.”

“You are so bad, Raiden. Ha ha ha!”

“Well you can’t complain. You picked me.”

“Ha ha ha! I guess that’s true.”

The opened up and Bastian walked in. As promised, he didn’t leave and he probably should left long enough to take a shower. If he wasn’t going to eat or sleep, he could at least wash his ass.

“Am I interrupting anything? I don’t mind watching. I’m kinda into that. Ha ha ha.” 





I started to grow a bit antsy as I already mention my distaste to hospital stays. If they gave me this special genie essence transfusion, they why must I continue to stay here. It’s not like I hooked to any machines to monitor me. I rose from the bed and began to pace around the room. Naturally this made Annaliese and Bastian nervous.

“You should get back into bed, Rai. You just had surgery, you gotta rest.”

“Yeah man, I thought you were tired.”

“I can’t stand it in here. I gotta get out of here.”




“No way Mister. You’re not going anywhere. Are you insane?”

“I just need some fresh air.”

“We can get you a wheelchair, man. I know there’s one near the door.”

“No chair. I can walk.”

“You’re in no shape to be walking around, let again standing up. Stop being difficult.”

“You don’t understand! I gotta get out of here.”

“Hey Rai, what is your deal? I never seen you like this. You been in hospitals before, I don’t get why you’re all freaked out. You know how things go here.”




“That’s exactly why I don’t want to be here cause I’m always at the hospital. I’ve spent most of my infancy in a hospital and even celebrated my second birthday in one. All through my childhood I had numerous doctor visits and some of them ended up with me having to stay at the hospital. I really can’t stand this place and can’t spend another moment here. I want to go home.”

“Well your mom isn’t gonna let you so you’re stuck here, man.”

“Damn it.”




Annaliese made me sit down and I started to feel a little light-headed. They were right and I needed to rest for a bit but I can never get comfortable at the hospital.

“Suck it up Rai, no one is ever relaxed at the hospital. Once you chill out, heal then you go home. You’re not gonna get out of here any faster by being a jackass. And it could be worse, my mom coulda been your nurse.”

“I guess that’s true. Your mom is unpleasant. No offense, Bast.”

“None taken, I know how she is. She knows I’m here so don’t be surprised if she tries to check on you.”

“So where’s Claudio?”

“He wanted to come but his parents are in the country. It’s not like his ‘rents are here often. Vexille wanted to come too but she knows my mom works her and my mom doesn’t like her. You don’t need to see of that drama. They both send you their love.”

“Ah gotcha. At least you and Anna came to see me. That means a lot.”





“Well I am your girlfriend, it’s my duty to come up here.” 

“Yeah and I’m basically your brother. Of course I’m gonna be here.”

“Speaking of brothers, where are my others?”

“There’s a limit of visitors you can have at a time and you got a lot of brothers and sisters, sweetie.”

“True. Has anyone talked to my dad? I thought it was strange to see my mom but not my dad.”

“Well your dad was kinda missing for 2 days with your papa; but your mom wasn’t gonna let him come see you until he got some rest. Your dad and papa looked like they got hit by a truck.”

“They went missing for 2 days? Where the fuck did they go?”

“No clue and they won’t talk about it.”

“I wanna know what they mean by Tyrese being “handled”.

“Maybe they turned him?”

“Doubt it, Anna. The way my mom responded to my question makes me think my dad did something illegal.”

“Rather your dad and papa did or not, do you really wanna know, bro?”





“People get a little crazy just before a full moon. Maybe it’s a good thing that your dad and papa won’t explained what “handled” really means.”

“Did you say full moon?”

“Yeah, why?”

“When is the next full moon?”


“You both should go.”


“I need for you both to leave as soon as possible. Just go!”




“Ya know I always notice how you act really weird when it’s about to be a full moon. What’s your deal with full moons anyway? Plus I was hoping to check out your nurse. Is she hot? I’m not ready to go just yet.”




“I just want to be alone. Can you guys please leave?”

“Did we say anything that offended you? Please Rai. Tell us what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, I just need you both to leave now.”




“Well if you want us to go, I guess we should.”

“You can go Bastian but I’m not going anywhere.”

“I want you to leave too, Anna.”

“Rai does need his rest. Ya know how cranky he gets when he’s tired, ha ha ha!”

“Exactly. Now go.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow after school, bro. I promised.”




Although Bastian left, Annaliese refused to leave as that made me very agitated. Why wouldn’t she just leave like Bastian. I can’t risk her seeing me turn, not even Bastian knows about that. I was always careful  and  watched the lunar phases to avoid making any plans with friends.  If I turn in front her, I know I will lose her and the whole school would know about my secret.

“You can’t get rid of me so easily like Bastian. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s your deal is?”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“Not kidding at all. So you gonna tell me or what?”

“Why won’t you just go!”

“I just told you that I won’t until you tell me what’s wrong.”







“I seriously need you to go right the fuck now!”

“Hey! Not with that attitude!”




“Get the fuck out! I don’t want you here! And can’t you fuckin’ understand that? There’s nothing wrong with until you have to be so fuckin’ annoying with you not leaving! Why couldn’t you just go like I asked?! I seriously thought you wouldn’t be this damn stupid!”

“What the fuck?! I am sorry that I care about you and want to know if you’re okay! Obviously there is something bothering you! I want to help you!”

“If you want to help me so bad then get the fuck out of here! Just fuckin’ go and not make this a big deal! It’s so damn simple! I need my rest! Just fuckin’ go!”

“Fine I’ll go and I won’t bothering ever coming back to see you! You don’t have to ever worry about me annoying you ever again!”

“Fine then! Go!”





As soon as Annaliese turned her back towards to storm off, I dropped to the ground. She quickly races over towards me. Pain shot throughout my body, pain which I never felt before. I wasn’t sure what was happening me. It didn’t feel like I was about to turn. I called out for Annaliese with a weak and shaky voice. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and the pain continued to blanket all over my body.




“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?”

“I don’t feel so good, I’m in pain.”

“Oh no! I’ll go get you some help!”

“No! Just help me towards the bed.”

“No, Raiden! You need help now!”

“Please don’t leave me on the floor.”




Annaliese gently help life me from the floor and helped me towards my bed. The pain had subsided and I just felt exhausted and sore.

“Get I get you into bed, I’m gonna find you a nurse. Okay?”

“Look Annaliese.”

“It’s okay.”

“No. It’s not okay. I shouldn’t yell at you like that. I got a temper but it’s no excuse for me to be a dick. I’m sorry. I know you’re just looking out for me. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, Raiden. I should just go like you asked. It was selfish of me trying to stick around when you wanted to be alone.”

“I don’t wanna break up.”

“We’re almost to the bed. We can talk about that later.”





“You know you should be in bed. You were always a difficult child. You’re a lot like your uncle Angelo.”


“Yes, I’ve come to check on you.”

“He needs a nurse, Sir.”

“No, the boy needs to rest and calm down. I can take it from here. You should probably go, dear.”

“Oh okay. We’ll talk later, Raiden.”



“Again, I’m sorry.”

“I know.” 




My grandpa heard everything between us.  I felt like shit because of the way I yelled at her. I regret everything that I said to her. I won’t be surprised if she wants to break up after I get better. I really felt like I screwed up here.

“She’s a nice girl. Was the girlfriend I heard about.”

“Yeah. Was. She’s probably gonna break up with me.”

“I heard everything. That’s no way to speak to a lady or anyone else in general. You gotta work on how you speak to others. Resorting to a yelling match doesn’t resolve anything.”

“I was so mad cause she wouldn’t leave. All you had to do was leave but she kept asking what was wrong and wasn’t gonna leave until I did.”

“Did you?”

“Are you crazy, Papa? I’m not gonna tell her that! She would for real dump me then. Nobody can know what happens to me during a full moon.”




“Nothing was going to happen to you during this full moon, anyway.”


“Your body suffered a serious trauma. You’re too weak to be forced into a turn. Besides I was told about the essence transfusion, you got some extra genie DNA to protect you from a forced turn.”

“So as long as I have extra genie essence, I won’t turn?”

“Yes but this is a temporary fix. According to your doctor, your lycan hormones and essence levels are imbalanced. You’re not neither trained to be a genie or a lycan and that needs to be fixed. You can’t try to be one and not the other. I know how much you hate your lycan bloodline but you will have to eventually accept it.”

“So I gotta train, huh?”

“Yes, son. You can join Angelo during his training sessions after school and on the weekends. We will train you how to control your lycan powers. You won’t always be stuck in mid-turn if you are properly trained.”

“I do some lycan training and I’ll stop turning into a monster?”




“Yes and one part of the training is to accept yourself. You whole self, genie and lycan. You must love and accept yourself. It’s the only way to control both of your powers and abilities. Are you ready to do this?”

“I guess so.”

“You guess? I’m not interesting in training you if you’re not ready. It’s more than physical. There’s mind and spirit involved too. Now again, are you ready?”


“Great. We will have to wait until your body is done healing of course. I’ve talked to your parents about this and they both feel it’s time you train to be a genie and lycan. Your dad will be training you and I will be also training you.”

“Okay. So how long is the training gonna take? A month or two?”

“Son, it could take years. I’ve trained for years and still training.”




“Years?! It’s gonna take years before I stop turning into a monster?! I can’t wait that long! I thought after a few months I’ll be like everyone else!”

“Ha ha ha. You kids want everything quick and easy. Your dad still trains himself. It takes time before becoming your full potential. And your father learned there’s more genies can do and it’s which why your father is still training. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort. Angelo is learning that.”

“Sounds like it’s gonna be hard.”

“It might at first but over time it won’t be so much. You’ll get a hang of things, son.”


“Right now, we need to get you to your 100%. Please rest and keep calm. The quicker you heal, the quicker you can go home. As you know the food is the worse.”

“Right! Ha ha ha!”

“But don’t worry, son. I brought you some dinner. Simona made your favorite, spaghetti.”

“Awesome! I am kinda hungry.”




After I ate, my Grandpa Muraco headed home so I could rest. Sleep didn’t come easy as I was worried about my relationship with Annaliese. Bastian left my phone and I heard my text alert go off. I reached over to grab my phone, hoping it was Annaliese. But it wasn’t, it was Noelle. I almost forgot about her cause she’s been pretty distant since I first met Annaliese.

She was told of what happen to me and was worried cause she haven’t heard any updates lately. I texted Noelle telling her that I was fine and will be going home in a few days. She was happy to heard from me and I was happy to hear from her. She apologize for being distant and explained that she was crazy busy with a school project. Something tells me that it’s more than that but I decided to leave it alone. I should try avoid getting into another fight this evening. Right now, I need rest. I gotta get out of this place.

Show Yourself: Chapter 14 – Round 2

It was the beginning of May and the garden was in full bloom. It’s a great thing for Mom, she enjoys garden but it kinda sucks for some of us. Each weekend we take turns weeding and watering the plants. This weekend it was mine turn along with Eli, Saffron and Clarice. Saffron started early in the greenhouse, he doesn’t mind working in the garden, but he’s a fairy and kinda his thing. Clarice was being a diva about it, she just got her nails done and doesn’t want to get dirty. She spent all morning whining about to Dad, hoping he’ll let her out of the chore. Dad probably would but he’s afraid of Mom.

There was something different in the air, a scent that seemed unfamiliar at first. It gave me an uneasy feeling as I felt like I was being watched. I tried to shake the feeling off and thought it was nothing. Every once in a while I would pick up scents. I guess it’s my lycan side, heighten sense of smell and hearing. I tried to ignore that part of me but I’m sometimes reminded of it.




“About time, Princess.”

“Shut up! This is unfair! I wanted to go to the mall today. There’s a sale and all the good stuff is gonna be gone by the time we finished!”

“Oh poor baby. Maybe if you didn’t whine all morning, we could be done already.”

“Ugh! Whatever! I don’t see why we have to do this anyway! My nails are gonna mess up.”

“That’s why you wear gardening gloves. Mom has those ya know.”

“Those things are ugly!”

“Fine. Mess up your nails. I really don’t care.”




My phone buzzed a few times and it was Annaliese. We been dating since Bastian’s birthday 2 weekends ago. She was hoping to catch a movie with me later on this afternoon. I would love to be spending time with her instead of doing chores. I told her I would but really needed back to weeding the plants.

“Just gonna stand there and text on your phone?”

“Nah. Do you smell that?”

“The tomatoes? Kinda I guess but mostly dirt.”

“No, not that Eli. I smell something different but it’s also kinda familiar. I kinda remember smelling it a long time ago.”

“Oh well I really don’t smell anything but dirt. Maybe your wolf nose is smelling something.”

“I guess.”



But I did pick up a familiar scent. One that doesn’t give me the feeling of unease. My ears twitched to the sound of her squeaky voice, another lycan thing my body does.

“Hi Rai! Whatcha doing?” 




I turned around to find my little sister, Isabella. I guess I should finally mention what happen to my biological mother, Clarissa. After her husband, Tyrese put me into a coma for a week they attempted to flee Italy. Word got back to their pack and crimes against a non-lycan is frowned upon. It brings unwanted attention to the pack and it was Tyrese’s last strike. Not to mention Tyrese had stolen a large sum of money from the pack as well. Abducting me was their ticket to remain in the pack. Without me, they could never return to the pack.

Tyrese took the money, to flee to Switzerland leaving Clarissa behind. He only cared about saving his own ass and Clarissa had to find her own way to Switzerland. Clarissa was caught trying to board a flight to Geneva and was arrested and charged with child abuse, child endangerment and attempted kidnapping. During court my parents brought the incidents in Evansdale and Richdale. They felt she was too dangerous to be around us.

As with this being the 5th child abuse case that month, the judge wanted to make an example out of Clarissa by sentencing her to 10 years in prison. However my grandmother, Antonia felt that was too harsh and felt Clarissa needed help more than anything, she was able to persuade the judge to his ruling. Clarissa was re-evaluated and learned she was misdiagnosed. Clarissa was sentenced to 3 years at a mental hospital. Clarissa was pregnant with triplets at the time but only Isabella survived. After sentencing, Clarissa couldn’t have any type of contact with until we were legal age. After Isabella’s birth, Clarissa’s parental rights were taken and my grandparents were granted custody of Isabella. She lives with my grandfather, Muraco most of the time and stays with my grandmother on the weekends and during the summer. Once a month, Isabella stays with us during the weekend.

It’s been 6 years since Clarissa was spent away and after the 3 years, the doctors didn’t think she was well enough to be released. Clarissa was ordered to remain at the hospital until she shows improvement.




“Hey Issy! I didn’t know you were coming this weekend.”

“How can you forget? I wrote it on the calendar! ‘Member Raiden? I wrote it with my glitter marker! It’s my most favoritest!”

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, Issy. I’ve been kinda been busy lately.”

“That’s okay! Can I have a hug? You owe me 2 hugs!”

“Two? How?”

“‘Cause you didn’t ‘member that I was coming today, silly!”

“Oh well I’m kinda dirty and all.”

“That’s okay! You’re a genie, you can magic clean yourself.”

“Well not yet, Issy but soon.”

“I still want my 2 hugs!”





I told Isabella to wait outside for a bit. I had a surprise for her. Lately she’s been collecting Fairy Bears, it’s one of her favorite cartoon. I’ve been saving some of my money to get her the latest Fairy Bear, Cotton Candie Bean.

“Look what I got for you.”

“Cotton Candie Bean! Papa said I had to wait for my birthday to get her!”

“Well you don’t have to wait any longer.”

“This is so cool! But Abrielle is gonna be so jealous.”




“Maybe you can share with Abrielle. I guess I shoulda gotten her something too.”

“Can I play with her now?”

“Yeah. I gotta finish up my chores.”

“Yay! I’m so happy!”




Isabella was happy with another new Fairy Bear to add to her collection but I do feel a little bad not getting anything for Abrielle. She’s my aunt and is the same age as Isabella. Grandpa Muraco and his wife had 4 more kids since their son Angelo.

It does feel strange having an aunt way younger and an uncle who is the same age as me. But my youngest aunt and uncle are both toddlers. After the birth of the twins, my grandpa said they were done having kids.




I was done and Isabella wanted to talk. She’s getting older and is getting curious about her parents. She does call my parents hers and always had since she was a toddler. Grandma Antonia tried to correct her, telling her they weren’t her parents but she’s attached and wanted them to be.

It’s why Isabella gets to stay with us. We use to get her every weekend but Grandma Antonia felt Isabella was too attached to my parents. She started to have resentment towards my mom and regrets letting her adopt us. She believed if she never allowed it, then none of this would happen. However Grandpa Muraco thinks differently. He felt we were all family and we all should have Isabella.





“So what was mommy like?”

“Well I’m not sure how to answer that.”

“Didn’t you get to meet her?”

“Yeah unfortunately.”

“Was she mean cause grandma said mommy is good person but she’s sick. She’s gonna get better again and then she can be my mommy.”

“Grandma is insane if she thinks that’s a great idea. Clarissa may had been a good person at some point but that person is dead and gone.” 




“But isn’t the hospital going to make her head feel better?”

“Yeah right. They just pump her with meds to turn her into a zombie. The second she stops taking them, which she will. She’s gonna be bat-shit crazy. I hope stays there.”

“I hope not! I wanna meet mommy. I’m sad ’cause you don’t like mommy.”

“I can’t forgive her for the things she has done. If you only knew.”

“What about my daddy? Papa said he’s a bad man. Is that true?”

“Bad? Bad doesn’t begin to describe him. He’s the reason I suffer with migraines. Where ever he is, I hope he rots in hell.”

“Wanna see me do a cart-wheel?”

“Yeah. Think that would be best.”





“Be careful, Issy.”

“I will! I’m a professional at this!”

“Oh you are?”

“Yeah. I take gymnastics and we learned how to do cartwheels.”

“Oh that’s cool.”

“Do you know how to do a cart-wheel?”

“No. I never got the chance to learn.”

“You’re in luck, Rai. I can teach you!”

“Is that so?”




After a while, Isabella got a little tired and rested her head on my lap. It’s been hanging out with her. My phone has been buzzing and I know it’s probably Annaliese. We were supposed to go see a movie in about an hour but I forgot about Isabella coming over. Out of everyone, she likes me the best and I couldn’t just run and leave her. I texted Annaliese to tell her I couldn’t. She understood and decided to go with a friend.

“You’re making me miss out time with my girlfriend.”

“You always have a girlfriend.”

“I know but I really like this one. You’ll like her and she’ll probably like you too.”

“Is she pretty?”

“Yeah. I can show you a picture.”

“Wow, she is pretty. Can I meet her?”

“Yeah, maybe tomorrow.”

“Okay! We should go to the park. Will dad take us?”

“Yeah if you ask him nicely. But hey, I need to go get the clothes off the line. Stay here and don’t try to pick any of the strawberries. Mom said they aren’t ready yet.”

“But I love strawberries! Ah man!”




I could hear Isabella talking and didn’t think much of it. I figure she was talking to Dad or one of our brothers. That’s until the voice I heard made the hair on the back of my neck stood. A voice that I once heard before. The unfamiliar scent in the air was now familiar. To my horror, I saw Isabella talking to Tyrese.




“Issy! Get away from him!” I yelled as I raced towards them. I couldn’t believe Tyrese had the audacity to appear at my house, let alone return to Italy. I’m pretty sure his pack want his head on a platter. 





“Get away from her!”

“Well, well, well. Look who’s all grown up now.”

“You got 2 seconds to leave.”

“Or what? You’ll gonna hurt me? Remember how well that went for you or did I bash your head in too hard?”

“I’m older now and I take you.”




“Oh how cute. Your balls dropped and now you think you could take me? You are still a weak pup like you were 6 years ago. You should probably run away now. I come for what is mine.”

“Isabella isn’t going anywhere with you! You’ll have to go through me to get her!”

“Now that doesn’t sound like a challenge. I could just blow and it would knock you over. I am not going to waste my time on you. You’re certainly not worth it.”

“Is it because I’m not a child or a woman? Yeah I know about you and what you do. You’re such a fuckin’ coward. And you call me weak.”




“Please guys! Don’t fight!”

“Go inside, Issy.”

“No. Stay, it is time you come with me. It won’t be long. Taking this punk out will be easy.”

“Like I said, you are going no where with Isabella!”




“Look mutt. I’m giving you an out. Take it or leave it, your choice. I’ll make sure to finally end your pathetic life. To be honest, I’m probably doing you a favor.”

“You’re all talk, Tyrese. All talk like other cowards like yourself!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I needed a good laugh. You made my day, mutt.” 




“Go in, Issy!”

“I’m not gonna leave you! What if he hurts you?”

“Don’t worry about me! Go inside, Isabella!”


“No buts! Go!”

I braced myself to take on Tyrese. I was filled with blind rage at this moment, remembering our first meeting. I was more annoyed with Isabella ignoring my demands. I didn’t want her to get hurt nor see any of this. But my request fell on deaf ears.




I took Tyrese from surprise by landing a swift kick into his chest. He was taken back for a second before mocking me once again.

“Oh you got some kick in ya. I would say I’m impressed but you just got lucky.”

I laid a few punches into his face, clearing the smirk from his face. He spits out blood and possible a tooth.

“Now I’m pissed.”

I avoided some of Tyrese’s swings and was able to get in a few more punches and kicks before he lands a hard kick into my chest. I fell to ground and literally knocked the breath out of me. I struggle take a breath and lift myself from the ground. Tyrese kicked me down and proceed to stomp my chest before picking me up from my neck.




Tyrese clamped his forearms tightly against my neck, forcing me to struggle to breath. I was just seconds from blacking out as his grips tightens more.

“You may had been lucky to get a few shots in but I gave you an out. You had the chance to walk away and let me take what is mine. But I think I’ll take your life and take my daughter. It’s shame cause you have potential if you had proper training. I bet you regret training with your pops, huh?”

“Fuck; you.”




“Let him go! Try taking someone your own size for once!”

I heard the voice of my dad demanding Tyrese to un-hand me. However this made his grip even tighter.




“You too? You think some weak ass genie can fight a lycan?”

“Want to find out?”

“You genies have death wishes or something. This one wasn’t much of fight anyone. Bring it on magic man.”




The last I would remember was Tyrese throwing me onto the ground and Isabella crying. I did remember the sounds of my dad and Tyrese grunt before I passed out. What happen next was later told to me.




My dad quickly shown Tyrese that he was no ordinary genie. Dad had his own hidden power, a power that I didn’t think any genie had.  A power that I hope to gain one day.





Tyrese failed to get one shot on Dad. He delivered one blow after the other. I had no idea that my dad could even fight.





Like a coward Tyrese is, he felt the anyway from could possibly take my dad down was to transform. Dad quickly picked Isabella up and got her to safety.





Grandpa Muraco was near. he had been waiting for this moment as he searched nonstop for Tyrese for the last 6 years.