Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.3 – Family Affair

 “Hey Lexi? Have you seen my red brush?”


“Are you sure? I coulda swore I saw you pretending it was a mic.”

“Uh no. Why would I do that? Your pregnancy is making you see things.”



 “I swore that I packed too. I need it.”

“It’s 10:30 at night. Why do you need your brush now?”

“I like to brush my hair before bed.”

“That sounds stupid. Your hair is just gonna get messed up again.”



 “You think that’s dumb? How about you putting on make up before bed? I think that’s useless.”

“Whatever! I wanna look beautiful when I wake up. Did you find your dumb brush yet?”


“Did you tell looking under your big ass?”


“Those twins really gave you some major booty meat. Ha ha ha!”



 “Oh whatever. At least there are men who find my big pregnant ass appealing.”

“Uh huh. I’m sure your brush will turn up.”

“I hope. Whatcha watching?”

“Hot Wings.”

“That fireman show?”

“Yep. Rumor has it that the best man is Brad from seasons 3 and 4.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I call dibs!”

“Ha! That’s what you think! I heard he has a thing for red heads with big booties. And guess what. I got both of those!”

“So that doesn’t mean anything! He might have a thing for vamps. We are kinky.”


 “I thought you were seeing someone. Your doctor as awkward as that is.”

“Evan is trying but I dunno. He’s nice and all but I don’t know why a nice guy like him wanna bother with a bitch like me. I think he deserves a sweet girl and I ain’t it.”

“Lexi, you are sweet. You just have your moments and all. I think you should give Evan a try.”

“Axel likes him. He has been treating me good with this pregnancy, inside and outside of the doctor office.”

“See you should try at least.”

“It’s crazy he wanna be involved with a pregnant woman with a 7 year old kid. But it’s not like I’ll be getting back with either of the fathers. One is busy running a hotel in LP while the other is in a coma. To top it all off, both fathers are brothers!”



 “Keeping in the family? Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up. I didn’t know at the time. They look nothing a like.”

“It’s okay. We are gonna be pretty close.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our babies are close.”

“Huh? How close?”

“Siblings close.”


“My twins are your daughter’s brothers.”



 “You bitch! How dare you!”

“How dare I?!”

“Yeah how dare do! You fucked my baby daddy! When??!!”

“Apparently shortly after he been with you!”

“You always gotta go after my men! You whore!”

“What?! I didn’t know about you and Borage at the time! You weren’t even dating him anyway!”

“So! You still always do anyway! How did you even find him!”



 “One night I was at the gym, working out. I saw him checking me out. We flirted. Then he followed me into the locker room. Suddenly we were fucking in the shower!”

“So you just fuck random guys who follow you now?!”

“No! It just happen! There was something so intense about him! I had to!”

“Your vag just gravitated to his dick?!”


“Such a fuckin’ slut!”




 “Oh you can’t say nothing about being a slut! I guess you don’t remember all of the blow jobs in high school!”

“That doesn’t count!”

“Sex is sex! Your mouth is a slut!”

“Your mouth is a slut!”



 “You ate all of the cheetos!”

“I did not! I only had a handful! You ate the rest!”

“I did not!”

“You did too! And you ate the last cupcake too!”

“That’s a bold face lie! Judging by the size your ass, you ate all of our road trip food!”

“Just admit that you ate the cheetos and the last cupcake! I was saving that cupcake!”

“I didn’t eat your stupid cupcake!”




 “Now I’m hungry! But you ate the snacks!”

“Whatever! There’s a vendor machine!”

“I think you should gimme some money for it since it’s your fault!”

“Talk to the hand cause the face doesn’t understand!”

“What does that even mean? It’s not 1995 anymore!”



 “I’m never travelling with you again.”

“Good cause I don’t wanna travel again with you again, Alexia!”





“What’s wrong?”

“Your face! Ohhhhhhhh-arrrghhhh!”

“Seriously, Alexia!”

“My water just broke!”



 “Wha-what?! You’re in labor?!”

“Yes you dumb ho! Do something!”

“What do I do?!”


“What is something?!”

“You are so useless!”



 “Oh no!”


“My water just broke too!”

“You fuckin’ bitch! How dare you!”

“How dare I?! No how dare you!”



 “This is supposed to be my moment! Stop your labor, bitch!”

“I can’t stop my labor, you idiot! This is your fault!”

“No this is your fault! You slept with my baby daddy! You ate the cheetos!”

“I didn’t eat the damn cheetos!”



 “We gotta get to the hospital!”

“Ya think!”

“Shut your whore mouth! Go get someone to take us!”

“Why me?! You’re closer to the door, Simone!”

“You started it!”


 5 hours later

 “Wow, Lexi. Look at them. Our babies.”

“Which ones are yours?”

“The front two in the middle. My boys, Andre and Isaiah.”

“They are cute. They did look like Tiana’s brothers. Who gave birth first?”

“Andre was delivered at 1:23 am and Isaiah at 1:29.”

“Tiana was born at 1:19 and the other was born at 1:23 as well.”

“The other?”

“I knew Tiana wasn’t alone. I’m not sure what to name my extra baby… I dunno what I’m gonna do. I only planned for one baby.”



 “Are you going to be okay, Lexi? You seem a little down. I know you weren’t as excited when you found out you were pregnant.”

“I think so. I have my sister. I have my mother.”

“And you have me.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course not. We said things that we didn’t mean.”



 “True but I feel like a dick. I shouldn’t get mad like that. It was immature. Borage has lots of baby mamas. I thought since I talked about how great the sex was, you wanted him all to yourself.”

“It wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t set out to find him. He found me. It was a one time thing. I couldn’t believe how impulsive I was. I don’t do things like that.”

“He has that affect on females. I latched onto him when I first saw him. It crept me out. I didn’t think I was one of those girls but it’s just him and what he is.”

“Love genie.”




 “Let’s never be like this again. After all, we are family now.”

“Yeah. I just need to pick a name for Tiana’s twin.”

“I’m sure one will come to you when you hold her.”




 “Hello there, Briana. Hmm… Briana. I think you look like a Briana. Maybe that will be your name. I wasn’t expecting you Briana but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less.”


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.2 – Family Affair

 “What’s buggin’ ya 2?”

“I’m just thinking…”

“Like? You can tell your mama anything. You seemed kinda bummed out. I thought you would be a bit happier cause of the new pretty girl.”

“I’m just thinking about my daughter..”

“Oh.. I’m sure she’s okay.”



 “Ash is doing well with her. But its reason why she’s with her that bothers me. She’s only a kid and she’s having a kid. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

“I was 17 when I had Acacia, barely 19 when I had your dad. I know about being a parent at young age isn’t easy. It gave my mama a heart attack when she found about my first pregnancy. But I think I did okay.”

“Didn’t you drop my dad when he was an infant?”

“Yeah but only cause I was kinda drunk but hey… I learned my parenting mistakes since then. Haiden and Iris are my second chances.”

“Ally is too young to be a parent. I was too young to be her parent. I can’t believe this is happening all over again. It’s like I started a cycle.. What if my grandchild becomes a young parent too? I can’t believe I just said “my grandchild.” I’m a few months away from turning 31.”




 “I was little shocked about being an early great-grandparent. Even surprised when my bubba baby is about to be a granddaddy. I remember the days when he just waddle around in his elmo diaper. It was like it was only yesterday. Now I’m gonna be a great-great-grandma. It’s crazy ya know.”

“Ally was just in diapers yesterday. I wonder not having a mother around could be the reason. I mean I didn’t have mine around. I have no memory of her. Dad said she disappeared when I was 2. She was abducted but later found by Pedro, only to be abandoned by him in some random town. I was pissed off at him for that. She’s my mother… I wondered why she never came back for Lilah and me.”

“Your mom wasn’t the same when she was bought back to earth. Her mind was gone. Bubba said she was little crazy before but worse afterwards. Besides Ally complained how you were too strict. You wouldn’t let her have fun. Teens will rebel.”

“How do you know this? I thought being tougher on Ally would prevent this.”

“Pedro left your mama in a town miles away for you and Lilah’s safety. She had no memory of him, your daddy or you and your twin. She was bat crazy and attempted to attack Pedro during the journey back to earth. Your daddy was concern why Pedro didn’t return her and told him what happen. Then when you were about 5 years old, your daddy was contacted by a mental hospital cause he was listed as your mom’s emergency contact. Your mom had regained her memory and was convinced that she and your daddy were married. Your mom was to be released and needed to be picked up. Your daddy went to do so but saw her sanity hasn’t improve since last seeing her. He felt it was best if she stayed away. She was convinced that you were the spawn of the devil cause of your eyes. You needed to be destroyed so you daddy gave her 50 grand and told her to never return. Your daddy kept your mom away for your well being.”

“What…. My mom would had harmed me if she was around?”

“Your daddy believed so.”

“All this time I was mad at Pedro for not returning her and my dad for not searching for her… They were doing me a favor..”



 “Your mama is better now.”

“How do you figure?”

“I was checking your daddy’s email a few weeks ago. Your mom sent a long email explaining her life improvement. She mention about 6 years ago, she went to the ER complaining about having migraines. She had a scan and something appeared on the screen. They thought it was a tumor or something. Turns out it was an implant thingy. Probably from the aliens who took her. It was removed and your mom was back to her normal self. She’s married, had a kid and asked about you and Lilah. She wants to reconnect.”

“My mother is normal?”

“Sounds like she isn’t crazy anymore. I wasn’t sure how to bring this to you. Sorry to drop this on your lap like this.”

“Wow. I got some much going on now. My daughter, Selene and now my mom wants to reconnect.”

“I think you should email her. She talked about how she thought about you and Lilah everyday since the implant was removed. Sounds like she really care about you and Lilah. The poor girl must have had a mind control thingy in her brain. She miss you guys.”

“I guess I’ll have to think about that…” 





 “Hey what’s up?”

“Just learning something interesting. My dad got an email from my mom. My grandma read it and she wants to reconnect with me and my twin sister.”

“Oh? Didn’t your mom abandoned you? Why suddenly she wanna come back?”

“Not exactly. I learned that my dad kept my mom away cause the aliens who took her scramble her mind. He was afraid that she might hurt me. Turns out the aliens left something implanted in her brain. Since being removed she’s fine. I guess she gathered the courage to make contact.” 

“Oh wow. So are you going to reach out to her?”

“I’m thinking about it but I dunno. I’m not sure how she would take it knowing that she has a pregnant teenage granddaughter. I was a teen dad, now I have a pregnant teen. She’ll probably think she’s better off not knowing about me. I feel like such a failure.” 




 “You’re not a failure! Sometimes things happen for a reason. I felt like I was failure after getting knocked up after a one night stand by a guy that I hardly knew. But it pushed to me into the medical field. I was displeased with my labor of Cyrus. How the nurses and doctors handled it. Because Cyrus is a genie and eats more, the hospital were unaware that my son was starving. They had no knowledge of occult infant care. So I studied and became an occult pediatric nurse. Everything happens for a reason.”

“I’m not sure what would be the good reason of having kids so young. I haven’t found it yet. Nothing in life has gone right since. I missed Ally’s first milestones cause I had to be in class. My heart was broken into a million pieces. I dropped out of college so I wouldn’t flunk out. I wanted to redeem myself but raising was a full time job. I dunno if I can ever finish school.”

“You met me. That’s a good thing. And with Ally away with her mom, this will give you a chance to redeem yourself. You can return back to school.”

“Ally will be back. After she has the baby. I’ll be raising the baby until Ally is old enough. I won’t have time for school.”

“You been raising your daughter alone since she was 3, right? Let Ashley keep her for a while. You said Ashley wants to be apart of Ally’s life and she’s been doing well with her. I think it’s time for Ashley to be the parent, she had it easy. When your dad wake up, trust me that I will be handing Cyrus is way. Ha ha ha. I could use a little break. Cyrus could form a relationship with him like Ally can with her mother.”

“I dunno. Ally likes it there. She and Ash are getting along. But it has always been me and Ally. Honestly I feel a little lost without my child.”

“I can understand that. Cyrus may be a headache but I miss him to death when he visit my parents during the summer. It’s always been me and him but now there’s you. Ally staying with Ashley longer would be great for her. It’s not like you stop being her dad cause she’s living with her mom.”






 “You’re probably right about Ally staying with her longer. I could use a break. I was starting to get a little crazy juggling the household until my grandma showed up. She’s been a huge help looking after my little siblings. She said that I need to live my life.”

“She’s right. Live your life, return to school and get your degree. I’m just a little added fun.”

“Yeah, you are. I hope Ashley would be okay with letting Ally stay with her a few more years. I don’t think I could handle a teenager and a baby.”

“Great. And about your mom… You should meet her.”




 “You think it would be a good idea?”

“I can tell you always wondered about her. Mend some broken connections is another thing to do on your list to live your life.”

“Anything else you wanna add onto my live my life list?”

“Well there’s one other thing..”


“Kiss me.”






 “I think I better charge my phone before we head for the evening. Oh I see I got a few text messages. Who could be texting me?”





 “You gotta be kidding me!”





3 hours later…….

 “How was with your family at the park?”

“It was fun seeing everyone. I wish you came along so you could meet them before the wedding.”

“I was feeling a little tired. I did get to caught up on my reading. How was Cyrus, did he break anything or find a new 10 minute girlfriend?”

“No, he was pretty good. He played with the other kids. How was Eli? Still fussy?”

“He just needed some applesauce. He was a happy baby. He reminds me of a lot of Cyrus. He loved applesauce at Eli’s age. I was a little nervous with Eli honestly. It’s been ages since I handled a baby.”




 “He seems like he enjoyed his time with you.”

“I hope so. Where is Cyrus anyway?”

“In the arcade with the others.”

“That should keep him busy for a while.”

“Yeah, Morde is carrying around a lot of quarters. The kids will be following him for a while.”

“Lucky him.”



 “Well we are alone for a while.”

“Yeah, finally. Whatcha wanna do?”




 “I was thinking maybe we could.. Ya know.”

“You are about that?”

“I’m ready. Are you?”

“Well.. I will but what are we?”

“What do you mean?”

“We been dating for a month.. I feel like things are going well.”

“You wanna be my girlfriend?”

“Only if you wanna be my boyfriend.”

“I guess it’s settled now. We are together.”
























 “Oh my god, Cyrus!”

“Mom! What are you doing?! That’s my brother!”

“Shit! Shit!”

“You guys are gross!”

“Cyrus! I’m so sorry!”







 “Grandma! Grandpa! What the hell!”









 “Can I live with you? I don’t wanna live with my mom anymore.”

“What is it this time? Did she take away your DS?”

“No! Much worse!”

“She ate all of your candy?”

“She was being gross!”



 “How is she being gross?”

“She was naked with L2. And he was behind her. Doing gross things!”

“You mean…”

“Playing football with me!”

“Huh? Is that what she calls it?”

“What? It’s gross cause she was naked! Why is she playing football naked with L2 in bed? I don’t like her! She always have fun without me.”

“Oh honey… Bless your innocence..”



 “Can I live with you? Please?”

“You said my house is boring.”

“It’s not boring anymore!”

“Look, I’ll tell your mom to stop playing football without you.”

“She’s just gonna do it again! She played naked football in bed with this one black man!”

“How about you, me and Aries go play in the arcade for a while.”

“I guess but I still wanna move in with you.”

“We’ll see about that.”



 “You’re Apollo? You and Aries look so much alike.”

“Most of us do.”

“So I’m seeing. Aries told me a little about you. You like to paint too? He said you taught him a few things.”

“Why yes, I helped Aries explored his artistic talent along with our father. He encouraged it, it helped him coped whenever he was having a panic attack. I’m impressed by a lot of his art work. Oh how I wish I had the time to return to the brush.”

“What’s keeping you away?”

“Well school for one thing. Also there’s my full time job. It’s quiet exhausting I must say.”

“What are you in school for?”

“Graphic design. I’m hoping to get into animation.”

“Like cartoons?”

“Ha ha ha. Maybe. Anything in the graphic design field honestly. I live in Sundale so there would be many opportunities near by.”




 “When you did paint, what kind did you do?”

“Landscapes mainly. I love to paint the natural beauty of the planet.”

“Ooh I would love to see your paintings of those. I love paintings of fields of flowers.”

“I do a lot of those. I spent a year travelling the country. Picking interesting destinations to paint.”

“I would love to see that collection! I bet that was fun travelling around and seeing the country.”

“It was quite fascinating! I also brought my guitar along, I wrote a few songs. A few poems too.”

“You play and sing too?! I love poetry too!” 

“Yep, I play the acoustic. Most females enjoy my poetry. Romantic poetry of beautiful women. Most of my songs are like the same. I’m a sucker for romance. I do have a small percentage of Navox in me after all.”



 “I would just love to hear and read your art. You sound like you’re a very talented man.”

“Oh that was just the tip of my special abilities.”

“Wait, there’s more?”

“I’m working on my second romance novel. I also garden and play the violin. I also love to cook. I can make a divine filet mignon and various chocolate desserts.”

“What?! You garden? So do I! You play the violin too and write? Your second too?  You cook. I love chocolate! You’re giving me a heart attack! I bet all the girls are all over you.”

“Perhaps but I am holding out for a special girl. One whose beauty and charm gives me pure ecstasy. You are quite easy on the eyes. I certainly see why Aries has chosen you. You are quite simply divine.”

“Oh wow… Oh wow!”

“You’re flushed a bit of red. I find it adorable on you.”

“Oh my! Apollo. You are quite the charmer!” 


 “Oh hey Aries I was-“




 “Oh wow that was just”

“Can we go to our room now? I wanna watch some TV.”

“Um sure we can. Um hey Apollo we can chat later?”

“Why yes, enjoy yourselves kids.”




 “Well that was quite strange I must say. I’ve never seen Aries act courageous. He has certainly changed a bit, don’t you think.”

“Or maybe he saw you making his girlfriend’s panties wet, boasting about your many talents. Geeze Apollo, ease off Aries’ lady. She’s his first girl ever.”

“Nova, I wasn’t trying anything. I was simply having a friendly conversation with Shae.”

“Your “friendly” conversations are flirtations. Are you completely  oblivious whenever you flirt? No one why you tend to have stalkers. You’re like the perfect boyfriend to some girls. You chat with them, it seems like you’re flirting and then you blow them off. So they follow you around in hopes you’ll pay them attention once again.”

“If I were interested in those ladies. I would simply ask for them to have sexual intercourse with me just as dad taught me. I don’t understand how a friendly chat is misleading.”

“Oh my stars… Don’t listen to daddy! The way you were talking to Shae was flirting. You are simply divine, you’re adorable when you blush. You are flirting!”

“I was stating the obvious.”

“Do it another way!”



 “Wanna cuddle with me?”

“Sure. It would be nice.”

“Good cause I like it a lot.”









 “Do you like Apollo more than me?”

“What? Why would you ask me that?”

“Cause it looked like you like talking to him a lot. He was flirty and you liked it.”

“I was just impressed by his talents.”

“Oh.. I know that he’s a real man. I figure you wanted a real man like Apollo.”

“Aries, you’re a real man too.”

“No. Daddy said that doesn’t happen until I have sex.”

“Oh Aries.. That is not true.”




 “But I wanna do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m ready to have sex now.”

“You’re not wanting to because of Apollo, are you?”

“No Shae. I am ready.”

“Oh. Do you have a condom?”

“No. Do I need one?”

“Normally if you were with any other female, yes. But I’m on birth control. We don’t need one.”

“Okay! So can we?”




 “Are you really sure about this? “

“I am.”








“What if you don’t like it? I won’t be a real man.”

“You’re already a real man. We don’t need to have sex to prove it. We don’t have to do this.”

“But I wanna. I wanna make you happy.”

“I am happy.”

“You’re happy if I didn’t give you orgasms? Daddy said that’s the only way to make a female happy is to give them orgasms.”



 “That’s just silly.”

“So you’re still be happy if I don’t give you an orgasm?”

“Yes Aries, you make me happy.”




 “Do you like it? Am I doing good?”

“Yes. I love it.”











 “My mom wasn’t playing football……”





 “Did you guys bring your mp3 players?”

“Yeah Morde-dad, why?”

“Cause I plan to do adult things. Things you don’t need to hear my adult things.”

“Are you and Haven gonna make those weird noises again, daddy?”

“Yes. That is why I asked you both to bring your mp3 players.”




 “Can Cyrus sleep in our room, daddy? He said his mom is being gross with L2.”

“I can don’t care. Bedtime is in 5.”

“Do we gotta go to bed now, Morde-dad?”

“Yeah, it’s getting late.”

“It’s only 9!”

“And that’s late for little girls. Go to bed. And crank up the volume.”



 “Wanna have some sexy time?”

“When you say it like that, no.”

“Ahh c’mon. I put the kids to sleep. I missed your lips.”





 “So take your panties off. I wanna give your beautiful lips kiss.”

“I don’t need to take them off for you to kiss me.”

“Uh yeah.. I miss those love lips. The panties are in the way.”

“Classy, Mordecai. Real classy.”

“I’m the classiest man you’ll ever know.”






 “Daddy? What are you doing?”





 “They are definitely not playing football! Why is everyone being gross!”

“Is this adult things cause it looks gross.”

“Cause it is, Kim! I saw my mom and L2, grandma and grandpa, AND Shae and Aries!”




 “What are you two doing up?!”

“What were you doing with Haven?”

“Don’t worry about that! Why are you and Cyrus not in bed?”

“I needed to pee, daddy.”

“I thought you already did!”

“I had to go again!”



 “I’m not sure why you needed to go with Cyrus. What are you both plotting?!”

“Nothing daddy! Cyrus was just walking me to the bathroom.”


“I was scared, daddy! Cyrus was gonna beat the boogieman if he was out here.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Sometimes I forget that you’re only 5.”



“Can you wear some pants? I see your privates.”

“Oh! My bad.. This is totally awkward…”





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.1 – Family Affair

 Finally the weekend of the wedding has come. Months of planning and prepping had been a headache for Vega. Everything had to be perfect, the wedding day is more for the bride than it is for the groom. I gave little input, what little Vega would allow me. All I needed to do was picked out a tux, groomsmen and a best man. Vega said she could handle the rest but it was a bit more than she can handle with the pregnancy.

I handle the venue, there was an issue with our booking at Unity Gardens. Apparently another wedding which was previous booked there but had been overlooked. This news would send Vega into a tailspin but there was a quick fix. There was another Unity Gardens in Bridgeport with an opening for our weekend. However it would be an hour and 45 minute drive away from Jericho. I delivered the location change to Vega, of course she was about to have a melt down but I told her it was handled. Our venue is confirmed and locked, we just have to show up.



 We left EC early in the morning and drove 2 hours to Jericho. But first we had to pick up Chanel, her grandma had to work during the weekend and couldn’t take her. Next we had to pick up Aaliyah but only to find out that she couldn’t. Aaliyah got in trouble a couple of days back and was grounded. Sunny did call us the night before but Vega forgot to check her messages. I saw Aaliyah peeking through the windows as we spoke to Sunny outside. I could see the hurt in eyes, I would love for her to come. It would be a chance to get to know her. She is my little sister after all.



 We arrived to our destination. We rented out a mansion for the weekend for some of our families to stay in. Our other guest and family planned to stay in hotel rooms in the city. This place was nice, it stood on a hill and had a nice view of the city from the balcony. 



 “Can you believe it? It’s our weekend!”

“I’ve been waiting for this weekend to finally come.”

“Me too. I can’t believe that I’m about to be someone’s wife. I thought I would never see the day.”

“Well I’m no Jeremy. I’m not a fool.”




 “How did I get so lucky? It’s cause of our son isn’t it?”

“Of course not. I’m not marrying you because of our baby. You know that.”

“Sometimes I wonder. I wonder what do you see in me cause sometimes I can be a bitch.”

“Sometimes I can be an ass, what do you see in me?”

“You could never be an ass! Stop it.”

“You could never be a bitch, so you stop it too.”



 “This place is beautiful. We should just get married in this house.”

“Ha ha ha. But your dream was to get married in a botanical garden.”

“I know but this place is really nice.” 




 “If you want, we can have the rehearsal dinner here. There’s plenty of room.”

“You would be okay with that? I think a dinner here would be better. BJ is starting to get too heavy to carry around. Dr. Adams said he’s gonna be a big one.  He’s almost 3 lbs already!”

“He must be a little Navox then.”

“Ya think? He makes me eat so much! I’m gonna be so fat after I have him. You don’t mind having a fat wife?”

“I would still love you if you were as big as this mansion.”







 “I don’t think we are alone anymore. I heard a car.”

“I swear it better not be my cousin Maverick. I told him to stay at the hotel!”

“But he’s family.”

“And an ass! He stole my favorite necklace! He stole a lot of things from me! Why did you invite him?”

“He’s still a good friend of mine.”

“Just wait until he steals something from you.. I’ll be watching that jerk!”



It wasn’t Vega’s cousin, it was my brother Junior with his new girlfriend. Since my brother was 15 he had health issues. He’s often weak and has trouble getting around. Since living alone, he hired a health aid to help him around. Her name is Allora and I guess after time, they fell in love. I don’t know much about her other than she makes Junior happy.  It’s good to see him happy again. He suffered from depression since learning about the truth of who his real father is.

I can’t imagine of what Junior was going through. Learning that your father is actually your half brother and your grandpa is actually your father. I know that had to be rough. Having a rare illness on top of that just adds insult to injury. When Junior found out, I did notice he kinda distance himself from Lotus and I. He didn’t feel like a real brother to us anymore. We always took pride of being full bloodied siblings, but learning that is wasn’t true just flipped things. Rather if he had the same dad or not, Junior has always been a real brother to me. It took a couple of years before he realize that it doesn’t matter who his real dad was. We are still family no matter what. My dad will always been his dad.

But I do get the sense that Junior still doesn’t feel like he’s apart of this family. We when last spoke, he talked about if he were to get married one day. “What name would I give my wife? I’m not a real Montigo. I don’t want to be a Champagne nor do I ever want to be a Gelman. What if I have kids? What name could I give them? I certainly couldn’t name my son after me, Borage the 3rd. He isn’t my real dad, just my brother.”



 “Hey what’s up man?”

“Not much. Vega and I are just settling in. I feel like a jerk.. I forgot about your chair. I didn’t get a ramp. I’m so sorry, bro.”

“It’s okay, really. I only use my chair when I get tired. I can still climb steps.”

“We do have a room on the first floor. Lotus wanted it but I think she’ll be okay if you took it.”

“No, if Lotus wants it.”

“She can have one of the rooms upstairs. So are you-“

“My bad! This is Allora.”

“Hi Allora. I’m Junior’s younger brother, Boragio.”

“Nice to meet you, Boragio! You both look alike.”

“I am the prettier brother. Ha ha ha.”

“That’s what you think!”



 “Have the others made it in yet?”

“Nope, you two are the first to arrive.”

“Oh I see. So where is the lovely bride? I would love to meet her.”

“She’s inside with Chanel. Our newest littler sister officially. The DNA test confirmed it. L2 wanted to be sure of things.”

“That’s cool about your little sister…”

“She’s yours too.”



 “Ohhh is this the mommy and wife to be?”

“Yes I am! You must be Junior!”

“Yep and this must be my little nephew inside.”

“He he he! BJ is gonna be a big baby. Look how fat he’s making me!”

“Ha ha ha! You look beautiful, Vega. Any female carrying life is beautiful.”

“Aww thanks! Maybe I should marry you!”

“Ha ha ha ha! You cool with that, Borg?”

“Ha ha ha ha sure! Only if I get your puppy.”

“Nah man, you can’t have my little buddy.”



 “So how are things in Sundale? I don’t hear much from you.”

“Pretty good. I’ve been meaning to call more but I don’t wanna seem like a downer.”

“You been through a lot. It’s cool, really.”

“Well things are starting to look up. I’ve been trying an experimental treatment for the past year for my blood disorder. It’s suppose to purified my blood. It was created by an alchemist from Lansing Falls. I wanted to go the herbal route in curing my disorder. Modern medicine is just making it worse.”

“Oh really? How is that going? The experimental stuff?”

“Great actually! I’m getting stronger and becoming less sick. The treatments are improving my health. I may be cured from this soon.”

“That’s awesome.”



 “Hey I’m from Lansing Falls. There’s a lot of good alchemist and herbalist there. I really hope the treatment actually cures your illness.”

“I hope so too. I was told when I was a kid that there was no known cure. My blood disorder was rare and fairly new.”

“I’m pretty sure herbal medicine could cure you. It does a lot of magical things.”

“It would be nice to be normal again like before I got sick. Having Allora has been great but she still feels like an aide instead of a girlfriend.”

“She’s your girlfriend?”

“See, that’s the reaction I usually get.” 



 “Oh my gosh… I’m so sorry. I didn’t- I mean..”

“It’s okay Vega. We are used to it by now.”

“So is she still your aide?”

“No technically. She still helps me out but I gotten a new one. He doesn’t live in with us though. Soon I won’t really need him.”

“I hope so too.”

“Me too, bro.”

“I just hope that this will be the end of it.”






 “Mom! Dad!”

“Hey sweetie. How have you been?”

“Getting fat. Where’s Veronica?”

“Your sis didn’t want to travel with us. She said your dad is too embarrassing.”

“I’m not that bad. I’m a pretty great singer.”

“Oh dad… Promise me that you won’t sing!”

“Honey, I was hoping to sing at the wedding.”

“Dad! No! Please!”

“Ha ha ha! I’m only kidding.”



 “So where is this boy. I gotta see if he’s good enough.”

“You guys will like him. You gotta!”

“So far he sounds like a nice guy. I just hope-“

“No mom.. He’s nothing like that jerk Jeremy!”

“Good, cause I didn’t bring any bail money.”


“Ha ha ha!”



 “And how is my little grandson?”

“He’s getting big. We had a 4D scan last week. Wanna see the pic?”

“Of course. I’m curious of what he’s gonna look like.”


“Aww, he kinda looks a lot like you. I can already tell.”

“I think he looks like his daddy.”

“Well he has his lips.”


“Honey, you forget that I’m an ultrasound tech. I look at unborn babies for a living.”

“Oh, right!”



 Vega quickly introduced me to her parents before running to the bathroom. I was a little nervous at first. I never met her parents or any other female I dated parents either. I better make a good impression, I’ll be apart of their family soon.

“So Boragio, you want to marry my first born daughter.”

“Go easy on him, dear.”

“I will but he gotta pass the test.”

“A test?”

“How are your grilling skills?”

“Pretty great I guess.”

“You guess? You can’t come to a Hooley barbecue if you don’t know your way around a grill. No using your genie magic either. Grilling is love. Grilling is life.”

“I grill steaks all the time. I had no complaints.”

“We have a grill here, right?”


“How about we grill up a couple of steaks?”

“Garren no! What did your doctor tell you? You need more green leafy foods in your diet and need to stay away from red meat. You’re already getting a little pudgy in the middle.”

“Just one last steak?”

“No Garren. You gotta watch what you eat now.”

“You sure you wanna get married, Boragio? Are you ready to be told what you can eat or do?  Lose your freedom? Lose your balls?”


“Ha ha. I’m just teasing.”



 “I’m back. I see my dad hasn’t scared you off yet.”

“He would if you didn’t come back in time. He trying to convince him to grill some steaks when your dad knows he can’t be eating foods like that anymore.”

“I just wanna know if the guy can cook.”

“Trust me dad, he’s pretty great in the kitchen. He cooks most of the meals since I got pregnant.”

“See honey, we treats our daughter well. He cooks for her like you did for me when I was pregnant with the girls.”

“You eat food? I thought you are a vampire?”

“I am but I had the taste bud procedure done years ago. I now can taste normal food.”

“That’s pretty cool.”



 “I never had a taste for vampire food and most don’t. Technically we aren’t real vampires, just some genetic hybrid. Real vampire food isn’t too appealing. I had the procedure done when I was 18. I wanted to fit in and be normal. I gained 40 pounds after it was done. I didn’t know how amazing real food tasted. I lost the weight over time, I’ve gotten better with eating. Now if I can get Garren to watch what he’s eating.”

“That doctor is a buzz kill.”

“That doctor is trying to save your life, Garren.”

“What’s wrong, dad?”

“Just a little high cholesterol but I’ll be fine.”

“Oh gosh…dad.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m gonna be fine.”

“You will if you do what I tell you. We got a little grandbaby on the way. He’s gonna need his granddad around.”

“Well I do gotta teach him how to grill with perfection.”

“No grilling!”



 “Hi mister! Can you teach me how to grill? I like hotdogs!”

“Oh sure if my wife will let me. What’s your name, cutie?”

“I’m Chanel. I’m Boragio’s little sister!”

“Nice to meet you, Chanel. You have a pretty name. I’m Garren, Vega’s dad.”

“Oh cool! Wanna go swimming with me?”

“Wife, am I allow to swim?”

“Oh ha ha ha. Swimming would be great for you.”

“Yay! We all should go swimming! It would be so fun!”






 It wasn’t long before my twin sister Lotus, my aunt Laurie and my older sister Phoenix arrived with their guest. It’s been so long since I last seen them. We went different directions since Star City. I followed dad to EC while Lotus followed Phoenix to Clover hill Bay. I do miss them a lot. We haven’t been able to meet up in a long while. We shouldn’t wait for big events just to get together.



 “So do you all drive or fly?”

“We drove the whole 16 hours here.”

“Wow and how to Ayana take the trip? I can’t imagine travelling with a 2 year old.”

“Endless mounts of DVDs help. Plus she slept most of the time. She’s a good kid.”

“You all must be tired now.”

“Nah, we’re fine. Keith drove the rest of the way here.”


“Ya know… PC’s special boy toy. He he he!”

“Oh shut up, Laurie! Keith is Ayana’s uncle and a very good friend of mine. I hope you don’t mind me bringing him.”

“No problem. He’s family after all.”



 I haven’t met my niece Ayana until today. I’ve seen many pics of her and even skype with her along with PC. I think my sister has done a pretty good job on raising Ayana giving the situation. But I’m not surprised. She did often look after Lotus, Junior and me when we were babies.



 “Now remember Ayana, I’m the prettiest uncle.”



“I pre-dee?”

“Of course you are. The most prettiest girl in the world.”








“You’re Vega?”

“Oh no, I’m Veronica. I’m her younger sister.”

“Oh my bad. You look a lot like her. I haven’t met her in person, just seen pics of her.”

“We do look alike. We could pass as twins. Why do you wanna know if I was her?”

“I’m Bradley. Boragio’s best man.”

“Oh hello there, Bradley. I’m Vega’s maiden of honor.”

“Oh really? That’s nice.” 



 “You kinda look familiar Bradley. Where are you from?”

“New Zealand originally. I move to Starlight Bay when I was 17 but only stayed there for a couple of months before moving to Roland Heights but I’m living in Starlight Bay again.”

“Oh I’m not sure why you seem- Wait! Aren’t you Brad from that reality show, Hot Wings?!”

“Yeah, I appeared on that show for 2 seasons.”

“Oh my stars! It’s really you?! I love that show! Please tell me you’re still a fire fighter?!”

“Yeah, I’m still fighting fires and such. Being on Hot Wings was fun but I wanted to take my career more seriously. Having cameras following me around got annoying.”

“You’re much cuter in person. I can’t believe that I’m meeting you. You are my favorite!”



 “You’re pretty cute yourself. It’s kinda nice meeting a fan.”

“So are you still single?”

“Yeah, how about you?”


“You know what they say about the best man and the maiden of honor at weddings.”

“They’ll make pretty babies?”

“Ha ha ha. Maybe. You seem cool, Veronica.”

“And you’re very hot, Brad.”








 “Who is that asshole….”




 “I don’t know who you are but you better back off!”

“What?! What did I do?!”

“Nothing yet and I’m gonna make sure it stays that way!”

“I’m confused?! What did I do to offend you?”


 “Brad, this would be Vega. My sister, your best friend’s wife to be…”

“That’s Brad?”

“Yeah I’m Brad.”

“Then you stay away from my sister. You’re some kind of player, aren’t you!”

“No.. Why do you say that?”

“You just look like one! I do remember Boragio saying that you have a new girl every night!”

“Yeah I did back when I was on that show. I had to do that for the ratings. But trust me, I’m not that kind of guy anymore.”

“Yeah?! I’m not convinced! Keep your dick out of my sister!”

“Uhh.. I think I’m just gonna go inside.”



 “Seriously? What in the hell! That was so embarrassing! Are you gonna rip every guy that talks to me a new hole? You can’t be doing that!”

“I’m just trying to protect you. You’ll think me! I know Brad’s type.”

“The last I knew I am 21 years old. I don’t need you protecting me. I can’t face Brad again! Thanks a lot!”

“I just don’t want you to be taken advantage again…”

“Not every guy in the world is going to rape me! It’s been 3 years ago and I’m trying to move pass that. I’m starting to regain some trust in men… Just back off. Please.”

“But Veronica.. I’m just scared of it happens again.”

“I know but I’m not going to let it happen again. If I just shut off from the world then that’s letting my rapists win. I want to live a normal life, date men and just enjoy life. I came a long way to get to this point in my life..”



 I was happy to see my best friend Bradley again. He’s kinda one of my longest friends. Back when I was 15, I met Brad at high school. He just moved from a small town in New Zealand to Star City. It was a huge change for him, coming from a small town into a big city in another country. He was confused about his class schedule and I helped him out. I was one of his first friends. He didn’t stay long though. Just a couple of months before moving to the suburb Sundale for a month before moving to Roland Heights. We kept in touch for a while but lost contact.

We reconnected in Twinbrook during firemen training. As we trained for a month, we caught up on each others lives. Brad was already a fire fighter but needed to train to receive a promotion. I learned that he relocated back to Star City and was about to appear on the third season of a reality show that followed the lives of fire fighters.  I thought it was cool and all but I didn’t become a fellow fire fighter like Brad or like the other friends we made while there. 



 “So I met Vega. She gave me the third degree cause I was talking to her sister. Is there anything I should know?”

“She’s just very protective of her. Just don’t lead her own if you’re planning on doing anything with her.”

“She’s cute but I think it would be nice to have a friend to chat with. Nothing serious of anything.”

“Well if you’re still like you were in your Hot Wings days…”

“Nah. It was just for the show. I was the young, single and attractive one. They needed a ho for the show. I didn’t mind being that ho.”

“You looked like you enjoyed it.”

“I’ll admit that I did but those days are over. Trust me. One day I wanna settle down like you. Get married, have some babies. Maybe you’ll be my best man.”

“Ha ha ha! We’ll see. I’ll go talk to Vega. Maybe she’ll go easy on you.”

“Thanks, man.”



 I talked to Vega about Brad, asking if she could go a little easy on him. Brad is a good guy and wouldn’t hurt her sister in any way. She does feel bad yelling at him and wasn’t sure what came over him. She made her way over to him to apologize. I hope they can play nice now. It would be awkward if my wife-to-be and best friend don’t get along. 


 “Mind if I join you, Brad?”

“Is it safe?”

“Think so. Boragio talked to Vega. I’m really sorry about that.”

“I guess I could understand her. If I had a younger sister or brother, I would be protective over. But I am an only child.”

“You’re lucky. What I would give to be an only child. I love Vega but sometimes she’s just too much.”

“To be honest, I think she was a bit over the top.”

“She has reasons..”





“I dunno why am I telling you this.. I hardly know you but 3 years ago I was raped by 2 guys who I knew for a long time. We attended the same high school and a writing class. It was only 3 weeks after our graduation and we started to attend a writing class before heading off to college. One night after class, my 2 guy friends asked if they could walk me to my car. I didn’t think much of it since I’ve known them since the 10th grade. The next thing I know, one hits me over the head and the other stuffs me in the trunk of his car. They drove me out into the woods and they both took turns raping me for hours. I was beaten and left to die. I was found by a hiker the next day.”

“Oh wow.. That is some serious shit.”

“Yeah. I’m trying to move forwarded in my life. Not letting that rule my life. Vega thinks every guy who talks to me is a rapist. I’m trying to regain trust in men, not every guy is like those 2. Everyday I’m still recovering. But I am doing better most days.”

“I understand now. So what happen to the guys?”

“They were trialed and convicted. 10 years each however one got a lighter sentence of 7 years. They gotta do at least 5 before parole and I’m gonna fight that. No way those monsters should ever be released.”

“I feel that all rapists and pedos shouldn’t be released until after being castrated.”

“Only in a dream world. So you’re not put off by this? I’m damaged goods.”


 “No way. You’re not damaged goods.  You’re strong. You’re a survivor. Not many girls are lucky to walk away from such an attack like yours. And seeing how you’re just opening up to me, a guy, someone whom you don’t know tells me that you’re far from being damage.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. I was hoping maybe we can be friends?”

“Sure, I would like that.”



 Most of my family who planned to attend the wedding made it into town. I got a call from my grandparents telling us they plan to take the kids to the park. I figure we all should go join them since everyone was settled in. It was a nice evening, might as well go enjoy it with the people I love.



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Love For The Ladies: Chapter 102 – Bliss

 I started my morning just like any other day, however this wasn’t just any other day. Today is going to be a little more special. Vega and I are going to find out the gender of our baby and we’re gonna make more preparations for our wedding. It’s just a month away and before you know it, the day will be here.

Since I knew this day was going to be exciting, I decided to make Vega’s new favorite. Apple and cinnamon pancakes. Since becoming pregnant, it’s all Vega ever craves. She likes the way I make them and I like cooking for her. She’s carrying my baby and it’s the least I can do. I cook, clean and do whatever to make things easier for the woman I love.



 “So did I make them better than yesterday?”


“No, huh?”

“No, not at all. These remind me of home. They almost taste like the ones my dad made when I was a kid.”

“Oh, that’s good?”


“Vega? Are you okay?”

“Yes.. I just get so emotional! I’m okay!”

“Oh.. yeah. So this is a happy cry?”

“Yes, Borgie! I just love you so much!”



 I’m still trying to get use to Vega’s sudden mood swings. Just the smallest thing can trigger the waterworks. Sometimes I’m not sure rather she’s crying out of joy, sadness or just crying for the sake of crying. Most of the time I feel like I’m walking on egg shells cause I don’t wanna trigger any of her pregnancy emotions but she always told me to relax and everything is fine.

“We should hurry up a bit. Don’t wanna be late for the appointment.”

“We got another 45 minutes before we need to head out.”

“I know but I don’t wanna risk being late. It’s across town and you never know how bad traffic will be.”

“Yeah that may be true but I was hoping to spend some time with you first.”

“Oh geeze, Borgie. Now you know we don’t have time for that. He he he!”



 Vega wanted to dress up the nursery a bit before heading out. She’s been excited since one day after finding out she was pregnant. I believe she went baby shopping on the day the home test was positive. Soon after settling into our new home, Vega got to work on the nursery. I figure we should wait before working on it but Vega had a lot of time on her hands and was too excited.

We finished the nursery about 2 weeks ago. We went with neutral colors and theme since we don’t know the gender. Vega got the idea of a safari theme from her younger sister Veronica. She went to Africa for a couple of months and told Vega how fun her trip was. Vega enjoyed her story about the African safari and thought it would be a cute idea for the nursery. It was perfect for a boy or a girl either way. I liked the idea of it too and soon the room was complete. 

Just minutes before heading out, I found Vega in the baby’s room. She rocked in the chair with her hand over her stomach and a warm smile on her face. She looks down at her belly and whispers something that I couldn’t hear. I smiled when I found her in there, she looks so adorable when she daydream about the birth of our baby. I told Vega it was time to go and she looks up still smiling. I walked towards her so I could help her out of the chair. She mentions how I was just too good for her since I was very helpful. I love Vega and I’m willing to do whatever to make her happy and comfortable. 




 We got to the hospital with enough time to spare before our appointment. Vega was worried about the traffic between our house and hospital, so we headed out early.

“I’m so excited. I wish the doc would hurry up. I hardly slept last night.”

“Yeah, I know. You wiggled a lot in bed last night.”

“So what do you think we’re having?”

“Honestly I’m not sure.”

“Okay what are you hoping for?”

“Well.. I would be happy with either one but maybe having a little girl would be nice.”

“I think your family has enough girls. You have a lot of nieces. But I would like a girl but my mom always wanted a boy. After two girls, I think she would love to have a little grandson.”

“Then I wouldn’t be your special man anymore if we had a boy. Ha ha ha!”

“You’re always be my special man, Borgie!”




 “I’ll just be happy with whatever. I’m really not picky. However I’m sure my dad would like to have another grandson since my siblings mostly had girls.”

“I will be happy with whatever too but my mom really wants a grandson. My parents are done having kids and this would be the closet they’ll have to a son.”

“Sometimes I wish my dad was done having kids. Not even a coma is stopping him from making more babies. Ha ha ha.”

“What? How?”

“My dad made a lot of donations once upon a time.”

“That’s gross, why did you tell me that?”

“You asked how.”



 We were called in and Vega tried to rush me into the room for the scan. Obviously Vega was very eager about the gender scan and didn’t want to wait another second.

“Hmm let’s see. The heart rate is well, looks like the baby’s growth is great.”

“Can you see what the baby is?”

“Lemme just move this a little and hopefully we can get a good look.”

“What’s that?”

“That’s an arm. Hmm.”

“Well? Can you see? Is it a hot dog or a taco???”

“Well Vega and Boragio, looks like you both are having a very proud baby boy. He’s certainly showing us that he’s a boy. His little legs are open as you can see here.”

“A little boy?”

“Yep, congrats.”

“Oh my gosh! Did you hear that, Borgie? We’re having a little boy!”

“Yeah, I heard him. We’re gonna have a son.”



We were both excited that the baby is a boy. I think Vega was more excited than me that she called her mom before we left the exam room. While Vega told her parents the good news, I figure I should see my dad. Its been a while since I last never seen him. I don’t like seeing him like this, it reminds me when my mom was barely alive in the hospital when I was a kid. She died 12 hours after being shot, I got to see her during hour 10.

Genie comas are basically a genie’s death, if they never awake. With dad entering the 7th month, sometimes I think my dad had finally died. Things are looking more grim as the days passed as my dad remains comatose.



 “Dad, I dunno if you can hear me but I have some good news. I’m going to have a son. I know you would be happy to hear that you’re getting a grandson… Honestly I’m not sure what else to say.. I’m just hoping that this isn’t the end of you but dad you really don’t have much time left. Just please wake up..”




After we came home, Vega went straight to the nursery and I followed behind her.

“Can you believe that this room is going to be for our son?”

“Yeah, soon we’ll be bringing our little guy here.”

“So I guess we should pick a name for him.”

“You have anything ideas?”

“I always liked your name, Borgie. It’s different.”

“Yeah, my dad came up with it cause he wanted another kid with a likeness of his name. There was Bora Bora, Junior then me.”

“Maybe you can have a Junior too.”

“So Boragio Lenard Montigo Jr.?”

“Yeah, we can call him BJ since your fam calls your brother Junior.”

“Hmm.. I like that.”

“Me too.”



After emailing some of my family telling them the gender of the baby, I finished booking things for the wedding. We plan to have the wedding in Jericho, it’s a city about 2 and half hours away from EC and about an hour from Bridgeport. 

Back in April, Vega and I went on weekend trip to Jericho. My friend Revan Kent was celebrating his triplets’ third birthday and he invited us to the party. During our time there we visited a botanical garden, they were having a spring expo. Vega fell in love with the place, it reminded her of the one she use to visit during her childhood back in Lansing Falls. Vega mention how her dream wedding was in a botanical garden. I asked if she wanted to have the wedding here and she said yes of course. However she was bit hesitant at first, it meant that our friends and family in town would have to travel as well. 

Before heading back home, we looked into booking Unity Gardens as our venue but we then realize we haven’t picked a date. The bookings were almost full and whatever date was available would be our date. The third weekend of July was the only opening the garden had. We both decided that weekend would be our date.

Next thing on the to do list is to pick where we will be staying for the weekend. We decided on renting out a mansion that was a little outside of city. Our families could stay there and get to know each other . Our weekend was available and I finished our rental by sending the deposit. Next I needed to find a hotel with decent rates for our friends to at. However my best man, Bradley already beat me to it. He found a hotel that was close to venue.

I guess what little I could do now is check the RVSPs. Some of my siblings are able to make it but some couldn’t. We plan to stream live for all the ones who couldn’t make. I was happy to see that Junior is planning on coming. I haven’t seen him in a few years and he hasn’t been doing too well. He’s been sick due to his illness. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it but he mentions how he’s been feeling better and he wouldn’t miss my wedding for nothing. I spoke to him a week ago and he seems to be in good spirits. 



Next on our wedding to do list and pick a cake. We visited Sticky Stuff Bakery to do some cake tasting. I had to be at work in 2 hours, so I hope we’ll be able to find a cake that we both like.



 “I liked that first cake a lot better than this.”

“I think this one is pretty good.”

“Well BJ liked that other cake.”

“So you’re gonna use the baby again.”

“I’m just saying that BJ and I liked that lemon cake better.”

“What’s wrong with coconut?”

“Nothing but this coconut cake is bleeeeeh!”

“We can try more.”

“I don’t wanna get fat. BJ is making me eat a lot. What’s with this kid?”

“Genie babies love food.”

“Now you tell me.”



 “So how about this vanilla chiffon cake?”

“Mmm, BJ and I kinda like this one better.”

“This one is pretty tasty. I think my friend Corey had this for his wedding last month.”

“Oh yes! I remember that cake. It was so good. BJ liked it but this one isn’t as good as the one Corey’s.”

“True, speaking of my buddy Corey but he and Brie are expecting.”

“Really?  That was fast. They only been married for a month.”

“Well apparently Brie was pregnant for a couple of months before the wedding. They just decided to tell everyone and get this…”


“They are expecting twins.”

“Awww, little twins. That’s gonna be so cute. I’m glad we’re not having twins.”



 “Oh wow! This one, Borgie. This amaretto cake with coconut butter cream frosting is the one. It taste like heaven.”

“I do like this one.”

“Great cause I want this cake at our wedding. BJ agrees with me. He’s kicking me with joy.”

“Ha ha ha! Okay, so this is our cake.”

“Yeah! It’s 10 times than Brie and Corey cake. We gotta one up it ya know.”

“Ha ha ha! If you say so. I guess we can tell them that this is our cake then.”

“I want more but I gotta pick a dress in an hour. BJ is gonna make me so fat!”



I dropped Vega at the bridal shop while I got ready for work. I hope Vega would be able to find something. She’s been searching for a dress for a while but its hard to find a wedding dress for a pregnant bride. With the wedding just a month away, she needed to pick something.

“You heffas find me anything yet?”

“No but you don’t have much of a choice when you’re almost in your third trimester.”

“Hmm, this one is kinda cute.”

“Like I could fit into that, Simone. You see how big I am?”

“Your belly isn’t as big as mine. Quit complaining until you hit my mark. I would love to be in my sixth month again. I’m in my 8th month.”

“Oh geeze… I know you hoochies aren’t complaining.. Wait until you both go into labor, then you can complain. I was in labor for 14 hours with Cyrus.”



 “I’m not gonna find anything here! No one makes cute dresses in maternity!”

“I can help you find a pretty dress for your baby belly.”

“Aww, thanks Mariah. But I really don’t we can find anything. You can go pick out a dress for you. I know you’ll find a really pretty one.”




 “I hope I find something here cause I really don’t wanna that basic bitch dress from K-mart! Boragio would run if I shown up in that!”






 “Vega! Do your like our dresses?”




 “Oh my gosh! You two just look so adorable!”

“We do?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

“Aww so cute!”

“So can we wear these at the wedding? Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on the top?”

“I really want you to but I’ll have to ask your daddy if the price is okay.”

“I hope Morde-dad says yes cause this dress is really pretty! Can you take a pic of me and send it to my Morde-dad?”

“Sure, when he sees how pretty you look I know he’s gonna say yeah.”



 “So what do you all think? I think I look pretty good in this dress.”




 “It’s pretty Vega! I like it.”

“Thanks, Mariah. Lexi, Selene, Simone? So?”

“I think it looks nice at ya.”

“Thanks Selene.”

“It’s cute, it shows off your baby bump nicely.”

“Thanks, Simone. I was hoping that it doesn’t make me look fat.”

“Well, the style is nice but those ruffles look a little weird but it’s still a cute dress.”




 “I think this is gonna be my dress.”

“You sure? That’s the first dress you tried on.”

“Yes Lexi! I love this dress. I don’t wanna look like a cow in a basic bitch dress!”

“Well if this is the dress she wants, then we should be happy for her.”

“Thanks Simone!”

“I’m okay with it.”

“So did everyone order your bridemaids dresses yet?”



 “So about that… We were thinking of getting our dresses the weekend before cause Simone and I are in our 8th month with fat babies.”

“But I picked out dresses! You pregnant hussies better wear the dresses I picked!”

“Vega, you know by the time it’s your wedding, Lexi and I can’t fit into it.”

“Why you both gotta be ahead of me! Selene did you order. You’re not pregnant… Are you?”

“No since they are getting different dresses later. When it’s time, I’ll get whatever dress they can fit into.”

“UGH! Why did I gotta pick preggos as my bridesmaids!”

“Cause we are your belly buddies and your best friends.”

“I know… I just we can find last second bridesmaid dresses. And you hoochies better not ruin my wedding by giving birth!”

“Can’t promise ya that since your wedding is close to my due date. I hope you got back bridesmaids. Simone and I are a week apart.”

“Just keep your uteruses close until after I say, I do!”




 I came home from work later that evening. I found Vega watching some TV. She seemed pretty happy so I take it as a sign that she finally found a dress to her liking.




 “How did the dress hunt go?”

“Pretty well. I found a dress but I might have to fire 2 of my bridesmaids.”


“They’ll be in their 9th month around our wedding. So they didn’t order the dresses that I picked for them.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”



 “I hope you’ll like the dress that I picked.”

“I bet you’ll look beautiful in it.”

“I do but what am I’m gonna do about my bridesmaids? Lexi and Simone are my closest friends and I want them in my wedding.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe I can ask my sisters to in fill in case they have their babies early.”

“Really? Thanks.”



 “I’m gonna make sure that everything goes perfectly for you. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll handle everything. Your only job is to carry our son, bring him into this world and be beautiful.”

“How did I end up so lucky to have you?”

“No, I’m the lucky one to have you.”




Love For The Ladies: Chapter 101 – Souvenir

 I’ve spent most of the day recovering after my wild night out with Mordecai. I got a few text messages from him asking if he did me a favor. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I never had a one night stand before and it felt weird sleeping with someone who I wasn’t in a relationship with. I kinda felt bad cause April actually liked me which concerns me since I was a drunken fool. But I remember the look in her eyes when I told her that I wasn’t interested.

She looked hurt but I know that I’ll have to face her once again seeing how she’s Eli’s aunt. I finally replied back to my brother telling him that hot girl who he thought I should sleep with was June’s sister. His reply was, “Dude I hope you worn a condom.” According to April, I didn’t. I just hope there won’t be a souvenir from last night’s events. The last thing I need is a child from a female who I barely know and who possibly come from a family with mental health issues.

There was something that kinda bothered me a little. It wasn’t April but it was the fact that I called her Ashley during sex. I haven’t thought much about Ashley in years but I wonder why did I suddenly call out her name. Maybe it was a force of habit, Ashley was the only girl that I ever been with. I did find myself thinking about her, wondering if she cleaned up her act, was she even alive, wondering if she ever think about me. In ways I kinda miss her but that is an insane thought. I shouldn’t be thinking about her… I should be over her.. It’s hard to forgive of what she did to me and Alyssa… 




 While sitting on my computer I accidentally got access into my dad’s email. What I saw dumbfounded me. My dad had hundreds of emails dating back a week after his accident. Most of the emails where from females wondering where was he. One of the first emails I read was an angry message from a female named Feather. She was extremely upset about my dad not coming into town for their daughter’s first birthday and not saying anything to her. I didn’t know dad had another child, let alone another family. The emails basically portrays my dad living 3 different lives in Riverview.

He was romantically involved with 3 different females in Riverview and had children with all 3. As I read more, it appears this romantic connections were getting a bit strain. Around the time he was dating Clarissa, his tone in the emails to Feather, Nakia and Diamond changed. He seemed a bit distance in his replies and Feather was the only one who was having a hard time. Nakia appeared to moved on but only email him about their quadruplets. Most of the angry emails came from Feather, her last email was about a month ago. Nakia started to send angry emails around February, threatening to sue dad for child support since she hasn’t received a payment since last November. maybe Nakia had a change of heart since dad never received anything about child support in the mail.

Diamond’s emails expressed more concern than anger. She sent emails giving updates on her pregnancy. Her last email was 2 weeks ago announcing she gave birth to a boy whom she named Saffron along with a picture of him. I was in disbelief of what I was reading. I felt bad for these women and began to feel anger towards my dad. How could he keep all of this in the dark? Why didn’t he tell us about these women? Why didn’t he tell us that we had more siblings?

I found other emails from his teenage son Devin and his adult daughters Opal and Topaz. The last email from Devin got to me… It read, “Dad? Do you not love me anymore? Is this why I haven’t heard from you? You might not love me anymore but I will always love you.” I had a little tear stream from my eye as I read Devin’s email. I started to have dislike towards my dad until I remember something. On the night of his accident he told my brothers and I that he had something super important that he needed to tell us. But he needed to meet with Clarissa first. I wonder if he was going to tell us about his children in Riverview.

I found an email that was sent to my aunt Acacia about 7 hours before the accident, it confirmed my thought. He talked about how he was going to tell my brothers and I tonight about the families he created in Riverview. He also had plans for all the kids to spend the whole summer here with us. It was gonna be a surprise for his younger kids cause they always wanted to see his home. What anger I was building up slowly started to faded. Dad was about to make things right for everyone but I still say that he should have told us from the start.

I know I gotta make this right with these women and my new siblings. For 6 months they knew nothing and I know that had to weigh heavy on them. I decided that I should contact them all and give them an explanation about my dad.




 I was interrupted by a phone call while tying an email to the families in Riverview. I really didn’t want them to wait another day but something about the phone call got my interest. It was from a woman named Jasmine Salas. She’s from the hospital and wants to speak with me about my dad in person.




 “Sure I guess we could meet at The Perc in an hour. I’ll see you in a bit.”





 I was a bit unsure at first but curious of why she wanted to meet me at The Perc instead of the hospital. I took the girls with me to give Aries and Ally a little break since I was recovering from a hangover from last night. The girls were happy since The Perc had a little playground for them to play on.





 “You’re Liam?”

“Yes, I am. You must be Ms. Salas.”

“Please call me Jasmine. Shall we take a seat?”

“Well sure.”




 “I’m glad that you were willing to meet with me on a short notice.”

“You wanted to speak with me about my dad? Is he okay?”

“Yes, he’s doing fine for a comatose man.”

“I don’t understand, you said you wanted to speak with me about my dad.”

“Well yes but it’s about something else.”

“Oh I see where this is going. Do you have a secret family with him too?”

“Well no, why do you think that?”

“Oh its nothing… So what about my dad that you wanted to talk to me about?”




 “Well I have a daughter, she went missing 5 years ago. It’s a mystery of what happen to her. The police aren’t finding any new leads and they don’t expect any foul play was involved.”

“You think my dad was involved?”

“No but I found something in my daughter’s belongings. I was trying to find something that would help me find her. My daughter Astrid kept a written diary since she was 15. As I was reading through it I found an entry that she wrote after her trip to Konani Tide. It was about a guy who had she met on the beach. She states it was love at first sight and they spent the weekend together before he took off in the middle night. She didn’t get a chance to get his name. She called him the Magic Man and explained how his eyes were as blue was the ocean. Anyway there was a lot of drinking involved, they slept together a lot as she puts her. She hoped for a souvenir, his heart but of course he took off without saying bye. It broke her poor heart. In another entry weeks later, she wrote about learning that she was pregnant and she got a souvenir after all. She taped a picture of her and the guy together in the entry stating he is the father of her child.”

“The man in the picture is my dad?”

“Yes. I was stunned when I found out. Astrid claim the father was a random guy at the beach but she didn’t tell me that she was in love with the stranger. She wrote many entries confessing her love for him. Her last entry stated that she hopes to find him. I wonder if she left to go find him but I couldn’t see her leaving her newborn behind. She loved Chanel, she would have said something… I wonder if you could help me..”



 “I’m sorry to hear about your daughter but sorry I don’t think I have anything. My dad never said anything about your daughter but apparently my dad had secrets.. I uncovered some things today.”

“So nothing about my daughter?”

“No, but I’m sorry. I really hope she turns up alive and well.”

“I know she’s out there alive somewhere but its been so long.. I just wished that I had an answer for all of this.”

“If I find out anything, I’ll let you know.”




 “Thanks Liam. I guess I can let Chanel know that I know where one of her parents is. Its bittersweet, ya know.”

“Yeah… Chanel can at least meet her siblings. All isn’t bad.”

“True, however she’s best friends with Kimora. They pretend they are sisters. I guess I can tell Chanel that Kimora is actually her niece.”

“I bet that will be a real shocker.”




 Jasmine and I talked for a bit, getting to know each other and possibly make arrangements to spend time with Chanel. I swear my family is growing bigger by the second. I have currently have 37 siblings and that’s including the triplets my dad fathered for my aunt and her wife and the clone child created by Pedro in Arcadia.




 It was getting close to dinner time and we decided to take the kids to Domino Palace for pizza. This place just opened by and my nieces were dying to go. I guess this makes me the favorite uncle now.




 “Don’t ya wanna sit with your daddy?”


“So you gonna just leave me?”

“Yeah, I got friends daddy. I can’t be seen with you.”

“I thought I was a cool dad. I’m all sexy, I make those PTA meetings worth going to.”





 “I knew you wanted to sit with your daddy.”

“Only cause I like this chair.”

“You love your daddy.”

“I think I’ll go sit with L2 if you’re gonna be weird.”

“Daddy just misses you. Don’t you wanna come back home?”

“But I’m having fun with Chanel and Aaliyah.”

“We can have ice cream for breakfast if you come home.”

“I like staying with my uncles. We got one more day, remember?”

“I know but daddy is lonely.”

“Where’s Haven?”

“She went to see her dad. Don’t you wanna see your dad too?”

“I am. I’m looking at you right now.”

“Please come home, damn it.”




 Morde was there too which was surprising. I figure he would be at the bar or with his girlfriend. But he was here trying to convince his daughters to come home early. I admire how Morde wants to be a real father to his girls. It shows that he’s really growing up.




 “Heyyyy, Jas. You looking good tonight.”

“Morde-dad! Those aren’t the lyrics!”

“Thanks Morde.”

“I like those pants.”

“Morde-dad! You’re suppose be singing with me!”



 “Those pants fix you nicely. You work out?”

“Yeah, I do yoga.”

“Don’t stop that yoga cause you looking hella good in those jeans.”

“Thanks again, Morde.”

“The next time you go shopping for pants, I don’t mind helping you find the perfect pair. I’ll even wait by the dressing room.”

“DAD! Stop it!”

“Mariah, I’m just giving Jas a  friendly compliment.”

“No you’re not! You’re being like a pimp!”

“Well I like to think of myself as a pimp but sweetie you’re using pimp in the wrong context.”

Well maybe my brother still has a bit more growing up to do.




 I let Solar played around for a bit before Chanel came to chat with me. I figure Jasmine already told her that I am her older brother. Chanel seemed pretty happy and I guess she took the news fairly well.




 “Hi Chanel, are you having fun?”

“Yeah! This place is cool.”

“So I guess you know.”

“You’re my big brother. I think that’s cool. How many brothers and sisters do I have?”

“Well our dad apparently has 38 kids. I’m sure there’s more hiding somewhere.”

“Wow! I got a lot of brothers and sisters! Is that baby my sister too?”

“Yep, this is Solar.”

“Hi Solar! I’m your big sister!”


“So can we play some skeeball?”

“Sure, we can do that.”


We played a few rounds of skeeball with Chanel, Mariah and my daughter. It was hanging out with girls. Given from this morning events, I think today has been a pretty fun day.





 “Yusssssssssss! High score! I got a high score! I’m a winner!”







 “I promised that I would spend the day with you. I hope you’re having fun.”

“Yeah I guess. This pizza isn’t spicy though. You promised me spicy pizza.”

“You don’t need to be eating spicy things anything. I dunno where you got that from.”

“My dad, maybe.”

“Do you have enough tokens for tonight?”




 “Okay good. You better be on your best behavior. No stealing fake plants, no kicking the gumball machines, none of your shenanigans tonight. Tonight, we are gonna have fun. I don’t make enough money to support your lavish lifestyle of breaking things.”

“Yeah okay mom.. I won’t have fun.”

“I mean it mister, I won’t deal with any of your shenanigans.”

“Okay fine. Can I get more hot peppers?”

“Yeah but it better be for your pizza and not some prank that you’re plotting.” 




 “Hey Liam, what brings you here?”

“Just taking out the girls for pizza. You?”

“Spending the day with my son so he’ll know that I love him. So what was with the text?”

“That was my brother being dumb. He sent that.. I figure you wouldn’t want to talk to me after that.”




 “Don’t be silly. I was hoping that was an invitation to possibly a day on the beach.”

“Oh… well maybe we can do that someday.”

“That’s great cause I have a new bikini that I am dying to wear.”

“That sounds nice. Maybe this weekend we can? I’ll bring the girls. You can bring your son. I would love to meet him.”

“Ohh… well that could be fun..”




 “Mom, I need more tokens!”

“I gave you 5 dollars worth. You spent them already?”

“I promised my girlfriend that I will win her a bear. I need more tokens.”

“Since when did you have a girlfriend?”

“20 minutes ago. Can I get more tokens? I gotta impress my lady.”

“I’m not giving you more money so you can impress your little sudden girlfriend.”




 “Hey do you have any tokens? I really need to get her that bear.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have anymore on me.”

“Aww dude! I just need one. She might break up with me.”

“I wish I could help.”




 “Cyrus, stop asking my friend for tokens!”

“But mom I needs it!”

“I’m sure you’ll find another girlfriend in 20 minutes. Now go play.”

“Fine… You just don’t want me to be happy.”

“That’s not true and you know that. Stop being dramatic. Take this dollar.”

“Thanks mom!”




 “So that was my son Cyrus. You finally got to meet him sorta.”

“Your son… looks like a lot like my dad.”

“Liam, we need to talk…”




 “So you and my dad….”

“It’s not what you think…”


“Well about 8 years ago I trip a college trip to Konani Tide with friends. It was summer break and we wanted to relax a bit. After a night of heavy drinking, I woke up naked next to your dad. I quietly left his room and return to mine. I did see him one more time before going home. My roomie convinced me to have a threesome with him and her. Which we did…”

“Oh wow… I’m not sure what to say.”

“Needless to say, I was the one who came home carrying the souvenir.”




 “Did my dad know? I’m finding out about my dad having secret families and all.”

“No, I was the one who was keeping the secret. I haven’t seen your dad since…until he came wheeling in on a stretcher.”

“So it was just a one weekend fling with my dad?”


“Oh I see.”




 “I hope this won’t make things weird between us.”

“No.. I just wanted to be clear if you still had anything going on with my dad.”

“Not at all. I was just a silly drunken college girl when I met him. I probably wouldn’t date him if I met him back home. Honestly he doesn’t seem like the settling down type. I’m 27 now and I’m ready to find something real. Settle down, buy a cute house with a white picket fence. I had my fun and all. My son needs a father figure in his life, maybe he’ll stop being difficult.”

“He’ll have my dad when he wakes up…”

“Yeah that’s true.. But you know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” 




 I played some ping pong with Selene for a while. This new info is was a bit difficult to process. I meet a girl that I like and my dad has already been with her. I would be pulling a Mordecai if I asked her out but she seemed to be hinting that she still likes me. But I dunno about this…




 39 kids… This number just keep climbing up over the hours. I tried to wrap my head around Selene being involved with my dad when she was 19 but this kinda bothers me.. However I still like her.

I finished sending out the emails explaining about my dad. I gave them all my number if they wished to speak with me or ask me any questions.




I glanced over at Eli, wonder which number was he.  I thought he was the 24th child and the youngest but clearly he was not. I watched him finally fall asleep. He has been a bit fussy since his first tooth is coming in. Eli looks so peaceful again. He doesn’t have to worry about anything. He’s home, safe and don’t have to deal with his parents drama.. 



 I found a hidden email in my dad’s account. It was from the Dover Falls Elixir shop. I was curious of why my dad would be getting emails from there. I don’t recall him ever going there. I opened one of them. I was shocked by when I read.

“Hi dad! My name is Corrine. I’m the owner of the Dover Falls Elixir here in EC. I hope we can finally meet.”

40 kids?




The next day I made a trip to Dover Falls and hoped to meet this Corrine. Is she really my dad’s daughter?





 “Hello, are you Corrine?”

“No I’m Lindsey.”

“Is Corrine here by any chance?”

“Yeah, she lives here. She’s probably out in the garden. I can buzz her.”




 I was greeted by Corrine outside. Just taking one look at her there was no denying that she is my sister. I couldn’t believe how huge my family grew in 24 hours.




 “You must be Liam.2, right?”

“How do you know me already?”

“Dad talked about you. I’m Corrine, your long lost half sister.”

“So you make 40..”

“40? That sounds about right, ha ha ha. I was hoping of when I can finally meet my siblings.”

“So how long you knew about us?”




 “I met dad back in November. I went into town to get some supply and saw him at the store. I knew he was Donor #108B when I first lay my eyes on him. I did some searching online and got his email address. I sent him an email and we met.”

“Donor #108B?”

“I’m a lab baby. My mother was married to an unattractive man, it was part of an arrangement. She had no choice to marry him. He requested an heir to be born to pass on this wealth however my mother didn’t want to risk being an ugly child into the world. He requested that the child should be a boy so they seek help at the genetics lab. They would assure they the child would be a male. However my mother made a semen swap while the lab tech was a way. She grabbed Donor #108B, replacing her husband’s. When I was born, he was in shock that I was born a girl. He had a heart attack and died. My mother told me that my real father was Donor #108B, a Navox Genie. She printed off his picture and gave it to me when I was a child. Since then I wanted to locate him and meet him. I only knew his as Donor #108B but now I know him as Borage Montigo, my father.”

“That’s quite a story. I guess its kinda a relief that you weren’t a result from his drunken sexual rampage.”

“Ha ha ha. Just a genetically created lab baby that he wasn’t aware of. “




 Corrine seems nice. She grew up well in a rich family in Lansing Falls, MT. She family owns a chain of Elixir shops around the country. Corrine is part Tusnya Fae, a tribe of fairies that descended from the Tuscia tribe. Tusnya Faes are slightly more modernize than the Tuscia. Corrine explains that all fairy tribes are naturalists but each tribe specialize in certain areas of nature. The Tusnya and Tuscia are healers. They create potions and natural medicine.   I did enjoy learning about fairies with Corrine. There’s so much to learn.





 “Now that we know each other, if you ever need anything here I can give you a family discount.”

“Oh thanks.”

“Is there anything of which your heart desires?”

“Well…the courage to ask a girl out that like.”

“Ahh yes. I can help you with that. I have just the thing for that. The Liquid Courage elixir.”

“Seriously? I figure I would get a pep talk.”

“Nonsense, sometimes a pep talk isn’t enough. Sometimes a swift kick is needed. I currently don’t have any in stock. Most people just use rum for courage. But I can make a batch. It’s on the house.”

“Really thanks?”








 As Corrine was making me an elixir for me, I decided to look around. I never been to a shop like this and I was curious. There’s seems to be a lot of interesting things here. I think maybe I’ll make a few more trips here. Maybe I can learn some more new things.




 “Ahh, perfect!”





 “I hope this will help you. You just mix it into your favorite drink and drink it. You will have the courage for the next 48 hours before it wears off.”

“Oh that sounds simple. Any side effects?”

“Possibly a cute girl on your arm?”

“Ha ha ha. I think we will get along, Corrine.”

“I think so too. I better return to my garden. My first summer harvest is ready. Would you like to help? “





 I never tended to a garden before. And I actually had fun doing so. Corrine let me keep a few apples for the girls. Solar loves apples so I know this would be a nice treat for her.







 When I got home I was surprised to see my grandparents there. I had no idea they were even coming. If I know then I would have gotten the house in better shape. They wanted to surprise us and they sure did, especially my grandfather. I haven’t seen him since he find out Junior is his son. Dad pretty much cut him out of his life since then.




 “Mama! I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I know R2, we wanted to surprise you kids.”

“It’s L2, Mama. Ha ha ha.”

“I know but I like R2 better.”




 “So what brings you guys in town?”

“Our son..”


“I really don’t wanna see Bubba in that condition but Liam suggest that we should.”

“I know there’s not much we can do for Borage but we need to at least see him.”

“I guess I could understand that, he is your son after all.”

“I haven’t seen my son in ages.. I just need to see him again.”

“I guess it’s the right time for you, Liam. Bubba can’t kick you out.”

“If you’re implying that I’m using Borage’s coma to get close to him, then you are wrong Zinnia.”

“Just saying…”

“I care about our son.”




 I let my grandparents get sudden in. I figure I should see if this stuff works.





 “Well here’s goes nothing.”





 I really wasn’t feeling anything different until suddenly I feel this urge to call Selene.





 “Hello Selene. I was wondering if you have any plans for tomorrow afternoon. I would like to take you out on a date if you don’t mind. Really? That’s great, can I pick you up around 1? Cool. I’ll see you then.”





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 100 – Secrets On The River

 There were some things that I haven’t told you all, things that my own family doesn’t know. As I lay here in this coma, I ponder why haven’t I told anyone this… I spent 14 years in a cell of depression, 14 years of hiding secrets from my most of my family. And in those past 14 years I’ve done a lot of travelling without my 12 youngest kids at the time.  

As much as they enjoined the trip to Spain, I couldn’t bring them with me on these trips. I needed to get away from them, wanted to clear my head, I felt like I needed a break… However my many trips in the last 14 years weren’t actually “vacations” and as it appear that I wanted to take a break from fatherhood, these trips were anything but…



 Where did go when I went on this trips? Riverview, believe it or not. It’s quite funny if I were to tell my family I traveled to Riverview quite often. Riverview was the one place that I was dying get out once I moved here as a child. The town was too quiet, not much of a night scene, it was a town to raise a family in. It took me 14 years to now see why my mama picked this town to raise us in. She wanted us to have a good childhood, live in a nice house with in the suburb away from the city, attend the best schools in the county, mama wanted a bright future for us all. However, she fell short giving us that life…

But what keeps bringing me back? Well I guess its time for me to finally answer that…..




 I’ll start my tale just going back 2 and half years ago. I made my way into Riverview to pay someone who is special in my life a visit. It was a visit that she was hoping for. However I decided that I would surprise her, she always liked surprises.



I came to visit my big sister Acacia which was a big surprise for her since she didn’t know that I was planning on dropping in. However she would be more eager about this visit. She hopes that I came to deliver the news that she and her wife been dying to hear for the past year. 



 Acacia and her wife Yolanda decided a year ago that they wanted to start a family. As the originally made plans to visit a clinic to pick a donor, their plans were put on hold when a disturbing news story made headlines.

Another lesbian couple became parents a few years ago, however one was killed in a car accident. The one who died was biologically connected to the child and her family decided to fight for custody for the child even through the survivor legally adopted the child when he was born. The town of Riverview rewarded custody to the family as they felt the child should be with blood relatives. Riverview isn’t too keen on same-sex couples and rather have Riverview be a good, wholesome family town. This got Acacia and Yolanda thinking. Yolanda is only a witch, what if something happens to her. Although Yolanda was disowned by her family, she still worried if something were the happen such as Riverview taking the child away from Acacia.

Riverview believes children should belong with blood relatives when it comes to child custody cases. Acacia remember an offer that I made back when I was 18 about helping them have a child. However it was just a silly, selfish attempt to lose my virginity.  If Acacia has a biological link to the child, she wouldn’t have to worry about losing the child to the state. So a call was made to me, would I be their donor. 



 “So you just gonna drop in without telling me?”

“I figure I would surprise you. I was just in the neighbor.”

“Really? Last I knew Star City was 1385 miles away.”

“It was a 21 hour drive but aren’t you happy to see your baby bro?”

“Maybe if he has a decision.”



“Yeah, I’ll be your donor. So how we gonna do this? In the bedroom? Is she ready?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.. You’re not going to sleep with her.”

“I figure I could at least try but seriously, how are we gonna do this? I’ll be in town for a week.”

“That’s perfect, I can set up an appointment at my clinic. I’ll be doing everything.”

“You? Isn’t it gonna be weird with you playing around with my jizz.”

“When you say it like that, Yes! Let’s not be weird about this. I’m fully capable doing this, I’ve done many IVFs before. It would be like any other case.”




 An appointment was made 2 days before I planned to leave. My sis and Yolanda were pretty happy that I was willing to help them but honestly I wasn’t sure what I was doing. In ways this was a distraction from my depression, and I was just blindly following directions. It would take a little more time before I realize what I was doing.

“This is an amazing thing that you’re doing for us.”

“I guess but I was wondering do you have any pics?”

“Pics? What do you mean by that? Pics of what?”

“Sexy pics of you cause ya know I am gonna need a little help getting out what you need.”

“Don’t be silly, Borage. I’m sure they’ll give you some magazines for you.”

“I was a long time donator here and trust me, I’ve seen everything.”

“Ha ha ha! You can use your imagination.”

“Aww… how many just sitting on my lap. It will warm me up a bit.”

“I’m not gonna do that silly.”

“You’re just sitting. You’re really not doing anything bad. Help me, help you.”

“I guess I could sit on your lap for a second. But just for a second, mister.”




I was long gone before Acacia finish doing the IVF. She made to wait for Yolanda’s eggs to be ready which only took a week. They decided to shoot for twins, hoping to have one of each gender. It would be a couple more weeks before I got a text saying Yolanda was pregnant.




It did make me feel a little good inside helping my sister and Yolanda out. Giving them something that they couldn’t make themselves but I would be lying if I said this situation wasn’t a little weird. Acacia felt it was best that we shouldn’t tell the family that I was the donor.



The pregnancy went well as expecting given it was a Navox pregnancy. But there was an extra gift inside. Yolanda gave birth to triplets instead of twins. All three were girls, all three Navox hybrids born with Yolanda’s Garrisse Witch occult. Acacia and Yolanda named the girls, Pandora, Nadia and Saria.  



 I was asked to visit Riverview to meet my daughter-nieces and to finish up my end of the deal. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react when I saw the girls but I find myself treating them just as my other kids. I held them, fed them and rock them to sleep. I figure Acacia saw my attached to them when she asked me can I sign the papers.



 I had to sign over my rights so Acacia can legally adopt the girls. It was the last step in completing their family. I would no longer be the legal father but would be their uncle instead. Before meeting the girls, I was ready to sign the papers and be on my way. But after spending a couple of days with them, I struggled with signing them over.

A part me wanted to be their father, I could see myself in their little faces but another part of me rather just be their uncle who drops in time to time. I was conflicted and sat there for a while thinking. This made my sis and Yolanda a bit nervous. They were afraid that I wouldn’t sign the papers and decided that I wanted part custody instead. But I made a promise to my sister and Yolanda, I promised to help them make a family. I have my own kids and it was time for them to have their own. I signed the papers and asked Acacia to promise me to never cut me out of the girls’ lives. I want to be an important part of their lives, even if I’m just an uncle.



 Acacia made me that promise, she sent me pics of the girls, told me everything that was going on in their lives. I watched the girls grow up over the next 2 years via email pics and my short visits. By the time the triplets were 2, there was no denying that I possibly fathered the girls. Especially Saria who favored me the most. Mama knew they were my babies but was hurt when we didn’t tell her. Acacia explained and mama understood why. Acacia knew the truth would come out sooner than later but doesn’t want the girls to know that I’m really their father.



Visiting Acacia wasn’t my only reason that I came back to Riverview.. There’s more to this story….




 Almost 15 years ago I had a trip in Isladiso, Spain. Apparently I met a lady who went by the name Feather there but I can’t recall the events of the night we met.




 I came across her 11 months after that trip while visiting Acacia. She carried an infant in her arms as she was leaving the store. She recognize me as I was entering but I didn’t recognize her. I was confused cause I wondered how she knew me. She talked about how she had a lot of fun in Isladiso and she saw me DJ at the party in the resort.

I was flattered that she remembered seeing me there. Then she spoke how she had too much fun there while looking at her baby then looking at me. I wasn’t sure what she was implying but I tried to walk away. She grabbed my arm and told me to take a look at her baby. “He’s a souvenir from Spain, Borage. A reminder of our special night.” She said to me. I felt the color drain from my face as she said that. I don’t recall sleeping her and I would feel like a dick if I told her that I didn’t remember our night.




 Feather left Spain carrying my son. Since we never exchanged contact info, I never knew about this. I met Devin when he was just 2 months old. I figure it was time that we exchanged contact info now. I couldn’t believe I had another child and the timing was pretty shitty. Lois had died only 9 months ago and now this. I couldn’t tell my family about Devin, they would know that I had cheated on Lois but I have no memory of it.

Feather had her whole life planned, she was 18 when we met. She was going off to school in Newbrey but I ruined it for her. Now she’s a single mom stuck in Riverview raising Devin alone. I knew I had to do the right thing and help her out. I started to send her child support for Devin and when I came to Riverview, I made my visit short with Acacia and spend most of my time with Feather and Devin. I tried to be in Devin’s life as much as I can.



However during my trips, Feather and I started to get closer to each other. But she did end up meeting another genie in town when Devin was about 8 years old. She soon married him after being married for 3 years they slipt. I wasn’t surprise cause she married a Fernoagate, a flame genie. They can be assholes but he did treat my son well. 



 Devin is 14 now,  a soccer star, class clown and popular with the girls at school.  He makes me a proud seeing how well he’s turning out even when I’m there part time. I wish I could there all the time but I can’t.





“You ever think about moving back here?”

“Honestly no. I was happy to finally leave.”

“Oh… I see..”

“Well I do have reasons to return but things are bit complicated.”

“It would be nice to have you around more and I wanna meet my other siblings.. Or at least talk to them. How come I can’t text them?”

“Soon, I promise.. But I bet you can’t beat me.”

“Oh watch me, dad!”



 I couldn’t tell Devin that his other siblings don’t know about him yet. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell them that 14 years ago, I fathered a child and been spending time with him secretly since then. This probably something that I shouldn’t be keeping a secret but I just found it hard to come clean. I try to not think about much when I visit Devin. We play games together along with his younger brother Devon.



After Feather’s divorce we started to get close once again..




 Maybe too close…



 I’m just not sure where my head was but it was clear what Feather wanted, she wanted us to be something real. I do feel a connection with her but I’m just not ready to honestly be with someone. I like what we have and I don’t want it to end. Its selfish but I’m just not sure if I could fully commitment myself to someone. Apparently I do have some commitment issues seeing how Devin came about. But I just don’t know…. When I think am I ready, I’m really not…



 It’s not fair for Feather, she deserves to be with someone. She deserves something real. But I just can’t let her go…




 I love the sexy pics she sends me, the cute texts she sends me. Sometimes it gets me through the day…




But I wasn’t too careful during one of my visits.. She sent me a pic showing me that our little family was expanding.. 



I got a text from Feather in the middle of night saying she was in labor. I made a mad dash to the airport catching the only flight going to Riverview. I was in town 2 hours later catching the last 30 minutes of Feather’s labor with our daughter Devi. I just barely missed her birth. Devi was a week early and I made plans to fly out 2 in days. I wanted to be there for her birth.

When Devi was just 8 months old, I broke the news to Feather saying that I was moving to EC within a month. It broke her heart cause she felt since having Devi that I would decide to move closer. I have a better opportunity in EC with opening a night club. Something that always been my dream since I was a kid. She said it was selfish and I had a family to look after. But I couldn’t bring myself to return to Riverview…like I said things were a bit complicated..   



 Devi turned a year old a week after my accident. I made plans to fly in for her birthday but never got a chance. I know Feather is wondering why I never came nor called.. She wouldn’t know about my coma since I never told my family about her and my children with her. I know not knowing what happen to me is killing her….



 Things are really complicated like I mention… Nakia Love would be another reason why I couldn’t just move Riverview. You see Nakia is someone who I’m kinda involved with. I first met Nakia years ago when I was a teen. She lived in the neighboring town of Riverview and was only in town to visit her grandma. Nakia is a Navox like me but she was dating a Hydronia, a water genie. I did really like her but she’s was all in love with her Hyrdronia.

I came in town to celebrate Devin’s 9th birthday and bumped into Nakia while picking up Devin’s birthday cake. I didn’t think I would ever see Nakia again when she left for Bridgeport with her Hydronia boyfriend Nate. A year after we finished school, she enrolled into college and left. Before leaving she told him if she wasn’t with Nate, she wouldn’t mind giving me a chance. I reminded Nakia of what she said when I saw her and she remembered saying that.



She invited me over but I didn’t come until Devin’s party was over. I was happy to learn that she and Nate got a divorce 8 months ago and this gave me a chance with Nakia. Since Feather was engaged to another man, I didn’t feel guilty about hooking up with Nakia and spending the night with her. We caught up on each other lives. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and I’m still a mess.

Nakia moved to Riverview with Nate and their 2 daughters when Nate’s job got transferred there. Nakia said it was the kiss of death of their marriage. Their marriage ended 3 months after settling in. Nakia was into journalism and got a job at The Sunflower. She covers the articles in the Entertainment section as she did back in Bridgeport. She even has a love advice column in the paper. She told me that she was asked to be the new host for a talk radio on giving sex advice since her love column was doing well. Everyone wants to hear the voice of Ms. Love. 



 I then found out that sex between 2 Navox can be explosively amazing. No other sexual encounters can top Nakia. Her alone was enough to satisfied my hunger. Nakia could be that one person I could be 100% committed to but things in my life are…complicated.




My intense sexual encounters with Nakia resulted in having another family whom I secretly spend time with. 5 years old, Nakia gave birth the a set of quads, Lamar, Janaya, Nia and Jordan.




 My time with Feather was often cut short so I could visit my kids with Nakia. I haven’t told Nakia about Feather or Feather about Nakia. I ended up starting things back up with Feather after her divorce. I have a deep connection with Feather just like I have a deep connection with Nakia.. However I feel that my connection with Nakia was more intense.

The quads are much younger than Devin so I get to do all the little kid things with them. I would have to rush out from Feather’s so I could tell the quads their bedtime stories.



Things were starting to get chaotic and I know I gotta stop this but I just couldn’t. I seriously felt that I could keep this super dad thing going…



 But it’s getting a bit tiring at times…




 “Hi daddy! Wanna buy some lemonade? It’s only a quarter.”

“Sure Janaya, I’ll buy a cup.”

“Okay daddy that will be 50 cents!”

“But you said it was only a quarter.”

“Yeah, it’s dad tax.”

“How do you know about taxes? You’re only 5.”

“Mama told me. She had to write about taxes. If I’m gonna make a profit I need taxes, daddy.”



 “So are you charging everyone a dad tax?”

“No, just you daddy since you’re the dad.”

“Does Mama have to pay tax too?”

“No! Mama said she gave me life and its the best gift ever. Mama can have hers for free.”

“Well I help give you left, don’t I get a discount?”

“Mama said since I’ve using her water, sugar and lemons, hers gotta be free.”

“So daddy doesn’t get a break?”


“Okay, you win. I will pay the dad tax then.”



Nakia often complains that the quads tend to get out of hand at times. They often picks fights or get in trouble at day camp.




 The youngest of the quads, Jordan tends to be the trouble maker of the 4. Nakia seems stressed between working and now raising 6 kids alone most of the time. Her ex tries to handle her 2 oldest as much as he can but this leaves with her with the terrible 4. I feel bad leaving her alone with the quads but it’s not like I could move into town…




 “Don’t be a jerk. Don’t you know that you never get a black girl’s hair wet?! Don’t ever do that again!”

“But it was funny!”

“Wanna know what’s not funny?”


“You not going out for ice cream today!”

“But dad!”

“Oh no you don’t… Don’t but dad me! Your mama is getting tired of your mess. You better get it together! Your mama is getting drained!”

“I’m sorry dad! I promise I’ll be good. I wanna go out for ice cream too! I miss you!”




 “I miss you too but you keep acting out. You gotta stay home. Maybe some other time when you’re behaving.”

“But daddy…”

“Maybe this will teach you.”

I never had to do something like that. I was always the fun dad but something inside of me snapped that day. Maybe cause of the strain bouncing between houses. Checking up on triplets, spending time with Devin and little Devi then spending time with the quads in the span of 2 weeks.

I think I did get through to Jordan on that day. He didn’t get to go out for ice cream then pizza later. He had to stay home with Nakia’s teenage daughter Nicole. Nakia’s second oldest daughter Jaslyn went in his place since I didn’t want her to feel left out. Jordan behaved during the rest of my visit and even afterwards. Nakia told me Jordan’s attitude improved since my last visit.  It hurt not having Jordan join us but maybe it was for the best.



 I enjoined my downtime with Nakia when the kids were sleeping. We would cuddle and talk for hours. In the last 5 years we really gotten close but like Feather, Nakia wanted something more. Something I didn’t think I was ready for.

“Borage, I know what we got is deep but I don’t wanna play house with you when you come to visit.”

“You said you didn’t want anything serious, besides I like what we have going now.”

“I know what I said 5 years ago but things changed. We have 4 kids, they are starting school this fall. I want something legit. You and I gotta stop playing this little game. If we gonna be together then let’s do this. Move in here with me.”

“Nakia, I would love to but I can’t.. I guess I should tell you but I’m moving to EC within a month.”

“So you’ll still be 1,386 miles away. I thought you would be moving closer….”

“I got better opportunities on the east coast. There’s nothing here in the midwest.”

“You got a family here, little kids who need you. I know you still ain’t about opening a night club.”

“It’s my dream.”

“You got kids, Borage. Don’t be so selfish. You know how hard it is raising 6 kids, I got a 15 year who thinks she knows everything. I got a 10 year old is becoming a sass mouth. Then 4, 5 years old who I can hardly handle.”

“I’ll send enough money for you to hire a nanny.”

“The quads don’t need a nanny, they need their daddy. And I need you. And if you’re not willing to make things legit, then this that we got going is done.”

“I’m not ready…”

“Then I’m sorry Borage, until you are… I can’t keep doing this with you. I’m falling in love with you and I just can’t play around anymore…”



 I knew Nakia was falling for me, I knew Feather was falling for me too but there was one other was falling me too. I lost my memory of being with her the first time around. My memory of Diamond was returned once I made a visit to LP. We had some intense moments during my short time there. I could tell that she wanted to tell me something. She had feelings for me for years, even when I had no memory of her. I guess I made a lasting impression on her. 



 It has only been 2 weeks since I last seen Diamond in LP. I already had moved to EC but wasn’t ready to return to my new home after visiting LP. During my layover in Littleton, I decided to rent a car and made a 35 mile drive to Riverview. I knew Nakia didn’t wanna see me and Feather probably felt the same. Acacia and Yolanda were out of town. Diamond told me that our twin daughters lived in Riverview. I felt maybe it was time that I meet them.

But instead I was greeted by Diamond who decided to visit the girls. They were at work and we used this time to talk. She broke down and told me about a curse that was placed on her. She couldn’t have anymore babies which means she failed her mission. I guess that’s probably why she wasn’t concern about using protection when we were in LP. She knew she couldn’t get pregnant.



 I felt bad for Diamond since she seemed really hurt by this. However it was nice to have guilt free sex and not worrying about fathering another child where she be left to raise alone once again.



 I was eager to meet the girls. Diamond sent a text telling them that I wanted to meet them during their lunch break. My heart almost dropped when I saw they worked at The Sunflower along with Nakia. I hope Nakia wouldn’t see me but she’ll probably won’t say anything to me since she’s pretty pissed.

Topaz and Opal were beautiful like their mother. There was denying that they were mine. They were surprised and excited to finally meet their dad.



 Topaz asked me if I was willing to do an interview, she was writing an article about the changes made to Riverview. Were they good or bad. Topaz especially wanted to interview former residents, curious if they were willing to return.

“You once lived in Riverview, is that correct?”

“Yeah, I moved here when I was 2 and left when I was 21.”

“There’s been changes made in the town, a new school, new parks, new homes and even a dive bar. Many believe the dive bar will bring in the wrong crowd while others feel that bar is was great place to unwind after a hard day at work. What are your thoughts about that?”

“Having bar isn’t that bad. Not having a bar was a bad idea. Maybe if we had one then maybe..just maybe I would have just stayed. Sometimes adults need a place to chillax and recharge.”

“Riverview wants to be a wholesome town to raise a family in. With the all the changes and even the bar, do you believe Riverview remains a wholesome family oriental town?”

“Yeah I guess, the kids have fun places to go. The bar is a fun place for adults to take a break at.”

“Would you consider moving back?”

“Honestly… no.”



 I know Nakia and Feather would read my interview in Topaz’s article. That last question was a hard pill to swallow. They both want me to move here, they both want to be with me but I wasn’t ready for anything serious…regardless if kids were involved…



During the visit I got to meet Topaz’s boyfriend, Miro. For some odd reason he was really eager to meet me slightly more than my own daughters were. He seemed nice but weird.



 “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Montigo.”

“Oh? You can call me Borage.”

“Oh okay, I must ask you something. It very important.” 

“Okay, shoot.”

“I am an Aviutmn Fae and our kind must always ask for the father’s blessing.”

“Blessing for what?”

“I wish to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

“Which one?”

“Topaz, sir.”

“No which hand?”



 “It’s an expression. I want to ask your daughter to marry me. But first I need your blessing and permission of course.”

“You’re asking me? Why? Just put a ring on it.”

“It is a custom thing that I must thing. Call me old fashion if you must.”

“Um.. sure I guess you can marry my daughter.”

“Really? I have your blessing?”

“Yeah man, welcome to the family.”

“Thank you, sir! This means a lot!”

“Yeah. You’re welcome.” 



 Some time had passed and the impossible had happen. Even when having a curse placed on her years ago, Diamond still manage to become pregnant with my child. I didn’t believe Diamond at first, I actually got mad at her and accuse of her of lying to me. But she wasn’t lying, she was telling me the truth. I spoke to my grandmama about it. She chuckled saying that silly witch curse has no effect on an Navox. We are the symbol of fertility and that’s probably why normal birth control never worked for my mama.

I decided to work things out with Diamond, I didn’t want her to raise another child without me. However I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this off. Diamond decided to stay in Riverview with the girls during her pregnancy. She was seeing a specialist who was attractive to the situation. It was probably for the best that she stayed so she could get the best care for the baby. We talked almost everyday until my life in EC got complicated…. 



I had fallen into a coma 6 months before the birth of our child.. Diamond had no idea of what became of me.. She was in her 3rd month when we last spoke…

“Think we’re be staying here a little bit longer, Saffron. I’m not sure what happen to your father. It’s been months since we heard from him. He wasn’t thrilled when he first heard about you but he soon warmed up.. Maybe he changed his mind or something. I would hate to hear about him turning away from his son.. That doesn’t sound like something he would do.. I’m afraid that something had happen..”



I remember a conversation I had with Acacia 2 years ago. It was probably an important one on that as well.  Sometimes I wonder what she said could be the real reason why I’m trapped in this coma…

“Do you ever plan to settle down?”

“Like get married and have a bunch of kids? I already did the have  a bunch of kids part.”

“That’s why I asked. Maybe its time that you find just that one.”

“I tried but then she died but not before fucking my dad and having me believe that my brother was my son.”

“You gotta let that go… There is someone out there for you.”

“I got some things going on with a few of ladies and I enjoy it. But I think they are starting to fall for me.. I do feel some deep corrections with them but I’m not ready. I just want things to keep going as is.”

“That’s bad.. You know you can’t keep doing that. It’s not possible to spread your love to more than one. It will spread out thin and someone is going to get hurt. If it’s not just one but all, even you.”

“So you’re saying that I gotta pick one?”

“One or none. If you’re not ready then you need to stop. It’s not fair to them. You can’t fake the feeling.”

“But I can’t fake the feeling without feeling…”

“Like I said, one or none..”



 4 little secret families in Riverview…

But little did I know…..



 I had a 5th family….