Phoenix’s Flash Summary

Where Phoenix last left off, she was delivered unsettling news from Kai saying he would be relocating to Auburn Grove with his girlfriend Kailyn. Knowing that Kai is Ayana’s father, this news greatly bothered Phoenix. She knew it was time to tell Kai the truth about Ayana. Phoenix watched Kai began to pack up his things, she tried to figure when to tell him. Kai takes notices and hands over his last rent payment to Phoenix. Kai talks about how excited he was about the move and how he’s gonna make things right with Kailyn. He proceeds to tell Phoenix how he plans to ask Kailyn to marry him once they get back to her place. Without thinking, Phoenix blurbs out that he’s Ayana’s father. Kai pauses for a second before turning away and leaving Phoenix’s house.

She tries to stop him, asking him to say something but Kai ignores her and gets into his car. A couple of hours had passed and Phoenix gets worried. She calls Keith asking if he heard from Kai but he hasn’t. Kailyn shows up with a moving truck and question Phoenix where was Kai. Phoenix told Kailyn she was about to ask her the same thing. Phoenix confesses to Kailyn that Kai is Ayana’s father and that’s why he took off. Like Kai, Kailyn takes off without saying a word. As more time passes, Phoenix desperately attempts to contact Kai but to no avail. Keith returns home and asks Phoenix what is going on. She tells Keith how to told Kai that he’s Ayana’s father. Keith had a different reaction and smiled telling her how he always had a feeling. He points out how Ayana has his eye and admits that he did see Kai exit her room shortly before she ended up pregnant. He tells her how he put 2 and 2 together.

After Kai and Kailyn when MIA for 72 hours, they return with some news for Phoenix. They decided that they will remain in town for Ayana.  They just found a house that they can rent. Phoenix was happy to know Kai would be staying however Kai had a coldness towards Phoenix. Phoenix apologizes to both Kai and Kailyn but Kai turns away before she could finish. Kailyn tells Phoenix that they just need some time.



Over time Kailyn was able to warm back up to Phoenix however Kai remained cold and distance from Phoenix. He was no longer interested in being her friend however he only spoke to her when he wanted to spend time with Ayana. For 2 years Phoenix and Kai had an estrange relationship but tried to keep things cordial with Ayana’s sake.

They had their first fallen out when Phoenix planned to attend Boragio’s wedding in Bridgeport. The weekend of the wedding was Kai’s weekend with Ayana. He had plans to take her to meet his family since a cousin was getting married. Phoenix told Kai months in advance that she would be attending her brother’s wedding with Ayana. However Kai didn’t care and felt Ayana should go with him since this would be a family that she hasn’t met yet. Kai was more angered when he learns Keith will be attending Boragio’s wedding with Phoenix instead of attending their cousin’s. Kai accuses Phoenix of uses her magic persuade Keith to go with her. However Phoenix denies Kai’s ridiculous claim before Keith steps in to defend his reasons. Ayana walks in during their argument and began to cry. Kai attempts comfort Ayana only to be rejected. Kai then decides Ayana can go with Phoenix.

Just a month after Boragio’s wedding, Lotus and her boyfriend Jeffrey Dean got married. During the weekend of Boragio and Vega’s wedding, she discovered she’s pregnant and pushed her wedding the following month to avoid being a heavily pregnant bride like Vega.

During Lotus and Jeffrey’s wedding, Phoenix and Kai’s relationship was tested, Kai has been a bit bitter towards Phoenix since the previous month. Kai felt Phoenix was untrustworthy since she tend to make plans with family on the weekends Kai is supposed to have Ayana. Kai has been struggling to form a relationship with his daughter and blames Phoenix for it. During Lotus’ wedding  reception Kai delivers the news that he would be suing Phoenix for joint custody. A huge argument breaks out between Phoenix and Kai, which the reception party turns awkward and brings Lotus into tears. Phoenix blames Kai for ruining her sister’s wedding  and storms off with Ayana, leaving her father and brother Boragio to pick up the pieces.

The following day after Lotus’ wedding, Phoenix tells Kai that she and him need to make things right with her sister cause of their blow out. Lotus was unsure about having a wedding but was persuaded into having a small wedding at the park only to have it ruined. Phoenix takes part blame for the short reception party and Kai felt that wasn’t the place or time to mention about suing for custody. Phoenix and Kai threw a surprise party for Lotus and Jeffrey at the beach. As Phoenix and Kai made plans for the party, it was the first time in a long while since they got along. The party was success and Phoenix and Kai remain cordial. Kai decides that he won’t sue for joint custody and explains he’s been under a lot of stress due to school. As the party winds down, Kai tells Phoenix he plans to pop the question to Kailyn after everyone leaves. He shows Phoenix the ring then asks Phoenix will she be his friend again. Phoenix accepts but finds herself jealous now seeing how everyone around her is getting married.



Lotus and Jeffrey had a set of twin girls named Latrice and Larissa.




During the weekend of Boragio and Vega’s wedding, there was a spark between Keith and Phoenix. Keith was often mistaken to be Phoenix’s boyfriend. After Lotus’ wedding, Phoenix realize how Keith has always been the one person who always been there for her. She then decides to give things a try with Keith since he had been pursuing her for years. However Kai felt indifferent toward their relationship, he finds himself bothered seeing his brother with her. Even after marrying Kailyn, he doesn’t like seeing Phoenix with Keith. Kai has conflicted emotions when he realizes that he feels something for Phoenix.



After landing a job in the journalism field, Phoenix quickly befriends a co-worker named Sophia. She learns how her new best friend is a Gaivania Genie which makes their bond ever tighter. Sophia has a daughter who is the same age as Ayana and they often have play dates. Phoenix admires Sophia’s marriage with her husband Levar and hopes to have something like that one day. However she doesn’t think it would happen with Keith. Phoenix often confides in with Sophia about Keith intimacy issues which is a huge issue for a Navox. Sophia acts as Phoenix’s voice of reason and tries to give her the best advice. But when Phoenix mentions how she and Kai are on very good terms again, Sophia warns her to not get too close. Sophia explains nothing good will happen between them.



Through out the next few years Phoenix and Kai grow closer to each as their daughter grows older. Phoenix and Kai both agree enrolling Ayana into the academy where Kailyn work at as the librarian. Naturally Kailyn puts in a good word in for her step daughter to the school’s dean. Ayana was accepted, however Kai learns the tuition may be too much for his wallet. Kai decides to finally work as a paramedic to help pay the tuition.



Phoenix and Kai were cordial  until Kai learns he has to pay child support. Phoenix tries to tell Kai how the state is making him pay and she didn’t have nothing to about it. Kai refuses to listen and often fights with Phoenix when it comes to money. He now feels the school cost way too much and Ayana should attend public school. Phoenix refuses to remove Ayana from the academy telling Kai to deal with it and told him how the school is great for their child.




Things took a turn during one of their arguments. Phoenix being sex-starved due to Keith intimacy issues with hidden feelings for Kai, found herself in bed with Kai after a heated argument. Kai had the fiery passion which Phoenix seeks, seeing him angry  excited her however Kai felt the same way about her. Their usual fights starts ended with angry sex. Kai began to purposely start  fights with Phoenix as this was now the only thing that turned him on. Phoenix and Kai both agree that they should stop sleeping with each other however they have no slowed down until Kai’s father moved into town.

During a family dinner, Kai’s father Kiran couldn’t help but notice how Phoenix and Kai kept making eyes at each other. After dinner, Kiran confronted them both about their affair as he’s aware of the signs. Kiran ordered Phoenix and Kai to end their affair as it was not fair to Keith and Kailyn. Kiran didn’t care for their reasons and told them how they were being selfish. Phoenix and Kai decided to end things when Kai learns Kailyn is expecting. Kai tells Phoenix he needs to make things right with his wife and be a family man. Kai suggests Phoenix should either work things out with Keith or end things. Phoenix had confessed to Kai how she’s not into Keith due to him lacking passion.



Phoenix tries to keep herself busy with her work. She spends a lot of time with a male name Guy Coy who is the cousin of Sophia’s husband. Kai becomes jealous of Guy and accuses Phoenix being involved with him. However Phoenix denies it and tries to explain how Guy is apart of a project at her work. Phoenix is working on a piece of survivors of horrific tragedies who are living successful lives.

Guy Coy lost his family in a house fire when he was 11. He was badly burned and lost pigment in some areas on his body. The house fire was triggered by racism shortly after Guy’s family moved into an upper middle class neighborhood that was majorly white. Justice was never found for Guy as the case was swept under the rug. Guy decided to become a cold case detective, tackling ignored cold cases of victims of color. Phoenix has taken interest in Guy’s story however Kai is convinced that more is going on.

Phoenix wonders why Kai would even care and ponders if things between she and Kai was more than sex. However Phoenix decided to continue to focus on her piece and Ayana. Phoenix haven’t worked much on her relationship with Keith.  They both keep themselves busy with Keith being a forensic lab tech and Phoenix being a journalist. Keith often works long hours in the lab and is barely home but wants to change that. Keith has thoughts about starting a family with Phoenix.



With a baby on the way, Kai spend as much time as he can with Ayana as he knows the new baby will keep him busy.  Summer had started and Kai takes Ayana to the park to tell her how this was the last summer that it’s gonna be just him and her at the park. Kai tells Ayana about Kailyn’s pregnancy which Ayana becomes excited about being a big sister. Ayana tells Kai how this was one more excited thing. Kai was confused and asked Ayana what does she mean by that. Ayana asks Kai what will she have to call Keith soon. Ayana questions will she have to call him Uncle Step Dad or just keep calling him Uncle Keith. Kai didn’t think much of their relationship and didn’t think it would get to that point. At this moment Kai came to realize his true feelings for Phoenix. Kai mumbles to himself, “No… I’m in love with her…”

Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 4

It wasn’t long before the nursery was done for my daughter to my surprise. I did minor work on it like picking the colors I wanted it to be and finding the perfect wallpaper. My dad sent me a crib, toys, clothes and a diaper changing table in the colors that I wanted. The hard part was to put it together. My dad said he’ll make a trip and do it for me but I told him it was okay, I had 2 male roommates and I’ll make good use of them. Although one would be her father, I felt maybe it would be better to ask Kai for some help..



However it was Keith who did everything. He didn’t ask for his help or from anyone else. Lotus offer but Keith declined, according to her. Lotus did help some, rather Keith liked it or not, it’s her niece after all. I was amazed how beautiful the nursery looked. If only I had one myself when I was a baby. 




I’ve seen pictures of it, it was animal theme with neutral colors. I shared the room with 3 other siblings. Daddy was always good at putting together nurseries although he’ll never admit it. No wonder why he sent me the best for my daughter. I am thankful that Keith took the time to put this all together. He’s a great friend but something tells me that there’s a reason behind this.



“So do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it, you know you didn’t have to do this all by yourself.”

“I know but I had a lot of free time, I figure I should do something since you’ll letting Kai and I stay here.”

“You did a great job, maybe you can turn this into a full time job.”

“Like going into people’s homes and designing their nurseries like some creepo who obsessive of baby rooms? Ha ha ha.”

“Yeah something like that. Ha ha ha.”

“I think I’ll stick with computer repair. It’s more of my calling.”

“Yeah maybe, again Keith.. Thank you.”

“No problem.”



Maybe Keith is being a nice guy and doing the friendly thing of helping me out or maybe he stills has a crush on me and did this to impress me. Honestly it’s hard to say. He drives me to my doctor appointments and wait in the lobby for me. I didn’t like how he would have to sit there so I start asking him to come with me. I had an ultrasound and asked Keith to come see. I watched how he was amazed by the scan.

Daddy paid for me to have a 4D ultrasound so I can see what my baby looks like. I can already tell she’ll favor me more. “She looks like you.” Keith said with a huge grin on his face. The doctor was given the impression that Keith was the father and made a comment saying, she might have some of his features. We both got quiet, I wasn’t sure if I should correct the doctor but Keith let out a slight laugh. “I think she might look like her uncle.” Keith said, my doctor was a little embarrassed but smiled at Keith’s remark. I remained quiet as Keith’s words echo in my head. “You are her biological uncle.” Why can’t I bring myself to tell everyone the truth. If I wait too long, maybe they will hate me….




“You did all of this?”

“Yeah. Phoenix loves it.”


“Cause I figure it was a nice thing to do. The shop is slow, I had some free time.”

“Uh huh, you did all o this and she still friendzoned you, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t do it so she would like me. I did it cause I’m her friend.”

“Bullshit. Doesn’t matter what you bro, she gonna friendzone you.”

“Whatever.. I’m just trying to be her friend. She needs time. My timing does suck.. I mean she’s pregnant and the dad isn’t around. I think I can be there for her. She needs someone you know.”

“I guess so but expect she’ll magically fall for you. You’ll get hurt.”

“I’m no expecting anything..”



As time got closer to my due date, Keith stood near my side. If I made a slight noise of discomfort, he came running to see if it was time. It always gave me a chuckle cause of the look on his face when he thought it was time. However one night, 2 weeks before my due date, my water broke as we watched a movie. At first he seemed calm until I told him this was real.



After Keith was done being a scatter brain in trying to find his car keys, we headed to the hospital where I gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ayana Nicole Montigo.

The occult test results shown she’s genie and witch. The test is mandatory to insure how the baby should be treated medically. However these results were revealed in front of Keith. “So he’s a witch. That’s cool, I can teach her how to use witch magic.” Keith said with a smile. The chance of Ayana having witch magic never crossed my mind. It could easily give Kai a hint that Ayana is his. However Keith remains oblivious even after looking at her eyes. She didn’t inherit mine or my daddy’s. She has Kai’s eyes.  




Ayana is perfect. I don’t regret my night with Kai, if I did then I would never have her.




But caring for Ayana can be tiring. She require more feedings than human babies. Genies love food and genie babies love food twice more than adults. One bottle wasn’t enough for her. Ayana needed 3 bottles back to back and she can be a bit impatience as I make the next bottle.

Keith was a huge help. When he sees when I’m tired he takes over for a while as I get a quick power nap. Keith often had to fight with Lotus and Laurie to get time with Ayana. “Blood over water!” Joked Laurie as she heads for Ayana who loves to scream her head off. I’m just glad to have some help.



As far for Kai, his time with Ayana is minimal. I did like seeing him with her but he remains clueless that she’s his. I still don’t know how to break the news to him.




“You like that baby?”

“I guess so, she’s drools a lot but I guess she’s cool. Ha ha ha.”

“I can’t help but notice that she has your eyes. I mean you and Keith have a unique color. I haven’t seen many guys…WITCH guys walking around with those eyes.”

“What are you implying?”

“You the daddy? I know Keith isn’t cause my sis is so friendzoning him.”

“Wha- what?”

“I didn’t stutter, Kai. Did you knock up my sister?”

“No! ..I couldn’t.. She said it’s some guy. Ayana isn’t mine.”

“I’m calling bullshit. I kinda remember you leaving my sister’s room 9 months ago.”

“Key word is “kinda” You’re not sure if you saw me.”

“I do remember ya’ll acting weird for sometime and then she’s pregnant.”

“Look, Rae.. Ayana isn’t mine. Phoenix said it’s some guy.”

“I think you’re that “some guy”.”



“Ya know.. You have a bit of a crazy aunt saying that I’m you’re dad. Yeah I was with your mom one night but I’m not sure what all happen. I was pretty wasted. I mean if you were my daughter, your mom would have told me. Wouldn’t she? I wouldn’t mind being your daddy. You’re a cute kid, but damn you can eat. I’m not sure if I can afford to feed you.”



“But Rae has a point, you do have my eyes. Are you my daughter?”



Ayana is 7 months old now. Her hair is growing thicker, she’s getting bigger and eats twice more than she did as a newborn. I see more of me in her than Kai. She’s the light of my world.



Naturally Ayana has an attachment to Keith since he spends so much time with her. He offers to pick up Ayana at the daycare since his job is near by. The caretaker mentions how happy Ayana is when he comes to pick her up. She haven’t started to talk just yet but we heard her say “Dada” once so far. She’s seeing Keith as her dad since he’s so close to her. But no, I have not told Kai yet.





One week Kai asked if it’s okay if his girlfriend can stay the weekend here since she’ll be in town. I told him I was okay with it. I thought I could handle it but I couldn’t as I watched them suck each others’ faces. I cringe as I watched. At that moment I wanted to announce that Ayana is Kai’s daughter but I couldn’t bring myself to ruined their moment with my jealousy. I remained silent and headed upstairs to get Ayana ready for bed.




Before I could I was stopped by Kailyn, she wanted to speak with me.

“Thanks for letting me stay. I see you have a little one so I’ll stay quiet as much as possible.”

“It’s no big deal, Ayana is a heavy sleeper by nature. The whole genie thing, ya know.”

“Oh, I don’t know much about genies. Can you grant wishes and stuff like on TV?”

“Ha ha ha, yes and no. It’s not that simple like the TV implies. Certain types of genies do certain things. Genies of my kind aren’t really the “wish” type.”

“Oh okay. I promise you that you won’t have to worry about me asking to stay much longer.”

“Why so? Moving into town?”

“Um no.. We plan on moving to Auburn Grove. I got a job at the horse ranch there and we want to take our relationship to the next level.”

“Auburn Grove? It’s so far from here. My brother Bruce staying there with his fiancée.”

“Really? You should drop by when you visit your brother.”





My heart dropped when Kailyn told me they have plans to move to Auburn Grove. I don’t know how soon. Maybe its time that I should tell Kai about Ayana before he goes. How will he take the news? Will he still move to Auburn Grove? Will he hate me?



It wouldn’t be fair to Ayana to grow up not knowing who her real father is. It wouldn’t be fair to Kai not knowing that he has a daughter. What do I now? I should have opened my mouth the moment I learned I was pregnant. Why did I have to be so selfish? I don’t blame if Kai hates me and never wants to speak to me again. I deserve it.



As I watched Ayana sleep, I know I need to Kai in the morning. I hope I have the courage to do so..

Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 3

One day Keith asked me to come with him some where. He didn’t say where cause it was a surprise. He had a gentle smile when he made his request, I figure maybe it was a nice surprise judging by his smile. I followed him to his car and we took a short trip just a few blocks ahead. We made a stop at some creepy looking building. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get out of the car but Keith insure me it was okay. It was a toy shop, the owner is from *Moonlight Hallow, a town between Moonlight Falls and *Aurora Springs. The town is a bit dark and edgy, the owner wanted to bring a piece of home with him. “He’s a nice guy. This place is harmless, trust me” Keith said to me with a warm smile. I nodded my head, unbuckled my seat belt and followed him into the shop.




The toy shop was an interesting place I must admit. The toys were colorful and cheerful that any child would want. I figure the place would have a bunch of creepy toys but to my surprise there wasn’t except for the few doll display. They looked a tad creepy for my taste. I looked around for a bit, wasn’t sure why he brought me here in the first place. I waited quietly for Keith to give his reason but he remained quiet himself as he looked around.




Keith soon broke his silence and came my way.

“Why don’t you look around for a bit. If there’s something you want for the baby, I’ll buy it. There’s something that I need to do.”

“Oh okay, what do you need to do?”

“That’s the surprise. You’ll see it soon enough.”

“Um okay. I guess I could look around for a bit.”



I wasn’t sure what Keith was up to but he enter into another room and left me alone in the room. I took another look around and found a couple of things that I would like to put in the nursery.




Keith’s surprise was his attempt to build a doll house for my daughter to play with. During my last ultrasound it shown that I was having a baby girl. I think Keith was more excited than I was. I called my dad and told him the news, for a while I didn’t tell him that I was pregnant. He took the news well when I told him the news about my pregnancy. I made another call to tell him that the baby was a girl. First first he sounded a bit disappointed but made a little joke saying he might treat her as a boy cause he was hoping for a grandson. But my dad will still love her as he does with my 3 nieces. I need to make a trip to see him after I have the baby so he could meet her.




Afterwards we took a trip to the beach. It was a nice day and figure it would be fun to hang out there for a bit. It wasn’t like I needed to do anything. Besides, I kinda like hanging out with Keith. He’s a good friend to have during this time. But again, I found myself thinking about Kai as I stared into the ocean. I wonder if he’ll stay with Kailyn for good this time.




“Hey Phoenix.. Are you okay? You seem down. Is it cause I suck at building doll houses? I’ll try again soon, I promise.”

“No Keith, ha ha. It’s not that. I just have a lot on my mind ya know. I’m bringing in a new life all alone.”

“You’re not really alone. You got me, were friends right?”

“Yeah but you know what I mean, without a father.”

“I wouldn’t mind being her dad. I don’t have much experience with kids but I’m learning. I’ve been taking parenting classes and helping out at a daycare so I can be ready for when she comes.”

“Ha ha. Really? That’s very sweet Keith. I could use all the help I can get but I know I’ll do fine. My dad had a bunch babies so I was always around babies. It’s nice to know I can count on you though. You really want to be her father figure?”

“Yeah.. If it’s okay with you. I can be just Uncle Keith if you prefer that in case the real dad comes back in your life. But I figure you want a male role model in your child’s life.”

“I wouldn’t mind it at all. Uncle Keith has a nice ring to it.”

“I was also thinking.. Maybe I could be a little more than “Uncle Keith”…”

“What do you-“



Keith caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting this at all. He was always so nice to me, he was such a good friend but I had no clue that he was into me. Probably cause I was always so busy thinking about his brother and how I’m going to tell Kai about the baby…that if I could. Keith is sweet but I don’t about this.




“Keith! What are you doing?”

“I like you. I like you a lot and I was wondering if maybe-“

“Keith.. I can’t. Not right now at least..”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on if I did.. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that… Honestly I couldn’t help myself. There’s just something about you..”

“It’s the whole love genie thing, it happens. I’m sorry.. Sometimes I forget about it..”

“I don’t think it’s the irresistible thing. I really do like you.”




“But Keith-“

“I know.. You can’t. I guess I can understand.”

“I’m sure there is a more deserving girl for you than me.”

“Maybe but I’m hoping it was you.”

“I’m not in the right place right now.”

“So are you saying there’s a chance.”

“I’m not sure if there is but can we still be friends?”

“Yeah, sure. We can be friends.”




It was getting close to sundown and I suggest that we just watch the sunset. It looks beautiful as the sun disappears behind the ocean. Keith agreed and thought it was a great idea.




But of course Keith took this time to get a little closer to me by placing his hand over mine.


“I never know how warm and soft you genies were. It’s nice.”


“It’s just a friendly interaction. You’re warm, the water makes me a little cold..”

“Okay Keith, I’ll let this slip by but remember, we are just friends.”

“I know.”

Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 2

I spent the last few weeks preparing for college. Doing as much drawing and painting as I could. I kinda felt like I needed to impress my art instructors although it seemed a bit silly. But I enjoyed my time sitting in the cool grass and drawing whatever inspires me.





I was going to miss my 3 cats while we went away for school. I just added Iggy, a young kitten into the house. I felt that Tiger and Liliana needed a new playmate. I hope Iggy doesn’t get too big before I get back. I’m gonna miss my kitty babies.




College life was pretty fun I guess. I didn’t attend many parties like I thought I would. But I wasn’t there to party. I was there to study and get a degree in  fine arts. Laurie and I would practice sketching each other for fun. We would pose in the most awkward ways just to make each other laugh.




It was long before we met up with another art student from our classes. His name is Kai Locke and he seems to be pretty cool.  We found him one day playing the keyboard after one of your classes. I liked what I heard and figure to chat with him  a little.




Soon we were friends and also found out that him and his brother stayed in the same dorm as we did. We been in this dorm for a few months and I never seen him or his brother before. It’s probably cause Kai is always wrapped up with a book. He loves to read and play his keyboard, he’s not out of his dorm room much.





Kai soon join Laurie and I with our awkward sketch poses. We all have fond memories of those days.





His brother Keith was often seen around the dorm now. He tends to be very popular with the ladies on campus but he doesn’t seem to like their attention.




I have to admit that Keith is kinda cute but he doesn’t seem to like all of the attention that gets from most of the females on campus. I’m not sure what about him makes him irresistible to females. Kai said he’s the most flirtiest unflirty guy he knows. 




I did see him hanging out Laurie a lot. She wouldn’t spill much detail about the deal between the two but I think they might have a thing going on or something. Keith doesn’t seem to mind Laurie’s attention.




Lotus surprised me the most. She started to come out of her shell a bit. I caught her in one piece swimsuit that she planned to wear at a party. Lotus has never wore a swimsuit since the fire. She figure this would keep the guys from focusing on her face. I hope she knows what she’s doing. She might attract the wrong kind of attention.




College did change my sister for the better. Over time, the scar on her face vanish. Lotus felt more confident about herself. She got a new attire. She liked to wear long skirts with flip flops. I thought I would never see her in a skirt, even if it was long.



I liked the new Lotus. She was still sweet and gentle but now had a habit of starting protests. Who knew she had some rebel in her.





Maybe this guy was some of the reason for the change. His name is Jeffery Dean. He was also majoring in fine arts. He doesn’t look like a typical college student, but he’s a sweet given his appearance.




However Laurie didn’t take a liking towards him. I’m not sure what their issues were but I heard a rumor that they dated back in high school. Laurie hasn’t admitted if it was true or not. But he likes Lotus and has so far treated her good.





I’m glad that I finally decided to attend school. My dad was very proud of me. Getting a degree was very important to me. My dad taken over paying for Lotus and I’s schooling. I wanted to pay for myself but he said it’s a parent’s job to pay for their kids’ school. I didn’t fight with him and let him be a dad.




I told my dad about how Lotus and I made the Dean’s list. He was very proud of us. Sometimes hearing his voice over the phone makes me miss him more. Sometimes I wished that I didn’t move so far from him. It’s about a 3 hour drive if I wanted to visit him. It’s not too far I guess but I stayed in Storybrook it would have been a shorter drive.

When I’m not working on projects, I’ll paint a portrait for my dad and send it to him. He later told me how my younger brother Aries likes my art and he paints himself. Maybe someday Aries would attend school with me. But remember how Aries is, it’s unlikely he’ll ever leave our dad’s said. 




I did get in a bit of trouble during my college days. I was caught spray painting a ground mural at the park. I thought my dad would be disappointed in me for getting arrested but he wasn’t. I was doing something that I loved, art. Dad didn’t find anything wrong with it. He had a word with the police over the phone. I never heard my dad yell before but I could hear him chewing them off as I was being held back to the holding cell. I was there for maybe an hour or 2 before I was released. I had to pay a fine but my dad took over it.




Kai teased me for few days when I got back from jail. He nicknamed me “jailbird” for a while. Since then Kai and I hung out a lot, working on projects together. Kai was pretty much my only guy friend. I didn’t feel anything romantic with him. Maybe cause hearing about his ex girlfriend all the time turned me off.

I can tell the he still loves his ex and misses her. Kailyn this and Kailyn that, is what I heard for the most part. For all I know she lives in Lucky Palms. The more we hung out, the less he spoke of her.




For a while, people thought we were a couple. Kai and I were just friends and nothing more. Besides, I don’t think Kai would see me in a romantic way.




I wasn’t all study and no play during school. I’m a Montigo after all. I had my fun with pranking my college mates. Good thing most of us had a great sense of humor and there were no hard feelings.




Graduation day came. I earned a degree and my family couldn’t be anymore proud. Especially my dad. It was great to see my family once again. Now I guess it’s time to start my life huh?




After graduation Kai and Keith found their home burned to the ground.  Since I had extra rooms I offer to rent out a couple of rooms to Kai and Keith if they were willing to relocate to Clover Hill Bay. They took my offer and soon moved in.

Things were going good and all…

But on one fateful night, Kai and I decided to do a lot of drinking. I just came home from a bad date. And one way to feel better is to drink the shittyness away. A couple of drinks turned into a couple of bottles, possibly more. The last bit I could remember was playing some beer pong.




Kai drunkenly stumbled towards me, speaking gibberish that I couldn’t understand. I notice how close he was getting to me.

“I always thought you were pretty.”

I wanted to blush but I was too drunk to do so.

“I always thought you were pretty too.”

I didn’t think before I said that. I always thought Kai was cute like his brother Keith but I never thought I would actually tell him that.

“So whatcha wanna do?”

“I dunno.. Whatcha wanna do?”




“I wanna do this.”





He kissed me. What do I do? Do I kiss him back? Why is this happening? I never seen him in any other way than just a friend. I thought he felt the same way. But I wasn’t sure how to react to this.




I guess I didn’t have time to react, cause the next thing I knew. We were in my bed.




The morning after was awkward and uncomfortable. My head was pounding, this was the worst hangover I ever had. Kai stumbles out of my bed and slowly redressed before returning to his room. He didn’t say much to me and I didn’t have anything to say. I held my face in my the palms of my hands.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just this hangover is major.”

“Need me to get you anything?”

“No, I’m just gonna sleep some more.”

The truth is, I’m not okay. I feel awful. Why did I allow this to happen? Is this going to change anything between us?



Kai and I never to speak about that night. We kinda kept some distance from each other. We didn’t know what to say. Things are just awkward now. I find myself thinking about him a little more than before. But soon Kai announced that him and Kailyn are back together and hope to work things out.

I was a bit upset by this news, I don’t know why. Why I am starting to like him? Kai spends a lot of time chatting with her online and texting her. I guess that’s how things are going be.




I got a new hobby now, jogging. When I need to think and figure things out, I jog. After getting a degree, I still had done anything with it. I’m still sitting around, thinking of what I’m going to do with my life.

Life has thrown a curve ball at me…





Soon after my night with Kai, I discovered that I was pregnant. Entering my 7th month of pregnancy, Kai has no ideal that he’s the father to my unborn child. I just couldn’t tell him or anyone. As far as everyone knew, the guy who I went on the bad date on was the father. Kai is happy, I didn’t want to ruin it for him. Him and Kailyn are doing good even it’s a long distance relationship.




Keith has taken interest in my pregnancy, more interest than Kai. There’s no way I could tell Keith the baby is his niece or nephew. I love how supportive Keith has been with my pregnancy. He pulls away from his computer long enough to hang out with me. Kai and I use to hang out but now Keith and I hang out. Keith is nice and all but I can’t stop thinking about Kai.

Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 1


Here I am.. The clueless child whom my dad favored. He liked my mom so much that he automatically favored me which what I thought.





But my dad said it was cause I was the first child to call him “daddy”. He said it’s what every man wants to hear from their child. He didn’t feel like a father until that night I called him daddy. Although he didn’t take much interest in parenting, he was still a dad for me.





After I finish high school, I left Starlight Shores for Storybrook County for sometime. I rented out a 3 bedroom apartment as I planned to set up the 2 extra bedrooms as art studios. Life there was okay, had a couple of boyfriends over the years but still wasn’t too much with my life. After my younger sister Lotus Rae turned 18, I asked her to move in with me. It took a little bit she took my offer to come move in with me. My dad was preparing to move to Evansdale County which is 48 miles away from here. I finally got a call from Lotus saying she’s ready to move in however I had plans to relocate to a new city that’s 150 miles away.



I just recently bought a 6 bedroom house in Clover Hill Bay. Why a 6 bedroom house? It’s cause I plan to have a family some day. Apartment living isn’t my ideal to raise a child in. I grew up in a big house that hanged over the cliff. It had a nice view of the ocean and there was a yard for me and my siblings to play in. I want my children to have the same kind of home which I had grew up in. However this house lacks extra yard place for a full playground. But the house sit in front of the ocean and a park in walking distance. I was convinced by the Realtor into buying it because of that. I think spending time on the beach with my family would be great.




I told Lotus that there will be one other person who will be staying with us. Our aunt Laurie Champagne. She’s our mother’s youngest sister. I found Laurie in Storybrook County while attending an art show. I soon learned that she’s my aunt who only a few years older than me. She was a surprise baby.

When my mom passed away, none of her family attended her funeral. When I tracked down my grandparents, they didn’t want anything to do with me cause I was my mom’s drunken mistake. I learned from Laurie that the family disowned my mom after she accused an uncle of raping her. The whole family didn’t believe her and pretty much shunned her. The Champagne could careless about me and my siblings. 

Laurie was different. She was sweet and caring, she wanted to get to know me. Then soon we were living together. We acted more like sisters than aunt and niece. When Laurie told her parents about her involvement with me, they took it well to her surprise. But they still don’t want anything to do with me.




Soon Lotus settled in. She was in a house fire when she was a teenager. The fire scarred her body but it also scarred her life. lotus had a hard life. Our mom died when she was a young child, she was living reminder of our mom which made it hard on our dad. He often lashed out on her with his drunken confusion. Even after all of that, she still loves him and forgave him. Lotus is very shy and prefers to be alone most of her time. Over time her genie powers kicked in and healed her scars on her body. They simply vanished. Only her face remains scarred for reasons unknown.

This made Lotus not have much interest in dating. She felt guys would dislike the scars on her face. Lotus always wore clothes to cover her body up. Even after most of the scarring is gone, she remains insecure.

One day Lotus asked me about school. She enjoys painting and drawing like I do. She mention about enrolling in college. Seeing how much time has passed by. Maybe it’s time for me to figure out what to do with my life.




I needed to figure out what I want to do with my life. I thought about becoming a vet. I thought about running an art gallery. I thought about being a freelance artist. Appraising art as fancied my interest as well. But at the moment, I work at a coffee shop called The Percolator. During the weekends, I run an art show there. It’s fun but it’s not making me much money. I do have a huge of inheritance I got from my mom but I want to make my own fortune. Maybe one day I could run my own coffee shop, selling art and continue to host art shows. I could be an online art appraiser too. This is my plan. But when I do start?



Life decided for me. The time is now..