Love For The Ladies: Chapter 74 – Bittersweet



“You stay here Orion. You have siblings who live here. They will care for you, protect you. I will come and check on you. If I am ever caught by the queen, you will be safe here.”





“To make sure you are fully protected, I will deactivate you as I did to Solar. You’ll live normal, the queen will not have use for you.”




“Good bye for now. I will come see you again, Orion.”







“Orion? What are you doing here? How did you get here? You look a lot different from the pics but I can see you have some of our dumb ass dad in you. C’mere little guy.”




“Here, you can hang out with your niece, Deja. You both got a lot in common, such as shameless shitting on yourselves.”








“Hey L2, you’re not going to believe this but I found our brother Orion at my door here in Arcadia. I’m pretty sure it’s him, he looks different from the pics but he does look like Solar does now. I can send in a transfer for him to return back to Earth however it will take some time. The council of Arcadia want children to stay, so they will put off the transfer as long as possible. 5 years max before they have to honor the request of transfer. Since Orion is a toddler, they are most likely going to hold off for the next 5 years. I don’t mind keeping the little guy. At least I can train him how to not be a dumb ass like dad.”




Having Jairei around has been the most wonderful thing but caring for a young infant can be a bit time consuming. Perhaps if he was older, things would be a bit easier. However I am enjoying him as a small infant but my work has been slacking. I should improve before my commanders take notice. 





I had a small sample of an aging formula that Ahilac gave to Icia and Fikah. It’s enough to advance Jairei’s age a month older however I would want his age to be close to a year old. If I were to successfully double this sample, I could speed up his age.




I was able to doubled the small sample with success and carefully added the right amount into one of Jairei’s bottles. As I fed him, I cherished these last few moments of his infant hood. He’ll be at the age where he’ll be able to fed himself and such. As he drink the last bit from his bottle, I started to have second thoughts.




However it was too late. What was done is done, Jairei rapidly aged into a 10 month old before my eyes. As soon as I saw him rock back and forth with his feet and giggled, no I longer regret my decision. He’s healthy and happy.




The next couple weeks were a bit easier, he didn’t need around the clock feedings as much but still requires more than any other toddler. I remember this with Aries, he was always hungry and needed more feedings. I figure it because of their genie status.





It was a nice day and decided to pull away from the lab to spend time with my children. We went fishing at a near by pond.

“How we can’t do more often, Suziu?”

“I want to but my job and Jairei need me lot. I am sorry. I promise we will do of this more.”

“I really hope so, Suziu. This is loads of fun. I bet I can catch a bigger fish than Fikah.”

“Nuh huh! I can catch a bigger fish!”

“No you can’t! I’m a better fisher. Right Suziu?”

“Do not fight. Fighting is not good.”

“Sorry Suziu.”

“I’m sorry too.”




I later decided that we should go to the park to have a little picnic. I don’t recall ever doing this with my older children. I don’t recall doing much with them. I was wrapped up with my work, spent little time with them. It is one of my regrets. I hope to have a closer relationship with my 3 youngest children, something I wanted from my older children. My second born Luna resents me the most since I picked her as the breeder. However she is not required to do so, she remains upset with me. As for my oldest, Bora Bora, there was nothing I could do to win her love. I don’t hear much from my 2 oldest children, especially Luna. I made attempts to speak with them but they ignore me. I am hurt, but I won’t stop attempting to make contact with them.




“Food is good?”

“Yes, Suziu! I love PB and J. Thanks for making it for me.”

“Yeah Suziu, I love burgers. Icia is missing out on burgers.”

“Meat is gross! I’m not missing out, Fikah.”

“You’re a weirdo. A werewolf who doesn’t like meat.”

“I’m not a weirdo!”

“Do not call sister names. That is not nice.”

“Sorry but I think it’s odd.”

“Your sister is fine the way she is.”





“Can I ask you something, Suziu?”

“Yes, what is it, Fikah?”

“How come we only got one parent? Don’t we have a girl parent too?”

I knew one day they would ask about their mothers. I cannot tell them the truth, they’ll hate it even if I said it was not my decision. What do I do?

“We know how Jairei happen, he’s a clone but what about us? I look different from Fikah plus I’m a wolf and he isn’t.”

“We were created in a lab too? Are we lab babies? Lab baby clones?!”

“No, you and Icia have different mothers.”

“Then where’s our mommies?”

“I do not how to say… Your mothers had passed on after birth.”

“They died?”

“How? Did we kill them? Oh no!”

“No, your mothers….they were sick. I could not save. I am sorry.”






I told them the half truth, they mothers had died but I didn’t tell them that I had to kill them. They seemed to believe it, maybe one day I will tell them the truth but they are much too young to know the truth.





While Icia and Fikah went to go play, I felt it was time for me to teach Jairei how to walk. He seemed to be a bit eager to learn how to walk which I enjoyed. However I am worried about teaching him how to speak. My English is not good and I do not feel I should teach him. Fayon taught the septuplets, Icia and Fikah to speak, Borage taught Bora Bora and Luna. Fayon has done so much for me, it would be a bother to ask her since she now has one small child of her own.




“I can help you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can teach the baby to speak. My English is pretty good.”

“How did you know this was an issue? You read my thoughts?”

“Yes! But for good reasons!”

“Reason of?”

“Never mind that, would you like my help?”

“I could not impose..”

“I do not mind! I love babies!”

“Okay, if you insist.”




I left Jairei with Wanzi in hopes she could teach him how to speak. I returned to the lab to continue on with my day’s work.

“Okay little baby, I’m gonna teach you how to say some words.”


“C’mon little baby, it’s gonna be fun. Can you say puppy?”


“You didn’t even try!”




It has been sometime since I last saw Ahilac. I do think about her a lot. I do miss her but I try to focus on my work and children. I do wish she returns back to me. I wonder if I did something to make her leave. My life will feel complete if she ever returns back to me.






I couldn’t believe my eyes, she returned back to me and embraced me with a kiss. I did not care where she went, or why she left. I was happy to see her once again.




“I am sorry for I had left but I did not want to be a bother.”

“You was not. I promise to protect and find a place for you and Orion. Where is Orion?”

“He is safe. He is with your older children here. I can see him when I please.”

“Oh I see. I will still find a place for you.”

“Thank you but I found a place. I came to see you. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. I am happy you are back.”

“I will visit you often. Make love often.”

“I would love that. I can take break, we can catch up.”




“She’s back? I thought she left and we were safe. I had enough of this. I will take care of this problem.”







“Queen?! Oh.. no!”

“We have been looking for you. You failed to bring the child! Where is the child! Bring me the child then you will suffer your fate!”

“Queen! I am sorry! I am sorry that I failed you!”

“Bring me the child!”

“You can not have the child! You can not have her!”

“I am not speaking to you lizard man. I come forth the child. Bring him to me!”




“I will not give you Ahilac or Orion. Leave! Before I have you removed!”

“Peidax, please. Let me handle this…”

“No! I promise to protect. I will protect you with my life!”

“It is best if you listen to your whore, lizard man if you know what’s good for you.”

“Leave this place! You will not harm her in any way! I do not care of what she had done! You plan to turn the baby into your love slave once you age him? You cannot force love!”




“You will regret stepping into this, lizard. You could of done as the others and stay out. You just had to open your big mouth.”





“Queen, please! I beg of you. Do not harm Peidax! You only came for me! Please, do not hurt him!”





“He will know when to shut his mouth! It will cost him dearly!”






“I do not have the child… I deactivated him..”





“You do not have him? You deactivated him? He is useless to me now! For years we waited for a male child and you deactivated him? I will make your death more painful than your lizard friend!”








“Peidax?! What happen?! What is going on? Please tell me what is going on?!”







“Brother! What happen to my brother!”

“Sha’tifa? What happen in here?!”

“I do not know.”

“Is my brother okay?! Brother please speak! Please!”





“Peidax! Oh my stars! Please don’t go! I’m going to get you help! You’re gonna pull through this!”


“Peidax, don’t speak. Save your energy!”


“Wha-what? You forgive me? Never mind that! Stay with us!”

“Ta…ke care…my… Please.”

“Peidax, no! Do not leave us! Please! Peidax!”

“Care……child…ren.. please.”

“I will… I promise… Do not leave us! Please, Peidax! I still love you!”

“I never stopped….loving…you..”

“Peidax? Peidax?! Noooooo!”




Love For The Ladies: Chapter 73: Another Chance – Part 3

After dinner I decided to do more research on a plant that I found a few days ago. As I was getting ready to start, I was interrupted by my sister. Wanted to speak with and I do know it is about Ahilac, everyone wants to speak to me about her and it has been a bothered. I promise Ahilac I will protect her, I promise the members that I will find a place for her. I just need a little time before I can do so.




“It is about Ahilac, I know. I had told others, I will find a place for her.”

“I know but I have some great concern for you. You tend to be a bit of a risk taker. I fear keeping her will cost you much more than losing your job. Perhaps you should let me place her somewhere. I befriended a settler, she may take Ahilac and her child.”

“No, sister. I promise her I will do it.”

“Brother, you hardly have the time to do so. Allow me to do so. I believe most of the compound is upset with you.”

“I am aware but I made a promise to her.”



“Brother, I know you care deeply for her but are you sure you wish to keep her as a mate?”

“Why are you questioning me?”

“I know you want another child. Another chance at raising a child from birth. You know it is not possible of her kind to carry a child.”

“I am aware of that. I would not mind carrying the child for us.”

“It would be hard on your body to carry a child of her kind. It is easier if you had someone close to your kind,like Sha’tifa.”

“I will not be involved her. I am done. She cannot be trusted. I cannot forgive.”

“What will you do, brother? It is not like you can have another child with the genie.”




My sister was right, Ahilac cannot bare a child for me and I cannot carry out child. What must I do? Another child with Borage would not be possible due to his current state and besides, his body would not be able to handle another pregnancy of my kind since the septuplets. He would miscarry if I try. I have no thought much of him until my sister mentions him. I do miss him.. I find myself missing him a lot.




If only I could see him again. Why must I think about him? It is not like I love him or anything. It was pure lust I swear. Nothing but a tool of my sexual desire. Imagining his perfectly chisel body excites me but confuses me as well.




I opened my eyes to find him standing before me. Is this just my imagination? I can feel this warmth from his body pulling him closer to him but I am unsure of what to think of this. He feels so real..




“Can I hold you?”

“Not even in your fantasies do I wanna be held by you. This dick is for the ladies.”

“I do not understand? You stand before me, naked. I thought you want?”

“You out of your fuckin’ mind? I’m not gay. I don’t want alien dick in my ass.”

“I miss you.”

“Isn’t that nice.”

“Why give cold shoulder? I thought we are friends.”



“Friends? We are not friends, Pedro! Friends don’t rape friends! Friends don’t pull freak alien babies in friends and force them to give birth out their ass! You are a rapist! A terrible father at that! You took our kids to an ass backwards planet only for one of our kids to get molested, have his childhood and peace of mind robbed.  You fucked him up, I’m doing all I can to keep his shit together. He was raped mentality and physically. It’s your fault!”

“I am sorry. I did not know those things would be done. If I knew, I would stop.”

“You know damn good well that was a possibly of that happen. Your sister said so. She said it happen to you! Why put our kid in danger? Why?!”

“I do not know.. I really do not. I regret it. I live with regret everyday. I do not deserve Aries.. I am terrible.”



“That’s an understatement, Pedro. You got some nerve thinking of having another child with me. You don’t deserve another child!”

“I can make right this time! I know I can! I promise you.”

“Take your promise and shove it up your ass!”

“Borage, please I beg you! I can do better. I will do right this time. Give chance? Please?”

“You don’t deserve another chance.”



I live with regret of what I had done to him. Friends do not force their friends into intercourse. The regret is so great that it has manifested into an image of Borage appearing before me. He is right. I am terrible. I do not deserve another chance but I believe in my heart that I can do right this time around. I want to prove.




I have not tried the cloning process yet. I wanted to see if I could combine my DNA with DNA of Borage’s that I had kept for years. Perhaps I could create another child this way. It is not the way I want a child but I believe this would be the only way at this point unless I create an embryo with his DNA and impregnate myself.



I was extremely careful with this process and may sure there was no error. This would take a matter of a couple of weeks to do so. I had extra time seeing how Ahilac was no where to found. I am hurt to know that she has left without telling me. I take it as a sign that she does not wish to be my mate.



After 3 weeks, I couldn’t believe my very eyes. It was a success. I was able to genetically create a child with our DNA. The baby was a little boy whom I named Jairei. After doing a quick scan of the newborn I learned that he had no traces of my Ziharian DNA, the infant was 100% Navox genie and heavily favored Borage. Normally I would have be disappointed to learn this but I was overjoyed to know I will be a parent once more.



I still given him the Ziharian bath ritual that my kind is a custom to. Jairei didn’t seem to mind it much unlike most Ziharian infants. This was probably to most peaceful ritual bath that I had ever given.



I gotten Jairei all clean and dressed. I carefully placed him into his crib as I prepare to get things in order to register his birth. I promise I will do right with him.


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 72 – Another Chance – Part 2

We have an extra member in the compound, Ahilac. She’s an old friend of mine whom I had some what of a romantic interest in. I’ve been keeping Ahilac here to protect her. Males are rare for Ahilac’s, Ahilac reported to her queen that Borage gave birth to twins and one being male, she was ordered to bring back the male child. Ahilac returned to retrieve her son but was denied by Borage. When she returned home, she was taken to jail for failing to return Orion. When she was release, she was ordered to retrieve Orion or face death. Ahilac was successful in retrieving Orion but had a change of heart before returning home. Ahilac wasn’t sure what would the queen do with her son and didn’t want to hand him over. Ahilac needed to go into hiding and came to me.

Naturally I agreed, perhaps she could be my mate. 




“It is a nice evening. Maybe we can go for a walk with Orion?”

“I would love to but I feel a bit tired. I want to relax for a bit.”

“Oh I am sorry. I guess I can understand, you work in the lab all day. I don’t do much.”

“You care for your son, that is hard work.”

“Teehee! I guess you are right. Orion is very hungry all the time. I do not understand why. I feel like I am feeding him enough.”

“He’s part Navox, they eat a lot. Aries was a very hungry baby like his father.”

“Oh.. I will let you relax for a bit.”




“Maybe you can relax with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to tell you something.”


“I like you a lot. I’ve been wanting a mate and hope maybe you could be it.”

“I am a fugitive from my home land, I don’t think I am the best mate for you. Plus.. I am not Ziharian.”

“It does not matter to me. I think you may be the right mate for me. I long for a mate for a long time.”

“How do we make this happen?”

“You just say yes.”




“I do not know what he sees in her. If only he could forgive me.. I had no choice.”




“Yes. I will be your mate.”

“That is the answer I was hoping to hear.”




“I’m curious if it’s true about Ahilac. Is she a fugitive in her home land? If it’s true our compound could be in a serious trouble.”




“As mates, what do we now?”

“I am aware my host shown you the ways of love making of Earth.”

“Yes! It felt amazing.”

“My kind does the same thing.”

“Make love?”





I can’t say knowing that my former host had shown Ahilac the ways of loving making didn’t bother me. It bothered me a lot as I wanted to be one to show her. He got to her first but I felt I needed to be better at this than he was. I could tell she was enjoying it but was she enjoying it more than she did with my genie host? I have serious doubt, he is a love genie, gifted love maker. I know shouldn’t worry about it. I have her.



“Peidax! What are you doing?!”




“What are you doing here?! It does not matter of what I am doing! It is not of your business!”




“You should lock the door! I can’t believe you want to be with her! She is a fugitive! I did a search on her. We can get in trouble if the officials find out we are harboring a fugitive! There is a huge bounty on her head!”




“I know of that! Things will be fine! She is only staying until I find a safe place for her to stay! Why do you even care if I want to be with her!”




“She is not right for you! She took a baby from his loving father! She does not care for her offspring!”

“You cannot say who is right for me! You are not right for me for what you did!”

“I have explained things! I did not have a choice! He was sadist! He made me!”

“You terminated my child!”

“I did not want to! It was an order! Why can you not believe me! I still love you! I always had love for you!”

“I do not believe you! I do not believe the lies that spill from your mouth!”

“Peidax it was true! I did not enjoy the things the commander made me do with your friend! Just believe me!”

“Get out of my face! I do not want to speak with you no more!”




I still ponder rather Sha’tifa’s claims were true. I will admit I still have legit feelings for Sha’tifa but I want to start things with Ahilac. Could if even be possible as she is a fugitive? I plan to find a safe place for her stay, her staying could cause some trouble for the compound. Honestly I am not sure what to do.

“She is right, me staying here is not good idea.”

“I will find you a home. This I promise.”

“And I will thank you. I should go find a place to go now. I do not wish to cause drama here.”

“No stay, I promise she will not be any issue no more. She is jealous of you.”



“What is troubling you?”

“Your brother being with her..”

“The fugitive?”

“Yes her. Can he not see keeping her will cause harm?”



“Probably but he has feelings with her before then.”

“I hate seeing him with her. She is no good. Taking a baby from his father. He loves him, she does not.”

“Borage was never the best father to honest but I had seen change in him.”

“You still watch him?”

“Of course, he is my first love. I don’t watch often. I am busy now. I have Eshu and Jaiky.”

“A mate and an offspring. Something I wish to have.”

“You will one day.”



“I cannot see myself with anyone else. My heart is still with Peidax.”




“I know perhaps it is time to move on. No need to love someone who does not love you back. As much as I wanted my first mate to love me, he would not. The Lois was who he wanted, not I. I moved on, found love with Eshu.”




“You had it easy, Eshu was handed to you. It is not like I can be with the human father of my daughter. He is married now. Sometimes I wished I gave up on Peidax and try my daughter’s father. I figure would be angry with me. I did not bother.”




“We have eligible males here. Perhaps one would be suitable for you. Anyway, have you met your daughter yet?”

“No, she is reaching an important stage in her life. I think it is time. Do you think she will hate me?”

“Of course not, you are a wonderful being. She would love you.”

“I know her father will. They implanted my egg in him. I know he was not thrilled about the pregnancy.”

“I am sure he would be over it by now.”

“I hope.”

“You should come down, dinner should ready soon.”




“I heard some yelling going on. What was that about?”

“Sha’tifa expressing how she does not like my relationship with Ahilac.”

“It is true about Ahilac, she is wanted in her homeland?”

“Yes it is. Do not worry, I will find a place for her. We will not get in trouble.”

“I will say I am not comfortable with her here given she is a fugitive.”



“Where will you place her? There is not many places available to place her.”

“I am aware but I will work something out.”

“I hope soon. We will have a visit by our superiors soon.”

“She will be gone before.”




“You are insane for allowing her to stay for the time being.”

“I am aware.”

“Just hope Sha’tifa does not report her to her kind.”

“I will make sure she does not.”



“You seemed very silent at dinner tonight. You are normally chatty, is something wrong?”

“Peidax and Ahilac, I think they are mates now.”

“I thought you had moved on. I think Dylo may have eye on you.”

“He does.. I did not know. I guess Dylo is okay.”



“If you do not take, I will. Dylo is attractive in my eyes.”

“Of course you would feel that way, Tixa. Maybe Fayon is right, I should move on. But I still feel Ahilac is not right for him.”




“Are you two talking about the fairy? I heard she stole that baby.”

“I thought the baby is hers. Was she suppose to hand the baby over to her leader or something?”

“I do not know. It is risky keeping a fugitive but I do like danger. This is exciting.”

“I just do not want to get in trouble.”




“Peidax say he will put her in a safe place.”

“And you by that bull? Peidax is going to keep her but just hide her when the commanders visit.”

“I am not sure what to think. Maybe we should report her? We could lose our jobs if we do not?”

“Peidax would blame me if we report her.”

“She does not belong here. I do not want to lose my job over her.”

“I do not want either but I do not want any more drama between us.”




“Like it or not, Sha’tifa we will report if she is not removed. Our jobs are more important than Peidax’s love affair.”

“I wonder what will happen to the baby. I wonder why do they want him so much.”

“Males are rare, only 2 has been born since their kind was created. Their queen wants to turn him into her love slave.”

“I thought they do not know what intercourse is.”

“The queen does, she leads the others to be oblivious about it. It is a bit selfish.”

“Then we should not report. It is not fair for the baby.”

“Look Sha’tifa, I know but our jobs are in risk. Perhaps you can hide the baby then we report.”

“We cannot keep him as adorable he may be.”

“Return him back to his human parent. I worked very hard to get where I am now. I will not have it taken away cause she is here.” 

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 71- Another Chance – Part 1

It is me Peidax Xip signing in from Arcadia. Life in Arcadia has seem a bit fair. I was one of the first arrivals of my kind to settle in the colony on Utopian. Arcadia, the colony was built and funded by the members from Earth in a part of an experiment. The Earthlings wonder if humans and alien like can co exist in harmony as many alien like form find it a bit difficult to live on Earth. As the experiment progressed, androids were added to see if life would be easier if they were to run certain things. Later on the superiors from my planet had taken interest in the program in Arcadia. I had relocated to another city on Earth to continue my pollination  mission however I received an urgent call to return to my home planet  Ziharia. 

My commander who assigned me on the pollination mission was found assassinated. I was assigned to another commander who wasn’t interest in pollination mission. I presented Icia and Fikah to my new commander anyway which he was disappointed in Icia’s appearance being human skinned.  My commander needed a scientist on Arcadia to do research on the resources there. He terminated my mission and I was assigned a new one.



I was happy to return to my scientist job. My commander over looked my report from my time I stayed in Star City. I was the reason why Star City began to have some snowy winters although it was a fairly warm climate. Since relocated, Star City’s weather has turned back to normal, according to my daughter Bora Bora.

I send most of the daylight gathering and analyzing items that I collect on Arcadia. For once in my life, I feel honestly happy as I get to do the things I enjoy. The death of my original commander as been a relief to most of us Ziharians in the science field. Many didn’t mourn after his death. I for one rejoice after learning his death, he ordered to have experiments done on Aries as he promise they would do no such thing.



Another reason of my new found happiness would be the birth of my first grandchild, Deja over a year ago. She has been the light of my world recently. I do spend my weekends outside of the lab on the compound which I am living on. I take that time to see my grandchild and spend time with Icia and Fikah.



My son Toshi found love were staying on a colony called Lunar Lakes on another planet. Anais is the love as his life and they soon had Deja. However the program on Lunar Lakes was shut down due to a contamination found in the drinking water which was fatal to some settlers. Settlers would have to return to Earth or applied for the program on Arcadia. Anais wouldn’t qualified due to her pregnancy and job status. They were interest in scientist and ones into robotics. Aliens were automatic accepted into the program.

Toshi feared he would lose Anais and their unborn child. As Toshi mention his significant other was having his child, Anais’ application was approved.  As they are interested in alien-human hybrid children. Anais is a witch which peaked their interest more. Toshi was also allowed to bring one human which he chose his genie sister Lilah. Lilah would be granted a slot automatically due to her occult status. I was happy to learn he would join me for life on Arcadia. My daughters Luna and Dia also settled in the colony too.



Soon my sister Fayon joined the compound with her mate Eshu and new daughter Jaiky. Eshu was assigned to research resources along my side as Fayon studied robotics. I watched Fayon care for Jaiky, it made me miss the times my children were very young. Fayon often mention while caring for Jaiky she feels like she’s getting a second chance being a mother. Fayon often had to left Apollo and Nova behind after we return to Earth. At the time her children was left in the care of Borage and Lois.



I wonder about having another chance. I was away from my children often. Watching Fayon with Jaiky and Toshi with Deja makes me long to have another child whom I can raise from birth.




But would I have the time to do such a thing? Who would carry my child? If I had a mate, this would be easy. But I don’t have a mate. I never notice how lonely I was. I once had a mate some time ago but she had betrayed me. Since then I haven’t been able to trust another…




Perhaps I should focus on raising Icia and Fikah, they were still children. I slowed down their aging as there was no need for them to rapidly age. They would be considered 5 years old and I enrolled them into the academy where they will start school in the fall. Their early stages were rushed, something I didn’t get to enjoy. But the urge to be a parent again still lingers as I enjoy my 2 youngest children. I now call them my children instead of offspring, since they are no longer a “job”.



I am still lonely.. My heart wants to love again but I do not know if I can trust another. The betrayal of my former mate, Sha’tifa. Sha’tifa was assigned a job here and moved into the alien compound. It is hard to see her face knowing what she did to me. Having relations with my close friend whom was also my co worker. She discover she was with child and had it removed as she was unsure who fathered. I learned of the affair and the child. The results shown the fetus had my DNA. I was hurt, betrayed, the life of my would be first born was taken. She claims she was forced into it due to the order from his commander. She claims his commander enjoyed watching them engaged in sexual activities. I did not believe no such thing. But could it be true? As his commander was later mine. My commander was awful… the things he had done to Aries. The isolation, the experiments, the molestation.   

I try to block out the thoughts of what my former commander had done to my son by playing golf. But nothing helps, I feel nothing but guilt. I should have never taken the septuplets home. I ruined their lives, especially Aries’. Borage is making his life as comfortable as he could, I left cause I didn’t deserve to have such a sweet child in my life. I don’t deserve Aries’ kindness and love. Aries’ desires Borage’s attention more than me but I often write to Aries to let him know I still love him.

I hope things will get better for me during my life here on Arcadia. I’m assigned to stay here for the next 20 years. Maybe I could find a mate once again… However I am not sure if that would be possible.



“Getting any better, Peidax?”

“Trying. I lack focus.”

“Maybe I can help you.”


Pedro’s View – Love For The Ladies


With the help of Ahilac she was able to speed up my subjects pregnancies. Shelley, the witch went into labor first. It wasn’t long before Harley, the werewolf to go into labor. I was excited to know that the first of the offspring are about to be born. I have everything in hand to deliver the babies safely without medical assistance.




“What’s happening to you?!”

“I think I’m in labor!”

“How? I don’t think we been pregnant that long!”

“Who knows how long we been down here! It could of been months! This hurts so much!”

“I don’t know what to do! I never delivered a baby before!”

“Please! Try something! Anything! Please!”





“Shelly! I’m sorry but I think it’s my turn now! Who is gonna help us!”






I delivered the babies with ease although I had to relax the subjects before I could enter the room. I didn’t want my presence to cause any stress to their labors. Shelley gave birth to a baby boy who I named, Ficah. After a scan it shown the offspring is Ziharian and Witch. I gave him his first feeding before giving him his Ziharian bath. I wasn’t sure to allow the subjects to see the babies. I felt it is best if they do not see them. Although I have plans to return the subjects home without their memory of the past months. Ziharians can remember things after births. I do not want the offspring to remember their mothers.




Harley, the werewolf gave birth to a baby girl who I named Iciah. After her scan she is Ziharian and werewolf. Unlike Ficah, Iciah was born with her mother’s human skin. I am certain Iciah’s appearance won’t be pleasing to my superiors. I hope Iciah’s werewolf occult will be enough to please.





I cared for the young until Ahilac arrives to speed their aging. It’s been years since I last cared for infants. My septuplets. Two babies is a lot more easier to care for than 7.  I must admit that my skills are bit rusty but it wasn’t long before It was old times again.





“Are you ready for me to age them?”

“Yes, the last few days were intense. I almost forgot how needy infants can be.”

“Yes, that is why we skip that stage.”

“Will this process hurt them?”

“No, the offspring will be fine. It may take a lot of my energy since they are not Novirian.”




“After the aging process, I will return the subjects home after a memory erase.”

“You cannot do that, Peidax.”

“What do you mean? I cannot keep them here.”

“I am aware but you have orders to terminate them after birth. Do you have a room prepared for this?”

“I have to kill them? I do not understand.  I wasn’t given any orders to terminate.”

“It should of been in your notes. I was given orders to make sure you follow through.”

“Why can’t I just erase their memories?”

“I did not question them. I have to report back when the termination is completed.”




“But they have families…”

“I am sorry, Peidax. You cannot allow emotions to get in the way. I know this isn’t a easy thing to do but it is requested. I am sorry. I can help prepare a room. I have brought with a Jelvara bush from my home planet.”

“I do not wish to do so… But for my children… I have no choice…”





Within a day, a termination room was prepared for the subjects. Two Jelvara bushes were placed in the room. If the they pick right seed, the subjects will perish immediately without any pain.  I cannot understand why must the subjects must be terminated. After the room was finished the subjects transported into the room. I didn’t tell them why they were transferred into the room or what was about to happen. I promised the subjects they would be returned to their families and I had failed.





“Why do you think we were put in there?”

“I dunno, something about this room seem strange. What are those bushes?”

“Not sure, I never seen those before. When do you think the alien will release us?”

“Soon I hope.. But the baby… I don’t want to leave without my baby.”

“You really want to keep it, Harley?”

“Yes, she’s my daughter… I can’t leave without my daughter. He didn’t let us see our babies or let us name them. I want to name her Britney. Don’t you want your son?”

“I dunno…”

“You’re not just gonna leave him with the alien?”

“He wanted these babies..”

“So? I’m not leaving without Britney.”



“I’m getting hungry Shelley.”

“Try one of these seeds. This one taste like strawberries.”

“You ate one? I dunno about these bushes.”

“There’s something about them.. I got curious.”

“Mmm, this seed was kinda good. It tasted like cherry pie.”

“Try the yellow one, it’s taste like banana pudding.”

“Oh my stars! These seeds are like heaven in my mouth.”

“I know! I just can’t stop eating them, Harley. This blue one like taste like blueberries.”






“I don’t feel so good…”

“Shelley? You turned blue! Shelley? Shelley?! What’s happening to you? Shelley! Oh my… Shelley!”




“I don’t feel good… I don’t- ..I feel.. Terrible.. What’s happening to me? Shel- Shelley.. I can’t- …Somebody… help.. us..”




Watching was difficult. Watching 2 lives end before my eyes was too much for me to bare. I do not think I can continue on with this mission knowing I must kill the subject after they give birth. Ahilac attended to the infants as she starts the aging process. After I was sure both subjects had died, it was time to dispose of their remains.




It took me a few moments before I was able to bring myself into picking up the lifeless bodies from the cold ground. After a scan on each body, it assure that they had perished. I checked my notes to learn what must I do with the remains. I must teleport them to my homeworld. I am unsure why must they be sent there but I didn’t question it and did as I was told. The remains of the subjects were teleported without issue.




The aging was a success. A play area was set for the offspring as they are big enough to play with toys. I will soon start skilling them with walking and speech before potty training.





However Iciah poses a issue. Her werewolf nature tends to want to destroy things in the lab. I don’t wish to keep them locked in the play room as prisoners like their mothers, but I have no choice. I feel the toddler years will be quite difficult.