No Autonomous Water Balloon/Snowball Fights Mod


Another request by a few of my close friends. This mod will stop sims from having water balloon and snowball fights all the time. I did find it annoying that it was a constant thing with my sims and it was ridiculous of them having water balloon fights indoors and when it was cold & snowy outside. Snowball fights weren’t much of an issue since I rarely have winter or snow in my game but it will stop those from randomly happening. I also changed the attraction into the negatives, this should discourage inactive sims from having water balloon & snowball fights too. Usually no autonomous tunes applies to active sims.

This mod was made with patch 1.63, it may still work with patches above.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the SocialData EP 8 and any mod that alters water/snow fights ITUN.

Remember to delete the ScriptCache when installing a new mod.

TOU: Do not reupload!

Stay Juicy!



No Autonomous Shaka Bra Mod


I reached over 60k this week and I figure it was time for a little gift 😀

At this time, one of my several tuning mods was ready to be released so this is my gift you all for being ever so fabulous hehe.

This was requested by one of my close friends and I do find the Shaka Bra interaction to be quite annoying as hell. I cringe when I see sims do this -_- It’s the one thing that I didn’t like from Island Paradise.


This mod was made on 1.63, it has not been tested on patches above. It may still work.

This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the SocialData EP 10.

You must have Island Paradise of course.

Always remember to delete the ScriptCache when installing a new mod.

TOU applied, no don’t reupload on another site.

Stay juicy!