Faster Elevator + MOAR Cake Tweaks

It’s Mod Monday! So today I decided to share a couple of tweaks. Nothing major but it makes things slightly easier in this game.


Elevators tend to be an annoyance in the game. I often have to reset or of just simply teleport my sim to whatever floor I want them on. The wait time is way too long and sims often get stuck inside of them. I drastically shorten the wait time from 25 minutes to a minute. By default the maximum of sims waiting in line is 12 but I shorten to 4. I can simply say this tweak will turn sims into jerks and will not hold the elevator anyone when getting on the elevator lol.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters:

  • ElevatorDoors XML
  • ElevatorInterior XML






There’s never enough cake for my sims. I tend to play large families and invite a lot of sims over, plus there’s the random chance of sims bringing strays or strays inviting themselves. By default the birthday cake has 8 slices while the wedding cake has 12 slices. I increased the birthday cake and wedding cake to both have 24 slices. The spoil time was increased to 336 hours (14 days). In my game the cake is usually eaten by day 3. The wait time for the cakes was shortened from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. I use Twallan’s Relativity and that 15 minute wait is too long. There’s also no random cake fires. I had too many sims die from those.

I did make a second flavor if 24 slices was too much. Flavor 2 has 12 birthday cake slices, 20 wedding cake slices and spoil time is 168 hours (7 days) for the birthday cake, the wedding cake is still 14 days.

You can only use ONE flavor at a time.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters:

  • Cake XML
  • WeddingCake XML


Flavor One – 24 Slices


Flavor Two – 12 Slices // 20 Slices


Remember to delete your Scriptcache when installing a new mod.

Do not reupload my mods!