Love For The Ladies: Chapter 88 – Not Far From The Tree

After sending my kids to bed, I figure I would give Haven a call, thanking her again for watching Kiara today. She really didn’t have, I did feel a little bit guilty leaving Kiara with her. She could had done something more fun other than watching a 4 month old baby. She said she didn’t mind and had fun watching her. She answered and we chatted for a little bit. She was getting ready to watch a movie with her roommate. I didn’t keep her on long, but it was nice talking with her. I got a real strong feeling that things are gonna be great with her.



 “So that baby, is that gonna be a regular thing?”

“Well, honestly I don’t know..Jen. I’m sorry for not checking with you first.”

“Are you kidding? I love babies! I was just curious ya know. Anyway, that guy is pretty hot. Plus he has a cute baby. That’s always a great thing. Is he gonna be the new boyfriend or just a boy toy?”

“Honestly I don’t know. I just met the guy. He’s one of my students’ fathers.”

“Oh? Well if you don’t want him, I’ll take him!”

“Ha ha ha, Jenni. I kinda like him.. I know about the school rules but-“

“Screw the rules, Haven! School is gonna be out soon, you better grab that hot arm candy for the summer or I will! He he he!”

“Ha ha ha, I know. Just keep in mind… Mordecai has brothers who live in town. Maybe one of them is single.”

“Really?! You gotta hook me up! We could be sisters in law. Wouldn’t that be great?!”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”



I didn’t get to sleep long before Kiara woke up in the screaming fit.  Her being part wolf and genie is a bad combo, she’s always hungry. She requires more feedings than normal babies, I guess this is why Piper is stressed out. She never gets to sleep since she always gotta get up to feed her but if she let me have her more, she could get the rest she needs.

I’m not so mad at her anymore, she needed the break but I’m still a little upset of her lying to Marc. I figure I better clear my name before things spread around.




 I stumbled into the kitchen, trying to prepare a bottle for Kiara. I snubbed my toe against one of Kimora toy cars in the living on the way. I never imagine that is would ever be my life. I always figure if I had kids, they would be with their mom all the time. I would get to party all night long, not having to fix baby bottles or school lunches in the middle of the night. In the mornings, I would be nursing a hangover instead of  laying out school clothes and trying to figure out how to style a little girl’s hair for the day.




It was fun while it lasted, but I’m pretty glad that my life is this way now….




 I couldn’t imagine it being any different of the way it is now..



 It’s been a few weeks since my first date with Haven. Let’s just say that things went very well since then. She comes over often, she helps Mariah with her homework, helps me out when I ended up keeping Kiara at the last minute. Sometimes she spends the night, when she does I know there’s gonna be a hot breakfast in the morning. It has been nice having Haven around a lot these past few weeks. 



 “I really like your omelettes, Ms Rocha.”

“Thanks Mariah. You can call me Haven when we aren’t in school.”

“Oh I can?”

“Yeah, we don’t need to formalize things when we are in your home.”

“This can be your home too.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Are you going to marry my dad?”


“You like my dad?”

“Yeah, sweetie.”

“Maybe you guys can get married.”

“Mariah, sweetie… I do like your dad but its way too soon for us to get married. It takes time before we can get to that part. We only been dating for a few weeks.”

“Oh okay. Can I have an apple?”

“Sure, sweetie.”



Before we knew it , a month had passed since our first date. Things are official between us and my girls couldn’t be anymore happier. It took a while for Kimora to warm up to Haven but she soon won her over after letting her have sleepovers with Chanel and her other friends at her place on the weekends. They baked cupcakes with her roommate Jenni. Cupcakes are Kimora’s favorite thing.

Jenni is the heiress of the Drama Cream franchise, I found it odd for her to be living in a townhouse. I figure she would be living in some fancy house. Then Haven revealed that Jenni does own a huge fancy house in town, it’s where they been having the sleepover at. She has a pool and other nice things, now I see why she won Kimora over. 

My boss finally started to let me have the weekends off now. We often take the girls to the park to play. Things are finally going great in my life. I guess I would have my oldest daughter to thank since she has been a bit pushy. I guess my daughter just knew that we were a great fit.




 “Piper cancelled on me, we won’t be having Kiara later on today.”

“Why not? Is everything okay?”

“She really didn’t give me a reason, she just said today wasn’t a good day.”

“That’s the second weekend in a row that she cancelled on you. I was hoping to see her today. She just the cutest little baby ever.”

“Me too but I dunno what I’m gonna do about that family. I’m getting fed up with them. Kiara is my daughter and I have my rights to see her whenever.”

“I’ve told you this already but maybe its time to take them to court. Like seriously you should find a lawyer on Monday.”

“I think I will cause it’s bullshit. I want joint custody.”

“Are you serious? Joint custody?”

“Yeah.. I don’t think I can settle with visitations. I want her to live with me part time.”

“Wow, that’s great. If you need any help, I’ll be there.” 



 “Thanks. I’m ready to this. I know I can handle a third child living with me. I got a crib for her already, and when she gets older she can share a room with Kimora.”

“That sounds good to me. I’ll support you with this, 100 percent.”

“I could use all the support I can get. I bet this is gonna piss off her family but I really don’t care since this is my daughter and I have every right to be in her life. They should be lucky that I’m not going for full custody.”

“Well why not go for it?”

“I don’t wanna keep Kiara from her mom. I know she does that to me and it sucks. I don’t feel right doing the same to her.”

“I guess I could understand that. Whatever you decide to do, I got your back.”




 “I’m so lucky to have an amazing woman like you.”

“Aww, you’re sweet.”

“So I was wondering about something…”

“Like what?”

“Like moving on to the next step in our relationship.”

“Ohh… Intimacy?”

“Yeah… its been a month. No rush or anything but I was wondering if we could.. ya know?”

“Well I’m not sure about it.. I’m not sure if I’m ready. I enjoy just cuddling in bed with you.”

“I like it too. You’re on the pill…so I know pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue. I’m just curious of what the hold up is.”

“I’m not like other females, I like to take things slow.. Maybe I’m just weird like that.”

“It’s not weird. I can wait, I don’t wanna pressure you… When you’re ready, I’ll be ready.” 




 I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed about Haven holding out on intimacy. Sex is important in my life but sex has also gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past. Like my involvement with my older brother’s mom and Piper.

The last time I was with a female was that one crazy chick who kept showing up at my place. Thankfully she finally gotten the message, its been a long time since I was seen her and I hope that was the last of her. 

I finally have someone good in life, yeah I might about to wait a while before we will be sexual involved but I feel that she’s worth the wait.




 “Today was nice. I enjoy spending time with you and your girls.”

“I enjoy spending time with you. Since the girls are in bed.. wanna go cuddle in bed?”

“Actually… I was wondering if we could do something else tonight.”

“Oh? Am I smelly today? I can shower.”

“Ha ha ha! It’s not that. Remember what we talked about at the park?”

“Yeah.. Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I don’t wanna rush ya.”

“No Mordecai, I think I’m ready… I think I was ready when  I first saw you but I figure you would think less of me if I put out so easily.”

“Well… only if you put out on the first day like this one crazy chick who use to stalk me. I usually don’t wanna date those type of girls. They are fun for that first night but then I’m ready to move on. They ain’t the type that I wanna bring to my family. I can respect a female who holds out…as long as it isn’t forever. Ha ha.”

“That is nice to know… But I am ready. I already taken my pill for the day.”





I hope I didn’t rush her. She said she was ready but sometimes I wondered if she really is and only done this just to keep me. I told her that I would wait for whenever she’s ready. I guess I can’t blame her though. How can a lady pass up this sexy body of mine? It’s impossible.



 I long waited for this moment..

I wanted this moment to last forever..

Caressing her, touching her, tasting her, being one with her..

I indulge myself with her sweet nectar with pure ecstasy..

I thought this could be the best night of my life…

If only…










 “Morde… I’m sorry to drop by like this. I need you…”

“What happen?”

“I did it, Morde… I finally stepped up to my mom. I told her that Kiara is my child. I know what’s best for her. Kiara needs her father in her life more. I told my mom that I planned to file joint custody with you.. She didn’t like it. She told me I was a disappointment.. She told me I made the family look bad…. She told me that she refuses to let me raise our daughter… She said cause I would raise her to be like me… A whore that brings disgrace and shame to the family… So I left… I need a place to stay… Can I stay here? We have no where else to go..”

“It’s probably not a good idea… What would your boyfriend think?”

“Marcus…. I left him.. I felt he only asked me out cause of my mom… Please Mordecai… Let me stay here with you..”







 “What have I done?”




 I couldn’t sleep last night. I was ridden of guilt of what I had done with Piper. I don’t know why I did it. After Piper went to work and the girls went to school, I made my way to visit my dad. I don’t like seeing him this way but right now I really need him..



 “Dad, I’m probably the most shittiest son that you ever had. I have the wonderful woman in my life and I might had just fucked it up last night with a girl that I feel nothing for. I can’t bring myself to understand why I slept with Piper. She was standing there in tears, holding my child. She finally said the one thing that I wanted to here. Her wanting me to be more in Kiara’s life… Then I find myself fucking her on my dinning room table. I couldn’t stop myself… I just had this urge to fuck her..”




 “But it wasn’t like other times… The way that I fucked her… I was angry, filled with rage when I did. I thought I was going to hurt Piper but she was liking it… Now I got her staying with me cause she has nowhere to go. I want her to stay cause she has my daughter but I’m afraid that this might happen again and I don’t wanna ruin a good thing that I have with Haven. What do I do, dad? I think you’re the only one who could help me. You’re the only one who could understand this. I may be a pseudo love genie, but I still have the urges. How can I control it, dad? If only you were awake… I just wish you could just wake up now… We all need you..” 




 “Hey! I remember you!”

“Look… I can’t deal with you now.”

“Are you okay? Can I get you a cup of coffee or some tea?”

“No…I’ll be fine but alright now I want to be alone.”

“But I gotta tell you something.”

“I don’t care what you need to tell me. Just leave me alone.”



 “But I gotta tell you this. I’m pregnant.”


“It’s your baby! Great news, huh? Our baby is gonna be the cutest baby ever!”

“That’s terrible news!”


“Cause the baby is in you!”

“Well I can’t transfer my baby into another woman. You got me now. Deal!”

“This seriously can’t be happening!”



 “This calls for a celebrity hug!”

“Are you nuts? Does it look like I’m happy about it?!”

“You’ll be happy when we get married!”

“I have a girlfriend! I’ll never marry you! You’re insane!”

“You have a girlfriend? Well that’s your loss. I would be better for you. Oh well! We can be best friends then as long as you help me take care of this baby. I gotta now. My break is over.”

“Ugh….I can’t believe this shit..”

“It’s gonna be okay. I hope we all can be best friends!”


“You, me, and your girlfriend. DUH! You’re so silly Morde pie! See ya around, best friend!”



 “Well dad, this day just got worse… I was just told by a crazy chick that I hooked up with a month ago is pregnant by me. First Piper, now this crazy girl… What am I gonna do about this? I’m afraid that I’m gonna lose Haven shortly… Maybe I’m just not the settling down type like you, dad. I thought I could be but maybe it’s not meant to be… I’m not sure if I can ever make this right…”





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 87 – Hot For Teacher

 My Saturday started pretty early. I had to go visit Mariah’s teacher at the school for a progress report. For some odd reason, her teacher wanted to see me in person instead of sending Mariah home with a paper telling me how she’s been doing.

This would be the first for me cause L2 always dealt with this type of stuff. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know Mariah has always been a good student but her teacher wanting to see me, worries me some. What do I do if she’s been failing class suddenly? I never punished my kids before, so I have no idea of what to do.



As I finished getting ready, Mariah came running in with excitement. She knows that I’m about to go meet her teacher, I figure she would avoid me if she has been doing bad. She seemed more than eager for me to meet her teacher.

“I like that you’re wearing green. My teacher likes that color. And please don’t wear that smelly stuff. My teacher doesn’t like it.”

“Umm..okay but why should I be impressing your teacher? I’m just going in about your progress report.”

“Ms. Rocha is very pretty. Maybe she can be your girlfriend?”

“Oh I see now, I’m not going there looking for a date. I don’t recall there being any hot teachers. Nice try, kid.”

“But Morde-dad, she IS very pretty and young!”

“Your teacher is young?”


“I figure she was some old hag like mine was. Well I gotta go, I don’t wanna be late. She might give me a detention ha ha ha.”




 I made my way over to Indigo Sky Elementary. I wasn’t sure which room what I suppose to meet Mariah’s teach in. I left the paper saying where at home. Then I remember Mariah saying her name was Ms. Rocha. I guess it would be the room with her name on it. After parking my car, I checked my hair and breath. I caught myself and thinking “what am I doing?”. It’s not like I needed to impress this teacher but then I thought, what if Mariah was telling the truth? What if this lady is pretty? I dusted off my shirt, picked at my teeth then headed into the school, hoping to not run into a disaster. 




 I met with Ms. Rocha, she was stunning with vibrant eyes. We quickly greeted each other before having a seat to chat about Mariah’s progress in school. I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes as she spoke to me. She gave me her first name, Haven. It’s perfect for her, I feel a sense of security about her. I can see why Mariah is crazy about her.

“Mister Montigo? Hello? Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry. Just admiring your stunning eyes.”

“Oh thanks. Um.. well… I wanted to speak to you about Mariah. Sorry about bringing you in on a Saturday morning.”

“Is she doing bad or something?”

“Oh no! She doing the opposite of that. She’s doing fairly well in school, too well to be frank.”

“So? Is that issue? I’m a bit confused.”

“Mariah’s state test scores came in and they are extremely high. Mariah especially excels in reading, math and art. She has taken in a huge interest in art.”  



 “So she’s doing well? I thought she was doing bad cause you wanted to meet me. Why couldn’t you say she was doing great on the paper?”

“Because I wanted to talked you sending Mariah to a higher learning school. She’s just too smart for this school, staying here would be holding her back from what she is capable. We do have advance classes here but she’s too advance for those.”

“Well wow.. This other school, is it here in town?”

“Yes, actually. Preston is across town, near the early learning school. There is a tuition fee of course but it’s all worth it for your child’s sake. The school teaches first grade to 12th. Mariah can spend her whole school career there. I also want to recommend some other after school art classes that would be great for Mariah.”

“Oh Preston, my niece almost went there but she talked in my bro to sending her to Sliver Shore.”

“Oh yes, the science and technology school is nice. However Preston has a great art program unlike Sliver Shore. Sliver Shore only teaches 9th through 12th grade.”

“I know Mariah doesn’t wanna leave this school. She loves this place, not sure if she wanna attend Preston. I think she had enough life changes already.”



 “Yes, I know about your father’s accident. Mariah was quite upset for a while. I know about the move across town too. Given those sudden changes, I say she manage well in bouncing back. Mariah will get far in life if she attends a better school that can nurture her needs. If you do want her to stay here, she can be advanced up a grade or 2 next school year. We can move her into the advance classes for the remainder of the semester.” 



 “That’s sounds cool. I can talk to my daughter about attending Preston next year but I’m pretty sure she wants to stay here. She’ll probably want to skip a grade just so she could stay here and I will be sending my other daughter here next year. She likes being around her little sister.”




 “Well it was nice meeting you, Mr. Montigo. I really hope you’ll send Mariah to Preston next school year. She’ll have a wonderful school career there.”




 “Thanks but you can call me Mordecai, Mr. Montigo is so formal.”

“Oh I’m sorry, Mordecai. It’s kind of my job to do so.”

“So Haven, you got any plans for the afternoon?”

“I got one more parent to speak with and then I’m free. Why do you ask?”

“Maybe you would like to join for me for a coffee?”



 I wasn’t sure if it was smart to ask Mariah’s teacher out but I couldn’t help myself. She’s beautiful, has a nice body, sweet, warm and got that motherly likeness to her. She might shoot me down for being one of her students’ parent but it couldn’t hurt to at least give it a try. It’s not she’ll be Mariah’s teacher next year anyway.



 “Thanks for the offer but I don’t it’s proper to do that since you are one of my students’ parent. It’s actually school policy to not fraternize with students’ parents.”

“Well you won’t be Mariah’s teacher next year and the school year will be over in a couple of months. Besides, it’s just a friendly outing. You can tell me about these after school art programs.”

“Well I see no harm in speaking with you about academics programs for your child. What makes you think that I’m single?”

“Mariah mention about you bringing cupcakes that your roommate made. I figure you weren’t married at least given you had a roommate.”

“I could had a boyfriend…”

“Yeah but something tells me that you don’t. I see how you look at me. So coffee at The Perc at 1, sound okay?”

“Sure, that sounds fine to me.” 




 When I returned home, I was greeted by Mariah with open arms. I wasn’t sure why but it was nice coming home to that.

“Daddy! You’re home!”

“Hey there, smarty pants.”




 “So how did it go?”

“You’re doing great in school, kid. You called me “daddy”, you want something?”

“Nope! I talked to great-great grandmama cause she called. She said it’s not proper to call you Morde-dad. I don’t wanna be improper. Great-great grandmama also called you shouldn’t leave us home alone cause it’s irresponsible.”

“Ohhhh…she did, huh? I wonder why she called.”

“I don’t know but can we go to daddy’s house. Aries is gonna visit daddy today and we wanna go see him too.”

“Yeah, call Aries to come pick you girls up. I’m gonna be leaving close to 1 anyway.”

“Where are you going?”

“To meet a friend.” 

“Cool! I’m gonna go Aries now.”




 It wasn’t long before Aries came over to get my daughters. He must have already been on this side of town already cause he got there quick. That gave me a little extra time for myself before meeting Haven in a couple of hours.




I was in for a surprise when I heard a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and I was hoping that the crazy girl didn’t return back. I had no idea of who it could be.




 “I hope this isn’t a bad time, Morde. But I kinda need you now.”

“What’s up?”

“Marcus and I were planning on visiting Bridgeport this weekend, ya know?”

“Yeah, I thought you guys were leaving today.”

“We were but his daughter got ill at the last second. Marcus is okay with me taking a friend to Bridgeport since it was supposed to be a shopping trip. I know you weren’t expecting to keep Kiara until tomorrow but can you keep her a day early?”

“Piper, I gotta go to work at 3. My brothers have plans for the day, plus one of them already took Mariah and Kimora to visit my dad. I can’t get a sitter. I thought your parents were watching her until tomorrow?”



 “That’s the thing, Morde. My parents left for Storybrook for the weekend. It was wolf business. Sometimes those things are last minute.”

“What about Clar? Can’t she watch her for today?”

“Well Clar is coming with me.”

“Look, I won’t be able to find someone for her, plus I can’t take off. Maybe you should stay in town.”

“Morde, I really need this trip. It’s been a stressful week and I was looking forwarded for this trip. I could use the break.”

“I bet but I can’t afford to take a day off from work. I already used most of my sick leave when Mariah had the flu. I can keep her until I gotta go for work, at least you would have a little break.”

“Morde, please! I need these… Kiara has been cranky, I haven’t had any sleep… I need this weekend. You have no idea how hard it is.”

“I would if you would stand up to your parents and let me be more in Kiara’s life. Things would be easier if you let me keep her more than once every 2 weeks. I want to be more than a part time father to her. I’m doing well with my daughters, I can look after Kiara just as well. My girls wanna see their little sister.”

“I just can’t… Please if you take her, I will make sure you have more say in Kiara’s life.”

“Okay, fine. I’ll figure something out.”




 I have no idea what I’m gonna do but Piper looked like she could use a break. I decided to keep Kiara a day earlier than expected. I didn’t wanna cancel my coffee date with Haven, Kiara could join us. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind an infant joining us, not like it’s a real date.

“How’s my baby girl? Guess what we get to do today? We get to hang out with a sexy teacher today. You think she’ll like me, Kiki? Course she would. No lady can’t resist your sexy daddy.” 




 It was close to 1 and I figure I should head to The Perc since it was across town from me. Having to pack Kiara along would slow me down. I had to make sure I had enough diapers, toys and bottles packed. It’s been a while since I last set up a car set in my car. After all of that I was able to get there before Haven.



 “I hope you don’t mind my youngest joining us. It was a last minute kind of thing.”

“This must be Kiara. Mariah talked so much about her in class. She’s wolf-genie?”

“Yeah, her mom is lycan. The genie thing must come from my dad. Too bad I didn’t get it. It would be nice to be a full genie.”

“Full genie? So what you’re a half or something?”

“Actually I don’t know. I’m trying to figure things, I guess that’s probably why my great grandmama called me today when I was out. All I know is that I’m something. I was still able to pass on some genie genes to 2 of my kids.”

“That must be nice. My father is a vampire not the real kind but the human hybrid type.”

“Really? That’s cool. My dad said that mom was purple and probably an angry alien or something. I don’t know much about my mom. She left when I was 3. Enough about me, how about you? Are you originally from here?”




 “No, I was born in Lansing Falls but grew up in Sundale since my dad lived in Starlight bay. My dad wanted us to be close to him. He’s a singer. You might have heard of him, Flex aka Quincy Ortega?”

“Whoa! You’re Flex’s daughter?!”

“Yeah, one of many… I come from a big family.”

“I heard ya, me too. My dad had 25 kids that he knows about. There’s probably more out there ha ha ha.”

“Oh wow and I thought my dad had a lot. It must been crazy growing with 24 siblings huh?”

“I grew up with 18 of them kinda. My youngest sibling is almost 5 months old.”

“Whoa, he’s still having children? I figure after a while one would quit. I think my mom finally did.”

“I got a new sister on the way, there’s some vampire chick who say she’s carrying my dad’s kid. Kiara will have aunts and uncles close to her age. So do you have any kids yourself?”

“No not yet but I would like to someday, with the right man. I don’t wanna be like my parents. My mom wanted my dad to settle with her but his career was more important. He did make time for us to see him in Star city. He had a huge mansion, there was lots to do there. My mom and one of sisters and I decided to move here 5 years ago. I did love the warmer climate and the ocean but it was time for a change in scenery. I wasn’t ready to return back to Lansing Falls like a couple of my brothers did. A few of us remained in the Star city area.”

“I’m from Star city myself, it was nice and all but I was ready for a new town. I came here with my dad and some of my brothers last fall. I like this town but I think I wanna go back west. Northern west though, the city of Aurora interests me.”




 “Really? Me too. I was thinking about relocating there in a few years. My sister Sansa doesn’t want me to cause she likes here in EC. There would be more opportunities for me in Aurora than it is here. The teaching gig is nice but I want to do something else. Aurora gives me options.”

“I wanna go to Aurora, open my own gym there. There’s starting to turn into a health nut city and a nice gym is what that place needs. What did you wanted to do there?”

“I was thinking of running a spa or a coffee shop. Lots of hipsters there ya ha ha ha. A spa would be nice for hard working housewives and models to pamper themselves at. Aurora has a lot going on there now.”

“Yeah it does. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to uproot. I just don’t wanna leave my youngest behind. It’s not like I could have joint custody because her grandparents run my child’s life and decide what’s good for her. I have no say and her mother won’t step up. It’s stressful.”

“I don’t want to get into your business but why not fight for full custody? I overheard Mariah chatting of what’s been going on among her friends. She said you’re sad cause you don’t get to be Kiara’s dad and how Kiara’s grandparents were baby hogs. You have rights and if they won’t let you have your rights then take to court. It’s just my opinion and all.”

“I thought about it but the Labbores have more money than me. They got that whole enterprise going on there.”

“I wouldn’t let a thing like that stop me if I were you but then again, It’s just my opinion.  If not full custody then go for court ordered visitation rights at least.”

“Yeah you’re right. I’ll look into it.”

“Uh oh, sounds like someone is fussy. You mind if I handle her? I miss attending to babies.”




 I quickly made a bottle and handed it over to Haven. She was a natural at handling Kiara. I was right about the motherly nature about her. After chatting with her, I really want to get to know her more. Normally I’m just looking for a lady to hook up with but with Haven, it’s different. I think I could see myself with her. Having something real for once in my life. I see we got some things in common but I think there’s more. I just gotta find out what.



 “You like playing ping pong?”

“Like? I love it playing it along with football, soccer, basketball and baseball. I love playing sports and sports related. I gotta stay fit. I do a lot of yoga.”

“Really? I love playing those same sports too. Mariah and I play basketball at the gym every Sunday afternoon. Maybe you could join us tomorrow? Mariah would love it.”

“It wouldn’t be strange for her?”

“Honestly, she’s crazy about you. You’re her favorite teacher and she wanted me to meet you.”

“I didn’t think I made much of an impression on my students. I guess it’s nice to know. However I can’t tomorrow, I’m going on a shopping trip to Storybrook with my mom and sister. There’s a sale that’s worth a 30 minute drive.”

“Oh it’s cool, maybe next time then.”




We chat as we played, it was nice getting to know her and all. I think I was making an impression on her. We were suppose to be talking about school things for Mariah.  It wasn’t really my intention really, I just wanted her to see that I was worth giving a try. That school policy is silly and the school year was almost over anyway.

“Who ever loses gotta take the winner on a real date.”

“You know I can’t do that..”

“Oh afraid that you’re gonna lose?”

“Lose? Ha! I’m the queen of this game.”

“Okay then bring it, princess.”

“Oh you’re so gonna get it!”




 “Ha! Queen of this game huh? Looks like someone gotta take me out on a real date.”

“You cheated.”

“I won fair and square. I was thinking that you take me out for a spaghetti dinner.”

“Oh you think so?”

“A bet is a bet. You can’t back out of it.”

“Luckily for you, I honor my bets.”

“So you’ll take me out?”

“Sure, why not. Let’s hope that I don’t get fired over this.”

“Trust me lady, it’s gonna be fine.”





 “But seriously, Haven… Lemme take you out on a real date. No babies or children tagging along. We can go dancing and have a few drinks. Or go catch a movie and have dinner at this nice Italian place.  Your pick of what you wanna do.”

“I don’t know about that, Mordecai. It would be nice to go out on a date but rules are rules.”

“The school year is almost over with. You might find another guy within that time and that guy won’t be as hot as I am.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.. So what do your say to that? Can I take you out this coming Wednesday night? It’s my only night off before Sunday.”




 “That’s a school night, I gotta grade papers and such.”

“Something tells me that’s just an excuse to get out of going out on a date with me.”

“I’m just not sure about this.”

“Just one date is all I wanting.”

“Sure, Wednesday night is fine.”

“I promise that I won’t keep your out too late.”



 “I should probably head out. I gotta figure who’s gonna watch my daughter. Her mom dropped her off at the last minute knowing that I gotta go to work. She just had to go on some shopping trip after her boyfriend cancelled it. His kid got sick and apparently told her to go take a friend instead. I find her story a bit odd but whatever.”

“So you have no one who could take her?”

“My brothers are busy today, my teenage niece have computer classes today and the brother who took my older daughters will be visiting my dad all day. So yeah, I got no one….unless you wanna do it.”

“You just met me and you don’t mind if I look after your infant?”

“I trust you. You keep Mariah for 8 hours a day, 5 times a week. She comes back alive so why not?”

“Cause it’s my job and I’m her teacher ha ha ha.”

“It was silly for me to ask…”

“I can keep her if you really trust me. Let’s exchange numbers and I can text you my address.”

“You’ll watch Kiara? Thanks!”




 I know Piper would flip if I let a woman whom I just met to watch our daughter. But she is Mariah’s teach and I’m out of options. I trust Haven and got a strong feeling that she’s gonna be important in my life later on. I know that I left Kiara in safe arms, no pun intended.




 “Where did you get that baby from? I want one too. A baby will love me forever.”




 “I didn’t find this baby. I’m baby sitting for a friend. People don’t just leave babies around.”

“Yes they do. There’s dumpster babies around prom time. I’m gonna go check the dumpster. I might find a baby to love.”

“Yeah, you go do that Sansa.”




 I went to work to find that Marcus has clocked in. I guess he decided to show up since he cancelled his trip. I wish I thought about trading days with him if I knew he planned on coming in. I decided to chat with him.

“Sorry to hear about your trip. I know Pipes was looking forwarded for it.”

“Yeah, my kids come first. My son is looking after his sis, I figure I should come in any way. Extra money and all. My daughter is gonna need braces soon. I’m glad the trip was cancelled cause I really couldn’t worth to take Piper shopping. I do wanna give my lady nice things though.”

“It was cool that you let her go take a friend instead. She’s probably happy.”

“Whatcha talkin’ man? Piper didn’t still go to BP with a friend.”

“She said that you suggestive that she should go with her friend Clar.”

“Nah, man.  She told me that she was gonna chill with one of her girls for the weekend. They gonna go partied it up.”

“So she drops off Kiki so she can have fun when she know I gotta work today?!”

“Aye… Piper needs a little break. She got the baby all the time and she works. Cut her some slack, she needs the downtime. It would be nice if you stepped in ya know.”

“If you only knew the whole story….”




 I was pissed when I found out that Piper decided to have fun when she knew I had to work. I was more pissed that she made it sound like I wasn’t being a father and making her do all the hard work. Marc is probably telling our coworkers that I’m shitty father towards Kiara when I’m anything but. I want to be there for her but the Labbores won’t let me.

I sent Piper a text telling her that the jig was up and I know she was still in town. She didn’t reply back of course. I finished my shift and left without saying thing to my coworkers. I just wasn’t happy with Piper. I looked up in the sky and saw that it was a full moon. Shit! I left a wolf baby with Haven and Kiara gets really cranky during full moons. I quickly made my way towards Haven and hoping she didn’t give her much issue.




 “I got here as soon as I could. I forgot it was a full moon, Kiki gets cranky around this time.”

“She was a doll, such a sweet and happy baby. She was no issue at all.”

“She cries a lot with her mom, sometimes with me.”

“When she got fussy, I sang to her. It made her calm and happy again.”

“Oh.. wow that’s cool. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I guess you want your baby back now?”

“Yeah, thanks again for keeping her. How much you want?”

“Nothing. This one is on the house. You’re paying for our date next week.”

“Oh yeah. So how about we start around 6pm? Watch a movie and dinner?”

“Sure, I would like that.”

“Cool, sounds like a plan.”




 After picking up Kiara, I returned home. It was long after when Aries dropped off the girls full and sleepy. They had dinner at Boragio’s and Vega fixed a big meal. Since becoming pregnant, Vega has been quite the cook and making extra food. She was kind enough to send leftovers with the girls. We’ll be well fed for the next 2 days.

I got Kiara ready for bed. I sang to her as I lay her in her crib. She was calm and quiet as I sang. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep. If Haven never told me her trick, I would have a cranky baby to deal with all night.

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 86 – Closer than you think

It was finally Friday, the week went by painfully slow for me. Like usual, Kimora went home with her friend Chanel after school and stayed til 9:30 when I come to pick her up. I know this isn’t good for a young kid to stay up this late on school nights but what choice to I have at this point? After picking up Kimora, the girls go straight to bed once we get home.

The only day Kimora doesn’t go with Chanel is on Wednesdays since I have that day off. Kimora is usually grumpy about it when I come pick her up from school on Wednesdays. However this week, I let her go home with Chanel but picked her up around 6 pm. Of course Kim wasn’t happy about me coming so over. I decided we should try to do something new on Wednesdays like have a family dinner at a restaurant. I don’t always get to have meals with my girls during the week.

I remember having meals with my dad and siblings everyday when I was a kid. Lois would cook a big meal for dinner and we would chat about our days. I miss that and think my girls would enjoy that if we did something like that. Before dad’s coma, we should had meals together, Boragio would cook dinner and we all chatted about our days. However I wasn’t around much since I started to work at the gym and Piper wanted me to always be at her parents’ home everyday. I wonder if my girls missed meals like that. I figure it was time to start that up again. We visited Pietra Di Sambuco, we had fun and I think the girls liked it. So.. I gotta keep that going as long as I can. It’s healthy for the girls, right?



 “Let’s play cops and crackheads again. It was fun.”

“Okay Kim but who’s gonna be the crackhead this time?”

“Well I don’t wanna be.”

“I don’t wanna be!”

“Then how do we choose cause we need a crackhead to chase.”

“I know! Let’s play paper, rock. Whoever loses is the crackhead.”




 “Okay at the count of 3 we go.”


“1…2…3 go!”



 “Rock beats scissors! You gotta be the crackhead.”

“No fair! I don’t wanna be the crackhead!”

“But you lost! Deal is a deal, Chanel!”

“I want a do over!”

“No do overs! I won!”

“Fine! Whatever!”



 “Get back here, crackhead! You’re under arrest for serving crack soup to kids!”

“You’ll never catch me! I got super crackhead speed!”

“Hey! Crackheads don’t have super powers!”

“They do now!”

“Cheater! You have wings!”



 “Do you like your sandwich?”

“Yeah, it’s good.”

“I never made a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich before. Chanel doesn’t like bananas.”

“She’s missing out.”

“On potassium, yes. But there’s other foods with it that she eats.” 



 “Kimora, how are things at home?”

“Okay. Why?”

“I was just wondering. So everything is okay?”


“So no girlfriends coming in and out?”



 “There was this one crazy girl there. She made us pancakes in her underwear. Daddy told her to leave but she didn’t want to. Daddy was gonna call the police and she left.”

“Oh I see. So your dad is still single?”

“Yeah.. I think. Do you like my daddy?”

“Me? Oh no! I am just curious. That’s all..really.”

“Why are you turning red?”



 “It’s a little warm in here. Besides, your dad wouldn’t a lady as old as me. I have kids his age.”

“You don’t look old. You’re pretty and young!”

“Aww thank you, Kimora. I’m much older than you think. I look pretty amazing for my age honestly. Make sure you finished up. You and Chanel need to work on your flashcards.”




 I arrived at Jasmine’s to pick up Kimora after work. I was greeted by Chanel. I normally don’t see her, she’s in bed by the time I get there. It was a Friday night and no reason for an early bedtime. She asked me such a bizarre question after she greeted me.

“Are you my daddy?”

“Chanel! That was rude to ask Mordecai that!”

“But mommy, Mr. Mordecai looks like me. I think Kim and me are sisters!”

“Umm.. Chanel.. No, I’m not your daddy. I’m pretty sure that I never been with a fairy lady before.”

“Please excuse my granddaughter, Mordecai.”

“It’s okay, really. I guess I kinda see how she gets that idea.”

“Mommy, I think Mr. Mordecai is really my daddy!”

“Chanel! Enough with that, go help Kimora get ready to go home.”

“Yes ma’am.”



Chanel smiled at me then hugged me before running off. I got a good long look at her before she flew off. I can see the likeness between us but I know that I’m not her father. Her smile reminded me of my dad’s, her eyes were as vivid as my dad’s. I’m pretty sure this kid could possibly be an illegitimate child of my dad’s. I wouldn’t be surprise if dad had any strays wandering around. Papa was a rolling stone.




 “Sorry about that. Chanel and Kimora are really close and believe they are sisters. I think it’s cute but Chanel is starting to ask questions about her parents. Especially of who her dad is. Her mother didn’t have much memory of him. 5 years ago, she went on a trip to Konani Bay with a friend, it was her friend’s birthday. The girls partied too hard and 9 months later, Chanel was born. My daughter went missing a few months later, I don’t know what happened to her.. But I’ve been raising Chanel ever since.”

“Your daughter has been missing for 5 years? I hope nothing bad has happen to her.”

“I hope so, at night it’s hard to sleep. It’s hard not knowing where your daughter. Before Astrid went missing, she was having a hard time with Chanel, she was only 19 when she had her. Astrid talked about trying to find the father, but all she could remember was his eyes. Blue as the Konani sea, she often said. Chanel has his eyes, her only memory him. I think she did something crazy to look after him… But Astrid loved Chanel.. she wouldn’t leave her like she did…”

“I am sorry. I can tell you that I’m not him. I never been to Konani Bay actually. But my dad… my dad had. Five years ago, he celebrated his birthday there. I was supposed to go but I just lost the mother of my daughters earlier that year.. I wasn’t in the mood to party.”



 “Oh..well.. I’m sorry to be dropping this on you. However I do need to speak to you about something else. You may have to make new arrangements with Kimora. I’ll be picking up more shifts at the hospital starting in 2 weeks. I won’t be able to keep Kimora. I gotta find a sitter for Chanel now.”

“Oh well okay. Kim isn’t gonna be happy about it.”

“I know, the girls are close but I really need the extra money for bills and Chanel. I wish I could continue to help you. I plan on signing Chanel up for some after school programs that why she doesn’t have to sit at the sitter’s house until I’m done.”

“What kind of programs? Maybe I can sign my girls up too, Kim and Chanel can still hang.”

“There’s an art program at Acrylic Rhythm and a ballet class too. I’m thinking of enrolling her in both.”

“Cool, Mariah gets private ballet lessons there with Clarissa. Kim doesn’t like it so much. She might if she learns you’re enrolling Chanel.”

“Possibly, I think it would be good if you enroll Kim in as well. It’s good for her.”

“Speaking of the devil, where is she?” 







 “I really can’t hang out with Chanel anymore?”

“Not so true if you don’t mind being enrolled in ballet class. I know how thrilled you are about that.”

“That’s so girly and lame!”

“But Chanel will be there. So will it still be girly and lame?”


“So you wouldn’t mind? Clar misses you, ya know.”

“Yeah? I guess it’s cool if Chanel is gonna be there.”

“Good, you just made things easier for me for once.”

“I figure you needed a break.”

“Now go tell your friend goodbye.”



 Kimora hugged her friend bye and we left. She stayed quiet during the ride home. I was surprise that she didn’t put a fight about having to enrolled back into ballet class. I guess if your best friend is gonna be there, then why bother fighting?




 “Daddy is putting me back in ballet.”

“You said it was lame.”

“Yeah but I’m gonna make it cool cause me and Chanel are cool.”

“It’s cool anyway.”

“Nah, you’re in it!”

“I’m not lame!”



 “You think that but you are.”

“And what makes you think I’m lame?”

“Cause you like girly stuff. Flowers, the color pink and happiness.”

“That doesn’t make me lame! You’re lame for thinking that.”

“I can never be lame! I like cool stuff like ninjas, bugs and misery.”

“No that just makes you a weirdo!”

“You’re a weirdo! You got a weird face!”

“I’m not a weirdo! You are! You think bugs are cool. Bugs are gross!”

“Well you are gross!”

“I am not! Morde-dad! Kimora said I’m a gross weirdo!”

“You’re also a tattle teller too!” 




 As my girls were arguing with each as usual, I heard a knock at my door. Not shockingly, the crazy red head had returned. I found her yelling at the wall, she didn’t notice that I came to the door before I had to say something.




 “Why are you here?”

“My heart needs you! Everyday I’ve been crying my eyes out. I missed you. Do you forgive me?”

“Forgive you for what?”

“We had a little tiff but I am sorry. Let’s go back to the good days where we loved each other!”

“Look, Robin.”


“Whatever, you and I never had anything. We just hooked up for one night. You need to leave.”



 “Not until you love me once again. I missed you, Mordecai!”

“Hey now! Stop that! Don’t touch me, seriously you need to go!”

“Baby, you don’t mean that!”

“Yes I do, now will you just go before I call the police?!”




 “I love you! Kiss me my love. I wanna be close you, baby.”

“Get off of me, you crazy bitch!”




 “Why can’t you just love me like I love you! You are the one! I just know it!”

“Did you forget to take your meds today?! You were a one night stand. Something that I regret now. Now can you please go. You are making a scene!”




 “You regret me? You regret ever being with me? Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, you seemed nice and all at first but you’re fuckin’ crazy. I can’t be involved with someone like you. I’m sorry to tell you that but it’s the truth. Now will you leave me alone?”

 “But I can change. I can change for you, baby.”

“I seriously doubt that.”



 “You and I could have something great together. You really want me to leave?”

“Uh..yeah. Please do. You’ll find a nice guy one day…maybe.” 

“Yeah and hopefully he’s a mental doctor too.”

“I guess I’ll leave since you hate me.”

“I didn’t say that I just think you need some help. Please get some for your sake.”

“Maybe if I get better then you will love me again.”

“ Please Roberta, please go home.”

“It’s Reba. I’ll go. I will miss you.”




 I watched her leave to make sure she really left. In fact I waited in the hall for 5 minutes to make she didn’t come right back up. She finally left and I hope it’s for good.




 “Is the crazy girl gone?”

“Yeah. I hope.”

“So you’re not gonna marry her?”

“Hell no! I think I’m done with crazy females for now on.”

“Was my mom crazy?”

“Sonoko was Sonoko. That’s all I gotta say.”

“Mom was crazy.”



 “A little.”

“Daddy, am I gonna be crazy too?”

“Nah, I’m raising you.”

“So I am gonna be crazy…”



Love For The Ladies: Chapter 85 – Instability

 My girls were sleeping and I went to hit up the club, hoping to find a piece of some loving since it’s been a while for me. Working on the weekends and now being a full time dad doesn’t leave me much time for myself anymore.

Piper was my last hook up and she was pretty great. She started to catch feelings and shit. I wasn’t interest in being with her ever, not when we were in school did I give her the time of day. She was a little stalkerish, following me around at school, sometimes home after school. Then she decided to be friends with my sisters so she would have a reason to be over all the time. I found it annoying as fuck.

I’m really not sure why I hooked her eventually before moving here. I was drunk off my ass though and since I was moving, why not. It wasn’t like I was gonna see her again. What were the odds of me bumping into her in EC? Then I notice she’s pregnant and the baby is mine. Honestly I did try to give things a try when we were pretending to be together for her parents but I couldn’t see myself with her. I figure she thought since we were having baby that was gonna make us official for real. I wasn’t gonna do it for Kiara’s sake, my heart wouldn’t be in it. Plus the lady that I wanna be with gotta keep me happy and not put me through some bullshit like Sonoko did. I had a strong feeling that Piper would pull some shit like that.




 “Well isn’t it my fav. Let’s see you want the fruity lady drink again, right?”

“Ha ha ha, shut your mouth. What’s tonight’s specials?”

“2 dollar calls and if you’re a hipster we got 3 dollar P.B.R. bottles.”

“Ha ha ha! Lemme get a sprite and vodka.”

“Would that be a diet sprite? Ha ha ha!”

“Oh you think you’re funny. I only got that fuzzy navel for this chick I was trying to get it. You still gonna give me a hard time about it?”

“You know that I’m just messin’. This drink is on the house. Not like we’re making any money tonight. It’s kinda dead but it’s a Sunday, not much action going on here.”

“Thanks man. I wish I had Friday and Saturday nights off. I heard this place gets turnt on those nights.”

“Yeah, good tips and sexier females. Tonight got the scraps but you might find a good looking one here.”




 The bartender was right, the club was pretty dead. A lot more dead than usual on Sunday nights. The ladies were scraps like he said, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna find anything. I just wanna get my dick wet, maybe after a few drinks I won’t be so picky.




I did come across a lady that looked good. She had a nice body, nice sized tits the way I love. I always admired a nice set on a lady. She sounded pretty lit when I started to chat. This is gonna be easy.

“Hey girl, I just gotta say that I think your twins are quite lovely. Can I get your name?”

“It’s Reba! Reba Locke. So you gonna buy me drink?”

“Whoa, slow down there. I just wanna chat for a little.”

“I chat better with free drinks but since you’re cute. I guess we can chat.”

“Well thanks I guess. So are you here all alone?”

“Yep! Well I don’t mean that I don’t have any friends cause I do! They aren’t here but I totally have friends! So I’m not some loser without friends cause I have friends. A lot of my friends are my co-workers. I’m a nurse!”

“Ahh a nurse. I bet you look sexy in one of those sexy nurse outfits for Halloween.

“Yeah so you wanna go fuck?”

“Um.. right now?”

“Yeah! There’s a spot here we can go. Like anyone is here.”

“Sure, we can do that. I wanted to get my dick wet tonight.”

“I’m wearing no panties so it’s gonna be easy!”

“Lead the way.”




 She led me to a small area in the back of the club. Something tells me that she’s been back here many times before. But I didn’t care, just was what I was trying to get. It felt so nice to finally get some action, even its in small cramp area.

I lifted her up and held her against wall, she was right about her not wearing any panties. I was able to glide in with ease. I tried to be quick as impossible in case one of the bouncers comes across us but then again I didn’t want her to think I was a quick shooter. I wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe I should invite her over for a night cap but something tells me that might be a bad idea.




 “The was nice I guess but I thought you would last longer.”

“I could in a more relaxing environment.”

“Maybe we can go to your place? My roomie has an exam in the morning, we might bother her.”

“I’m not sure if my place is the right place. I would say we could be quiet at your place but I might make ya get loud. Besides, my daughters live with me and they are sleeping.”

“You got a gag ball? It will keep me quiet.”

“Um.. no.. I take it you’re kinda freaky?”

“Yeah! My roomie has a rule about having guys over. She’s a hater.”

“Well honestly I’m not-“




Before I could finish my sentence, this chick was all over me. I don’t think I ever been kissed like that. It was a bit passionate and I kinda liked it. I was hesitate about it inviting her over but she easiest convinced me. I think her and I could have some real fun tonight.




We made our way into my bed. She was starting to get a bit loud with her moans. I didn’t want her to wake my girls. I wasn’t sure what I could use to muffed her sounds. A pillow might kill her so I used my hand over her mouth. Then she demands that I would choke her. I wasn’t sure about it but I did. As I was choking her, she wanted to be slapped around and be told that she’s a dirty slut.

Honestly I wasn’t comfortable with that but if she was into it, I could give it a try. I will admit that I did kinda enjoined it since she was loving it. At least it didn’t wake my girls up, which shocked. Violent sex should wake up anyone. However Kimora being a genie, she’s a natural heavy sleeper like my dad. Kimora sleeps through anything, Mariah stayed asleep thank goodness.




 “Who are you?”

“Hi little girl. I’m Reba.”

“Okay but why are you here in your underwear?”

“I didn’t bring any jammies. You like pancakes? I make the best pancakes ever!”

“Are you my dad’s friend?”

“We’re gonna get married soon cause I know he’s the one.”


“Yeah! He has manly rough hands and choked me better than any other guy.”

“My dad choked you? Why? My dad wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s a good guy!”

“I told him to and I loved it!”

“Why? That’s strange.”

“It’s how adults show that they love each other! You’ll understand when you get older.”




 I guess she didn’t go home after we fucked. I heard her leave but I guess she faked leaving. I should had followed her to the door but I stayed in bed and went to sleep. Now here she is, in my kitchen making breakfast in her bra and panties. I would tell her to leave but her cooking smells good. My girls deserve a hot breakfast before school for once.



 “How do you all like my pancakes?”

“It’s yummy. Morde-dad, are you really gonna marry her? She can cook good.”

“Marry her? Who said anything about marrying her.”

“Your daughters like me. We should get married.”

“Hey wait a second. You and I just met, there was no chat about getting married. Besides, you were suppose to leave after our time last night.”

“You didn’t mean for me to leave, sweetie. I know how guys like to play games.”

“I didn’t say you could sleepover. Let’s not talk about this in front of my kids.”

“So you’re not gonna marry her?”

“Mariah, did you do your homework?”

“I didn’t have any. But you didn’t answer my question.”

“We’ll talk later.”




 “I dunno who you are but you’re not gonna marry my daddy.”

“You don’t like me? I made pancakes.”

“He’s my daddy and no one can have him. So take your pancakes and leave. When I get bigger, I can use my magic and make better pancakes than others.”

“I will have your daddy. You just wait little girl.”

“I’ll like to see you try!”




 “I think we will have a wonderful family!”

“Hey! Can we ta-“




 “Look here, Ruby…”

“It’s Reba.”

“Whatever. I think you’re nice and all but you need to leave. Thanks for the breakfast but really…leave. I gotta get my kids ready for school and I don’t need you to be here.”

“I can help. I love kids. I nurse sick kids all the time. I work with babies in the nursery too.”

“That’s nice but you need to leave. Don’t you gotta work anyway?”

“I got second shift so I got time. We can spend the morning together when the kids go to school.”

“Ruby, no. You need to go home.”

“What are you saying?”

“That you need to leave and I don’t wanna see you again. You’re creeping me out.”




 “What about us?! What about our future family?! I loved you!”

“Whoa! I really think you need to go. I knew I regret bringing your home!”

“You love me and I love you and we need to be together!”

“I never said that I loved you. I said that I loved your tits cause those are amazing. But you are kinda crazy and you need to go like now.”




 “Don’t you wanna choke me again? I loved when you choked me. I loved your man hands and I wanna be with you!”


“It’s Reba!”

“Rebecca, please go home. Never come back.”

“I’m not leaving until you say you love me! Say it!”


“Say it!”

“Please don’t make me carry you out in front of my kids.”

“You throw me against the wall too? I love it when you get rough with me! Slap my ass!”




 “Rachel.. please.”


“I’m serious.”

“Love me or I will die! I can’t live without your love!”

“Please don’t make me call the police…”

“I will die! I love you Mordecai!”


“You haven’t seen the last of Reba! You will love me and you will like it!”





 After the crazy chick left for real, I got my girls ready for school. Mariah caught the bus for school while I drove Kimora across town to a school for pre-k-ers and kindergartens. We didn’t talk about the crazy girl but it was me telling Kimora to not beat up anymore little boys in her class today.





She has been a bit of a trouble maker in her kindergarten class, mainly just picking fights with boys. Every other day she’s sent home with a note by her teacher cause of her behavior.

Things are starting to get serious when I received a letter from the school saying they will kick her out the program if she doesn’t behave. I know I gotta deal with this now.





 “I’m serious, Kim. No kicking any boys’ asses today. They want to kick you out of the school. You’ll have to go to the baby school if they do.”

“I don’t wanna go to no baby school! These boys are wimps!”

“I know but stop, for real.. Or I’m gonna do something dad like.”


“Send you to your room with a red ass.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I read some parenting guides which was bullshit according to one of my trainees. She said I needed to follow the old school parenting guide and start beating some ass.”

“Then I’ll call the police and say you’re abusing me!”




 “But it’s not! There’s a limit and she also said that I don’t need to explain things to you either. So stop beating ass or I’m gonna start beating ass!”

“Fine! I’ll stop!  Chanel and I are gonna play cops and crackheads today.”

“Good, just don’t fight. Okay? I don’t find bulling cool, it makes you look like a punk.”

“I’m not a punk!”

“Then stop acting like one. We clear?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Have a nice day, I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy.”



 It was near 3 PM and my shift was about the start. I didn’t relax much thinking the crazy chick would come back but she didn’t. My daughters will be out of school in an hour and my shift just started. I had to make special arrangements for both. Mariah get picked up by either Clarissa or one of my brothers and she spends the rest of the day with them until my shift is over. Kimora goes home with her friend Chanel. Chanel lives with her grandmother and she offer to keep Kimora until my shift, which isn’t til 9 at night.

I’ve been trying to get a different shift but no go with my boss. The second shift gives me more clients to train since people are getting off of work. I get paid more but I need to be home for my kids. I explained to my boss about the sudden changes in my life and said I’m one of the top personal trainers and highly requested. He needed me here for the high traffic time and has no plans to move me to first shift. It bums me out…maybe if I had a wife, then my girls could actually come home after school instead of having to be baby sat everyday and going to bed late. L2 keeps telling me that the girls need stability, a decent bedtime. I’m trying, I really am. Maybe I’ll try online dating, go a few dates and hope to meet someone who I can spend the rest of their life with. Having a genie dad gives me some benefits of living longer and aging slower. 




My shift is going okay and today one of my clients happen to be my baby brother’s doctor. I guess being a doctor, you’ll need to be fit as well.

“Don’t go slacking today. 20 more reps to go.”

“I’m not sure if I can today. I’m still sore from yesterday.”

“Don’t be a quitter, Evan. My baby bro isn’t so you can push through the burn!”

“Eli is a fighter! I’m not!”

“I’m not gonna cut you any slack cause you’re taking care of my kin but you’re gonna keep on going!”

“Okay! The truth is that I had a very late night with a lady friend! I’m kinda tired.”

“Ahhhh man. Getting a pre-workout then? Okay fine. I’ll cut ya some slack. 10 reps then.”

“Thanks man! My lady friend is liking these results!”

“Ahh really? Then you gotta keep at this then, doc!”





After I was done with Evan, we chatted a bit about my baby bro. He’s getting concern about his healthy. Eli was doing good, was about to go home with June but suddenly his health dropped and he was back to one day.

June gotten in trouble after being rude with Clarissa a few weeks back, June had some time off and visited Eli unsupervised and now shit is bad. Evan talked about an anonymous tip came in saying she’s been using witch magic to keep him ill. Evan said he gotta been in an occult specialist but stressing out cause he can’t get one here soon enough. So he’s having late nights with a lady and he’s doing poorly in our sessions. That’s some deep shit. Hearing this pissed me off. That bitch is killing my bro for whatever reason.

If she didn’t wanna bring him home, L2 could since he’s the legal guardian of dad’s minors. I thought he was cool, she would come by the gym to drop off her friend. The hospital staff is under investigation and it’s stressing everyone out. I remember crazy chick saying she’s a baby nurse, maybe that’s why she was being all weird but I think she might be actually crazy.




My shift was almost over and I had some free time since I had no more clients for the night. Boragio showed up for his after dinner work out. It’s always good seeing him and all. I know I won’t be seeing him much after the baby is born. But it’s nice to hang out with my bros whenever.

“How’s wifey to be doing?”

“Great actually. I think she’s in nesting mode cause she’s been cooking a lot.”

“I bet it’s nice to have a home cook meal everyday.”

“Yeah it is. Try settling down and you’ll know how it is.”

“Ha ha ha! I guess. Maybe I’ll put a baby in the next female I’ll meet.”

“Ha! I love Vega, I’m not marrying her cause were having a baby.”

“I know, just giving you shit lil’ bro.”



 “I know but I’m serious though. You got 3 kids, 2 without a mother. Mariah is unhappy, she and I talk. L2 is right about stability. Vega and I read about it in those baby books.”

“I can’t go to the wife store. I’m not as lucky as you. The right one isn’t an easy find. Plus I’m not sure if I can settle down. Dad never did..”

“Dad tried with my mom. Remember? Dad tries for the most part.. gotta give him credit for that at least. Dad told me how he wanted to try things with Clarissa before his coma.”

“Tragically always strikes when dad tries…”

“Maybe but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen to you too. Stop chasing pussy and you might find something real. You don’t wanna end up with another crazy baby mama. So far you had 2.”

“That’s the last thing I need. Another crazy baby mama knocking on my door with some drama. Anyway.. when’s the date? Maybe I can find a date ya know.”

“Vega doesn’t wanna be big and round in her dress but she wants my name and want the baby to have my name too. So she’s gonna be waddling down the aisle then. We haven’t picked a date but it’s before September at least.”




“I guess that will give me some time to find a date. You know Mariah wants to be the flower girl.”

“Yes, she’s talks about it when I pick her up. We would like to see Solar be the flower girl. Vega shown me a dress that would be cute on her.”

“We got an issue though. Solar can’t walk yet. Plus Mariah would be sad.”

“Weddings can have 2 flower girls, Mariah can show her how. Plus Solar would probably get shy and cry. If only she could walk. L2 said she refuses to learn. She gotta see a PT for it now. That whole alien thing is messing her up.”

“It’s crazy. I’m glad you’re married and all. We gotta have a bach party tho. Get some strippers and all. You gotta have one great night before the ball and chain is attached.”

“We best partied the best in Star City. I miss that place.”

“Why not get married there? I can throw you a bach party there. We can hit up The Edge. Call Bora, she can get ya the hook up on a wedding venue. I’m sure she can find a place Vega would love.”

“A wedding in Star City? Hmm I’m not sure if Vega wanna get married out of state.”

“Trust me, Vega would love that. She can see where you grew up. Lots of peeps get married there. Plus she can buy cute baby things.”

“I guess. I’ll talk to Vega about it. I think she would like it.”

“You’ll be thanking me, bro.” 

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 84 – Mommy Issues

It’s been a few months since I decided to start doing the right thing. Sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing to move my daughters from the suburb into the city. They had a yard to play in, parks to visit and closer to the school. I don’t exactly have the kind of money to buy one of those nice comfy house like mine dad’s but I needed to be a father to my kids. Even if that means living in cramp apartment.

I do like living in the city and having close access into the hottest clubs downtown. The city is more of my style and speed. However I would be able to enjoy more it if I were a childless bachelor. Sometimes I still think that way, I guess it will take time to adjust to this change in my life. It’s not all about me anymore, I got three daughters to think about now.




 I’ve been dealing with some shit with Kiara’s grandparents. They never allow me to see my own daughter. Piper would make plans for me to see her, only to have her parents to suddenly give a reason why I can’t spend time with Kiara. Piper and I haven’t been getting along since she let’s her parent run her life and decide what’s best for OUR child. Sandra made a comment how I wasn’t a responsible parent cause I was still living at home and having someone raise my two oldest. She may have been right about that but I think I could be a great father to Kiara, at least I would have another chance with her by doing the right thing.

I wanted to prove to Sandra that I am a responsible parent by moving out and taking Mariah and Kimora along with me. Mariah wasn’t happy about it, she wanted to stay cause she lived close to her best friend and how there was a pool at my dad’s house. I really think she wanted to stay cause of my dad. She wants to be there once he wakes up. I told Mariah that the apartment is close to the hospital, she can see my dad a lot more while he’s still in a coma. 

The first week was hard, Mariah cried herself to sleep however Kimora adjusted okay. I got a 3 bedroom apartment that way the girls got their own room. I think maybe that’s why Kimora wasn’t too bothered. She wanted her own bedroom, Kimora likes her own space.

It has been 4 months since we move here. Things seem to be more settle down, Mariah is comfortable and doesn’t cry herself to sleep anymore. I think I’m adjusting okay to this single daddy thing. I’m still trying to train Mariah to call me dad, I always had her call me by my name. Kimora always called me dad cause my dad taught her early on. It’s gonna take some time with Mariah, I just feel bad cause when Mariah was born…. I didn’t want to be a dad. I had her think of me as her uncle and my dad as hers. I got 7 years to make up… I hope it’s not too late.




 “Wanna build a city with me?”

“Yeah and it can die by tornadoes!” 

“No Kim! It’s gonna be a nice city that has no tornadoes!”

“Sounds like a boring city! I want tornadoes cause they are cool!”

“No they’re not! They hurt people and their homes.”

“And that’s why I like them!”

“Morde- I mean dad! Kimora is being evil again!”




 “I wanna make a water tornado. I wonder if I can make one with the sink. I’ll show Mariah that tornadoes can be cool.”





 Things were easier when my brothers handle the girls. Kimora has taken a liking for setting up pranks around the house. Her favorite tends to be the sink tornado. I’m still kinda new to this parenting thing, and punishing hasn’t been something I’ve tried. I probably should given how Kimora tends to create chaos. I swear she’s the spawn of satan at times. She isn’t like most 5 year old girls who are sweet and gentle. At least Mariah is gentle, sometimes I think Kimora was meant to be a boy. She’s the closest I have to a son in ways.


“I wasn’t me.”

“It’s always you! I’m telling!”

“Go tell you big cry baby! Waa waa!”



 “I’m not a big cry baby! I’m not! You’re a big jerk face!”






“I know, Kim set another sink tornado. I’ll deal with it.”

“If uncle L2 was here, he would grounded her.”

“Probably but it’s just me now. I got this.”

“You said that last time and she did it again… I miss living at daddy’s house.”

“I know you do but I’m daddy now.”

“You weren’t always..”

“I know and I’m gonna make up for it, trust me.”

“Did you not love us until now?”

“What? Don’t be silly, I always loved you both. Things were messy in head but it’s all good now.”




 “‘Kay but I’m getting hungry. Can we have dinner now?”

“Sure, I can order a pizza. Kids like pizza and stuff.”

“But we already had pizza yesterday. I want something else.”

“We got some PB & J.”

“Morde-dad, I had that for lunch. Can you cook some spaghetti like Clar’s mom?”

“You know I can’t cook. I’ll order a pizza, okay?”





 “Uncle Boragio and Vega said we need veggies.”

“I thought you hated those?”

“That’s Kim but I’m starting to like veggies cause we eat a lot of junk. My tummy feels weird sometimes. Can I just have dinner at Borgie and Vega’s house?”

“They probably ate already. We can have pizza one more time then I’ll see about you eating dinner with Boragio and Vega. Too bad your sister is too young to conjure food.”





 “Hey, it’s me again.. Yeah and Yeah I know that I need a wife but stop giving me grief about it, Josh. Gimme my usual but make it extra special. My daughters are getting bored. It’s probably your fault too, Josh haha.”




I can’t cook for shit, I normally order out or make simple sandwiches. They girls are getting bored and I figure they would love eating pizza all the time. I know I am and all. I guess it’s time to changes things up a bit.

“Josh did better with this. You girls like?”

“I’m tried of pizza..”

“I love pizza! Can we have pizza for breakfast, daddy?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Morde-dad, Uncle L2 said pizza is not for breakfast.”

“Who care what Uncle lame said. We should have pizza for breakfast everyday!”

“Watch it girl, your uncle is cool. We still have some cereal, Mariah. You can have that.”

“I miss having pancakes for breakfast..”

“We miss a lot of things but this is how things are gonna be now.”




 “Why aren’t you married? Maybe if you get married then Kim and I will have a mommy that can cook good food for us.”

“I just can’t go to the wife store and buy a wife. Besides, I like being single and free. It’s something that I never got to enjoy until….”

“Until mommy died?”

“Yeah.. I was with your mommy for a long time…”

“Did you marry her?”


“Why not?”




 “Marriage is a serious thing, we weren’t on that level yet. Your mom was older than me, she wasn’t ready to be married again and I was young. I just wanna enjoy my single life for a while, things were crazy with your mom. For once I can do what I want to do and answer to no one.”

“We want a mommy.. I don’t remember ours.”

“Yeah but that’s not gonna happen anything time soon.”




 Mariah wasn’t done with the mommy subject, she insist that I find a wife so she can have a mother. I figure her having Clarissa in her life would fill that void but it wasn’t enough. I guess she wants a mother who lives with her and cook for her.

It’s not like I could marry Clarissa, she’s sexy and all but my comatose dad still has claim on her apparently. Yeah I flirted with her but told me that she’s waiting for my dad. I think it’s silly in a way, what if my dad doesn’t? I hope he does and all but if he don’t…she would be wasting her time and she’s too fine for that.

 “My teacher Ms Rocha is single and very pretty. Sometimes she brings us cookies and cupcakes that she baked with her friend Jeni to class. So I know she can cool. Maybe you can marry her.”

“Rocha.. This isn’t Sansa, the one who stalks dad whenever he eats at Clar’s mama’s place?”

“No! Not Sansa. Haven. I like her and want her to be my new mommy. My friend Davina’s daddy got married and she has a new mommy and has a little brother too.”

“You want me to marry your teacher?”

“You’ll like her when you meet her for parent-teacher conference.” 




 “You think so? Most teachers are hags. I’m sure she has a hidden husband somewhere.”

“I know she isn’t married. She has a girl roommate.”

“Maybe she’s a lesbo.”

“What’s that?”

“Girls who likes other girls. It’s kinda hot to watch.”

“Watch what? What do lesbos do?”

“Stuff you don’t need to know or ever do…ever. I’m happy being single, don’t you want your dad to be happy?”

“No, I want a mommy.”




 “Selfish huh? Ha ha ha ha! Marriage isn’t an easy thing. It’s suppose to be serious and final. I’ve only been single for 5 years and I love it.”

“And I haven’t had a mommy for 5 years. What about Piper? I like her.”

“She doesn’t cook, besides.. I’m not into her.”

“But you made a baby with her. Ms Sandra can cook. We can have dinner at her house.”

“Sorry Mariah, that’s never gonna happen. Besides, Piper has a boyfriend.”

“Clarissa? She’s so pretty and nice and she takes care of us. I really like her!”

“And she really likes your papa lot. Trust me I tried..”




 “You gotta marry a pretty lady! Please?”

“One day but not now or tomorrow. Clar is kinda your mommy, isn’t that good enough?”

“I want a forever mommy…like Davina.”

“So it’s mainly cause your friend got a step mom?”

“No.. I always wanted a mommy like Kiara does. Kiara has a mommy who sings to her, buy her pretty clothes, make her hair pretty. I bet Kiara is gonna do more things with Piper when she’s bigger. Kim and I have none of that. All my friends got mommies and they do fun things with their mommies.”

“We do fun things.”

“Yeah but it’s different with a mommy.”

“I see your point but sweetie.. daddy isn’t ready. I wish you could understand that.”

“I hope I get one before I’m too old to care..”




 It was the girls’ bedtime and I made sure they were getting ready to go to bed so I could go out for the night. I checked on Kimora first since she tends to be difficult at everything.

“You ready for bed?”

“I guess. You gonna leave?”

“Yeah, it’s Sunday night.. Gotta party since I work on Fridays and Saturdays.”

“Don’t we get a babysitter?”

“Why? You’ll be sleeping anyway.”

“What if there’s a fire tornado?”

“Then use your sink tornado against it. Besides if there’s a fire, it’s probably you who set it. Now please be a good kid and sleep.”

“What if the hamburglar tries to break in?”

“What? Hamburglar? I believe the hamburglar only steals burgers. Don’t be silly. Anyway, what’s your take on the mommy issue? You were quiet about it.”




 “I guess it could be cool but I dunno. I like it being just us.”

“So you don’t have any single ladies to push on me then.”

“Chanel’s grandmama is pretty.”

“Yeah, Jasmine is pretty sexy for a grandma but she a lot older than me even if she doesn’t look like it.”

“She does yogurt!”

“Yoga and I know since she does it at the gym I work at. So you’re okay with me staying single?”

“I don’t care.. Not sure if girls wanna marry you, daddy.”

“Why you say that?”

“Cause I’ll end them! You’re MY daddy!”

“Kimora, you’re gonna have to share me at some point..”

“No I don’t!”




 “I hope the hamburglar isn’t hiding under my bed.. Kids say he waits and hides under beds.”















 “What’s wrong?”

“The hamburglar is under my bed! You can’t leave!”

“Mariah, there’s no such thing as the hamburglar.”

“But I saw big scary eyes!”

“Trust me, there’s nothing there.”

“I can’t go to bed!”

“I’ll show you that there’s nothing there.”





 “Something is there! I saw it!”

“You want me to go check?”

“No! He might get you!”

“But I’m a big strong man and I can beat him up. Look at these muscles.”

“But he’s bigger!”

“He can’t be bigger, how could he fit under your little bed?”


“He doesn’t have magic. He’s a jerk and I’m gonna beat him up.”




After showing Mariah that there’s nothing under her bed, I figure I’ll read her stuff from my high school year book.

“You see that your dad was always a sexy man here in my freshmen year book. I became a man that year.”


“I met your mom and she was the most beautiful lady in the world.”

“You looked like a kid.”

“I was 14 but after meeting your mom, I was an adult in her eyes. I loved than woman since. She also made your papa into a man…and Boragio…and Junior… I wasn’t happy about that but I loved her.”

“What did my mommy do to turn everyone into a man? Did she have magic like daddy?”

“She had magic but a different kind of magic.”

“Was she nice?”



 “She could be nice..”

“So she wasn’t always nice like Kim?”

“Your mom had her ways of doing things but I didn’t care cause I loved her. I loved everything about her.”

“Am I like my mommy?”

“You’re just as beautiful as her. Sometimes its hard to look at you cause you remind me so much of her.”

“But am I like her?”

“You’re just as sweet as she was.”




Mariah wanted to know more about her mom but I found it hard since the truth is that Sonoko was a horrible woman and I was too blind to see it at the time. She treated me like shit, often cheated on me and even hooked up with 2 of my brothers.

When Mariah was born, she wouldn’t let me see her unless I bought her a house. I didn’t want to be dad cause of that. I figure I would turn into a bank account for Sonoko if I wanted to be in Mariah’s life. I didn’t meet Mariah until she was 11 months old. She looked so much like Sonoko, I adored her but just like Piper’s parents, Sonoko made it hard for me to be in Mariah’s life. I gave up so easily..

I let Sonoko win until one night she came over soaking wet from the rain and drunk off her ass. We made love once again, it felt like ages since we had. We made Kimora that night.. I told myself that I wasn’t gonna let go so easily if Sonoko made it difficult for me. 2 hours after she gave birth to Kimora, Sonoko died due to complications of childbirth. I had no one to fight with now but yet I still walked away from being a dad. I was hurt, depressed, unsure… As I tucked Mariah in bed, I realize those weren’t good excuses for being a shitty father. I was just selfish, caught up in my own world. Being just like Sonoko was, a selfish bitch. No more that of that. No more selfish excuses. Maybe I should consider in settling down and finding a mother for my daughters. If I wanna make it right for my girls, it’s the least I can do.