A Field of Dodders: Chapter 4, Put a ring on it

My date with Ty at the summer fest went well.  We headed home and I find myself not caring that she followed me into my bedroom. I relaxed on the bed for a bit and Ty joined me without saying a word. I was a little curious if about what Ty said earlier. If we fucked I wouldn’t get pregnant just yet it.




“I would be safe if we were to fuck tonight, since were not married?”

“Pretty much, the curse doesn’t set in until we are bonded. You will be safe but not me.. If I wasn’t on the pill. It would be pointless of me to take it after we get married.”

“So you’re saying it’s safe now?”

“Yeah.. You are safe for now. So you want to or something?”





“What’s with the change of heart?”

“Maybe cause you been less of a bitch lately.”

“I’m trying to better myself you know.”

“I guess that’s good. You wouldn’t mind if I get you out of that dress.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all.”




I’m pretty sure Ty took this as a sign that I might be into her and accepting my pending fate but it’s anything but. I’m a love genie, a male and a brother who has needs that need to be dealt with. I haven’t had anytime to scroll for a hook ups and Ty was available. She’s sexy and all, I wouldn’t mind fucking her again but something tells me I should of been more clear about my feelings with her first.




“You know how I missed you, Dodder.”

“I know you do, can’t say I blame you.”

“You still have that big ego. Ha ha.”

“You know me.”




“I’m ready whenever you are ready.”

“I’m always ready but are you 100% sure that I won’t get knocked up?”

“Yes I’m sure about it. I’m a witch, I know how our spells work.”

“I’m not ready for any surprises just yet.”

“Trust me, no surprises just yet.”




We had a few rounds before falling asleep. I was pleased as well as her. I wonder if we woke up her mom or Erica. I couldn’t help but get Ty a little loud sometimes. That’s always been my specialty, getting ladies moaning the loudest they could. I figure in the morning I’ll tell Yvonne that I gave her daughter the ring.




“Good morning, Erica or whoever you decided to be today. Did you sleep well?”

“It’s me Erica. And no. It was hard to sleep when your daughter kept yelling out my brother’s name. Did you have to put my room next to his?”

“Oh I am sorry about that. I didn’t hear a thing, thank goodness.”

“Yeah cause you’re all old and can’t hear well. The whole town could hear them. “Oh Dodder. Oh Dodder. I miss that chocolate dick of yours.” Oh yeah, everyone could hear that!”

“There is a spare room you could sleep in whenever they are having a wild night.”

“But I like that bed.”

“Well I don’t know how to help you then.”

“Maybe stop being a evil hag and break the curse then we can leave.”

“You know you don’t have to stay here.”

“But.. I have to.”




“Hey sexy, wanna have a morning quickie before breakfast?”

“I would Ty, but maybe later.”

“I don’t get it. I thought maybe you were finally warming up to me.”

“Can a brother eat first? I gotta have some fuel in me if you wanna be done right.”

“I guess you have a point then.”




I got dressed and headed downstairs to joined Erica for breakfast. Tykisha haven’t came down and is probably sulking cause I wouldn’t fuck her this morning but I was starving and wasn’t in the mood to give her another dose of my chocolate magic. Besides I needed to check on Erica and her personalities. 



“Do girls always gotta remind you of what your name is?”

“Oh.. sorry about that. I turn females into screamers.”

“Do that away from my room next time or make her wear a muzzle. Ru Ru and I couldn’t sleep.”





“Umm, Erica? Who is Ru Ru? Is this a new personality of yours? Please tell me it’s not another personality that you created. You have enough.”





“Chill, negro! Ru Ru is my new dog. She can talk, I found her right before I got abducted by aliens last night.”

“You found a talking dog?”

“Yes! I named her Ru Ru and I like her. Can I keep her?”

“I dunno. I’ll talk to Yvonne about it.”

“I’m keeping the dog even if she say no. I’ll make the dog bite her old ass.”


“What? No evil hag is gonna come between me and my new dog.”





I talked to Yvonne about letting Erica keep her new dog. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I figure Erica having a dog could possibly help her in a way.

“Hey Yvonne, Erica found a dog last night and I was wondering if it would be okay if she could keep it. I think her having a pet could help her with her issues.”




“Sure she can keep her dog. I agree with you, it could possibly help her. I also feel having a pet around would be good for the children. It will teach them responsibility. Also Ty told me that you gave her the ring last night. I guess we can move forward with the wedding this afternoon.” 





“Wait.. I have to marry her today? Can we wait? Maybe I wanted to invite some family to the wedding since it’s my first. I’m not ready to marry her now.”





“Don’t be silly, Dodder. You don’t have much time to waste, you only have 2 weeks left. There’s no way you can plan a wedding within 2 weeks. I know your family live far away from here. Why waste time in inviting them to a wedding that’s not going to last. I’m sure your family wouldn’t want attend 10 of your weddings.”

Yvonne was right, my family wouldn’t want to waste time in attending 10 weddings that wasn’t met to last long. But truth be told, I was just trying to buy more time. I had no idea that I had to marry her soon after giving her the ring.





“Dodder, can I keep Ru Ru? Did the hag say no?”

“Erica, I’m right here. I can hear you.”

“Yes, sis. You can keep the dog.”

“Oh so now you can hear now, evil lady.”

“Erica, I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I’m allowing you to stay with us and letting you keep the dog.”

“I know but I still think you’re a evil lady.”





“Listen up everyone. We have no time to waste. We have a wedding to set up for today.”

“Really mama? Today?”

“Yes Ty, we must move forwarded with the wedding. Today is a nice day for a backyard wedding.”

“Why can’t we do it tomorrow or later on?”

“Dodder, you wasted enough time already. The sooner, the better. Go get dressed. I will handle everything.”

“What do I do then?”

“Erica, you can spend some time with the dog before getting ready.”





“Seriously? We have to do this today?”





“I am serious about this. The wedding is happening today rather you like it or not. I can shave some days off if I must.”





“You don’t need to be such a bossy evil hag. Why force him into something he doesn’t want to do.”

“I had explained things to you about this Erica.”

“There’s this thing called “get over it”. You should try it some time.”

“If you want to stay, I suggest you change your tude towards me.”





I got dressed for doomsday. If I knew I was getting married the next day then I would of hold off fucking Ty last night. It appears she wasn’t aware of the wedding happening so soon but then again, I’m not sure. I must admit of how good I look in this outfit but I’m not ready for what’s waiting for me downstairs. I wonder if Ty had a wedding dress picked out since she knew this would happen at some point. I took a few hits from my flask before heading downstairs.




I met with Ty in the backyard. I was surprised how she wasn’t decked out in a nice wedding dress. She explained how her mother suggested that she don’t waste money on a wedding dress and save it for her real wedding. I know Ty sees this as a real wedding cause she claims to love me.





“C’mon guys! Not today! It’s my twin’s wedding day. I need one day without being cray cray!”






“No! I’m coming out today! You think I wanna be stuck in here with these losers? I wanna go con some people today. Damn it Elaine! Shut up! No conning on Dodder’s day! Wedding day? Am I singing? Girl I know I was booked for this event. No, Eeyonce! No ones wants to hear your bad singing. BITCH! I know you ain’t talking about my singing! Your singing sucks. Shut your cock sucker, Elaine! Heyyyy let’s not fight! Oh no one asked you, Elise!”





“Look you heffas need to chill out for today. I swear if you all ruin Dodder’s day… Whatcha gonna do Erica? Hmm? You can’t hurt us!”





“I’m gonna kill you bitches! Try it! Try it! I will! I hate you all! Even me? No not you Elise, I like you. Why you don’t like me? You’re a bitch Eeyonce! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!”





“Finally… Peace. I hope no one saw that.”





The wedding went on as Yvonne planned. It’s hard to believe that I’m a married man for the first time. I know how happy Ty was after I placed her wedding ring on her finger. I wasn’t happy about this whole thing but I faked a smiled to put on a show. I wanted to take off running but my feet wouldn’t move. I knew if I did, something bad could happen to me if I left Ty at the alter. You would think a mother would love to see their child marry someone who they would have a lasting marriage with. I’m not sure if Yvonne knows about the feelings Ty have for me. If she was any kind of parent, she wouldn’t put Ty through this. It’s going to hurt Ty when I have to end this marriage. Yvonne is just a selfish bitch, she claims to care about others feelings but she doesn’t seem to care about Ty’s feelings.





After the ring exchange and saying our I dos, I sat down with Erica for cake. I wasn’t much of a fan of cake since that’s all that was available when I was a kid but Erica loves it and asked me to get a piece. I was a little hungry and grabbed a piece. I wasn’t sure where Ty wondered off to but I didn’t care. They only person I want to be around with now is my twin.





“Ru Ru, did you like the wedding’?”

“I guess it’s okay.”

“Yeah.. too bad my bro doesn’t want to marry her.”

“Why he do it?”

“A witch’s curse. He gotta marry 10 bitches and have 100 babies.”

“That’s some fucked up shit.”

“I know right.”





“Ru Ru?”


“You think I’ll ever get married and have babies?”

“Nah girl unless that man is as cray cray as you.”

“I’m not crazy.”

“Girl, you talking to a dog who you think that it can talk. You is cray.”

“Whatever. Someday I will find true love or a baby daddy at least.”

“I hope you find love one day too. So how bout you find me a mate so I can get puppies.”

“Only when I get a man of my own. I don’t need you rubbing it in my face.”

“That’s never gonna happen.”

“Hey! I’m sexy, I can gets me a man, bitch!”


Note: Erica’s personalities now have names. Diva/Singer= Eeyone, Con Artist= Elaine, Poet=Elise

A Field of Dodders: Chapter 3, Promise

One of the benefits of living here was having a homemade meals made everyday. The food was good and Yvonne made sure that I was fed well. She tries to give the grandmother appeal on me than  being a evil bitch who placed a witch curse on me. I guess she wants me to like her but honestly I can’t stand her. I do enjoy the meals, it saves me the energy of summoning food or trying to cook myself. Cooking was never my strong point and some of us genies don’t bother to cook. Erica does, but my mama never cooked a day in her life. Mainly cause all there were  was cake galore. I hate cake but my brother seems to love it along with Erica.




Every morning was the same thing. Breakfast was made and ready for Erica and I, sometimes Tykisha if she came home from partying or had the day off from work.  Yvonne usually ate at the breakfast bar and I chose the table just to be away from her. I didn’t want her to think that I had accepted my fate. I still believe I can break this curse without giving birth to 100 babies. After breakfast I usually headed to the Elixir shop to do more research. Sometimes Erica came along, sometimes I couldn’t find her which always worries me. She would eventually pop up from no where thinking she was either a famous poet or Beyonce. Today was a bit different for me.




Yvonne wanted to talk to me this morning. I knew she wanted to talk about me marrying her daughter so I would start popping out babies. That’s the last thing I wanna do. I can wait it out if I wanted. It’s not like I had to do it right away anyway.  But that’s when learned I didn’t have time to wait around before having the first kid.




“You been staying here for about 2 weeks. I think it’s time you forwarded with my daughter on marrying her and producing the first child. Time doesn’t wait on you, Dodder.”





“And what do you mean by that? Yeah I know I gotta marry her and have babies but can’t I just adjust to things first? It’s not like I have to do it after away anyway.”




“I forgot to tell you that you only have a month to marry the female after meeting her or the curse will start slowly aging your appearance and weight would start slowly adding on. You already wasted 2 weeks doing who knows what. I think it’s time you take Tykisha on a little date and give her this ring.”




“Wait? I only have just a month before I have to marry them? It’s that a little too soon? I mean.. I just can’t jump into marriage and babies just like that without knowing them first. If I have to marry them for some time, I want to at least know them. This info would of been nice to know ahead of time.”





“I figure you would of married her by now instead of avoiding her. I know she can be a handful at times but she can be sweet. Also you don’t have a lot of time to hold out on making the next child after one is born. You have 6 months to be pregnant with the next child. After the 10th child is born, you have to end the marriage after the 1oth child’s 5th birthday. I will bring in the next female and you’ll have a month to marry her. After your 10th child with Tykisha, I will be giving you a fertility treatment to increase the chances of twins, triplets or even quads. More babies but less pregnancies.”




“I don’t like anything that you just said. Especially the fertility treatment part. My brother gave birth to 7 alien babies at once and that’s no walk in the park. One baby bothers me but quads? Really? I know it would mean less pregnancies but that’s too many damn babies at once. This whole thing is fucked up. I am a good guy in a way. I look after my twin sister. I have some good in me. I know I fucked up some lives in the past but I was trying to change for my sister. Doesn’t that count for something?”




“The hearts you’ve broken, the marriages you’ve ruined, the lives you’ve destroyed, I can’t ignore those. Yes you are doing well with your sister but this is a case of “a little too late”. What you’re doing now doesn’t count for the chaos you created in the past. You only cared about yourself and no one else. 4 women suffer the lost of miscarriage of your baby and was later told they couldn’t conceive again. And one woman had a stillborn child of yours. She took her life when her husband learned that stillborn baby wasn’t his and he left her. She reached out for you, but you slapped her hand away. That… I cannot ignore.”




I remember Olivia. She was a girl that I met at a club one night. She was newly married when I met her. I fucked her a few times before she told me she was pregnant. I figure it could be her husband’s so we left it at that. Some months later she said the baby boy was stillborn and it was mine. I didn’t believe her cause if that baby was mine, he wouldn’t be a stillborn. Navox genies don’t have stillbirths cause we are immortal. Olivia told me how her husband left her and she needed me but I didn’t believe her about the stillborn. It wasn’t long before I was told that she killed herself. Years later my mama told me there’s a chance of a Navox genie having a non genie child. She had a human child with Borage and Celsia’s dad and mention Borage had 2 human sons. I felt like a ass after learning that. My stillborn son didn’t carry my genie occult, that’s how it was possible for Olivia to have a stillborn. The same go the other ladies who miscarried my other children. They all didn’t carry my genie gene. Borage was lucky for his 2 human sons survived in their mother’s wombs.

I decided maybe I’ll take Tykisha the the summer fest, I figure Erica would like to go as well. I didn’t want to leave her alone with Yvonne or with her other personalities.

“Erica, wanna come to the summer fest with Tykisha and I?” 




“Erica? She ain’t here! I’m Eeyonce and I gotta practice for tonight’s show. I gotta get this dance right so leave me alone, random negro!”





“Eeyonce, I told you once before. I’m your brother and you don’t have a up coming show tonight.”

“I ain’t got no brother! Mama didn’t have no boys other than my sister Eolange.”

“You don’t have a sister named Eolange.”

“Do too!”

“Anyway Eeyonce, do you want to come or not?”





” I told you no, negro. I got a show tonight and I gotta get these moves down or my fans won’t love me!”




There was no point trying to convince that personality to come with us. That’s the one who annoys me the most. Eeyonce only comes out whenever a certain song is played, sometimes it could be a random song. I wonder if I could get rid of all the stereos so I don’t have to deal with Eeyonce ever again. I made my way to Tykisha to finally ask her on a date.

“The summer fest had started, wanna go with me?”




“Are you finally asking me out on a date? A real date?!”





“Yeah, a real date. I know how you been hinting about the summer fest so I figure we could go today unless you have other plans?”




“Of course I love to go. It’s my day off, let’s go. I want to go skating. I haven’t skated since I was a kid.”

“Hey you bitches coming to my show tonight?”




“I guess skating could be fun. I don’t think I ever been skating before. Mama was always too drunk to take us anywhere.”





It was a nice day for the summer fest. I was currently enjoying my view. Tykisha surprised me a bit today. She was actually kinda sweet and less bitchy than usually. I wonder what’s with the change and how long will it last.




We skated for a bit when we first got there. I suck at this whole skating thing but Tykisha was willing to teach me how to since she was kinda good at it.




After a hour or so I did start to get better at it but I really like skating behind Tykisha and following her lead. I had some time to admire her nice assets. I’m starting to remember how good she was in bed and I’m realizing it’s been a while since I last been laid. I’m really glad Tykisha chose to wear a short dress today.





Tykisha suggested on trying out the photo booth for a picture. I figure it would be okay. So far today has been fun but it was near sundown and I knew I had to give her the ring tonight since I have 2 more weeks left.




As the sunsets and the stars filled the sky, I suggest that we watched to stars. It’s something that I don’t usually do but it’s been a while since I last done it. The night sky was looking nice and I figure it was something Tykisha would like. It’s a date after all and I guess I could make this night memorable for her.




“Today has been fun, Dodder.”


“I told you that I’m not so bad.” 

“Yeah? But how long will this last?” 

“Forever if you’re good. I’m thinking you’re only doing this cause you have to. Ya know you have 2 weeks left.”

“I know but yeah I’m only doing this cause I have no choice do I?”

“Maybe we don’t have to end our marriage after the last kid.”




“You know that I have to. Your mom said so.”

“I know but I’m a witch too and I can find a way to undo my mother’s curse.”

“You would go against your own mother?”

“Only for you. I’m not okay with you having 100 babies. In way.. I want to be the one carrying our babies.”

“I rather the female does but you know how I feel about kids and marriage.”

“I’m hoping I could be the one to change your mind.”

“You can try but it’s unlikely.”

“Maybe after we are married, you would. But I wanna break the curse, Dodder. It’s just my magic isn’t strong yet.”

“Why do you want to break it and how can you make your magic stronger.”

“It’s cause I love you, Dodder. One way to make my magic stronger is to carry a child of a Navox genie like you. I can’t carry your child cause of the curse.”




“You had my first baby, how come your magic didn’t get stronger?”

“Cause he was born a witch. You have a brother right?”

“Yeah.. 3 brothers but only 2 are genies. Why?”

“They could help us if I have their baby.”

“Well Glad is a teenager and Borage’s lady just died a few months ago.” 

“I need one of them..”

“I doubt Borage would want to have another baby especially after his lost.”

“I guess I could wait some years but when you think Borage is fine, call him. He can help break this if I have his child.”

“I’ll see what I can do. But for now, he’s not going go for it.”




I wonder if what Tykisha said was true. Could her magic be strong enough if she has my brother’s child? I know Borage currently wouldn’t do anything with her since he just lost someone that he loved. But I wonder if he would help his brother out. The timing would be terrible to ask him to fuck my soon-to-be-wife. I guess we will have to wait for some years to go by.





The summer fest was about to close for the day and I figure I give Tykisha the ring. She acted like she didn’t know it was coming when I asked to marry her. I’m trying to change so I let her have her moment. She said that she loves me and I’ll let her have her moment. Maybe if I get some good karma going maybe the curse would wear off.





“It’s beautiful, Dodder. I love it!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“It’s perfect! This day is perfect! I promise you that I will find a way to break this curse.”





A promise, could I believe this? Would she promise to help me break this? My gut feelings is saying no, it’s hard to trust witches cause they could be tricky. Maybe Ty is like me and trying to change. If she truly loves me then she would. However I’m not taking my chances and holding on to this promise. I’m still going to find my own way out.





“What’s that in the sky? Those lights are pretty. It looks like there’s a rave going on in the sky. If I had some glow sticks and X I would join the rave party.”

“You gonna get abducted.”

“No I’m not you stupid dog!”

“Dem aliens, they gonna take you.”

“No! It’s a rave in the sky. Hold up! You’re a dog! How are you talking? Am I going crazy?”

“Girl you been cray cray. Nah I can’t talk! Your mind is so fucked up that you believe that I’m talking when I’m just barking annoyingly.”

“You’re a stupid talking dog!”

“Child please! I’m just a dog. Woof, woof bitch!”





“Where am I going?”

“To space to get space fucked.”


“Told ya, dems aliens up there and bout to get in dat ass. Hope you got your lube. Cause girrrrrl you gonna need it for reals!”

“I’m not gonna have butt sex with aliens!”

“Maybe. It don’t happen every time but you never know, girl. Have fun!”






Love For The Ladies: Chapter 42, This is it

Falling in love wasn’t my plan. I never thought that I would be your lover.




And you said you really know me to yourself.  And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes.



“I need to forget…”




“My sweet Borage, everything is going into place. One day.. some soon. We shall be one..”




“Sister, I do not understand. Why allow Borage to be with others when you can have him to yourself now?”





“I do not wish to rush things, Remi. The long wait will be worth it. You shall see. For now, he must go through his trails. It is my plan, Remi dear.”




“As you can see Remi, Lois Champagne’s time with him has expired. I will return, stay put.”

“Yes, sister.”




“I don’t agree of what sister is doing.. I could possibly forewarn and relocate Lois like I did with Alayna.. However sister may caught on to me. Lois, I am sorry.”




Your life is in great danger. You must leave at once, Alayna.”





“Do you have to go now? Don’t ya wanna ride the magic stick first?”




“I’m just picking up a few things for our wedding, tomorrow. I will be back.”




And I feels as though I’ve known you for a thousand years.

“Lois, your time with Borage is up.”




“Who are you?”




“None of your concern.”




“Be lucky that I let you stay around this long. I was hoping Liam would spare you.”







I never thought that I would be your lover. Come on baby just understand.




“Spill it, BL. What’s so important that you needed to ask me?”








“You didn’t think I would know what’s going on with you and my mom?! How could you both! I don’t want to have anything to do with either one of you!”

“BL.. I am sorry.. You don’t mean that.. Were brothers.”

“The hell we are… You’re just somebody that I use to know.”




“Junior! Junior! Wake up! What happen?! Junior! ..Don’t leave me, son!”




“Dad, the doctor said you’re not a match for a blood transfusion for Junior. The test shows you are a relative, but you’re not his father.”




“I am sorry that you had to find out like this, dad. Grandfather is on his way, he’s most likely a match.”




“My son is my brother…”



And you said want to go with you on a while. And I know that it’s really for myself.

“Borage, how is he?”




“How could you do this to me! I’m your son! How could you do this to your fuckin’ son! What kind of parent are you?!”




“Borage, I’m sorry.. I know I shouldn’t had done what I did with Lois.”




“I loved her, dad! You just had to put your dick in her! I hate you! I hate you, you worthless piece of shit! You can have your sorry ass Gelman name back! I hate you!”




“How are you feeling…. son?”

“I will never call you “dad” So you can save it.”




“Daddy, you should come in. It’s getting cold, you’ll freeze to death.”




“Why did you have to fuck him, Lois?! I tried to be the right man for you!”




“Daddy! It’s me, Rae. Lotus Rae, daddy.. I’m not my mom!”




“I’m sorry, cupcake.”




I never heard a single word about you. Falling in love wasn’t my plan.

“I don’t care what the doctors say. I don’t care what the blood test say, you’ll always be my dad. I love you, dad. I just wish you would take better care of yourself. I care about you, dad and I’m getting worried about you. I don’t want to lose you too.”

“Don’t worry…son. You’ll never lose me.”

“Hey bro, it’s Dodder. I got you a gig at this new spot in Moonlight Falls. I seen your recent pics and you look like shit. Get your self cleaned up before you get here. I hope all is well. – Dodder”

“Hey lady, what’s your name?”

“Doll Marine.”

“Hey I liked your stuff. I have some friends opening a club in Storybrook County next week. Would you mind playing there? I can get you booked.”

“Yeah, it’s been too long since I played besides tonight. I’m in.”




“So what’s your name? Mines Cindra.”

“Borage.. Borage Montigo.”




“Let’s take a pic before you have to go.”




“We look good together.”

“Hmm.. I should go.”




“Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?! Daddy!  Why did you leave me here?!” Daddy!”




“Journey, how is Rae? Is she going to pull through?”




“Where the fuck were you for 2 months?! How could you let Rae alone for that long! You should know that kids are dumb?! Where were you, dad!”

“I needed time away.. I thought Pedro or one of you were looking after her. I figure since she and Boragio are 17 now, they could be alone..”

“You thought wrong, dad! You were too busy fucking around to bother coming home to your kids! “




“Let’s see how good of a ladies man you are when I don’t have memory of fucking those bitches. You’ll look like a ass when your can’t remember who they are when they come calling you back!”




I had a great time with you, B. Hope to hook up with you again 😉 – Cindra

“Who the fuck is Cindra and how did she get my number? Is she hot?”




“Luna, I got daddy handled. Erasing memories is kinda cool. – Journey.”




“What man would find me beautiful when my face looks like this. Sometimes I wish I had died in that fire. Maybe I could see mom again. I miss her even if she did daddy wrong.”




“It’s my fault why she is they way she is now.”




“Are you sure you don’t want to move with us?”

“I plan on moving to Storybrook County to stay with Phoenix.”

“Storybrook County? I heard it’s nice. I never been there before.”




“No matter what anyone say about your scars, you’re beautiful and perfect as you are.”

“Thanks, daddy. I’m gonna miss you. Come visit us sometime.”







Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, Mr. Montigo. I hope you and your family will enjoy living here.




“Yo B! It’s me Tini! I hope you got settle in and shit! Come with me to Lucky Palms to visit Tequila. She got a new place. You could use the trip, bro-cuz! – Martini”




This is it. I can feel. I’m the light of the world. This is real. Feel my song, we can say. And I tell you can feel that way.

“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”




And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before. And you said to me that you don’t want me hanging around. Many times wanna do it here before.

“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”




“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”




“I think this will do the trick. He’ll have memory of me.”




“The ghost.. She came out from no where and attacked me. I don’t know who she is.. But why did she attack me?”

“It’s okay, Diamond. I’m here now, this ghost lady won’t bother you again. I’ll protect you. But I know something that will make you feel better.”








“I loved you, Lois! But I guess my dick wasn’t good enough for you and you go off to fuck my dad and had me raise his son as he was my own! I know I made my wrongs but I owned up to them right away! Why did you have me believe that Junior was mine?! I named him after me! I hate you, Lois! I wished that I never met you!”





“Borage… you don’t mean that.. I’m sorry.”




“I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“This is it! I have to get over her.. She never loved me.”




Some scenes where taken from 2 other stories.

Borage appeared in Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums by NyraKick. Doll had triplets by Borage.

Borage also appeared in the Lavoie Legacy by korset

Diamond Flare is from Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge by illyianna2005  The scenes she was in are from a future chapter of Tango Inferno

And this chapter’s song was “This is it” by Micheal Jackson of course.

A Field of Dodders: Chapter 2, Another way?

Yvonne wanted me to move into her home that was just a couple of blocks away from the small house I shared with Erica. Erica asked about moving in with me too and Yvonne allowed it. I wouldn’t leave Erica by herself anyway with her many personalities. The house looked pretty nice but I notice how this house was mostly my 2 favorite colors. I think she did her house in my favor on purpose. Many this curse wasn’t some random act at all. I think the crazy bitch has been planning this for years.

Yvonne shown Erica and I our rooms, Erica had her own and I saw it was decorated in her favor as well. I think Yvonne intended in Erica in moving in. It’s one thing to plan on evil on me but it’s another thing if she has anything planned for my sister.




After settling in, it wasn’t too long before Tykisha gives me a warm welcome. She may be fine but she’s annoying as fuck.

“Well it’s about time you got here, bitch ass.”

“Ugh Ty, I just got here. I was unpacking and shit. It’s not like I was going anywhere soon.”

“I don’t give a fuck, Dodder. You’re suppose to be trying to date me before you ask to marry me.”

“I have to date you first?”

“Yeah.. You owe me big time. I hope you got a fancy date planned for me with your Montigo money, tonight.”

“Your mom didn’t say anything about me having to date you first.”

“Uh duh! You have to date me before marriage like any other person. So where going?”


“That’s fucked up, Dodder. You’re taking me out rather you like it or not.”




“Ya know being married to me isn’t going to be so bad. I think we’ll have fun.”

“I seriously doubt that.. I’m glad I won’t have to stay married to you after the 10th brat.”

“You think I’m just gonna pass you off to some other heffa?”

“Your mom said I’ll be with 10 different women.”

“Like I give a fuck what my mama said. I’m gonna make sure that I’m the one and only wife.”

“Yvonne isn’t gonna let that happen… Thank goodness.”

“That’s what you think!”




After dealing with Tykisha’s crazy ass, Yvonne wanted to check in on me. There was one thing I was curious about and wanted to talk to her about it. How the fuck are these babies gonna get out of me. I know that my brother Borage gave birth 3 different ways but I’m sure in hell not gonna push out any babies out of my ass!

“Dodder, you’re all settle in now? I can show you around the house and answer any questions you may have. I made sure I have my house in the matter which you should find comfortable in living her for some years.”




“Yeah I got one important one. How are these creatures gonna get out? My brother pushed out 7 babies out his ass with one of his pregnancies. No way in hell I’m gonna have butt babies like him!”





“This would be different than alien pregnancies. The baby will simply teleport into your arms however you will feel the same pain during labor like most woman when giving birth.  Your brother Borage, will he be visiting you soon?”





“I dunno.. Why do you care?”

“I have been curious about having relations with a Navox genie. I know how you Navox genies are excellent lovers. I’m sure all 10 of your wives will enjoys themselves with you. Even more knowing they won’t be the ones pregnant.”

“No offense Yvonne, but you’re not my brother’s type… being old and all.”

“Nonsense Dodder. I have my ways.”

“Yeah? Witch voodoo?”

“Child please, I don’t need my witch magic on him.”

“Obvious you don’t know how shallow my brother can be.”




After that strange chat with Yvonne, I decided to make the most of living here for the time being. That doesn’t mean I fully accepted my fate. I know there have to be another way around this.  She used her witch spell on me, maybe I can find a way to break it. I guess I’ll be making a stop to the Elixir shop some time soon.




After a dip in the pool I made a stop at the nearest elixir shop. I talked to the clerk if he knew anything about this curse that Yvonne placed on me and was hoping he knew a way for me to break it. I refuse to be married to anyone, have kids or let alone be pregnant at that. I was hoping the werewolf clerk had some answers for me.



“Ah yes, I have heard of that curse before. It’s one of the rare ones and isn’t used that much in this century. I am very sorry to hear about your dilemma. Its’ much unfortunate being a male and such.  Have you dabble in some alchemy before? I think there’s a rare elixir that could possible break this curse. This shop has tons of books for you to do research for the unique elixir.”



“Well no.. I never messed with any alchemy before. No there’s no quick fix? How rare is this elixir  I rather have this curse broken before I have to marry and have kids with the first female.”




“I am sorry but I wish there was a quick fix for this. It’s extremely rare I’m afraid to say. It requires some exotic ingredients which are hard to come by. I can grant you free access to anything thing in this shop until you are able to break this awful curse. I’m afraid that’s the only help I can offer at this point.”




I hoping he would have a fast solution for this problem but I’m glad he offer to help instead of laughing at my ass. He seems a like a cool person so far. I think it’s cool he given me free access to the shop now.




I started my research at the shop. I had no time to waste. the sooner I start, the sooner I’ll break this curse.




“Dodder! This place is nasty. I know my gig isn’t here in the crusty ass shop.  The fans are waiting for my performance! Let me warm up my voice first. “Ain’t no bitch can get a man like mine. You thirsty hos be begging for the one I got. No no no no bitch, you can’t get like this!“”




 “Erica, you don’t have a gig nor you’re even a singer. Make yourself useless and find another book for me to research in.”




“What do you mean I don’t have a gig tonight? I got my hair and nails did for nothing?!  I hate you Dodder! Where’s my agent so I can throw my phone at him!”




“Erica, I really don’t have time for your foolishness right now. Did you take your meds this morning?”





“Meds? I don’t need meds. I am perfect as I am. Sorry fans of mine, don’t listen to that hater. Your beloved idol is perfect! I wanna deciated this next song to all my beautiful fans. This song is on my latest album. Ready y’all?”




“Nobody wants to hear you sing! Yes they do! My fans love me! I’m not a singer, I’m a famous poet in France. No I’m singing diva and you bitches are haters! No I’m a con-artist from East Bridgeport. I got people to con! I am a singer! The hottest sensation since Beyonce! No, I’m a poet! Gotta write more poems for my love Jean.”










“Hey my loyal fans, who’s ready for my performance? I have a treat for you all.”

“I’m leaving, this woman is insane.’


“Yes ma’am.”



“Erica and the rest… please go wait in the car until I’m done.”





I wanted to make one more stop after I was done researching for the day. I wasn’t sure if I should take Erica home since her personalities are going haywire. She seems fine now but I hope it stays this way after I talk to a fortune teller. She wasn’t much help about finding a way in breaking this curse. She pretty much told me the same things the elixir shop guy told me. She asked if I wanted to know my fortune. I pretty much know what’s ahead if I don’t break this curse in time.




“Dude, you act sucks. Erica is not impressed.”

“That was hurtful.”

“Not as hurtful as your act.”




“Erica.. or whoever you are now, are you ready to go?”

“I guess, this vampy man is kinda lame. I bet I could be a better magician that him. I’m a genie after all. I got the magic clit.”

“Yeah… I’m gonna act like I didn’t hear that.”

“Just saying bro.”




I wanted to do more research at home since I notice Yvonne had a alchemy table upstairs but I was greeted by a bitchy Tykisha instead.  Were not even married yet and she’s already acting like a naggy wife. I regret doing anything with her.





“Where the hell you been? I got myself looking cute and shit for our date and you ain’t even here! I got my hair did and you didn’t notice! My nails done, you ain’t notice that either! And got my coochie waxed too but you don’t get to see cause you be pissin’ me off now. You suck as a boyfriend you know.”





“I never said I was taking you on a date tonight. I was busy doing what I wanted to do. Now can you go, I got work to do now.”




“Uh uh! You owe me some sex now. And don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant until after we are married. So let’s get freaky like we use to do, boo thang.”

“Hell no, I ain’t doing shit with you.”

“Why not? I said you won’t get pregnant yet”

“I don’t give a fuck, I’m not fucking you so you need to go somewhere.”

“Look here, nergo. Gimme some of the chocolate genie dick!”





“Bitch no.. Go sit on a fudgesicle and chill the fuck down.”

“The only fudgesicle I want is yours, boo thang.”

“I’m sorry but the ice cream shop is closed only for crazy bitches.”

“Why you gotta be like that?!”

“Why you gotta be a psycho?”




I was feeling a bit sleepy and went on to bed only be followed by that crazy ho. I didn’t know I would have to be sharing a bed with her even if we weren’t married yet. As I tried to relax, this heffa kept trying to feel on my dick. I had to smack her hand away so many times. Damn.. why she gotta be so thirsty? I just hope the others won’t be like Tykisha cause I can’t deal being married to 10 crazy bitches.

A Field of Dodders: Chapter 1, Curse of a Witch

A/N: Dodder’s timeline is ahead of Borage’s. I originally planned to not start Dodder’s story until after he appeared in Borage’s but I was ready to start his now. Dodder’s story will contain spoilers of future chapters in Love For The Ladies.



My name is Dodder Montigo, many of you know my older brother Borage. For half of my life I’ve been living in his shadow. My mama seems to play favorites and he was her choice with him being her first son. You would think I would be jealous of him but I’m not. We along okay for the most part.

I don’t feel like talking much about my background, like my childhood and what not. I didn’t have much of a childhood. It flashed by in a blink of a eye. But I will tell you how my dad spent most of my childhood as a zombie crashing parties and stealing cake. But like my brother, I really didn’t have much of father growing up. I just had my drunk mama and step dad who didn’t like any of us cause we weren’t his.

I was born and raised in Riverview and left after turning 18.  I wasn’t like my other Montigo siblings who found a town and bought a giant house that they really didn’t need. I was a thrill seeker. My passion was stealing things and nice cars. I was on my way to being a career criminal. With that, it wasn’t a good idea to make myself noticeable with a fancy house. I needed to drift from city to city to keep a low profile or I was sure to do some time for my crimes. As I gotten older, stealing wasn’t much of thrill anymore. Maybe it was time to settle in a actual town.




I crossed paths with my twin sister Erica one day. She talked about living in Moonlight Falls. She had a fixation on werewolf men suddenly. I wasn’t too surprised by this, you see my twin has multiple personalities, so I’m sure this was one of her personalities’ craving. Moonlight Falls was one town that I never been to. Living there would be perfect for me cause I haven’t did any crimes there and I could blend in without worrying about the police wanting to take me in. 

Erica and I got a small house in town. We decided not to buy a giant house cause it was unnecessary. It’s not like I’m gonna fill up a house with millions of babies like my bro Borage and my sis Celsia. In fact I don’t like kids and don’t plan on having any. I can’t say the same for my twin. She talked about finding love and having some kids of her own. However no man can deal with her personalities randomly showing up.





Erica must of forgotten about Moonlight Falls being a town full of supernaturals, that includes ghost. Erica, well all of the Ericas are afraid of ghost. I lost count of how many times I had to pick Erica up from the ground after she fainted. Maybe it’s a good idea of me coming with her. I can see that she needs me most.






Little did I know since living in Moonlight Falls, I was being watched. I had no clue that my past was lurking close behind me. I thought I could have a fresh start and maybe act right for once. I couldn’t be more wrong…





 Erica and I sometimes spend a Sunday afternoon at the park playing chess. At first it seemed odd at first as I never had any kind of normalcy in my life. Chess playing in the park was Erica’s idea. I notice a slight change in her since doing this. Her random personalities rev up less now. I guess having some normalcy in her life calmed things down a bit.

I try to stay focus on the game and fight off temptation on stealing something near by. If I am going to be a permanent resident here then I need to chill out with the stealing. Or bring any unwanted attention on myself. Trying to blend in is a bit tough but I’ll manage.





I had to replace my habit of stealing things for stealing the hearts of fine ladies. There’s no crime in that right? With my good looks and charm, no lady can resist a chocolate genie in their lives. Getting ladies into bed was easy, getting them out of bed was the hard part. The ladies love this chocolate magic but I for one have no plans in settling down with one day. I got so much love to give and it wouldn’t be right if one lady has my full attention.

And no I don’t have any crazy plans to hook up with 1000 ladies for the hell of it. That’s a 1000 risks of implanting some babies whom I don’t want. With the ladies I had encounter, I had the common sense to wrap it up and not having any accidents calling me daddy. The only ones calling me “daddy” are these fine supernatural ladies.





“Ms lady, I am aware about your husband and all but something tells me he hasn’t been treating you right.”

“Well.. yeah.. How do you know?”

“I can see the hurt in your beautiful eyes. I don’t see the sparkle they once had.  If you were my lady, those eyes would be shining like a disco. My magic is for healing. Let me know when you’re ready to have your heart healed. My magic is sweet like chocolate.”

“Oh my..Dodder.. I don’t know what to say… I uh…”

“Babygirl, I know what you want to say. It’s okay, but you deserve better than him.  Any man would be lucky to have you as their lady. When you’re ready, I’ll be here for you. I got nothing but time, pretty lady.”




And like that, I got her. All it takes is a few sweet lines and ladies melt like butter.  But one thing about melted butter, it’s hard to clean up and takes away. Getting these ladies to leave after I’m done has been difficult. One night of chocolate magic isn’t enough for them as they crave for more. I can be a nice guy if I want to and let them indulge themselves in my chocolate magic for a week or 2 but I do have to cut them off. I know it’s hard for them for the first few days, but they will live. What can I say? It’s impossible for ladies to resist me.





I lost count on how many times I made trips to this photo booth with ladies. Sometimes they just couldn’t wait until I brought them to my place.





On this night, my whole life changed. Remember when I said I was being watched? It was a witch lady named Yvonne Pierre. One night she came out of the shadows. Apparently she had been watching me for years in other cities and I happen to  pick the one city Yvonne lived in. Yvonne isn’t fan of me at all. It’s not cause I turned her down or anything. It was my involvement with her daughter when I made a trip to Starlight Shores to kick it with my bro. Let’s just say that I fucked with the wrong lady. If I had any idea she was the daughter of a vengeful witch, then she would of never gotten any of this chocolate magic love.





One sexy night at my brother’s new club called Magic, I met this one fine ass lady named Tykisha Pierre. She has stunning golden, full lips and nice round ass, the kind that I love. I can’t resist a lady with a nice round ass. After a few drinks and some chit chat I decided she and I should get to know each other better in a hot tub. Getting her was for me, leaving her was easier since I was just passing by. Little did I know that I left something apart of me in her that later grew bigger after 9 months.

While in Starlight Shores I made a little trip into a jewelry store beforehand. I saw something nice and shiny, I took it. I can afford it but where’s the fun in that? Little that I know, this diamond was rare and had a huge value. I mistakenly left this rare diamond with Tykisha and she was caught with it. She did some time in prison for it. She was caught a year after giving birth to my son that I didn’t know about. With Tykisha locked up, the only kin my son had was Borage and he was left in his care. Borage isn’t no father of the year and my kid would of been better off left on the street. Yvonne learned about this and set out to get my son out of Borage’s care. There was no way he could care for him along with this army of brats and grand-brats.

Yvonne was able to take him away but only to have him taken from the state. Yvonne was found to be unfit for caring for him due to her age and illness. After Tykisha was released, she later learned about our kid being taken from the state. Tykisha was of course broken hearted about it and Yvonne felt I should pay… It’s not like I purposely left the diamond with her.





“Dodder Montigo, I watched you for many years and seen you in many places. It’s time that you reap what you sow. The line was crossed when you ruined my daughter’s life with your womanizing and thieving ways. You will feel all of the pain that you inflicted on others, especially my daughter’s pain. I don’t have much time on this Earth but you will replace the lost of my only grandchild with 100 more! 10 shall be biologically mines! You had broken many hearts without a care other than yourself. I curse you with the Ioyxgin curse! You shall give birth to 100 supernatural children with 10 women of my choosing! You shall be married to each female until the 10 child is born! This curse won’t be lifted until the birth of your 100th supernatural child. If you refuse, your appearance will rapidly age. You will live your immortal Navox Genie life as a old morbidly obese man!”





“Hey lady… Can we talk about this?”

“There will be no talking of this manner, Dodder. You will rep what you sow!”

“Me birth 100 babies? Are you confused? I’m man! I can’t birth no babies!”

“With this Ioyxgin curse, it’s possible! Your first wife shall be my daughter Tykisha. You had no issue with getting with her before, so marrying her won’t be a problem!”

“Lady, I’m not the marrying type! I’m sorry about the diamond and the kid.. I didn’t mean-“

“SILENCE! I will hear no more from you!”






I was stunned to learn about what I have to do. Be married? Give birth to 100 kids? How the fuck… My life ended on this night. I was no longer a freed man and could do what I pleased. Forced to marry 10 females and give birth to their babies. I don’t see how it’s possible for me to give birth at all. I’m aware about Borage giving birth to alien babies and it makes sense since it was alien babies coming out of him. But how are babies going to come out of me?

I dunno if I should ask Borage advice on birthing since he’s pro after having birthing 10 babies himself. 7 of them came out at once, I’m amazed that he’s still alive afterwards and had one more. As much as I hate the thought of being married and it doesn’t matter that each marriage won’t last, I refuse to trade in my good looks and youth for a ugly old, fat body. I guess I will do this. Funny thing is that the part of being married bothers me most than being pregnant, let alone having kids period. If I have any advice for my bro, never fuck a witch. It doesn’t matter how hot she is. I got myself into some trouble here. There’s has to be some way out of this…




“I should probably go help my twin beat up that old witch but there’s some awesome stuff in here. Ooh! I found a Frisbee  Who would throw away a frisbee? Are you guys nuts? These are awesome! I wonder if Dodder wanna play. Ooh what’s this? GROSS! It’s a used tampon! These people be nasty! Hmm.. I smell some chicken. I’m hungry!”