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A Field of Dodders: The Finale

I decided not to do the transition of Dodder’s story into another one. I couldn’t bring myself to continue with this one and ready to start a brand new in Moonlight Falls. So instead of doing a cliffhanger, I thought it was nice to type up a summary of the ending of Dodder’s story that leads into the newer story.


In the last chapter Dodder received a call from an anonymous person asking to meet him at the park later that afternoon. The call was made from Florita Hernandez, a local witch in Moonlight Falls. Florita along with her good friend Regan Locke waited for Dodder in the downtown area park. Florita and Regan know a secret about the curse and know that it could be easily be broken by Tykisha.

Regan works for child services and has been doing some digging around after Florita become suspicious about the situation of Tykisha’s first child being taken away. Regan doesn’t remember hearing about Tykisha having her child taken away from the state and believes she lost custody to the real father of her son. However the case files went missing. The last time Florita spoke to Tykisha, she had an extreme fixation on Dodder. She now believes Tykisha may have fooled her mother into placing a curse on Dodder.



Once Florita saw Dodder, she made her presence be known to him. Florita explained herself while Regan was called over by her old roommate, Isabelle. Florita was once friends with Tykisha when they were in high school. They remained friends until college but the friendship turned sour over the years. Florita told Dodder that she’s aware about the curse and is willing to help him break him. But when Dodder showed signs of a second pregnancy, Florita decided to hold back the information she knows on breaking the curse.




Florita later confronts Tykisha about curse and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t break the curse. Tykisha scoffs at Florita and told her that she’s just jealous cause she got to him first. Originally, Florita was supposed to meet up with Dodder at a club in Starlight Shores after chatting to him online for some time but Tykisha purposely gave her the wrong directions to the club and got there first. Dodder left the club with Tykisha, leaving Florita alone.



Florita and Dodder started to form a friendship as she spent time together along with Dodder’s son Rhythm. Florita often debated on telling Dodder about Tykisha but decided against it until Dodder gave birth since any kind of stress can harm his unborn child. Dodder enjoys spending time with Florita but had to take Rhythm with him to throw off any suspicions from Tykisha.



Although Dodder wasn’t too fond about being a father and having deal with pregnancy, he was starting to enjoy his time with Rhythm. Dodder found himself being the kind of father that he wish he had. Dodder realizes that he didn’t want his kids to grow up like he did, fatherless. Dodder took Rhythm to the park almost daily. Rhythm is closer to Dodder than Tykisha since he spends more time with him. Dodder doesn’t mind if Rhythm prefer his company over Tykisha and rather have it that way. However he does make sure Rhythm has a good relationship with his mother has well.



The more time Dodder and Florita spent time together, the closer they got. It wasn’t long before Dodder started to have some feelings for Florita. He haven’t this way about a woman until he met Florita. She was always so nice and kind to him. Rhythm took a liking towards her. One day, Dodder made a move on Florita, embracing her into a kiss. At first Florita was rejected his kiss as she didn’t want to be involved with a known married man. Dodder expressed that how his marriage with Tykisha was forced and shouldn’t be seen as valid.

Florita could no longer hide her feelings for Dodder and expressed how she thinks she’s falling for him. Dodder often made visits to Florita’s house at night, claiming to go visit his friend Larry from the elixir shop. Dodder was ready to take their relationship to the next level but Florita wouldn’t go for it. Dodder explained how to curse made it where he can’t get another female pregnant. Florita is aware of it but doesn’t feel right sleeping with a married man and thinks what they are doing is still wrong.




Florita makes a call to Regan telling her that she’s going to tell Dodder the truth but Regan advise her not to. Regan thinks it might ruin things between them since she knew of this and been holding out this whole time. Regan has an idea to could press the truth out of Tykisha. Regan makes a trip the elixir shop to research on brewing a truth serum that could be given to Tykisha. However Regan misread the ingredients ended up setting the shop on fire. Larry barely made it out alive.




Yvonne makes a visit to Adaia Grove to speak with Remi’s sister. Yvonne is slowly dying from a rare illness that only occur with witches. Remi’s sister was able to slow the illness from destroying Yvonne as they are long time friends. Yvonne enlisted Remi’s sister in help of finding the next wife for Dodder once he’s done having his first 10 kids with Tykisha.

Remi’s sister kidnapped a young single mother named Astrid Foster. She remained quiet and huddles into a corner motionless without saying a word. Remi’s sister had abducted her and brainwashed her. Astrid doesn’t think twice about taking flight from Adaia Grove. She believes this is her home and Remi’s sister is her friend. Astrid doesn’t have much memory about her infant daughter or her mother. Remi’s sister is slowly wiping her memory away so placing her into Yvonne’s home when she’s ready would be easy.



Yvonne was outrage to find Astrid in this state of mind and recognize her from TV. There were reports about her going missing and Yvonne knows she’s a young mother to an infant daughter. Yvonne demands Remi’s sister to undo any harm she cause on Astrid and return her home to her daughter. However this was a mistake on Yvonne’s part.



Remi’s sister doesn’t take to Yvonne’s demands and sped up Yvonne’s illness and request that she never returns. Yvonne becomes distraught learning what Remi’s sister had done. Before leaving, Yvonne begged for her to return Astrid home but Remi’s sister laughed in her face and banished her from Adaia Grove.



Yvonne rapidly grows weaker and sicker as the days passed by. Yvonne is too weak to get out of bed however her curse remains strong. There’s nothing that anyone could do but watch helplessly as Yvonne’s life slowly slips away.



Florita finally breaks down and told Dodder she knows the truth of how the curse can be broken. She’s afraid that Dodder would be angry at her for not telling him that Tykisha has the ability to break it but refuses to. To Florita’s surprise, Dodder wasn’t angry at her and told her if she told him right away then they would have never gotten close. Florita thought holding back for so long was a mistake, however it did more good than harm.




Dodder confronts Tykisha about what Florita had told him. Naturally Tykisha denies that she has the ability to break her mother’s curse without conceiving a child with another genie. Dodder calls her out knowing that she didn’t need any extra magic and how she’s more than capable of breaking it. Tykisha admits that she could break it but refuses to saying that he now belongs to her and there’s nothing he can do about it.



Dodder gave birth to their second child named Alicia.



Yvonne doesn’t know how long she has and orders Tykisha break the curse since she’s too weak to do it herself. However Tykisha has no intentions in breaking curse and will allow it take its course or until her mother takes her final breath. Yvonne is too weak to argue with Tykisha about her refusal to break it and slips into a deep sleep.



However Florita over heard Tykisha refusing Yvonne’s order to break the curse as it’s dying wish. Florita feels that she have to take matters into her own hands now.



Sometime has passed since the birth of Alicia and Dodder is seeing some signs of aging. Dodder figure with Yvonne dying that her curse would be weaker but her curse remains strong. Dodder gives in and becomes pregnant with his third child.



Florita met up with Regan and learned about Tykisha’s case with her first son. The state didn’t take him away as she claim to her mother and Dodder. Dodder didn’t fathered her first child and she had lost custody of him to his real father while she was in jail. Yvonne wasn’t clear when the state came in. Tykisha didn’t go to jail for a diamond that Dodder stolen. Tykisha went to jail for unpaid tickets. She made herself look like she was a saint and how everything was Dodder’s fault. She fooled her mother into placing a curse on Dodder, claiming that he ruined her life along a few other females. Dodder couldn’t believe what he was hearing about Tykisha. He no longer hated Yvonne as she was innocent in this whole thing. Pregnant with the their third child, he needed to find a way to get Tykisha to break it or he’ll have to wait until Yvonne finally passing on.



Dodder confronts Tykisha with everything that he knows. Tykisha denies at first but later admits that he’s not the father of her first child. Dodder again demand she breaks the curse but Tykisha denies him and reveals to him that she’s working on a curse to make him hers forever.



Dodder meets up with Florita one night after she told him she has a plan. She hands overs an apple requesting that he gives this Yvonne. It’s a Cynio apple, a poisonous apple that can kill a witch. Florita made a visit to Adaia Grove and was given the apple from Remi’s sister after making a special exchange.




Dodder didn’t like the idea of killing Yvonne just to break the curse and is willing to let it run its course or until Yvonne dies naturally. Florita admires his good heart but feels selfish for wanting the curse to be broken now so they could finally be together. Dodder holds the apple in hand and isn’t sure what to do with it. Florita suggest he give an offering to the Well of Iceia and the spirit of Iceia will give him a blessing and approve of the apple. Giving Yvonne the apple would be a favor since she is suffering.



Dodder didn’t believe much in wishing wells but gave it a try. Iceia spoke to him and gave him a blessing, assuring him he was doing Yvonne some good.



In the morning, Dodder found Yvonne in her rocking chair. She hasn’t left her bed in the past few months. Yvonne was happy to Dodder and spoke to him. She saw he was near the near of his third pregnancy and showed some disgust. She told Dodder how she ordered Tykisha to break the curse months ago but she refused to do it. Dodder then told Yvonne everything Florita had told him. Yvonne lower her head and apologize to Dodder. Yvonne told Dodder when she passes on that her house is his and not Tykisha’s.



Yvonne could sense the Cynio apple near by and requested Dodder to give her the apple. Dodder refused to give her the apple and told her he’s willing to let the curse take it’s course or until she passes on. Yvonne reaches her arm out and told Dodder that she’s ready now. Dodder holds the apple but refuses to give the apple to Yvonne. He expresses how he doesn’t feel right giving it to her. Yvonne explain how she lived a full life and requests he hands the apple over. Dodder stands up to throw it away but Yvonne quickly snatches it.



Yvonne returns to her room to get dress but locking the door behind her. Dodder pleads for her to open but Yvonne ignores his pleads and teleports herself in the front yard and takes a bite of the apple.



Dodder watches helplessly as Yvonne passes on….




Soon after Yvonne’s death, Dodder gave birth to Marcel and the curse was broken.




With the curse now broke, Dodder files for a divorce. Tykisha wasn’t going to let Dodder go without a fight and told him she wasn’t going sign any papers and how she’s going to stay married to him. She suggest they should have another baby seeing how she would be the one pregnant this time.



Tykisha lost her battle after the divorce was finalize. Tykisha fought for full custody of the kids but lost. Tykisha attempted to boot Dodder from the house but found the will stating that Dodder would own when Yvonne passes on. When Tykisha disobey Yvonne’s order and learned the truth about her, Yvonne magically changed her will making sure that her daughter got nothing before teleporting outside to die. Tykisha left the house empty handed one final time.




Dodder was ready to move forwarded in his life. Florita soon moved in and it wasn’t long before he asked to her to be his real wife. Florita accepted his offered and they soon wed.



A few years after the wedding, a new member was added into their home. Florita gave birth to her first child with Dodder. They named her Venus.



Erica had return home after leaving a few years ago. She got an invitation to a birthday party in Twinbrook from her younger brothers and haven’t been back since. Erica explained to Dodder she had an unnatural desire to have kids with Liam Gelman who is their older siblings Borage and Celsia’s father. Dodder was disappointed to hear this and to make it worst she explain that their cousins Regret and Fancy had 5 kids with him as well. Dodder wasn’t sure what to say at this point other than he officially hates Liam.

Erica grew depressed once she saw little Venus. It made her miss the 5 kids she had to leave back in Twinbrook with Liam. Erica wants to be mother and wants to raise her kids. Erica enjoys taking care of little ones and feels this was her life calling. Erica decided that she wants to be a nanny.




Dodder is happy with his life. He never thought he would ever be a family man. Dodder remains in Moonlight Falls with his new wife Florita and his kids, Rhythm, Alicia, Marcel, along with his child with Florita, Venus.


The End.



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Marcel is too cute with his evil self 😀

Dodder and his family will be seen time to time in the new story. I’m letting Story Progression take over their lives. Don’t you fuck it up, SP >_<

A Field of Dodders: Chapter 8, Special Delivery

I’ll never get use to this. Waddle around with a 20 pound bowling ball attached to my stomach. My back is always sore, my feet are always swollen and I ate everything in sight.  I can’t go through this one more time… This shit is tough and I don’t know how do women can do this, let alone have 100 of these. This is unnatural for a guy to go through this. I wonder how did my brother handle this. I know it had happen to him twice. I use to poke fun at him for it but I now see why he never found my jokes amusing.




“Ain’t this some shit!”

“What? What do you mean by that?”

“You got that baby in you and you a guy at that. Here I am all ready for a baby and you got one.”

I didn’t know how bothered Erica was with the pregnancy for the most part she had been very supportive. But I figure this was one of her personalities however her personalities never expressed their desire to have children. In fact I believe Erica once told me none of them wanted kids. I figure I should see what’s bothering Erica so much. 

“Erica.. Eeyonce.. who ever, you know what the deal is. It’s not like I wanted this. I’m sure you’ll find a guy who will love.. all of you.”

“I know.. but why you gotta get the 100 baby curse and not me?”

“It’s not like I wanted it. You would have 100 babies if it was you?”

“I wouldn’t mind having 100. I could pick up where mama left off. Mama wanted 100 babies but she stopped for whatever reason.”

“That’s insane for anyone willing to having 100 kids.”

“Borage and Cece’s daddy is trying. I think he’s kinda cute.”

“Their dad is a damn fool. Besides.. I know you’re not thinking about being one of his baby mamas.. You know that’s our siblings’ father. The family ties are already fucked on their side.”




“No, it hasn’t. Maybe he got a son who wanna give me a baby.”

“Having a kid with a half brother of theirs is still messed up.”

“Oh right.. Well.. You know what.. Lemme listen to the baby.”

I’m not sure why would she want to listen to the kid but I allowed her. It’s not like would be hurting anyone but if it helps her cope with this situation then I’m for it.

“He said it’s dark in there and you need to turn on a light.”

“Well.. it’s not possible.”

“Anything is possible, Dodder!”

“Well the kid will have to deal with the darkness until it’s time. Besides, how do you know the baby is a boy?”

“You can’t just leave my nephew in the dark! You better stick a flashlight up your ass so he can see! Besides, Twallan told me it’s a baby boy.”

“Ha ha ha. I’m not doing no such thing. Twallan? Who’s that?”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the answer but I wonder if she’s right about to gender of the kid.

“The Mod God of course! Everyone know who he be. He runs this shit.”

“Yeah… Of course.”




As for Ty, she doesn’t seem like she’s enjoying how things are going. I usually find her moping around house. She doesn’t say much to me when I started to show. She felt the baby moved once and she started to get depressed since then. Maybe if she helps me break this curse then maybe things will get better for her and I. She seems to like hanging out for Erica a lot suddenly. Erica seems like she doesn’t mind and perhaps she needs a friend. But to be honest, Ty wouldn’t be a choice friend. I’m actually shocked that Erica or one her other personalities have punched Ty in the face yet.




“I notice you been sad a lot but you know this shit is all your fault. You can break that curse at anytime. You wanna make him suffer cause of some shit he had nothing to do with. You know that baby you had who was taken away wasn’t even his. He’s not a genie or witch. He’s daddy is a normal human and he’s just like him. You didn’t think I knew the truth but I know. I ran into an old friend of yours. Does Florita ring a bell? She told me about your son and how you convince your mom of how he was Dodder’s and how it was his fault why you went to jail. You didn’t show up for court for traffic violations and there was a warrant on your ass. Flo also said you are more than capable of breaking the curse. Stop feeding my brother bullshit and be real.”




“What you said is true.. But I love your brother and I figure this was the only way I could be with him. I was just so upset on how he just walked out on me like that. Then I learned about my mom’s illness and she doesn’t have much time left. I wanted her to have a chance to be a grandmother since my son was taken away. I feel awful putting him through this, he’s a good guy now. He’s changed so much and I feel nothing but guilt when I look at him. I’m in too deep to pull out and I don’t know what do to.”




“I know what you can do. Tell the truth! When you gonna do it? When he’s about to marry his second wife?”

“I don’t know.. Soon. After he has the baby I guess.”

“I say do it now and get some softer pavement on this court. I don’t have enough booty for this court. Maybe if my bro Borage donate some of his then I’ll have more padding. My ass is gonna be sore!”




“Erica.. what are you doing?”

“Those clothes were heavy, crushing my soul, my spirit and love. I must be free with the nature. My body is a beautiful temple and I shall show the world.”

“Um hey Elise, can you tell Erica to not tell Dodder about we what talked about. I should be the one to tell him.”

“Okay, I’ll let her know. Now come join me with nakedness and all.”

“Thanks Elise but I think I’ll pass this time. Maybe time next?”





I was about to head to the store for a little bit until I was hit with a sharp pain in my stomach. It felt like I had 2 clog dancers kick me in the stomach. I almost fell to the ground, doubling in pain but I fought to hold my ground. I am a man after all. I knew this was it. This baby was coming out. Yvonne said I would suffer with the pains of labor but delivery was easy. I tried to breathe with my pain but I found it difficult. How can a woman do this? Whoever said women are weak needs to be punched in the nose. Until they know what labor feels like, he’ll know for a fact women are not weak if they can take this. I felt like I was about to die.




“Dodder? What’s going on? Are you dying? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU?!”












“Do you mind covering up? I’m not comfortable with this!”





“Erica, dear.. where are your clothes?!”

“Gnomes took them! What’s happening to my brother?”

“Gnomes? Don’t be silly. If you’re going to stay with Dodder then you must wear clothes. I can’t you walking about naked when the babies are born.”

“Is Dodder dying?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”

“It’s just a little labor, he’ll be fine honey.”





Ty looked like she was in shock as she watch me be in labor with our child. It should have been the other way around. She knew this was coming and I don’t know why she acts like she wasn’t excepting this. Or maybe the reality of it hit her at once. I wanted to waddle over and slap some sense into her. But I was in too much pain to do so.




The pain stopped as quick as it began. My body was surrounded with rainbow colored sparkles and my stomach started to glow green like it once did months ago. In a blink of an eye, I found myself holding a baby boy in my arms. He let out a little cry and Yvonne quickly handed me a blanket. I wrapped him up and looked at him for a brief moment. I felt sick, I wanted to throw up. I didn’t feel the joy that most parents feel when they bring in a new life into the world.




I hated this child. I didn’t want anything to do with him. One night I found myself leaning over his crib with disgust in my face. I wasn’t sure why I was or what I wanted to do but i know I should hate this baby, it’s not his fault. But I can’t bring myself to love him..




He went nameless for a week until Ty came up with a name for him. Rhythm Tyree Montigo. She said he loved music so she named him Rhythm. I didn’t care what she named him, I just didn’t want to be around him for most of the time. I didn’t want to be around her either.




Rhythm was loved by his aunt. Erica adored him so much and was his main care taker when Ty was working or too tired. She was a natural when it comes to babies. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure if Erica could handle a baby, but she does a great job with Rhythm.




Time flew by and he’s now happy 10 month old boy. Not sure how happy he’ll stay once his little brother or sister is born. I was often reminded that I needed to be pregnant again or I’ll start to age and gain weight. So yeah.. we are expecting again…





I took Rhythm on a walk with his stroller. It was a nice fall afternoon and I needed some air. i was felt with him cause Ty felt that I should bond with him. During our walk, I got a call from a number that I didn’t recognize. I answer anyway, I figure it was one of my idiot cousins.


“Hi, is this Dodder?”

“Yeah, who is this?”

“I’m someone who can help you with your curse.”

“Oh yeah? How do you know about it?”

“I’ll explain later. Can you meet me at the park around 3:30?”

“Sure, but can I know who are you so I know who I’m looking for.”

“I’ll come to you. Don’t worry. I won’t bite.”

“I guess I can take your word for it.”

I looked at my phone and saw it’s about 1:20. I wonder who could to person be or how they knew me. I got a couple of hours to ponder about it.

A Field of Dodders: Chapter 7, Erica’s Secret

Some time had passed since my visit to Adaia Grove. I found myself making fast friends with the toilet weeks later. I still think about night with Remi and thought about making another trip there but the nausea was a bit too much for me to handle. I don’t see how the 100 baby moms wanna go through this all the time. I remember the herbs that Amenia gave to me and I gave it a try. It did help with the nausea some.

As for Ty and I, I mainly keep my distance from her. I’m in no mood to pretend we are a happy married couple awaiting the birth of our child. We don’t go to bed at the same time. Sometimes I stay up and wait for her to go to bed. Sometimes I just pass out on the couch.  

As my stomach grows I find myself in disbelief that this is really happening. I wonder if it’s true about what Remi’s sister said about being no other way. I then remember Ty’s plans. If she carries a genie baby, then her magic would be strong enough to break Yvonne’s spell. Question is how can she convince Borage to go for it given he’s still mourning the loss of his lady. There hasn’t been any talk about it lately. Ty has given me reasons in the past why I can’t take her word for it.

But I remember something. Years ago back in Riverview, Borage and I learned a fun way to make some money although we had money and didn’t have a dying need for it. I was still in high school and he was attending bartending school.  Borage wanted to personally pay his schooling while I just wanted extra. There was a Cryobank that paid a large amount of money for Navox Genie donations. There was a high demand for genie donations. The clinic ignored my age and took my donations along with Borage’s. Soon Borage became a regular visitor at the Cryobank. He talked about how he convince the female workers to give him a extra tug in the rooms. I’m pretty sure Borage filled that whole clinic with his genie donations. Perhaps we should give a call to the Cryobank in Riverview and request Borage’s donation.




I haven’t had much time to check on Erica lately. I’m mainly a shame to come out my room most of the time. She seems to be doing fine for the most part. I haven’t heard her have any freak outs with her personalities lately.

“You know why you ain’t got no man? It’s cause of that stank ass breath. No man wanna be kissing on you with yo breath be smelling like dog ass and onions. Girrrrrrl brush yo’ mouth!”





“So my brother is pregnant and my other brother has been pregnant but I haven’t been pregnant. How is my brothers are getting pregnant and I’m the one with a uterus! Do babies not like my uterus? I swear it’s clean. It’s not no other babies had been in there.”





“Your uterus is dirty and diseased and no man wanna put a baby in it! So face it! Your baby box will never be used! You are unlovable!”






“That’s not true! it can get dirty if no one has been there! You just wait! I’m gonna find a man who is gonna love me and put babies in me and LOVE it! If you bitches would go away long enough then I can get my boo thang finally! Just go away and die already!”





“If you think we are gonna go anywhere then you’re wrong! We are here to stay, sister! Get use to it! When your guys is fucking you, he’s fucking us too.”





“You fuckin’ bitches! I hate you all! Why did you bitches come in my life to fuck shit up?! I blame zombies! If my daddy wasn’t a zombie then you bitches wouldn’t be in my life! I hate zombies!”





Maybe I should of been keeping a eye on Erica more.  She seems to have more conflicts with her personalities more. Recently she mention about our dad. We did see much of him growing up. When we were about 7 or 8, Erica came running home in tears claiming to seeing our dad and how he was a zombie. At first I didn’t believe her but later that night we heard a noise outside. Our step dad went out to find out what it was and it was our dad. He was a zombie and it freaked Erica out. She hasn’t been the same since that night. Erica asked about our dad and wonder if his zombie curse had been broken.

I haven’t told Erica about our dad was shot killed years ago, a family was frighten by his zombie appearance and shot him. My grandmama told me the story of why he was a zombie. My dad had pissed off a witch, he broke her heart. She turned him into a frog and kept him in a well. He could only be turned back into a human by a kiss of a special genie. If a kiss from the special genie breaks his frog curse, he must fall in love with her or he will spend the rest of his days as a zombie. My dad was kissed by a married genie who was only interest in sex. My dad failed get her my mom to leave Max and he became a zombie. My grandmama felt it was best if Erica doesn’t know about the story. The curse also brought it’s self onto Erica as well. With my dad’s failure to completely break his curse, his youngest child would be cursed too. Failure to be loved. If Erica knew of this, she would hate him and go nuts. So we kept this secret from her.





“I can make magic food and you bitches can’t! You may be ruining life and blocking babies out of my uterus but I still one up you bitches with my genie magic! Suck on that whores!”





“This was a nice gesture of you Dodder, making us a meal today. Having cravings?”

“Yeah Dodder, I didn’t know you were a cook.”

“I’m kinda in no condition to be cooking. My back hurts all the time, my foot are swollen. Anyway, Erica made it.”

“Oh I see, I wasn’t aware she knew what a kitchen was.”

“Is this safe to eat?”

“Genie food is always perfect. It’s fine, really.”

“Very well then, Dodder. I forgot about you genies and your ability to summon food perfect food. I guess it’s nice to take a break from preparing meals myself.”

“I could get use to this. You genies are very convenient. In my history class were studying about the Genie trade and how they were used as slaves. I see why.”

“The Genie trade? That was always a touchy subject back in school.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”




A Field of Dodders: Chapter 6, The Offer

Larry directed me towards the forest up north from town. He told me to find Adaia Grove, it’s a piece of land that a couple of Akaidia Fairies live on. They could hold the key in breaking my curse. Adaia Grove had to been the most beautiful land that I ever saw in Moonlight Falls. I never came up here cause I never had a reason. I do know some fairies live in this area. Most Akadia Fairies prefer to live in trees like this. They are in tuned with modern times but prefer to live in nature. A white mist surrounded the area, I paused for a moment to admire the beauty of the land and listening the the water crash down on the rocks. The air was crisp, sweet smelling of honeysuckle flowers. This place is real nice. I can see why the fairies live here. 




It was quiet other than the chirp of birds, I glanced around to see if anyone was out and about the place. But nothing, it seemed too quiet. Too quiet for anyone to be living here. Maybe I came at the wrong time. Maybe no one really lives here and Larry gave me false hope.





I was about to leave since I couldn’t sense any form of life other than animals but then I heard some footsteps, “Hello.” Said a voice coming from behind me. I slowly turned around to find a female walking towards me. I tried to focus on her and I could see she had wings attached to her.





“May I help you with something? Are you lost? We get a lot of lost hikers here.”

“No, well yes. I do need help with something. My name is Dodder Montigo by the way.”

“Montigo.. Hmm. Montigo… Well my name is Remi Montalvo. What can I help you with?”

The way Remi said my surname seems like it’s familiar name to her. I wasn’t sure rather it was a good thing or a bad thing. But she smiled as she said it for the third. I wanted to ask why she kept repeating my surname but that’s not the reason why I’m here.




“I was sent here by my friend Larry who works at the alchemy shop. He feels that you Akadia fairies can help me with a witch spell that was placed on me.”

“What kind of spell would that be?”

“I’m not sure of the name of it but it’s where I’m the one who is pregnant and not the female.”

“Oh.. A witch’s curse.”

“Yeah, a witch’s curse. Can you please? Please tell me that you can.”





“I personally can’t break that type of spell but my sister can. She’s a different type of fae.”

“Do you think your sister can help?”

“She could but maybe you should let it run it’s course.”

“Me giving birth to 100 babies? I think not.. Please..”

“I can ask her…”

I notice how Remi seemed a bit worried when I asked her to see if her sister could help. If they need money then that’s no problem. I’m willing to give them any amount as long as they can break the spell.

“If you ladies want money, I got it. Money is no issue.”

“It will cost you, but money isn’t a desired payment. If you really want-“

“Please, Remi. I don’t care about the cost. Please ask her.”

“Okay, wait here and I’ll ask.”




“Sister, we have a visitor who requests your services. A Montigo.”

“Yes, I’m aware of this Dodder Montigo.”

“So will you help him?”

“Depends if he takes my offer. He’s close relation to Borage Montigo.”

“Yes, I sense he’s a Navox genie.”

“Bring Dodder to me.”

“Yes sister.”




Remi lead me into their tree house. I never been in a tree house and it looked pretty nice. She lead me to her sister who was sitting in a chair in front of a fortune teller’s type table. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me and kept messing with her crystal ball.

“You are Dodder Montigo.”

“Yes I am, can you help me?”

“Yes I can break that nasty curse but only if you take my offer.”

“What could that be?”

“Bring me Borage.”

“How do you know my brother?”

“I’m a old friend of his you can say. You were born in Riverview, right?”

“How did you know that?”

“I know a lot of things Dodder.”

“How.. why would you want my brother?”

“He holds the key to Cergio.”

“Who is Cergio?”





“You could say he’s a brother of yours.”

“I have 2 other brothers other than Borage and none of them are named Cergio. You got the wrong person. And how does Borage hold the key to this Cergio person?”

“There’s a lot that you don’t know. The only way Borage can unlocked Cergio is for Borage is deal with a lot of pain. I know about your criminal background. You’re very good  at making things disappear. Borage has a habit of lovers lingering too long, simply removing the ones he gets attached to will bring him great pain. Perhaps if you were to remove these ladies from his life, he’ll unlock Cergio. Plus I wouldn’t mind having Borage for myself as well for a benefit.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Is this Cergio a person or a thing? What do you mean by “removing” these ladies? You want me to kill them? His lady Lois was killed, you wouldn’t have anything to do with that do you?”

“Cerigo is both in a way. If you prefer to kill the females, that is fine. They just need to be never seen again by Borage. And Lois, she was a unfortunate accident. Wrong place at the wrong time type of thing? Poor child, I know that hurt Borage, I felt some of his energy being  released, a step closer to Cergio. I had nothing to do with Lois’ death.”

A saw a smirk grow across her face as she said that. I wonder did I just come across Lois’ murder? I’m not sure.. I’m trying to sort through all this stuff she’s telling me. “Remove” females who stick around my brother too long so he’ll unlock some person or thing that she can have? None of this made any sense. Now I know why Remi seemed worried when I asked. I said I’ll do anything but I can’t hurt my brother in the process of saving my ass.

“I think this is a bunch of bullshit. Tell me what you really want? I can’t believe any of this. My brother and I are just regular genies, we hold no special keys to anything.”

“That’s where you are wrong. You are just a normal genie but your brother Borage and sister Celsia are not. Years ago your mother gave birth to 4 babies but only has memory of having twins. Your mother had given birth to another set of twins hours after having Borage and Celsia. She had Cergio and Boragaia. They are your siblings’ counterparts. They have a likeness of them but they are Gods of Navoxnia. The home world where Navox Genies came from. However that world no longer exist, the Gods were destroyed along with Navoxnia after a war between the Kaianite Faes and Navox Genies. This was before Navox Genies were granted immortality. Every 2000 years, the original Gods of Navoxian are reborn on earth. Your mother birth Cergio and Boragaia, they were twin Gods on Navoxnia. Cergio the lover and Boragaia the nurturer. Cergio was a lover of many females while Boragaia was a mother to many children. Of course the Gods would be have to be taken at birth, Borage and Celsia had taken their places.”

“Who took them and why?”

“Shlia.. The annoying hag. She’s the protector of the new Gods. She had taken Cergio and Boragaia moments after birth to protect them from my kind, the Kaianites. Borage holds the key of Cergio while Celsia holds the key of Boragaia. Pain from their counterparts can only reveal their locations, it weakens the protection. They are invisible in the eyes of Kaianites. We can not sense them or track them.  I do not wish to cause harm to the God, as their new immortality prevents it. I only wish to wed Cergio. A union between him and I will bring me great power. Borage is his counterpart and the only tool who can bring him to me.”

“No deal. I’m not taking any part of this.. I’m not gonna help torment my brother just so you can marry some God and my ass gets saved in the process. Maybe there’s a reason why this Shlia has them hidden. Just find some other Kaianite man to marry.”

“Is that your decision? You refuse my offer?”

“What do you think?”

“Then I cannot help you. You can have fun trying to find another way but to save you the trouble, I’ll let you know that there’s no other solution. Either take my offer or let the curse to run it’s course. If you think there’s a elixir that can break it, then you are wrong. Your new friend Larry is giving you false hope.”





Disappointed, I rose from the chair. I couldn’t help but notice some green looking lady painting. She wore leaves like Remi but didn’t have any wings. She had a sweet scent of honeysuckle flowers along with a earthy type of scent, like the scent before it rains. She smelled some heavenly and couldn’t help but talk to her.





“Want some special herbs? It’s good shit.”

“Yes.. I guess.”

I held out my hands while her poured some herbs into my hands. I wasn’t sure why I accepted it but I did. I guess maybe I was curious. Maybe she was secretly giving me something that would help with the curse.

“It’s gonna help with the nausea, pregnant man.”

“How do you-“

“Now I kiss you.”





Not giving me a second to react, she pulls me into a kiss. It was a nice kiss but could I at least get to know her name first before she leaps in for a kiss?





“You like kiss?”

“Yeah.. it was unexpected.”

“Now we have sexual relations.”

“Wow.. you um.. get straight to the point. Can I know your name first?”

“Amenia. Amenia Leaftree. We have the sexes now?”

“Well.. I’m kinda married.,.. I would totally-“

“The wife can joins the sexes or watch. But I gave you herbs so we have the sexes now.”

“But I uh…”




“Amenia! Get your plant lips off of him! What have I told you! You just can’t planting your lips on every guy you see.”

“I gave him the herbs so now we have the sexes. And he’s a genie so the sexes will be awesomeness.”

“I don’t care Amenia! You’re just gonna get hurt like with the last male!”

“You said I could have the Borage, I sex him right?”

“That’s not Borage! That is his brother.”

“Close enough.”




“You’ll have to excuse, Amenia. She can be a little impulsive.”

“What did she mean when you said she could have Borage?”

“She wants to be a hook up of his, you know how your brother is.”

“Yeah I guess..”

“If you ever change your mind, the offer still stands but not for very long.”

“I’ll think about it.”





I was about the head home but I was stopped by Remi. I wonder if she had any extra info so I gave her a chance to speak to me after my disappointment with her sister.

“Before you go.. I must say..”

“Say what?”

“I’m not sure how to say this..”

“Spill it.”

“You remind me of him..”

“Who? Cergio?”






Remi quickly grabs me and embraces me into a kiss after saying my brother’s name. What with these girls here? Have they not seen a man in ages? I wasn’t sure what to think as this moment but these ladies are some great kissers.

“You know my brother?”

“Yes. I know him very well.”

“I’m talking about in person, not through a crystal ball.”

“I was in a 4 year relationship with him.”

“Wait.. You were my brother’s girlfriend? He never said anything about dating a girl other than Lois.”

“We started back when I lived in Riverview. He was attending bartending school that was near my job. I use to serve him lunch at the diner I worked at. Ceviche was his favorite. I always had it ready for him. He was just 18 when we met.  Our relationship was secret, mainly cause of my family. They dislike genies.”

“Your sister seems to be all about Genie Gods.”

“Yes, my sister and I don’t believe the lies my family say about genies. How they are flighty jerks who care about no one but themselves. And how they steal, cheat and lie into your heart then break it. They are untrustworthy. Borage has a kind heart and I sense the same about you. You may have a jaded past but I still sense some good in your heart.”

“Do all fairies hate genies?”

“Just the Kaianites. I was born a Akadia Fae, my mother is Akadian. The others were born Kaianite like my father.”





“I see, well I kinda liked that kiss but sorry that I am not my brother.”

“I know. I miss him so much.. I hate what my sister is doing.”

“What is she doing?”

“I cannot say. Anyway, I guess I’ll be letting you go on your way.”

“You ladies and your throwing yourselves at me kinda got me started.”

“What are you implying.”

“Maybe you can finish what you started. I may not be Borage but I can help remind him of you.”

“Come. Follow me.”





Remi lead me to a tiny fairy house. She smiled sweetly at me before softly kissing my ear and whispers, “This won’t hurt a bit.” She shrunk me down and I was teleported into the fairy house. She soon joined me. We kissed and slowly undressed each other. I was embracing the moment. Something about fairies makes me feel good. I didn’t feel bad for cheating on Ty as I didn’t love her or wanted to be married her. And I had ignored the fact that Remi is my brother’s ex. After a few rounds of hot fucking, she told me about what happen between my brother and her. I’m shocked that he even had a girlfriend. With Remi holding out and refusing to take my brother’s V card drove him into a crazy lifestyle in Starlight Shores. She wanted to keep him pure in hopes they shall marry one day. Borage had other plans and took off for a more flashier city. I asked if she had any regrets. “No, if I gave into Borage as much as I wanted.. My sister would find out and have me killed. It would cause great pain for Borage and Cergio would of been easily unlocked.” 

I just hope this Cergio guy stays locked and Borage gets a heart made of stone.



Note: This story will be slowly transitioning into a different story. I have no interest in doing a BC with Dodder. Honestly he’s not a fun sim to play with and Erica tends to hold my interest. I will slowly start to make the focus on Erica. I’m just pointing this out so no one will get confuses once this storyline takes a turn. It will be giving a new title once the transition is done.