Montigo Extensions: Bruce-Lee – Update 5

 Linza came over soon after I called. I greeted her with hug, she could tell that I was upset. I told her about my fight with Lakey and she thought it was ridiculous.



 “We should do something to cheer you up.”

“I know what we could do. I can show you my personal hang out.”

“Oh the room where Lakey said you kept all the bad stuff in?”

“Ha ha ha. Yeah the room with all the bad stuff.”

“Oh cool, we can go chill in there.”



 “Would you like a martini?”

“Sure, I remember you making some good ones at the bar. Ladies night hasn’t been the same for that last 2 weeks.”

“I’m taking a little break but I’ll be back. I promise.”

“I hope so cause John can’t make those fancy drinks like you can, city boy.”

“Ha ha ha. At least someone likes what I do.”



 I was showing all of the things that Lakey hated to Linza. I wanted to show her my DJing skills and I think she was impressed. She danced a little, told me I was good. It made me feel good about myself. For once someone is supporting my talents.



 “So do you know where she went?”

“No idea. She told me to not to worry. She probably went to a friend’s.”

“It’s pretty ridiculous that she’s getting mad over something so pointless. This room is harmless. Why does she hate the city so much? Didn’t live in Star City too?”

“Yeah, Lakey was abandoned by her birth mother when she was an infant. She was a big time party girl and didn’t have time for motherhood. Her mother was going to medical school but the city changed her. Lakey feels that staying in the city will turn her into something awful like her birth mother. She died at the age of 27 of a drug overdose.”

“That sounds awful but the city doesn’t turn everyone into druggies. It’s the choices that you make. Why doesn’t she realize that?”

“I dunno… I probably should had fought harder on relocating here. I just give her whatever she wants. I just wanted her to be happy.”

“And what about your happiness? It doesn’t sound like she cares about yours.”

“Maybe when she has time to think, she’ll realize she’s been selfish.”



 “You deserve to be happy. It’s only fair.”

“I know but I think things will be better..”

“And what if it’s not? I notice you haven’t been happy. I don’t think you ever been happy since I’ve met you.”

“It’s cause I haven’t… I don’t belong here.. This doesn’t feel like home but Lakey loves this place.”





 “Any woman would be lucky to have you. You’re a great guy with a kind soul. But if she refuses to make you happy, then she doesn’t deserve you.”

“I like how you’re supportive and do care about my happiness.”

“I care about you, Bruce.”

“You do?”







I know this is so wrong…..




 But it feels so right…




 “We shouldn’t have done that…”

“I know.. It was crazy but I couldn’t stop myself, Bruce. You’re just so-“

“Irresistible. I know.. Honestly I couldn’t myself either. There’s something about you.”

“Me? There’s nothing special about me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. You’re a wonderful woman with a heart of gold but we can’t do this.. It’s not fair to Lakey.. I still love her.”

“But you’re unhappy… You can’t have a healthy relationship if you’re unhappy.”

“True… But..we can’t do this.. I’m sorry.”

“I understand..” 



 Linza went home afterwards. I watched to make sure she got home okay. About a week ago, she moved into the house across from us. Things will be kinda awkward now, especially since she lives across the street.



 I thought about what Linza said and she’s right but I can’t just drop everything with Lakey cause Linza is more supportive. We’re about to bring a child into this world.. I don’t want my child to be raised into a broken family.




 Christmas was a week away and it was time to make plans. I’ve been speaking with Leda and she seems pretty excited about spending Christmas here.



 Lakey and I made up since our fight. She did realize she was being silly and a bit selfish but she still isn’t on board with my business plan. I hope in due time, she’ll come around.




 “Christmas is around the corner and I’ve been meaning to tell you about my sister Leda and her family. They’ll coming to spend it with us.”

“That’s not gonna work out.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re gonna see my family.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to that.”



 “I haven’t spent Christmas with them in while and I think we should go.”

“Well I do wanna get to know Leda and her family.”

“Yeah, you can do that next year. We are going to see my family.”





 “I’m not being selfish! It’s only fair if we see my family.”

“And what about mine?”

“You can call them or whatever but I already told my mother that we were coming.”

“When were you going to tell me about our plans?”

“Soon.. You’re always busy with school. You can tell your new sister, maybe next year.”



 “Lakey, no.”

“No what?”

“I don’t wanna argue with you. We been doing well lately but I don’t wanna spend the holidays with your family. I wanna stay home with you.”

“I’m sorry that you don’t wanna go but I am. With or without you.”



Lakey headed to bed. She was bitter that I didn’t want to go see her family. I was annoyed that she was being selfish and not realizing it. My mood was lighten up when I received a message from Linza. I wonder if she would like with spend Christmas with me and Leda’s family.

Montigo Extensions: Bruce-Lee – Update 4

 I got up usually early on a Thursday. My classes didn’t start until 4PM, I usually just sleep in since I work late on Wednesday. But today I agreed to meet with the strange alien girl, Leda who is my half-sister. She lives 6 hours away from me, I figure we should hang out before she heads back home. Lakey was still asleep, I didn’t get a chance of where I’ll be. I figure I’ll just send her text.



 Leda wanted to meet at Sticky Stuff for breakfast. I never been here before but I heard good things about this place. I know how Lakey has been dying to come here but I keep blowing her off. I kinda feel guilty coming here without her. I did want to bring her along but she looked so peaceful sleeping and she’s been having a hard time sleep cause of the baby. She wakes up a million times during the night to pee.



Leda was already there, browsing through the fresh baked goods. It smelt like heaven in there. I could hear my stomach growling. The sweet aroma that filled the air drives a genie’s stomach insane with hunger. I made some small talk with Leda before finding a table to dine at.




“I’m ready if you are. I feel like I’m dying.”

“Yeah sure, we can order something now.”

“Great! My boyfriend thinks I’m dramatic when I’m hungry but he doesn’t understand.”

“Yeah, my lady thinks the same thing.”

“It’s nice to know someone who understands a genie’s hunger.”

“I bet so.”



 “So whatcha plan on ordering?”

“This strawberry cobbler sounds interesting. I love strawberries and I love cobblers. So why not. How about you?”

“Hmmm, I wanna try something different and strange.”

“Like what?”

“I’m this Kahlo fruit pie would be interesting.”

“Ahhh, the fruit of life. You know that fruit was created by the first tribe of the Gaivania genies?”

“No but that sounds like something Earth genies would create. I hope it’s sweet enough for a Navox tongue.” 



 “Any good for ya?”

“Not bad, honestly. I thought it might be a little tart but it’s sweet.”

“My sister would eat it. She would eat anything, I swear.”

“You have a sister? How many?”

“Well she’s your sister too. She’s an annoying 15 year old weirdo. Her name is Echo, she has hair like you and the same blue eyes like you. We also have a little brother named Xavier. He’s 7, a total sweetheart unlike Echo who is a brat. We all lived together at home…it’s crazy and all. Plus my boyfriend and daughter added to the mix.”

“So your mother made more kids with dad’s stolen sample?”

“Yes, she plans for more children. But honestly she should just find a husband and have children like most earthlings. Mother insists that all of her children should be fathered by the same man. My mom is kinda weird.”



 “She couldn’t be any weirder than mine. She started a long term relationship with my brother when he was only 14. She died almost 5 years ago. She also had 2 kids by my brother too. So it’s strange. You mention you have a daughter? How old are you? You seem kinda young.”

“I’ll be 19 soon, my daughter Valeri just turned 2. I had her young…but I’m still with her father. He just moved in. My mother kinda doesn’t like him cause he’s older than me and she’s still not thrilled with the whole having a teenage daughter with a baby thing. But I’m almost 19 now, I hope things will get better. Sylar is a great guy and he treats me well. How long have you been with your lady?”

“Since we were 17.  We are 32 now. Seems like forever.”

“Awww! That’s sweet. Why together for so long and not married yet?”

“We had plans but a month before our wedding, dad lost his fiancée a day before the wedding. We felt the timing was awful.. We haven’t set another date since. We just been enjoying ourselves. But now that she’s pregnant.. She probably wants to push it.” 




 “You kinda sound like you don’t wanna get married.”

“Well I do but….”

“Not with her?”

“I love Lakey, I care about her but I’m not sure if she’s the one.. I can’t believe that I just admitted that.. But it’s how I feel honestly.. I know she would just die if she heard me say that.”

“I might be kinda young but don’t stick around if you’re not feeling it. Go find someone who you feel is the one. Ya know the saying, follow your heart!”

“I thought she was but over time, I just don’t feel the same way like I use to. Ever since we moved here, I don’t feel the same way like I once did. She dragged me out here cause she wanted to get away from city life but I love the city. This is a nice quiet town to settle and raise a family in but I don’t belong here. I wanna own a night club, I wanna DJ just like dad once did. I wanna be like dad.”

“So dad was a great guy? Tell me some things about him. I would love to meet him.”



 “Dad had a lot of flaws but overall I think he’s a great guy. He taught me how to make a dirty martini when I was 8. He also taught me how to pick up ladies when I was 3. I was mainly a tool since I was a cute little Asian boy. I would pretend that I lost my dad and needed help finding him. I pretty much helped my dad make younger siblings. Other than that, he lead me into the world of music with showing me how to DJ and produce my own music. He also got me into mechanics. We use to attend car shows that came into town. I didn’t know my dad was into cars. His ladies man way overshadowed a lot of his interests. On the weekends, we would visit the garage and work on a car together. Just me and him, it was the only time I could spend time with him. I mean there was so many of us.”

“Dad sounds interesting. I always wanted to know about him. All I know is his name and blood type. You think he would be weird out if he meets me? I mean me being a lab baby.”

“I dunno… I dunno if you will get that chance to meet him. He had an accident late last month. He’s in a coma.”

“Oh.. my.. That’s a serious thing for our kinda.. He has a year to awake before it’s permanent….”

“It’s only been a few weeks. I hope he awakes long before then.” 



 “Hopefully before your baby comes. He can’t miss out on the little guy’s life.”

“Little guy?”

“Oh my bad.. I probably shouldn’t spoiled that for you. Sometimes I forget you non alien types can’t detect the gender early on like we can…”

“I don’t mind knowing soon. I can win the bet now. So you detected that Lakey is having a boy? You sure it’s a boy?”

“Yes, I’m positive. I knew Val was a girl when I first conceived.”

“I’m gonna have dad’s first grandson. So far everyone has had a daughter. And now yours, that makes it 7 little girls.”

“Girl power! Speaking of my daughter, I should return home. Sylar said that she misses me. But it was nice hanging out. I hope to get to know you more soon.”

“How about Christmas? It’s around the corner.”

“That sounds like a cool idea.”



 It was nice spending time with Leda. We exchanged numbers so we could chat and get to know each other better. We hugged before parting ways. I hope Lakey would be okay with having Leda and her family with us for Christmas. But I got this feeling that she’ll be against it..



 I decided to head to the library instead of going home. I had a project that I needed to work on and Lakey might be a distraction. Lately she hasn’t been understanding when it came to my studies. While I do my homework or study, she wants to chat, or spills her worries about ridiculous things. At the beginning she was supportive but now she wants me to drop everything for her.

I guess it’s my fault. I always did drop everything for her and I see she’s now taking advantage it. Or maybe it’s baby? I remember dad telling me that women can get a bit demanding when pregnant. He said the baby makes them crazy. I didn’t believe him but maybe he was right.

There’s been a quick shift with Lakey’s moods and attitude in the past weeks. Slightly more pushy, whiny, and needy. She needs me around a lot and I try but with school and work… It’s hard. She thinks I dislike the baby but in reality…it’s cause  of how she’s been acting..




I ran into Linza at the library. She was doing a little studying and I was happy to see her. We chatted for a little before she asked me if I wanted to study for an upcoming test with her. She admits that she hasn’t been doing that well and could use the extra help. I told her that I didn’t mind studying with her, I do enjoy her company.



 Studying went well, it was nice and quiet there. I think I will do pretty well on the test. However my phone buzzed a few times. I tried to ignore it but I knew it had to be Lakey. I knew I had to answer but I really needed studied.



 I read one of the texts that Lakey sent me. I forgot that she wanted to go shopping for the baby today. She was wondering where was I. I told her that I was studying for test that’s tomorrow. She replied back “Whatever.” which kinda annoyed me. I tried to not let that bothered me cause I needed to focus.



 I also had a project that was due on Monday and I worked on it after I studied with Linza for a while. As I work, Lakey kept texting me, telling me to come home but I just couldn’t do that. She wasn’t understanding that I really needed to do my things for school and it was starting to get annoying.



The first snow came down today. It wasn’t long before the grounds were blanketed of snow.  As I watched the snow fall, I remember all the times it snowed when I was a kid. I use to have snowball fights with my brothers, sister and my dad.

I remember building an igloo with PC, L2, Morde and Greta.  After we were done, we pretended it was a fort that protected us from the snow yeti. Greta pretended to be the yeti and tried to get us. I had fond memories of my childhood.  I hope for my son to have the same. However I have doubt it when I live in a town that I don’t feel like I belong in. I’m uncomfortable. Now I find myself questioning my relationship with Lakey…



After class I wanted to hang out with Linza for a bit. We both could use a break from our studies. I thought it would be nice to play in the snow. It’s been years since I’ve seen snow.






 Afterwards I invited Linza over, I kinda want Linza to meet Lakey so she wouldn’t start getting jealous. I thought maybe if they were friends, things would be a bit easier.



However Lakey wasn’t home. She left a note saying she went to go see a movie with friends. I made some hot cocoa for us and we chatted for a while before she went home.



 Over the next couple of weeks, Linza and I hung out a lot. We watched movies, played video games, visited the bar and studied together. She was quickly becoming my best friend. It’s something that I needed.



However my attempts to have Lakey socialize with Linza has failed. She shows no interest, she often ignores her.  When I ask about it, Lakey changes the subject…







 “Hmm, I guess he forgot to lock his man cave. I wonder what does he do in this place..”










 “I saw it!”

“You saw what? What are you talking about?!”

“Your secret man room! You got a bar and a DJ booth in there! I thought you were gonna give that stuff up!”

“There’s nothing wrong with the things in my man cave! Why are you upset about it?!”

“Because it reminds you of the city! We came here to forget about that! I don’t want nothing of the city in this house. I want all of your stuff gone!”

“There is no way I’m getting rid of my hobbies! It’s what keeps me sane!” 



 “Well when was you gonna tell me the truth about your plans!”


“I saw your business plan on your computer! About starting a night club!”

“That was for school! It was one of my assignments! But yeah I would like to make that into a reality!”

“We are about to have a child! You need real plans! Most night clubs fail within the first 6 months! You have a better chance in opening a garage! This town could use a place like that!”

“Who said that I can’t have both?! I can open a garage here and I can open a night club in the city near by! I know I can! I just wished you would be more supportive of my dreams!”

“I would if they was a little more realistic!”




Lakey stormed out, telling me to not worry about where she was. I was pretty heated about our argument and gave Linza a call.

“Hey, can you come over for a bit? I need a friend right now.”



Montigo Extensions: Bruce-Lee – Update 3

 It’s been a few months since I last spoke to you all. There’s been a few changes since then. Since learning about Lakey’s pregnancy, I decided it was best to enrolled into the community college in town. I’m working full time at the dive bar.

Although, Lakey rather I work somewhere with better benefits. I told her I would look but I haven’t. The bar owner works with my school schedule just so he could keep me. Word got around about my drink mixing skills, it brings business. My boss notice an increase of female visitors. They often come in to flirt and chat with me. My boss jokes about my irresistible aura, how it’s bringing all these females. He has no clue that it’s true. My aura does attract females. I often chat with them about me growing up in Star City, then they started to request “fancier” drinks since knowing where I’m from. They are impressed with a city boy and would love to have a moment of feeling like a classy lady from Star City. I’m now making up martinis, stocking up on wine and party cocktails.

Honestly my boss wasn’t thrill about the drink type request but it was bringing in females. And when females come, men will too. It wasn’t long until business was booming. Ladies order appletinis, men order glasses of whiskey, my boss no longer cared… However Lakey did.. She doesn’t like the idea of females being flirty with me but that comes with the job. Flirt with the bartender to get a free drink.

I like my job at the bar, it keeps my mind off of things. It’s been a week since I was told about my dad falling into a coma. Its hard on me cause he’s all I got, he’s the only parent that I known. The only parent who actually loved and cared about me… At least Lakey has been supportive.



My day started early, my first class of the day started at 8 AM. I made my coffee like usual, I figure I should make enough for Lakey but I keep forgetting about the baby. I made her some organic tea which she enjoys, it helps with nausea and all. The pregnancy is going well and she isn’t as sick as she was earlier. I really haven’t thought much about the baby to be honest. I want to be happy about he or she, but I’m not sure if I’m ready. My dad wasn’t ready when I was born. I’m afraid that I won’t be ready either. Lakey is excited and all she does is talk about the baby..



 “Thanks for the tea, honey. You didn’t have to make me any.”

“I know but I’m just being a good boyfriend.”

“You’re a great boyfriend and you’re gonna be a great daddy.”


“Don’t be modest, you know it’s true. We really haven’t talked about baby names.”

“You wanna talk about names now?”



 “Why not? This baby is coming in May and before you know.. It’s May!”

“I know.. But I still think we got time before we can start thinking about names.”

“What’s with you lately? Whenever I mention about the baby, you seem like you don’t wanna talk about it. Is there something wrong?”

“’s just.. I got a lot on my mind.”



 “Oh.. I can understand. Your dad.. I’m really sorry to hear about him. I was hoping maybe talking about the baby would cheer you up a bit. Your dad is going to wake up, you know that.”

“I don’t know.. We been through this before with my sister Mimi. She was in a coma for 7 years, she isn’t the same person when she woke up. That’s what I’m really afraid of when he wakes up. He might not be the same man who I know…”

“Oh sweetie.. I do remember about your sister. I think it was different in her case, she was really young and her brain was still developing. I know people who suffer a traumatic injury will have issues with memory. You could help him remember who the man he was.”

“It’s different with genies.. We are immortal but I can still lose my dad if he wakes up as a different man. I’ll grief the dad that I once known…”

“Oh.. I have faith that your dad will still be your dad. I hope you’ll have faith too..”

“I’m trying…” 



I had 45 minutes before I needed to head to school. I checked my email to see if there’s been any change with my dad. Sadly there was nothing new but I got an email from my sister Luna. I haven’t heard from her in ages. She’s doing well and telling me how she’s in the program in Arcadia. I knew she wasn’t much of a fan of earth so it was no surprise when I read her email. However I was surprised of how she ended her email.



 “Hey BL,

I know its been forever since I last chatted with ya but just letting you know that I’m in the colony program in Arcadia since the one in Lunar L. got shut down. I’m just settling in and its pretty nice. I’m not alone like I would hope. Lilah was approved for some insane reason, she was housed with me along with Dia, Toshi and Toshi’s girlfriend. Oh and Toshi is a daddy too. The kid is cute but annoying. Not as annoying as Lilah and Dia. I swear if I had a rocket, I would launch them into the sun together.

But anyway, I’m taking your advice you gave me back when we were teens about joining the science field. You know how I felt about it. It’s such an alien stereotype but honestly I have interest in geology and meteorology. You always known that.. I’m gonna do that. Studying rocks and the atmosphere. I still hope a meteor lands on our old science teacher. My first day at the lab starts in a couple of days. I just wanna say thanks for encouraging me into going for this. I think my life has meaning now. I miss you all back on earth…even our dad.. I know he was never my favorite person but I could never wish a coma on him.. Please keep me in the loop about him. I care…about all of you..

PS: You might have a strange visitor coming your way. Don’t be like dad, keep your dick in your pants. She’s one of us! Things would be kinda awkward if you don’t…




I wasn’t sure what the end of Luna’s email means. She was never direct about certain things. I didn’t much of it and headed to school.




I only had a couple of classes that day. My last classes ended a little bit after 2 PM. It was lunchtime and I figure I should go have lunch with Lakey somewhere. She’s been cooped up in the house alone a lot since I work and go to school. I don’t see her much which makes her upset. However since going to school here, I made a new friend who I have a few classes with. Her name is Linza, she’s from Sundale but only moved here to care for a sick great-aunt who recently passed. I keep her company as she griefs her lost. Lakey isn’t a fan of me hanging out with Linza a lot but she’s my study buddy though. Plus Linza and I have something in common, we’re going through a rough patch..



 “Trying to run off I see.”

“I’m getting a bit hungry. I gotta get to the food ya know.”

“Oh you genies and food. I hope Lakey is a good cook.”

“She does okay.”

“Speaking of food, wanna get lunch at Twin Lakes?”

“Well I was gonna have lunch with Lakey today.”

“Oh..Today is half price on steak and eggs dinners but I guess you better have lunch with your woman.”



 “Half priced steak you say?”


“You know how I love steak. Now my mouth is watering for steak.”

“Text your lady and tell her to meet us.”

“Lakey is on an organic diet for the baby. There’s nothing she can eat there.”

“That sucks. Maybe another time?”

“I’m sure Lakey won’t mind if I have lunch with a friend..”

“Okay, cool!”



I sent Lakey saying I was having lunch with a friend, she said it was okay and she already had lunch with one of her friends an hour ago. I told Linza that Lakey was okay with it and we headed towards our favorite diner.




 “So whatcha gonna get this time, Lin?”

“Hmm.. I’m thinking of the baby bella mushroom and spinach omelet. It has romano and parmesan cheese in it too.”

“Ooh, sounds fancy.”

“I am fancy, ha ha ha!”

“I’m getting something with steak of course. Oh and I want some fries, apple pie and a shake too. I wonder if they have some good cheesecake.”

“Geeze man, how does your lady feed you?”

“I got magic food, ha ha.”



 “I know you’re taking all business courses but you never mention about your goal. I’m kinda curious if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Well BL, I originally wanted to know about the world of business. I wanted to get into marketing like my biological mother. She thinks I have what it takes for the world of marketing. However my one of my dads think I should be a doctor like him ha ha ha. But I’m rethinking my goal now.” 

“Why so? Did your doctor dad get to you?”

“No. Since my great-aunt’s passing, I’ve come into some money. I wanna be my own boss.. Have my own business.”

“Oh really? Like what?”

“A night club.”




 “I know it sounds silly and I won’t be as rich as my doctor dad or my VP marketing mother but my other dad was once a successful night club owner. He was content with his career choice, he loved it, he enjoyed. My doctor dad isn’t too thrill with it but my club owner dad’s choice of making a living but he did well. Doctor dad was always busy with his work, so my daddy decided to party but he was a good boy. He stayed faithful to doctor dad.”

“It sounds like fun and I’m curious why you want a night club.”

“Like I said, he had a successful club in Star City. You heard of The Edge, right?”

“Yeah, my dad use to DJ there. One of your dads was the owner? Whoa.. It’s a small world.”

“Oh yeah, daddy loved to party. When his granddad passed, he used the money to started the club. It’s where he met doctor dad at. They fell in love and a house in Sundale. Later they asked their close friend to be a surrogate mommy. My dads wanted a baby and my mom’s career was too important to stop for motherhood. However she wanted her legacy to carry on. So here I am, it’s a win-win. The dads got a baby, my mom’s legacy will live on. And I want to carry on my dad’s legacy. I wanna buy back his night club. He sold it cause he wanted to retire.”

“Oh now I understand. You wanna learn how to manage it before buying it back into your family. Gotcha. I really love that you’re doing that.”



 “I haven’t told my parents yet. I hope they’ll like the idea too and be supportive too. But I loved going clubbing at The Edge back when I lived in the Valley county. I lived in Sundale but partied in Star City on the weekends. I spent most of my twenties living it up there. What are your goals?”

“Well… I want to start up my own night club too. I love to bartend and I’m starting to like DJing. I kinda wanna be like my dad. Its his dream to own a night club, he likes to drink and party. I like to do the same. I always looked up to my dad as a kid. I feel if I own a night club, he’ll be proud of me.”

“I’m sure your dad is already proud of you. You’re an awesome guy.”

“Yeah? I’m not sure about that…sometimes. I know my dad would be all supportive about me owning a club but it’s Lakey. She hates she hates the idea. She thinks my business management courses are about me owning a gym but it’s not.”

“ You know at some point you’re gonna have to tell her your plans.”

“I know but I just don’t know how or when. She doesn’t know about my passion for DJing. I keep it a secret from her, she doesn’t like anything that reminds her of the city. It’s reasons why we are here.”

“She doesn’t know about your about DJing either? It’s not good to have secrets in yourself relationship.”



 “I know.. But I know she won’t support it. I love music, I love dancing, I love partying, I just love the night life. That’s who am I, that’s the only life I know. I come from a family of party animals, my grandmother was once a stripper. Me living here in the small town is kinda depressing. I just don’t feel like I can be myself here.”

“Sounds like you can’t be yourself in your relationship. And honestly… I don’t think you’re happy. You really don’t talk about the baby. I also notice how you don’t smile much either.”

“I love Lakey. I love my unborn baby.”

“But are you happy?”

“Well… I know I’ll be happy once I hold my child..”

“Bruce, you didn’t answer my question. Are you happy?”

“Generally, yes. As with Lakey… I’m not sure..”

“You’re not sure? Hmm..”

“….. I got a lot on my mind. I told you about my dad. It’s making me depressed.. It makes me unsure about things.”

“Well if you say so..”




 “Lunch was nice like always. We should do this again soon. I like hanging out with you, Bruce.”

“I had fun too, Lin. We should but I’ll be honest.. Lakey is getting a little jealous. So maybe not so much?”

“I figured.. There’s no rules saying she can’t be my friend too. All three of us need to hang out. If she gets to know me more, then she might like me.”

“Maybe, but I’ll see ya later.”

“Okay, take care Bruce.”

“You too, Lin.”



 I did enjoy my lunch with Linza which carried on for 2 hours. I enjoy getting to know her and liked how she has the same goal as me. But Linza made me think about things. Am I not happy with Lakey? She is right about me not being able to be myself with Lakey. I won’t be happy if I can’t be myself with her. Keeping secrets isn’t a good thing either but I’m just not sure what am I’m gonna do. I love her, yes but am I happy being with her? Honestly, I just don’t know.



Naturally Lakey wasn’t too happy when I returned. I just had a two hour lunch and that leaves me just an hour left with Lakey before I gotta go to work.

“Where were you? I thought you were going out for lunch after class?”

“I did but I guess I lost track of time. I’m sorry.”

“Bruce, I never really get to see you that much anymore. What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing. I am sorry. I promised I’ll come home sooner tomorrow.”

“I miss you. I just wish that we could spend a little more time together.”

“I know. My shift doesn’t start ’til 6. I got an hour to do anything with you.”

“An hour isn’t enough… You seem so distant lately and you don’t like talking about the baby. It makes me think there’s something wrong.”




 “I’m so sorry. It’s just with school and work.. my mind is clouded.. Now with my dad in a coma… I’m gonna make it up to you.”

“Sometimes I think that you don’t want this baby…”

“What? Of course I want this baby.. I’m still wrapping my mind around the idea of fatherhood.”

“So you do love this baby?”

“Yes, of course I love the baby.”

“Maybe tomorrow we can check out that cute baby shop?”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you wanna do.”



 It was getting close for me to head to the bar. I dressed and ready. Lakey was still a little mopey and followed me into our bedroom. I know she doesn’t want me to go in but I really don’t have a choice with a baby on the way.



“How long is your shift for tonight?”

“I’m closing again.”

“So until 2 AM?”


“You know that I really don’t like this job. I miss when we go to bed together. Can’t you get a part time job? My parents are willing to help us with money.”

“No. This is my family, I’m going to take care of us. Besides, I got some money saved up. We will be fine.”

“But Bruce..”

“I know you don’t like it but its paying our bills at least. I won’t be doing this forever.”

“I guess you’re right..”



 “I got this weekend off, we can stay in and spend time together.”

“I know but I something in the paper about a job that I think you might like. It’s flexible, pays well and we can spend lots of time together. I’m sure they can work around your schooling.”

“Lakey, I like my job.”

“Just hear me out, please?”


“I know how you like to make drinks but what about coffee and tea? There’s an opening at The Perc.”

“You want me to be a barista?”

“Yeah. So wanna give it a try?”

“I’ll think about it..”



 “Oh thank you! Being a barista would be much better than a bartender. I love the tea there, we can see each other all the time.”

“Yeah… We could…”

“So you’re gonna apply then?”

“I’ll visit The Perc after class.”

“This means so much to me.”

“Yeah, I know.”



My shift started around happy hour. I did think about Lakey’s job request at The Perc and honestly I’m not interested in becoming a barista. I love what I do here and I wish she could understand that but it’s whatever.




 “Hey BL. What’s up?”

“Not much, what can I get for ya?”

“Hmm, what’s tonight special?”

“We have 5 dollar martinis tonight.”

“Dive bar martinis? How fancy.”

“Well I know how fancy you are, ha ha ha.”

“Yeah? I think I’ll have a dirty martini.”

“I think I can dirty it up for ya.”


 I fixed a drink for Linza which she liked. She chatted with me for a bit before I had other customers to attend to. It was only a Monday night and I didn’t think we would have many customers. However it was Martini Monday and all the martini lovers would be heading this way I guess.






 I saw a girl walked into the bar. She was very pretty but she wasn’t a familiar face. I could tell she wasn’t from here.. She’s kinda out of this world if you know what I mean. Obviously she was of alien descent, like my sister Bora Bora she had human facial features but had flesh colored skin. She greeted me with a warm smile as she stood in front of the bar. I did sense something different about her too. I felt a magical aura that surrounded. A Navox aura. Honestly I never met another Navox who wasn’t related to me.




 “Can I help ya?”

“What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry. Maybe I should tell you my name. It’s Leda.”

“Why do you wanna know my name? That’s such an odd request.”

“I like to know the name of the person who will be serving my drinks.”

“It’s Bruce-Lee. My dad thought it was clever to name me after the kung fu master, Bruce Lee cause I’m part Asian. He felt it will make me know kung fu. My dad is an idiot but I love him. So can I get you a drink?”

“That’s kinda funny. Hmm what do you recommend?”

“Well most pretty ladies like yourself would like a martini. It’s tonight’s special, Martini Monday.”

“He he he! That’s cute. You think you can make me a appletini?”




 “So you have a good relationship with you, right?”

“Well yeah, I guess I do.”

“He’s a great guy, yeah?”

“Yeah, sure. Why do you ask?”

“You strike me as a man with a good family values. Strong relations with your father I can see.”

“Yeah you can say that. But seriously, why do you wanna know this?”

“I’m just making conversation. I didn’t catch your last name.”

“What’s with all the questions? Who are you?”

“Can I have my drink?”





 I was starting to get a little weirded out by this girl who’s asking me these personal questions. I wonder who she was really and why she wanna know these things. She wouldn’t say why but I made her a drink and hope she’ll leave but she wouldn’t.



 “Wow, that drink was pretty good. Can you make me another one?”

“Yeah, you wanna start a tab?”

“Oh no, I just have cash. Have you been doing this long?”

“A few months, I learned from my dad.”

“I see he taught you well.”

“Yeah he did. So another appletini?”

“Nah, surprise me.”



 I made her a few more drinks during the night. She didn’t hang around the bar area much when various men start buying her drinks. She was flirty with the men but kept them all bay. She was the life of the party at the bar. She got others to sing and dance. I can tell she’s a party girl, she was really liven up the place with her good energy. I just wondered who she was.

Linza stayed for the rest of the night, we chatted when I wasn’t serving drinks but I kept thinking about the strange alien genie girl.



The night was over for me. My boss didn’t make me stay for the clean up and the inventory check. I was pretty glad about that since I was pretty tired and all. As I headed for the front door of my house, all I could think about was slipping into my warm bed. But suddenly I heard a noise behind me.




 “Hello Bruce-Lee!”


“Oh cool you remembered my name!”




 “How did you find where I live? Did I follow me? Who the hell are you?”

“Please don’t be frightened by me.”

“Seriously! Who are you?!”

“I’m Leda. I’m your sister.”


“I’m sorry for acting weird but I needed to make sure that you’re my brother.”

“You’re my sister?”

“Yes, we share the same father.”

“I don’t recall having an extra half alien and genie sister. In fact only one of my alien siblings has genie powers.”

“Well I’m the second one then.”

“I think you should go cause you’re really creeping me out…”




 “Please, brother. Let me explain things.”

“Okay, you got three minutes.”

“My mother came to earth to start a new life. She a job at a cryobank, she worked in the lab. One day she was checking the database and came across a donor she found interesting. Well she stole the sample impregnated herself with it. And I was born. The donor is your dad, Borage Montigo.”

“Oh of course.. He did tell me about his first job… A spank bank donor…”

“Yeah, my mother got fired once they notice a sample went missing. Plus there was video evidence of her taking it. But my mother wanted a Navox child, it’s why she took it.”

“How did you find me?”

“Actually I was passing through town and my sensor went off. I got a sense that a blood related was near by. You see, I’m searching for our father. My boyfriend asked me to marry him and I want my father to give me away at my wedding. I always wanted to know him since I was a little girl.”



 “My dad…our dad won’t be walking anyone down the aisle anything soon.”

“What do you mean? Did something happen to him?”

“Yes, there was a car wreck… He slipped into a coma. I’m sorry.”

“Oh.. That’s awful..”

“Yeah.. I was thinking about spending Christmas with him this years. Plans had changed.”

“I bet. Where does our dad live? I’ve been searching for about a year. I couldn’t find anything about him other than he once lived in Riverview. It’s where I live with my fiancé Sylar and our daughter Valerii. She just turned 2.”

“Yeah dad grew up there but left for Star City when he turned 21.”

“Do you have any children?”

“My first is on the way.”

“Oh how nice!”



 “Would you like to come in for some tea? We can get to know each other. I can tell you all about dad and show you some pics.”

“Maybe a later time. It’s late and I know you’re sleepy.”

“I guess you are right. How long will you be in town?”

“A day, I need to get back home to my family. I’m sure my mom is driving Sy crazy by now.”

“Ha ha ha. Well I can meet you somewhere in the morning if you like?”

“I would love that.”

“How about the bakery? Sticky Stuff, it has the best cinnamon rolls in town.”

“I love Sticky Stuff! We have one in Riverview too. Sure, I can meet you there around?”

“Is 11:30 okay?”


“Great. I’ll see you then.”

“Yep. It was nice meeting you, brother.”

“You too, sister.”



And just like that she was gone in a blinding light. I do remember Luna taking off like that often. Then it got me thinking about Luna’s email. She said a visitor was coming my way and she was one of us. Oh god! She meant Leda! I wonder how did she know this was going to happen?




I entered the room as quietly as I could, I knew Lakey would be sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her, she looked so peaceful. I laid in bed wide awake, thinking about Leda. I knew my dad was a donor so I shouldn’t be surprise when someone claims to be a sibling of mine. I’m pretty sure there were some children made with his kind donations. I am curious of how many children that my dad fathered is out there?

Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 2

 It wasn’t long before we got back to the apartment. During the way, Jade kept making out with Nico while Nico rubbed on my leg. He touch sent chills up my spine and genies don’t even feel the cold! I didn’t like him touching me in any way, my stomach turned, I felt like I was gonna throw up.

Jade and Nico headed towards the spare bedroom since our room was a little messy. I was nervous and unsure about this. Well it’s not like I haven’t been in a threesome before… I’ve had a few since moving out here in BP but I just didn’t want one with Nico of all the men in town. I stood in the front room thinking of ways to get out of this but Nico kept calling me in. I didn’t wanna do it but I don’t wanna lose Jade.




“You can join anytime you want, Miyoko.” Nico said to me with a devilish smirk across his face. I wanted to slap him and tell him to get out but I couldn’t. I stood there, I was frozen, I couldn’t bring myself closer to the bed. I didn’t like watching Jade blow Nico off, I didn’t like the fact that she was enjoying it! This was so hard to take in. “C’mon Miyoko, bring your sexy ass over here. I wanna taste those magical lips of yours.” Nico said to me with that stupid smirk still on him face. I felt really, really, really sick at this point. Nico motions me over with his big, hairy, ugly hand. “I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” I said in my head. “I could just watch, maybe?” I said out loud instead. “Nah.. I want you both. Quit playin’ girl. Get over here.”




I don’t know how I did it but I manage to join in. Jade bought out our toys that we could use on each other. It wasn’t too long before I found myself propped on top of Jade and Nico sticking his chunky wolf fingers in me. I hate it! I wanted him to stop. I just wished that he would just focus on Jade a lot more than me.





 Nico wanted more of me that he wanted with Jade… I know it wouldn’t be too long before Jade will start getting all jealous and cray cray. The last that I want for tonight is more drama from her. So I tried to make her feel real good like I usually do but make it 10 times better ya know. Maybe she won’t notice Nico is only zeroing on me.




 “You feel so nice…”

“Shut up!”

“You like me inside ya?”

“Oh my god! Just shut up!”

“You can tell me, Jade won’t get mad. She likes me in you.”

“I hate your face! Shut up!”

“Don’t be shy, Mimi. Tell me, you like it?”


“Mimi.. Mmm… You feel so damn good. Nice and wet like I like it. You like this?”

“You talk too much! Shut up, stupid face!”

“You like?”



I was lying.. but I just wanted him to shut the fuck up…




The only one I liked and enjoyed inside of me was Jade, even if it’s just her fingers. I just wanted this whole night to be over but it was far from being over…





Jade wanted some one on one with Nico, I let her have some time even if its killing me inside. I just wanted to be away from Nico. This was my one escape and I took it. Besides, someone needed to check the stove so the apartment doesn’t blow up. I swear that stove is plotting to blow us up one day. I really don’t trust this evil stove. I wanna know what’s its deal and why does it wanna kill us.




I turned around to find Nico standing behind me. Where did he even come from? I didn’t hear him come out the room and I thought he was supposed to be giving Jade some attention. He lunged towards me, pulling me into a gross kiss. I wanted to bite him but he’s a wolf and he’s probably into that. I didn’t wanna turn him on in any way. I thought my night was over with him!




 “Nico! What the fuck! Get out me!”

“What’s wrong, angel face? I thought you were starting to like me?”

“No! I only did this for Jade! I will never like you, you’re a creep!”

“Aww, don’t be that way angel face. I thought maybe we could play, just you and me.”

“No! I did your stupid threesome! I thought Jade wanted your attention since you weren’t really giving her any. It’s only been like 10 minutes!”

“It’s been about 20 minutes, she got tired and went to bed but I’m still feeling frisky. Us wolves can go for a while and I know about love genies. I know you haven’t gotten your fill yet.”

“Yeah but I can finish myself up!”

“Can I watch?”

“Fuck off!”

“Nah… I rather fuck you. I want you, Miyoko and I want you now.”

“No, Nico! Go home!”

“I want you and I’m going to get you.”

“Nico, please.. Just-“




Before I could finish my sentence, Nico spun me around, bending me over the corner. I couldn’t get another word out before he began to penetrate me. He thrust away, rapidly but with a steady rhythm. So many thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted cry, I didn’t want this but yet it felt good in some sick way. Maybe its the forceful nature of his kind.

I heard about sex with a lycan male, it could amazing if you’re into being dominated. I wasn’t sure about this… I love sex… All kinds of sex but even if its technically rape?  Maybe its cause of my kind and not his.. It’s kinda hard to rape a love genie female, they’ll take away the power from the rapist by enjoying it and being more than he could handle. What I’m feeling is only natural but I don’t like it!




Nico was far from being done with me, he yanked me from the counter and pinning me against wall. He forcefully kissed me on my lips and neck. He gently nibble on my neck while letting his hand explore my body. I felt his hands find their way to my ass and he quickly lifting me up. He growled softy as he continue to pump away at me. His cold grey eyes glowed more than usual, there was something a little different about him.  




He pulled me away from the wall, carrying me into the front room and throwing me on the couch. I laid on the couch frozen in fear, he was starting to get a bit violent with me. His paws did more exploring on my body as he growled softly. Caressing me while snarling made my heart race faster. I wasn’t sure what he was about to do. Was he about to attack me? I couldn’t remember if it was a full moon or not.

“There’s something about you, Miyoko. Something that is driving me crazy about you. I gotta have you. I gotta have you all to myself. I need you Miyoko. Let me have you..”


“Let me have you…”





 “What do you mean by that?”

“I want you to be mine. All mine. Mine forever…”

“Um.. you can’t.. My heart is with Jade and her only.”

“You know that’s bullshit. Jade is playing you. You’re just dick bait.”

“Dick bait?”

“She’s the type of girl who fucks another girl just to get guys attention. You and her ain’t real.”

“That’s not true! Jade loves and care about me..”

“You sure? Cause that’s not what she told me.. But I would love and care about you and it would be for real. So what do you say? Let me have you?”

“No! You’re lying about Jade!”

“That’s not the answer that I wanted to hear!”




Nico must have been angry since he forced himself inside of me again. After a few minutes of rapid thrust, he pulls me from the couch and sits down. “Go for ride?” Nico suggested. I quickly denied him but he let out a strong growl. “Okay.. Just don’t-“ I didn’t finish before he forces me to ride on top of him. I never been so scared in my life… I wanted this all the stop but I know this will be never ending.. If only he were human, he would hadtired out ages ago. Even after this night, I just knew he’ll stick around. He already blatantly told me that he would stalk me…

“I like this fire in you. It turns me on even more.”

“Nico..please.. Stop.”

“I just can’t get enough of you. I gotta have you.”

“You can’t…”

“Yes I can and I will.” 



 “That was amazing, angel face. Guess you wanna cuddle?”

“Eww no! Just go!”

“Aww c’mon angel face. Just for a little bit? You must be getting cold, us wolves are naturally warm.”

“So are genies! I don’t need your warmth!”

“Damn, we got a lot in common. I think we’ll do just fine.”

“That doesn’t mean shit! You hardly know me and you wanna be with me?”

“I wanna do more than be with you. I wanna marry you.”

“What?! Are you high?!”

“High with your love, angel face.”

“You’re crazy! Go home!”




 “I guess I could go home. I don’t remember if I gave Mason a spare key. He’ll be pissed if I didn’t but he’ll get over it. We can do lunch tomorrow?”

“No Nico! We are not dating! I’m not doing nothing with you tomorrow!”

“You say that but we are. I can come pick you up around noon?”

“Are you not hearing me?”

“You’re not hearing me. Let’s go to The Perc, they serve pizza on the weekends. Noon, angel face?”

“Nico! I’m with Jade…not you. Plus she will kill you if you take me on a date.”

“I’ll deal with Jade later. I’ll tell her know that I’m taking you.”

“You can’t!”

“But I will. See you later, angel face. I’ll miss you.”




What the fuck just happen….

Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 1

Tonight was supposed to be fun night. Drama free and laid back. But it was anything but. I found myself standing outside on a cold December night, wondering about the current status of my relationship. Why do things always gotta be so messy? Maybe my sister was right. Maybe Jade isn’t the best person for me but I love her.. I think love her.

Ohhhh.. I don’t even know anymore. I don’t even know why I’m soooo attached to her. I mean she can be nice and all… But there’s times she just flip a bitch switch and she’s like a completely different person or something. My followers think i got this awesome glamorous life but only if that was true. Well like…I guess my life is kinda cool in some ways but when it comes to love. It’s terrible! Like really, really, terrible ya know?



 I’m a professional blogger in BP. It all started as a small fun blog cause I liked to blog about celebrity gossip, fashion and whatever I can think of. I liked to party so I did reviews of clubs and bars that I visited. I also decided to make vlogs about my outings or my opinions about things. People really started to dig what I did with my blog. I was getting loads of hits and followers almost daily.

My blog caught the eye of an entertainment company, they wanted me to turn my blog into a full time job, they wanted me to be a professional blogger for BP. I blog about the happenings in BP along with doing what I was doing before. I even give out sex advice for ones having  in that department. I do reviews for movies and shops also. Watching movies and shopping at various stores is really fun since I’m being paid for it.

I got more attention when I started to date Jade, guys like to whole girl & girl love but not everyone thinks its hot. I got a few gay bashers on my blog but I try really, really hard to not let their rude comments get to me. Sometimes the comments hurt and I crawl into a ball and cry. I was always well liked and never been told rude things until now. But I’m getting better now, Kaia always said that you can’t win them all.



Being a professional blogger and party girl has its perks but it has its downfalls… 





Mixing a night out with a hot headed girlfriend and free alcohol is like playing with fire. But this night opened my eyes a little. I need to do something re-adjusting things in my life but I’m like afraid of change. It can be scary and all but I don’t know what to do anymore.

My love life is starting to interfere with my job, its been days since my last post. I can’t have a good night out on the town to places I was assigned to go without Jade making a scene. If I can’t get things under control… I’ll lose my blog.. I’ll lose everything and I will so flip out. It will be so bad. Like really, really bad. It worries me a lot. 




 Standing out in the cold in tears isn’t something I can blog about. I am supposed to be having fun tonight. No drama, no bullshit. All smiles and laughter, no tears and sorrow…




 This night changed my life forever..

My name is Miyoko Basil Montigo.

And this is my story…



 Tonight I needed to check out a small bar by the railroad called The Caboose. It was on the shady part of town but they added a karaoke night in hopes to bring in a nice crowd. I wasn’t sure about going there along so I had a dumb decision in bring Jade with me. If I could turn back the hands of time, this would soooo not happen ever!

“Drama free, all fun tonight okay? Being here is kinda an assignment. I gotta do a review ya know.”

“Pssh! I know. I’m not drama.”

“Jade.. please? Let’s have fun tonight okay? Maybe we can do some singing tonight?”

“Yeah but I’m picking out the songs cause I’m tired of singing Beyonce’s tracks. I swear if I gotta sing single ladies one more time..”

“I LOVE that song! Its my favortiest!”

“I know and I now hate it.”

“Whatever Beyonce is queen!”

“Yeah okay…let’s go in.. Its cold..I’m not a genie like you.. The cold bothers me.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry!”



 We started the night out with some drinks, free of course. Free drinks isn’t such a good thing when I’m with Jade. We’ll be wasted in no time. We chatted as we threw back some drinks, I could tell Jade didn’t seem interested in what I was talking about. I notice how she kept glancing over at the door as she was waiting for someone. I tried to acted like I didn’t notice but I wanted to know what’s going on.

“Expecting someone Jade?”

“No.. Just seeing who all goes here.”

“You’re wondering if Mason is gonna walk in?”

“Mason? No!”

“Bullshit Jade. Kaia said he went back home. I hate to break it to ya..”

“Ha! I don’t care about Mason…”

“It didn’t sound like it this morning…”

“Oh Mimi.. Don’t be dramatic.”

“But I’m not..”

“Whatever, wanna sing?”

“I guess so..”




We did some singing for a while. The night was a bit slow at first. We did a few songs back to back. I even convince Jade to sing a Beyonce song. It would be fun ya know plus she was starting to get a bit tipsy. So convincing her was kinda easy.

♫ Can you eat my skittles?
That’s the sweetest in the middle
Pink that’s the flavor
Solve the riddle
I’ma lean back
Don’t worry it’s nothing major
Make sure you clean that
It’s the only way to get the flavor ♫



 Jade really started to get into the song once Nico came waltzing in. I guess when singing a song about oral sex, ya want to get your crush’s attention. I’m no fool and I can see that Jade has a thing for Nico. She talks about him a lot when she’s not talking about Mason. It hurts when she talks about guys in front in of me. Her and I are together…well I think we are. To be honest is hard to tell with Jade at times. She and Nico has some history I guess.

Jade and Nico are both from LA and this morning she admitted to cheating on Mason with him. Nico is the last guy I wanted to see tonight. I just know he’ll just ruined this night with his smug face. Nico thinks he’s the greatest thing cause he’s now a resident DJ at Dynasty and is a music producer of one of the top studios in BP. Nico thinks he’s the greatest of all. Such a snob! A wicked smugly snob! There’s also something about him that rubs me the wrong but I don’t know what it is…




Jade made a b-line towards Nico. Smiling, being all giddy when she talks to him and getting flirty. I hate how she does it in front of me like I wasn’t suppose to care when I do. I wanted to play one of the arcades and asked Jade to join me. But on our way to the arcades, Nico steps out the restroom and Jade gets all flirty. I was annoyed but decided to play a game. I wanna have a good night, damn it!





 I wanted to sing again but Jade didn’t want to. She wanted to dance with Nico and totally blew me off. It was hard to have fun when your girlfriend is locked eyes with a slime ball who you don’t like!




 “So Jade, I’m curious about something.”

“What’s that?”

“You and your girl.. She’s kinda hot.. She’s a genie right?”

“Yeah but why do you care? Don’t you think I’m hot?”

“Yeah but I was wondering if she’ll be interest..”


“You, me and her.. A threesome? I think it would be kinda hot. You being a witch, her a genie and me a wolf, I know we could be having a super sexy time.”

“I don’t know Nico.. Maybe we can do something so time?”

“I was kinda hoping your genie could join.. Guess I could look elsewhere.”

“Nico.. um.. maybe we can work something out. Genies love sex, I think she’ll go for it.”

“Cool, as long as she tags in, I’ll be all about it.”

“Well okay..”





I was really starting to get annoyed at this point. How dare she! So I needed to get her attention and remind her of who she’s here with and who’s she’s dating. Maybe Nico will just go away.





So I made out with Jade in front of Jade, showing him that he needs to back off. Jade is mine and he needs to go find some hussy to bag for the night. Jade was taken and there was no way I was gonna stand by and let him try to take her.




 “What was that about?”

“You’re my girlfriend and Nico needs to see that! You haven’t been paying attention to me since he got here! What’s your deal Jade?!”

 “Nothing, you need to chill Mimi. I was just being friendly, Nico is an old friend of mine.”

“You mean flirty! Plus he’s a guy who you had an affair with before! I don’t trust him!”

“Mimi, it’s cool. Really.. you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Whatever Jade!”



 I wasn’t convince of what Jade said. She kept on flirting with Nico and then she started to make out with him. She didn’t bother in trying to do it in private. I was really hurt by this.




 “Jade! What the fuck? Really?! You just gonna make out with him?”

“It’s no big deal! It’s not cheating!”

“Not cheating?! That was not cheating?! Are you fuckin’ stupid?! You and I are together in a relationship! You kissing a guy or another girl is still cheating!”




 “Don’t you call me stupid, you fuckin’ whore!”

“Jade! Stop! You said you wouldn’t hurt me again!”

“Fuck you Miyoko! You been so annoying tonight!”





After Jade slapped me, I ran outside. I was stunned by what just happen. She promised me that she wouldn’t lay a hand on me again.. This wasn’t the first time that she hit me. She has slapped or punched me many times before when we get in fights. She said she would never hit me again but always does anyway.

Jade rushed after me just to fight with me some more, saying that I was making her look bad. I was confused but furious. I didn’t make her look bad, she did that on her own. Making out with Nico then slapping me.





 “Maybe we should just break up! I’m so tired of your whining Miyoko!”

“Break up? No!”

“Yeah we should! I need a man in my life and you get on my nerves!”

“I’m sorry..”

“Yeah you are.. You’re trying to ruining things with Nico and I. I hope he still likes me.”

“So you rather be with him than me?”

“Duh! You can’t give me a baby one day! This was just for fun! You knew there! Oh god you are so stupid Miyoko!”

“You don’t mean that…”

“Yes I do! We are done!”




The words “we are done” echo in my mind. I couldn’t believe that Jade just broke up with me. I was just for fun? I thought what we had was real? I thought she cared about me and loved me. She said that she did. My night was ruined. I stood outside crying my eyes out. I felt like my world was crumbling down around me. Jade was everything to me and I was nothing to her…




 To add salt to injury, Nico comes outside for whatever reason. I wanted to punch him in his stupid face. This was all of his fault anyway. Why would he come here anyway? I thought he was too good to be at a place like this.

 “Hey..are you okay?”

“No! Jade dumped me and its your fault!”

“What? She just dumped you? What about our threesome?”




 “Threesome? With you?! I would never fuck you!”

“Why not? You don’t think I’m cute?”

“Seriously? Get over yourself! If you want some easy vag, try my now ex!”

“How about you and I go to my place instead? I can make you feel better.”

“Fuck you, Nico!”




 “I like the fire in you, Mimi. You’re just turning me on even more.”

“Go away you creep! I don’t like you and I’ll never like you!”

“Don’t be that way, sweetie. I can be a nice guy if you give me a try.”

“Are you deaf?! I don’t like you!”

“As a wolf I enjoy a good hunt.”

“So what? You’re gonna start stalking me now?”

“To be honest, yeah. You’re kinda sexy and all. I figure you’ll give in at some point.”

“Wow! You are the biggest creep I know! Stay away from me!”

“Don’t be that way, Mimi. I can treat you better than Jade.”

“Go away now!”

“Okay but I’ll be back.”




Nico went back inside. I was debating if I should go home. I didn’t wanna go back in the bar knowing Nico and Jade were in there. A few minutes went by before Jade came storming out. I wasn’t in the mood to fight with her again..

“The fuck Mimi! You told Nico no about the threesome?!”


“Seriously Mimi! Why? I thought you wanted a fun night?!”

“You broke up with me..”

“No I didn’t!”

“You said we were done and I was just for fun..”

“No! I was being dramatic! I didn’t break up with you.”

“I’m confused?”




 “I think if we add a guy into our relationship then maybe we won’t fight so much. I kinda miss the real thing ya know.”

“I don’t know about that.. That doesn’t seem right at all. I don’t wanna share you with anyone. And Nico is creepy.”

“Maybe we should be broken up for real.. You know our type of relationship won’t last long without a guy in the mix. It won’t be an everyday thing. Just time to time. You’re my main love, Mimi. I care about you and you know that. Let’s add Nico in, okay?”

“Jade.. this is so overwhelming..”

“How about doing a few more shots? I think you’re sobering up.”

“Can I think about this for a few minutes?”

“Yeah, I’ll order us some shots.”





Now I’m really confused. One second we’re broken up and the next weren’t? Like I don’t know if Jade’s feelings for me are legit. Now she wants to add a male into our relationship thinking it will save it. It’s insane but I don’t wanna lose Jade for good. Maybe this won’t be so bad. She said it won’t be an everyday thing.. I hope that’s true. I couldn’t stand to see Nico all the time.




 “Jade, I thought about it. I guess we can have three ways with Nico time to time.”

“Really? So you’re serious?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Okay cool. Then we should grab a cab then.”

“We’re gonna do this tonight?”

“Um yeah. Why not?”

“I thought we were gonna wait a few days.”

“Don’t be silly! Call a cab and I’ll tell Nico that’s it’s on.”




So I called a cab, I swear it got here lighting fast. I was hoping the cab would take its time. I wasn’t ready for this sudden change in my relationship but I was willing to do whatever it takes to save it. Even if its something that I’m not comfortable with…