Where Are They Now? – The Montigo-Day Family Part 3

Miles Day & Lisa Vega

Miles: Miles is the oldest son of Antonio and step-son of Celsia. Miles was only 7 when Antonio first filed to divorce his mother Leia Williams. Miles has no relationship with his mother and doesn’t care much for her. As a teenager, Miles taught himself how to play the guitar refuse to get any help. His step-sister Chloe made a passing joke about how he wouldn’t have to try very hard getting into the music world being the son of Gr8 Lay, his mother’s stage name. Miles wants nothing to do with her and believes he could find his way in without her. However Miles isn’t looking to be famous but instead wants to work behind the scenes. Miles became an audio engineer for a major record label called, Tiki Treble.

Miles has worked with many musicians with included one of his mother former band-mates. Miles tried to keep things casual with her but soon learns how she disliked Leia as much as he does. Miles soon became friends with her and it’s how he met his current girlfriend, Lisa Vega.

Lisa Vega is a journalist for an internet entertainment and pop culture blog called, Lone Coconut. She mainly focus on music of any genre. Lisa was introduced to Miles and they quickly hit it off. It would be some time before Miles sees Lisa’s temperamental side but overall they mostly work well together. Lisa is much younger than Miles and has a small which Miles doesn’t mind. Lisa was once involved with one of the music producers at Tiki Treble. Luckily for Miles, he doesn’t work much around him.

Like his father, Miles is eager to settle down with Lisa although they been together for a year. This is a natural instinct for most Gaivania genies. Miles isn’t sure if Lisa would be ready and decides to wait to see instead of rushing things.

On the side, Miles is apart of an all genie progressive rock band where he plays the bass.

Lisa: Lisa is originally from California but moved to Konani Tide with her maternal grandmother when she was 17 Lisa is an only child and lost both parents when she was only 6 to tragic accident at their job at a factory plant. Lisa doesn’t remember much of her parents but is often told stories about from her grandmother. Lisa’s grandmother passed shortly after Lisa’s 20th birthday due to health problems. This left Lisa all alone as she doesn’t know any other family members. Lisa got online to search for family but instead find herself on her favorite entertainment blog, Lone Coconut. She soon learns they are looking for a new writer, Lisa barely started school at the community college. Lisa submitted a sample article and was hired on. Luckily for Lisa, the blog’s headquarters  reside in Konani Tide which is one of the reasons why she was hired on, they wanted someone local. This made Lisa a bit insecure about her writings and continued to work on her communications degree.

Lisa wasn’t exactly welcomed into the team because she didn’t have any type of degree. She was later told that she was only hired cause she’s black and a local. The blog needed to meet a diversity quota and was told not to get too comfortable. Lisa was bit peeved learning the truth but was determined to show others that there’s more than her than the color of her skin. Lisa started with the pop culture common and being an animal lover, she searched the web for the cutest animal videos. Lisa also appeared in a videos, showcasing her charming personality which she soon earned fans.

Lisa was soon moved to the music section and often interview musicians. Lisa was enjoying her new title as she also got to meet a few famous musicians as well. She became a frequent visitor at the Tiki Treble studio, where she would meet a rapper/DJ/music producer named Clayton. Lisa was head over crazy for Clayton as she felt he was the most amazing man ever. He got her to meet a few famous rappers and singer and she got to party at the hottest clubs in Konani Tide. It wasn’t long before she became pregnant. After telling Clayton, she found herself all alone again. Clayton denies the baby is his and cuts off all communications with her. Lisa had a son whom she named Terrance. After Terrance’s first birthday is when she met Miles and things started to look better for her.




Emery Montigo

Emery is the youngest daughter of Celsia and has the best relationship with her. Being born different, Celsia gave Emery more attention than the twins. Emery is half Navox and half of an unspecified alien race. As a teen, Emery discover that she has chameleon lizard like abilities where she could change the color of her skin. Emery changed her skin to match her mother’s so she could fit into society. However when under stress, she skin will revert back to its original color until she’s relaxed. Emery is a huge movie buff and enjoys mostly horror and thriller flicks.

After high school, Emery left for college to earn a degree in forensic science. As a child, Emery has always been interested in crime shows and wanted to be a forensic scientist. Soon after graduation, Emery returned to Konani Tide  and joined the forensic team. She’s now a lab tech and learns how the job isn’t as excited as it was on TV. But living on the islands, there isn’t much  homicide happen with it being a tourism town. The lab often help with cases outside of their region.

Unfortunately but fortunately for Emery her job eventually picks up when 5 headless corpses washed up on Trini Beach within a 2 year period. Emery was able to help identified all 5 victims and discovered all 5 were tourists who were close in age, Caucasian, petite and brunette. Emery doubles as a profiler was also help the BAU deliver a profile of the serial killer named the, Trini Beach Killer (TBK for short) since the 5 victims were all found on Trini Beach. With Emery not requiring sleep, she is able to work on the case longer than her co-workers, but is often told to go home once her skin reverts back to its natural green skin.

The team struggles to capture TBK and Emery will not rest until he is found. They are approaching the third year when a 6th body was found. The 6th victim was killed in a slightly different fashion but his signature stayed in tact. One huge difference with victim #6, is she wasn’t decapitated like the previously 5 victims. There was signs that this kill didn’t go as planned and the killer is starting to devolve. However victim #6 struck home with Emery, she knew her. The victim was Emery’s  former college roommate, Gina whom she spoke with 2 weeks ago. Gina told Emery how she wants to visit Konani Tide and see what was the big fuss about. According to Gina’s boyfriend, Gina planned to surprise Emery. Gina haven’t told Emery she already booked her flight when they last spoke. According to the ME, Gina had been dead for a week. Gina was killed on the night she arrived and hasn’t been seen since retrieving her room key at the family’s resort. Emery was more than determined to solve the case, however her boss sent her home and gave her time off to collect herself. Emery continues to work on the case from home.

Emery is currently single and simply doesn’t have the time to date.