Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 4

Christmas was a week away and the gym in the apartment complex had finally opened up after being remodeled. I felt that I needed to looked my best since landing a weekly gig at Dynasty. Mimi and Jade often joined me which was kinda fun. Jade for once wasn’t a total crazy bitch like usual.

Mimi and Jade seemed to be doing well for that past few weeks. I just hope the calm lasts for a while cause its been peaceful. But I rather have Mimi be with someone else than Jade. I still believe Jade isn’t right for her. I keep my opinions to myself, I don’t wanna ignite a fire.



 During my working out, I started to feel a little off. I felt this unpleasant feeling in my stomach, something that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. I quickly raced towards the apartment, trying to hold down whatever is coming up from my stomach. I didn’t make it, the ride in the elevator made the queasiness worse. I headed to the bathroom and searched for Jade’s upset stomach meds. Before I was able to take a dosage, I felt the queasiness once again. This time I was able to make it to the toilet.

I headed towards the sink for the medicine and to brush my tooth. I didn’t think much of this but it’s odd. Genies don’t get sick..


 I changed out of my workout clothes and relaxed in the living room. I pulled out my tablet so I could Skype with Mason. We do this everyday around the same time. I enjoy chatting with him and getting closer to him. It’s nice, I never got this close to guy before.



 I’ve been singing in the lounge area at Dynasty for a few weeks now. It’s a wonderful feeling, singing in front of a crowd, doing something that I am very passionate about. Sometimes when I am on stage, I pretend that I’m performing a concert on a big stage. I use to do the same when I was a child.

Daddy use to take me the club he worked at on karaoke nights and let me sing. It was the only time I had an audience. My dad was almost fired for bringing his kids to the club but after a while, the owner was okay with it as long as we left before 11 pm.  Daddy taking me to karaoke night was our little special time although my older sisters usually came along.




 It’s almost silly to still play pretend in my head while singing at the lounge. But becoming a famous singer is another one of my dreams. I’m content just being a lounge singer, even its temporary. I still give it all my.




 Over the last 2 weeks, the crowd has gotten larger since I began to sing there. I don’t think the crowd has ever been this large when the regular was singing. For the most part, the dance club area had the most people. They are starting to come upstairs just to watch me. But honestly I’m not sure if I’m pulling a crowd cause of my talent or my irresistibly. 




 I’m cheered after each song, during breaks I’m approached by others who tell me how much they loved my singing. Maybe it is my talent that is bringing the crowd and it’s possible that my irresistibly may be helping a little. I try not to think about that as I perform for the night.  I’m just glad to be singing in front a crowd.

If only daddy could see me now. He would be proud.




 During one of my breaks, I got to meet Tiara once again. I haven’t seen her since the audition. She seemed happy to speak with me on this night.

“MiKaia, it’s nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you again.”

“I’ve been wanting to speak to you. It’s kinda important.”


“Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble or anything like that.”




 “That’s a relief.”

“We notice you have been bringing a large crowd lately. It’s quiet impressive given the little promoting that has been done. Again we are sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.”

“You are very talented and we had been very impressed lately. I know this gig was supposed to be temporary until Maya returns but we would love to have you permanently. Maya has never brought in a crowd like you have.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. We like Maya but lately she has been bit of a diva. She hasn’t been so pleasant to be around.”

“Oh wow I wasn’t expecting this but I would love to do this full time.”



 “I’m glad to hear that. Our busier nights were usually on Friday and Saturday nights but since you, business is really picking up. “

“I’m glad to help out but what about Maya when she returns?”

“She’ll be singing on the other nights since our other singer will be moving soon.”

“What nights would be my?”

“Thursday, Friday and Saturday, those are our prime nights. Maya will have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We plan to have karaoke night on Wednesdays soon.”

“Karaoke night? That sounds like a lot of fun. I use to go to the karaoke nights back in Star City.”

“I remember you mentioning that is your hometown. Would you mind being the host on those nights? People seem to like you a lot. We been getting positive feedback about you.”

“I would love that!”

“That’s great to hear that. I will call you tomorrow with more details.”



My break was almost over but I felt a little rumbling in my stomach. I made a mad dash towards the restroom, trying to get there as quickly as possible. I couldn’t worth to throw up all over my gown after making an impression on one of the club owners. 



 It’s been a few days since I last had toilet prayers. I know it’s not something that I ate. I shouldn’t be getting sick like this. It’s uncommon for genies however I’m not a full blooded genie, my mother is something. I just wish I knew what she was. Maybe what ever she is, might be the reason why I’m allowed to feel illness.



But then again…. There is only other reason why a genie could have illness. I’m not trying to think about that right now..




 The show must go on…




 The morning was different than my usual. I tried to act normal as possible as I got ready for the day. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and watched the timer. In 3 minutes I will know the reason of my sudden illness. These 3 minutes were the longest 3 minutes ever. Then finally the timer goes off.



 It’s positive. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there frozen, staring at the positive pregnancy. I should have known instantly, being a symbol of fertility but I guess I was too high in the cloud of denial. 




I’m going to be a mother… How am I going to tell Mason this? We met barely a month ago and now we are expecting a baby. Things were starting to look up for me. I now have a full time gig at the lounge and now I’m going to have a baby? Why wasn’t I careful?




 After staring at my phone for 2 hours, I finally got the courage to call Mason. I wonder how he would take the news however he had unexpected news for me.

“Hi Mason, I hope it’s not too early for me to calling you.”

“I’m glad that you called cause I need to talk to you.”

“Really? You missed me, huh?”


“Well what?”

“I shoulda been honest with you when we first met. There’s something that I need to get off my chest.”

“Okay, I’m not liking where this conversation is going.”

“I really like you Kaia. You’re a great person but if we met during a different time, I would love to be with you. But you see.. I kinda have a girlfriend…”

“You kinda have a what?! Either you do or you don’t! Which is it, Mason?!”

“My girlfriend and I were on a break.. We kinda broke up for a little bit cause we were having issues. But now we wanna work things out. I found out that I’m gonna be a dad. I’m really sorry MiKaia. I shouldn’t have led you on. I hope we can still be friends.”



“You’re an asshole! Never talk to me again!”

“I’m really sorry! I feel like a-“



 I hung up on Mason. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This whole time I thought maybe this could be something real. I crawled up in the corner and cried my eyes out. I’m hurt, confused and feel like a fool. How could I be so foolish. No guy really wants to be with me! They are afraid to have freaky purple babies one day. I cried for hours it seemed like but I knew I couldn’t stay in my room and cry.



I was even more hurt that Mason only choose to work things out with his girlfriend or whatever cause she’s pregnant. Would things be any different if I told him I was pregnant too? I decided that I wasn’t going to tell him about the pregnancy.  This baby doesn’t need to know his or hers father. I would never see him again, he’ll never but I then realize his best friend Nico works at the studio and seems to be hanging out with Mimi a lot. Nico will take notice, and he’ll tell Mason. I’ll eventually have to tell Mason one day…

Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 3

 Soon it was morning, I found myself up and early than usual. Probably cause I was excited to have breakfast with Mason before he returns Star City. However I will be kinda sad once he leave. Bridgeport and Starlight Bay are so far apart. I finally meet a guy who isn’t put off by my odd appearance and he lives thousands miles away. Just my luck….



 I seem to have a string of bad luck as I was getting ready to meet up with Mason. I dropped my toothbrush in the sink and it got stuck. I smashed my finger in my dresser drawer and to top it all off, I tripped as I was exiting the elevator. My dad often joked about me having my grandma’s grace, which is none at all. Sometimes I can be a klutz. I’m glad Mason wasn’t around….




 “So fuckin’ embarrassing…”




 I decided to drive to the Perc which I later regret as I attempting to pull out of the parking lot. It snowed overnight and the parking lot was still covered with snow. I was a little late because of the minor delay in traffic. The streets were still blanketed with snow and a lot of dumbasses don’t know how to drive. I remember why I caught a cab often..



 Mason was a little late too, so I didn’t feel bad anymore. We chatted a bit, getting to know each other. He told me that he’s a Nulnact, a special type of witch you could say. It was a shock to me, I figure he was just a normal human male but I should have had figure with his odd hair color. 

Mason asked a little about Jade, which kinda worries me. Was he still hung up her since she once dated him? He assure me that he was done with her but wanted to know if she’s been doing okay. He confessed that they were once engage but he broke it off when he expect she’s been cheating on him with her neighbor.

According to the previously day, Jade confessed to sleeping with Nico. I did notice that Mason seemed a bit bummed out. He mention about confronting Nico when he returned. Nico admitted it but claimed that Jade told him that she and Mason were done. Mason said that he was hurt that Nico still slept with her. They were suppose to be the best of friends and all.  Mason didn’t want to spend the rest of the time talking about his past relationship with Jade. He quickly changed the subject and continued to learn about each other.



 It was almost time for Mason to catch the shuttle bus to the airport in Jericho. The bus station was next to The Perc and I walked him over.  I only known him for a short time and I’m already starting to miss him…



 “I guess this is goodbye for now.”

“Yeah, I guess so too. It was nice getting to know you, Mason.”

“I feel the same. If ya ever wanna warm up during the winter, you can swing by my neck of the woods.”

“I might take you up on that offer. I do miss the warm winters in Star City.”

“I wanna tell you something.”

“Like what?”

“Come closer.”








 His last kiss was sweet and gentle, it made my cheeks warm and red. I was almost weak in the knees. The last thing I needed was to fall flat on my face again. I never met a guy who made me feel like this. Could this turn into something real? I thought to myself as I watched Mason board the shuttle. Mason turned around one last time to wave and smile at me. I smiled and waved back.

I hope this can be turned into something real…



Monday rolled around and it was back to business as usual. I returned to the Calamore Studios to continue working on my album.




I was feeling like I was cloud nice today, I had a fun weekend and met a nice guy. I felt like nothing could rain on my parade. I brought in some nice emotions into my recording session. Others took notice and was impressed. Today was probably the best recording session that I had in months. 




 I just happen to be recording a love song that I wrote, Purple Skies. I had difficulties trying to sound like I was really in love. I figure singing a love song would be easy since being a love genie.  However when you never actually been in love, you can’t fake the feeling regardless if you’re a genie of love. But today, I feel like I had a taste of what love could be.



 I know that my funds are starting to get real low and I’m not much studio time I can buy. There’s been a price rise and I think this might be my last session until I can gather enough funds to buy more time. I’m giving it my all today.




Afterwards I was joined by my friend Tom in the hallway.  I could tell by the look in his face that he was impressed.

“What’s gotten into you? You sounded on point today. The emotion was real.”

“Ohh.. I met a guy this weekend.”

“Aww Kaia has a boyfriend haha.”

“Oh please.. Things are early. It sucks that he lives in my hometown, Star City.”

“Long distance, that gotta suck. I hope he treats you well cause I like what I heard today.”

“I just wish it was enough to impress, Louis.”




 “Louis doesn’t care about talent apparently. He just signed some girl just cause she’s hot. She sounds like a pig stuck in a tunnel. I just wished he signed you on. You got something there.”

“I gotta have an angle according to him. If I was an alien or fake being one then he could work with me.”

“Honestly its his loss. Maybe you’ll be found by someone else.”

“I wish..”

“Well I can help with that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dynasty is looking for a lounge singer, the regular will be on tour for 2 months. They need someone to fill her spot until then. I spoke with Tiara and gave her a good word about you. She would love if you audition.” 




 “Oh wow thanks. Well I could use the money honestly. I don’t think I can pay for anymore time. I knew at some point I would need to get a job.”

“I think this would be great for you. Music producer often visit Dynasty while they are in town. Maybe one with good sense would discover you.”

“That would be nice.. But I’m not going to hold my breath.”

“Kaia, you know your sound is awesome and you got some real talent. Just believe in yourself a little more.”

“I try..”




 “So you will audition?”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

“I know you’ll be picked. Trust me, they know talent when they hear it. They don’t have their head up their ass like my boss.”

“I hope I will be good enough. It’s kinda been my dream to a lounge singer at Dynasty.”

“Your dream is about to be a reality. Trust me.”

“Thanks. Thanks for being so supportive. You’re a true friend.”




 The next day I headed to Dynasty to audition. I was nervous about it but remembered Tom’s kind words. I met up with Tiara and the others in the lounge area. I though about Mason as I sang and was hired on the spot. I was told that I was a tall glass of ice cold lemonade on a summer day. Refreshing. I was never told that I was refreshing, but they said I was the best that came in.

I texted Tom telling him that I got it. He knew I had it and congratulated me. I sent Mason telling him the good news and he was happy for me. I was happy but did remember that this was only temporary. This gig will only last for 2 months before I need to find something real. I just hope to be discovered within these 2 months. 




 I came home and found myself staring at a picture of my mom. Mimi wanted to hang up but I was on the fence about it. Why keep a photo of someone whom you don’t remember and who had walked away from you? But as I stared at the photo longer, I could see the love in her eyes was she smiled at Mordecai. I started to get the feeling that my mom didn’t walk away by choice. What happen to my mother?




 I spent hours searching about my mother. I checked the archives on Starlight Bay’s news sites to see if there were abductions around the time I was a baby. I really didn’t find anything going around that time. There was abduction of a woman about a year after my mother went missing. The woman was found barely alive but pulled through. I hate to think if something awful had happen to my mother.

I wonder why my dad never look into filing a missing person report. But my dad said his baby mamas tend to just leave him with the kids. He didn’t think much of it. Daddy didn’t think much of anything.. just only with the thing between his legs.




 The only info that I had about my mother was her name. I finally found something. She has a Facepage account and I was able to look at her profile. She lives in Storybrook and she married a guy named Aric Mason and they had a couple of kids. I couldn’t believe my eyes, here she is alive and well with a new family. They looked so happy in the pictures. 

I started to get angry the more I browse through her profile. It’s almost like she forgot about Morde, Mimi and I. I see nothing hints that she wonders about us. I slammed my laptop close and stood up. I was about to go yank the photo of her in the living but I stopped myself. Mimi likes the photo, it makes her happy. If remove it, Mimi might have a melt down.  For Mimi’s sake I’ll leave the photo up and not tell her about me finding our mother’s Facepage profile. But I’m still curious about what’s the other part of me.. Only my mother knows..



Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 2

 We headed to Dynasty, since it was still early it was pretty empty. I started on ordering martini. I usually don’t start until later in the night but today was not a good day. I wanted to get so drunk until it wasn’t funny. I just wanna forget today even if its only for a few hours.




 Within an hour, people started to fill up the club. The DJ started to play and I got on the dance floor and danced. I saw Tom dancing and I made my way over to him. He was happy to see and wonder what made me change my mind. I didn’t want to say cause I found out my dad was in a coma. It would appear that I didn’t care and wanted to party. I do care regardless my dad wasn’t the best towards me. I just wanted to drink and ease my mind a bit.




I wasn’t feeling so dancey anymore so I headed up to the lounge. It was much quieter and not many people was in here. I sat down at the bar thinking about today. So much for wanting to forget things. As I sat at the bar, drawing circles with my finger on the bar surface, a purple haired guy caught my attention. We made eye contact but I quickly looked away. I didn’t want him to think I was some kind of creepy alien plotting to laid babies in him. People tend to think I’m alien.

I stared at the bar for a little bit but glanced up to see the guy placing his empty glass down. He tipped the bartender and walked towards my way. I quickly looked back down at the bar wondering why he’s heading my way.




 “Hey, are you okay?”

“Um..yeah.. I’m okay.”

“Doesn’t sound like it.”

“Its been a shitty day but I’ll okay. Why do you care?”

“It looked like you could use some company. I’m friendly, I promise that I won’t bite. That’s unless you want me to.”

“Haa. I guess I could use my company. I look like a loser, sitting here alone.”

“I think you look beautiful, very exotic.”

“Exotic like an alien?”

“Well no, but I sense something unique about you.”

“So you don’t think I’m an alien plotting to lay my babies in you?”

“Ha ha! No, I know an alien when I encounter one. You’re funny, is it cool if I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, it’s cool.”




The purple hair stranger and I chatted for a bit after he ordered me a drink. He seemed nice and very friendly. He’s the first guy who didn’t assumed I was an alien. I figure I could chat with him.

“So what’s your name? I’m Mason by the way.”

“MiKaia. Nice to meet you Mason.”

“MiKaia, that’s such a beautiful name.”

“Thanks, others call me Kaia for short. Is this your first time coming here. I haven’t seen you here before. I’m kinda a regular here.”

“No actually but I’m from out of town. A friend of mine is had a birthday party last Saturday and I decided to spend the week here afterwards.”

“Cool, where from?”

“Starlight Bay.”

“Really? That’s my hometown! I was born and raised in Star city.”

“Really? That’s cool. I’m attending Verdena Tech there. Majoring in graphic design.”

“That sounds nice. How you liking Star city?”

“It’s pretty great. Sunny and warm. What brings you to BP?”

“Music. I’m working on an album.”

“You sing? That’s awesome.”





Mason and I had a few more drinks while we chatted. After some shots, we headed to the dance floor. I was feeling good at this point, not thinking about today events at all. This was what I needed.




We did more shots, had more drinks. We danced some more and we started to get really close. I do have some attraction towards him and I can tell he was feeling the same way. Before I knew it, we were making out on the dance floor.





 “You’re an amazing kisser, Kaia.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“Maybe my place? We can catch a cab.”

“Well.. You sure about this?”

“Yeah, are you scared?”

“Should I be?”


“Well I’m terrified.”

“Just the way I like them.”









When we got to my place, I led Mason into my room. I sat on my sofa motion Mason seductively over my way. He didn’t hesitate and quickly planted himself next to me. He leans over slowly, pulling me into a kiss. This isn’t my usual behavior, bringing home a stranger with intentions of sleeping with him. I don’t know why I brought him home. I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe I just wanted to be admired for a night.










Hours were flying by as Mason and I carried on our love fest. The sun was slowly rising up. We took a few breaks here there. I could tell that I was tiring him out some. His thrusts were slowing down and he often stopped in mid thrust. I was always known for being too much for a guy. I couldn’t get enough, but its a natural thing for my kind. Past boyfriends got more than what they bargain for. I haven’t told Mason that I’m a love genie, but I figure that he knew already.





 “I love sex as much as any other guy but I’m not if I can keep at this. It’s like 6 am and no.. I’m not complaining or anything-“

“It’s okay Mason. You’re only human…”

“I think I know what you are.”

“And what’s that?”





 “A love genie.”

“How did you know?”

“Cause the sex is fuckin’ amazing.”

“You encountered one before?”

“No, they say you’ll know when you find one.”



I knew Mason would be dead tired and decided to let him rest up in my bed. Around I woke up to the sounds of Mimi and Jade cooking. I figure it was time I get up and wake Mason. He probably has things to do anyway.





 “Sorry to wake but I figure your friends would be wondering where you’re at by now.”

“Nico doesn’t give a fuck. He probably thinks I with a lady, which he would be right.”

“Nico? Nico Blackheart?”

“Yeah, you know him?”

“Yeah, he works at the studio that I record at. He is helping on my album too.”

“That’s cool, Nico is an asshole but he’s cool. So you with Calamore?”


“That’s sucks. Maybe you will one day.”






 “So you wanna go for another round?”

“Wow..guess its true about genies. I think I can conjure more energy to have another go.”

“Conjuring? Wait, are you a witch?”

“Yeah, reasons why I lasted as long as I did.”

“That’s kinda hot.”

“Not as hot as you.”




 After we had another round of exchanging magic, I figure I’ll let Mason go but I had another urge. There was something so intoxicating about him.

“Hey, would it be cool if we chat more sometime?”

“You want my number? So this wasn’t a one night stand?”

“Well if that’s what you want.”

“No actually.. We can chat sometime.”





 We exchanged numbers, programming it into our phones. Mason even sent a test text to see if I didn’t give him a fake number.

“You get my text?”


“Good, I didn’t want to be texting a random person. It happen before.”

“Yeah, people are silly now days.”




 I gave Mason a hug before he left. Jade happen to be standing there watching. I was hoping she would have been back in her room before Mason came out my room. I know she would say something. However this was the moment where life in our apartment changed.




 “Mason! The fuck! With her really?!”

“Jade?! How- “

“You really just gonna fuck this slut?! Really Mason? Really! I hate you so much!”

“How would I know that you knew Kaia let alone be one of her roommates?!”

“What does she have that I don’t?!”

“What are you talking about Jade?!”

“Don’t avoid the question, asshole!”

“We are broken up! We been broken up for 2 years!”

“You weren’t serious!”

“Yes I was! You’re insane!”

“I loved you! Asshole! This break up was temporary!”

“No! No Jade! I said we were done and I mean it!”

“It’s never over! Never!”




 “And you! You fuckin’ cunt! How dare you!”

“How dare I? I didn’t know he’s your ex! It does even matter! You’re dating my sister now!”

“Mason is mines!”

“I’m not your boyfriend, Jade!”

“Guys..please don’t fighting.”

“Shut up Miyoko!”

“Don’t tell my sis to shut up! You shut up!”

“Stay the fuck away from Mason! One day we are gonna get married!”

“Jade, I’ll never marry you! You can’t seem to stop fuckin’ other guys when we were dating! Why would I take you back! Anyway you moved to BP! We are done!”

“Were done?!”

“Yeah he said you guys are done! Why can’t you get that?! You fuckin’ crazy. I dunno what Mimi sees in you! I swear you are the worse person that I ever met!”

“Fuck you Kaia! And you know what Mason?! I fucked Nico when we’re lived in LA and I loved it!”

“You what?!”

“You heard me! I fucked Nico! I hate you!”

“Seriously guys… Please.”





 “I’m not dealing with this shit, Jade. I’m out!”

“You slut! You made him leave!”

“Seriously Jade?! You know what. You’re on my last fuckin’ nerve! I think its time to find a new place! This is not working out anymore! I had it with your shit!”

“Like I even like living here with your gross ass! I can’t stand you!”

“Mimi deserves better than you. How can you talk about claiming Mason in front of your own girlfriend?! That is a shitty thing to do!”

“Ugh! I’m done with this! I don’t wanna see your ugly face!”






 “Jade? Do you really love Mason more than me?”

“Not now Mimi! I’m too pissed.”


“You piece of trash..”

“Purple face bitch!”

“Stop fighting! Just Stop fighting!”




 “Kaia, does Jade really need to move out?”

“She should. I’m tired of fighting with her and I hate how she treats you. Jade doesn’t care about you and its clear that she’s mental. You don’t need her, Mimi.”

“But I love her.. I never loved someone like I do with Jade.”

“She treats you like shit..”

“She’ll get better. Please don’t let make her move out.”

“It’s better if she does.. For you and I both.”




 “No! No! Jade is staying! I’ll so fuckin’ lose it! I swear! I will so fuckin’ lose it!”


“I love her! Don’t take my Jade away! Don’t do it! No! No! No!”

“Miyoko! Daddy’s in a coma…”


“Dad had a wreck, he’s in a coma…”

“Oh my god! Daddy!”




So why did I tell Mimi about our dad’s coma at this moment? Mimi was about to have one of her meltdowns. Telling Mimi something that’s devastating. In some odd way, that triggers something in her mind that makes her ease up. I quickly grabbed a paper bag and handed it over to Mimi. She took a few deep breaths and counted to 10.

“Mimi, are you better?”

“How did daddy wreck?”

“I’m not sure yet. Morde hasn’t returned my call.”

“Will daddy wake up like I did?”

“I hope so…”

“Can Jade stay? I promise things will get better.”

“I don’t know, Mimi. I gotta think about things..”

“Kaia, its gonna get better. I promise.”




 “Oh my god! I was cooking mac and cheese and forgot! I killed it! I killed it! I am a murder!”

“Mimi, remember the kitten we fed? It got hit by a car.”

“The little kitty? Oh… Poor kitty… I’m gonna draw a picture of the kitty to honor her memory!”


 Kitten we been feeding didn’t die. I actually found a new house for her. Sometimes I have to lie and make something terrible for the sake to chill her out. I hate lying about the fate of the kitty, but she’s calmer now.



I needed some fresh air to think and clear my head. Before heading out, I passed by Jade only for her to growl at me like she was a dog. I rolled my eyes and walked to the park. If I knew Mason was Jade’s ex, maybe I wouldn’t brought him home.

I still hope he’s willing to be my friend but I doubt it since he knows I live with his ex. It’s a small world after all ya know. I could have had a new friend to visit when I visit my sister but Jade ruined it. I sat down and felt my phone vibrate. I looked at my phone and saw a nice surprise.





Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 1

I moved to Bridgeport with a dream. A dream to become a singer, however I knew there would be a  journey before I could get to that point. While growing up in Starlight Bay, I spent many hours with a vocal coach since the age of 10. Bettering my voice with every lesson my dad was willing to pay for.

I often visited the night clubs in Bridgeport, Dynasty Lounge was preferred. It had a dance club on one floor and a cocktail lounge on the top. I dreamed often that I had a steady singing gig in the cocktail lounge. It would be my idea job. Only the best were able to get such a gig there. Some nights when I visited, I would vision myself being the one singing on stage. I would get lost in my dreams, ignoring my friends who I came with. I hope maybe someday I will get the opportunity…



Singing would be a sweet escape from all the bullshit I have to deal in my life. Screaming matches with my twin sister’s girlfriend was a daily. It was always something with Jade. It could be little things and I find myself in a heated argument with her. However this fight was different from the others. At the end we wouldn’t just make up immediately like usually. We would stand in an uncomfortable awkwardness, glaring at each other with disgust in our faces.

Life in our apartment was soon to change..

How did it get to this point, you may wonder..

I have no issues in telling you.

My name is MiKaia Anita Montigo and this is my story..



Every Friday evening was like any other Friday. It was the day I spent an hour at Calamore Studios with a music producer named Tom Wordy. With my funds starting to get a bit low, it didn’t stop me from buying more studio time in working on my album. I’m 10 months in and hope to have it done within a few weeks. The cost of studio time in a real studio is pretty expensive. I figure recording here gives me a better chance being notice.

This Friday would be different. The CEO of the Calamore record label would be making a visit. His name is Louis Champagne, originally from my hometown Starlight Bay. He’s also my dad’s late fiancee’s younger brother. Louis is scouting for new talent to sign onto his label. This would be my big break is he likes me enough. Calamore records has successful singers signed on. I’ve been hoping to get a record deal from there or anywhere at least. Being signed to a record label such as Calamore would score me a steady gig at Dynasty Lounge.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous about this. I never had the best confidence in myself while growing up. I was the odd one out, being purple and all. I was called a purple freak,  grape freak, purple monster or even a freaky alien. I’m just a genie like most of my siblings but kids didn’t care. Genies in cartoons were blue but even that didn’t convince kids that I wasn’t an alien.

I didn’t have boyfriends in high school, my twin was quite popular with the boys. Boys were crept out about me, especially when the alien rumor was spread.  My sisters Bora Bora and Luna were aliens, I wonder how did they handle school. Bora fit in easily cause she was flesh toned however things were different for Luna. She told me she survived from being a total bitch. Taking Luna’s advice, I did the same. It worked to some point, but I didn’t make many friends by being bitchy. However I wasn’t bullied much.




Jade happen to be a receptionist at Calamore Studios and she’s not a very good one. Being a rep at the studio scores her free studio time once a month and a discount. Jade is also an aspiring singer like myself. She wants to sing at the Dynasty Lounge but I think she doesn’t have enough class for that gig. She’s too mouthy for her own sake. Jade is usually cordial with me when I come in but tends to get others a hard time.

“Just checking in, Jade. Is Tom ready for me?”

“He will be in a few minutes. Pisces was running late again. She was probably busy sucking dick at the other studio.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Geeze Kaia! Don’t you ever read your sister’s blog? Everyone knows that Pisces is getting thirsty and sucking every major record label’s dick trying to get a better deal than what she has here. Calamore isn’t getting her where she wanna be. That ho can’t sing! It’s not the label’s fault, she just sucks…literately. Louis only gave her a deal cause she sucked his suck. The only talent she has is dick sucking.”

“Oh well okay.”

“I’ll get a deal by showing my natural talent. But I’m always stuck with this busy ass job!”

“You should spend a little less time partying on your day offs.”

“Oh don’t start nagging me, Kaia!”

“I’m not, just making a friendly suggestion.”

“I didn’t ask for your suggestion!”


“Whatever, Tom should be ready now. Just saw Pisces signed out on the screen.” 




As I was about to enter the elevator, Pisces rushed out. She nearly knocked me over, she zipped pass me not glancing over at me nor said excuse me or sorry. I wasn’t sure about that but she didn’t look too happy. Tom was ready for my recording session and I greeted him with a hug. Over time I feel Tom and I establish a friendship. We even hung out a few times outside of the studio. Tom is a friendly guy who enjoys my company which is a nice change. He’s been fun to work with so far.




 “Hey Kai, how has your day been?”

“Pretty good so fun. I ran into Pisces literately on my way up here.”

“Yeaaaah. Lou dropped her from the label today. She spent the last 2 hours pleading to stay on it. She should of thought about that before spreading lies about Lou to other labels.”

“So she wasn’t trying to get signed on by someone else?”

“Oh she was but trying to drag Lou into the mud along the way. He wouldn’t mind if she rather be with someone else but lying about him is another thing. Lou was about to drop before he knew what she was up to. Her sales aren’t great and it’s making the label look bad.”

“So I take it that Lou is in today. He still plan on seeing me?”




 “You bet, dropping Pisces means there’s a slot opened ya know.”

“Yeah I guess. I’m a little nervous.. What if he doesn’t like me?”

“Don’t sweat it girl. I told him about you and the album you’re working on. It’s gonna be hot, even hotter if he signs you on. I know he will and all.”

“I sure hope so.”

“You’ll be fine. Let’s get started, you only paid for an hour.”




 An hour is really not enough time to work on music. It’s taking so long to do this album cause I have once a week, one hour sessions. If I had a little more money then maybe I could afford a couple more hours. If I were to find someone who has a studio, I could spend hours and hours on my music. However I wanted great quality work done on my album. Calamore normally don’t open their studio to outsiders but like Tom told me, the label is looking for new talent. They open the studio to a small number of outside but the price was crazy.

I prepped myself a little bit before heading into the recording booth. Clearing my throat and warming my voice. Normally I would be ready to start my session but the nerves kicking in knowing Lou will be in soon.




I began recording one of the few last songs that I personally wrote. My style would be more consider in the R&B genre. Smooth and soulful, having a rough childhood cause I looked different made singing this style a lot easier. I had a story to tell and wanted to tell in music. This song is called Different, it’s the name of the album after all.




 It wasn’t long until I saw Louis enter into the room. I felt my heart skip a beat but I tried to hold my composer as I sang. I kept thinking to myself to not screw this up. This was my chance and I’ll be damned if I fuck it up. I closed my eyes, listen to the rhythm of the music and sang my heart and soul out.




 When I took a glance over at Louis, I wasn’t sure if he likes what he hears as he stood there with his arms folded. I gave him a quick a smile and he smiled back. I don’t know if he was being friendly or he liked me. I tried not to let my thoughts take over and sang the best that I could.





 “Hey Lou, whatcha think of MiKaia so far?”

“Good. Beautiful. When she’s done, send her over to my office.”

“Sure, I’ll let her know.”





When I was done, Tom told me to go meet Louis in his office. I wasn’t sure rather that was a good or bad thing. Tom’s tone suggests it was possibly a good thing. I couldn’t help but be a little nervous you know. I took a few deep breaths and made my way over to Louis’ office.




I walked into the office a bit nervously. Louis sat in front of his computer typing up something. “This will be a second.” Louis said, his voice was deep but strong. It almost made me more nervous.




 “MiKaia, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That is a lovely name to go along with your lovely face.”

“Thank you.”

“I was hoping to hear you sing, Tom has told me so much about you lately.”

“Oh he has? I didn’t know.”

“Yes, this label need some new blood and I asked him which of the outsiders I should look into. He suggested you first and I see why.”

“You like my sound?”

“Well yes I do like your sound but I’m more interest in your look.”

“I’m not following.. My look?”




 “What are you?”

“What am I? I’m confused by your question.”

“You being purple and the pointy ears, what are you?”

“Well I am a genie, a Navox genie to be exact.”

“Ahh the lover but just a genie? Anything else?”

“Well no, just a love genie is all.”




 “To be honestly MiKaia, that is quite disappointing.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m looking for something unique, different, something out of this world. And I mean that literally.”

“Such as an alien?”

“Yes, you’re quite smart. I dig that.”




 “Well I’m sorry but I’m a genie, a purple genie at that. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Non flesh tone genies are rare but it’s not the angle I’m going for. I already signed on 2 genie singers and 1 genie rapper. I need something that will sell big. An R&B alien singer would be just the thing. People love aliens and there’s no alien talent in the biz. If I’m the first, I know my label will do more better than it is now. I need more big names and having a talent with an angle with make that happen.”

“What about my singing? Shouldn’t that matter more?”

“Your singing is good but its all about the imagine, baby.”

“So what am I suppose to do? Fake being an alien?”




 “That’s a great idea. Buy some of those realistic alien contacts, make a back story about coming from a different planet and such.”

“I’m not really comfortable with that.”

“Do you want to be signed?”


“Then fake being an alien. Like I said, I need an R&B singer with an angle. I can’t sell the genie bit, Sparkle is doing that already. I like you and I mean that but the imagine is important.”




 “Louis, I can’t pretend to be something that I’m not. Besides what if I’m found out? My classmates will recognize me and know the alien bit is a lie.”

“We can worry about that later. You’ll be too famous, no one will care anyway.”

“Yes they will, alien children would look up to me.”

“MiKaia, I can’t sign you on just as a genie. Either agree on faking alien or exit my office.”

“There has to be another way. Please? I think I will do as well as Sparkle.”

“Well maybe if you use those lovely lips in another way, I may consider signing you on anyway.”





 “What?! I’m not giving you a blow job! I’m not that desperate enough to do something like that! I am a lady! And I will be treated with respect!”

“Look, I’m willing to give you a shot at stardom and you turn me down twice? I’m not sure rather to be pissed at you or turned on. There’s something so damn sexy about you but take my offers or leave.”

“I guess I will leave. I’m not going to lie to everyone nor perform sexual acts on you just to be signed onto your label!”

“Normally I don’t do this but if you change your mind, the offers remains available.”

“I’ll never accept those!”

“Never say never, sweet thang. Never say never.”





 “Kaia, how did it go? Did Lou offered you a deal?”

“In a way he did..”

“Oh? In a way?”

“Yeah, if I pretend to be an alien. I needed to have angle so I could sell. Being a purple genie wasn’t enough.”

“Ah man.. That sucks. Yeah Lou been talking about finding someone exotic. I thought you were about to being signed on tonight. We need a talent like yours.”

“I wasn’t exotic enough for him.”

“Lou is being silly with this angle thing. I hope he comes to his senses soon.”

“Maybe but I doubt it. I’ll be back next Friday so we can work more on my album.”

“Yeah sure. Sorry about Lou.”

“It’s okay Tom, it’s not your fault.” 




 “So you gonna be at Dynasty tonight? My boy Nico is playing tonight. He might be the new resident DJ there if tonight goes well.”

“I dunno. I’m kinda not in the mood to party tonight.”

“That sucks, was hoping we could kick it tonight.”

“I’m sorry, maybe tomorrow night?”

“Sure, bet.”


“I’ll see ya later.”

“Yeah, take care.”



 I wanted to walk around for a bit to think about what just happen at Calamore. I thought things would have turned out better than this. What I am is more important rather I have talent or not? It is bullshit! I worked hard for the last 10 months, pouring out most of my money buying studio time just to be told to fake who am I just to be signed? I see why Pisces was signed, not for the talent but for what she is, an albino vampire. However a talent less vamp at that. Louis only signed her cause she was exotic. But it matter in the biz, she sales were poor, no one was buying. 




I will admit that I was heart broken. What else can I do? I can’t pretend to be an alien. I’m just a genie or am I? Why am I purple? What was my mother? Dad said she was purple with purple eyes and hair, pointy ears like mine too. Dad thought she might be an alien but wasn’t sure. She yelled at him a lot, that’s all he could tell me about her. What if dad was right, what if my mom is an alien? Then me being an alien would be half true. But where is my mother? Why did she leave me, my twin and my brother Mordecai? Maybe I should search for her and find out these answers. Dad told me her name, Alayna Sky. 




 Just when I thought this night couldn’t be anymore worse than it is, a single text message changed everything.




 “Morde, I got your text. I see your phone went to voicemail too. Call me back whenever you can, please?”




This day went to shit… I need a strong drink. Maybe I’ll hit up Dynasty tonight after all.





Dad’s in coma.. Dad is in a coma.. I don’t think Morde told Mimi cause she would have called me and be screaming. It would be for good reason, after all Mimi was once in a coma and hasn’t been the same since then.. I gotta keep it together tonight. Maybe I’ll tell her later on..