Camp Tigo 2: Day 5

Love is in the air… Yeah right, it’s just lust.




Borage: I can only give ya some magic in this photo booth.

Isela: This should be fun.




I heard a chime….





Dusty: I’m ready for some of that vampire loving.




That’s kinda hot. I wonder if I can get Seth to kiss a boy.




Malix: I know you hooked up with my cousin!

Isela: But I was-

Malix: I don’t wanna hear your lies, harlot!




Don’t give me that look Mr. TV man. I love him.




Dusty & Quincy




Is anyone gonna let me out?




I must of eaten a bad snowcone. No? I think so Sid, you know nothing!!! Isn’t that right, Mary?? See Sid, Mary thinks it’s a bad snowcone. I’m not pregnant! Snuffles, what do you think? Snuffles still isn’t talking?




Quincy: Why do you keep yelling at everyone?

Kiki: Maybe cause I like to yell at everyone.

Quincy: You need to get laid more.




Ugh! Bad snowcones!




Seth: You haven’t added any Quincy cream in the mud bath have you?

Quincy: I’m thinking about it.




Orion is adorable.





Rosette: Where did this alien brat come from?

Borage: It’s not mines. Mines weren’t blue.

Arna: Vampires can’t have alien babies.

Kiki: Anyone notice Anson isn’t fat anymore?




Why did my mom leave me with these idiots. I gotta get away from them.





I guess Sid was right. I am pregnant. Yay!




Kiki: I don’t like you.

Seth: Like I care.

Kiki: Asshole.




Make up your mind Lucille.





Malix: I am mad at you.

Isela: I didn’t do anything yet.

Malix: When you do, I will be mad so I’m just reminding you!





I don’t understand you two….

Borage: What the hell are you doing Isela?





Malix: You harlot, you were thinking about my cousin as we made out.

Isela: You don’t know that.

Malix: I’m a vampire, I can read your thoughts, harlot!





Borage: You can’t get this magic and bang my cousin at the same.

Isela: But Borage…

Borage: Nope, you had been cut off from the magic. No genie dick for you.

Isela: Don’t be like that.





Isela: Take me back me Borage. I like the magic.

Borage: You need to do a little less talking and a little more cooking if you want this magic again.

Isela: Asshole!





Carrie: I’m pregnant.

Seth: Shit.





Carrie: Look Seth, I’m a kitty cat! Woof, woof!

Seth: Why did I put a baby in her?





I think this TV is frozen.





Ahhh much better.





Arna: The TV magically turned itself off. I’m bored.

Anson: Let’s make silly faces at each other.

Arna: Okay!





Seth: You two can’t use our love booth.

Dragan: Watch us.

Lucille: Coming Dragan?










Arna: That’s Lucille and Dragan in there.

Anson: Really.





Malix: Rawr I’m a vampire.

Isela: You’re silly. I thought you were mad at me.

Malix: I changed my mind.





You two are hot & cold I swear….





Someone let Orion out. Orion enjoys his freedom by watching TV.





Seth: Seriously who’s alien baby?

Anson: He’s mine.

Seth: Take care of it. It cries a lot.





Malix: STOP. This is a harlot free zone.

Isela: You’re mad at me again?

Malix: Yes.





Isela: Malix can’t make up his mind. I choose you.

Borage: Right choice.

Selene: Hey! I was going after him.





Isela cock blocked me! That was rude!





Malix: There you go again with my cousin! I bet that baby isn’t mine!

Isela: What is your deal? One second you’re mad and then you’re not.

Borage: She can’t help it if she prefer the genie dick over vampire dick. You lost cuz.





Isela: I hope you’re not like Malix who is bipolar I swear.

Borage: Nah.. I don’t get jealous like he does.





Malix: SLUT!

Isela: Seriously Malix!




Borage: Don’t worry about my crazy cousin. I’ll feel better.

Isela: How so?

Borage: You look like you’re running low on magic. Let me refuel ya.



Camp Tigo 2: Day 4

Anson: Comfortable?

Isela: Yep.

Anson: Watch out for triggers.

Isela: Racist..

Anson: I said TRIGGERS.




I love cake.





Kiki: You assholes, go somewhere else to go eat your snowcones.

Dragan: The snowcones makes us cold so we eat them in the sauna.

Dusty: Yeah, I don’t wanna freeze my sparklenuts off.

Kiki: I’m gonna kick you in your sparklenuts if you don’t move.





I rather be smoking so pot instead of this shit…





I think you’re done eating to meat off of you, stupid!




I think it would be hot it I use honey as lube. Good idea, I know Mary. Shut up Sid, this is a great idea, Mary said so. Whatcha think, Snuffles? Snuffles? I think Snuffles is ignoring me now.




Arna: We can be vampire buddies.

Malix: I’m already Quincy’s vampire buddy.

Arna: You can have more than one.

Seth: Gay vampires…




I’m touching her hand.. I bet I can get her to touch my genie dick.





Wanna see and touch my amazing genie dick?





Lucille: Yes.

Borage: And they say my pick up lines wouldn’t work.





Kiki: Bitch I know you ain’t talkin’ to my genie!

Lucille: Your genie? You don’t even like him yet.

Kiki: So! He’s still mine! He gonna be my baby daddy back in the Montigo universe so fuck off!

Lucille: Whatevs.. I do what I want.

Borage: This is hot.




Lucille: Eat a balloon!

Kiki: Bitch if you get my hair wet, I will straight cut you! This is a fresh relaxer in my hair!




Quincy: Anyone wanna play with me?

Malix: Were busy watching the naked red girl.

Quincy: Oh.




Isela: Why are you way over there? Come closer.

Borage: You’re fertile, that’s why.

Isela: So are you.

Borage: Yeah that’s right.




Borage: Is this better?

Isela: Much better.

Borage: Wanna feel the magic?

Isela: Yeah.

Borage: Just put your on hand on it.

Isela: I am already.




I hope I’m getting my sexy Borage’s attention! We got different moms so it’s cool.




Tonight’s special! My magic stick!




Isela: Quincy, look!

Quincy: I’m busy.

Isela: Doing what?

Quincy: Jerking off.








Seth: Don’t look.

Quincy: My Quincy cream is floating around in the water.

Seth: Your what?!




Rosette: I got witch powers! I get to fuck shit up.

Carrie: Crap! Who allowed this??!!!




Kiki: I love all of the fat on your body.

Anson: You need a tic tac.




Dusty: I think you’re hot. Let’s be lovers.

Quincy: Okay.




Kiki: Kiss me Rose. Maybe Anson will want me.

Rosette: Whatevs..

Anson: That’s hot.




Anson: Seeing you with another girl makes me want you.

Kiki: It worked, I don’t need you anymore Rose.

Rosette: Bitch.. I was enjoying it.




That’s hot.




Carrie: I want you.

Seth: Why me? Why do I get the crazy chick?




Anson & Kiki




Kiki: Bitch if I catch you talking to my genie one more time!

Lucille: What is your deal?!

Borage: This is so hot.

Malix: This chicks must be dead brain if they have any interest in you, cuz.




Lucille: You’re cute when you’re mad. Let’s be lesbo lovers.

Kiki: Just stay away from my genie.




Anson: I saw you with Lucille. I’m even more turned on.

Rosette: Why am I not getting any lovings?




Carrie: C’mon Seth, let’s get freaky in the photo booth.

Seth: I am busy.

Carrie: Doing what? You need to be doing me.

Seth: I see something.



You didn’t see shit.





Malix: I like those disco panties on you.

Isela: I like everything on you.




What’s happening to me???





Orion, first Camp Tigo 2 baby





What a cute baby. The dance floor isn’t a safe place for a baby.




Really? You put me in baby jail? I hate you.

Camp Tigo 2: Day 2

 photo Screenshot-2137_zpsb629879f.jpg


Carrie: I’m getting some honey for my hunny Borage since he’s so hot.

He’s your brother.

Carrie: Even in this universe? It shouldn’t matter anyway. He’s still my hunny bear sweetie pie boo thang.

He’s still your brother.

Carrie: I’m not listening to you. Na na na na na na na na na. I don’t like this new voice.



 photo Screenshot-2139_zps995ab8d3.jpg


Random sim shows up.




 photo Screenshot-2141_zps2b6bafde.jpg


Terrible mother: Here son, sit here so we can watch this meteor hit us.




 photo Screenshot-2142_zpsb6c60e23.jpg


First Camp Tigo death




 photo Screenshot-2146_zpsec5905cd.jpg


Toddler: Mama?





 photo Screenshot-2151_zpse15772a6.jpg


Quincy: Isela! I think one of your kids is here!





 photo Screenshot-2152_zps4675783b.jpg



Borage: Calm down you Prince reject, looking like from the purple rain video.




 photo Screenshot-2153_zps4bc36a7c.jpg


Carrie: Why can’t I love on my hunny boo half brother?! I wanna touch his hot body!




 photo Screenshot-2155_zps9d69961b.jpg




Dragan: You idiots.. she was born red.




 photo Screenshot-2161_zps07e9c8ca.jpg


Isela: Look guys, I have a chocolate beard!

Rosette: You’re stupid.

Quincy: I don’t know what I’m looking at.




 photo Screenshot-2168_zpsdc9ff5f6.jpg


Carrie: I still think you’re hot and sexy. I wanna touch all over your sexy body. Did your aunt bring the roofies?

Borage: I’m sleeping with one eye opened tonight.




 photo Screenshot-456_zpsb009f9f6.jpg


Quincy: I’m in so many stories, I’m gonna be famous like a movie star.





 photo Screenshot-458_zps6a822834.jpg


Malix: BLEH!

Quincy: Malix! Were vampire buddies! Were suppose to stick together! Don’t be scaring me. Not cool man.

Malix: Suck it.

Quincy: I suck blood so what are you implying?

Malix: My dick.




 photo Screenshot-461_zps5936dad1.jpg


Rosette: That llama guy is kinda sexy. I wanna do him and love on his furry body.





 photo Screenshot-462_zps5d96b647.jpg


Llama guy: I’m outta here!





 photo Screenshot-463_zps6972b818.jpg


Rosette: What the hell are you wearing? Your duckie undies makes you look gay.

Borage: Shut up hozilla. I’m still big pimpin’.




 photo Screenshot-464_zpsb40c9ed5.jpg


Rosette: You know what be more funnier? If all the guys wore pink cheetah print undies like me.

Borage: Don’t get the writer any more ideas so shut your cock sucker!

Rosette: Just a thought.

Borage: Keep your thoughts to yourself!




 photo Screenshot-465_zpsabfe0559.jpg


Dragan: I don’t like my duckie undies. Change them now.

That’s too bad cause all of the men are wearing them unless you rather wear pink cheetah print undies?

Dragan: Never mind….




 photo Screenshot-466_zps95f91b79.jpg


Lucille: This bouncy thing is so fun! Wheeeeeeee! I’m flying!

Dusty: Help! There’s a cup chasing me!

Lucille: Where?

Dusty: It’s invisible!




 photo Screenshot-469_zpsbaa363da.jpg


Rosette: You’re so close to me. Ready to make out?

Malix: For the last time. We are cousins!

Rosette: You were kidnapped and adopted anyway!




 photo Screenshot-470_zpsd5b0e199.jpg


Malix: Whatever. Let’s gossip about people we don’t know.

Carrie: I’m stealth like a ninja kitty. No one can see me as I steal these clothes.




 photo Screenshot-471_zps1f694b09.jpg


Rosette: I don’t wanna. I wanna make out.

Malix: You can’t make out with your cousin!

Carrie: Don’t mind me guys. I’m doing nothing.




 photo Screenshot-472_zpsfdef921c.jpg


Carrie: I these are Borage’s clothes. He’ll be force to be naked and then I can that sexy body of his.





 photo Screenshot-479_zpsb3672fb2.jpg


Carrie: Hi new girl who watches me pee. I think you’re pretty sexy too.

Lucille: I think you’re kinda hot too. Why are you red?

Carrie: Why is your hair red?




 photo Screenshot-483_zps76f7e449.jpg


Carrie: You’re gonna lose, Quincy. No one is on your team.

Quincy: I have my vampire buddy Malix. DAMN IT! Where did he go?




 photo Screenshot-485_zps24ff26be.jpg


Dragan: I wanna stab someone!



 photo Screenshot-487_zpse0b61259.jpg


Dragan: Cause all of you are fake ass bitches behind masks!




 photo Screenshot-488_zps1b1d1704.jpg


Seth: And I told her, bitch you better get on the broom and fly away.

Kiki: Really?




 photo Screenshot-489_zps6e8a5a47.jpg


Kiki: Let’s get to the point. We should date.

Seth: No.




 photo Screenshot-490_zps6f47fe37.jpg

 photo Screenshot-492_zpse2896367.jpg


Seth: I told you no! Don’t be putting your nasty lips on me!

Kiki: Why are you so angry? You need to get laid and I’m trying to help!




 photo Screenshot-493_zps4ec239ce.jpg


Carrie: Wanna be friends, Mr. Mirror man?

Mirror man: No.




 photo Screenshot-495_zps82064d70.jpg


Dusty: I wonder which fine lady is gonna join me first. I hope it’s the hot red head.




 photo Screenshot-496_zpsf320160d.jpg


Borage: Why is everyone standing there, watching me?

Isela: Waiting to see if you’re gonna get naked like you always do.

Kiki: Yeah, remove the clothes.

Borage: Wait.. it’s coming.




 photo Screenshot-501_zpsf28d89d1.jpg


Seth: You’re as crazy as Carrie. Why aren’t you both been committed yet?

Rosette: I’m not crazy you asshole!




 photo Screenshot-503_zps57031783.jpg


Seth: You are kinda hot tho.

Rosette: I know but this hot body is for Liam only.




 photo Screenshot-504_zps40b21326.jpg

 photo Screenshot-506_zpscae41c64.jpg



Rosette: What.. the.. Why? You kissed me…

Seth: You like it?




 photo Screenshot-508_zps5e1b458c.jpg


Rosette: No I don’t like it you asshole! You’re making me cheat on my boo love, Liam!

Seth: Damn girl, you trippin’.

Camp Tigo 2: Day 1


Seth: There’s something over there that I can’t help but stare at all creepy like.









Quincy: That diamond is HUGE. I want one. C’mere huge diamond!





Dragan: Why am I here? I need to get to class soon! Oh dear!





Seth: I think I’ll toss some dollars on that chick. I’M RICH,  BITCH! Why can’t I stop staring at her booty.





Malix: Hmm.. New file, new story? I want to be something different this time. I think I shall be the French Tickler.





Borage: I think I’m gonna put a baby in all of these ladies. I’m pretty sure my slutty aunt is gonna have 20 babies.

Rosette: I hope your dick falls off.

Borage: I hope you warn everyone about your coochie diseases.






Seth: Watch me crank it, watch me roll. Watch me crank dat, Set Tombs. Then superman dat ohhhhhhhhhhh!






Seth: It’s not what it looks like. I am not having fun nor enjoying myself.






Quincy: Hey why isn’t anyone watching me drop these hot beats?

Malix: CAUSE YOU SUCK! Let a real DJ show you how it’s done.

Quincy: Who are you?

Malix: DJ Lix from the L.P. I get bitches.






Quincy: You’re a hata! I can get bitches.

Quincy: Hey where did you go?






Malix: Really? This is how high I can go? Lame.. good thing that we didn’t pay for this. But I’m still not amused by this.






Malix: Since I’m up here, I guess I shall do my Montigo thing. I may be the one sane Montigo here but I must keep my image.






Malix: I must have a drink at a random time of the day. Wait. Why is it invisible?







Malix: I don’t care if my drink is invisible. I shall enjoy it.






Malix: Now this is the good stuff. Invisichampange. Zero calories, I will keep my girlish figure after all.







Quincy: Hey BMG, whatcha think about my sweet DJ skillz? Hot, right?






Borage: You suck. Too main gain, not enough bass. You’re train wrecking! You can’t beat match for shit!  Just hit sync!

Kikiontae: I think he’s pretty hot.

Borage: I think you’re just a hood rat ho trynna get on his dick.

Kikiontae: So….






Isela: Let’s all bob for apples.

Carrie: So were not making apple juice?

Isela: Huh? No…

Carrie: The voices said we should make apple juice.

Anson: I have a husband back in my file so I’ll be pretty good at this.

Dragan: We don’t care. I think flowers are pretty tho.

Isela: Can we start now?






Isela: 1…2….3… GO!

Carrie: Dragan! You’re on my team! Why aren’t you bobbing?

Dragan: I don’t wanna look gay.

Carrie: The voices told me to choke you if you don’t start helping me win!






Dragan: I still think flowers look pretty.





Isela: I’m so gonna win this!

Carrie: No! Dragan and I are gonna win!

Isela: Ouch my head!

Carrie: Ha ha!

Anson: This is too easy.

Dragan: Do I look gay by doing this?






Carrie: Look Dragan! Were winning! The voices will be pleased!

Anson: Does the voices also tell you to shut up?






Dragan: Do I look like a cooked pig with this apple in my mouth?

Anson: This pose looks like a invisiblowjob.

Isela: LOL






Carrie: Now I look like a cooked pig. Oink, oink!






Seth: I don’t know why I am even here! I was not having fun! I don’t care what it looks like.






Seth: I am the God of EVIL! I do not smile! I do not have fun! I do evil things!

You need to get laid more often.







Quincy: Just call me DJ Glovez! I wear em cause germs are EVERYWHERE!






Layla: Hey Borage, you should let me come over to your house after this. I’ll clean it for you.

Kikiontae: No you should let me come to your house. I can cook for you.

Borage: Why do I have this feeling that both of you crazy fairies are gonna end up my house just to leave a baby there, after this.






Borage: You 2 dance like drunk white girls. Lemme show you how it’s done.

Layla: What? We have alcohol? This is my song!






Borage: This is how you do the Harlem Shake!

Kikiontae: No, it’s like this! You gotta get low with it.

Layla: My feet are stuck.





Layla: I like your sexy dance moves. We should hook up.

Borage: I think we should. I never banged a fairy before.





Kikiontae: Borage you should get freaky with me. I’m a Ghetto Fairy. We know how to fuck.

Borage: Okay, I’m down.

Layla: Hey! I’m pretty good myself!

Borage: Threesome?






Carrie: The voices and I feel like dancing.

Rosette: You bitches can’t dance good like me.

Kikiontae: Bring it ho.

Anson: I’m not sure if I should be over here.

Layla: I just learned a recipe!






Isela: Borage, you’re sexy. We should do it.

Borage: I knew you would fine me hot. We can do it anytime.

Rosette: Slut.

Layla: Why do my feet keep getting stuck?






Carrie: Borage! I think you’re hot!

Borage: Wait… aren’t you my half sister? Someone forgot to set the relations!

Carrie: The voices think you’re hot.






Borage: I can feel the rhythm!

Rosette: You can feel my hand upside your head.

Layla: I can feel that my feet are still stuck on the floor.






Rosette: Hey guy with a black hair. You’re the closet that I have to Liam. I think you should be mine.

Anson: Um.. okay. I think you’re pretty hot.

Borage: Pop, pop, pop dat ass.

Carrie: I still think my half brother is hot.






Rosette: Never mind. You can’t have my love. My love is for Liam only!

Anson: Ouch…

Carrie: Hey I remember you! You’re daddy’s stalker!

Rosette: I am his lover. Get it right, bitch!





Anson: Hey Kiki, I think you’re pretty. Please don’t reject my love.

Kikiontae: I think you’re a hot white boy. I want your loving.

Layla: Can someone help me? I can’t get unstuck!

Carrie: Now my feet are stuck!






Carrie: Anson, since you’re not my half brother. I think you’re hot!

Anson: I think you’re hot too.

Layla: Well I think you’re hot too Anson.

Borage: Hey I thought you ladies found me hot?

Seth: Shit.. I’ve been teleported here.






Isela: Dragan, you know that I find you hot. Let’s make more babies.

Dragan: Maybe but let’s go pick flowers together. I think flowers are lovely.





Malix: Well I’m here now. Can any of the vampires get some love too?

Seth: You look ridiculous, Kiki.

Kikiontae: Really? That doesn’t stop you from checking out my ass.


Malix: You’re a idiot, cuz.

Carrie: I’m stuck, guys!

Layla: I know right!






Malix: Seriously, ladies. Don’t you want some of this vampire loving?

Layla: Huh?





Rosette: Hey incognegro! Come join us!

Malix: Don’t anyone find me hot?

Borage: What’s that over there? That better not be my wife…






Seth: I’m thinking………………………….. No.






Isela: Don’t be a buzzkill, Seth. Have some fun!

Anson: I like the way you shake your ass.

Isela: I thought you had a husband.






Borage: Check out this move. I call it the- …Ouch my nuts!

Malix: That sounds stupid.

Layla: Seriously people. I need a little help here.

Still sim related so HA!

As some as you know (mention on the forum) I’m left to pretty much throw my own birthday party because someone gotta be a bitchface! Anyway.. I’ve been working on music for my set since I want to DJ for a little bit. I want to share a little preview of what I plan to play for Saturday. You’ll like the first track. It’s familiar to you all!


I’m a lot better than Borage at this whole DJ thing hehehehehe





But Malix is pretty good 😉