Make Or Break – Finale Summary

As some of you know, I promised to write up a summary from where I left off from Ally’s story until the point where Gen 3 starts. So here it is.



Alyssa  last left off where she went on her first date with Juan Darer; who had some mystery to him. After a wonderful first date, Alyssa was greeted by her angry ex Deshaun when picking up their daughter Amora.

Time has gone by and Alyssa is in a relationship with Juan and the second semester had started. Things between Alyssa and Juan has gone reasonably well although Deshaun hated the thought of Alyssa dating. Amora’s second birthday was a month away and Deshaun told Alyssa that he would be bringing his girlfriend to Amora’s party. Alyssa was unaware of Deshaun’s girlfriend and felt she should meet her before having her attend the party. Deshaun made a big fuss about wanting to meet Juan before he was allowed to be around Amora. However Alyssa didn’t want to deal with any drama, she agreed and told Deshaun it was okay. Alyssa tells Juan about Deshaun wanting to bring his girlfriend that she never heard about to Amora’s party. She wasn’t sure about allowing it but felt she should meet her first. Juan tells Alyssa that she has the right to meet her before the party and tells her that Deshaun needs to do what she had to do as well. Alyssa agrees and asks Deshaun to come over to talk.

Alyssa was home alone when Deshaun came over to talk. Deshaun was annoyed, telling Alyssa whatever she needed to tell him that she could had told him over the phone. Alyssa told him she felt that she should in person. Alyssa calmly tells Deshaun how she wanted to meet his girlfriend first and how it was fair. This made Deshaun snap and he berates Alyssa then tells her that his girlfriend was none of his business. They both get into a shouting match, things got heated when Deshaun tells Alyssa he’s tired of her telling her how things are gonna go with his daughter; things were about to change. Deshaun slaps Alyssa across her face after demanding she stop trying to run the show. This took Alyssa from surprise, she wasn’t sure how to react. Deshaun forces Alyssa into her bedroom and violently pushes her onto her bed. Deshaun demands Alyssa to take her clothes off, she refuses and attempts to flee. However Deshaun grabs Alyssa, slaps her around and throws her onto her bed. Alyssa begs Deshaun to not do this and she’s sorry. Deshaun wraps his hands around Alyssa’s throat and told her this is her fault; she’s a love genie and he can’t help himself. Deshaun forcefully yanked Alyssa’s stockings off and hike up her skirt. Before Deshaun could undo his pants, Devin and Nicole return home early from their movie. Deshaun threatens Alyssa if she screams, she would regret it. When Deshaun heard Devin and Nicole go upstairs, he raced out of the house ; leaving Alyssa alone in her room in tears.

After the attempted rape, Alyssa fell into a depression over the weeks; falling behind in class and becoming distant from everyone. Juan knew something was off about Alyssa and kept asking her what was wrong. Alyssa denied that anything was wrong but Juan wasn’t buying it. This angered Alyssa and she fought with Juan, telling him that he was too pushy and maybe they should break up. Juan backs off and told Alyssa when she’s ready to talk, he’ll be there. A couple more weeks go by and Juan hasn’t heard from Alyssa. He makes several attempts to make contact with Alyssa but no success. Juan assumes that the relationship was truly over with.

During that time, Deshaun often sent Alyssa taunting texts and demanded to see Amora. Alyssa became afraid of Deshaun and did whatever he requested which included sex. Alyssa began to drink, skip class and lashed out at anyone who asked her what was going on with her. Amora’s birthday is on Valentine’s day and Alyssa still planned to have Amora’s party. Alyssa’s parents were coming to town to celebrate. Alyssa was surprise when her dad bought Selene with him. Alyssa was unaware that Selene is now her step mom, Liam.2 announces that he and Selene got married the day before and he changed his name; dropping the .2 from Liam. Ashley soon came in from her flight from Starlight Bay. While Alyssa’s parents settled in, Juan dropped by asking to speak to Alyssa. Liam let Juan inside, surprising Alyssa.

Alyssa asks Juan why was he here and Juan told her that he still plans to attend Amora’s party the following day. Alyssa told Juan not to come but Juan asks why. Alyssa refuses to give Juan an answer; Juan refuses to leave until he gets one. Alyssa remains silent and Juan asks Alyssa if they were even still together. Juan tells Alyssa that he cares about her and thought about her everyday. Juan continues to express his feelings for Alyssa before telling her that he loves her. Alyssa breaks down and cries; Juan embraces Alyssa and again asks her what’s been troubling her. Alyssa confesses how Deshaun became violent with her and tried to rape her. Alyssa cried harder as she told Juan how she agreed to sleep with Deshaun because she was afraid of him due to him taunting her after that day. Juan held Alyssa, telling her that he wasn’t leaving her side.

On the day of Amora’s birthday the party goes as planned. Deshaun shows up with his girlfriend but is confronted by Juan who waits for him on the front porch. Deshaun and Juan exchanged a few words before Juan attacks Deshaun. Everyone races outside to find Juan and Deshaun fighting; Juan had the upper hand. Alyssa pleads for them to stop and attempts to break the fight up only to be punched in the face by Deshaun. Liam races towards Deshaun, attempting to attack him but was pulled back by Devin. Juan takes another swing at Deshaun and knocking him out. Soon Alyssa’s home was swarmed with police and people who were near by. Both Deshaun and Juan were arrested, Alyssa begged the police to not take Juan cause he was only trying to protect her. Alyssa confessed to the police that she told Juan that Deshaun had beaten her and raped her. Alyssa was asked to come to the station, leaving her crying child with family.

Alyssa spoke with a special victims unit detective regarding her rape claim. Alyssa handed over her phone showing the SVU detective all of the texts between her and Deshaun since the first attack. The detective told Alyssa that proving rape would be difficult because the texts shown that the sex was consensual. Alyssa told the detective that she didn’t want to but did it because she was afraid. The detective tells Alyssa that she believes her but it will be hard to convince a jury. The texts shown Deshaun boasting about beating Alyssa and how it arouses him when he thinks about it. Some texts shown Deshaun suggesting that Alyssa should try to struggle like she did when he first tried to rape her. The other texts also shown Deshaun stalking Alyssa, taunting and threatening to cause harm. The detective said it was enough to get Deshaun charged for stalking, assault and battery.

Alyssa’s life started to pick back up after Deshaun was charged and sentenced for 6 months in jail. Alyssa was granted a 8 year protection order and Deshaun was expelled from school. Deshaun was not allowed to see or have any contact with Amora until he completes 9 months of anger management. After completing anger management; Deshaun will be able to have supervise visits with Amora.

Alyssa push through the remaining  3 years of school with Juan by her side. She managed to finish school and earn a degree in computer programming and design. Although Juan had already finished school 2 years before she did, he stayed in town. Alyssa told Juan that she’s returning to Starlight Bay and questioned their relationship. Will he return to Twinbrook or come with her? Juan told Alyssa that he wasn’t leaving her side ever since she told him about Deshaun; it’s why he stayed in town when he finished school. That answered Alyssa’s question and they soon prepare to leave for Starlight Bay after Alyssa’s graduation.



Amora is now 8 years old and had no memory of her father. After Deshaun was released from jail, he returned Evansdale County where his girlfriend later joined him. Deshaun never took his anger management class nor made any attempt to contact Alyssa or Amora. However Amora has some form of a relationship with Deshaun’s father Marcus and sister Aniya. Alyssa decided to not cut out Marcus and Aniya from Amora’s life; which would be kinda difficult with Marcus being in a relationship with Alexia Lex, the mother of 2 of Alyssa’s aunts. Deshaun is now a father to a son and often refers him as his first born; denying that Amora is even his daughter.

Alyssa, Juan and Amora live in Sundale, the suburb of Starlight Bay. Amora is kept somewhat busy in dance and acting classes. Amora wants to be an actress when she grows up and participates in various school plays. Alyssa has taken a different approach on parenting unlike her father; she doesn’t force Amora to keep her nose in the books. For the most part, Alyssa allows Amora to be a kid and does nurtures Amora’s interests. Although Juan suggests Amora could do some child modeling or do commercial work but Alyssa wants Amora to have a normal childhood.

Alyssa is working at a medial research lab while Juan works a physical therapist. Both jobs pay well and they were able to buy a nice home in Sundale. Their relationship was becoming serious as Amora calls Juan “dad”. On Amora’s 7th birthday, Juan asked Alyssa to marry him; Alyssa said yes. Alyssa didn’t want to make a big fuss about her wedding; however Nicole who is now her close friend suggest she should have a big and special day. Alyssa and Nicole soon began to plan a huge wedding. As Alyssa prepare for their wedding, Juan seems to be a little distant when she asks about his family. Alyssa hasn’t heard much about his mother and brother since their first date. Juan never mention them nor went to go see them on the holidays. Juan quickly changes the subject when Alyssa asks about them. She finds it strange and decided to back off. Juan grows more mysterious whenever he gets a phone calls. He often takes the calls outside or far away from Alyssa; he’s often bothered or annoyed after each call.

Alyssa tells Juan that they need to set a date but Juan drops a bomb. Juan tells Alyssa that he can’t marry her because he made a huge mistake years ago. Juan confessed when Alyssa pushed him away, he assumed that the relationship was over and spent a wild weekend with a female in Las Suerte Palmas. After a night of binge drinking, they got married. The female finally hunted him down, telling him that they are married and have a child together. Juan claims he has no memory of marrying her or sleeping with her, however she sent Juan pictures and video from their weekend years ago. The female demands that Juan comes to Las Suerte Palmas to be a proper husband and a father to their child. The female refuses have the marriage annulled or get a divorce, she learned that Juan comes from a rich family; Juan believes that why she refuses. Juan tells Alyssa that she’s threatening to sue him if he doesn’t come be with her. Juan doesn’t have the money that she’s seeking and his mother can’t help him. Juan tells Alyssa that his family cuts ties from him after his best friend claimed that Juan sexual abused her. Juan denied that he did and knew it was her father. She felt ashamed and accused Juan instead. The charges were dropped when no evidence could tie him to the crime; however his family didn’t believe him.

Juan packed up some of his things and told Alyssa that he’s going to LSP to fix this and he will be back for her. However 11 months had passed by since Juan left. Alyssa hasn’t heard from Juan since his plane landed in LSP.

Make Or Break: Chapter 6 – Do You Believe In Magic?

After meeting up with Rhena, I headed to class. However I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said about Juan. I want to take in the comfort of thinking none of it is true but what if it was? Knowing how he has changed his major more than once just make me a little uneasy. He seems indecisive of what he wants to do with his life. But maybe he will be more detailed about his indecisiveness. I needed to clear my head so I can focus on my classes for the day.



When Deshaun came to get Amora, I asked if he mind keeping Amora for the whole day. Of course he was curious of why I’m suddenly letting him keep her for the whole day. I couldn’t tell him it was because I was going on a date. I’m sure that news wouldn’t sit well with him. But why should he care, it’s not like we ever dated.



“Yeah, sure I don’t mind keeping her all day. I was gonna study afterwards but like I said, I promise to help out as much as I can. Why the extended time though?”

“Amora is really starting to adore you, I felt maybe she should have more time with her. You seem to be doing well with her.”

“I told ya that I’m not gonna walk out on our little girl. I’m in this 100%. I just hope you’ll take my word.”

“So far you have been proving it. I just hope you’ll keep your word for Amora’s sake.”

“There’s no turning back at this point, Ally. We are family.”



I arrived at the Groove Bean earlier than expected. I checked my phone to see that Deshaun sent me a pic of Amora on the slide at the park. It was cute and looks like she’s having a good time. I must admit that Deshaun has been really good with her but I’m still unsure about things. Will things change after we finish school? I have plans to return back to Star City and I’m pretty sure Deshaun will return to EC. But that’s something that we both need to discuss in the future.



Juan shown up right on time. I didn’t expect him to be here on the dot but maybe his classes ended earlier than expected like mines did.

“Early bird, huh?”

“Ha ha.. I guess. My classes were kinda short today.”

“Mine too. I guess they were about our date.”

“Maybe ha ha. So should we get something to eat now?”

“Yeah cause I’m starving.”



I suggested we should have their cinnamon bun since it was pretty tasty when I first tried. They didn’t have much lunch food options and we thought we should had lunch at the diner however it’s probably packed with other college kids. 




“So how you like it?”

“It’s good and all. Good suggestion. You won’t judge me if I get another one?”

“Ha ha. No. I was kinda thinking the same thing. This one bun isn’t hitting the spot but it’s cause of what I am.”

“I know how that is. I can sense something about you but I’m not too clear what. What type of genie are you?”

“Huh? How do you figure that I’m a genie?”

“Cause I’m one too, Gaivania. And you are?”




“Love genie. Nice. I can’t say I ever met one. I knew there was something about you and 2 of your other friends. The alien one kinda confuses me but I picked up something on her too.”

“Echo is part Navox and Nicole is a Disa. She’s the first one I met. I heard about them but never met one.”

“Oh nice. I didn’t think there would be any other genies around.. Well I’ll take that back. I did come across 2 other Gaivanias at meet and greet. It’s cool to know you’re not alone.”

“I guess so. So can I ask you something?”

“Sure. Ask me anything.”

“I dunno if I believe what I heard.. But I heard about disturbing things about you. I’m just hoping-“

“Oh yeah.. You must heard the rumors about me too. That was quicker than I expected.”




“I know about the rumors about me. How I have 5 different baby mamas and I’ve been in school for 6 years. There’s a different version of it depending on who you heard it from. I think it’s all ridiculous.”

“So it’s just silly rumors? No truth in them?”

“Nah. These rumors started during my first year after I broke up with my girlfriend from high school. We both came here together. Jessica left mid year while her older transferred in. The cousin was the one who started them cause she was bitter that I dumped Jessica and refused to start dating her. It’s pretty shady to date your cousin’s ex. She made up wild rumors about me so other girls would stay away from me. It’s pretty childish. Although Jessica and her cousin Gina are long gone, the rumors stayed. Every once in a while, I gotta clear my name.”

“I should know better than to listen to any type of rumor. I know the feeling. There was one about me at my old school after I moved back to Star City. But there’s something that I need to tell you. I hope you won’t think of my any different but I have a young child. I had her when I was 16. It was the one and only time I was with a guy.”

“Really? I got the impression that you’re still a virgin but wow. I didn’t expect that. It’s cool though. I won’t judge you for you past decisions.”

“So me having a child doesn’t bother you?”

“No unless you had 5 different baby daddies ha ha ha!”




My date with Juan was going extremely well. We got to know each other a little better and overall we were having a great time at the Groove Bean. I was happy that he wasn’t put off of the thought of me having a kid nor was any of those rumors were true. But I am still nervous about his indecisiveness about school.



“I’m kinda curious of what your 4 previous majors were.”

“Ha ha ha.. Oh man. Let’s see.. Well I started with business, then education, I dabble in Computer Science and lastly music. I couldn’t find one that really stuck to me. But I’ve been taking a lot of PE courses and I always had an interest in fitness. My mom wants me to be in medical.. Maybe becoming a physical therapist is my true calling. I like to help others too.”

“That sounds like a cool idea.”

“It does. I just hope it sticks cause I need to pick something. I don’t wanna be in school forever.”  



We walked around the block for a bit. Continuing to get to know each other.




Juan had a lot of funny stories about his childhood. He has a younger brother and has a very close relationship with his mother and brother. His father was really never in his life, he left after his brother was born and he was only 2 at the time. Juan grew up on a plantation where his mother grew coca beans and harvest honey.  He has a fondness of chocolate, loves to grill, loves the outdoors and enjoys watching comedic movies. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I think my mom would approve of him.

“Hey, I’m gonna kiss ya.”

“Wait.. What?”



Without much warning, Juan placed the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had on my lips. I was in complete shock. I was not expecting this nor did I know what to think.












I managed to stop looking like a fool for 2 seconds before kissing him back. It was one fantastic kiss and I was never kissed like that. I mean Deshaun was the only other guy I kissed but he has nothing on Juan. I wanted to stick around and kiss him more but I had to go pick up Amora. I could feel my phone buzzing like crazy in my pocket.

“I had a great time, Juan but I gotta go get my daughter.”

“I understand. I better get to the student center. I’m on the debate team.”

“Really? I didn’t know we had one.”

“Yeah, it’s fun to have pointless arguments with others.”

“I bet. So… do I ask you for a second date?”

“Ha ha ha. If you want to.”

“Well I’m asking you. Would you like to go out on a second date with me?”

“Hell yeah if it will be as great as the first one.”





I was on cloud nine as I drove over to Deshaun’s dorm to pick up Amora. Everything was just perfect. I had a great date with a guy and Deshaun and I are getting along.  

Do you believe in magic? I sure do cause that was one magical date! For once something great was going on in my life.




However once I arrived at the dorm, Deshaun was obviously upset with me. I wasn’t late with picking Amora up, in fact I was just 3 minutes early.




“Oh you didn’t think I would find out!”

“What are you talking?!”

“You know what I’m talking about. Don’t act like you don’t!”

“But I don’t. Care to share!”

“I don’t mind keeping Amora! I don’t mind at all! But I will not be keeping her while you go out on your hot dates!”

“Seriously! That’s what you’re upset about?! I thought you wanted extra time!”



“I do but not when you’re gonna use your time to slut around!”

“Excuse me?! You have no right! You have no right to judge me! Why do you even care! Weren’t together and I can do whatever I want!”

“Then why you had to lie about your reasons of why you wanted me to keep her all day?!”

“Cause it’s none of your business! I don’t question you of what you do when you don’t have Amora so don’t question or judge me!”

“I just don’t want you bring all these strange men around my daughter!”

“It was one date with one guy! He hasn’t seen my child! You are so ridiculous!”



I couldn’t deal with Deshaun and grabbed Amora as quickly as I could. I didn’t give him a chance to kiss her goodbye. I just wanted out of there as fast as I could. I still don’t know how he found out about my date with Juan. But I figure maybe one of his roommates seen me. I can’t believe how he overreacted like that.

“I’m sorry Amora but looks like you’ll be taking a break from seeing your dad for a while…”

Make Or Break: Chapter 5 – Distant

Life in Newbrey was going well, I got into the groove of school while taking care of Amora. Deshaun and I now have an understanding and I set time for Amora to spend time with her dad. With everything now settle, it was time for a girls night out on the town. Toni, Echo, Nicole and I made our way to B’s Bowlarama. It’s been ages since I last bowl.

My grandpa use to take my cousins and I out bowling back when I lived in EC. We went every night until the place closed down and moved to the town over. It was fun while it lasted, my grandpa couldn’t make the trip there as often as before while it was still in town. I probably suck at bowling now since it’s been a few years since. But I know I would still have a great night.



Before renting out the most ridiculous bowling shoes ever, we made our way to the pizza buffet. I heard the pizza here was pretty good and I guess it was okay. I always enjoyed the pizza at Domino Palace little more. It was the replacement when the bowling alley closed, so I spend time with family pigging out on pizza and playing arcade games.

While we eat, I kept eyeing the door to see if Rhena came in yet. I invited her out with us since I haven’t seen her since meet and greet weeks ago. She promised we would hang out soon and that’s been about a month of ago. I just hope she will show up tonight. I kinda feel like we are growing apart from each other.




“Is your friend coming out?”

“I think so. She said she would but that was 2 days ago.”

“Well if she’s not here by the time we finish eating, were starting without her. We gotta get a good lane ya know. Maybe you can text her and make her butt hurry up?”

“Yeah, I was thinking of texting her in bit.”



Everyone was done eating and I pulled out my phone to text Rhena but she already sent me a text telling me sorry that she can’t make it out tonight and how something else came up. Something always seem to come up whenever I make plans to hang out with her. It’s almost like she’s avoiding me. She haven’t made time for Toni either so maybe it’s just not me. But either way I was hurt when I learned she wouldn’t be coming out with us tonight. I was looking forwarded to it.




I let everyone know that Rhena had to cancelled. Nicole rolled her eyes as she mumbled, “Likewise.” Toni seemed a bit disappointed like I was and Echo didn’t care since she didn’t know her. Nicole tells me that I’m first up since they all agreed to go in alphabet order. I guess I was okay with that but I just hoped I didn’t fall flat on my face.



I was pretty amazed that I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be. I could probably do a little more better with some practice. But hey, we are all just trying to have some fun. No need to be good or perfect.




I was still having a great night although my best friend couldn’t make it out here. I was having fun spending the night out with friends and family, we joked, mocked each other bowling skills. This is the first time in a long time since I ever had this much fun.

I really didn’t hang out with friends much when I was a kid. My dad felt I should use my time to focus on studying rather have any sort of social life. With my dad keeping my nose in the books for so long, it made me a little socially awkward. I struggle to hold conversations let alone start one. My dad’s motto of all work and no play, it’s really the reason how Amora came to be. I needed to cut loose once in a while, studying all the time can be a drag after a while. And when I did get out for fun, I got a bit careless and didn’t know how to pace myself.

When my dad finished helping me move in, he reminded me how I needed to study hard and ignore the parties. “You came here to get a degree, not to party or find boyfriends. Keep a book in your hand and not a can of beer.” I could still my dad’s words echoing in my man. I rolled my eyes as I thought to myself. It’s okay to have a little fun once in a while. When it comes to Amora, I’m not going to be so hard on her when it comes to school. I’ll let her be a kid, have friends, have a social life and let her be her own person. Of course I will encourage studying but not to the extent like my dad.  

Maybe this will break the cycle of becoming a teenage parent. Letting Amora live and talk to her about the bees and the birds when that time comes. My dad didn’t have that talk with me. He felt as long as I was always studying, there was no need. Boy was he wrong.. Maybe things will be better with my 2 little sisters.




Little to my knowledge, I was being watched by a stranger near by. I could hear Nicole and Toni, giggling and whispering as they looked at me. I was confused why and thought maybe I had a booger hanging out of my nose or something.

I was slightly annoyed and asked them what was so funny. “Looks like you have an admirer. I told ya those jeans would be perfect for tonight.” Nicole giggled. I thought to myself for a second. Who would be checking me. Probably one of the creepy heavy-set guys in one of my classes who always stare at me.




To my surprise it was a very attractive guy. I didn’t think I could attract anyone other than some guy who is as geeky as I was. But I tend to forget what I am. I’m Navox, I can attract just about anyone.




Our game was over and everyone wanted to go socialize for a bit. Toni went to try her luck at some arcade games, Echo saw a friend of hers and Nicole needed to check on Devin to make sure he didn’t get too drunk at the bar.

“Girl, you need to go chat with that cutie who’s been watching you before some other heffa gets their greasy hands on him.”

“I dunno what to say to him. I’m really awkward when talking to guys. I never had an actual boyfriend.”

“Everyone is. Just say hi and he’ll take it from there.”




“I’ll probably say something dumb and scare him off. Maybe you can talk to him for me? Break the ice?”

“Girl no. This is your chance to break through your social anxiety. Sometimes you just gotta take yourself out of your comfort zone. My mama always said, there’s a lot of things in life that’s like pulling off an old band-aid. Just count to 3 and just do it.”

Nicole made it sound so easy, she doesn’t have issues with talking to strangers. I took her advice, took in a deep breath and counted to 3.



Here goes nothing…



“Hi! Fun night, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you could say but my friends ditched me.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”

“Ha ha ha. It’s cool though. They were kinda annoying anyway with their consent make out sessions. I was starting to feel like the third wheel. I figure I could find someone here to chill with. Where did your friends go?”

“Oh they felt like socializing with others, we all live together so its nice to chat with others outside of the house.”

“Yeah I bet. I was here with my roomies too. I’m sure they headed home to fuck or something. They didn’t say anything to me. They just bounced.”

“Well that’s rude of them. I guess maybe you can hang out with me?”

“Sure, I think I would like that.”




I couldn’t believe that I was really having a conversation with a guy without looking like an idiot. I knocked on wood, hoping not to screw it up since it was going so well.

“So do you play pool?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty awesome at it by the way. So… what’s your name?”

“Alyssa. My friends call me Ally for short.”

“Hmm, Alyssa. That’s a pretty name. I’m Juan.”

“Hi Juan, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ally.”



We headed upstairs to shoot a little pool. Nicole smiled as she watched me head upstairs with Juan. I could see her mouthing the words, “Get it, girl”. I almost blushed, I’m not sure how I will “get it” or know what that means.




“So Ally, where ya from?”

“Originally from Starlight Bay. I lived in Evansdale County for a bit before returning back home. How about you? Where are from?”

“Born and raised in Twinbrook. Looks like we are both a long way from home. Whatcha majoring in? I hope you don’t mind me asking this questions.”

“Computer Science. I don’t mind at all. What about you?”

“Ha.. I wish I knew… This is my third year and I’ve changed majors 4 times. Right now I’m just taking random classes until I figure what I wanna stick with. My mom often nags me about I should go to medical school and be a doctor. She said all over degrees are useless.”

“Oh.. Your third year huh?”

“Yeah, I’m probably a bit older than you. You look like you’re fresh out of high school.”

“Yeah.. Is that a bad thing?”



“Nah, I think it’s smart. Get school out of the way first then go live. I came here straight after high school. I was dying to get out of Twinbrook. There’s nothing to do other than play pool, drink beer. I never lived anywhere fancy like Star City. I bet you like to party, huh?”

I’ve only been to one party in my life and the ending results weren’t so good. I wasn’t sure how to answer but I didn’t want to sound like a dud. 

“Yeah! I went some many killer parties in Star City.”

“Really? You’re kinda cute when you lie.”

Crap… He could see right through my bullshit. I better recover quick. Think, Ally, think!

“Ha ha ha. Well to be honest I only attended one party but it was back in EC. My dad is real tough about studying. I didn’t get to do much.”

“Yeah, I can tell. Loose up a bit. Relax, have fun.”

“I’m trying… I think.”



“I hope you don’t think I’m too forwarded, but are you single?”

“Yeah. I take it that you are too?”

“Yep. I had a girlfriend but she transfers schools without saying a word. So I guess I’m single now.”

“Wow. You dealt with a lot of rude people.”

“Seems so. You seem pretty nice.”

“Well… I can be if you’re nice to me.

Oh gosh… that sounded so cheesy…. I feel like such a geek.

“You won’t have to worry about that, pretty lady.”

O.M.G. ….He just called me a pretty lady! Oh… I need to calm down. Sometimes I still feel like a 14 year old.


Ugh…that was such a lame reply. Why must I be so awkward…




Juan was pretty good at pool like he said he was. I didn’t bother trying to let me win or anything. I figure that’s what most men do anyway. It was my turn finally and I wasn’t sure how to make the shoot without looking like a fool. Back at the house, Nicole gave Toni and I a flirting lesson in case if we were to meet a guy tonight. “Bend over the pool table sensually as you take a shoot in front of the guy. Give him a nice show so you can throw him off his game so you can win.” Nicole’s words echoed in my mind. I made sure Juan would get a nice eyeful so I bend over the pool table as sensually as I thought I was. However it was anything but sexy.

“Ha ha ha! I appreciate your efforts, Ally. I’m a guy, you don’t need to do much to get my full attention. You’re very attractive, your beautiful smile is enough for me.”

“Oh gosh… I look so stupid!”

“I think it’s cute. I can tell you don’t have much experience with guys. Your parents didn’t let you date?”

“No. My dad felt boys were a distraction. However my mom was a little more relaxed when it came to dating.”



“So would you mind going out on a date with me sometime?”

“Really? You’re asking me out on a date?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Well sure but I must warn you, I’m a little geeky.”

Ugh.. Why did I just say that.

“Ha ha ha. I like geeky girls. I can be a little geeky too.”




“So just to be clear, this isn’t any kind of joke or prank. I read stories and watched movies about really attractive guys asking out the geekest girl in school as a cruel joke.”




“Ha ha ha! Not at all. You’re really funny Ally. I think you and I will have a great time. So about we exchange numbers so we can set up a place and date to mean on?”




We exchanges number just before he needed to go. He got a text from his roommates telling him they are locked out of their house. I figure it was time to regroup with my roommates too and head home. It was starting to get late and I need to go get Amora from Deshaun so I can put her in bed.




I was excited about my pending date. Nicole was the first one I found to share my good news with.

“Guess who has 2 thumbs and a date with a hot guy. This girl!”




“See, I told ya you could talk to that guy without me. Now we just gotta find Toni a guy too.”




The weekend had passed by and we all had a great time. It was business as usually Monday morning but I had an extra skip in my walk this morning. Toni was happy for me that I got a date with a guy and we set up to meet at the Groove Bean for lunch after our morning classes.

I was nervous but excited about my first date ever. I don’t count the time during that party in EC with Deshaun as a date. He didn’t really exactly asked me out, well.. he did during the party but just ignored me the next day. “Oh no!” I thought to myself, what if Juan decides to ignore me too? I didn’t hear much from him during the weekend. He did say he was kinda busy. I’m such a nervous wreck now!



I checked my phone to get a reassuring text from Juan saying he can’t wait to see me again later on today. I also got a surprising text from Rhena asking me to meet her at the Groove Bean for breakfast. I already ate but decided I would go and meet up with her in a bit. My first class wasn’t until 45 minutes and Deshaun was coming over to pick up Amora since he has no classes for the day.



I wasn’t so sure if I would still find Rhena hanging out at the Groove Shack. So far she has gotten into the habit of ditching me. I am just so curious of what is going on in her life. I’m eager to tell her about my first date. I just hope she’ll be here to hear about it.



To my shock, Rhena was here waiting for me. Her face lit up when she saw me. Rhena waves me over and happily jumps from out her seat.  “What’s shakin’, stranger?” Rhena greeted me.




“A whole lot has happen. Amora is doing well in daycare and getting well with Deshaun. School has been going well for me. So what about you?”




“Whoa did you just say Deshaun’s name without cringing? Ha ha! So he’s maning up? That’s good I guess. Things had been crazy busy for me. I decided to make a major change. I’m going in for audio engineering. My parents are wicked pissed about it but it’s not like they liked my first pick. They want me to be a doctor or a scientist but that’s not my thing. I wanna work in the music or film industry. But anyway, I wanna say that I’m sorry about ditching ya. Me being a band doesn’t help. I’m always doing something. Sorry, Al.”



“It’s okay, you’re here now. I’m glad you found something that you’ll enjoy more. In time maybe your parents will come to terms with your decision. I’m still majoring in Computer Science if you’re wondering. Oh and get this. I got asked out on a date by this one cute guy named Juan. It’s gonna be my first date ever and I’m really excited about it.”



“Oh that’s cool, Al. I think I know who you’re talking about. Just be careful with that guy. I’ve heard some things about him, not sure if its true or anything. He kinda gets around and has 2 babies. Plus he’s been in school like forever cause its avoiding being an adult and a daddy. But it’s just hear say, they could just be talking shit cause they jealous. Just be careful with him, regardless.”




I hope what all Rhena said about Juan was just silly rumors and not true. Hearing what she said just kinda dampen my mood about our date later on.

It was time for me to go to class, I hugged Rhena and told her that we really need to hang out more. She promised me that we will stay in touch more. I told her how I felt so distanced from her and she agrees that we need to change that.

Make Or Break: Chapter 4 – Daddy’s Girl

Another busy week of school and daily life had passed. I’ve been doing my best caring for my child and keeping up with my studies. I have almost no social life outside of my home but I know it was gonna be this way. I stayed up late trying to cram for a test later on today. Echo was kind enough to let me sleep in by attending to Amora. She really didn’t have to but she felt that I needed a little break. That extra hour of sleep did help a lot.



“Hey little mama, I think your mommy needs a little more sleep. I can make ya some breakfast. How does that sound?”



Amora’s choice in breakfast hasn’t changed since leaving Star City, oatmeal with strawberries. It was no brainer on what to make for her.

“So how do I make oatmeal? I never made it before. Oh well I guess I can wing it. It shouldn’t be so hard, right? Easy like pie! Oh wait.. Pie isn’t easy to make! Why do they say that? Cause pie is like the hardest thing to make. I almost burned down my home ec class one. It was kinda awesome though!”



Echo probably shouldn’t winged it but the poor girl has never learned how to cook. Echo mention how her mother always cooked meals so she never bothered to learn. She didn’t do well in home ec and figure she would just get by on conjuring food. 

Amora wasn’t a fan of Echo’s cooking and the slam of the bowl on the floor is enough to gain Nicole’s attention.



“Did you feed her yet?”

“I tried! She like threw it on the floor. The oatmeal wasn’t that bad! I added strawberries in it.”

“By the looks of it on the floor, it’s lumpy.”

“I never made oatmeal before!”

“Why didn’t you just conjure it?”

“Maybe I thought I could learn to cook. After school I gotta catch a husband and my cooking is no husband bait.”

“I guess you have a point. Learning to cook is ideal. We shouldn’t always depend on our magic. Our ancestors only conjure food during the slave trade and war, when they were captured or went into hiding. It’s a survival instinct, not something to be used when being lazy. My mom taught my sister and I how to cook. I can teach ya if ya like.”

“Oh cool! Cause I’m gonna need a husband when I get my degree. My good looks will only do so much. You’re lucky that you’re dating my brother.”



Thankfully for Amora, Nicole came from a long family line of Navox cooks. She made something different for Amora than her usual. Bananas and cream oatmeal, it was Nicole’s favorite since she was a child. She thought it would be nice if Amora gives it a try. It was hit with Amora, she loved it. It’s a good and bad thing. It’s great she’s likes something different but bad cause I won’t be able to make it as good as Nicole.



I finally crawled out of bed and joined the girls for breakfast. We chatted about our plans for day and things in general like always. I have a full day of studying before I attend my evening classes.




Studying wasn’t going as well as expect when having a toddler. Amora was more cranky than usual, she cried and cried, nothing I said or do made her happy. I found myself starting to get frustrated as Amora continue to whine and cry. My test is later in the evening and I needed to study for it as much as possible. I didn’t do well on the last couple of quizzes and I really needed to do well on this test.

“Amora… Please! Mommy needs to studying! Just give mommy 2 minutes. Just 2 minutes, please.”




My pleads were ignored, with nobody home during the day I couldn’t hand Amora off to someone while I studied. I knew at some point I will find myself having a difficult time with a difficult child. Sometimes I wondered if Amora was better off staying with my mom. I don’t have much time to spend with Amora on days like this.




“You wanna study with mommy? It’s kinda boring though.”




“Up, mama!”




She just wanted my attention, she was happy once I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I loaded some of her favorite videos to watch on my laptop. It doesn’t look like I will be getting much studying done as much as I needed it of all the days. I saw my phone lit up, it reminded me that I had one other person who could help.




I sat Amora down only for her to start crying again. At this point, I  really had no choice. I swallowed my pride as I picked up my phone. I slowly scrolled down my recent call list to find his number. I took a deep breath before dialing out.

“Hey are you busy? I need for you to come by.”



Deshaun has been non stop in attempting to call me since he tricked Toni into bringing Amora to the park. I really haven’t spoken to him since then. I only managed to tell him that was a coward move and it wasn’t helping his case. I probably shouldn’t have called him but I was up the creek without a paddle today. Deshaun was happy to hear that I needed him but it was Amora who needed him…




“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea but I really had no choice. You were my last resort. You still haven’t proven anything to me. What you did with Toni was very cowardly. I still haven’t forgiven you for that. But today, Amora needs you. I got a big test today.”



“I’m her father. I shouldn’t be a last resort but I take whatever I can get. I’m sorry about the thing with Toni, I just really wanted to meet my daughter. I was getting desperate.”




“I just need you to look after Amora while I study for while. Can you do that?”




“Sure, anything you want as long as I can spend some time with her.”




I handed Amora off to Deshaun, I wasn’t sure how she would react to him but she seems to like him as she knows he’s her father. I watched them for a bit before returning to study. I hate to admit that he’s very good with her.




It was crunch time and I had 4 hours before class. With Amora being attended to, I could really crack down. I can’t afford to fail any of my classes. It would just prove that I couldn’t attend school while caring for Amora. I was really in the zone, maybe too into the zone. I should had turned on the baby monitor while I was studying.




I would had known that Deshaun had left with my child….




After an hour, I came out for a snack to find they were gone. I almost went into panic mode until I found a note saying he took Amora to the park. I was furious, he didn’t ask me. I didn’t trust him enough to take her outside of my home. I just hoped that she’s fine.




“Okay, we should head home now. Ally is probably pissed.”


“But sweetie, we gotta.”



I waited for them to return on the porch. I could see the fear in Deshaun’s eyes as he walked slowly to the porch. He pretty much knew that I wasn’t pleased with his actions. I don’t know why he keeps digging a deep hole with me. I know now that he can’t be trusted. He just had one thing to do but still manages to mess that up too.




“Seriously Deshaun?! You didn’t ask if you could take! Your little note isn’t enough! Why couldn’t you just ask me! You are such a coward!”

“She’s my kid too! I shouldn’t ask if I can take her to the park! It was a nice day out and we didn’t wanna spend it outdoors!”

“I don’t care! You are still a stranger to her! All you had to do was ask!”

“So you could just say no?! No I can’t take my own child to the park?!”

“Yeah! I just can’t trust you! You are a snake! A spineless snake!”




“I’m a snake?! I do what I can do since you won’t like me be her father! What else am I gonna do? I am sick and tired of waiting on you to finally let me be a parent! You have no right to say rather I can be her parent or not! We made her together! We have to raise her together! Not when you’re having a hard day!”

“All I want you do to do is be a man to me! No sneaking around!”

“You don’t leave me much choice! You’re like a nazi!”

“How dare you! You got some nerve! Just leave! Leave right now and never show your face again!”

“I’m not going anywhere! Maybe I should take my dad’s advice! Maybe we should go to court!”




With all the yelling between us, we weren’t thinking Amora or how it would upset her.





“She’s upset. Give her to me.”

“No I got this.”

“Deshaun! Hand her over.”

“She’s my daughter too. I got this!”

“Give my daughter, Deshaun!”

“Alyssa! Just back off!”



“It’s okay baby girl, don’t cry. Everything is fine.”

Everything isn’t fine but at least Amora is okay now.

“Deshaun, I think maybe we should talk.”


“Please Deshaun.”

“Fine.. Whatever.”



“Ally, we can’t be yelling in front in her. My pops and mom always use to yell at each in front of when I was a kid. It’s not a good thing.”

“I know but you really pissed me off.”

“Well what choice do I have? I am 100% committed in being a father. No mistake in that. I don’t know how else to prove that point to you.”

“Would you really take me to court?”

“If it comes to that and it’s getting real close. I have rights as much as you do.”

“That’s true but… I just want to make sure you won’t hurt her.”



“I won’t hurt her but you are hurting her.”

“How so?”

“By not letting me see her, be there. When she gets older, she’s gonna wonder why I wasn’t around more. She’ll hate you. You don’t want that.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Just let me be there for her. I can help out more than you think. You need me, she needs me and I need you both. We can work something out.”

“I guess we can. We can make a schedule and go for there.”

” I would like that.”



Deshaun felt that he should go with all the tension between us. Maybe it was for the best. I could try studying more at the daycare. Deshaun told Amora his good byes before heading to his dorm.



Amora watched Deshaun. She didn’t look sad but she said something that surprised me.




“Bye bye, dad-dee!”

She knows he’s her father. I guess it’s official now…

Make Or Break: Chapter 3 – Blooming Onions

 The first week of school flew by with a blink of an eye. My first week wasn’t so hectic as I thought it would be. I had some downtime for studying and to spend time with Amora. Week 2 will be a little busier cause my activity classes start this week. Devin offer to pick up Amora when his classes were done that way Amora won’t have to stay at the daycare all day. He said he could take her to the park and they can have fun. I thought it was nice of him and he doesn’t have to do that but he insisted. I told him it was okay, Amora does like him.

Today I had to start my day early due to early classes. I felt a bit tired as I didn’t sleep as much last night. I already had a big test that I needed to studied for and tried to cram as much info as I could. I made Amora’s usual breakfast of oatmeal with strawberries. It seems to be the only thing she wants for breakfast now days. After I was done making Amora’s breakfast, I decided to make breakfast for the house. We all had early classes this morning. I popped 3 boxes of waffles in the oven and hoped this would enough for all of us genies. If not, one of us could always conjure more with our magic. 



 It was just us genies for breakfast, Toni didn’t wake up just yet. Her classes were later in the day. We had our usual chat about our professors and peers. Devin is convinced that his one female professor is trying to make a move on him. We laughed saying it was all in his head and that she was probably just being nice. “But I am a pretty man.” Devin would often mention. Nicole would roll her eyes and scoffed whenever Devin mentions that. I do enjoy having breakfast with my extended family, it’s the only time we get to sit down and chat.



 “So Devin, are you gonna wear your new cologne with your new girlfriend today?”

“Joke all you want but she’s hot for me. She’s now wearing low cut shirts and I swear her skirts are getting shorter. It’s not like I look but ya know… I am a guy and you can’t fault me for that!”

“Ha ha ha, Aww Devin you’re turning a little red.”

“I am not! Nicole… you know that you’re the only lady I look at.”

Nicole scoffed and stick her tongue out at Devin. She’s not the type jealous and isn’t too threaten by this flirty professor. But Devin is right, her outfits had suddenly changed within a few days of school starting. I’m not sure what’s going on but I don’t think anyone has anything to be worried about. Devin and Nicole are pretty solid. They been together since they were 16.



 “You ladies will have to deal that I am a pretty man like my dad. Ladies will throw themselves at me. They can’t help it ya know.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

This went on for a bit before switching the subject about the blooming onions at Spangles Diner. Echo has mention more than once about we all should have dinner sometime. She heard about how they have the best blooming onions ever. I heard about too, a lot of the college kids eat their a lot. They prefer the diner over the cafeteria at the student center. We all agreed on having dinner there tonight.  



 After breakfast, I got myself and Amora ready for the day. Amora looked forward in going to daycare so she could play with her new friend Pierre. She tried climbing into her stroller before I got a chance to take it off the porch. She was ready to go and felt that I was taking too long.



We said our quick goodbyes before Amora walked over to play with her new friend Pierre. I tried to give her a hug but she quickly raced off. I guess I’m no match against a 2 year old boy. I see future fights about having boyfriends with she’s a teen. I laugh to myself when I think about it. I can hear her saying, “But I love him, mom!”



 I had some slight car issues that made me almost a little late for my first class which was I would be having a big test for. I scurried off to class as fast as I could. Running wouldn’t be quick enough so my genie abilities came to some use for times like this.




 After all of my classes were done for the day, I figure I could stop by the Groove Bean for a latte. I was still feeling a bit tired and could use a pick me up. I haven’t gotten a chance to just enjoy myself and since Devin would be picking Amora up, I could have a little time for myself.



 I order a banana and coconut latte which I think is my new favorite. The Groove Bean had some many different flavors to choice from and drinks too. I sat down by the window with my drink. Sipping slowly as I people watch. Students were coming and going. I heard a few saying they only came for the Cinnabon which is a giant cinnamon bun with a thick layer of french vanilla glaze. It kinda reminds of the ones at The Perc back in EC. I thought about ordering one too.



 I pulled out my phone before deciding on ordering a Cinnabon, to find a text from Devin. He forgot that he had soccer practice today and he wouldn’t be able to pick up Amora when his classes were over. I quickly gulped my latte before rushing off to the daycare. I told Ms. Parks that Amora would be leaving early since Devin was going to pick her up which was supposed to be almost 3 hours ago.



 “I am so sorry Ms. Parks. I just checked my text from my uncle a bit ago and finding out that he couldn’t pick up Amora when his class was done. I went to a coffee shop after class cause I thought my uncle already picked her up. I promise this won’t happen again.”



 “It’s fine Alyssa. I know these type of things happen. It’s no problem given Amora would had stayed here until now anyway. I often have students tell me that their friend or roommate would picking up for them and plans were changed. But if you do need a small break after class before collecting your child, it’s fine as long it’s no longer than 30 minutes. There is a strike system, five strikes and your child is not allowed to return to the daycare. A strike is given if the parent is late on picking up their child. You have 30 minutes before considering you’re late. So far this has not been an issue.” 



 “I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll try to be the one to pick up Amora for now on. I don’t want any strikes or anything. I know she likes it here.”




Once I got home, I put Amora down for her afternoon nap. I figure I could use this time to work on my one of my class projects. However I felt a bit sleepy still, the latte wasn’t enough.




 I turned on the baby monitor so I could hear Amora when she wakes up. I just wanted to lay down for a while and hope it would re-energize me so I can get back to my school stuff.  




 I was really tired and was out like a rock once my head hit the pillow. I looked at my phone and saw I was asleep for 3 hours. Amora would be up by now and I heard nothing from the baby monitor.




 I raced towards Amora’s room and discovered she wasn’t in her room. The color from my face drained as I feared for the worst. My heart was pounding and felt my legs lock up before falling down onto the floor on my knees. I had a million thoughts racing through my head. Where is my daughter? The house quiet, Amora’s room looked undisturbed. I quickly looked around Amora’s small room thinking she could just be hiding under her bed. 



I heard the front opened and I quickly ran out thinking that Amora had wondered outside somehow. I was relieved to see Toni holding Amora but I was also fulled with anger. Why couldn’t Toni left a note so I wouldn’t have a heart attack when I awake to find my child missing? At first I wanted scream at Toni but Amora squealed with delight once she saw me. I’m just happy that Amora was fine.



 “I hope you found the note I left on your desk. Amora woke up and I figure you could use a longer nap. I took her to the park for a bit cause Deshaun said he wanted to see her. She likes him a lot and cried when I told her we needed to go home.”



 “You took my daughter to go see him? Why on earth would you do something like that? I never gave you permission to take my daughter outside of this house! I can’t believe that you decided that he could see her! Amora is my child and I decide rather it’s okay for Deshaun to meet her, not you!”




 “I didn’t know! I thought it was okay! He said it was okay! He’s Amora’s dad and he does have a right to see her! I thought you both had things worked out cause he implied that!”




 “No, Toni! We did not! I told Deshaun once he proves to me that he’s not going to flake out that he could see her! And I don’t care if you think he has the right to see her! Any boy can make a baby but that doesn’t mean he has a right! I didn’t want her to meet him, get attach to him and then he goes and run off. You wanna know how bad it hurts when I told that my mom wasn’t come back? I don’t want Amora to go through that pain that I did! And I’m not sure if Deshaun is serious about being her dad! He’s all talk but no show! You know how he is!”



“Seriously Ally? Seriously? You wanna bring up how bad it hurts when being told a parent isn’t coming back? Your mom eventually came back when she got clean! My mom never got clean! She OD in a crack house when I was 6 and my dad was killed when he passed out on a train track when I was 7! Wanna know how bad it hurts when you’re told that both of your parents will never come back cause they are both dead?”



 After the argument I had with Toni, I stepped outside to study a bit while Amora played with Devin. I felt kinda bad about bringing up the mother thing knowing that Toni lost both parents. Her mom was a drug addict and her dad was an alcoholic and they both succumbed to their addictions. Toni came outside, I could see the hurt and sorrow in her eyes. I feel like such an asshole now.



 “Hey Ally? I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I knew deep down it would be an idea to let Deshaun see Amora but he convinced me that it was okay.”

“I’m sorry for yelling at you and bringing up the whole parent thing. I wasn’t trying to hurt you or anything. I was just so mad.”

“Hey I understand where you are coming from. Deshaun can be a flake but I believe he’s serious when it comes to Amora. I could see the love in his eyes as he played with her. I believe he wants to be her father 100%.”

“I don’t know.. Him tricking you into bringing Amora to the park still tells me he’s not ready. He couldn’t be man enough to come to me about it.”

“Well he said you did rip him a new one..”

“No excuse. If he want to be a dad then he needs to face me.”




 Toni headed off to her evening classes. I was still peeved about this situation. That was such a snake move and he knew it was going to blow up in Toni’s face. Deshaun didn’t care, he basically used Toni as a human shield like he always did. This isn’t the type of guy that I want in my daughter’s life.




Devin needed some time to study, I relieved him from Amora’s grip. She wasn’t happy about it, she wanted to play with Devin more. I told her that we can go see Ms. Parks and Pierre might be there. Her whines turned into cheers as we got ready to head over.



I made use of the study area at the daycare. Amora played while I worked on my homework. I had to work on an 1000 word essay on the history of modern computer technology. Sounds boring but it’s fun for me to be honest.



 It was just my luck that Pierre was still at the daycare. Of course Amora was happy and Pierre seems like a sweet kid. I met his mother Eveline a couple of times last week. She happily announced to me how her long time Jax boyfriend asked her to marry him over the summer. I think she just wanted to tell as many people as possible. She’s been very giddy about her engagement and plans to have their honeymoon in her home country in France. She seems nice and invited me to join her mommy and me group on Sundays. Our kids may know each other but we all should get to know each other.



 I got a text from Echo telling me to meet them at the diner at 7:30 so we could try this so called famous blooming onions that was always talked about. I thought they would bigger as other often mention how it takes 3 people to eat one. It was basically a snack to us genies. I ordered one for Amora too, the waiter mention there’s a kid’s menu but Amora is no average child. I playfully explained about the kid size meal was a tiny snack for a genie child. The waiter was still confused and we giggled a bit. Humans still don’t know much about us Sub-Humans. 

As I had dinner with my family, my phone was non stop with calls and texts from Deshaun. I tried my best to ignore my phone. I didn’t want anything to do with him at this point.




“So what’s the verdict? It is was good as they said?”

“I guess it’s okay, Nicole but it’s kinda tiny don’t ya think?”

“I can eat like 7 of these. I had soccer practice today and this isn’t doing anything for me.”

“Shall we freak out the waiter more and order 7 of these for each of us?”

“Yeah Echo, cause my stomach is still growling. Amora, do you want another one?”

“Yea, mama!”

“See, even one isn’t enough for a child! Waiter please?”



After eating every possible blooming onion at the diner, Amora and I came home while the others head to The Grotto for an after dinner drink. I wish I could join but it was Amora’s bedtime. Toni should be home from her classes and she could use some company. She tends to be left out cause of her later classes, plus she’s a vegan and there’s not much she can eat at restaurants. 




 “How was the amazing the blooming onion? Did it live up to its name?”

“It took 7 of those before we could decide and they are pretty good but not the best. I had better blooming onions back in Star City.”

“I’m amazed of how much you genies could eat. I gave Amora an apple for a snack and she wanted 3 more.”

“Ha ha ha. For future references, bring 4 of those.”

“So you’re okay with me taking Amora out?”

“I guess so. But please talk to me about letting Deshaun see her first.”



 “I know better now. But I should had followed my gut and told him no but he’ll pull the I’m her dad card out on me. I don’t know what to do in those type of situations. I panicked and told him okay. I guess I still have a weak spot for him.”

“Well you see now that he’s a snake. There’s much better men out there for you, Toni. Trust me, you don’t wanna be involved with Deshaun.”

“I know but he was like the only guy who was nice to me. I guess that doesn’t matter. That was a jerk move that he did to me.”

“Yeah so wanna watch a cheesy horror flick for old times sake?”

“Sure! I miss our movie night of crappy movies.”

“Me too.”



I heard my phone go off a few more times. I was pretty sure it was just Deshaun trying to reach me. I can deal with him later. I’m enjoying my time with an old friend and trying to mend our friendship. It felt like old times but something is missing. Rhena. I haven’t seen much of her since school started…