Love. Lust. – Chapter 1: You’re The One

SWV – You’re The One

I am a man with big dreams and a big family. An up and coming EDM DJ and music producer, a husband with 11. You may be saying my wife and I had been busy however 3 of my 11 belong to her. I was a very busy man before my wife Lindy. I had 5 kids with 3 different women before meeting Lindy. Early in my DJ career I was careless and drank a lot. I slept with a lot of women and my brother felt it was time to shapen up and set me up with Lindy. She’s beautiful and all but when she got pregnant with triplets, Cergio suggested I marry her.

However, I stepped out on Lindy a few times and it’s how I got my twins Bora and Luna. I met their mom at one of gigs in Bridgeport. She was beautiful, sexy, and smart. I loved seeing her dance during my set. I learned she was a dancer but I didn’t discriminate. She was paying her way through medical school but then I ruined things. She got pregnant. I wasn’t sure how to tell Lindy but I had no choice after she gave birth and died afterward due to a blood clot. I had to take in the twins, it took time but Lindy forgave me.

We worked on our problems and was doing well until I received a “this is your son” text 9 months after Bora and Luna were born. I stepped out again but with a Pharmacist from Auberon. My son Mordecai was born to a lady name Alayna. Lindy was heartbroken but I swear there wasn’t any other women I’ve been with since. Alayna was the last one and I don’t remember much about her. It was a one night stand and apparently, I gave her my number. Lindy forgave me.

I’m receiving a call from the mother of my youngest child, a child Lindy doesn’t know about because I can’t bear t break her heart once again. Clarissa had my son Raiden who is almost a year old. I’ve been keeping this secret for so long now. Not even my kids know they have a new little brother. Although Charissa lives in Bridgewood, she books most of my gigs. She’s my agent and that’s how Raiden happen. Clarissa has promised she won’t tell Lindy about Raiden but I think she’s losing her patience.



“Hey Clar, what’s?”

“I have a gig for you but it’s Auberon.”

“Oh cool! When? Dets?”

“Well it’s next Friday and I know that’s your anniversary. However, I think this will be really good for you.”



“Yeah, yeah I’m down! Much pay am I getting paid tho?”

A grand but are you sure? Would Lindy be okay with it?”

“She’ll be fine. I’ll work something out.”

“Oh okay, I just don’t want to step on any toes.”

“You good Clar-Bear.”


“Borage, when do you plan on seeing Raiden?”

“Clar, I don’t know. I’ve been really busy though.”

“You haven’t seen him in almost a month. He misses his dad. You need to see him.”

“You know I can’t just jump in my car and drive to Bridgewood without giving Lindy a reason why. Just move here.”

“We talked about this B. You know I can’t afford to move to Bridgeport. Plus I have my dad here. He’s a big help with Raiden. It’s not I can just drop him off there when you still haven’t told Lindy about him.”

“I’m working on it.”

“It’s been over a year. He’s 10 months old now. How long are you gonna wait to tell her? When he’s 20? His siblings don’t even know about him, B.”

“I know and I’m sorry but I said I’m working on it. I’m gonna tell Lindy one day. Just bear with me.”

“I dunno but Raiden needs his father. I need to go. Talk to you later.”

“Okay. Bye Clar.”



I know Clarissa is right, I need to be in Raiden’s life more but breaking Lindy’s heart again isn’t an option right now. I listened to my children playing outside while I had a drink on the balcony with Clarissa’s words echoing in my mind. There was a time where I thought I could be with Clarissa.

We have a close friendship and we spend a lot of time together since she books my gigs and promotes my shows. I thought maybe she could be the one although my heart isn’t fully committed to Lindy. In a way, my marriage was an arrangement set up by my brother so I wouldn’t destroy my career with “loose women” as my brother described it.

Things changed when she got pregnant with Raiden. She didn’t want to be the other woman and I didn’t want to leave Lindy, so she ended things. Clarissa has moved on but sometimes I wished she didn’t. I still think about. The main reason why I haven’t seen Raiden is because it’s hard to be around her and not be with her.



“Daddy! Daddy! Come play with us!”

I hear Luna yelling from the front yard.


I shouted back after taking my last sip from my cup.



I peeked over the balcony to see Bora upset. It’s her first weekend without her best friend and cousin Desire, Cergio’s daughter. Cergio’s wife Kelly and Desire usually come over every weekend so the girls can play. However, Kelly has a habit of openly hitting on me in front of Lindy and they almost get into fights over it. I don’t know if Kelly does it to get under Lindy’s skin or she’s really attracted or it’s just both.

Lindy banned Kelly from the house because she has had enough. The kids don’t understand why but it’s really for the best. Plus I’m tired of Kelly cause she drinks all of my vodka then yells at me to go get more. We finally have a peaceful weekend for once.






“Daddy, why can’t Desire and Aunt Kelly come here anymore?”

“Because Aunt Kelly is well very friendly to your daddy.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Yes but she’s also mean to mommy.”



“Mommy is mean to Aunt Kelly too.”

“Okay but Aunt Kelly needs to spend time with Uncle Cergio.”

“When do I get to see Desire? Do I get to see her anymore?”

“You’ll see Desire again. You’ll be starting school with her and then you both get to play at recess.”

“But what about the weekends? I wanna see Aunt Kelly too. She’s funny when she drinks.”

“Well you only get to see her if we go to Uncle Cergio’s or your Grandparents.”





“You handled that well. She’s been asking questions about her cousin.”

“Thanks. I was gonna leave it to Lindy but she’s taking a nap.”

“I just love seeing you be a dad. It’s a turn on.”



“You turned on? Well is there something I can do for you?”


“The kids are playing and Lindy is down for a nap. I say it’s time for a weekend jam session.”

“Maybe you’re right.”




I love my jam sessions with the nanny, Florance. They are hot as fuck. I needed to clear my mind for a bit because I’ll need to tell Lindy about my next gig that falls on our 15th anniversary. Maybe I’ll take her with me. It’s not like I had planned anything for next Friday. I think it would be fun.



It may not look like it but things are deeper between Flo and me. She’s been our nanny since Bora and Luna were babies. Lindy never came to terms with raising Bora and Luna. She hired Flo when the twins were 6 weeks old. The twins see Flo more as their mom than Lindy although they call Lindy mommy. But I got close to Flo when Clarissa ended things with me. I needed someone and Flo were there for me. It’s not just sex with the hot nanny.



It’s love. I’m in love with her.





“What was that?”

“It’s nothing, Love. Come closer.”

“You know we can’t keep doing this. What if we get caught?”

“We won’t.”

“Can’t you just leave her?”

“Working on it. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“Borage Lamar Montigo! I know what you did!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, chico!”



“You sneak! Serpiente! You didn’t think I was gonna find out about your secreto!”



“What are you talking about, Lindy. Spill.”

“I know about your curro! Your show! On our 15th aniversario! Seriously Borage?!”

“I’m sorry, babe.”

“Lo siento, imbécil!”

“Um okay.”


“Why would you do such a thing? What about our plans?”

“I thought maybe you could go. You haven’t been to any of my shows in ages.”

“Aye Dios mío! Seriously? There’s nothing romantic about going to your curro!”

“I’ll make it up to you.”




“Promesa, Papi?”


“You need to run these by me.”

“Clar said this would be a good gig.”

“Clar is not your wife. Clar doesn’t know what’s good for you. I know what’s good for you, Papi.”

“I don’t complain when your agent books your shows. Why do you always complain about mine?”

“I don’t do shows on anniversaries.”

“You complain about my other shows too.”

“Only because you do one every weekend and don’t spend time with me.”




“I spend time with you. You knew I had a busy career like you do too. I’m a DJ and you’re a singer, you should know how things are.”

“You spend a lot of time with Flo when you’re home.”

“You’re always on your phone Instagramming or Facebooking. And she’s like my best friend.”

“I’m your best friend, Papi.”


“Anyhoo, I think you should take Liam to the field and have him practice his soccer. He’ll never be a soccer star sitting in his room playing those video games.”




Our son Liam is far from being a soccer star. Lindy is hard on him only because she viewed Alayna’s Instagram and saw pics of Mordecai playing soccer in Auberon. Mordecai is a soccer star and Lindy is jealous. Liam is a chess genius but it’s not good enough for Lindy. She rather have him be athletic like me and Mordecai than a genius in chess. She came from a family of soccer player and Liam must carry the passion on. 



I love my son but he’s terrible.



“Okay but let’s try not to fall this time. Focus on the ball. Keep your eyes on it!”




“Ugh! Dad, why?! Why me? If you’re wanting an athletic son then focus on Morde. I hate this.”

“It’s what your mom wants!”

“What about what I want? Don’t I get a say?”




“Here we go!”





“That was awesome!”

“How was that awesome, dad? I missed it!”

“I’m cheering for me. That was awesome!”

“This isn’t fun! I wanna stop!”




“Why is mom so hung up on me playing soccer? Doesn’t she know I’m terrible at it.”

“Family thing.”

“I like to play chess, video games, and do math. Why can’t I just do those things?”

“It doesn’t bother me that you wanna be a full nerd. I have Bruce and Morde to play sports with. It’s just your mom is pushing this on me too.”

“Why do you stay with her? Obviously, you’re not fully committed to her.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I know about Flo. WE know about her.”


“Me, Lilah, and Leilani.”



“For how long?”

“Some months. It’s not fair to mom. It’s not fair to you either dad. I see how happy you are when you’re with Flo. You and mom fight all the time. We understand if you divorce but if that happens, please don’t make us live with her.”


“I don’t wanna play soccer. Lilah doesn’t want to wear dresses and take violin, Leilani doesn’t want to be in choir. She’s trying to make us be stars too but we just wanna be normal teens.”

“I thought Lilah liking playing the violin and Leilani enjoyed singing. Your mom just wants you all the be talented.”

“I have 2 left feet. There’s no way I can ever play soccer, dad. Can you talk to her?”

“I’ll try but she might not listen.”

“Please, dad.”





I’m the resident DJ at Dynasty. I love my job. I love playing music and making the crowd dance.




I feel the music is my soul. It’s such a fucking great release whenever I play.




I especially keep my eyes on any sexy lady I see dancing near my booth. Playing attention to every curve on her body as she twists around in joy and laughter. But tonight I saw an old face, a sweet face, a face I love to see.




“Well hello there. Isn’t it the infamous Nakia Love as I live and breathe.”

“Hello, Borage.”

“Damn you fine.”



“Thanks but you been ducking my calls. Why?”




“I’m sorry baby but all my calls been going to my agent, Clarissa but if you need my number, I’ll gladly give it to you and then some.”

“I’m married, Borage.”

“So am I but you always been the one for me, Nakia.”

“Save it. You haven’t changed much since high school.”

“You’re still as sexy as ever. Why hit me up though?”

“Your Bridgeport’s hottest EDM DJ and producer. My boss is on my ass about getting an interview with you.”




“An Interview? We can arrange that. We can go on a date like old times and you can interview me.”

“A date is not needed.”

“Remember those dates I use to take you on? So hot.”

“Yeah, and I got pregnant once. Thank goodness for the miscarriage or I wouldn’t have the career I have today.”

“I wonder if our baby had lived.”

“You wouldn’t be BP’s hottest DJ today.”

“So about that date?”


“Fine but no funny stuff. I am a married woman with 2 kids and have a successful journalism career. We dated back in high school and that was the past.”

“I can’t make any promises.”

“Promise me, Borage.”

“Okay, okay. I promise. Next Friday in Auberon I have a show, we can have it after that.”