I tried….



Despite my efforts in saving Celsia’s save, I’m unable to do so. I worked feverishly sculpting Hidden Springs in the image that I wanted to for story line sake. There is no way in hell, I will attempt in making over Hidden Springs that way I wanted to. I hate losing stories but I have no choice but to pull the plug with Celsia’s story.

I’m currently converting all aliens into human but still giving them the appearance of a alien with CC. I believe aliens are corrupting a lot of my saves. Borage’s unseen alien granddaughter cause a bad lag in his save. After removing her, his save was okay. Celsia and Clark had had alien kids and even with creating new non alien copies of them, it was a little too late.

Perhaps with Borage’s current story line I could have Celsia moved into Borage’s house while he’s in a coma for a short time and have her make cameo appearances after she finds her own place.  As for Clark, I’m not sure at this point. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

This really sucks…

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 9, The Help

The brats were getting older and were almost old enough to attend pre k. Dramatic ass said that I needed to teach my twins to talk. Couldn’t the pre k teachers do that? Day after day, I tried to get these brats to talk and they won’t. Not only was the non talking brats were annoying me but I found myself gaining some weight. I think it’s the stress of these brats, finishing school as my spa was being built.





“I swear if you don’t talk, I’m gonna go upside your big head. Say something damn it!”


“That’s not a word, idiot. Talk! I’m your mama and I said you need to talk.”

“Gah ba berh.”

“Little witch! Speak English!”




“Bah bah?”






“I said speak English you annoying devil rat. Say mama. Can you say that? I swear if you dont…”












“What did you say?”


“Don’t play stupid with me brat. What did you say?”


“Ugh… Where’s the other one? I bet she’s less annoying as you.”




“Celsia, you’re putting too much pressure on Cienna. And you’re being a bit mean. You’re scaring her. I’m having a easier time with Celina.”





“Whatever dramatic ass. I just want this jerk to say a word and she won’t. What are you gonna do if a stranger tries to steal you? I can’t do shit for you if you can’t talk. How can you call for me when you don’t talk? There’s creepy men dressed like the hamburglar who like to steal little girls. Just say mama.”




“I’m glad you show some concern over your daughter but Cece, just don’t pressure her so much. This is should a fun time in our children’s lives. Just relax and it’s gonna be okay.”






“What’s that? What did you say?”

“Mama! Mama!”





“See? That wasn’t so bad. Now you won’t get stolen by the hamburglar.”






I did find out that my weight gain was cause I was pregnant again but I don’t know how since the last person I fucked was Danica and she’s a girl.  It’s not like I was out partying like I want to. My grandmama called often and I guess Clark was being such a dramatic ass whenever he spoke to her when I was too busy to answer my phone. But my grandparents both paid me a visit and bringing a nanny along with them. Her name is Jaslyn Alonse, she’s a Navox Genie like some of my family. Grandmama felt having a genie nanny was for the best cause the witch nanny she gave to Borage was all old and flaky. I’m not sure how I feel about having a nanny around but I guess I can get more time to do things I wanna do.





“Was your trip okay? I got a room for you to stay in.”

“It was fine Celsia, your grandfather and I won’t need it. We booked a room at a near by resort. We actually celebrating our anniversary this weekend. We figure Hidden Springs would be the perfect place for our anniversary.”

“Oh okay, happy anniversary, grandmama and grandpapa!”




“Thank you Celsia, you know you can be sweet sometimes. I just wish you were most of the time.”

“Not really my nature..”

“It needs to be now, you have 2 sweet little girls and one on the way. I know your childhood wasn’t the greatest but you can give your children a better one. I just wish you and your twin would stop this nonsense.”

“I always wanted a father.. A real one.. My girls don’t have one either. I haven’t heard from their father in so long. How can I give them something that I never had.. A father.”

“Try straighten up, act like a proper lady and find a nice gentleman who’s willing to be a father to 3 kids who isn’t his. I know there is someone like that somewhere. If you and your twin brother had better influence, you both wouldn’t be in this situation. Luckily your brother found a nice lady. I have faith you’ll find a nice gentleman too.”

“I’m just not the relationship type.. I was in a relationship with a guy for 8 years. It was nothing but trouble.”

“Hopefully you will get some sense and realize Antonio was the best thing you had. Never the less, you have Jaslyn now cause I have a feeling you’ll be like your twin and end up with a bunch of kids. Jaslyn is young, a genie and qualified to look after children. I want you to meet her.”





“Hello Celsia, I’m Jaslyn. You can call me Jas if you like. I look forwarded to caring for your children. You don’t mind if I meet the little ones? I hope I’m not being too eager. To be fairly honest, this is my first live-in nanny job.”





“This is Chloe, she’s kind of a brat. The other is Cienna, she’s just as annoying. Those 2 blue aliens are Clark’s. If you can get Clark laid, that would be fine.”

“Um.. I see. Nice to meet you, Chloe. You’re a little cutie.”

“Don’t let the cuteness fool you. I swear this one is the evil one.”

“That’s crazy, there’s no way this sweet girl is evil.”

“Trust me, I know. These are my kids after all.”





“I see you’re expecting another one. Boy or girl?”

“They think it’s a girl… Not sure if it’s human.”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno how this one got in me.”

“I don’t understand..”

“Neither do I but we’ll see what this thing is, soon.”





Jas was great to have around. She cared for the kids while I was able to open my spa finally. Clark was able to take some classes and is taking a business class as well. He talks about attending a school that’s about a hour away but he knows he can’t cause of his 2 babies. For now he’ll have to settle for weekend classes at the library, I kinda feel bad Clark is being held back but no one told him to run outside to the aliens!





I haven’t seen Danica in some time even if she lives across the street from me. I wasn’t sure how to tell her about this baby. How could a female get me pregnant. I know Borage got pregnant by a man but he’s a alien. I wonder if Danica is secretly a alien.





“Are you a alien?”

“What? What kind of question is that?”

“Cause I’m pregnant and you’re a girl so I figure… you must be some type of alien.”





“Cece, I’m a human and nothing else. I dunno what to say about your baby. Maybe you had a very drunken night and have no memory of hooking up with someone. There’s no way that baby can possibly be mines. I would love a little one but I’m waiting for the right guy.”





“I guess you could be right. But the last party I remember was when my brother and dramatic ass’ mama was in town.”






“Yeah I remember that night… It was interesting. Your brother is so sexy but I found myself drawn to you. I dunno why cause I’m straight. I never found girls attractive but you.. Things just got weird… I think you’re pretty but I dunno why I couldn’t help myself.”






“I do have a way of doing that to other females. It’s the whole genie thing. My bad.”






That conversation with Danica couldn’t be any more awkward. I checked things around my spa and everything was running fine. I’m happy now that I opened Montigo Springs. This town needed a nice spa to chill out instead of some rabbit hole. I told my grandmama about it and she was happy for me. She even offer some funds to help. I used that part for a daycare. I figure I can get more people if I have a area for people to drop off their kids. I hired Jas for that part. Grandmama was more proud of me for adding the daycare. She says I’m growing up and that makes me happy. It’s something I wanted to here. Someone is proud of me. I know I’ll never hear it from my dad and not sure if my mom would care. It’s all about Borage and what he can do. He attends bartender school and end up being a DJ instead. That was a waste of money and time..





I felt something was off. Sharp pains and then my water breaks. Ugh! Not on my nice rug. I’m so annoyed by that. I guess maybe this thing in me is actually baby with this labor shit happening.





This pain was intense, More intense when I had those demon twins. It felt like my stomach was about the rip opened.

“Beyonce! Kelly! Do something other than screaming and help me or you’re both FIRED!”





It’s been a few years since I had Emery. She’s green with alien eyes, I guess she’s a alien. I wanna know which alien fuck put this baby in me? I’m kinda mad but the more I look at Emery, the more I like her. I can sense genie powers in her. I got a genie alien like Borage does. This makes Emery cooler than those 2 other brats I had. Emery is my favorite, so I don’t regret her. I can’t say the same for the twins. I thought Travis would come back. Emery is almost 3 and the twins turned 5 and just started kindergarten. I’m glad they go to school now and it can be just me and my Emery. 

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 8, Unexpected – Part 3

I knew Clark’s ho mama was gonna go after my idiot brother. Dramatic ass didn’t like his mama placing a wet one on dumb ass. The last thing he needs is another baby mama in his dumb life. Course dramatic ass had to be a dramatic ass about it.





“Mom! What are you doing?! He’s my brother!”

“I’m sorry Clark. I’m not sure what came over myself. It was just a little kiss.”

“That didn’t look like a little kiss to me! What’s that smell? Are you drunk?!”

“Maybe a little.  I never been with a genie before. A little kiss wouldn’t hurt.”

“You were plotting this whole time! Mommy how could you!”

“Clark listen, I wasn’t plotting anything. Borage made some drinks, we dance a little and it happen. I’m sorry but his body… Look at him.”

“Ugh!  Are you going to act like a cat in heat whenever you see my brother?”

“He’s just so… irresistible.”

“Borage must of sprinkle his genie magic on you now. Ugh!”

“Again Clark, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”




“And you! Why can’t you put a shirt on?! You’re turning my mom into a giggling school girl.”

“I can’t help but be this sexy. All the ladies want to ride my magic stick. Besides it’s mostly Jack’s fault.”

“Who is Jack?”

“Jack Daniels.”

“Ugh! Just shut up and wear a shirt!”




“I forgot to bring a shirt so no.”

“You can wear one of my shirts then.”

“No, it won’t fit cause you’re getting fat. Cece was right.”

“I think I might be pregnant again.”

“Sucks for you.”

“I want to be fit like you, B. Can you help? I see you look good after your pregnancy.”

“I can help but no baby can destroy this nice body of mine.”





“Borage! Why you’re not over her checking out my ass?!”

“Carrie… I swear…”





“Is that all you got?”

“I’m just starting out.”

“No excuses! Run fatty run! Run with African speed!”

“I’m trying!”









“Borage! I can’t do this! I’m gonna fa-“


“I’m trying! I can’t do this!”

“Then I guess I will be fucking your mom.”






“I think I heard Borage about doing something with me.”

“Yeah I heard it too and it made me pick out our next song to sing.”

“Which one, Carrie?”

“The boy is mine.”

“I like that song.”

“Good cause it’s message to you. Borage is mine.”

“Carrie you can’t be serious. Borage is your brother.”

“It’s only my half brother!”




Danica and I wanted some alone time away from those idiots. I’ve been with some girls before but it’s been a while. I had no idea Danica was into girls as well. For once she wasn’t asking or talking about Borage since all her attention was on me now. Even with dumb ass being here, she didn’t make a b line towards him. Maybe it’s cause of Lois and I’m the next best thing. I really don’t know nor care. Danica was a great kisser and I wanted to play around a little. At least I know she won’t get me pregnant if we fuck.




“Hot damn. I bet I could bounce a quarter off of that juicy ass.”

“Are you checking out my ass?”

“I like what I see. I wanna grab it again.”


“Why not? Don’t you like ass grabs?”

“Not when it’s my sister grabbing my ass.”

“We are half sibs so it’s cool.”

“No it’s not.”





“Would you mind stopping that.”

“Stop what?”

“Playing footsie with me.”

“Well you want me to play handsy with you instead?”

“Keep your hands away from my dick.”

“But it’s just floating in the water asking me to touch it. Maybe if I rub it 3 times, I’ll get my wish.”

“The only thing you’ll get is a slap to the face.”

“Ooh I like a little rough play. Well I wouldn’t know since I’m a virgin but I bet I would like it. Wanna be my first?”

“No. I’m your brother!!”

“You’re just my half bro, no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal, Carrie! I’m kinda glad dad wasn’t in my life much cause I see he raised some fucked up kids.”

“I’m not fucked up…yet. I’m waiting on you to put out.”

“I’m not fucking you!”




Carrie left the hot tub all mad and shit. Maybe cause dumb ass turned her down. Seriously, Carrie stop trying to fuck our brother, who cares if we are half siblings to you. We still have the same sperm donor!  I saw Clark and Carrie’s mama joined Borage in the hot tub and I decided to join before ho  mama decides to make a genie baby with dumb ass in my new hot tub.

“Hi Celsia, I see that I’m over dressed for this little party.”

“You’re fine, I couldn’t find my bikini. Dumb ass, what are you doing? You better not be making genie cream in my hot tub.”

“What if I am?”

“I’m gonna slap you!”

“Borage are you-“

“No Elena, I’m just messing with her.”

“I swear… I already had this replace since asshole and Rosette fucked in it.” 




“By the way Celsia you have a very nice house but something bothers me. Clark said he’s been caring for your twins and his own. You need to help out more. Clark shouldn’t be raising your twins, that’s your job not his. You shouldn’t have kids if you’re not going to raise them.”

“I’m busy with school and shit. I gotta study hard if I’m going to open my own spa soon. I’m not like you, I didn’t want kids so it just kinda happen. Besides their daddy is suppose to come and get them.”

“I know you would have to study for school but I know you’re not studying all the time. You need to stop lacking in your twins’ life. Clark said that they don’t even know you.”

“Ugh, you’re not my mama, don’t lecture me.”

“I know that but you need to care for your own. They need to know who their mother is!”

“All they need to know is I’ll be working hard to keep a roof over their nappy heads!”

“Cece, why don’t you get a nanny like I use to have. I’m surprise grandmama didn’t send a nanny your way.”

“We may need one since Clark is interest in taking classes with me. “




“Hey can I join this party?”

“Carrie, where is your swimsuit?”

“In the house. My half sibs are naked so I should be naked too. Maybe Borage would like me more if he saw my body.”

“I am not looking at you.”

“Take a little peek, B.”


“Ugh Crazy ass, stop hitting on our bro.”

“He’s sexy.”




“I really feel out of place, being the only one wearing a swim suit.”

“Take it off.”

“I’m sure you’ll like that, dumb ass.” 

“Yeah,  I’m a guy.”

“How come you won’t look at me, B?”

“I’m not into the whole incest thing.”

“Can’t see how it’s incest when we got different moms.”

“Crazy ass, you’re really fucked up. I guess that’s asshole’s fault.” 

“Hey, dad is a good guy.”


“Hmm this is a interesting little party but where is Clark?”

“Probably being a dramatic ass.”

“So Elena, you gonna take off that swim suit?”




“I guess it’s just me and you, Celina. I invited your aunt and grandmother so they could meet you and they spend their day naked in the hot tub with your uncle. Next time I’m gonna make sure Cece doesn’t plan on inviting Borage over when I invite them again. Your uncle is a bit distracting.” 





“You been in here the whole time?”

“Yeah.. I spent time with my daughter as the twins had their nap. I guess the naked party is over.”

“Yeah. Your mom has nice tits.”


“Just saying. Anyway I’m heading home, my kids are driving my lady insane.”




“Please don’t go yet.”


“What if I’m having another alien baby. I need you to be here cause you know more about alien birth than me.”

“You don’t need me. You had one before.”

“What if I deliver different this time.. like you? Those last babies came out different didn’t yet?”

“Yeah but did the alien say the birth would be different this time?”

“Well no.. I’m not sure if I am really pregnant.”

“Then I’m no help to you. I gotta go but it was nice meeting you.”





“Borage! Wait! I think I’m in labor! I was pregnant!”

“Have fun with that. See ya later.”

“Borage! Don’t leave me! At least call for my mommy!”

“I’ll call for her, when I’m ready to fuck her.”

“You asshole!”




Borage left and I was being lecture again by ho mama about how I need to care for my babies and blah, blah blah. We heard screams coming from the baby room. Dramatic ass was being dramatic as he was about to give birth. It’s not that bad and he’s all crying for his mommy and shit. Great. He just have to have another alien baby. We don’t need anymore babies in this house. 3 was too many and now there’s 4. I think dramatic ass wants to be a ho daddy like asshole. He can when he’s not living here with me.




Clark had another blue baby but she was different from Celina. He forgot which alien the baby was suppose to be but he remember she’s  suppose to like the night. I guess this brat is gonna be up all night. He named her Vivian Queen. Elena and Carrie had to leave in a few hours and spent their time with the new baby. I was left with my twins and Celina as the others hover over Vivian. I took my twins to my room so they could play while I do homework on my laptop. I left Celina in the baby room, she’s a alien. One of them would probably notice her. She’ll be fine.



Baby Chat Time

“Anyone wanna hear the new song that I made?”





“No. Your song is going to suck like your other songs. Just stop already.”





“I know my new song sounds great. My daddy said he liked it.”





“Yours is even more terrible than Cienna’s. Besides your daddy is tone deaf. He wouldn’t know what’s a good song if it slapped him in the face.”





“I think you’re just a hater, Chloe. Let’s see you make a good song then since you say we both suck.”





“Yeah Chloe! Why don’t you show us a good song then?”





“I ain’t got time for that. I got shit to do like eat this block.”





“It’s cause you know, you’ll suck. Wait a sec.. Which one of you booger queens been eating on my stick? It tastes different!”

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 7, Unexpected – Part 2

Dumb ass finally arrives shirtless for whatever reason. He always gotta find a way to walk around shirtless cause he believes he’s god’s gift to women and felt the need to show off his body. Clark invited his ho mama to stay for a day and the last Borage needs is another baby mama. She might get in the mood to make a new baby and him being shirtless is candy to her. Were Navox genies, females can’t help themselves around Navox males.

“Why you gotta be shirtless all the damn time. Put your damn clothes on before you catch another baby!”

“Ugh.. I didn’t come here to be bitch at by your annoying hag voice.”

“Then why did you come?”

“Maybe I wanted to see you but I see this was a mistake.”




“I didn’t want you here anyway! You are so dumb!”

“Then why you said it was okay if you didn’t want me here!”

“If I knew you weren’t gonna wear clothes! Besides there’s a ho mama in the house! Put your clothes on!”

“The only ho mama I see is you, bitchzilla!”

“Ugh! I just hate you so much!”

“I hate you too!”

“Go jump into a pool of acid!”

“Go set yourself on fire!”



I dunno why fighting always triggers a friendly hug but we always been this way. I’m glad to see him again but he always gotta find a way to annoy me.

“I’m glad you dropped by for whatever reason.”

“I kinda wanted to see my nieces. How many you popped out?”

“Just twins and they are annoying as fuck. Clark popped out a baby.”

“He popped out a baby?”

“Yeah like you, some alien knocked him up. But he’s all fat again. You need to make him work out.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”




He found Cienna trying to open my good bottle of vodka. Clark was suppose to be watching her. She isn’t allowed to have my good stuff, she can have Clark’s cheap ass vodka.

“How are things back at home?”

“L2 got his girlfriend knocked up.”

“What? You gonna be a granddad? Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up.. Just wait until yours get older.”

“I’m not worried about them. I’ll just start feeding them birth control pills now.”



“I see your BC pills didn’t work.”

“I thought rum would of killed my eggs.”

“What? Who gave you that dumb idea?”

“Regret. She drank so much of it and fucked so much.. She doesn’t have any kids. So we figure..”

“I swear you hags are so dumb. Take the actual pill. It will do wonders.”

“Won’t it make me fat?”

“Possibly. Do you wanna be just fat or fat cause of a baby?”

“Like I would like any of those choices!”




“Take your pick Cece.”

“I don’t like those options.”

“Well try making the guys wear a condom.”

“Why don’t you try wearing one too.”

“I do here and there but I don’t need them.”

“Uh yea you do. You got 12 million kids.”

“Lois is too busy to fuck cause of my 12 million kids.”




“Looks like she likes you. You can take her with you and add her to your collection of 12 million kids.”

“She’s cute but no. She’s your problem, not mine.”

“Aren’t you suppose to be a good uncle and take these brats for a few days….years?”

“Nope. I have enough back home. One more kid means one minute less I get with Lois.”

“Ugh.. Whatever.”




“Hey B. We finally get to meet. If I knew you were coming then I would of brought my lingerie.”

“Um.. why?”

“Don’t you wanna see me look sexy in it?”

“Um Carrie, you do know Borage is your brother too?”

“Yeah.. only half.”

“I may be your half brother but still we are related no matter what.”

“Half related. There’s one half I can touch and the other half I can’t.”

“The fuck.. I usually give the males a ass name but I’m giving you one too, crazy ass.”

“Cool! I get a ass name!”

“I feel really uncomfortable around you.”





“Mom, look at those abs of his. That’s Borage. He’s a genie like one of my little brothers.”

“Those are some nice abs. I don’t believe I ever seen a male as fit and trim as you.”

“You must be Carrie’s and Clark’s mama.”

“Yes, I’m Elena Queen.”

“So are you some queen of having lots of babies?”

“Well no.”

“Mom you should have a genie baby with him. You haven’t had any of those.”

“This is the first time I met a genie.”




“Before you get any ideas Elena, I’m not about to be one of your baby daddies. I’m taken now.”

“You don’t think my mom is hot enough for you, B?”

“Your mom is attractive but like I said, I’m taken.”

“Your lady must be lucky then.”

“His lady is greedy, she should share you.”

“I think I’m gonna check out Cece’s lounge now.”




“Mom, I couldn’t help but notice that you were speaking to Borage. You’re not thinking about using his as a new baby daddy?”

“Mom should though.”

“Well I never been with a genie before. I heard they are amazing lovers….”

“Mom! He’s my brother and you had been with our dad. Wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“Yes, you have a point there Clark, but just looking at his body isn’t so bad and it’s harmless.”

“Not when you’re having lustful thoughts…”

“I can’t help it if I think he’s a nice piece of eye candy.”

“Yeah and I want a taste of that man candy too.”

“Carrie! That’s our brother.”

“He’s only half!”




“I remember how awesome you genie babies are. You have pointy ears like my little brothers. Oh yeah those would be your uncles, huh? I wonder if they are gonna grow up to be sexy like your uncle Borage.”

Will someone please get me away from this insane woman.





“Hey! Crazy ass, what are you doing with my baby?! Are you drowning her?”

I don’t know what came over me but seeing another female deal with my brat bothered me. Carrie told me she was giving her a bath cause she was messy. She wasn’t harming her or anything and was good with Cienna but still. I don’t like seeing another female with my brat. I think this was the first time I ever shown any concern for one of my spawns.




“So what would you ladies like to have?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a body shot off of you.”

“Hell! I wanna do a double body shot off of you, B!”

“Elena, I’m flattered. Carrie, you scare me. How about I make some pretty girly drink for you both?”

“That sounds good to me.”

” Screw that, I wanna do a double body shot of off you, B..”

“Carrie.. no.”




“I use to make these for my mama’s parties. You 2 are gonna like these. It’s been a while since I got to make this drink. It’s called, “People on crack.””




“How do you like the drink, Elena?”

“I like the view. It’s lovely.”

“I’m talking about the drink.”

“Oh right. It tastes really good. Sweet and fruity, I couldn’t tell that there’s alcohol in it. I wasn’t sure at first cause of the name. But it’s great along with the view in front of me.”

“It’s loaded with different types of liquor. It’s known to get everyone a bit wild.”






“Did you just-“

“I so grabbed your ass as I walked by. It’s tight and firm like I thought.”




“Carrie..damn it! Stop grabbing my ass.”

“I can’t help it. Mom you should walk over and get yourself a hand full of genie ass too.”

“I don’t think he likes being groped like that.”

“Not by one of my siblings…”

“You’re only half and that half I can touch if your lower half.”




After some drinking, dumb ass turned on the music and we began to dance all night. Borage would have the make the People on crack drink. I guess he didn’t remember that last time he made that drink. Rosette kept trying to mount him and called him Tan Liam. Danica stayed around and we dance together. I guess we enjoined Borage’s drinks too well cause we all started to get a little wild.




“Those two have the right idea.”

“What do you mean, Elena?”









Love For The Fellas: Chapter 5, Surprises

A few more weeks had gone by and dramatic ass start getting all weird and shit after those aliens took him. Why did that bring him back if he gonna act like this? One morning he acted like he wanted to ask me something but couldn’t say anything. It was working on my last nerve.

“Grow some balls dramatic ass, what you got to say to me?!”

“Well.. I was wondering if you would go to the hospital with me? I’m kinda nervous about it.”

“Why? You’re such a pussy.”

“I think I might be pregnant with a alien baby and I wouldn’t know how to explain it to the doctors.”

“You gotten kinda fat, I say you are.”

“I want to make sure of this, Cece. Will you go?”

“Yeah I’ll go with you, dramatic ass. I haven’t been feeling good myself. I think your cooking is killing me.”




I went to the hospital with Clark so they could check him out or something. If he is knocked up I wonder if he’ll have a ass baby like my twin. If so, I’m so not delivering  no ass baby.  I also decided to get myself check out since I haven’t been able to keep food down. I think Clark gave me food poisoning with his terrible cooking.





“Those bastards said I’m pregnant! The ultrasound showed twins. I hate kids. How did this happen?”

“When a man and a woman-“

“Shut up! It wasn’t a serious question! What did they say about you?”

“It appears that I have a parasite inside of me. I figure it’s the alien baby.”




“So were both knocked up?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Good going Clark! This is all your fault!”

“How? I didn’t get you pregnant or myself.”

“Your stupid aliens did this!”

“You were abducted?”


“Then? Never mind.. let’s go home.”




I needed to make a stop before we headed home. The bar. I needed a drink after hearing that terrible news about being pregnant. The weird shit started happening to Clark.

“Oh dear! Something is happening to me.”

“Don’t be a dramatic ass, dramatic ass.”

“Seriously Cece, my tummy is glowing!”

“You’re turning into a glow worm, big deal! I’m ordering a drink.”

“But you’re pregnant. You can’t drink.”

“Can too! I do what I want. You ain’t my daddy.”





“Celsia, I know I’m not but I care about you and my unborn nieces or nephews.  Those drinks can harm your babies.”

“My mama drank when she was having me and I turned out fine. I can’t say the same for Borage but we didn’t die!”

“Hmm this explains everything..”

“What does?!”





After some drinks, I felt like dancing. I wanted to dance on the corner but Clark nagged the whole of how I shouldn’t be doing any of this. Just cause I got demon spawns in me doesn’t me I gotta not have fun ever. Clark is such a buzz kill!

“Say another word and I’ll kick you in the throat.”

“Cece, you might fall and hurt the babies. Please come down.”

“You ain’t my daddy! If I wanna dance drunk on the corner when I’m pregnant, then it’s my right!”

“Please Cece..”

“Ugh you’re so whiny!”



The only thing I could do without Clark bitching at me was the bubbles. We talked about what we were going to do since were both having babies. He was concern of the fact he haven’t gotten a job yet and wasn’t sure how to support his baby. The idiot forgot that I’m rich and we didn’t need jobs. However my mini club will shut down. No one wants to see a pregnant stripper. Besides, I don’t want the guys to see me all fat. It’s not a good look on me.




Clark had some people over to convert a room that wasn’t using into a baby room. We couldn’t decided on stars or clouds so we did both. Those clouds are lame, we should of gotten all stars but noooo! But anyway we got the room done and it’s ready for the little demon rats.



“This room is lame. I wanted this room to be my dominatrix room. Stupid babies.”






“Who said that?”

“Clark, come.”

“Come where? Who are you? Where are you?”










“Why did you take me again?”

“We check on baby. Baby is fine.”

“I don’t feel good… Are you Tixxis?”

“I am not Tixxis. I am Sally. I check on baby for Aqufinix friend.”

“Aqu-what? This isn’t Tixxis’ baby?”

“It not Tixxis baby, baby you carry is  Aqufinix. We try Aqufinix baby on Gelman host.”

“What’s a Aqufinix?”

“Different race of alien. I am of Electrix’Artrian race.  Baby will be blue. Baby will love water.”


“I will come later for more checking on Aqufinix baby.”




“Sally.. wait. Darn.. She’s gone. I don’t want them to come back.. I really don’t feel good. I should go rest.”





“Where the fuck is Clark? I want some ice cream. He’s always taking his ass off somewhere. I’m gonna punch him in his stupid face.”





Clark started to cook organic type foods now. He say he’s good for the babies. I didn’t want to eat that nasty shit. I hate how he keep suggesting things how this is good for the baby and that’s bad for the baby and blah blah blah! I want french fries cover with hot sauce but he’s all like “You don’t need to eat that. Blah blah blah I’m a whiny bitch with a alien ass baby.” He’s so annoying now.




“How do you like the pancakes?”

“They are gross like your face.”

“Now that’s just rude. We need to eat better for our babies.”

“I think you were born the wrong gender.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You act like a bitch.”

“I must of added too much RUDE in your pancaked this morning.”

“Just saying.”




“Cece.. I realize I have no idea of how I’m going to give birth. I’m afraid that it may hurt!”

“If it’s ass baby, yeah it’s gonna hurt.”

“Was it painful for Borage?”

“He doesn’t remember the births. All he remembers was sleeping a lot. He pushed out 7 babies at once.”

“That sounds terrible! What if I’m carrying 7 babies?”

“You worry too much.”




“I am excited about your little babies. Did your doc tell you what you’re having?”


“So they are little girls? How cute. Did you pick out names yet?”

“Satan and Lucifer.”

“You can’t be serious.”



“You know you should be blessed to carry life inside of you. There’s many females who can’t have kids themselves.”

“Really? Those females are lucky.”

“Why do you hate kids so much?”

“They are annoying like you.”




I needed a drink after getting visited by the police today. I was slapped with a fine cause I was running a club without a entertainment license. I guess my club is shut down forever. I guess I could make this my party room then. I thought about the massages from Bryce and thought maybe I should be a professional massage person and open my own spa. I can give guys a magically happy ending! I signed up for classes online and will be attending soon.

I just hope these hell spawns won’t ruin my plans. I still want my own business and I wouldn’t need a stupid entertainment license to run this spa. When I do all the stuff I need to do first then I’ll be back in action! I don’t think I wanna bang 1000 men tho, maybe 500 would be good enough.  If I can get 499 men to come to my spa then things would be awesome!



I haven’t heard much from Travis is a while. I told him about the babies and he said he will come back before they were born. He’s still in Sunlit Tides with his sick mom. I hope he takes these rats with him when he goes back. He can keep them.





Clark is getting fatter and worries about birth mainly. I told him to talk to his brothers who had alien babies before but he doesn’t. He just worries and cries to me about it. He’s afraid that the aliens will come back for him and sleeps in my bed now. I know he’s my little brother and I should be the protective big sister but it’s getting annoying. I just can’t wait until this is all over with.





“Clark it is time. Come.”

“No! I will not go with you this time. I’m sure the baby is fine.”

“Come Clark, we have fun this time.”

“I don’t trust your idea of fun.”







“Why do you keep doing this to me?”

“You not like mating?”

“If you wanna call that sex.. I don’t like it. I thought you wanted to check on the baby.”

“Lied. I know baby is fine. Gelman is good host.” 

“I guess you’re  Sally. It’s hard to tell.”

“I am Val for short. You not genie like the Ziharian’s host. You know a genie? Genie are great lovers. Ziharians say so.”

“I’m not going to tell you if I do..”

“I will find genie love like Ziharians and make Gi’navoxia babies.”

“What’s that’s that?”

“Alien love genie. I must go. Will check again when other baby is born.”

“What? Another baby?”

“I implanted another baby. You will have Zoida’nix baby next from Zoida’nix donor. Baby will like night.”





“Another baby? Say it isn’t so! How on earth will I care for 2 alien babies when my sister is a idiot?”





“I want my mommy!”





Dramatic ass came crying about the aliens took him again and implanted another baby in him. I told him that he was dumb for running outside in the first place. He said he heard a cat meowing for help. There’s no cats around here. He’s so dumb.





We were on our way to the park and then my water broke. I can’t tell you of how much pain I was in. Why the fuck do these women wanna have 100 of these things? Do they like pain? Fucking idiots!





Dramatic ass was being a dramatic ass and not helpful at all. All he did was freak out and dance around like he was on fire. He finally got his brain back and too me to the hospital.





Travis was back in town and rushed to the hospital after Clark called him to tell him it was time. Pushing out the hell spawns was terrible and I’m glad it’s over now. I have twin girls, both are genies like me. I named one Cienna and Travis named the other one Chloe.




As a couple of weeks went on after having the babies, I wanted to toss them in the lake. These brats are annoying. All the do is shit, eat and cry. Clark helped out for the most part and Travis asked to stay for a while so he could spent time with the babies. I wanted to spend time drinking cause I dislike these creatures from hell.




“I’m never having kids again. I better drink more rum more often to prevent having anymore of these nasty freak babies.”





Clark’s face got all weird one night. It was his turn to give birth to a freak baby. We weren’t sure how it was gonna come out but it like Borage’s first birth, a magic baby.





After crying for his mama for 20 minutes, he had a daughter that he named Celina. He said he was in a lot of pain the whole time. Later he went to the hospital to see if the aliens were right about implanted another baby in him. The test shows he has a parasite growing inside of him. I notice how he stayed fat. I guess we gotta buy another crib now.





Having Travis around is kinda awesome. We have amazing sex while Clark is with the brats. When were not fucking, he with looking after the twins while I go drink more rum to kill my eggs. I don’t want anymore of those devil rats.





“Cece, I enjoyed my time with you and the girls but I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks. Will you be okay with the girls?”

“No. Take them with you.”

“I would if I could but I’m caring for a sick mother now. I wouldn’t have time for them.”

“I don’t want them.”

“You don’t mean that. You must be having that baby depressing thing mothers have after giving birth.”

“No, I hate kids.”

“You have that thing. I know you don’t really hate the twins. Whatever you do, don’t drown our twins.”

“I’m tempted..”

“You’ll be fine, you have your bro. I see he’s good with the babies.”

“Yeah so. Take em.”

“You’re silly, I’m gonna miss you but I will be back to see them.”





It’s pretty lame that he’s leaving let alone he won’t take the brats with him. I guess I could enjoy him until he leaves.





“Um guys..”

“Were busy, dramatic ass go away.”

“I just wanted to remind you of the little crying humans you both made. Maybe you both should see them before creating more of them.”

“Damn it Clark! Deal with them!”

“I would but I need a break.”

“He’s right, Cece. We need to look after them more.”

“Ugh.. whatevs.”





“You’re a little cock blocker. Yes you are. I don’t like you.”





7 months has passed and the brats are getting bigger and more annoying. Clark’s alien baby turned blue over time and he thought it was cool. I guess. I’ve been busy with taking classes so I can open a spa and Clark is freaking about his other baby that’s due at any point. I get tired after class and have to deal with the devil rats. When I come home, I want a drink not play patty cake with a stinky baby.




Cienna reminds me a lot of Travis. She looks a lot like him. I haven’t heard from him since he left. That asshole.





Chloe looks a lot like me. She’s a cute kid but I still don’t like her or her bratty twin.





Celina has Clark’s hair and that’s pretty much it. She likes taking bath more than my brats. Clark says she’s a Aqufinix alien and they love water. I hope she drowns.