It’s the end of the world…year. A look back of 2013

So it’s the end of the world today and I figure we should take a look back of the year in the Montigo legacy. A lot has happen since January until now.


Borage… changed.


Like a lot…..

Did you get a tan or something???!




I was getting ready to start this year with a blast. I had interesting ideas for Borage’s story and the others. I was ready and all…



But some bitch ass ho just had to steal my laptop back in January after a terrible night partying. I was DJing at bar and my equipment failed me during my set twice. It went from bad to worse in a matter of hours…



Just taken 2 hours before it was stolen ūüė¶


With that mess… I lost a lot of sim related stuff. At the time Borage had this deal with this crazy alien…





When my new laptop came in I had no choice but to do a time jump…





Before the jump, he thought it was a great idea to piss off one of his alien kids. Thus is was the first time his memory was taken. He’s already absented minded.. he has a hard time remembering shit as is.



Hopefully Borage had learned to not piss off his daughter Luna anymore.. She’s kinda evil and shit.




Like really evil….



He didn’t get to remember that time he finally got a fairy in bed and knocked her up.. But I guess he wasn’t too torn up about it. I mean that was 2 more kids he would had to deal with. His way of dealing with kids is by pinning them on someone else while he do his own thing.. Like making more of them!




Borage fell in love for the first time.



10 chapters later, she died.




His daughter Miyoko had an accident and was in a coma for 7 years.





During that time he was forced into a marriage with the crazy alien Fayon.




There was surprise alien butt sex…




Which lead to this…



And this…


Then this….



Birthing those 7 babies left him with a lot of ass, which he wasn’t too happy about at first. Ha!



Course there would be another kink in Borage’s story. These file errors are annoying. But he moved around until I could find a world that was stable. Another time jump was in order but it was a main jump. Starting off with him being a grandfather to 3 grandchildren who live with him.



He later meets a girl who seems nice and all at first.



Hooking up with June was probably his biggest mistake. No pun intended. Haha!



He still hasn’t learned that being involved with aliens is never a great idea.




But it did push him into being a more attentive father to his youngest children. He grew and matured during the course of the year.



Just as Borage was finding love again since Lois….






As Borage remains in a coma, his 5th grandchild enters into the world. Mordecai makes an attempt to show Borage his new child in hopes it would awake him. But of course nothing.


5th grandbaby? Where’s the 4th?

The 4th would actually be Phoenix’s baby who wasn’t shown just yet. With the timelines, her baby was born 6 months before Borage’s accident. Borage haven’t met her child yet but it’s pending ūüėČ




Which this brings the attention to one of Borage’s favorite kids, Phoenix C.. She seem to gotten herself into a sticky situation.




I last left off where she finds herself pregnant after a drunk one night stand with her roommate Kai. After learning he has gotten back with his on and off again girlfriend, Phoenix refused to reveal that he’s the father of her unborn child. Only time will tell if she tells Kai about the truth of her baby or not.




Borage’s first child, Bruce Lee doesn’t seem 100% happy with his relationship with Lakey. They relocated to a town to have a peaceful lifestyle. Lakey has a distaste of city life and believes it will bring nothing but trouble. Bruce Lee is attractive to the city life and wants to open his own night club just like Borage plan to do himself.



Bruce Lees finds a piece of happiness locked in his basement man cave and secretly teaching himself how to DJ. Bruce Lee is intrigued with Borage’s lifestyle but wants to be like himself without all the random baby making. However Borage’s life seems more appealing than his own, it’s possible that Bruce Lee could allow his genie aura to take over and he could possibly have a wandering eye like his father. Will he fight this possible temptation, stay true to Lakey and grant her every wish? Or he become exactly¬†like his father and wander?



Celsia thought it would be a great idea to follow in her twin brother’s risky lifestyle. The end results after a night in the hot tub with her new surfer boy type neighbor, were a set of twins. Celsia dislikes children and rather not be bothered by her twins. She often left them on her half brother Clark Queen.



Like Borage, Celsia find herself with an alien pregnancy. She gave birth to a little girl named Emery. Celsia thought she was cool cause Emery was born both alien and genie. Celsia was more attentive with Emery than with her twins. Sadly this is where the story ends. I pulled the plug after her save failed. I couldn’t be bothered with making a new save as I just made over the town of Hidden Springs. Doing it again wasn’t an option so I decided to cancelled. I had thoughts about giving her a new story in Sunlit Tides but I decided against it about spending hours on building a resort where her story would focus on. Her living in the resort could be a problem. I built a living quarters for her and her family but there’s no possible way to keep out guest. They’ll have the option of checking in her living quarters. Plus she would have to keep checking herself in just to sleep. It’s too much of a hassle and decided that I won’t go forwarded with it. I decided that I will just drop her in Borage’s story at some point.


What about Clark?

I haven’t decided just yet. I thought about dropping him into a pending new story as a townie with his daughters in Moonlight Falls. Or I could possibly add him into Borage’s story when Borage moves to “Roland” Heights. However his daughters should be grown and I would like to love them.. I’m not sure what I will do with him. But at some point, he would have moved on from Celsia since she’s difficult to deal with.



Speaking of Moonlight Falls….


Dodder had some issues of his own. Having a witch’s curse placed on him to where he’s the one who gets pregnant. Dodder spent a great amount of time trying to break the curse. He had to give birth to 100 kids by 10 different wives. Dodder isn’t fond of kids or commitment so this would be a struggle.



However Dodder was lucky to only give birth to 3 kids before the curse was broken. With a twist of faith, Dodder found real love with a witch and fathered his first child that he didn’t give birth to. Dodder had a happy ending but this isn’t the last of him. He’s now a townie in a pending new story.



I did bring back Party Montigo for a short time. It stared Borage’s mother Zinnia and his aunt Rosette. However this story fizzle out once again. With the lack of attention from readers, I just put an end to this.



It did have its share of silliness such as aliens dressed like pimps.



And endless alien abductions. I have no plans on bringing this back ever.



Lilah finally gets to live out her wish to live in space. She hopes to marry an alien but have to date 10 guys before that happens. I decided to do a wishacy with her. In some way it’s fun but I don’t count it as a real story. There’s not any real writing going on. It’s pure autonomous and whatever goes, happens. There hasn’t been much updates cause this would work better with the ITF EP. Lunar Lakes is so dry and lacks any sparkle, she would do better in the time travel world. Someone made that world into a main world however it’s empty. I would have to fill it with sims but I have no extra sims to fill with it. So…not sure if Lilah’s wishacy will continue. But it’s hard for me to play her save cause LL is just so boring. I built a night club but it’s not enough.



And last, Rio. The heart of the whole legacy but gets the least attention and readers. I really can’t pull the plug on this cause it’s the heart, the start, the actual legacy. Borage and the others are just extended members while Rio is the main family. I’m trying like hell to bring new life into this story cause it can never die. Rio’s gen is off to a slow start but hopefully things will pick up next year. Rio wants to take control in his life, enrolling into college to gain a business degree to open his own business. However he was told he would be given his father’s business which makes Rio uncertain about his future. As he wants to do his own thing, he isn’t interest in running Montigo Palms when his dad retires. Rio also wants to be a music composer as he enjoys playing the piano. But Rio wants his own fortune and running a business would pay more than composing music unless he scores with the right person. Rio also have a little situation with his long time girlfriend. She’s ready for the next step, marriage. However Rio doesn’t see marriage as a big deal. He rather keep their current relationship as is.



I last left Rio planing on throwing a big send off to college party at his father’s club. The big party is buffer between his real issues, his relationship with Janiya, going to college for a major he’s not too interested in, and having the club handed over to him when he doesn’t want it. How will Rio do in school? Will he actually attend? Will he make the next step with Janiya or will he allow the relationship to fail? Will Rio accept handling Montigo Palms or will he sale it against his family wishes?


Hopefully next year will be more exciting and better than this year. Hopefully my game will act right. Hopefully I’ll back up my saves often. Hopefully no ho bitch will steal my shit.

It’s been a fun year and hope to see you all next year!

Stay Juicy!





Disco Insanity: Log#4 – I’m an Acrobat

“I wasn’t finished getting read for our date my beloved! Don’t you want me when I’m all prettied all?”




“What are you all pissed off about? I was asleep you know.”

“The wrong alien took me. I need someone to complain to about it.”

“Okay, bitch about this with me later. I’m a chicken and I’m asleep at this hour.”

“I don’t care! I wanna talk now!”

“Look here ho…”

“No you look here!”








“How about a hug?”

“I don’t do hugs.”

“Oh how come on. One hug doesn’t hurt.”

“Hugs are filled with happiness with love.”

“Yeah, true.”

“Happiness and love is pain that I cannot bare.”

“What! Happiness and love isn’t painful, sourpuss!”



“Evil chicken, come talk to me.”

“Can you bitches let me sleep?”

“My sister said being happy makes her hurt. Why she gotta be a sourpuss?”

“Why do you gotta be annoying?”

“I’m not annoying! You’re annoying!”

“I’m annoying?”




“You came to wake me up to complain about something stupid that I can’t do nothing about and you’re calling me annoying? You got some nerve, STD girl.”

“Who you calling an STD?!”

“Your name is chlamydia isn’t it?”

“It’s Khlamydia with a K so there’s a huge difference you big idiot face!”

“Whatever, just go away like now.”¬†



“I had to get a new job cause my boss said men don’t like wearing skirts! Can you believe this shit?”

“Look it’s early. I didn’t get much sleep cause you and your STD sister wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“I gotta find a new job! I’m mad.”

“I think it’s for the better.”

“I wanted to be a stylist!”




“How about being an acrobat?”

“Hmm I never thought about being one. I guess that would be fun.”

“Good. I hope you break all of your bones.”




What are you doing?

“Spray painting a mural on my house. I want to do 3 of these.”

You want 3 ugly murals on your house? Why not around town instead?

“I want memory of my awful mistakes. Besides, this star is pretty. I’m gonna be a star since I’m going to be an acrobat.”



“Awesome! I’m an acrobat now. I gotta let the town know of this amazing news.”




“People of Lunar Lakes! I am now an Acrobat. I demand that you give me money when I perform. So get over here now and give me your money cause I need it! I am a star!”




“Well? I’m waiting! Give me your money! All of it! I know you bitches have some money! I seen you around town, stuffing your fat faces with fattening food!”




“I know you’re in there! I can hear you breathing! You’re all still fat!”




“I’m gonna show these guys that I’m the best acrobat in space! This is always been my dream since the evil chicken suggested this. I got this career in the bag.”




“Whoa! Whoa! Whoaaaaaa! This wind is really taking me awayyyyyyy! Stop it dude! So not cool!”



“Oof.. Could of given me a softer landing…”



“I totally meant to do that!”


Disco Insanity: Log#3, Abduction of the heart

“How come we didn’t have one of these at daddy’s?”

Like if any of you would use it. Besides you’re only using this cause you rolled a wish to make a pizza.

“I¬†would had. I’m a dough spinning machine. I can bake the best pizza ever. Maybe I should run my own pizza joint.”

Let’s not..

“You don’t think I can do it? I can!”

You need to focus on your goal.

“Oh yeah! Marry a alien!”

Yes but not.. You want to be a heartbreaker…

“Oh yeah that. I gotta have 10 boyfriends and rip their hearts out and possibly eat them. I bet heart juice would make good pasta sauce.”

No more horror movies for you.




“Like seriously, I make the bestest pizza ever. Where’s those butt babies sisters of mine? They are missing out on this awesomest of pizza!”

I’m sure they are¬†nearby.

“They better come get some cause I’m gonna eat this whole pizza and not give a fuck about calories.”




“Who’s the most awesomest girl ever? Me of course!”





“And I’m the most sexest too. Who wouldn’t wanna get with this? I think I got my sexy from my sexy daddy cause he’s the most awesomest daddy even if he hates me cause I came out his asshole. My other daddy is okay I guess but he’s kinda gay. I love my sexy daddy and my almost gay daddy too! They made me so cool!”




“I wonder why I got vampire teeth. Am I a vampire? Could that be possible? Oh wait.. I got them from sexy daddy! Am I a genie? I wanna more cool like Aries!”





“You’re a stupid alien with green skin! I bet your tits are all saggy and gross!”





“I don’t care much for your rude comments there, reflection girl! You’re mad cause you aren’t awesome like sexy daddy and me!”




“You’re a stinky ass baby and you smell like genie shit! I hate you so much right now! I hate you so much so right! UGGGHHHHH!!!”

Okay… moving on…




“No no no. I don’t wanna hear it. You’re just a asshole who needs to be fired in a skillet. I let you stay here and you’re not giving me a golden? What kind of magic golden goose are you?”




“What?! You’re just a evil chicken? I wanted a golden goose to give me chocolate! I didn’t want a evil chicken who make rude ass comments about my outfit. I gots all kinds of fashion sense. You just be hatin’!”




“Hey! Get back here! I’m not done giving you a miserable time!”





“Fine, leave. I’ll just go swim naked cause it’s my wish. You know the saying, my wish is my command. That’s what my brother say to his annoying girlfriend but she’s kinda hot. I would lesbian for her.”

It’s “Your wish is my command.

“Same thing! Anyway, like my daddy would say, “It’s naked time!”




“Whoa! I got a pool full of grape kool aid! I didn’t bring a cup!”




“It’s just water.. How disappointing. I was hoping to have a pool full of kool aid but it’s just water. I guess there’s no point in holding my bladder anymore.”






“I forgot you were here! Don’t do that!”

“I can’t help it. I’m evil.”




“That scare got me in the mood to fix a salad.”

You just ate, you’re not even hungry.¬†

“Well I gotta make this salad anyway. I gotta be the big sister and feed my little sisters.”

Luna is older than you…




“Oh right… Those bitches can fend for themselves. I’m going to bed.”





“I need a good night sleep. Tomorrow I start my awesome job as a stylist. Everyone is gonna be looking so fly like me!”





“Never mind, I gotta check out those strange lights outside.”





“So am I gonna get a invite to this rave or what?”





“I was really hoping for this happen but I gotta put on a face like I don’t wanna get probed but I really do! It’s hard to hide my excitement for anal probing!”





“I hope that was good for you like it was for me. I’m worn out. You’ll call me, right?”





“You better call me if you know what’s good for you.”





“I not take threats kindly.”

“But I loves you. You abducted my heart. We are belong together foreverest.”

“I go. You go take meds.”

“You got what I need baby. You love me right? Didn’t the anal probing mean anything to you like it did for me?”

“No, it amused me.”

“Well I loved it but use your alien cock next time,¬†Frabbit!”

“Not good idea. Bye.”

Disco Insanity: Log#2 Lilah Invasion

Where are you going?

“To hang with some friends.”

Friends? You just moved here, when did you get some “friends”.

“I just need to just say hi and then they are my friends.”

I guess so…

“I know so! Check out my sweet ride! I just got lasers installed.”

Um why do you need lasers?

“Lasers are cool!”

Something tells me this is going to go terribly wrong.




“Greetings space peoples! I’m Lilah Montigo and I come to force you into being my friends. I got daddy issues so I’m not responsible for what I’m about to do.”




“What are you about to do?”





“I’m about to make it rain…”



































“If you all be my friends then I’ll stop! Deal?”






Hold up, why would you panicked about aliens? You’re a alien yourself!

“I’m only half alien! My daddy is a genie! So I’m only half panicking!”

Um…okay. You do know that’s your insane sister, right?

“Really? How did she get a UFO? Shouldn’t I too?”

You do.

“Oh! Why didn’t you tell me?”

I did.

“Oh.. I couldn’t hear you over the sounds of my other voices!”




“They didn’t want to be my friends.”

Really? You’re surprised? You shot lasers at random for no reason.

“I wanted to show everyone how cool my lasers were.”

I think you killed a guy….




“Maybe he should of moved and then he wouldn’t gotten killed.”

And you don’t feel remorseful after killing a man?

“No, it’s not like I wanted to kill the man. Next he will know better.”

He’s dead, there is no next time.





“Yeah huh! He can come back as ghost!”

Maybe but it’s kinda hard to kill a ghost.

“It’s possible to kill a ghost! I killed many ghosts!”





“I played pac man!”

Disco Insanity: Log#1, This will do


“Awesome! I made to Lunar Lakes with blowing up in space! But why am I wearing a girls scout outfit?”

Cause you’re crazy and Borage wouldn’t let you join girls scouts when you were a child.

“Oh yeah! Daddy didn’t know who I was. I wonder if I can sell cookies.”

Aren’t you too old for that?

“Nah! Never too old to sell cookies in a girl scouts outfit. I better go earn my badges.”







“Who is she?”

Your sister.

“You don’t remember me?”

“Not really.. “

“But we moved back home when you were 16.”

“Oh yeah.. You’re a butt baby.”


“Just saying cause it smells like ass in here.”




“Why does everyone call me a butt baby?”

Cause when your dad gave birth-

“Never mind! I don’t wanna know!”



I saw you rolled a wish for a job. Great start!

“I wanna be a stylist.”

Um..why? Are you sure about this?

“Yeah. I got good taste in fashion.”

You can’t be serious…

“What? I do! Isn’t my outfit cute? I picked the colors myself!”

This world is doomed..

“Yeah doomed to look fabulous!”

Are you liking the new hot tub?

“Yep, I wanted to take a dip in it like daddy always did. Now I wanna skinny dip.”

I guess you could do that later but why are you in your formal wear?

“I wanted to be a plant soaking in water.”

Right. Why did I even ask.

“Can I join? I’m in my formal wear too.”

“I didn’t want any butt babies in my hot tub. You are just gonna make it smell like ass.”

“I know I was born out of daddy’s ass but that doesn’t mean I smell like it. I take baths! I’m clean. I swear so stop calling me a butt baby. I didn’t pick to be born that way.”





“Your name is a STD so I’m not sure about that.”

“I’m a virgin, stupid! I didn’t pick my name. Our great-aunt did.”

“Well just don’t dirty up my hot tub or you will pay.”

“I got alien powers.. Don’t fuck with me.”

“And I got genie powers.”


“Dia started it!”




“Check out my shoes. You like them?”

Those are nice.

“I love my new shoes. I can’t til my first client. She’s gonna have nice heels like these.”

What if your client is a guy?

“He’ll look great in heels too.”




“Who are you talking to?”





“The brain llama, who else?”

“He came back?”

“She came back. I thought he was a boy but he was a girl but it’s cool. You like me shoes too?”





“Those are nice but check out mines.”

“Hooker boots, classy.”

“At least I look like a classy hooker.”





Are you going to join your sisters?

“Yeah right. Like I wanna be around those idiots.”

Well you do live with them, it’s not like you can avoid them.

“The house is big enough, I think I can. I’m enjoying the peace over here.”

I guess you would be a bit under dressed since you forgot your swimsuit.

“Nah.. I wanted to see what’s the big fuss of skinny dip since Borage does it all the time.”

Will you ever call him “dad”?

“It’s not in my nature to call him “dad”. Yeah he gave me life but that means nothing. You know how much of a dick he was to me when I was little.”

I guess you have a point but it got better when you were older.

“Bitch Lois changed him.. I’m glad he’s not pussy whipped anymore.”

But he was nice to you, isn’t that what you wanted?.

“And I don’t like “nice”.”

Then I’m not sure what you are complaining about..

“I don’t like him but he gave me money. I guess I like him now.”

What about your Suziu?

“Not so much now since he’s the reason why I’m hiding out here. I’m not having babies!”

That’s what you think…

“Excuse me? You better not.. You’re not suppose to control me anyway.”

I do what I want.

“Well shit.”