Love For The Ladies: Chapter 101 – Souvenir

 I’ve spent most of the day recovering after my wild night out with Mordecai. I got a few text messages from him asking if he did me a favor. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I never had a one night stand before and it felt weird sleeping with someone who I wasn’t in a relationship with. I kinda felt bad cause April actually liked me which concerns me since I was a drunken fool. But I remember the look in her eyes when I told her that I wasn’t interested.

She looked hurt but I know that I’ll have to face her once again seeing how she’s Eli’s aunt. I finally replied back to my brother telling him that hot girl who he thought I should sleep with was June’s sister. His reply was, “Dude I hope you worn a condom.” According to April, I didn’t. I just hope there won’t be a souvenir from last night’s events. The last thing I need is a child from a female who I barely know and who possibly come from a family with mental health issues.

There was something that kinda bothered me a little. It wasn’t April but it was the fact that I called her Ashley during sex. I haven’t thought much about Ashley in years but I wonder why did I suddenly call out her name. Maybe it was a force of habit, Ashley was the only girl that I ever been with. I did find myself thinking about her, wondering if she cleaned up her act, was she even alive, wondering if she ever think about me. In ways I kinda miss her but that is an insane thought. I shouldn’t be thinking about her… I should be over her.. It’s hard to forgive of what she did to me and Alyssa… 




 While sitting on my computer I accidentally got access into my dad’s email. What I saw dumbfounded me. My dad had hundreds of emails dating back a week after his accident. Most of the emails where from females wondering where was he. One of the first emails I read was an angry message from a female named Feather. She was extremely upset about my dad not coming into town for their daughter’s first birthday and not saying anything to her. I didn’t know dad had another child, let alone another family. The emails basically portrays my dad living 3 different lives in Riverview.

He was romantically involved with 3 different females in Riverview and had children with all 3. As I read more, it appears this romantic connections were getting a bit strain. Around the time he was dating Clarissa, his tone in the emails to Feather, Nakia and Diamond changed. He seemed a bit distance in his replies and Feather was the only one who was having a hard time. Nakia appeared to moved on but only email him about their quadruplets. Most of the angry emails came from Feather, her last email was about a month ago. Nakia started to send angry emails around February, threatening to sue dad for child support since she hasn’t received a payment since last November. maybe Nakia had a change of heart since dad never received anything about child support in the mail.

Diamond’s emails expressed more concern than anger. She sent emails giving updates on her pregnancy. Her last email was 2 weeks ago announcing she gave birth to a boy whom she named Saffron along with a picture of him. I was in disbelief of what I was reading. I felt bad for these women and began to feel anger towards my dad. How could he keep all of this in the dark? Why didn’t he tell us about these women? Why didn’t he tell us that we had more siblings?

I found other emails from his teenage son Devin and his adult daughters Opal and Topaz. The last email from Devin got to me… It read, “Dad? Do you not love me anymore? Is this why I haven’t heard from you? You might not love me anymore but I will always love you.” I had a little tear stream from my eye as I read Devin’s email. I started to have dislike towards my dad until I remember something. On the night of his accident he told my brothers and I that he had something super important that he needed to tell us. But he needed to meet with Clarissa first. I wonder if he was going to tell us about his children in Riverview.

I found an email that was sent to my aunt Acacia about 7 hours before the accident, it confirmed my thought. He talked about how he was going to tell my brothers and I tonight about the families he created in Riverview. He also had plans for all the kids to spend the whole summer here with us. It was gonna be a surprise for his younger kids cause they always wanted to see his home. What anger I was building up slowly started to faded. Dad was about to make things right for everyone but I still say that he should have told us from the start.

I know I gotta make this right with these women and my new siblings. For 6 months they knew nothing and I know that had to weigh heavy on them. I decided that I should contact them all and give them an explanation about my dad.




 I was interrupted by a phone call while tying an email to the families in Riverview. I really didn’t want them to wait another day but something about the phone call got my interest. It was from a woman named Jasmine Salas. She’s from the hospital and wants to speak with me about my dad in person.




 “Sure I guess we could meet at The Perc in an hour. I’ll see you in a bit.”





 I was a bit unsure at first but curious of why she wanted to meet me at The Perc instead of the hospital. I took the girls with me to give Aries and Ally a little break since I was recovering from a hangover from last night. The girls were happy since The Perc had a little playground for them to play on.





 “You’re Liam?”

“Yes, I am. You must be Ms. Salas.”

“Please call me Jasmine. Shall we take a seat?”

“Well sure.”




 “I’m glad that you were willing to meet with me on a short notice.”

“You wanted to speak with me about my dad? Is he okay?”

“Yes, he’s doing fine for a comatose man.”

“I don’t understand, you said you wanted to speak with me about my dad.”

“Well yes but it’s about something else.”

“Oh I see where this is going. Do you have a secret family with him too?”

“Well no, why do you think that?”

“Oh its nothing… So what about my dad that you wanted to talk to me about?”




 “Well I have a daughter, she went missing 5 years ago. It’s a mystery of what happen to her. The police aren’t finding any new leads and they don’t expect any foul play was involved.”

“You think my dad was involved?”

“No but I found something in my daughter’s belongings. I was trying to find something that would help me find her. My daughter Astrid kept a written diary since she was 15. As I was reading through it I found an entry that she wrote after her trip to Konani Tide. It was about a guy who had she met on the beach. She states it was love at first sight and they spent the weekend together before he took off in the middle night. She didn’t get a chance to get his name. She called him the Magic Man and explained how his eyes were as blue was the ocean. Anyway there was a lot of drinking involved, they slept together a lot as she puts her. She hoped for a souvenir, his heart but of course he took off without saying bye. It broke her poor heart. In another entry weeks later, she wrote about learning that she was pregnant and she got a souvenir after all. She taped a picture of her and the guy together in the entry stating he is the father of her child.”

“The man in the picture is my dad?”

“Yes. I was stunned when I found out. Astrid claim the father was a random guy at the beach but she didn’t tell me that she was in love with the stranger. She wrote many entries confessing her love for him. Her last entry stated that she hopes to find him. I wonder if she left to go find him but I couldn’t see her leaving her newborn behind. She loved Chanel, she would have said something… I wonder if you could help me..”



 “I’m sorry to hear about your daughter but sorry I don’t think I have anything. My dad never said anything about your daughter but apparently my dad had secrets.. I uncovered some things today.”

“So nothing about my daughter?”

“No, but I’m sorry. I really hope she turns up alive and well.”

“I know she’s out there alive somewhere but its been so long.. I just wished that I had an answer for all of this.”

“If I find out anything, I’ll let you know.”




 “Thanks Liam. I guess I can let Chanel know that I know where one of her parents is. Its bittersweet, ya know.”

“Yeah… Chanel can at least meet her siblings. All isn’t bad.”

“True, however she’s best friends with Kimora. They pretend they are sisters. I guess I can tell Chanel that Kimora is actually her niece.”

“I bet that will be a real shocker.”




 Jasmine and I talked for a bit, getting to know each other and possibly make arrangements to spend time with Chanel. I swear my family is growing bigger by the second. I have currently have 37 siblings and that’s including the triplets my dad fathered for my aunt and her wife and the clone child created by Pedro in Arcadia.




 It was getting close to dinner time and we decided to take the kids to Domino Palace for pizza. This place just opened by and my nieces were dying to go. I guess this makes me the favorite uncle now.




 “Don’t ya wanna sit with your daddy?”


“So you gonna just leave me?”

“Yeah, I got friends daddy. I can’t be seen with you.”

“I thought I was a cool dad. I’m all sexy, I make those PTA meetings worth going to.”





 “I knew you wanted to sit with your daddy.”

“Only cause I like this chair.”

“You love your daddy.”

“I think I’ll go sit with L2 if you’re gonna be weird.”

“Daddy just misses you. Don’t you wanna come back home?”

“But I’m having fun with Chanel and Aaliyah.”

“We can have ice cream for breakfast if you come home.”

“I like staying with my uncles. We got one more day, remember?”

“I know but daddy is lonely.”

“Where’s Haven?”

“She went to see her dad. Don’t you wanna see your dad too?”

“I am. I’m looking at you right now.”

“Please come home, damn it.”




 Morde was there too which was surprising. I figure he would be at the bar or with his girlfriend. But he was here trying to convince his daughters to come home early. I admire how Morde wants to be a real father to his girls. It shows that he’s really growing up.




 “Heyyyy, Jas. You looking good tonight.”

“Morde-dad! Those aren’t the lyrics!”

“Thanks Morde.”

“I like those pants.”

“Morde-dad! You’re suppose be singing with me!”



 “Those pants fix you nicely. You work out?”

“Yeah, I do yoga.”

“Don’t stop that yoga cause you looking hella good in those jeans.”

“Thanks again, Morde.”

“The next time you go shopping for pants, I don’t mind helping you find the perfect pair. I’ll even wait by the dressing room.”

“DAD! Stop it!”

“Mariah, I’m just giving Jas a  friendly compliment.”

“No you’re not! You’re being like a pimp!”

“Well I like to think of myself as a pimp but sweetie you’re using pimp in the wrong context.”

Well maybe my brother still has a bit more growing up to do.




 I let Solar played around for a bit before Chanel came to chat with me. I figure Jasmine already told her that I am her older brother. Chanel seemed pretty happy and I guess she took the news fairly well.




 “Hi Chanel, are you having fun?”

“Yeah! This place is cool.”

“So I guess you know.”

“You’re my big brother. I think that’s cool. How many brothers and sisters do I have?”

“Well our dad apparently has 38 kids. I’m sure there’s more hiding somewhere.”

“Wow! I got a lot of brothers and sisters! Is that baby my sister too?”

“Yep, this is Solar.”

“Hi Solar! I’m your big sister!”


“So can we play some skeeball?”

“Sure, we can do that.”


We played a few rounds of skeeball with Chanel, Mariah and my daughter. It was hanging out with girls. Given from this morning events, I think today has been a pretty fun day.





 “Yusssssssssss! High score! I got a high score! I’m a winner!”







 “I promised that I would spend the day with you. I hope you’re having fun.”

“Yeah I guess. This pizza isn’t spicy though. You promised me spicy pizza.”

“You don’t need to be eating spicy things anything. I dunno where you got that from.”

“My dad, maybe.”

“Do you have enough tokens for tonight?”




 “Okay good. You better be on your best behavior. No stealing fake plants, no kicking the gumball machines, none of your shenanigans tonight. Tonight, we are gonna have fun. I don’t make enough money to support your lavish lifestyle of breaking things.”

“Yeah okay mom.. I won’t have fun.”

“I mean it mister, I won’t deal with any of your shenanigans.”

“Okay fine. Can I get more hot peppers?”

“Yeah but it better be for your pizza and not some prank that you’re plotting.” 




 “Hey Liam, what brings you here?”

“Just taking out the girls for pizza. You?”

“Spending the day with my son so he’ll know that I love him. So what was with the text?”

“That was my brother being dumb. He sent that.. I figure you wouldn’t want to talk to me after that.”




 “Don’t be silly. I was hoping that was an invitation to possibly a day on the beach.”

“Oh… well maybe we can do that someday.”

“That’s great cause I have a new bikini that I am dying to wear.”

“That sounds nice. Maybe this weekend we can? I’ll bring the girls. You can bring your son. I would love to meet him.”

“Ohh… well that could be fun..”




 “Mom, I need more tokens!”

“I gave you 5 dollars worth. You spent them already?”

“I promised my girlfriend that I will win her a bear. I need more tokens.”

“Since when did you have a girlfriend?”

“20 minutes ago. Can I get more tokens? I gotta impress my lady.”

“I’m not giving you more money so you can impress your little sudden girlfriend.”




 “Hey do you have any tokens? I really need to get her that bear.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have anymore on me.”

“Aww dude! I just need one. She might break up with me.”

“I wish I could help.”




 “Cyrus, stop asking my friend for tokens!”

“But mom I needs it!”

“I’m sure you’ll find another girlfriend in 20 minutes. Now go play.”

“Fine… You just don’t want me to be happy.”

“That’s not true and you know that. Stop being dramatic. Take this dollar.”

“Thanks mom!”




 “So that was my son Cyrus. You finally got to meet him sorta.”

“Your son… looks like a lot like my dad.”

“Liam, we need to talk…”




 “So you and my dad….”

“It’s not what you think…”


“Well about 8 years ago I trip a college trip to Konani Tide with friends. It was summer break and we wanted to relax a bit. After a night of heavy drinking, I woke up naked next to your dad. I quietly left his room and return to mine. I did see him one more time before going home. My roomie convinced me to have a threesome with him and her. Which we did…”

“Oh wow… I’m not sure what to say.”

“Needless to say, I was the one who came home carrying the souvenir.”




 “Did my dad know? I’m finding out about my dad having secret families and all.”

“No, I was the one who was keeping the secret. I haven’t seen your dad since…until he came wheeling in on a stretcher.”

“So it was just a one weekend fling with my dad?”


“Oh I see.”




 “I hope this won’t make things weird between us.”

“No.. I just wanted to be clear if you still had anything going on with my dad.”

“Not at all. I was just a silly drunken college girl when I met him. I probably wouldn’t date him if I met him back home. Honestly he doesn’t seem like the settling down type. I’m 27 now and I’m ready to find something real. Settle down, buy a cute house with a white picket fence. I had my fun and all. My son needs a father figure in his life, maybe he’ll stop being difficult.”

“He’ll have my dad when he wakes up…”

“Yeah that’s true.. But you know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” 




 I played some ping pong with Selene for a while. This new info is was a bit difficult to process. I meet a girl that I like and my dad has already been with her. I would be pulling a Mordecai if I asked her out but she seemed to be hinting that she still likes me. But I dunno about this…




 39 kids… This number just keep climbing up over the hours. I tried to wrap my head around Selene being involved with my dad when she was 19 but this kinda bothers me.. However I still like her.

I finished sending out the emails explaining about my dad. I gave them all my number if they wished to speak with me or ask me any questions.




I glanced over at Eli, wonder which number was he.  I thought he was the 24th child and the youngest but clearly he was not. I watched him finally fall asleep. He has been a bit fussy since his first tooth is coming in. Eli looks so peaceful again. He doesn’t have to worry about anything. He’s home, safe and don’t have to deal with his parents drama.. 



 I found a hidden email in my dad’s account. It was from the Dover Falls Elixir shop. I was curious of why my dad would be getting emails from there. I don’t recall him ever going there. I opened one of them. I was shocked by when I read.

“Hi dad! My name is Corrine. I’m the owner of the Dover Falls Elixir here in EC. I hope we can finally meet.”

40 kids?




The next day I made a trip to Dover Falls and hoped to meet this Corrine. Is she really my dad’s daughter?





 “Hello, are you Corrine?”

“No I’m Lindsey.”

“Is Corrine here by any chance?”

“Yeah, she lives here. She’s probably out in the garden. I can buzz her.”




 I was greeted by Corrine outside. Just taking one look at her there was no denying that she is my sister. I couldn’t believe how huge my family grew in 24 hours.




 “You must be Liam.2, right?”

“How do you know me already?”

“Dad talked about you. I’m Corrine, your long lost half sister.”

“So you make 40..”

“40? That sounds about right, ha ha ha. I was hoping of when I can finally meet my siblings.”

“So how long you knew about us?”




 “I met dad back in November. I went into town to get some supply and saw him at the store. I knew he was Donor #108B when I first lay my eyes on him. I did some searching online and got his email address. I sent him an email and we met.”

“Donor #108B?”

“I’m a lab baby. My mother was married to an unattractive man, it was part of an arrangement. She had no choice to marry him. He requested an heir to be born to pass on this wealth however my mother didn’t want to risk being an ugly child into the world. He requested that the child should be a boy so they seek help at the genetics lab. They would assure they the child would be a male. However my mother made a semen swap while the lab tech was a way. She grabbed Donor #108B, replacing her husband’s. When I was born, he was in shock that I was born a girl. He had a heart attack and died. My mother told me that my real father was Donor #108B, a Navox Genie. She printed off his picture and gave it to me when I was a child. Since then I wanted to locate him and meet him. I only knew his as Donor #108B but now I know him as Borage Montigo, my father.”

“That’s quite a story. I guess its kinda a relief that you weren’t a result from his drunken sexual rampage.”

“Ha ha ha. Just a genetically created lab baby that he wasn’t aware of. “




 Corrine seems nice. She grew up well in a rich family in Lansing Falls, MT. She family owns a chain of Elixir shops around the country. Corrine is part Tusnya Fae, a tribe of fairies that descended from the Tuscia tribe. Tusnya Faes are slightly more modernize than the Tuscia. Corrine explains that all fairy tribes are naturalists but each tribe specialize in certain areas of nature. The Tusnya and Tuscia are healers. They create potions and natural medicine.   I did enjoy learning about fairies with Corrine. There’s so much to learn.





 “Now that we know each other, if you ever need anything here I can give you a family discount.”

“Oh thanks.”

“Is there anything of which your heart desires?”

“Well…the courage to ask a girl out that like.”

“Ahh yes. I can help you with that. I have just the thing for that. The Liquid Courage elixir.”

“Seriously? I figure I would get a pep talk.”

“Nonsense, sometimes a pep talk isn’t enough. Sometimes a swift kick is needed. I currently don’t have any in stock. Most people just use rum for courage. But I can make a batch. It’s on the house.”

“Really thanks?”








 As Corrine was making me an elixir for me, I decided to look around. I never been to a shop like this and I was curious. There’s seems to be a lot of interesting things here. I think maybe I’ll make a few more trips here. Maybe I can learn some more new things.




 “Ahh, perfect!”





 “I hope this will help you. You just mix it into your favorite drink and drink it. You will have the courage for the next 48 hours before it wears off.”

“Oh that sounds simple. Any side effects?”

“Possibly a cute girl on your arm?”

“Ha ha ha. I think we will get along, Corrine.”

“I think so too. I better return to my garden. My first summer harvest is ready. Would you like to help? “





 I never tended to a garden before. And I actually had fun doing so. Corrine let me keep a few apples for the girls. Solar loves apples so I know this would be a nice treat for her.







 When I got home I was surprised to see my grandparents there. I had no idea they were even coming. If I know then I would have gotten the house in better shape. They wanted to surprise us and they sure did, especially my grandfather. I haven’t seen him since he find out Junior is his son. Dad pretty much cut him out of his life since then.




 “Mama! I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I know R2, we wanted to surprise you kids.”

“It’s L2, Mama. Ha ha ha.”

“I know but I like R2 better.”




 “So what brings you guys in town?”

“Our son..”


“I really don’t wanna see Bubba in that condition but Liam suggest that we should.”

“I know there’s not much we can do for Borage but we need to at least see him.”

“I guess I could understand that, he is your son after all.”

“I haven’t seen my son in ages.. I just need to see him again.”

“I guess it’s the right time for you, Liam. Bubba can’t kick you out.”

“If you’re implying that I’m using Borage’s coma to get close to him, then you are wrong Zinnia.”

“Just saying…”

“I care about our son.”




 I let my grandparents get sudden in. I figure I should see if this stuff works.





 “Well here’s goes nothing.”





 I really wasn’t feeling anything different until suddenly I feel this urge to call Selene.





 “Hello Selene. I was wondering if you have any plans for tomorrow afternoon. I would like to take you out on a date if you don’t mind. Really? That’s great, can I pick you up around 1? Cool. I’ll see you then.”





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 99 – Where’s Your Head At?

With it now being summertime, I decided that I should take some time off from my job to spend more time with my daughter and siblings. I was granted a 2 week vacation and today we plan to meet up with Mordecai and his daughters at the beach.

Since learning about my new younger sister Aaliyah, I’ve made arrangements with Sunny about having Aaliyah come over. It was perfect timing for Sunny since she’s working on 2 big cases. Aaliyah will be spending more time with us during the summer and she’s pretty happy about that. I don’t mind having her around, she’s pretty sweet and Solar likes her a lot.





“Is it okay if I go to the movies with Rhea afterwards?”

“What kind of movie do you girls plan to go week?”

“The Net Frame. It’s about a computer hacker who hacks into the government’s system. I know it’s a thriller type movie.. I hope that’s okay.”

“As long as it’s a PG 13, then I’m okay with it.”

“It is. So can I go?”

“Yes, just be home before 7.”

“Oh cool! Thanks! I can’t wait to see that movie.”




 It’s been nearly a month since Solar could suddenly start walking. It’s a mystery for me and I’m curious of how that came about. I worked with her for months but she refused. She takes a nap next to dad one day and now she’s walking like its nothing.

 She had a doctor’s appointment and her growth is charting as a 2 year old although she’s 9 and half months old. Her doctor suggests it’s probably time to start treating her as a 2 year old and potty train her. However, that’s not going well…



 “C’mon Solar, just potty in the chair like a big girl.”

“No! No!”

“Please Solar? Do it for me?”

“Uh nuh! No potty!”

“But Solar, you gotta now. You’re a big girl now, not a little baby.”

“No, 2! No potty, 2!”

“Okay fine. But we will try this again later.”





The day at the beach with the kids was kinda fun and relaxing. It’s something that I really needed since I’ve been busy working and trying to hold the household together. I’m really glad that Mordecai suggested that we should hang at the beach.




 I was unsure about taking Eli along but Morde said he was taking Kiara since he had her for the day. I guess Kiara would need the company since they are close in age. She’s just 2 weeks younger than Eli. The babies were enjoying themselves, snuggled in their car seats.




It wasn’t long before they were fast sleep in their seats, after all it was close to their mid morning nap time.




 “So how have you and Haven been doing? Is that still going?”

“Yeah man, why would you think it wouldn’t?”

“Cause you’re you… I never seen you settle with anyone, I mean seriously.”

“Oh so Sonoko don’t count?”

“Not really, you and her where off and on like a light switch… Besides I didn’t think you guys were ever serious seeing how she’s BL’s mom…”

“I did love her… But what about you? Aren’t you ready to start dating? Ya know it’s been forever ago.”




 “I dunno… I’m kinda busy and don’t have time for dating.”

“Bullshit. You got time, you’re just being chicken shit.”

“No.. I’m not… Well maybe a little.. But there is this one girl-“

“That baby nurse? Ah ha! I knew you had a thing for her.”

“Wha-what? How do you figure?”

“I see how you looked at her. You’re all like, “Just kiss me, gimme a wet one.””

“Shut up! I do not! But he doesn’t want a guy like me..”

“Dude, where’s your head at?”


“You got your head too high up in the clouds that you can’t see that lady is into you. Dude text her!”

“Text her… I can’t.. What am I gonna say?”

“Do it or I will.”




 “Fine.. I’ll text her but I dunno what I’m gonna say to her.”

“If you want this lady, you gotta step up.”

“Okay… I’m texting her now.”





 “What did you say?”

“Just saying hi.”

“You are so lame. Gimme your phone.”

“Wait! No! What are you saying to her?!”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna make you sound more interesting.”

“Morde, please! Give me back my phone!”

“I will after I hit send.”




 “Why did you just say that!”

“I think you mean, “Thanks.””

“Why should I be thanking you! I would never say anything like that!”

“I know, that why I did. You gonna compliment her ya know.”

“Yeah but there’s other ways.”

“My way is better, trust me on this.”

“I never felt so embarrassed in my life…”

“You’ll live.”



 I was a bit annoyed with Morde and decided to play with the girls. I checked my phone a few time but no reply from Selene. I feel like such a fool. I won’t blame her if she doesn’t wanna talk to me anymore. I do kinda like her and all but I think Morde ruined any chance that I might have with her if its true about her being into me.




Mariah and Kimora begged if they could  stay the night with us since Aaliyah will be staying over for the next 2 days. I couldn’t say no to their sweet faces and told them it was okay. Morde grabbed Kiara and headed home while I got all the girls settled in my car. Ally was hanging back since she and Rhea were going to see a movie. I’m pretty glad cause that gave me extra room in my car.




 Once getting to the house, the girls were hungry and all voted on grilled cheese sandwiches. It was pretty nice having lunch with the girls. They talked about their favorite cartoon shows and other kid stuff. It kinda reminded me of all the times my siblings and I all ate together as kids.




I played with the kids for the rest of the day. So far I the start of my vacation has been going pretty great. This was seriously needed.




 I was getting Solar’s bath ready when I heard the doorbell rang. I saw it was Morde and wasn’t sure why would be here. I checked my phone to see if he texted first but no new messages. Not even from Selene…

“Dude, so did she text back?”

“No, your text probably scared her off..”

“Doubt it, she’s probably busy. Ya know how nurses are.”

“Maybe but I dunno.”

“Well, I’m gonna help you out, bro.”




 “And how are you going to help me out?”

“We’re gonna go out and party.”

“How is that helping?”

“I know what your problem is. Why you don’t have the balls to ask Selene out. You’re worried you’ll be too inexperience for her since Ashley was your one and only. Tonight, we are gonna get your dick wet. You never did have a rebound and I think it’s over due.”

“I don’t need a rebound. Ash and I broke up over 13 years ago. I’m over her..”

“But still you need a second chick. You’ll feel more confident once you do.”

“I don’t see how your logic is reasonable.”

“Trust me, my logic is gold.”

“And that worries me…”




 “So how do I look?”

“I said we are going to the club, not church! You look like a choir boy!”




 “What? I think I look snazzy. Ash thought I looked cute when I wore this.”

“Where’s your head at? Still up her ass? Dude, you need to burn that! Tonight, you’re officially done with her and totally not wearing that.”

“Well its too late to go shopping.”



 “We’re raiding dad’s closet. I know he has some dicking ladies clothes!”




 “I feel and look ridiculous…”

“Nah bro, you just got sexed up for the ladies. So I think you mean to say, “Thanks.”

“I look like a gigolo, Morde.”

“Then my work here is done. I must say that dad has some good taste.”




 “Well can I wear my glasses?”

“No dude! Tonight you’re Esteban the sex machine. Glasses will nerd you up!”

“But I need them to see..”

“Goddamnit L2, wear your contacts. Esteban doesn’t need to see. He just need to feel on the nice tits on sexy ladies.”

“Why can’t I be myself?”

“Cause yourself is lame.”



 “I don’t want to be dishonest.”

“You’re not looking for a soulmate, just a laid. Lie with all your heart’s content, Esteban.”

“I still don’t feel right about this.. I mean what if I’m terrible.. It’s been 13 years for me.”

“You’re a Montigo, you have 35.6% of Navox blood in you! You can still fuck like a porn star.”

“I dunno….”

“After a few shots, you’ll be fine.”




 “We gotta remember this night cause he’ll probably never look this good anymore.”


“Boragio and BL would never believe this unless I have pics to prove this.”

“You guys are jerks.”



 “I betcha Selene is gonna like this pic when I tag you on my FacePage.”

“If she’s into the gigolo look.”

“Whatever, you look all thanks to me…and dad.”








 I wasn’t about nightclub scene. It’s been ages still I’ve been to one. Morde went to go order us some drinks although I didn’t plan to drink. I wanted to keep a clear head tonight. I serious doubt that I would get lucky.




“Drink up, bro.”

“I said I wasn’t going to drink.”

“And I say you need to. Ya gotta loosen up a bit and not be a wallflower.”

“I’m unsure about this..”

“You’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“But I don’t trust you..”




 I watched Morde dance with a few females on the dance floor. He motioned me over to join him but I coward away. I didn’t think I’m a good of a dancer even when my dad tried to force me to learn from him since I was a kid. I always feel so awkward when I dance so I just don’t bother with doing that.





 I walked away and played some darts alone. So far I’m not enjoying my night out and I just wanna go home. I’m just not a party person like the rest of my family.




 “Dude, seriously… You over here playing darts alone like a nerd!”

“I like playing darts.”

“You need to like playing with tits. Seriously bro, put yourself out there.”

“Morde, I’m not like you and will never be. I just wanna go home.”

“You’re not going home until I convince some chick to ride you. I’ll be back.”




 “What can I get for ya sweetie?”

“My bro is tighter than a dick in the ass, I need something to loosen him up a bit.”

“Hmm, I think I have just the thing for ya sweetie.”




 “Try this, you’ll like it.”


“I’m not taking no for an answer. After you down this, we’re gonna do some shots.”

“You know that I’m not a big drinker.”

“I know but just for tonight.”





Morde wasn’t going to stop with the drinks so I might as well drink up.. It’s been a pretty mellow night. What’s the worst that can happen? Not like I would get some drunk that I’ll hook up with someone like June.




 “Hey you look mildly attractive, whatcha think about my brother Esteban over there?”





 “Woooooo! I feeeeeeel so great! Yeaaaaaah!”





 “He’s really cute! Is he single?”

“Hell yeah! You should go talk to him!”

“Really?! Okay if that’s cool with you!”

“I’m totally cool with that!”




 “Hey cutie. I’m April, wanna dance and do some shots?”

“Yeaaaaah!!! Let’s do some shots! Let’s do some shots!”

“Oh cool! You sound fun!”

“You sound cute!”






 “So Esteban, its been fun tonight.”

“Yeah, I had lots of fun.”

“So you wanna go to my place for more fun?”

“Like sex? Cause I totally want to sex you.”

“Oh good! We should tell your brother.”




 “Morde! We are gonna have sex! Wooooo!”

“Calm down a bit bro, you don’t wanna scare her off.”

“Oh my gosh! He’s so cute! Ready, Esteban??!”

“I’m ready! I’m about to take my pants off!”

“Brother! Calm your dick!”

“No! You calm your dick!”

“Yeah! Calm your dick, Esteban’s brother!”

“You both had too much to drink. I’ll call ya a cab to April’s place.”



 “Alright, your cab is here. I’ll help you there.”

“Duuuuude… I’m about to have sex!”

“I know.”

“And I’m so excited!”

“I bet. Just don’t pass out once you get there.”

“I can’t cause I’m gonna have sex, sex, sex, sex, and sex!”

“I’m never getting you drunk again…”








 “So this is my place. Wanna head to my room or do it on the kitchen table?”

“Anywhere you want, baby.”















 “Ashley? Who’s that? I’m April.”

“Huh? Did I just call you Ashley?”

“Duh.. That’s what I just said.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean..”

“It’s okay! It’s close.”

“Was I good?”

“Good? No. But you were fuckin’ awesome. Wanna go at it again?”





My head was pounding, my vision blurred, my thoughts clouded. What happen last night? I could see that I was naked next to a female who was also naked but I couldn’t remember her name. I couldn’t believe that it already morning or afternoon, I wasn’t sure until I could find my phone.




 “Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 11:30, Esteban. Why? Do you need to leave?”

“My name is Liam and yes I need to go. I got kids at home. I hope Aries didn’t have class today.”

“Liam? I thought your name was Esteban? Who are you?!”

“I’m Liam, Esteban is a name my brother calls me when we party.. I gotta go but my head is pounding.”

“Ya know.. You look familiar.. You’re not a Montigo are you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Goddamnit! You stole my nephew Eli!”


“Eli is my nephew, June’s my sister.”

“Oh crap…Did we?”


“Please tell me that I wore a condom..”

“No. But its okay… I’m not like her. She’s just my half sister.”

“Oh crap… I better go.”

“Wait no! I kinda like you.”




 “Please don’t go, Liam. Let’s get to know each other and have more sex.”

“That’s not a good idea. I gotta go home. Sorry.”

“Are you at least going to call me?”

“Honestly no… Unless you want to speak to me about seeing Eli.”

“I thought we connected last night.”

“I’m really sorry… I’m really am..”

“So you’re going back to her…”


“Ashley. You called me Ashley last night. You were thinking of her when we were fucking. I thought you were single.”

“I am and Ashley is my ex. Again I’m sorry if I lead you on.”

“Why does this always happen to me? Get out and never come back!”




 I pulled out my phone so I could see if Boragio was home since he lived next door. I need a ride home since I’m nearly blind and can’t wait for cab at April’s. I pulled out my phone and got something unexpecting.



Love For The Ladies: Chapter 69: Live, Laugh, Love

It was Christmas eve and I was finishing up the last things I needed to do before we have some of our family come over for dinner tomorrow. Boragio asked me if it was okay if he invited his girlfriend, Vega. She wasn’t to make it to Moonlight Falls to see her family. I wasn’t aware that Boragio had a girlfriend but I suspect Vega was the girl whom he chatted with for a couple of years. I figure they must had recently met up. As I wanted it to be family, I figure why not. I couldn’t with a good heart say no. After all she is his girlfriend now, who would want to spend the holidays alone. Without hesitation I told Boragio that I was fine with it. The more the merrier right?

“Hey Vega, I was wondering if you wanted to spend Christmas with me and my family? It would suck if you spent it alone. I couldn’t enjoy myself if I knew you alone in your apartment.”




“I hoping you would ask me. I didn’t feel right trying to invite myself over. I would love to spend Christmas with you and your family. If I didn’t get an invite, I was gonna find an open bar and chill. I look forwarded in meeting your family.”




“You know I wouldn’t leave you all alone on Christmas. I know you were pretty bummed out on not being able to see your family. I could of paid for your bus ticket. It’s no big deal to me.”




“I know you could but I wouldn’t feel right about it. I know how most of your family is rich and you told me about your last girlfriend was pretty much a gold digger. I didn’t want you to think that I just want you for money.”




“It’s no problem for me. I’m your guy and I wanna take care of you. I know you’re not a gold digger like Melissa was. I would of known by now if you were or not. But the dinner starts at 7 and we are opening gifts first so I can come pick you up around 5:30 tomorrow. I miss you…”




“I miss you too. Can’t wait for tomorrow.”





It was only an hour away before guest would start showing up. I figure we would open gifts first since the kids are dying to see what they got this year. This Christmas is bittersweet.. It’s so strange hearing dad’s voice. He was always excited about Christmas, mainly cause he felt it would be the year we finally got him a stripper for a day. Christmas was mildly quiet. The girls stayed in their room, Aries worked on another painting, Boragio finish wrapping up a few last gifts, and Mordecai watched some football on TV. It’s not our usual Christmas morning, the house was always filled with chatter and excitement. This year, it’s a bit dull.

I decided to still go on planning a dinner with family who is in town. My other siblings weren’t able to come into town or didn’t want to come cause it wouldn’t be the same without dad. My grandparents weren’t able to make it either. I guess it’s okay, we at least have some family here. Dad would want us to still celebrate even if he wasn’t here. I just hope we can get into the mood.




The guest had arrived and we weren’t straight to opening the gifts. I called everyone down to the basement so we can get this party started.





I invited Ramiro, his wife Collette along with their 4 kids. I invited Alexia along with her son Axel. Since Alexia’s son would be my first cousin and she is pregnant with dad’s baby, she’s pretty much family now. Boragio went and got Vega, now things are set.




“I hope you got me everything that I wanted mom.”

“I got you what I could. Since when you gotten spoiled?”

“I’m not spoiled now, I’m super fresh. Ha ha!”

“Oh funny little girl..”

“I didn’t want much anyway mom. But if you can get dad to see me..”

“Dysko, we talked about this..”

“I know mom but he’s my dad.”

“And I remind him of that every time I speak to him. His career seems more important right now. Besides, you have Ramiro.”

“He’s just a step dad, mom.”




“Ahh yes! I got a Motorola razr! Now I’m the coolest chick on the block!”

“I’m not sure why you wanted that fossil phone for but your dad found one on EA-Bay.”

“So when I opened my phone it’s gonna say “Hellomoto!” “

“You were always a strange one, Saphria.”




“Awesome! I got the new Need more speed game! I always wanted this racing game! Wanna play with me, Morde and get beat?”

“Ha! You think you could beat me?”

“I know I can. I’m a champion in that game. I got platinum trophies in all it’s game. Haven’t you checked my trophies page on my Gamestation X 360 account?”

“No but you check mine. It say I’m pretty awesome.”

“I saw your gold trophy for the my little pony game. Yeah.. so awesome.”

“Hey, I am proud it.”




“Cool! I got a Nokia 1100! Love this! Thanks daddy!”

“What’s with you and your twin with old phones? I doubt that you could get those activated. What’s so wrong with the smartphones your dad and I got you both?”

“Saphria and I like to collect old phones. It’s so retro ya know.”

“Oh okay, I guess.”




“Wanna know what’s the best gift that anyone would love?”

“What’s that, Morde?”


“Seriously? What’s so great about you?”

“I make cute kids. You gotta see little Kiara.”

“Speaking of which, why isn’t she here?”

“Her mom has her.”

“Shouldn’t you be with her too? I mean it’s her first Christmas.”

“I invited Piper but the Labbores are doing their own thing. I told her I would bring the girls after our thing is over. But I remember Piper’s is a morning and I figure Piper can have her in the morning and I get her this evening. But she then said hers was an all day thing.”

“You gotta make better arrangements with those Labbores, Morde. They tend to be pretty possessive. They may never let you have a holiday with the baby.”

“I can tell Piper wouldn’t mind it but it’s her parents. Werewolves and their damn loyalty, she wouldn’t go against their wishes.”




“Well hi there young lady, I don’t think I had the pleasure to meet you. I’m Ramiro and this is daughter Saphria.”

“I’m Vega, Boragio’s new girlfriend. Nice to meet you Ramiro.”

“Ahh, well I see some beautiful children coming its way.”

“Huh? Um.. I’m not pregnant. Do you think I’m pregnant? It wouldn’t be possible anyway.”

“Well, I’m just saying cause you’re very pretty. You seem a little nervous.”

“Well um.. just when you mention babies.. I thought you were implying I’m pregnant or something. You’re a vampire right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“My mom is one too and I know how you vampires can sense a pregnancy early on.”

“I see, that’s interesting. I think you and Boragio will have beautiful kids one day.”

“Dad, am I getting a car this year?”

“Saphria please..” 

“So lame..”




“I hope I get another pony for my collection. I need Bubblegum Star and my world will be complete.”

“I can’t believe I’m having another baby.. I just couldn’t leave him alone.”

“Do you like Rainbow ponies too, Alexia? I hope I get a new one today.”

“Where am I gonna put the baby at? My crappy apartment is too small for another kid.”

“Huh? You’re gonna have a baby? My dad had another baby but he’s sick.”

“I know little girl. But yeah, I’m gonna have a baby.”

“Why aren’t you happy about it? If daddy was awake he can give you some magic and you’ll be happy. Daddy said his magic makes ladies all happy.”

“I think your grandpa gave me enough of his “magic”.”

“Then you should be super happy.”

“If you only knew kid…”




“This gift is from Shae! I wish she was here so I can tell her thank you. I got new paints! I’m the coolest genie alien on the block!”




“I got some new cologne. Now all the ladies want a ride on the Morde train. I’m the coolest man on the block.”




“A dirty DVD? Really? I’m the angriest guy on the block.”




“Very funny Morde..”

“I figure you could use it. Like when’s the last time you was with a female?”

Mordecai had some what of a point. When was the last time I was with a female? I haven’t dated anyone since Ashley. I’ve been so busy caught up in raising Alyssa, my nieces and younger siblings that I forgotten about my life. Maybe it is time to put myself out there. But would anyone be interest with nerdy guy with a teenage daughter? I don’t have much experience with dating or females. I only been with Ashley. I think about Selene time to time but I doubt she’ll have any interest in me.




“Socks? Mommmm! I don’t want socks!”





Dad went shopping for the little ones just before his accident. At first I wasn’t sure if I should give this to Mariah, fearing she might get emotional. But it was something that she always wanted. Dad spoils her. I decided to set it down for her. Best decision I made today.

“Oh my! Oh my! Daddy got me Bubblegum Star!! I can’t believe it! He got me this! I always want this pony! I’m the happiest girl ever!”




Dad got the twins and Kimora a new activity table. I set it in the basement in case they are down here, they’ll have something to play it. Sadly, only Kimora and Solar would get to enjoy this. I hope Orion is doing okay..




After we all opened our gifts, we went upstairs and had a non traditional Christmas dinner. Everyone had different taste and they brought they wanted. We were making the best of a bittersweet situation. We minimize the subject of dad, Eli and Orion. It would damper the mood if we were to talk about their absence. But I think we all had a nice family dinner.





We let Kimora sit at the big table this year. She turns 4 next month and she’s gotta too big for the high chair. Kimora loves that she can sit at the big table now, it makes her feel like she’s apart of the family. I pulled Solar’s highchair close to the table so she wouldn’t let out and alone. It wouldn’t be bad if Orion was still here, that way she wouldn’t be alone.

Morde thought it was a good ideal to give Kimora a plate of spaghetti. I love that he’s stepping up and fixed plates for both of his kids but spaghetti wasn’t a good choice. Kimora decided she needed extra hair and worn the spaghetti in your hair. Then she decided that Solar needed extra hair.  She tossed spaghetti in Solar’s hair. That prompt Solar to start crying. She’s been sensitive since Orion was taken. Needless to say, Morde had to clean it up. Oddly, he didn’t mind it so much.





After dinner, we all socialize with each around the house. I watched Ramiro danced with his wife, Collette. They are so in love and happy. I remember being that way with Ashley so many years ago. But she changed and things went sour fast.

She wasn’t interest in studying. She wanted to party and be one of the cool people on campus. Then she was turned to drugs. The drugs is what change her. I was so worried about her so I failed school. I returned home alone with a degree. Ashley left me for another guy saying I was too boring. She needed fun in her life and Alyssa and I were holding her back. It’s been years since I’ve heard from her.




I decided that I’ll send Selene a greetings text. We exchanged numbers so she could keep me in the loop about Eli. But I found she sent me a text: Merry Christmas! I hope u and your family are having a great one! *hugs* Usually when Selene calls or text it’s about Eli but this one was personal and friendly. I sent her a back saying thank you and hope she’s having a good Christmas too. She replied back with a smile text face. It made me smile. I wonder if she would ever talk to me outside of the hospital, her text shown me she would. I was never good at telling a girl that I liked her.




I remember when I was a teen, I convinced Bora Bora to give Ashley a note saying that I liked her. She claims she gave her the note but honestly I’m not sure. It was kinda lame but when Greta moved Ashley in, she made a move on me. Now that I’m grown, I can’t just leave her a note. I gotta be man enough to tell her but I’m shy..




“Hey sis, what’s going with you? You seem more bitchy than usual.”

“My life sucks!”

“Don’t be dramatic, Lexy.”

“But I’m not!”




“Lexy, tell me what’s going with you.”

“I’m lost, Collette. I dunno what to do now.”

“Lost? What do you mean?”




“Borage put too much of his magic in me! It created a baby. I’m pregnant! And I don’t know what to do! Borage is in a coma, my job sucks, my apartment sucks! My life sucks! What am I gonna do with this baby?! Dealing with Axel is a pain, he’s a little brat.. but a cute brat. He wants his dad and doesn’t want me. I try to good right with him! What if this baby hates me too?!”




“Oh Lexy.. does mom know?”

“No.. I haven’t told her. She might get mad at me for getting knocked up by another guy who I’m not with. It’s bad when Axel’s dad and Borage are brothers! How am I gonna explain this to Axel? I knew I should had left Borage alone! But I couldn’t… I couldn’t resist him.”

“I’m sure you can find a way to explain to Axel. But are you saying that you don’t want to keep the baby?”

“I dunno what I wanna do with it. Let’s say Borage wakes up and found out I got rid of his kid.. He’ll hate me. I wish he was awake then we could make a decision.”

“Keep the baby.”

“But Coco..”

“Keep the baby. Ramiro and I will help you. I’ll talk to mom about Axel, maybe she can keep him while you get your head together. You gotta stay strong and not stress not or your body will decide for you. You can move in with Ramiro and I. We got a lot of space for you, Axel and the baby.”




“You would really let me move in?”

“Yes, I’m your big sister. It’s my job to look after you. You know you’ll always have my love and support. I wish you came to me sooner.”

“I shoulda… But thanks. This means a lot.”

“My house is always open for you. Maybe tomorrow, we can go baby shopping for your little one?”

“Okay.. You know I love shopping!”

“Me too. I hope this one is a little girl since you got a son already.”

“I was kinda hoping for another boy. Girl pregnancy are gonna make me look ugly.”

“Oh good lord… Yeah you need to move in with me if your worried about your appearance so much.”

“Ha ha ha! You know me!”




“Hey Miro..”

“Hey.. I know that look. What’s on your mind.”

“I was thinking maybe we should add onto our family.”

“You want a puppy?”

“No, something with less hair and has 2 legs.”

“A baby.”

“Why not? Ramon is getting older and doesn’t need me so much. The girls are teens and I miss having a little one.”

“I thought we were done after Ramon. You got on those pills.”




“We only had one child together. I think we should have another one. Besides, I think Ramon hates being the only boy.”

“What if the baby is a girl?”

“He’ll be older at least and not have to worry of her tormenting him like the teens do.”

“I know where this is coming from. It’s Alexia. She’s having a baby and you want one too.”

“How you know she’s pregnant?”

“You forget that I’m a vampire. I can sense it before anyone else can.”

“Oh yeah.. Maybe we should start making a baby tonight. I stop taking the pills a month ago. I’ve been thinking of it before Alexia.”

“Borage has a nice sauna room we can check out.”




“You locked the door, right?”

“Of course, no one will bother us. Let’s make our baby.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The kids all played Alyssa’s new video game that I got for her. She impressed me by bringing home a 4.0 report card last month. I made sure she got everything she wanted, besides an actual car. She has a few more year before that happens.




Boragio spent time with Vega. She seems nice and I like her. She seems like the right girl for him. I’m just that everyone is having fun. I’m not sure where Ramiro and Collette disappeared to.




“Your dad has a nice house. I can see why you’re living here.”

“Its nice but crowded sometimes.”

“Ever thought about moving out?”

“Sometimes but I dunno.”

“Well I have an extra room. I could use a roommate.”

“You want me to move in?”

“Maybe.. I’m not trying to rush.. Sometimes I speak before thinking..”

“If I move in, I think I wanna be in your room.”

“I would hope so! Ha ha. So?”

“Let me think about it.”





“A penny for your thoughts..”

“You met Vega, right?”

“Nice girl, yes.”

“She just asked me to move in.”

“Okay, what’s the issue?”

“I dunno if I should. I think my brothers would need me.”




“Your brothers will be fine. These are their kids and their responsibility. I say go live your life. You’ll need to be there for your own kid anyway.”

“My own kid? Vega’s not pregnant. We had sex once last week.”

“It only takes one time, silly kid.”

“That’s impossible for you to know anyway. Way too early.”

“Vampire senses. I didn’t want to spoiled the surprise she’ll be getting a few weeks from now but I figure I’ll tell you, it will help you with your decision. Go be with Vega your baby.”

“Should I tell her?”

“I wouldn’t. I didn’t bother telling the wife about the surprise in her, tonight.”

“You just got her pregnant?”

“Yeah, us vampires can tell instantly. Well some of us can. The older, the wiser.”




“Vega, I thought about it..”


“I’ll move in with you.”


“Yeah, why not. Life is too short..well yours is. I have forever but I think we should start our life now.”




“Really? You’ll really move in with me?”


“You just made me the most happiest girl ever!”

“That’s my goal.. Besides.. I rather live with the girl I love than anywhere else.”

“Wait.. Did you just say that you love me?”

“I do.”

“….. I love you too.”




The party was over and everyone went home. Boragio announced that he was moving into with Vega after New Years and this was his last week here. I’m happy for him and glad that he will be moving forwarded with his life. Mordecai didn’t get to take his girls to meet the new baby at Piper’s. She finally gave the okay but it was late and it was Kimora’s bedtime. Mordecai headed over while I tucked Kimora in. 

Today was good but could of been great. I just hope next year, we will have everyone here.




“I not sleepy!”

“You had a big day, you should be. Anyway its night, night time.”

“No! I play! I not go sleepy!”

“But you got to. Goodnight sweetie.”

“I no like big nose!”

“Kimora, don’t be mean or you won’t get any cookies tomorrow.”

“I sorry. I go sleepy now.”

“Thatta girl.”




Solar was easy to put in bed for once. She had a big day, first Christmas and all. I just wish she got to spend it with her dad and twin. It’s so sad but I think Solar had fun. She got a lot of love from Collette and Alyssa. They wanted to make sure she’ll be happy.




I thought about what would our family photo would of looked like if dad wasn’t in a coma, if Eli was never sick, if Orion was never taken and if dad finally made things official with Clarissa. It wouldn’t be picture perfect but it would of been great.




It’s been a fun year and all. Writing Borage’s story with it all its ups and downs. It’s been one hell of a year! I hope you all enjoyed the back to back to back to back updates. However this is the last update of the year. Borage’s story will return early February, I plan on tackling the other stories. So stay tuned and shit. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday or something like that! :-p

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 66 – Taken

Knowing how difficult it was to handle 2 antsy toddlers with wings, I made a call to Aries asking if he could take one of twins. Aries along with Boragio was on their way to the hospital. Boragio who answered Aries’ phone told me Aries is having one of his panic attacks and was taking him to see dad. I knew this was coming sooner than later. Aries hasn’t been away from dad this long, the last time he went without dad around he set the house on fire. Aries made a few visits during the week but maybe he should have daily visits instead. Clearly the painting isn’t calming him so much anymore. I can’t have him stressed out, it would upset the twins.

“I need hugs from daddy!”




“Hi Aries, is there something I can help you with?”

“I am sad today..”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Aries. Is there anything I can do to make you feel happy again?”




“Can you wake my daddy up pretty please? I need  hugs. I miss daddy’s hugs.”





“I’m sorry Aries, I can’t do that but I can give you a hug. Would that make you feel better?”

“Maybe.. But I wish-“

“C’mere, Aries. Isn’t this nice.”

“I uh..uh.. This is nice.. Really.”

I do believe this may have been Aries’ first time from being touched by a female whom he’s not related to. Aries’ words were twisted as he didn’t know how to react to Shae’s friendly embrace. From the looks of it, it appear that he enjoyed this encounter from this fair fairy. Like Selene, Shae has always been very helpful with our situation. My brothers and I quickly became familiar faces at Glendale Memorial Hospital. Shae always took a liking towards Aries, offering him tea and now hugs. Its something that Aries needs, he loves to feel the warmth from others, it helps him feel protected. He’s still scarred from his time on Ziharia. He fears someone will take him away and lock him into a cell. Shae doesn’t seem to mind Aries is basically a grown child, she understands his sensitivity when she’s not aware that his childhood and peace of mind was taken. 




“I still feel sad, Shae.”

“Would you like some tea instead? I don’t want you to be sad.”

“I just want my daddy to wake up.”

“I know sweetie but it’s all up to him on that.”

“Can I talk to him? Maybe if he hears me then he’ll wake up.”

“Sure Aries, you can do that.”




“I think you guys’ father is ready for visitors.”

“That’s great but I don’t we can stay cause I looked at the time and realize I have to go pick up a package from the postal office.”

“Oh I see.”




“But I wanna see daddy, L2. I don’t wanna leave. Boragio said I could see him today.”





“I’m sorry Aries, the twins are starting to get hungry and-“

“It’s not fair! Boragio said I could!”

“I know but the twins are difficult to handle alone and I wanted you originally to take one of them. Cause after I pick up the package we were gonna head out to get something to eat. The girls want dinner at Roll N’ Bounce tonight. We can come back later.”

“But.. but.. that’s too long to wait.”

“Hey, I can stay with Aries. I can drop him off during my next break.”

“You would do that?”

“Yes, I think it’s only fair if Aries sees your dad. Isn’t that why your other brother brought him here?”

“Yeah but the twins are antsy, gotta think about them first.”

“I understand but Aries’ needs are just important as the twins. I don’t mind staying with him. Besides, it’s Reba’s turn to do check ins.”




I did feel like crap trying to deny Aries from seeing dad now. But Shae was right, Aries’ needs were just as important as the twins, given he has a state of mind of a child. I felt the twins priorities were higher with them being little. I was content that Shae offered to stay with him and willing to take him home afterwards.

“Are you ready to see your dad?”

“Yeah, can you hold my hand? I kinda like your touch. It’s soft and nice.”

“Sure, I can hold your hand.”



“Daddy… I need for you to wake up. I miss you. I hope you can hear me. Can he hear me, Shae?”

“He might be able to.”

“Daddy.. I just need you to be up so I can feel safe again. Suziu left so I don’t have anyone left. I need a parent around to feel safe. I have visions that Suziu’s people will come to get me again. I don’t wanna go back to that scary place again.”




“Please daddy, please wake up. Mariah misses you. Kimora misses you. I miss you. We all miss you. Why did you have to drive so fast? I think June set that fire and now Eli is sick. You gotta wake up to see Eli and make him better. He might die if he don’t take his first breath and he haven’t yet. Please daddy.. you gotta wake up. I don’t like seeing you like this.”



“Awe Aries, please don’t be upset. Let me give you a hug.”





“He’s gonna wake up someday. And I know he heard you this time but sometimes is a little hard for genies to come out of comas.”

“Can I go beat up June?”

“No Aries, that isn’t nice and it’s not her fault.”

“I got a bad feeling.. Something is dark about her. I liked June but I don’t trust her.”

“Aries, you’re just venting. You want someone to blame but it isn’t fair to blame her. The fire was an accident.”

“I heard the police thinks different…”




“I dunno all about that but let’s take your mind off of that. I kinda like you Aries, you’re a sweet guy. I was wondering if you would like to go out for coffee with me at the Perc someday.”

“Like a date?”

“Well a friendly date if you’re more comfortable with that. I would like to be your friend it’s okay.”

“I thought we were already friends?”

“Kinda… I guess we can say we are official friends now.”

“I like that. I would love to have coffee with you, Shae. You smell so pretty and very nice. You’re beautiful lady.”

“Awe, thanks Aries. That was nice of you to say.”




“And why are you still in the hospital, sis? Like you had that baby 2 weeks ago.”

“I’m still sick. I don’t feel so well so they are keeping me.”

“You’re not sick. You’re not sick at all, you faker.”

“I’m not faking it, my asthma is out of control.”

“So is Eli’s dad still in a coma?”




“You know it’s kinda your fault.”

“No it’s not. I didn’t make him run into a tree.”

“You set that fire.”

“No April, I didn’t.”

“The investigators believe you did. And if you did, that was insane. You coulda die. Like Mr. Magic man would get there to you in time.”




“Look April, I don’t wanna talk about the fire anymore.”

“It’s cause you did it!”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll call in my vampire nurse.”

“There’s a vampire here!!”

“Yes, sister. There’s a vampire here and she’s my nurse.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about the vampire?! You know how I feel about vampires!”

“I do.. Not sure why you wanna be a vampire when you are afraid of them.”

“I think vampires are cool but they are scary!”

“Well I’m gonna check on Eli. Stay.”




“But what if the scary vampire nurse comes in? You’re my big sister! You gotta protect me from vampires!”




“Hey my sweet boy. I see you’re starting to get better.”




“But I can’t have you getting better. I need a reason to keep coming here to see your any chance I can get. They only allow family but I have to sneak in. I’m sorry I gotta keep doing this to you but you gotta stay sick longer.”



“June.. no.. You’re gonna kill the baby..”





“June! What the fiddlesticks! You’re purposely keeping Eli sick?! Are you insane?!”

“I got my reasons and it’s not hurting him. He will get better. It’s not like he’ll die. He’s a genie like his daddy.”

“Are you that stupid?! Do you know anything about genies?!”

“Yeah! They are immortal! Eli will be fine.”

“No he won’t you cunt! Obviously you don’t know that genies don’t get their immortal status until they take their first breath of air! As long as Eli is hooked to that machine, he can die! His little body is trying to heal with little magic his has and you’re killing him! He’s young and sick! He doesn’t have enough magic to keep healing himself. He’s gonna tap out and die if you don’t stop! No wonder why mom never liked you! You are a disgrace! Harming your child for selfish reasons!”

“I thought they were already immortal before birth! Maybe I should have been more careful with my fire.”



“So you did start the fire… What else did you do? Did you finish off the house while you were here? Cause your house just magically caught on fire again.”

“I’m not telling you anything and you’re not telling anyone of what you saw.”

“I’m not gonna let you kill this innocent baby. I’m gonna tell.”

“No one will believe someone who spent 3 years in mental ward.”

“Maybe you should have been there instead of me. I gonna put an end to this.”

“I like to see how try. I know you can’t.”

“Watch me.”




“I only got one shot of doing this. But since you couldn’t come to my fire to save me and you would realize I am the better woman for you. I’ll just take your memory of Clarissa from when you finally awake. You and I can raise Eli like a real family.”




June was released from the hospital and asked if she could stay until her and her sister can patch things up. June’s house caught on fire and she has no place to stay. I wasn’t sure about this but since she’s the mother of Eli, I figure I could let her stay with us. We could use the extra help. I got her set up in the guest room and turned in for the night.





“Orion, you have gotten big. Its time for you to come with me.”





“Are you ready to come with me? The queen has been awaiting you for some time but your father wouldn’t let me take you. Now that your father is out of commission, I can finally take you home.”




“I am sorry Solar, I have no use for you but I will make life easier for you. I will make it easier for you to blend in with the earth people. You will age like on earth. It is my gift to you.”




“Excuse me but what are you doing with Borage’s son?”

“Orion is mine. I am mother. I take him.”

“Oh I see. I guess if you’re his mother-“




“Wait! Where are you taking him?”




“Good morning sleepy head. Solar? You look different.. What happen to your skin? You have normal skin.”


“I guess maybe aliens do this?”




“Aly! Aly! Orion! He’s gone!”




“I’m gonna check on my sister!”




“Great! Kimora is here but where is Orion? Did he fly out the crib again? I’m gonna check Daddy B’s room.”




Orion was missing, Mariah checked all over the house to see if he flown out of his crib over night. Orion was no where in sight. I checked the doors and they were locked so he couldn’t gotten outside. I racked my brain over and over trying to figure where he went.

Just as I was about to report to the police of Orion’s disappearance, June came out of the guest room and mention about an alien woman who said she was his mother took him. I snapped and yelled at her for allowing Ahilac to take Orion. But it wasn’t fair for me to yell at her, June didn’t know about the situation. I apologize to her and she said it was okay. She should have been a little more suspicious but she said it happen so fast.  She said would stay at a friend’s house and let me cool off for bit. I guess the stress of trying to hold this family together is getting to me.



My daughter got Solar ready for the day before heading to school. She’s such a good kid and I’m glad to have her in my life. Solar’s new look is gonna take some time to get use to. She has normal skin but still have her alien eyes along with her fairy wings. I’m not sure if she’s still an alien but we’ll find out during her next visit to Dr Adams.

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 65 – Mystery Magic

The holidays is just a week away. I’m not sure how my family is gonna celebrate with our dad in a coma still and Eli struggling in the NICU. Things wouldn’t be the same without him but it would be pretty depressing if we just mope around the house during the holidays. We should still make it a great time given the situation.




I set up a doctor’s appointment for the twins. Since their birth, they never been seen by a doctor nor been registered. They were the results of a surprise alien pregnancy and my dad didn’t bother to have them register as citizens. I got them registered last week and waiting for their birth certificate along with their ID number card. Dr. Adams was curious about the twins and agree to see them when I don’t have all of their documents just yet. He specialized with occult children and alien fairies peaked his interest. 

Getting the twins already was no issue as they knew they were going on a car ride. They like car rides for some odd reason and they squeal with delight as I got them dressed. It’s almost like they knew they were going for a ride. However if they knew they were going to see a doctor, they would be less happy. I’m sure shots will be given and such.



I knew I should had asked for some help when trying to take the twins. It was a hassle trying to carry them both along with their diaper bag. Solar manage to fly out of my arms. Selene giggled a little as I struggle to get Solar to fly herself into the building. We haven’t taken the twins to see dad cause we fear their reaction. I know they are attached to him but we finally got them to latch onto Aries and I.




“Hi, I’m here to check in Orion and Solar Montigo. They have an appointment with Dr. Adams.”

“I can do that for you. Do you have their documents since this is their first appointment?”

“Well no, it’s coming in the mail. Dr. Adams said he’s willing to see them still and made special arrangements.”

“Oh I see. Okay, gotta. I see the special note that was made. We still need you to fill out some paperwork for the little ones.”

“Okay, that is fine.”

“Great! I got you all checked in. Here are the papers, Dr. Adams will see them shortly.”


“You’re welcome.”




“No.. no.. it’s not true!”

“I’m sorry Ms. Lex but we did the test 5 times already. Did you need to speak with a counselor about this?”

“No! Just do another test! It’s not impossible!”

“Alexia, its positive. All 5 test proved to be positive.”

“There must be an error or something. I know it’s not true. I can’t be!”

“You’re going to have to come to terms with this, Alexia. You’re pregnant.”




“I’m not fucking pregnant, Evan!”

“Alexia, calm yourself please!”

“Don’t tell me to calm! You do another test! I can’t be pregnant!”

“I know vampire pregnancies are difficult but sweetie you are with child now. I’m still your friend other than your doctor. If you need my help, I’m here.”




“Evan.. I don’t think I can do this again.. alone. It’s a struggle handling Axel. He ask about his dad all the time and wants to see him. His dad lives in Lucky Palms, too far just to randomly go on a trip. Plus I’m between jobs so I’m struggling. I can’t have another baby.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but you know I would always be here for you. What about the child’s father? Is he not in the picture?”

“He’s around, I just haven’t heard from him in the past couple of weeks. He’s kind of a jerk anyway…but a sexy jerk. Why couldn’t I just leave that genie man alone. I knew he had a bunch of kids.. But we only had one night of unprotected sex. We were careful the other times. You see why I don’t think it’s possible?”

“Alexia, it only takes one time.”

“Bullshit, Evan!”




“I told you about genies. You gotta be careful with them. But it’s possible, Alexia. I’ve had many girls come pregnant after a one night stand.”

“What do I do then? What if this kid is a genie like their dad? I know nothing about raising a genie kid. Axel and I are both vamps.”

“One suggestion is to start buying food. I specialize with occult infants, I can guide you on raising your possible genie child. I currently have a half genie and half witch infant in my care. So I’m learning more about genie children. It’s such a shame the poor child is fighting for his life while his father lies in a coma.”

“That’s one way to avoid responsibility. “Oh I’m having a baby.” “BRB, gonna put myself into a coma now.” I just hope this kid’s daddy doesn’t do anything like that. He seem like an okay daddy I guess.”

“I don’t think he did that on purpose. If you don’t want to keep the kid, you have options.”

“I know but I’m just lost right now.”

“If you need to talk, give me a call.”

“Thanks, Evan.”

“Can you please call me Dr. Adams when I’m at work?”

“Yeah right! We go way back!”




As I waited to be seen by Dr. Adams, I saw a familiar face. Alexia Lex, Collette’s vampire sister. I haven’t seen her in a while. Sometimes her son comes over to play with Axel but since dad is in a coma, he hasn’t been over. We haven’t told Alexia about the accident yet.

“Hey L2, what’s up? Bout to find out your due date?”

“Ha ha, very funny Alexia. How are you?”




“Not great, L2. I found out that I have a parasite.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope treatment goes well for you.”

“Oh I’ll be okay, it won’t come out til 9 months from now.. Maybe 8 months. I’ve been in denial about it.” 

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yeah, I didn’t plan for this. I blame your dad.”

“Wait.. Your baby is my dad’s?”

“Yep. Congrats L2, you’re gonna be a big brother…again.”



“I dunno what to say. We just had Eli come into the world and now you’re pregnant with my dad’s kid?”

“Yeah so I need for you to tell that asshole to pick up his damn phone. I’ve been trying to tell him that there’s a chance that I’m knocked up. But I had it confirmed 5 times so he put a baby in me.”

“He can’t right now. You see he got in a car wreck and he’s in a coma.”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“No, I’m not.”

“That’s fucking great! I’m not sure what to do with this kid and he’s in a damn coma? Now I’m really lost.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t no one tell me about him? Does Ramiro and Collette know? I gotta wait here for a while to have a sonogram. They wanna check the baby. I’m probably 10 weeks by now.”

“We haven’t told any extended family about it yet. If you need any help-“

“I know.. You’ll help me. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I just wish your dad could weight in his opinion.”



I’m not sure of what my dad feels about abortion or adoption but I imagine my dad would be pissed if Alexia picked one of those options without him having a say. It’s her body and she has the right to decide about keeping the baby or not but it sounds like she wants dad’s opinion. I get the impression that she doesn’t want the kid and that tends to be the issue with dad’s previous baby mamas. Our moms left us with him. But she knows we are a wealthy family and the kid would be taken care of.

“Liam, Dr Adams is ready for the twins.”




Selene was kind enough to help bring the twins to the examine room. She picked up Solar knowing she could be a handful. I love how Selene is very helpful and nice. There’s something about her that makes her special. I feel warm and fuzzy when I see her. I love the scent of her sweet perfume. Her smile makes my day a little better when I visit. I haven’t felt this way since Ashley.




Dr Adams carefully examined both twins. He was quite puzzle and wasn’t sure about them. He never encounter their species before as this is something new to him. He wasn’t sure if he should treat them as a genie, fairy or an alien since they were all 3.

The twins are technically 4 months old in age but have the appearance of an 10 month old. They can’t walk but can speak a few words. After a few test he mention that do have mentality of an 11 month old and I should try to teach them to walk and talk. He gave them shots for alien infants but wasn’t sure about giving them shots for genie and fairy. They appear to be mostly alien and felt it was safer to treat them as aliens for now.




“Well Liam, the are twins are a very interesting case. I only dealt with 4 alien infants in my career. One here and 3 in Sunset Valley, my hometown. I think I will treat them as aliens for the most part but I will need to run a series of test on them.”

“Oh okay. It won’t hurt them or anything?”

“No, they will be since. Just a few scans and blood work for the most part. But the twins do need to be seen by a specialist about their motor skills and mental development. They indeed have a mentality of an 11 month old but clearly a bit behind. I do believe it’s due to their rapid growth. I think we should schedule bimonthly appointments so I can keep track of their growth.”

“Okay, that sounds fine to me.”

“Let’s set them up to return in 2 weeks. I want to give them a low dosage vaccine for genie and fairy infants. However I would like to run a test on their blood work first. For now I’ve given them a high dosage of alien vaccines.”

“I’m glad you’re their doctor. No one was willing to take them.”

“Most doctor don’t treat occult  children, less money that way since most occults are self healers. However children will still need medical attention in the first few years of their lives. I chose to treat them more than human infants, they are remarkable.”




After making a second appointment for the twins, I was greeted by a cop. Although the wreck was 2 weeks ago, this particular lady cop named Sunny Flower still wanted more information although it was ruled as an accident due to the ice on the roads. 

“I just have a few more questions about the accident.”

“I thought this case was closed.”

“I just need to have some things clarified is all. The toxin reports shown he was sober but that’s not cause of his genie magic hiding it?”

“No. If a genie is drunk, trust me it will show.”




“Okay, that’s all the info that I need. You don’t mind if I have a quick peek of your father. Borage Montigo, right?”




“Um why do you wanna see my dad? He’s in a coma and besides we made it that only family can see him.”





“Just let me see him! It’s for police business!”

“I don’t see how that would be police business! His case was closed!”

“You know I can write you a ticket for double parking!”

“If seeing my dad will make you happy then go ahead!”




I wasn’t sure what to make of Sunny, she seemed sweet then turned a little crazy. I’m not sure what was her fascination with my comatose father but he is a genie after all and irresistible. Females tend to get a little nutty around him.

“Thanks! You don’t mind watching my daughter for a little bit.”

“Officer Flower I don’t think you should just dump your kid on me.”

“I trust you, Liam. Besides, I think you should get to know her.”

“Um.. not sure why I should.”

“Trust me, you and my daughter have a lot in common. I’ll be back.”  




Sunny seriously left me with her daughter. I’m not sure why she felt she and I should get to know each other or why she felt I had anything in common with a 6 year old child. She said her name is Aaliyah and gave me a warm smile. I did notice some striking features on her. She had my dad’s bright blue eyes and his lips. It couldn’t be possible Aaliyah had any relation to my dad. My dad only visit here once and that was a year ago. She’s 6, the same age as Mariah. But I am curious about her.




“That baby looks cool. What is her? Is she yours?”

“This is my little sister Solar, she’s an alien, genie and a fairy.”

“Wow! That is so cool! I wish I had a sister like that. But I’m just a genie.”

“You are? I didn’t know your mother was one.”

“She’s not. Just a lame human but my daddy is a genie.. But I never met him. Mommy said he was a special magic man. I wanna find him.”

“I hope you will find him soon.”




“Can you help me? Maybe your little sister can help us. She can use her alien, fairy magic to guide us. Mommy thinks he’s here but this is a hospital full of sick people so I know he’s not here. I think mommy is starting to lose a little.”





“I guess I could help you try but I’ll do my best. Do you know his name?”

“Mommy calls him Muscular Sexy but I’m sure that’s not his name.”

“Oh well maybe you should ask your mother what his name is.”

“Do you know what he looks like?”

“Mommy said he’s sexy.”

“Maybe you should ask a little more about your father. It could help us.”

“Okay I will! I like you. You seem cool!”

“Awe, thanks Aaliyah. I like you too.”




“I found you, Mr. Magic. Even with your face covered with bruises, I still think you’re hot stuff.”




“You look as sexy as you do in your pic on the website. I want to thank you, Muscular Sexy. Your sweet gift gave me something wonderful that my worthless husband couldn’t give me. A child. However my husband was killed so it’s just me and our beautiful daughter Aaliyah.”





“I know you were just a donation from the site but I want Aaliyah to know who her father is. If my husband never died, he would have been. I work long hours, I don’t get to spend time with her as much as I want. I hate having to leave my…our daughter with the nanny. She needs to be around her other parent. I know it’s not your responsibility but I just hope you’ll be a nice guy who would be willing to be apart of her live. Be her father. I know its insane to ask you this. But I don’t have a clue how to deal with a genie kid. She’s moody and she’s only 6! I wonder if you can even hear me..”





“I finally found you and you’re in a fuckin’ coma. Just my damn luck!”