Coming in 2013….

My future plans for the next year. NEW STORIES in the works! This includes…


Broken, The story of Lei Montigo (Gen 1 ) -Montigo Legacy

Tango Inferno (Gen 2) – Montigo Legacy

Love for the ladies 2 (Gen 3) -Montigo Legacy

[Title withheld] A 100 Male Baby Challenge ( Gen 2)-Montigo Legacy

Party Montigo: Livin’ la Lunar Lakes Loca (Gen 2) -Montigo Legacy

Secret #9 – (Gen 1) Lex Legacy



Lex Remix


I’m slowly but surely bringing back most of my Lex sims back. If you were around for the first time around, you would of notice there are some changes with the characters. I decided to show you the old & new Lex members.




Original Felicia: She was kind and dreamed to find true love. Instead she was forced into a married with Malachi. Felicia given birth to 4 kids, which 3 were Malachi’s. Felicia’s 2nd child (Collette) was a result of a affair with the family’s gardener, Cortez. Malachi know Collette was not his child and had her sent away before nearly killing Cortez. After hearing about the orphanage Collette was sent caught on fire, Felicia put her self into coma. Felicia came out of her coma once she heard the voice of Collette. Felicia realize that she loved Malachi, even after all of the abuse.




New Felicia: She’s no longer a vampire after being attacked while nursing baby Malix. To spare Felicia’s life, she was turn human. This time around, she loved Malachi but he rejected her after she was turned human. Felicia had 3 kids, Malix, Collette and Alexia. The same birth order from the original legacy. Malachi fathered Malix and Alexia however Felicia is unaware Malachi is Alexia’s father. Felicia is sometimes cold and distant from Collette but favors Alexia. Felicia is severely depressed after Malix was kidnapped as a infant. Felicia suffers from a rare illness and is usually too weak to hold a job. Felicia has a love for gardening like the original Felicia who didn’t actually did it herself.




Original Collette: Growing up without a family, Collette was sent out to create a huge family of her own. She always had a feeling that she belonged to a huge family but didn’t have the resources to locate her birth family. Collette set out on a journey to have 101 kids. Her first child was a girl who she named Dysko. She was father by Connor Frio who seemed to be very jealous and wanted Collette to be with him. Collette declined and had 45 kids before the story was cut off. Collette met a vampire named Ramiro Hexton whom she later fell in love with. Ramiro reveal he was sent by her family to find her. Once traveling to Appaloosa Plains, Collette met her siblings and mother for the first time. Felicia was in a coma but the sound of Collette’s voice woke her. Collette always wanted to know who her mother was. Malachi wanting to turn over a new leaf welcome Collette back into the family. He was the one who sent her away.




New Collette: She has a family this time around but seems to be Felicia’s less favorite.  She’s often given a hard time by Felicia about getting a job and doing chore while she allows her younger sister to do whatever. Collette feels she takes out her anger on her because she favors her father Cortez who is out of picture. Collette doesn’t have a relationship with her father and doesn’t care to. Collette just wants to be love and sets out to find it. Collette thought she found it when she met Connor Frio. She become pregnant and had a daughter named Dysko. Connor wasn’t interest in having a relationship with Collette. Bringing home a baby didn’t sit well with Felicia. They barely had funds to support themselves. A hurricane swept their home away in Sunset Valley, and Collette leaves with Felicia and Alexia to start over in Riverview.




Original Alexia: She was power hungry and only cared about being in charge. She was Malachi’s favorite until Felicia gave birth to Felicity leaving Alexia jealous of a toddler. Alexia tend to start fights with others, especially with Malix and Amos. Before the story was cut off, Alexia started to show a softer side towards young Felicity after her aunt Alishia told her she would never find true happiness if she continue to be a bitch to others. Malachi knock her down a few pegs by stripping her from her title making her powerless in the vampire empire.




New Alexia: She can be a bit of a wild child at times. Alexia is a true party girl and spends her nights at a popular vampire lounge. Alexia refuses to have a real job and does sing-a-grams instead. She’s favorited  by Felicia and can get away with anything. She’s much nicer than the original Alexia, and is hoping to find the right guy. Alexia’s beauty caught the eye of 2 suitors that flips Alexia’s world upside down once she moved to Riverview. Alexia is very close to Collette and feels she would be lost without her.




Original Malix: He’s the first born between Malachi and Felicia. Malix was kind and gentle even after watching Malachi abuse his mother. Growing up, Malix planned to leave the house but knew Malachi would be against it since he was next in line to be the Superior of the Lex empire since his older brother Torq refuses. Malachi put a lot of pressure on Malix about running the empire once Malachi is too old to do so. While Felicia was in a coma, Malachi’s tune seemed to change. Malix took advantage of it and convince him to allow him to go to school in Riverview along with Amos. Malachi allowed this only if he promise to return to run the empire. When Felicia came out from her coma, Malix return to the house to see her. Malix then realize he was trap and couldn’t return to school. Malix tried to escape and carefully calculating his plans. Malix admitted to Amos he met a girl back in Riverview whom he must return to. After the birth of his youngest sister, Malix left. Malix then later moved in with his girlfriend Cira, who was also a vampire. They soon married and had twin girls named Nyx and Nilix. Malachi was angry that Malix married a non Lex member but try to convince him to return. Malix said he would only if he and his family have their own house which Malachi agreed to.




New Malix: He’s now a Montigo instead of a Lex since he was kidnapped and raised by another family. Malix was born vampire but was turned human by his new parents. Malix grew up well and was a bit of a goof ball who annoyed his older brother Matius. Malix met a girl in high school named Cira. Cira is a human unlike the original Cira. Malix did fathered a child with Cira at the age of 16. The baby died in the hospital but suddenly was reborn as a vampire. The baby was taken away by a human Lex member. The staff had told Malix’s family, the baby had died. Malix married Cira and they had 3 more kids, Nyx, Nina and Niro. Malix is unaware about the twins he fathered with another woman before marrying Cira. On his 9th anniversary Cira was taken by Malachi. A year later he was told Cira was dead. The news shocked Malix leading him to kill himself. Years later he was reborn as a vampire. It was later reveal he’s a special breed of vampire and the mother who raised him was his 3rd biological parent. Felicia used a human egg to improve her chances of conceiving a baby since vampire and vampire conception is rare. The egg happen to belong to the woman who stole Malix. It’s still a mystery rather if she knew this or not. Felicia’s vampire DNA fused with the egg making Malix biologically hers too.




Original Malachi: He is the root of all evil. Malachi uses brute force to get his way without a care. He forces Felicia into marriage when he learns she was in a relationship with a human and had him move in to pose as a gardener. Malachi becomes obsess with Felicia and power over others lower than him. Malachi often shown abuse towards Felicia then later towards her sister Alishia. Malachi applies pressure on his first born on running to empire when he becomes of age. When that fails, he ensures Felicia births a son who later refuses. Malachi’s grandson and daughter were the only ones who shown interest. Malachi fathered another son with Alishia named Amos. Malachi knew he couldn’t pass the title to Amos due to him being a “love child” which is frown on. Malachi started out as a sweet kid but was mistreated by his brute father Magnus. After the death of his mother, the treatment by his father became worse and often which lead him to be the way he is.




New Malachi: His personality hasn’t changed much as he’s still a cold hearted, cruel with a obsessive and possessive personality. The only difference about this Malachi is that he has committed murder and tried killed his own child, Torq. Malachi murder the couple who too Malix away when he was a baby. Malachi becomes obsessed about conceiving a special breed of vampire child unaware that he already had, Malix. He abducts Cira, Malix’s wife and rapes her before placing her under his spell to prevent her from fighting him and escaping. When Cira fails to birth a Quasizen vampire, he opts to kill her along with Torq by setting the house on fire. Malachi is confronted by Malix which catches him by surprise. Malachi learns Malix is a Quasizen before they exchanges blows. When Malix was distracted, Malachi set this house on fire with Cira and Torq inside. Malachi hasn’t been seen since the fire.




Original Torq: He was Malachi’s first born whom he had with his first wife. She had died when Torq was little. With Malachi busy running the empire Torq was raised by his aunt Veronica. This lead him to be gentle and kind which displeased Malachi. Torq had no interest in running the empire and wanted to be a family man. Malachi arrange Torq to be married to Alishia, Felicia’s older sister. Torq was happy with this because he was in love with her. It wasn’t clear rather Malachi knew about this. Torq fathered 3 kids with Alishia but thought he was a father to all 4 of Alishia’s kids. Torq  thought Amos was his son but learn that he was his younger brother. Torq learned about Malachi using Alishia as a sex slave for several years. However he didn’t know once Malachi stop abusing her, she craved his attention and they had a affair for some time.




New Torq: Like the original Torq, he lost his mother at a young age and Malachi is his father too. Torq is being raised by Malix and believing he is his father but is really his half brother. Malachi was unhappy to learn Torq was just a normal vampire and planned to kill him along with Cira by setting the house on fire. Torq lived but Cira died by a gun shot wound by Jade Hendrix. Torq appears to be friendly kid but is showing unimpressive traits of Malachi.




Original Amos: He was a love child between Malachi and Alishia whom Torq thought was his until Amos became a adult. Torq found it odd how Malachi seemed to favor Amos over the other grandchildren. He notice how Amos look nothing like him and favors Malachi more. Amos didn’t show much of a personality although he was very to to Malix. They both attend college in Riverview for a short time.




New Amos: Instead of being Malix’s half brother, Amos is his first born whom he knew nothing about until Amos was a adult. Amos was born between teenage Malix and Cira but died shortly after birth. He was reborn as a vampire but snatched away by a human Lex member in the nursery. Due to the laws in Lucky Palms, vampires are illegal. Amos was taken to be raised by Malachi. Amos had a rare illness that require him to drink special plasma to survive. With that, he stay loyal to Malachi no matter how cruel he was to him in order to live. Amos got to meet his mother Cira and bonded with her. He grew tired of Malachi’s abused and put his foot down which almost cost him his life. He was healed from his illness by his brother Niro. He moved to Eastbough with Malix to start a new life and raise his troublesome daughter Amaya. Amos finds himself in a taboo situation which he may be in love with his sister Nina.




Original Taurus: He’s the first born of Torq and first grandchild of Malachi. He had a close relationship with Malix until adulthood. Taurus was more interest of impressing Malachi he was more fit to run the empire over the others.




New Taurus: Malachi now has a twin brother unlike the original where he had a younger sister. Taurus is identical to Malachi but has red eyes instead. Taurus seems to be more kinder than Malachi and takes Malix under his wing when he was reborn as a vampire. It was revealed that Taurus was once in love with Jade Hendrix. Taurus had followed her to Lucky Palms and poison her to ensure she would lead Malix to Cira’s whereabouts. He promised her a antidote after she leads Malix there. Jade did seem a little battered and it does indicates Taurus may show some brute force like his twin brother. With Taurus tracking her down in a city far away shows some obsessiveness like Malachi. With Taurus mentioning Jade had left their infant child in a burning house, he attack on her may be justified. Taurus seems to only attack ones who done him wrong.  Taurus mention he can’t allow Jade to hurt others like she hurt him. Taurus cares about others feelings and doesn’t want others to suffer.




Original Amaya: She was the second child between Torq and Alishia. Like Amos, Amaya didn’t show much of personality. She had a close relationship with Amos which Alexia secretly admired. Amaya and Alexia often gotten into arguments. Alexia felt Amaya was below her.




New Amaya: She’s Amos’ daughter now and there are anything but close. Amaya is a angry hybrid teen with issues. She was born both vampire and witch. It was reveal that Amaya killed her mother after years of abuse. Amaya’s occults conflict with each other causing her to have explosive mood swings. Amaya need proper training for magic and her vampirism or all hell will break loose.




Lexes that I haven’t bought back yet…


Magnus – Malachi’s father



Nicollette – Felicia’s mother



Eden – Malachi’s mother



Veronica – Malachi’s sister



Monica – Malachi’s ex



Alishia – Felicia’s sister


Now the question is, which one(s) do you want to see again? I have a poll set up. It’s multi choice. I’m curious if anymore remembers the old characters. I haven’t decided what would their new approach would be. Not sure if they would be added in as a adult or born in like Amos, Torq and Amaya. The relations could remain the same or be totally different. Haven’t decided. Feel free to voice your opinion and vote!


Journey – Cancelled


Why?: Sunset Valley is a bitch, it’s unplayable.

What’s gonna happen then?: I’m bringing the sims back with a different story with a new title, same back stories, new city

New plan: Alexia and her family were transfer to Riverview after losing their home in Sunset Valley in a hurricane. Ramiro, a single father of twins opens his home to victims of the Sunset Valley hurricane. Alexia’s family was selected to stay in Ramiro’s home until they could rebuild their lives. Alexia is distraught by losing her home and isn’t adapting well to living in a city at first. Once she learns Ramiro the owner of the vampire lounge next door, Alexia starts to perk up and returns to her wild party girl ways. She later learns 2 of her good friends Rihanna and Beverly were both spending the summer in Riverview. Riverview like Sunset Valley believe in humans co-existing with supernaturals but bans marriages between human and supernaturals. This starts many protests and riots in the city wanting to allow human-supernatural marriages. The Lex sisters Alexia and Collette didn’t have opinion about human-supernatural marriage cause they felt they would end up with their own kind. Alexia being a vampire and Collette a human. Their opinions may change when they both find themselves in love triangles with a human and a supernatural. And with me writing this story those love triangles can turn into octagons LOL

About Khai, I didn’t want to overflow the house and Khai really wouldn’t fix in this story sadly.. Khai moves out with her daughter before the story starts. Khai was happy about finally being parent and thought it would never happen. After meeting the guy of her dream Khai when to go move into with him against Ramiro’s wishes. The guy left poor Khai high and dry but Khai decided to keep the house and prove to Ramiro that she didn’t need him and won’t come crawling back to him. Khai will make visits with Khailia-Rose to have play dates with her sisters Nairobi and Saphria.

About Nyx, Originally Ramiro was suppose to take in Nyx after she was kicked out of Lucky Palms. He will be still taking teenage Nyx. She comes in shortly after Alexia’s family moves in.

What am I calling the new story? I’m not sure yet.