Risky 10 – Update 2

“Hello uncle, I see you are free balling today.”

“All day, everyday when you have an amazing body like this.”




“So you’re my bro?”


“That’s too bad cause you’re kinda cute.”


“I can’t see how we can still be related. I was born in another user’s game plus the dad in my world has a slightly different face than yours.”

“We still sibs…”




“I got so much dick to give. Can I start now?”




“I like your moves, you should be one of my ladies.”

“I agreed to be in your uncle’s bitch collection.”

“You can be one of my points still.”





“Hi daddy…I guess. I think you’re still my dad even if you look different. Why do I have to have a hot brother.”




“Does uncle asshole gotta live with us?”

“He pays rent.”

“But he’s always naked.”

“So do I.”

“Yeah devil rat, deal with our awesome nakedness.”




“I hate writing with feathers and ink. There needs to be a easier way to write.”

“There is, it’s called a “pen”.”

“Why was I not informed?”





“That’s what happens when you fuck in photo booths, dad. It’s a perv and takes your pic.”




“Did you eat all of your veggies son?”

“Mommmmm! I’m a grown up now.”

“Eat your veggies first.”




“I’m gonna do what I want. No regrets!”





“So when do we start this? I wanna be first.”

“I gotta get a degree first.”

“In Ho-nomics? I’m in that major.”




“I wanna kiss those juicy lips.”

“Wanna come over?”




“I need to take a shit first.”

“Not in my toilet you will.”




“I didn’t know I was getting a show with my dinner.”




“I’m hungry.”

“When a bitch is hungry, I feed her dick. Muahahhaha!”

“I’m uncomfortable.”






“Is my boobear creeping around on me?”

“He’s creeping alright.”




“You like?”

“They smell pretty.”

“You’ll love me more than Astrid then?”

“Whoever doesn’t get pregnant will be the one I’ll love.” 









“I’m sleepy, I think you should come to bed with me.”

“I gotta wash my hair tonight.”

“I can help.”

“I got homework.”

“Me too, we can study together.”

“My grandma died.”

“I can bring her back to life.”

“I like girls.”

“Me too, can I watch?”

“For fucks sake…”




“I am accepting bitch applications. You can apply by riding my dick. If I like it, you’re in.”

“I’m ready to apply.”





“OMG! I can’t believe these pics! Boobear, it took our pics. OMG! What do we do?”

“Stop talking!”




“You may be my sister but you are fine.”


“You guys are weird.” 

“The drinks are talking, babe.”




“I think you’re cute, Devin.”

“I know, I can set you on fire.”

“Um.. I don’t wanna be on fire.”

“I mean fire in a good way.”

“There’s nothing good about fire.”




“Oh no. What do we do?”

“Get Astrid. She can help.”


“Her massive tits will wake him. I have no tits. The creator made me flat chested for diversity.”

“Suck for you.”




“I’m tried as fuck, take these flowers.”

“Aww how sweet.”




“I got you some flowers.”

“But these are the ones I gave you. They smell like them.”




“Here’s some advice since you’re my little sister. At your job interview, you gonna get on your needs and beg for the job. Tell them that you’ll do anything and you mean anything. Even if its kinda gay.”





First day of school!

“I wanna go on a date instead.” 




“My awesome skills?”

“No, your panties.”

Risky 10 – Update 1

Starting out my challenge with Devin Montigo, son of Borage and my good friend, VRS…somethingish?….shit I forgot how to spell your screen name LOL sim Pocahontas. Devin was born in my random legacy which isn’t much of a RL cause shit had to break -_-




Devin’s roll, I swear genies tend to always be firemen -_-

Runs in the family? Um like being a ho daddy? hahahahhaha




But before being a ho daddy like King ho daddy, Borage… Devin is gonna get his edumacation first.





“It’s time for the perculator! It’s time for the perculator!”

No..no it’s not. No perculating until you get your degree first -_-




“Mom, I might make football head children. Will would you love them?”






“Dad, check this out.”

“What is it?”

“That time you were with June.”




“Don’t remind of me of my mistakes!”

“Remember that time you fucked a pudding?”

“Shut up!”



 “I’m gonna be as awesome as you dad but gonna have sexy relations with hotter ladies.”

“You’ll never be me. You won’t find ladies hotter than yo mama.”





“What if dad is right. What if I won’t find ladies hotter than my mama?”




“Okay saying my mama is hot is little weird.”





“I need 10 ladies to have unprotected sex with. Who would like to sign up?”

“Where did I sign up at?”




“I would like to be one of your ladies.”“Aren’t you fucking my uncle?”

“Yes, but he’s mean.”

“Well I think you dig that.”



“I’m Astrid. I once had kids with your dad and uncle. I guess it’s time for me to move on the 2nd generation of Montigo men. I’m ready to spread eagle.”

“Um.. okay. You’re hot. I think you’re hotter than my mama.”





“My daddy said you made a movie with him. Can I watch it?”

“When you’re 18, you can.”

There’s a movie being made behind you :O




“I’m painting from my soul.”

I think that is YOUR soul.




“Wanna be bitch number… I lost count. Join my bitch collection.”


“Boobear! I thought you said no more collecting bitches?!”





“I love you, honey.”

“What’s your name again?” 





“I swear if I see anymore sims fucking here, I’m gonna scream. Isn’t anything private anymore?!”