Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.7, Just a pinch of autonomously, please

Hell, it has no fury like a scorn genie. Perhaps I should be slightly nicer to Niro knowing genies have the ability to banish others into other realms, such as hell. Borage explained some more about it and I’m quite intrigue by it all. I never taken that much interest in genies nor I have for witches. Perhaps I should take some time in reading up on some supernaturals. Being raised with a genie cousin and a vampire cousin, and now having a witch girlfriend, you would think I should have some interest. I’ve been catch up in my own boring human nature and treated my super companions as normal humans as myself.




Maybe I’m just too distracted by Niro and his “invisible” friend who he named “Patches”. He still claims that he’s a real person whom he can only see cause they are special friends and he has special vision. Niro, you’re special alright.




“The hell dude? Who you talkin’ to?!”

“Patches, he wants to play paper, rocks, scissors. You can’t see him cause I got special genie vision.”

“What? What kind of shit is that? They say I’m cray, no you cray!”

“I’m not crazy! You just don’t understand! You gotta be a genie.”

“Yo B! You see that invisible man?” 




“Run, Patches, run! Go hide right now!”

“Don’t tell him to run. I wanna know if B can still him since he be a genie and all.”

Borage didn’t see Patches with his special genie powers. He mentions genies don’t have any special vision or any sort. Niro rebuffs Borage’s claim saying only a genie of his kind has this power. Borage scoffs indicating Niro is speaking bullshit.  I felt like Niro is really starting to lose it a bit.




“Janiya?! What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to cast the crazy out of you.”

“But I’m not crazy! You’re crazy! Stop.”

“You’re not going to school with us talking that madness. I cast the crazy out! Crazy be gone!”





“So do you feel any different? Like not crazy or anything?”





“Actually, I feel quite fabulous like I’ll soon look slightly different with new hair and skin. In fact we all will get new hair and skin and look more sexy. Can you feel it? The sexiness is coming when we enter a portal called CAS.”




“Well shit, I think I just made you even crazier than before.”




Afterwards Niro’s weirdness, I figure it was time to turn in for the night and leave the others to their own devices. Janiya soon joined me in our room.

“You sure about taking Niro along with Tequila with us? They oblivious have some issues that needs to be addressed. I’m really concern about Niro, that invisible friend of his is making him even stranger. Would he manage to study and focus on his grades? As for Tequila, I think she’ll be wasting her time. Does she even know what a book is?”

“I think Niro will do just fine. Maybe if he meets a sweet college girl, we’ll hear no more of this Patches guy. Not sure about Tequila but out of all of Rosette’s kids, she’s the only one interest in college. I hope she’ll do okay.”

“Let’s say they did well and manage to get their degrees, you really want them as your business partners? What if you wanted to branch out and pursuit other business opportunities, you know they wanna tag along.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ll want to do their own thing after sometime. Niro talks about toy making often. He has some neat ideal for new toys for kids. As Tequila, her side of the family love to party more, I can see her wanting her own night club like Borage.”

“Yeah, I think the strip club is more of her thing. I didn’t know Niro was interest in toy builder. Never saw him as the inventor type.”

“You gotta talk to him sometime. Niro is a little different but he has dreams and goals like me.”





I hope my mentioning of Niro’s interests will make Janiya be less harsh towards him. She felt a little bad to think he’ll be a burden on us but I assure that he’ll be fine. We gave each other a goodnight kiss and intended to go the sleep but I had other things on my mind.




“Yo B, you gonna do her?”

“Yeah, when you 2 get out.”

“Ah c’mon, B! Tini and I wanna see you. You think you better than dad?”

“Get out!”

“C’mon T, I really don’t wanna see this. It’s weird.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Tini?”

“It’s out there, let’s go and grab it.”

“Yes, please. Get out, I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Moment of lameness. Let’s go, Tini.”




When morning came about, Borage and Diamond said their goodbyes. To insure no forgetfulness, Diamond convinced Borage to take a photo with her in hopes he’ll remember her.




However she might want to work on her photo taking skills.




Surely Borage is more skilled with mobile photo taking. Probably cause of all the photos he takes of his genitals for send to various women. They make look sweet in the moment, but not earlier.





“Oh yeah! I told ya I was pretty good at this.”





“Big deal, I let you win. You’re a girl and all. I figure I’ll let you win.”





“You’ll promise to keep in contact with me?”

“Yeah, I got your number and email. I promise to hit you up everyday.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”




“Dat ass.”

“Seriously dude?”

“What? I’m just saying. I can still why you’ll hit that but how could you forget her? If I had her, I would never forget her.  I would never let her go. Why do douche bags like you get all the ladies?”

“Who you calling a douche? I’m not some weirdo with a invisible friend named Patches.”

“Ugh, only I can see him cause I got magic eyes.”

“Whatever dude, you’ll never her a lady like Diamond or a lady at all.”

“I’ll get a lady. I’ll show you. I’ll show you all. I can get ladies like any other genie.”

“Wanna put some money on it?”

“Hell yeah!”

” I bet 5 Gs you can’t get a lady to fuck at the party.”

“I bet 5 Gs I can.”

“Okay cuz, bring it.”

“I hope you got your ATM card. You gonna make a withdraw soon.”




Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.6, Confrontation

Back downstairs, the rest of us tried to kick back. I notice Martini and Tequila were enjoying our new ping pong table but course decided to play a not so friendly game of beer pong of course. Apparently Tequila spent too much time in the summer and said she was trying to convince some guy that she wasn’t a vampire by laying on the sidewalk while it’s 102 degrees outside. If she’s been in Lucky Palms as long as she said then she would know laying out on a burning hot sidewalk during the summer was a stupid idea. But then again she’s a child of Rosette and I expect nothing less from her. Hearing shouts and hair pulling from our gym gave Janiya and I a jump. I was about to run into the gym but I remember my cousins were in there. I told Janiya it was cool and that how the sisters are like with each other. I’m not sure if allowing Tequila to stay with us was a great idea but Martini wouldn’t be here too much longer. We wouldn’t have to put up with their scream matches much longer.

“Now.. I’m gonna get this. This ball. That cup. I swear. I’m gonna do it.”

“Yeah yeah bitch. Just do it!”

“I will. Hold it.”

“Hold what?”

“My dick! What do you think, stupid?”

“I always were you were a man.”

“Your mom.”

‘But we got the same mom.”

“Ugh you are so dumb!”




“Fuckin’ shit man! How could I miss that? I so had it and fuck. I hate. This game. This game sucks genie balls. I’m gonna like…. I’m gonna like burn this table. Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do. Fuck this table! Burn this shit!”





“Don’t be blaming the table cause you suck genie balls. You lame. You suck. I’m so gonna win this game cause I’m like the better triplet. You look like a man!”





“Keep talking ho-bitch.”

“I’ll keep talking. Then you gonna be mad when I win. In your face cunt bag!”

“Yeah yeah, just throw the damn ball.”

“Don’t rush man lady!”

“You got one more time to call me that whore-zilla!”

“Or what?”

“I’ll snatch off your bad weave.”

“I’m not wearing a weave!”

“Who you trying to convince? That ain’tcha hair!”

“Suck a genie dick!”





“Ha! You missed bitch! Take a sip.”


“Just so you know, I told Borage to stick his dick and rub it around in all of your cups and I put a roofie in one of them. How does our cousin-brother’s genie dick taste like? Ha ha ha ha ha!”





“You fucking whore-zilla cunt bag bitch! If I wasn’t so drunk, I would walk over and murder-nate you!” 






Janiya made dinner for the night and some of us sat at the table while some of us was just being odd. I’m unsure how the other side of the Montigos were raised but I no longer complain about my upbringing. My cousins are just really fucked up.

“Tequila, are you gonna join us?”


“We have plenty of room at the table.”

“I know.”

“So you just gonna stand in the corner and eat?”

“Yeah, I’m inappropriate. This is shit that I do. Plus Martini is mad at me. I convince Borage to rub his dick in her cups. I offered to pay him if he ejaculated in one of the time but he wouldn’t go for it. Lame, I know. It would be more funnier. I told him the cups were for you. I think he wanna dick you.”

“WHAT?! That’s really fucked up!”

“Duh! I know! I’m inappropriate remember? That’s kinda my thing ya know.” 





“Would you ever rub your dick in a cup, Rio?”

“What the-“

“You heard what Tequila did? Like that was messed up. I pretty much just gave my cousin-brother a blow job! Like how I am I’m gonna face him knowing how I kinda sucked his dick in a cup.”

“This isn’t dinner conversation, Martini.”

“Too bad Rio cause this is like a big deal. If you drink from a cup that a dick as been in, then you just sucked their dick.”

“That’s not how it works.. You really didn’t do that.”

“Yes I did! His dick was in my cup and my mouth was on that cup. That’s kinda like a blow job in a mental kinda way ya know. Mental blow jobs!”

“Martini, just stop.. Where is Borage anyway?”

“He still fucking that fairy good and proper. Can’t you hear it? “Oh Borage! Oh Borage! Fuck me harder, harder! Gimme the dick hard!” You don’t hear that shit?”

“No Martini. I don’t hear anything that like.”

“Dude you must be deaf. FUCK HER GOOD BORAGE!”




As the evening faded into night, the house began to die down. It was hard to believe that everyone was tired enough to go the bed before midnight. The cocktail sisters found the guest room and didn’t make to the bed before passing out. I figure they were use to being knocked out on the cold floor. Borage asked if Diamond could stay the night with him and I gladly agreed. I let them sleep in Azalea’s bed for whenever she stays over. No one knew was about about to emerge from the thick walls in the of the night. Borage was awaken by a eerie voice but a familiar voice. A voice whom he haven’t heard in years.

“Borage.. My love. A wake…”











“You got some nerve! What are you doing here?!”

“I missed you. Don’t you still love me?”

“Love you? Love you?! I fucking hate you! I’m glad that you are dead and gone! After what I found out! I never want to see your disgusting face again!”

“What are you talking about?! I’m confuse!”

“Don’t act brand new, Lois! You didn’t think I would find out about what you did!”

“What did I do?”

“You fucked my dad!”





“I never- I never touched your dad! What are you talking about? Did this fairy bitch tell you something? Whatever it was, it’s a damn lie! I would not do no such to you, Borage. I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you and you know that!”





“Shut your lying whore mouth! Don’t even come at me “I’ll never do anything to hurt you” shit! You fucked my dad, you had his baby and lied to me saying Junior was my son! I know I did some shit! I’m not perfect! I let those girls in Hidden Springs suck me off, I fucked BL’s mom and let her suck me off but you know what? I owned up to it! I didn’t try to lie to you about it! But you did! You thought you could pass off my brother as my son and thought I would never find out! Junior got sick and I wasn’t a match but my dad was! You didn’t count on that did you? You fucking slut! I hate you!”





“Okay.. yes I was with your father but I had a moment of weakness. I relapsed, I had a few drinks and I was unsure if you would ever be faithful to me. Your dad was nice to me, he made me feel good about myself. I wanted to spend time with you but you were so tired. You were always so tired. Your dad wanted my attention and I needed attention. One thing lead to another. I regret it. I shouldn’t let it happen but if did. I’m sorry.”





“I was pregnant with 7 fuckin’ babies! Of course I was tried all the time and you should know the feeling! So I couldn’t give you attention for one night, big fuckin’ deal! That didn’t mean you needed to go ride my dad’s dick for a night! You could of told me that there’s a chance that Junior wasn’t mine! I gave him my name! I gave him my fuckin; name! I wanted a son with my name and my brother has it instead! I can’t give my name to another child and take Junior’s away! If you would of owned up to fucking my dad, then maybe we could of worked it out! But the fact that you hid it from for years pisses me off! I tried to change for you! I wanted to change for you! I thought you were the right lady for me! I loved you! I wanted to marry you! I wanted to live the rest of your live with you! I wanted you to be the one! For once in my life, I thought I would settled down and have the family that I never had! I wanted to be your husband! I wanted to fathered more of your kids! I changed myself all for nothing! I mourned your death for years! I fucked up my kids lives cause I was so wrapped up in your shit! Whoever killed you, I wanna meet them and thank them for taking out the trash!”





“You can’t really mean that…”

“I’m glad you’re dead.”


“Don’t come closer to me. I want nothing to do with you anymore.”

“Borage, please. I am sorry. I’m really am. I still love you. We can still be together.”

“I want nothing to do with you like I just said. You are just another regret in my life. I wish I never met you.”

“If we never met, you would never had Phoenix, Lotus and Boragio… You regret our children too?”

“I don’t regret my children I had with you but it doesn’t change the fact that I regret you. I just wish my children didn’t have such a shitty mother!”

“Borage, please don’t say that.”

“But it’s true. I can’t stand you. I hate you and I want you to go now.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”




“Get the fuck out. Can’t you understand that I don’t want to be with your whore ass. Get it through your fuckin’ head. I hate you. I don’t love you anymore.”

“I’m not leaving you. I still love you. I want to work this out.”

“How the fuck you and I can be together when you are a fuckin’ dead ghost.”

“I can return to the living world if a love one accepts me.”

“Well I’m not accepting you so you can go fuck off now.”

“Borage please accept me. We can be a family again and my kids.. They need me. I miss them.”

“Your kids don’t want anything to do with you like myself. I will never accept you.”




“I will never be out of your life. Even if you don’t accept me, I can haunt you forever! I will make sure no other will come near you! You’ll live your immortal life lonely and will never feel the touch of another female! I will make your fairy bitch’s life a living hell! You should of accepted me and work out our differences but now… YOU WILL PAY!”





With those words, triggered a intense anger as he were to strike her but he had one move better.  After all these years of living with Niro, I didn’t know genies could be so powerful. Fueled with anger as Lois threaten to be a nuisance in Borage’s life and possibly Diamond’s, he had no choice to do what he had done. Genies have the power to banish a human into another dimension usually when they are extremely angry with the person.




The only problem was that Lois is a ghost and his genie magic had no affect on Lois. However with a little help with fairy magic, Diamond was able to turn Lois into a solid form long enough for Borage to banish Lois into another dimension. He only had a 60 second shot at this and without a second thought, Borage banish her to the unknowns. I asked Borage if he knew where he sent her. He slowly looked into my eyes with a smug smile on his face and said, “Home. The home of where she belongs, Hell.”

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.5, Face Off

I just love how wonderful Janiya can be. She’s willing to help out a stranger cause of the goodness in her heart. When I first told my dad that her and I were a item, he wasn’t thrill about it cause she’s a witch. That whole thing with Jade, turned him away from witches. Not all witches are like Jade, she was one of the bad ones. Besides my dad knows how kind Janiya can be. Then he told me, if she’s so great then why won’t I marry her. *sigh* I have my reasons but it’s nothing to do with her…

“Rio told me you needed some help with a memory elixir? You may use my table if you need it. Which elixir are you needing help with?”




“A memory elixir, one that only restore memory from a certain time. I never heard anything about it but Borage doesn’t want all of his lost memories restored. Is there such a thing as that? Rio said something about it being a witch elixir.”





“The Memoura elixir. It’s a witch specialty. I have the recipe for it in my book.”

“Great, that’s wonderful to hear. Will I need to go collect some items?”

“No, I keep my cabinets fully stocked, you’ll have everything you’ll need for the Memoura elixir. It’s on page 478.”

“Thank you Janiya, this means a lot. Really. But how do I restore from a certain time?”

“Give it your energy. Think of the time you want to restore and the elixir will receive it. Since you’re a fae, some of your fae dust will do the trick. Just think of the time you want to restore to.”

“And it will work?”

“Yes, it’s witch magic. Trust me it will work.”




Janiya let Diamond to her own devices. Diamond had all that she needed since my girl showed her the ropes. No one had no idea of what was about to happen next. This family always have something strange going on. To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised that this even happen. I mean my uncle shot and killed himself then came back as a vampire cause he was born one but turned human. Then Jade placing spells on my parents just so she can trick my dad into falling in love with her. Shit is crazy. I just hope we won’t have anymore surprises like this anymore.





“He is mine. Leave.”






“Hello? Who said that? Hello? …Hmm. That was odd. I think I might be losing it or something. I swear I heard someone talking. I’m almost done with the elixir. The sooner the better. He’ll remember me.”








“I think this is it. This is the one. I just hope it works. I did everything Janiya told me.. I hope he remembers our first night together.”




“Leave. You can never have his heart.”

“Who…wh-who are you?”

“His heart belongs to me. You’re just another female. A past mistake. You’ll never have his heart.”

“You must be Lois.”

“I am, you’ll never have his heart. I’m the one that he loves. He’ll never love you. He doesn’t even remember you.”

“But he will. I created a Memoura. He’ll remember me, he’ll remember our night. It was special. Something that you never had with him.”




“You’re foolish to believe if you had anything special with him!”

“Put me down!”

“Not until you understand one thing. You are nothing to him. You are just a forgetful one night stand! A slut spreading your legs around just for the sake to have babies! You don’t have anything special with him! I had him for years, and you had him for one lousy night!”

“From what little he told me about you… You’re nothing to him!”





“I’m not going to listen to your lies!”


“If you think you seen the last of me, you’re wrong!”





She fell onto the ground as Lois fades away. Burying her face into her warm palms, quietly crying to herself while in shock of the events that just occurred. Who knew the ghost of Lois would followed Borage miles away from Starlight Shores to Lucky Palms. From what I know, Lois was never a violent person. I figure you change a little after death or was she always like this but wasn’t threaten until now. It amazes how a ghost would still hold on to someone even though they are dead and gone. Why couldn’t she let go of my cousin after death? It’s not they could really be together. I heard some ghost could come back and live among the living however there are some who can not. My cousin mention only seeing the ghost of his former lover once, shortly after her death. But why now? This made Janiya do some searching since she has a thing about ghost. Why does Lois’ ghost only come out certain times. How come now? Soon this wouldn’t matter but Janiya still wants answers as the others don’t care. I soon got to see the magic of a genie. There’s more to them other than making babies, summoning food and instantly clean the house.





“Diamond? What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“Bor..Borage… Bor-“

“What happen?”

“I…I.. I was attacked..”




“Attacked? By who? When?”

“Her… It happen so fast. I didn’t see her coming.. She choked me then hit me…”

“Her? Who is her?”


“Lois? Lois is dead. How was that possible?”

“She came back as a ghost and attacked me. She said your heart belongs to her.”

“She had my heart once. Had.. I have no heart to give to anyone at the moment… I’m sorry she hurt you.. This is my fault. Maybe if I never brought you here.”

“It’s okay Borage, you’re here now.”




“I’m here now.. I should of been near you.”

“It’s okay.”

“No! It’s not okay. It’s not okay for my dead bitch ex to attack you. I’m here, I’m staying.. I will protect you.”

“Thank you..”

“I think you need some of my magic to heal you.”

“You have healing powers?”

“Yeah Di, that room is available. I can heal ya in there.”








“And who are they?”

“I think the pink hair guy is our cousin from Starlight Shores. He’s some DJ and a genie.”

“Okay.. You those 2 are doing the nasty in the room you stay in right?”

“OMG! That’s gross! I’ll never sleep in that room again!”

“I guess we’ll be going home then?”

“What do you think Maddie? No way I’m sleeping there tonight!”

“So we just wanna stand here and watch this?”

“I guess we can learn a few pointers when we are old enough for it.”

“Like now?”

“Right! I wanna be on Teen Mom… It’s my life goal.”

“At least you’ll be famous.”

“Yeah known as a easy girl who doesn’t know how to be responsible.”





“Feeling better?”





“Maybe.. Ever tried it in a fairy house?”





“So how does this work? You shrink me down or something? Does everything get shrunk? I mean… I don’t want my dick to get shrunk. How else would you feel the magic?”





“You are too silly. What matters won’t get shrunk, you’ll be fine.”

“Just wondering cause I need to keep my genie dick the way it is unless you wanna make it bigger than what it already is.”

“I like it the way it is, trust me.”

“So then you gonna put your mouth on it then?”


“Please? I bet your mouth is amazing.”

“Such a charmer are ya?”

“Ladies love this genie dick. Magically delicious, so you should ya know… try it in your mouth.”




I find myself curious about fairy houses too. Too bad Janiya is a witch though. I think getting freaky in a fairy house would be fun and kinky. Maybe she can use her witch magic to shrink us and we could one day. Borage went on about how awesome it was. Now I’m curious.





“I did finish the memory elixir before I was attacked. Are you ready to give it a ago?”





“If our first night was amazing like it was in the fairy house, then yeah. Let’s do this. I wanna remember you.”





“Will it hurt?”

“No, not at all. Just hold still.”

“Are you going to throw that at me.”

“Yes but it won’t hurt.”

“I don’t feel any different.”

“Just wait a second.”




“Do you remember me now?”










“How could I forget those nice tits. Anyway… did my lips answer your question?”





I gotta give my cousin some props, he left her speechless.





“I just want to hold you, Di.”

“You remember our first night?”

“Yes. But now.. I just want to hold you.”





They had no idea of who was behind them. Watching, lurking, stalking, waiting….





A woman who just can’t let go…

Past versus Future…. Let the games begin…




“Did you see something?”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“Maybe it’s nothing… Hopefully it’s not her again..”

“I’m here, she won’t hurt you. I won’t let her. I got you and I will always protect you.”

“You’re just too sweet to me..”

“Maybe cause you’re my favorite lady.”

Love For The Ladies: A Father’s Day Special

Note: I’m still taking a break but decided to do something special for Borage since he is the father of the year after. My stories should return Mid-July. I’m using a custom world for this special. It has a weird name and I don’t remember it so I’m calling it “Honeywell”. As far as the timeline, it’s way a head of the current timeline. Some people don’t include specials into their story line but I do.



It was getting close to father’s day weekend. Every year my older kids would give me a call and my younger kids attempt to make me a meal without using their genie magic and they should cause their cooking sucks. This year was different, a few of my older sons told me to pack up my bag cause we were heading to Honeywell for the weekend. My cousin Ramiro’s  mother in law agreed with looking after my brats while I went away for the weekend. They were upset about not going but I told the brats they can feed me their terrible cooking when I get back. I boarded a flight to Honeywell along with L2 and Mordecai, and was told we’ll meet up with Aries and Boragio in Honeywell. I wasn’t sure what they had planned but I had a good feeling about it.





“When will daddy be here, BL? Are you sure he’s even coming? What if he decided he didn’t wanna come with L2?”





“Dad better come. I could be working on my new album. You know you have a future super star in your presence. I will remember you little people when I make it big.”

“Your singing sucks.”

‘Don’t be jealous of my glorious talent.”

“Talent of sucking? Sure!”





“Don’t worry guys, I got a text from L2 saying they just got off the plane. They’ll be here soon. Just don’t text dad saying what’s going on. It’s a surprise.”





“Asshole isn’t bringing those new brats of his is he? It’s bad enough that I have to deal with the annoyance of Lilah and Dia back at home.”

“Where is Dia anyway? I don’t see any of the aliens besides us.”

“I purposely told Dia the wrong time of when the space ship took off so I could get a break. “

“I’m surprise you even came. You hate daddy.”

“It’s father day.. He’s still my parent, I figure I should come to give him hell.”




“Luna, don’t do that we gotta be nice to daddy. It’s his special weekend and all. Can you play nice just for the weekend?”

“There’s a song in my album called, Daddy why won’t you love me.”

“Shut up Kaia, we don’t wanna hear about your daddy issues. Maybe they can be fixed this weekend.”

“Doubt it.”





“I can try but I’m not making any promises.”

“I can’t wait to see daddy again. Maybe he’ll like me now.”

“Asshole hates aliens, face it Bora.”

“Not true, he liked Nova and Apollo.”




“Anyone wanna play naked twister while we wait?”

“You can’t be serious. You don’t play naked twister with siblings. That’s just weird.”

“Like we are even close to be normal. We don’t know what normal is. Daddy gave birth to alien and 7 of them came out of his ass. Naked twister beats sitting around doing nothing. Let’s have some fun.”

“Do all have daddy’s have to come? Ugh!”




“Luna, why didn’t tell Lilah the wrong time too.”

“Trust me I tried but I found her passed out drunk and naked on the space ship already.”





“Looks nice. Please tell me that’s a playsim mansion. If you really wanna impress me, tell me that’s the playsim mansion.”





“Sorry dad, it’s not the playsim mansion. We rented out this mansion for the weekend just for you. Trust me you’ll love what’s inside.”

“The playsim mansion would of been a better choice, bro.”

“Shut up Morde.”





“So there’s hundreds of sexy naked ladies in this mansion then? We could have mass orgies with sexy ladies all weekend long. That would be the best father’s day gift of all.”






“No dad, the last you need is more naked ladies around you. You’re forgetting about all the kids back at home. You don’t need anymore babies, seriously.”





“If I had planned this then you would of gotten everything that you wanted dad. Maybe I would finally be your favorite.”






We walked up the the mansion, I was disappointed that L2 didn’t have naked ladies waiting on my love. I don’t know why he’s my fav cause he keep disappointing me. He told me to go through the door first since I was the special guest. I wonder what he means. Did he really have naked ladies waiting for me?





“Surprise! Happy father’s day!”






“Please tell me that one of your hired me some strippers!”






“Hey daddy! I missed you!”

“I missed you too, baby cake.”





“Um.. dad, I just got a text from Boragio saying Aries had a freak out and is gonna stay home with him. I guess they won’t be coming out.”





“Daddy! Daddy! I wanna tell you that I had butt sex for the first time! I thought I would hate it but I love it! I got video of it. Wanna see it?”





“No Mimi! I don’t wanna see that shit nor hear about it.”






‘Trust me daddy, you gotta see this shit. It’s gold! I’m gonna post it on SimXtube and get famous.”

“I think you hit your head too hard in the pool, Angel baby. Where did my sweet baby girl go?”





“I’m sorry daddy. She’s still here. I missed you.

“I miss you too Angel baby but let’s shut off the crazy for the weekend.”

“Okay daddy.”






“How come you’re never nice to me like you are with my twin.”

“Cause you’re like your mama. Annoying and purple.”

“Maybe cause I have daddy issues cause you didn’t love me.”

“I think you just have issues period. I call you and we chat, isn’t that enough?”

“Noooo! I want more! A special name like Mimi.”

“Okay how about , Whinezilla?”

“I hate that!”





“Daddy, won’t you ever talk to me anymore?”

“Cause you annoy me when we do. You’re boring and annoying.”

“I just want you to like me!”

“It’s hard when you are annoying as fuck.”

“I can’t help who I am. You half made me this way!”

“Don’t put any blame on me. I didn’t turn you into a annoying lame alien.”




“Now what do you want? You gonna tell me how you have daddy issues and how it’s my fault cause you’re lame?”

“No. No one wants to play naked twister with me. You game?”

“With a lady, yes. With my daughter, no. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, what’s wrong with you? You not man enough for a friendly game of naked twister with your daughter?”

“Lilah, go away.”






“Hey Luna.”

“Damn it, I’m trying to scare you. Asshole!”

“L2, it’s nice how you invited everyone but next time can you not invite the ones I don’t like.”





“Hey dad, how was your flight?”

“I was hoping to join the mile high club but Morde needed me to hold his hand. How’s life in the AP?”

“Okay I guess. Lakey likes the small town life but I miss city. I’m a bartender at a hole in the wall bar. It pays okay but I want to own my own night club like you. I even got my hands in DJing but my lady doesn’t know about it. She may flip.’

“That sucks. Get a new lady and move.”

“I’m not like you dad, I love Lakey. I just wish we could at least live in a town like this. It might be pricey but it has a small town feel in certain areas.”





“I’m not sure what to tell you. I would just get a new one.”

‘Did you want to drop Lois when she was against you opening a night club?”

“No but I just fucked your mom again instead.”

“That’s terrible.”

“I have no regrets, your mom was a freak.”





“Yo bro, wanna play naked twister?”

“No! Why would you ask me something like that?”

“Thought it would be fun.”

“Yeah with friends or a boyfriend! Not with family!”

“You guys are prudes!”





“I don’t know why they wanted to do something special for you. You were a terrible parent to some of us.”

“Why did you even come then?”

“Bora wanted me to. I figure maybe we could fix things.”

“We could if you stop being less of a bitch. If this weekend was for Pedro you would be like sugar.”

“That’s not true! Pedro is a big jerk! I hate him!”




“What do you mean? You always said he was your favorite parent. What changed?”

“He sold me out to his people cause of his stupid career. I’m suppose to have 20 kids cause he picked me as his breeder. I didn’t get a say. I wouldn’t mind having 1 or 2 but not 20. I have to do it or they will imprisoned me. So I have to hide out in Lunar Lakes for the rest of my life. Me being on Earth isn’t safe. Ziharians can’t track me on Lunar Lakes. I’m risking everything by being here. I just wanted to see Bora again.. And you.”

“Me? You hate me, remember?”

“You’re my only parent who haven’t done me wrong til the point where I can’t live my life. If I get caught..”




“You’re not gonna get caught. I’m gonna protect you.”

“You’re no match to a Ziharian.”

“I don’t care, no freak Ziharian is gonna take a child of mines. C’mere.”

“Why are you hugging me. I thought you hated me?”





“You’re my daughter, I don’t hate you. I can’t hate my children. Yeah I might some of you annoying and don’t like some of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you all. I love you, Luna and I care about you. I’m not gonna let some space jerks force my daughter to do something she doesn’t wanna do.”

“You really love me?”

“Course I do, even if I think you’re a bitch but that’s partly my fault. I was a shitty dad towards you. I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you.”

“Do Suziu love me like you do?”

“If Pedro did, he never would of sold you just for this career. I would shut down my club, just so I could protect 24/7.”





“Don’t stop your life for me. I wouldn’t want you to do that. I’ll be fine once I return home. It’s just unsafe for me on Earth.”






“I’m your dad, it’s my job to make sure you’ll be okay. Just let me be a better dad towards you.”






“You want to actually be a dad towards me?”

“Yeah. I was young when I had you and wasn’t adjusting to fatherhood well. But I’m a professional dad now, I can be a better dad.”

“Professional dad? Ha ha ha. I guess so since you raised us. Most of us didn’t have mothers in our lives. I guess I’ll have to call you “dad” now?”

“No, only when some asshole broke your heart and you need a shoulder to cry on then I find him and kick his ass.”

“So “asshole” and “dumb ass” is fine until then?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“I love you, asshole.”

“I love you too, bitchzilla.”





“How about a game of Mario Kart? You, me and Morde? Just like old times.”

“I’ m still not talking to him..”

“Don’t it’s time to make up? It’s been years and he’s sorry. You gotta remember, he was just a kid and he’s a idiot. A young dumb kid who thought he was in love. Mariah and Kimora are wonderful kids. They would like to meet their brother-uncle.”

“It’s just so strange. It’s hard to explain it to Lakey about my sister-nieces. I do miss Morde. I guess I could talk to him.”





“Morde, can we talk?”

“I’m sorry for everything.”

“I know, I guess it’s time for me to forgive you. I’ll never forgive my mom. She hurt me twice.”

“You’ll forgive me?”





“Yeah, we are brothers and I want to meet my sister-nieces.”

“They wanna meet you too. So we cool now?”

“Yeah so come join us in some Mario Kart and beat you both.”

“Oh you’re on.”





“You guys are using cheats!”

“No were not, BL. You just suck! No one told you to pick Bowser. He’s slow.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that, Morde! I wanna be Toad!”

“Everyone knows that Bowser sucks! That’s why I always pick Princess Peach.”

“I just thought you were girly, L2.”

“This girly player is kicking your ass, BL.”




“Hey guys, can I play.”

“We are having our brother like we use to.”

“So that means I can’t play, Morde?”

“Let Phoenix play. It would be fun.”

“Thanks, L2. I haven’t played this game in a while.”





I heard the kids all playing Mario Kart in the TV room. They boys weren’t thrill about baby cake making them eat her dust. I taught her well with playing video games when she was little. Guys don’t think girls can be gamers and they are wrong. My g-daughter Alyssa is awesome at gaming. She always hand those boys’ asses to them in online gaming. I taught my daughters that they can do as well as boys. I guess I gained 60 good daddy points for that, right?




It wasn’t long before all my kids and I planted ourselves in front of the TV to play some games together. I figure they would of had something planned for me but we spend the first day just playing video games. It was fun hanging out with them but I was hoping we would do more since they rented out this nice mansion.





“Ugh! Why did you tell me to pick Bowser, BL? He’s so fat and slow. I hate this game!”

“I’m doing doing awesome! I’m Lugi.”

“Shut up Lilah! I hope you get hit by a turtle shell!”

“Who hit me with a banana?!”

“That was me, Morde.”

“Damn you Luna!”




“Topaz, are you ready to do this?”

“Kinda but I’m nervous about meeting him.”

“He’s just our dad. We don’t need to impress him or anything.”





“What if he doesn’t like us and reject us? I would hate to come all this way and be rejected.”





“It’s gonna be fine. He’ll like us. You just worry too much. I’m ready to meet him. Let’s do this. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I’m curious about our genie heritage.”





“Someone’s at the door. You gonna get it, L2?”

“What am I the door person? You get it.”

“No I’m in the lead. You go get the door.”

“Fine! I’ll get the door. I was expecting someone anyway.”





“It better be a stripper.”






“Hello Opal and Topaz. I was wondering when you 2 would show up. Dad is going to be happy when he meets you both.”

“We are excited to meet our dad for the first time. Our mom told us all about him. I’m curious about our genie heritage.”

“I wasn’t born a genie but 2 of my daughters were. I’m just glad to finally meet you 2. I had no idea that dad had more kids.”

“I guess you know about our mom’s doing. She needed a donor and dad was available. It sucks that he had no memory of being involved with our mom.”

“Trust me Topaz, dad has not forgot about your mom. Are you 2 ready?”

“We are.”





“Who are those ladies? Are those strippers? I swear if you disappoint me..”






“No dad those are strippers. They are your daughters you had with Diamond. Opal and Topaz. They wanted to meet you and I figure this weekend would be perfect.”







“Seriously… When are the strippers gonna come out?”






I finally got to meet my twins with Diamond. I was happy to see them and possible get to know them. They reminded me a lot about Diamond. I could her in there. It’s been a while since I last seen their mom and hope someday I can see her again. We talk time to time but it’s not the same. I learned some new bedroom moves and wanna try them out on her.






I spent some personal time with the Flare twins, getting to know them. They told me how they wanted to go to school but couldn’t afford it. Opal wants to go in for a Science major and Topaz wants to go for a Psychical Education.  I needed to make up for not being in their lives and wanting to be a better dad, I offer in paying for their school. It’s the least that I could do. They are my kids and I want to do whatever I can to help them out. At first Opal didn’t wanted a hand out but I told her it’s not. I’m just doing my dad duty. I would be happy to pay for them to go to school. My daughters education is important, I just don’t want none of my daughters running around having 100 babies.





“Umm.. Mimi. Can you move out of my way. Trying to play a game here.”






“I wonder who was the inventor of butt sex. I wonder if he was the one to invent anal lube. Hmm I wonder.”





“Can you go be stupid somewhere else! I’m trying to play this game and you are in my way!”






“I love the inventor of butt sex!”







I wanted some personal time and made my way to the hot tub room. It didn’t last long when one of my annoying daughters decided she wanted to join. I was hoping to add extra foam in the hot tub but it would be hard to do with her in the tub with me.






“O.M.G! I’m naked hot tubbing with my daddy! This day is awesome!”


“Yeah daddy?”

“Go away.”





The Flare twins took some time to get to know their siblings. They opened the Flare twins with open arms like I hoped they would.






However I couldn’t say the same about Bora Bora. I swear she’s annoying in hell.






“Why do you have to be such a bitch! Topaz did nothing to you!”

“I don’t believe one bit she’s belongs to daddy! I think those hags are just looking for a hand out cause they are dirty and poor!”

“Opal and Topaz are our sisters! They are not looking for hand outs or anything! That gives you no right to be a jerk!”

“They are not my sisters! I’m not buying their bull shit!”





“And you wonder why daddy doesn’t like you! You’re such a insecure bitch!”

“I’ll show you a insecure bitch!”




“I’m so tired of your shit, Bora! Grow up!”

“I hate you!”

“I hate you too!”





The next day my kids decided to have a cookout in the backyard. I can’t remember the last time I ever had a cookout but it was nice to have one with the kids. The guys cooked while the girls relaxed in the pool. I decided that I wanted to relax in the pool for a while. I kinda miss having a outdoors pool. I maybe have a outside pool built one day. I miss feeling the warm sun on my balls.






“Um, dad did you lose your swim trunks?”





“Get use to that view, Topaz. Daddy is a nudist.”





“When you have a nice body like this, why hide it by wearing clothes.”





We all sat down and ate together. It was nice and all, catching up with each other lives. It came to a few others attention that I wasn’t the only father in the room. Sometimes I forget that 2 of my sons are fathers themselves. This weekend is mainly about me but it wouldn’t be fair to ignore L2 and Mordecai are dads too. However Morde doesn’t take much care of his daughters.





“Hey I’m a dad so do I get something special too for father’s day?”






“Morde, you don’t even take care of them. They told me that they hardly ever see you. Do you even know their names?”






“Thelma and Louise.. Who cares.. I made them. That’s all the matters.”






“That’s where you are wrong, Morde. A father is a man who takes care of his kids. A sperm donor is what you are. From what I heard, your daughters depend on Borage and L2.”






“Luna is right. If any other person in here besides dad deserves something special would be me. I’m raising my daughters along with your daughters and helping dad out with kids. My girls should only be my concern but someone needed to step in and care for Mariah and Kimora. It’s never too late for you to finally step in.”







Things were starting to get awkward during lunch so we wrapped it up and went outside to do some drinking and more swimming. Later on we went the the skating rink for some drunk skating.






Maybe drunk skating wasn’t the best idea but we had fun while it lasted. We were asked to leave since some of as were acting a fool. I lost count of many times someone had fell.





“I so need to get a video of my idiot sibs trying to skate. This shit is gold!”







Bora Bora annoyingly tried to gain my attention while I was hanging out with Topaz. She could skate well but I really didn’t care.





“Daddy! Look at me! Are you looking? Daddy!”





“Bubbles are awesome.”




“One day I’m gonna have a alien baby like you. Only I won’t get fucked in the ass. Or is that how you make alien babies?”

“I wasn’t fucked in the ass by alien. It was a implantation that was done on a table.”

“I know you wanna keep your man card. It’s okay to be ass fucked. I sure daddy was ass fucked too.”

“Lilah, just shut up.”





The last straw was when Lilah ran around the place naked hold a teddy bear saying “Bubbles needs milk.”. We were kicked out and headed back to the mansion for more drinking and swimming. What else is there to do? 




“So how do you like balls in your mouth?”






“You bitch… Just remember that pay back is a bitch.”








“You like balls in your mouth too?”





“I prefer alien balls in my mouth, thank you!”





“Why is everyone looking at me like I’m some weirdo?”






“Cause you just ate a fly.”






“Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a frog!”




“I’m glad I got to meet everyone but some of you are just strange.”

“Get use to it, Topaz.”






“Behold my great genie dick!”

“I just wish you would keep your clothes on for once, daddy.”

“It’s my weekend! I do what I want!”






“Look, I’m Jesus. I can walk on water.”

“You are just using your genie magic to do that, Mimi.”






The day was coming to a end and so far I was enjoying my weekend. This has been the best father’s day weekend by far. I just wished my kids could of gotten me a stripper. What better gift than a sexy lady with a nice body for me to love on.





“Daddy is naked again! Isn’t there any decency left in this world!”

“Aren’t you naked as well?”

“Look the bat signal! “

“What? Why do I bother.”






My kids told me that there’s a special gift waiting for me on the balcony. Please tell me it’s finally a stripper.











“Happy father’s day, Borage.”






“This is so much better than a stripper.”

“I missed you, Borage.”

“I missed you too.”






“Call the police! I hear someone getting beat up!”

“Calm down, Mimi. Dad found his gift.”

“My mom was the gift?”

“Kinda. Sounds like your mom is enjoying herself.”

“This is kinda awkward hearing my parents going at it.”

“I’m pretty use to this.”

“Daddy! Please don’t hurt Ms. Diamond!”

“Mimi, shut up.”





“I hear hot nasty sex. Which slut is on my daddy?”






“My mom isn’t a slut.”

“Isn’t she trying to have 100 babies with different men?”

“Well yeah but it doesn’t make her a slut. She have to do it.”

“She have to be a slut? Who’s making her? The slut police?”

“No! I would explain things but I have a feeling you wouldn’t understand.”





“I could lay like this forever.”

“It’s cause I have the best genie dick that you’ll ever have. You almost OD on my magic, tonight.”

“Borage, let’s just lay here and not talk.”

“I’m ready for round 3. Let’s go all night.”





It was near dawn when we took a break from exchanging magic. I figure I could be a nice guy and watch the sun rise with Diamond. I’m sure she’ll like it. It would be the last day in Honeywell before we all head home. I figure I make the most of it with spending time with my favorite girl. She loves me but my heart still isn’t ready to love. I just enjoy her company but I got a goal to reach.





We watched to sunrise together as we chatted about the things going on in our lives. I’ll miss her when we all go but I know that I’m gonna miss my kids as well. As much as I wanted to linger for one extra day with Diamond, it’s not possible. We both have kids at home and need to return back to them.




“You’re crazy.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You wanna push out 100 babies. I’ve been pregnant and it sucks. I don’t get why you wanna do something like that. Those babies might ruin that sexy body of yours.”

“I told you why, Borage. I keep myself pretty fit. Would you not find me attractive if I were fat?”

“I’ll still think you’re hot.”

“I think you’re just saying that.”

“I’ve been with big ladies before. As long as the lady looks sexy, I’m all over it.”

“I see.”





“You always seem to shut down when I mention about other ladies. Jealous?”

“No, I’m not the jealous the type. Sometimes I rather not know about you with other females.”

“You have loads of freaky sex with other men to get babies. It don’t bother me so much.”

“It’s cause I don’t talk about it with you. Besides I do what I do to gain 100 children. You do what you do for pleasure.”

“True but with, it means something. I have meaningless sex with other ladies but with you it’s different. Were friends and all. So it means something every time we get freaky.”

“It seems that’s all we do when we see each other.”

“I love sex. I need sex. What can I say? I’m a Navox Genie, this is natural for us. We desire sex all the time. Were not fucking now. Were watching the sunrise together, are we?”

“I am enjoying this. I hope we’ll do more of this soon.”





Some time later, the kids found their way over and spend the morning doing some fishing and roasting vegetables in the fire pit. I got to much time with Diamond along with our twins and it was great. I just wished that weekend didn’t have to end so soon.






“What’s wrong, sis?”

“I’m gonna miss everyone. Even dog face. It was fun but I don’t want this weekend to end.”

“Same here, but I thought you hated Phoenix.”

“We actually email each other all the time. We just have a hate-love relationship.”

“I just wish one day you 2 wouldn’t fight but I guess it’s normal for you both to fight.”

“Yeah, we need to do this more often. Get together time to time.”

“You’re right, we do.”





“Dad, watch! I’m gonna stick my hand in the fire and not get burn.”

“I’m gonna laugh when you burn yourself.”

“No I’m not! I’m a master at this. Watch! I’m so daring.”

“You’re a idiot. You’re not a genie and you’re not immune to fire.”



“Ouch! I burned my hand!”

“That’s what you get for being stupid.”





“Hey Diamond and Opal, enjoying the view? I know you’ll probably enjoying the view, Diamond. I could be your next baby daddy. I make cute kids and look at this nice firm ass of mine.”





“It’s been like this all weekend long, mom.”






“You have a interesting batch of kids here. Borage.”






“Don’t mind my idiot son, Diamond. Mordecai, go be stupid somewhere away from here!”







“Are you a little scared that Diamond might wanna take a ride on the Morde-train?”







Time had ran out and it was time to go. We all said our goodbyes before heading to our homes. We took one last photo before just before packing up and heading to the the airport. My Flare twins had to go before the photo cause they had a earlier flight. It was hard to say bye to my kids and Diamond. We all agreed that we should do something like this again. Maybe next time, all of my kids can come. Most of my alien kids didn’t come due to their jobs and promised they’ll do something with me sometime soon. This weekend was great and I’m sad that it had to end. As I headed home, I realize I’ll be back to diaper changing, bottle making and homework checking and managing my club. I was glad that I got a weekend of freedom. I guess it’s back to life. I really need to stop making some many damn kids.




Another Note: Yeah it was long but we all miss Batch#1 and I wanted to show as much of their craziness as much as possible. This isn’t the last of them. I’ll show their life updates at some point. Lilah’s story has already started “Disco Insanity” Feel free to check out her story whenever you can. I hoped you all enjoyed this special and had a great father’s day!

Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.4, Remember Me – Part 2

We last left off where my beloved cousin Borage was encountered by a female fae which he has no memory of meeting her. Of course he has his idea of memory refreshment that requires a bed. And what do you know? It actually worked for him, she agreed to go to bed with him. Diamond must really like him or something cause that line would never work on my girl Janiya. She would of gone upside my head, and it doesn’t matter if we been together like..forever. Anyway, Borage approached me with a smug look on his face. I knew what he wanted and I handed over my house key without saying a word. I knew he wanted some private time with her back at the house. Me being the good younger cousin, I decided to give him his time with after all of the shit he’s been through. This means that me and others need to find something to do for  the next hours. I know Borage and Diamond have a lot of catching up to do.




“I’m only in town for a short time. I’m just visiting some of my kids. So I’m ready whenever you’re ready. It’s been a while since I last seen you.”




“Damn girl. I guess you really want some of this magic. I’ll see if Rio will let me have his house key and we can borrow his place for a while.”





“I don’t understand why you don’t remember me but I’m just glad to see once again. I didn’t think I would ever..again. But here you are, of all the places.”

“It’s weird though. I remember all the ladies I’ve been with but you. It doesn’t ring a bell but I think I seen you in a dream. How do I know you’re not some crazy lady.”

“Here, I have a photo of our twins. See. They look just like you.”

“Hmm. They do look like me. I don’t get it…”

“They are both genies like you. Maybe we’ll figure something out.”

“Yeah… lemme get that house key.”



After handing over my key and hoping that he doesn’t lose it on his way back to my house, his fairy embraces him once more. Janiya thought it was sweet as she watches on. She figure Diamond was his girlfriend and he’s finally moved on. I told Janiya I highly doubt she’s a girlfriend but I don’t think she’s a random hook up. I think she may known him. I later learned that was true. I am curious of how many women my cousin has been with that he has no memory of.  I believe things can get a little awkward when you’re getting tons of emails or texts from ladies you don’t remember.

I only been with one other woman other than Janiya. We did break up for a short time and I met a girl named Daniela Dias. Beautiful Colombian lady with dark hair and eyes. However I wish I didn’t remember her either. Things get awkward when I come across her whenever I’m out with Janiya. They usually exchange hateful glares and Daniela usually makes a backhanded compliment to Janiya that escalates into a cat fight. It gets embarrassing at times and I just wish Daniela would just move on. I made a promise if anything ever happen between Janiya and I again, I will never go back to Daniela since she loves to cause chaos in my life when she’s around.




“Rio doesn’t have any extra double beds that I know of. I hope the twin size bed or the floor would be okay?”

“I’m sure we can manage.”

“Are you flexible?”

“You’ll find out if I am or not.”








“Borage.. I’m not sure if I should say this..”

“That I’m the best genie dick you ever had?”

“Yes but that’s not what I wanted to say.”


“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”





“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”

“Did I just call you her name?”

“Yes.. I guess another female is on your mind…”





“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”

“I’m sure we will figure out the reason.”

“I’m sorry that I called you-  Her name. It’s just- It was a natural reflex. I swear I’m not thinking about her.”

“I guess I could understand. Wanna come back into bed with me?”

“I feel like a asshole.”

“It’s okay.. Really. It’s okay.”




“It’s not okay, Di. I shouldn’t be calling you my dead ex’s name. I don’t want you to think I’ll be thinking about her when I’m with you. Trust me, I’m over that dead bitch.”

“You speak ill of her. Mind if I ask why?”

“I’ll tell you this.. She broke my heart.”

“Maybe I can heal it.”

“Possibly but let me make it up to you for calling you the wrong name.”












We were growing restless and figure Borage had enough time with Diamond so we headed back to the house. Niro raced into sauna room like there was a fire in it. Janiya followed him to see what was the rush to be in the sauna room for. Niro’s craziness was revving up again. I wonder will he have a hard time dealing college when we go. I hope he grows out of his odd behaviors before we leave.


“Okay Patches, here’s the deal. I will be leaving for school soon so I need you to stay here so people won’t think I’m crazy.”

“But Patches wants to go.”

“I am sorry but I need you to stay here. How am I gonna get laid if you’re hanging around me.”

“Patches will stay in the background. Patches doesn’t want to be alone.”

“I’m sorry Patch but others will think I’m crazy cause they can’t see you. I’m not crazy though. “

“Patches knows Niro is not crazy. Niro is Patches’ friend.”




“But you can’t go damn it.”

“Are you talking to your invisible friend again?”

“Patches is real! You just can’t see em.”

“You don’t need to come to college with us. You need to go to the nut house.”




Borage and Diamond were finished by the time we returned. They were raiding my frig as we entered. I guess they were wanting to refuel for later on. My guess is Diamond is staying the night over, which I don’t mind at all. I have plenty of space just in case. We chatted for a bit. It’s when I learned about Borage’s memory issue.


“So who’s your friend?”

“Diamond Flare. I guess she’s one of my baby mamas but I don’t remember her.”

“You don’t remember her?”


“That’s pretty shitty of you.”

“I know.”

“It’s okay, guys. I think there’s a reason behind this.”

“That my cuz is just a asshole?”





“Do you think it’s possible that his memory was erased?”

“That is possible, Diamond.”

“I think it was cause look at her Rio, how could I not remember that?”

“You have a point there. What’s the last thing you remember?”




“I was passed out in front of my house. My head was pounding and according to Fayon, I was gone for 2 weeks. I didn’t know where I was for that long. It happen again a few years ago. After my house fire. I was gone for 2 months but I don’t remember where I was for that long. I remember each time where I found myself lost and confused, one of my alien kids were near by. I got a text from a girl named Cindra saying she had a great time with me. I don’t know who she is.”




“You said there’s always a alien kid around when you’re confused?”


“I think that’s it. It’s your alien kids taking your memory away. I heard about this from a friend. Sometimes aliens can wipe away a memory.”

“I knew those bastards were evil.”



“I didn’t think aliens could erase memories. I had 2 alien children before and I don’t believe they ever taken any of my memories. I wonder if I could just restore his memory with my alchemy.”




“I think it depends on the breed of the alien. It’s more of Ziharian thing. My friend has been studying aliens since he married one before leaving town. I’m not sure which breed he married but I know for sure memory wipes is something that Ziharians do.”




“Those bastards are Ziharians..”





“Now that we figure out the issue. I can work on a elixir  to restore his memory. Do you have a alchemy table around by any chance?”





“Wait.. before anyone goes off to restore my memory, what if there were some bad things that were erased? Like how I got pregnant twice. I’m pretty sure Pedro used alien magic but let’s say he didn’t. I rather not know how I got pregnant. I know you now, Di. Can that be enough? I can get to know you.”





“I guess you have a point there. But I got you covered. Janiya is a witch and I know there’s a special witch elixir that can only restore memory that happen at a certain time. Diamond, you can talk to Janiya about it. I’m pretty sure she could help you with memory restoration. She also have a alchemy table so there’s no need for you to go to the shop. Maybe it’s best if you let Diamond just restore the time when she was with you, Borage. Maybe there’s something special about that night that you need to remember.”