Love For The Fellas: Chapter 5, Surprises

A few more weeks had gone by and dramatic ass start getting all weird and shit after those aliens took him. Why did that bring him back if he gonna act like this? One morning he acted like he wanted to ask me something but couldn’t say anything. It was working on my last nerve.

“Grow some balls dramatic ass, what you got to say to me?!”

“Well.. I was wondering if you would go to the hospital with me? I’m kinda nervous about it.”

“Why? You’re such a pussy.”

“I think I might be pregnant with a alien baby and I wouldn’t know how to explain it to the doctors.”

“You gotten kinda fat, I say you are.”

“I want to make sure of this, Cece. Will you go?”

“Yeah I’ll go with you, dramatic ass. I haven’t been feeling good myself. I think your cooking is killing me.”




I went to the hospital with Clark so they could check him out or something. If he is knocked up I wonder if he’ll have a ass baby like my twin. If so, I’m so not delivering  no ass baby.  I also decided to get myself check out since I haven’t been able to keep food down. I think Clark gave me food poisoning with his terrible cooking.





“Those bastards said I’m pregnant! The ultrasound showed twins. I hate kids. How did this happen?”

“When a man and a woman-“

“Shut up! It wasn’t a serious question! What did they say about you?”

“It appears that I have a parasite inside of me. I figure it’s the alien baby.”




“So were both knocked up?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Good going Clark! This is all your fault!”

“How? I didn’t get you pregnant or myself.”

“Your stupid aliens did this!”

“You were abducted?”


“Then? Never mind.. let’s go home.”




I needed to make a stop before we headed home. The bar. I needed a drink after hearing that terrible news about being pregnant. The weird shit started happening to Clark.

“Oh dear! Something is happening to me.”

“Don’t be a dramatic ass, dramatic ass.”

“Seriously Cece, my tummy is glowing!”

“You’re turning into a glow worm, big deal! I’m ordering a drink.”

“But you’re pregnant. You can’t drink.”

“Can too! I do what I want. You ain’t my daddy.”





“Celsia, I know I’m not but I care about you and my unborn nieces or nephews.  Those drinks can harm your babies.”

“My mama drank when she was having me and I turned out fine. I can’t say the same for Borage but we didn’t die!”

“Hmm this explains everything..”

“What does?!”





After some drinks, I felt like dancing. I wanted to dance on the corner but Clark nagged the whole of how I shouldn’t be doing any of this. Just cause I got demon spawns in me doesn’t me I gotta not have fun ever. Clark is such a buzz kill!

“Say another word and I’ll kick you in the throat.”

“Cece, you might fall and hurt the babies. Please come down.”

“You ain’t my daddy! If I wanna dance drunk on the corner when I’m pregnant, then it’s my right!”

“Please Cece..”

“Ugh you’re so whiny!”



The only thing I could do without Clark bitching at me was the bubbles. We talked about what we were going to do since were both having babies. He was concern of the fact he haven’t gotten a job yet and wasn’t sure how to support his baby. The idiot forgot that I’m rich and we didn’t need jobs. However my mini club will shut down. No one wants to see a pregnant stripper. Besides, I don’t want the guys to see me all fat. It’s not a good look on me.




Clark had some people over to convert a room that wasn’t using into a baby room. We couldn’t decided on stars or clouds so we did both. Those clouds are lame, we should of gotten all stars but noooo! But anyway we got the room done and it’s ready for the little demon rats.



“This room is lame. I wanted this room to be my dominatrix room. Stupid babies.”






“Who said that?”

“Clark, come.”

“Come where? Who are you? Where are you?”










“Why did you take me again?”

“We check on baby. Baby is fine.”

“I don’t feel good… Are you Tixxis?”

“I am not Tixxis. I am Sally. I check on baby for Aqufinix friend.”

“Aqu-what? This isn’t Tixxis’ baby?”

“It not Tixxis baby, baby you carry is  Aqufinix. We try Aqufinix baby on Gelman host.”

“What’s a Aqufinix?”

“Different race of alien. I am of Electrix’Artrian race.  Baby will be blue. Baby will love water.”


“I will come later for more checking on Aqufinix baby.”




“Sally.. wait. Darn.. She’s gone. I don’t want them to come back.. I really don’t feel good. I should go rest.”





“Where the fuck is Clark? I want some ice cream. He’s always taking his ass off somewhere. I’m gonna punch him in his stupid face.”





Clark started to cook organic type foods now. He say he’s good for the babies. I didn’t want to eat that nasty shit. I hate how he keep suggesting things how this is good for the baby and that’s bad for the baby and blah blah blah! I want french fries cover with hot sauce but he’s all like “You don’t need to eat that. Blah blah blah I’m a whiny bitch with a alien ass baby.” He’s so annoying now.




“How do you like the pancakes?”

“They are gross like your face.”

“Now that’s just rude. We need to eat better for our babies.”

“I think you were born the wrong gender.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You act like a bitch.”

“I must of added too much RUDE in your pancaked this morning.”

“Just saying.”




“Cece.. I realize I have no idea of how I’m going to give birth. I’m afraid that it may hurt!”

“If it’s ass baby, yeah it’s gonna hurt.”

“Was it painful for Borage?”

“He doesn’t remember the births. All he remembers was sleeping a lot. He pushed out 7 babies at once.”

“That sounds terrible! What if I’m carrying 7 babies?”

“You worry too much.”




“I am excited about your little babies. Did your doc tell you what you’re having?”


“So they are little girls? How cute. Did you pick out names yet?”

“Satan and Lucifer.”

“You can’t be serious.”



“You know you should be blessed to carry life inside of you. There’s many females who can’t have kids themselves.”

“Really? Those females are lucky.”

“Why do you hate kids so much?”

“They are annoying like you.”




I needed a drink after getting visited by the police today. I was slapped with a fine cause I was running a club without a entertainment license. I guess my club is shut down forever. I guess I could make this my party room then. I thought about the massages from Bryce and thought maybe I should be a professional massage person and open my own spa. I can give guys a magically happy ending! I signed up for classes online and will be attending soon.

I just hope these hell spawns won’t ruin my plans. I still want my own business and I wouldn’t need a stupid entertainment license to run this spa. When I do all the stuff I need to do first then I’ll be back in action! I don’t think I wanna bang 1000 men tho, maybe 500 would be good enough.  If I can get 499 men to come to my spa then things would be awesome!



I haven’t heard much from Travis is a while. I told him about the babies and he said he will come back before they were born. He’s still in Sunlit Tides with his sick mom. I hope he takes these rats with him when he goes back. He can keep them.





Clark is getting fatter and worries about birth mainly. I told him to talk to his brothers who had alien babies before but he doesn’t. He just worries and cries to me about it. He’s afraid that the aliens will come back for him and sleeps in my bed now. I know he’s my little brother and I should be the protective big sister but it’s getting annoying. I just can’t wait until this is all over with.





“Clark it is time. Come.”

“No! I will not go with you this time. I’m sure the baby is fine.”

“Come Clark, we have fun this time.”

“I don’t trust your idea of fun.”







“Why do you keep doing this to me?”

“You not like mating?”

“If you wanna call that sex.. I don’t like it. I thought you wanted to check on the baby.”

“Lied. I know baby is fine. Gelman is good host.” 

“I guess you’re  Sally. It’s hard to tell.”

“I am Val for short. You not genie like the Ziharian’s host. You know a genie? Genie are great lovers. Ziharians say so.”

“I’m not going to tell you if I do..”

“I will find genie love like Ziharians and make Gi’navoxia babies.”

“What’s that’s that?”

“Alien love genie. I must go. Will check again when other baby is born.”

“What? Another baby?”

“I implanted another baby. You will have Zoida’nix baby next from Zoida’nix donor. Baby will like night.”





“Another baby? Say it isn’t so! How on earth will I care for 2 alien babies when my sister is a idiot?”





“I want my mommy!”





Dramatic ass came crying about the aliens took him again and implanted another baby in him. I told him that he was dumb for running outside in the first place. He said he heard a cat meowing for help. There’s no cats around here. He’s so dumb.





We were on our way to the park and then my water broke. I can’t tell you of how much pain I was in. Why the fuck do these women wanna have 100 of these things? Do they like pain? Fucking idiots!





Dramatic ass was being a dramatic ass and not helpful at all. All he did was freak out and dance around like he was on fire. He finally got his brain back and too me to the hospital.





Travis was back in town and rushed to the hospital after Clark called him to tell him it was time. Pushing out the hell spawns was terrible and I’m glad it’s over now. I have twin girls, both are genies like me. I named one Cienna and Travis named the other one Chloe.




As a couple of weeks went on after having the babies, I wanted to toss them in the lake. These brats are annoying. All the do is shit, eat and cry. Clark helped out for the most part and Travis asked to stay for a while so he could spent time with the babies. I wanted to spend time drinking cause I dislike these creatures from hell.




“I’m never having kids again. I better drink more rum more often to prevent having anymore of these nasty freak babies.”





Clark’s face got all weird one night. It was his turn to give birth to a freak baby. We weren’t sure how it was gonna come out but it like Borage’s first birth, a magic baby.





After crying for his mama for 20 minutes, he had a daughter that he named Celina. He said he was in a lot of pain the whole time. Later he went to the hospital to see if the aliens were right about implanted another baby in him. The test shows he has a parasite growing inside of him. I notice how he stayed fat. I guess we gotta buy another crib now.





Having Travis around is kinda awesome. We have amazing sex while Clark is with the brats. When were not fucking, he with looking after the twins while I go drink more rum to kill my eggs. I don’t want anymore of those devil rats.





“Cece, I enjoyed my time with you and the girls but I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks. Will you be okay with the girls?”

“No. Take them with you.”

“I would if I could but I’m caring for a sick mother now. I wouldn’t have time for them.”

“I don’t want them.”

“You don’t mean that. You must be having that baby depressing thing mothers have after giving birth.”

“No, I hate kids.”

“You have that thing. I know you don’t really hate the twins. Whatever you do, don’t drown our twins.”

“I’m tempted..”

“You’ll be fine, you have your bro. I see he’s good with the babies.”

“Yeah so. Take em.”

“You’re silly, I’m gonna miss you but I will be back to see them.”





It’s pretty lame that he’s leaving let alone he won’t take the brats with him. I guess I could enjoy him until he leaves.





“Um guys..”

“Were busy, dramatic ass go away.”

“I just wanted to remind you of the little crying humans you both made. Maybe you both should see them before creating more of them.”

“Damn it Clark! Deal with them!”

“I would but I need a break.”

“He’s right, Cece. We need to look after them more.”

“Ugh.. whatevs.”





“You’re a little cock blocker. Yes you are. I don’t like you.”





7 months has passed and the brats are getting bigger and more annoying. Clark’s alien baby turned blue over time and he thought it was cool. I guess. I’ve been busy with taking classes so I can open a spa and Clark is freaking about his other baby that’s due at any point. I get tired after class and have to deal with the devil rats. When I come home, I want a drink not play patty cake with a stinky baby.




Cienna reminds me a lot of Travis. She looks a lot like him. I haven’t heard from him since he left. That asshole.





Chloe looks a lot like me. She’s a cute kid but I still don’t like her or her bratty twin.





Celina has Clark’s hair and that’s pretty much it. She likes taking bath more than my brats. Clark says she’s a Aqufinix alien and they love water. I hope she drowns.

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 4, Taken

I woke up in the morning smelling the sweet smell of Colombian coffee being brewed. Being half Colombian myself, I naturally love they type of coffee. Having dramatic ass around is pretty cool, he knows the right of coffee to make. I just wish he would let Bryce do his job for once. I’m not paying him to lounge in my pool cause Clark wants to do everything. I guess asshole didn’t have much help around other than some crazy old nanny bitch. But Clark said he was to have some independence in his life. With my genie I honestly didn’t need Clark or Bryce to do work around the house but I didn’t want to be alone. That’s why I have Bryce in the first place. I guess I didn’t need him so much now I guess. But I like his massages so I’ll keep him. I’ll get sore a lot from dancing so I do need him after all.

Dramatic ass is always cheery in the morning and wants to chat. After my first cup of coffee I need another one with vodka. I can’t deal with his friendly ass this early in the day.



“How do you like the coffee? I always wanted to try Colombian coffee.”

“It’s good, smart choice you made so far. Needs more vodka.”

“Vodka, this early?”

“I’m a Montigo, we don’t care about time.”





“Cece, I was wondering if I could borrow your laptop to make a profile for a dating site. I’m a little shy on meeting women and want to give a dating site a shot.”





“A dating site? That’s for socially awkward losers who are too butt ugly to meet anyone and they live with their mama. Sure you can use  my laptop.”




“Are you implying that I’m a socially awkward butt ugly loser? However I don’t live with my mama. I want to try something new in hopes of meeting a nice lady. I would love to start my own family one day or you rather have me live with you forever?”





“Maybe Clark. Why don’t we hit up  that one bar here in this town?”

“I couldn’t really do the bar scene. I don’t know how to approach a lady.”

“Just buy her a drink and she knows to put out. Bar women are easy.”

“I’m not looking for a quick lay, Cece. I’m looking for a soul mate. Someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with.”

“Sounds gay.”

“It’s not, Celsia. Have you ever been in love?”

“That depends on your definition of love.”

“Ever had someone who you believe you couldn’t live without? Someone who makes your heart skip a beat when you see them? Someone who makes you feel whole?”

“I feel that way about vodka and grape soda.”

“You’re hopeless, sis.”




I’m gonna hate it when or if Clark finds true love. I bet he’ll be all lovey dovey and more annoying than he is right now. I guess I could help this poor fool out. I let him use my laptop so he could join a dating site.




“What do you think about my profile now?”

“You’re lying about the being brave part. You’re afraid of the dark and ghost.”

“I need to tweak my profile a bit so ladies would find me appealing.”

“Liars are appealing.”

“It’s a little lie, I bet they won’t remember that part.”

“Yes they will when they see a roach and want you to kill it. Your bitch ass would run and cry.”

“I would not. I could be brave for my lady.”

“Yeah right.”



I sent out some random invites about my mini strip club. Men were showing up and I was getting excited about it. I didn’t know this many men would show up just to see me dance for them. I knew I was about to get paid. Clark didn’t like this one bit and stayed in his room the whole time. I didn’t care, he knew this would be happening time to time.




I did all my best moves and the dollars were coming my way quick. But I found myself not feeling so good like I was about to throw up. I’m still praying to the toilets but not so much. I told the guys that I needed a little break and I would be back.




I ran to the bathroom cause I was about to blow chunks again. Bryce was cleaning the sink when I came running in.

“Not feeling well Miss Montigo? How may I assist you? Do you need some water and crackers for your stomach?”

“No Bryce, I just need a dirty martini and I’ll be fine.”




As I waited for my dirty martini, I notice this one fairy guy by the bar. He’s not bad looking and I never been with a fairy boy before. I wonder how good fairy men are in bed? He mumbling to himself about some girl named Nova and was looking around like he was looking for someone. He walked away before I got to say anything to him. I hope he isn’t no crazy ex boyfriend type stalker. Is this Nova chick some ex lover of his? Whatever, I hope I run into him again.




After finishing my drink, I return dancing for the night for the guys. The night was a success and I made 2 grand that night. Maybe I should open every night if I’ll make 2 grand a night.




As men left, I found Travis staying in my foyer  He looked a bit displeased or sad, I really couldn’t tell. He told me he was returning Sunlit Tides because his mother is very ill and needs him. He didn’t know how long he would be gone but wanted me to know where he was going. He didn’t want me to think that he was avoiding me. I think it’s sweet but unnecessarily. It’s not were dating or anything.




The next morning I felt like I was hit by a train. I couldn’t tell if I was hungover or this random sickness is acting up again. I looked at my clock and it was it was almost 1 PM. I slept in late today. It’s okay, it’s not like I needed to be anywhere.




“Good morning sleepy head or should I say good afternoon.”

“Shut up dramatic ass, I’m in no mood.”

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m making you a fresh batch of coffee since you’re up now. That batch is no good.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You’re a grouch today. I guess you wouldn’t want to go to the spring fest?”

“We can, just give me a few hours to sober up. I feel like shit.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”



It was near sunset before I was ready to head out with Clark to the spring fest. Maybe I’ll meet some guys there. I haven’t been to the fest yet and I hope it isn’t lame. I wonder if they serve vodka there? I could use some right about now. I still feel like shit but better from when I woke up.




I tried out the kissing booth, I know I would have guys lining up just to kiss these tasty lips of mine. So far I’m seeing this teenage boys here. I see them looking my way but I’m not kissing no stupid boy. These lips are for men. Grown ass, manly men. Dramatic went on a easter egg hunt so he’s so not a manly man.




“Any second now, men. No little punk ass boys who live with mama!”



“Hi pink hair guy. What’s your named? I’m Anne.”

“My name is Clark. I’m new in town.”

“I can tell.”

“May I ask why you’re dressed like that?”

“I’m hiding.”

“Oh, are you in some kind of trouble?”

“No, I’m just hiding from the aliens.”





“Yes! Aliens! They are watching us and waiting to abduct us all and implant alien babies in us.”

“So dressing like that will prevent aliens from finding you?”

“Yes! I think you should disguise yourself too. They aliens will get you if you don’t!”

“I highly doubt that.”

“I’m not taking my chances with those green creeps out there. You’ve been warned Clark!”

“Um, okay.”




When we got home, I wanted to try out on a massage on dramatic ass. If I’m good then maybe this could be my other income. Massage men then fuck em like the Asians too. My genie happy ending would be the best!




“This really hurts.”

“You’re just a wimpy ass!”

“No really, Cece. It hurts! Maybe you should take some classes before you try this.”

“Whatever! You’re just a wimpy dramatic ass!”




“What the berry is that? Is that… that… a… UFO? Is the crazy lady right?”





“Oh my stars! the crazy lady was right! What if a alien baby is implanted like my brothers Serpent and Borage?!”




“Tixxis knows you are a Gelman.”

“Wait, are you my niece Bobbi’s mother?”

“Tixxis is Bobbi’s mother.”

“Why did you take me?”

“Tixxis knows Gelmans make good hosts.”

“Host as in carrying a alien baby like you made Serpent do?”

“Tixxis must go now. Tixxis will come back.”




“Hope it isn’t true.. I hope I’m not a host for alien baby like my brothers were. Oh no. What do I do?”





Dear Serpent,

I was just abducted by a alien tonight and it was your alien, Tixxis who took me. She said something about Gelmans make greats hosts. I fear that I might been implanted with a alien baby like you had. I don’t know what to do. I sure hope I’m not pregnant with a alien baby like you were. I do want kids but this wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. I am afraid of what will happen next. Tixxis said she will be back. What does that mean? Talk to her, tell her to stop. – Clark



“What are you doing, dramatic ass?”

“Sending my brother a email.”

“Is he hot? Wait is he my brother too?”


“Damn. Do you have any other hot brothers who aren’t my brother too?”

“My mother had a bunch of kids.”

“Your parents are both whores.”

“Hey! Dad is your dad too. Don’t talk about my mother like that. I wouldn’t say that about yours.”

“I disown that asshole.”

“Why do you dislike our dad?”

“Cause he’s a ho daddy like your mom! Ho mama.”

“Stop talking about my mother!”




“Cece, would it be okay if I stayed in here just for tonight?”


“I was abducted by aliens tonight and she said she would be back for me.”

“You wanted a soul mate, there ya go.”

“I don’t believe she wants to date me. She wants to implant a alien baby if she haven’t already. Can I stay in here? You’re bossy and mean, you’ll probably scare her off.”




“I guess you can stay in here, wimpy dramatic ass. I’ll protect ya from the big bad alien lady.”

“Thank you Celsia.”

“Yeah whatever. If you fart, then I’m kicking your ass out.”





We watched some TV before Clark fell asleep as I protect him from the scary alien lady. I wish Clark would grow some balls but he is my little brother after all. I guess I could do the big sister thing every once in a while. I like sharing my bed but only with a sexy man who isn’t my brother!




By morning I saw dramatic ass was still sleeping in my bed. Those aliens got him shaken up a bit. What the fuck did they do to him? I can’t have him crawling in bed with me every time he’s abducted. They better not come after me!

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 3, Meet & Greet

I was curious about the people who lived across the street from me. My dumb ass twin left here with his stupid smile on his face a few weeks ago and I wanna know why. This is some kind of whore house or something? I figure I should try to make some friends while I’m living here. Clark can’t be my only friend cause that would be hella lame. I got dressed in something cute cause I gotta show these bitches that I look better than them. Plus they’ll see I’m cool and want to be my friend too.




I rang their doorbell and a girl who introduce herself as Danica. She’s actually pretty but not prettier than me. Danica seemed nice and knew who I was right away. She knew I was Borage’s twin, probably cause of the hair, but whatever. Danica seemed a bit eager to finally meet me. I hope she isn’t no lesbian type stalker. I’ve been with a few girls before but that doesn’t mean I want one stalking me. Danica happily invited me inside to meet everyone else. She lives here with 4 of her friends.




“I’m gonna get to the point of why I’m here. Which one of you hussies fucked my brother?”

Danica smiled and laughed like I told the funniest joke she ever heard. I wonder why was my question was so funny. I bet it was her.

“I like you, Celsia. You don’t beat around the bush. None of us did, if you’re wondering. We had a good time with Borage, we enjoined his company. He’s quite easy on the eyes. He told us about the women his has in his life so we backed off.”

“Right Lois and the crazy alien wife. He’s a loser, not sure why you girls wanna hang with him.”

“Borage seemed pretty cool to us. So is this the only reason why you came over?”

“No I was hoping to make some new friends. I’m new in town.”




“I was hoping we could be friends. I went over to greet you but I ran into your twin. He said you were busy with family and I invited him over for a cookout. Were having another one right now if you care to join us. I would like it if you stay.”




“That’s cool as long you’re not some crazy lesbian stalker then I’ll stay.”

“You’re funny Celsia. Having you around will be fun I see. Would you like to meet the others now?”

“I guess.”




I went upstairs and met one of Danica’s roommates. Her name is Lani Ocean. I thought with a name like that she would be blue or something. She seemed nice  and I’m pretty sure this chick was more of dumb ass’s type. She’s probably dramatic ass, Clark’s type too since she has big tits.

“I have a question for you Lani, do you crave a spanking?”




“What? What kind of question is this? Is this a serious question?”





“Well my brother who lives with me wants a large breasted, full hipped woman who craves a spanking. You look like you would be his type.”





“Your brother sounds like a weirdo.”

“I’m not gonna lie, he is. I’m just trying to help him out, he seems lonely.”

“I may consider it if he’s as cute as your twin brother.”

“Well they both look like my stupid dad, maybe.”

“Is he a genie too?”

“Nope, he’s half blood and a boring human with pink hair.”




“Who’s the new girl, D?”

“That’s Celsia, who lives across the street in the big pink house.”



“Danica, Borage’s twin is here? So we can befriend her so we can get close to Borage?”

“That’s the plan, Dove.”

“What plan are you talking about, girls?”

“Nothing Travis.”





“Nothing? It sounds like something evil that you’re planning.”

“If being her friend is evil…”

“Sounds like it’s something more than that.”

“Travis, go meet her. She’s nice, really. If what Borage said about her is true, then she’s your type. Easy.”

“Whatever D.”




The girls had a bonfire going after their other roommate grilled some hot dogs. I chatted with Danica and Dove for a bit. They kept asking questions about dumb ass. What’s so special about him? I was pretty much vague on most of their questions. Him and I haven’t really kept in touch until recently. I thought they wanted to be my friend? Why do they care so much about dumb ass anyway? At least when I chatted with Lani, she mostly asked about me and not about dumb ass.  I think these 2 hussies are up to something.




A blonde haired guy named Travis introduced himself to me. I don’t feel the whole surfer guy thing but he is pretty cute. Plus I’m on my mission to 1ooo men and Travis could be my first guy on my challenge. I’m so gonna win this since dumb ass is all love and shit. Travis asked me if I wanted to dance. Of course I would. I love to dance, especially when I’m being paid for it.




“Are you from around here?”

“No, I was born in Starlight Shores but was raised in Riverview. I did a lot of traveling before settling here. I guess it’s time since I’m now 37.”

“You’re 37? That’s not possible. You look so young.”

“I know, I’m a genie. We age slow since we are immortal.”

“Wow? That’s cool. I’m only 23. I guess I’m a young pup.”





“It’s okay. I like them young. Easy for me to train.”

“Oh you think so? You think you could train me?”

“Yep I think so. I guess you’re not from here. No oceans for you to surf unless you’re in Starlight Shores.”

“Nope, I’m from Sunlit Tides like Lani. We both moved here with Danica. I guess Hidden Springs is nice but I miss the waves.”






“Why leave?”

“There was some things I needed to get away from. I needed a fresh start and then Danica found this place.”

“That’s cool I guess. I’m kinda curious about the hot tub over. I’m not using mine until I have it bleached out.”


“I think my dad and aunt fucked in there. They probably have herpes or something.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a soak with a pretty lady like you.”




Younger men are so easy to get. I didn’t want to go home just to get my swimsuit, so I stripped down. I made sure that Travis got a look good at this nice body of mine. No guy can resist my amazing genie clit! I know he was getting a little excited as he quickly sat down in the hot tub. How cute, he’s trying to hide his coming hard on.




“Enjoying yourself, Travis?”

“Yeah, having a cute girl next to me. Of course I am.”

“Come closer to me then. I won’t bite unless you want me to.”




“Is this better?”

“Yeah, now I can feel your dick a lot easier.”

“Ohh, oh. I guess were skipping the me taking you on a date part?”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m getting to the business.”

“You’re straight forwarded. I like it.”

“Yeah now a little less talking and a little more fondling. Kiss me fool!”




His kiss was actually pretty nice. He has such soft lips for a man. Maybe he’s some kind of girly man? I dunno, as long as the dick works that’s all I care about. After a little of foreplay, I was done of the foolishness and was ready for some hot tub loving.




 For almost being a kid, Travis is pretty good when it comes to fucking. It’s been a long time since I had a good fuck. I guess my ex was the last but I’m not trying to talk about him right now. All I care is about getting 1000 men. 1 down and a bunch to go.




Afterwards, I notice it was getting late and I should return home. Clark is probably done moving his stuff in and I should check on him I guess.

“I guess I’ll see you around then?”

“Sure, we live across from each other.”

“True, it was a fun time with you Celsia.”

“You too.”



I wanted to linger in Travis’ mind for a little bit so I placed the most awesomest kiss on him. I could tell by his eyes that I just left a lasting impression on him.





I headed home and I can tell that Clark was home . I guess he’s done and trying to settle in. I hope he didn’t bring any roaches.




When I came in, I saw he had some ugly teenager over. They were chatting about something stupid I bet. I hope Clark isn’t some pedobear and this is one of his lover kids. Nasty.





A few weeks had flown by. I didn’t see much of Travis since that one night in the hot tub. He did send a few texts and would wave at me as we checked our mail. But now I’m not feeling so hot now. Clark wanted to give Bryce a break from cooking and has been doing it himself. I guess he’s not comfortable having someone cook for him. It’s Bryce’s job anyway. I think Clark’s cooking is making me sick. He’s banned from the kitchen!




This has been a everyday thing for me. I’m always throwing up everything and I’m tired of it. I don’t know why I don’t feel good all the time. I think I need to drink more grape soda and vodka. That should make me feel better. Clark is so not cooking the meals anymore!




“Your cooking is making me sick. Let Bryce do his job cause I’m tired of throwing up.”

“Are you sure it’s my cooking or something that you had done a few weeks ago?”

“If you’re implying that I’m pregnant, then your wrong! My eggs are dead!”

“If you say so, Cece.”

“I know so, stupid!”

“You don’t have to call me names.”

“Whatever, don’t you have some fainting to do? There’s a ghost.”

“Gh-gh-ghost? Wh-wh-where?”

“Scary ass there’s no ghost!”

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 2, Alone No More

 photo Screenshot-282_zpsb22f7115.jpg

It’s been a few days since my family left. It’s been kinda lonely since then. I never really lived alone in my life. Growing up I was raised in a house surrounded by family. My dysfunction drunk family. If you saw how many were in the house at once you would think I would feel over crowded.




 photo Screenshot-283_zps5cd5d689.jpg

But actually I did like living for a bunch of people. There was always someone to talk to. I know some of my siblings got on my nerves but it is better than living alone. I talk to my sister Erica online a lot. Right now she’s settling in with her twin, Dodder in Moonlight Falls. I guess it would be nice to live with your twin. I rarely seen Erica and Dodder apart. It would be nice to be close like that. Well dumb ass and I are somewhat close. Were just not as close as Erica and Dodder.




 photo Screenshot-286_zps5928f712.jpg

Sometimes I wonder will I be alone forever? I don’t want to have babies nor ever get married. I see how Borage has a million kids but I can’t do it. I like to party and be kid free. I don’t see why dumb ass won’t just wrap it up for once. He only like half of his kids. He need to stop making so many if he can’t like to all. I don’t wanna be alone but if I plan to never have kids or marry I will be. I never felt so lonely in my life. How am I going to cope with this? I am ready start my goal to fuck 1000 men. When I’m getting freaky with a sexy guy, I’ll have company but later he will leave. Then I’ll be alone again. Forever alone…




 photo Screenshot-287_zpsc79f4e51.jpg

Borage was one of the few who started to live alone.. I thought he was crazy for branching out on his own but now he’s surrounded by family. I’m not sure what do to now. If I stick to my vows then I need cope living alone. I think I’ll be fine. I have my butler at least. He’s  kinda cute. I wonder if he relaxes her hair cause I know he ain’t got good hair.




 photo Screenshot-289_zpsc97b556e.jpg

I’m so alone that I started to talk to a mirror that talks back. Am I going crazy?




 photo Screenshot-291_zpsf5af07ca.jpg

“Hey Zordon! You should make me into a power ranger. I wanna fight putties and fuck Lord Zedd cause he sounds like he needs to get laid more often. He’s hella ugly though but that’s what vodka for. Love is a bottle away ya know.”




 photo Screenshot-292_zps8a4a2e16.jpg

“What the hell are you talking about? Bitch I ain’t Zordon!”




 photo Screenshot-293_zpsfed5e7eb.jpg

“Zordon? Where did you go? You didn’t make me into a power ranger yet.”




 photo Screenshot-294_zpsa917b1ef.jpg

“I was happy to learn I would be working in the Vanderburg house once again but this dumb heffa bought this house. She turned this damn house into a berry rainbowcy. I look like a damn fool cooking on this pink stove. I better no sweat off my lace front in hot ass kitchen. She must not know.”




 photo Screenshot-295_zps52e926d2.jpg

My butler Bryce is a pretty good cook. I know being a genie I would have no need for a butler but I’m rich! Most rich people have one and most of my family don’t cause some of us are genies. It would be nice if Bryce joined me for dinner for once. It’s so lonely.




 photo Screenshot-296_zpsc3f72781.jpg

At least I have my little rubber duckie. He’s so cute and yellow.




 photo Screenshot-297_zps25c8e67f.jpg

“Where you going duckie? Are trying to get a peek at my vag you little yellow nasty!”




 photo Screenshot-298_zpsd1f7c516.jpg

I asked Bryce if he would give me a massage. It’s been a while since I last felt the touch from a man. The last was my ex boyfriend Jamal. He was a good man but shit went down quick. He wanted love but I couldn’t give it to him. He wanted to wait after marriage before having sex but who still does that shit? I wasn’t willing to wait and he ended things. He said I wasn’t ready to be with a real man but I’m like whatever. A real man wouldn’t hold back with me. I’m sexy, how can he not wanna do it me now? Sometimes I think he was really gay or something. However I do miss him. I guess it’s better this way. I could never marry.. It’s not in my blood to be ..faithful.




 photo Screenshot-299_zps65fbd488.jpg

“Mmm Bryce.. This feels so nice. How did you get so good at this? I should ask you do this more often… And maybe more. What do you say?”




 photo Screenshot-301_zps65acb2cd.jpg

“I took a few massage classes. But if you’re offering something else I must decline. Let’s keep our relationship professional, Miss. Montigo.”




 photo Screenshot-302_zpsae512c6f.jpg

“I’ll get ya some day, just wait. You have needs ya know.”




 photo Screenshot-303_zpsa4d8832d.jpg

“My GPS said the house is way. They said to look for a the big pink house on Lake Drive. I hope this is right.”




 photo Screenshot-304_zpsc2eb8c78.jpg

“Big pink house. I do believe I found it. I swear this could be my mother’s house. I wonder if this dancer is a berry.”




 photo Screenshot-306_zps3dbad719.jpg

“Oh I’m so nervous about meeting the dancer! What if she thinks that I’m dork? What if she doesn’t have the time for me? Oh no! What should I do now? I’ve came this far…”




 photo Screenshot-308_zpsf1a1be5f.jpg

“Get it together Clark. You can do this. It’s just a dancer. If you wanna learn how to tango dance, you gotta man up and meet this dance teacher. I wonder if she’s large breasted, full hipped woman who craves a spanking. What the what?! I need to get those awful thoughts out of my head. Focus Clark! Focus! Look at me.. I’m standing out here talking to myself like my sister Carrie. Have I gone mad? I think soon I’ll have voices in my head too.”




 photo Screenshot-309_zpsf2eb0926.jpg

“Oh but I’m so nervous!”




 photo Screenshot-310_zps449acd99.jpg

“Hello, I was wondering if this is the house of the dancer. I’m new in town and I require your services.”




 photo Screenshot-311_zpsa09c93ff.jpg

“I didn’t know that anyone knew about this but yeah I’m the dancer.”




 photo Screenshot-312_zpscdabad27.jpg

“That’s great, I found the right house. Do you crave a spanking?”




 photo Screenshot-315_zpsae2ccc7c.jpg





 photo Screenshot-318_zps97986bff.jpg

“Nothing! Are you available now or do I have to set up appointment? I’m sorry to drop by like this.”




 photo Screenshot-319_zps8bdfdc60.jpg

“No it’s fine, just come right in. I’ll get ready.”




 photo Screenshot-320_zps6786e3da.jpg

I got dressed for this random pink haired guy who shown up at my house. I had my strip room built and it was ready for action. I wasn’t  nervous at all. Stripping come natural for me. It’s in my blood. I got it from my mama. I know this guy is gonna enjoin the show.




 photo Screenshot-322_zpsd9c6e140.jpg

 photo Screenshot-323_zpsef666a60.jpg

I tried to remember all the moves that my mama shown me. I wonder how much money he’s gonna toss at me. He looks like he has some money on him.




 photo Screenshot-324_zps11926c07.jpg

“They didn’t say she was this kind of dancer. But I am liking the show. I know she craves a spanking.”




 photo Screenshot-328_zpsd150f55f.jpg

 photo Screenshot-329_zpsaddc277c.jpg

 photo Screenshot-330_zps64bb882e.jpg

“She doesn’t seem like the type of female who would be offended by the boner growing in my pants. I’ll cross my legs just to be safe. There’s something familiar about this girl.. It’s like I’ve seen her before.”




“So did you like the little show I’ve done for you?”




 photo Screenshot-333_zpsf9ce0cd1.jpg

“Well yes, I did enjoy the show but I didn’t know you were this kind of dancer. I thought you were the tango dance teacher.”




“That was Mrs. Vanderburg but they moved away. I’m a exotic dancer. I can still teach you to tango.. Maybe my bed would be a better studio.”




 photo Screenshot-337_zpse3783653.jpg

“Maybe so.. But ms lady, you hardly know me and you’re coming on to me. I don’t even know your name. I’m Clark Queen. What’s your name?”

“Celsia Montigo. You know my name, let’s fuck.”




 photo Screenshot-339_zps940d59cf.jpg





“My mama is Zinnia and yeah that asshole is my dad. Why?”




 photo Screenshot-342_zps95e4612d.jpg





“Wait.. You’re my half brother? I just did a strip tease and came on to my brother? Oh gross! I notice how you kinda look like that asshole.. I’m acting like Rosette now.”




 photo Screenshot-345_zps41a79df7.jpg

“I’m afraid so…”




 photo Screenshot-348_zps47e55661.jpg

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were one of asshole’s kids?”

“I had no idea you are my sister.”

“I don’t care. What if we fucked? I don’t wanna be a brother-fucker.”

“Um.. can we talk about this after you put some clothes on?”

“It’s too late. You already seen my everything. You got a boner did you? You nasty!”




 photo Screenshot-349_zps3c00c593.jpg

I got dressed and asked to meet Clark in my living room. It was a little awkward at first but we can pretend that this never happen.




 photo Screenshot-351_zpsc4ab95e9.jpg

“So what are you doing here in Hidden Springs, Clark?”

“I just moved here and want to start a life here I guess. How long have you been here. I only been here for a few days. I can tell it’s a nice little town.”

“It’s nice, I’ve been here for a few weeks. How is your place? Like it?”




 photo Screenshot-354_zps2118f940.jpg

“Actually no, Celsia. I was under the impression that it would be ready but the place is a mess. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before I can live there comfortably.”

“That’s lame.. How bad is it?”

“A homeless man wouldn’t dare stay there.”

“Well.. wanna move in here with me? I got lots of more. We can be roomies.”

“That would be nice but are you as crazy as your aunt?”

“Nah.. Rosette has some major issues. I think it would be fun if you stay here.”

“Your place is nicer than mine. I’ll go get my things in the morning.”

“Cool but if you’re gonna stay here then we gotta go some keg stands.”




 photo Screenshot-357_zpsbd6f10e2.jpg

“Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“I am! I am a professional! I’m a Montigo after all. This is what we do!”




 photo Screenshot-358_zpsf05f761b.jpg

We had dinner together. It was kinda nice having someone join me for some din din. We chatted a bit and got to know each other. He told me about the crazy nanny who almost shot my aunt. I kinda wished that she did.




 photo Screenshot-362_zps232de60a.jpg

After dinner we played some ping pong on my new table. It’s good having someone to defeat at ping pong.




 photo Screenshot-369_zps6c186f8b.jpg





 photo Screenshot-370_zps3ff3c8f4.jpg

“Yeah yeah.. I’ll getcha next time. You got lucky.”




 photo Screenshot-371_zps23ec61a5.jpg

“I’m getting a little sleepy. Do you have a room for me to have?”




 photo Screenshot-372_zpsbe1126bb.jpg

“Well yeah since it’s just me here. I can have Bryce set you up a room for you to stay in.”




 photo Screenshot-373_zpsbb71da68.jpg

“Thanks, that would be nice. I’ll be up bright and early so I can move in my things. It’s not much so I won’t be taking up much room. Thanks again for allowing me to stay here.”




 photo Screenshot-374_zps1bf02598.jpg

I climbed into bed after Clark was settled for the night. As awkward as my meeting with Clark, I’m kinda glad that it happen. At least I wouldn’t be alone anymore.




 photo Screenshot-376_zps4afb6e75.jpg

I smelt something good being cooked in the kitchen. I thought it was Bryce cooking but it was some random ass ghost frying up some bacon.

“Who the hell are you? I hope you plan on replacing my bacon, asshole. You’ll dead so why you felt the need to cook up my food? CLARK! get in here. You need to see this shit.”




 photo Screenshot-377_zps5c07ffef.jpg

“What’s going on, Celsia?”

“This mother fucker cooking bacon in my kitchen like he lives here. Go beat him up since you’re my brother.”




 photo Screenshot-380_zps24798bd3.jpg





 photo Screenshot-382_zps165c1fb2.jpg

 photo Screenshot-383_zps83f4abf0.jpg

“Clark? Get yo’ ass up. The ghost is gone. You’re being over dramatic. I think it’s time I give you a ass name. Borage, my twin is dumb ass, Dodder, my little brother is thieving ass, dad is asshole and I guess you will be dramatic ass.” 




 photo Screenshot-390_zpsddd6d41b.jpg

I wanted to talk to this ghost and see who the hell is he. At least he washed his dish when he was done.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I am Gregor. I once lived in this house a long time ago.”

“Okay well you can’t come in here cooking my bacon unless you sharing with me.”

“I am sorry. Maybe if you dance for me. I will share.”

“Dance for you? Hell nah you dead asshole. You gonna pay for the bacon.”




 photo Screenshot-392_zps15498cb4.jpg

And like that, the asshole took off without paying for the bacon. I’m gonna get that asshole next time.. Comin’ in my house, cooking food and ain’t sharing. Bitch.



Note: Clark is from Quest For Immortality by jbfairybird  He’s a triplet along with Carrie and Devon Queen. I liked Clark so I adopted him. Since Carrie is already adopted by MewmewMentor and is in Queens of Crime, she’ll make  cameo appearances since Clark is her full sibling. I figure Devon will make appearances as well.