Love For The Ladies: Chapter 77 – Survival, Part 1

I remembered a time when I glared into the mirror. My body was cover with old and new bruises. As being a lycan, we were taught how to be loyal, to protect, to hunt, to adapt, and to survive.

What did you do when one of your kind is causing you harm? Testing your loyalty, you became their prey, or forcing you to adapt in an unstable environment? Others will not help, you’re apart of this pack, he chose you as your mate, you must accept it. I’m only left to depend on one natural instinct, survive. 



“Antonia, I have some news to share tonight.”

“What would that be?”

“You know how I’ve been trying to get work inside of the city?”

“Yes, Muraco. You had told me many times.”

“Well hun, I got an interview at the civic center for maintenance position.”

“The civic center huh?”

“Sì, they have tons of events that happens in the city. I’m sure I will be working there regularly. Maybe we can get a house in the city. You’ll be closer to your restaurant. You won’t have to keep doing 20 minute drives from here to there everyday.” 




“But Muraco, I love living here in Canosa, the country side is breathe taking. Plus my garden grows wonderfully here. I highly doubt my garden would grow as nice as it does here in Canosa.”

“I just wanted to make things easier for you, love. Besides.. by living in the city.. I won’t have to deal with the annoyance of the South Canosa pack.”

“Is this the real reason? To avoid the pack? Why can’t they take no for an answer?”

“Because of what I am, a Silver back. By living in Monte Vista, you and Clar will be protected.”

“Muraco, what do you mean by that?”

“You and Clar are my reasons of why I refuse to join. The pack won’t accept Clar cause she isn’t a pure breed. You’re human but Clar is far from being a mutt or anything. She’s pure, she’s a rare kind but they must never know of that. If they knew, I would still have to leave you and take Clar. Our love will never be.”

“I had no idea.. Maybe we can discuss this more.”





“Okay Clar, hold on tight. I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself. Your Mamma doesn’t approve of this but I think you’ll be okay.”

“I big girl!”

“I know! But hold on, bene?”







“Let’s do something else, bene?”

“I ride more.”

“Ahh Clar, let’s play on the slide. It will be fun. What do you say?”

“OK papà!”




“Cazzo merda… What does he want now. I swear I can not get through one day without seeing his face.”





“Save your shit, Tyrese. I’m beyond annoyed with your presence!”

“I will not stop being a bothered to you until you accept my offer.”

“I will not or ever be apart of your pack!”




“The pack can use a member like you! With your special abilities and such-“

“I don’t give 2 fucks about my use for your god forsaking pack! I want no part of it!”

“Is that whore of a human and mutt child worth shorten your lifeline?! You can’t thrive or be stronger without being in a pack! What a waste being a silver back! You’ll never live up to your true potential being a lone wolf!”

“I don’t care! I love my family! I refuse to leave them for a blood thirsty bitch pack!”




“The whore and mutt child got your mind twisted. You need us, we need you. If they weren’t in the way…”

“If you came near my family.. I swear I will destroy you.” 




“Being a lone wolf is a death wish. You know this.”

“I’m aware. I’ll never leave my family.”

“Your mistake, Muraco. You haven’t seen the last of me.”






“Sorry you had to witness that Clarissa. This is why we need to move into the city. Your Mamma and you will be safe if the pack tries to harm you both.” 





“Another wolf from that pack?”

“Sì.. Tyrese goes to no end to bother me.”

“Are you okay?”

“For now but Antonia.. I’m serious about moving into the city. I think he might try to harm you and Clar.”

“If that’s so.. Then maybe we should leave..” 






“Muraco? Where are you going?”

“For a run.”

“Now? Why now? I thought maybe we could cuddle for a bit… You always have to go for a run afterwards.”

“It’s night, I have this urge.. It’s a natural instinct. I’m sorry Antonia.”

“If you must run… Ti amo Muraco, al sicuro per favore…”

“I will, Antonia.. you know me. I’m always safe. Ti amo troppo.” 




“Hey bella ragazza.. I’ll be back. Just going on a run. Someday you’ll get to come with me. I’ll train you and teach you your skills. You’re not just some mutt, you’re a pure breed like me.. No trace of human blood in you. You were born on a new moon, a special part of me passed on to you.. You’re a dreamcatcher wolf, a rare kind. You have the ability to turn your dreams into a reality once awaken. Only when you have a strong connection with it. You never have nightmares, sweet blissful dreams. It’s reasons why I never say “sweet dreams” to you. You will always, Clar. Ti amo, I’ll be back.” 





“My Muraco.. I know something is wrong.. He didn’t come home last night.”

“This Muraco Ricci, you say he’s one of the werewolves?”

“Yes, Muraco is a were. It’s not like him to not return from his run.”

“Look lady, he probably run off with some pack or found some lady wolf. It happens all the time.” 




“Muraco would never run off with a pack! He’s against packs! And if he did… he would tell me! he most certainly didn’t run off with another woman if that’s what you’re implying! He loves me and our daughter. He especially adores her. Please help me find him!”

“Look Ms. Lamar, there’s nothing we can do at this point. Once he’s been missing for over 24 hours then you can make a report. Honestly it’s pointless given he’s a wolf, the force don’t really look into missing wolf cases, in most cases they left with a pack. I’m sorry, Ms. Lamar.” 




“Clarissa, stay right there. I don’t want you wondering off. I gotta pick some tomatoes, I plan on making a new pasta sauce with these. It will help me keep my mind off of things.”

“Mamma va bene!”





“Antonia Lamar?”

“Ciao.. I’m her. May I ask who are you and how do you know my name?”

“My name is Simona Valenci, I’m a friend of Muraco.”

“Oh well it’s nice to meet you. What brings you by? Muraco? I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks. I’m getting worried.”

“That is why I’m here. It’s about Muraco.”

“Please tell me.. Good or bad.. I must know what happen to him.” 




“Well Antonia.. Muraco died.. He was found dead in a field near Verona beach. I’m so sorry to tell you this. I’m really am.” 





“! This can’t be true! Dead?! How?!”

“He was shot, probably by a scared farmer.”

“I don’t understand… There’s no farmers near there.”

“Maybe a hunter..”

“It was night! I can’t believe this!”

“We aren’t sure who shot him or why.. But I’m sorry it’s true..”

“Where is he? I need to plan a funeral if-“

“Muraco was buried already.. By his family.”

“His family? He hated his family.. they betrayed him.”

“I know, he hated his family but they didn’t stop loving him.” 




“Then I want to see his grave. At least I can say good bye to him.”

“If I could I would.. His remains were sent back to his hometown, Toscana. He was laid to rest on private grounds owned by the Ricci family.”

“I want to see him..”

“I’ll talk to the Ricci family and make arrangements but I can’t make any promises.”

“This can’t be happening.. We had plans to leave Canosa for Monte Vista. He was going to work at the Civic center..”

“I know, Muraco told me about the interview.”

“He wanted to protect us..”

“I know and that is why I’m here. Muraco has told me many times if anything were to happen to him, I would come and look after you and Clarissa. With me being a lycan, I can train Clarissa when she’s older. I’ll be here for you and Clarissa. It’s what Muraco wishes and I will honor it.”

“Thank you, Simona..”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 76 – By Your Side


No matter how far I run, my past is always 2 steps behind me. I tried to forget the chaos that I was once in, but I found myself thinking of it ever since I had that dream of Borage Christmas night.

I thought I saw him… Tyrese. My tormentor since my childhood. He appeared in my dreams and I thought he was outside of my window. I know it can’t possibly be him but I feel like someone is watching me, lurking in the shadows that surround my house.




My paranoia gotten the best of me and I decided to relocate to a new house down the street from my mother’s. Somehow being near her makes me feel safer in a way but sometimes I’m unsure still. I still feel Tyrese’s eyes on me. It’s been 3 months since that dream.. Most of it was nice.. It felt so real, if I could stay in that dream forever… I wouldn’t mind. It’s not like my life was ever been good. Nothing but chaos and torture.





I haven’t told Borage the full truth about my past life back in Monte Vista and my reasons why I wanted to take things slow. If I would have known he would be in a coma one day, maybe I would have let him kiss me at least. But know I sit here with regret, wishing I would have told him how I felt about him before his accident.

He’s been in a coma for nearly 4 months now. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever wake up.. What if he doesn’t? Should I move on with my life? I spend hours pondering those questions. I haven’t talked to my mom about this, she’ll probably think I’m insane for falling for a man in coma.




The new friends I made here wonder why did I leave Monte Vista, it’s such a beautiful town in Italy. Open country side fields, cheesy pizzas, friendly people wasn’t enough to keep me there. If they only knew how my life was then they would understand why I left, landing thousands of miles away from a place that I felt was home.




I didn’t have the average Italian style family like others would think. It was anything but.. Well.. in the beginning it was, however I was too young to remember such a time. I was the only child between my parents, Antonia and Muraco. We lived in a house south from the city of Monte Vista in a small country town called Canosa.




I don’t have much memory of my dad. I’ve seen pictures of him, but that’s about it. All I know that he was a special lycan, a silver back. He had ivory skin with silver white hair. He was named Muraco meaning “white moon”. It was perfect since he was born during a full moon, reasons why he was born a silver back. I got my silver highlights from him. My dad was a lone wolf though, he didn’t belong to a pack, in fact he was against packs.

I’m not sure what was his reasons but my mom said since my birth he shown an extreme dislike against packs when he was bothered to join the South Canosa pack. Since my mom was human, my dad would have to leave me behind if he join. My mom said he adored me when I was little. It would have been nice to have a man who adored me when I was growing up. My dad’s life was cut short, my mom was told that he was killed. However this stories about his death doesn’t add up… 




If my dad never “died” then I would of never fallen into the cold arms of Tyrese Rizzo. I still have memory of his  glowy ice cold gaze..With Borage away in a coma, my painful memories have returned. 




The memory of the day that my life was destroyed echo in my thoughts….. 





Sometimes… I wonder how am I still alive after all of the abuse I endured… How am I still here today?





I need to move forwarded with my life now.. Not think about the past so much but think about my future. I enrolled myself into the community college, majoring in child psychology. I had a screwed up childhood, maybe I can help a child heal from their pain so they wouldn’t have to live the life I did. Maybe I can finally heal myself as well. 





While I’m in school, I still give private ballet lessons to young kids at the Acrylic Rhythm studio. Recently Borage’s son Mordecai hired me to give his daughters Mariah and Kimora lessons. His daughters are a joy to teach, Mariah is such a sweetheart, her kindness reminds me a lot of her grandfather’s.





“Am I doing it right, Ms. Clar?”

“Yes, Mariah. It’s perfect.”

“I’ve been practicing a lot!”

“That’s good. You should keep practicing anytime you can.”

“I hope I can be in a ballet soon. Have you ever been in one?”

“Yes, I’ve been in many. If you keep improving, I just might sign you up for an upcoming ballet.”





Mariah was happy to know that I thought she’s almost good enough to be in the spring ballet. Teaching the girls do keep my mind off of certain things. If only it kept my mind off of it for good. 





It wasn’t long before I started to spend a lot of time with the girls. I started to take them out for dinner at my mom’s restaurant once a week after a lesson. Sometimes I take them to the park or let them hang out at my house. Morde started to let me have them on the weekends sometimes. I take them out shopping, or to the salon to get their hair and nails. Mainly a lot of girly type of things. Sometimes my mom give them cooking lessons if I bring them to the restaurant. 

Over the weeks, I started to form a close relationship with the girls. Liam commented about it was a good thing seeing how the girls needed a motherly figure in their lives. Children were something that I wanted in life.. Something I sometimes don’t think it would ever happen. But since starting a new life in EC, maybe I will get that chance. 




But wanting to be involved with a comatose man, its impossible.. 





Sometimes Kimora’s temper tantrums snaps me back into reality. She’s a fussy one at times. Do I really want kids?





Temper or not, I love children regardless. I learned that she just has a dislike towards pumpkin pie. She wanted some of my mom’s famous key lime like Mariah had but my mom felt that would be too tart for her little taste buds. Mariah let her have a taste and Kimora loved it.

Mariah cut her piece in half and gave the other half to her little sister. I never met a sweet and caring child like Mariah. Most kids her age wouldn’t think to share their piece of desert with a younger sibling. Mariah didn’t mind, she wanted to make her happy. Another reminder of Borage, he did whatever he could to make me happy. Why did I have to give him such a hard time? Then again the things he say were thoughtless. Too much thinking with his other head. 




I spend a lot of time at the hospital with him, usually after his family has left for the day. I miss the warmth from his body, the softness of his skin, the sweetness of his scent. I curl up next to him, placing my head on his chest. I listen to the rhythm of his heartbeat while whispering my pleads for him to awake. Every night is the same, nothing. He remains silent in his slumber. 




Every night I wish this will be the night he will wake up. I want to be by his side when he does. I want to be the first face he sees when he opens his eyes. I want to express my feelings for him once he awakes. I want to finally taste his lips when he awakes. But all I can do is lie by his side and dream…. 




Sweet blissful dreams….





Then awake to a sour turmoil reality… 








Love For The Ladies: Freudian

Originally I wasn’t going to do a Valentine Day’s special, I was going to make a gift instead but I was having trouble in finding the right mesh I wanna use. ITF has a mesh that I wanna use but that EP isn’t install on my laptop in which I do my work on. Either I install it or install the program on my other computer just to fetch the mesh. Either way, isn’t fun :p I went into game just to get a few pics but I figure, why not do a special. The night was early, I thought I could get some pics. Things went an interesting direction and I got more than I plan. I just wanted to do a special where it doesn’t applied to the current story line. After finding things at the right moment steered this into something more interesting. Because of the way I wrote this, I decided that it will remain a special and not an actual chapter. But yes, it applies to the current story line while the Father’s day does not since the story went into a new direction. I hope you all enjoy this not so typical Valentine’s Day special. I will still make a special gift and hopefully when I write the next actual chapter, it will be done 😀







“So you gonna tell me in or admire my amazing body?”

“Borage, why are you shirtless? Isn’t it a bit chilly today. It’s February, still winter ya know. I don’t think it’s time to be shirtless with basketball shorts. I’ll let you in so you won’t catch your death.”

“I’m a genie, I’m naturally warm. A little cold doesn’t hurt this awesome body of mine. If you’re feeling chilly, I can come in and warm you up.”

“You’re silly Borage, come in.”




“Mmm, you are warm.”

“I told ya, you’ll never wanna let go of this awesome.”

“Ha ha ha, hush. It’s good to see you again though.”

“It’s always good to see me but it’s great to see you.”

“Anyway, I got you your favorite. Purple freesia flowers.”

“Aww, how sweet. Where did those come from? You weren’t holding anything.”

“It’s magic, sweet lady.”

“Uh huh.. It’s lovely, thanks.”




“So whatcha doing tonight?”

“Nothing I guess. Probably stay at home, watch movies and eat pizza. Why do you ask?”

“I guess you’re just in luck.”

“And why do you say that?”

“Cause I wanna ask you something.”

“Okay, shoot.”




“Wanna put on a sexy ass dress, so I can take you out for dinner? It’s Valentine’s day after all, this day is special to my kind. I can come pick you up around 8, and if you decide to ride me afterwards then this date would be great.”




“Ah yes, love genie. You were made with a pinch of love, tons of lust but not enough charm. I wasn’t sure you were gonna ask me out for V day. Sure, I would love to go out for dinner.”




“Course I was gonna ask you out. Why you think I wouldn’t?”

“I figure you probably was taking some other girl out. I mean you waited til now to ask me. I figure you were chatting it up with the fairy girl again.”

“Oh Diamond? Nah, were good friends. I thought we were kinda dating. I mean I’ve been taking you out for months although I haven’t gotten a kiss from you.”

“That’s the thing, I thought you would had lost interest by now. I just wanna take things slow.”

“I respect that, Clar. I don’t wanna push things if you’re not ready. I’ll always be here for you.”

“Aww thanks. You’ll always be here me huh? Wanna make yourself useful and see if you can fix my TV? It suddenly broke when you rang the doorbell.”




“Sure, I can fix your TV. I’m a magic man after all. I can fix anything. But I do charge, with a small fee of your lips on mine, I can fix it.”




“I sure hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I’m a guy, I know what I’m doing.”

“And that there makes me nervous.”




“Do I need to call someone?”

“No, I got this.”

“It’s kinda taking you a long time.”

“Don’t rush me. You’ll be watching TV again in no time.”

“It’s fine, take your time. I’m enjoying the show I’m watching now.”

“But the TV isn’t on- oh.. You’re checking out my ass, are ya?”


“I can make it easier for you if I take my shorts off.”

“You would like that, wouldn’t ya.”

“I’ll be more comfortable.”



“Okay, maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Oh great, Borage. I knew I should have called someone.”

“No, no… I can fix this. I swear.”

“You’re just gonna mess it up more.”

“No! I got magic. I can use my magic.”




“See, I fixed it. I’m pretty awesome.”

“You almost made it worst.”

“I did not, I knew I could fix it.”

“You cheated, you used magic.”

“I did not, I’m a level 4 now.”




“So I do I get a reward?”

“For what?”

“I fixed the TV.”

“You almost made me have to get a new one.”

“But you didn’t. So?”

“Yeah, I’m letting you take me out for dinner. Isn’t that a reward?”

“I guess so but I was hoping for something else.”

“A kiss?”

“Well… a kiss would be nice but I was hoping for a piece of cake or some brownies. I’m kinda hungry.”

“You’re kidding? Cake? You’ll spoil your appetite. I swear you’re always hungry.”

“I can’t help it. I’m a guy, I’m a genie and we love to eat.”

“My mom made a key lime pie for me, you can have a slice if you like.”

“Your mom’s key lime is on point. Hell yeah I want a slice!”




“So what can I do for you?”

“I got asked out for a last minute date tonight. I want something nice. It’s a special night after all.”

“Ah yes, V day. I got a lot coming in for dresses. I’m sure I can help you find something. What do you have in mind?”

“Something sexy but not slutty and form fitting but not too tight.”

“I think I have just the thing for you. You have amazing curves, I know just the dress for you. Any colors you have in mind?”

“I love the colors purple and green but his is blue. Do you have it in blue?”

“Actually I do, last blue dress in stock. I’ll go fetch it for you.”




“So whatcha think?”

“Oh wow, I love it. It’s perfect.”

“Yes dear, it’s perfect on you. It’s the dress?”

“Yes, yes! This is the dress.”

“Great! I’m glad I could help you. Just come back when you’re ready for the wedding dress. I hope your date goes well tonight.”

“Thanks. I hope so too.”




“Find everything you needed?”

“Yes, I found the perfect dress for tonight.”

“That’s wonderful. Happy Valentine’s day!”

“Thanks, same to you.”




“I swear women take so long to get ready…”




“You look nice, B.”

“You look delicious, and smell delicious too. Love that color on you.”

“I figure you’ll like it.”

“I like how we are kinda matching. You ready?”

“Course I am.”




“But before we go, i gotta give you the proper V day flowers. Red roses for my lovely lady.”

“Awww, more magic flowers. How sweet of you. I guess a pinch more of charm was added to you.”

“And 12 cups of awesome.”

“Don’t ruined the moment, Borage.”




“You know what you want, B?”

“How come your mom doesn’t put pics in the menus. I can’t read these fancy words.”

“It’s a classy restaurant, not IHop. Looks like the porcini risotto with mushrooms is tonight’s special. I’m thinking of ordering that.”

“I’m not sure if I ever had that.”

“It’s good, my mom makes the best. Maybe you can try it?”

“Sure, not like I can read anything on this.”




“You look really nice tonight, Clar.”

“Thanks. I got one question, why wait til the day to ask me?”

“I wanted to surprise you. I’m spontaneous ya know.”

“I see, I’ll admit I was kinda worried. This day was always tough for me.”

“Why so?”

“I don’t wanna get into it tonight. Maybe later?”

“Okay, sure.”




“There can only be one.”

“Seriously Sansa? You’re not the only blonde in the world, how many times we gotta go through this?”

“I don’t see why you’re working here. Don’t you Labbores got science places and lots of money?”

“Yes, science is more of my husband’s thing. I think to take a break from it time to time. I love being a waitress, it shows that I’m still humble. I look at this as a hobby and not a job. Besides, Kelly and I go way back. Were friends and she needed some extra help. I’m a good person and I need to show that to Borage over there as this is his and his date’s meal.”

“Why you gotta impress my future husband? He’s mine ya know.”

“Riiight. Anyway he’s my granddaughter’s other grandparent. I gotta show him that we are still good people.”




“What was that all about? I didn’t know you knew Sandra Labbore.”

“Kiara’s grandmother, my son is having issues trying to see Kiara more.”

“Oh.. that sucks. I hope Morde can see his baby more.”

“Yeah, I would like to see my own grandbaby for once. It doesn’t bothered you that I got grandkids do it?”

“No, not at all. I read about you love genies and your immortal status. It’s common to come across a young looking genie who has great-great-great children already. At first it was a bothered but I think I came to terms with it.”




“Ya know if we ever got married, you’re gonna have tons of grandkids already. You’ll be a sexy grandma though.”

“Ha ha ha, being a grandmother before becoming a mother. Who would think.”

“I can make that happen. I got super sperm.”

“Borage! I’m eating! Ha ha ha! That’s not the proper dinner etiquette. My mom would scold you as hard if she heard you talking like that at dinner. You still want more kids?”




“With the right lady, yes. That’s if she wants kids. You like kids, I wouldn’t mind having a few litters with you.”

“Litters? What?”

“You werewolves have litters right?”

“Oh ha ha ha, werewolf joke. Sadly it’s half true, werewolves tend to have more than one baby but mainly if they are apart of a pack. Belonging to a pack makes them stronger and live longer. My mom is human, her chances were low on having a “litter”. I’m an only child.”

“So are you apart of a pack?”

“ Can we talk about something else?”




“What time does you guys’ movie start?”

“In 30, Sunny. Why do you ask?”

“What are we going to see?”

“What do you mean “we”?”

“You’re inviting right? My date was a no show and Aaliyah is staying a night at a friend’s. I don’t wanna spend V day alone like some loser.”

“We only asked you to join us cause Aries said you’re his friend and he didn’t want to see you sad.”

“Ms Sunny should come with us, Shae. I don’t want her to be sad and lonely. That guy is a big loser, isn’t Ms Sunny very pretty like you? I want Ms Sunny to watch the movie with us.”

“Okay Aries, Sunny can come if you want her too.”

“Yay! We are gonna have some much fun, Ms Sunny!”

“Aww Aries, I always adored you. Shae, I think we’re gonna have a fun night. You’ll get him alone soon. He’s not ready.

“Huh? I didn’t catch that, Sunny.”

“Not ready.”





“Feel like dancing?”

“Right now? Here?”

“Why not, I like this fancy music that your mom is playing.”

“My mom loves traditional Italian music, it reminds her of home.”

“We should dance for a bit.”

“In front of everyone?”

“Yeah, I gotta show you off ya know.”




“I’m glad you came out with me tonight.”

“What if I said no, what would you do?”

“Ask Sansa out.”

“The crazy blonde? Really?”

“I think she’s hot. Nah, I probably would of stayed in for my little ones and L2. He wasn’t man enough to ask out his crush so he’s watching the kids. He made of gotten my great look, my big dick but he didn’t get my charm.”




“Of course he didn’t get your charm, you had none to give. Ha ha ha ha.”

“I don’t? How did I get you to come with me?”

“Cause I didn’t wanna be lonely, eating pizza.”


“Ha ha! I like you Borage, I like you a lot. You make me smile and laugh like no other guy can. So can we go now? There are people falling over drunk, I’m sure there was a large order of the special Italian wine tonight. It may have been too much for some.”




“Ha! I see their panties!”




“I bet that’s the closet you’ll get to seeing some panties, you NERD! Muhahahaha!”




“I guess we should go now. It’s getting a bit autonomous here.”




“Someone you know?”


“That guy standing in the street. Was it someone you know?”

“No.. Not at all.. Not anyone I know.”





“Up for some karaoke?”

“Sure why not.”




Damn, she got a booty on her.




“Tonight was wonderful.”

“I can make it better.”


“Invite me in.”

“It’s late, Borage.”

“I know, that’s why you should invite me in.”

“What about your kids?”

“My sons got them. So?”




“I’m getting a little sleepy, maybe we can head to your bedroom?”

“Or I can bring you down a pillow and a blanket.”




“Of course he still finds his way to my bed. Silly guy, I did stay warm though.”




“Shit! Shit!”




“You burnt them.”

“Good morning to you too, B. Yes, I burnt them. I was never a cook like my mother.”



“These are the best crepes I ever had.”

“Magic food is pretty great.”

“So much flavor! What else can your magic do?”

“I can clean a house in a second.”

“Really? Mind helping me out?”





“I thinking maybe we can go to the park.”

“Don’t you have kids to go back to?”

“Yeah but L2 knows not to expect me back so soon. I got a change of clothes in my car. Can I use your shower?”

“Not gonna magic clean yourself?”

“I need an excuse to be naked in your house.”




“Her girly shower gel smells so pretty.”




“Shit! The towel dropped and it’s soaked. How I’m gonna dry myself off?”




“It’s kinda warm today, I guess the sun will dry me off.”




“Do you normally take an hour and a half showers?”

“No.. You see the towel dropped by the shower and it got soaked so I stood outside and let the sun dry me off.”

“You’re kidding? You could of yelled for another towel.”




“You want me to dry off the boring way or the sexy way?”

“I hope no one saw you.”

“We wouldn’t want that. They would get jealous.”

“Oh my god, you’re impossible!”

“But sexy.”




“Wanna see who could swing the highest?”

“Really? A swing contest? I haven’t done that since I was a kid.”

“I bet I’ll win.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”




“1..2..3.. go!”

“Wait! I’m not ready!”




“Why did you stop?”

“Cause I wanna admire this amazing view.”

“You’re too much ya know.”

“Yeah, but you like it.”




“What you wanna do now?”


“Seriously, Borage.”

“I’m serious.”




“I wanna take this time to admire your beauty.”

“Aww and?”




“Dance with you a little.”

“Ahh and?”




“And what Borage? Why are you quiet?”




“And make you my lady.”





“You stay here and her comfortable while I slip into something more comfortable.”

“Um okay. Can you bring some of your mom’s key lime?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”




“I think I’m ready for this.. I hope it isn’t too soon for me..”






“What? You said myself yourself comfortable. Naked is comfortable. As I can see, we are on the same page cause you’re extra sexy in that.”

“Thanks… Do you like it?”

“I like it but I’ll love it on the floor. Where’s the key lime?”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“I’m hungry but I see something more tasty I can eat.”




“That was amazing.. I never made love like this before. I You genies are amazing lovers. If I knew of this, I wouldn’t held out as long as I did.”

“We can do this all night long. I can go for hours. Ready for another round?”

“I think so.”




“I’m more than ready to give you another round of this magic love as long as you don’t wake up.”




“If I don’t wake up? What do you mean? You can be so silly Borage. You talk as like I am dreaming about this.”




“It was just a dream… All a wonderful dream.. It felt so..real.”




“This can’t be true! It felt so real! You were awake, walking around. I could smell your sweet scent, I felt your warmth, I tasted your lips. Borage… I just want you to wake up! Wake up! I want my dream to come to life. I’m ready for you! I want to be with you! I’m falling for you but you need to wake up! Please Borage, please wake up so you can hear how I feel about you. Wake up!”



“Only I could fall in love with a man who’s in a coma…”





“Hello Clarissa….”