Love For The Ladies: Chapter 83 – Real, Part 2

I visited the hospital anyway, rather I was mad at him or not… I should still see. If I’m a Dream Catcher then every dream with him is real.. I could at least ask him about Alexia to see if it’s true that he gotten her pregnant when we started to date. But time seem to running slow when I got on the elevator.

“I swear these things are slow. C’mon already!”

“Yeah.. I’m in rush.. Not like he’s going anywhere.”

“Which floor?”


“Yeah, your friend isn’t going anywhere if they are in Ward C.”





 “Hmm, maternity ward? Nice.. I’ll be there in 9 or so months…”

“Really? Congrats.”

“Thanks. Visiting a new baby, I figure.”

“Naw… I gotta get familiar with this place. My mom will be here a lot and I know it.”


“My mom had a dream she had 83 kids then moved to a resort town to have 17 more. I have 5 siblings, I know my mom is gonna make that dream into a reality at some point.”

“Your mother isn’t a Dream Catcher lycan by any chance?”

“God no! I’m sure she’ll be looking a lycan boyfriend since my dad and her broke up. We moved here for a fresh start. So far so good.”

“Same here.”

“Well here’s my stop. Again, congrats.”






 I made it to the third floor only to find Borage’s recent baby mama, June working at the nurses station. I haven’t made any encounters with her but I remember Alexia saying she’s creepy and remember Borage saying he wasn’t fond about her.He expressed that he didn’t trust her and was seeking to get full custody once Eli was born. Of course the coma prevented him, Eli is in June’s care.

I talked to Liam a week ago and Eli is due to come home with June this week. Liam isn’t thrilled about it. Even Liam is uneasy about her. I was soon to find out why.





 “What do you want?”

“Just wanted to say hi.”

“Well hi. If you want to see Borage, you gotta check in.”

“I know, his family is strict about visitors. I’m on the list.”

“We’ll just see about that..”

“I’ve been on list since the accident.”

“Hmm.. I guess you are. You gotta wait.”

“May I ask why?”

“He’s having his weekly check by a specialist.”

“That was yesterday.”

“Well they decided to do another one. I’ll call you when he’s ready.”





I knew she was lying, trying to find ways to delay my weekly visits with him. Normally June isn’t at this nursing station but I heard a rumor that the staff was suspicious of June making Eli ill. Since moving her from the maternity ward, Eli’s health improved. June made a request to be transferred to this ward, replacing Shae. It was always nice to see Shae, she never made me wait.

Then I realize an hour had slipped by as I waited… 




 “Clarissa, right?”

“Yes that’s me.”

“I knew I remembered you. It’s me Vega, Boragio’s girl- fiancée. I gotta get use to that. He he.”

“Really? He proposed?”

“Yep, a week ago.”

“Congrats! Here to see your future father in law?”

“Yeah after I visit my friend. She had surgery today.”

“June making you wait?”

“Yeah… such a bitch about it too.”

“She figures you’re wanting to see Borage afterwards. I been waiting for an hour cause he’s having his weekly check up by the specialist.”

“What? He came in yesterday. I was in the room when being seen. That bitchy witch.. I guess I’m gonna have a chat with the head nurse. She and I are best friends. June will get put back in her place. They need to move Shae back up here.”

“Yeah, I know.” 





 June finally eased up an hour before visiting hours was up. I think it was a shitty thing having to wait for 90 minutes cause of her jealously. I feel different as I gazed at him. Uncertain rather to be happy about the news of the pregnancy that might be his or upset is involvement with Alexia.





I only had an hour to be near him, I figure I should go see him.









 “Hey lady, I miss-“

“I met her! I met her, Borage!”


“Alexia! I met Alexia!”

“Okay?! So why are you mad at me?”

“You slept with her! Didn’t you? Right when we were starting to date!”

“Oh… Yeah. I did but you and I weren’t official yet. I was still unsure…well I was mainly annoyed by you not wanting to at least kiss me. I’m a love genie, I got needs.. Those needs gotta be handled…. I’m sorry.. I’m really am.”

“She’s pregnant.. With your baby!”


“I have my reasons for holding out but when I think about it.. maybe I shouldn’t keep you waiting that long.”

“I should had just waited..”




 “Borage… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I was being an asshole.”

“I didn’t come here to fight.. I want to see you.”

“I know. I miss you, you miss me but we gonna stop this.”


“You’re slowing me down. How am I ever going to awake up when you pull me into your dream realm.”

“This is just a dream.”

“No. This is real… You’re special Clar, you have your own magic. Every dream with me is real. My feelings for you are real. But if you want me to awake from my coma, you gotta stop pulling me here. When I’m awake, we can be together, officially, for real.”


“I want you to be my lady. I was going to ask you before the accident.”

“I would have said yes! We can be official now..”

“No. I want to ask you in the waken world. But for now, let’s just enjoy each other until we meet again. When I wake up.”

















 “Borage… Something is happening..”

“Clar.. No… You’re waking up. Please don’t.. Not at this moment. Not until I tell you that I’m in lo-“





 “Wake up! This isn’t a hotel! Get up, Clarissa!”






 “I think it’s time for you to leave. You can’t be sleeping here!”

“I got 20 minutes left!”

“You can’t sleep in the patient’s bed! It’s against the rules!”

“Since when?!”

“Since forever ago! Now leave before I have you removed!”




 I left his room but didn’t leave the hospital just yet. I was upset, that was my last dream with him until June had to ruined it. She seems to ruined a lot of things. I knew what Borage was going to say… I wanted to here him say it.

Fucking June, fucking annoying June! Learning my dreams were real, spending one last time with him until he finally wakes up then June comes in. I curled up into a ball and cried. Who knows how long before he awakes… I don’t know how much time I delayed his journey. Now I’m starting to feel selfish but suddenly I had a visitor.




 “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“June, she’s being a bitch. She kicked me out cause I was napping next to Borage.”

“What? Why?”

“Something about it being against the rules.”

“That’s bullshit. There’s no such thing. My sister once worked here, you can nap next to a love one, as long as you’re not fucking them. I’m so annoyed by that ho. You seem pretty upset. You’re close to him, huh?”


“I’ll deal with her. I’m annoyed by her. Borage is the father of daughter so I’m sure she’ll be bitchy with me too.”

“No it’s okay..”

“Well I’m feeling extra bitchy today, I wanna.”

“If it makes you feel better.”

“Oh it will!”






“What do you want?”

“That’s real professional. I want to talk to you about Borage.”

“No visitors now, he’s being seen by a spe-“




 “Look here you lying bitch! You need to stop your shit and stop being so damn obsessed! We know you were stalking him! Borage hates you! So you can’t stop thinking that one day he’ll be with him!”

“He doesn’t hate me! When he wakes up, he’s realize that we are a family. We got a baby together! We will be together, married and raise our baby!”

“You really think just cause you got his baby that you’ll be with him?!”

“He’s going to do the right thing! I read his blog! He mention there’s a special lady in his life and he knows its time for him to do the right thing. That would be to marry me!”

“You stupid narcissist delusional bitch! That special lady is the one he was dating! Anyone knows that means make the relationship official! He wanted to make things official with Clarissa! I know how special Clarissa is to him! He texted me about the night before the car wreck! Him and I are good friends!” 




 “That’s not true! That wasn’t true at all! I have his baby! He wants to be with the mother of his child!”

“Then I guess he wanna be with me too since I’m having his baby.”

“What! You’re lying!”

“Believe it, bitch! This baby girl is his! So I suggest you start being nicer to my friend!”

“How can you like her if she’s involved with Borage?!”

“Unlike you, I walk away when I’m not wanted. My heart belongs to another guy! So why don’t you try moving on!”





“Not like he’ll remember her when he awakes! That happens if coma people.”

“Your lame magic doesn’t on a genie idiot.”


“I know what all you did, you cunt. Setting fire to your own house. Making Eli sick. Using a memory erase on Borage.”

“Tha-that’s not true.”

“Bullshit June, I’m in your mind. Reading your thoughts, viewing your memories. Bitch, you’re going to burn.”

“No… No no one is gonna believe you! Mind reading? Yeah right!”

“Everyone knows vamps can mind read. Now go away cause you’re really stupid.” 




I didn’t follow Alexia to see what she said to June. I have this feeling that Alexia knew who I was when we first met. She seemed extra chatty. I wasn’t at her, she probably wasn’t aware we just started to date. So far she seems nothing but nice. I like she isn’t bothered with me being close to Borage instead of being bitter like June. I didn’t tell Borage about this pregnancy. I figure its best to tell him in the waken world. Besides, it’s uncertain of which father these babies belong to. My only wish that these precious bundles belong to him…

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 82 – Real – Part 1

About 3 months ago I met Piper Labbore. She attends the same school as me, we met in the parking lot after class one day. We both notice we were both lycan and a friendship quickly sparked between us. It is nice to have another lycan to chat and hang out with. It’s nice to have someone who you got something in common with. We go on nightly runs together and I tag along during her many shopping trips. I wasn’t a fan of showing reality TV or gossip shows but hanging out with Piper pulled me into it.

I like Piper, she’s different from most lycan I encountered. She acts like any other 23 year old female. She’s isn’t all about her pack and has many human friends whom she parties with on the weekends. She’s attending school to become of a grade school teacher. But then I learned that wolf packs are different in this country. Most pack are made up of family members that comes in large members.

Back in Italy, packs were made by hand selecting lycans to join. There are rules to follow and lycans didn’t live independently nor work outside of their pack territory. Piper’s family is one of the largest and richest packs on this side of the country. She and her immediate family live in EC independently. She said the main portion of the Labbore pack live in a city 45 miles away, they often meet with them on the weekends.  

I didn’t know lycans could live away their pack, I was often told they would be weakened. Piper giggle and said that’s what they once believe but lycans don’t have to live on the same territory. As long as they are within 100 miles, they are fine but its best to live closely with their immediate family when living away from the heart of the pack. For the most part, pack members are next door neighbors or live a few blocks away but still maintain an independent lives until pack duty calls. Joining a pack here doesn’t seem too bad. Back in Italy, the packs lived in 2-4 large houses on a property marked as their territory. They were assigned jobs at the house or somewhere near the their territory. Italian lycans are old school, caged like dogs. No wonder why my father didn’t want to be apart of one.




 Today wasn’t like any other day. Piper wanted my help, she needed me to help her get ready for a first date with a Lycan male. I’m not sure why she asked me but I figure she was just nervous. Since I’m her only non-pack lycan friend, she came to me.

“I’m glad you’re willing to help me out. You didn’t have to.”

“You’re welcome, I’m not sure what you need me to do.”

“I was wondering if you could help me find a cute dress for tonight.”

“Sure I can do that.”

“And um… I know this is last minute but can you watch Kiara?”

“I can, I have no plans for tonight. Why me? What about Morde? I know he’s upset about not getting to see her often.”

“Morde was my first choice but he has to work late and my mom got called in. My dad is away on business and my little sister…she’s a jerk. You don’t have to, maybe I can convince Liam or maybe his daughter.”

“No it’s fine, I figure you would go for the Montigos first.”

“Yeah. I know they want to see her but I’ll feel weird asking them. I think they hate me..”

“I doubt it, probably just a bit annoyed with the visitation thing.”

“I want Morde to spend more time with her but my parents.. always make plans first without telling me.” 

“You are Kiara’s mother. It’s time that you be her mother. It’s okay to tell your mother no, Kiara is your child and you get to decide what’s best for her. You know having her father in her life is best. You gotta put your foot down.”

“If you met my mom then you’ll know why…”




 “Anyway, tell me about this guy.”

“His name is Marcus. He’s a new pack member that my family let in. He was once in a pack but removed when they learned he fathered 2 human kids in another city. The mother died, he needed to take them. That’s when the pack removed him. Packs frown on inter-occult relationships and since his kids had only 2% lycan in their blood, it’s taken as a sign of weakness.”

“If that’s a sign of weakness why did your pack take him in?”

“He has great charisma! Plus his work ethic was pretty great. My family was willing to overlook the human thing but he must promise to date lycan women only.”

“And that’s why you have a date?”

“In some ways but I kinda like him. He’s really cute, funny and treats me well. I needed to move on you know. I could never be with Morde. Turns out my parents were happy when our fake relationship was over. They didn’t want me to be with him and was about to tell me to end it.”

“So your family isn’t upset about you having a child with a human?”

“Of course they are angry about it.. I’m snubbed by a few of my cousins. I gotta repay them by doing chores around the Labbore mansion in East Bridgeport every Sunday for the next 5 years. Cleaning up after 24 lycans isn’t fun.. At least the maid secretly helps me. When Marcus join, they set me up with him to prevent me dating outside of the lycan race.”

“Hmm.. I was starting to think packs in this country wasn’t so bad.”

“They don’t arrange relationships unless a member went against the code. So far Marcus seems like a decent guy. We been texting each other for 2 weeks. I got a good feeling about him. Chatting with me keeps my mind off of Kiara’s pending case. Since Kiara has genie blood, the pack isn’t sure about accepting her. If she has more lycan blood she can be if not… She can’t.. She won’t be apart of family functions and my parents want me to give her up to Morde.. They say it will ber easier if she lives with him.”

“Maybe that’s why your parents are hogging her.”

“I think you may be right.. They want as much face time just in case..”




 “I need a dress that’s gotta show my best assets. Morde always liked tight dresses on me.”

“Trust me, don’t wear a tight dress on the first date. When I first met Borage for our first date, within the first 30 seconds of meeting… he wanted me out of the dress.”

“Ha ha! Okay. How about something pink? Morde liked when I wore pink.”

“Um Piper, you’re going a date with Marcus.. Not Mordecai. You should probably not talk about your ex doing your date.”

“Right! To be honest, Morde is the only guy I been with.. I’m so nervous! What if I wear a color that Marcus hates! Most lycan guys hate the color orange! Let’s not get orange!”

“Piper, it’s gonna fine.”

“Maybe help me find something is pink? He can’t hate pink. Girls are cute in pink.”





 “I’ll look for something in pink for you- ooh..”

“Clar? You okay?”

“I’m fine, just been feeling under the weather lately.”

“I notice how you gotta go to the bathroom a lot. Are you preggers? Oh my god! Our babies can be friends!”

“What? That’s impossible. I need to sleep with a guy first.”

“Well.. maybe you should see a doc. There’s been a bug going around.”

“Maybe I- hold please!”





 After making a visit to the bathroom to puke, Piper had found a dress that she liked. It was pink of course but very cute on her. I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I’ve been feeling sicks for the past few weeks now. I wake up feeling nauseated, I have to pee every 20 minutes and craving spaghetti more often than usually.

Anything I eat makes me sick but eating spaghetti goes well with me. Maybe there is a bug going on. I’ve been sick like this before but only Borage made me feel better. The doctors couldn’t figure why… maybe that sickness came back.





 “Do you think this color of lipstick is okay?”

“Yeah, you know more about fashion than me.”

“I guess.. Oh Clar. I’m scared. I just want this date to go well. I’ve only seen him twice. We just text… Being face to face is gonna be different.”

“Piper, you’re gonna be fine. Just keep it together.”

“Okay. Again thanks for keeping Kiara. I got a text from Morde saying he’ll get off from work a little earlier. He’ll be here around 8 to get Kiara.”

“Okay that’s good. I think I here Marcus pulling up.”

“Oh my stars! Can I take a hit of vodka real quick? It will take some of the edge off.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea..”






The doorbell rang, I figure it was Piper’s date. While Piper collected her nerves, I went to answer the door only to find a shocking surprised. This can’t be… Please tell me that my eyes aren’t seeing this. Tyrese? He’s dead… I killed him.. I know Tyrese is dead.. This can’t be.. What is going on?

“Who are you?!” I shouted behind my door with fear in my voice. “I’m Marcus, I’m here to pick up Piper. Is this the right house?” My heart raced as I stared at his familiar face however there was a gentleness tone with his voice, something unlike Tyrese.






“Yes, Marcus Fraye. You must be Clarissa right? Piper’s friend?”

“Well..yes. I’m Clarissa.”

“Oh great then this must be the right house.”


“Are you okay? You look like you just seen a ghost.”




 “I thought.. You look like someone I know. Please come in..”

“Clarissa…Clarissa. That name seems familiar. You once lived in Canosa?”

“How do you figure?!”

“I have family there.. My aunt lives there, she my cousin did. You’re Tyrese’s wife?”

“How did you know?”

“He’s my cousin. I remember my aunt telling me he had a wife named Clarissa with unique lime green eyes. Tyrese didn’t keep in contact with us much after he got married.”

“I was his wife until.. you know..”

“Was? Tyrese didn’t say you guys were divorced.”

“I’m confused?”

“You went missing. Tyrese has been looking for you. He misses you, we last spoke a week ago.”





My heart sank. I was overwhelmed with nausea when learning Tyrese was still alive. This can’t be real. This can’t be true! They said he was dead!






 My living nightmare is back…






 I cleaned myself up just before Piper left with Marcus. He looks a lot Ty but act nothing like him. Knowing that they are cousins, I know my peace was soon to end shortly. I couldn’t bring myself to be happy for Piper, I was too afraid of what’s going to happen in my life soon. Piper headed out the door and Marcus soon followed but not before saying something to me first. “I know how Ty is. I know why you attacked him…. Don’t worry Clarissa, you and I never met.”




I took comfort in knowing Marcus won’t tell Tyrese where I’m at. Kiara was sleepy and I laid her on my couch as I studied for an up coming test. At first it was difficult to study but Marcus’ promise echoed in my head. I’m not sure if I can truly trust his word.. But Piper said he’s a good guy. I just up she’s right.





It wasn’t long before Morde came over to pick up Kiara. I was feeling hungry for the first time since hearing about Ty. I figure I should make some spaghetti since it was the only food I could keep down.





 However I found myself sick again. It could be either a bug.. or stress. I need something to take my mind off of things.





 “Hey sexy lady.”


“So you just gonna stand there like I got the cooties?”

“No… I’m just-“





 “I’m here now, don’t you worry about shit.”

“Yeah.. Today has been a little crazy. I’m just happy to see you again.”

“What can I do to make you happy?”

“Just hold me..”





 Just seeing his smile is enough to make me happy. I haven’t seen that smile in such a long time.










 “Borage? Don’t do this to me again….”











Three days later I got an appointment with Dr. Adams at the Glendale clinic. I wasn’t getting better so I figure that I should get checked out.

“Hi Shae, I didn’t know you worked at the clinic now.”

“I’m just filling in for the day. The tempt had a meltdown too. You’re here for Dr. Adams?”


“Okay, I’ll get you checked in. We’ll call you once he’s ready.”






 Thankfully the waiting room was bit quiet today. I saw 2 ladies chatting each other. I brought in a book to read while I wait. I just hope these 2 aren’t too chatty, I need this book to calm my nerves. Doctor visits were never fun.




 “I’m serious Coco, I’m too fat for this to only be one baby.”

“I think you’re fine, Lexy. I was on the big side with my second. Ramon ended up being a 9 pound baby.”

“I doubt this baby is fat. Maybe the fat baby is hiding another baby.”

“Ha ha, Lexy you are too silly.”

“Anyway, in my last visit… Evan made of picked up a second heartbeat.”


“Yeah so the fat baby is hiding another fat baby and I’m gonna find out.”

“Stop calling your baby fat.”

“Ha ha ha. Fat babies are cute.”





As soon as one of the ladies was called, one of them spoke to me. I decided to be nice and set my book down for a bit.

“Seeing Evan too?”

“Yeah, how did you figure?”

“I read your mind.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just kidding, I figure since you’re a lycan and he’s the only occult doc.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m Alexia and you?”

“I’m Clarissa. It’s nice to meet you.”




 “I’m seeing him too. We will be waiting a for a while.”

“Yeah I was told that he would be pretty busy.”

“In a few I gotta drink a ass load of water for this ultrasound. Having to hold in my bladder when a fat baby is sitting on it isn’t fun.”

“I bet. Is this your first?”

“Hell naw.. My second and hopefully my last. Pregnancy for a hybrid vamp is very uncomfortable. We weren’t meant for this type of thing ya know.”

“I wondered about vampires. How some of you are able to be in sunlight and have babies.”

“Cause we’re hybrids. Genetically created vamps known as Hyperprians. Some crazy science guy spliced vamp genetics with human genetics. In other words, were are like vampire-humans. Vampires can’t breed but humans can, so things are kinda like screwed up Hyperprians.”

“Oh I see.”




 “My sister is lucky, she’s just a human but married to a Hyperprian like me. My mom was once one too but was turned human cause she was dying. Hyperprianisum can be undone. But living as a human is painful. My mom is always sick. But knowing she got 2 new grand babies on the way, it gets her through the day. It might be 3 if I got twins.”

“Aww, if so you and the father will have your hands full then?”

“Please, just me. The daddy just had to get himself into a coma. The idiot was speeding on a icy street. His other baby mama who’s all obsessed with him, like text him saying her house was on fire and shit. Which I find strange. Like why you textin’ when your house on fire? She’s so creepy and he told me how he can’t stand her. Like her thirsty ass was like stalking him. Cause I saw her around my house when he dropped off my son. Bitch is so thirsty, it’s so sad. But anyway the dumb ass wanna play superman and look where it got him. He better wake before this fat baby come out. I can’t do this alone ya know. Besides… I do miss his big dick.”

“How far along are you?”

“30 weeks.”

“So you conceived in October?”

“Yep, I’m due early July. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious….”




 “So is there another fat baby in there?”

“Alexia, it’s hard to tell. It’s how your baby is position. I know I picked up a second heartbeat. We will need to do s 4D scan to get a better look.”

“I hope you were gonna tell me something new.”

“There’s only thing, the baby finally turned around. It’s a girl.”

“A baby girl? Really?”

“Yep, congrats Alexia.”

“This makes my day. A baby girl. Now can I go pee? I gotta piss like a race horse.”




 It was my turn to be seen. After giving urine and blood samples, I waited for Dr. Adams to return.

“It will be a few days before getting the results on your blood work. However I was able to run a few test on your urine sample.”

“Find out anything with that?”

“Well yes. Your HCG levels are sky high.”

“Is that bad?”

“Depends on how you take the news. You’re pregnancy and with levels as high as yours, you’re expecting more than one. It’s very common with Lycans.”

“Excuse me? Did you say I’m pregnant?”


“No. That’s not possible… That’s impossible.”




 “Commonly urine pregnancy test can be inaccurate but Clarissa, it turned positive fairly quickly. Plus the levels are very high. I’ll be doing most testing with your blood work.”

“I haven’t been sexually active in a year.”

“I see, I have a theory.”


“This could be a hibernation pregnancy that became active. Did you experience and high stress in the past year or two?”


“I see. You may have gotten pregnant during your stressful period.”

“ This can’t be true!”

“Clarissa, may I ask you something?”





“Your Lycan parent, were they any type of Lycan. Such as a special breed. I couldn’t help but notice your eye color. It’s unique color.”

“My father is a Silver Back.”

“Ahh yes, I thought so. I believe you’re a special type as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“A Dream Catcher. Silver Backs usually have lime green eyes, and usually one of their children is a Dream Catcher. Have you ever had a nightmare?”

“No, my dreams were always nice.”

“Well Clarissa, I believe you’re a Dream Catcher. I have another question, it’s quite personally.”

“Go ahead.”

“Have you recently had any dreams about having intimacy with a male whom you care deeply about?”

“Um… yes.”

“Is this male of an occult?”

“Yes, a genie.”

“This genie, is he comatose?”


“Oh my! This could be another medical miracle.”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you aware of Dream Catchers?”

“They turn dreams into reality if they have a deep connection with it. Yeah.”

“Oh my! Forgive me for being giddy about this but you might have gotten pregnant in a dream. This has happen once over 50 years ago. A Dream Catcher Lycan became pregnant by her comatose genie husband after having series of intimate dreams. He was awaken on the night the child was born. He was in a coma for 12 years. If this pregnancy was a result of a dream, this could be big in the medical world. But there’s a chance this is a Hibernation pregnancy gone active. Time will tell. I would like for you to come back in next week for your first prenatal check up and ultrasound.”



 I wasn’t sure what to think about this news. I’m pregnant but by who? Is this a hibernation baby Or is this a dream baby? Should of be sad or should I be happy? My head is spinning. I can’t wrap my head around this. I just need to go see him.. I want to see him but I don’t.. I just remember my chat with Alexia. She got pregnant while we started to date…

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 80 – Survival, Part 4

[Trigger Warning]


 I was amazed that I reached into my adult years. Life was hell in my teen years, there’s been times where I welcome the thought of death. If I were dead then I would finally have peace.

I spent many years in therapy sessions during my teenage life. My mom did everything in her power to get help for me. By the time I was 14, I was sneaking into bars in Monte Vista to flirt with much older guys to get free drinks. Soon the flirts turn into offers of sex for drinks, then for money and clothes. Before I knew it I was a teenage prostitute. I was finally caught when I was about 15, after flirting with an off duty officer. My mother felt living in the city was bad and we lived full time in Canosa. 

Soon after returning back to Canosa, I quickly found ways back to the city. I befriended a rich girl in school who could drive. I pretended I was going to a sleepover and we made our way to the city. She got us fake IDs, we partied all night. She introduced me to drugs, I thought the drugs would help me forget. It did for some time but my past events still haunt me.

Life got better when I was 17, my friend had moved, I haven’t seen Tyrese in years, I was in therapy and had been in rehab. I was finally clean and sober. My grades were getting better and had thoughts to enroll in photography school. I got a camera on my 16th birthday, my mom thought it would help but I tossed it in my closet. After cleaning up my act, I picked up the camera and found my love for photography.





 For the first time I felt my life will be okay until I found the old letter sent by Simona stating I was Tyrese’s life mate. I was getting closer to turning 18 when I found it.  I haven’t seen him since I was 10 but I knew there’s a chance of him coming back. No male lycan did try to date me however a few human males tried, 3 of them mysteriously ended up dead. Their throats were slashed, it was hard to tell if it was a coyote, a wolf or a lycan. There were rumors in school saying I did it but when there were reports on coyotes attacking farmer’s livestock the rumors died. I seriously doubt it was coyotes or wolves, I knew in my heart it was Tyrese.

Tyrese returned to me on the night of my 18th birthday, it fell on a full moon. I was told after my graduation, I was to moved in with him and how I had no choice. He admitted to killing 3 of my human boyfriends and threaten to go after my mom. 

Hell returned into my life once I step foot in his house. I didn’t attend photography school, or school of any kind. I lied when I said I taught ballet to kids, I lied when I said I was a photographer. Those were things I wanted to do. I could never tell Borage the truth.

I was a slave, a hooker, the only freedom I had was when Tyrese had to work. I would sneak out and visit the beach. I would spend hours staring into the ocean, wonder what would life be like on the other side of the ocean. One day I’m going to see what’s on the other side of the ocean.






 There was another thing that made my life slightly brighter. Turning.





As a wolf, I felt free and brave. I would roam around in the streets, pretending to be a lost pet just to get some affection by strangers. I was all alone now, my mom across the ocean, exploring Meria before settling in Evansdale County.





However one day, Tyrese came home early. He kicked me around while I was still in my wolf form, it was easier for him to abuse me that way. I had the urge to attack him but I never did. I would coward away, hide until I turned back. I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel brave around him….






 I was apart of his pack now, also we were married. I never told my mom we were married. I never told my mom about a lot of things. I just wanted her to not worry about me. As long as she knew nothing, I felt she was safe. If she knew about me married to a tyrant she would have a heart attack. Tyrese was so strict about everything, how I spent time of times, how I clean, cook, dress, ate and how I’m suppose to please. Anything that he didn’t approve, a severe beating was in order.

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“It’s a new outfit. I wanted to try something different.”

“That is not on my approved list!”

“I know Ty but I was hoping you would like it.”

“Why would I like you to dress like a fat cow?!”

“I don’t think-“

“Yeah Clarissa! You don’t think!”






 “I’m sorry.. I’ll wear-“

“Damn right you are sorry! A sorry piece of shit! I don’t know why I picked some bitch who could be so stupid! You know how I want you to dress! Short dresses, no panties! It’s easier for our on-the-go clients! They don’t have to remove those disgusting pants! I swear you are the stupidest bitch I ever met!”

“Ty! I’m-“

“I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do! You’re gonna get ready for an important client today! Take off that stupid shit and toss it in the trash!”

“But Ty.. It’s something my mama got me. It’s a gift-“

“You back talking me little bitch?!”

“No.. I was just-“

“You were just asking for it!”

“No! Please. I wasn’t!”

“Shut your fuckin’ whore mouth!”







 He slapped me around a few times, pushing me onto the floor. I tried crawling away from him only for him to kick me, I dropped onto the floor before Ty kneed down to flip me onto my back. He firmly holds my throat with his dry and callous hand, pinning me down. He began to choke me slowly, I tried to grasp for air. His cold eyes glared at me with hate, I tried to plead but a word couldn’t escape. “You made me do. When will you learn.” Ty said coldly. Tears began to stream from my eyes, I was able to whimpered a soft plead. Tyrese’s frozen face began to melt into a sinister smile as I tried to beg. It’s one thing that he liked. If I could turn him on, he won’t kill me.

“You know how daddy likes it. Good girl.” Tyrese said before letting go of my throat. He forcefully removed my pants with the hand that was now freed. I knew what was next, I had to pretend that I liked it or he would hurt me more. “Fours.” Ty demanded as he lifted himself off of me. I slowly lifted myself from the floor and got on my hands and knees. It’s the only position that Tyrese preferred. It wasn’t so much as a wolf thing but more of a dominance thing. He felt more powerful this way. This time it was different, as I waited on all fours for him to enter me, he kicks me down. “Get up.” He demands. I get back on all fours again only to be kicked down again. I started to beg him to stop hurting me.

“You want me to stop?” Ty questioned me. I quickly told him yes before being kicked down once again. “Tell me that you want it bad.” Ty demanded. “I want it bad.” I said, fighting back tears. Tyrese kicks me down harder than he did previous. “You got to say it right, you stupid bitch. I thought I trained you better than this. Now again, tell me that you want it bad.” Ty scoffed. I got on all fours again, “I want it bad, master.” I heard Ty’s pants quickly unzipped, he knees down behind. He quickly wrapped his hands around my neck and forces himself in me. It hurt, it hurt a lot as his thrusts were swift. His grip around my neck tighten. I felt myself not being able to breathe as freely. I let out fake moans and his grip loosen. I knew if I know signs I like it, he wouldn’t be so hurtful. Ty normally doesn’t finish inside of me. He releases himself on the floor and force me to lick up the mess. But this time, finished while still inside. He pushes me onto the floor after pulling out.




 “Fuckin’ bitch. You fucked me up. That was not supposed to happen.”

“I’m sorry..”

“I’m not ready for pups, you better hope and pray you didn’t just make any.”

“What if-“

“What do you think it gonna happen?”

“I don’t know…”

“I could never kill any of my pups. I certainly could kill you, well not until it’s born. Find a way to make it dormant if you wanna live.”

“Ty.. it’s not something I can control on demand.”

“If you want to live, you find away to make it dormant. Now go get cleaned up. Your client will be here in 45 minutes. You better not screw this time. We got 50k if these goes well. He’s an important person ya know.”




 I got myself ready for this important client, Tyrese tossed me into the prostitution ring. There was a huge demand for lycans, human males were willing to drop large sums of money for a night with a lycan female. The thought of Ty demanding me to make a pregnancy dormant race through my mind as I got myself cleaned up. How would I do that?

It’s not something I can control, its natural survival instinct lycan females can do when they are ill or in a great mount of stress. They’ll pause their pregnancies until its safe, normally it can be done early in the pregnancy. It’s rare to dormant a pregnancy pass the first trimester. But I don’t know rather I’m pregnant or not. It was extremely early, conception takes at least 72 hours. But I needed to figure how rather I was or not.  




 It wasn’t long before the special client was here, a politician from the city. Politicians were no strangers to the Lycan prostitution  ring. He had a smug look on his face, way to eager to have him. I was a bit of a specialty in the Italian prostitution rings because of my occult, ethnicity and eye color. Turns out human males had a thing for biracials, lime green eyed, and lycans. I was all 3 but still unknown to most. If things went great with this politician, he’ll put my name out to all his buddies. More money, more clients coming my way. It’s something Ty wants and something I have to accept.

Normally Tyrese watches, it’s a turn on for him. He enjoys watching me with other men but this client wanted privacy. Normally Ty would honor his wishes but since he’s dropping 50k and a politician, Ty gave in to his request.




“Mmm yes, you got the best of all 3 worlds. I know tonight is gonna be great.”

“I guess.”

“Mmm, some sass too. That’s a plus. So how do you like it? Rough? Doggie style? I know you gotta love it doggie style. I’m picturing you on all fours, man that would be so hot.”

“You know you’re not allowed to do that with me. It’s one of Ty’s rules, doggie style isn’t allowed. Rough housing isn’t either. It’s his thing, you don’t wanna step on his territory now do you? Ty is a very territorial man, powerful too. You value your life, right?”

“Sì but not like he would know. Plus if you guys want my money, you’ll do what I want.”

“How do you know there’s not cameras in here?”

“I see your point. How about we play daddy’s girl?”

“How about we don’t. Missionary is okay.”

“Mmm, more sass. I think we are going to have a good time but were playing daddy’s girl if you want my 50k.”

“Fine whatever.. Let’s get this over.”

“Now daddy doesn’t like sass. I think someone has been a naughty little girl. Maybe naughty little girl needs a spanking.”



 I was happy it over, playing daddy’s girl is something I rather not do ever again. Something that brings back painful memories. Oral, spanking and being fingered while sitting on his lap given the first sexual actions between Ty and I. I think Ty personally tell clients that I like that, it’s the one thing I hate. He chose this mainly cause he wasn’t ready for penetration. Testing out the waters before going forward. He felt it was less bad since he’s married with children.

When it was all over, I cried. He thanked me and said he’ll be making another appointment. Once I heard the door shut behind him, I cried even harder. I knew “daddy’s girl” is what he’ll want to do for now on. And I was right. 



 Since getting this big client, Ty was nicer towards me. The beatings were less often, I was allowed to dress how I wanted, I got attend photography school. Things were better for once…






But good things don’t last forever……




Over the years the beatings were worst, he began to beat me until I was black and blue. Normally he wouldn’t touch my face but since we were getting fewer clients, my face wasn’t off limits. I would spend 2 hours caking on make up to hide bruises before meeting a client. Ty would get mad cause I took too long and its my fault why my face was messed up. I just knew that I need to get out of this.

The pack wouldn’t help, they had blind eyes due to Ty’s rank. He could abuse me if he wants to, there’s couldn’t stop him. All they could offer was make up tips on hiding marks, and ice packs for fresh ones. There’s so much loyalty in the pack, it didn’t matter if I was being hurt. I need to get out or I’m going to die.




 One day, I finally had enough. I was tried of being beat for no reason. When Ty was bored, he beats me. When Ty was upset at another pack member, he beats me. If Ty was happy, he beats me. If Ty was aroused, he beats me. The beatings were becoming daily after he released inside of me once again. Again it was my fault and he felt I was trying to get pregnant on purpose so he could kill me so I could be free. Honestly I just wanted to kill me so I would be.

As I was getting ready for the pack picnic, Ty decided I needed a beating before heading out. However before my beating, he wanted sex but I fought him. This angered Ty as I refused to submit to me. Ty leans down into my ear and whispers, “I had my eye on a pretty little girl of a lone wolf. I wouldn’t think twice of killing you and making that sweet baby girl mine. She’s about to turn 10 and she’ll be nice and ripe for me. Now if you don’t act right, I’ll trade you in for her. Do you want that? Do ya?”




I snapped.





 If I could do the right thing in my life is save that little girl…

I know the moment I die, her innocent life would be eternal damage.

I refuse to die! I refuse to allow another girl live the same hell I did!

I needed to survive! 





 In order to survive, Tyrese needed to die..



With no regrets, with no after thoughts, I ran. I ran and ran, not looking back. I ran to the ocean and jumped in. Once the cool water touched my bloody paws, I began to turn back. I didn’t care I was now nude in the water. I was free, I was finally free to live! I survived. I saved a life. My life can finally began. My life can begin across the ocean…

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 79 – Survival, Part 3

******Trigger Warning******

If you had suffered from abuse of any kind or find that type of subject difficult to read. You should skip this chapter.



 My mom’s restaurant becoming more popular and busier as time past. My mom thought maybe it’s time that we moved into the city. It means I would have to attend a new school where the kids would still hate me. However my mom found it hard to give up her house in Canosa which was given to her by her grandmother after she passed. With business booming, my mom was able to afford a second home. 

It wasn’t long before my mom rented out a small house just 3 miles from the restaurant. We lived there during the week, and stayed in Canosa during the weekend. I didn’t have dinner at home like other kids anymore. My mom made sure to cook a meal on the side during her work hours. After school I would come to the restaurant, have dinner with my mom then help out or do homework. By 7pm I would walk home and wait for my mom to come home to tuck me into bed.




Living in the city during the week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The kids at the Monte Vista school were a lot nicer than the kids in Canosa. They thought me being a lycan was cool, and I was well liked. I finally have human friends. School was fun and more relax than in Canosa, I’m glad that we moved. But as I walked home each evening, I always felt I was being followed. I knew it couldn’t be Tyrese, the scent was different from his. But every time I turn around, I see nothing…









 On this night, my walk home was a little longer. I wanted to hang out by the downtown fountain and see what do the adults do. I always liked to people watch, I often wonder what is their life like. Was it better than mine? Did they have lots of friends? Do they have a big family? I wasn’t sure why my 10 year mind thought about things like that but as I got older, people watch turned into a hobby, photography.




 While living in the city, my mom decided to sign me up for ballet. I loved to dance and I was excited about ballet class. The girls were nice and thought me being a lycan was cool too. My mom got me a ballet barre for my room back in Canosa. I love using it whenever we were back home. I had big dreams to be a famous ballet dancer, if only it could have came true…





Things were looking up for my mom in the love department, Simona was around more even when she didn’t need to train me. I wasn’t sure about the relationship between my mom and Simona. I didn’t understand it at all. I always seen a man and a woman in a loving way but not 2 females. Things like this wasn’t explained to me as a child. My mom and Simona may of thought their relationship was hidden from me, but I knew. I was okay with it but knew I wasn’t gonna be a big sister anytime soon.




 My turning was well managed, I didn’t have many unexpected turns like I use to. However during a full moon, I didn’t have much of choice. My mom foolishly thought if I went to bed early, it would prevent me from turning. Like clockwork, once it struck midnight, I was awaken from my bed.




 Turning wasn’t so bad now. Less painful and a lot easier. In fact I loved it when I turned. My mood was brighten, I felt braver and this gives me an excuse to see life at night.




 Simona felt training while turned during a full moon was for the best. She would be waiting for me and we would head towards the park for training.





However on one summer day in Canosa, my life would forever be changed. It started out like no other summer day at the park. I invited a couple of human friends I made in Monte Vista to spend the week with me. My mom took us to the park. We played in the water fountain, having the time of our 11 year old lives.





 I stop playing long enough to get a snowcone. After paying the cashier, I walked over to make a lime flavored cone. I was stopped in my track once my eyes laid upon Tyrese. I haven’t seen him since Simona scolded him for threaten me while I was walking home. There was something off about him this time, I should have ran but I didn’t. Instead I made a fatal decision to speak to him.

“Hello Clarissa.”

“Hi Tyrese.”

“You’re looking good I see. Simona training you well?”

“Yeah, she’s the best!”

“I bet. I can tell she’s been training you well.”

“How so?”

“You look fit, filling up in some places. Places I like.”

“I’m not sure what you mean but thanks?”






 Tyrese seemed a bit awkward, he watched me make my snowcone then followed as I went to sit on a near by. Tyrese watched me as I ate my snowcone. He licked his lips softly as he watched me. I thought it was a sign that he wanted too so I offered.

“Want some?”

“No, that’s okay. I want something sweeter than a snowcone.”

“Like gelato?”

“Yeah… gelato.”

“I think ice cream would be cooler but they don’t sell gelato here.”






 “Clarissa, how would you like to be apart of a pack?”

“I want to but my mamma will say no. She said that my papà said those are bad.”

“Your papà was stubborn, being a lone wolf is dangerous. If he were in one, then he would be alive today.”

“If I’m not in a pack, I’ll die?”

“You won’t live as long as pack members do. You won’t be as strong as pack members are.”

“But Simona is training me. I’ll be strong!”

“But you won’t be as strong as us. You’ll always be weaker. If you were to wander on a pack’s territory, you’ll be easier to kill. I can make sure you’ll can be in my pack.”

“Oh.. but my mamma-“

“Clarissa, your human mother doesn’t know what’s best for you. She foolish like your papà was. I want you to join once you’re older. But there’s something that needs to be done first. It will make it easier for you to be accepted in. Just follow me.” 






 “What do you have to do first?”

“Let’s say it’s a little initiation.”

“I’m not sure what that is. Will it hurt?”

“Not if you put up a fight.”

“I’m confused. Why are we going into the boys restroom?”

“Promise me you won’t scream.”

“Huh? Do I have to eat bugs?”





 I shouldn’t followed him. I shouldn’t talk to him. I should had run, ran as far away as I could. My innocence was taken that day. Nothing was the same since this day. After he finished… I don’t even want to say what he did.. He ordered me to put back on my swimsuit and remain quiet. I quietly sobbed as I got dress, he gently pats my face and whispers, “Good girl.” I quickly jerked away from him as I finished.

“You stay and count to 60 after I leave. Then you can leave. You tell no one of this, not your mamma or Simona. I will kill them if you do. You want that to happen?” I tried to hold my tears before answering him, I was scared and shook my head no. I couldn’t get words to escape from my mouth. Tyrese headed towards the door but before opening the door he said one last thing, “You have the mark of my life mate, now you can be in my pack when you’re older. It’s better I mark you now before some other pack comes in. In a way, I just saved you. I’m a high rank in my pack, my mark will protect from other packs. They are just for lone wolves o destroy. You’ll thank me one day.”






 I sat down install, flashes of my loss of innocence haunted my thoughts. I didn’t count to 60 like he ordered, I just cried quietly to myself as minutes slip away. I wasn’t afraid of being caught by a male in here, just afraid that Tyrese would come back and violate me. Tyrese never returned, no other male came in to use the restroom. I wasn’t sure how much time had went by but I was sure my mom was looking for me.






 I was too afraid to pry myself from the sticky and filthy restroom floor. But I had to leave at some point. “Where was Simona? She was supposed to protect me?” I pondered, more tears escaped from my eyes. I heard the door open and my heart began to race. “He’s back!” I thought. I saw a man coming closer to the stall I was hiding in.

The door opened a little as I was blocking it from opening completely. “Are you okay little girl?” a concern male asked. I mumbled out no. The man made a step closer but I jerked myself from the floor in a flash and backed myself next to the toilet. “Did someone hurt you? I’m not going to hurt you, I want to help you. Are you parents around?” The man asked. I shrugged my shoulder as I stared at him with fear in my eyes. “Let’s go find your parents.” Said the man as he extended his hand out. I refuse to take his hand, I wasn’t sure about him since I was just raped by a male the same age as him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to take my hand. Just come out of there at least.” I carefully made steps towards him, he slowly backed away to give more room to exit the stall.

I was finally out but was frozen in fear still. I wouldn’t take another step. “What happen to you?” The man questioned me. I remember what Tyrese said about killing my mom and Simona if I ever told anyone. I lied telling the guy some kids were bullying me. “They are just cowards. Anyone who picks on another are cowards. Let’s go find your parents, you’re safe now.”




No one knew the truth, they all thought I was just bullied that day. In ways I was. I stayed to myself for the rest of the summer, I didn’t go out much. I stayed in my room stared at the window, worried Tyrese would return. My mom notice the change, she figured it was just puberty. It was anything but.

A week after the attack Simona came over for a training session. She found me curled up in a ball on my bed. I saw her take a whiff of the air then she gasped. Simona stood frozen in my doorway for a few moments before dropping to her knees. She sobbed uncontrollably, burying her face in her palms. I remain silent, at the moment I knew that she knows. I later learned about lycans can release certain  pheromones. Tyrese released a life mate pheromones when he raped me. No other lycan will dare date me, they can smell his scent on me. “I’m sorry! I am sorry! I promised you..” Simona cried but I tuned her out. I was angry at her for not being there but then again..I shouldn’t be. Ridden with guilt, that was the last time I seen Simona. She cuts off tides, leaving my mom heart broken. Simona could never forgive herself, she left town and her pack.

Months after Simona left, she sent me a letter:

Dear Clarissa, I can’t forgive myself ever. I should have been near you at all times. I promised your papà I would protect you from Tyrese but I failed him. Reasons why I wanted you to stay away from him cause he’s a predator. He hunts for the weakest prey so he could dominate it. They normally stalk the children of lone wolves, once picking their target, they kill the lone wolf to take ownership of the child prey. To prevent other packs from accepting a decreased lone wolf’s offspring, they mark them regardless of their age. He marked you as a life mate, you are his mate for life. No other lycan can be your mate. You’ll have to marry him when you’re older. This can’t be undone unless Tyrese dies. You’ll be tied to him as long as he breaths. I was supposed to prevent this from happening… I am sorry.. I’m sorry for failing you.






Love For The Ladies: Chapter 78 – Survival, Part 2

Simona, she was supposed to be one of the most important people in my life. However for the first few years of my childhood she was. She promised to protect and train me. She trained me, she protected me to some point. Having a pack mentality cause her to not always be around. When they say jump, you ask how high. It would be reasons why my dad had hatred towards packs. My feelings about Simona are mixed but I want to believe that she truly cared about me and wanted to help but couldn’t.




Simona was around a lot, so it wasn’t always just my mom and I. However it was nice just being the two of us. I loved on the days she would make her famous spaghetti for dinner. I always had a home cook meal everyday. My mom loved to cook but having to make a 20 minute into the city everyday on a booming restaurant cause my mom to be late for dinner.

Simona was a great cook who often made me meals when my mom would be late. She often told me about how she hosted dinner parties for the pack. The parties sound so fun, I wanted to go. My mom didn’t allow me, she trusted Simona but was unsure about the other wolves. I was upset, I really wanted to be apart of Lycan things. Simona said she would love to take me but it was mostly a pack thing. I would need to be apart of the pack to join. I wanted to be in the pack, at least I wouldn’t feel like an outsider like I do in school.




“You’re quiet today Clar. Are you okay?”

“Sì….. Mamma. I’m fine.”

“What is bothering you Clar?”

“I wanna be in a pack, mamma. I don’t like being treated different. I want friends.”

“Clarissa, we talked about this. I don’t think you being apart of a pack is a good idea. Your papà hated those for good reasons.”

“Like what?”

“You’re too young to understand.”

“Mamma, I hate school. No one wants to be my friend. They say I’m a smelly dog with fleas. I wanna be in a pack and go to lycan school.”




“I know school is rough but trust me it’s gonna get better. I’m sure there’s some kids who want to be your friend.”

“Doubt it. This is so lame…”

“Don’t give me attitude young lady.”

“Mi dispiace mamma.. I just want to not be an outsider. Simona’s parties sound so fun.”

“I know they do but it’s for the best.”

“Bene… If you say so.”




My mom saw how lonely I am decided to at least let me visit one of the lycan parks that Simona’s pack owns. I got to play with other lycan kids which was a lot of fun. Simona’s pack didn’t want an outsider being at one of their territories but once learning that I was a pup of a Sliver back they allowed me to visit time to time. Simona told me if my dad was just some regular wolf, they’ll never allow it. Something about Sliver backs intrigued other wolves, I was well liked by the pack members. For the first time I didn’t hate being a lycan.




I was often asked by other kids if I had my first turn yet. I haven’t just yet and started to feel like an outsider again. Not being trained as well as the others, I haven’t unlocked my power to turn yet. I thought I could only turn when it’s a full moon. The kids laughed and said that’s Hollywood.

We can turn when it’s not a full moon but we become stronger on a full moon and do usually turn. We can turn after midnight for runs, we can turn when under a lot of stress or in fear. I was nearly 9 years old and haven’t turned once. When will my day come?




But on one sunny afternoon, my question is answered. I started to feel strange. I started to growl and clawed at the ground. My sense of smell was intense, I felt my fangs growing out.




I started to feel warm then hot. Hair rapidly grew all over my body. My body was engulf in a blinding orange light. I knew was turning, I was happy but afraid at the same time. My clothes began to shred off as I felt sharp pains all over my body. My heart started to race. I could feel my blood boiling. No one said this process would be painful. I thought I was about to die.




But didn’t. I turned. I finally turned! I was finally in my wolf form, I dreamed for this day since I was 5 years old. I thought I would be a big wolf but I was just a little pup.




A clumsy pup at that. I wasn’t use to my new 4 legs and often tripped a lot. I’m glad my lycan friends weren’t around, they would probably laugh at me.




“Clar? Is that you? I knew this day was going to come. You look so adorable. Your papà would be so proud if he was still alive.”




I never thought of what my mom would think about my wolf form but she loved it. She thought it was the cutest thing ever which I found embarrassing. She would pick me up and snuggle me like I was an actually puppy. I tried not to turn whenever she was around. I could only take so much. 




My mom went out and got doggie toys for whenever I turned. After our first turn, it began unpredictable until we are properly trained to control turn urges. I often turned a lot since first turning. My training lessons were starting to get irregular. It was hunt season and Simona found herself busier than usually with her pack. My mom thought the toys would entertain me while my body decides to turn back. I guess it help but I always had a feeling that I was being watched.




One day when I was playing in wolf form, I saw something in the corner of my eye. I quickly turned around to see a white wolf running away from the fence. Was that a Sliver back? I don’t know if there’s any other Sliver backs in the area.

I told Simona about it and she said it was impossible. My dad was the only Sliver back born on this side of the country in decades. She wrote it off as my wolf vision is still developing and I thought I saw a white wolf. I know that’s not true… I know what I saw, that was a Sliver back wolf.





After each turn, I was weak and tried. It was hard on my body and my mom started to worried. Without proper training, turning can be harmful. With Simona caught up with work, I hoped my body can withstand this until she has more free time. My mom started to reconsider her thoughts about me joining a pack.




One summer day, a stranger appeared in my backyard. His ice blue eyes glowed, he had a particular scent and I knew he’s a lycan. I do remember seeing him around the lycan park a few times. I had no idea I just met my living nightmare on this day. 




“May I help you?”

“You must be Muraco’s pup.”

“You knew my papà?”

“Sì. You can say I was a friend of his. My name is Tyrese Rizzo.”

“What do you?”

“I wanted to meet you.”




“You sure ask a lot of questions. You’re much like your papà, asking questions and such.”

“I’m just like him?”

“Sì. A much prettier version I must add. I can tell you’re going to grow into a fine woman. Your body is taking shape already.”

“I feel a little uncomfortable now..”

“Hmm. Well I came to you because I know of Simona. Your trainer right?”

“Sì. But she’s been busy..”

“I know, that’s why I am here. I know about your unpredictable turning. It’s harder on your growing body, it can kill.”

“Oh.. Did Simona send you to train me?”

“Well no but I figure I should step in. Obviously she doesn’t realize this is an important time. Show me what she taught you so far?”




Tyrese made me felt uncomfortable, there was something about him that made me feel uneasy. His comments about my 9 year old body was just the tip. But I figure if he was friends with Simona and my dad, I guess he wasn’t too bad. However after his short visit, he made me promise to not tell Simona that we ever met. He said him training me was a secret, a fun secret. I thought it was strange but I promised him.




When school started once again, I started to notice a wolf was always waiting by my bus stop when I came home. The wolf always followed me half way home and stopped. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I thought maybe it was just a lonely stray dog. 




I started to run home, the wolf or dog was starting to make me nervous the closer it would follow me home. However running just made it start chasing me.




But one day the wolf or dog caught up with me. I nervously stuck out my hand to see if the animal was friendly. He nuzzled my hand with his damp nose and gave me a friendly lick on my wrist. His scent was of wolf, I figure he must be Tyrese.




Tyrese would often tug on the back of my shirt as I walked home. I would stop and watch him pick up a stick. He would bring it to me and give me a signal that he wanted to play. When we are in wolf form, we have animal instincts and often want to play like we were an actual dog. Tyrese like playing fetch and having his belly rubbed. But I couldn’t play today. I had tons of homework to do. I told him I couldn’t play and he whimpered before walking away.  




One day Tyrese was being pushy. I was having a bad day and just wanted to go home. Tyrese nuzzled his nose into my crotch sniffing me before pushed me down. He barked at me like he was telling me to get out now. If he were a dog, that wouldn’t be a big deal. He’s a lycan and I’m a just a kid, that made me uncomfortable.

I scolded him for that, remembering something Simona told me. Lycan males would turn and sniff unexpected human females’ lady bits. Of course they would think it’s just some poor dog and laugh it off. However this is disgusting with Lycan females. I was applauded and let him know that I wasn’t cool with that.



It didn’t sit right with Tyrese and began to growl and snarl at me.




“I’m sorry! I didn’t like being pushed down like that! Please don’t hurt me! I’m sorry!”




Tyrese started to lunge at me but I quickly ran down the hill as fast as I could. I never seen an angry wolf before and I was scared for my life. 




I saw Tyrese coming towards me, I started to panicked. I was frozen with fear and couldn’t move as he raced towards me. Without notice, I started to feel myself turn. It was something I was avoiding to do.




But in my wolf pup form, I felt brave suddenly. I barked at Tyrese which sounded like little yelps but soon I heard a familiar voice coming from the distance.




“Tyrese! You leave her alone! In fact stay away from her! I told you to never come near her! Now go away before I have you neutered!”




As Tyrese fled away, Simona gently scooped me from the ground. She carefully padded my head.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been around like I should. Hunting season is nearly done, we can get back to training. Tyrese is a dangerous man, promise me you’ll stay away from him. I don’t want you to be his next victim.”