Ciderwood Lane: Chapter 2 – Perfect Little Lie

 As I got ready for an important appointment, I thought about my current life. It’s been about 5 or so years since my family and I settled in this mysterious house. Its only mysterious cause of the way we got it. A strange note with key, saying this house is ours. No rent, no mortgage to pay. Just utilities and whatever extra amenities we plan to get is what we have to pay.

Living on Ciderwood lane apparently domesticated me into a proper housewife like the other households in this suburbia section of town. This wasn’t how I expected my life to turn out to….



I mastered the art of making PB& J sandwiches for a hungry 5 year boy and sometimes for his visiting friends. I wasn’t much of the cooking type, Ciderwood lane quickly changed that.




I mastered the art of writing… Writing grocery lists that is. One thing I learned from the woman of Ciderwood lane, writing such list was extremely important when visiting the local Knott Street market. It’s where all the wives of Ciderwood lane do their food shopping, they wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at another store across town. Even then the stores across town are much cheaper.




 I’ve also mastered the art of cleaning up questionable puddles on the kitchen floor. I learned all sorts of cleaning tips from the wives of Ciderwood lane. Learning what works, what doesn’t. Having a perfectly clean home was important. Cooking a perfect meal was important. Being the perfect wife and mother was important. Having a perfect family was important. Perfection was the key for fitting into Ciderwood lane.




And lastly, your appearance is important. I mastered to art of masking the unhappiness that lies within me. I must keep up with my beauty, always wear a smile on face. Show no signs of weakness. My life is “perfect”.  My marriage is “happy”. My family has no “dark secrets”. Everything is “grand”.




I do all these things that I despise, for the sake of fitting in and having friends for once. I always had issues with making friends, some say I’m too snarky and sarcastic which made me into a cynical bitch. I have to check my bitchy-ness at door when I go to check the mail, or visit a neighbor down the street. Wear a fake smile when I wave at the neighbors that annoys me. But I bite my tongue for my husband and son. It makes their lives here a lot more easier when I’m uncomfortable. Their happiness is important…. 





 “Desi, I’m about to head out for a bit. Umm.. I’m going to the store to get some more bread. I made some sandwiches for Ender once he gets hungry. I did make extra in case some of his friends come by.”

“Yeahhh. Watch this boy, prepare to eat my dust.”

“No fair dad! How did you get nitros?”

“A master never tells their secrets.”

“You mean magicians and you’re not magical, dad!”

“Desmond? Did you hear me?”

“Yeah hun.”




 “Then what did I say then?”

“Feed the boy bread. You’re gonna go see friends. Have fun, dear!”

“Desmond! Will for stop playing that game for a second and listen to me? I didn’t say feed Ender bread nor did I say I was going to go see friends. I am going to the store to get BREAD and I made Ender’s lunch.”

“Sorry.. I’ll feed the boy but he might get full from all the dust he’s eating ha ha ha!”

“MOM! Tell dad to stop cheating!”

“Desmond, let him win! He’s just a boy.”

“No can do, the boy must learn to never be a sore loser.”

“Mom, Dad NEVER lets me win! He’s a big cheater!”

“Don’t be a glory hog, Desi. Let Ender win for once.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“For fucks sake, Desmond! Just one time.”

“Fine…whatever. Let our boy grow up to think things must be handed down to him and how he must never learn to work for anything. That’s grade A parenting there, Penelope..”

“I don’t have time for this, Desmond! I’m leaving! Remember to feed your child!”

“Have fun buying bread, dear!”




 I tend to get annoyed with my husband when it comes to raising our son. I swear he can be a child himself at times. I think most of the messes in the house was made by Desi. Of course I would teach Ender that he has to work for things and nothing is handed over but can the poor kid win in a stupid video game for once. He can finally have a moment of happiness and then he’ll work harder to win for real. I knew buying that PlayBox 5 for Christmas was gonna be an issue.




 I lied to Desmond of where I was really going. Instead I made my way to Fairview Memorial for an important visit. I’ve been keeping a secret from Desmond for that past few weeks. He has no idea of all the visits I’ve been making here. But I won’t be able to keep this a secret for long. I have to tell him of what’s really going on with.




 It felt like a lifetime as I waited in the waiting room. I brought along one of my favorite books for me to read. I couldn’t be bothered for the trashy magazines that filled with celebrity gossip and nonsense of 10 ways to keep your man happy. Feed him and suck his dick, that’s the only 2 tips a female needs to know if she wanna keep her man happy. There needs to be an article for men on tips to keep your wife happy. Pick up your dirty underwear, put the toilet seat down and take the kid to the park so I can take a nap in a hot bath. 

I longed to hear, “Penelope Flake, the doctor ready.” coming from the nurse’s mouth. I just wanted to get this appointment over and return to my “perfect” family to cook the “perfect” dinner.



 “Things are looking well with the baby, Penny. Take a look.”

“Oh, how nice. So when is my due date?”

“I say about January 11th. Congrats, Penny!”

“So how far along will that make me?”

“Judging by the baby’s size, the GA is about 8 weeks.”





 “No! That can’t be right. The child should be younger by 2 weeks! I should be further along than 8 weeks! Because Desi and I- I mean… Are you sure that I’m 8 weeks along??”

“Yes, Penny. Just look at the screen. I measured the baby at 1.6 centimeters and the embryonic tail is almost gone. You can see for yourself. This baby’s GA is 8 weeks and 2 days.”

“Are you for sure that you’re doing your job right?”

“Yes, I am positive that I measure the baby correctly. Is there a problem?”

“No! What makes you think there’s a problem? I’m just making sure you got this baby’s age right!”

“Hey.. I’ve been doing ultrasounds for that last 25 years. I’ve never been wrong before.”

“There’s a first time for everything..”

“I can assure you that I am correct. The baby is 8 weeks and 2 days to be exact and your due date is around January 11th, almost a new years baby. “




 “I guess I should thank you, Dr. Judd. I’m sorry for snapping at you. I know you’re great at your job. You were Ender’s doctor when I was pregnant with him. Sorry that you didn’t get to deliver him, Desi just had to visit LP. We promise to stay in town for this one. I just feel a little extra bitchy with this pregnancy. Maybe it’s a girl ha ha.”

“It’s okay, Penny. I was a little cranky with both of my pregnancies with my daughters, Vega and Veronica. Poor Garren had to put up with my mess. But I’m kinda concern about you mentioning how you wanted the baby to be older.”

“Ya know that Ender’s birthday is close to the 11th… I figure he wouldn’t want to share his special day with a little sibling and plus..Desi’s grandmother’s birthday is the 27th of Jan. Desi adores her, it would be nice if the baby was born on her birthday.. She passed a year ago..”

“Oh I see. I’m sorry to hear about his loss. Okay, I understand now. Babies aren’t always born on their due dates. Some later, some sooner, we try to keep that bun in the oven until Jan 11 in case there’s an issue. But I hope all goes well, Penny. I’m curious of why your husband wasn’t here for the first ultrasound. It’s an exciting thing.”




 “Uh.. Busy day for him, he wanted to be here. But for his sake, can we pretend that the baby is younger by 2 weeks when Desi attends coming appointments. It would mean the world to him if he thinks the baby will be due around his late grandmother’s birthday?”

“Honestly Penny… I really don’t feel comfortable doing something like that. I’m sure he’ll be happy with another Jan baby.”

“Please, Martina.. We’re friends..kinda.”

“Look Penny, I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I’ll get in trouble for falsifying documents.”

“You don’t have to do that, just when Desi attends a scan. Like for the 12 week scan just say the baby is 10 weeks.”

“There’s a huge difference between a 10 week old fetus and a 12 week old fetus in sizes. I’m sorry, I have to be honest.”

“Well…just don’t mention the age then! I want Desi to believe this baby is older. He loved his nana.”


“Please, Martina?”

“I’ll see what I can do but I don’t feel right about this…” 




I headed to the store after leaving the hospital. I did tell Desi that I was going to get some bread and he would question me if I came home without some. I had a lot on mind after having my first ultrasound to see my new baby. There’s more going on…




 I knew I came in for bread but I found myself wandering aimlessly down the aisles. Browsing for items which I didn’t need. My mind is too clouded for doing some grocery shopping. However I did notice how everything here is overpriced. 7 dollars for a 4 pound bag of sugar. It cost only 2.88 at the store across town. But I am a lady of Ciderwood and we must shop at this wallet robbing store…

I loathe keeping up ridiculous appearance. It’s not like we have the money for this… Desmond refuses to get a real job.. He wanna live out his dream, restoring old cars.. It’s a stupid dream that will make us go broke! 




 Deciding on which loaf of bread to get wasn’t an easy decision. Do I want the overpriced bread or the ridiculous overpriced bread or the put a second mortgage on the house, priced bread. Decisions, decisions.. Ender tends to like the ridiculous overpriced bread most of all.

Some changes are gonna have to be made now with a second child on the way. Serious changes if we want to stay on Ciderwood lane. I hope this pregnancy will push Desi into getting a real job for once. He did have one for a couple of days before he stupidly quit it for his dumb dream. His dream is gonna make us have to find another home somewhere in Lansing Falls.

There are other nice communities in town but Ciderwood lane is one of the nicest next to Honey Oak lane. Despite the ridiculous ways of Ciderwood lane, I want to stay! I can’t let that hag, Indie Daniels win anyway. She’s been wishing for me to leave since she thought I ruined her strawberry pie. I bet that vinegar did her a flavor by masking the true nastiness of her skunk pie! 



I took the long way home after shopping. I still needed to think about things but I know that I need to reveal the thing that I’m hiding from Desi one day.. I questioned myself, when? When do I tell him? He would be hurt if he knew I had the first scan without him but I needed to know how old my unborn baby is without him there…




 “Getting bread huh? It takes you 3 hours to buy some bread? What’s his name?”

“Wha-what? What are you taking about??”

“Ha ha ha! Seriously, Pen? Where did you really go?”

“To the store like I said..”

“For 3 hours? You hate shopping for food. Besides, you only got bread.”

“There was an old friend there, we caught up over a cup of coffee.”

“Friend? Ha ha ha! You didn’t have any friends in high school.”

“I did too! I had one!”

“Bullshit, Pen.”




 “Fine, you caught me. I wasn’t at the store for 3 hours. I was at the hospital. I had an appointment.”

“The hospital? Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m pregnant.”

“Seriously? We’re gonna have another baby?”


“Oh wow. I can’t believe it. I’m happy. I gotta call my mom and tell her the news.”

“Let’s hold off on that cause ya know.. It’s still early.”

“But I’m too excited to keep it from my mama.”

“Well you’re gonna have to hold off until the second trimester.. I’m only 6 weeks along..”

“Not Ender either?”

“Not yet.”



I could see the happiness in Desmond’s eyes. He was overjoyed to hear the news about the pregnancy. I made him promised that he won’t tell anyone about the pregnancy until I’m in my second trimester. I know he’s gonna have a hard time keeping things a secret for a while. 

It wasn’t long before he started discussing baby names. I could tell that he really wanted this baby when he knows our finances haven’t been that great. I help run a local website selling prints for the art museum. It pays but not enough to be more comfortable. I took on a second job by selling Tupperware online to other housewives which does surprisingly well. But still, it’s not enough..

If Desi would work, then I got go to school full time. I dropped out of high school when I was pregnant with Ender. I got my G.E.D. shortly before giving birth. People my age are in college and I wanna go too. Even if it’s at the community college in town. School is school, plus I have a family now. I’m only 19, turning 20 soon and already a domesticated housewife. But I’m not sure if I should hold the housewife card since I am the sole breadwinner. 



 “Hey dad!”

“Hey, I wanna talk to you about something.”


“I just wanna tell you that your mom and I will always love you no matter what.”

“I know but why you wanna tell me that?”

“In case there’s any possible changes in the future.. New add ons and such.”

“Cause mom is gonna have a baby?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Cause mom was throwing up a lot in the bathroom and shouting, “Not this shit again. I just got my body back.” Auntie Regan threw up a lot too like mom did. Babies make girls do that, right?”

“Language, boy.  That doesn’t always mean a female is having a baby. It could be the flu, not in Regan’s case.”

“Dad, I know mom is having a baby. I left my walkie talkie in the hall. I think Davy is a dumb name for a baby.”

“Well… I didn’t ask for your opinion. That was almost your name, boy! “



 “Dad can I ask you something?”


“Last night I left my walkie talkie in your bedroom. You and mom were making noises like you guys were eating ice cream without me. Am I right?”

“Yes, boy. And stop leaving your walkie talkies in our room. Your childhood will be awkward.”

“Why couldn’t I have any ice cream last night?”

“Cause its ice cream for married people only. One day when you’re married, you can have married ice cream with your wife.”

“But why did mom say that you tasted good?”

“Your mom is almost done making your dinner.”

“But dad? You didn’t answer my question.”

“Little boys who ask too many questions don’t get kiddy ice cream after dinner.”





 “How do like the spaghetti? I used a different sauce this time.”

“It’s too garlicly. Won’t this kinda kill me? I’m half vampire.”

“Don’t be silly, that’s hollywood. Garlic won’t kill you.”

“Well, I really don’t like garlic, mom. It’s yucky.”

“Eat it anyway or you’ll be skinny like me.”

“Well I don’t want that.”

“Then eat.”



 “Are you gonna be eating for 2 now?”


“Cause you’re having a baby. Auntie Regan said she was eating for 2. That’s why she didn’t share her cinnabons with me.”

“How did you know about the baby? I told Desmond to keep his mouth shut! Your dad is such a blabber mouth!”

“Dad didn’t tell me. I heard it on my walkie taklie.”

“Ender, what did I tell you about spying? Spying is wrong.”

“Tell the government that. The government spies on us. They hide mini cameras in our laptops. Besides, you spy on Indie.”

“That’s different. Where did you hear such things anyway?”

“Uncle Maddox.”

“Figures, your uncle is a weirdo. It’s reasons why we call him “Mad”. He’s mad-crazy.”



 “Mom, can I ask you something?”


“How did a baby get in you? Cergio said babies escape from hell and climb inside the mom and hide for 9 months. Did I come from hell too?”

“No sweetie, just Cergio.”

“Well how then?”

“Maybe another day when you’re older, you can ask your dad that.”




After dinner, I stepped out in the front yard to get some fresh air. I still had a lot on mind. Desi and Ender are in bliss about the baby but I’m not. 

This baby shouldn’t happen….

It kills me to see how Desi is about this baby…

It would kill him if he knew the truth..

I hold a secret within, I wonder how long can I hold it..

I cried when I was first told about my pregnancy…

I knew of what I had done weeks before..

This baby is not my husband’s child..

This baby is my neighbor’s child……

State of Tigo (5/30/14)

Hello all! I figure it’s time to talk about the status of this blog.

I hope you all enjoyed the most recent updates from Love For The Ladies, those are probably the last updates until around this time next month. I want to put my focus back on Ciderwood Lane.

I had ran into some issues on the new save for Ciderwood Lane, error 12’s and random crashes. I was using the world Great Bear which had the perfect layout for this story other than Moonlight Falls. Sadly I will not be using that world, I believe it’s just too big and the memory taps out often. So I opened a new save in Moonlight Falls and got to work.

It’s not how I want things to be like, adding extra lots in MLF is a bitch. But it looks better than the original file. So far the this save seems to be running pretty fine. However there’s no where I can set down Cergio’s house with the illusion that’s in the middle o no where.



But the creator of Great Bear does have another world that has a likeness of GB but on a smaller scaled, called Cape Garner Islands. It was perfect to set down Cergio’s house in but too small for the other townies. I decided to do what I did with Fang City (a short lived story), have a second save in a different town. So I’ll be introducing a second town in Ciderwood Lane.  The name Cape Garner Islands is a bit too much and I’ll just be calling it, Garner. It sets between Kamilah Grove (Cergio’s house) and Lansing Falls.


Last week I took the time to create some new families to add into the new town, plus made over a few families from MLF.




The Goodfellow family. Turned the stolen baby into a plantbaby.




The Macduff family, family of witches.





 The Ivy family, all fairies.




The Wolff family…. I can’t remember if they were werewolves already.




The Wolff family had 2 new additions.





The Swain family, Chester now Che Wai, an alien. Bailey now Violet Wai, Che’s plant kid that he grew :p



The new families.


The Vu family. They are a Vietnamese inter-occult family. Rhett is a vampire while his wife Sabrina is a Earth (healer) genie. Their kids, Kaiah and Spencer are genies while Anya is a vampire.




 The Oni family, a Nigerian inter-occult family. Marquis is a wolf, Mya a witch and their daughter Malika is a witch.



She’s so cute 😀




 The Reynolds/Davy family, just regular humans. Dominick Davy lives with his elderly mother, Aileen Reynolds along with his children Charity & Bryan. Charity is a teen mom, she has a daughter with one of the Macduff boys, named Lauren. She’s a witch like her dad Jules Macduff. Charity is out of control and all. There will be teen parents in the stories, not saying I’m about all it but this shit happens in life. I know some people get all touchy about it but just cause someone writes it, doesn’t mean they support it. I just wish people would stop being judgmental assholes.



Gwen Glover (human) lives with the Reynolds/Davy family. She’s suppose to be Aileen’s helper but she’s a bit on the crazy side.





But after placing all of the new families in Garner along with Cergio’s household, I ran into a issue. When trying to edit the terrain and more trees and flowers around the game had a annoying issue with crashing. >_< I couldn’t move anything around without it crashing. I had issues before when editing things in the house in the original save. The game would crash. I spent many hours on building that house and now I gotta trash it.



I started on a new house… but I’m really not in the mood to build one. The house will end up being a slow build. I’m starting to get burnt out on building. I’m not sure how long but I want to return to this story.




But I did set up a boat house for Cergio, something that he stays in time to time during the summer. I decided to move his family into this until the house is done. It’s gonna be a long summer in this story. As far as the animals, they stay on another home lot with Boragaia and Shilia. I couldn’t fit everyone on this boat house. But I find boat houses glitchy as hell. I dunno how I can stand to keep them on it. Since removing Cergio’s house, this save has been running very well.

Ciderwood Lane: Chapter 1 – Twisted Love

Cergio’s POV

Today is the day I’ll bring in the final female. Regan Locke, a young witch whom I met some time ago. I’m unsure how Regan will take things when I bring her home. I haven’t exactly told her of what the arrangements would be. Regan is more delicate compare to Nina and Sasha, so I wasn’t upfront about things at first. I promise her I will take care of her if she comes live with me since she’s carrying my child. Regan agreed and I had an area set up for her. She’s in her 8th month of pregnancy and it is time for her to come live with me.

She had text me non stop for the last few days over her excitement about the baby and moving in. The doctor saw the baby would be a boy. My first son. I don’t care much for kids but I will admit to having a little excitement of having a male child.



I guess I should be getting dressed and ready to go get her. But since she lives with her sister who is almost the mother of Ada’s friend, I have to bring that annoying child with me so she can see her friend. It is the weekend and she is supposed to spend this time with her mother but always puts up a fight and wants to bother me. Nina didn’t want to fight with Ada over her spending time with her, so she left for town with Sasha and Fran to go shopping. She should have made the brat go with her. I swear that devil rat is a pain in the ass.

Today will not be fun.



“Annoying child! Hurry up or I’m leaving you here. I should leave you but I promise your annoying friend I will bring you with me.”




“I’m ready.”

“Not with that hair you are. What the fuck happen?”

“Mom didn’t finish unbraiding my hair.”

“Go figures.. I can’t bring you out in public like that. You can stay.”

“No daddy, I think it’s cute.”

“Child, please.”



“Daddy, you can’t leave me here all alone. Everyone is gone. I’m only 5 years old. There are laws about that, daddy.”




“Why the fuck is your eyes rolled in the back of your head? I always knew you were the spawn of Satan. I can’t have you looking like that in public. Rolled back eyes, nappy hair. You’ll make me look bad. What am I suppose to do then? I have to move in Regan in today.”




“But daddy, I wanna see Ender today. I didn’t get to play with him for a whole 4 days. It’s not fair. I wanna go. I think my hair is okay.”



“No, no it’s not. Look, I guess I will do your hair with this magically appearing brush. I can make you look more decent than what you already are.”




“No! You are just gonna make me look ugly! My hair is okay, let’s just go you asshole!”





“Not like I really have to try to make you look “ugly”. You’re just about there already.”

“I’m not ugly! If I’m ugly then you’re ugly! Momma said I look like you, you dummy!”

“You look nothing like me. You look like a wet bird on crack!”

“No I don’t! You look a wet bird on crack that got hit by a train!”

“I do not, you devil rat! You look like a frog crossed with a rat on heroin that got hit by a plane!”

“How can someone get hit by a plane when planes are in the sky, stupid!”

“You’re a flying frog-rat!”

“I hate you, dad!”

“I hate you! Now go get your nappy hair repair set so I can do something with that mess.”




“Now I gotta send Regan a text telling her we will be late cause you’re a nappy headed frog.”




“I’m not a nappy headed frog you ass!”





“Ouch daddy! You’re hurting me!”

“Then don’t be so nappy next time. You should have hair like your sister Fran.”

“But dad, she’s bald.”

“Exactly. And if I can’t fix this then you’ll be bald like her.”

“Don’t shave my hair! I don’t wanna be bald!”

“You can wear a wig.”

“I don’t wanna wear a wig!”




“Are you almost done? I’m bored.”

“Chill out, I just need to do this one area and then we can go.”

“If my hair is ugly then I’m gonna hate you forever.”

“Whatever. I think I did an awesome job. I think I should be a stylist.”

“Please don’t.. Just don’t.”

“Don’t be a hater. When you see what I’ve done, you’ll recommend me to all your nappy friends for me to do their hair.”

“If they wanna be ugly then yeah.”

“Shut up demon child. I’m done. Go look in the mirror but your face might break it.”

“Whatever loser.”




We were about 30 minutes late to get to Regan’s sister’s place. I am a bit annoyed of Nina leaving Ada’s hair like that. What I can’t stand is half assness, she could have finished undoing her hair then styled it before leaving with Sasha. She knew she was coming with me. I will have to deal with Nina later on but now I have to think on how I’m going to reveal the truth to Regan without her getting upset.

She has no choice with coming with me at this point. The child must be born and raise on my land. She doesn’t have to stay but I wish for her to do so. I admire her sweetness, gentleness and native nature. Something that is different from Nina and Sasha, plus she’s a lot younger than them both. With her younger, I have a feeling that she may not take this lightly as Nina and Sasha did.

As I drove to Regan’s location with Ada, we chatted a little during the way. Ada is aware of what’s going on and is content on the nature of it. However the only thing that bothers my daughter is the curse within us. She often gets upset with me, blaming me I’m the fault of why she can’t be like normal kids. She wants to go on all night camp outs, go to slumber parties and go on summer night glow bug hunts with other kids. It’s mainly the tense between us when we fight. I do wish she was like other kids, out doing kids stuff so she wouldn’t be bugging me all the time. I hope some day she can be free.



“Regan is gonna live with us now?”

“Yeah, it’s getting close to her due date.”

“Am I’m really getting a little brother?”

“Uh huh, disappointed?”

“Nope! I’m kinda happy that I will have a sister and a brother. Maybe I won’t be so lonely at home.”

“Not sure how fun babies will be for you. Babies cry, shit and puke too much.”

“Is my momma gonna have another baby soon?”

“Actually I plan on that happening soon. You’re 5, it’s time for another one of you annoying brats.”

“If you think kids are annoying then why do keep making them?”

“I have to, it’s kind of my job.”

“Your job is weird. Why can’t you be a fireman? I want a dad with a cool job.”

“I’m a cool dad, Ada. I don’t have to be a fireman to be cool.”




“Now what?”

“How are babies made?”

“Annoyance and pixie dust.”

“That’s not true! Please tell me.”

“I will when you turn 505 years old.”

“But I’ll be all old and gross by then.”




Regan’s POV


She didn’t like it, she didn’t like him, she didn’t want me to go cause she didn’t trust him. I trust him, I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I’m having his baby boy after all. I was excited this day that I almost didn’t sleep the night before. I never thought I would find myself into a guy like I am with Cergio. He has some quirks but I like him just the way he is. He’s always been so warming and loving around me. I eagerly leaped into his strong arms after inviting him in. I nearly knocked over his daughter in the process. My sister let out a loud sigh of annoyance as her eyes quickly scans him.

“He’s hiding something. There’s something not right about this whole thing.” My sister said earlier in the day. I assure her that he’s harmless. I didn’t find anything too suspicious about Cergio. I want to move in with him. I like him a lot however I question about the status of our relationship. Were we dating? What are we? Why ask me to move in? Is it because of our unborn child? I do have feelings for him, I think he might have feelings for me. Honestly I’m not sure. Penny thinks I’m crazy by being involved with him. Perhaps things will be official once I move in. 



I will soon learn that I was far from being right.

“I should listen to Penny. She was right.. Why did I do this? This is a mistake..”




I made my way to their spare room to collect the last of my items as Cergio loads my belongings into his car. I could hear my sister following me into the room. As light as she may be, her footsteps were anything but. Once again she let out a sigh. I know she wanted to grip to me so more about me moving but my mind is made up.

I gently pulled a few boys’ oneies that once belonged to my nephew Ender from the top drawer. “I can have these right?” I asked as I sat them down on top of the dresser. There was a pause for moment before she responded. “Yes.” Her voice was soft and faint which is unusual for Penny. “You can take them.” My sister continues. I could hear a crack in her voice as she were about to cry. I quickly turned my face towards her but she stood motionless with her palm resting on her right shoulder.

I know she only followed me to voice her worries once more. It’s almost like she’s the older sister at times. Penny did have to grow up fast when she had Ender when she was a teen. She naturally has that motherly instinct which I hope to have soon. I’m not sure what can I say to make her feel at ease with my decision. 



“I can’t see why you can’t stay here. Is he even plan on being your boyfriend? What is he to you?”

“I don’t know… We never-“

“See, something isn’t right about this. You’re not dating him, then why move in with him? There’s something, I don’t want you to go.”

“He wants to take care of me and the baby. He is the father you know.”

“So? You don’t need a man to take care of you. You always been independent. Were were going to school, doing great until he came along. I don’t want you to throw your life away for some guy.”



“I’m not throwing my life away. I plan on returning back to school after the baby.”

“Where does this guy anyway?”

“Actually he doesn’t say..”




“See…that is why I don’t trust this guy. Something is odd about him. How much do you know about him? You don’t know where he lives, he doesn’t tell you but wants you to move in with him. What if he lives in a crack house? Or under a bridge? Ada told Ender that they live in a tree. I don’t wanna see you get hurt. I don’t want any harm done on my nephew. How can I convince you to stay?”



“I’m going to be fine. There’s no need to worry. I promise to call you everyday so you know that I’m fine. After I have the baby, I’ll bring him by so you can see him. I know Cergio has a mystery about him but that’s what I like about him. Everything will be fine. Besides, it would be crowded here after I have the baby. It’s best if I moved out.”



“I guess you are right. You better hold onto your promise. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. Any names yet?”

“We haven’t talked about names just yet. I was thinking maybe Titus, Kingston or maybe Brenden.” 

“I like those names. Whatever name you pick, I would like.”


“No problem.”



“I don’t see why you have to take my sister. Like who are you to her? I really don’t care much for you.”

“Give him a chance sis.”

“You think you can just waltz in here and take what you like.”

“Because I can. Deal with it.”

“You ass!”




“I see where the blue boy gets his annoyance from.”

“What’s that suppose to mean? Are you calling me and my son annoying?”

“I feel for your husband…”

“Answer my question, jerk!”



“Look at me. My name is Penny and I’m a flat chested annoying nagging woman. Look at me nag, nag, naggity, nag.”

“Look here asshole! Don’t come in my house and insult me! What is your problem?!”




“My problem is that I can’t hear you over the sound of your nagging!”

“I’m not nagging! I am showing concern over my sister cause I don’t trust you! We hardly know anything about you or your background! Your daughter doesn’t much either.”

“My business is none of your concern. I’m not going to do anything fucked up with your sister.”

“Something tells me that you’re not fully up front about everything!”



“Ugh! Do you have an off button. All I hear is blah blah blah, I’m a bitch.”

“You know what… I’m done talking to you since you won’t stop being an asshole! I’m only not kicking you out cause of your daughter and Regan!”

“Yeah? Whatever.”



It was close to sundown and we needed to head home, to my new home because of Ada. Again I promised Penny that I will call, text, email, IM or whatever everyday so she will know that I’m fine. Cergio loaded the last of my things as I gave goodbye hugs to my family. The car ride was quiet but I realize we were starting to head outside of the town. We headed out on the highway passing the lake away. I was getting a little nervous of where we were going. I have no idea of where Cergio lives and had no clue it was outside of the city limits.

My heart start race the further we drove away from town. I wanted to ask where were we going but I felt a lump in my lump in throat that prevented me from speaking. “You took too long to say your goodbyes.” Cergio said to me without glancing over to me. His voice was cold and distant, it made me even more nervous. I clenched my phone with my almost sweating hand debating if I should call for help. I heard Ada humming in the backseat, he wouldn’t try anything with his daughter around would he?

He quickly places his rough hand on my thigh and squeezes it tight. I jerked back a little and glanced over towards him. His focus was on the road and he remained silent. “Shit! I’m losing time! Ada, how are you feeling?” Cergio said as he glances over at Ada. “I’m fine daddy.” Ada replied back. I felt the car go faster which made me feel afraid. I held my pregnant belly trying to comfort myself as we raced down the highway. 

Cergio began to slow down as we were about to turn into a dark wooden area. I felt my heart sank as I began to fear for my life. I thought to myself and wondering why was he taking me into a dark wooden area in the middle of no where. “Daddy, my tummy hurts.” Ada whine from the backseat. Cergio began to drive faster on the dark road, hitting every bump on it. I started to feel dizzy and thought I was going to throw up. It wasn’t long before I could see lights in the distance. Before I knew it the car stop. I quickly turned my head towards Cergio with fear in my eyes. Cergio slowly leans over and places a soft kiss on my forehead. “Welcome home, Regs.”



“This is your bed, your living area. You’ll be sharing this room with Nina and Sasha. I’ll let you settle in while I get your things from the car.”

“It looks nice.”

“I was hoping you’ll like it.”




“Cer, I’m a bit confused about something. You say this is my living area? What’s going on here? Who are Nina and Sasha? Are these roommates?”

“No… not exactly.”

“Okay then what? Don’t beat around the bush, Cergio. Tell me what’s going on.”




“I guess it’s time that I tell you the deal. Nina and Sasha are the mothers of my 2 daughters. They live here with me, my sister and godmother. You’re apart of my harem and it’s now complete with 3 witch females. You will have to stay here with me and bare my children along with Nina and Sasha. My children will be born with curse and have to be born and raise on this land until they are 18. My children must return to this land before sundown, that why I rushed to get back. We were pushing it. Not only will you be having my children but you’ll be pleasing me as well. I have an extreme high sex drive and it needs to be dealt. Don’t worry about threesomes unless you’re into that sort of thing. I have to have harem of lovers, I might was well make my lovers as my mothers as well. I haven’t told you that I’m a reincarnated Navox Genie God. A harem is required for my well being. Each female is required to bare me 6 children. No less or more.”



“What?! Are you serious?!”


“I can’t believe you! You want me to have your kids and be your sex slave?! I don’t think so! I thought we had something special! You seem like you were into me! I liked you, Cergio! How could you trick me into being apart of your twisted sex games?! I don’t want to have 6 kids with a man who makes with minds?! I want out! Take me back to my sister’s! Penny was right! There is something not right about you!”



“I can’t take you back. Not until you give birth to my son.”

“I’m not leaving my baby here!”

“Regs, you can’t take him from this land. He’ll be born with a curse.”

“How bad is this “curse”? Why should I listen to you!”

“It’s bad enough to have you killed by your own child. You don’t have to stay after the birth but I will have to remove your memory of us if you choose to leave.”

“Oh my god.. You cannot be serious.”

“I am. My father’s orders, if you leave, your memories stay.”



“You can’t- I don’t wanna be here.. Take me home…”

“This is your home. I want you to stay. I care about you.”

“How can you when you have 2 other lovers?”

“You’re all special to me in your own different ways. Especially you Regs, I knew there was something special about you when I first met you. Like I said, I will take care of you.”

“I just… This is… This is too much to take in.”

“I’ll let you settle in and think. But please stay with me. I don’t want to remove your memories of us.”




“I guess you’re the new girl. I’m Nina, Ada’s mother.”

“I’m Sasha, Francesca’s mother.”

“How can you 2 be okay with this?”

“Well Cer was up front about it… Well after he knocked us up. He told both of us the deal on the day we told him we were pregnant. I liked the idea of having a man take care of things for once. I was dragged out of my hometown by my boyfriend who was cheating on me with some teenager. I was depressed and met Cergio. I didn’t take any precaution and now we have Ada.”

“I wonder why he didn’t tell you right away. We thought you would know.”

“I didn’t! He asked me to come move in with him and I agreed like a fool! He said he cares about me and I’m special to him. Bullshit!”

“I know you ain’t gonna believe this but Cergio does.”

“I don’t believe it..”

“I’m sorry Regan but things are gonna get easier. You just need a few days to settle.”

“Thank you both but can I be alone now?”



Cergio’s POV


As predicted, Regan didn’t take it well. I let her be and hope she would come around to it. But in the meanwhile I have to get my annoying devil child to bed. Nina usually does it but Ada fights with her more lately. She always want me to read her a bedtime story. I really don’t want to but she won’t leave me alone if I don’t.



“What story are you gonna read to me tonight?”

“The one about the annoying girl who won’t go to bed so she gets eaten by a pterodactyl.”

“You told me that yesterday, daddy!”

“This one is the remix.”

“Okay, daddy.”



“Actually I’m gonna show you things that will happen if you touch boys, seeing how you are fond about blue boy.”

“I like Ender.”

“And that scares me. This is a picture of gonorrhea.”

“Eww that’s gross!”

“It gets better. This is herpes.”

“So if I touch Ender then I’ll get gonorrhea and herpes?”




“Yes. Don’t touch Blue boy, ever. In fact, don’t touch boys period. When you see  boy, run and think of gonorrhea.”



“Does momma have gonorrhea and herpes? You’re a boy and I saw her touch you.”

“No, I don’t carry the nasties cause I’m a god.”

“So what if the boy is a god? Then can I touch him?”

“No! No god-boys either.”

“If I can’t touch boys then can I touch girls?”

“Well… maybe after you turn 18 but no boys!”




“What now?!”

“I don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“Yes you do.”



“Daddy, can you do the puppy dance? Pretty please? I’ll stop being annoying if you do the puppy dance. It’s funny!”

“No, look at this picture of chlamydia. Boys will cause this.”

“Puppy dance, daddy!”









“Ugh! You promise to not by annoying if I did the puppy dance.”

“I love you.”

“I tolerate you too.”




Don’t get me wrong, I do love my daughters. I just have a difficult time on saying it…..




Ever since….








Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 4



The Queen family, After Chloe Montigo (Celsia’s daughter) set the family home on fire, Clark felt it was time to move to on as his niece tend to be a bad influence on his youngest daughter Vivian. Clark set out for Lansing Falls in hopes his daughters would fit in better. Celina had difficulties making friends at school due to her being a blue alien hybrid. Celina’s only friends were her first cousins and Clark didn’t want their bad habits to rub off on his daughters. Just a few months after settling in, Clark bumped into Celsia’s former nanny, Jaslyn. They reconnected and discovered they both always had a crush on each other. 6 months after reconnected, they were married. Clark along with his new wife Jaslyn purchases a house on Ciderwood Lane where they plan to start a family together.




Clark – Clark works at the same spa as his neighbors, Joey, Brielle and Amelia. Clark often hangs out with Joey after work at the local bar for a couple of beer. Clark’s time with Celsia did start a drinking habit. Clark disliked his boyish look, he found the females didn’t take him so seriously. He decided to grow some facial hair which he believes attracted Jaslyn more. Since moving to Lansing Falls, Clark developed a fear of werewolves, he believes his neighbors across of them are wolves but Jaslyn insists they are just vampires. Clark still isn’t convinced and demand his daughters come indoors before sundown. Clark has plans to build a fence around the house so it will protect his daughters.

A new fairy neighbor named Kikiontae moves in across the street. Clark goes over to greet his new neighbor only to be turned on by her, he quickly becomes embarrassed realizing he became aroused. Clark turns around in leaves in a hurry leaving Kiki confused. Clark finds it difficult to be around Kiki, reasons could be her choice of clothes, short shorts and cut off shirts. Kiki became friends with Jaslyn which makes Clark more uncomfortable since Kiki is over more. Clark soon learns a Montigo fathered Kiki’s toddler son Harlan. Jaslyn is ready to have a baby but Clark isn’t in the mood due to always becoming aroused about Kiki and he handles it privately. Clark now finds himself fantasizing about Kiki which is starting to be a wedge in his marriage due to the lack of sex. Clark struggles to stop but finds it hard when Jaslyn invites Kiki over almost everyday.




Jaslyn – Jaslyn dedicated her life to help raise children as she believed she could never find true love. Jaslyn has been a nanny for over 60 years. She finally finds love with Clark and soon marries him. Jaslyn always dreamed to be married and start a family but married isn’t as great as she thought it would be. Jaslyn doesn’t know why won’t Clark touch her anymore. She fears he might be having an affair or he lost his sex drive. As for Jaslyn being a love genie, sex is important to her kind.

Jaslyn tries to put off the failing sex life in her marriage by socialize with her good friends, Kiki, Indie, Penny, Brielle, Amelia, Amaya, Saul and Desmond. Jaslyn is very friendly and has a huge circle of friends. Her closet friend is Kiki and she’s unaware about Clark’s issue he has when Kiki is over. Jaslyn loves babysitting Kiki’s one year son Harlan and often keeps him over the weekend as Kiki goes partying with her other friends. Spending time with little Harlan makes Jaslyn long for her own child. However she finds Clark not up for baby making. Jaslyn tries to find ways to get Clark in the mood but is usually interrupted by Celina or Clark says that he’s tired.

Jaslyn currently isn’t working but wants open up her own daycare in their home. However it would require an expansion on the house and Clark told Jaslyn that they don’t have the money for it. Jaslyn has ways of getting the money, Jaslyn comes from a rich family that Clark knows little about. Jaslyn only told Clark about her identical twin sister Hailey but haven’t revealed that Genesis Montigo is her mother. Jaslyn and her twin were raised by their father after he learned about Genesis’ affair with Lorenzo Montigo. Jaslyn and her twin was cut off from their mother and haven’t seen her until 18 years ago. Genesis is willing to help out Jaslyn when she needs it and is debating on asking her mother for money. Clark also express adding an expansion on the house will take away the limited yard for his daughters to play on.

Jaslyn is becoming depress since she isn’t able to fulfill all of her dreams. Her depression caught the eye of Desmond and she finds herself hanging out with him a lot recently. Desmond enjoys her company and playfully flirts with her to make her smile. Desmond’s friendly actions makes Jaslyn feel better about herself and makes her feel attractive. Jaslyn loves the idea of Desmond restoring old cars, it makes Desmond happy that he has support from someone. Jaslyn and Desmond are slowly becoming drawn to each other. Jaslyn tries to fight off the temptation of crossing the line with Desmond. But for a love genie, faithfulness was always an issue.




Celina – Clark’s oldest daughter who usually found behind the computer or TV playing games or nose deep in a book. Celina spends a lot of time to herself since moving to Lansing Falls. Now 8 years old, Celina still struggles with making friends. She missing her best friend, Cienna Montigo. Cienna was the nicer twin than her pyromaniac, tomboy sister Chloe. Clark gave Celina a cell phone so she could keep in contact with Cienna. Celina cried herself to sleep until she was given a phone. Celina always calls Cienna 15 minutes before her bedtime and goes to bed with a smile. Her relationship with her cousin is extremely important as Cienna is her only friend. Clark wants Celina to get out and meet friends but Celina refuses. She rather read, play video games and text Cienna. Clark doesn’t like how Celina depends on electronics and is planning take them away. If Clark does, Celina may fall apart.

Puberty starts early for aliens, Celina is starting to see changes in her body that freaks her out. She isn’t sure how to explain to her dad or stepmother. Celina has an intense desire to swim or be in water for long periods of time. She isn’t sure why but she goes too long without water, she feels weak. The changes frighten her but is unaware that help is coming her way. Could it be her mother?



Vivian – Clark’s youngest and most mischievous daughter. Currently 5 years old and will be starting school in the fall, she’s eager to get out and cause chaos. Vivian gained the attention of True North after setting a trash can on fire at the park. Vivian also placed a frog in an old lady’s bag which gave the lady a fright. It humored True and they became friends. Vivian tends to be a problem child which Clark can’t keep to control over. He believe it’s Chloe fault of why Vivian is this way. Vivian likes to play outdoors but hates bedtime. She enjoys the night and refuses to go to bed. Vivian usually sneaks out at night and set traps around the neighborhood. Vivian may be the reason why Indie’s strawberries aren’t doing so well.




The Lex family, After Cira’s death in La Suerte Palms, Amos along with his daughter Amaya moved to Bridgeport. They stayed for several years before Amos had enough of the city life. He wanted to live in a much quieter town and chose Lansing Falls. Amaya was born there and have bad memories of her time there. She didn’t want to live there but wanted to be close to her dad. Amos and Amaya got a house together and trying to live a normal life which they both struggle with. Amos and Amaya don’t live on Ciderwood Lane but is close friends with many of the residents of that neighborhood.




Amos – The son of Malix and Cira Montigo but was raised by his malicious biological grandfather Malachi Lex. Amos never had an easy life, he struggle with a rare vampire illness most of his life until he was cured by his genie brother Niro Montigo. Since then Amos tried to live a peaceful life but it was anything but. Amos has nightmares of all the things he watch his grandfather do, such as witness the murder of Santiago and Sakura Montigo. Amos watched Malachi committed several murders, which he could had prevent it from happening. Amos feels guilty and it haunted by painful memories.

Amos returned to Bridgeport with his then teenage daughter Amaya, after being freed from Malachi’s reign. However the timing couldn’t be any worse as there was a vampire turf war going on. Amos witness more blood shed and murders before deciding to leave for Lansing Falls. He had peaceful times there when he made visits to fed on fairy blood, which was the only blood he could drink before his illness was cured.

Shortly after arriving to Lansing Falls, he soon became a father again. He fathered Kiki’s son Harlan but decided not to be apart of his life fearing he would ruin him. Amos thinks of his son and has no idea Kiki moved into town with his son.

Amos is a night shift janitor at the spa and other businesses around town. Afterwards, Amos hang out at the bar for drinks which he later befriends Desmond and Joey. Amos is often flirted by many females who find him extremely attractive. He’s often asked out on date but declines them. Amos isn’t interest in dating however he wants to meet someone special. The only time Amos is involved with females if he feds from them. He then discover he’s not sexual attractive to them unless they are a meal for the night. Amos finds his 2 close friends Desmond and Joey attractive which confuses him.




Amaya – She loves to party, flirt with men and women, and partake in recreational drugs. Amaya had a hard time and returning to Lansing Falls hasn’t been easy. Amaya is haunted by the horrific memories from her childhood.  She was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend and her mother refused to believe that was true. Her mother often beat her until she admitted it was lies. One night Amaya had enough and killed her mother along with her mother’s boyfriend. Amaya has trouble sleeping since returning, she has nightmares of her mother’s boyfriend trying to get. Amaya then turn to recreational drugs to block those memories but she remains haunted by them.

Amaya was also born with witch magic which she inherited from her late-mother. Amaya spends time at the elixir shop, working on alchemy in hopes of creating a mix that can remove memories of her past. She often visits the place with Indie who she’s closet friends with. Amaya is also friends with Penny, however they argue a lot. Amos jokes saying they are “frenemies”. Amaya also friends with Sasha, Regan, Nina and Brielle. She has a secret crush on Nina and playfully flirts with her in a friendly way.

Like her father, Amaya is wanting someone special in her life. Although she has eyes on Nina, she also has eyes on Dodder. Amaya tries to find excuses to visits Dodder’s home since she lives down the street from him. She often flirts with him and hopes he would give in. She know Dodder is married but she doesn’t care. She desperately wants him. Amaya decides to sext him which he doesn’t buy in but she pushes hoping he will. Amaya knows its wrong since he’s married but she can’t pull herself away from him. Just as she thought it was impossible she meets Cergio. Amaya finds herself torn.






And that was the last of the intros!

Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 3

The North family, Amelia and True are 2 sisters living in a house on Ciderwood next to the Flake family. When True was having trouble in school, their mother Kensi Walker asked if Amelia would take in her 7 year old sister. Kensi hopes life in Lansing Falls would scare True straight where she would be face to face of real vampires. True had a habit of biting other kids at school claiming she’s vampire. Since La Suerte Palms has a temporary vampire ban within the city limits, True has no idea of how a vampire really is. Kensi offered to send money to Amelia if she agrees to take in True. Amelia was hesitant at first but the idea of extra income fancied her mind, Amelia agreed which later regrets. Amelia hasn’t seen True since she was 3 and True is a bit of a problem child.


Amelia – Amelia cares about nothing but her look goods. She’s very flirtatious, social and likes to party. Amelia did some modeling while living in La Suerte Palms however Amelia wanted something different, love. Amelia dreams to married a rich handsome man however she discovered a secret about genies. Amelia learned about a power which Love genies hold. Being married to a love genie can freeze their current age, marring young leads them carrying their youthful appearance for an extended time. After remaining married to the genie for 80 years, their genie spouse can grant them immortality. Amelia never wants to grow old and the thought of being immortal excites her. Amelia left for Lansing Falls in hopes of finding a love genie to married.

She rented a house on Ciderwood Lane which she could barely keep up with the rent. Amelia decides to use her beauty and sex appeal to her advantage by seducing her landlord when she can’t pay rent. However could this be a mistake has her werewolf landlord become obsessed of her?

Amelia is good friends with her neighbor Penny although she’s unaware that Penny finds her annoying. Penny often belittles her but Amelia is too oblivious to notice. She often attempts to flirt with Desmond but he doesn’t entertain her lame attempts and ignores her. Amelia takes it as a sign that he lusts for her and she leaves him speechless.

She thought she strike luck when meeting Dodder Montigo, but she was disappointed to learn he’s married to her former co-worker. This doesn’t stop Amelia from flirting with him when she gets the chance. By nature, Dodder flirts back but regrets it as it leads Amelia on. Amelia knows Dodder would never leave his wife for her and she continue searches for a love genie.

Amelia works at the local spa as a masseuse which pays well but Amelia tends to spend a lot of her money on clothes, shoes and her partying habits. One day Amelia was given a special client when his personal masseur was sick with the flu for a week. The client happen to be Cergio Montigo. Amelia learned that not only Cergio is a love genie but a genie god as well. Amelia fell in love with him instantly which made Cergio uncomfortable, leaving him to never step foot in the spa ever again. Amelia stalks Cergio around town whenever he visits. Amelia tries desperately to get Cergio to love her. Sasha is Amelia’s cousin which gives her more of a chance to see Cergio. Cergio dislikes her and often insults her but she confuses his insults as flirts. Amelia is unaware of her jealous werewolf landlord is watching from the distance.

Although Amelia is single, she’s still invited to the Sunday afternoon gatherings of the wives in the neighborhood. Her cousin Indie invited her.



True – True was a surprise baby between her parents. Her older siblings were almost adults themselves when she was born. She doesn’t have much of a strong bond with them since they moved out before she was 3. True often feels like she’s an only child. Despite being 2 years older than Ender and Ada, she likes being friends with them. True moved into town near the end of the school year in La Suerte Palms. She didn’t have any friends and quickly befriended Ender before meeting Ada.

True is fascinated by vampires and wants to become one when she’s of age. She often pretends to be a vampire and even wears fake fangs time to time. True gotten into a lot of fights with other kids at school. They teased her about being a weirdo since she pretends to be a vampire. True refuses to be bullied and often fights back. True is short for her age and it surprises them that she’s willing to fight back although she’s small. Most of the time the kids often pick fights with True and she’s usually the one who gets in trouble due to her odd behavior. This angers True which leads her to be more difficult. Kensi doesn’t believe True is starting fights due to her small size however she began more aggressive which made her mother believe she may indeed picks fights. True is upset that her own mother no one believes her and she began to bite other kids in an attempt to drink their blood. It was the last straw and True was sent to live with Amelia.

At first True didn’t want to live with Amelia but she read that vampires do live in Lansing Falls and became excited. Her excitement  quickly faded after her first night with Amelia. She finds Amelia annoying and thinks she tries too hard. They often fight with each other. Whenever Amelia gets mad at True she calls her “False” which annoys True a lot. She gets her back by setting embarrassing pranks just before Amelia invites a guy over and tells her that her thighs are getting fat.

True adjustment to the move wasn’t going great until she met Ender and Ada. True enjoys playing and hanging out with them. For once she feels accepted.



The Roommates, Joey Shaine and Brielle Yager are roommates living next to Indie and Saul. Joey inherited the house on Ciderwood Lane along with his twin sister Sasha. After his twin left to stay with Cergio, Joey found it hard to kept up with the bills. Joey placed an ad for a roommate and an insane fairy named Brielle was the only taker. Joey didn’t want Brielle to move in but had no choice. Can they stay under one roof in one piece?




Joey – Joey and his twin Sasha were products of a teenage pregnancy between their parents Simone Shaine and Fenton Gardiner. His parents were just 14 when they were born. Simone and Fenton opted for an open adoption as they still wanted to be apart of their lives. A long time family friend of Simone’s parents offered to adopt the twins. Joey and Sasha were adopted and kept their names. They were raised to know Simone and Fenton are their birth parents.

Tragically struck when Joey’s adoptive parents were killed in a boating accident during a trip to Lake Keono in Lansing Falls when he was 16. Joey and Sasha were taken in by their grandparents and later learned they inherited their vacation house on Ciderwood Lane. After turning 18, Joey along his twin moved to Lansing Falls to live in their late-adoptive parents’ vacation home where they both had found memories of.

Since living with his biological grandparents after his adoptive parents’ deaths, he was able to grow closer to his birth parents, especially his father. Joey often goes out of his way to impress his dad who is a radio DJ who often travels. Joey usually listens to Fenton’s radio station online and often heard him make jokes on how he will be a young looking grandfather cause his son has his great looks. The joke bothers Joey cause he’s secretly gay.

Joey works at the same spa as his cousin Amelia but he’s a personal masseur and goes into his client’s homes. His biggest client is Cergio which he’s madly in love with in secret. He often has wild sexual fantasies about Cergio that he sometimes gets carried away with. His fantasies usually happen during his session with Cergio. Cergio likes his massages done in the nude which doesn’t help Joey at all. Joey began to secretly take pics of Cergio during their sessions which he later pleasures himself to. During that time, Brielle usually busts into his room and Joey quickly hides the pics, leaving him acting awkwardly.

Joey hasn’t told anyone that he’s gay and the secret is eating at him. He knows he could never have Cergio so he fills the void by sleeping with various women. After a drunken night at the bar, Joey ends up sleeping with his new roommate Brielle. Since their hook up, Brielle often flirts with him in front of Cergio whenever Cergio is at the bar. She uses Joey to make Cergio jealous but Joey often fantasize that Cergio is getting jealous over him flirting with Brielle. Things get awkward when Joey finds Brielle with Cergio and act jealous. Brielle thinks Joey is jealous cause he wants her but doesn’t have a clue that it’s the other way around. Joey feels awkward and lets them believe that he has the hots for Brielle.

Adding more fuel to the fire, after Penny got into a fight with her husband Desmond which Joey offered to comfort her. Joey had been drinking and fantasizing about Cergio just before Penny shown up at his doorstep. His comforted went too far which Penny delivered some unwanted news that turned Joey’s world upside down.




Brielle – Her existence is remarkable however no ones believes how she came to be. Brielle is from another universe. After spying on her younger brother Maddox in her universe, she began curious of a machine that he was messing with. Brielle found herself being sucked into a vortex that appeared after she randomly tapped buttons on the machine. Brielle found herself in Lansing Falls. Confused, Brielle roamed around town searching for answers. Her crazy story about a vortex appearing and how she lands downtown in Lansing Falls made others think she was insane. Later on at night her questions were answers when a mysterious alien taken her. The alien revealed that she successfully traveled to a different universe. Brielle demanded the alien return her to her universe but they alien told her since she’s a fairy in this universe, she’s immortal. Brielle likes the idea of living forever and changes her mind about returning. The alien releases Brielle, leaving her alone in Lansing Falls.

Brielle finds an ad for a roommate and answers it. Joey didn’t like she was jobless but promises to find one. She lands a job at the spa along with Joey and Amelia. Brielle is just the desk rep but believes she should be a masseuse.

Brielle often tells others how she traveled from another universe which no one believes her. Brielle became teary eyed once she saw her “mother” Regan. However Regan in this universe isn’t her mother which made Regan feel uncomfortable whenever Brielle calls her mom.  Brielle found some of her family but learned the family ties are slightly different. Regan, Penny and Maddox were siblings. Brielle finds it difficult to come to terms of the change. She wonder if there’s another copy of her wandering around.

While at the park, she was approached by Cergio. Without saying a word, Brielle embraces Cergio with a kiss. Cergio appeared to like it but suddenly yelled at her. Brielle was confused and didn’t know why he yelled at her. She yelled back and they found themselves fighting to undress each other. In front of several park goers, Brielle and Cergio made love without knowing each other’s name. Brielle felt an instant connection upon meeting Cergio which became intense when arguing. Cergio later reveals he was draw to her, know something was special about her. Brielle revealed her alternate universe travel. Cergio is the only one who believes her as he know its possible.

Since meeting Cergio, Brielle became the 4th mystery woman in Cergio’s life. Brielle doesn’t know what her relationship is with Cergio. During the weekends, Cergio usually stays with her and acts like a boyfriend but insists he’s not. It secretly saddens Brielle as she falling in love with him. Brielle hates his harem cause she can’t be apart of it. Brielle feels like a side lover but Cergio insists she means more to him. Brielle wants things official with Cergio but he explains that it could never happen. This sends Brielle on insane rampages, she often yells for no reason, streaks downtown, and act oddly in public. Brielle is slowly becoming fed up with her weekend relationship with Cergio and wants something real. But she struggles to pull herself away from him. Brielle wants to be loved and be the only one but her hold on Cergio is too tight. Brielle decides to sleep with her roommate Joey in hopes it will make Cergio jealous. However Brielle knows something is a little odd with Joey when she requests sex. Joey often ask if she would use a strap on, on him. Brielle doesn’t get much pleasure from it and starts to suspect that Joey is gay.

Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 2

The Flake family, After the birth of their son Ender Desmond and his new wife Penelope also known as Penny decided their cramp one bedroom apartment wasn’t suitable home for their son. Desmond and Penny browsed for a house to rent but to no avail. One fateful night, Desmond received a mysterious phone call from an anonymous person telling them they have a house for them on Ciderwood Lane and the house was rent free. They would just need to pay for the utilities. Desmond thought it was a prank by one of his buddies and hung up. The next morning when Desmond went to check the mail he found an envelope. Inside was a letter saying, “This house is yours, 225 Ciderwood ln. Its move in ready, here is your key. Take care of her.” Desmond still thought it was a clever prank and gather his family to see if this house was real. To Desmond’s surprise, the house was real and already fully furnished. Desmond saw a lot of things in the house was for Penny’s liking, such as a little art studio. Desmond wasn’t sure if they keep this house but he saw the joy in Penny’s eyes and decided they should stay. Desmond ponders who gave them this house and what do they mean by “Take care of her.”



Desmond – Desmond is one of the few vampire residents in Lansing Falls. Desmond is friends with most of the vampires in town cause of his friendly nature. Nina is his ex girlfriend whom he convinced to relocate to Lansing Falls and live with him. However he was a bit involved with Penny shortly before Nina moved into town. Desmond met Penny at the high school where he was a janitor at. Penny was 14 when he began to shadow her around. Penny felt Desmond was a bit of creep since he’s was 5 years older than her. There was something about Penny that Desmond was intrigued by.

A year later he started a relationship with Penny although he was still dating Nina. He loved Nina but was mesmerized by Penny. Penny ended things with Desmond and he asked for Nina to move into town. Things were going great until Penny came back in Desmond’s life. Desmond felt that he loved Penny more and ended things with Nina. Shortly after the break up, Penny became pregnant after they took a trip to La Suerte Palms with their friends Saul and Indie. Desmond wanted to marry her but because of her age, Penny would need her parents content which they refused. Once Penny was legally old enough to marry, they had a small wedding in the park with their close friends and son in La Suerte Palms.

As time passed Desmond fails to keep a steady job and prefers to work odd jobs around town. His last steady was at a vampire club called Red Velvet where he worked as a bartender. However the club closed down and Desmond started to work odd jobs. Desmond doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life until he came across of old nearly destroyed car. Desmond decides he wants to restore the car and sell it. He finds a new passion in restoring cars but runs into a couple of problem. He doesn’t have enough funds to replace old parts and the house lacks a garage. Since he is a vampire, working out in the sun is harmful, he’s naturally weak and sluggish during the day but strong and active during the night. The only time Desmond can work on the car would be at night but its difficult to work on it with the lack of light. Desmond is finding ways to gain funds so he could build a garage. Penny is annoyed by this and wants him to get a real job.



Penelope – Penny is the youngest all of her siblings, she was a surprise baby. Her parents weren’t planning on having anymore kids as they gotten late into their lives. Regan is Penny’s older sister and is a witch like her. Penny was a teenage mom at 15. Her parents were upset when they learned about her pregnancy with older male. Penny was determined to marry Desmond however her parents were against it. On Penny’s 16th birthday, she could legally married Desmond without her parents’ consent. She took her toddler son in the middle of the night and met up with Desmond and his friend Saul and Indie for a trip to La Suerte Palms where she married Desmond. Returning home, Penny announced to her parents she was moving in with Desmond along with her son. Penny finished high school and only her older sister Regan attended her graduation. Regan was the only one of her family who supported her relationship with Desmond. Penny calls Regan her best friend.

Penny wants to attend art school as she enjoys painting and drawing but its hard to find day care for her young son. Penny was convinced by her good friend Sasha that she sell her art online. Penny created a webpage to sell her art which was going well. Penny also decided to sell other people’s art on her webpage and earning 10% of the profit. Penny art site pays some but they are still need of money to stay on top of the bills. Penny finds a job online where she can work from home. She does online customer support for a phone company. It helps be wants her husband to get a real job. However her snarky comments made towards him doesn’t help.

Penny tends to be snarky towards other which make it harder for her to have friends. Desmond tried to her to be friends with Saul’s wife, Indie. However that didn’t go well. Since living on Ciderwood lane, Penny and Indie are rivals. However they do have to deal with each other during the weekly meet ups where the wives of Ciderwood lane gather every Sunday afternoon bringing their favorite dish, chat and share tips on various things. During the week, Penny spies on Indie so she can reveal dirt on Indie to the other wives. Their fight started when they both shown up at the Ciderwood lane club house with strawberry pies. One of the wives failed to find a sitter for her child and had no choice to take the child with her to the meet up. The child accidentally spilled vinegar over Indie’s pie, leaving it bitter in taste. Indie thought Penny tried sabotage her pie saying she was jealous cause her strawberry pie was the best in town. Penny felt insulted that Indie would accuse of her ruining her pie when she didn’t. Since that day, they became rivals and always completing with each other. When Penny discover Indie is working on creating beauty elixirs like Boragaia, Penny decided to work on alchemy to prove that she’s better at creating elixirs. They often sabotage each other unattended elixirs.




Ender – At the tender age of 5 Ender is proven to be a child prodigy of being able to create professional webpages and hack online servers since he was 3 years old. Ender was born vampire and witch, which make him naturally smarter than most kids. Ender has a high enough IQ to start in the 5th grade but Penny doesn’t want him to grow up too fast and plans to enroll him as a kindergartener in a school for the gifted. However Ender wants to attend public along with his 2 new friends, Ada and True whom he gained this summer. Ender doesn’t believe he’s a vampire-witch hybrid. He believes he’s a witch like his mom and how it was a government conspiracy of them imprinting false information in his parents minds to convince them that he’s both vampire and witch. He believe it’s all an illusion. Although this makes no sense to everyone, Ender believe this is true and comes up with new reasons. Ender ignores the fact of his father being a vampire. Ender often denies being a vampire which annoys his friends.

Ender 2 closet friends are girls which his father teases him about it. However Ender has 2 male friends who lives on around the corner on Honeywood Lane. They are a set of twins, one being a werewolf and the other a vampire. Ender visits them time to time but enjoys the company of Ada and True. The twins often tease Ender being girly but Ender often gets them back by setting a prank. Ender later befriends Dodder’s youngest son Marcel, who is close in age. Marcel may be his only close male friend.




The Daniels family, Saul and Indigo, also known as Indie are newlyweds and live across the Flake family. They recently bought a house on Ciderwood Lane after Indie had a streak of luck at Montigo Palms, a casino in La Suerte Palms. They used Indie’s winnings to pay for their long planned wedding and the rest for a house. Saul and Indie are excited to start their new life together as husband and wife in their new home. Will children come next on their list?



Saul – Being gifted in art, Saul naturally surrounds himself around art by becoming a traveling art appraiser. During his off time he teaching art history at the local high school. His students don’t take him seriously since he’s a bit young. Like Ender, Saul was a child prodigy in art. Saul was smart for his age and advanced quickly in school. He finished school at the age of 13. Saul is a Hemorite, meaning “Blood fairy”, a vampire-fairy hybrid. Naturally his IQ would be higher than anyone else.

Saul enjoys his art appraising job but dislike having to leave for weeks at a time.Saul rather appraise in town but so far there isn’t any openings for it. Saul dislikes his teaching job at the high school  and wants the quit but the bulk of his money is coming from that job. Saul decides to partner up with one of his best friends, Cergio in starting an online company as today most people shop online and business would be better. However Saul and Cergio can’t agree on an idea. Saul feels Cergio’s idea are silly but Cergio refuses to listen to his ideas. Saul only stick with Cergio since he would have the bulk of the money to start the business up. Cergio also has a master’s degree in business when he doesn’t. He hopes him and Cergio can agree on something. Once they have something and if things go well. Saul can quit is traveling job and the high school. During his free time he will sell his artwork at the open market.

Saul doesn’t want his wife to work and rather she stays home as much as she can. Saul does all of the shopping although he exhausted most of the time. The sun does weaken him so but not as much as a normal vampire. Saul’s reasons for keeping Indie at home is due to the disappearance of his older half sister Astrid Foster. Saul fears Astrid’s disappearance has something to do with his shady past.

Saul was involved in some illegal drug transporting. Saul’s former associate convinced him into smuggle the drug in his art sculptures. Saul was offered 20% of the profit, Saul agreed but was hesitant about it. During a transport, things went south when Saul’s associate was busted. Saul refused to admit that the art sculptures or had any involvement in the drug activity, when being questioned by the police. Saul made his associate take the fall alone which angered him more. Saul was supposed to do the transport that night but was running late due to him attending a yoga class with Indie. Saul’s associate warned him his has connections and he will pay one day. When learning about his sister, he felt his former associate is behind it. Saul was asked by child services to take in his niece Chanel but didn’t think it was safe for her to remain in town. His mother Jasmine who’s a resident in Sundale in the Eastern region agreed to take in Chanel. Since Sundale is far from Lansing Falls, Saul felt she would be safer there.

Saul would like to start a family with his wife but doesn’t want until he thinks its safe. When he leaves for his traveling he insists Indie stays with her cousin Amelia who lives across the street. Saul hates leaving even more after his sister going missing which leaves him looking over his shoulder.



Indigo – Indie enjoys playing online blackjack which she often make trips to La Suerte Palms to given into her gambling addictions. She often visits her aunt Kensi who lives there and is the pianist in the lounge at Montigo Palms. During a trip to LP, Indie scored a big win during a blackjack competition. Indie used her winnings to have her dream wedding in Konani Tide. Indie and Saul had a small ceremony on the beach with a few close friends and family.

Indie likes to spend extended time alone which happens often due this Saul’s appraising job. With her extra time she works on improving her witch magic and alchemy when she’s not playing online blackjack. Sometimes Indie gets too lonely and begins talking to herself. She’s unaware of her rival Penny watches and records when she has her moments of “crazy”. During the day, Indie walks around the neighborhood as she enjoys the fresh air. Sometimes Indie hears a voice telling her there’s treasure in the bottom of the trash cans. Indie usually gives in and digs in her neighbor’s trash cans only to find nothing but trash. Indie mainly digs in the Flake family’s trash in hopes of finding dirt on Penny that she can share with others.

Since declaring Penny as her rival she became obsessed with being better than Penny at everything. She’s been recently obsessed in baking strawberry pies trying to make the perfect pie to prove the neighborhood, she’s better than Penny. Indie grows her own strawberries but noticing her plants aren’t doing so well. She believes Penny is sabotaging her strawberry plants. Indie bought a mega phone just to stand in Penny’s yard and announces that Penny pees in other people’s gardens to kill their plants.

Indie has a few friends in town, she’s close friends with Amaya Lex. They often work on improving their witch and finding seeds to plant in the woods. However Amaya’s vampire side does make Indie a little nervous but often forgets her own husband is part vampire as well. Sasha is her cousin and she considers her a close friend as well. They hang out whenever Sasha comes into town. Amelia who lives across the street usually suggest they all should go shopping together. Indie doesn’t like crowded places and rather not go shopping but she enjoys spending time with her cousins. If Sasha see that Indie is uncomfortable she convinces her to leave with her which they usually ditch Amelia. They don’t mind doing that since they both find her annoying.

Indie is ready to have a baby and even got a crib. She doesn’t understand why Saul isn’t ready to have a bay which makes her sad. She now believes Penny placed a spell on Saul that makes him not want to have a baby with her.

Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 1

In the Northwestern part of Merica lies a lushness valley called Lansing Falls. Surrounded by trees, mountains and rivers, Lansing Falls is the home for most of the supernatural in the country. Werewolves had taken a liking towards the land where most of the wolf pack districts lie in the Northwestern part of the county. Lansing Falls attracted several packs as much as it attracted the Tucanite tribe of Fairies.

The town is quite peaceful, people of different occult coexist with each other without issue. Lansing Falls is tends to a popular tourist hot spot, many humans come to visit the falls in hopes of meeting a super, fairies are desirable to most humans. The town’s ratio has a high number of witch, fairy and werewolf residents, while the number of vampires, genies, and humans are low. Vampires prefer big cities and freed genies are rare.

Among the town lies a colorful neighborhood on Ciderwood Lane. Families are different occults and backgrounds reside in this neighborhood trying to live peacefully together but it’s anything but peaceful….


The Families


The Montigo family, Cergio along with his twin sister Boragaia live on a land a few miles outside of Lansing Falls. Its hidden in a grove of trees and plantation. Kamilah Grove is a sacred land is unknown to many. It holds a source of mysterious power that nurtures and protects Cergio, Boragaia and their offspring. The land was created by an Alaula fae named Shilia.


Shilia raised both Cergio and Boragaia since birth. Shilia struggled with not trying to care for them like they were her own. She was instructed to not be a motherly figure to the twins and acted more like a nanny. Cergio and Boragaia see Shilia as a close friend. Shilia often used her power to transport Zinnia to Kamliah Grove to care for Cergio and Boragaia as their mother time to time. However Zinnia has no memory of the times she was taken, let alone that Cergio and Boragaia exits. When the time comes, Cergio and Boragaia can finally reunite with their mother and her memories of her time there will be restored.


The original Navox God, Kaeo wanted his children Cergio and Boragaia restored and picked Zinnia to carry them to term. Kaeo then instructed Shilia to retrieve his children and raise them until adulthood. However he wanted his children to live like that once did in their first life.




Boragaia mothered many children, she was the symbol of fertility in Navoxnia. Cergio had many lovers however he fathered one child before his death. Naturally Boragaia would be the one mothered many children like she once did in her first life however she discovered she’s infertile in her second life. This mean her brother Cergio would be the one to reproduce. Kaeo instructed Cergio to create a harem of 3 women to have his children. Kaeo told Cergio that his women must be of Witch or Genie occult. Cergio favors witches more and set off to collect 3 witch females to bear his children.




Cergio – Cergio isn’t thrill about his fate of fathering possibly hundreds of children. Cergio despises children and think they are very annoying. However likes the idea of having 3 females to handle his needs though out his day. Cergio has a demanding need of continuous sex though out the day. One female wouldn’t be able to handle such a task. In his first life he had a harem of 50 women and one of him had a son with him. Cergio would now have to settle with 3 women although he has a 4th woman in his life who isn’t apart of his harem. Boragaia suspects the 4th female may possible be Cergio’s love interest. If this is true, this could be problematic with his 3 women as he claims to love all 3 of them. News of a personal lover could cause an uproar in his household.

Cergio is much different from his first life, he’s often cold towards others, he has times where he appears the be a bit off however he’s desirable to many women he comes across. With a lack of charm, women still become pudding in his hands. During Cergio’s off days where he wants time for himself, he often pampering himself by hiring a personal masseuse. He had a spa installed on his land which he spends a lot of time taking mud baths, hydrotherapy baths with a rubber duck whom he named “Chick” and receiving massages. His masseuse happens to be a twin brother of one of his females.

Cergio is looking for ways to make money, although Kamilah Grove has its own special source of power, water and food, Cergio would still need to pay for special amenities like internet and cable. Cergio befriended a Hemorite named Saul. Cergio suggests that they should have an online company however he and Saul can’t agree of what that company should be. Cergio believes his kooky ideas are gold however Saul thinks Cergio’s ideas are insane.

Cergio’s personality grows dark when there’s a new moon in the sky. His hair turns dark and his eyes glow. He remains silent for the most part but does suddenly act more strangely than his usual. His sexual desires are more intense during this phase, it strikes fear in his females. They tend to stay clear from him fearing he may actually hurt them. Cergio tries to control the demon within by playing the violin. This made Cergio have an interest in music which he enjoys playing the piano and seeing live music in town.


Although Cergio has a dislike towards kids he has to have a close relationship with his kids and needs to keep his kids away from their mothers most of time. His reasons are if he ever have to remove one of the mothers from the land, their child wouldn’t be too broken up over it. He often fights with his oldest child but they are close. All of Cergio’s children must live on the land until adulthood. Cergio carefully selected his women when it came time for reproduction. Once Cergio learns about their pregnancy, he offers them to come stay with him. If they refuse, he would come for the child at birth and erase the memory of him and their child. His children must be raised in Kamilah Grove or the child will convert into a demon killing the mother and possibly die itself. On their 18th birthday Cergio would have to give his child a special seed for them to grow if they choose to live off of the land. It will control the curse they were born with. However it’s best for his kids to return to the mainland during the new moon phase.

Since Cergio needs to keep his kids from forming a close relationship with their mothers he suggest the mothers to find hobbies to keep them busy when he doesn’t have a need for their attention. However he needs someone to care for his kids since Boragaia and Shilia are busy caring for the land. Cergio places an ad for a nanny. Who will that nanny be?



Boragaia – Boragaia is opposite of her twin brother Cergio. She’s much softer and gentle. She’s a lot like she was in her first life unlike Cergio. Boragaia loves nature and animals. She has a cat named Nimbus whom she say is her best friend. Boragaia enjoying tending her garden. She grows various vegetables, herbs and spices and sales them at an open market. Boragaia recently taken interest into alchemy and uses her herbs to create elixirs. Boragaia’s beauty is admired by many, so she create various beauty enhancing elixirs. Boragaia often drop hints about selling her beauty elixirs to Cergio and Saul when they are brainstorming over an online company. However Cergio and Saul are oblivious.

Boragaia once became depressed after learning she was infertile. She longs to have a child of her own since she deliver Cergio’s first 2 kids. She job on the land is to grow food, care for the animals and act as a midwife when the females are pregnant. Due to her infertility Boragaia refuses to date. Her lack of social skills also prevents doing so if she wanted to.

During a trip into town to sell her elixirs, she made a trip to the science lab to see if she could buy a rare plant seed to grow. She befriended a scientist named Maddox Yager. Like Boragaia, Maddox has difficulty in speaking to others, especially females but him and Boragaia seem to have no issue speaking to each. They formed a close friendship and Maddox revealed a solicitation to resolve her childless issue. She learned about his experiments in cloning and splicing human DNA with a plant to create a plant base child known as a Botanian. Maddox gives Boragaia 2 options, he could use her DNA and genetically engineer a baby or she could study genetic science and Botany and grow a Botanian offspring.

Caring for the garden and having a high demand in creating more beauty enhancer elixirs is a tedious job. Boragaia doesn’t have a lot of time to study and growing her own Botanian child. Maddox would offer to grow one but felt it was best if she does it herself. Will Boragaia be granted her dream of being a mother?



Shilia Shioh – A Alaula fae, meaning “light” had lived on Earth for a couple of centuries. Shilia created Kamilah Grove half a century ago, just a few years before the births of Cergio and Boragaia. Shilia was hand picked by Kaeo to take on the task of creating the land and raising his children. Shilia formed a close friendship with Kaeo and he tends to visit earth just to see her more than to see his kids. Over the years Shilia has fallen in love with Kaeo but knows she can’t have him due to him being a spirit and she being an earthling. Shilia hasn’t had any children due to her dedication to Kaeo.

Shilia cares for the animals and helps Boragaia with the garden. Shilia became a regular visitor at the science lab to sell special items that grew on the Omni plant. She also sell rare seeds that she gathers around Lansing Falls. She also formed a friendship with Maddox Yager but he has a hard time talking to her. Over time she senses he has a liking towards him but doesn’t call him out on it sensing that Boragaia has a crush on him. Shilia acts oblivious Maddox’s hints that he likes her thinking he’s better off with Boragaia than her. Shilia only has eyes on someone she can’t have personally.

However one night Kaeo came to earth in human form to greet Shilia. Things took an unexpected turn when Shilia found herself making love to Kaoe. Kaeo had returned to earth several times just for that which left Shilia confused each time. This only intensified her feelings for him. Its been several years since Kaeo made his last appearance and Shilia longs to see him once again. She often speaks out to him but he never replies. Shilia began to look at Cergio in a different way when she found him lounging outside naked. She found herself attracted to him. She knows Cergio is the closest thing to having Kaeo. But she must fight off her urges and ponders why Kaeo won’t speak to her.

Shilia takes pride in growing a special fruit called the Tandie fruit. It has an orange glow and can light up a whole room. Growing tandie fruit is a specialty of Alaula fairies. Its sweet, juicy and warm to adults but sour and bitter to children. Ingesting the tandie fruit every 2 days after 2 weeks will act like birth control to females but increases fertility in men. Shilia gives the females this fruit during the off seasons when Cergio doesn’t want them to get pregnant.




Nina Simons – Nina is the first female Cergio chose for his harem. Nina met Cergio a bar one night. She was the vocal in a jazz band. Cergio enjoying her singing voice and made his move on her. Nina moved to Lansing Falls 10 months before she met Cergio. Just 2 months before her fateful night with Cergio, Nina found out her vampire boyfriend named Desmond Flake left her for a younger female. She was outraged by Desmond’s decision and became depressed. She later joined a jazz band and sang out her disappointment over her failed relationship.

On the night she met Cergio, she invited him over for more drinking. One thing lead to another and Nina found herself pregnant. Cergio make her an offer to stay with him and promise he would take care of her. Nina knew she had nothing going for her and knew she couldn’t care for her unborn baby. She took Cergio’s offer and moved in with him. Nina and Cergio became close during her pregnancy and believe she and him would be together. After she gave birth to Ada, Cergio revealed to her about his harem. Nina felt betrayed and wanted to leave with her newborn but she knew that she couldn’t. Over time Nina became to accept things how they are, for the longest Nina was the only female living with him.

Nina dislike her time with Ada being restricted, Cergio doesn’t tell Nina his reasons. Nina is conflicted about staying, if she decides she wants to leave then she knows her memory would be erased. Nina was told she was free to go after Ada turns 18 but knows Cergio will need 4 more children out of her. Nina doesn’t know if she wants to stick around to have 4 more kids as she longs to have a male all to herself for once. She was unaware that she was sharing her long time boyfriend Desmond with another female. Ada’s 5th birthday had passed and she knows it will be time for her to have another child as Cergio began to restrict her eating of the tandie fruit. Nina looks into having a treatment to increase her chances in having quadruplets, so her stay won’t be so long.

When Cergio brought in the second female whom he seems to favor a lot, Nina has a change of heart and find herself wanting to get most of Cergio’s attention. Nina is slowly falling for Cergio until she discovers Ada’s friendship with her ex boyfriend Desmond’s son. Nina dislike Ada being friends with Desmond’s son but allow them to be friends. She learned that Ada and Desmond’s son is the same, it meant Desmond got his new girlfriend pregnant shortly after they broke up. This news angers Nina more. However when Nina has to pick up Ada, she has to face Desmond. The more she sees Desmond, the more she remembers the good in him and finds herself falling for him again but this makes her torn between Cergio and Desmond.




Sasha Shaine – Sasha is the second female who mothered Cergio’s second child. She met Cergio at the coffee house where she hosted an open mic night. Sasha plays the guitar which interested Cergio. However Cergio how no interest in adding her into his harem collection since she’s human. Once Sasha expressed her interest in alchemy and wanted to turn herself into a witch, his feelings changed about her. Sasha stayed busy for a while, working at the coffee house and attending school majoring in fine arts. She didn’t have enough time to work on alchemy. She did notice Cergio was losing interest and decided to work on becoming a witch.

On the day she was successful, Cergio appeared at her door asking if he could come in. Sasha didn’t get a chance to announce to Cergio that she’s a witch now, he suggested that they should have sex. Sasha thought it was odd behavior since he was showing disinterest then suddenly appears on the day she turns. Sasha still likes him but couldn’t resist him and gave in. Sasha didn’t see or hear from Cergio afterwards but made her regret sleeping with him. Cergio randomly appears at her door asking if she’s been feeling sick few later. Sasha admits to feeling under the weather and he hands her a pregnant test. Cergio requests that she takes it, Sasha thought it was strange and didn’t think she was pregnant. When the test shown it was false, Cergio suggested they should hook up again. At first Sasha refused but gave in. Cergio goes M.I.A. again and appears again with a pregnancy test. Sasha wasn’t pregnant and again request to hook up. Cergio pulls the same stunt for the third time which angers Sasha. When Cergio appeared, Sasha refuses to invite him in telling him she doesn’t want to get pregnant and felt he was creepy. Sasha faints after telling Cergio and Cergio rushes in and takes her to the ER. Sasha found out she was pregnant.

It was long before Sasha joined the house. Cergio favored Sasha and gave her special treatment. All the females had their own beds and aren’t allow to sleep in his bed however Cergio had let Sasha spend the night with him time to time. Sasha is the only female Cergio will spend extra time with and sometimes takes her on dates in town. Sasha feels special and falls for Cergio hard and fast. However Sasha’s world is shaken up once Cergio brings home the final female who is younger and Cergio is now spending his weekends away from home. Sasha found clues that there might be a 4th female involved with Cergio. Sasha grows jealous and slowly becomes possessive over her.



Regan Locke – Regan is the final female that Cergio brings home. She’s currently pregnant with his third child and is the youngest of the 3. Regan was once an intern at the child protection services in city hall. She help discovered the truth about Tykisha’s son for her good friend Florita. Regan had another calling and decided to enroll in school for architecture. Regan met Cergio at a park to practice her archery. Cergio was impressed and suggest that they should hang out. Their meeting was cute short since Ada demanded Cergio’s attention. Regan later met up with Cergio at the same coffee house where he met Sasha. Regan express her love for drawing building designs and hope to get Lansing Falls a makeover. Cergio was only interest in taking her to bed and requested he should go home with her. However Regan just moved in with her youngest sister and her family as she grew tired of her roommate Isabelle failing to have her half of the rent. Since was night, Cergio they should take a walk in the park. Regan wasn’t sure about going to the park at night with a man who she just met. However she agreed.

Weeks later Regan discovers she’s pregnant which her sister Penny wasn’t too happy about her getting knocked up by a guy she hardly knew. Cergio took Regan on dates before offering her to stay since he didn’t think he would get her pregnant so fast. He felt he should date her first. Regan was on cloud 9 as she felt her relationship with Cergio was blooming. Regan had struck out with men over the years and never been treated as well as Cergio treats her. Regan believes Cergio could be the one. Cergio finally makes Regan the offer but doesn’t tell her everything. Regan believes he’s in love with her like she’s in love with him and happy accepts his offer to stay with him. Penny doesn’t want Regan to leave with him cause she doesn’t trust him. Regan ignores her sister’s pleads and gets herself ready to live with Cergio. Regan has no idea of what she’s about to walk into.



Ada – Ada is Cergio’s first born. She just turned 5 and is eager to start school in the fall. Ada is very lonely and has no other kids to play each which is why she’s eager to start school. During a trip into town with her mother, he met a boy named Ender. They became fast friends after exchanging conspiracy theories and their joy for setting pranks on unsuspecting people. Ada only sees her friend Ender whenever she goes into town with Shilia or Boragaia. Then tend to go into town almost daily. Ada would love for Ender to come to her house but its forbidden. Ada isn’t allowed to get Ender her location. Ada learns if she annoys Cergio enough, he’ll drive her into town and drop off at the park with a cell phone and leaves. Ada takes this time to call Ender and ask him to come play.

During Ada and Ender’s play dates, they met a new girl in town named True. The three soon became close friends. Nina began to take Ada into town more so she can be more social and she can spend extra time with her. Ada isn’t too interest in hanging out with Nina and rather stay with Ender and True during their time out.

Ada gets annoyed whenever Nina wants to spend with her and demands that she wanna see her dad. During the weekends, Nina has Ada full time but she rather spend that time with Cergio. Ada cries when Cergio takes off for the weekend and Nina is left to handle her which never goes well. Nina can only get Ada to like if she takes her to see her friends.

Ada can’t stay out too long, she has to return home before sundown. Its one of the reason why she must live on the land until adulthood. Ada could turn if she’s not home before the sun sets. Child demons are more vicious than adults. It’s impossible to contain them once they turn. They don’t stay turned long but they can cause serious damage. Ada has been good about returning home, mainly cause she leaves with an adult. Cergio worries when Ada gets older and is able to go into town without an adult. Due to Ada’s curse, she isn’t allowed to travel or attend sleepovers. It saddens Ada but she learn about the tandie fruit. If she has a tandie in the morning, she can stay out pass sundown however the fruit is gross for children and Ada isn’t able to stomach it. Ada hopes one day Cergio will allow Ada to have a sleepover.



Francesca – Fran is Cergio’s second born. She’s currently 6 months old. Since Sasha is nursing Fran, she gets to spend more time with her mother. Sasha hopes this will form a bond between them but Fran gets fussy a lot and Cergio tends to be the only one who makes her happy. Cergio does spend time with her which makes Ada jealous. Ada often steal things from Fran to get back at her. This only cause Cergio to spend more time with Fran since no one can make her stop crying.