Love. Lust. – Chapter 5: Waterfalls

TLC – Waterfalls

The mornings are a peaceful time by the lake at my property in Auberon. I’m usually here on the weekends with a few of my kids. I have 2 in Auberon. My son Aries and my daughter Coco. Aries is from my first marriage and Coco was from a fling.

I don’t see them much as my ex wife Fayon thinks I’m a terrible influence on my son. He’s a smart, gifted child who plays basketball and pretty stable. Fayon believes it in her heart that I will somehow ruin him. But I don’t let the bitch stop me from seeing him.  I got rights and took her to court. I get visitation on the weekends. 



As for Coco, I don’t see her as much as I should. She adores me and takes after me and that pisses her mother Lacey off. She’s been suspended from school already and the school year just began. Lacey bitches at me saying I need to deal with Coco since she doesn’t listen to her but I’m just too busy with other shit.

When I first met Lacey I told her to not get involved with a man like me. I was too rough around the edges for her cookie cutter life. But she had a thing for bad boys and chased waterfalls. Now she has a child who doesn’t respect her and I’m too busy to care.




Now my property is about to be home to Maddox’s mistake and his ass is paying double for it. This is supposed to be my weekend getaway retreat where I practice my violin in the buff. It pisses off my neighbor but I don’t give a fuck.



“Hello, Cergio this is Vivian our nanny for baby Violet.”

“Hola, Mister Cergio.”

“Be a friend and help Vivian with her bags and get her settled in.”



“Help your own fucking self.”





“It’s okay Mister Cergio. I can get my own bags.”




“No need to be fucking rude, Cergio. She’s our nanny. She cooks, cleans, and will even watch your kids too.”




“I’m not exactly thrilled you’re moving in your bastard child in. I enjoy the peace and quiet on the lake. Your screaming mi-mi will be bothersome.”



“Vivian is instructing to leave when you come with your family or alone. Vivian knows the rules.”

“She does? She isn’t going to ask questions like where is the baby’s mother?”

“Vivian isn’t exactly legal. Too many questions will lead to a phone call to ICE.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Anything to protect my family and yours.”

“That’s shitty.”

“You would do the same. Don’t give me shit, Cergio.” 




Vivan seems nice and too bad she’s wrapped up with Maddox’s shit. She does what she’s told and doesn’t ask questions. She cares for Violet and cares for the lake house.




I can’t believe this asshole gets to be a new father without even trying. Kelly and I been trying to have a baby for a year and failed. It’s almost not fair, why this asshole and not us. His own wife doesn’t know about this child and I don’t know how long he plans on keeping this a secret but I’m not keeping her forever.




There was a knock at the door. Vivian answered it and it was Camille. She is Maddox’s oldest daughter from his first marriage. He’s been married 4 times during his whole lifetime.

He was young when he married Ebony. He left her to marry someone else who died shortly after marriage due to cancer. His third wife left him. I have no idea how he got Petra to marry him and have 2 kids with him.

“Hi dad. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.”



“Camille, how did you know I would be here?”





“I told her. Start answering your damn phone.”




“I need to talk to you about something important, dad. You been avoiding me for way too long. This can’t wait any longer.” 




“Let me guess. This is about money? It’s always about money with you Camille. You only come to me when it’s about money, never to ask how I’m doing or to see your younger sister and brother. How much do you need this time?”




“It’s about my culinary school tuition! You stop paying it! I can’t finish culinary school if my tuition isn’t paid! They called you about it! That’s what I came to talk to you about, dad!”




“Yes, I did stop paying it! Culinary school is a joke! You are smart and gifted! You should be going to school in the field of science like your mother and I did! Until you change career paths, I am not paying for shit! Every since you have gotten with that boy, you, you just threw your life away!”




“I didn’t throw my life away! I’m following my dreams! You don’t like Caleb cause he’s black! You always had a problem with me dating a black man! You won’t even see your grandson Chaz! Guess what dad?! My mom is black too! Is that why you left us?! Do you have a problem with black people, dad?!”




“Don’t be ridiculous Camille. I realize your mother is black! I married her and that’s not the reason why I left, My only problem with Caleb was I didn’t think he was good enough for you. And I was right! He left you with a small child, didn’t he? You could have been something but you decided to throw it all away and get pregnant at 18. I wanted much better for you, Camille!”




“If this is gonna turn into a screaming match then go outside!”




“My dad is being ridiculous, Cergio!”

“The only one who is being ridiculous is you, Camille.”

“You both are.”

“I’m just mad cause I can’t finish school!”

“I’m not paying another red cent for it!”




I left and took my boat out on the lake while Maddox and Camille worked out their differences. It was such a nice fucking day out and I would rather be out on the water than listen to those two brickers back and forth.




I figured things didn’t get smoothed over cause Maddox is an asshole. I asked Vivian to make dinner and I invited Camille over for dinner. I had a plan.




“Thanks for inviting me over for dinner. I didn’t have to worry about cooking today.”




“Well, I wanted to talk to you about something. I figured things didn’t improve with your father.”




“Not at all. He basically told me to drop out of school and find a job since I ruined my life by having Chaz so young. I’m gonna talk to my mom about helping me get a student loan.”




“No need for that. I’ll pay for your tuition.”


“Yes. Have I not did things for you in the past?”




“Oh my God! Thank you Cergio! This means a lot to me.”


“Do I need to pay you back?”

“Not at all.”

“Wow. You know you always been more of dad to me than my own dad has. This takes away my stress. I can relax now.”

“You just owe me a meal after you finish school.”





I have always been there for Camille since she was a little girl. It’s not because I care about her but I always had a thing for her mother Ebony.

I was involved with her before Maddox came into the picture. I wasn’t ready for anything steady and then Maddox came in and took her. So when Maddox fucks up, I step in to make myself look better and get in good with Ebony. Being the fatherly figure to Camille is my ticket to Ebony’s heart. You see this thing is, I love her.




“It’s so nice of you to pay for Camille’s school. Why the generous offer?”




“I have always been there for Camille. Your ex is a dick. He doesn’t give a fuck about her.”




“You have. That’s true. More than Maddox. I wanna thank you.”


“Maybe dinner?”




“I was thinking about we could finally fuck.”

“I don’t know about that. Sex before a relationship isn’t ideal.”

“Haven’t I proven to you that I’m not going anywhere? You’re not chasing waterfalls.”

“I guess so, Cergio but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.”

“I care about you, Ebony.”




Just one kiss leads to a night of pure passion.




I’ve been waiting for this very moment for years.




When I look into her eyes, I feel nothing but joy. However, she has no clue that I’m married. I don’t wear a wedding band as much as Kelly wants me to. I can’t be branded. But maybe if I was with her, I could.




“I’m about to fucking cum!”

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.”


“You seriously gonna question me now?”

“Uhh! Fuck! I’m done. I wish you weren’t.”

“Excuse me? I don’t want a child right now.”

“We’ll talk about this later.”



“What do you want, Maddox?”

“Where are you?! Are you at Ebony’s?”

“Why do you care?”

“You butt-dialed me, you asshole! I heard you fucking my ex wife! You gotta be fucking kidding me, Cergio!”

“So what if I did fucked Ebony? What the fuck are you going to about it? Not one God damn thing! Shut the fuck up!”


Ciderwood: Chapter 7 – Face To Face

I hope that my excessive use of force was enough to make Maddox back down. I refuse to be another one of his science projects that he could study. This news causes me concern knowing his connection with my sister. Although we are twins, we do not share the same abilities. However I get the strong sense that he is only interested in mine instead of Boragaia’s. I find it rather odd given Maddox’s interest in botany and my sister’s abilities are heavily focused in that area. Boragaia is a tracker like myself but she can find rare species of plants and animals along with hidden untouched lands, while I can track people. It only makes me believe that Maddox had more sinister plans which I do not want to be apart of.

Maddox was saved by the ring of my phone. It was time for me to meet with yet another new client. I sighed as I loosen my grip on Maddox to answer my phone. It was a referral client, a resident of Lansing Falls but requested to meet in Keystone. I agreed and made my way there.




I always enjoyed the drive from Garner to Keystone on my bike. The air was filled with the scent of the pine trees, more noticeable in Keystone than in Garner. I inhale the air through nose and exhale with my mouth with a smile on face while the my long tresses flew in the wind.

It felt so damn good to ride my bike alone on the open roads in Keystone. That’s the good thing about this tiny mountain town, there isn’t much traffic here and sometimes I just go riding here for fun.





His name is Pablo Martinez, he was referred by one of my loyal regulars. I scoffed when I laid my eyes upon him. “Great, a toddler with a gun.”

“You must be Cergio?”

“I could be or just some stranger with candy.”


“I’m disappointed on Angel not teaching you anything. The town’s park is too public for this type of meeting. Be lucky that hardly anyone is here.”

“Angel said a public place.”

“Yes, but how about a public place away from children and the police station?” 




“I’m kinda new to this but Angel told me to call on you for this. He said you’re the to-go guy for this.”

“Why are you doing this instead of Angel?”

“Well I gotta prove my loyalty. I can pull my weight and I gotta show it.”

“What is the situation?”

“Well Angel is gonna be in some big shit if this guy named Nathan from Keystone starts talking. He saw a huge deal go down and  he got it on audio too. Now the police is trying to get him to talk. If he gets on the stand and say what he saw and play the recording on his phone, Angel is gonna be looking at 15 to 25 years. And since it’s kinda my fault, he told me that I gotta be the one to shut Nathan up for good.”

“Where are the remains relocated and is the location secured?”





“Um; I didn’t kill him yet. I thought you were suppose to help me with that part.”

“What the fuck did Angel tell you what I exactly do? I do not partake in the actual crime, I just make it appear as nothing had happen. You are responsible in taking care of him, not I.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before. I just sell. I don’t kill or anything. I got a wife. This shit can’t come back on me!”





“My clients don’t usually call me until the person is deceased. Not before. Angel should know better to not send a toddler with a gun to do his work.”

“Hey! I’m not that young! I’m 23!”

“23, like I said, a toddler.”

“Look here asshole! I’m not a damn toddler! I’m a grown ass man!”

“It is best if you don’t piss me off. I do not have to help you, I’m sure Angel would appreciate doing 15 to 25 years upstate because you are useless.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry. Will you take my case?”

“Yes. Just don’t bother me until the male is deceased.”


“You have my number.”





I headed towards the lake to meditate as I waited for Pablo’s call. I knew it would be a long while before he would do the deed. I had thoughts about heading homes as I didn’t think he had the stomach the to actually kill another man. I don’t know much about Angel’s men but I can tell Pablo had to be one of his weaker men. He wouldn’t be my first choice to do such an important task but Pablo needed to show his loyalty.

There is more to the story that Pablo isn’t telling me. I could tell by the tone of voice. His voice shook whenever he spoke the would be victim’s name. I had a strong sense Pablo knew him on a personal level, he did mention how it was his fault in a way. Angel has always been careful about his deals, how could he have a witness?




Hours had passed and I gotten deep into my meditation. It felt good once I had complete focus and absorbed energy from the near by trees and plants.  I was at peace, centered, forgetting this celibacy that is driving me mad.





It was near sunset when the buzz from my phone broke my meditation. It was Pablo telling me he was ready for me, however he had gotten lost within the alpine forest and wasn’t sure of his current location. I told him not to worry, I am a tracker and I can pinpoint his location. I took one sniff in the air and quickly picked up the scent of cowardliness, he’s near by. 






I wasn’t surprised to find Pablo had not killed Nathan yet. I growled as I approached the scene of Pablo holding the poor soul at gun point. It almost seem like it was going on forever. I muttered a few words to show Pablo my displeased, I simply told him to not bother me until the deed was actually done. What do you expect of a toddler with gun? 




“Please, Pablo! Please! We can talk about this!”

“We can’t! I gotta do this! You saw too much! You fucking recorded it on your phone!”

“I won’t say anything! I swear! I swear I won’t say a word! You know this!”

“I’m sorry! I gotta do this! There’s no other way!”





“But I got a wife! I have kids! I told you that I was never was going to tell anyone! She wouldn’t know! I was never going to tell your wife!”


“You know, Pablo! I wasn’t gonna tell your wife about us!”

“What the fuck?! This isn’t about that!” It’s about the fucking drugs!”

“The what?”




Pablo shot point blank in Nathan’s head before he could reveal more of their secret to me. Nathan knew he was going to die and decided to outed Pablo before he met with death. Pablo remained silent as blood poured from Nathan’s head. I knew there was more to the story but I didn’t think it would be something like this. However this made things more interesting.




“So I guess you know.”

“Your lover?”

“Yes. He was my lover.”

“You didn’t need to prove any loyalty didn’t you?”

“No. Angel found out Nathan was also my lover. We were together and I didn’t know Angel was making the deal that night. Nathan saw everything and he didn’t know I’m a drug dealer. We got into a big fight and he tipped off the police. Angel said if I wanted to make things right, I had to killed Nathan.”



“You didn’t have to do this, you know.”

“What else could I do? Run off into the sunset with him and live happily ever after? I have a wife, so does Nathan and he has kids. It wasn’t like we could just go run off. I had to kill him. It was probably for the best. Now I can be normal.”

“There’s nothing with being gay.”

“Try telling my mother that. You don’t seem like the type of guy who would be okay with that lifestyle.”

“I am far from normal. Soon you will get to know me better. Obviously Angel is useless to you. You need my guidance. You’ll be seeing more of me.”

“I will?”





“So is he?”

“Yes. If it is to any comfort, it was instant. He did not suffer.”

“I guess; I guess that’s good. If I never taken him to the warehouse. It was a stupid idea. I dunno why I do that! I’m so fucking stupid! But he just wanted to see me so bad.”

“Love turns us into blind idiots. But taking him to Angel’s warehouse was a stupid idea.”

“If you’re trying to make me feel better, you’re kinda bad at it.”

“I’m not. I am telling you the truth. That was an idiot choice you made, but don’t worry. You have me know, you won’t have anymore boyfriends to kill with me around. Now let’s move him onto the fire pit.”




We both lifted the corpse and placed him on the fire pit. The body needed to burn for a bit before I could perform my ritual of removing all traces of the crime and sending Nathan’s remains into another dimension. Pablo hesitated as he attempted to light the fire pit. His hand began to shake as he struggle with the lighter. He looked at me for help but knew better, he frowned and the lighter finally lit.




We watched Nathan’s remains burned for 45 minutes, I won’t be able to begin my ritual until the remains had burned for at least an hour. Pablo sat down quietly for the most part, I could see he was struggling to fight back his tears. I know this had to be hard on him as his first kill would be his lover. I took out a cigarette and kindly offered him one but he declined.

“I promised my wife I would stop.”

“You had a stressful day, just one wouldn’t hurt.”

“Yeah? Then one turns into 2 packs. Nathan was the one who got me to stop. My wife wants to have a baby and I had to stop smoking. It’s been 6 months and no baby. Sex with my wife haven’t been easy. I had to think about Nathan just to get hard. Now what am I gonna do?”

“Stop living the lie. Divorce your wife. If you think your wife won’t figure out you’re gay, when you’re sadly mistaken. That’s shit you can’t hide from women.”

“I can’t do that. I love my wife. And I hope maybe one day I’ll be straight.”

“Bullshit. But enough with that. Time is near for my part.”





With complete silence, I started my ritual of cleansing the area of all evidences of Pablo’s crime before opening a dimension to transfer Nathan’s remains to. The process only took a matter of a few minutes but I was unaware of nearby visitor.




















Ciderwood: Chapter 6 – Something About You

The first of my 102 hour fast wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Once I passed the 72 hour mark, things started to take a turn for the worse. As my maglica levels elevate, I began to feel the physical and emotional pain from withdrawing from sex. I was all alone for the most part, which would be best since entering my third day.

My wife along with our daughter went to Sundale to stay with her son Eli. Ada went into town to stay with her mother. Sasha along with Francesca also went into town to stay with her twin brother Joey. My twin and niece remain on their living quarters for the most part.  Boragaia only stays long enough to care for the animals, tend to the garden and prepare my meals. She has kept her distance from me, although I wished her didn’t. I actually miss her. And as for Shilia, like my twin, she attends to the animals and garden.

With all of this time alone, I use it to train and meditate. It is something that helps me keep my mind focus as I continue to be temporary celibate. I often have to fight the temptation to fuck some random woman or jerk off like a 16 year old boy. After phone boning Daphne, I lied to her saying that I was going to be busy with work for the next 5 days. Just hearing her voice will force me to whip out my cock and go to town. It’s been 3 days since I last heard from her. I was hoping she would get weak and call me anyway.  




I guess it wouldn’t be entirely of a lie to Daphne. I did take on more clients for my job and it does keep me fairly busy. However I am not as much busy as I implied that I would be.

Today I have a couple of new clients and not entirely sure if I want to accept. Especially my first client being, Maddox Yager. He is a scientist in Garner who created the flower child for my sister. My father and I don’t approve of Boragaia’s association with Maddox, a human who enjoys playing god. I am not sure how he caught wind of what I do for a living. But he has requested my help.

I am a professional tracker and fixer, I offer both of services on the surface web and deep web. With my tracking services, I am the guy you come to as a last resort when the police or private investigators had failed in finding a missing person. I have a 100% success rate however my services do not come with a cheap price. I use my special abilities to track down people who had gone missing. My client base is mainly wealthy families.

As for my fixer services, I am the guy you go to when you need a bad situation to disappear. I make the most of my money with this service and had built a client list over time. My client base is mostly politicians, other powerful people and mafias. The mayors of Garner and Lansing Falls are my regulars. With so much corruption within the mountain region, I will always be in business.




I was reluctant to meet with Maddox in town. I found it suspicious that he requires my help but yet I was curious. I usually meet with every potential client before accepting their case. I received a call from Maddox suggesting a time and place for the first meeting.

“Okay. I will meet you within the hour.”





We agreed to meet at a coffee shop, I found him sitting outside with a smug look on his face which made me want to knock him out of his chair. Meeting with Maddox in my current state was not ideal as I already didn’t think kindly of him. We had crossed paths more than once and each time did not go well. “Have a seat.” Maddox said as he kindly offered a seat at his table. I said nothing and sat down.

“It is a nice day, isn’t it Cergio?”

“You’ve taken a whole table and not bothered to ordered anything. You could at least attempt to appear as a customer.”

“The new female can’t tell the difference between soy milk and regular milk. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal because I am a male and it is. However if you wish to order a beverage, I can wait.”

“What the fuck do you want, Maddox?”





“Well that didn’t take long.”

“If you’re just wanting to waste my time, you can go fuck off.”

“I actually require your unique services.”

“Oh is that so? The great mighty Maddox needs Cergio’s help. What is that I can do which you cannot?”

“I need for you to locate my wife. She took off a year ago with my kids and she has sent me divorce papers. I was unable to trace back where the papers originated  from but obviously there had to be some kind of mistake. I love and adore Petra as well as our children Nova and Bastian. I need for Petra along with my children to be returned back to me. Especially my son, Bastian.”




“I always want to first meet with a client so I can decide to accept or deny their case. I am denying yours. It is not because I think you’re a piece of shit but it because you gave Petra every fuckin’ reason to run. I know what you are and how you are not from this plane. And you think you can enter my plane to play fuckin’ god, creating these plant abominations. You had the audacity to convince my sister to be apart of your fucked up experiments. With Petra serving you divorce papers in no real surprise. Now what the fuck do you really want? You think I am foolish enough to believe that you wish for me to find your wife? You’re more stupid than I thought.”




“Indeed. It was foolish for me to believe you would be convinced that I needed help in finding my wife. My career requires a lot of my time and with Petra leaving was probably for the best. I’m fully aware she’s residing in the Midwest. She thinks she is so clever, she forgets about our teenage daughter who is addicted to social media. Nova foolishly doesn’t set her profile to private. But anyway, I wanted to speak with you about possibly working with you. You do have some unique set of skills which I could benefit from. I also have a set of unique skills which you could also benefit from. Perhaps it is time to bury the hatchet and call truce.  Do you agree?”




“Do you think I’m fuckin’ stupid? If you think for one second that I would ever work together with you then you are more crazy than Brielle was. I should had known this would be a waste of my damn time but my curiosity got the better of me.”




“Don’t be that way Cergio. After all, don’t you think you owe me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You entered into my plane first. You started this war when you chose to export Brielle from my universe and into yours. You left a breadcrumb trail from mine to yours, naturally I would have to investigate. But I found how things here in this universe were quite interesting. I originally came here to bring her bring even if I find her rather annoying, however I decided I wanted to stay and study this plane.”

“Why do you care  if I took her or not. It wasn’t like she was having a grand time there. You said it your self that you think she’s annoying. In a way, I did you a favor. I owe you nothing.”

“Well I am not a fan of people stealing from my plane for selfish reasons. You went through the trouble of having another copy of Brielle, only to leave her then import her back into our original universe. What was the point of that? With you bringing her in the first place, you nearly destroyed my family tree in this universe and that I don’t take kindly on. You set it to where my mother would be my sister? I am still puzzled by the ways you did things but finally it dawned on me.”

“And that is?”




“You wanted my mother. Brielle wouldn’t be enough, no other female would. You saw the innocence in my mother from my universe. She has an innocence and sweetness that you never encountered before. Being with her would be a breath of fresh air. But of course my mother in this universe was much older than in mine. You made her younger and changed the time before she would had met my father. As you knew you could never wedge yourself between my parents no matter how irresistible you may be.”

“I did what I had to do. I got what I wanted. What is your point?”

“What if I told you I may have similar abilities as you. Changing events, rerouting family ties. As I already removed this universe’s copy of myself so I could exist and made a new life with this universe’s Petra. I even had some of the same children with her. Maybe you should reconsider working with me. Maybe I could return things as they should be. Maybe your precious little twins with my mother would cease to exist.”




“You would not fuckin’ dare!”

I quickly rose to my feet and gripped the sides of the table before throwing the table towards the side. I usually show that I am indifferent towards my children however I don’t take kindly to my children being threaten in any sort.




I raced towards Maddox, gripping my hands around his scrawny little neck. It wouldn’t take much for me to snap it into two if I wanted to.

“If you value your pathetic useless life, you know best not to fuck with me or with my family! Especially my offspring! If you think that I’m going to sit here and let you threaten to ease the existence of my twins, then you are sadly mistaken!”






“You will speak when I say you can! I do not take very kindly to any type of threat and I think it is best if you return back to your origin and never return! Whatever goes on in my plane is really none of your concern and how dare you use this into blackmailing me into working with you! You and I will never be any kind of team for whatever fucked up plan you have cooking up!”

“You really should reconsider it, Cergio. You and I would make a powerful force. With my intelligence and your abilities, we would be unstoppable.”

“What the fuck did I just tell you?! Did I say you could speak?!”

“Well no. But-“

“For a fuckin’ genius, you are a fuckin’ idiot!  And you really think I’m also going to believe you want to work with me? Why the fuck can you just be a man and just tell me what the fuck you really want from me? Now you can speak!”

“I want to study you. I want to learn what you are. What you can do. And possibly clone you to bring back to my universe. That is the honest truth.”




“Come near me again and I swear I will fuckin’ kill you! That isn’t a threat! It’s a damn promise, Maddox James Yager!”

“How did you know my full name?”

“I know every fuckin’ thing about you. I will not hesitant completely erase your existence if you dare cross me! Believe me when I say I have the power to do so! Stay out of my way and I’ll shall stay out out yours! Do we have a deal?”


Ciderwood: Chapter 5 – Forever Yours

As I lay in bed with my wife, I still think back of the events with Daphne nearly a month ago. I’m riddled with guilt, allowing Daphne to kiss me. I did not make the situation any better later on that evening. Daphne attended my show as my wife did not. To be fairly honest, I was hurt to not find my wife in crowd as she promised to attend this time around. My wife has yet to attend any of my shows, naturally I desire her support. However Daphne was there in Kelly’s place. Instead of being greeting by my loving wife backstage, I was congratulated by Daphne with a dozen of roses. To this day I am unsure what came over me when I saw Daphne; I embraced her with a passionate kiss. And with that, it was started. We’re involved.

It is unusual for someone of my kind to feel any empathy or remorse. As being a shell, we tend to be narcissistic sociopaths. Perhaps my brother’s good nature is starting to rub off on me.   I watched my wife as she slept next to me and figure I should try to make this right. Kelly knows nothing of Daphne, she knew I was meeting with a GDA and nothing more.




What can I do to make this right again? I ponder to myself. I could no longer sleep and removed myself from my bed. It was near dawn and it would be time for me to awake soon. My sister and Shilia were up already, they prepared to start their work in the garden but I suggested they should take a day off. I decided I’ll shall spend this day with my wife and we needed to be alone.

Boragaia and Shilia agreed to take the day off and promised to spend the day in town with others. They didn’t question why I suddenly felt the need to spend time with my wife. And they shouldn’t, a man should be bothered by their wife time to time. Although I enjoy my alone time, I made a commitment to her.




I took a page from my brother’s book. I am always a selfish lover, my needs were most important and it was never about the female. My brother often boast about pleasing his wife and how he reaches an ultimate climax when he knows his wife is enjoying  it as much as he is. Perhaps I could give it a try for once. I’m sure all of my partners were still pleased as I am that damn good in the first place. Daphne was more than pleased herself.  





I couldn’t have my usual sex with Kelly, demanding she address me as Master and man-handing her. I’ve awaken Kelly from her sleep by kissing her on her neck. At first she tried to swat me away but started to giggle and allowed me to continue. I rose from the bed and gently positioned Kelly in the middle of the bed. Without a word, I removed her panties and pulled her from her hips towards the edge bed. “You want it already? Can I at least shower first? You never wanna fuck this damn early.” Kelly said. I performed a genie cleanse on her and knelt down before her.   

I rarely perform oral sex but when I do, it’s usually on her birthday or Christmas. It’s not like I don’t enjoy doing it, as I mention before; I’m a selfish lover. However this is one sexual act that I do on my wife only and no other. Although we have an open marriage, we do have intimate act whom we only perform on each other. I broke one thus why I am doing this one. This wasn’t my first thought to do, it was a suggestion from my brother. His words were, “Taste your wife and everything will alright.” My brother’s logic may be flawed, but he may be right about this.




My wife moaned like she never moaned before. I started to find myself enjoy pleasing her. Do I need to cheat on my wife in order to become a better lover? I cannot allow this to become a habit.

A cry came from the baby monitor. I tried to ignore the cries from our daughter as Kelly did to. Between Kelly’s moans she suggests that I should go check on the baby.

“I thought we were alone.”

“We were supposed to. Why didn’t they take the damn baby?!”

“I dunno but go check on her. She’s not gonna shut up.”

“Why me? You birthed her, you do it. It is your job.”

“I didn’t want to have her! You made me have her. Remember asshole? Besides, I had her all day yesterday while you were out doing whatever and your sister and Shilia was at the shop. I need a damn break.”

“Fine! We’re not done with this.”

“Fuck no we’re not. That shit was feeling good. Hurry up and go make her shut up so you can finished.”

“Do not tell me what to do, bitch.”





Before I enter Desire’s room, I was greeted with a note on her door from my sister. It read: We didn’t want to wake her. And maybe you could spend the day with your wife AND daughter as a family. How often do you do that? Never. Love, Boragaia.

She is right, I never spend a day with just Kelly and our child. When I do spend time with Kelly, it’s usually a six hour sex fest if we stay home. But we still fuck if we are out and about.

“Hello my child, I hope you know you had ruined my day. You’re going to have to make it up to your father. There will be no crying, shitty diapers, spitting up and you will call me, Father today. Do I make myself clear?”






I dressed Desire while Kelly made her breakfast. Afterwards I tossed a blanket on the ground outside and took Desire with me so she could enjoy the outdoors for a while. We sat down with a few moments of awkward silence, I rarely hang out with my youngest child outside of bath time. I wasn’t sure what to do with her. I just wished Kelly would hurry and join us.

“Now you decided to be quiet. This would have been nice if you were quiet when I was with your mother.”


“For fucks sake, Desire. I told you to call me, “Father”. How hard is it for you to say, “Father”?”


“I had high hopes for you Desire but you done nothing but disappoint me. You’re not walking yet and refuse to talk. Saying “da-da”, “mama” and “ba-ba” is not actual talking. You should had been walking and talking by now. You’re 11 months. Your siblings done all of that before the age of 9 months. You are supposed to be more advance than the average human child. If you’re going to keep disappointing me, do you wish to play a game with Father?”


“I assume that means yes.”




“I am going to close my eyes and count to 10. While I am doing that, you go hide and I will try to find you. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.”




“Desire, what the fuck. You are supposed to go hide; not play with your feet!”


“I don’t know what that means but this game is fairly simple. I count to 1o and you go away.”

“Bah bah bah fah!”

“I give up.”


“What? Are you trying to say, “Father”? You are severely saying it wrong.”




She just giggled and smiled at me. Boragaia said that I push Desire too hard and reminds me that Desire’s doctor said she’s in the normal range on her motor skills for her age. She may be in the normal range but she’s no average human child. I guess I could give her credit on attempting to say “Father” for the first time. Sometimes when I look at my child, I get this strange feeling that she’s purposely holding back just to toy with me.

“I’m onto you, Desire Mikelle.”






I have yet to see her fail with her peg box toy. She always places the differently shaped blocks in the correct slot. She does it with ease and no hesitation. However when she notices that I am watching her closely, she would purposely place the block into the incorrect slot. I swear a devilish smirk grows across her face when I express my dismay. The others think it’s all in my head but I know this child is more advance than she’s leading on.





“Stop holding back at once. I command you.”

“Will you give it a break? She’s just a baby and the doctor said-“

“I know what the doctor said and he knows of my kind. This child is holding back and enjoying it just to piss me off.”

“What? She’s not holding any back and especially not trying to piss you off. She’s just a baby. You need to stop pushing her or she gonna resent you.”

“All children resent their parents, but I will not allow that behavior. You hear me, Desire? You shall not resent me, ever. You can resent your mother but you shall not, will not resent your father.”

“Hey! Don’t tell her it’s okay to be a jackass to me but not you. Equal jackassery to us both, Desire!”






Kelly soon joined us on the blanket. We both watched Desire play for a bit before engaging into a conversation about earlier this morning.





“Wanna tell me about this morning? What the fuck, Cergio.”

“I can’t give my wife some good morning loving?”

“You never done it before. Besides you don’t eat me out unless it’s my birthday or Christmas and today was none of those. So what’s your deal? What did you do?”

“I wanted to remind you that I am forever yours and you are forever mine, no matter what happens.”

“Fuck man. How much trouble are you get? Did one of your clients fuck you over? I swear you need to be selective with cases you pick. I am not about to have a jailed husband! Just letting you know that I won’t be waiting when you get out.”

“Bullshit, you will never leave me. We will always be together like my ass cheeks.”

“Things are so romantic when you involve your ass in it. But seriously, Cergio; what’s going on?”

“Nothing my dear, nothing. But if you don’t want me to start eating your pussy more often, I’ll stop.”

“Not like I was complaining. It was nice for a change. It was a lot better than on my birthday. You seemed really into it.”




“I can finish if you wish.”

“Right here, right now?”

“Why not?”

“Um maybe cause our CHILD is right there.”

“It’s not like we haven’t fucked in front of her before.”

“Yeah but she was really small then. I don’t wanna fuck up with mind like my first born. I use to fuck in front of him and he has issues sometimes. I know I’m not the perfect mom but I want a less fucked up child.”

“She’s not going to remember this and I am horny. Let’s fuck and offend our child.”




“If she’s mind fucked then you’re paying for her therapy.”

“You’re more beautiful when your mouth isn’t saying words.”

“No need for the foreplay, asshole. I’m still warmed up from this morning.”

“The sooner you shut your bitch mouth, the sooner I can have my dick inside of you.”

“Baby, I love you.”

“I tolerate you.”




We quickly undressed, forgetting about the presence of our child. It’s been a long while since we engaged in intercourse outdoors on my land.  It is one of my favorite places to fuck at.





All was good until my phone began to buzz continuously. It threw off my concentration as I knew it would be Daphne calling me during her lunch break. I tried to ignored my buzzing phone but Daphne began to cross in my thoughts as I’m thrusting my wife.

“Didn’t you tell your clients that this is your day off?”

“Yes but you know how my clients can be. Just ignore it.”

“I would be sounds like one client isn’t getting the point. Shut your off!”






I quickly pinned Kelly to the ground, gripping wrist tightly and growled.

“Do not tell me what to do.”

“Mmm baby, that’s what I was waiting for.”

“Bitch, do not speak!”

“Whatcha gonna do, Master?”

I grabbed Kelly’s mouth, squeezing her lips close together with a tight grip. I looked directly into her eyes and told her to do not test me. I let go of her mouth and she gave me a cheeky smirk before letting out a moan. I wanted to keep the Master inside today but it was what my wife wanted. She loves the Master and I do enjoy being him. With Daphne now escaped from my thoughts, the Master was able to give Kelly a good fucking.




Today apparently isn’t the day I could be intimate with my wife as we were once again stopped. Shilia had returned home only being gone for a few hours. I could hear her calling for me but I chose to ignore her.

“I know you could hear me, Cergio.”

“I’m busy as you can see.”

“In front of Desire? Seriously?”

“She’s not going to remember.”

“That may be true but it’s not right. However I must speak with you.”

“Can that wait?”

“No. I spoke with your father today.”





I exit from within Kelly and ordered her to take Desire inside while I was still in Master mode. Kelly was annoyed and I don’t blame her as I am annoyed as well. I told Kelly we can continue later on but she wasn’t interest and made a passing comment how we would just be interrupted again. I ignored her remark and spoke with Shilia. 

“What is it?”

“You father said it is time.”

“Time for?”




“Your father believes it is finally time for you and I to procreate. I know there’s always been the question rather I could or not. But the answer is, yes. I have the ability to do. Your father told me that my creator intended to have children with me in order to create a new species of people. However the war happen before he could have a chance. To be honest, I’m glad that never happen. He had me as pet! Your father requested that you refrain from any sexual activities after today. Your maglica levels need to be incredibly high. The higher, the better. The minimum is 72 hours and the maximum is 120 hours without sex. Your father requested you go for the maximum. This also including masturbating.”  





“Five days without sex? Is he trying to kill me?! There is no way I can go without fuckin’ for 5 days let alone for 3!  I never once without no longer than 6 hours! Do you realize how painful this is going be for me, especially if I can’t jerk off either?! You both had gone mad! I do not want any part of this! You can tell me father that I will not partake in creating a new breed! The last thing I want now is another baby. Desire is barely a year and he wants me to have another child?!”





“I know it is a lot to ask for but unfortunately this a request which you cannot disobey. You are still on thin ice with your father since the Brielle incident. If you want to make things 100%, you will do what your father had asked.”

“This is bullshit.”

“I know. But I will do you a favor, I’ll take Desire so you can be alone with Kelly.”

“Like I’m in the mood for that now!” 




“You won’t be suffering alone. I have been preparing for this for the last 49 years. I have refrained from sexual activities for the last 49 years for certain levels to increase. You’re not alone in this. Your 5 days is nothing compare to my 49 years.”

“It is different. My kind, what I am needs sex as much as you need food and water. It’s how I survive. It’s how I don’t go bat shit crazy.”

“There will be a great outcome after this. You and I will be pioneering a new species. We’re be creating a Love Fairy.”




I sat in my room for hours thinking about my next task. I knew this was something that my father had planned for years. Back on my home world, Shilia was created by a Navox elder as a pet. She was forced to entertain him by dancing and performing sexual acts. She was kept in a cage and was often lead on a leash in town. My father fell in love with her and intended on rescuing.

My father finally got his wish during the war. He saved Shilia instead of her creator, allowing him to be executed. My father was badly injured with no time to heal. He used the last bit of his force in ordered to save Shilia. My sister and I were already killed and all my father had left was Shilia. Since he couldn’t save us, he saved Shilia by making the ultimate sacrifice by converting into a Spirit in order to transfer Shilia to Earth. By doing this, he could never physically be with her.

On my 15th birthday, my father was allowed to fuse with me. By doing this, it would be the only time he could physically be with Shilia. I lost my virginity to Shilia. It wouldn’t be so bad if this wasn’t the same woman for cared for me since infancy. But since the night of my 15th birthday, Shilia has been special to me with her being the first woman I gave myself to. Not like it was choice but still. I haven’t engaged in sex with Shilia since and I have a feeling my father used my body to trigger something. My 15th birthday was 49 years ago.




These next 120 hours will be pure hell for me. The need for sex is important and without it I will be very unpleasant to be with. I could hear Shilia talking with Kelly, suggesting she should go visit her son for 5 days. She explained things and Kelly wasn’t happy about. Not about the whole making a child with Shilia but not being able to have sex with me.

I could hear dialing her phone and telling son Eli she will be making a trip to see him along with Desire. She sounded annoyed and Eli could probably tell this wasn’t her idea by her tone. Of course this started an argument. She ends the call by telling Eli she was coming anyway.

My phone began to buzz again, looking over at a near clock, Daphne would be home from work. I rose from my position and answered my phone.  




“Yes Daphne, what is it?”

“What is it? Excuse me but someone didn’t answer their phone.”

“I know, I know. I am sorry but I was busy.”

“I thought you had the day off?”

“I do but I do have a wife.”

“Right. I thought she would be at the shop.”

“No, I requested to spend the day with her. That did not go well.”

“Sorry to hear that but I got some news that will cheer you up.”

“And that is?”

“My husband got a job offered in Garner. If all goes well, we will be moving there this fall. We’ll be closer and maybe we can spend more time together. I hope he takes the offer cause that’s more money and all.”





“What?! Am I hearing this right? You’re moving to Garner?”

“Yeah. You don’t sound very excited.”

“That’s cause I am not. We cannot be involved. We can continue to fuck but nothing more.”

“You say that but you still chat with me. I think you want to be involved.”

“I do not. Do not tell me what you think is going on in my mind!”

“Cergio, you don’t have to keep denying what you know is true. You think about me, do you?”

“Yes I do but that means nothing.”

“It means a lot, ha ha. You sound cute when you get flustered.”

“I am not!”

“Ha ha ha!”

“Do not mock me!”

“Oh Cergio, you have no chill. But anyway did you get my pic of me in my new bikini?”




“Yes I have.”


“And what?”

“Whatcha think?”

“What do you think? It gave me an erection. What do you expect?”

“So just a hard on, huh?”

“Well it did make me miss you and your tender lips.”

“I miss you too. Soon we won’t be so far away from each other.”

“Yes, I can hold you and you shall know how hard my erection is.”

“I miss feeling the warmth from your amazing body. I miss the way you kiss me and caress me.”

“Yeah? I miss kissing you, I miss being inside of you, giving you my all. So what are you wearing?” 

Ciderwood: Chapter 4 – GDA

It was that one special time of the month. The time where I agree to meet up with one my of GDA’s. And what is a GDA? It means Genie Dick Admirer. It would be seen as a type of fetish or a sexual preference. Basically a GDA is a person who admires the genitals of a male genie. They love the appearance, size, girth, texture, and taste; they see genie dick as the perfect dick. All genies were made in a perfect image, so naturally ones would see the genitals of a genie being perfect and ideal. GDA’s tend to be majority female who are also human or human with a witch status. There is a small number of males, majority gay and a few who are straight. My list of admirers are female. GDA’s don’t feel the same way about non-genie dicks. Many enjoy giving oral, hand jobs or just simply looking at a genie’s dick. Some GDA only prefer to engage in sex with genie males. We release a special essence that gives a female a massive orgasm. My typical admirer is a female who is standoffish towards oral sex but is more than willing to suck me off.

This month I agreed to meet with a witch name Daphne Burkhert, a resident in Richdale. She traveled far to meet me but she didn’t come all this way from the Midwest to meet, she happened to have a friend in Lansing Falls who is getting married.

The timing was perfect since I had a show at the theater. Daphne may be a fan of my dick but she’s also a fan of my music and is excited to finally attend one of my shows. My relationship with Daphne is different from with my other admirers. We often chat outside of the GDA forums and gotten to know each other. I know she’s a married woman with 2 children. She recently gave birth to a baby girl a few months after struggling with fertility issues.  I told Daphne once we meet that I could permanently restore her fertility if she wish to have more children. Like with any other meeting, I gave her the boyfriend treatment, I believe this may be a mistake with Daphne. 




“You’re more beautiful in person than your pictures. Your phone cam gives you no justice.”

“Wait? You thought I was ugly?”

“No, just saying no camera can capture all of your radiant beauty.”

“Awe! That has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve heard all month. I guess getting all dolled up paid off. My friend was getting suspicious as I was getting dressed but I told her for once I wanna look cute. With the baby, I don’t have time for that.”

“Well you look beautiful no matter what.”

“Oh you say that to all of your admirers, do you?”




“Possibly but out of all of the others, I treasure you the most. Truth be told, your body is ideal, flawless, even after child birth. You should really take more body shots.”

“Oh please! I still got some baby fat to lost. You’re just being nice but it’s okay.”

“You really can’t take a compliment, can you? How disappointing.”

“So many guys fed me so many bullshit lines over the years. I’m not sure how did my husband win me over. But if we met at a different time, I think I would marry you. Ha ha ha!”

“Hmm, possibly not. I think you could only enjoy me for a day. I am far from a nice guy.”

“Oh so you’re a bad boy covered with tats, who smokes and ride a bike? You dress too nice.”

“Well actually yes. If you play your cards right, then you shall see my tats.”




“Ha! So anyway Mr. justthetip915, how does these meetings go? Does your wife know about this? My husband doesn’t have a clue and to be honest, I don’t feel right about this but I wanted to meet you at least.”

“You can call me, Cergio. It really depends how the meet and greet goes. With each admirer is different. Sometimes we have lunch and we go to my boat house and let her admire me or we just cut straight to business and fuck all over in my boat house. As for my wife, we have an open marriage. I am allowed to have outside relationships with other women. It’s due to my extremely high sex drive as every Love Genie has. One female is not enough.”

“Open marriage, huh? So she can be with other men while you’re with other females? Yeah I couldn’t do that. The thought of sharing my husband with another woman makes me sick.”

“My wife is only allowed with males of my choice. I do not like other males. She could have sex with my brother or my best friend. They are approved men.”

“That’s kinda unfair, don’t ya think?”

“Not really. Care to order lunch?”

“Sure, what’s good?”

“You should probably have the creamy tuna and celery pasta salad. Or any pasta in general.”

“I dunno. I’m trying to avoid carbs.”

“Trust me, you should have some pasta.”




We had ordered and lunch was a little bit silent. I could tell Daphne was nervous and wasn’t sure that she should be here with me. I know she’s loves her husband and is happy with him but she can’t fight off her GDA status. It’s a part of her and she must fulfill her desire of  being intimate with a genie. I decided to break the ice with some small talk.

“How is the pasta salad?”

“Pretty good. Good recommendation by the way. How is your steak?”

“It is okay. Usually the steak is pretty good but during dinner time. The lunch rush is passable.”

“Wanna try some of my pasta salad?”

“Only if you feed it to me.”





“If I didn’t know better, I’ll say that we are on a date.”


“I know the boyfriend treatment when I see it. Besides, one of your admirers spilled the beans. I think it’s nice. A friendly date, my own husband doesn’t have time to take me out on dates anymore. He works hard and we have a teenage son and a baby. This feels nice.”

“Well yes it’s a date, I will be paying for your meal.”

“You don’t have to. I could pay for my own.”

“But I insist. You already traveled far. Paying for your meal isn’t hurting my wallet.”

“Well thank you.”



“So you never given a male oral before, right?”

“Oy! I almost choked on my food. I wasn’t expecting a question like that. But no, I haven’t. That’s never been my kind of thing. I dated guys who wanted me to that, but they dumped me cause they think I’m a prude. Their dicks looked gross anyway. But yours; wow.”

“You blushed. Perhaps I’ll shall be your first. You will enjoy it.”

“Well I just wanna see it. I know you sent me pics but I wanna see it in person. It wouldn’t be right. I don’t wanna cheat on my husband. Just looking isn’t harmful? Look but don’t touch.”

“Trust me, you will want to do more than just look. My other married admirers said the same thing and was sent home walking funny for a week.”

“I have better willpower than the others.”

“You say that.”




After we finished lunch, we headed over to the dock to aboard my boat house. Made more small talk while on the way. I notice how slow Daphne was moving, the nerves were rattling but I ensure her that everything would be fine. I knew once we aboard my boat house, I would have her, I must have her, there’s something about her that makes me desire her.





“So is that it? It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks, I had it custom made for me.”

“I bet you have wild parities on it. I know I would if I owned one.”

“I do time to time. Maybe I’ll throw one this weekend.”

“That would be cool.”




Daphne followed me to the control room, I suggested we should move the boat house away from the dock. This made Daphne more nervous and I don’t blame her. I could easily murder her and toss her out in the lake but that is not my intention. My true intention is to be inside of her.

“I think this is far enough. We are still fairly close to the dock in case you want to jump out and swim to safety.”

Daphne laughed nervously to my statement, I smiled at her and letting her that she’ll be fine. I won’t hurt her or make her do anything that she doesn’t want to.

“You can have a look around while I get ready for you. Do you want a drink first?”

“A drink? No. I’ll be fine. I shouldn’t drink, ha ha ha!”

“It will calm your nerves. You don’t have to be nervous. I won’t bite unless you want me to.”

“I’m fine. I will be fine. I guess I can have a look around and see what neat stuff you got.”

“Get comfort. Make yourself at home.”

“Geeze, I knew I should have brought my sweat pants. Ha ha ha!”




I called Daphne into my room while I relaxed on the bed. Daphne slowly opened the door, her eyes widen with delight once she gazed upon my body. I smirked a little, I knew at that instance I had her. She was pudding in my cup, her look but don’t touch motto was out the window.

“You’re just wow. The pics. Wow. Just wow.”

“Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

“I got strong willpower. I’m just gonna look.”

“You could do more. I wouldn’t mind. Isn’t it your desire to touch? To caress? To taste my sweet nectar? Why isn’t it? You can give in. It is what you want, what you lust, what you desire. Daphne, my peach; this isn’t a battle which you cannot fight any longer. Give in. Taste me.”




I arose my from bed, motioning Daphne to came towards me. I made myself erect, Daphne drops to her knees; helping me reach full extension.

“Damn your irresistibility.”

She said as she worked her tongue down my shaft. I couldn’t help but smile. For someone who has never done this before, she seemed to know what she is doing.

“I know how you would like it.”

“You do?”

“You want me to look at you. Our eyes meet while I lick you down.”


“Mmm, yeah.”




One thing about GDA’s, they service me better than my wife and previous lovers. GDA’s appreciate and love the cock more than any other female. They embrace it with all of its glory. 




“No. Don’t tease. If you’re going to suck then do so.”

I demanded as I placed my hand on Daphne’s forehead. Pushing her away from my tip. She didn’t say anything but smile before widen her mouth to intake my cock.

“You taste so sweet. It’s true.”

She let out a light moan before giving my cock full service.

“You want more. Stop. Let me service you.”




Daphne promptly rose to her feet. I demanded that she undress which she rapidly did. I quickly turned her, forcing her against the glass door.


I demanded into her ear. She said nothing and did as I said. I could tell from the dampness on my tip that she was more than ready. I slowly guided my cock into her only to quickly slide back out.

“Don’t tease. If you’re gonna fuck me then do it.”

“Do not tell what to do, bitch.”

My tone was cold; she pressed her ass against my groin and whispers please.

“It is please, Master. Say it!”

“Please Master, please!”

I was filled with delight when Daphne moaned please Master as she was begging for it. But course if she wants me to enter, she must beg for it.


“Please Master, fuck me!”

I didn’t hesitant when I forced my cock into her, thrusting rapidly making her moans grow louder. She throws her head back onto my shoulder, moaning ever so loudly.




Without a notice, I ejected from her and commanded that she doesn’t turn around. I grabbed her arms and lead her to the bed before forcing her to lay. Pulling her up from her arms, forcing her onto her knees, I inserted my cock inside of her once more, thrusting more rapidly than I had before. She moaned, calling out my name but I was quick to remind her that it’s master now.

When she didn’t call me by the correct name, I exit from her; causing her to beg and plea for me to reenter. Once my ego is stroked, I enter inside her, fucking her hard than before. But for my pleasure, I often pulled myself off even when she’s been calling me by the correct name. Hearing her beg for the return of my cock excites me. My cock grew harder with each beg. To tease her more, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her damp lips. Pretending to enter in once but refused. This made her beg more for my cock til she almost cried for it.




“I want to look at you.”

I made another demand, forcing her to lay onto her back.

“Look at me! Look!”

She opened her eyes in mid orgasm, locking eyes with me for a brief moment. I commanded that she open her eyes and look at me. When she refused, I eject from her once again.

“You will listen to my commands. When I say look at me, you do it.”

“Sorry Master. I’ll listen.”

I lifted her ass from the bed, giving her a smack before reentering her. She smiled at me and locked eyes with me until I had my final climax. My essence was released inside her, she moaned loudly as she grabbed the sheets. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her orgasm intensifies. Filling her up with every bit of my built up essence, she began to scream with pure joy and satisfaction.





We rested on the bed for moment. I was impressed of how much Daphne could take. I often had to take breaks with my wife and Sasha. I glanced over to the clock and saw that nearly 3 hours had passed. I smiled with glee, I knew she was a keeper.

“Okay I get why pushed me towards ordering a pasta dish.”

“Gotta load up on some carbs. I’m one heck of a workout.”

“And then some. I’ve never been fucked like that before. You fucked me like you didn’t get a fuck about me. Honestly I can say it was nice.”

“Nice? Just nice?”

“No I don’t mean by that. It’s just a nice change of pace. My sex life isn’t as exciting as this. I really needed this even if I’m going to regret it. I didn’t want to cheat but when I saw you, I had to have you.”

“Don’t feel so bad. It’s not cheating if you’re on a trip. The rules of marriage do not apply.”

“Bull fuckin’ shit. It applies, I’m the scum of the earth for doing this. It was so wrong but felt so right. I dunno who I am anymore.”

“Perhaps another round of fucking will improve your mood. Shall we have another go?”

“It’s true about you genies. You can keep on going and going.”




I felt that I should be gentler for this round of fucking. I gave her my all and she was able to handle it like a pro. She requested that I man handle her like during our first round. Without any hesitation, I grabbed the back of her neck and commanded that she ride me until I tell her to stop. “Yes, Master.” She smiled and promptly mounted on top of me. She is very good obedient bitch but I knew deep down inside, I couldn’t keep her.  




We fucked until it was near sundown. The sex was more intense during our second round. I needed a smoke and excused myself from Daphne’s hold.

“Okay that was even better. Oh man wow. I think I might be a little sore.”

“I know. It happens.”

“Aren’t we conceited? Ha ha ha. I think I should plan another trip here later on this year.”

“Why would you do that?”




“We had a great time. I know I did but did you?”

“Yes I did but you can’t seriously think about returning.”

“Why not? We are friends, right?”

“We are but remember how you wish to not cheat on her husband? You will feel guilt when you return home. I do not want to be the cause of the end of your marriage.”

“I’m going to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone but my husband; I know he’s fooling around.”

“You have any proof of this? Even so, 2 wrongs won’t make a right. You see here, you’re trying to justified fucking me is okay cause you believe your husband is stepping out on you. Am I right?” 




“Yeah but I really think we have a special connection. I miss the raw passion in my marriage. It died when I was told that I couldn’t have kids. Sex became a chore. But today, I enjoyed it for the first time in years.”

“We could continue to have sex but it will turn into more than sex and I cannot allow that.”

“You don’t know that! It will be just sex. Great, awesome, toe curling sex. I need this. You don’t know how bad it is.”

“You’re going to fall in love with me and I cannot return that love. It’s best if we part ways forever after today.”

“Are you serious? Is this what you do with all your admirers? You just fuck them and never see or talk to them again?”

“Yes. It works out better for both of us. They’ll have the memory of a good fucking. But they don’t leave emptied handed. There’s a goodie bag at the end. I have a custom made dildo that was molded from my dick to give. My admirers enjoyed their parting gift.”




“I’m not going to be some girl that you tossed away cause you’re bored! I thought we were friends! I’m not going anywhere! You and I have something and I know you can feel it too. You haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Listen here bitch! You will not tell me what to do! Whatever I say goes, I am the law and you will do what I say! We will not see nor talk to each other after today! Do I make myself clear?! Do I?!”




“Cergio! Stop it! Let go of me! You’re hurting me!”

“I said do I make myself clear, bitch?!”

“Yes! Yes Cergio but please let go! It really hurts!”

I looked into Daphne’s eyes, I could see the fear as tears trickle down her cheeks. I looked down noticing that I was holding firmly of her wrists. I quickly let of her and shouted but not at her. She rubbed her wrists and walked away from me.

“Daphne, wait; don’t go. I’m sorry.”

“That really hurt. I was scared.”




I sat down on the bed and let out a loud sigh. Daphne joined me, lightly caressing my shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you and grabbed you like that.”

“It’s okay.”

“No; it’s not okay. I shouldn’t handle you like that. You see Daphne, you and I could grow into something more and it’s not fair to your husband or my wife. Plus I’m an asshole and dangerous. You saw what I just did to you. I didn’t know I was hurting you let alone what I was doing. Sometimes I just snap. I’m no good for you. I’m just gonna end up hurting you emotionally and physically. I made a promise to my wife, I will not get emotionally involved with another woman whom I’m fucking. In our marriage, that is considered cheating.”

“Well maybe you’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t see each other but I like being around you. I just don’t wanna be cut out of your life. We can just be friends and maybe we should bring someone with us when we meet. It will stop us from screwing each other.”

“But if we continue to chat there’s still that chance of getting emotionally involved. I cannot, will not keep you. I just wish you could see it this way. It is for the best.”

“So this is it?”

“Yeah. We better head back to the dock. My show starts in 2 hours.”




While Daphne got herself cleaned up and dressed, I drove the boat back to the dock. I could hear Daphne sobbing on the deck below me. She didn’t bother coming up once she was done. I felt bad for her but knew this was for the best. Maybe in time she will see it my own and realize this is the best decision.




“Will I still be seeing you at my show tonight?”

“Of course you will. I bought a ticket and you don’t do refunds. Plus my friends are coming out too. They are curious about the naked violinist.”

“They will enjoy the show.”

“I wanna tell you something.”





She caught me off guard, ambushing me with a kiss. Her lips were soft and sweet, without thinking I embraced her with a kiss but not just any average kiss. A kiss with raw passion. The taste of her lips was pure ecstasy. Even I was surprised by my own reaction. I’ve kissed any of my other admirers nor do I with the other females whom I fuck including Sasha. Kissing is an intimate act which I only do with my wife. It was another promise I made to my wife on our wedding. I will never kiss another woman. I leaned in and whispered into Daphne’s ear.

“I must see you again.”