Love. Lust. – Chapter 4: Everything

Mary J Blige – Everything

Family has always been very important to me. It’s why I am a wife and mother of 4 wonderful teenagers, Cienna, Chloe, Emery, and Ricardo. They are my everything. My husband Antonio may not be the biological father of 3 of my children but he has been the only father my girls had ever known.

I married young and had my twins Cienna and Chloe. Their father is a surfer guy named Travis who is originally from Hawaii but he loved the waves more than he loved me. He left for Hawaii, leaving me with 2 toddler girl alone.

I soon met Emery’s father Gabe. He was a fireman in Bridgeport. We fell in love quick as I always been a hopeless romantic. We were soon engaged before I found out I was pregnant. During the 7 month of my pregnancy, Gabe was called to a house fire in the middle of the night. Gabe didn’t survive the fire and never got to meet his daughter Emery. 

I was crush after losing Gabe. I felt helpless as I was a single mother to 3 very young girls without fathers. I moved back to Brightpoint Island where I grew up to be close to my parents. They were a big help with the girls while I got back on my feet.

I opened a dress shop with my mom and that’s how I met Antonio. It was love at first sight. He was a single with 2 boys but they live with their mother. He accepted me and my 3 girls. After we got married, he legally adopted Emery.




My parents Liam and Zinnia are everything to me too. As a little girl, I always dreamed to have a marriage like theirs. It was perfect in my mind as I never saw my parents fight and they always seem to be in love. I tried so hard with Travis but it failed miserably. I cried many nights because I thought I would never have the kind of marriage my parents have. With Antonio, I finally have that. 




My parents raised us well and shown us what a healthy marriage looks like. I try to be ideal to my parents but my brothers Borage and Cergio are total dumpster fires. Borage cheats on his wife all the time, Cergio cheats on his sometimes but he also hits his wife. All 3 of us grew up in the same house but turned out so different. How is that possible?




I love my brothers but I really wish they would quit their shit. I don’t tell them how to live their life but I also don’t want to hear about the problems they are having with their “girlfriends”.

I shouldn’t even know about that but they feel they should be honest to me about these other women they have cause I’m their only sister. I feel for Lindy and Kelly, They deserve better men to love them.




My family isn’t perfect. I may not be cheating or have 11 kids like my brother but my family is suffering a huge loss. A year ago we lost our youngest member of our family to a deadly flu virus.

My daughter Octavia was only 6 when she passed away and I haven’t been the same since losing her. She was everything to me like my older children. She was such a daddy’s girl and got her way with Antonio.

Antonio wants to turn Octavia’s room into a room for me to design new dresses in but I can’t find myself to change anything in Octavia’s room. We have been getting into a lot of fights since her death. I feel like he’s trying to remove her from my life but he says he’s trying to help me heal. I don’t see how turning her room into a design room is going to help. I can do that at the shop. I want to keep her room as is.




Today I’m at the dress shop called Felicity’s Day where we sell wedding dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses, and regular dresses. I love working here with my mom and Octavia loved coming here with me. She wanted to work here when she grows up. However, my older daughters aren’t really as interest as Octavia was.

I had hoped they would want to work at the shop but Cienna wants to move to Starlight Bay to be a model or actress. Chloe wants to work in the music business in Bridgeport and Emery wants to be a forensic scientist in Auberon.



I wanted to show the girls my new wedding dress collection called Octavia. I worked many months, had many sleepless nights but I manage to finish in time for the Fall season. I am very happy with my 15 dress collection.

“So how are ya’ll liking the collection, girls?”




There was a silence in the room. I could tell the girls really didn’t want to be there. It was a Sunday afternoon and they rather be out with their friends but I really needed their support today.



“Mom, I really didn’t want to sit here and watch you try on 15 different dresses. Couldn’t you just have shown us the pics? That would have been much faster. Band practice is today. We got a show at The Perc next Saturday. We really need to practice. Ender has been slacking.”



“The dresses were hot mom but there were a few that look very similar. There was one I wouldn’t be caught dead in but most of them are good. I like this one this most. When I model I’m only going to do top fashion but hey bridal is pretty hot too.”




“Wow rude, Cienna. I liked them all, Mom. Very pretty! I think they will all sell!”



“Thanks, Emery.”

“Oh such a suck up, Emery! You have no taste! You like everything. You think Nickelback is a good band and everyone knows they suck!”

“I do too have taste, Chloe! You guys are just mean!”

“We are just giving critiques. That is what you want, mom?”

“In a way, yes Cienna. What do you think Chloe?”

“They are cool but the 6th one was kinda ugly but I mean Octavia would have loved it.”

“Awww, she would. You guys can go now. I’m expecting someone in a bit. Have fun.”





His name is Clark Queen, a designer from Ciderwood, Montana. who I plan to do business with. He traveled here to show me his collection of wedding dresses that I may add to my shop. He’s also curious about my Octavia collection. If he likes it then his shop will be the first to sell them. I’m both excited and nervous.



“Hello, Mrs. Day. This is a lovely shop you have here. I didn’t have a hard time finding the place. Nice location I must say. Will I be also meeting your mother Zinnia today too?”



“Thanks. You can just call me Celsia. But no it will be just me today. My mom is on a shopping trip to Bridgewood today. It’s nice meeting you, Clark. You look familiar.”




“Oh. Maybe I can meet her tomorrow. I am in town for a couple of days. I would love to meet her too. It’s not needed but I always been a fan of her dresses.”



“It’s cool. You can meet her tomorrow. You must be a fan boy.”


“Ha ha ha. I hope I’ll get some fans one day too.”




“So let’s get right down to business. This is my Celine collection. I hope you like it. It’s doing well in Ciderwood.”

“I’ll have a look. Oh wow. These are very nice. I especially love the sweetheart cut.”


“Why do you look so nervous?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be good enough for you and your mother.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. You’re good. The model is pretty.”

“She’s my daughter, Celine.”




“You named your collection after your daughter.”

“Yep. May I see Octavia?”

“She’s not here anymore.”


“Oh. You want to see my collection!”

“Um yeah, that’s what I said.”



“Octavia is a nice collection. I would love to have it in my shop.”

“I think that can be arranged.”

“How do you feel about Celine?”

“I Brightpoint would love it.”

“Great! We can work out the details tomorrow with your mother.”

“That sounds good.” 




I came home and Chloe was having band practice with her friends and cousin Ada. I don’t mind the racket in my garage. I just love having a lively house again.

When Octavia was alive this house swarmed with little kids running run laughing and playing. My teens couldn’t stand it and they would go to their friends’ houses.

When Octavia got sick the house grew quiet and cold. No more laughter and playing. It just didn’t feel like a home anymore.


It took months before things got back to normal. Instead of little kids, I have teenagers hanging out here all the time. This didn’t sit well with Chloe’s friend Ender’s mom Penny Flake. She wanted to be the cool mom and have kids over all the time. But Chloe said she was starting to get weird cause she would hang out with them and act like she was a teen too.

I’ll listen to the kids play for a bit and then I go do my own thing. I don’t need to be their friend. I only come around when I have snacks to give to the hungry bandmates.



Cienna is a bit boy crazy and has a crush on one of Chloe’s bandmates. She’s usually watching him play and this annoys Chloe. I would hear them arguing but I let the twins work things out.



Her crush is a Yager boy named Brenden. He’s kinda strange to me because he wears fangs like he’s a vampire. But it’s supposed to impress the girls I guess.

The Yagers had their last 6 kids late in their lives and they kinda let their kids do whatever but they are still good kids. Their oldest is my age so I wonder why were they still having kids. Can you believe they had 2 sets of triplets? I heard it was fertility treatments was the reason.

Their oldest, Maddox is my brother Cergio’s best friend. I hope Brenden is nothing like Maddox. He’s kinda shitty like Cergio and I know they are up to some shady shit but I don’t know what it is. I just don’t trust Maddox. I’m friends with Maddox’s first wife Ebony and she knows some dirty things about him.



I’m not sure if I want my daughter involved with Brenden. She likes him so much. But he doesn’t seem like a bad kid. Maybe Regan and Bryn did right with him.



“Hi, Brenden. You played really well. I think you could be the next Jimi Hendrix.”




“Um, thanks but I don’t know who that is.”




“Kurt Cobain!”

“Didn’t he shoot himself.”

“Yeah but that’s not the point I’m making. Oh my gosh, you’re super cute!”

“Thanks. Not bad yourself.”




My niece Ada comes a lot and Cergio asked us to keep an eye on her. He doesn’t trust Ender around his daughter because he already has a daughter himself. I can understand Cergio doesn’t want Ada to be baby mama number 2 but my mom is raising her and Ada will be fine.

Ender is a good boy, he made a mistake once and he’s learning from it. Ada told me he wants to take things slowly but Cergio doesn’t care. He just doesn’t him to see her.

As long as Ada is not living under his roof, my brother really can’t say shit. My mom said either he moves her in or stop trying to break them up. Trying to forbid love is not going to work. God forbid he has the birds and bees chat with her. Cergio only shows up when he feels like it. My kids are everything, his kids are burdens.



“We’re just playing foosball. Nothing funny.”

“I know but I don’t want Cergio to kick my ass.”






Since it was Sunday it was time to make Octavia’s favorite meal. Grilled fish with potatoes. I make this every Sunday every since she died and I love making it. Cooking this meal makes me feel happy and good inside.



“I met Clark today and he loved the collection. It’s gonna be in his shop on Ciderwood.”

“Fish again?”

“I always make grilled fish on Sundays. It’s Octavia’s favorite.”




“She’s dead mom. Cooking this isn’t gonna bring her back.”


“I’m sick of it dad! Everything is about Octavia! What about us?”



“I can’t eat this anymore. I’m getting Uber Eats.”

“Kids, sit down and eat!”

“No! I’m not gonna sit here and eat this graveyard food anymore! Only Octavia liked this and no one else does!”

“I said sit down and eat the meal that your mother made!”

“It’s okay Antonio. Let them go order food.”




I was shocked how my kids acted at dinner. I didn’t know they were bothered so much. I thought they enjoyed eating Octavia’s favorite as much as I did but my kids did have a point.

What about them? Everything has been about Octavia. My collection, my meals, and I even make everyone watch all her favorite movies on movie nights. We haven’t seen anything new in a year.



I’m a horrible parent. I’m putting one child before the others and not thinking about their feelings. How could I do this them when I say they are my everything? All I do is think about Octavia and wonder how she would be today.




“How are you holding up? The kids didn’t mean what they said.”

“I’m a shit mother. I’ve been a shit mother towards them.”

“No, you haven’t. You are a wonderful mother. They are just fucking rude.”

“No sweetie, they have every right to be mad. Everything has been about her.”

“Not true.”




“I just miss her so much.”

“I know and I miss her too. We all miss her but I think cooking her meal every Sunday might be a bit much. Maybe you think about getting some counseling.”

“Counseling? You think I need it?”

“Honestly you haven’t been handling her passing as well as the others. With Chloe it was music, Cienna, blogging, Emery, photography, Rico, gaming, and me, cooking.”

“I made a collection.”

“I know and that’s good but look what use you’re doing. Keeping her room isn’t helping.”

“Don’t touch her room!”

“Okay, but one day will have to. We talked about having another baby.”

“Another baby? We can’t replace her!”

“We won’t replace her. But we always talked about having another baby before we lost Octavia.”

“I won’t replace her!”




We argued for a while after he brought up having another baby. This has been a fight we been having for the last 6 months. He wants another baby but I don’t. I want Octavia. If I could have one thing it would be to have Octavia back.

Where Are They Now? – The Montigo-Day Family Part 1

Celsia, Antonio & Ricardo Day

Celsia: Celsia spent 7 good years proving to her grandparents, Genesis and Lorenzo that she could possibly run the family’s resort with little of her help. This would allow Genesis and Lorenzo to finally to retire. Things were going well until there was a shift in what Celsia wants to do with her. A well known TV producer checked into the resort and told Celsia has a natural look for TV and was told how there needs to be more genie actors in television. This prompt Celsia to start taking acting classes which she began to slack on her duties at the resort.

One day another well known producer came to the resort scouting for genie talent for a new show. She spotted Celsia and thought she would be perfect for the role of the genie in a new show called, Lamped. Celsia was excited and audition for the part but unfortunately for Celsia, the role went to her own mother, Zinnia who she didn’t know was auditioning too.

Although Celsia was bitter about losing to her mother, she went with her to the studio to for the taping of the pilot episode. However the makeup artist was late which pissed off the director, as he’s not too keen with the makeup artist himself. Celsia offered to do her mother’s makeup, along with the rest of the cast. The director and producer were unsure about allowing an amateur do the actors makeup but they were already behind schedule and allowed it. Celsia impressed the production crew with her makeup skills, which one actress told Celsia that she never looked this good. Once the makeup artist arrived, she was promptly fired and Celsia was handed the spot. Although Celsia may not be in front of the camera, she’s happy that she has something to do with the show. During the first season of the show, Celsia was given another job to handle Zinnia’s wardrobe as they felt only a genie could dress another genie.

Before working on the set of Lamped, Celsia got back with an ex-boyfriend, Antonio from the early part of her adult life. Antonio has been the only guy whom she had a serious relationship and is the only guy who her grandmother approves of. Antonio was ready to settle while Celsia wanted to live like her mother did, which included, heavy drinking, partying and stripping. When Celsia reject Antonio’s proposal, Antonio moved on.

Fate brought them back together when Celsia stopped at a cafe called, Coconut Ave. for lunch. She learns its owned and run by Antonio. She soon realize there was still a spark between them and soon entered into a relationship. A week before Celsia became pregnant, Antonio asked Celsia once again to marry him. Without any hesitant, Celsia said yes knowing she may not find love like this with anyone. However the wedding won’t happen until almost 4 years later. This caused Antonio to worried and they finally agreed to marry on June 24th. But this would not happen as this was the same date which her twin brother, Borage’s wedding at the Suvadiva Resort which is on an island 75 miles away. Celsia fought with Borage over the date for 3 months until giving up when Borage already given the resort a non-refundable deposit. Celsia and Antonio wed July 8th, 2 weeks after Borage’s wedding at the family’s resort. Celsia is currently happy and planning for a huge party for her 10th wedding anniversary as it is Navox tradition.

Antonio: Antonio Day is a hard-working man who’s running his late mother’s cafe, Coconut Ave.. The cafe is known for his mother’s famous coconut creme, banana creme and key lime pies. Antonio grew up in Richdale but was born in Konani Tide. His mother a Polynesian human while his father is a Gaivania genie. After the birth, they relocated to Richdale to where his father is from. Antonio’s parents split after his 19th birthday where his mother returned to Konani Tide to opened her cafe. It would be years before Antonio followed his mother as he attempted to be with Celsia.

After Celsia rejected him, he moved on and met a female named Leia Williams who was the lead singer of a punk band. Antonio soon married Leia and hoped to start a family soon. However Leia’s music career was starting to take off and soon Leia and her band began their 43 state tour. Antonio finally got his wish 5 years into the marriage when Leia became pregnant with his son, Miles.

Motherhood didn’t slow Leia down, Antonio was often left with Miles as Leia went on tour. She only appeared to be a good mother for a photo-op. During an interview annoyed, Antonio called out his own wife telling the interviewer how Leia is only a mother when a camera is around and their own treats Leia as a stranger. He also states she’s selfish and sometimes forgets Miles’ name. Naturally this caused a rift in their marriage and it was a start of damaging her image. Shortly afterwards the media reported how Leia was abusive towards Miles, calling her the worst mother of the year. Antonio had no choice to clear Leia’s name since he started the fire. Antonio denied any abuse and how Leia has been spending more time with their, which that part was actually a lie.

The marriage grew sour over the years and Antonio finally filed for a divorce. However Leia dragged it out, refusing to sign any papers because her band was working on a new album. After 2 years since Antonio filed, the divorce was granted. Antonio set his eyes on Konani Tide and looked forwarded to moving into his mother’s with his son Miles. Tragically struck when Antonio’s mother was killed in a car wreck just a week before he was to leave.

10 weeks after burying his mother and relocating to Konani Tide, Antonio finds out Leia is pregnant after watching an interview on TV. Leia announced she’s expecting and joked how she gave her ex-husband a good-bye fuck before he relocated. When in reality, Leia took advantage of Antonio’s grief of losing his mother by spiking his drink with Viagra and getting him drunk before sleeping with him. Antonio was outraged to learn about the pregnancy this way. Antonio was soon asked for a follow-up interview which made him more angry and he knew he couldn’t tell them how Leia basically raped him on the night he learns about his mother’s death. Antonio declined and dodged calls from the media.

Leia gave birth to another son named, Kilo whom she named after his late-grandmother, Kilonah Day. She told interviewers it was a name whom she and Antonio decided which was far from true. Antonio felt she named him Kilo as another publicity stunt to make her look good, however he does like the name. Antonio attempted to get full custody since he has custody of Miles. Leia decided to fight Antonio on keeping Kilo, to repair her image, she felt that she had to raise Kilo. Antonio told the court how Leia only wants Kilo for publicity. When Leia told the court that she’s nursing Kilo, she was granted custody as the judge is very family oriented and felt no infant show be taken away from their nursing mother. Antonio didn’t believe Leia is nursing as she refused to nurse Miles. However Leia was telling the truth, telling Antonio how Kilo won’t drink formula. Antonio does find out Leia had used the wrong type of formula for Kilo. Since Kilo is born genie, he could only drink formula made for genie infants. It’s something that she would had known if she actually cared for Miles.

After marrying Celsia, Antonio made a few more attempts to get custody of Kilo but failed. Leia was actually a good mother towards Kilo but not towards Miles. Now Kilo is 18, Antonio doesn’t have much of a relationship with Kilo as Leia painted a bad picture of him for most of his life. This doesn’t stop Antonio from trying as he’s attempting to invite Kilo to visit Konani Tide. Kilo mention about wanting to be a chef because it felt natural but is discouraged by Leia. Antonio knows he needs to get Kilo away from Leia so he asks for his older sister, Miranda for help.

Miranda is planning to relocate to Konani Tide to help Antonio run the cafe. Miranda was happy to report that she convinced Kilo to join her after he finishes high school. Antonio only hopes Leia won’t get into Kilo’s head until then. There’s just a few months of school left. With Antonio’s youngest son, Ricardo now 15 going on 16, Antonio is wanting another child and hopes for a daughter. However Celsia has no interest in having another baby since she had 3 daughters before marrying Antonio. With Miranda moving into town with Kilo and her family, he promises Celsia that she will have lots of help. Antonio leaves little teddy bears, baby toys and other baby items around the house to get Celsia in the mood to have another baby. Antonio learned if a female Navox sees baby items, it triggers a natural impulse to have a baby which makes the female extremely frisky and fertile. Antonio’s trick may actually worked since he’s not getting much sleep at night lately.

Ricardo: As the youngest of both parents, Ricardo gets away with murder but is usually a good kid. Unlike his siblings, Ricardo was born as a Disa genie being equally a Navox and Gaivania genie. Ricardo often brags to his siblings about being a double genie cause he has the best of both worlds. This also annoys them. Ricardo is interested in help running the cafe and usually works as the busboy on the weekends. Ricardo is making plans to attend a culinary school after high school. He wants to be more than a busboy. Ricardo began taking cooking classes from his dad and sometimes at the Rikki Hut Cafe when his dad is busy.

During the summer, he spend most of his days at the beach, surfing and flirting with girls. Ricardo tends to be girl-crazy and almost always has a girlfriend by his side. Ricardo has no problem charming a girl, with his look goods and excellent cooking skills. During the summer when he was 14, he won a grilling contest and has every summer since. Ricardo is also a competitive eater holding the current record of 107 hotdogs. However Ricardo isn’t allowed to enter the next annual eating contest due to his genie status. They felt that he had an unfair advantage as it’s common for genies to eat excessively. Ricardo doesn’t let that break his spirit and will continue to enter the summer grilling  contests.

Ricardo also likes to skateboard, swim, play video games and prank his sisters like most typical teenage boys.



It’s the end of the world…year. A look back of 2013

So it’s the end of the world today and I figure we should take a look back of the year in the Montigo legacy. A lot has happen since January until now.


Borage… changed.


Like a lot…..

Did you get a tan or something???!




I was getting ready to start this year with a blast. I had interesting ideas for Borage’s story and the others. I was ready and all…



But some bitch ass ho just had to steal my laptop back in January after a terrible night partying. I was DJing at bar and my equipment failed me during my set twice. It went from bad to worse in a matter of hours…



Just taken 2 hours before it was stolen 😦


With that mess… I lost a lot of sim related stuff. At the time Borage had this deal with this crazy alien…





When my new laptop came in I had no choice but to do a time jump…





Before the jump, he thought it was a great idea to piss off one of his alien kids. Thus is was the first time his memory was taken. He’s already absented minded.. he has a hard time remembering shit as is.



Hopefully Borage had learned to not piss off his daughter Luna anymore.. She’s kinda evil and shit.




Like really evil….



He didn’t get to remember that time he finally got a fairy in bed and knocked her up.. But I guess he wasn’t too torn up about it. I mean that was 2 more kids he would had to deal with. His way of dealing with kids is by pinning them on someone else while he do his own thing.. Like making more of them!




Borage fell in love for the first time.



10 chapters later, she died.




His daughter Miyoko had an accident and was in a coma for 7 years.





During that time he was forced into a marriage with the crazy alien Fayon.




There was surprise alien butt sex…




Which lead to this…



And this…


Then this….



Birthing those 7 babies left him with a lot of ass, which he wasn’t too happy about at first. Ha!



Course there would be another kink in Borage’s story. These file errors are annoying. But he moved around until I could find a world that was stable. Another time jump was in order but it was a main jump. Starting off with him being a grandfather to 3 grandchildren who live with him.



He later meets a girl who seems nice and all at first.



Hooking up with June was probably his biggest mistake. No pun intended. Haha!



He still hasn’t learned that being involved with aliens is never a great idea.




But it did push him into being a more attentive father to his youngest children. He grew and matured during the course of the year.



Just as Borage was finding love again since Lois….






As Borage remains in a coma, his 5th grandchild enters into the world. Mordecai makes an attempt to show Borage his new child in hopes it would awake him. But of course nothing.


5th grandbaby? Where’s the 4th?

The 4th would actually be Phoenix’s baby who wasn’t shown just yet. With the timelines, her baby was born 6 months before Borage’s accident. Borage haven’t met her child yet but it’s pending 😉




Which this brings the attention to one of Borage’s favorite kids, Phoenix C.. She seem to gotten herself into a sticky situation.




I last left off where she finds herself pregnant after a drunk one night stand with her roommate Kai. After learning he has gotten back with his on and off again girlfriend, Phoenix refused to reveal that he’s the father of her unborn child. Only time will tell if she tells Kai about the truth of her baby or not.




Borage’s first child, Bruce Lee doesn’t seem 100% happy with his relationship with Lakey. They relocated to a town to have a peaceful lifestyle. Lakey has a distaste of city life and believes it will bring nothing but trouble. Bruce Lee is attractive to the city life and wants to open his own night club just like Borage plan to do himself.



Bruce Lees finds a piece of happiness locked in his basement man cave and secretly teaching himself how to DJ. Bruce Lee is intrigued with Borage’s lifestyle but wants to be like himself without all the random baby making. However Borage’s life seems more appealing than his own, it’s possible that Bruce Lee could allow his genie aura to take over and he could possibly have a wandering eye like his father. Will he fight this possible temptation, stay true to Lakey and grant her every wish? Or he become exactly like his father and wander?



Celsia thought it would be a great idea to follow in her twin brother’s risky lifestyle. The end results after a night in the hot tub with her new surfer boy type neighbor, were a set of twins. Celsia dislikes children and rather not be bothered by her twins. She often left them on her half brother Clark Queen.



Like Borage, Celsia find herself with an alien pregnancy. She gave birth to a little girl named Emery. Celsia thought she was cool cause Emery was born both alien and genie. Celsia was more attentive with Emery than with her twins. Sadly this is where the story ends. I pulled the plug after her save failed. I couldn’t be bothered with making a new save as I just made over the town of Hidden Springs. Doing it again wasn’t an option so I decided to cancelled. I had thoughts about giving her a new story in Sunlit Tides but I decided against it about spending hours on building a resort where her story would focus on. Her living in the resort could be a problem. I built a living quarters for her and her family but there’s no possible way to keep out guest. They’ll have the option of checking in her living quarters. Plus she would have to keep checking herself in just to sleep. It’s too much of a hassle and decided that I won’t go forwarded with it. I decided that I will just drop her in Borage’s story at some point.


What about Clark?

I haven’t decided just yet. I thought about dropping him into a pending new story as a townie with his daughters in Moonlight Falls. Or I could possibly add him into Borage’s story when Borage moves to “Roland” Heights. However his daughters should be grown and I would like to love them.. I’m not sure what I will do with him. But at some point, he would have moved on from Celsia since she’s difficult to deal with.



Speaking of Moonlight Falls….


Dodder had some issues of his own. Having a witch’s curse placed on him to where he’s the one who gets pregnant. Dodder spent a great amount of time trying to break the curse. He had to give birth to 100 kids by 10 different wives. Dodder isn’t fond of kids or commitment so this would be a struggle.



However Dodder was lucky to only give birth to 3 kids before the curse was broken. With a twist of faith, Dodder found real love with a witch and fathered his first child that he didn’t give birth to. Dodder had a happy ending but this isn’t the last of him. He’s now a townie in a pending new story.



I did bring back Party Montigo for a short time. It stared Borage’s mother Zinnia and his aunt Rosette. However this story fizzle out once again. With the lack of attention from readers, I just put an end to this.



It did have its share of silliness such as aliens dressed like pimps.



And endless alien abductions. I have no plans on bringing this back ever.



Lilah finally gets to live out her wish to live in space. She hopes to marry an alien but have to date 10 guys before that happens. I decided to do a wishacy with her. In some way it’s fun but I don’t count it as a real story. There’s not any real writing going on. It’s pure autonomous and whatever goes, happens. There hasn’t been much updates cause this would work better with the ITF EP. Lunar Lakes is so dry and lacks any sparkle, she would do better in the time travel world. Someone made that world into a main world however it’s empty. I would have to fill it with sims but I have no extra sims to fill with it. So…not sure if Lilah’s wishacy will continue. But it’s hard for me to play her save cause LL is just so boring. I built a night club but it’s not enough.



And last, Rio. The heart of the whole legacy but gets the least attention and readers. I really can’t pull the plug on this cause it’s the heart, the start, the actual legacy. Borage and the others are just extended members while Rio is the main family. I’m trying like hell to bring new life into this story cause it can never die. Rio’s gen is off to a slow start but hopefully things will pick up next year. Rio wants to take control in his life, enrolling into college to gain a business degree to open his own business. However he was told he would be given his father’s business which makes Rio uncertain about his future. As he wants to do his own thing, he isn’t interest in running Montigo Palms when his dad retires. Rio also wants to be a music composer as he enjoys playing the piano. But Rio wants his own fortune and running a business would pay more than composing music unless he scores with the right person. Rio also have a little situation with his long time girlfriend. She’s ready for the next step, marriage. However Rio doesn’t see marriage as a big deal. He rather keep their current relationship as is.



I last left Rio planing on throwing a big send off to college party at his father’s club. The big party is buffer between his real issues, his relationship with Janiya, going to college for a major he’s not too interested in, and having the club handed over to him when he doesn’t want it. How will Rio do in school? Will he actually attend? Will he make the next step with Janiya or will he allow the relationship to fail? Will Rio accept handling Montigo Palms or will he sale it against his family wishes?


Hopefully next year will be more exciting and better than this year. Hopefully my game will act right. Hopefully I’ll back up my saves often. Hopefully no ho bitch will steal my shit.

It’s been a fun year and hope to see you all next year!

Stay Juicy!





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 62 – Lost & Found

I’m getting dizzy, feels like the room or whatever I am is spinning around. The beeping, I hear it again. That sound is going to drive me nuts if I have to keep listening to it. Spinning, spinning, make it stop…. Feels like I’m about to puke.. 

It’s dark, I can’t even see my hand in front of me. I swear I didn’t move from my spot. It’s cold in here, dark.. I think I’m lost. What happen? I haven’t found my way out of this room and then suddenly it’s dark, cold and felt like it was spinning. Maybe this realm felt that was enough memories. Shit! How much time as passed by? It felt like it was 5 minutes, probably 5 years had passed in the real world. Fuckin’ shit.. This place.. I need to find my way out but I’m so lost. I can’t even see where I’m going if I try to move.

Wait… I see something.. I see some light coming in.. What is that?



“I found you….Ms new booty.”

“Huh?! Who said that? Where’s there?!”

“Why won’t you turn around?”

“Can you turn on a light?”



“Surprise, motherfucker!”

“What the fuck?!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 61 – Once upon a Childhood – Part 4





“I just wanted to see some bare boobies but this is way much more! Can I be your boyfriend now?”




“Oh my stars Borage! What are you doing in here?! Get out! I’m naked!”

“I needed to pee but wow June! I like your body. Something strange is happening in my pants.”

“You little pervert! Get out!”

“Are those real?”



“Of course they are real! Now get out! I can’t believe you! Walking in here, peeking at me.”

“Your naked body made my body do something weird. I kinda like it but confused.”

“Congrats! You got your first hard on now get out!”

“Geeze, you’re no fun.”




I heard June fussing to my mama about me walking in as she was getting out of the shower. I didn’t tell August that I saw his mom naked but I was happy to finally see a live naked lady who was sexy. I’m not sure if I can keep this from August. He might get mad but it was an accident. I didn’t know she was in there. She forgot to lock the door anyway.

“Your pervert son came into the bathroom while I was getting out of the shower. He just stood there, looking at my naked wet body. You need to get control over your kid!”

“I know it was an accident. He’s a little boy.”

“That was no accident! That kid is a pervert! Go do something with him! He’s being a bad kid!”



“Don’t talk about my bubba like that! He didn’t mean to! May if your dumb ass would lock the door then maybe he wouldn’t walk in.”

“I watch how he looks at me. He planned this. I’m not comfortable knowing he might do it again!”

“It’s not like you have to live here and keep fucking my husband! You can just go! Get out, no one is stopping you!”

“I didn’t ask to be freed from the well. I was content staying in the well as a frog with my lover Keon. I miss him.. I can’t go back since Max freed him. I’m suppose to stay here anymore. Since Max freed me, then he must be my true love. I’m still in love with Keon.”



My mama had ever intention to only free Keon for the sake to get June to move out and stop fucking Max. Keon was drawn to my mama and quickly hopped out of the well when she called for him by name. Only a kiss from his true love will free him but since my mama is a love genie, her kiss would break it when she’s not his true love. However this was later a fatal mistake for Keon, my mama has deep regrets of it.



Keon failed to get my mama to love him and time run out since being freed. A curse was placed on him, he was turned into a zombie and one night he came across the wrong house. He frighten them, he didn’t mean any harm, they shot and killed him. But before that, he was drawn to my mama and ignored June. This was the last straw for June and she left with a broken heart. She took August and her twins with her and moved across town. Months later, my mama gave birth to Dodder and Erica. Keon wasn’t seen much since the birth.



Time when by, I got older and taller. I was a sexy 12 year old man now. I dressed a certain way, hoping it would impress the ladies. But Riverview was still full of hags.




I wish August was still here. It would be nice to have another boy around. My sisters still annoy me with their problems that I don’t give 2 fucks about. I had a little brother now but Dodder was just a baby and didn’t do much.

“Then she asked Ian out anyway! She knew that I liked Ian but the slut went behind my back and asked him out! Can you believe that?”

“I don’t care! Ugh! Go away! Ian is a jerk anyway.”



“I need your help.”


“Use your magic to banish her to hell!”


“You gotta! Daddy said it’s your job to look after us girls!”

“I’m not gonna banish your hag friend to hell cause she asked your crush out!”

“I’m telling daddy!”

“Yeah? What is he gonna do it? Ground me in an email? Go ahead!”







“How dare you! Ian isn’t lame! Ian is a lot better than your lame short boyfriend Dimitri!”

“Hey don’t you talk about my boo! He’ll grow some day! I told him to drink more water anyway. You’re such a loser, Ian wouldn’t want you anyway if Ashley didn’t ask him out.”

“That’s not true! You’re just a hater cause your boyfriend sucks!”

“At least I have one!”

“You forced him!”


This was a daily thing, my sisters arguing over boys at our school. It was annoying having to hear about every single day. I couldn’t get away from it or hearing about girl gossip about who started their period or who stuffs their bra. Sisters are so lame.


“Borage! Stop scaring me! I’m telling daddy!”




August would come over and he’ll bring over his younger brother September and sister October. Celsia never made October feel welcome whenever she came over. October never did shit to her but I think Celsia lashing at her over jealousy. Max plays with October, cause that’s his daughter. We just his step kids but we are step kids he doesn’t like cause he doesn’t like our dad. But I was tried of Cece of always picking on her, so I had to teach her a lesson.




“Hey Borage! Can I come up?”




“No! But you can cool down! Ha ha ha ha!”









“You look like a wet bird! Now go fly away! Ha ha ha ha!”




“I hate you!”




It took away before I came to terms that Tequila is the closest I’ll have to a brother close to my age. Out of all of my sisters, she annoys me the least. Tequila was more of a tomboy, she prefer race cars over dolls. She acted less of a girl around the others and they hated her. I have a better relationship with her than I do with the others.

“Yo B! Can I come up? I wanna prank my idiot mom!”



I always had a good laugh at Tequila’s pranks on Rosette. Cause she always fell for it.

“Mom! I found a love letter from dad!”



“Well give me that letter you dumb brat! How many other love letters you been hiding from me?!”




“I got a whole bucket full!”







“By the way, dad hates you!”




“HEY! Is there room for one more?”




“You know there’s always room for you up here! I can easily push one of my sister out this tree.”




This was the last summer that I got to see August. He delivered some news that I didn’t see coming.

“Were moving next month.”

“To a better house?”

“Yeah. Well I hope so.”

“I hope so then I’ll come over.”

“But you can’t…”

“What do you I can’t come over to your new house?”

“Cause we’re moving to Roland Heights.”

“But that’s far away from here..”

“I know, my mom got a job there so we gotta leave.”

We kept in touch as much as we could. Through email, IMs, Simbook and by phone. But after a while, we grew apart. I heard from him since we were teens. Max made trips to Roland Heights but refused to take me along. I wonder if he’s still there.



We remained in lame Riverview, living our lives until we were old enough to live on our own. Finn was doing well with his singing career here. He gained a gig at a local park but the promotion for the show was terrible. No one showed up. It was just us. We were forced to listen to Finn sing terribly.



Celsia and I got along better whenever we had to attend Finn’s gigs. We would crack jokes about his singing. Insulting Finn’s lack of talent was a bonding experience for us. But it didn’t change the fact that she annoys the hell out of me.




“When I was a young boy, growing up in the ghetto. Hanging out on corners. Singin’ with the fellas.”




“How did you did this gig? Your singing sucks! You never lived in the ghetto! Mom said you were a rich white boy living in the suburbs!”




“Ugh! Don’t start twerkin’! Didn’t you learn anything from Twerk City 3? Every time a white person twerks, they’ll get hit by a Newsea teddy bear with riding a wrecking ball! Just stop! You’re embarrassing!”