Love For The Ladies: Chapter 46, It’s a trap!

I still haven’t or seen June since that one night. A couple of months had passed by and I gave up trying to make any mends to our friendship. I guess she just don’t want to be my friend again. I started to make trips to the basement to relax in my sauna room. It’s one of the only places where I can sit back enjoy myself without being bothered by my G-babies or annoying grown kids.  This is  the part of my life that I miss.

Just relaxing and not having a care in the world. Just me and my foam bubbles. It could use a little extra foam, if you know what I mean. But my dick rather have some special attention by a sexy lady than my hand.

One day I didn’t lock the door like I usually do to have some privacy and I was joined by someone. It was no surprise of which of my kids decided to follow me. He was the main one I try to get away from cause he’s always right under me for ever second of the day. I was hoping Aries would grow out of his clingy nature but that has yet to happen. I stepped out of the hot tub and walked over to the sauna bench to save him the trip of wondering over.




“Daddy, why do you always lock the door?”

“Cause daddy needs alone time in the hot tub.”

“You say the same thing about the lounge.  I like spending time with you daddy.”

“I know but sometimes daddy just need his own time..alone. Away from you.”

“But daddy, I don’t like being alone. I want to stay with you. I think sauna time will be fun.”

“Yes but daddy likes to make extra foam in the hot tub while thinking of sexy ladies.”

“We could do that! I like foam and sexy ladies too.”

“Um no.. Aries. I need to be alone for that.”

“I don’t understand? You just add more bubble stuff right?”

“Not exactly…”




“But how daddy? If you’re not using the bubble stuff.”

“Don’t make me say it..”

“But daddy…”

“What happens when you think of sexy lady too much?”

“My penis gets erect.”

“And then?”


“Where else? You’re always in my bed. “

“I just like to talk about things with you daddy.”





“We talk enough, do we?”

“Yes daddy but I wanted to talk to you about a certain thing.”


“Love. You were in love once, right? How does love feel like?”

“Love is like finding a pot of gold but finding out it belong to a big buff black guy named Tyrese, who demand ass play without lube every night with your ass if you wanna keep it.”

“Sounds painful, daddy.”

“Exactly, it’s a trap.”

“But my Suziu said love could be a wonderful thing if it’s with the right person. I hope to find love and maybe you will again.”

“You believe that rapist? Love is a terrible thing. She’ll just break your heart and fuck your dad.”

“So if I love a lady, she will have sexual relations with you?”

“Well I am sexy, she wouldn’t help herself.. But I’m a good dad and wouldn’t fuck her. I can’t say that about your granddad.”




“You still hate my grandpa?”

“Yes I still and will always hate that deadbeat. When you find out your namesake isn’t yours and he’s your brother… Your life gets fucked.. I hate him..”

“Will you have another namesake with the right lady one day? I hope to finally have a mommy. I always wanted a mommy.”

“Sorry Aries, I can’t give you that. Daddy doesn’t believe in love anymore. It’s all about meaningless fucking now. You got your aunt Fayon, isn’t that enough?”

“No daddy.. I think you should try love again. You’re in your 50’s, you are suppose to settle down and married. I think June is a nice lady. I wished she could be my mommy.”

“You know June is younger than you? Anyway Aries, love isn’t my thing. You can go for it but it’s just gonna fuck you in the ass at the end.”

“I want to believe there is love, daddy. Maybe if I find the right lady, I can marry her and lose my virginity.”

“Wait… you’re still a virgin?”




“Yes daddy, it is a bad thing?”

“Yes! You’re like 20-somethingish. You should be out tappin’ fine ass. You have my good looks! I didn’t be in labor for 3 hours and pushing you out my ass just for you to waste the wonderful genes I gave you! Get out there and man up, Aries.”

“But daddy… I just want to have sex with one special lady.. Who I will love. Sex with a lady you love is wonderful right? Was it with Lois?”

“Okay Aries, I see your point there. Sex with Lois was great but when you find out it wasn’t real.. It hurts, means nothing and I don’t wanna talk about her. She’s dead and gone. Let’s not rehash it.”

“I’m sorry daddy. What about Ms. Diamond? You say-“

“Diamond is a great friend..”

“But when you talk to her.. your eyes light up daddy. I notice it. Do you love her?”

“Aries, she’s just a good friend. I like talking to her and sometimes fucking her.. All she is to me is just a friend.”

“I think you are in denial daddy.”

Trust me, I”m not falling in love with her. Love is a trap and I’m avoiding it.”



Pedro’s POV



“This is Peidax Xip reporting from Earth. I’ve done enough tests and prepping my 2 subjects. I have forgotten their names so I will refer of as Subject A and Subject B, A for the witch and B for the wolf. They are ready with implantation but I haven’t decided on my method. As I long for mating with my genie host, I decided on mating with both subjects. This will satisfy my sexual needs I wish to have with my host. I watched my subjects before entering their cell for mating. They seem distraught about their location. I need to have them calm before mating, their stress levels should be low to assure a successful implantation. I am unsure how to approach them for the moment. “




“Do you have any idea where we are at?”

“I was hoping you would know!”

“I have no idea.. I was walking to my car and now I’m here.”

“So was I! I was about to head home and I’m here.”

“I don’t like this!”

“Me too. We gotta get out of here!”




“How are we going to get out?!”

“I dunno but we gotta find a way out!”

“It looks like we are in a science lab or something.”

“Oh my gosh! You don’t think.. we could be experiments?”

“I always thought my friend was crazy when she talked about aliens.. But they take people.”

“You don’t think?”

“I think.. a alien got us.”

“Oh no! We are trapped! There’s no way out! No way out!”

“There’s a way out! I believe so.. We can get out of here some way.”





“Do you see that!”

“See what?!”

“Someone is watching us!”

“Oh my stars! I can see them.. It’s… it’s… it’s a alien!”

“Oh no! You were right! We were taken by a alien!”

“What do you think he’s gonna do to us?”

“I dunno! I don’t wanna find out!”




“It appears that my subjects had spotted me and became more stressed out. I need for them to be calm but that will not happen naturally. I figure how I was going to approach. I must make the mating process easy and relaxed as possible.”





“Who are you! Are you going to hurt us?”

“I don’t hurt you. I relax you now. You not stress. Calm down.”

Calm down? Calm down?! You locked us in a cell and you want as to be calm?”

“I sorry but have to. Have no choice. I protect my children and I need you both.”

“For what?”

“Will tell later but I relax you now.”


“Oh no! What are you doing to here?”

“I relax her, no pain. You both will be calm for next step.”





“Please! I beg you… Don’t hurt us. I have family, they will be looking for me. Please let us go. We promise we won’t tell anyone about this.”





“I don’t hurt. I am friend. I am nice. I just relax you so mating will be easy. You are werewolf, I need offspring from you both. “





“Want to have sex with us so we will have your babies? But why us? I never had a baby before. How would you know if we are good enough to have your baby? Couldn’t you find a girlfriend to have children with? Isn’t right, this is terrible to take us cause you want to have babies. Babies need a loving family, not a crazy alien who kidnaps women and lock them in a prison cell.”




“I ran test on both. You will have good babies. I can raise babies well. Babies like rubber duckies yes? I raise 9 babies. Babies will be fine. You relax to mate with me. This not hurt one bit. After you have babies, I return you home. No worry, I raise baby.”





“Please no! Please don’t! I don’t wanna do this! Yes I want kids but not this way! Please no!”

“It be okay after we mate. I relax you now.”

“Please! Don’t!”

“I am sorry. I have no choice. Forgive, yes?”

“No you fucker!”

“We fuck, yes. I am fucker.”





“I have successfully mated with both subjects without issue. After a few scans weeks later, it show both carry one fetus each. I thought about increasing my fertility but decided to wait and see how these offspring will turn out first. I have used fertility on my host and he birth 7 children at once. I am not sure if I am ready for that many offspring yet however it will help my mission move faster.”




“Took away my subjects free will to assure stress-free pregnancies. They have came to terms with their imprisonment and becoming friends with other. I hope it will create a special bond between both offspring. I do continue to mate with both occasionally. It prevents me from wanting to have more personal children with my host. I want to stay focus on my mission.  I will not have any personal children doing my mission.”



Borage’s POV


Ever since my chat with Aries about love, he bothers to no end about it. He seems to be more around me now since Pedro stays in his room in the basement. I have no idea what’s in there since he keeps the door lock and never comes out. Whatever he’s doing, he need to stop and spend time with our son before he drives me insane. Aries insists I should  find love so he can have a mother like my other kids. He even suggest we create a dating profile online in hopes of finding love. I’m not interest in having a relationship. Maybe he should be bugging his brothers about this instead.




He could ask Mordecai, I’m sure he’ll want a woman to pin his daughters on. That would give us a break. Those girls need a mother since China doll died. I’m not sure Mordecai does when he’s avoiding his daughters. Kimora thinks he’s a uncle and calls L2 daddy. Maybe Morde should find a woman to live off and get out my house. Maybe she can motivate him into raising his own kids.





Boragio could use some help. Maybe having girlfriend around would make him stop acting strange. Like not jumping into the pool in his dress clothes and freaking out about it. Not sure if he’s dumb or just crazy. Boragio hasn’t been the same since his worthless mother’s death. Aries should sign them both up. They need a girlfriend more than me.





I’m pretty content of how my life is now. I don’t need or want a wife. If Aries wants a mother so bad then he should talk to Pedro. If Pedro can be less gay like then maybe a lady who is crazy enough would marry the freaky alien. I doubt Pedro has any interest in females since I never seen him with one. But what lady would want a green alien? I don’t know how to solve Aries’ mommy issues but I hope he’ll grow out of it.




“Borage, come here.. Teehee! Oh Borage! I’ve been looking for you. Come outside and meet me, Borage.”






“Who said that? How do you know my name?”

“You know my friend. I heard you are cute and I want to meet you.”

“Well where are you?”

“I’m in the sky, silly!”

“Are you a fairy? A sexy lady fairy who crave  genie dick?”

“You could say that. Come closer.”

“I dunno about this..”

“I won’t hurt you, come meet me.”




“How can I meet you if you’re in the sky? I can float but I can’t float that high up.”

“I can help you.”

“You can?”

“Yes, just stand right there and don’t move.”





“Shit, shit! It’s a trap! You’re a damn alien! I should of known better! Put me down! Put me down now! You’re not raping my ass!”





I don’t remember much of what happen with the alien but I can say she is pretty hot.





“You are a beautiful man, Borage. I had fun time with you.”






“What do you mean”fun time” Did you rape my ass?”

“Rape? I do not know what that is.”

“Fucking me in the ass against my will.”

“I do not know what is “fucking” either. Is fucking a fun like thing?”

“It could be, wanna try?”




“I don’t have time. I must return to my station.”

“So you just gonna leave me here?”

“Sorry beautiful man, maybe soon? I will return soon.”


“I need to meet them.”

“Who is them?”

“Just remember to name them Orion and Solar. See you later, beautiful man! Teehee!”





“Name them??? What the fuck are you talking about name them Orion ans Solar? What did you do to me?!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 45, Sweet in the Morning

I woke up in a dazed, my head was pounding, the sun glaring in my face. I slowly lift myself out of bed trying to collect memory of last night. I don’t have much memory of last night. I glanced over to see someone laying in my bed. It took a moment to focus before realizing  it was June who was sound asleep in my bed. I repeatedly ask myself, what happen last night and did we just-…. I looked on the floor, seeing our clothes scattered all over. We did. Why did I let it get this far? June was suppose to be my friend and I took her to bed? How drunk was I? How did she convince me to fuck her?

As I sat on the edge of my bed, I slowly started to remember the night before. I could of stopped myself but I didn’t. Fueled with liquor, memories of Diamond that made me horny as fuck, only made me want to fuck the next lady who comes my way. It wouldn’t matter who she was. Yeah I’m back on my mission but I didn’t want to add June on that list. She’s kinda special to me like Diamond. Special ladies friends shouldn’t be added to my list of 1000 random meaningless hook ups.




I felt bad as I spooned with her with thoughts of another lady, Diamond. I was still in my drunken state thinking I was with the other as she appeared in my dream once more.




For a moment it felt it was real but then I wonder as I fucked June, was I thinking of Diamond and thought June was her? I’m still trying to recover my memory of last night.




As I slept and cuddled with June, the memories of Diamond, flashed in my head. This memory of my dream felt so real. It would be nice to spoon with her again but I have a mission and she has her own. I just can’t help but remember all that awesome sex we had in Sunset City and Lucky Palms. Maybe I should send Diamond a plane ticket here for the weekend. Maybe we can make some more sexy memories.




But June.. What am I going to do with June? She had a high chance of being my first best friend that  I’m not sexual with, like with Diamond. June was suppose with be my friend with no strings attached. I watched as she rolled in bed. So much for being sweet in the morning. I regret last night as the memories came flowing in.




“Damn girl… Where did you learn how to kiss like that?”






“Was it bad?”

“Nah.. c’mere, lady.”





“You’re a awesome kisser, Borage.”

“Yeah I’ve been told that a few times.”

“I mean really awesome.. I never been kissed like that before.”

“I bet I could do some other things to you like no one has ever.”

“You think so?”

“I know so pretty lady. How about we take this party to my place?”

“Sure.. I would love that.”




“I’m not sure about this.. I mean- Uhh..”

“What’s wrong? You don’t want any of this magic genie dick?”

“Borage.. I’m a virgin. I never gone this far with a guy before.”

“You got the right teacher then. I can show the ways of awesome fucking. My tongue will guide you, lady.”

“I was saving myself for someone special but-“

“Lady, I am special. You’ll never find good genie dick like this. Lady, I’m magical. Why you think I call myself Magic B.? This dick is gonna wish I’ll marry you.”

“I would like to be married one day.”

“My genie dick might make this wish come true if you please it right.”




“So you would marry me one day?”

“Maybe someday when my heart is ready, Diamond.”

“Diamond? Is that a cute pet name for me? I like diamonds.”

Shit.. wrong lady-


“Yeah June, you’re beautiful like a diamond.”




“Ready for this  genie dick? Cause it’s ready for you, Diamond.”

“I think so. I like it when you call me diamond. No guy ever said I was beautiful like a diamond.”

“Uh.. yeah.. June… June. Ah June, you are truly beautiful Di- June.”

“Oh Borage, you can keep calling me by my new pet name. I like it.”

“Um.. ready for the dick? I promise I won’t hurt you. I’ll be gentle.”

“I’m ready. I think I want you to be my first.”




This would of been the time I should of stopped myself. One, she’s a virgin and was saving herself for the right guy. Two, I couldn’t get her name right. Calling her the name of one of my baby mamas isn’t cool but she figure it was a pet name. Yeah I played it off but damn, I just couldn’t get her name right cause I’m still thinking about Diamond and the time we had loads of awesome genie-fairy sex. It’s still fresh on my mind. I should of stopped right here but I didn’t…




“That was amazing. It felt so good. I really liked it when you called me by my new pet name as we made love. It made me feel special.”

“I am pretty amazing.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Yeah, I can give you another lesson but you’ll have to pay.” 

“Like with money? Huh?”

“Nah.. with your mouth. You can get under these covers and give me a blow job.”

“I never gave any guy a blow job. I’m curious.”

“You’re already a good kisser so this would be natural for you. Start out licking me like a candy stick and I’ll guide you. If you’re good, I’ll return a favor.”

“Okay.. This is my first time doing any of this.”

“It’s fine but my genie dick isn’t gonna suck itself ya know. I’m ready.”




Memories of last night came racing back. I just can’t believe it. How am I going to clean this mess up? I wonder if I remembered to wear a condom. Well she was a virgin and I don’t think her eggs were ready to catch babies yet. I guess I’m safe. I don’t have to worry about babies. Having a baby with June will make things complicated.





It wasn’t long before June finally woke up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her. Telling June that I regret last night shouldn’t be the first thing that she hears in the morning. I’ll see what she have to say first.





“Again, last night was amazing. You made me feel so special. I guess were taking things to a new level now? The things you said to me last night makes me feel good. You could possibly marry me one day. I guess this means that we are dating. I never had a boyfriend before.”





“June, I feel like a asshole. I shouldn’t had lead you on like that. In fact, I should of never fucked you but I was drunk, horny and thinking of her. I’m not ready for a relationship anytime soon. I’m still healing with a broken heart. I wouldn’t been ready even if you were Diamond.”




“What? You don’t want to be with me? You wished that we never had sex? Diamond? What are you talking about? I thought that was a special name for me?! Is Diamond a name of another girl? I feel like a idiot!”





“Diamond is the name of one of my baby mamas. I am sorry, June. I feel bad. You’re a sweet girl. I’m sure you’ll-“




“You’re gonna say “there will be some other nice guy for you.” I heard that line before, Borage! You’re a asshole like the others! I thought you were the one. I thought we had something special. We hung out all the time, I gave you signs that I was interest in you! I thought you were interest in me too! I made you a mix tape of songs hinting that I like you! Then you take away my virginity and call me a name of another woman! Were you thinking of her as you had sex with me?!”





“I said I’m a asshole. I thought about Diamond. I am really sorry. I feel awful, June. But I was really drunk last night and I had a lot of things on my mind. I never wanted to hurt you. I liked you as a friend. I shouldn’t had let things get this far. I didn’t know you liked me in a different way. I figure you were giving me new music to play when I open my night club. June, I’m sorry.”




“I gave you something very special that I can’t get back. I can’t believe you thought about your baby mama when you were with me! I bet cause she’s skinny and you don’t like me cause I’m fat! That’s why you thought about her! You wished that you were fucking her and not me. I’m sorry if I’m a lard ass but I can be as special as her!”




“June, your weight doesn’t bother me. You got have a nice round ass and I like that but I don’t see you in the way like I do with Diamond or any other lady. It’s not because of your weight. You are special to me, you were close to being a best friend. It’s something that I never had before. Us hooking up like we did probably ruined the awesome friendship we had. I just want to be friends with no benefits other than having a nice lady to hang out with and have non sexual fun with. It’s rare for me to have that type connection with a lady.”




“So me being a plus size doesn’t bother you?”

“No, June. Diamond is sometimes fat, she wants 100 kids and I still think she’s sexy.”

“Pregnancy fat is different from being actually fat, Borage. She’ll be skinny again. Maybe if I lost weight-“

“Even if you did, I still wouldn’t change how I feel about you. Your weight is not the issue.”

“Then what’s the issue? I’m a ginger? Every guy wants to be “just friends” with me.”

“There’s no issue, you have all the the type of things that I look for in a friend. Can we be friends?”

“Maybe.. But you made me feel special last night. Saying I was beautiful like a diamond but you were thinking of her.”

“I’m sorry.. What if we just have sex again and I think about you this time. Would that make you feel better?”




“No Borage! That’s not going to make me feel better! I feel ugly since you weren’t even thinking of me as were having sex! I feel like the ugliest female in the world!”





“I’m sorry, June but you are beautiful. What can I do to make you feel better?”

“Be with me like you would with Diamond. We have a connection and you know what.”

“June, I can’t do that. I’m not ready to be with anyone.”

“Not even Diamond?”

“Not with her either. I wanna be in her and not with her. I’m not in the right place to start a new relationship. I’m still hurt about my dead ex. I told you about her. Diamond has her 100 baby thing, she wouldn’t be ready to be with me even if I was ready. I’m doing my own thing too and I’m not stopping for no lady. I want 1000 hook ups, I stopped for Lois and I will never do that again. She broke my heart.”

“So am I on that list of 1000 hook ups?”

“In a way… yeah but I didn’t want you to. You’re spec-“




“Stop! Don’t say it! I don’t wanna hear it.”

“I just wanted to say that you were spec-“

“Don’t! I just don’t want to hear it cause it means nothing to me now! I’m just another number on your fuck list!”

“A special number on my fuck list.”

“If I was so special then why were you not thinking of me when we did it?”

“I was drunk and confused. We can have a do over. I promise I’ll think of you.”




“No! A do over? Really? That’s not going to make me feel better.”

“Usually a ride on this magic stick makes any lady feel better.”

“Taking a ride on the magic stick is the issue!”

“I don’t know what do to then. Watching you cry is making me feel awkward.”





“Fine! I’ll go cry somewhere else if me being upset bothers you so much!”





“I don’t want you to leave here upset. I want to work out things with you and make you happy again. I’ll be feel bad if you leave here upset.”





“I think I should go home. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Don’t go, stay so we can fix this.”

“This can’t be fixed. I’m hurt.”

“I can’t let you leave here hurt. I care about your feelings.”

“No you don’t. You don’t care at all.”

“But I do. I want to be your friend.”

“I like you too much to be your friend. I need to leave.”

“Please June.. “

“No Borage. I need to leave. Have a nice life.”

“But June..”

“Sorry Borage but it will be hard for me to see you with other females.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”

“But it is.”




June got dressed and left. I knew that was the last time I would ever see her again. My first and only friend in town is gone, just like that. I fucked up things and now I lost a friend that I really cared about. This kinda hurts me cause I’ll probably never had a friend like June again. I felt like such as ass as she walked through my door. I wish I could fix our friendship but she wouldn’t let me.




Honestly I can’t blame June for wanting this hot body of mine. Ladies can’t get enough of this hot genie dick. But still, I feel bad. I guess I will have to keep moving on then.




The next morning I tried to get a hold of June but she ignored my texts and calls. I feel bad but I guess I should move on. I decided to send Diamond a text and see how are things. I am going to get my sweet in the morning, one way or the another.

“hey Di its me B. my weekend sucked so i hope u can make it better by sendin me a pic of dat sxy body nekkid. dat would make me happy. i hope ur doing ok and i hope u send me a nude cause im still waitin. dnt make me beg girl. -B.” 

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 44, Looking for Magic

A few weeks had passed by and I was getting tired of sitting around the house. I needed to get back to my old life once again. I had no desire in working at another club. I rather have my own. I was left with my 2 youngest G-daughters but I wanted to scout out the city for a perfect spot to open my own club that I wanna call “Magic”. I took the girls with me, I figure it wouldn’t be so bad if the girls came with me to the clubs so I could get advice from other owners. It was only noon so it wouldn’t be like anyone there. I talked to one of the bartenders and she directed me to a lady named Rene.




Rene told me about a old science center with a reasonable price was available. Rene talked about how opening a club in there would bring new life in that area since it’s been a bit dead there for a few years. I told her I would check out the place as soon as I could. She gave me her contact info in case I needed help with anything else. I kinda do need some help with something. My magic stick is in need of some attention. Maybe Rene could help with that. It’s been a while since my last lay. The last was with Diamond and it was a night to remember. 




It was time to go but Mariah was having fun as she waited when I was talking with Rene. Mariah didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay so she could dance. I told her we would go somewhere fun.





I took the girls to Roll N’ Bounce Alley for the rest of the day. Mariah and I had some corn dogs and Mariah asked about the club.

“Can I work at Magic when you make it, daddy?”

“What can you do?”

“I can give all the nice people stickers!”

“So you want to be the sticker girl?”

“Yeah daddy. So can I? I’ll be the best sticker girl ever!”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“And can I get my raise now?”

“Your raise?”

“Yeah I heard it’s better to ask for a raise early.”

“Okay Muffin, I’ll give you a raise on your first day.”





Mariah and I skated after we ate lunch. She fell a few times, I picked her and try to help her skate but she said she’s a big girl now and didn’t needed my help anymore. That’s until she fell flat on her face and cried, then she needed me. I guess it was time for us to do something else before she hurts herself.





We did some bowling. I figure it would less harmful than skating. I don’t think I ever got a chance to bowl. I had a pretty good time with Mariah.




“Alright Muffin, watch the master. I’ll show you how to bowl like a champ.”

“I’m watching, daddy. I wanna be a bowling champ like you.”

“Just watch and learn, Muffin.”

“Okay, I’m watching, daddy. Be a champ!”





“And that’s how it’s done. It’s your turn, Muffin.”






“Daddy! This ball is heavy. I don’t think I can do it.”

“Yes you can, just try.”

“But I won’t hit anything, daddy.”

“You won’t know until you try.”







“See daddy. I didn’t hit anything. I don’t wanna play anymore.”

“Don’t be a quitter. Just try again, you might hit something. Just pretend the pins are something that you don’t like.”

“Okay daddy.”





“Take that you ugly cootie queens who keep flirting with my dad  when we go out. He never spend time with me cause your cootie face won’t leave him alone! Die! Die! DIIIIIIIE!”





“I didn’t think Morde knew you existed. This reminds me of something…”





“Goodnight daddy, I love you.”





“Who the fuck are you?!”






“I don’t think I’m gonna hit anything this time, daddy!”








“Look daddy! I got a spare! I think I’m winning now!”




“How is that possible? I think this game is rigged.”





After a few rounds I was able to get myself a strike. I guess maybe this lane was rigged after all.





After we were done playing I happen to notice that we were being watched by some woman. She was breathing a bit heavy like she had asthma or something. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to her or not. She isn’t my type with her staring at me all creepy like.




She smiled and waved at me and I waved back at her. She started to move forward towards me as Mariah ran off to so play some arcades. I kinda wished that she didn’t leave me alone with that woman.




“I always admire a man who spends time with his child. Anyway my name is June. You seem familiar some how. Did you DJ at this one huge party in Lucky Palms this year? You look like that same guy but with shorter hair. I am sorry for rambling on. I get nervous sometimes.”



“Yeah that was me. I’m Borage by the way. It’s always good to know that someone could recognize me. I’m going to be opening a club here in town soon call Magic. Maybe you can invite all of your sexy lady friends out for a night soon. I know there’s some ladies looking for magic. Well I am here. I’m a genie.”




Over the course of a couple of weeks, June and I hung out time to time. I realize that I didn’t have any friends. I got to know June a little and she seems cool. My G-kids like her cause they love the berry cobbler that she makes. She’s a good baker and wants to own her own bakery soon. Hanging out June was probably the best idea since she knows this city well. It’s good to have someone to call as a friend. Don’t get me wrong, Diamond is my friend too but I don’t get to hang out with her.




One day I got a text from June asking me to check out a club with her. I figure it would be fun. I told her I would meet her at 8. After replying back to June, I sent Diamond a text hoping she’ll send me a pic of her sexy fairy tits. I haven’t seen them in a while. Maybe she should remind me of what they look like.




“A cleavage shot! It’s not what I asked for but I’ll take what I can get.”

I liked what little I could see so I shot Diamond another text.

“that was nice but can u send me  a nude? i dnt care if ure all fat & pregg. i wanna see dat body again. – B.”




I shown up at the club where June wanted to meet. I got there early so I ordered my first drink.

“You, lemme get a sex on the beach. If you know sexy lady that wanna fuck on the beach, that would be nicer.”

“Well I don’t know any sexy ladies that want to do that. What’s fun about having sand stuck in the crack of your ass?”

“That’s what blankets are for. So you gonna make my drink or am I making it myself?”

“I’ll have it ready for you in a bit.”

“Well don’t screw it up. Magic B. will show it how it’s done.”

“I know how to make a sex on the beach.”

“As do I. Maybe I can make one tonight with a sexy lady.”

“Good luck, bro. It’s been pretty dead here.”





After I got my drink, June shown up. The bartender was right about this place. It was pretty dead. I suggest to June that maybe we should hit up another club. She agreed and we left to try out another club.




The other club wasn’t any better. It was just as dead but they were playing some good music. We decided to stay and dance.





I was pretty impressed by June’s dance moves. She was able to keep up with me. We were having fun that night. It’s been so long since I had any fun. The party in Lucky Palms was pretty fun but I’m ready to have some adult magic fun. These clubs that we been hitting up seems pretty dead so I doubt I’ll be getting action tonight. I’m not sure ditching June to get with a lady would be a good idea. That would be a bit rude to do that to someone who invited me out. I think I should try to keep the only friend in town. 





“Are you having a good time, Borage? I know I am.”

“Yeah. It might be dead here but I’m having fun. Wanna order some more drinks?”

“Yeah, I could use some more drinks. Maybe it would make the night better.”

“I never had a bad night where drinks were involved. I’ll get us some drinks.”





I got some more drinks. We stayed at the bar, slamming down drinks after drinks and doing shots. This girl could drink and I like that. I was hoping she’ll be a good drinking buddy cause I could use one of those. It wasn’t that long before I felt like the world was spinning super fast. June and I were having a great time, drinking and chatting. The more I get to know her, the more I like her as a friend.





“Borage, I’m really glad that you wanted to hang out with me tonight. These past few weeks have been fun. I really like hanging out with you. I always have a great time when I do. I’ve been wanting to tell you something but sometimes I get nervous but he it goes. I like you.”





“I like you too. You seem cool and fun to hang out. I like that you take the time to show me around town.”





“No Borage.. I really like you. I thought with me being a big girl you wouldn’t give me the time of day. You’re so nice and sweet to me. That’s what I like about you. No guy has ever been this nice to me before. I like you a lot. The way how we connect is like magic. It’s unbelievable.”





“I don’t see how you being fat would stop you from being my friend.”





“Most guys like you wouldn’t like a big girl like me. Most guys prefer skinny girls. I’m glad that you can look past that.”





“What can I say.. I like big butts and I cannot lie.”





“Oh really? Well I have a pretty big one myself.”

“Well I have a big one too. My genie dick that is.”

“I think I would like see it someday.”  

“Well June. I like you as a-“





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 43, Back to Life

It’s been too damn long since I last been myself. I gave a lot of myself up just for one lady. That same lady destroyed my heart and trust. I will never love again. Not if that’s how love works. I gave a lady my heart and she fucks my dad then had me raise his baby as my own. What kind of shit is that? After my trip to Lucky Palms to see my sisters and cousins, it was time to get back to my old self again.





During my time in Lucky Palms, I met a fairy lady named Diamond. I seen her face flashed in my dreams before. Apparently I had met her before and fathered a set of twin girls but I have no memory of ever meeting her. I saw a photo of the girls, and they are most def mines. My hair and facial features on the twins were strong. I had no idea I had 2 extra kids whom I never met before. I feel like a ass for not remembering her. How could I forget a pretty face like hers?




She tasted amazing.. How could I ever forget something like that? Was I smoking cracking? Pot, yeah. Crack.. no?





However things weren’t too great when Diamond had a encounter of the ghost of Lois. I finally got to confront her about her involvement with my dad who I longer wish to claim as a parent. I let her know that I was done with her. She did the worst thing ever. She lied to me. I know I did my shit, but I confessed, I owned up to it. But Lois, she was a snake… Spineless and cold blooded.




As I settle in my new city, Brooklyn Heights. I wanted to try something different. I got a Japanese grill after seeing my cousin Rio’s. Instead of using my magic, I actually cooked a meal. I’m a pretty awesome cook I must say.  If Diamond ever came into town, I wouldn’t mind cooking her a meal to show off my awesome skills.




I’m up to 3 G-babies now. Little Alyssa is a teenager now, Mariah who is Mordecai’s oldest just started Kindergarten this fall. And the youngest is Kimora, Mordecai’s youngest kid. I like the kids and all but I’m still not taking the “grandpa” title. I’m still too young and sexy for that. My oldest g-kid isn’t too bad. She does her homework and chores around the house. L2 stays on her about keeping up with her grades and chores. She’s a good kid and we don’t hear any lip from her. She likes to play video games and read in her free time as well look after her 2 little cousins. I’m pretty proud of Ms. Lyssa. She does her have moments where she’s depressed. I think it’s cause of her druggie mom, Ashley who nobody know where she went. I told L2 to leave that hag alone.




Mariah is my little buddy. She does remind me of her mom eggroll a little. Morde had been fucking panda bear for some time before she magically got old, ugly then died. Mariah doesn’t ask much about her mom now days. She’s gotten so use to living with me. Morde doesn’t pay attention to his girls much and Mariah ends up calling me “daddy” instead of “G-Daddy” or “Daddy B.” I don’t mind it in public, I don’t want the fine ladies to know that I’m already a g-parent. Mariah usually go everywhere I go. I like having her tag along with me.




Kimora, the baby is about a year going on 2. She reminds me a lot of BL at that age. He isn’t too thrill about his sister-nieces and haven’t make a attempt to ever see them. I think this baby has been stealing my drinks that I set on the coffee table. This baby is gonna need AA before Pre-K. Kimora is mostly a cry baby but rubbing some rum on her gums does the trick and knows her out. She’s teething again. I think rum will be her choice of drink.





Of course Mordecai moved with me since he now have kids whom he doesn’t pay attention to. He’s clueless about fatherhood. I know I wasn’t the best but I sure in hell did better than him. Mordecai leaves it to L2 to care for his girls while he goes do whatever. He was once in love with BL’s mom but since she got old and died suddenly, Morde just gotten weird. 




Pedro came along mainly cause of Aries. Aries wants to stay close to me and naturally, Pedro wants to be near him. He blames himself of why Aries is the way he is. Aries has panic attacks and is emotional mess. He caught the house on fire back in Starlight Shores while he was having his attacks. Apparently I wasn’t there and haven’t been there for so long. I’m not sure where I was but the fire not only damage Aries’ life but my cupcake, Lotus Rae’s life as well. Rae has scars all over her body from head to toe. I feel awful that I damage my baby girl.





And Boragio came along. I don’t know what’s his deal is but he didn’t get that craziness from me. Barking like a dog randomly and yelling for no reason. He’s from a whole other planet. However he’s been this way since his mom died.





L2 came along mainly cause of Alyssa. She loves her Daddy B.





Alyssa suggested that I should get a cat to help with the depression that I was having as I grieved over 2 losses. The cat helped, she’s cool and all. Her name is Sassy but doesn’t seem to like Aries that much. And it’s issue. Every time Sassy chases Aries, I have to hug and comfort him. I got him into painting, hoping that will help with his attacks. Painting should help him relax. 





I’m glad I got the cat. I think I may of gotten her for Mariah. They have a field day just playing around all day.





I didn’t think I would embrace grand-parenthood as well as I did. It seems a lot more better than actually having kids. My G-kids may live with me but it’s still not I’m basically raising. Teaching my drunken g-baby Kimora how to walk was kinda fun. I remember when her dad took his first steps for me as well as Mimi. I kinda miss those days but I’m glad it’s over. I’m not having anymore babies. Boragio was my last now that he’s 18 years old.





I get to do all of the fun stuff like take Mariah to play at her playground after having ice cream. I treat my Muffin with the best.





L2 talked about he doesn’t enjoy moving here so much. He talked about how he was abducted a few times. Maybe he shouldn’t be outside at night.





Although Pedro lives with us, I don’t see much of him. I’m not sure what’s he up to nor do I care. As long as he’s not putting anymore babies in me, I’m good.





“What are you doing? Who are you? How did I get here?”

“Relax. I run test.”


“See if you good.”

“Good for what?”

“You see in time. Relax. I have more test.”

“I want to go home.”

“No. I can’t allow now. Soon. Take deep breath. I finish test.”




Log#1: This is Peidax Xip reporting from Brooklyn Heights, Earth. I have began my 50 hybrid pollination cycle. I am under strict orders to complete this mission since I refuse to produce another alien-genie hybrid with Earthling, Borage L. Montigo who is of  Navox genie occult. If I do not succeed in my mission, the lives of my 7 children with Borage along with the lives of Fayon’s children are in danger. I will mate or pollinate different females and males in a timely manner. I recently have succeeded in capture two 2 young adult females and imprisoned them. The tests shown they are both indeed healthy. Shelly Knowles is of Witch occult while Harley Combs is of Werewolf occult. I successfully mated with both subjects. Memory of our sexual encounter was erased to prevent distress in order for the subjects have a successful pregnancy. After a body scan, both  subjects shown they are pregnant with my fetuses. I will report again as the pregnancies progress more. – Peidax Xip”



Note: This spices things up a bit, there will be a mini Baby Challenge with Pedro inside of Borage’s Risquecy. It’s pretty much 2 stories in one. Pedro will have to have 50 babies with different sims of a occult to produce alien hybrids to please his Superiors or the Montigo 7 and Fayon’s twins will be killed. Microchips were inserted in each child when they were infants. The microchips are a tracking device and can act like a time bomb.

Although Pedro refuses to impregnate Borage anymore for his job, doesn’t mean Borage is done with alien pregnancies 😉  Borage isn’t done giving birth just give but he’ll have a break for some time. The sims I will be using for Pedro’s mission is sims that the game generate after they had a makeover in CAS. If you are willing to donate, that is great however you may wanna think twice before doing so. There’s more to this story.




Love For The Ladies: Chapter 42, This is it

Falling in love wasn’t my plan. I never thought that I would be your lover.




And you said you really know me to yourself.  And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes.



“I need to forget…”




“My sweet Borage, everything is going into place. One day.. some soon. We shall be one..”




“Sister, I do not understand. Why allow Borage to be with others when you can have him to yourself now?”





“I do not wish to rush things, Remi. The long wait will be worth it. You shall see. For now, he must go through his trails. It is my plan, Remi dear.”




“As you can see Remi, Lois Champagne’s time with him has expired. I will return, stay put.”

“Yes, sister.”




“I don’t agree of what sister is doing.. I could possibly forewarn and relocate Lois like I did with Alayna.. However sister may caught on to me. Lois, I am sorry.”




Your life is in great danger. You must leave at once, Alayna.”





“Do you have to go now? Don’t ya wanna ride the magic stick first?”




“I’m just picking up a few things for our wedding, tomorrow. I will be back.”




And I feels as though I’ve known you for a thousand years.

“Lois, your time with Borage is up.”




“Who are you?”




“None of your concern.”




“Be lucky that I let you stay around this long. I was hoping Liam would spare you.”







I never thought that I would be your lover. Come on baby just understand.




“Spill it, BL. What’s so important that you needed to ask me?”








“You didn’t think I would know what’s going on with you and my mom?! How could you both! I don’t want to have anything to do with either one of you!”

“BL.. I am sorry.. You don’t mean that.. Were brothers.”

“The hell we are… You’re just somebody that I use to know.”




“Junior! Junior! Wake up! What happen?! Junior! ..Don’t leave me, son!”




“Dad, the doctor said you’re not a match for a blood transfusion for Junior. The test shows you are a relative, but you’re not his father.”




“I am sorry that you had to find out like this, dad. Grandfather is on his way, he’s most likely a match.”




“My son is my brother…”



And you said want to go with you on a while. And I know that it’s really for myself.

“Borage, how is he?”




“How could you do this to me! I’m your son! How could you do this to your fuckin’ son! What kind of parent are you?!”




“Borage, I’m sorry.. I know I shouldn’t had done what I did with Lois.”




“I loved her, dad! You just had to put your dick in her! I hate you! I hate you, you worthless piece of shit! You can have your sorry ass Gelman name back! I hate you!”




“How are you feeling…. son?”

“I will never call you “dad” So you can save it.”




“Daddy, you should come in. It’s getting cold, you’ll freeze to death.”




“Why did you have to fuck him, Lois?! I tried to be the right man for you!”




“Daddy! It’s me, Rae. Lotus Rae, daddy.. I’m not my mom!”




“I’m sorry, cupcake.”




I never heard a single word about you. Falling in love wasn’t my plan.

“I don’t care what the doctors say. I don’t care what the blood test say, you’ll always be my dad. I love you, dad. I just wish you would take better care of yourself. I care about you, dad and I’m getting worried about you. I don’t want to lose you too.”

“Don’t worry…son. You’ll never lose me.”

“Hey bro, it’s Dodder. I got you a gig at this new spot in Moonlight Falls. I seen your recent pics and you look like shit. Get your self cleaned up before you get here. I hope all is well. – Dodder”

“Hey lady, what’s your name?”

“Doll Marine.”

“Hey I liked your stuff. I have some friends opening a club in Storybrook County next week. Would you mind playing there? I can get you booked.”

“Yeah, it’s been too long since I played besides tonight. I’m in.”




“So what’s your name? Mines Cindra.”

“Borage.. Borage Montigo.”




“Let’s take a pic before you have to go.”




“We look good together.”

“Hmm.. I should go.”




“Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?! Daddy!  Why did you leave me here?!” Daddy!”




“Journey, how is Rae? Is she going to pull through?”




“Where the fuck were you for 2 months?! How could you let Rae alone for that long! You should know that kids are dumb?! Where were you, dad!”

“I needed time away.. I thought Pedro or one of you were looking after her. I figure since she and Boragio are 17 now, they could be alone..”

“You thought wrong, dad! You were too busy fucking around to bother coming home to your kids! “




“Let’s see how good of a ladies man you are when I don’t have memory of fucking those bitches. You’ll look like a ass when your can’t remember who they are when they come calling you back!”




I had a great time with you, B. Hope to hook up with you again 😉 – Cindra

“Who the fuck is Cindra and how did she get my number? Is she hot?”




“Luna, I got daddy handled. Erasing memories is kinda cool. – Journey.”




“What man would find me beautiful when my face looks like this. Sometimes I wish I had died in that fire. Maybe I could see mom again. I miss her even if she did daddy wrong.”




“It’s my fault why she is they way she is now.”




“Are you sure you don’t want to move with us?”

“I plan on moving to Storybrook County to stay with Phoenix.”

“Storybrook County? I heard it’s nice. I never been there before.”




“No matter what anyone say about your scars, you’re beautiful and perfect as you are.”

“Thanks, daddy. I’m gonna miss you. Come visit us sometime.”







Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, Mr. Montigo. I hope you and your family will enjoy living here.




“Yo B! It’s me Tini! I hope you got settle in and shit! Come with me to Lucky Palms to visit Tequila. She got a new place. You could use the trip, bro-cuz! – Martini”




This is it. I can feel. I’m the light of the world. This is real. Feel my song, we can say. And I tell you can feel that way.

“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”




And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before. And you said to me that you don’t want me hanging around. Many times wanna do it here before.

“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”




“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”




“I think this will do the trick. He’ll have memory of me.”




“The ghost.. She came out from no where and attacked me. I don’t know who she is.. But why did she attack me?”

“It’s okay, Diamond. I’m here now, this ghost lady won’t bother you again. I’ll protect you. But I know something that will make you feel better.”








“I loved you, Lois! But I guess my dick wasn’t good enough for you and you go off to fuck my dad and had me raise his son as he was my own! I know I made my wrongs but I owned up to them right away! Why did you have me believe that Junior was mine?! I named him after me! I hate you, Lois! I wished that I never met you!”





“Borage… you don’t mean that.. I’m sorry.”




“I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“This is it! I have to get over her.. She never loved me.”




Some scenes where taken from 2 other stories.

Borage appeared in Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums by NyraKick. Doll had triplets by Borage.

Borage also appeared in the Lavoie Legacy by korset

Diamond Flare is from Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge by illyianna2005  The scenes she was in are from a future chapter of Tango Inferno

And this chapter’s song was “This is it” by Micheal Jackson of course.