Love For The Ladies: Chapter 104 – The Boys Come Out To Play

 I guess you could say this would be my last night of “freedom”. Tonight is my bachelor party and we plan on heading towards Bridgeport in the limo that Brad rented out. We do plan on staying in Bridgeport overnight in a hotel. There’s no since returning back to Jericho, the wedding will take place in Bridgeport.

After all, the groom and bride shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. Vega made it very clear that she doesn’t wanna see my pretty face until she’s walking down the aisle. She’s very superstitious.  She wants this wedding to be perfect and there’s already been a couple kinks.

Last night 2 of Vega’s bridesmaids went into labor. Vega was very upset and didn’t know what she was gonna do. During the rehearsal dinner, I told some of my sisters about Alexia and Simone had their babies. Phoenix and Nova offered to be the replacement bridesmaids. Vega liked that they offered but the wedding must be perfect. They would look out of place not having matching dresses like Selene and Veronica. Selene, Veronica and my sisters ended up leaving the dinner early to find new matching dresses. Anything purple was Vega’s only request. She wanted her bridesmaids to wear my favorite color. The girls were able to find a purple dress for Vega’s liking. Vega was still bummed about them having to leave the dinner so early.

There was also an issue with the cake. It was back ordered and wouldn’t be ready until after our wedding. This drove Vega into a rage. The cake was the most important thing. Luckily my close friend Devin is an excellent baker. He offered to bake us a wedding cake, free of charge. However he had to leave early to bake the cake before my bachelor party. Vega was filled with so many emotions when Devin came back with a well done wedding cake. I think she was in more shock of the cake being the same flavor as the cake that we originally ordered. I think Devin scored some brownie points with Vega. 



 “Am I pretty enough?”

“Yeah, Brad. You’re pretty much.”

“Thanks. I try very hard.”

“Ha ha ha ha. Who are you trying to impress?”

“Do Phoenix like white boys by any chance?”

“Phoenix? Oh what happen with Veronica? You were pretty flirty with her at the rehearsal dinner.”

“I like her but Vega kept giving me the stink eye.”

“So you figure you should get with my sister?”

“Ha ha ha.  Just messin’ with ya but your sisters are pretty hot.”

“Watch it bro…”

“Ha ha ha! Just chill. I promise that I won’t go after your hot sisters.”



 I kinda feel bad going out to party while Vega doesn’t. She’s heavily pregnant and the ideal of having a wild bachelorlette party on the town  isn’t appealing. But she still wants me to go out with my friends and brothers. She doesn’t mind staying back.

“Do you need anything? I feel bad cause I’ll be partying and you’ll be here.”

“I’ll be fine. Tonight we are having a little baby shower. We got games, punch and cake! That’s all I need now.”

“So you ladies will be okay?”

“Yeah! I get to spend time with my sister and mom. I missed them so much. Plus I’ll get to know your sisters too.”

“Yeah, don’t have too much fun.”

“Okay, I’ll try not to get too wasted on cake and punch, sir.”

“Ha ha ha!”



 Brad and I met up with our friends at their hotel. But I was curious of what Brad had planned for us.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“I figure we should start out night at Red Velvet. I heard that place is real nice.”

“The strip club?”

“Yep. It’s real classy there.” 

“Did you say the Red Velvet?”

“Yeah, Revan. You been there?”

“Once or twice but maybe we should go to a different strip.”

“Nah, Red Velvet is the best one in BP.”

“But Brad, I’m sure that’s not true.”

“Revan, are you afraid of strippers?”

“No! I am a man!”

“Then its settle, Red Velvet then Waylon’s for bad karaoke.”



 “Don’t bring your asshole friends to my job!”

“Why? They all know you’re a stripper!”

“Exactly! Just don’t bring them or else!”

“Or else what?!”

“No sandwiches! You can fix your own honey roasted turkey sandwiches!”

“That’s not fair!”



 “Danica isn’t gonna make me anymore sandwiches guys. I love honey roasted turkey…”






 We made our first stop at Red Velvet, I did notice how Revan seemed a bit quiet during the drive there. Maybe I should had talked Brad out of it, Revan seemed real bothered about coming here but I was curious why. I did notice when we first entered a friend named Brandy was one of the dancers. I first met her during training camp, she was the only female there. She was also dating another trainee named Ezra whom I also became good friends with.

 I see that she traded off poles. I’m not sure if it was a good idea inviting Brandy to the wedding. She is a little off, she and Ezra broke up and now I’m learning she’s a stripper. Having a stripper friend will not set well with Vega.



 Brad told me that he had a special surprise waiting for me on the main stage. My bride for the night. Vega would flip if she knew of this. There can only be one bride. Her. 




 “So you like?”

“Vega would kill you. You’re already not on her good side. Ha ha ha.”

“I thought it was fitting.”

“She isn’t gonna give me a lap dance is she?”

“You are the groom. You get this one free pass. Take it.”

“Doesn’t feel right man.”

“It’s just a lap dance. It’s her job. It’s your night.”

“Ha ha ha yeah but no.”

“Damn you really must be in love.”

“I love Vega and I fear her.”

“Ha ha ha! Well I guess I’ll be Candy Pink’s groom for the night.”




 In ways I wouldn’t mind having a lap dance but I knew I would regret it. The last lap dance I got ended up turning into a 2 year bad relationship. I never told Vega that my ex was a stripper. I met her at the strip club in Star City.

It was my 18th birthday and my dad felt that was the right place to celebrate at. Angela was mesmerize by me when she first saw me. I felt the same when I first saw her. I was a horny 18 year old, eager to swipe my V-card. She was the most beautiful woman who I laid my eyes on. Before leaving, she slipped me her number. My dad was impressed. Little did he know, it was the beginning of my nightmare.. 



 “You’re not doctor Phill!”

“I know. I was just giving some friendly advice to a friend.”

“You know nothing about true love!”

“I know something about it.”

“Did you love her?”


“Don’t play dumb with me. The crazy harlot known as Brandy!”

“Hey! Don’t call her that!”

“So you admit it! You love her!”

“I didn’t say that. Just don’t call her names. That’s kinda immature. Besides, Brandy is a good person. I don’t know what she saw in you.”

“I don’t know what you see in her. I don’t know what she saw in you. You just want Revan to break up with Danica so you can move in on her. Just like you did when I left Brandy. Snake boy!”

“That’s not true!”

“Lies, Devin! Lies!”

“Trust me, I’m not after Danica. It’s Brandy who I want. Maybe if she sees that I’m a nice guy, a nicer guy than you then maybe she will give me a chance.”



 “Why waste your time on that vile woman! Brandy is will be in love with me. I am the alpha male of the group! She will always go for the alpha. You are weak and skinny like a girl. Spineless like a snake.”

“Look here asshole..”

” No. Look here snake boy, bros before hos! You had forgotten the code.”

“I always liked Brandy and you knew that! You took her from me! You broke the code!”

“Because I am the alpha! And as the alpha I choose to escort Nova at the wedding. Nova is the most beautiful female I had laid my eyes upon on.”

“But I was assigned to Nova.”

“And I’m reassigning you. Nova needs a strong male as myself. Not a skinny snake boy. Nova shall bare many beautiful from my seed.”

“What?! That’s crazy talk. I’m Nova’s escort. There’s nothing wrong with Phoenix. She’s beautiful.”



 “Enough of this! I shall be Nova’s escort! There’s nothing you can do about it!”

“Hey!! What are you doing, Ezra?!”

“I will control your little feeble mind!”

“Stop that Ezra!”



 “What the- What did you do to me snake boy? Why didn’t my powers work?!”

“Maybe cause you can’t really do shit.”

“This has never happened to me before. You are weak. I am strong! I am the alpha!”



 “Just give me Nova!”

“I dunno what is the big deal but whatever. Take her. Don’t come crying to me when Vega rips you a new one.”

“You think I am afraid of that woman?! She is a kitten compare to my mother!  My mother is a great white shark!”

“Your mother is nice. You always exaggerate how terrible she is. She loved my potato salad at the picnic last year.  She even gave me a tip on how to make a perfect batch.”

“Only a snake would think my mother is “nice”. Try living with my mother and you shall see she is the true meaning of misery! She forced me onto her vile tit until I was 7!”

“I guess that explains a lot.”

“It explains nothing! I am perfect! I am the alpha! No thanks to my insuperable mother!”



We went to a few near by clubs for a bit before making our last stop of the night at Waylon’s. So far it has been a pretty great night out with the guys. Drinking, dancing and socializing. That’s when I realize I won’t be having many more nights like this after tomorrow. With the baby coming in September and all. I’ll be starting a new life as a husband and father. It’s so surreal now. I’m almost 23. Will I be ready for this big life change? 



 As we entered, I was stunned when my eyes focused on a familiar face. A face whom I haven’t seen in almost 3 years.  It was Angela, my first girlfriend, my first love, the first I asked to be my wife. Why is she here of all places? Why was she in Bridgeport? The last I knew she was still living in Star City. I was caught off guard by her presence.  She glanced over at me and winked. I felt myself blushed a little. I couldn’t believe after all this time, her smile still has an effect on me.

She sang an old song that I haven’t heard in years. It was the same song we heard at a cafe during our first date. It was our song and her voice is still as beautiful as I remembered. She once wanted to be a singer but decided to get real and went into medical school. It’s reasons why she worked in a strip club. Singing just became a hobby.



 Angela finished up and looked over at with a smile. She didn’t say anything, she winked and headed outside. Naturally, I had to follow her. Why was she here?

“I thought you kicked that habit.”

“Some habits die hard. Besides, this is my first in about a year.  I deserved one.”

“Congrats on going through a year without smoking though. I just wish you quit for good.”

“I’m working on it. Why do you even care?”

“I don’t! Well I kinda care do.. I’m not a vengeful guy. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Awe, I didn’t think you would still care about me. The last thing you told me was you hated me.”

“You weren’t exactly lovable.”

“Yeah I wasn’t..”



 “So what are you doing in BP?”

“Visiting family, you?”

“I’m getting married.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah she’s pretty amazing.”

“Congrats. I hope all goes well.”




 “Other than that, how have you been? Still living in EC?”

“Life is pretty great. I’m still living in EC. We have a baby due in September.”

“Wow a baby too?”

“Yeah, we are. We can’t until he’s born. He’s our first child.”

“I just had a baby 4 months ago. A little girl named Destiny.”

“That’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks. So how are things in Star City? Still in medical school?”



 “No. I had to have a break between the kids. I’m just a CNA for now. My boyfriend is an IT tech, we are doing pretty well and all.”

“That’s good to hear. You said you have kids?”

“Yeah, I have 2 kids. Both are girls, my oldest just turned 3.”

“3 years old?”

“Yeah, wanna see pics of my girls?”




 “This is Destiny with my boyfriend Rylan. That’s her daddy.”

“Aww, she’s cute. She kinda looks like you.”

“Yeah, she’s my little mini me.”

“And your oldest?”

“This is Tessa.”

“She’s cute.”

“Yeah she is. I’m glad you think so. But Boragio, I need to be honest with you about something.”

“Like what?”



 “Tessa, my daughter.. You’re her father. I think she looks a lot like you. She has your eyes. I know I shoulda told you about Tessa a long time ago but I didn’t. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry dropping this on you like this. But I think you should know that Tessa is your daughter.”



 “What?! I have a daughter?! When were you planning to tell me something big like that?!”

“With the way things ended.. You wouldn’t let me say anything to you! You just shut me off when I tried to tell you that I was pregnant!”

“You didn’t try to talk to me! I would had listen if you told me!”

“Bull shit, Boragio! I called and texted you. You ignored me!”



 “You coulda easily texted me saying “by the way, I’m pregnant.”!”

“I wanted to tell you in person! But you didn’t wanna see me, you didn’t wanna talk to me. You just cut me out!”

“Can you blame me for all the shit you put me through?! You were always had your hand out for my money! You were always out with some friend who didn’t have a name! You never treated me with respect, Angela!”

“Well I am sorry and our daughter needs you in her life!”



 “I need to be in your life?! It would been nice to know that I knew she even existed! You can’t expect me to drop everything and be a father to a 3 year old child who I didn’t know about! I’m about to have my own family! I’m getting married tomorrow and a baby on the way!”

“Tessa is your family too!”

“How can I be sure about that?! Am I even Tessa’s father?! I know you were messing around! It was clear to me that I wasn’t the only man in your life! Clearly there was another male with money giving you nice things too!”

“You are Tessa’s father! She has your violet eyes! No one in my family has violet eyes!”

“I’m not claiming your child until I get a test to prove it!”

“It’s just gonna say you are! No point in wasting time and money!”

“We will see about that, Angela! I don’t trust you! You broke my trust a long time ago!”



 Angela called a cab to come get her. I stormed inside and sat at the bar to order the strongest drink possible. Is this true? Am I the father of that little girl? This whole time I was a dad and didn’t know it? Vega and I had been excited about our baby cause it was our child. We would both be coming into parenthood together for the first time. It was an experience that we been looking forwarded to. If Vega know about Tessa possibly being my child, it would crush her.  Drowning my anger with jack didn’t go unnoticed….

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Angela. She was here. Of all the places. She was here.”

“I take it that it didn’t go well.”

“She has a daughter. A 3 year old daughter named Tessa. She just told me that I’m her father.”

“Say what? You have a kid?”

“I dunno. This is gonna hurt Vega. But I’m not sure if Tessa is mine. What am I gonna do?”

“You tell Vega nothing. Not until you know the truth. You can’t take Angela’s word.”

“That’s why I have my doubt. She was involved with other guys. But Tessa has violet eyes. I have violet eyes.”

“So does your big shot uncle. I’ve been to his studio in Star City. He had a picture of Angela and made a comment to me saying, “She’s more talented than you think if you know what I mean.” That implied he slept with her. Just saying man.”

“Hmm.. So I shouldn’t tell Vega?”

“Not until you know it’s legit. No need flipping her world in case it’s not true. Angela is probably just messing with your head. This is your night. Tomorrow is your big day.  You can deal with Angela when you get home.”

“I think you’re right.”

“Of course. I am the best man after all.”

“Ha ha ha ha!”



 Brad was right. This is my night and I should be having fun. Tomorrow I will be marrying the most amazing woman in the world and I can deal with the Angela drama when I get home. I dragged Brad to do some karaoke like we use to back in Twinbrook. It’s so great to hang out with a true friend again.



 I did invited my granddad to my wedding, he and my grandmama do act like my parents since my aren’t able to attend. I know Junior wasn’t thrilled about having him there. I know it was pretty messed up of what he did with our mom but I gave him. I’m hoping Junior is willing to forgive him too. After all, he is family.



 “Hey Junior.”


“How you been?”


“That’s good to know. Allora is nice and pretty. How long you two been together?”

“Two years.”

“Great.  You’re looking great too. How have the treatment been going?”



 “Hmm. I’m getting one worded responses.”


“I really don’t understand the resentment you have towards. Did I do anything to offend you? I just wanna reach to you.”



 “You never think about the consequences of your actions when it comes to this family! You just stick your dick in whoever and never think about the aftermath!”

“I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt my son!”

“It also hurt me! Do you know how it feels when you find that your life was a lie?! My dad is my brother! My grandpa is my dad! I don’t even have a name to give to Allora when I ask her to marry me!”

“I know what it affected you too and I am sorry. I’m truly am. I just wanna make things right.”




 “If you really want to make it up to me. If you truly do then you’ll let my dad be my real dad!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let my dad adopt me! Let my family be legit! Let me have a name to give to Allora and our baby!”

“Your baby? Allora is expecting?”

“Yes. Yes she is..”



“That’s great to hear about you and Allora. The baby. But this legit thing, I’m willing to go with it. If it’s what you really want.”

“It is what I want. I wanna feel like I belong in this family.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. Even if I just be your grandpa. I want to be apart of your life. I want to build a relationship with you. I’ll do whatever it takes. Just please don’t cut me out of your life. I want a chance to get to know you.”

“So you’ll be okay being my grandparent than my parent?”

“Yes, I am.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear, grandpa.”






 “Late night swim?”

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep. Whatcha doing back here?”

“I came to see you.”



 “Really? You drove all the way back from BP just to see me?”

“Yeah, you were worth the trip back.”

“Oh please. I’m not worth it.”

“I think you are. Wanna take a dip in the tub?”




 “How was the party?”

“It was pretty great. We had fun. How was the baby shower?”

“It was fun. We had cake, played some games and watched a few movies. It was nice getting to know Boragio’s sisters.”

“That’s cool. So ready for the big day?”

“Yeah. It’s really exciting. I get to watch my big sister get married. I hope some day I’ll find that one.”

“Me too.”



 “So you’re looking for Mrs. Right?”

“Maybe, you looking for Mr. Right?”

“Possibly but I don’t mind settling for Mr. Right Now.”

“Oh? Well I don’t mind settling for Mrs. Right Now if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.”












 “What the hell! What are you doing?! With him?! Really?! You hardly know him!”

“So?! Who cares! I’m an adult! If I wanna hook up with Brad, I can!”

“Actions like this is gonna get you hurt! I’m just trying to protect you!”

“I am fine! I don’t need your protection! Brad is a good guy!”

“But you need it! You just can’t slut around like this!”



 “Seriously? You wanna go there? You slept with Boragio one the day you first met him! Oh and let’s not forget about Jeremy. Didn’t you sleep with him on the first date? Now do you really want to go there?!”

“That’s different! I knew Boragio for 2 years!”

“Yeah then explain Jeremy?!”

“That doesn’t matter! You don’t know where Brad been in!”

“And you didn’t know who Boragio or Jeremy been in either! What makes this so different?! I’m young and trying to have fun!”



 “I just don’t want you to hurt again! You been through-“

“Don’t bring that up! Just don’t!”

“Veronica.. I’m sorry. I just-“

“Don’t! I’m just so tired of you trying to protect me! What happen to me when I was 18 isn’t gonna happen again. I’m not gonna let that run my life! I just wish you understand that but you are so overbearing and pushy! I dunno how you wear Boragio down to marry you but be lucky that you finally convinced a man to keep you! You ran off Jeremy but I think that baby is the only reason why a good man like Boragio is sticking around!”



 “He loves me. How you say that to me?”

“Maybe cause it’s true! You’re too pushy, you’re too overbearing. Sometimes you need to ease up! If you don’t… If you don’t.. You gonna run people away. Your soon to be husband, your friends, your family.”

“I’m not trying to be too much. I’m really not!”

“You do a pretty good job at doing so!”



“It’s not like I do it on purpose. I just want what’s best for you!”

“You’re not my mother! You’re my sister and you never acted like it! You always been this way since we were kids!”

“I have not!”

“You did too! You were always bossing me around, telling me what to do! Just let me live my life!”


“No buts, Vega! Let me life! Just back the hell off! I’m so done now!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 102 – Bliss

 I started my morning just like any other day, however this wasn’t just any other day. Today is going to be a little more special. Vega and I are going to find out the gender of our baby and we’re gonna make more preparations for our wedding. It’s just a month away and before you know it, the day will be here.

Since I knew this day was going to be exciting, I decided to make Vega’s new favorite. Apple and cinnamon pancakes. Since becoming pregnant, it’s all Vega ever craves. She likes the way I make them and I like cooking for her. She’s carrying my baby and it’s the least I can do. I cook, clean and do whatever to make things easier for the woman I love.



 “So did I make them better than yesterday?”


“No, huh?”

“No, not at all. These remind me of home. They almost taste like the ones my dad made when I was a kid.”

“Oh, that’s good?”


“Vega? Are you okay?”

“Yes.. I just get so emotional! I’m okay!”

“Oh.. yeah. So this is a happy cry?”

“Yes, Borgie! I just love you so much!”



 I’m still trying to get use to Vega’s sudden mood swings. Just the smallest thing can trigger the waterworks. Sometimes I’m not sure rather she’s crying out of joy, sadness or just crying for the sake of crying. Most of the time I feel like I’m walking on egg shells cause I don’t wanna trigger any of her pregnancy emotions but she always told me to relax and everything is fine.

“We should hurry up a bit. Don’t wanna be late for the appointment.”

“We got another 45 minutes before we need to head out.”

“I know but I don’t wanna risk being late. It’s across town and you never know how bad traffic will be.”

“Yeah that may be true but I was hoping to spend some time with you first.”

“Oh geeze, Borgie. Now you know we don’t have time for that. He he he!”



 Vega wanted to dress up the nursery a bit before heading out. She’s been excited since one day after finding out she was pregnant. I believe she went baby shopping on the day the home test was positive. Soon after settling into our new home, Vega got to work on the nursery. I figure we should wait before working on it but Vega had a lot of time on her hands and was too excited.

We finished the nursery about 2 weeks ago. We went with neutral colors and theme since we don’t know the gender. Vega got the idea of a safari theme from her younger sister Veronica. She went to Africa for a couple of months and told Vega how fun her trip was. Vega enjoyed her story about the African safari and thought it would be a cute idea for the nursery. It was perfect for a boy or a girl either way. I liked the idea of it too and soon the room was complete. 

Just minutes before heading out, I found Vega in the baby’s room. She rocked in the chair with her hand over her stomach and a warm smile on her face. She looks down at her belly and whispers something that I couldn’t hear. I smiled when I found her in there, she looks so adorable when she daydream about the birth of our baby. I told Vega it was time to go and she looks up still smiling. I walked towards her so I could help her out of the chair. She mentions how I was just too good for her since I was very helpful. I love Vega and I’m willing to do whatever to make her happy and comfortable. 




 We got to the hospital with enough time to spare before our appointment. Vega was worried about the traffic between our house and hospital, so we headed out early.

“I’m so excited. I wish the doc would hurry up. I hardly slept last night.”

“Yeah, I know. You wiggled a lot in bed last night.”

“So what do you think we’re having?”

“Honestly I’m not sure.”

“Okay what are you hoping for?”

“Well.. I would be happy with either one but maybe having a little girl would be nice.”

“I think your family has enough girls. You have a lot of nieces. But I would like a girl but my mom always wanted a boy. After two girls, I think she would love to have a little grandson.”

“Then I wouldn’t be your special man anymore if we had a boy. Ha ha ha!”

“You’re always be my special man, Borgie!”




 “I’ll just be happy with whatever. I’m really not picky. However I’m sure my dad would like to have another grandson since my siblings mostly had girls.”

“I will be happy with whatever too but my mom really wants a grandson. My parents are done having kids and this would be the closet they’ll have to a son.”

“Sometimes I wish my dad was done having kids. Not even a coma is stopping him from making more babies. Ha ha ha.”

“What? How?”

“My dad made a lot of donations once upon a time.”

“That’s gross, why did you tell me that?”

“You asked how.”



 We were called in and Vega tried to rush me into the room for the scan. Obviously Vega was very eager about the gender scan and didn’t want to wait another second.

“Hmm let’s see. The heart rate is well, looks like the baby’s growth is great.”

“Can you see what the baby is?”

“Lemme just move this a little and hopefully we can get a good look.”

“What’s that?”

“That’s an arm. Hmm.”

“Well? Can you see? Is it a hot dog or a taco???”

“Well Vega and Boragio, looks like you both are having a very proud baby boy. He’s certainly showing us that he’s a boy. His little legs are open as you can see here.”

“A little boy?”

“Yep, congrats.”

“Oh my gosh! Did you hear that, Borgie? We’re having a little boy!”

“Yeah, I heard him. We’re gonna have a son.”



We were both excited that the baby is a boy. I think Vega was more excited than me that she called her mom before we left the exam room. While Vega told her parents the good news, I figure I should see my dad. Its been a while since I last never seen him. I don’t like seeing him like this, it reminds me when my mom was barely alive in the hospital when I was a kid. She died 12 hours after being shot, I got to see her during hour 10.

Genie comas are basically a genie’s death, if they never awake. With dad entering the 7th month, sometimes I think my dad had finally died. Things are looking more grim as the days passed as my dad remains comatose.



 “Dad, I dunno if you can hear me but I have some good news. I’m going to have a son. I know you would be happy to hear that you’re getting a grandson… Honestly I’m not sure what else to say.. I’m just hoping that this isn’t the end of you but dad you really don’t have much time left. Just please wake up..”




After we came home, Vega went straight to the nursery and I followed behind her.

“Can you believe that this room is going to be for our son?”

“Yeah, soon we’ll be bringing our little guy here.”

“So I guess we should pick a name for him.”

“You have anything ideas?”

“I always liked your name, Borgie. It’s different.”

“Yeah, my dad came up with it cause he wanted another kid with a likeness of his name. There was Bora Bora, Junior then me.”

“Maybe you can have a Junior too.”

“So Boragio Lenard Montigo Jr.?”

“Yeah, we can call him BJ since your fam calls your brother Junior.”

“Hmm.. I like that.”

“Me too.”



After emailing some of my family telling them the gender of the baby, I finished booking things for the wedding. We plan to have the wedding in Jericho, it’s a city about 2 and half hours away from EC and about an hour from Bridgeport. 

Back in April, Vega and I went on weekend trip to Jericho. My friend Revan Kent was celebrating his triplets’ third birthday and he invited us to the party. During our time there we visited a botanical garden, they were having a spring expo. Vega fell in love with the place, it reminded her of the one she use to visit during her childhood back in Lansing Falls. Vega mention how her dream wedding was in a botanical garden. I asked if she wanted to have the wedding here and she said yes of course. However she was bit hesitant at first, it meant that our friends and family in town would have to travel as well. 

Before heading back home, we looked into booking Unity Gardens as our venue but we then realize we haven’t picked a date. The bookings were almost full and whatever date was available would be our date. The third weekend of July was the only opening the garden had. We both decided that weekend would be our date.

Next thing on the to do list is to pick where we will be staying for the weekend. We decided on renting out a mansion that was a little outside of city. Our families could stay there and get to know each other . Our weekend was available and I finished our rental by sending the deposit. Next I needed to find a hotel with decent rates for our friends to at. However my best man, Bradley already beat me to it. He found a hotel that was close to venue.

I guess what little I could do now is check the RVSPs. Some of my siblings are able to make it but some couldn’t. We plan to stream live for all the ones who couldn’t make. I was happy to see that Junior is planning on coming. I haven’t seen him in a few years and he hasn’t been doing too well. He’s been sick due to his illness. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it but he mentions how he’s been feeling better and he wouldn’t miss my wedding for nothing. I spoke to him a week ago and he seems to be in good spirits. 



Next on our wedding to do list and pick a cake. We visited Sticky Stuff Bakery to do some cake tasting. I had to be at work in 2 hours, so I hope we’ll be able to find a cake that we both like.



 “I liked that first cake a lot better than this.”

“I think this one is pretty good.”

“Well BJ liked that other cake.”

“So you’re gonna use the baby again.”

“I’m just saying that BJ and I liked that lemon cake better.”

“What’s wrong with coconut?”

“Nothing but this coconut cake is bleeeeeh!”

“We can try more.”

“I don’t wanna get fat. BJ is making me eat a lot. What’s with this kid?”

“Genie babies love food.”

“Now you tell me.”



 “So how about this vanilla chiffon cake?”

“Mmm, BJ and I kinda like this one better.”

“This one is pretty tasty. I think my friend Corey had this for his wedding last month.”

“Oh yes! I remember that cake. It was so good. BJ liked it but this one isn’t as good as the one Corey’s.”

“True, speaking of my buddy Corey but he and Brie are expecting.”

“Really?  That was fast. They only been married for a month.”

“Well apparently Brie was pregnant for a couple of months before the wedding. They just decided to tell everyone and get this…”


“They are expecting twins.”

“Awww, little twins. That’s gonna be so cute. I’m glad we’re not having twins.”



 “Oh wow! This one, Borgie. This amaretto cake with coconut butter cream frosting is the one. It taste like heaven.”

“I do like this one.”

“Great cause I want this cake at our wedding. BJ agrees with me. He’s kicking me with joy.”

“Ha ha ha! Okay, so this is our cake.”

“Yeah! It’s 10 times than Brie and Corey cake. We gotta one up it ya know.”

“Ha ha ha! If you say so. I guess we can tell them that this is our cake then.”

“I want more but I gotta pick a dress in an hour. BJ is gonna make me so fat!”



I dropped Vega at the bridal shop while I got ready for work. I hope Vega would be able to find something. She’s been searching for a dress for a while but its hard to find a wedding dress for a pregnant bride. With the wedding just a month away, she needed to pick something.

“You heffas find me anything yet?”

“No but you don’t have much of a choice when you’re almost in your third trimester.”

“Hmm, this one is kinda cute.”

“Like I could fit into that, Simone. You see how big I am?”

“Your belly isn’t as big as mine. Quit complaining until you hit my mark. I would love to be in my sixth month again. I’m in my 8th month.”

“Oh geeze… I know you hoochies aren’t complaining.. Wait until you both go into labor, then you can complain. I was in labor for 14 hours with Cyrus.”



 “I’m not gonna find anything here! No one makes cute dresses in maternity!”

“I can help you find a pretty dress for your baby belly.”

“Aww, thanks Mariah. But I really don’t we can find anything. You can go pick out a dress for you. I know you’ll find a really pretty one.”




 “I hope I find something here cause I really don’t wanna that basic bitch dress from K-mart! Boragio would run if I shown up in that!”






 “Vega! Do your like our dresses?”




 “Oh my gosh! You two just look so adorable!”

“We do?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

“Aww so cute!”

“So can we wear these at the wedding? Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on the top?”

“I really want you to but I’ll have to ask your daddy if the price is okay.”

“I hope Morde-dad says yes cause this dress is really pretty! Can you take a pic of me and send it to my Morde-dad?”

“Sure, when he sees how pretty you look I know he’s gonna say yeah.”



 “So what do you all think? I think I look pretty good in this dress.”




 “It’s pretty Vega! I like it.”

“Thanks, Mariah. Lexi, Selene, Simone? So?”

“I think it looks nice at ya.”

“Thanks Selene.”

“It’s cute, it shows off your baby bump nicely.”

“Thanks, Simone. I was hoping that it doesn’t make me look fat.”

“Well, the style is nice but those ruffles look a little weird but it’s still a cute dress.”




 “I think this is gonna be my dress.”

“You sure? That’s the first dress you tried on.”

“Yes Lexi! I love this dress. I don’t wanna look like a cow in a basic bitch dress!”

“Well if this is the dress she wants, then we should be happy for her.”

“Thanks Simone!”

“I’m okay with it.”

“So did everyone order your bridemaids dresses yet?”



 “So about that… We were thinking of getting our dresses the weekend before cause Simone and I are in our 8th month with fat babies.”

“But I picked out dresses! You pregnant hussies better wear the dresses I picked!”

“Vega, you know by the time it’s your wedding, Lexi and I can’t fit into it.”

“Why you both gotta be ahead of me! Selene did you order. You’re not pregnant… Are you?”

“No since they are getting different dresses later. When it’s time, I’ll get whatever dress they can fit into.”

“UGH! Why did I gotta pick preggos as my bridesmaids!”

“Cause we are your belly buddies and your best friends.”

“I know… I just we can find last second bridesmaid dresses. And you hoochies better not ruin my wedding by giving birth!”

“Can’t promise ya that since your wedding is close to my due date. I hope you got back bridesmaids. Simone and I are a week apart.”

“Just keep your uteruses close until after I say, I do!”




 I came home from work later that evening. I found Vega watching some TV. She seemed pretty happy so I take it as a sign that she finally found a dress to her liking.




 “How did the dress hunt go?”

“Pretty well. I found a dress but I might have to fire 2 of my bridesmaids.”


“They’ll be in their 9th month around our wedding. So they didn’t order the dresses that I picked for them.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”



 “I hope you’ll like the dress that I picked.”

“I bet you’ll look beautiful in it.”

“I do but what am I’m gonna do about my bridesmaids? Lexi and Simone are my closest friends and I want them in my wedding.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe I can ask my sisters to in fill in case they have their babies early.”

“Really? Thanks.”



 “I’m gonna make sure that everything goes perfectly for you. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll handle everything. Your only job is to carry our son, bring him into this world and be beautiful.”

“How did I end up so lucky to have you?”

“No, I’m the lucky one to have you.”




Love For The Ladies: Chapter 81 – We’re gonna make it


The past 4 months with Vega has been wonderful. Some may we might have rushed things but when you been in love with her for 2 years before meeting her, I don’t think anything was rushed. My siblings were supportive and happy for me. I was going through a rough patch when I first met Vega online. I ended a relationship with a girl who I thought was the one. I had my whole life planned out and things went to shit fast and hard.

Today I have a surprise for Vega. We been living back at my dad’s house ever since I accidentally set her apartment on fire. Today I’m showing her our new home but she has no idea. Vega has no idea that I already own a house in town. You’re probably thinking why did I move into Vega’s apartment and not into my house.

I couldn’t bring myself to.. I mean there’s a secret about this house…

The girl whom I once loved, Angela.. this was supposed to be our house. We planned to move to EC a year before my dad decided to relocate here. Angela who was 6 years older than me was nearly done with nursing, I was just a dumb 18 year old who thought she was the one.. I decided to buy a house here since she was accepted into special nursing program here. I wanted to stay with her and she told me that I must buy a house cause she didn’t want to rent. Rent was for poor people, she often said. Angela had a love, a huge love for my money I gained after my mom’s death. I paid for Angela’s schooling.. I paid for a lot of things for her.

Angela wanted a house in a private community. Maplewood Grove was the only private community in EC, though the houses were on the small scale, it was okay for Angela but asked if I’ll buy a second home that’s bigger. I made a promise once we moved here, we’ll find a second house. 

After buying the house, I guess you can say reality snapped in. Angela didn’t love me, she was not right for me. Angela loved what I could do for her, buy things she desired. It was painfully clear when I caught her in bed with a friend of mine.

I did have plans to sell the house until my dad wanted to move to EC. I decided to keep the house but a secret from my family. I didn’t want to more embarrassed about Angela, I decided to keep my house until I finally find the right woman for me. I found her in Vega but it’s probably a good idea to not tell her that I bought this house with my ex.  





 “Boragio? Where are we going? Can I see now?”

“Just a second..”

“Borgie! I wanna see! The suspense is killing me.”

“Promise me that you won’t get mad?”

“Okay but pleeeeese let me see?”

“Alright. I hope you’ll love it.”





 “A house? Who’s house is this?”

“It’s ours. Surprise!”

“Wait..what? Did you say our house?”

“Yep, this is our house. Do you like it? I know its small but-“

“Oh my gosh! Borgie?! Really this is our house?! Oh my Borgie! I love it! I can’t believe you bought a house!”

“So with it being small doesn’t bother you?”

“Are you kidding me? It’s our house! Ours! I never thought I would be a homeowner! Well I know you are! My name isn’t on the deed but oh my gosh! This is the best thing ever!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Can we go in?”

“Yeah, sure.”




 The moment Vega shown her excitement over our new home, I knew she was the one. She didn’t care about the size of the house, she didn’t notice this house was in the Maplewood Grove community. She loved the fact that this tiny house is our home.

I did worry rather this house would be big enough, we are expecting a baby. But I think we’re gonna make it work.

“I can’t wait to put a nursery together. How many rooms do we have?”

“2 bedrooms and an office. We can always convert the office into a bedroom if we need it.”

“That’s perfect…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Well.. I just hope it will be big enough for our family.. It’s okay if we have 2 kids.. I mean.. how many kids do we plan to have?”

“I dunno.. 2 or 3? How many do you want?”

“I always dreamed about having a big family.. 5?”

“5 kids? Wow. Maybe I should have gotten a bigger house then.”

“It’s fine Borgie, really. Let’s be happy with this home. I mean, most families have a starter house right? When it comes time, we can get a bigger one.”

“Yeah, for now this place would be great. Maybe the baby can play with that grown woman over in the park. Looks like she could use a friend. I think she once randomly threw a water balloon at my aunt.”





 “Judge all you want! I’m having fun!”





When Vega and I learned that we were expecting, I was taken back a little. Yeah Ramiro told me she was pregnant on Christmas but I wasn’t sure how would be know so early. Vega was excited but was very nervous during the first trimester. She’s now in her second and things are bit smoother. I wasn’t sure if I’ll be ready to be a dad. I spend time with my nieces a lot, Morde sometimes get to spend time with Kiara when he’s not fighting with her family with visitation. When Kiara is over, I do get some one on one experience with a little baby.





 “Check this out, Kiki likes to be held like a sag of potatoes. She giggles when I do. It’s cool though, her neck is strong now.. I think….”

I just hope I’m better at parenting than Morde… 




 “So whatcha think?”

“I love it! It already filled in. Neat!”

“We can move into it today.”

“Really? Your dad house’s has a really nice spa room…”


“Ha ha! Of course I wanna move in as soon as possible. Just promise me that we can move weekly visits to your dad’s.. That spa room is great for this pregnancy. Plus I’m going to miss your nieces and little sister. I think they like me.”

“We could but Morde is moving out and taking the girls with him…”

“So L2 will be all alone in that big house, huh. I really like spending time with your family. I miss mine back at home.”

“Maybe we can take a trip there.. after the baby is here.”

“I would love that.”





 “I’ll do anything to make you happy you know.”

“Yes, it’s more I can say about that other…”


“Yeah.. That’s all in the past now. I think I’m gonna have a pretty bright future.”

“I think so too. Anyway let me show you the rest of the house. Maybe we can stop by that baby shop you mention.”

“Bun in the oven? I heard they have some nice things but it’s pricey…”

“You don’t have to worry about the price. I got it.”

“I know but I think it’s a little over the top. I just wanted to see what’s there.”

“Maybe but that’s where my dad got his baby things from. He often say, “Nothing but the best for my brats.” We owe him once we get older, ha ha.”

“I’ll be happy with anything. As long as our baby isn’t sleeping in a laundry basket, I’ll be happy.”

“Morde just let Kiara sleep in one as a joke, ha ha.”

“Please don’t be like Morde. Promise me you won’t hold the baby like a sag of potatoes?”

“I can’t promise you that, ha ha ha.”





We made a visit to Bun in the Oven, it’s a new shop that opened in today. It was a shop that started online and now it’s making its way into towns. Like Vega said, it’s over the top but I think we should shop here. We now have a nice house to place for it. Price is no big deal to me.





 “What do you think about this crib?”

“I guess it’s okay.”

“I kinda like it but if you don’t we can still look around.”

“It’s fine if you really want it.”

“No, no. There’s plenty to look at. I’m not gonna pick the first thing I see. I just wanted your opinion.”

“Whatever you want, I’ll be happy.”

“Awww, okay.”





 “Oooh, I like this cute highchair. Come look at it.”

“I would but Sansa is in my way. Why are you here, Sansa? You’re not pregnant.. Please tell me you’re not.”

“No, future step son. But my mom might have another baby. She loves having babies.”

“Will stop calling me that? My dad isn’t gonna marry you..”

“Yes he will. When he wakes up, he will know that I am his wife to be.”

“You are delusional, Sansa. You talked to my dad once. You were his waitress once…”

“Don’t be jealous of our true love!”

“Can you excuse us, Sansa? I want Boragio to see this highchair.”

“That is a cute highchair for my future step grandbaby. You should get it.”

“For goodness sake, Sansa!” 





After that strange encounter with Sansa, I made my towards the toy builder. I wanted to make a cool toy for the baby. I wasn’t sure what should I attempt to build. A doll? A car? We don’t even know the gender yet. I bet Ramiro knows since he knew about the pregnancy very early on.





 I made this awesome robot… I got a feeling this baby is a boy. So far all of us had girls, maybe I’ll finally give my dad a grandson… But only if he was awake to know that he’ll be a granddad again…





 “Hello, are you finding everything you need?”

“That’s the problem.. I don’t know what I need…”

“First time mother? This is my third.”

“Yes, this is my first baby. Wow your third?”

“Yep, I’m excepting a little boy any day now.”

“Whoa! You’re still working?”

“Well, I own this shop. I come in to check on things. I’ll be happy to help you.”

“Oh thanks! We just got a new house and I’m not sure what to put in the nursery.”

“Congrats, you and your husband are very lucky.”

“Thanks… we aren’t married..”

“It’s fine, I don’t judge. Ooh! I got a kick.”





 “Mind if I feel?”

“Sure, he’s quite a kicker. I think we got a future soccer player in here. How far along are you? When are you due?”

“I’m about 19 weeks, due on September 7th. I can’t wait to have a big cute belly like yours. I can’t wait to feel mine kick.”

“I love feeling him kick but I’ll tell ya the last month is a bit rough. No one ever talks about the last month ha ha. My first baby wasn’t very active, probably my easiest pregnancy. My second baby love to feng shui my organs and this one enjoys kicking at my ribs. It’s all worth the minor abuse. I love being pregnant, it’s the most wonderful thing.”

“Does child birth hurt? It sounds scary.. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Child birth is beautiful, honey. There’s nothing scary about bringing a precious new life into the world. Don’t believe that all of the hype that you see on TV. You’re gonna be just fine.  Yeah there might be some pain with labor but trust me sweetheart, it’s worth it at the end.”





 “Ohhh.. I’m just afraid that it might hurt a lot. Did you get pain killers?”

“I did with my first birth, I wanted to go without meds but chicken out at the last minute. I went all natural with my second one and I plan to do a water birth with this one. I read wonderful things about it.”

“That kinda of sounds cool.”

“Are you interested? I have some pamphlets about it up front. I can give you one if you like.”

“Sure that would be great.”

“Great! Would you like a checklist for baby items too? I made some out for first time mothers. I have those up front too.”

“Really? That would be great. I didn’t know this place would be so helpful.”

“I provide the same kind of attentive care from my website like I do here. I really enjoy the in person touch. I’m not able to do the same in my other shop in Auburn Grove as much as I want to. I do the best that I can do.”

“Cool, you’re an amazing person. I bet your kids are just as great as you. I hope you don’t mind me asking but is this your last?”

“Heavens no! My husband and I plan on have 4 more. I love children. I came from a big family and would love to have a big family of my own.”

“Whoa 7 kids? That’s amazing. I kinda want a big family, not sure if I want 7.”

“Ha ha! I dreamed to have 7 kids since I was just a girl. I think 7 is reasonable. I heard there’s a man in town who has over 20 kids. I think that might be a bit much for me.”

“Ohhhh yeah.. That guy..”

“You heard?”

“Yep, my boyfriend is one of his kids..”

“Seriously? Hmm, how would you like a discount?”

“Really? Yeah, that guy is keeping me in business.  My top buyer, ha ha! He’s been buying things from me for years.”





Vega scored us a discount on everything since dropping my dad’s name. I had no idea that my dad has been a loyal customer for the past 27 years. With the extra money leftover I took Vega out for dinner. I originally planned to take her out afterwards though. Maybe the waiter will get a very nice tip, it’s not Sansa. 





 “Borgie, I have another ultrasound next month. Should we find out the gender?”

“If you want to. It would be cool to know so we know which things to get.”

“I wonder how many we are actually going to have….”

“What do you mean?”

“You have a twin and I’m apart of quads.. I didn’t tell you this but when I had blood work at my last appointment the doctor notice a spike in my HCG levels. It was higher than it should be a singleton. Everything else checked out fine but my levels were high.. His only guess there might be another baby.”

“Come again?”

“There might be more than one..”

“But we only saw one baby on the screen thingy.”

“Yeah but he said sometimes one baby can be hidden by the other. The baby will be bigger next month, hopefully the next scan will show some light.”

“I guess we have to see but I’m sure there’s only one in there.”

“Multiples are high in my family. Didn’t you say your dad gave birth to 7 alien babies? What if I have 6 hidden babies?!” 





 “Vega, don’t be silly. You know you worried too much.”

“I know… It’s ridiculous but I read stories about it. It can happen ya know.”

“Maybe but everything is gonna be fine. You seemed to have a nice chat with the owner.”

“She’s really nice, she didn’t turn her nose when I told her we weren’t married..”

“That’s good, it’s common now days.”

“Yeah.. I always felt people are gonna judge me. I’m an unwed pregnant lady.”

“A sexy unwed pregnant lady who I adore.”

“Awww.. This was a nice meal. You like your spaghetti?”

“Yep. Clar was right about the spaghetti, it’s the best.”

“I bet..”



I could tell Vega was struggling over the chat during dinner. Marriage. It’s a big deal for her. She’s a bit older than me and has been through broken engagements before. Her last engaged with Jeremy was short lived, she had a hard time with the break up. I remember her telling me that she believes she’ll never get married. She blames herself for her broken relationships. Those guys were just assholes, they don’t realize that they lost the best thing that came into their sorry lives.





I’m going to give Vega her dream. I am a genie after all.






 “Hey come follow me. I wanna show you something.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll see.”

“Oh another surprise?”


“I hope it’s not a lizard this time.”

“I thought you woulda  liked it. It was kinda cute.”

“Yeah but lizards aren’t my thing. I like fish you know.”

“Yeah…. but you’ll like this better than fish.”





 “But first I gotta tie my shoe.”

“Borgie, you’re not wearing laces. What are you up to?”

“There’s a rock in my shoe. I gotta dig it out.”

“Uh huh..”




 “Wanna add your name on the deed of the house?”


“Be my very married pregnant lady, please?”

“Oh my gosh! Yes, Borgie! Yes! I’ll be your very married pregnant lady!”




 April 20th, I made the best decision in my life for once. 





Slipping that ring on Vega’s finger erased any doubt in her mind.

I remember that fateful day when I logged into the chat room to kill some time.

I saw her… vega-rose84

She was sad, she was hurt. I was sad, I was hurt.






 I remembering saying to her…

We’re gonna make it.





Love For The Ladies: Chapter 67 – New Beginnings

“Good morning, Vega. So will it be your usual this morning?”

“Hi Janine. I think I wanna try something different today. What do you recommend?”

“The Kona lift is pretty popular recently.” 

“I think I’ll try that today.”

“Okay, coming right up.”




“You seem awful happy today.  Did something exciting happen?”

“Well.. I get to meet him today.”

“Really? For real this time?”

“I hope so. I’m kinda nervous though.”

“Maybe you should slow down on the caffeine then.”

“Actually this is some honeybush tea that I brought from home. I hope you guys don’t mind.”

“It’s fine, as long you’re still ordering something from us. Ha ha. You know you’re good with me, Vega.”

“I hope he doesn’t think I’m a spaz. I’ve wanting to meet him since I first chatted with him online, 2 years ago. He’s been in EC for 7 months and he said he’s ready.”

“7 months? Hmm.”

“I think he’s just shy.”

“Maybe but I think it’s odd he’s been here that long and hasn’t bothered to meet you until now.”




“We finally meet. You look so much more handsome than in your pics.”

“Thanks, you’re not bad yourself.”

“Awe thanks. So I’m just curious.. Why have you put this off for so long? At first I started to think you didn’t like me. Then I felt you weren’t even real.”

“Honestly I don’t know.. I just I’m just cautious but things gotten a bit rough recently. I told you about my dad.”

“How is he doing?”

“Still in a coma and all. It sucks.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”




“At least I know you are real…”

“You seemed a bit disappointed.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous and all. I’ve meant guys over the net before but not sure why I’m so nervous.”

“I got that affect on ladies.”

“Oh you do?”

“Ha ha ha. Maybe. Still working at the high school?”

“Yep, being a teacher’s aide has been interesting. I hope to teach full time one day.”

“My niece attends there.”

“Maybe I’ve seen her.”

“Not hard to spot, she has my hair.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen her. Sweet girl.”




“So what do you we do now, Vega?”

“Anything you wanna do.”

“Wanna play some foosball? I’m pretty good at it. I whoop my brother’s ass at it all the time.”

“You think you can beat me?”

“Think? I know I can.”

“Awe, not gonna let me win?”

“I thought maybe you would like a little competition.”

“Maybe a little.”




“Is that all you got? I thought you were the master at this?”

“I am.. Just wait for it.”

“I’m waiting.”

“And score!”

“Oh big deal! I’m still ahead of you by 3 points!”

“Not for long!”




“So Boragio, I got a question.”

“What’s that?”

“Are you still single? I haven’t heard you mention about dating anyone.”

“Yeah, I’ve been single since we been chatting online. Why?”

“I’m just curious and all. I thought maybe you had a girlfriend and that would be another reason you haven’t met me yet.”

“I guess see why you would think that. Are you single?”

“Yeah, Jeremy and I are done for good. I left Moonlight Falls and settle here. I needed a fresh start, new beginnings. I do miss my family back home but I like my life here. I plan on visiting them soon.”

“Luckily for me, I came here with my family but some of my siblings are all over the place. My twin lives in Cloverhill Bay with our older sister. We 3 have the same mom.”

“I remember you saying you got a lot of siblings. I haven’t heard you say much about your mom.”

“Not much to say.. She’s dead.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.. That shit she did to my dad was unforgivable. I’m glad she’s gone.”




“I enjoy talking to you in person. You are as nice as you were online and over the phone. I hope you want to hang out with me again sometime.”




“I enjoy talking with you in person too. You’re so beautiful. I wish I would had met up with you sooner. I dunno what I was thinking.”




“I’m really glad that we finally got to meet cause there’s something that I wanted to do for a long time.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”





When I’m with you, it doesn’t matter where we are, or what we’re doing.


“I hope that was okay.. I find myself hard to resist you since being around your presence.”


“I didn’t see this coming.. But I like it.”



I’m with you, that’s all that matters





“Maybe you wanna come over and watch a movie with me?”

“Sure, I would love that. You have Carebears  on DVD? I love that movie.”

“Um.. no but I have My Little Pony.”

“That movie is awesome too.”

“Oh.. I didn’t know you like those type of movies.”

“I have 3 nieces, they force me.”





“I thought we were gonna watch a movie.”

“I couldn’t stop kissing you.. Am I rushing things? I don’t mean to rush anything. My ex said I can be a bit pushy..”

“You’re fine.. Besides.. I really like this. You’re so beautiful. I could hold you like this all night.”





When I kiss you, I feel a thousand different feelings




The color of chills all over my body





“That was..amazing. I never felt so good in my life. I guess what they say about love genies is true.”

“We are masters at loving making. You got an ice pack right?”

“Um yeah, why?”

“Cause you’ll need it.”

“Ha ha ha.. You did use a condom, right?”

“Was I suppose to?”

“Oh crap.. I’m not on the pill or anything.. What if… What if I gotten pregnant?”





“We only did it one time. It’s not like I could get you pregnant so quick.”

“But we did it for hours. You kept going and going.”

“I know.. But I think you’ll be fine. It’s only one time. I doubted that I knocked you up. It’s a rare chance.”

“I worry myself a lot.”

“It’s okay, it’s just one time. It’s not possible.. We genies don’t score on our first time around with someone.”





“I’m not fat you fuckin’ idiot! I’M PREGNANT by YOU!”





“That’s… that’s impossible. I only fucked you once. ONCE. I can’t get you pregnant, I didn’t give my sperms a GPS to your egg.”





“What?! You idiot! Ugh! Why did I even sleep with you! It only takes one time, Borage!”





“I guess we can finally watch that movie?”

“Yeah if you really want to.”





“Actually I rather just sit here and hold you tight.”

“I would love that. I notice you’re quite warm. Is it a genie thing?”

“Yeah, we are naturally warmer than regular humans.”

“I think I would like for you to stay a night some time. My heater sucks and the landlord is too cheap to fix it.”

“I wouldn’t mind keeping you warm at night.”

“You’re so sweet Boragio.”

“I try.”




And when I feel them, I quickly try to decide which one

I should try to put into words, oh no, try to put into words




“Is there anything else you wanna do? I’m free all day. I hope I’m not holding you up.”

“Nah, I got nothing to do today other than visit my dad. So you’re up for whatever?”





“I wanna ask you. Something that’s kinda important.”


“Will you build a snowman with me?”

“Oh..well I wasn’t excepting that but sure. I would love to build a snowman with you.”





“So Boragio, do you have plans on trying out the be a fireman again? I’m sorry that things didn’t go well before.”

“I thought about it. But I should probably get my head together first. Seeing fire reminded me of one of the reasons why my dad relocated here. The fire badly damage my twin, inside and out. I should had been there to protect her but I was so busy hooking up with some girl. I hate myself everyday for it.”

“You were a teenage boy at the time. Teen boys and their raging hormones ya know.”

“Yeah but she’s my sister, I should of been there.. Now.. she isn’t the same like she use to be.. Well.. I haven’t heard from her in a while. She went to school and graduated but I can’t bring myself to talk to her. I fear she might hate me.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t hate you.”

“If I was her… I would.”





“Looks like we are all finished here. I think we did good.”

“We should name him.”

“Name the snowman?”

“I’m sorry.. My little niece Mariah like to name the snowmen we make. I guess I’m use to naming them when I’m done.”

“That’s adorable. You’re close to your nieces are you?”

“Yeah, I like kids.”

“I know you’ll make a great dad one day.”

“I hope so. Does Mr. Pickles sound okay?”

“Ha ha ha! Yeah that’s fine with me.”





“Boragio, I wanna be straight forwarded with you. I hope I’m not too pushy or trying to rush things but we been talking for 2 years. I really like you. I like you a lot. Even when my relationship with Jeremy started to fail, I liked you then. I can tell you anything and you don’t judge me. You always been so sweet and kind when sometimes I act like a neurotic bitch over the phone. I feel like I can be myself around you. Today has been so wonderful and I wish to spend more time with you. I love being around you. You make me feel ..alive.”

“Oh… So what are you trying to say exactly?”

“I wanna be your girlfriend. I can see myself with a guy like you. You treat me so well, I’ve never felt so great about myself until today.”

“Well.. I always liked you, from the first night we chatted in the chat room.”

“You did?”


“So.. Did I just mess things up? You’re not saying anything…”

“I would love for you to be my girl.”





Only the beginning of what I want to feel forever




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