Love For The Ladies: Chapter 107 – Grand Illusions

 If I could just go back….




 Change it all……




 Trade places with her…




 She doesn’t deserve this… She doesn’t deserve this at all…




 If only… If only I could change things…




 “Are you done yet?”


“I just wish you could stop your annoying muttering. It’s getting depressing now.” 




 “Why are we here? What is this place?”

“Beats me. You brought us here. Will you be long? I got shit to do.”

“We gotta fix this. I gotta get back to them.. To her.. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s been through enough.”

“What the fuck are you blabbing about?”

“You gotta get me out of this place.”

“Are you fuckin’ kidding me? This is all you doing this. You can bring yourself out.”




 “What? I’m in a coma. You gotta bring me out!”

“Again with this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why must you always play dumb?”


“Look, every time you bring me here… You always act all confused when I gotta remind you of things. You always talking about how I gotta bring you out of a coma. You seriously need to find a new dealer cause I think something extra was added into your pot.”

“I am confused.”

“See.. Again with your shit.”




 “Explain again. I’ll remember this time. I swear.”

“You said that last time. And if you gonna bring me here… Can you wear some pants for fucks sake?”

“I like being naked.”

“I don’t wanna see your junk.”

“You jealous?”

“Ho please. You got nothing on me. Get up.”


“We are going outside. But put your damn clothes back on.”





 “So where are we going Cer?”



“Don’t be stupid! You wanted things explained. I will for the 50th time.”

“Okay but we gotta go outside for it?”

“Yeah. Maybe the sun will make you remember this time.”




 “Cool boat.”


“I always wanted a boat. Should I get a boat? Boats can be fun right?”

“Ugh. Yeah, boats can be fun.”

“You ever fucked in a boat? I bet that would be kinda cool. Rocking the boat, heh!”

“Yes, rock the boat into a lake with unknown danger. Real smart, Borage. Real smart.”

“Hey! I am adventurous ya know.”

“You are annoying as well.”




 “Hey Cergio?”

“What now?”

“We should sing a little song. It will be fun!”

“We should not.”

“Row, row, row-“

“Shut up.”

“Ahh c’mon! Row, row, row your-“

“Shut up!”

“Row, row, row your boat-“

“I swear I will not hesitate in tipping this boat over if you don’t stop your annoying singing!”




 “Geeze.. You’re no fun. You must had a bad childhood.”

“I lived in a tree with squirrels and birds. I was surrounded with nature, love, sunshine and happiness. I hate happiness and anything that is good. My childhood was terrible.”

“Oh.. The dark and twisty type.”

“I am not dark and twisty!”

“Ya coulda fooled me.”




 “But anyway Cergio, what are we doing out in the middle of this lake?”

“I thought we could do a little fishing. We chat, me explain shit again.”

“Oh cool! It’s gonna be fun hanging out like brothers!”


“See.. You’re dark and twisty!”

“Shut the fuck up!”




 “You say I’m not in coma but I am. You brought me here. I remember you bringing me to different places. I saw Solar. I taught her how to walk and we talked.”

“Of course you taught her how to walk, and talk. You did the same with Orion, Stella and your other kids.”

“But you shown me Orion was taken.. Who is Stella?”

“Again.. You never remember Stella but then again you had so many damn kids.. I don’t see how you could keep track of them. You gotten better with your kids after the triplets were left on your porch. You wanted to “man” up. You should have “man” up over 30 plus years ago.”

“Triplets? Now I am confused.”




 “I swear.. This is really getting old. Orion, Solar and Stella. Some alien bitch abducted you and you fucked her. 2 weeks later she left the babies on your porch saying they were “defected”. They were born deactivated, meaning they were more Navox than what she was.”

“But she made me pregnant.. I gave birth again.. Those freaky aliens were always putting babies in me!”

“I wanna know what you been smoking. You have never been “pregnant”. You’re a male.”

“But I remember I had.. I had Bora and Luna, then the septuplets. I remember pushing 7 babies out of my ass! Pedro use to live with me and I think he raped me!”

“Ha ha ha ha! You are a trip ya know. I will never understand the aliens. Pedro created lab babies and gave you the illusion that you carried them and birth them. It is kind of hilarious when you think of it.”

“I never gave birth?”


“Then why do I have extra booty meat?” 




 “But seriously Borage. You need to work out your issues.”

“My issues? You aren’t really explaining anything.”

“Open your eyes. Look around. Why are we here?”

“Clarissa. It should have been me..”

“But it is not. Time has passed. You gotta move on. We can’t  keep coming here. You can’t keep bringing me here anymore. It’s fucking with your sanity.”

“I don’t understand…. Why do I keep having these other memories? These memories feel real. I got into an accident. I was in a coma. My kids were devastated. I saw Clar here. Somehow she was able to be here. Before my coma I was gonna tell her that I wanted some real with her. But June.. she texted me, talking about a fire.”

“None of that was real. You know what is real. You know what really happen. The guilt you have is causing you to have false memories. I’ve told you this many times. You gotta face the real reality of things.”





 “The life that I was seeing was not real? My coma did force my sons to have their own lives? Aries never got his first girlfriend? Boragio never got married? Mordecai never stepped up? L2 didn’t start being a man?”

“The life you saw did indeed happen, but not in way you thought. You were never in a coma. Again with this, false memories due to guilt, depression. You have a good life now but you refuse to accept it. It’s not fair to her.”

“If I could change things..”

“No. You can’t change things. I just wish you could see things would be better this way. What happen, happened for a reason. If things were the other way, you wouldn’t like the end results.”

“Clarissa and I would be so happy.”





 “If you were in the coma, she would spend her days waiting for you. She wouldn’t live her life, she would fall into a deep depression. It would get so bad that she started to take advantage of your random erections. Getting herself knocked up and convincing herself that she’s some dream-catcher wolf and she got pregnant by you in her dreams. Of course this makes her mother have her committed. Your coma would destroy her.”

“So things would be better with Clarissa in the coma instead?”

“Now do you see it?”

“Yeah.. But she was pregnant before our accident on Valentine’s day.. Care to explain that?”

“You know when they say if you kill a butterfly, life events change?”


“June would be that butterfly.”




 “June fucked up shit again?!”

“No. But Raquel did.”


“The bitch I’m hiding from. June should have died from the house fire that night. Raquel spared her long enough so she could kill herself. Raquel fucked up your shit.”

“So if it wasn’t for her then Clarissa wouldn’t be in the coma??”

“No matter what, it was still gonna happen. You and her was never meant to be. Clarissa is damaged goods, your Navox aura would too much for her. Clarissa is not your ever after. Your after ever is laying next to you.”




“I guess I can finally move on now that I know Clarissa wasn’t suppose to be my ever after. I just felt if I didn’t drive that night or if I was in the coma instead… Things would be better.”

“It would not. Shit happens and you can’t keep thinking what if. Move on, live life. When you open your eyes, you will see that things are how it’s suppose to be.”

“So what do I do now?”



 “Wake up and finally love her right. Go be a good dad to your army of children. I don’t wanna see your face here again. Last time, Borage.”




 “Wake up? Wait!”















“What’s wrong, Solar?”

“I have a very dream again, daddy!”

“What happen?”

“You got hurt daddy! You were in a coma and wouldn’t wake up! And Orion was taken and he didn’t come back! Everyone was leaving! They didn’t come back! Daddy! I don’t wanna be alone!”

“It’s okay sweetie. It was just a bad dream. I’m here, Orion is here and your other brothers and sisters. No one is ever gonna leave you.”

“Daddy, promise me that you’ll never leave me!”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always be here.”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 106 – Labor Of Love

 Today felt like any other day aside from still feeling the honeymoon bliss. It’s been 2 months since Vega and I got married. We didn’t have much of a honeymoon like most newlyweds do. Vega is in her third trimester and the only thing she wanted to do is lounge on the couch while watching movies on Netflix with pie. I guess that would be a heavily pregnant bride’s idea of the perfect honeymoon.

We spent an extra day in Bridgeport and hung out with my 2 very pregnant sisters. Not my idea of a honeymoon but it was what Vega wanted and she was happy. There was a lot of pregnancy chatter but my sisters were nice enough to give us some alone time. We visited another botanical garden in town and visited a few shops. On Tuesday we drove back home where I spent most of the week with my new wife.



 Our son is due in 2 weeks and today we have an appointment to see how our son is doing. As usual Vega was happy before every appointment which was soon followed by worry then followed by happiness once again. We are getting more anxious as the weeks pass by. It’s not too long before our son will be entering the world.




 “2 weeks. I can’t believe how close we are getting.”

“Yeah me too. I can’t wait to meet our son.”

“It’s good to see you excited about him again. Since after the wedding you seem a bit off.”

“Sorry about that. I was dealing with something. But it’s okay now.”

“You never told me what that something was. Since coming back from Star City last month your mood got better. I’m your wife now so you gotta tell me when something is bugging you.”



 “I had some unfinished business back in my hometown. But it’s done now.”

“And what was it?”

“Something that needs to stay in the past. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“Normally I would push you to answer me but like my sister said I’m too pushy and need to ease up. If you don’t wanna tell me it’s okay. But remember, I’m your wife. You can tell me anything.”

“I know but if I must tell you-“

“Don’t. You don’t have to. Whatever it was doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. You’re back and happy.”



I wasn’t prepare for what Dr. Adams told us. I guess today wasn’t gonna be any other day..

“So did I check out okay? Are we doing an ultrasound today? I wanna see him again.”

“Well Ms. Hooley-“

“It’s Mrs. Montigo now.”

“Oh right! Congrats. Well Mrs. Montigo I think you will be seeing your son today.”

“What do you mean?”

“After checking your cervix, you’re dilated to almost 8. You will be having the baby today.”

“8? I’ll be having the baby today? Today? Really? He isn’t due until 2 weeks. We have 2 weeks left!”

“Your son is ready today. He’s full term. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m about done here. You should go get admitted now. I’ll have a nurse come get you a chair.”




“Oh my stars! We can’t have the baby now.. My parents aren’t here yet. Their flight is coming in until Wednesday.”

“Vega, it’s gonna be okay. This happens a lot. Babies come on their on time like with Lexi and Simone.”

“I know but we have 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks before he was due. I don’t think I’m ready. I’m not ready!”

“You’ll be fine. I think you are more than ready.”

“My mom is supposed to be here. She works in PEDS. She knows about this baby stuff. She was gonna make sure everything was gonna go okay. I can’t have this baby without my mom!”

“BJ isn’t gonna wait for your mom. Dr. Adams said he’s coming out today.”

“But my water didn’t break! isn’t my water suppose to break first? I need my mom!”

“We can call her and when we get to your room.”

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s happening today. What about barbecue? We gotta cancel it!”

“I’ll let everyone know. But relax, just focus on having our son.”




 I let everyone that Vega would be having the baby today. However I had to call her mom first. Vega made sure that her parents were the first to know anything. Her mom asked me a million questions before I handed the phone to Vega. I see where Vega gets her worrywart trait from. Vega seemed more calmer since talking to her mom.



I knew Vega’s friends would show up eventually. The last person who I wanna deal with is Alexia. But of course when Alexia came in she made everything about her.

 “What’s wrong?”

“I’m having a sucky life!”

“What happen?”

“Axel wants to stay with his daddy. It was supposed to be a summer thing but Al decided to enroll Axel into school. Like he didn’t even asked if it was okay or anything. He just enrolled him like it was cool and all. It’s not cool and all. Axel is my son too. I’ve been raising him all this time and now he wanna stay with his daddy? Why? What’s so cool about Al? Axel has a sister and he said she’s super cool. Well he got 2 little sisters here! They aren’t super cool either? Al thinks it’s for the best. I got twins now and him keeping Axel will keep things light.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Al shoulda asked first. What a jerk.”

“I know right! I miss Axel. He hasn’t officially met the twins yet.”


 “Everything is gonna be okay, Lexi. Axel will get bored and wanna come back. Just wait.”

“You think? That resort isn’t that hot anyway.”

“Yeah? How are the twins? Where are they?”

“They are good. My mom is watching them so i could be here. I can’t believe you’re gonna be a mommy soon!”

“Me too! I’m so worried that it’s gonna hurt.”

“It won’t until the contractions. They hurt like hell. The contractions is what sucks.”



I couldn’t be in the same room as Alexia. I know it wouldn’t be long before she decides to be annoying. She bitches at me for me not coming over to see the twins. I’m not being a good brother but I only avoid them cause I don’t like her. I decided to get some coffee while they chatted for a bit.




 I was heading back the room until I saw Selene. By the looks of it, I guess she doesn’t know that Vega was admitted in. Selene smiled at me and waved hello. I really haven’t seen her much since the wedding but according to L2, things are going well.

“Hey Boragio! What are you doing here? Isn’t the barbecue today? I called in today, I won’t be attending.”

“Well that’s been cancelled.”

“Oh? Why so?”

“Vega was admitted in. She’s gonna have the baby today.”

“Oh really?”



 “Vega had an exam and Dr. Adams said she was almost an 8.”

“Whoa, 8? Really? Yeah that baby is coming out today. Did she have any contractions?”

“No. She’s been fine. But I was wondering if you could provide any medical reason why Alexia can’t be here?”

“Ha ha ha. Lexi is already here?”


“I wish I could help ya but I can’t. You’ll be okay.”



 “Where were you?! You were supposed to be here!”

“I went to get some coffee and bumped into Selene in the hall.”

“The doc was in here giving important info and you weren’t here. You are so useless!”

“Hey! You don’t need to be here anyway!”

“Well I can’t stay but I should seeing how you can’t stay in the room!”

“I was giving you 2 a little privacy! I wasn’t gone that long!”

“You shouldn’t leave! No point of you leaving at all! You should stay and never leave!”

“What is this about it? Are you mad at my uncle and taking this out on me!”

“Yes! He’s not here for me to be mad at!”



 “Hey! I don’t need you guys fighting when I’m having a baby over here! Kiss and make up!”

“I know Lexi is your friend and all but I really don’t like her.”

“What did I ever to do you?”

“You really asking me that? You pick a fight with me every time we are around each other. You were cool until Vega and I got engaged.”

“Ugh whatever! I’m leaving!”



 Soon after Alexia left, Vega started to have her contractions. The timing was perfect cause I really didn’t wanna deal with Alexia while Vega is in labor. It was hard to watch Vega be in pain. I tried to comfort her as well as I could. After all, I am the reason why she’s in this condition.




 Vega sent me away to go get her some chips. Her contractions were coming closer together which made her  really hungry. That’s common with Navox births. During labor the mothers would often eat large amounts of food, usually sweets like cakes and pies.

Most hospitals offer food kits for Navox births but since Vega isn’t a Navox it’s not easy to detect rather the baby will be a mostly Navox or a Sleeper. Sudden hunger is the first sign and before heading to the vending machine, I placed a food kit order. This baby is a Navox.



 “Chips and cookies! You come back with just chips and cookies! That’s just a little snack! Where is the food kit! I want the food kit! I want key lime pie! I want cheesecake! I want food!”

“I’m sorry! I ordered the food kit. It will be here in a bit. I got these to hold you until it gets here.”

“Why wasn’t it on stand by! Chips and cookies won’t do anything! You came back here with chips!”

“The food kit is gonna be here in a bit! I promise!”




 “Why am I so hungry?! Why isn’t my food here yet! What did your baby did to me!”

“Vega! It’s gonna be okay! This is common for Navox births! Our son is most definitely a Navox.”

“I can’t do nothing with these chips! You tell those assholes that they better hurry up with the food kit or heads will roll! I am not kidding! I better get my food now I swear!”

“I promise that it’s gonna be okay!”





 “Oh my gosh… I am so sorry hun! I didn’t mean to yell at you. I’m just so hungry! Why am I so hungry? These contractions hurt and I’m so hungry! I can eat a whole cake.”

“Our baby is Navox, it’s why you’re hungry. He’ll want to eat as soon as he’s born. The sweets is gonna help make lots of sweet milk for him. Did you read the Navox pregnancy book?”

“I did! I did! I guess I forgot about the sweet milk. I gotta feed him, right? My body won’t make the right nutriment for genie babies. I gotta buy special formula. Oh my gosh! I didn’t get the special formula! I’m not ready to have this baby!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just calm down, relax and breathe. The food kit will be here and everything is gonna be okay.” 




 After the food kit came in Vega was advised to walk around a little. It would help with the labor. I helped Vega walked around the maternity floor. We walked around as long as she could take it. 




 The walk did help Vega’s water break. We knew we were getting closer to bringing our child into this world. As happy as I was, it was hard to watch Vega be in pain when there’s nothing I could to make it stop.




 It wasn’t long before Dr. Adams came in to check on Vega.

“Am I close enough yet?”

“You’re at a 9. Just one more centimeter to go.”

“When can I get my epidural?”

“Oh? You wanted one?”

“I know I said natural but this pain along with hunger is too much.”

“Oh okay, I’ll have Selene come in and administer the epidural.”




Vega was given drugs for the pain but it was a bit too late before she could get any relief. The baby was on his way out. 




 “I can’t do this!”

“Yes you can. Now don’t push until I tell you, okay?”

“I wanna push! I wanna push now!”

“Wait! Wait! Do not push yet! I will tell you when you can?”

“Just get this baby out! Please get this baby out!”

“Vega, you’re doing great!”

“I can’t! I can’t! I wanna push!”

“Just hold up. It’s not time to push yet.”




 At 5:48 PM on September 15, Boragio Lenard Montigo Jr entered the world. Blue eyed and healthy, he looks a lot like Vega. I waited until he was cleaned up, weighted and printed. I just couldn’t wait to hold him.




 Aries came up to the hospital with Solar and Eli to visit our dad since today is his birthday. Vega and I did plan to have a barbecue today for my dad’s honor. He would still want us celebrate if he isn’t around to do so. But there wouldn’t be any partying today, just welcoming a new life into the world.




 Selene came into the room with BJ, I held him for the first time as Vega slept. She was tired after BJ’s delivery and decided they she didn’t want any visitors. It was okay, I enjoyed the first few hours of our son’s life. I held BJ in my arms now knowing he is my first born child.

A month after the wedding I took a trip with L2 to Star City when he went to go see his daughter. I met up with Angela to have a paternity test done to see if Tessa was my daughter. I was skeptical cause I could sense Tessa wasn’t a Navox when I met her in person. I was hurt by the results of the test. Tessa was not my daughter however she is closely related to me. Angela admitted that she had been with my uncle Louis. She slept with him cause he promise to help with her singing career. Of course Louis didn’t follow through.

When she got pregnant she told my uncle, he rejected her and the baby. So when Angela saw me and learned that I was going to get married, she was jealous. She lied and told me I was Tessa’s father. She was just messing with my head. Whatever bit of feelings I had for Angela was erased. She hasn’t changed at all. It just hurts me of how she betrayed during our relationship.



 I figure I should see my dad since today is his birthday.




I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I don’t visit my dad as often as my brothers. I just don’t like seeing him this way. Even though my dad probably couldn’t hear me, I still introduced my son to him. I know he would be happy to know that he has a new grandson.




Over the first weeks of BJ’s life, we embraced parenthood with ease. There’s been many sleepless nights, diaper explosions, shirts stained with puke is all worth it. Vega may be a worrywart but she’s been amazing with our son. 




 I never imagine that my life would be like this. Just 6 months ago since I came a husband, 4 months ago since I became a father. I love where my life is at this point. I have a wife and a beautiful child. I wouldn’t want it any way different.



 This is my life.


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 105 – I Do

July 13, 5:32 AM – Jericho



 “Vega are you up? We need to head out in 30 minutes. Honey? Hello?”




 “I’m not getting married today, mom… Just let me be..”




 “Vega? What are you talking about? What’s wrong? I know sometimes people have cold feet but it’s okay to be a little nervous. I was even nervous when I married your dad. Vega, unlock the door. It’s gonna be okay.”




 “I’m a terrible person! He doesn’t deserve a crappy wife. I’ll be a crappy wife!”

“Vega, please let me in.”

“No, mom! I’m not getting married today!”

“Vega Nicole Hooley! You are getting married today, missy! Stop being silly and let me in.”

“Okay mom.”



 “What is going on with you? Why are you crying?”

“Last night… Veronica and I got into a fight. She said somethings and they were truth. I’m a total bitch and Boragio probably only asked me to marry him cause I’m having his baby.”

“You know that’s not true. What were you girls fighting about?”

“I caught her with Brad. I got mad. I told her she was being slutty and she was gonna get hurt again. She told me to back off. I was just protecting her.”

“Veronica told me about last night. I’m not exactly pleased with her actions with Brad but she’s an adult now. She wants to move forwarded and she came a long way since you know. You always been a bit too much when it comes to her but I know you wanna protect her. Veronica is a strong woman and a fighter. Veronica is going to do what she pleases. Veronica is trying hard to live a normal life. It’s a struggle for her. You know this.”

“But she barely knows Brad and she was mounted on him… He could had harmed her.”

“You know Brad wouldn’t do a such thing. He’s a nice guy. I chatted with him and saw why Boragio picked him as his best man. Have you took the time to get to know Brad?”


“Veronica felt safe with him, she took the time to get to know him. You can’t assume that every guy that talks to her is a bad guy. One day, she’s gonna find a wonderful man like yours and get married. You scolding every guy who comes near her won’t get her there.”



“I know but I’m so scared for her. I shoulda been there that one night.. Those guys wouldn’t do what they did.. I shoulda been there, mom… I shoulda.. I just had to go be with Jeremy. She wanted me to pick her up that night. I picked a guy over her..”

“I know you feel guilty about it but we never think something like is gonna happen. Don’t blame yourself of what happen..”

“I don’t blame Veronica for hating me.. I’m a terrible sister. I won’t make a good wife or mother..”

“Don’t say that. You are a wonderful sister. You will make a wonderful wife and mother. Veronica doesn’t hate you. And you know that. I think you girls need to talk before we head out.”

“Okay, mom.”


 5:45 AM – Jericho




 “It’s a beautiful morning. A perfect day to get married, sis?”

“I guess so..”

“You guess? You been looking forwarded for this day.”

“I don’t deserve him. The things you said last night were true.”

“No, Vega.”

“But Veronica… You were right.”



 “I didn’t mean what I said. I was so mad at you. You embarrassed me in front of Brad twice. He was unsure about just saying hi to me. You always bite off the head of every guy that talks to me. No guy ever wanna come near me cause they are afraid of you.”

“I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean it.. Really. I just felt it was my fault about that one night. I chose Jeremy over you. You wanted me pick you after class cause you had a strange feeling but I chose to be with Jeremy. I thought you didn’t want me to hang out with him cause you were jealous.”

“It’s not your fault. You can’t keep feeling bad about it.”

“I could had prevented it..”



 “You wouldn’t know something like that would happen. No one could. But please stop blaming yourself.”

“I’ll try. So you don’t hate me?”

“What? That’s insane. I could never hate you! You are my sister and I love you.”

“I said some harsh things last night. I didn’t mean it.”

“I said some mean things too. We didn’t mean any of it.”



 “I still wanna apologize. I am so sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I promise I will back off and let you live your life. You deserve love and me being a bitch to any guy that comes near you isn’t gonna help you.”

“I forgive you.”


“Seriously. Now let’s get ready. Today is your day. Today is all about you, not me.” 


 10:26 AM – Bridgeport

 “Two hours.”


“Two hours left until your freedom ends, bro.”

“Ha ha ha. Two hours until my life begins.”

“If you see it that way. Just kidding. So you ready?”

“More than anything. How do I look?”

“Snazzy. But you could use a breath mint.”




 “Ya think Veronica will like my tux? I gotta look hot for her.”

“I guess but where did you go last night?”

“Back to Jericho.”


“Veronica. You think her and I would make a cute couple?” 

“What did you do?”


“Vega is gonna kill you.”

“She knows.. It didn’t go over so well.. But she called me an hour ago. She told me she was sorry for yelling at us. It’s cool now.”

“That’s great but can you promise to keep your dick in your pants at the wedding?”

“I do!”



 “Hey little man, you excited?”

“For what? To carry a tiny pillow with rings on it? So super excited for a lame job… Why can’t I be the best man? I’m the brother. My new girlfriend won’t be impressed of me being a dorky ring carrier.”

“Your new girlfriend?”

“Allora! She said I was cute and I got to sleep in her bed last night.  That makes her my girlfriend. Girls you sleep with are girlfriends, right?”

“Uh.. right.”

“Cool! So is there gonna be cake?”

“Of course, it’s a wedding after all.”




 “I’m gonna eat so much cake. Muhahaha!”



11:11 AM – Bridgeport

 “It’s 11:11, make a wish!”


“Cake? You wish for cake?”

“No! Did we forget the cake?! Oh no! We won’t have cake! Did we get the cake?! Did we get the freakin’ cake?!”

“Vega calm your tits. Devin took the cake to the venue yesterday. Remember?”

“Oh. Oh right! Okay we cake.. MY FLOWERS!”

“We got your flowers.”

“Ohh! So we got everything?”

“Yes, we got everything.”



 “Are you sure?”

“Yeah sis. You need to relax. You don’t wanna mess up your pretty face.”

“Mess up my face?!”

“Yeah with tears, worry wrinkles. Ya know.”

“I have wrinkles?! I can’t get married with wrinkles!”

“Vega! You look hot! You don’t have wrinkles! I’m just teasing.”



“Yeah I am pretty hot.”


“But you didn’t get everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t get that zit.”

“Oh my god, where?!”

“Ha ha ha!”


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 104 – The Boys Come Out To Play

 I guess you could say this would be my last night of “freedom”. Tonight is my bachelor party and we plan on heading towards Bridgeport in the limo that Brad rented out. We do plan on staying in Bridgeport overnight in a hotel. There’s no since returning back to Jericho, the wedding will take place in Bridgeport.

After all, the groom and bride shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. Vega made it very clear that she doesn’t wanna see my pretty face until she’s walking down the aisle. She’s very superstitious.  She wants this wedding to be perfect and there’s already been a couple kinks.

Last night 2 of Vega’s bridesmaids went into labor. Vega was very upset and didn’t know what she was gonna do. During the rehearsal dinner, I told some of my sisters about Alexia and Simone had their babies. Phoenix and Nova offered to be the replacement bridesmaids. Vega liked that they offered but the wedding must be perfect. They would look out of place not having matching dresses like Selene and Veronica. Selene, Veronica and my sisters ended up leaving the dinner early to find new matching dresses. Anything purple was Vega’s only request. She wanted her bridesmaids to wear my favorite color. The girls were able to find a purple dress for Vega’s liking. Vega was still bummed about them having to leave the dinner so early.

There was also an issue with the cake. It was back ordered and wouldn’t be ready until after our wedding. This drove Vega into a rage. The cake was the most important thing. Luckily my close friend Devin is an excellent baker. He offered to bake us a wedding cake, free of charge. However he had to leave early to bake the cake before my bachelor party. Vega was filled with so many emotions when Devin came back with a well done wedding cake. I think she was in more shock of the cake being the same flavor as the cake that we originally ordered. I think Devin scored some brownie points with Vega. 



 “Am I pretty enough?”

“Yeah, Brad. You’re pretty much.”

“Thanks. I try very hard.”

“Ha ha ha ha. Who are you trying to impress?”

“Do Phoenix like white boys by any chance?”

“Phoenix? Oh what happen with Veronica? You were pretty flirty with her at the rehearsal dinner.”

“I like her but Vega kept giving me the stink eye.”

“So you figure you should get with my sister?”

“Ha ha ha.  Just messin’ with ya but your sisters are pretty hot.”

“Watch it bro…”

“Ha ha ha! Just chill. I promise that I won’t go after your hot sisters.”



 I kinda feel bad going out to party while Vega doesn’t. She’s heavily pregnant and the ideal of having a wild bachelorlette party on the town  isn’t appealing. But she still wants me to go out with my friends and brothers. She doesn’t mind staying back.

“Do you need anything? I feel bad cause I’ll be partying and you’ll be here.”

“I’ll be fine. Tonight we are having a little baby shower. We got games, punch and cake! That’s all I need now.”

“So you ladies will be okay?”

“Yeah! I get to spend time with my sister and mom. I missed them so much. Plus I’ll get to know your sisters too.”

“Yeah, don’t have too much fun.”

“Okay, I’ll try not to get too wasted on cake and punch, sir.”

“Ha ha ha!”



 Brad and I met up with our friends at their hotel. But I was curious of what Brad had planned for us.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“I figure we should start out night at Red Velvet. I heard that place is real nice.”

“The strip club?”

“Yep. It’s real classy there.” 

“Did you say the Red Velvet?”

“Yeah, Revan. You been there?”

“Once or twice but maybe we should go to a different strip.”

“Nah, Red Velvet is the best one in BP.”

“But Brad, I’m sure that’s not true.”

“Revan, are you afraid of strippers?”

“No! I am a man!”

“Then its settle, Red Velvet then Waylon’s for bad karaoke.”



 “Don’t bring your asshole friends to my job!”

“Why? They all know you’re a stripper!”

“Exactly! Just don’t bring them or else!”

“Or else what?!”

“No sandwiches! You can fix your own honey roasted turkey sandwiches!”

“That’s not fair!”



 “Danica isn’t gonna make me anymore sandwiches guys. I love honey roasted turkey…”






 We made our first stop at Red Velvet, I did notice how Revan seemed a bit quiet during the drive there. Maybe I should had talked Brad out of it, Revan seemed real bothered about coming here but I was curious why. I did notice when we first entered a friend named Brandy was one of the dancers. I first met her during training camp, she was the only female there. She was also dating another trainee named Ezra whom I also became good friends with.

 I see that she traded off poles. I’m not sure if it was a good idea inviting Brandy to the wedding. She is a little off, she and Ezra broke up and now I’m learning she’s a stripper. Having a stripper friend will not set well with Vega.



 Brad told me that he had a special surprise waiting for me on the main stage. My bride for the night. Vega would flip if she knew of this. There can only be one bride. Her. 




 “So you like?”

“Vega would kill you. You’re already not on her good side. Ha ha ha.”

“I thought it was fitting.”

“She isn’t gonna give me a lap dance is she?”

“You are the groom. You get this one free pass. Take it.”

“Doesn’t feel right man.”

“It’s just a lap dance. It’s her job. It’s your night.”

“Ha ha ha yeah but no.”

“Damn you really must be in love.”

“I love Vega and I fear her.”

“Ha ha ha! Well I guess I’ll be Candy Pink’s groom for the night.”




 In ways I wouldn’t mind having a lap dance but I knew I would regret it. The last lap dance I got ended up turning into a 2 year bad relationship. I never told Vega that my ex was a stripper. I met her at the strip club in Star City.

It was my 18th birthday and my dad felt that was the right place to celebrate at. Angela was mesmerize by me when she first saw me. I felt the same when I first saw her. I was a horny 18 year old, eager to swipe my V-card. She was the most beautiful woman who I laid my eyes on. Before leaving, she slipped me her number. My dad was impressed. Little did he know, it was the beginning of my nightmare.. 



 “You’re not doctor Phill!”

“I know. I was just giving some friendly advice to a friend.”

“You know nothing about true love!”

“I know something about it.”

“Did you love her?”


“Don’t play dumb with me. The crazy harlot known as Brandy!”

“Hey! Don’t call her that!”

“So you admit it! You love her!”

“I didn’t say that. Just don’t call her names. That’s kinda immature. Besides, Brandy is a good person. I don’t know what she saw in you.”

“I don’t know what you see in her. I don’t know what she saw in you. You just want Revan to break up with Danica so you can move in on her. Just like you did when I left Brandy. Snake boy!”

“That’s not true!”

“Lies, Devin! Lies!”

“Trust me, I’m not after Danica. It’s Brandy who I want. Maybe if she sees that I’m a nice guy, a nicer guy than you then maybe she will give me a chance.”



 “Why waste your time on that vile woman! Brandy is will be in love with me. I am the alpha male of the group! She will always go for the alpha. You are weak and skinny like a girl. Spineless like a snake.”

“Look here asshole..”

” No. Look here snake boy, bros before hos! You had forgotten the code.”

“I always liked Brandy and you knew that! You took her from me! You broke the code!”

“Because I am the alpha! And as the alpha I choose to escort Nova at the wedding. Nova is the most beautiful female I had laid my eyes upon on.”

“But I was assigned to Nova.”

“And I’m reassigning you. Nova needs a strong male as myself. Not a skinny snake boy. Nova shall bare many beautiful from my seed.”

“What?! That’s crazy talk. I’m Nova’s escort. There’s nothing wrong with Phoenix. She’s beautiful.”



 “Enough of this! I shall be Nova’s escort! There’s nothing you can do about it!”

“Hey!! What are you doing, Ezra?!”

“I will control your little feeble mind!”

“Stop that Ezra!”



 “What the- What did you do to me snake boy? Why didn’t my powers work?!”

“Maybe cause you can’t really do shit.”

“This has never happened to me before. You are weak. I am strong! I am the alpha!”



 “Just give me Nova!”

“I dunno what is the big deal but whatever. Take her. Don’t come crying to me when Vega rips you a new one.”

“You think I am afraid of that woman?! She is a kitten compare to my mother!  My mother is a great white shark!”

“Your mother is nice. You always exaggerate how terrible she is. She loved my potato salad at the picnic last year.  She even gave me a tip on how to make a perfect batch.”

“Only a snake would think my mother is “nice”. Try living with my mother and you shall see she is the true meaning of misery! She forced me onto her vile tit until I was 7!”

“I guess that explains a lot.”

“It explains nothing! I am perfect! I am the alpha! No thanks to my insuperable mother!”



We went to a few near by clubs for a bit before making our last stop of the night at Waylon’s. So far it has been a pretty great night out with the guys. Drinking, dancing and socializing. That’s when I realize I won’t be having many more nights like this after tomorrow. With the baby coming in September and all. I’ll be starting a new life as a husband and father. It’s so surreal now. I’m almost 23. Will I be ready for this big life change? 



 As we entered, I was stunned when my eyes focused on a familiar face. A face whom I haven’t seen in almost 3 years.  It was Angela, my first girlfriend, my first love, the first I asked to be my wife. Why is she here of all places? Why was she in Bridgeport? The last I knew she was still living in Star City. I was caught off guard by her presence.  She glanced over at me and winked. I felt myself blushed a little. I couldn’t believe after all this time, her smile still has an effect on me.

She sang an old song that I haven’t heard in years. It was the same song we heard at a cafe during our first date. It was our song and her voice is still as beautiful as I remembered. She once wanted to be a singer but decided to get real and went into medical school. It’s reasons why she worked in a strip club. Singing just became a hobby.



 Angela finished up and looked over at with a smile. She didn’t say anything, she winked and headed outside. Naturally, I had to follow her. Why was she here?

“I thought you kicked that habit.”

“Some habits die hard. Besides, this is my first in about a year.  I deserved one.”

“Congrats on going through a year without smoking though. I just wish you quit for good.”

“I’m working on it. Why do you even care?”

“I don’t! Well I kinda care do.. I’m not a vengeful guy. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Awe, I didn’t think you would still care about me. The last thing you told me was you hated me.”

“You weren’t exactly lovable.”

“Yeah I wasn’t..”



 “So what are you doing in BP?”

“Visiting family, you?”

“I’m getting married.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah she’s pretty amazing.”

“Congrats. I hope all goes well.”




 “Other than that, how have you been? Still living in EC?”

“Life is pretty great. I’m still living in EC. We have a baby due in September.”

“Wow a baby too?”

“Yeah, we are. We can’t until he’s born. He’s our first child.”

“I just had a baby 4 months ago. A little girl named Destiny.”

“That’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks. So how are things in Star City? Still in medical school?”



 “No. I had to have a break between the kids. I’m just a CNA for now. My boyfriend is an IT tech, we are doing pretty well and all.”

“That’s good to hear. You said you have kids?”

“Yeah, I have 2 kids. Both are girls, my oldest just turned 3.”

“3 years old?”

“Yeah, wanna see pics of my girls?”




 “This is Destiny with my boyfriend Rylan. That’s her daddy.”

“Aww, she’s cute. She kinda looks like you.”

“Yeah, she’s my little mini me.”

“And your oldest?”

“This is Tessa.”

“She’s cute.”

“Yeah she is. I’m glad you think so. But Boragio, I need to be honest with you about something.”

“Like what?”



 “Tessa, my daughter.. You’re her father. I think she looks a lot like you. She has your eyes. I know I shoulda told you about Tessa a long time ago but I didn’t. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry dropping this on you like this. But I think you should know that Tessa is your daughter.”



 “What?! I have a daughter?! When were you planning to tell me something big like that?!”

“With the way things ended.. You wouldn’t let me say anything to you! You just shut me off when I tried to tell you that I was pregnant!”

“You didn’t try to talk to me! I would had listen if you told me!”

“Bull shit, Boragio! I called and texted you. You ignored me!”



 “You coulda easily texted me saying “by the way, I’m pregnant.”!”

“I wanted to tell you in person! But you didn’t wanna see me, you didn’t wanna talk to me. You just cut me out!”

“Can you blame me for all the shit you put me through?! You were always had your hand out for my money! You were always out with some friend who didn’t have a name! You never treated me with respect, Angela!”

“Well I am sorry and our daughter needs you in her life!”



 “I need to be in your life?! It would been nice to know that I knew she even existed! You can’t expect me to drop everything and be a father to a 3 year old child who I didn’t know about! I’m about to have my own family! I’m getting married tomorrow and a baby on the way!”

“Tessa is your family too!”

“How can I be sure about that?! Am I even Tessa’s father?! I know you were messing around! It was clear to me that I wasn’t the only man in your life! Clearly there was another male with money giving you nice things too!”

“You are Tessa’s father! She has your violet eyes! No one in my family has violet eyes!”

“I’m not claiming your child until I get a test to prove it!”

“It’s just gonna say you are! No point in wasting time and money!”

“We will see about that, Angela! I don’t trust you! You broke my trust a long time ago!”



 Angela called a cab to come get her. I stormed inside and sat at the bar to order the strongest drink possible. Is this true? Am I the father of that little girl? This whole time I was a dad and didn’t know it? Vega and I had been excited about our baby cause it was our child. We would both be coming into parenthood together for the first time. It was an experience that we been looking forwarded to. If Vega know about Tessa possibly being my child, it would crush her.  Drowning my anger with jack didn’t go unnoticed….

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Angela. She was here. Of all the places. She was here.”

“I take it that it didn’t go well.”

“She has a daughter. A 3 year old daughter named Tessa. She just told me that I’m her father.”

“Say what? You have a kid?”

“I dunno. This is gonna hurt Vega. But I’m not sure if Tessa is mine. What am I gonna do?”

“You tell Vega nothing. Not until you know the truth. You can’t take Angela’s word.”

“That’s why I have my doubt. She was involved with other guys. But Tessa has violet eyes. I have violet eyes.”

“So does your big shot uncle. I’ve been to his studio in Star City. He had a picture of Angela and made a comment to me saying, “She’s more talented than you think if you know what I mean.” That implied he slept with her. Just saying man.”

“Hmm.. So I shouldn’t tell Vega?”

“Not until you know it’s legit. No need flipping her world in case it’s not true. Angela is probably just messing with your head. This is your night. Tomorrow is your big day.  You can deal with Angela when you get home.”

“I think you’re right.”

“Of course. I am the best man after all.”

“Ha ha ha ha!”



 Brad was right. This is my night and I should be having fun. Tomorrow I will be marrying the most amazing woman in the world and I can deal with the Angela drama when I get home. I dragged Brad to do some karaoke like we use to back in Twinbrook. It’s so great to hang out with a true friend again.



 I did invited my granddad to my wedding, he and my grandmama do act like my parents since my aren’t able to attend. I know Junior wasn’t thrilled about having him there. I know it was pretty messed up of what he did with our mom but I gave him. I’m hoping Junior is willing to forgive him too. After all, he is family.



 “Hey Junior.”


“How you been?”


“That’s good to know. Allora is nice and pretty. How long you two been together?”

“Two years.”

“Great.  You’re looking great too. How have the treatment been going?”



 “Hmm. I’m getting one worded responses.”


“I really don’t understand the resentment you have towards. Did I do anything to offend you? I just wanna reach to you.”



 “You never think about the consequences of your actions when it comes to this family! You just stick your dick in whoever and never think about the aftermath!”

“I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt my son!”

“It also hurt me! Do you know how it feels when you find that your life was a lie?! My dad is my brother! My grandpa is my dad! I don’t even have a name to give to Allora when I ask her to marry me!”

“I know what it affected you too and I am sorry. I’m truly am. I just wanna make things right.”




 “If you really want to make it up to me. If you truly do then you’ll let my dad be my real dad!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let my dad adopt me! Let my family be legit! Let me have a name to give to Allora and our baby!”

“Your baby? Allora is expecting?”

“Yes. Yes she is..”



“That’s great to hear about you and Allora. The baby. But this legit thing, I’m willing to go with it. If it’s what you really want.”

“It is what I want. I wanna feel like I belong in this family.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. Even if I just be your grandpa. I want to be apart of your life. I want to build a relationship with you. I’ll do whatever it takes. Just please don’t cut me out of your life. I want a chance to get to know you.”

“So you’ll be okay being my grandparent than my parent?”

“Yes, I am.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear, grandpa.”






 “Late night swim?”

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep. Whatcha doing back here?”

“I came to see you.”



 “Really? You drove all the way back from BP just to see me?”

“Yeah, you were worth the trip back.”

“Oh please. I’m not worth it.”

“I think you are. Wanna take a dip in the tub?”




 “How was the party?”

“It was pretty great. We had fun. How was the baby shower?”

“It was fun. We had cake, played some games and watched a few movies. It was nice getting to know Boragio’s sisters.”

“That’s cool. So ready for the big day?”

“Yeah. It’s really exciting. I get to watch my big sister get married. I hope some day I’ll find that one.”

“Me too.”



 “So you’re looking for Mrs. Right?”

“Maybe, you looking for Mr. Right?”

“Possibly but I don’t mind settling for Mr. Right Now.”

“Oh? Well I don’t mind settling for Mrs. Right Now if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.”












 “What the hell! What are you doing?! With him?! Really?! You hardly know him!”

“So?! Who cares! I’m an adult! If I wanna hook up with Brad, I can!”

“Actions like this is gonna get you hurt! I’m just trying to protect you!”

“I am fine! I don’t need your protection! Brad is a good guy!”

“But you need it! You just can’t slut around like this!”



 “Seriously? You wanna go there? You slept with Boragio one the day you first met him! Oh and let’s not forget about Jeremy. Didn’t you sleep with him on the first date? Now do you really want to go there?!”

“That’s different! I knew Boragio for 2 years!”

“Yeah then explain Jeremy?!”

“That doesn’t matter! You don’t know where Brad been in!”

“And you didn’t know who Boragio or Jeremy been in either! What makes this so different?! I’m young and trying to have fun!”



 “I just don’t want you to hurt again! You been through-“

“Don’t bring that up! Just don’t!”

“Veronica.. I’m sorry. I just-“

“Don’t! I’m just so tired of you trying to protect me! What happen to me when I was 18 isn’t gonna happen again. I’m not gonna let that run my life! I just wish you understand that but you are so overbearing and pushy! I dunno how you wear Boragio down to marry you but be lucky that you finally convinced a man to keep you! You ran off Jeremy but I think that baby is the only reason why a good man like Boragio is sticking around!”



 “He loves me. How you say that to me?”

“Maybe cause it’s true! You’re too pushy, you’re too overbearing. Sometimes you need to ease up! If you don’t… If you don’t.. You gonna run people away. Your soon to be husband, your friends, your family.”

“I’m not trying to be too much. I’m really not!”

“You do a pretty good job at doing so!”



“It’s not like I do it on purpose. I just want what’s best for you!”

“You’re not my mother! You’re my sister and you never acted like it! You always been this way since we were kids!”

“I have not!”

“You did too! You were always bossing me around, telling me what to do! Just let me live my life!”


“No buts, Vega! Let me life! Just back the hell off! I’m so done now!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 103.3 – Family Affair

 “Hey Lexi? Have you seen my red brush?”


“Are you sure? I coulda swore I saw you pretending it was a mic.”

“Uh no. Why would I do that? Your pregnancy is making you see things.”



 “I swore that I packed too. I need it.”

“It’s 10:30 at night. Why do you need your brush now?”

“I like to brush my hair before bed.”

“That sounds stupid. Your hair is just gonna get messed up again.”



 “You think that’s dumb? How about you putting on make up before bed? I think that’s useless.”

“Whatever! I wanna look beautiful when I wake up. Did you find your dumb brush yet?”


“Did you tell looking under your big ass?”


“Those twins really gave you some major booty meat. Ha ha ha!”



 “Oh whatever. At least there are men who find my big pregnant ass appealing.”

“Uh huh. I’m sure your brush will turn up.”

“I hope. Whatcha watching?”

“Hot Wings.”

“That fireman show?”

“Yep. Rumor has it that the best man is Brad from seasons 3 and 4.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I call dibs!”

“Ha! That’s what you think! I heard he has a thing for red heads with big booties. And guess what. I got both of those!”

“So that doesn’t mean anything! He might have a thing for vamps. We are kinky.”


 “I thought you were seeing someone. Your doctor as awkward as that is.”

“Evan is trying but I dunno. He’s nice and all but I don’t know why a nice guy like him wanna bother with a bitch like me. I think he deserves a sweet girl and I ain’t it.”

“Lexi, you are sweet. You just have your moments and all. I think you should give Evan a try.”

“Axel likes him. He has been treating me good with this pregnancy, inside and outside of the doctor office.”

“See you should try at least.”

“It’s crazy he wanna be involved with a pregnant woman with a 7 year old kid. But it’s not like I’ll be getting back with either of the fathers. One is busy running a hotel in LP while the other is in a coma. To top it all off, both fathers are brothers!”



 “Keeping in the family? Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up. I didn’t know at the time. They look nothing a like.”

“It’s okay. We are gonna be pretty close.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our babies are close.”

“Huh? How close?”

“Siblings close.”


“My twins are your daughter’s brothers.”



 “You bitch! How dare you!”

“How dare I?!”

“Yeah how dare do! You fucked my baby daddy! When??!!”

“Apparently shortly after he been with you!”

“You always gotta go after my men! You whore!”

“What?! I didn’t know about you and Borage at the time! You weren’t even dating him anyway!”

“So! You still always do anyway! How did you even find him!”



 “One night I was at the gym, working out. I saw him checking me out. We flirted. Then he followed me into the locker room. Suddenly we were fucking in the shower!”

“So you just fuck random guys who follow you now?!”

“No! It just happen! There was something so intense about him! I had to!”

“Your vag just gravitated to his dick?!”


“Such a fuckin’ slut!”




 “Oh you can’t say nothing about being a slut! I guess you don’t remember all of the blow jobs in high school!”

“That doesn’t count!”

“Sex is sex! Your mouth is a slut!”

“Your mouth is a slut!”



 “You ate all of the cheetos!”

“I did not! I only had a handful! You ate the rest!”

“I did not!”

“You did too! And you ate the last cupcake too!”

“That’s a bold face lie! Judging by the size your ass, you ate all of our road trip food!”

“Just admit that you ate the cheetos and the last cupcake! I was saving that cupcake!”

“I didn’t eat your stupid cupcake!”




 “Now I’m hungry! But you ate the snacks!”

“Whatever! There’s a vendor machine!”

“I think you should gimme some money for it since it’s your fault!”

“Talk to the hand cause the face doesn’t understand!”

“What does that even mean? It’s not 1995 anymore!”



 “I’m never travelling with you again.”

“Good cause I don’t wanna travel again with you again, Alexia!”





“What’s wrong?”

“Your face! Ohhhhhhhh-arrrghhhh!”

“Seriously, Alexia!”

“My water just broke!”



 “Wha-what?! You’re in labor?!”

“Yes you dumb ho! Do something!”

“What do I do?!”


“What is something?!”

“You are so useless!”



 “Oh no!”


“My water just broke too!”

“You fuckin’ bitch! How dare you!”

“How dare I?! No how dare you!”



 “This is supposed to be my moment! Stop your labor, bitch!”

“I can’t stop my labor, you idiot! This is your fault!”

“No this is your fault! You slept with my baby daddy! You ate the cheetos!”

“I didn’t eat the damn cheetos!”



 “We gotta get to the hospital!”

“Ya think!”

“Shut your whore mouth! Go get someone to take us!”

“Why me?! You’re closer to the door, Simone!”

“You started it!”


 5 hours later

 “Wow, Lexi. Look at them. Our babies.”

“Which ones are yours?”

“The front two in the middle. My boys, Andre and Isaiah.”

“They are cute. They did look like Tiana’s brothers. Who gave birth first?”

“Andre was delivered at 1:23 am and Isaiah at 1:29.”

“Tiana was born at 1:19 and the other was born at 1:23 as well.”

“The other?”

“I knew Tiana wasn’t alone. I’m not sure what to name my extra baby… I dunno what I’m gonna do. I only planned for one baby.”



 “Are you going to be okay, Lexi? You seem a little down. I know you weren’t as excited when you found out you were pregnant.”

“I think so. I have my sister. I have my mother.”

“And you have me.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course not. We said things that we didn’t mean.”



 “True but I feel like a dick. I shouldn’t get mad like that. It was immature. Borage has lots of baby mamas. I thought since I talked about how great the sex was, you wanted him all to yourself.”

“It wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t set out to find him. He found me. It was a one time thing. I couldn’t believe how impulsive I was. I don’t do things like that.”

“He has that affect on females. I latched onto him when I first saw him. It crept me out. I didn’t think I was one of those girls but it’s just him and what he is.”

“Love genie.”




 “Let’s never be like this again. After all, we are family now.”

“Yeah. I just need to pick a name for Tiana’s twin.”

“I’m sure one will come to you when you hold her.”




 “Hello there, Briana. Hmm… Briana. I think you look like a Briana. Maybe that will be your name. I wasn’t expecting you Briana but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less.”