Love. Lust. – Chapter 3: Ask Me

Escasty, Passion & Pain – Ask Me


The evening was Friday, the evening of my show in Auberon. I haven’t played in Auberon in a while so naturally, I was excited. I was hoping to there much earlier so I could spend some time with Mordecai but my time with my oldest daughter Phoenix ran over. I took her on a shopping trip since she already made honor roll. School has only been in session for a week and I couldn’t be any more prouder of her.



It’s also my 15th anniversary and Lindy isn’t very happy with me. I promised I’ll make it to her. I have a special day planned out for Saturday. Dinner, dancing, and a carriage ride to the downtown park. I think she’ll love it. I’m playing it cool and keeping it secret but she knows I’m up to something.



I especially can’t wait to see Nakia tonight. I hope it would be like old times. We dated back in high school. We were high school sweethearts but after she had a miscarriage our Junior year we just drifted apart. I didn’t comfort her like I should have done. Instead, I just wanted to be with my friends and drink. I didn’t really care about the baby, I felt it was for the best because I wasn’t ready. But I was never ready to be a dad. My first child Bruce was born on my 20th birthday then my second child Phoenix was born 6 months after him. My first two baby mothers Sonoko and Louis hate each cause I was dating them at the same time. Needless to say, they both left me when they found out about each other.

I did start dating a girl named Fran afterward and things were getting serious. She had my third child named Leda but got pregnant again when Leda was 6 weeks old and had twins Sapphire and Orianna. We broke up when the girls were a year and then I met Lindy. Lindy was never a fan of Fran and didn’t see what I saw in Fran but we remained friends. One day when the girls were 4, Lindy handed me a letter from Fran saying she didn’t want me around anymore and she and the girls will be fine. I questioned the letter but I was young and decided to grant her wishes. My girls are 15 and I still think about them.



A special show deserves a special outfit. I’m thinking of my famous suit. The ladies love seeing me in my suit although other DJs think it’s too formal. I like to stand out a bit and plus I think Nakia would love seeing me in a suit. She’ll see how much I grew up since high school.



The house is quiet, no one was there to tell me bye or anything. The kids were in their rooms, Lindy was ignoring me, Flo was having her daily chat with her mom. I wasn’t bothered at all. It was fine, no one would ruin my suit after all.




It’s a 45 minute drive from Bridgeport to Auberon and I decided to treat Nakia by driving her there. This is my first time to her house and I see she has done well for herself.




“Aren’t we looking dapper tonight? You look very nice, Borage. Welcome to my home.”




“Thanks. You’re looking fine as ever, the dress is longer than I what like but you look good in anything you put on.”




“Oh stop. Nate will hear you.”

“So what if he does?”

“I’ll have to go to the hospital to visit and then the jail to bail him out.”

“It’s worth it.”

“Boy stop. Ha ha ha!”

“I’m serious.”

“Same old Borage. The flirt.”




The conversation was cut short when her daughter Nicole appeared. She’s the same age as Bora, Luna, and Mordecai. She’s in the same class as Bora cause Bora talks about her. They are already friends.



“You’re Bora’s dad! I saw you yesterday!”

“Yep and you’re pretty like your mama.”

“Thanks. What’s a DJ? My mom said you’re one.”

“A DJ is someone who plays music and makes people dance at parties and clubs.”

“Cool! I like dancing but my daddy can’t dance very well. He looks silly, he dances like a sim!”

” Ha ha ha, funny.”

“Speaking of your daddy, go get him. We need to get. I want to tell your daddy bye.”

“Okay, mom!”



“We’re going, hun.”

“With the suit?”

“Yes with the suit.”

“Um okay. Have fun.”

“I will. Put the girls in bed in an hour.”

“I know. I got a night of binge drinking and gaming to do. I wanna do that alone.”

“I love you, Nate.”

“I love you too, Kia.”

I used to call her that. It’s kinda hard seeing this to be honest.




We arrived at The Grudge in Auberon. It doesn’t look like much and it lives up to its name. It’s grudgy alright. I thought Clarissa would have booked me a better club but I’ll take it if they are paying me a grand.




After mingling with a few party goers and some drinks I start my set. Playing one fire track after another and getting this night pumping.




I felt the energy, the vide of the room. Making sure I kept the dance floor jammed packed.




Banger after banger, this night was going right.




I’ve could have been a personal trainer at a gym. A job that my dad rather have me have. He was never supportive of my DJ career. Even though I produce music too, he’s still not supportive and thinks I should get a real job. I’m getting famous but dad doesn’t care. My brother Cergio is a violinist and my dad supported that but never my DJing. With my mom, things are different. She’s very supportive. She’s my biggest fan.



I took a break while the club’s resident DJ played. Nakia took this time to interview me.

“Ready for the interview?”

“Interview. Sounds so formal. How about you just ask me things and I’ll answer.”

“That’s what an interview is, B.”

“This is supposed to be a date. Want a drink? Want to drink?”

“I have a series of questions I need to ask you. This isn’t really a date. You know I’m married. You met my husband, Nate.”

“I like to think of this as a date.”

“What made you want to be a DJ?”




“I always liked to play music at parties since I was a kid. My parents always threw parties when I was growing up. My Aunt Rosette got me my first turntable set on my 9th birthday and I’ve been DJing since then. Ya know my Aunt Rose is married to the famous singer Finn G.”

“Seriously? I love his songs.”

“Yep. Good old Uncle Finn.”

“With your latest album Forever, what was the inspiration behind it?”

“It was about someone special. Someone who was special and who still special to me. I reject how things turned out. I was stupid and selfish, not caring about her needs. I was so caught up with other shit that I couldn’t see what I had in front of me until it was gone. But I still hold her in my heart because she will always remain special to me forever.”



“Wow, that’s deep.”

“You know who I’m talking about?”

“I could use a drink. Mmm yeah.”


“Yeah and maybe we can dance a little. I still have more questions.”

“I’ll go get you that drink.”





One drink turned into 4 but not before she finished interviewing me. The drinks loosen her up a bit because before I knew it she was dancing on me and I was loving every second of it.




Nakia was having a great time with me but I had a treat in store for her.




I get signed a few autographs that night. It’s pretty awesome every time I sign one. Nakia’s sister Danica wanted one and I was happy to get her one and my number in case she wanted to chat. Let’s be honest, I always thought her sister was hot.



I also do the vocals in my tracks and sang one of the tracks from my latest Forever that’s titled Forever. I watched Nakia’s eyes moved to tears as she knew this track along with the album was about her. I reject losing her.




She was speechless when I approached her. I gently held her close to me. It’s been ages since I held her like. I’m feeling a way that I haven’t felt in ages. I don’t feel this way with Flo or my wife. This is a feeling that I’ve been missing and I find myself reevaluating my feelings towards Flo. Am I ready in love with her or do I just love the sex? She believes Forever is about her and I let her believe that. Lindy believes Forever is about me and I let her believe that too. I know Forever is about Nakia and I believe it’s what my heart wants. But can I have her once again?




“I know it’s about me. I always knew.”

“Then you’ll understand that I want to kiss you.”

“Borage, I can’t.”

“I don’t see you pulling away.”



“Borage! What the fuck?! You are seriously ignoring me now? Who is this?”

“Hey Clar-Bear, what’s up?”

“Don’t Clar-Bear me! Why are you ignoring me?!”




“I’m not ignoring you. I just haven’t been checking my phone. I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I wanted to surprise you. I see you’re busy.”

“This is Nakia, she’s been interviewing me.”




“I didn’t know an interview requires kissing. So I see you already moved on.”

“You were the one who left me, why you tripping? Besides she and I are just friends.”

“I’m sorry, I just assume. You two seem to be really close tonight.”

“There’s nothing going on. Besides its none of your business, you made your made up.”

“I guess you don’t wanna hang out.”

“Not if you’re gonna be that way. We can all hang out.”

“No thanks. See you around. Nice set by the way.”





“You care to explain what was that?”

“An ex but she’s also my agent.”

“Your ex is your agent but you’re married?”

“It’s complicated. Now, where were we?”

“It’s getting late. I should get an Uber and head home. My toddler wakes up very early.”

“I can drive ya back.”

“No. I think its best if I get an Uber but I had a great night.”

“One more drink before you go?”

“A shot.”

“I’ll take it.”




I got home pretty late. I stayed till late then went to an after party at Danica’s. I was greeted at the door by Flo.

“You’re home late. I was getting worried. You never stayed out this late before.”




“Shit I didn’t know I had a curfew. I was in Auberon it’s a long drive. I stayed until closing then went to an after party. Then I also got some bomb ass tacos if you were wondering.”




“You smell like you been around woman. Who is she? How long have you been seeing her? Am I not good enough for you?”




“Look, I’m tired. Lindy is still up and I need to go be with her. I can’t do this with you.”

“Who is she?”

“Good night, Flo.”




“What took you so long, Papi.”


“You silly Papi. I have a spicy taco for you.”

“You do?”

“Si, Papi.”

“Lemme have that taco.”




I don’t know what’s going on with Clarissa and Florance. I don’t know why are they acting jealous tonight. The only one who isn’t acting crazy is Lindy and decided she deserved my attention. I’m bitter I didn’t get to kiss Nakia when I was so close but I can’t help but think how different the night would be if Clarissa didn’t ruin it. 

As I made love to my wife Lindy, all I could do was think about Nakia the whole time. I pretended Lindy was Nakia and it was the best sex we ever had so far. I don’t even feel guilty.

Love. Lust. – Chapter 1: You’re The One

SWV – You’re The One

I am a man with big dreams and a big family. An up and coming EDM DJ and music producer, a husband with 11. You may be saying my wife and I had been busy however 3 of my 11 belong to her. I was a very busy man before my wife Lindy. I had 5 kids with 3 different women before meeting Lindy. Early in my DJ career I was careless and drank a lot. I slept with a lot of women and my brother felt it was time to shapen up and set me up with Lindy. She’s beautiful and all but when she got pregnant with triplets, Cergio suggested I marry her.

However, I stepped out on Lindy a few times and it’s how I got my twins Bora and Luna. I met their mom at one of gigs in Bridgeport. She was beautiful, sexy, and smart. I loved seeing her dance during my set. I learned she was a dancer but I didn’t discriminate. She was paying her way through medical school but then I ruined things. She got pregnant. I wasn’t sure how to tell Lindy but I had no choice after she gave birth and died afterward due to a blood clot. I had to take in the twins, it took time but Lindy forgave me.

We worked on our problems and was doing well until I received a “this is your son” text 9 months after Bora and Luna were born. I stepped out again but with a Pharmacist from Auberon. My son Mordecai was born to a lady name Alayna. Lindy was heartbroken but I swear there wasn’t any other women I’ve been with since. Alayna was the last one and I don’t remember much about her. It was a one night stand and apparently, I gave her my number. Lindy forgave me.

I’m receiving a call from the mother of my youngest child, a child Lindy doesn’t know about because I can’t bear t break her heart once again. Clarissa had my son Raiden who is almost a year old. I’ve been keeping this secret for so long now. Not even my kids know they have a new little brother. Although Charissa lives in Bridgewood, she books most of my gigs. She’s my agent and that’s how Raiden happen. Clarissa has promised she won’t tell Lindy about Raiden but I think she’s losing her patience.



“Hey Clar, what’s?”

“I have a gig for you but it’s Auberon.”

“Oh cool! When? Dets?”

“Well it’s next Friday and I know that’s your anniversary. However, I think this will be really good for you.”



“Yeah, yeah I’m down! Much pay am I getting paid tho?”

A grand but are you sure? Would Lindy be okay with it?”

“She’ll be fine. I’ll work something out.”

“Oh okay, I just don’t want to step on any toes.”

“You good Clar-Bear.”


“Borage, when do you plan on seeing Raiden?”

“Clar, I don’t know. I’ve been really busy though.”

“You haven’t seen him in almost a month. He misses his dad. You need to see him.”

“You know I can’t just jump in my car and drive to Bridgewood without giving Lindy a reason why. Just move here.”

“We talked about this B. You know I can’t afford to move to Bridgeport. Plus I have my dad here. He’s a big help with Raiden. It’s not I can just drop him off there when you still haven’t told Lindy about him.”

“I’m working on it.”

“It’s been over a year. He’s 10 months old now. How long are you gonna wait to tell her? When he’s 20? His siblings don’t even know about him, B.”

“I know and I’m sorry but I said I’m working on it. I’m gonna tell Lindy one day. Just bear with me.”

“I dunno but Raiden needs his father. I need to go. Talk to you later.”

“Okay. Bye Clar.”



I know Clarissa is right, I need to be in Raiden’s life more but breaking Lindy’s heart again isn’t an option right now. I listened to my children playing outside while I had a drink on the balcony with Clarissa’s words echoing in my mind. There was a time where I thought I could be with Clarissa.

We have a close friendship and we spend a lot of time together since she books my gigs and promotes my shows. I thought maybe she could be the one although my heart isn’t fully committed to Lindy. In a way, my marriage was an arrangement set up by my brother so I wouldn’t destroy my career with “loose women” as my brother described it.

Things changed when she got pregnant with Raiden. She didn’t want to be the other woman and I didn’t want to leave Lindy, so she ended things. Clarissa has moved on but sometimes I wished she didn’t. I still think about. The main reason why I haven’t seen Raiden is because it’s hard to be around her and not be with her.



“Daddy! Daddy! Come play with us!”

I hear Luna yelling from the front yard.


I shouted back after taking my last sip from my cup.



I peeked over the balcony to see Bora upset. It’s her first weekend without her best friend and cousin Desire, Cergio’s daughter. Cergio’s wife Kelly and Desire usually come over every weekend so the girls can play. However, Kelly has a habit of openly hitting on me in front of Lindy and they almost get into fights over it. I don’t know if Kelly does it to get under Lindy’s skin or she’s really attracted or it’s just both.

Lindy banned Kelly from the house because she has had enough. The kids don’t understand why but it’s really for the best. Plus I’m tired of Kelly cause she drinks all of my vodka then yells at me to go get more. We finally have a peaceful weekend for once.






“Daddy, why can’t Desire and Aunt Kelly come here anymore?”

“Because Aunt Kelly is well very friendly to your daddy.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Yes but she’s also mean to mommy.”



“Mommy is mean to Aunt Kelly too.”

“Okay but Aunt Kelly needs to spend time with Uncle Cergio.”

“When do I get to see Desire? Do I get to see her anymore?”

“You’ll see Desire again. You’ll be starting school with her and then you both get to play at recess.”

“But what about the weekends? I wanna see Aunt Kelly too. She’s funny when she drinks.”

“Well you only get to see her if we go to Uncle Cergio’s or your Grandparents.”





“You handled that well. She’s been asking questions about her cousin.”

“Thanks. I was gonna leave it to Lindy but she’s taking a nap.”

“I just love seeing you be a dad. It’s a turn on.”



“You turned on? Well is there something I can do for you?”


“The kids are playing and Lindy is down for a nap. I say it’s time for a weekend jam session.”

“Maybe you’re right.”




I love my jam sessions with the nanny, Florance. They are hot as fuck. I needed to clear my mind for a bit because I’ll need to tell Lindy about my next gig that falls on our 15th anniversary. Maybe I’ll take her with me. It’s not like I had planned anything for next Friday. I think it would be fun.



It may not look like it but things are deeper between Flo and me. She’s been our nanny since Bora and Luna were babies. Lindy never came to terms with raising Bora and Luna. She hired Flo when the twins were 6 weeks old. The twins see Flo more as their mom than Lindy although they call Lindy mommy. But I got close to Flo when Clarissa ended things with me. I needed someone and Flo were there for me. It’s not just sex with the hot nanny.



It’s love. I’m in love with her.





“What was that?”

“It’s nothing, Love. Come closer.”

“You know we can’t keep doing this. What if we get caught?”

“We won’t.”

“Can’t you just leave her?”

“Working on it. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“Borage Lamar Montigo! I know what you did!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, chico!”



“You sneak! Serpiente! You didn’t think I was gonna find out about your secreto!”



“What are you talking about, Lindy. Spill.”

“I know about your curro! Your show! On our 15th aniversario! Seriously Borage?!”

“I’m sorry, babe.”

“Lo siento, imbécil!”

“Um okay.”


“Why would you do such a thing? What about our plans?”

“I thought maybe you could go. You haven’t been to any of my shows in ages.”

“Aye Dios mío! Seriously? There’s nothing romantic about going to your curro!”

“I’ll make it up to you.”




“Promesa, Papi?”


“You need to run these by me.”

“Clar said this would be a good gig.”

“Clar is not your wife. Clar doesn’t know what’s good for you. I know what’s good for you, Papi.”

“I don’t complain when your agent books your shows. Why do you always complain about mine?”

“I don’t do shows on anniversaries.”

“You complain about my other shows too.”

“Only because you do one every weekend and don’t spend time with me.”




“I spend time with you. You knew I had a busy career like you do too. I’m a DJ and you’re a singer, you should know how things are.”

“You spend a lot of time with Flo when you’re home.”

“You’re always on your phone Instagramming or Facebooking. And she’s like my best friend.”

“I’m your best friend, Papi.”


“Anyhoo, I think you should take Liam to the field and have him practice his soccer. He’ll never be a soccer star sitting in his room playing those video games.”




Our son Liam is far from being a soccer star. Lindy is hard on him only because she viewed Alayna’s Instagram and saw pics of Mordecai playing soccer in Auberon. Mordecai is a soccer star and Lindy is jealous. Liam is a chess genius but it’s not good enough for Lindy. She rather have him be athletic like me and Mordecai than a genius in chess. She came from a family of soccer player and Liam must carry the passion on. 



I love my son but he’s terrible.



“Okay but let’s try not to fall this time. Focus on the ball. Keep your eyes on it!”




“Ugh! Dad, why?! Why me? If you’re wanting an athletic son then focus on Morde. I hate this.”

“It’s what your mom wants!”

“What about what I want? Don’t I get a say?”




“Here we go!”





“That was awesome!”

“How was that awesome, dad? I missed it!”

“I’m cheering for me. That was awesome!”

“This isn’t fun! I wanna stop!”




“Why is mom so hung up on me playing soccer? Doesn’t she know I’m terrible at it.”

“Family thing.”

“I like to play chess, video games, and do math. Why can’t I just do those things?”

“It doesn’t bother me that you wanna be a full nerd. I have Bruce and Morde to play sports with. It’s just your mom is pushing this on me too.”

“Why do you stay with her? Obviously, you’re not fully committed to her.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I know about Flo. WE know about her.”


“Me, Lilah, and Leilani.”



“For how long?”

“Some months. It’s not fair to mom. It’s not fair to you either dad. I see how happy you are when you’re with Flo. You and mom fight all the time. We understand if you divorce but if that happens, please don’t make us live with her.”


“I don’t wanna play soccer. Lilah doesn’t want to wear dresses and take violin, Leilani doesn’t want to be in choir. She’s trying to make us be stars too but we just wanna be normal teens.”

“I thought Lilah liking playing the violin and Leilani enjoyed singing. Your mom just wants you all the be talented.”

“I have 2 left feet. There’s no way I can ever play soccer, dad. Can you talk to her?”

“I’ll try but she might not listen.”

“Please, dad.”





I’m the resident DJ at Dynasty. I love my job. I love playing music and making the crowd dance.




I feel the music is my soul. It’s such a fucking great release whenever I play.




I especially keep my eyes on any sexy lady I see dancing near my booth. Playing attention to every curve on her body as she twists around in joy and laughter. But tonight I saw an old face, a sweet face, a face I love to see.




“Well hello there. Isn’t it the infamous Nakia Love as I live and breathe.”

“Hello, Borage.”

“Damn you fine.”



“Thanks but you been ducking my calls. Why?”




“I’m sorry baby but all my calls been going to my agent, Clarissa but if you need my number, I’ll gladly give it to you and then some.”

“I’m married, Borage.”

“So am I but you always been the one for me, Nakia.”

“Save it. You haven’t changed much since high school.”

“You’re still as sexy as ever. Why hit me up though?”

“Your Bridgeport’s hottest EDM DJ and producer. My boss is on my ass about getting an interview with you.”




“An Interview? We can arrange that. We can go on a date like old times and you can interview me.”

“A date is not needed.”

“Remember those dates I use to take you on? So hot.”

“Yeah, and I got pregnant once. Thank goodness for the miscarriage or I wouldn’t have the career I have today.”

“I wonder if our baby had lived.”

“You wouldn’t be BP’s hottest DJ today.”

“So about that date?”


“Fine but no funny stuff. I am a married woman with 2 kids and have a successful journalism career. We dated back in high school and that was the past.”

“I can’t make any promises.”

“Promise me, Borage.”

“Okay, okay. I promise. Next Friday in Auberon I have a show, we can have it after that.”


Love For The Ladies: The Ladies, The Kids – A Look Back

Official Stats

Starting Age: 21

Ending Age: 63

Storyline Time Elapsed: 42 years

Real Life Time Elapsed: 2.4 years

Towns lived in: Starlight Bay, Evansdale County, Riverview

Lady Count: 19

Marriages: 2

Relationships: 3

Risky Conceptions:  34

Donor Daddy Conceptions:18

Lab Created: 1

Unknown Conceptions: 4

Total Children:  57 – 24 Boys/ 33 Girls

15 Singleton Births / 16 Multiple Births

Twins – 8 / Triplets – 2 / Quads – 2 / Quints – 1/  Septuplets – 1

Grandchildren born in series : 17 – 3 Boys / 14 Girls

Great-Grandchild born in series: 1 –  0 Boys / 1 Girls



The Ladies

 Lady #1 – Sonoko Lee

Children: Bruce-Lee Montigo, Tri Lee, Mariah Montigo, Kimora Montigo

Current Status: Deceased

Fun Fact: Sonoko took the virginity of Borage and later his son Mordecai. She is the mother of 2 of Borage’s grandchildren. Originally Sonoko didn’t get pregnant during the first risky woohoo but when I wasn’t looking, they had an autonomous woohoo. Borage could never remember Sonoko’s name.



Lady #2 – Lois Champagne

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Phoenix C. Montigo, Borage Montigo Jr., Lotus Montigo, Boragio Montigo

Fun Fact: Lotus and Boragio are technically not twins. Lois became pregnant again shortly after having Lotus. Both Lotus & Boragio were autonomous risky woohoos when I wasn’t looking. At this point autonomous woohoo was turned off.



 Lady #3 – Lindy Avilla

Current Status: Single

Children: Liam.2 Montigo, Lilah Montigo

Fun Fact: Lindy and Sonoko were once best friends since high school. The friendship ended when Sonoko found Lindy in the shower with Borage. Lindy always had a habit of going after men Sonoko had interested in or had been with. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They never mended their friendship.



 Lady #4 – Sadie Mason

Current Status: Divorced

Children: None

Fun Fact: The only memory Borage has of Sadie is a naked picture that he took of her with his phone after they hooked up. However he can’t recall her name cause he was never good with remembering names.  Sadie booked Borage to DJ at her party that was cancelled at the last second. Sadie offered sex as a payment cause she believes her boyfriend is sleeping with her best friend. Sadie did eventually married her cheating boyfriend but  later divorced when he failed to get her pregnant. Sadie still wonders whatever happen to Borage.



 Lady #5 – Alayna Sky (Mason)

Current Status: Married

Children: Mordecai Montigo, MiKaia Montigo, Miyoko Montigo, Anja Mason, Amaya Mason

Fun Fact: Mordecai was named after one of my DJ friends, his stage name is Mordecai however they have polar opposite personalities. My friend is a geeky computer guy while Mordecai is a womanizer. My friend finds my character Mordecai amusing. MiKaia and Miyoko had to be recreated 4 times. Originally they were both born purple while MiKaia was not born a genie the first 3 times.



Lady #6 – Fayon Xip (Vajoo)

Current Status: Married

Children: Apollo Montigo, Nova Montigo, (She has one other child with her husband)

Fun Fact: Fayon was Borage’s first wife. She scammed him into marring her. Fayon was truly in love with him in her own way. Fayon spoke better English than her younger brother Peidax due to her being on earth 60 years before him. She attended school and registered herself to become an official Earth citizen.  Fayon’s personality was improved since her divorce with Borage. She’s much calmer.



Lady #7 – Jocelyn Rye

Current Status:  Single

Children: Corrine Rye

Fun Fact: Jocelyn was an evil well child that Borage wished for in a free play file in Lucky Palms. Corrine was born in another free play file. Jocelyn is the only lady to not be seen in the story.



 Lady #8 – Selene Davis (Montigo)

Current Status: Separated

Children: Cyrus Montigo, Nichelle Montigo

Fun Fact: Selene and Shae are actually mother and daughter. Shae being the mother and Selene being the daughter. However I was unaware about their family connection. They both belong to a good friend of mine. Cyrus was born in a free play file in Aurora. It’s only fitting that he returns there.



Lady #9 – Pocahontas “Feather” Clearwater

Current Status: Committed Relationship

Children: Devin Montigo, Devon Sherwood, Devi Montigo

Fun Fact: Borage and Feather often end up together in free play files. In one file they had 16 kids together. Devin was born in one of those files. Feather is currently in a relationship with a male who has the same name as Devin.



 Lady #10 – Nakia Love (Montigo)

Current Status: Married to Borage

Children: Nicole Love, Jaslyn Love, Lamar Montigo, Nia Montigo, Janaya Montigo, Jordan Montigo

Fun Fact: Nakia was especially made for Borage.



Lady #11 – Astrid Foster

Current Status: Married

Children: Chanel Foster, Azalea Foster

Fun Fact: Astrid’s disappearance remains unknown. Her family is just happy that she has been found.  Chanel was born in a free play and was too cute to pass on. Astrid & Pocahontas are from the same creator who is a good friend of mine.



Lady #12 – Ahilac Vajjevoo

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Orion Montigo, Solar Montigo, Stella Montigo

Fun Fact: With the flip in Chapter 107, Ahilac was the one who carried the triplets although originally they shared a set of twins. Stella was the result of a previous risky that I didn’t follow through when I didn’t like how the story was heading. Stella was apart of a set of identical quadruplets. When I redid things, Ahilac didn’t get pregnant with the 2nd risky woohoo. But I added Stella anyway when I flipped the story. Since they had a risky woohoo that resulted in a pregnancy previously but unseen, I still counted Ahilac as a hook up.



 Lady #13 – June Carney

Current Status: Deceased

Children: Eli Montigo

Fun Fact: June’s character was rewritten to be a psycho cause she got on my nerves. Borage didn’t seem to like her either and she started to become stalkerish. She lived near by but I would always find her wandering around in his backyard. Borage didn’t want to flirt nor hook up with June. I had to cue up risky 3 times cause he kept cancelling the interaction. With the first risky, June had a set of twins. June was the only of the 3 risky hook ups I redid who end up pregnant again.



 Lady #14 – Collette Montigo

Current Status: Married

Children: None with Borage, has 4 kids with her husband

Fun Fact: Collette was the 3rd risky I redid, she had triplets the first time. I favored the results of the second time when Collette did not become pregnant as I was unsure how to write her situation given that her husband is Borage’s cousin. Collette has never told Ramiro about hooking up with Borage after June cast a spell on them. Borage doesn’t remember it most of the time but is reminded whenever he passes a photobooth.



Lady #15 – Diamond Flare

Current Status: Single

Children: Black Opal Flare, Blue Topaz Flare (Sojuko), Saffron Montigo, + A bunch of other kids

Fun Fact: Opal and Topaz were the only 2 kids from a Baby Challenge that was adopted into the legacy. Borage is considered Opal and Topaz’s donor daddy. Saffron was a result of a risky woohoo.



Lady #16 – Alexia Lex

Current Status: Committed Relationship

Children: Axel Lex, Tiana Lex, Briana Lex

Fun Fact: Alexia was pregnant with Tiana & Briana for a full year. Alexia is the younger sister of Collette. The father of Alexia’s son Axel is Borage’s older half brother named Alberto Freeman.



 Lady #17 – Simone Shaine (Sekemoto)

Current Status: Married

Children: Andre Shaine, Isaiah Shaine

Fun Fact: I didn’t know that Borage and Simone had hooked up. I found Simone heavily pregnant in town and learned that Borage is the father. Yet another hook up to happen under my nose hahaha



 Lady #18 – Clarissa Lamar

Current Status: Comatose

Children: Antonio Montigo, Giana Montigo, Clarice Montigo, Montell Montigo, Raiden Montigo

Fun Fact: Clarissa was originally a vampire but I realize that Borage hasn’t been with a werewolf yet.




Lady #19 – Fraine Sojika

Current Status: Single

Children: Leda Sojika (Flake), Echo Sojika, Xavier Sojika, Gaia Sojika, Orianna Sojika, Sapphire Sojika, Quade Sojika

Fun Fact: Leda was born in a good friend of mine’s game. I always adored her and adopted her into the legacy. Leda had a twin sister in my friend’s game. I wanted to add Leda’s twin too but I had already started to work on the story before my friend could retrieve Leda’s twin. Echo was created to take the place of Leda’s twin but I decided that Echo would be her younger sister instead.



The Sojika quads, Gaia, Orianna, Sapphire and Quade




Donor Daddy Results


Donation #1, #2 and #4 – Peidax “Pedro” Xip

Current Status: Deceased

First Trial: Bora Bora Montigo, Luna-Skye Montigo

Second Trial: Aries Montigo, Fred Montigo, Dasani Montigo, Journey Montigo,  Toshi Montigo, Khlamydia Montigo, Tuscan Montigo

Third Trial: Jairei Xip

Fun Fact: I couldn’t remember Peidax’s name so I gave him the nickname Pedro. It was an inside joke from high school whenever you couldn’t remember someone’s name.



 Donation #3 – Sunny Flower

Current Status: Married

Children: Aaliyah Flower

Fun Fact: Sunny is a simself of a good friend of mine. Sunny was also in the same free play save as Selene in Aurora. Cyrus and Aaliyah were very close in that file too.



Donation #5 – Yolanda Montigo

Current Status: Married

Children: Saria Montigo, Nadia Montigo, Pandora Montigo

Fun Fact: I originally planned for Borage to hook up with Yolanda after he moved back to Riverview when they had a drunken night together. However since I decided to wrap things up, that idea was canned. I favored the current results instead.

Love For The Ladies: Epilogue

 I can’t believe that I’ve kept up with this journal for all of this time. I started when I was 21, now I’m 63. For the last 42 years it’s been one hell of a ride. When I look back at my younger self, I have a good laugh. I was pretty ridiculous back then. I admired my own 20 something ambitions. I wanted to hook up with 1000 ladies and be a superstar DJ. I later wanted to open my own swanky nightclub. Of course none of that happen but I tried. I give myself an A for effort at least. But hey, I still got all of the time in world to reach my goals. However I’m no longer interest in hooking up with 1000 ladies or becoming a superstar DJ but the thought of opening up a nightclub is still on my mind. It’s doable to say the least. But for once that’s on hold. I got a family to raise now. When the kids are gone, then I’ll look back at ideal.

Sometimes I do kinda feel like I’m failure, not being to reach any of my goals. But I have my carelessness to blame. I should have listen to my dad 42 years ago about condoms. I felt that condoms were lame and I wouldn’t be able to actual feel the inside of a lady well with that latex cover. Condoms coulda helped me reached my goals now that I’m looking back. I fathered so many children. I think I have as many children as my dad. I know he was on a quest for immortality by fathering 100 children, however I’m unsure how that went. It’s been years since I last heard from my dad. His number was disconnected and I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. I hope all is well with him…..



My son Eli is now 8 years old and I’m pretty amazed by it seeing how the start of his life was a mess thanks to his psycho mom. He was born a bit early cause June wouldn’t stop her shit. First she sets her house on fire and almost got herself trapped in the house. If I didn’t get there in time, she would had died carrying my son. I was able to get to her house and break her free. She was having breathing problems and I rushed her to the ER. My only concern at the moment was my baby, I demanded an ultrasound the second we got to the ER. Eli was fine but June did need a breathing treatment and was kept overnight. I went home afterwards, I called Clarissa and told her what happen. That night was supposed to be special, I was gonna ask Clar to be my lady. June just had to ruin that night for us.

The next day I took Clar to the park, I swept her off her feet, stealing our first kiss and asking her to be mine. Of course she said yes. My phone was ringing non-stop, it was June. I wanted to ignore it but I couldn’t seeing how she was still in the hospital, what if something went wrong with my son? This is how June figure how to hold my attention, if something is wrong with Eli, I’ll come running. And that’s exactly what I did, I dropped everything whenever June said something was wrong. It would be a while before I learned that June used her own witch magic to harm herself each time. June grew more obsessed with me as time passed. She often stalked me and then she stalked Clarissa. She once tried to run Clar down with her car. I decided that I wanted full custody of Eli once he was born. On day I met with a lawyer during June’s 8th month of pregnancy. June found out about my visit cause she followed me there. June again cast a self harm spell on herself but she miscalculated this time. She ended up inducing labor. 

Eli was born 6 weeks early, he was so tiny and not all of his organs were functioning right. He struggle to breathe, he didn’t take his first non-assisted breath until he was 4 days old. Eli is mostly Navox, he began to heal himself rapidly but sudden he took a turn for the worst after June went to visit him. She sent a nurse away and shit went down. Needless to say….. Eli almost died that day. April, June’s younger sister was convinced that June cast a spell that went wrong on Eli. June never learned how to use her magic properly unlike April. April might be a little nutty too but I took her word. She didn’t think I would believe her but I told her how it made sense. Eli is an infant who was born ill, his genie magic builds up each day during the first year of his life. But since he was born too early and sick, his genie magic is extremely low. Plus him being mixed occult means his has a lower dosage. If June cast spell on him to make him ill again, he doesn’t have enough genie magic to fight it. Genies are mostly immune to Witch magic and often have a different reaction to it.

There wasn’t anyway to prove that June cast a spell on Eli to make him sicker. With Eli in the hospital meant June could still keep tabs on me. Eli’s health was improving and he would leave the hospital soon. June didn’t like that so much. We were currently in court fighting custody over him. If I win, then she wouldn’t be able to have me come running to her about Eli. June mental health history came up in court, things weren’t looking good for her. Making Eli sick or possibly killing him was her last resort to keep me near her.

It was the night before the final hearing, April planned to tell the judge that June is harming Eli with her magic. April felt Eli needed to be in my care and she felt that I was a good dad. April feared that June may end up killing Eli if she kept him. She explained to me how June was extremely obsessed with me. But I pretty much figure that when she attempted to run down Clarissa. I guess June learned that her own sister planned to speak against her at the final hearing. June’s house caught on fire, she died in the fire. It was apparent suicide. But I know the truth… She was killed by Cergio’s stalker.. My brother’s stalker kills my stalker. Kinda ironic huh?

Eli is now happy and healthy, he doesn’t know about the drama in his early life. He’s a bit too young to know about that stuff but I’m not sure how I’m gonna tell him about his mom. I hate that crazy bitch. But Ms Stokes told me to not worry about that. Who is Ms. Stokes, you’re probably wondering. She’s the mother of June and April. A sweet and kind lady. June spoke ill of her, telling me she was cold and hated her. But everything that June told me was a damn lie. Ms. Stokes was nothing like the picture that June painted. April spoke highly about this mother, I then knew June was a liar. Ms. Stokes stayed in town after June’s death. She helped me care for Eli. Things were easier since I had 3 toddlers at home. Solar loved her baby brother, Orion liked him I guess. He didn’t show much interest in Eli when I brought him home. But Stella, she was a bit jealous. 

When I moved to Riverview, Ms. Stoke came to me with an offer. She lived in a town near Riverview and there’s a special Witch academy there. They help young witches properly use their magic. She once tried to enroll June but she was too mentally disturbed however April was accepted. Ms. Stokes felt the school would be great for Eli. I wasn’t sure about it but it’s something that Eli needs. So now Eli lives with his grandmother during the school year. He stays with me during the summer, school breaks and every other weekend. Eli loves his school, his grandma and is generally a happy child. I think I may the right decision. 




My son Liam.2, I always had high hopes for him in the lady department since the day he was born. But as he got older I soon realize he’s gonna have a hard time with the ladies. He was such a nerdy kid and I’m not sure where he got that from. His mom a little crazy but I later found out it was from a spell that Greta cast on her. Bless her soul… Greta will be missed.. But anyway Lindy’s family is gifted and that probably explains L2 and Lilah. Lilah is smart but crazy….That’s partly my fault..

After sending Ally away to stay with her mother who decided to come back in her life, L2 returned to school. He enrolled at the community college in town in EC. He soon met a sexy female named Selene. It took a while before I realize it was the same Selene I hooked up in Konani Tide years ago. I could never forget about her nice juice balloons. But I wasn’t sure what she saw in L2 other than his good looks that he got from me. L2 struggle to pull the trigger with Selene. She shown signs that she likes him but he couldn’t man up to ask her out. Plus it would be kinda awkward given how I once had a threesome with her and her friend. But Morde figure he could help him gain confidence by getting him so drunk that he’ll hook up with some random chick. That random chick ended up being April.

L2 finally did ask Selene out and they start dating and we learned that her 8 year old son was also my son. Things were weird but it got better over time. 



 L2 doesn’t think he’s like me but he’s a lot like me than he cares to admit. April being the second female he knocks up when fucking her for the first time like with Ashley. I knocked up a lot a ladies during the first time. And L2 is on a roll! But L2 wants to be a good guy, he starts a friendship with April. That’s something that I didn’t really do. My first few ladies annoyed me.

L2 wasn’t sure how to tell his new girlfriend about his one stand who got pregnant. But that’s when Morde comes in and spills the beans. Selene wasn’t upset however things got more awkward when she explains she just found out she’s pregnant too. On the weekend of Boragio’s wedding, L2 and Selene made things really official with some first time loving making in bed. And of course, Selene gets pregnant after their first time together. L2 is on a roll like I said, ha ha ha!

However April didn’t think the baby should be in her care. She wanted L2 to raise their kid. L2 didn’t want another kid to grow up without a mother around. He tried to convince April to be the kid’s mother but April said it was for the best. April has mental problems and thinks she’ll mess up the baby if she keeps him or her.



L2 was granted full custody after Halo was born. April didn’t want to hold Halo after she was born. She cried and asked L2 to take Halo away from her. L2 continue to push April into being in Halo’s life but all it did was push April away. She left town for a while before returning once Halo was 3. L2 decided to not push April onto Halo but instead April asked to see Halo. This made L2 excited, maybe April would come into motherhood. April haven’t seen Halo since that last visit but he remains friends with April and they talk.



 Selene gave birth to Nichelle a few months after Halo was born. They raised the girls almost like twins but they later learn they weren’t really twins. Nichelle and Halo are very close as they were really twins. Halo has a bit of a temper but Nichelle is the only one who can calm her down. Nichelle is a bit sensitive and is often picked on but Halo often protects her. Halo and Nichelle depend on each other, I just hope nothing separates them….



L2 married Selene soon after Nichelle was born. They didn’t go all out like Boragio like I was hoping cause wedding cake is awesome. Just a little courtroom wedding, besides they had 2 infants along with Cyrus. But Cy is my duty, I often kept Cyrus with me. 

The first few years of their marriage was great but things turned sour over the years. They fought often, mainly cause Selene worked too much. L2 finished school and was offered a job in Aurora. L2 accepted the job without discussing it with Selene, this made thing worse. Selene was climbing up in her career at the hospital and L2 goes and takes a job across the country. L2 felt she needs to be with the girls more and can always get her  job transferred to Aurora.

They all moved to Aurora and Selene has a job waiting for her. They continue fight after Selene picks up longer shifts. L2 felt it was time to save their marriage by going into counselling. That’s when he learns Selene had been sleeping with another fellow at the hospital, its reasons why she supposedly had longer shifts. She explains how she’s been unhappy, they don’t communicate well and thinks L2 is trying to make her into a stay at home wife. He often suggests that Selene should put her job on pause for the girls. L2 points out it’s reason why Cyrus act out. Selene is never around and Cyrus just wants attention. He doesn’t want the girls to be like that too. L2 was hurt by Selene’s confession…

L2 and Selene are currently separated. They both next door to each other so the girls would be close to both parents. L2 isn’t sure if the marriage can be saved. But he has been chatting with April a lot…




 Cyrus is now 15 years old. And he’s still a handful but not as much since I came into his life. Now having a father, he didn’t act out as much. I spent a lot of time with him, we often went on camping trips and I did take him on one of my birthday trips to Konani Tide. We visit the beach he was conceived at. I felt he should know where he started from. 

I had a few heart to heart chats with him. I told him to stop being such an ass to mom. She was working hard so she could take care of him, she didn’t have me around for the first 8 years. I didn’t know she got pregnant. We didn’t bother to exchange contact info. Cyrus admits he acts out for attention, it’s the only time when Selene pays attention to him. He doesn’t like how she works a lot, he just wanna spend more time with her. I can understand that but he still doesn’t need to be an ass.



 Cyrus has been having fun since they moved to Aurora, maybe a little too much fun. He gotten himself some triangle trouble with a couple of girls in town. He started dating this one girl named Qiana but she kinda sounded like a bitch. He said all she did was berate him. He finally dumped her and started dating a girl named Sara. She sounds like a nice girl, possibly too nice for Cyrus. He’s kinda a ladies man like his old man around school which brings him into a love triangle.

Although things were going good with Sara, he’s been getting close with his good friend Davina. It was around prom time and Davina didn’t have a date. Instead of asking one of his available guy friends to see if they’ll take Davina, he takes her. Course things were heated between him and his girlfriend. But apparently she forgave him and thought he was being sweet for taking his dateless friend as his date. But that was just the start of things. It wasn’t long before Sara started to find herself as the third wheel. For whatever reason, Sara puts up with Cyrus’ crap.

I have scolded him about him. That’s not how you treat your lady, she’s not second best to your friends. But I don’t think anything I’m saying to him gets through to him. He still treats Sara like shit, flirt with other girls and Sara just puts up with it. Maybe things will finally pan out.



I talked to Selene about having Cyrus to with me during the summer this year but she told that’s probably not going to happen. She explains to me that he needs to go get a summer job. I asked her why he needed to get a summer job. She overheard a conversation between Cyrus and Sara. Selene tried to tell as calmly as she could but her voice began to crack. Sara is pregnant.



My boy Mordecai… He’s a lot like me. He always looked to me since he was a child. I thought it was cool that I was his role model but now looking back I was not the best model. It’s probably why he gets into a lot of trouble with the ladies. He tries to love them all like I once did. Things between him and Haven were going well. I thought maybe they would last, they were cute together.  But like me, his dick leads him into trouble. His baby mama Piper tells him that she’s pregnant and he might be the father. Morde at first wasn’t going to tell Haven about his night with Piper cause he “might” be the father. But then he thought what is he going to do if he is the father. No what matter the truth was gonna come out. He man up and confessed. Haven didn’t take it well.

Haven couldn’t forgive Morde. She asked why did he sleep with Piper and he didn’t have a reason. It was an impulse. She took in front of his door in tears, she was in distress. The only way Morde knows how to comfort a lady is with his dick. That’s something that he got from me. Haven broke things off with Morde. She didn’t want to work things out cause she’s been through this before. It was bad enough when he told her about the baby with a one night stand named Reba.

Break to affect Mariah and Kimora. They both like having Haven around, Mariah was hoping Haven would be their mom one day. Morde did his best to comfort his little girls.




 Reba had a baby girl named Adele. There was something unique about her, she was some kind of fairy and is part Navox. Morde and Reba were confused about the fairy DNA. But Morde remember something about his mother Alayna. He notice she had fairy wings in her photo on Facepage. Of course I don’t remember her being a fairy but maybe she has a hidden power. I was correct when Morde made an attempt to in contact with his mom.

Alayna was shocked when Morde sent her a message. There’s always been one thing on our minds, why did she leave? Alayna made a tearful reunion with Morde, she lived in a town near by. Alayna explained to Morde that she didn’t leave by choice. She received an anonymous call from a female telling her to leave and a cab would be waiting for her. The caller tells her that her life was endanger and she must leave. Alayna wanted to kiss Morde, MiKaia and Mimi goodbye kisses but was told there was no time. Alayna packed up a bag and stepped outside to find a cab waiting for her. The cab drove her to the airport. Before existing the cab, the driver handed over an envelope. Inside was a one way  ticket to France of where her job that she quit was. Alayna asked who gave him this and he just shrugs. Alayna boards the plane and when she gets to her destination, she was met by a male who handed her an envelope. Inside was a key to her old place she was staying at. Once she got there, she received another call from the caller telling her that she has her old job and she must stay there until it was safe.

 She lived her in France for the next 17 years. She often received emails containing pics of the kids through out the years. Then she got another call from the caller 3 weeks after MiKaia and Mimi’s 18th birthday telling her it was safe to return. Alayna was happy to hear this and return back to Star City. However she stopped in her tracks, she’s been gone for 17 years without a reason. She felt the kids would hate her so she turned around and left Star City for Storybrook. Years later she meets a male witch named Aric Mason, they soon marry and had 2 daughters.

Morde was happy to meet his mom and I’m glad they are building a relationship. I didn’t bother speaking to her, I mean all she did was berate me and would probably still will when she sees Morde is a lot like me. One thing Alayna didn’t want was for Morde to be just like me. 

She did explain about Adele’s fairy occult. Alayna is from an alien planet of the Fo’ridah fae race. She was the princess from her planet but came to earth during a war that broke out. It was for her protection. After coming to earth she put her fairy occult into hibernation, she didn’t want to stand out even more given that she’s purple. Most of the royal family was killed off, it’s reasons why she channel a lot of her anger onto me.  Her family is gone and she’s hurting. I guess that explains why she was such an angry purple person. She still coulda treated me better…


There were some interesting things going on with Morde’s daughter Kiara. When she was born she was born Navox and lycan. It held concerns for the Labbore family, Kiara may not be able to join their pack. Piper’s parents often ran occult genetics tests on Kiara during her first year. They didn’t like what they saw and they fought with Morde about seeing his daughter. Morde was often denied to see Kiara by Piper’s parents. On Kiara’s first birthday, we found out why. Kiara’s Navox genetics was slowly deleting her Lycan genetics. She was becoming more Navox than Lycan. By Kiara’s first birthday, she carried no Lycan blood. The Labbores wanted to spend as much time with Kiara before Piper would be forced to hand Kiara to Mordecai.



Piper gave birth to girl named Kailia. She was born a fairy like Alayna. Kailia had no traces of Lycan blood but a small percentage of Navox. A DNA test proved Mordecai to be the father. Piper came to terms that her daughters with Morde will not be accepted into the pack. Piper decided to leave her pack, she couldn’t live on without her daughters.




 Piper moved in with Morde in hopes of being a family with him. She after his 3 other daughters like they were his own. After being wear down by Piper, Morde reluctantly agreed to be with her. Piper was happy that she finally had Morde as her but only if she knew that Morde’s eyes still wanders.

Piper was invited to a wedding in Aurora and she dragged Morde along with her. Morde wasn’t pretending to be happy with Piper in front of her friends. Mordecai began to withdraw from the relationship but Piper held on hoping he’ll come around. Morde decided to visit a cafe where he met a lady who sparked his interest.



 Her name is Adria Nightingale, she was currently divorced with 2 daughters and she’s a Gaivania genie. Morde began to have long phone conversations with Adria . I notice how his eyes sparkle whenever he spoke about Adria . I could tell that he was falling in love with her. Morde started to make visits to Aurora claiming to hang out with L2 and Cyrus. Piper didn’t think much of it. They became a love affair while Adria  didn’t feel right about it cause of Piper. Morde thought it was okay cause he didn’t love Piper and she was basically a housemate. In Adria ‘s eyes it wasn’t right and she broke it off.

Morde made the decision to relocate to Aurora but Piper protest it. Reba who was also living with them was on board about the move and got her job transferred with the help of Selene. Piper quit her job and they all moved to Aurora. Reba found herself a place downtown for her and Adele. She liked living with Morde but couldn’t stand Piper. Reba often told Morde that Piper was crazy and she needed to dump her. Once moving to Aurora Reba confesses to Morde that she knows about Adria  and tells him to go for it. Morde learns Adria  may be dating some guy and took Reba’s advice.

It was only a month after settling in before Morde told Piper he’s in love with Adria . Piper told him that they can work things out and he’ll get over his crush on Monica. Morde now see that Reba was right, Piper is a bit crazy. Morde make several attempts to make it clear that the relationship was over before Piper got the hint. He got Piper a place ready and paid for the first 3 months of rent. That’s when reality finally hit Piper. Morde also decided to get joint custody of Kiara and Kailia so Piper wouldn’t use them as weapons.

Once after the drama with Piper was done, Morde asked Adria  to marry him. Morde and Adria  are doing well in Aurora. Their son just turned 2 last Tuesday.





My boy, Aries.. I always had some concern about him when it came to dating. Would any lady love him given his mental limitations? Luckily cupid’s arrow headed my boy’s way. After enrolling school in town, he met a fairy named Shae. Aries liked her a lot and She adored him. However Aries had his doubts about asking Shae out. He felt like she would laugh and say no. Instead they became friends but Shae was showing she had other interests than being just friends. I coached Aries on asking Shae out. To his surprise Shae happily said yes. They began to date and eventually  made things more official.

During the weekend of Boragio and Vega’s wedding, my boy became a man. I couldn’t be any more proud. I wish I was proud on the day he was born. I wasn’t thrilled about Pedro’s experiment, using my DNA once again to create babies. Pedro came waddling in telling me it was time for the birth. His alien labor juice ruined my damn carpet! He gave birth to 7 babies and something about Aries stood out. He was an even split of me and Pedro, Navox and Ziharian. It was the result Pedro was hoping for but failed with Bora Bora and Luna. So now I’m stuck to deal with more alien children that I didn’t ask for. Donating my sperm seemed like a great idea when I was 18. But if I knew crazy aliens were gonna knock themselves up with my sperm and move in with me, I would have passed…



After a year of dating Aries and Shae got married and soon learned they were expecting. Shae gave birth to a set of twins named Akira and Basil. Aries is a great dad, he does well with his twins. I wasn’t surprised cause he did well with my youngest set of triplets.

Shae was shocked about Basil since he’s a boy. Her fairy race of Tuscia are all females but yet Basil is part Tuscia. Maybe it’s cause of Aries cause he is the first and only of his kind being a 50/50. Basil is possibly the only son they will have. It’s good to finally get another grandson. I have a lot of granddaughters.

The twins just turned 5 not too long ago. I haven’t seen them in while but they love their papa cause I’m awesome ya know.



 Later on Aries and Shae announced the birth of their third child named Tanika. Unlike Akira and Basil, Tanika is just Tuscia and Navox. She has a small percentage of Ziharian. If Pedro was still alive, I know this would interest him. He looked forward into seeing Aries’ children but that day never came. Pedro was killed when one of his experiments when wrong in Arcadia. Unfortunately that experiment also killed Ahilac  who is the mother of my triplets Orion, Solar and Stella.

Aries took Pedro’s death hard but he recovered. He’s living happily with his wife Shae in Garner now after Shae responded to a job ad online. The job offer a herbalist and gardener position. Shae studied alternative medicine however there weren’t that many job offers in the field in the east coast area. Shae jumped on the offer and didn’t mind relocating to the Northwestern side of the country. Aries works at a rec center where he gives art and piano lessons to kids and teens after school, on the weekends and during the summer. 



Aaliyah is doing well now. She’s all settle in Rock Ridge Hill   now, it’s a small town a few miles from Aurora. Aaliyah is 15 and just was accepted into a fine arts school in Aurora. She’s pretty excited about it, she talks about all the music classes she’s be taking along with an acting class. Aaliyah has dreams to be an actress one day but she has a bit of stage fright. I remember her 4th grade play she was excited about getting the lead part. However on the night of the play, Aaliyah froze once she stepped on stage. Good thing that Sunny and I sat in the front row, we were able to coach Aaliyah through some of her lines whenever she stumbled on her lines. She hopes this school will help with her nerves.

Unlike Cyrus, Aaliyah is a fairly good child. She does her homework, her chores and is well behave. She and Cyrus do hang out a lot since they live near by but I wished that some of her good nature would rub off on him. Aaliyah told me about her new step dad, she likes him and thinks he’s cool. I hope she remember that there’s no other cooler dad than me. I like Sunny’s new husband, he seems okay, he treats my daughter well. That’s all I really care about. This summer Aaliyah will be staying with me for a few weeks. I wish she could stay for the whole summer but she’s enrolled into a summer drama club. She’s pretty excited about but more excited to see me. She loves her daddy. I hope it stays that way. She’s 15 with my good looks after all. I don’t trust the boys…




 I wish I had something good to say about my son Boragio. Things haven’t been going his way over the past few years. Him and Vega had a dream wedding at one of the most beautiful places on the East coast. I had no problem paying for half of the wedding however I had my doubts about their relationship. They seemed like the perfect couple out in the open but they often fought. Vega seemed nice but she tends to always be in a bad mood and is a nervous wreck. I figure it her was pregnancy stuff but nothing changed after she had BJ.

Boragio admits that they rushed into marriage too fast. Vega is a lot different from how she was online but she still has a good heart. I felt they rushed a bit, reasons why I had my doubts but they loved each other. I figure that was all that matters. But love isn’t enough.. Boragio soon learned that after the honeymoon was over.

He often kept himself busy at the gym, mainly to avoid any conflict with Vega at home. Avoiding your wife isn’t gonna make things better but my son never handled conflict well. I remember the days when him and Junior would fight over the last popsicle.  He would avoid Junior for a while before making up. Boragio started to pick up longer shifts, leaving Vega alone with the baby. Vega put school and work on pause to stay home with the baby, she felt it would be good for their son. Boragio just worked more leaving Vega drained and stressed. It’s only natural that would cause friction in their marriage.

Boragio began to hang out with a female co-worker. She just started to teach a yoga class at the gym. Mind you that she looked hella good in her yoga pants. This caused Vega to be jealous, she thought there was something going on between them. It was strictly friendship, she was happily married to a woman. It’s not like she would have any interest in Boragio. Vega didn’t care, she eventually enrolled into the yoga class to spy. But it’s silly to think that your husband is cheating on you with a lesbian. Vega was sure he might have something going on with one of the female co-workers. She just needed to figure who. However Vega continue attending the yoga classes, it started to relax her. Soon things were getting better between them. But that was just the calm before the storm.



 Once BJ started school, Vega return back to school to finishing up her education degree. She wants to be an elementary teacher, she loves kids and had fun teaching BJ things during his early years. Vega focused on her studies while raising BJ as Boragio continue to work long hours at the gym. He started to teach a kick boxing class 3 times a week.  Boragio and Vega hardly saw each other and when they did, they fought. Boragio started to not come home after work. He usually just stay over at one of his brother’s or at my place. This made Vega believe that he was cheating on her. Boragio told her repeatedly that he wasn’t but Vega wasn’t easily convinced.

They began to seek marriage counselling to help save their failing marriage. But things didn’t improve, they just fought more to the point it was almost a daily thing. Counselling wasn’t helping them and they weren’t sure what to do. However they had one night where they didn’t fight, they both remembered why they married each other. They soon learned they were excepting. Now this changes everything. 



 They had a set of twins, Vanora and Malachi. Vega again puts school on pause although she just had one year left. Now with 3 kids things would be more hectic. Boragio adored his little girl and started to work less now. He felt it was time that he help out with the kids more and encourage Vega to finish up school. Vega didn’t want to leave her babies and decided to finish her classes online. Just as things were getting better, the shit hits the fan.

Vega could tell a female has been in their home whenever she was out. She accuses Boragio of cheating again which pushed him to the edge. Boragio couldn’t convince Vega that Selene was dropping by to see the kids. The perfume Vega was smelling was of Selene. Vega apologies however Boragio was growing more annoyed of always being accused of cheating. One night he made his way to the club with Morde. After some drinking and dancing with ladies on the dance floor, Boragio found himself at one of the ladies he met at the club house. He felt if he always accused of cheating, he might as well go actual do it. Vega would finally have a reason to be mad. But after some heavy petting, Boragio couldn’t bring himself to do it and left. He sat down to think about his actions and his marriage. He figure maybe a change of scenery would help their marriage.

They sold their house and left for Clover Hill where his sisters PC and Lotus were. After settling in, the fights began once again. Boragio and Vega came to realize that their marriage will not work. However divorce wasn’t an option as they feel it would affect the kids. They both agree to stay married until after the kids are grown. They sleep in separate rooms but Boragio wakes up an hour before the kids to be in Vega’s room. They make it appear that they share the same room so it wouldn’t raise any questions.

My wife feels that this is unhealthy for everyone. It’s gonna be hard to keep up this ruse and it may not last long. Divorce is hurtful to kids at any age, so holding it off isn’t gonna make it better. I told this to my son, my wife is the love and relationship expert after all. But he believes what they are doing is fine. I fear it’s gonna blow up in their faces.. According to Lotus, Boragio has been real chatty with a certain female… 



 Corrine is the daughter that I didn’t know about. I received an email from her saying that she was one of the kids made with my donations. I wasn’t surprised, I was a very generous donor. I agreed to meet Corrine, she happen to be living in town. I could tell she is my daughter, she looks a lot like me. I thought it was cool to having another half fairy child but I was curious why would a fairy use donor.

Corrine then confesses that she wasn’t a kid made with my donation but she is mine though. I was confused at this point. Corrine was born and raise in Lansing Falls and her mother is a Tuscia fairy. Tuscia fairies are known to breed with unexpected men and leave their babies with them to raise. But not all of them do that since they are becoming more modernize. Corrine told me that I spent a night with her mom Jocelyn but I don’t remember hooking up with her. Corrine explains of course I wouldn’t, Jocelyn got mad at me and cast a spell on me to not remember our night. Jocelyn said that I was too cocky but Corrine admits that her mom is kinda unpleasant to be around. She may have done it out of her own amusement. I do remember waking up naked in a park and not recalling how I got there. Dodder teased me saying I must have partied hard the night before. He said that I left with a fairy lady but I didn’t think much of it until now. It all makes sense now. I really do to go visit my brother again.

I left Jocelyn with a surprise and she learned that she was pregnant. I bet she regretted removing my memory of her. Corrine admits that Jocelyn did as she got older. If Jocelyn didn’t remove my memory, she could had easily left Corinne with me to raise. Jocelyn ran an Elixir shop and didn’t have any interest in raising a child. She had no choice to do so anyway. Corrine has a fairly good relationship with her mom but wished that she was left with me. She believe things would be better. But I was still curious how did she know that I was a donor.




 Corrine was in a serious relationship with a lady named Lindsey. Corrine was ready to start a family seeing how her elixir shop has been successful so far. She was looking for donors and ended up coming across my profile. Corrine has been searching for me since she was 16. For years Jocelyn wouldn’t say much about me other than saying that I am a genie with pink hair. She felt that her mom didn’t want her to know me. Jocelyn eventually gave up my name and a better description of me.

Corrine did find a suitable donor to father her child. She had a daughter named Clover, she’s almost 6 now. I got to meet her a few times and she loves her papa a lot.



 After Clover was born, Corrine finally married Lindsey. Corrine was happy that I walked her down the aisle. She was dreamed that her father would and refused to get married until she found me. That did put strain in her relationship with Lindsey. They had a long engagement and Lindsey was ready, she felt Corrine’s dream to be escorted by her unknown father was ridiculous. Corrine is a dreamer and believes all dreams are possible. She was willing to wait decades but Lindsey wouldn’t hold out that long. Once Corrine found me, things improved.

Corrine and Lindsey both responded to the same ad as Shae did. They soon relocated to Garner and they are  living happily married. Lindsey used the same donor as Corrine and they welcomed a son named William. He just turned 3.



My dearest granddaughter Alyssa, I was quite shocked when I learned she had gotten pregnant. Alyssa was a good child, she always did her homework, did her chores, brought home straight A’s, and often helped out with the little ones. But her coming home pregnant was a total shock given how strict L2 was. L2 took the news hard and didn’t react very well. He went on a drunken rampage and I will admit it almost scared him. I never seen my son that why. But I wonder how such a good child like Ally would ended up pregnant.

Once Ally was settled in Star City with her mom she told me how it happen. She explained how she was tired of L2 hounding her about grades and wouldn’t let her have fun with friends. She sneaked out to a party, got drunk and slept with a boy out of rebellion. Ally wanted to be like all the other kids at school. She’s all study and no play. She only had 2 friends and even they got to do fun things too. I told Ally L2 was that way cause he felt it would prevent her into becoming a teen parent like him. I was a bit relaxed and didn’t care if my sons were screwing around. I was quite proud but I shouldn’t have encouraged them to do so. L2 wanted Ally to go off to college and make something of her life.   




With all the drama going back home with L2 and Selene, Ally lived with her mom until she was 18. Ally settles in well in Star City. She made friends and lived like any other teenage however with a baby. Ally gave birth to a baby girl named Amora on Valentine’s day.  I can’t believe I have a great-grandchild now. It wasn’t that long ago before I became a grandparent.

Ally continues being a straight A student in school but admits it was challenge cause of Amora. Ashley did give Ally some play time and looked after Amora often. However L2 didn’t like that and felt since Ally thought she was adult enough to engage in sex that she should be working and taking care of Amora. L2 and Ashley fought about this a lot and Ashley felt her way of raising Ally was better. She blames L2 for Ally’s pregnancy. But in reality the blame falls on them both. L2 for trying to turn Ally into a study robot, Ashley for not being around until now and me for driving Ally and her friends to the party. I felt Ally could use a night of fun for once. I didn’t think she would overdo it.

You may be wondering about Amora’s father, did he ever find out about Ally’s pregnancy? Deshaun knew nothing about Amora until she turn a year. Ally kept in touch with her best friend Rhea and word got around to Deshaun about Ally. Rhea got drunk at a party and accidentally revealed why Ally left EC to a group of friends. Deshaun attempted to make contact with Ally on Facepage but she ignored until she couldn’t handle it anymore. She confesses the baby in her photo album on Facepage is his daughter. She hasn’t said much to him since. She’s pretty hurt how he treated her. I swear if I see that asshole…..



 Alyssa finished high school on top of her class and she also was granted a full scholarship in graphic design and computer programming at Newbrey University. Both L2 and Ashley’s parenting methods paid off at the end. Alyssa planned to attended college in Newbrey but wasn’t sure what to do about Amora. Ashley told Ally she would keep Amora while she went to school. However Ally had a better idea. She’ll just take Amora with her. She feels like since she’s her mother, she should be the one to take care of her. I just hope Ally can handle school and a child.



I knew nothing about Fraine Sojika until she spent Christmas with my first born, Bruce Lee. I found out she used my donation to start a family with however she stole a couple of my samples at the clinic she worked out. She would never make a good career criminal, she forgot about the cameras in the lab. She was caught and fired but she did cleverly hid my stolen goods. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but I figure I should meet her. I learned that she lives in Riverview. She already had 3 kids with my special sauce, she planned for 5 kids in total. I wasn’t sure if I still wanted her have 2 more now that we know each other now. She didn’t get to make the babies the fun way. But she’s a freaky alien and freaky aliens like to create babies in freaky labs.

Fraine was actually nice until the first alien I encountered, my first wife Fayon. Fraine is kind, friendly and she has a nice rack. We got along very well and I considered her a friend. She did well with the 3 kids, Leda, Echo and Xavier. She made sure they studied, did house chores and behaved well. She had them home before sundown and always made them  home cook meals but she food wasn’t that great honestly. Over all she was a very doting mother however Leda did have a baby at a young age. Fraine said you can only do so much but kids will still make mistakes. You just gotta hope and pray they won’t stray from what you taught them. Leda may of had Valeri young but she is just as a doting mother like Fraine is. I can’t say much about the guy, he’s kinda anasshole, the bad boy type but it’s an act. Sylar is a big softy when it comes romantic movies.

Sylar had a hard upbringing. His parents were teen parents, his dad rejected him and his mom blamed him for everything that went wrong in her life. She eventually kicked him out in the streets when he was 17 and Fraine brought him in. Leda was 14 when Fraine took in Sylar and she had the biggest crush on. Leda didn’t act onto her feelings until she turned 16. Fraine wasn’t pleased when she learned about Leda’s pregnancy. She thought about kicking Sylar but decided not to since he enrolled into the community college and trying to turn his life around.

I was surprised when Sylar asked me for Leda’s hand in marriage. He felt it was the proper thing to do after knocking her up when she was a teen. When he asked me, he almost seemed scared and he should be. Leda loves him and Fraine believes he has a good heart, I gave him my blessing.

The night before the wedding, I was asked to Fraine’s room. She said she couldn’t get her TV to work. I know a thing or two about them and figure I could help. But Fraine had no TV in her room, she stood in front of me all naked, trying to seduce me. She hasn’t been intimate with a human before although she’s been on earth for years. She never knew the pleasure of making a child with me and wanted a taste of me. I wasn’t sure about it, I knew I probably shouldn’t since I was kinda dating Nakia at the time. But she was naked with her big tits, large full hips, my dick wanted her… So I did..


 Fraine did become pregnant shortly after that night. I don’t know Fraine used my sperm to knock herself up again or I knocked her up. I didn’t wear a condom. I wasn’t expecting to fuck that night. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this to my new fiancée either. Fraine was vague about the conception, all she said that we make a great team in breeding. I chose to believe that she knocked herself up knowing that I was planning on moving into town.

She only planned to have 5 kids but she gave birth to quads. Three girls, Gaia, Orianna and Sapphire and a boy named Quade. Fraine is a proud mother of 7 kids instead of 5. Gaia and Orianna were born mostly Navox with a small percentage of Fraine’s race while Sapphire and Quad had a mix of both of us. Fraine was fascinated by this and it inspire her to return back into the science field.

Only Fraine knows the truth of how the quads. Fraine always smiles at me when I come to bring the quads but this is a “I’m in love with you” kind of smile. She always hold on to my arm, placing it between her sexy tits and saying how we made something beautiful. Now I’m getting the impression that I knocked her up but she won’t admit it and tells me that it doesn’t matter. Maybe she’s right, it don’t matter, they are here now. But honestly, I rather not know the truth. I just keep believing that she’s a freaky alien lady who enjoys knocking herself up with my stolen sperm. It’s better this way for my wife’s sake.

I’m not sure why my wife feels about it, she doesn’t say much. She likes playing with the quads, she decided that she doesn’t want anymore kids cause of her career, plus we got a houseful. With the quads, I still get to enjoy having little ones around. They will be turning 3 this summer. 





Leda and Sylar were thinking about getting their own place but since Fraine had quads they figure they should stay longer. However Leda and Sylar are expecting their second child and Fraine’s house feels a bit crowded. Leda isn’t sure how to tell Fraine that she and Sylar plan to move. 

Echo left for school in Newbrey, she’s doing fairly well. Echo went for computer programming and forensic science. She wants to help develop new technology  to improve gathering information to solve crimes. I’m glad she’s doing something with her life.

Xavier is now 14 and is about to start high school. He was accepted into a specialty school for fine arts just as Aaliyah in Aurora. Xavier is inspired to become an actor, Fraine made sure to keep him busy with special activities like drama club, music lessons and art classes. Xavier is a very busy kid and he keeps his nose clean. I lost the count of the plays I attended to for my son. He’s always the lead and I notice he’s a great singer. He is popular with the girls at school but he doesn’t let them pull him away from his passion for acting.




So do I still think about Clarissa? Of course I do. Our relationship didn’t end, it was taken by a patch of ice and a tree. She is the mother of my quints, Antonio, Giana, Clarice, Montell and Raiden. I could never forget about her but I have moved on for the most part. 

I still have nightmares of the crash. We were coming home from a night out on Valentine’s day. We had a great night out. She told me on that night that she’s pregnant. I was so excited when she told me the news. I never thought that would be the last time I should see her beautiful smile, hear the sound of her sweet voice, have her in my arms, feel the warmth of her heart. She’s locked in a coma until the day she passes.

Seeing Clarissa laid up the way she is hard. She hooked up to so many machines that is keeping her alive. The doctor said she’s not brain dead and there’s a 2% chance of her waking up. But with low odds like that, they say she will never wake up. Just thinking about it brings me into tears. How come something so awful had to happen to me once again. First with Lois, someone who I thought I loved. But I soon learned that I never really loved Lois. I loved the idea of her, someone who takes care of my kids and the house, someone who cooks me meals, someone who I could fuck anytime. I didn’t know what real love was until I met Clarissa. She got me to believe that I could love one lady again.



 Nakia, my wife shown me true love. Love with Clarissa was real but love with Nakia is true and pure. I have fiery passion for Nakia and always had since we were teens. I didn’t feel this way with Lois nor did I with Clarissa. Nakia got me to see things more clearly. She is a no nonsense lady and wasn’t going to let me get away with bullshit. If she was Clarissa and June would have tried to run her down with a car, she said she would have dropped my ass. She couldn’t be with someone who still has drama attached to them. Having to deal with a vindictive stalker baby mama is a turn off. Handle your drama before you come to me is what she always told me. As teens she wasn’t interest cause I like watching girls fight over me. She said I was a boy with a lot of growing to do.

Over time I did grow, Nakia saw this and was willing to have a go but I still played games. I continue to sleep around when I came into town. She was no longer interest playing along anymore. Then I found Clarissa but lost her. I grew more after the accident. Becoming the man who my wife loves.

Nakia lived by the motto, “Get real.” She felt that my dreams were silly. I told her how I wanted to open up a swanky nightclub and I still wanted to be a known DJ. She laughed and told me to get a job, we got bills. I felt that she was being unsupportive like Lois but Nakia pointed out some things. I have 28 kids who are legally mine from the ages 3 to 15. That’s excluding the triplets with Yolanda. I was just a donor and waived my parental rights so my sister could adopt them. This wasn’t the time to try to opened up a club and be star when I still have 28 mouths to feed. I wouldn’t have the time to be there full time for my kids and the club could tap out my funds. Most new clubs fail within the first 6 months. However she has faith my club would succeed but I needed to get real. One thing I love about Nakia is how she points out the statistics and facts. She wasn’t trying to rain on my dream but wanted me to see the reality of it. She also goes on to explain why she didn’t want anymore kids. I have enough already, and once the 28 kids are adults I could make my dream into a reality.

For now I’m taking Business classes and I have a full time job at the gym as a personal trainer. I also do some part time bartending at the new restaurant in town. Nakia and I go there for our date nights. I think I am the happiest that I ever been. I love my life, I love my wife, I love my kids, I love my parents and I love my cats. I never thought I could ever be this happy. Once my kids are grown, I will open up swankiest nightclub ever.



 My mama is amazing. I don’t care what others think. My mama did the best she could, even my dad. Others think we all turned about terrible but we all are doing well in our lives. It took years but we got there.

My twin sister Celsia is married with 4 kids and a step son. She running the family resort and spa. Her husband Antonio has his own cafe which is poplar with the tourist in Konani Tide. 

My oldest sister Acacia moved to Sundale and is a fertility doctor and midwife. Her main clients are celebrities and very rich people. 

Dodder and his wife Florence moved to Sundale and opened an alternative medicine shop. It’s been a hit with celebrities and hipsters. 

Erica opened up a trendy clothing shop in Bridgeport. She designs her own clothes, dress celebrities up.

Fiona finished up school and is a music and drama teacher at a specialty school in Garner. She also DJs at the local club on the weekends.

Giovanni is a co-owns with our cousin Sexy a popular nightclub called Lagoon Blue in Konani Tide. They bought it from the father of Celsia’s twins. Giovanni often parties a lot at the club but he got his MBA and he’s doing well.

Haiden is 16 and Iris is 14, they got time before they can do anything. They do well in school.

My wedding day was an emotional day for my mama. She was happy and sad about it. Happy that I finally met the right lady, sad cause that lady is taking me away from her. Mama finally sees me as a man instead of her precious bubba baby. I’m 63 now, I stop being a baby ages ago ha ha ha! Mama moved into town. She wanted to be closer to me since my step dad Max died and she wanted to spoil her grandbabies. She’s all about the quads.



 Also during my wedding I also found out something disturbing about my best friend Quincy Ortega who I met in Konani Tide years ago at my birthday party. Quincy got drunk and confesses to me that he is a vampire like I didn’t know about that already and he fathered my brother Giovanni. I can’t believe that asshole was in my mama! I was mad at him but we made up. I couldn’t stay mad at my best man at my wedding.

Quincy and I are staying in touch better now. He admired how I finally settle down even with a large number of kids. Quincy is a singer and travels a lot, he fathered a lot of children too. One of his daughters named Sansa often followed me around, claiming that I was her future husband back in EC. She finally got married thank goodness. Mordecai’s ex girlfriend Haven is Quincy’s daughter. Fathering a bunch of kids is what we both got in common.

Quincy is thinking about moving to Riverview. He wants to live a quieter life and hopes he could finally find that special lady to settle down with. I’m letting him rent out the spare room. He doesn’t want to buy a house just yet. He wanna test the waters first. I can’t say that I don’t blame him. Don’t move here unless you have a wife and kids.




I better wrap this up, it’s getting late now. I gotta be up bright and early in the morning. I gotta take Nakia to work and drop off the kids at school.

Speaking of kids, my son Raiden seems to be an interesting kid. He was born the only hybrid of the quints but I’m kinda worried about him. He seems a bit distant and doesn’t play with the other kids much. I promised him if he got good grades on his next progress report, he’ll get something cool. Usually we just give the kids money for good grades but I think I’ll give Raiden something extra special. I still have that genie lamp from Corrine. My 7 years are done with Alicia, maybe Raiden could use Alicia to grant him a cool wish. I feel for my son since he was born with a rare heart and lung condition. He struggles to breathe time to time and he isn’t allow to do any activities that will causes his heart and lungs to work harder such as running, swimming, playing sports. Maybe that’s why he is the way he is. With minimal allowed activities, I don’t blame him. His Lycan genetics conflict with his Navox genetics which prevents him from healing properly. His doctor has seen improve with his heart and lungs over the years and believe as he gets older, his condition improves. The doctors are very unsure about this conditions since it’s new, rare and only affects sub-humans, humans with an occult. That’s the correct name for people like me and my genie family. There’s been some studies on it but not much. We just have to play things safe with Raiden.

But okay, I need to really end this. I’ll just keep going on and on about my life. This last 42 years had been crazy, a lot of good, a lot of bad but I wouldn’t do anything different. Well maybe a few things.

In the last 42 years I fathered 57 children. I have 24 sons and 33 daughters. 15 of the births were singletons, I have 8 sets of twins, 2 sets of triplets, 2 sets of quadruplets, 1 set of quintuplets and 1 set of septuplets. I’ve adopted one child, my half brother Junior whom I raised as my own since I thought he was mine until he was 15.  I have been sexually involved with 19 different ladies, I’ve been married to 2 of them and engaged to 1. Three of them are deceased. Only 2 of the 19 ladies didn’t get pregnant.

After looking at all of my journal entries over the years, I think this would make a great book. Hmm what would I call it? Story of the sexy sex machine? Nah.. Maybe.. Maybe I’ll title it, Love For The Ladies. That does have a nice ring to it huh?

Anyway, I’m going to go bed now, my wife is waiting for me. I know she is wanting this sweet loving. I notice there’s a voice mail message on my cell from the hospital in EC. I wonder what’s that about…


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 108 – Ever After *Finale*

It’s been an eventful last 2 years, at times I didn’t think I would ever reach the end of this story. Although I did go the way I planned I am content of this last bit of the journey in Love For The Ladies. For all the ones who stayed around since the beginning, you are awesome! Ending this series is bittersweet, Borage had been fun and entertaining to write but all good things must come to an end. I hope you all enjoy reading this series as much fun I had writing. I present to you the final chapter of Love For The Ladies. Enjoy!

*Note: The text in the video doesn’t get to stay up long, you may want to hit pause when text appears.*