Love For The Fellas: Chapter 8, Unexpected – Part 3

I knew Clark’s ho mama was gonna go after my idiot brother. Dramatic ass didn’t like his mama placing a wet one on dumb ass. The last thing he needs is another baby mama in his dumb life. Course dramatic ass had to be a dramatic ass about it.





“Mom! What are you doing?! He’s my brother!”

“I’m sorry Clark. I’m not sure what came over myself. It was just a little kiss.”

“That didn’t look like a little kiss to me! What’s that smell? Are you drunk?!”

“Maybe a little.  I never been with a genie before. A little kiss wouldn’t hurt.”

“You were plotting this whole time! Mommy how could you!”

“Clark listen, I wasn’t plotting anything. Borage made some drinks, we dance a little and it happen. I’m sorry but his body… Look at him.”

“Ugh!  Are you going to act like a cat in heat whenever you see my brother?”

“He’s just so… irresistible.”

“Borage must of sprinkle his genie magic on you now. Ugh!”

“Again Clark, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”




“And you! Why can’t you put a shirt on?! You’re turning my mom into a giggling school girl.”

“I can’t help but be this sexy. All the ladies want to ride my magic stick. Besides it’s mostly Jack’s fault.”

“Who is Jack?”

“Jack Daniels.”

“Ugh! Just shut up and wear a shirt!”




“I forgot to bring a shirt so no.”

“You can wear one of my shirts then.”

“No, it won’t fit cause you’re getting fat. Cece was right.”

“I think I might be pregnant again.”

“Sucks for you.”

“I want to be fit like you, B. Can you help? I see you look good after your pregnancy.”

“I can help but no baby can destroy this nice body of mine.”





“Borage! Why you’re not over her checking out my ass?!”

“Carrie… I swear…”





“Is that all you got?”

“I’m just starting out.”

“No excuses! Run fatty run! Run with African speed!”

“I’m trying!”









“Borage! I can’t do this! I’m gonna fa-“


“I’m trying! I can’t do this!”

“Then I guess I will be fucking your mom.”






“I think I heard Borage about doing something with me.”

“Yeah I heard it too and it made me pick out our next song to sing.”

“Which one, Carrie?”

“The boy is mine.”

“I like that song.”

“Good cause it’s message to you. Borage is mine.”

“Carrie you can’t be serious. Borage is your brother.”

“It’s only my half brother!”




Danica and I wanted some alone time away from those idiots. I’ve been with some girls before but it’s been a while. I had no idea Danica was into girls as well. For once she wasn’t asking or talking about Borage since all her attention was on me now. Even with dumb ass being here, she didn’t make a b line towards him. Maybe it’s cause of Lois and I’m the next best thing. I really don’t know nor care. Danica was a great kisser and I wanted to play around a little. At least I know she won’t get me pregnant if we fuck.




“Hot damn. I bet I could bounce a quarter off of that juicy ass.”

“Are you checking out my ass?”

“I like what I see. I wanna grab it again.”


“Why not? Don’t you like ass grabs?”

“Not when it’s my sister grabbing my ass.”

“We are half sibs so it’s cool.”

“No it’s not.”





“Would you mind stopping that.”

“Stop what?”

“Playing footsie with me.”

“Well you want me to play handsy with you instead?”

“Keep your hands away from my dick.”

“But it’s just floating in the water asking me to touch it. Maybe if I rub it 3 times, I’ll get my wish.”

“The only thing you’ll get is a slap to the face.”

“Ooh I like a little rough play. Well I wouldn’t know since I’m a virgin but I bet I would like it. Wanna be my first?”

“No. I’m your brother!!”

“You’re just my half bro, no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal, Carrie! I’m kinda glad dad wasn’t in my life much cause I see he raised some fucked up kids.”

“I’m not fucked up…yet. I’m waiting on you to put out.”

“I’m not fucking you!”




Carrie left the hot tub all mad and shit. Maybe cause dumb ass turned her down. Seriously, Carrie stop trying to fuck our brother, who cares if we are half siblings to you. We still have the same sperm donor!  I saw Clark and Carrie’s mama joined Borage in the hot tub and I decided to join before ho  mama decides to make a genie baby with dumb ass in my new hot tub.

“Hi Celsia, I see that I’m over dressed for this little party.”

“You’re fine, I couldn’t find my bikini. Dumb ass, what are you doing? You better not be making genie cream in my hot tub.”

“What if I am?”

“I’m gonna slap you!”

“Borage are you-“

“No Elena, I’m just messing with her.”

“I swear… I already had this replace since asshole and Rosette fucked in it.” 




“By the way Celsia you have a very nice house but something bothers me. Clark said he’s been caring for your twins and his own. You need to help out more. Clark shouldn’t be raising your twins, that’s your job not his. You shouldn’t have kids if you’re not going to raise them.”

“I’m busy with school and shit. I gotta study hard if I’m going to open my own spa soon. I’m not like you, I didn’t want kids so it just kinda happen. Besides their daddy is suppose to come and get them.”

“I know you would have to study for school but I know you’re not studying all the time. You need to stop lacking in your twins’ life. Clark said that they don’t even know you.”

“Ugh, you’re not my mama, don’t lecture me.”

“I know that but you need to care for your own. They need to know who their mother is!”

“All they need to know is I’ll be working hard to keep a roof over their nappy heads!”

“Cece, why don’t you get a nanny like I use to have. I’m surprise grandmama didn’t send a nanny your way.”

“We may need one since Clark is interest in taking classes with me. “




“Hey can I join this party?”

“Carrie, where is your swimsuit?”

“In the house. My half sibs are naked so I should be naked too. Maybe Borage would like me more if he saw my body.”

“I am not looking at you.”

“Take a little peek, B.”


“Ugh Crazy ass, stop hitting on our bro.”

“He’s sexy.”




“I really feel out of place, being the only one wearing a swim suit.”

“Take it off.”

“I’m sure you’ll like that, dumb ass.” 

“Yeah,  I’m a guy.”

“How come you won’t look at me, B?”

“I’m not into the whole incest thing.”

“Can’t see how it’s incest when we got different moms.”

“Crazy ass, you’re really fucked up. I guess that’s asshole’s fault.” 

“Hey, dad is a good guy.”


“Hmm this is a interesting little party but where is Clark?”

“Probably being a dramatic ass.”

“So Elena, you gonna take off that swim suit?”




“I guess it’s just me and you, Celina. I invited your aunt and grandmother so they could meet you and they spend their day naked in the hot tub with your uncle. Next time I’m gonna make sure Cece doesn’t plan on inviting Borage over when I invite them again. Your uncle is a bit distracting.” 





“You been in here the whole time?”

“Yeah.. I spent time with my daughter as the twins had their nap. I guess the naked party is over.”

“Yeah. Your mom has nice tits.”


“Just saying. Anyway I’m heading home, my kids are driving my lady insane.”




“Please don’t go yet.”


“What if I’m having another alien baby. I need you to be here cause you know more about alien birth than me.”

“You don’t need me. You had one before.”

“What if I deliver different this time.. like you? Those last babies came out different didn’t yet?”

“Yeah but did the alien say the birth would be different this time?”

“Well no.. I’m not sure if I am really pregnant.”

“Then I’m no help to you. I gotta go but it was nice meeting you.”





“Borage! Wait! I think I’m in labor! I was pregnant!”

“Have fun with that. See ya later.”

“Borage! Don’t leave me! At least call for my mommy!”

“I’ll call for her, when I’m ready to fuck her.”

“You asshole!”




Borage left and I was being lecture again by ho mama about how I need to care for my babies and blah, blah blah. We heard screams coming from the baby room. Dramatic ass was being dramatic as he was about to give birth. It’s not that bad and he’s all crying for his mommy and shit. Great. He just have to have another alien baby. We don’t need anymore babies in this house. 3 was too many and now there’s 4. I think dramatic ass wants to be a ho daddy like asshole. He can when he’s not living here with me.




Clark had another blue baby but she was different from Celina. He forgot which alien the baby was suppose to be but he remember she’s  suppose to like the night. I guess this brat is gonna be up all night. He named her Vivian Queen. Elena and Carrie had to leave in a few hours and spent their time with the new baby. I was left with my twins and Celina as the others hover over Vivian. I took my twins to my room so they could play while I do homework on my laptop. I left Celina in the baby room, she’s a alien. One of them would probably notice her. She’ll be fine.



Baby Chat Time

“Anyone wanna hear the new song that I made?”





“No. Your song is going to suck like your other songs. Just stop already.”





“I know my new song sounds great. My daddy said he liked it.”





“Yours is even more terrible than Cienna’s. Besides your daddy is tone deaf. He wouldn’t know what’s a good song if it slapped him in the face.”





“I think you’re just a hater, Chloe. Let’s see you make a good song then since you say we both suck.”





“Yeah Chloe! Why don’t you show us a good song then?”





“I ain’t got time for that. I got shit to do like eat this block.”





“It’s cause you know, you’ll suck. Wait a sec.. Which one of you booger queens been eating on my stick? It tastes different!”

Love For The Fellas: Chapter 7, Unexpected – Part 2

Dumb ass finally arrives shirtless for whatever reason. He always gotta find a way to walk around shirtless cause he believes he’s god’s gift to women and felt the need to show off his body. Clark invited his ho mama to stay for a day and the last Borage needs is another baby mama. She might get in the mood to make a new baby and him being shirtless is candy to her. Were Navox genies, females can’t help themselves around Navox males.

“Why you gotta be shirtless all the damn time. Put your damn clothes on before you catch another baby!”

“Ugh.. I didn’t come here to be bitch at by your annoying hag voice.”

“Then why did you come?”

“Maybe I wanted to see you but I see this was a mistake.”




“I didn’t want you here anyway! You are so dumb!”

“Then why you said it was okay if you didn’t want me here!”

“If I knew you weren’t gonna wear clothes! Besides there’s a ho mama in the house! Put your clothes on!”

“The only ho mama I see is you, bitchzilla!”

“Ugh! I just hate you so much!”

“I hate you too!”

“Go jump into a pool of acid!”

“Go set yourself on fire!”



I dunno why fighting always triggers a friendly hug but we always been this way. I’m glad to see him again but he always gotta find a way to annoy me.

“I’m glad you dropped by for whatever reason.”

“I kinda wanted to see my nieces. How many you popped out?”

“Just twins and they are annoying as fuck. Clark popped out a baby.”

“He popped out a baby?”

“Yeah like you, some alien knocked him up. But he’s all fat again. You need to make him work out.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”




He found Cienna trying to open my good bottle of vodka. Clark was suppose to be watching her. She isn’t allowed to have my good stuff, she can have Clark’s cheap ass vodka.

“How are things back at home?”

“L2 got his girlfriend knocked up.”

“What? You gonna be a granddad? Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up.. Just wait until yours get older.”

“I’m not worried about them. I’ll just start feeding them birth control pills now.”



“I see your BC pills didn’t work.”

“I thought rum would of killed my eggs.”

“What? Who gave you that dumb idea?”

“Regret. She drank so much of it and fucked so much.. She doesn’t have any kids. So we figure..”

“I swear you hags are so dumb. Take the actual pill. It will do wonders.”

“Won’t it make me fat?”

“Possibly. Do you wanna be just fat or fat cause of a baby?”

“Like I would like any of those choices!”




“Take your pick Cece.”

“I don’t like those options.”

“Well try making the guys wear a condom.”

“Why don’t you try wearing one too.”

“I do here and there but I don’t need them.”

“Uh yea you do. You got 12 million kids.”

“Lois is too busy to fuck cause of my 12 million kids.”




“Looks like she likes you. You can take her with you and add her to your collection of 12 million kids.”

“She’s cute but no. She’s your problem, not mine.”

“Aren’t you suppose to be a good uncle and take these brats for a few days….years?”

“Nope. I have enough back home. One more kid means one minute less I get with Lois.”

“Ugh.. Whatever.”




“Hey B. We finally get to meet. If I knew you were coming then I would of brought my lingerie.”

“Um.. why?”

“Don’t you wanna see me look sexy in it?”

“Um Carrie, you do know Borage is your brother too?”

“Yeah.. only half.”

“I may be your half brother but still we are related no matter what.”

“Half related. There’s one half I can touch and the other half I can’t.”

“The fuck.. I usually give the males a ass name but I’m giving you one too, crazy ass.”

“Cool! I get a ass name!”

“I feel really uncomfortable around you.”





“Mom, look at those abs of his. That’s Borage. He’s a genie like one of my little brothers.”

“Those are some nice abs. I don’t believe I ever seen a male as fit and trim as you.”

“You must be Carrie’s and Clark’s mama.”

“Yes, I’m Elena Queen.”

“So are you some queen of having lots of babies?”

“Well no.”

“Mom you should have a genie baby with him. You haven’t had any of those.”

“This is the first time I met a genie.”




“Before you get any ideas Elena, I’m not about to be one of your baby daddies. I’m taken now.”

“You don’t think my mom is hot enough for you, B?”

“Your mom is attractive but like I said, I’m taken.”

“Your lady must be lucky then.”

“His lady is greedy, she should share you.”

“I think I’m gonna check out Cece’s lounge now.”




“Mom, I couldn’t help but notice that you were speaking to Borage. You’re not thinking about using his as a new baby daddy?”

“Mom should though.”

“Well I never been with a genie before. I heard they are amazing lovers….”

“Mom! He’s my brother and you had been with our dad. Wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“Yes, you have a point there Clark, but just looking at his body isn’t so bad and it’s harmless.”

“Not when you’re having lustful thoughts…”

“I can’t help it if I think he’s a nice piece of eye candy.”

“Yeah and I want a taste of that man candy too.”

“Carrie! That’s our brother.”

“He’s only half!”




“I remember how awesome you genie babies are. You have pointy ears like my little brothers. Oh yeah those would be your uncles, huh? I wonder if they are gonna grow up to be sexy like your uncle Borage.”

Will someone please get me away from this insane woman.





“Hey! Crazy ass, what are you doing with my baby?! Are you drowning her?”

I don’t know what came over me but seeing another female deal with my brat bothered me. Carrie told me she was giving her a bath cause she was messy. She wasn’t harming her or anything and was good with Cienna but still. I don’t like seeing another female with my brat. I think this was the first time I ever shown any concern for one of my spawns.




“So what would you ladies like to have?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a body shot off of you.”

“Hell! I wanna do a double body shot off of you, B!”

“Elena, I’m flattered. Carrie, you scare me. How about I make some pretty girly drink for you both?”

“That sounds good to me.”

” Screw that, I wanna do a double body shot of off you, B..”

“Carrie.. no.”




“I use to make these for my mama’s parties. You 2 are gonna like these. It’s been a while since I got to make this drink. It’s called, “People on crack.””




“How do you like the drink, Elena?”

“I like the view. It’s lovely.”

“I’m talking about the drink.”

“Oh right. It tastes really good. Sweet and fruity, I couldn’t tell that there’s alcohol in it. I wasn’t sure at first cause of the name. But it’s great along with the view in front of me.”

“It’s loaded with different types of liquor. It’s known to get everyone a bit wild.”






“Did you just-“

“I so grabbed your ass as I walked by. It’s tight and firm like I thought.”




“Carrie..damn it! Stop grabbing my ass.”

“I can’t help it. Mom you should walk over and get yourself a hand full of genie ass too.”

“I don’t think he likes being groped like that.”

“Not by one of my siblings…”

“You’re only half and that half I can touch if your lower half.”




After some drinking, dumb ass turned on the music and we began to dance all night. Borage would have the make the People on crack drink. I guess he didn’t remember that last time he made that drink. Rosette kept trying to mount him and called him Tan Liam. Danica stayed around and we dance together. I guess we enjoined Borage’s drinks too well cause we all started to get a little wild.




“Those two have the right idea.”

“What do you mean, Elena?”









Love For The Fellas: Chapter 6, Unexpected – Part 1

Sometimes having dramatic ass staying here with his alien brat isn’t always bad. Yeah it’s annoying that he runs for the hills whenever he see our ghost or the slight speck of fire that’s out of place for a second. Clark likes kids and takes good care of them while I study or get drunk. My classes at the massage school are almost over, so I’ll be opening my own spa pretty soon. I can’t wait for the day that I open Montigo Springs. Mama would be so proud of me that I’ll have my own business and making dem dollars. Although I did enjoy stripping for the short time that I did.

Clark wants to work and earn his keep. He doesn’t like living on my Montigo money. I don’t mind it at all. He’s my little brother and I should do the big sister thing and take care of him. He doesn’t need to worry about my bills and stuff. It’s covered. But if Clark wants to work, I’m okay with it. He’s a grown ass man. When I open Montigo Springs, I can hire him as a towel boy to so fetch towels and shit. I asked him about taking the same classes as me and he’s interested in it. I wouldn’t mind running a spa with him. Montigo Queen Springs has a nice ring to it. He’ll take classes once we find a freakin’ babysitter for all these damn kids.




“Good night, sweetie. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. I’m sorry that you were the last to be tucked in, Celina but it seems like I have to do everything around here, involving you girls. Your aunt isn’t much help. I know she studies and all but I’m starting to think it’s a excuse to get out of her caring for your cousins.”





I was sleeping good until something woke up me. I figure that it was just the ghost messing with shit again but I didn’t see him or anything. I couldn’t go back to sleep and I saw the brats were sound asleep as well as Clark.





I went outside to pick up my trashcan that was knocked over since I couldn’t go back to sleep. I figure it was that damn deer that’s going around kicking everyone’s trashcan for no damn reason. I swear if I find that damn deer kicking my trashcan again, Bambi willing joining it’s mother. After picking up my trashcan. I saw some sparkling lights in the sky. I found myself frozen as I glazed into the lights. I wanted to run as I felt something wasn’t right these random lights. But my feet were frozen and wouldn’t move. I couldn’t help but stare into those lights.




“Fuckin’ shit! It’s those damn aliens!!! I’m not Clark you bastards!”






“You are not Gelman male but close. We have not try Gelman female.”

“For one space bitch, I’m a Montigo. Not a damn “Gelman”! And two, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I am Instu. I use you for host.”

“What? Host? What are you talking about?”

“You are special. I choose you.”

“Fucking bitch, explain yourself! You chosen me? This ain’t no Pokemon!”

“See you around, Celsia.”

“How do you know my name?!”





I swear those demon always wake up at the ass crack of dawn every damn day. I tried to sleep after being taken but those screaming monsters kept me up. Dramatic ass finally woke up to deal with them. I wanna know what that damn alien bitch was talking about. And I wish these dumb babies will stop crying so damn much.





“Cece, would you mind pitching in since you’re up. You know 2 of these kids are yours. It’s a hassle feeding, bathing and changing 3 girls by myself.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“You’ll never in the mood. You need to care for your twins. They don’t even know you.”

“Good, they don’t need to know me.”

“Cece, they need to know their mother. I think I’m having another baby so I really need you to help more. I can’t care for 4 little ones by myself.”

“I’m not in the mood to deal with those spawns of Satan.”

“Too bad, Cece. I’m going to feed Cienna now, can you please go feed Chloe. I’ll get to Celina in a bit.”




“Dada! Dada! DADA!”





“That’s not even your daddy, you stupid brat! Stop your bitching and woman up, little bitch. I’ll feed you if you shut the hell up!”





“Dada? Dada! Dada!”

“Don’t you start up either, blue bitch kid! I will get to you brats in a second.”






“Don’t even give me that look, Celina. Don’t start acting like a dramatic ass like your daddy.”





“Like seriously, was this cry like a bitch day? I didn’t get the memo. Shut up little bitches!”


“Your daddy is busy getting on my nerves, Celina! Clark! Your brat wants food!”







“Damn it ..whatever your name is. Shut the fuck up! I’ll deal with you in a second. I swear if these was a abortion clinic…”


“Ugh!! Clark! Where is your fat dramatic ass at?!”





Clark’s dramatic ass saw a ghost and ran off the go faint somewhere, leaving me to deal with the 3 little witches. I fed them all some oatmeal while I went to have my morning coffee vodka cause this morning, I need it.






“I swear if you don’t shut up trap. I’m tossing you into the lake, whatever your name is.”

“Want dada!”

“Stupid slut, Clark isn’t your daddy. That’s your uncle. I wonder where is your daddy. He needs to come and get you 2 brats.”




“Bout time your dramatic ass stop being  a dramatic ass.”

“That ghost was scary. I think we should call ghost busters or something.”

“No, you just need to stop being a bitch. Did asshole take away your balls before you moved out?”

“No, dad didn’t do anything like that. I think we should do something about the ghost.”

“I have no issue with the ghost.”

“But our daughters-“

“They have more balls than you, they aren’t afraid of the dumb ghost.”




“That’s good, Chloe. You play such nice music.”

“Stop lying to her, Clark. She’s just making annoying racket.”

“Cece, I enjoy hearing Chloe play music. Make you should sign her up for music classes when she’s older.”

“That witch sucks ass.”

“That wasn’t nice to say about your child.”

“The heffa is just lame like you. Your lameness is rubbing off on her.”

“Maybe if you spend more time with Chloe and Cienna-“

“I don’t have time for the bitches.”





“No, Chloe. That is a bad word. We don’t say that word. Cece, you should stop cussing around the girls.”

“And you should stop being a bitch about the girls.”


“Bitch ass!”

“Seriously, Cece. We don’t need the girls cussing like sailors before they are in pre-k.”




“I’m going to eat this doll.”


“Cause were babies and that’s what we do.”

“We eat food, not people.”

“It’s just a toy, dummy. He’s not real. I’m not going to eat real people.”

“I know but we are suppose to play with the dolls, not eat them.”

“You’re a lame baby. We eat dolls! Do it or go away.”




“I’m not lame. I don’t find eating dolls appealing.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it. See? This fun.”

“I don’t see how that’s fun.”

“You’re lame.”




Over the months, Clark and I became good friends with Danica who still lives across from us. She’s also a good friend of Travis and often comes over to see my twins I had with him. She helps when Clark wants to take the brats on a stroll with the strollers since it’s 3 of them and 2 of us. Bryce had to quit to care for his sick mother. What’s with dudes with sick mamas?




I went to hang out with Danica one day but I started to feel sick before I got to her front door. I had one of the brats with me and I sat her down to throw up. Then the little witch child crawling into the middle of street. Are you trying to get child services called on me, you brat witch?! Stupid kid could of gotten hit by a car. I picked up the brat and just went back home. I dunno why I haven’t been feeling so good lately. It’s not Clark’s cooking since I’ve been using my genie magic for meals. Why am I so sick?




I got a text from dumb ass saying he’s in town and was wondering if he could come over later on. I told him he could since I haven’t seen him since I first moved in. I miss my idiot brother, it would be good to see him again.




“Um Cece.. I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”

“Like what? You switch over to men? It’s okay, I like gay people.”

“No! My mother and our sister Carrie will in town tonight. I wasn’t sure how to tell you since you always yell at me.”

“Oh.. A 2 day notice would of okay, dramatic ass.”

“I know but you scare me.”

“Damn it, Clark. Grow some balls and not more fat. You getting hella fat.”

“Cece, I think it’s another baby. That’s why I asked my mother and Carrie to come here.”

“Well Borage is coming and maybe he’ll train your fat ass to not be so fat.”

“I’m not sure if I’m gaining weight due to eating. I think that alien was right about me having another baby.”

“I think you just eat too damn much.”



Drama ass’ mama and our sister Carrie found their way over. I had no idea why Clark’s sister is red when he wasn’t. He told me Devon is red too. I guess Clark got asshole’s white genes while the other 2 are tomatoes. I like the pink hair though. I told dramatic ass that his fam is here. I’m not dealing with them since I don’t know them.




“Mom, I’m glad that you finally made it here.”

“It’s good to see you again too but you seem bigger since I last seen you.”





“Can I get a hug too? I wanna see if you’re squishy like a jellyfish.”

“What- Huh? It’s good to see you again too sis. You two have to see little Celina.”

“I would love to meet my new grandchild.”

“Yeah, let’s see this alien baby. Does she look like Bobbi?”

“Well no.. She’s blue with our hair. But she’s still alien, a Aqufinix to get correct.”




“Clark was right. You’re blue with our hair, that’s adorable. I don’t think I ever seen a blue alien like this before. A Aqufinix, huh? You still kinda remind me of Bobbie a little.”

“Hey mom, look there’s some pointy ear babies in here. Are those aliens too?”

“Funny, sis. No. These are our sister’s twins. They are genie babies.”

“Genie babies?”

“Yes mom, Celsia is a genie. They are real and a real pain in the neck too.”

“Genie babies.. Awesome! I think I want a genie baby too.  I think Mary and Sid would like genie babies too.”




“These babies are all adorable. Celina is a little cutie. I figure Tixxis is not her mother.”

“I think this genie baby just tried to grope me, mom.”

“Don’t be silly, Carrie. Looks like you and your sister have your hands full here, Clark.”

“It’s mainly just me. Cece hates kids.”




“Did you just get bigger?”

“Probably. I didn’t get this big with Celina. I think I’m having another baby. I started to feel weird after giving birth. It’s like I  instantly got pregnant after giving birth.”

“That is odd. I never heard anything like that.”

“I am scared if I am truly pregnant again. I’m raising all 3 girls basically. I’m not sure if I can handle another baby.”

“Why isn’t Celsia helping? Isn’t the twins hers?”

“Yeah, she does go to school but she still has time to care for her twins. When she does, she say mean things to them.”

“Well that’s not good at all, Clark.”




“I don’t know what else to do. I’m struggling looking after the girls. It was fine when the butler was here but he had to quit. Sometimes our neighbor comes over and help out. But I need help. I was wondering something..”

“Like what?”

“If I am having another baby.. Would you take him or her?”

“Clark, I love babies and I would love to help you out but I can’t take your baby. I have a house full at home you know.”

“I know.. I would ask Carrie but not sure if Serp would like a extra kid and their place is too small.”

“I am sure you would figure something out. Try to get on Celsia more so she’ll start pulling her own weight. You shouldn’t be raising her kids too.”

“I would but she scares me.”




“Hey did you know that your boobs are huge?”

“Did you know that your skin is red?”

“I know but your boobs.. You should donate some to me.”




“Hey bitchzilla! I’m here! You need to start locking your door, you dumb ho bitch. I could of been the boogie man looking for rape.”




Note: The babies can talk to each like in the cartoon Rugrats however to the adults it just sounds like baby gibberish. I want start showing each kid’s personality as early as possible.

Elena Queen is from Queen’s Hive by MewmewMentor , and yes another 10o BC sim appears in the Montigo Legacy this week :p

Carrie Queen is from from Queens of Crime by MewmewMentor as well. Another good read.


Extra scene: Cienna really loves eating the dolls a lot lol


Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.3, Remember Me – Part 1

I never notice the strangeness of my beloved city that I was born and raised in. It wasn’t until my cousins had stopped by that I notice how strange the people in my city can be. Maybe because of all of the drama that I was surrounding in while growing up is why I never notice it. Sometimes I would think about relocating to a different city but I had this awesome house built. It would be such a shame just to pack up and go. I haven’t began enjoy living in this house. Anyway, back to what I was saying. The strangeness of Lucky Palms.





For instance, Tequila would randomly make out with a strange man only after knowing him for 2 seconds and they are romantically involved with each other now.  Tequila stakes the park out, looking for new victims to make out with so the new guy would end up rage in jealously over a woman he just met. Then again, Tequila is just a troll and enjoys doing inappropriate things like this. If this guy had any sense at all, he would run like hell away from her. But of course he’s a mindless idiot who has the hots for my insane cousin only cause she planted her diseased lips on him one time.





Then some random lady decided to throw water balloons at Martini for the sake of being in this story as she made several attempts to make herself noticeable. Although I find it funny that anyone is willing to toss water balloons at Martini for no reason at all. Watching Tini shriek from the coldness of the water is quite hilarious. As I do not know who this lady is but find her quite attractive, I didn’t mind when Borage randomly invited her over but ignored her while she hung out. She did enjoy her time over however, after flirting with my father who stood creepy like near my front gate as he didn’t know who lived here. I am curious if this lady is open for threesomes? Not sure if Janiya is willing but Tequila’s drink could open the idea of it.




And let’s not forget about the premade townie who would stand on the sidewalk choking herself for no reason at all. I wasn’t aware that this city had anyone that was into erotic asphyxiation. I didn’t think anyone was capable of having any kinky fetishes but I do feel you should do your kinky play in the privacy of your house and not randomly on a public sidewalk. Perhaps if she were to have a makeover, I would consider inviting this lady over for some adult action with Janiya. I really need Tequila to make some of her special drinks if anything exiting were to happen with Janiya and I. 




But the strangeness just get more interesting as this nice looking fairy makes her way over to the wishing well. Tossing a coin in hopes over reuniting with a man whom she only spend time with once and he had forgotten of who she is. She once stayed in this town some time ago. Diamond Flare is her name. Rumors about her banging  different men in order to reach her insane goal of 100 children. I cannot understand why one person is willing have that many children all together. I am curious about her reason. Why? I’m pretty sure this attractive Fae lady could have any guy that she wanted. The short time I got to spoke with her, I could tell she’s a sweet, caring and down to earth type of person. I don’t believe she’s not lovable. I didn’t feel it was right of me to boldly ask about her personal business. I only have my thoughts to wonder on. Maybe she has a giving birth fetish that fires up her clitrous, giving her a intense orgasm? That would be so hot and gross at the same time. Baby juice isn’t attractive.

Diamond’s fondness of my cousin Borage is strange in my opinion. He has no memory of ever meeting her but she finds him desirable. Of all the men she could possibly have, her eyes are on Borage?  He can’t even tell his right from his left. But I do notice a slight change in Borage whenever he’s around her. A change for the good I must add. He seems more sincere and caring with her, randomly. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but she’s good for him. That I can say about this. 

She wishes on a coin that worth 2 cents just to see the guy whom she adores just one more time. What were the odds that he would magically appear? Destiny. I would of believe it’s destiny if I was a believer in true love that results in a long meaningful marriage between two soul mates. I do love Janiya. I do care about her. But marriage is another thing for me. I fear it. You spend tons of money on a fancy wedding just for it the end sooner than your reception party. I don’t believe you have to be married just to prove that you love this person. I enjoy my relationship with Janiya the way it is. I don’t feel that we need to “tie the knot” to prove anything. I love her and she loves me. That should be enough, right? 

I had said my piece as it is my story after all. However a certain person transfer the focus on my cousin Borage since there is a strong desire of having him appear in every Montigo story this week. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be in my own story for the next few chapters. It’s still my story even if my glory hog cousin is getting slightly more attention in this than he should.



“This is silly. Why would I believe a silly wish on a mere coin would ever come true? If only I were to see him once again. I would of loved if he could of met our daughters. I’m  being silly. What are the odds of me running into him here? Lucky Palms is so far from Starlight Shores.”







“Borage? This that really you? Am I seeing this?”






“I missed you..”






“Um… who are you? You’re crushing my magic junk, strange lady.”

“It’s me, silly!”

“You’re not Cindra by any chance?”





“No.. I’m Diamond, Diamond Flare. You don’t remember me? We once met in Sunset City some time ago. I sent you emails about our twin daughters but you acted like you didn’t know me. I guess I am pretty forgetful.. I’ve wanting to see you again, Borage.”





“Sunset City? I never been there. We met and you had babies by me? How? I mean.. I would remember a pretty face like yours. Are you sure I’m the right Borage?”





“Wait.. you’re not some hooker looking for back pay? Cause I don’t pay for play. Ladies should be paying me for this magic of mine.”





“No, Borage. I am not a hooker or anything like that. You are the right Borage who I met. A genie DJ from Starlight Shores? Borage Montigo-Gelman is your name, no?”





“Well yeah, I did DJ at a club while I lived in Starlight Shores but my name is simply Borage L. Montigo now. I’m not sure why I don’t remember ever meeting you along fucking you as well. I mean.. I would know if I’ve been with a hot fairy or not. In my memory, I never been with a fairy.”





“I’m quite confused.. How can you have no memory of me? The night we shared was special. We had amazing chemistry and you promise to call but you never did. I thought maybe we had something but I guess I was wrong..”




“I am sorry Diamond. I just been having a rough time these past years. My lady was killed the night before our wedding, my namesake child turned out to be my brother and my daughter almost died in a house fire. I lost everything I had and starting over in Brooklyn Heights. I just got a lot going in my life, maybe that’s why I don’t remember you right now.”





“You had forgotten about me shortly after our daughters, Opal and Topaz were born. I am sorry to hear about the drama that happen in your life. If I could make it better I would. I care about you, Borage.”





“Maybe you try to refresh my memory back at my cousin Rio’s place? That would make me feel better. I’m sure you could find a way to get me to remember something about you.”




“Perhaps that’s a good idea. I’m pretty sure I can find a way to refresh your memory of me.”




Diamond Flare from Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge will appear in a few more chapters of this story. The next few chapters will connect back to the 42th chapter of Love For The Ladies.

The “random” lady with the water balloons is Vinna Rocha from Vinna Rocha – 10 Men, 100 Babies. She tried her hardest to appear in this story and I allowed lol. Vinna didn’t want to be a background sim haha

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 42, This is it

Falling in love wasn’t my plan. I never thought that I would be your lover.




And you said you really know me to yourself.  And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes.



“I need to forget…”




“My sweet Borage, everything is going into place. One day.. some soon. We shall be one..”




“Sister, I do not understand. Why allow Borage to be with others when you can have him to yourself now?”





“I do not wish to rush things, Remi. The long wait will be worth it. You shall see. For now, he must go through his trails. It is my plan, Remi dear.”




“As you can see Remi, Lois Champagne’s time with him has expired. I will return, stay put.”

“Yes, sister.”




“I don’t agree of what sister is doing.. I could possibly forewarn and relocate Lois like I did with Alayna.. However sister may caught on to me. Lois, I am sorry.”




Your life is in great danger. You must leave at once, Alayna.”





“Do you have to go now? Don’t ya wanna ride the magic stick first?”




“I’m just picking up a few things for our wedding, tomorrow. I will be back.”




And I feels as though I’ve known you for a thousand years.

“Lois, your time with Borage is up.”




“Who are you?”




“None of your concern.”




“Be lucky that I let you stay around this long. I was hoping Liam would spare you.”







I never thought that I would be your lover. Come on baby just understand.




“Spill it, BL. What’s so important that you needed to ask me?”








“You didn’t think I would know what’s going on with you and my mom?! How could you both! I don’t want to have anything to do with either one of you!”

“BL.. I am sorry.. You don’t mean that.. Were brothers.”

“The hell we are… You’re just somebody that I use to know.”




“Junior! Junior! Wake up! What happen?! Junior! ..Don’t leave me, son!”




“Dad, the doctor said you’re not a match for a blood transfusion for Junior. The test shows you are a relative, but you’re not his father.”




“I am sorry that you had to find out like this, dad. Grandfather is on his way, he’s most likely a match.”




“My son is my brother…”



And you said want to go with you on a while. And I know that it’s really for myself.

“Borage, how is he?”




“How could you do this to me! I’m your son! How could you do this to your fuckin’ son! What kind of parent are you?!”




“Borage, I’m sorry.. I know I shouldn’t had done what I did with Lois.”




“I loved her, dad! You just had to put your dick in her! I hate you! I hate you, you worthless piece of shit! You can have your sorry ass Gelman name back! I hate you!”




“How are you feeling…. son?”

“I will never call you “dad” So you can save it.”




“Daddy, you should come in. It’s getting cold, you’ll freeze to death.”




“Why did you have to fuck him, Lois?! I tried to be the right man for you!”




“Daddy! It’s me, Rae. Lotus Rae, daddy.. I’m not my mom!”




“I’m sorry, cupcake.”




I never heard a single word about you. Falling in love wasn’t my plan.

“I don’t care what the doctors say. I don’t care what the blood test say, you’ll always be my dad. I love you, dad. I just wish you would take better care of yourself. I care about you, dad and I’m getting worried about you. I don’t want to lose you too.”

“Don’t worry…son. You’ll never lose me.”

“Hey bro, it’s Dodder. I got you a gig at this new spot in Moonlight Falls. I seen your recent pics and you look like shit. Get your self cleaned up before you get here. I hope all is well. – Dodder”

“Hey lady, what’s your name?”

“Doll Marine.”

“Hey I liked your stuff. I have some friends opening a club in Storybrook County next week. Would you mind playing there? I can get you booked.”

“Yeah, it’s been too long since I played besides tonight. I’m in.”




“So what’s your name? Mines Cindra.”

“Borage.. Borage Montigo.”




“Let’s take a pic before you have to go.”




“We look good together.”

“Hmm.. I should go.”




“Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?! Daddy!  Why did you leave me here?!” Daddy!”




“Journey, how is Rae? Is she going to pull through?”




“Where the fuck were you for 2 months?! How could you let Rae alone for that long! You should know that kids are dumb?! Where were you, dad!”

“I needed time away.. I thought Pedro or one of you were looking after her. I figure since she and Boragio are 17 now, they could be alone..”

“You thought wrong, dad! You were too busy fucking around to bother coming home to your kids! “




“Let’s see how good of a ladies man you are when I don’t have memory of fucking those bitches. You’ll look like a ass when your can’t remember who they are when they come calling you back!”




I had a great time with you, B. Hope to hook up with you again 😉 – Cindra

“Who the fuck is Cindra and how did she get my number? Is she hot?”




“Luna, I got daddy handled. Erasing memories is kinda cool. – Journey.”




“What man would find me beautiful when my face looks like this. Sometimes I wish I had died in that fire. Maybe I could see mom again. I miss her even if she did daddy wrong.”




“It’s my fault why she is they way she is now.”




“Are you sure you don’t want to move with us?”

“I plan on moving to Storybrook County to stay with Phoenix.”

“Storybrook County? I heard it’s nice. I never been there before.”




“No matter what anyone say about your scars, you’re beautiful and perfect as you are.”

“Thanks, daddy. I’m gonna miss you. Come visit us sometime.”







Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, Mr. Montigo. I hope you and your family will enjoy living here.




“Yo B! It’s me Tini! I hope you got settle in and shit! Come with me to Lucky Palms to visit Tequila. She got a new place. You could use the trip, bro-cuz! – Martini”




This is it. I can feel. I’m the light of the world. This is real. Feel my song, we can say. And I tell you can feel that way.

“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”




And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before. And you said to me that you don’t want me hanging around. Many times wanna do it here before.

“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”




“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”




“I think this will do the trick. He’ll have memory of me.”




“The ghost.. She came out from no where and attacked me. I don’t know who she is.. But why did she attack me?”

“It’s okay, Diamond. I’m here now, this ghost lady won’t bother you again. I’ll protect you. But I know something that will make you feel better.”








“I loved you, Lois! But I guess my dick wasn’t good enough for you and you go off to fuck my dad and had me raise his son as he was my own! I know I made my wrongs but I owned up to them right away! Why did you have me believe that Junior was mine?! I named him after me! I hate you, Lois! I wished that I never met you!”





“Borage… you don’t mean that.. I’m sorry.”




“I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“This is it! I have to get over her.. She never loved me.”




Some scenes where taken from 2 other stories.

Borage appeared in Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums by NyraKick. Doll had triplets by Borage.

Borage also appeared in the Lavoie Legacy by korset

Diamond Flare is from Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge by illyianna2005  The scenes she was in are from a future chapter of Tango Inferno

And this chapter’s song was “This is it” by Micheal Jackson of course.