Montigo Extensions: Bora Bora – Update 3

After recharging my energy during the night, I walked towards my window to get a peek of the sunrise in the early morning. I happened to notice the guy whom I met a year ago, I once tried to seduced him in hopes of seeking payment but to no avail.

I figure there must be another fireman convention or he’s just visiting again. I figure I won’t bother him this time around. I already had too much on my plate at it is now. I watched him a bit, he seemed so relaxed and carefree, something that I would like to be someday.





 I headed to bar room, hoping Seth wouldn’t be attending to it this time but I was wrong.. I didn’t make eye contact with him at first until he spoke. “I’m in early, meaning I’ll be off early. I’ll be stopping in afterwards, don’t bother making plans cause I need all of your attention.” Seth demanded with a cold tone. I scoffed as he talked, his demands were like a needy child. “Adjust your attitude whore, I can always take 5 and adjust it for you.” Seth threaten as he clenched the towel in his hand tightly.

Seth seemed more cold than usual but I didn’t care at this point. I did something that I should have done a long time ago. Alter Seth’s memory, removing any traces that involved me. I should have done this after the first night but he offered me cash which I needed.. I also feared him but oddly this morning, I had no fear of him. Maybe something triggered in my mind when I watched Pearce in the hot tub. 

Seth’s face turned pale as my beam enter into his head. He was stunned and speechless, he wouldn’t be able to move or react to what I was doing to him. I never tried this before but hoping its works and altering his memory becomes permanent. If it’s not done right, their memory can be restored later in life. After I finished, I tested to see if it worked by simply saying hi. Seth smiled and said hi and asked me how was my morning. I haven’t seen Seth smile or act kind towards me since the night he took property of me. “I’m fine.” I said with a smile and walked away causally. “It worked!” I whispered to myself. 





 It was lunchtime and I helped myself to the buffet. I haven’t been feeling so well lately so I settled for a light salad. I figure all of the stress from Seth made my stomach unsettled, I often found myself nauseated, unable to keep food down. I would feel weak and my recharging sessions took longer due to my illness. I’m more human than Zairian, I don’t heal myself as quick as my twin sister Luna. 





 I didn’t have lunch alone, a little boy wondered over and asked if he could sit with me. Normally kids are scared once they see my eyes and think I’m an evil alien who eats kids. It’s what parents are telling their kids now days. Before I could answer the kid pulled out a chair and sat down happily, munching on his over sized cookie. I guess it would be nice to have a little lunch buddy today. I should be celebrating my freedom from Seth.





 “Are you really an alien?”

“Yes, I am in some way.”

“That’s really cool! I think aliens are cool. How come you don’t have green skin?”

“I was born with my human parent’s skin.”

“Were you born out of a man? My dad said aliens put alien babies in men and I should stay away from them. Can you put alien babies in men too?”

“Well yes, one of my parents is a human male. I could put babies in men but I rather not.”

“I guess that’s cool. I dunno if I want an alien baby but I want an alien girlfriend. I wanna be a space man when I get big. What’s your name? I’m Joel! I just turned 7 years old so my parents took me here for my birthday. It’s been fun so far! Today we are going to the Starry Shore Boardwalk. I can’t wait to ride the roller coaster! I love visiting Starlight Bay! Are you visiting from out of space?!”

“Hi Joel, I’m Bora Bora. I’m glad you’re having fun in Starlight Bay. Actually I live here and was born here.”

“Why do you live in a hotel? Do you have a UFO?”

“Times are tough, Joel. No I don’t have a UFO but my sister does.”

“Really?! I wish I could fly in one. Is your sister here?”

“No, she lives in Arcadia, it’s a colony outer space.”

“One day I’m gonna live in Arcadia. I can find an alien girlfriend there!”

“I hope you do someday, Joel.”

“Thanks! I think you’re really cool and very pretty. Wanna be my girlfriend?”

“That’s sweet Joel, but there’s laws against that. I’m sure you’ll find one your age.”




 My lunch with Joel was delightful, its been too long since I last truly enjoyed myself. It was nice not having a child afraid of me, he was a bit eager to join me. However his father was less than thrilled to find his son having a chat with me. At first I didn’t appear to be of alien descent until he took a look at my eyes. Joel tried to reason with his father saying that I was a nice alien who was born here. With the lack of traditional green skin, Joel’s father believed him. It was plainly clear that I was an alien baby born on Earth. Joel’s father apologize if his son was a bothered. I told him it was no big deal.

Afterwards I relaxed on a lounge chair, embracing the rays from the sun. It’s been a fairly warm autumn, winter was soon to come. Its been years since Starlight Bay last seen its usual weather, it stays warm all year long until my Suziu came along. He changed the weather for study, Starlight Bay experience all 4 seasons, there was even snow. Since my Suziu left, the weather had returned back to normal. It’s been a mystery in Star city but I know the cause. I am glad my Suziu restored it, I always enjoyed the warmer temps but it may come natural. Zairians are from a warm and dry planet, they prefer warmer climates.

As I lounged, I was quickly reminded of the horrors of Seth…





 I spent so many hours in tears..

I felt like I couldn’t get out..

I felt that I needed him..

Even if he was harmful for me…

He was a male giving me attention that I craved for years…

Attention that I didn’t get much from my dad….

I stayed with Seth just cause I could feel wanted for once, it didn’t matter I was abused or not. It was insane to stay in that situation but today I guess you can say I was snapped into reality. But oddly… I find myself missing him now..





I need to remove myself from here, staying close to Seth will bring me back into his cruel arms. Where will I go from here? I have no source of income other than Seth, I had no place to live. Seth made it to where I kept my room… It won’t be long before the funds run dry. Then I remember Mason, he said he could help with getting me a job but its been a year since I last seen him.





I took a trip to an old familiar place. The old neighbor where I once lived as a child. I think it would be nice to see the old place once again even if nothing is there.





The house fire destroy everything.. There was nothing but burnt rumble on the ground. I walked around, sifting through it to see if I could find anything. I was hoping to find something from my childhood, something that will make me feel good inside. I had fond memories of this house..





 I found an old dollhouse that Luna and I use to play when we were kids. We played for hours, predicting how our future households would be. I was married to a famous rock star and we had 3 kids together. We lived in a big house over the hill with the view of the ocean, like this house once was. I could be so silly as a kid.. However that prediction would never come. Seeing the dollhouse burnt brought tears to eyes.. This use to be my home and now there’s nothing but burnt memories…



 I walked down to the shore, memories of picnics, building sand castles, playing in the water and even dad’s forced wedding raced through my mind. Those were the days, I always loved this place. This is the only house that felt like home… 





I had an idea. What if I restore this house and live here? I never tried out my restoration powers before. I have a perfect memory of the house’s layout and everything. I think I could restore this house as what it once was from when I was still a kid. If I put all of my energy into this, I could have a home once again.





 Within a few minutes, I did it! I restored dad’s old house in the same state from when I was just 7 years old. I remember on the day when we first moved in. It feels like it was yesterday. I couldn’t believe I was able to do this given I have less alien powers.





 “Home sweet home. I thought I would never see you once. It feels good to have a place to call home once again.”





But suddenly I started to feel sluggish and a bit woozy like I was about to faint. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I felt my knees weaken, vision was blurred, stomach filled with nausea, my head was spinning… Am I dying? I thought as I began to lose my balance and crash onto the ground…





Montigo Extensions: Bora Bora – Update 2

FYI: My stories were usually mature however this update is more graphic than my usual. Just make sure no little eyes are around 😉 


At first I didn’t think he’ll come. Recently he stood me up, saying he would come over and help me but doesn’t show up. He’ll have a change of heart, say he couldn’t help me this time. Things were going okay for a while but suddenly he’s been getting cold feet. I need his help, he has no idea of how much. I’m literally scraping loose change just to buy another night in this hotel. 

I watched the clocked, an hour had passed by. It was nearly 4 am, I should had known he wouldn’t come but my alien ears heard his footsteps coming towards my door. I knew it was him and not someone else passing by. He walked a certain way, everyone was their own unique way of walking. Daddy always floated around, so it was sometimes hard to hear when he was coming. But I knew it was him. I’m glad he came..



He slowly made his way into my room and walked towards my bed. I laid across my bed, trying to look as seductively as possible so he wouldn’t back out of our little arrangement. He sighed as he came closer towards my bed.

“How much you need this time?”

“How much do you have?”

“Not much really. I didn’t make it to an ATM. I hope what I got is enough for you.”

“And that is?”

“I only got 67 on me. I spent a good chuck of my money at the club tonight.”

“Well that’s great.. You sure was buying a lot of drinks tonight.”

“Yeah.. My sis and I- We wanted a good night.”

“Just you and your sister? Don’t bullshit me, Mason. There’s a girl around isn’t there.”

“Yeah.. I like her.. I really shouldn’t be doing this you know.”




“It’s not like you and her are together. You’re just helping me out.”

“I could help you out with other ways.. I could be like your friend.”


“I don’t need friends, Mason. Plus I like this way and you know you like this way too.”

“I once did but now.. Things are different. I really like this girl and if she knew I did something like this.. I won’t have a chance with her. I’ll be scum in her eyes.”

“She won’t know unless you tell her.”

“Yeah.. But I just don’t feel right about this.”

“Don’t be a pussy now. Don’t tell me that you’re already pussy whipped by this girl.”

“I like her. Maybe I can help you out just this one last time. Is 67 enough?”

“Barely, but I’ll take it.”



Although he was very hesitant at first, it didn’t take much to arouse him. I met Mason at the airport when i first arrive here months ago. He seemed nice when I first met him and told me if I ever needed help if anything, he’ll be there. I took his word and when I found myself in a bind, I gave him a call. I needed money, I always need it. Jon hunting isn’t great for a half alien, Mason was the first person who wasn’t bothered by my alien-ness.

I knew he was attracted to me and asked if he was curious about fucking a half alien. The thought crossed his mind a few times but knew I probably had a bunch of guys asking for sex cause they were curious. He was right, I did and couldn’t stand it. However I decided to take his curiosity to my advantage. I gave him wild alien sex if he gave me money for it. At first he didn’t like the idea, “I’m not paying for a hooker.” He said, but I wasn’t a hooker, if I was I would be selling sex to strangers. It was an arrangement, he wanted to help and I figure this was a good way, we would both benefit from it. It took a drunken night before he accepted my offer and here we are. I never knew a sweet guy would actually taste so sweet..



Mason did something different this time around. It caught me off guard as he laid me on the ground. “Just this last time, I wanna know what you taste like.” I was hesitated at first, I never had a guy go down on me. I was always afraid of it. Only cause of the extra part I was born it, part of my alien heritage. Izux, in other words… a female penis.

Ziharians are technically born both female and male, however one gender appears more dominant than the other and they were categorize as male or female. This Izux of mine gives me the ability to impregnate another female or a male if I wanted to. Back on my Suziu’s home world, it was common for females to impregnate other females and males to impregnate other males. Males have an extra hole to do so, it’s just weird thinking about it. Zihara doesn’t have sexual orientations, so it’s a free for all there. 

I haven’t told Mason about this extra part and hope his thick tongue doesn’t find it or trigger it out come out. He held me firmly on the floor and propped my legs over his shoulders. I clutched down as gently kissed my lips before guiding his tongue. “No one has ever done this to you, have they?” I choked out the word “no” and I swear I could feel him grinning as he chuckled a little. “I guess I gotta make sure you remember this forever.” I said nothing as I was too nervous about him discovering my extra part.

He gentle, it felt so nice, I had no idea of what I was missing out on. I moaned as he continue to give me internal kisses with his skilled tongue. I rocked my hips in the same motion with his tongue, my toes curled til the point of no return. It was an amazing experience, however it would be my last if I don’t convince him to keep our arrangement.  




We made our way onto my bed and I mounted myself on top of him. He massages my tits but I notice the lack of emotion in his face. It’s like he doing this cause he have to. “We can stop if you don’t wanna do this.” I said as I remained mounted on him. He chuckles, “Are you kidding. You’re right where I want you.” I scoffed at his replied, “You could look a little more convincing ya know.” Mason lifts up some while bringing me closer to him. He gently kisses my left nipple while massaging the other. He cups both of my tits with his hands and takes turn suckling on both and whispers, “Is this more convincing?” I pushed him back and gave him a devilish smile, “Maybe.”




He held a firm grip on my waist before flipping me and pinning me down on my bed. “I’ll make you believe me.” He said as he forced his cock inside of me. I let out a slight moan, I always liked it when he gets a little aggressive with me. He wasn’t that way before but I guess I brought it out of him time to time. “Believe me now?” He whispers. Slowly I made eye contact with him said whispered, “No.” He thrusts harder and deeper inside of me, “Believe me?” I moaned no which made him thrust even harder and quicker. “Believe me.” He whispers but I continue to moan no, egging him on to fuck me harder. 




After we were done, he jumps into the shower. I watched him changed into some clean clothes that he bought with him. This was different, he never shower afterwards, let alone brought over clean clothes to change into. I was curious about this. Seeing how it was 5 in the morning, where did he plan on going afterwards. “Is someone expecting you?” I asked with curiosity. Mason remained silent as him zips up his pants. “I’ll still help you out with your money issue but with other ways. Maybe I can help you find a job or something.” I rolled my eyes as he avoided my question. “She’s waiting for you isn’t she?” Mason refused to make any eye contact with me when I said that. “I kinda hope we can be friends after this. I think you’re an okay person. I just hope you don’t make new arrangements with someone new. He might not be as nice as me.” I was starting to get annoyed by him dodging my question.

“Just gonna avoid my question?”

“Okay, I haven’t been fully honest with you. Yes she’s expecting me, she thinks I’m helping a friend out with their car. I told her a friend got really wasted and stupidly locked their car keys in their car. Her and I are actually together and I kinda live with her.”

“How long as this been going on?”

“About 2 months.. That’s why I chicken out a few times when you called me. I feel awful but I’m trying to justify it by making myself believe I’m helping you. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t have fucked you. I feel like shit.. Doing this to Jessamine is just wrong.. She deserves a better guy than me..”

“If I’ve known then I wouldn’t call you.”

“I would had told you but I wasn’t sure how you’ll react. Since I’m basically your only income I thought you’ll get mad and implant an alien baby in me.”

“Really? You think I would do something like that to you?”

“Kinda.. I’m not sure.”

“That’s how I got here and my daddy hated me and my twin for years. I wouldn’t put a baby in you so it will grow up with a father who hates them and they’ll do what I’m doing now.. I would of understand. You gotta live your own life. I can ease your memory, this night never happen.”

“No.. I wanna keep this memory so I’ll learn from it.. So Bora… can we be just normal friends now? I wanna help you. I can find you a job.”



“Yes, we can be friends.” I said before Mason headed out the door. I felt disappointed as I watched Mason exit my room. I knew at some point he’ll get a girlfriend and our arrangement would be over. I just didn’t think it would be so soon, plus I felt my sex was good enough to keep him around. I figure he wanted some more than sex. Besides.. the sex did cost him.. however so all the time. There’s been a few times we hooked up just because we enjoined fucking each other. So there’s goes my income. What do I do now?



It was near noon and I made my way into the lounge. I needed a new man for income however the 67 dollars that Mason left for me wasn’t enough. I needed some money now and I know guest staying here didn’t live in town. I figure I could score with them and not worry about seeing them again. However I do need to find a regular like Mason.

I saw this guy trying his luck at the slot machine. I heard the machine go off as he played, he came into some winnings. I think I might be able to get a little extra help from him.



I calmly approached him, giving him a warm welcome however he took one look at me and jumped back.

“You’re an alien posing as a human!” I could smell the liquor on his breath and scoffed. It’s not like that’s the first time I heard that. “I’m an alien hybrid, one of my parents is a genie. I favored him more.” I told the stranger with a convincing tone. “Yeah? You’re probably looking for a host for babies. I’m not your guy. I’m from LP and I heard about some alien male pregnancies going on there.” I couldn’t help but laugh at this guy, he was cute but the fear in his eyes made him even more cuter.



“Okay, look. I was born on earth, I do earth things. I don’t put alien babies in men. It’s not my cup of tea.”


“I’m serious. I’m not ready to have kids now anyway. You don’t have to worry about me probing you unless you’re into that.”

“My asshole isn’t for your kinky alien play.”

“Okay but I’m not interest in your asshole. I figure maybe you could use some friendly company. What brings you to Star city?”

“My job, there’s a fireman station convention going on this weekend. Its okay I guess.”

“A fireman, nice. I like that. I got a question.”


“Ever been curious about an alien, who doesn’t wanna put babies in you?”

“Not really.”



“Maybe I can get you a little curious. Alien sex is a bit amazing than human sex.”

“I dunno.. I don’t want nothing in my ass.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t put anything in your ass. I can make you feel good, this will be one trip to remember.”

“Hmm.. what’s the catch? No ass play or babies, what’s the catch. I know about you freaky aliens.”

“Money. Finding a job is hard and I need a little money..”

“Yeah I’m not paying no alien hooker for sex.”

“I’m not a hooker!”

“Well still, I’m not gonna pay to fuck some girl.”

“Would you like a drink at least?”

“I’ll order it. You might put an alien roofie in it.”



I was hoping a more drinks would open him up the idea but he went on and on about his fireman stuff. I did learn his name, Pearce Rocha and how he moved to LP with his twin sister. However I couldn’t take anymore of his chatter about being a fireman and all the stuff he learned this weekend.




I made eyes on the bartender, Seth. He has a sinister look on him which always intrigued me about him. I never made a move on him or thought about him possibly helping me out. He was always so nice to me since I was always ordering drinking from him. I wonder if I could make him an offer.




I didn’t have to convince him much into following me to my room. He was more willing and was hoping I would invite him to my room. I told him it will cost him..




Through the course of the weekend, Seth made visits to my hotel room with a wad of cash. He gave him a sinister grin every time he enter into my room. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. But the more I saw it, the more I started to feel uncomfortable. 





But the money was nice…





I needed the money… It didn’t matter how much I was uncomfortable around Seth….





But I didn’t like the sex.. Seth wasn’t like Mason. Seth was cold, sometimes too forceful for my liking. Seth would come when I wasn’t expecting him and he forces himself on me. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn’t. When I didn’t he was more forceful and sometimes he hurts me.

This went on for a couple of years. But this day, I found myself crying next to Seth as he slept. “What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Mason was right… The next guy wasn’t going to be so nice.” Seth mumbles to tell me to shut up. I tried to sob quietly but it was quiet enough. Seth quickly flips me over on my back and forces his cock inside me. “Crying makes hard. Cry harder, it’ll make me harder.” Seth grunted as he thrusts rapidly. I wouldn’t, I couldn’t but Seth swung his rugged palm across my face. “Cry you fuckin’ whore!” Seth screamed at me. I let go and cried as hard as I could. “That’s more like it, bitch. You’re such a good little bitch.”



I own you. You’re my piece of property. If you think you can get away from me, then you’re fuckin’ wrong. I will find you, fuck the shit out of you and kill you if you try. Be a good little bitch and don’t try to run from me. I’m all you got, now. I’m the one who’s keeping you in this fuckin‘ hotel room.Seth shouts before leaving me alone in my room.

“Daddy… I need you.. Why did you have to be in a coma…”



Mason is a borrowed sim from The Nova Park Legacy. It’s a good read, so check that out 😉

Montigo Extensions: Bora Bora – Update 1

Home… After several years of traveling around as a psychic telling bogus fortunes to any gullible ear, I returned back home to Starlight Shores. I longed for a place to call home once again. The only place I felt was suitable for a home was in the Star city, my old stomping grounds. It felt so good to return back to this place. I’m not sure why I left.





I was born and raised here, my childhood wasn’t the best. My daddy ignored me and I often got into fights with one of my sisters, PC. I hated how he favored her so much. She was so perfect in his eyes and I was basically nothing compare to her. I hated my sister, I hated her for many years.. I’m not sure how I feel about her now..




The city had a bit of a change but one place remain, The Edge. It was the club where my daddy once DJ at. He loved this place a lot, he was always here. It was probably cause he didn’t wanna deal with all of the kids back home. Daddy was a bit of a baby making a while back but sounds like he slowed down. He haven’t had anymore kids since the set of twins he had with that whore, Lois.

However.. its been some time since I last spoke to daddy. We don’t talk much, he didn’t like me for long. But I do know that he cares about me and love me but the way I treated as a child weights heavy on my heart. I was desperate for daddy’s attention, I needed his love, I needed to be his favorite. Kindness and love came later in my life. Maybe it came a little too late.. I still love daddy but.. I find myself filled with anger towards him when I think about my childhood.



I tried to drown out the thoughts of my childhood with sweet ol’ liquor. I want to keep loving daddy, drinking and not thinking of the past helps a lot. Daddy was always a bigger drinker, naturally I felt I should do the same. After my first taste of liquor, I saw why daddy loved this stuff so much. It makes me feel so alive.




I glanced over to the DJ booth were daddy once played at. The club owner was there and instantly recognize that I was a child of daddy’s. “Borage’s daughter are you?” I nodded my head with a slight smile. “Your daddy was probably the best DJ I had. I’ve been through a few DJs since he left. I got a new one, she goes by Feather , tonight will be her first night. I hope a female DJ will bring in a crowd. How is your old man doing now days?” I lowered my head some, I didn’t know what he was up to. Its been 5 months since I last spoke to him. “He’s fine.” I said, I hope he’s fine.. I’m not sure if he’s fine.

I know he’s been torn up since he learned the truth about Lois. “Tell if he ever makes a visit back here, he got an opened slot to play here again if he likes. I would sure like to see him again.” I’m not sure if daddy would ever return back, this city had a dark cloud over it since the Lois factor. Daddy was hurt, so he relocated.



The club was a bit dead, however it was still early. I leaned on the bar and watched as people started to enter the club. Word got about the new DJ, Feather. As far as I know she’s a young 18 year old DJ, just starting out. The club owner has high hopes for her just as he did with daddy. Giving her a starting point on being a famous DJ. You made it big once you’re doing shit in Roland Heights, it’s where all the stars live. Star city is just a starting point.



It wasn’t long before I was approached by a dark haired male. He was easy on the eyes, his slicked back and he had a strong scent of expensive cologne. I was never fond of the smell of cologne, it made my nose born. My half alien blood makes me a bit sensitive to man made fragments. “May I buy you a drink, lady?” He asked with a friendly smile across his face. I scoffed a little at first, why is this guy approaching me and offering to buy me a drink?

I mean, I do appear human to others until they see my eyes and they panic. Some guys believe I’m looking for a male to impregnate and do freaky experiments on. But the other guys see that I’m human skinned, they figure I’m a hybrid. It peaks their interested and I’m asked to have sex with them cause they are curious about sex with an alien. No guy has actually approached me cause they wanted to be my friend or wanted to date. And here I have this guy offering  me a drink..



I wasn’t interest, a simple no would do but I figure I should do it the fun way. The alien way.

“Only if you promise to be a host for my babies!”

“What?! No! I don’t wanna do that!”

“Why not? It would be fun for you to carry my babies!”

“No it wouldn’t! I’m sorry but I just wanted to buy you a drink. Not have your alien babies!”

“Something tells me you once been pregnant before!”

“Huh? That’s not possible!”



I giggled at the frighten male as I pulled out an alien gadget from my purse. It’s harmless for the most part but its fun to scare humans with. I did feel bad for doing this. Maybe he was trying to be nice but honestly I don’t know. It’s hard to trust males now days. This poor guy took off running for life, he probably left a trail of piss behind him.




The club starting to fill up and I figure I should do some dancing with the others. I don’t have any friends and figure maybe I can make a few tonight. However it was mainly small talk and I didn’t seem to catch anyone’s interest. Surprisingly I had people who would speak to me cause of the alien thing. But the club wasn’t well lit, they really couldn’t see my eyes well, plus most of the club goers were drunk. It’s not like they would even notice.




The guy who offered me a drink early of the night returned. I saw him dancing with a vampire chick. Maybe he has a thing for non-humans or something. I should had taken his offer… I have a bit of an issue here…




I’m nearly broke.. Without a job and just recently moved here, I have next to nothing. Traveling around cost a lot, I didn’t make much as a psychic. My spent most of my inheritance money from both of my parents with traveling and partying. I have a bad spending habit, I don’t know how to manage money well. I wanted to live like daddy but unaware that he invested some of his money in something well and manages to keep loads of money around.

I thought about asking daddy for more money but I can’t bring myself to ask him. I feel he might think I’m a freeloader, he might stop liking me and treat me as he did when I was a kid. Fear of losing daddy’s acceptance prevents me from getting help. I could ask my alien parent but he would probably be disappointed  in me some more. He never supported my psychic career, he always saw me less of an alien as I acted more human than anything. It disappointed him but he still loves me but as I enter adulthood, I tend to disappoint him a lot.



It was near last call and I decided to head out early. Since I’m almost broke, you’re probably wondering where I stay.




I stay at a hotel in the downtown area. I checked into Los Suenos hotel, a 4 start hotel around the country. However staying here is rapidly decreasing the funds in my bank account. I couldn’t see much self staying in some low end motel or being homeless. I needed a place I stay until I could find a home but I need money. And I need money quick.




I tried my luck at the slot machines here and there but it was taking away more money than actually giving me money.




I figure the machine could use a little tune up.





“Now you give me lots of money you asshole or feel my wrath!”




“Awesome! That worked!”

However this wasn’t enough money for me to stay another week at this money. It bought me a few extra days, I guess it’s something.




I returned to my room and relaxed a bit. I have no need for sleep and I didn’t have a need to recharge my energy. I decided to watch some TV but knowing that I only have enough money to stay here for another few days weighted heavy on my mind. I need to come into some money… But how will I do? I’ve been job hunting but my alien nature scares them away.




I know what I have to do. I do have some creative ways of earning money fast….





“Hey, it’s me Bora.. I know you gotta still be up. I saw you at the club tonight. I was calling cause I need your help again. Can you come over in 30?”