Love For The Ladies: Chapter 98 – Flowerz

Shae and I have been dating for a couple of weeks and its great! We go on dates and kiss a lot. I really like Shae a lot. Today I went to the park for a morning jog. Alyssa and Solar came with me since it was a very pretty day like Shae. I was about to do my job but I saw Officer Flower was there. I wanted to so say to her cause she’s so nice to me.



 “Good morning Officer Flower! How are you today?”

“I’m pretty good, but please call me Sunny. I’m off the clock.”

“That’s a very pretty name.”

“Aww thanks Aries. Having your morning jog too?”

“Yeah! It’s a pretty morning and I think it would be great.”



 “Yeah, I just finished my jog. I better go get a bite of food before my shift. I got a big case now.”

“About June’s fire? Did you find out anything new? Did someone hurt her?”

“Well I can’t discuss the case with you Aries. But I promised you and your brother that I will keep you both in the loop on the case if there’s anything you guys can help me out with.”

“Okay. I understand.”



 “However Aries, there is something more important that I wanna discuss with you.”

“Sure, what is it Ms.Sunny?”

“There’s something that I need to reveal… I’m just not sure how to say it.”

“Is it a bad thing?”

“It depends on how you take it. I have a daughter named Aaliyah, she’s 8 years old and she’s your little sister.”

“Huh? You had a baby with my daddy? My daddy never told me that I had a little sister named Aaliyah.”

“Well your dad doesn’t know about her and I didn’t exactly have a child with him. It’s more of that he helped me have a child. I was married and my husband and I planned to have a baby but he was killed in the line of duty. I really wanted a child. With my line of work, I don’t have time to try to date again. I visited a special clinic and picked your dad as my donor. Genie pregnancies have the highest success rate and this was my one shot. Borage’s donation was pricey but all worth it.”

“So my daddy gave you a special gift!”




 “Yes. Would you like to meet her? Aaliyah has been asking about her dad for a few years. I’ve been searching for him and found him after his accident. I’ve been meaning to tell you and your brothers about Aaliyah but you guys had a lot going on. I think its time. She can’t meet Borage but she can at least meet her brothers.”

“I would love to meet Aaliyah. I bet she is pretty like you. She has a very pretty name.”

“Gosh Aries, you’re just so sweet. I’ll call her over. Aaliyah! Come here!”



 “Yes mommy?”

Aaliyah is a very pretty girl. She looks like her mommy and my daddy. She got my daddy’s eyes and smile which it makes me start to miss my daddy a lot now. But I am happy to learn about her and meet her.



 “Aaliyah, this is Aries. He’s your big brother.”

“You’re my brother?”

“Hi Aaliyah! It’s so nice to meet you.”

“You have cool eyes, Aries!”

“Thanks, you have pretty eyes like our daddy.”





 “I wish I could meet daddy but my mommy said he’s in a coma. Can you tell me some things about him? Do you look like him too?”

“I kinda look like daddy a lot if he was an alien.”

“You’re an alien? How cool!”

“I’m part alien and part genie.”

“That is so cool! I can’t wait to tell my friends about you!”



“I guess being like this is kinda cool. I use to have green skin.”

“Can I have a hug?”

“You like hugging? Me too, Aaliyah.” 

“I’ll let you guys get to know each other. Day camp is about to start here and I need to get some food. You be good, Aaliyah.”

“Yes, mommy. I will.”

“Bye Ms.Sunny!”

“Bye Aries.”



 “So tell me about daddy. What’s his favorite animal? What’s his favorite color? What’s his favorite food? Is he a nice daddy? Did he buy you cool toys for Christmas?”

“That’s a lot of questions. Daddy thinks dragons are cool but it’s not really an animal. He likes the color blue, daddy like all food but he likes cechive and cake most of all. Daddy was a fun daddy and he does give me cool presents.”

“I like dragons and cake too!”

“Me too. My favorite food is waffles. Daddy made the best waffles when I was little. Daddy didn’t cook much, he used his magic but sometimes he would make me waffles.”

“I like waffles too. My mommy doesn’t always get to cook cause her job makes her busy but my nanny makes good waffles.”

“You have a nanny?”



 “Yeah, mommy gets very busy with cases a lot. My nanny is fun, you’ll like her if you meet her.”

“Is she here now?”

“No, its her day off. I go to, day camp on her days off.”

“Do you like day camp?”

“Yeah! Its super fun. So what else can you tell me about daddy?”

“He use to be a DJ until we moved here. He wants to open a dance club. Daddy loves to dance and play music. He’s a great dancer. He thought me how to dance.”

“I like to dance. I’m in ballet.”

“Daddy would like that.”



 “Would our daddy like me if he met me? I didn’t get cool pink hair like you.”

“Daddy would love you. He doesn’t care if you didn’t get pink hair.”

“Oh.. So how many kids does my daddy have.”

“Umm… I’m not sure.. Daddy has a lot of kids.. I think 24. Well daddy said there’s 2 more but he didn’t say much about them.”

“26 kids? Wow.. I got a lot of brothers and sisters!”

“Daddy has another baby due next month. Its gonna be a little girl. Her mommy is a vampire.”

“I’m gonna have a little vampire sister? How cool!”



 “Yeah. I can’t wait to meet her. Wanna know what else is cool?”


“You’re also an auntie too. We have 6 nieces and there’s gonna be more babies.”

“Oh cool! I can’t believe that I’m an aunties already. I’m only 8!”

“I was a young uncle too. It’s what happens when you’re a genie.”

“Its super cool!”



I wanted to jog before I had to head to class. I introduced Aaliyah to Ally and Solar. Aaliyah was happy to meet one of her nieces. Its weird cause Ally is way older than Aaliyah. I let them chat while I jogged around the park.







I felt my phone buzzing and I stopped to check it. It was a text from Shae. I’m always happy to get a text from Shae. It makes my day a thousand times better.




 I was finished with my jog and Aaliyah came running up to me. I think she likes me and I hope so cause I like her like too. I think Sunny did a good job on raising Aaliyah. She’s very nice and likes to hug a lot like I do.




 “Can we hang out today? You’ll like day camp a lot. We get to fish and roast marshmallows today. And tomorrow we get to go to the art center to paint and stuff!”

“I wish I could but I have to go to school. I’m in college.”

“Oh… I was hoping that you could hang out with me today. It would be fun.”

“Aww well my class is over around 2 PM. I could come back.”

“Really! That would be super cool!”




 “My class starts in an hour. I better get ready to go.”

“Aww you gotta leave now?”

“Yeah. I can’t be late for class.”

“So you’ll be back?”

“I promise that I will.”







I came back like I promised and Aaliyah was so happy to see. She ran up to me with open arms, ready to hug. I was happy to see her again too.




 “You came back!”

“I promised you that I would.”

“I’m really happy to see you! Wanna play some horseshoes? I’m really good at it.”

“Sure, I would like that.”




 I never really played horseshoes before. Aaliyah was really good at it. It looked like fun and I wondered if Shae would like to play this sometime.




Aaliyah won the game but I think it’s still cool. She’s a lot better than me at it and said she would help me get better at it too.




 I had lots of fun at the park with Aaliyah. It got me thinking about having kids. I didn’t think I would ever have kids cause girls wouldn’t date me. But now I met Shae and she thinks I’ll be a great daddy one day. I think I do good with my sissy and nieces. I’m doing great with Aaliyah today. I just met her this morning and she already loves me! 




 “Push me higher, Aries!”

“I don’t wanna push you too high. You might get hurt!”

“I’m a genie! I’m not gonna get hurt! Higher please?”


“Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on the top?”

“Ohhhh okay!”




 We talked a little more. I told her more about daddy and about our other siblings. She was really impressed of what I told her and wants to meet everyone. I promised her that I will try to have her meet everyone at least point.




 “Hi Aries, has she been great?”

“Yes Ms.Sunny, Aaliyah has been super great!”

“That’s good to know. C’mon Aaliyah, we need to go.”

“I wanna stay with Aries. Can I go over to his house?”

“You have ballet class in an hour.”

“But I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay with Aries!”

“I know you do but today’s ballet. You’ll see Aries again.”

“Yeah Aaliyah, I’ll see you again. How about tomorrow after my morning class?”

“Oh okay.”




 “You promise you’ll see me tomorrow?”

“I promise!”

“Pinkie swear?”

“Pinkie swear!”

“Okay! Bye Aries, see ya later!”

“Bye Aaliyah!”




We went out for dinner since its been a long time since we all get out. I told L2 about Aaliyah but he wasn’t surprised. He said Ms.Sunny left Aaliyah with him before at the hospital a long time ago. He had a feeling Aaliyah was one of us cause she looks a lot like dad.




 “I still have Sunny’s contact info. I guess I will call her and try to make arrangements to have Aaliyah more so she can get to know us. I’m sure Aaliyah is one of many special donation kids of dad’s.”

“You’ll like her, she’s really nice.”

“She seemed nice when I met her.”

“Daddy B. was a donor?”

“Yes, Ally… It where half of his money came from. He got paid a lot but that’s all I’m gonna say about it.”

“It feels weird having another aunt younger than me.”

“It’s gonna be a common thing, Ally. Dad just like to make more children…”

“I like having a big family, L2. I got lots of brothers and sisters to love!”

“Well the good thing about a huge family, we always got someone to talk to.”




A week went by since meeting Aaliyah. I told Shae all about her and hope she can meet her one day. But tonight is a special night! Every Tuesday is pizza and movie night. I come over to Shae’s with movies while she makes the pizza. She makes great pizza. It’s very yummy! But I didn’t know how special this night was gonna be!




We had our pizza as usual…




 Along with a great chat about our day…




We watched a funny movie together…




But something was just extra special about tonight…







 “Umm… Shae.. Your hand is..”

“Oh I’m sorry..”

“It’s okay.. I kinda like it.”

“There’s something about you… I can get a little carried away..”

“Your touches me make feel really good in ways…But..”

“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t be rushing things with you.. I know that’s something you’re not really for..”




 “Shae, it’s okay…”


“Really… I mean.. it’s a normal thing for my kind.”

“It wouldn’t feel right… I know about your past…”

“But I like you touch… I didn’t like his..”

“Well… What do we do…”

“I know..”











 “It’s getting late… Maybe we shouldn’t take this any further.”

“Maybe you’re right.. I really like kissing you.”

“I like kissing you too.”




 “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

“We can go for ice cream after you get off from work.”




 “Before you go, Aries. I wanna ask you something.”

“Like what?”

“We been dating for 3 weeks and I think it’s time that we make things official.”


“Like boyfriend and girlfriend official. I wouldn’t feel right go further with you tonight..mainly cause we weren’t official just yet. I think its time we do. I like you a lot and want you as mine.”



“I would love to be your official boyfriend!”

“I was hoping for that.”








 “Wow, our official first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. I love it!”

“Me too, Aries. Selene is gonna flip when I tell her.”

“So see you tomorrow then, girlfriend?”

“Yes. I’ll see you tomorrow, boyfriend.”



Oh so cool! I finally got a girlfriend! I can’t wait to tell my brothers this!

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 97 – A Night To Remember




 There was a knock on the door. I wasn’t sure who it could be cause we weren’t expecting anyone. L2 headed to the store and Ally was at The Perc. I answered the door and saw it was Officer Flower. I wondering why she was visiting us. We really haven’t seen her since daddy’s accident.

“Hello Aries, is your brother home?”

“No Officer Flower, he’s not here. Can I help you with something?”

“Well, may I come in. I need to speak to one of you.”

“Sure, you can come in. Is everything okay?”

“Um..well. Just let me in and I’ll tell you why.”

“Oh okay!”



“I’m here about June Carney, you and your brother have temporary custody of Eli?”

“Yeah we do. He’s napping now.”

“When you last seen June, was she disturbed or anything like that. I figure losing custody of a child would be hard on a new mother.”

“Well she was mad, she said mean things to me then went home yesterday.”

“So you last seen her yesterday?”

“Yeah, she come over to see Eli but I didn’t let her cause she was breaking the rules.”

“She attempted to see Eli unsupervised?”

“Yes. Is June in trouble? I didn’t let her see him so she shouldn’t be in trouble.” 




“No Aries, June isn’t in trouble. Last night the police responded to a house fire.”

“A house fire? June’s house?”


“Is she okay? How did the fire happen?”

“I’m sorry Aries but June’s remains were found in the fire.”


“Yes, June is deceased. We looked into her previous house fire report. They just recently found evidence that it was a self set with magic. We believe this may be another one that went wrong.”

“She set her houses on fire? She almost hurt Eli last time.”



 “We’re launching a full investigation. We aren’t sure if this was an accident or a homicide. But given her previous history, I believe it was a suicide.”

“Oh no! I can’t believe this.. Eli won’t have a mommy anymore. I don’t know why she wanna kill herself. I know she was mad cause we have Eli. I feel sad now!”

“I’m sorry Aries, but before we can rule anything, we need to investigate.”

“What do we do now? Do we keep Eli?”

“Yes, Aries. You and your brother will be contacted by child services shortly. They will help you both with the next step regarding Eli.”



 “Oh okay… but I’m really sad now. She was mean to me and said mean things about me but I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

“I know Aries, but everything is gonna be okay.”

“Can I have a hug? It will make me feel better.”

“Well sure, I should get going now.”

“Okay. Will you tell us what happen when you find out?”

“Sure, I will be keeping in contact with you and your brother. I’ll see you around.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”




L2 came home soon after Officer Flower left. I was still sad about Eli’s mommy even if she was a mean person towards me.

“Aries, what’s wrong?”

“It’s June!”

“Did she come back over here? What did she say to you?”

“She died last night..”

“Oh… How?”

“The police don’t know yet. Her house was on fire.”

“I see. Well….”



 “I feel sad.. I didn’t want bad things to happen to her.”

“Aww Aries.. I know that but sometimes bad things happen to people who are bad.”

“You’re not sad?”

“Honestly no, but I am surprised a little.. Well not really. Sorry if I sound cynical but I found out some things about her. Her mother sent a letter to our lawyer telling him to keep Eli away from June. She is disturbed, has a long history of mental illnesses. June wasn’t right in the head.”

“But I really feel sad about it cause Eli won’t have a mommy.”

“True but Eli is going to be fine. He has us now and he’s safe.” 



 “Everything is gonna be okay?”

“Yes Aries, I promised. Besides, you have a big night tonight. Your first date. You should be happy about that right?”

“Yeah but I’m nervous. I never went on a date before.”

“Well it shouldn’t be any different like the other times you hung out with Shae. She’s your friend, it will be like the other times.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. I’m gonna make some spaghetti for dinner and everything is gonna be fine.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“No problem.”




I sat down for dinner with my family. My date with Shae was just an hour away. She sent me a text that she just got off from work and was heading home to rest a little before getting ready. She already had dinner at her job so it’s just gonna be a movie tonight. I wasn’t sure which movie to take her so I was hoping that my family would help me out.




 “What movie should take Shae to? What kind of movies do girls like?”

“Well you can’t go wrong with a comedy.”

“I like funny movies! Shae likes to laugh.”

“Well there’s that new movie about a groom and his 10 groomsmen who are trapped on island. They fought over on who’s gonna be the best man in the wedding. Rhea saw it with her boyfriend.. They liked it.”

“I heard about that one. Selene wants to go see it, she talked about it.”

“Maybe you can take Selene to it like a date.”

“Yeah dad, I agree with Aries.”





 “Why would she want to do that? Go on a date with me?”

“Cause she likes you and you like her, dad. I see how you get all flushed around her. It’s cute dad.”

“I do not! ..I don’t get flushed… Don’t be silly.”

“Well don’t you like Selene? She’s pretty like Shae! We could have a double date!”

“I’m not her type…”

“Trust me dad, Selene is into you. I see it in her eyes.”

“You should ask her out, L2.”

“I dunno… Maybe.”



After dinner, I went outside and hung out with Ally. I think Ally might be sad, cause I heard her crying in the bathroom last night. I hope she’s okay but I think I should talk to her.

 “Ally are you sad?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“I heard you crying last night.”

“Oh that… It’s nothing.”

“Something is kinda weird.”

“Like what?”



“I notice you been sick. Genies don’t get sick. You can tell me if something is wrong.”

“I know Aries but everything is fine.”

“You like a boy, don’t you?”

“I did but he doesn’t like me.. He likes my friend more.. But not like I could have him anyway. Me and my friend aren’t friends anymore… That’s why I was crying. Sometimes crying too much will make me a little sick..”

“That boy is missing out cause you’re a great girl and he sounds like a big jerk.”

“Yeah he’s a big jerk.”

“Everything is gonna be okay, Ally.”

“I know… thanks.”



I drove to Shae’s house to pick her up for our date. I remembered what L2 told me, it will be like the other times when we hung out like friends. That made me a little bit better and I wasn’t nervous anymore.




I knocked on her door and she let me. She gave me a hug and I like it a lot. It started to make me feel things and I was starting to get nervous again. I took a deep breath and now I’m better.



 “So what movie are we going to see?”

“Ally suggested the funny movie about the island groomsmen.”

“Oh The Best Man, I heard that movie is pretty funny. My sister wants to go see it.”

“Oh great! I’m glad that you wanted to see that movie.”

“I’m glad that you’re taking me to go see it. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah if you are.”




We headed to the movie place. I got the tickets for the movie and I was excited about the date now. I think that things are gonna go well. My daddy would be proud.




 “We gotta a little time before the movie starts. Want some popcorn or something?”

“No, I’m still full from the early dinner in the cafe at the hospital with my sis.”

“Oh okay. If you need anything, please tell me.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Great! Looks like the movie is about to start.”




The movie started and it was pretty funny. I really enjoy spending time with Shae.




 I really like her smile and laugh.





 She makes me feel good inside.




 I feel so lucky to have her as my friend.



 “That movie was really funny. Great pick.”

“Thanks! I’m glad that you liked it.”

“I’m really enjoying my night with you and was wondering if you wanna play in the arcade?”

“Yeah, I think that will be fun. We should play some pinball.”

“Oh cool, I like that.”



“Shae can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything?”

“You like to spend more time with me this weekend? I was thinking we can have a picnic on the beach.”

“I would love that.”

“Would it be okay if Solar comes with us? Solar loves the beach. I got her a new swim suit.”

“Sure, I like Solar. She’s adorable.”

“Great! Solar likes hanging out with me. I’m glad that you don’t mind it.”

“I love children. I hope the have a few of my own one day. “

“I think you’re be a great mommy one day.”



 “Thanks, I’ve seen you with Solar. I think you’ll make a great dad one day.”


“Yeah, any kid would be lucky to have you as a dad.”

“I hope I’ll be a great daddy one day.”



 I wanted to win Shae a prize for Shae. I saw a teddy bear in the machine and I wanted to win her it. I think she would love it since its cute and soft like her.




 “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to get you the teddy bear.”

“Aww. Well the dino is cute but you really don’t have to win me anything.”

“But I want to cause we’re on a date.”



 “I hope you liked the dino instead. I’m sorry that I didn’t grab the teddy bear.”

“It’s fine Aries, I love it. Thanks for trying.”

“You’re welcome. So what else you wanna do?”

“Its getting kinda late. I have to work in the morning.”

“Okay. I’ll drive you home.”



I think my date with Shae went great. We saw a funny movie, played some pinball and we got to know a little more of each other. I really like her a lot and I think I’m ready for a little more. I never had a girlfriend and I hope Shae can be my first girlfriend.




 “It’s been a fun date. I enjoyed lunch and the movie this evening. I look forwarded for our picnic date this weekend.”

“Can we have lunch again tomorrow?”

“I would love to but I’m not sure when my lunch break will be. Things at work are gonna be hectic for a while. I heard about June. If things aren’t too crazy tomorrow then I’ll let you know.”

“Okay. Tonight was really great and I’m sad that it’s over.”

“Don’t be sad, we’ll do this again. But I can make you a little more happy.”

“Really? How?”





 “I hope that was okay… Was it okay?”








 “Oh…wow..that… was…it…”








 “That was amazing… You’re  great kisser. I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“I never kissed anyone before, I wasn’t sure if I would be good.”

“You’re amazing at it.”

“Can I kiss you again? You have really soft lips and I really like it.”

“Of course you can.”



 I came home with a smile on my face. I never been so happy in my life. This is one night to remember and it was great!


Love For The Ladies: Chapter 96 – Solar’s Secret



 “Solar? What are you doing here? What am I doing there?”




 “Hi da-dee!”




 “Hey baby girl, you gotten so big and you look different. You got normal skin like me now.”




 “But it’s whatever.. I miss the hell out of you, princess.”




 “Daddy misses you. Are your brothers treating you good? They better be treating my fairy princess well so daddy is gonna have to beat them up for you.”




 “Daddy, my brothers are treating me well. I just wish you could wake up. We all miss you so much. It’s been hold on my brothers. Please tell me that you’re going to wake up soon, daddy.”





 “Whoa! When did you learn how to talk so well. You could barely speak when I saw you. I guess that explains why you look so different now. How much time went by? It feels like its only been 15 minutes.”

“Silly daddy, I still talk like a baby. I didn’t learn how to speak well like you put it.”

“I don’t understand… You’re speaking just fine to me right now.”

“It seems that way daddy, but you’re forgetting what I am. I’m part alien remember?”

“Yeah I know…but do you care to explain?”

“My kind is more advanced and very intelligent than humans. You see if my mother didn’t change the speed of my growth, then I would be an adult by now. My kind has a short childhood, it’s a span of 6 months. But since I’m still a baby, I can transmit my thoughts into your mind and make it appear that I’m speaking well. My mind is at its adult age but my body is not.”

“So you’re an adult trapped in a toddler’s body? That kinda kills the joy of raising you from a tot and an adult..”

“Silly daddy, I will grow from a child into an adult.. I will always be a lot smarter than other kids. I could finish high school in first grade.”




 “So I got a super smart kid who’s gonna know more than her daddy.. I wanted a few more years left knowing that I can teach you things…”

“I’m sorry daddy.. You will still have things to teach me. I don’t know everything in the world daddy. I am part of you.”

“So my genes made you half dumb? That’s terrible… I’m sorry that you don’t get to be like the others of your kind.. Sorry that daddy has dumbed you down a little.”

“I don’t think you’re dumb, daddy.”

“Well it wasn’t smart to speed on an icy road… You see where that got me.”




 “Everyone make mistakes, daddy. Its okay and don’t feel bad about it. I love you regardless of what your IQ is, daddy. You’re perfect to me!”




 “You love me? Even when I was a shitty dad towards you when you and your twin was first born?”

“Of course I love you daddy. I know how I came into existence isn’t how you wanted things but you did care for us. You kept us, gave us a home and food. You wouldn’t let our mother take us from you. You always loved us, daddy. You just didn’t realize it.”

“I was too selfish.. Things are different now.. I was a good dad to you both before my accident. Things were going great until..boom.”

“Things will get much better when you wake up. I wonder why are you staying in the world of unconsciousness? Is there more going on that I’m not aware of?”




 “Well princess, coming out of a coma isn’t easy. At first I thought I had to find my spirit guide which it turns out to be my identical twin half brother who is an asshole. He’s some Navox god whom died ages ago and he’s back to be an asshole. He was supposed to tell me some things like how I have more kids that I didn’t know and unlock a hidden power within me.”

“Okay daddy but what happen?”

“We got to the final realm, where I will finally be awaken but the goddess wouldn’t allow it…At least not yet.”


“She is not happy about poor parenting skills. I fathered many kids but failed to show that I actually cared about them. If I am going to return then I must prove that I’ll be a great father. She won’t allow me to leave to father more children she thinks I won’t care about. She’s a goddess of fertility and I’ve been a disappointment to her.”

“But daddy, you are a great daddy. I don’t understand.”




 “Not always.. I cared about me, I didn’t want kids cause the attention would be taken away from me. I didn’t love any of kids when you were all first born. I attended some births but I was too busy with my phone, texting other ladies that I wanted to screw. When my first kid was born, I didn’t want to hold him. I just wanted to leave so I could get laid. I looked at Bruce for 30 seconds and left for a booty call that didn’t happen. I didn’t hold Bruce until he was about 5 days old. When I did start paying attention to my kids, I picked favorites.. Now I am being shown all the hurt I caused by doing that. I was terrible to Bora and Luna.. I’ve shown dislike to any alien kid I gave birth to. That includes you and Orion.. I knew was I bad but I didn’t think I was that bad..”

“But you love us now. Shouldn’t that matter?”

“I didn’t love you and Orion until your mom tried to take Orion from me. I seem to only love a child when that kid is being threaten to be taken or hurt. That shouldn’t be my only reasons.. I know I can do better and I wanted to. I wanted to witness Eli’s birth, be there and hold him within seconds after he was born. I wanted to love a child from the start, not later on when something bad happens.”




 “I know you’re gonna be able to prove that you’re ready but how will you prove to her? What all do you have to do? Will it take very long? I really need my daddy back.”




 “That means a lot to me that you need me back. If only the goddess could hear this. I was doing something right just before my coma. I was making progress.”

“She can hear everything.”

“How do you figure?”

“I can feel her surrounding this place. She can hear you. I hope she will believe you. But daddy you didn’t tell me your tasks..”



 “I have to figure ways to undo the hurt I caused on my older children. I’m watching the past and it hurts.. I can even see what’s going on in their current lives and I don’t like what I’m seeing. Bora… I hurt her so much and now some asshole is hurting her more… I just wanna reach in and strangle that asshole. But I can’t do nothing but watch..”

“I know you can find a way to do so..”

“I hope so.. Until I can figure..until I can show that I love and care about you all, she’s keeping me here. It’s like nothing I say is helping.. I’m starting to lose hope in seeing you all again..”





 “Silly daddy, never give up hope! Your love for us will help you prove to the goddess that you truly care and have love for each and one us. Ask for forgiveness from my older siblings. It’s the only way to undo the hurt.”




 “Just ask for forgiveness? Why didn’t I think about that. I guess it’s great to have a baby smarter than me.”

“Yeah daddy, it’s not so bad. But I can also help you prove to the goddess that you changed.”

“Really? How so?”

“Teach me to walk. I refuse to learn from my brothers. I want you to teach me things. You’re my daddy and it’s your job!”

“Yeah. I can do that!”




 “Walking isn’t going to be too hard. You just move one foot over the other like I do. See?”

“Will I fall and get hurt?”

“No, I’m gonna catch you.”

“Daddy, I’m scared.”

“Its gonna be okay, I’ll catch you.”




 “Are you ready? Come to daddy. I know you can do it.”

“Daddy, I might fall.”

“No you won’t. I didn’t fall when I learned. I’m a professional walker. Just take a step.”

“No daddy! I can’t.”

“Please, princess. Do it for daddy so he can wake up.”






 “Daddy! I did it and I didn’t fall!”

“I told you that you won’t. Why are you worried about falling? You have wings, silly girl.”




 “Let’s have another go. I think you’re getting the hang of it.”






 “Thank you daddy, I can walk now. Are you going to wake up now?”

“I don’t know but I hope I do.”

“Can you teach me something else?”

“Like what?”

“Dance. I can walk now.”

“Now that’s something that I’m great at.”










 “I’ve been looking you. Why are you here with your winged brat?”

“I was drawn here and I found my daughter here.”

“Ugh… these little intermissions you keep having are prolonging your journey.”

“They miss me.”

“They’ll keep missing you if they don’t stop.”

“I know what I gotta do now.”



 “That’s great now tell your winged brat goodbye and let’s go.”

“But I wanna spend more time with her. I miss my kid.”

“We don’t have time for this. You chatted with her and taught her to walk. That’s enough time.”




 “Well I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. Besides you keep bullshitting this whole trip. I figure things.”

“Yeah? Like?”

“Asking forgiveness from my kids.”

“That’s not enough. She needs more than that.”

“What it was a great idea.”

“You wanna know how many others figure that? A lot and it wasn’t convince. She’s a hard one to impress.”



 “There’s no way she’s gonna keep me forever! I will get back to my kids and Clarissa.”

“The hell?! Did you just fart?”

“Does it matter?”

“Fuck yes! Smells like something crawled up your ass and died. The fuck did you eat?”

“That’s not the issue! I need to leave this place!”



 “Look, I want you out of here too but your idea isn’t enough for her. There is another way, we can bring your case to court.”

“Court? There’s a coma court?”

“Yeah and I’ll be your representative.”

“That’s one way to be sure that I’ll never be awake up…”

“Hey! I’m a representative!”

“That’s hard to believe cause you’re doing a shit job here.”

“You’re the one who keeps wandering away from me.”

“Maybe cause your stories about yourself are boring!”

“Whatever. Tell the kid bye and let’s go.”




 “Bye baby girl, I promise that I’m going to wake up soon. You be good, okay?”




 “Hey? Where did you get a laptop from?”

“Best Buy, where else?”

“Best Buy? I didn’t know there’s a Best Buy in coma land. Besides, that place sucks.”

“Whatever, I’m setting up a hearing for your case..which you will win cause I’m helping.”

“Helping me lose..”

“You want out, right? Cause I can just leave you here.”

“You could but you won’t cause you have a kind heart.”

“You don’t know me well..”

“I know enough that you like me. Were brothers and you wouldn’t leave your brother.”

“Have I told you that I find you annoying?”

“You love me, man.”




 “Okay Solar Flare, I guess it’s time for us to part. I’ll see you again. I promise.”




 “Bye da-dee..”








 “Please tell me that you’re not gonna start crying!”

“Yes! I miss my baby. You don’t know how hard that was!”

“Calm your dick, you’ll see your winged brat again!”

“Well until then… I’m gonna cry cause I know you hate it.”

“You are so damn annoying! You make me miss my annoying daughter!”

“Good! At least you can see your baby anytime.”

“I wished that I was in the coma. You lucky asshole!”




Solar woke up from her nap. She looked so happy when she woke up. I think she had a happy dream. I wish could tell me what her dream was but she can’t. We been here with daddy for a couple of hours and I think we should go home now.




 “Wanna get some ice cream, sissy?”

“Yeh! I walk.”

“Sissy, you can’t walk. We tried to teach you but you won’t.”

“Airy, I walk.”

“Well okay..if you think you can.”



 I set Solar down and she started to walk! I can’t believe she’s walking suddenly! I know L2 is gonna be happy when he finds out that Solar can walk now. I’m curious of how she can suddenly.




“Airy! I walk! I walk!”

Love For The Ladies: Chapter 95 – Wonderland

The day started early for me. I had to head out an hour before class for a little study group. We had a big test today and I wanted to be ready for it. I felt bad cause I didn’t get the babies ready for the day but L2 knew it was important. He said since Ally is out of school, she can help out. Ally doesn’t mind but she don’t wanna wake up before noon. She’s been feeling really sick lately. I hope she’ll be okay.



 I was more nervous about my first date more than my test. I never been on a date before. I never kissed a girl either. I don’t know what to do! I don’t wanna mess things up or she won’t like me anymore. Maybe I should call Morde or Boragio and ask what should I do. I know they had many girlfriends. I know L2 only had one but I don’t think he’ll be much help…



 I couldn’t help but think about the date. As time passed by, I was getting more nervous about it. Shae said she usually have a short day on Mondays, so I planned a fun picnic at the park. After all my classes for the day was over, I got a text from Shae that there’s a chance of plans. She won’t have a short day and her lunch break is in an hour. I felt sad when I read her text.

I thought maybe she was having second thoughts. But she sent me another text saying she wants to have lunch with me. If I could then she wants to meet in the cafe and asked what would I’ll like to eat. I told her I do like burgers and I can bring some for her. I didn’t want her to buy my food cause shouldn’t I be paying for both of our meals? I remember daddy always paying for Clarissa on their dates.




 “Aries, I’m really sorry about this. I know this isn’t what you plan for a first date but I’ll be honest with you. This sort of things happen in my line of work.”

“It’s okay Shae. At least I still get to have lunch with you.”

“No Aries, it’s not. I should had warned you about this happening. I gotta work until 7 today, things are crazy. June didn’t show up for work nor called in. So irresponsible of her! I figure that she didn’t wanna face me but that’s childish. She still has a job to do.”

“Maybe her feelings were really, really hurt?”

“I doubt it.. June has always been a bit cold. At first she seemed nice but when she got involved with your dad, she changed.”

“I thought being pregnant will make a woman a little loopy. That’s what my daddy said.”

“Not the kind of loopy June was. In some ways I do kinda feel bad yelling at her but she was being so rude to you.”



 “Thanks for sticking up for me. I told my sister Journey about it and she would have beaten June up. She doesn’t like when people call me that mean word. She beat some kids in school for calling me that and she once beat a cashier cause she called me that word. Journey is really protective of me.”

“Wow, sounds like your sis isn’t someone who I wanna mess with. She sounds like a caring sister though. I look after my kid sister Selene too but I never had to fight anybody. I mainly try to keep her from doing things that would kill her. If I wasn’t around, Selene would probably die. Ha ha ha!”

“You’re a great sister! Anybody would be lucky to have you as a sister.”

“So would you like me as a sister?”

“No. You’re too pretty!”

“Aww thanks, Aries.”

“I think Journey will like you. She already like that you told June off but kinda wished that you punched her. I said that was mean but she said it’s not for one who deserve it. I don’t want June to get hurt but what she did was a bad thing.”



 “Yeah it was a bad thing but let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. I am enjoying my lunch with you. It’s a nice break from my sister. She likes to talk about the protesters over in Brooklyn Heights and how she wants to join. I had bailed her out from jail after a few protests she joined in. She has a kid now, its time for her to stop that.”

“I like having lunch with you too. Normally I just have lunch with L2 and my sissy.I hope we can have lunch together all the time.”

“I bet that would be nice but my job is crazy. Things might be a little more crazy in a bit. Being a LPN is okay but I rather be a RN. More pay but it’s not my first choice. I’m more into naturopathic medicine. I feel that natural medicine is the best but not many hospitals practice it. So I went into schooling to become a RN. I have a couple more years left but I needed money. Selene and I moved here and got jobs as LPNs. I really want to become a RN so I’ve been thinking of finishing up my schooling.”

“That’s great! Maybe we can be study buddies!”

“Maybe but I hope you won’t be sad if I’m too busy.” 

“I’ll understand…”



 “I hope you do. This doesn’t mean I’m not looking into dating. I think I can still manage some time to go on some dates. Maybe a real date with you after my shift is over. Since I get off at 7, maybe we can catch a movie around 9?”

“I love watching movies. I would like to do that. Then what else we can do?”

“Well it would be pretty late after the movie.. I gotta work tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah… I guess I didn’t think of that.”

“I promise you that we’ll go on a real date this weekend.”

“So this isn’t a real date?”

“Well I’m on my lunch break from work and we’re having lunch at my job too.”

“Oh… I don’t see it that way. I’m getting to know you.”



 “That is true. If you wanna call this a first date, then it’s okay with me.”

“I guess not since I’m not nervous like I was before you texted me. This is like when we hang out.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. Just be your sweet self.”

“I never kissed a girl before. And I thought I would have to kiss you at the end like in the movies.”

“Some girls don’t kiss on the first date, silly. I’m kinda one of them but it really depends on the guy. If I can see myself with him.. Then I wouldn’t mind kissing him on the first date. So far it has happen once.”

“Oh.. Would kiss me?”

“Oh Aries! Maybe I’ll let that be a surprise.”

“I guess that’s a no?”

“Well I didn’t say that. I mean….of course I wanna kiss you.. I just can’t stop thinking about those lips- I can’t believe I just said that! I hope I didn’t weirded you out..”

“No. Knowing that makes me happy.”

“I feel so embarrassed…”

“Ha ha! Its okay.”




Shae had to return to work so our fun lunch date was over. I was happy to know that she would like to kiss me cause I would like to kiss her too. I just hope I will be good at it. 

I was getting ready to go home until I saw Boragio. I wanted to tell him about Shae cause I excited that she might wanna date me. But I didn’t get until he told me his reasons why he was at the hospital.



 “Hey bro, here to see dad?”

“No I was having a lunch date with a pretty lady. Are you here to see daddy?”

“No actually. I’m here with Vega today.”

“Oh no! Is Vega okay? Is the baby okay??”

“Yeah, Vega and the baby are fine. Vega thought she was having some contractions but the doc said it was the fake ones. It’s a common thing but Vega is freaked out about and wanted to be admitted in. The doc said everything was fine but she demanded to stay.. So he let her if it will make her more comfortable. I’m just about to get her some juice.”

“That’s good that she and the baby are okay.”

“Me too. How is our baby brother doing? I need to stop by and see him.”




 “He’s great! He’s a happy baby and he smiles a lot. See! Here’s a picture of him with Solar. She loves him.”

“That’s good she’s getting along with him. Eli looks like one of us.”

“Yeah, like daddy!”

“Well I better get Vega that juice or she’ll choke me. Pregnant females can get a little demanding sometimes.”

“It was good seeing you.”

“You too. Tell L2 and Ally I said hey.”





I went home and decided to take my sissy to see daddy again. I’m missing him again and I think sissy misses daddy too. L2 was happy that I was taking sissy cause it was his day off and he needed to take Eli to the eye doctor. Sissy needed someone to watch her and Ally has been kinda sick again. It’s strange cause were genies and we don’t get sick anymore when we get bigger.



 I’m trying not to get sad when I see daddy this way. Sissy didn’t look sad when she saw him. Maybe I can if she can. I hope daddy will wake up soon.





“Wanna sit by daddy?”


“Okay but you gotta promise me that you won’t hit him again. That’s a mean thing, sissy.”


“Hold up, sissy. I might drop you and you’ll get a boo boo.”




 “Sleepy, Airy.”

“Yeah, daddy is sleeping.”

“No! I sleepy.”

“I guess its suppose to be your nap time.”

“Sleep wit da-dee!”

“I guess you could.”




 Solar snuggled up next to daddy. She was really tired cause she went to sleep really quick. She looked so cute sleeping next to daddy. So peaceful and all. I wonder what she’s dreaming about…



Love For The Ladies: Chapter 93 – Homecoming

It’s been a sad year for me so far. Daddy is still in a coma, no update from Arcadia telling us that Orion is returning, my Suziu died and Eli was really, really sick.  I had a really bad day when I found out about my Suziu’s death. It hurt me so much cause I never forgave him after the things he did to my daddy. I found out how I was made and I do not like that one bit. I wasn’t made out of love, I was made of force. Daddy couldn’t say no. I hated my Suziu for that. But when Luna said he was killed…I felt really sad and bad. I said mean things to him.  Over some time, I began to forgive him a little but wasn’t ready to talk to him. I thought I would have time but I guess I didn’t. My Suziu died thinking that I hated him and makes me feel like a butt cause I don’t hate him… I never hated him… I was just really, really, really mad at him. He did things to daddy like his boss did to me… Memories of my child days on Ziharia still bother me…

I broke down really bad, things hit so hard. I flipped and went crazy. I really scared Solar cause she cried. I didn’t mean to scare my little sissy but I couldn’t take anymore bad news. L2 took me the a special hospital. I stayed for 2 weeks and then I felt better. I needed to make myself better… I wanted to be more adult like. So I got a haircut and enrolled in the community college. I’m majoring in fine arts cause I wanna be an art teacher for little kids. My therapist said those were good changes. She thinks I was too attached to my daddy and I need to be more independent. My daddy can’t always take care of me…he isn’t around to do that now.

Being at home was hard, not seeing daddy around. So I wasn’t around much. That was a bad thing cause my brother needs my help. Ally told me how she’s worried about L2, he works so much and too hard. Solar won’t stay in her crib and L2 is up all night trying get her to sleep. My therapist said it wasn’t fair to L2, I need to help and this will help me be more of an adult like I want. I stop being a butt and stayed around the house more. We got news that L2 won the hearing and he has temp custody of Eli. June’s house was a bad place for Eli so the court ruled in L2’s favor. If June makes her house better, she can get him back. L2 said that’s a bad things cause the hospital thinks June kept Eli sick for a really long time. They couldn’t prove it, we just gotta not let it happen again if its true. We gotta keep Eli.





 I’m more helpful with the babies since we have Eli with us. I have no need for sleep so I’m up at nights making sure Solar sleeps in her crib and feeding Eli cause he’s a very hungry baby like most genies. It’s nice being with the babies now. Solar is starting to like me a lot and it makes me happy. We got something in common and its great! My brother is getting more sleep and feeling better now. I just wish I was being helpful earlier, L2 isn’t mad at me but he should.



 Its been a good night so far. Solar was very sleepy cause we went to the park and played. She stayed in her crib all night. L2 switched Eli to a new baby milk for genie babies. It’s more filling and Eli only needed one feeding tonight. I got to work on my school project more and its coming out really cool. I just hope I can get a good grade in my sculpting class. Daddy would be so proud of me if he was awake.



I took a break on my project to study for a test on Monday. I relaxed in bed with my text book and Sassy enjoined me. Sassy and I had a rough start. She didn’t like me, she chased me and sometimes bit me. I was really sad cause she didn’t like me. I always been so nice to her. With daddy not around, Sassy is being nice to me now. I think we are gonna be best friends cause I got her something.



I really wanted a kitty myself so I adopted this kitty that I named Turbo.  He’s nice and runs really fast so I named him Turbo. Solar likes Turbo and I think Turbo really likes her too.




Sassy and Turbo are best friends now. They always play and hang out a lot. Sassy is gonna have little kitty babies with Turbo and I’m so excited!




Summer has started and I took a summer semester since I really like school a lot. I have shorter classes in the summer but its okay. I made breakfast for everyone cause I had nothing to do. It’s the least I can do.

“You both like my pancakes?”

“They are good, Aries. Thanks for making breakfast.”

“You’re welcome. I actually made these cause I had some free time.”

“Oh really? I figure you used your genie powers.”

“I don’t always use them, brother. I want to be more independent.”

“You’re a genie, it’s a part of who you are. Using your magic doesn’t make you any less independent.” 



 “I know but isn’t homemade better? Made with love, ya know!”

“Yeah but those genie pancakes always come out so tasty. These are nice though.”

“So genie pancakes for tomorrow?”

“It’s whatever you like.”

“Are you just being nice to me? I promise I won’t cry if you tell me the truth.”

“No Aries, really. Which whatever way you want is fine. The gesture is nice either way.”

“Oh okay! I think Eli is awake. I’ll go get him.”

“Thanks Aries. It’s nice having you around.”



Eli is such a happy baby now that he is with us. He’s always smiling, playing with his little feet when we come to get him. He looks like our daddy a lot and it makes me happy inside.




After I fed Eli, he, Solar and me watched some TV for a bit. Eli likes watching TV a lot. I guess it’s better than what he is use to. He stayed in the hospital for 6 months and now he’s healthy enough to live with us. Solar likes our little brother. L2 was a little worried that she’ll get jealous but she wasn’t. She likes the baby and that’s good. Since having Eli with us, I feel more happier now.




 Today I had plans to hang out with my new friend Shae. She was very nice to me since daddy’s accident. We started to hang out outside of the hospital. We started with going out for coffee and going to the park. With me helping at home, we go to the park a lot since I take Solar with me.

Today is gonna be a little different. We’ll start with taking Solar to the park then go see daddy with Shae. Solar hasn’t seen daddy since the accident and she asks for him. It’s why she won’t stay in her crib. She wants to go find him. L2 isn’t sure about it but I think it’s a good thing and Shae thinks so too. I gave her a call, telling her that Solar and me are heading to the park.



We walked to the park cause it was a nice, sunny summer day. Solar likes riding in her stroller and I like pushing her in one. I remember when daddy walked with me and my siblings to the park. Some of us would sit in the wagon and he’ll pull us. Daddy was a strong man and I liked that a lot.




Shae came to the park on time. She’s always on time for our meet ups and never late. I always liked that about Shae. I was happy to see her once again. I don’t why I get so happy when I see her. Sometimes I feel a little funny when she’s around me. She smells so pretty and I like her hugs a lot. I mean a whole lot cause things start to happen in my pants when she touches me. I like it but it makes me a little nervous…



 “Okay Solar. That’s enough for now. We gotta talk to Shae.”

“Uh uh!”

“But Solar we gotta. We get to see someone today.”


“You’ll get to play some more in a bit. Don’t you wanna see the surprise?”

“No, Airy!”

“C’mon sissy! You’ll like it!”




 “Hey Aries, how have your day been?”

“Pretty good. I’m happy to see you.”

“Aww, you always say that.”

“‘Cause it’s always true. I like being around you.”

“Me too. So is Solar ready to see him? You think she’ll handle it well?”

“I hope so. Maybe if she sees him, she’ll stay in her crib.”

“Maybe so. I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Okay but let’s have Solar play for a little more.”

“That sounds good.”



 We headed to the hospital and now I wasn’t so sure about this. Solar was getting fussy but I think it cause she thinks she’s here to see the doc. She doesn’t like doc visits much and I don’t like it either. My Suziu’s boss was a “doctor” who did bad things..




 I do get excited to see my daddy but once I enter his room, I’m sad. I hate seeing daddy like this. I just wish daddy would wake up. It’s been 6 months and he’s still this way…

“Aries? Is everything okay?”

“No.. My daddy is never going to wake is he?”

“Don’t say that. One of these days he will.”

“Sometimes genies don’t…”

“Yeah but if you have more hope..he could.”

Shae started to play with my hair while trying to make me feel better. It did make me feel a little better and a little more. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her to stop but I kinda liked the feeling even if it also made me feel weird.

“Daddy would be happy if he knew I had a pretty friend like you.”

“I think he would approve of me.”

“My daddy likes fairies.”



Solar was happy to see daddy but didn’t know what was going on. Solar squealed with excited when we sat her on the bed with daddy. But daddy didn’t response, so she slapped him! I told Solar to not do that but she didn’t really understand. She called for him again before slapping daddy once more. I told Solar again to not hit daddy, it wasn’t nice. 



 “Da-dee? Da-dee waky?”




 “I’m sorry sissy… Daddy’s in a deep sleep. He can’t wake up.”

“Da-dee, waky!”

“Sissy he can’t waky  right now but later.”

“Waky now, da-dee..”

Solar started to cry. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t think she would get so upset. Shae felt maybe she should take her outside for a little bit.



 “Aries, are you going to be okay alone in here? I’m going to take Solar outside so she can play.”

“I’ll be okay…”

“Airy no cry.”

“I won’t cry, sissy. Are you reading my thoughts again?”


“Whoa, she can read your thoughts? How old is she?”

“It’s hard to say about her age. She was born late September but was aged early by her mommy. But she age normally…kinda. Her kind is advanced in ways, she can read minds but it’s limited. It’s why she escapes her crib. She knows daddy was here.”

“Oh wow.. So she could read mine?”

“Kinda but you’re a human fairy, she can’t read too much at her age.”

“Oh good, Solar you don’t need to know my thoughts.”



 “Daddy, the doc say that you can’t hear me but I think you can. You gotta meet Shae, daddy. She’s a nurse here and sometimes she takes care of you. She’s so pretty and makes me happy. I think I like her a lot more than a friend but I don’t think she’ll ever date a guy like me. I got issues… I know but she doesn’t deserve a guy like that but daddy…. I really, really, like her.. So I dunno what to do. Should I try asking her out? But she might say no…then I would be hurt… I like when she hugs me, touches my shoulder or plays with hair. I feel so relaxed but things start happening in the private area. I’m not sure what to do about that… I know we are love genies…. I get this urges that makes me feel weird but I think its natural if I wanna do the sex thing with her? I know I shouldn’t.. But I wanna.. Daddy, please help me… I don’t wanna ruin my friendship with her…”



I went outside to check on Shae and my sissy. They were having fun. I asked if she wanted to go for ice cream before dropping off me and sissy. She said she would love to have some ice cream. I was happy that she said it was okay. I wanted to spend more time with her and hope I can figure things.




 “It’s time to go, Solar.”

“No! Stay!”

“But don’t you want some ice cream?”

“Not leave da-dee!” 

“Sweetie, we can’t take your daddy. He’s in a big deep sleep. He has to stay in the hospital.”

“I stay with da-dee!”

“Hunny, you can’t do that.”

“No! No! No!”



 When we got back from ice cream, L2 just came back from the doctors with Eli for his check up. L2 said things were great and he’s healing himself. His genie powers are taking over and fixing what his mommy broke….if she really did do it. L2 reminded me that some guest were coming over to see Eli today. It’s been 2 weeks since he left the hospital. Everyone was excited to see him.




Vega, Clarissa, Shae’s sister Selene came over to see Eli. Everyone was so happy and talked about how cute Eli was. Shae stayed since she wanted to see Eli as well. It was a good day so far, hanging out with Shae and having friends over to show off my new baby brother. Vega brought some food over and we ate and chatted for a bit.





 “Aww he’s so cute with that hat!”

“He looks like his daddy…thank goodness. No offense little monkey but your mom wasn’t someone to brag about.”

“Selene! Don’t say mean things about his mom in front of him.”

“What? Not like he’ll remember. I’m just saying. It’s miracle to see how cute he turned out to be.”

“I’m sending a pic of him to Boragio. I told him that he’ll be cute with that hat.”




 After dinner, Eli was passed around like a bowl of candy. Eli was starting to get fussy. I guess he wasn’t used to so much attention. Shae took him and she was so good with him. I think he likes her too cause he stop being fussy when she held him. I know she’s going to be a good mommy one day. My kids could use a mommy like her.




Everyone had left but Shae stayed. She wanted to hang out some more. So we watched a romantic comedy together. This was probably the longest I’ve spent time with her. She didn’t seem like she wanted to go home. It was her day off and I know she lives alone. I figure she didn’t wanna be alone.. But I am glad that she stayed……




 “Hi Aries.”

“Hi June, what brings you by?”

“I want to see my son, so can I?”

“I wish I could let you but the court said your visits gotta be supervised.” 




 “But I am his mother! I think the court’s ruling is stupid. Let me in.”

“No June, I can’t do that. Besides, Shae just put him to bed. He’s on a sleeping schedule.”

“Who is Shae?!”

“She’s my friend. She’s pretty, nice and great with Eli. He was getting fussy and she made him all better.”

“I don’t want some slut raising my child! You better let me in!”

“I told you that I can’t do that. It’s against the rules.” 



 “Screw the rules! Let me into this house so I can see my baby! He’s mine, not yours!”

“June, you know I can’t!”

“I don’t care! He’s mine! He’s all I got!”

“June… I’m sorry but no.”

“Listen here you retard, if you don’t let me see my baby then you are going to be sorry! I dunno why the court said it’s okay for my baby to be cared by a retard alien man whose a burden on his family cause he can’t function like a normal person! You don’t need to be around babies! You might drop Eli cause your retard mind doesn’t work right!”



 “But I’m good with Eli… I know I got a few mental issues but I’m not a retard. Am I really a burden to my family cause they think I can function right? I thought I was doing good so far…”





 “That’s right! You’re so stupid and retarded that you can’t figure that out? Your dad is probably happy to be in a coma so he wouldn’t have to take care of you! Your dad said that you were annoying and wishes you were never born!!”

“What?! Did my daddy really said that? But I thought my daddy said he loved me…”

“Your dad only deals with you! Him and I had plans to be family once he got rid of dog face Clarissa. You weren’t going to be apart of the family. He was going to send you to a retard home so Eli wouldn’t have to feel sorry for you!”

“That’s really mean! My daddy wouldn’t had done that. He liked Clar and he doesn’t regret me.”

“It’s all lies, retard! It’s time someone told you the truth! Let me see my baby!”



Shae heard us yelling and forced her way outside towards. I was scared that she was going to fight her cause she looked angry. I never seen Shae this mad before.

“You got some nerve trying to bully your way into this house. You got some nerve telling lies to Aries. You also got some nerve to tell someone they are a retard when you clearly have a mental issue yourself!”

“You don’t know a thing about me! It’s insane the court allows my kid to live with a freaky alien!”

“No! It would be insane if the court allow Eli to live with his mental case mother! Borage knew you weren’t fit! Why else would he make plans to get full custody of his baby before he was born? You can’t stop telling lies about Borage wanting to be with you when we know it’s a lie!”

“Whatever! What I speak is the truth! Borage and I had plans! We were going to get married after Eli was born but dog face tried to slut her way into his heart!”

“You are really a mental case! You know none of that is true!”

“Well your little boyfriend is a retard! He has a mind of a child. You might as be a pedo!”



 “I think you better leave while you still can walk.”

“You think you can take me? I could break you like a twig!”

“I wasn’t talking about fighting.. Clearly you can’t see what I am.”

“So? I’m a witch!”

“Yeah? Witch magic is nothing compare to magic of a fae. I advise you to leave.”




 “Fine, whatever but you haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Good stalk away, I’m sure that will look good in court for the second hearing.”

“Ugh! I hate you!”



 I felt hurt and sad after all the mean things June said about me. Am I really a burden to my family?

“Aries, sweetie… Don’t be sad. June is full of hot air and lies.”

“I think she’s right about me being a burden..”

“That’s insane, the only who is a burden to your family is her. Your dad and siblings like caring for you.”

“But I wanna care for myself and I’m trying.”

“Yes, and you are doing  a good job at it. June is the one with real issues.”

“I never had a girlfriend cause they say I’m weird..”

“I don’t think you’re weird. I see an amazing man who’s gifted with artist talents, great with children. You’ll make an amazing father one day. You’re sweet, kind and pretty cute. You care about others and put yourself last. If no girl can see that then she’s a damn fool.”



 “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course I do. I really like hanging out with you.”

“So if I asked you out on a date.. Would you go with me?”

“I’ve waiting for you to ask me. I was getting the feeling that you weren’t into me.”

“Really? I thought you would want a normal guy.”

“There’s no such thing of a normal person. You’re unique and that’s what makes you special.”

“So can I hug you?”

“You don’t have to ask.”





 “I’m really glad you’ll go out on a date with me..”

“I’m glad that you asked.”

“So maybe we can have a picnic in the park?”

“Sure, I love picnics.”

“We can have a picnic after my art history class. Say around 1 pm?”

“Sure, that’s my lunch break.”

“Cool. I can’t wait.”

“Me too”