Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 4



The Queen family, After Chloe Montigo (Celsia’s daughter) set the family home on fire, Clark felt it was time to move to on as his niece tend to be a bad influence on his youngest daughter Vivian. Clark set out for Lansing Falls in hopes his daughters would fit in better. Celina had difficulties making friends at school due to her being a blue alien hybrid. Celina’s only friends were her first cousins and Clark didn’t want their bad habits to rub off on his daughters. Just a few months after settling in, Clark bumped into Celsia’s former nanny, Jaslyn. They reconnected and discovered they both always had a crush on each other. 6 months after reconnected, they were married. Clark along with his new wife Jaslyn purchases a house on Ciderwood Lane where they plan to start a family together.




Clark – Clark works at the same spa as his neighbors, Joey, Brielle and Amelia. Clark often hangs out with Joey after work at the local bar for a couple of beer. Clark’s time with Celsia did start a drinking habit. Clark disliked his boyish look, he found the females didn’t take him so seriously. He decided to grow some facial hair which he believes attracted Jaslyn more. Since moving to Lansing Falls, Clark developed a fear of werewolves, he believes his neighbors across of them are wolves but Jaslyn insists they are just vampires. Clark still isn’t convinced and demand his daughters come indoors before sundown. Clark has plans to build a fence around the house so it will protect his daughters.

A new fairy neighbor named Kikiontae moves in across the street. Clark goes over to greet his new neighbor only to be turned on by her, he quickly becomes embarrassed realizing he became aroused. Clark turns around in leaves in a hurry leaving Kiki confused. Clark finds it difficult to be around Kiki, reasons could be her choice of clothes, short shorts and cut off shirts. Kiki became friends with Jaslyn which makes Clark more uncomfortable since Kiki is over more. Clark soon learns a Montigo fathered Kiki’s toddler son Harlan. Jaslyn is ready to have a baby but Clark isn’t in the mood due to always becoming aroused about Kiki and he handles it privately. Clark now finds himself fantasizing about Kiki which is starting to be a wedge in his marriage due to the lack of sex. Clark struggles to stop but finds it hard when Jaslyn invites Kiki over almost everyday.




Jaslyn – Jaslyn dedicated her life to help raise children as she believed she could never find true love. Jaslyn has been a nanny for over 60 years. She finally finds love with Clark and soon marries him. Jaslyn always dreamed to be married and start a family but married isn’t as great as she thought it would be. Jaslyn doesn’t know why won’t Clark touch her anymore. She fears he might be having an affair or he lost his sex drive. As for Jaslyn being a love genie, sex is important to her kind.

Jaslyn tries to put off the failing sex life in her marriage by socialize with her good friends, Kiki, Indie, Penny, Brielle, Amelia, Amaya, Saul and Desmond. Jaslyn is very friendly and has a huge circle of friends. Her closet friend is Kiki and she’s unaware about Clark’s issue he has when Kiki is over. Jaslyn loves babysitting Kiki’s one year son Harlan and often keeps him over the weekend as Kiki goes partying with her other friends. Spending time with little Harlan makes Jaslyn long for her own child. However she finds Clark not up for baby making. Jaslyn tries to find ways to get Clark in the mood but is usually interrupted by Celina or Clark says that he’s tired.

Jaslyn currently isn’t working but wants open up her own daycare in their home. However it would require an expansion on the house and Clark told Jaslyn that they don’t have the money for it. Jaslyn has ways of getting the money, Jaslyn comes from a rich family that Clark knows little about. Jaslyn only told Clark about her identical twin sister Hailey but haven’t revealed that Genesis Montigo is her mother. Jaslyn and her twin were raised by their father after he learned about Genesis’ affair with Lorenzo Montigo. Jaslyn and her twin was cut off from their mother and haven’t seen her until 18 years ago. Genesis is willing to help out Jaslyn when she needs it and is debating on asking her mother for money. Clark also express adding an expansion on the house will take away the limited yard for his daughters to play on.

Jaslyn is becoming depress since she isn’t able to fulfill all of her dreams. Her depression caught the eye of Desmond and she finds herself hanging out with him a lot recently. Desmond enjoys her company and playfully flirts with her to make her smile. Desmond’s friendly actions makes Jaslyn feel better about herself and makes her feel attractive. Jaslyn loves the idea of Desmond restoring old cars, it makes Desmond happy that he has support from someone. Jaslyn and Desmond are slowly becoming drawn to each other. Jaslyn tries to fight off the temptation of crossing the line with Desmond. But for a love genie, faithfulness was always an issue.




Celina – Clark’s oldest daughter who usually found behind the computer or TV playing games or nose deep in a book. Celina spends a lot of time to herself since moving to Lansing Falls. Now 8 years old, Celina still struggles with making friends. She missing her best friend, Cienna Montigo. Cienna was the nicer twin than her pyromaniac, tomboy sister Chloe. Clark gave Celina a cell phone so she could keep in contact with Cienna. Celina cried herself to sleep until she was given a phone. Celina always calls Cienna 15 minutes before her bedtime and goes to bed with a smile. Her relationship with her cousin is extremely important as Cienna is her only friend. Clark wants Celina to get out and meet friends but Celina refuses. She rather read, play video games and text Cienna. Clark doesn’t like how Celina depends on electronics and is planning take them away. If Clark does, Celina may fall apart.

Puberty starts early for aliens, Celina is starting to see changes in her body that freaks her out. She isn’t sure how to explain to her dad or stepmother. Celina has an intense desire to swim or be in water for long periods of time. She isn’t sure why but she goes too long without water, she feels weak. The changes frighten her but is unaware that help is coming her way. Could it be her mother?



Vivian – Clark’s youngest and most mischievous daughter. Currently 5 years old and will be starting school in the fall, she’s eager to get out and cause chaos. Vivian gained the attention of True North after setting a trash can on fire at the park. Vivian also placed a frog in an old lady’s bag which gave the lady a fright. It humored True and they became friends. Vivian tends to be a problem child which Clark can’t keep to control over. He believe it’s Chloe fault of why Vivian is this way. Vivian likes to play outdoors but hates bedtime. She enjoys the night and refuses to go to bed. Vivian usually sneaks out at night and set traps around the neighborhood. Vivian may be the reason why Indie’s strawberries aren’t doing so well.




The Lex family, After Cira’s death in La Suerte Palms, Amos along with his daughter Amaya moved to Bridgeport. They stayed for several years before Amos had enough of the city life. He wanted to live in a much quieter town and chose Lansing Falls. Amaya was born there and have bad memories of her time there. She didn’t want to live there but wanted to be close to her dad. Amos and Amaya got a house together and trying to live a normal life which they both struggle with. Amos and Amaya don’t live on Ciderwood Lane but is close friends with many of the residents of that neighborhood.




Amos – The son of Malix and Cira Montigo but was raised by his malicious biological grandfather Malachi Lex. Amos never had an easy life, he struggle with a rare vampire illness most of his life until he was cured by his genie brother Niro Montigo. Since then Amos tried to live a peaceful life but it was anything but. Amos has nightmares of all the things he watch his grandfather do, such as witness the murder of Santiago and Sakura Montigo. Amos watched Malachi committed several murders, which he could had prevent it from happening. Amos feels guilty and it haunted by painful memories.

Amos returned to Bridgeport with his then teenage daughter Amaya, after being freed from Malachi’s reign. However the timing couldn’t be any worse as there was a vampire turf war going on. Amos witness more blood shed and murders before deciding to leave for Lansing Falls. He had peaceful times there when he made visits to fed on fairy blood, which was the only blood he could drink before his illness was cured.

Shortly after arriving to Lansing Falls, he soon became a father again. He fathered Kiki’s son Harlan but decided not to be apart of his life fearing he would ruin him. Amos thinks of his son and has no idea Kiki moved into town with his son.

Amos is a night shift janitor at the spa and other businesses around town. Afterwards, Amos hang out at the bar for drinks which he later befriends Desmond and Joey. Amos is often flirted by many females who find him extremely attractive. He’s often asked out on date but declines them. Amos isn’t interest in dating however he wants to meet someone special. The only time Amos is involved with females if he feds from them. He then discover he’s not sexual attractive to them unless they are a meal for the night. Amos finds his 2 close friends Desmond and Joey attractive which confuses him.




Amaya – She loves to party, flirt with men and women, and partake in recreational drugs. Amaya had a hard time and returning to Lansing Falls hasn’t been easy. Amaya is haunted by the horrific memories from her childhood.  She was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend and her mother refused to believe that was true. Her mother often beat her until she admitted it was lies. One night Amaya had enough and killed her mother along with her mother’s boyfriend. Amaya has trouble sleeping since returning, she has nightmares of her mother’s boyfriend trying to get. Amaya then turn to recreational drugs to block those memories but she remains haunted by them.

Amaya was also born with witch magic which she inherited from her late-mother. Amaya spends time at the elixir shop, working on alchemy in hopes of creating a mix that can remove memories of her past. She often visits the place with Indie who she’s closet friends with. Amaya is also friends with Penny, however they argue a lot. Amos jokes saying they are “frenemies”. Amaya also friends with Sasha, Regan, Nina and Brielle. She has a secret crush on Nina and playfully flirts with her in a friendly way.

Like her father, Amaya is wanting someone special in her life. Although she has eyes on Nina, she also has eyes on Dodder. Amaya tries to find excuses to visits Dodder’s home since she lives down the street from him. She often flirts with him and hopes he would give in. She know Dodder is married but she doesn’t care. She desperately wants him. Amaya decides to sext him which he doesn’t buy in but she pushes hoping he will. Amaya knows its wrong since he’s married but she can’t pull herself away from him. Just as she thought it was impossible she meets Cergio. Amaya finds herself torn.






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