Party Station – ISBI

It all started with simply trying out a world called Pounawea  It’s a small world with bad routing. It’s nice looking but bad routing and I can’t stress that enough. It’s great if you wanna use it for a camping trip and it’s better if you only place 5 small families in town due to the bad routing.

Anyway, I notice how most of the sims in town were firefighters since Pounawea was a small world, there weren’t much options for job. I was fed up with the routing and dropped the sims in Sunlit Tides. Most of the firefighters kept their jobs and after adding a few party stuff, the fire house got interesting. Random hook ups, baby making, pass outs, floor peeing, random fights, it started to appear as a ISBI. I had all of this on my simbook and thought about posting it here. I played so much that I didn’t bother until I came with a idea. I can just post the links of my albums on here. But suddenly… this save started to be unplayable with excessive crashing. So a new save in a madeover Sunlit Tides with stuff from IP is currently being done.

Party Station Babies  *Updated 9/8/13*

The Start

Party Station 1

Party Station 2

Party Station 3

Party Station 4

One Crazy Night

Party Station 5

Party Station 6

Party Station 7

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